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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 25, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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the sun is out, it's hot. i have mytewar, we'll talk about just how hot it will get tomorrow. >> thank you, greg. caught on tape, a san jose cop, did he go too far? we have a first-hand look at what happened when the police officer took action against the teenaged boy having sex with his stepdaughter. legalizing marijuana, you may be surprised who's coming out against the proposed new law. the bay area at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everybody, i'm
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raj mathai sitting in for diane dwyer tonight. it's hot nearly everywhere, from san francisco's union square, the peninsula, the south bay, east bay, summer vacation one month late. let's bring in craig auraro? >> reporter: we did hit some records today, santa rosa and livermore two records today. it is a hot one right here, kids are out there playing and enjoying some of the cooler weather. this is going to be with us not only today but into tomorrow and monday as we go through the afternoon and into the evening hours,emperatures a bit close tore 80 degrees by the time we get into the afternn hours. by the time we get into tomorrow, we'll see more 90s,te the only place we'll see cooli will be closer to the coast, but even then, we're dealing with 750s and 80s. as we go into monday, this will be the hottest day.
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it's 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. stay hydrated, day two, you'll start to feel the effects of the heat. once we get into monday, we're looking at some 80s, 90s and by the time we get p into 4:00 p.m. monday, we're talking about 100 degree readings in the bay area. i'll talk more about the heat in a minute. raj? thank you. san francisco is one city that's definitely not used to this type of heat. let's bring in kimberly terry with that part of the story. kimberly? >> reporter: i think a lot of people have the same idea when it comes to cooling off. take a look behind me at this crowd here. since we arrived there's been a steady stream of customers here, people come in, they grab a number and they wait. one lady we talked to was 20th in line. she says this ice cream is worth it on a hot day like this. all across san francisco and the bay area, people are enjoying a few rare days of sunshine and
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high temperature, especially coming on the heels of a rather cool summer. >> this is the best way to spend an afternoon in san francisco after walking all over town. i have my guests with me, and i think they all agree. the second best thing was, we got a park space right in front. >> love it. we're long overdue. we didn't have a summer, so this is great. this is our indian summer. i'm glad to have it. >> while you're out enjoying the sunshine, grabbing an ice cream cone, heading to the beach, and what not. keep in mind a spare the air alert has been issued for today. the bay area air quality management is urging people to limit strenuous activities outdoors. people with asthma or breathing problems are advised to stay indoors as much as possible today. people we talked to say they know this warm weather is only temporary, so they are enjoying while they can. people we talked to here say
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that from mitchell's ice cream, they'll either be heading out to the park or the beach, takes in as much sunshine as they possibly can today or tomorrow. live in san francisco, kimberly terry nbc bay area news. >> thank you. let's move on now, dozen of people gathered on the steps of oakland city hall today to call for mothers to take a stand against police brew taility. the day-long event honoring the lives of oscar grant. grant was killed on new year's day after the year. jones the 70-year-old girl was shot and kimmed during a police raid in detroit. the event rightly focused on women, because women give strength to all social movements. >> what i'm hoping will come out of this was that mothers will inspire their sons. their grandsons, husbands to stand and speak to the issues of
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police brutality boldly, without the fear of being arrested. >> death penalty opponents were also at today's rally. the moratorium was lifted yesterday, and barbara says the move is suspiciously close to the november election. >> we don't understand what the rush is, there are any number of legal issues to still be worked out. they're switching from -- it appears that they're switching from a three-drug cocktail protocol to a one-drug cocktail. >> executions are due to resume at san quentin on wednesday, that's when albert greenwood brown is scheduled to be executed. a federal judge today refused brown's request to reconsider the execution. the last time someone was executed in california was in january of 2006. this is a story getting national attention. the san jose police officer acting out as a concerned father. did he cross the line.
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he pretended to arrest a teenaged boy for allegedly having sex with his stepdaughter. take a look. >> the cops' daughter -- a cops' daughter is not someone to mess around with. >> videos shot by the boy's stepfather secretly last month on a cell phone camera. you see it here, there's a criminal investigation and charges could be filed next week against the officer for making the false arrest. the teen tells the mercury news he wants the officer to go to jail. the officer's lawyer says the teenaged boy's father did not object to the fake arrest. the officer was equally angry at his own stepdaughter for having sex. the officer took her on a pretend trip to juvenile hall.
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a debate that's raging on and will continue to rage on. among the big issues, whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use here in california. a new poll shows more voters favoring prop 19. 47% say yes legalize marijuana. 42% are against it. it's a complex issue. we sent scott budman to the canibus festival to clear the haze. >> reporter: there is a fun side to the international canibus and hemp expo. but as the smoke clears, there is also something very serious many of the tens of thousands of attendees want to talk about. the future of the pot industry, and the upcoming vote on proposition 19. >> i do believe that people are tired of the old propaganda and the reefer madness stigmatism.
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we're just ready to move this industry forward. >> the first thing i saw was chocolate. this is fondue. >> there's more than one opinion on prop 19. some growers say they like the legalization aspect but worry the new law would cut into their bottom line. >> from the commercial side, if this goes legal, the revenues that the commercial growers are starting to generate now are going to decrease by maybe 75%. >> i'm on the fence, really, i'll be honest about it. i take care of real patients. the real patients need a lot more medicine than what prop 19 is going to allow us to grow. >> just about everyone appreciates having the marijuana issue in the open. even in the pot world, money is king, and no one wants to see their profit go up in smoke. daily city, scott budman, bay area news. >> thank you. think globally, act locally.
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a good example of that today. tens of thousands of people around the world came together to clean up the coastlines. the 26th annual coastal cleanup day. bay area sites include beaches in san francisco and the guadeloupe ringer in san jose. since its start in 1985, more than 800,000 californians have removed more than 14 million pounds of trash from the state's shore lines on coastal cleanup days. it's an event that focuses on a few things. collecting waste, and learning how to prevent damage in the first place. >> it really shows the community how much trash we are discharging into our creeks and into the bay, and so we really want to call attention to that problem, bring volunteers to clean it up, but also to highlight the trash problem, to bring them to push their policy makers to stop trash at its source. >> if you missed it today, you still have a chance to get involved. over the next three weeks, nature watch, restoration
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activities and workshops. or you can go to the adopt a beach effort for more information. we'll tell you who's going to foot the bill for a two-day garbage strike for a city in san mateo city. people in the south bay making the bay area proud this morning. in the south bay, san jose downtown, it is a hot one, it's going to be a hot one tomorrow. oku're lookingt lloe tiv a athe festival. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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you know someone affected by alzheimer's disease. with that in mind this was the notable day. thousands of people got up early to raise money for alzheimer's research. this was the third annual walk to end alzheimer's. right now, more than 27,000 people are diagnosed with the disease in santa clara county alone. can you at least double that number when you take into account the people affected by the disease. many caregivers will tell you, they've waited too long before they reached out for help. >> my family and i thought we could handle this disease amongst ourselves. looking back now, you would have had the assistance and guidance to be proactive as opposed to retroactive. >> alzheimer's disease is now the seventh leading cause of death in the united states. those numbers are expected to mushroom as the baby boomers get into their senior years p.m. the
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alzheimer's association offers all kinds of resources, most of them are free. when we return live, we'll go out to craig herrera and find out how long temperatures will stay s and the classroom adventure that gets kids interested in learning. state is in a real mes.
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and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news at 5:00. this is not your normal festival. you have to think a little for this one. san jose threw the area's biggest free science arts and do it yourself festival today. more than 200 nonprofit groups and vendors set up at san jose's reid hillview airport. the festival focuses on empowering and encouraging underserved and at-risk youth, through hands on science and aviation activityies.
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>> we have a lot of hands on stuff. kids can make compressed air. there's science experiments. we have little miniature scopes the kids can look at the sun. and also, there's a bounce house behind me. >> an estimated crowd of about 10,000 people. a lot of people, this is the third year in a row take flight for kids has hosted the festi l festival. let's get back with craig herrera. he joins us live from downtown san jose. you have shorts on and you're riding something, what do you have. >> reporter: i'm telling you, raj, it's hot outside. we have the shorts going, a lot of kids are enjoying the sunshine. first weekend of fall, it's finally starting to feel like summer around here. raj, this is just the beginning of the heat as we go into sunday and monday. all across the bay area, san bruno. we're not going to see any fog
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tonight. very little tomorrow, just patches of it. as we look around the trans america pyramid, san francisco sitting close to 90 degrees across the city. pretty toasty day, even in san francisco. next shot as we head around the bay, we have plenty of sunshine everywhere, looking -- this is oakland looking back across the bay toward san francisco. and yeah we have quite a bit of sunshine here, as we go a couple more shots, we have san jose, we'll have another live shot for you. as we go through the afternoon, the weather headlines tonight. we're going to be clear sunny tomorrow, no fog tonight. don't expect a whole lot of that. sunday a little cooler, only along the coast. everywhere else is going to be a lot warmer. on monday they continue to go through next week, we'll cool off, but slowly. here's the satellite image, can you see this big ridge of high pressure, most of the western half of the united states under sunshine. we have clouds just off the
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coast. those clouds will give us cooler conditions only along the coast tomorrow. we have warmer temperatures, 70s and 80s. also another thing to talk about, we heard about the spare the air day tomorrow. going to be unhealthy for sensitive groups. it's something we'll want to watch for, if you have upper s respiratory problems or asthma. remember, this will be day two of the heat. by monday it will be even worse. by monday, be sure to check in on the pets, on the elderly, and a lot of people around the bay area who don't have air conditioning. for the highs across the state tomorrow, 70s along the coast, 80s. once we head into the inland valleys, we're looking at 100 degrees or better, in places like sacramento all the way down through fresno and bakersfield. that's going to be a toasty day tomorrow. we have the a's tomorrow and rangers, closer to the 90s. hot day if you're headed out to the baseball game tomorrow, bring the water, put on the sunscreen and stay
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hydrated. highs around the bay area tomorrow. san francisco we're looking closer to 80 degrees, 90s for santa rosa. closer to 100 degrees. we have 98 in morgan hill, 96 in los gatos. another toasty day tomorrow. from santa rosa and livermore we saw hot temperatures today as well. monday will be the hottest spots. those temperatures will be closer to 100 degrees on monday or better. maybe even 104 in places like liver moore. there's the seven-day forecast. we slowly cool off into tuesday and wednesday. and that will be about it. i think i'm supposed to be working, right? i think i should put this down for a bit. it's a beautiful hot day, we have more heat in store, at least through monday. >> what happens at the end of this come next week, is that it,
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are we done for the year in theory? >> it's that time of year, where sometimes we'll get a good one or two days. we may get one or two more of these. >> very nice. >> okay, i think the last time stanford was 4-0, i was in high school. >> it's been a while. move over andrew. there's another star on the stanford roster. this guy good enough to go both ways, we have the froof, plus the champagne, it was on ice, the a's out to make sure the rangers had nothing to celebrate this afternoon. it may not have worked out that way. the padres not going away. dramatic ending in san diego. we have highlights in sports.
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stanford is not interested in the past. they don't care that they haven't won at notre dame in 18 years or that they haven't started the season 4 life 0 since 1986 or that they've never beaten the fighting irish two in a row since then. this is now, and a heisman trophy candidate in andrew lutz. 3-0 noter darjs this is about where that would end. andrew hooking up with kobe for this throw. they didn't look back, fourth quarter, stanford up 27-6 after the two-point conversion. he's not turn yet. this is the irish's first play on the ensuing rise.
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dane crist picked off by the pick six. he had two touchdowns in 13 seconds. stanford goes on to win big, 37-14, yes, they are 4-0 for the first time in 24 years. a pair of highly ranked challenges await the other bay area squads on this football saturday. tonight the bears travel to face arizona in their pack-10 opener. we'll have highlights later tonight. elsewhere in the top 25 today, upset alert this afternoon. ucla doing its best to hook the horns, the seventh ranked horns that is. bruins putting texas away, who saw this one coming. no one's going to catch him. that's a touchdown, 27-6 ucla, the bruins pulling up the huge upset. the number one team in all the land running into trouble against arkansas today in fayetteville.
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second quarter, ryan mallet the qb with the sneak one yard, arkansas poised for the upset. mallet trying to put things away, he finds robin laughter who happens to play for the tie. the plunge for the go ahead score, alabama breathing a sigh of relief today. they escape 24-20. the a's playoff chances not officially over today, not looking good. allowing the rangers to clinch in oakland, that's another. this afternoon, the athletics doing their best to hold off that champagne shower. the rangers were trying to become the second team to clinch a pennant. rangers not for long, cliff pennington up with one on. going deep to left, two-run blast. we got a tie game, the a's have the life but in the eighth
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inning, texas does want to celebrate, and they want to celebrate today. jorge cantu, michael werth, it's all it takes. the rangers win the game and the division, they're in the playoffs for the first time in 11 years. moving over to the national league now. the padres trying to move into a tie with the giants this afternoon by beating the reds out at petco. we have a tie game, bottom nine, chase, chris the extra base hit. hedley has to make up ground fast. this one's at the plate, and he beats the tag. game over, san diego walks off with the win. they're tied with the giants for now. the tyco last a matter of hours. the division rivals back at it in colorado this evening. with barry zito trying to deliver another blow to the rockies' playoff chances. they lost five in a row and trailed san francisco by 4.5 games. it's time for another edition of giants clubhouse,
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this time we're going to show you the challenge that faced freddy sanchez since birth. his mom was told he might never walk. plus, we go behind the scenes of brian murphy. what does it take to keep the players in this penant chase forum? that and more on giants clubhouse, airing sunday night at 9:30, and then again at 12:30. >> do we have an nbc shot here? >> it would are nice, wouldn't it? let's see if he's lucky. >> thank you very much. what voters have to say about proposition 8 and the ban on gay marriage. >> the president was able to fit in 40 rounds of golf in his first two years. we're probably better off if he's getting advice from his caddie rather than his economic advisers. mitt romney making jokes at the president's expense and criticizing the first two years
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ic offe ff o fe morr. amoba. more on that in two minutes. and i always get a little worried when i watch the games, because they could hurt themselves... and doctors are so expensive and...what if -- [ umpire ] safe!! what do you mean he was safe? he was out!!!!! i just want to make sure they're okay, you know? [ male announcer ] we know health coverage isn't cheap. ob's why we offer a wide range of plans to fit your family's budget. blue shield.


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