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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 530  NBC  September 25, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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[ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. good evening, we're on at 5:30 today, because there's no "nightly news." just in case you haven't felt it, the bay area is red-hot, september 25th feels a lot like august 25th. air conditioners are on full blast all over the bay today. if you're lucky enough to have one. craig herrera is out in the hot weather, somewhere along the fountains in downtown san jose. where are you? i'm guessing you're not dry at all? >> reporter: raj, i'm a little bit wet, i could be a little more wet. i'm going to step into the fountains quickly. the kids and parents are having a good time. a lot of the parents are in the shade, the kids are playing in the fountains. the temperatures are up. we're going to have more heat tomorrow. as we go through the evening
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hours, by 7:00 tonight we still have some heat out there, some 70s and 80s right around the rim of the bay. we still have just dropped under the 90 degree mark in some of the warmer inland valleys, tomorrow we continue with the heat even by 7:00 and 8:00 tomorrow morning. we have the heat with us. can you expect that tomorrow morning. not much in the way of fog. certainly no clouds, so sunday will be a repeat of today. there's some cooler weather coming in, but only to the coast. rather than those 80s today, we drop to the 70s. still nice along the coast. monday the hot y, monday it's going to be the hottest day, we have triple digits all over the bay area, we'll have more in the seven-day forecast. but for now, these kids have the right idea. >> are you going to make it back? that's the question. >> once it goes on through the heat, the big day is what, tomorrow and into monday, is that correct? >> tomorrow's just like today, monday's going to be the hottest day, raj.
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>> thanks, we'll check back with you in this hour. heat is not characteristic in san francisco. let's go live to the city, kimberly terry joins us. usually it's september/october it's nice and warm in the city, however, not this warm. take it away. >> that's exactly right, and everyone here is soaking up the surgeon and taking full advantage of this rare day of sunshine. we're here at mitchell's ice cream, where we found a bunch of people grabbing a cool treat today. this place is packed. people are willing to wait. they say it's worth it, most people we talked to say after a rather cool summer, they're just thrilled to see this big change in temperature and taking full advantage of it. >> it's good for a few days. i love waking up and walking in the sun with my dog in the morning. >> it reminds me of home. i thought i was going to get away from it, but it's gorgeous. and i've had a week of it, so it's nice. >> while you're out enjoying the
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sunshine, it's also a spare the air day. keep that in mind. the bay area quality air management is asking people to refrain from driving, using lawn mowers and no charcoal grilling please. perfect conditions for turning exhaust into ground level ozone and smog. people with asthma are asked to stay indoors as much as possible. also as part of spare the air, try not to do any strenuous exercise outside. really enjoy the sunshine, people we talked to out here say they plan to go from the ice cream store to the beach, to enjoy more of this sunshine while it lasts. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you very much. we move on in the wake of the san bruno fires, a scary scene again today. a home in flames, completely destroyed. near downtown san jose, the fire
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started at a home near minnesota avenue. six people were in the home when the fire first broke out. two of them had to be rescued when they returned inside to get some belongings. firefighters think the fire started at a nearby shed and spread to the house. no one was injured, the house was a total loss. in oakland, police teamed up with the dea today in honor of national prescription drug take back day. the two groups set up a collection point at a downtown police station where anyone could drop off expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs, no questions asked. the dea says many americans don't know that prescription drug abusers get their drugs from family and friends medicine cabinets. another misnomer is that it's okay to flush unused drugs down the toilet or toss them into the trash, that is not okay according to the dea. we had a garbage issue earlier
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on the peninsula. now the question is, who's going to pay for it. the recent garbage strike won't cost customers a penny. ail lied waste says it will pick up the tab for last month's two-day garbage workers' strike. the strike cost san mateo county $200,000. garbage collectors worked saturday and sunday to clean up the mess left by the two-day strike last month. it was staged in support of some female employees who were reportedly not given the same wages and benefits as their male counterparts. depending on your viewpoint, different polls can mean many things. the new poll has found that the americans split over president obama's health care plan isn't as simple as it appears at first glance. four out of ten adults think the law doesn't go far enough to change the health care system. four in five say they oppose the law. over all, about 30% favored the
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legislation, about 40% opposed it, and 30% remain neutral. numbers may put a damper on republicans plans by calling for a repeal of this landmark legislation. the poll was conducted by the associated press. this will likely continue until the november election. tensions heating up between the republicans and democrats today. president obama using his weekly address to criticize the republicans' recovery plans. they're not listening to what the american people are saying. >> america may be speaking out. but republicans in congress sure aren't listening. they want to put the special interest back in the driver's seat in washington. for all their talk about reigning in spending and getting our deficits under control, they want to borrow another $700 billion and use it to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. >> the president said democrats are focusing on tax cuts for the middle class, which saw incomes shrink in the past decade. a potential 2012 republican
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presidential candidate mitt romney using an appearance to take a shot at the president's economic agenda. romny was the keynote speaker at the new hampshire republican party state convention, he called the two-year term in office so far an abject failure. and criticized president obama for not focusing more on turning the economy around. all total the number of people who are no longer looking for work is about 15 million. enough people to reach from washington, d.c., to los angeles and back to washington, d.c., it's just a travesty. this president should focus on getting the jobs -- who would have guessed we'd look at the carter years as the good old days. >> he got some good laughs there. romney has not said he will run for president in 2012. he is the possible front-runner for candidates.
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ten states are coming out against gay marriage this evening. they filed an opposition brief with the federal appeals court in california. the move is in response to last month's proposition eight ruling. that's when the federal judge said the ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. the brief says the constitution does not require marriage to include same sex couples and states should not be allowed -- or should be allowed to have the final say. a bomb scare forces a flight out of canada to make an emergency landing. the latest information is next. plus, one woman says she's figured out how to detect certain types of cancer in a matter of minutes. and a california girl gets ready to go live. we'll show you who's starring in the seasonree soof gh " lit ." south of laredo, there's a place...
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good evening, i'm raj mathai sitting in for diane dwyer
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tonight. a bomb scare on a jet headed for pakistan was forced to land. it took off from toronto, bound for manchester, england. a woman called canadian police twice warning them the passenger was carrying explosives, so the pilot landed in stockholm. all 273 people on board were evacuated. no explosionives were found and no one was arrested. canadian police are looking into whether the tip was a hoax. in new york, palestinian president mahmoud abbas spoke before the united nation's assembly today about what he thinks is the main obstacle to the peace issue in the middle east. there will be no peace treaty unless the israeli settlement construction is halted in the west bank area. recent peace talks stalled over the issue, a ten-month freeze on building is set to end tomorrow.
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in his u.n. address this week, president obama called on israel to extend the construction moratorium. finding out if you have a certain type of cancer may soon take a matter of minutes. a romanian scientist says she's developed a tool that detectives breast, prostate and ovarian cancer. all that's needed is a blood or saliva sample. the device should be on the market in europe by the end of the year. no word on if it will make it to the stores on american markets. the california budget could be ready by early next week. we'll take a look at what it might include. also, decision 2010. gavin newsom losing momentum in the race for lieutenant governor while the race for governor is too cl3 tcall. your latest election information coming up next.
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welcome back. a new poll released today showed gavin newsom's lead in the race for lieutenant governor is dwindling. newsom now holds a four point lead over republican april moldanado 39% to 35%. when you take into account the margin of error, the race really too close to call. obviously this is a negative trend for mr. newsom. he had a nine point lead over maldonado in july. the race for california senate seat, barbara boxer's lead appears to be growing. polls suggest that boxer leads republican challenger and former ceo carla fiorina. in july, the race was deadlocked. boxer began running ads a day before polling. given the timing, the poll
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numbers are not surprising. with less than two months, the race for governor keeps getting tighter. jerry brown and meg whitman are deadlocked. pretty remarkable. tied at 18%, the numbers could change after next week. that's when the two candidates face off for the first time. the debate is on tuesday at uc davis. on october 12th, nbc, we're higher at nbc bay area will host our own debate between whitman and brown. tom brokaw will moderate. you can see it here starting at 6:30 in the evening. we'll air the debate live on our website a working weekend for state lawmakers who say a budget deal could come as early as next week. no one is talking about what the deal could include, our nbc affiliate station in sacramento got a few hits,ed new budget
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would rely on an upswing from the federal government. with the deal, it looks like it could be close. there's still a chance it could fall apart. that's always the case here. the leaders of both parties are the ones negotiating, there's no guarantee their rank and file will agree. let's get to the weather, it's obviously the topic around the bay area. craig herrera is here with a check on the forecast. you are the man of the hour, a man of the 90 minutes. i guess the big question is, will this continue? and after a few days from now, how long will this last into next week? can we even project that far? >> yeah, absolutely. it's going to be pretty hot for most of those seven days, today was just the preview. day number one, tomorrow gets a little hotter. joshua came down from burlingame
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playing in the water. he's having fun. the final numbers will come in in a bit. let me give you a shot live right now of the golden gate area. all the tourists and anybody who's visiting, what a great weekend for you. this is the reason we call this place home, we love it so much. this is oakland. looking toward san francisco, and we're not going to see much in the way of fog either. typically we have a good fog bank coming in at this hour. we have close to the mid-90s today. across all of the inland bay areas tomorrow, across all of the south end of the bay same story. this is san jose, you have plenty of sunshine here. we have more of it tomorrow, we talked about some of that heat. let me show you what's going on. weather headlines, tonight don't expect anything in the way of fog, really. we'll have a few more high clouds move in tomorrow morning, that's about it. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week -- actually, monday rather. tomorrow will be pretty warm,
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monday's the real heat, that's when that really starts to come on through much expect more of those 100 degree readings by the time we get into monday. as we go through the satellite. the entire western half of the u.s. has been rather sunny from seattle to tacoma. we have plenty of sunshine tomorrow, about the same as far as temperatures. you have a little bit of cooling right along the immediate coast. when i say cooling, you think about useing in the 80s today at the coast. we'll be in the 70s. still a beautiful day at the coast. as we go through the day, we talk about the air quality. by the time we get into tomorrow, it's another spare the air day, we had one today, we'll have another one tomorrow. imagine we'll see one on monday with more heat in place, and no real sea breeze to clear the air out. if you live in the santa clara valley, expect to stay in. we have the states around the area tomorrow, plenty of heat at the central valley. at the coast you get into the 70s, once you get into the t sacramento valley, you're closer
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to 100 degrees. have you this big granite wall. it's going to be hot down there. if you're going into the game, texas in town, it's going to be a hot one, 90s for the game. that's about 90 degrees for the start of the game at 105. by 2:00, 3:00, we're closer to mid-90s in oakland. prepare for that, drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated and bring plenty of water with you. 88 degrees. santa rosa 100 degrees. over the east side of the bay from marin to livermore, mid to upper 90s, san jose at 95, morgan hill closer to 100 degrees, and again, talk about monday being the hottest day. raj, we'll send it back to you. >> craig, we're live in downtown san jose, it's warm everywhere across the bay area. >> with the hot weather, it's hard to think about flu season, but you better start thinking about it.
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it's all part of an effort to make sure flu shot fatigue doesn't set in this year. >> with flu season right around the corner, you probably already heard the reminders. >> flu shot is very important. >> not everyone is rushing to their local clinic to get in line for one. >> i do vitamin c, and it's just a precaution. >> everyone has their reasons. vivian roberts can't get the first time she had a flu shot out of her mind. >> i stayed sick for about eight weeks. the reasoning was the virus must have already been in my system. >> reporter: her sister doesn't have to choice. >> it's required we take them to work in the clinic. >> reporter: health experts are finding a general resistance to getting the flu shot this year. partly to blame, fears of h1n1 spreading, followed by a
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relatively mild outbreak of the illness last year. >> we didn't see as many cases of the flu as we expected. >> it's called flu shot fatigue, something this woman receives as a health care worker. >> with flu season it may be a hard cell. >> i doubt if i would take the shot myself. if i wasn't in the health care field. >> like it or not, there's value in getting that shot. >> it's going to be out there, if you get, you'll wish you had a flu shot. >> get those flu shots. when we return, nbc's premiere week continues tonight. it's the big one "saturday night live" is all e'thers a famil there's ailamiareia fac joining the t
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[ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment. i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whitman gave me the tools to expand globally. we sell to australia, india... that big blue machine over there? it's going to malaysia on wednesday. with ebay, she created jobs for millions of people. with meg's creativity, she'll be able to create jobs here in california. i'm mariano ruiz and i'm a meg whitman success story.
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welcome back, it's the season premiere of snl. it happens tonight. you may recognize the host. amy poehler kicks off season
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number 36. >> being in the cast of "saturday night live" is one thing. >> hi, i'm amy poehler, and i'm hosting the season premiere of "saturday night live." >> you keep looking over your shoulder wondering, who's the host this week? and you realize it's you. >> any familiar characters? >> we're going to do crazy susan. >> you are making things up. >> no. >> that's what the days before showtime are all about. >> i don't like to hear that at all. >> making things up. >> it takes a lot of pressure off having a host, you know how it all works here. not that it's bad when they don't, just makes it easier. >> poehler's hosting stint comes less than two months after giving birth to her second son. >> the crazy thing is she's got two kids and she's back at work. she's an unstoppable machine. go poehler. ♪ i kissed a girl and i liked
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it ♪ >> reporter: the team also includes katy perry. seth myers and company had the welcome mat out for her even if the video was too risque for sesame street. >> i guess i've seen katy perry in a lot of different events. >> reporter: the standard for snl is simply to deliver laughs. mark barger, nbc news. >> thompson is hilarious. the new season of "saturday night live" premieres right here at 11:30. we'll also have our local newscast tonight at 11:00 before snl.
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