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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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new this morning, it will be a revolving door for the world's most powerful couple. she what they will be doing today. >> communities of color are particular low at risk for this disease. we will tell you what it is and a forum happening in oakland where you can take steps to get healthy that. story coming up today in the east bay. good morning. it is 4:30 and i 4 the worst dream last night. it was the giants had lost.
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>> i know, right? at least the weekend will be sunny. >> thanks for sharing your dream. they will get them. we will keep an eye on the forecast. the temperatures of 50s outside for most of the bay area. the headline is wet roads. the showers fell around mount diablo. not too much right now. we are in between weather systems and as we paint the picture from now through the weekend, we will see two to three inches of rain in the bay area. a lot of this as we approach suspected. stay tuned to the forecast. probably the driest of the next three days. 65 in dublin and 67 around livermore. cools with highs in the low 60s. morning showers and partial clearing and clouds filling in towards this evening. coming up, we will walk you through two powerful storms coming up in a few minutes. >> we will turn to mike inouye.
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at least we don't live in philadelphia. >> very true. we can hold on to that. we are holding on to overnight rain that fell. over on the right hand side, you catch a corner of it and typical spots throughout the east bay and the tricity area. got hit with the rain. east shore freeway, we will show you the maps. still moving despite another accident. i think three over the last hour. watch for click roadways. flooding reported in a typical spot over the bridge to the san rafael side. you get to see me to the south. golden gate bridge with a sample of slick roadways as well. we have more stuff going on, but i will let you handle the big shot over there. >> new this morning, the president taking off to continue his western campaign swing. air force one will leave sfo at 10:00 this morning.
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the president spent the night at the westin in the city. you need to be on the look out for the presidential motorcade before 10:00. he doesn't need to get to the airport as early as you and me. heading to los angeles to attend a fund-raiser at usc for barbara boxer and former governor jerry brown and afterwards will give a speech at the rally on campus. as the president departs, the first lady will be arriving in the bay area, set to honor a youth program called writer's corps at 9:00. it's an after school program aim at writing skills and self confidence in young people. it's one of 15 after school programs to receive the award. we will have to wait for the giants to clinch the pennant, but a banner of another sort will be high over atlanta. our sister station in atlanta said the giants flag will be
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hoisted over city hall today. it arrived courtesy of gavin newsom last night. the giants beat braves in the previous round of playoffs and that got them where they are. they head to philadelphia in a few hours and could not seal the deal against the phillies last night. they will have to try again in game six tomorrow. the time of the first pitch is still up in the air. if the yankees win tonight, the giants will start before 1:00. in the yarveg yankees lose, our game will start before 5:00. here at home, fans staying positive, they are looking for world series tickets. if the giants win in philly, game one will be in san francisco on wednesday. we check stub hub this morning and it will be pricey. standing room only is $391. if you want to sit, bleacher seats are $525. the most expensive are $92,000
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or there abouts. you get that sit in the oracle suite. >> oscar supporters will stage a rally. a bart police officer shot and killed passenger grant unarmed on new year's day 2009 at the bart station in oakland. today's rally is part of the national day to stop police brutality. protesters will wear all black and plan to display a wall of names of people they say died from police brutality. the rally will be at the bart station. new this morning, crews are still at a roseville mall after a standoff and massive fire. the suspect is in custody. alexander piggy wrote about his suicide on his facebook page. thursday morning he barricaded himself in the game stop store at this roseville mall. he started to fire that led to
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an explosion that caused part of the mall's roof to collapse. no estimate on damage, he did not make good on his suicide threat. she behind bars. >> per an alleged peeping tom under arrest this morning. they arrested hernandez. he dressed like a woman and tried to take pictures of real women at the cal rec center bathroom twice earlier this month. he allegedly left a wig when staffers confronted him. he faces two counts of disorderly conduct. nine people have no homes after flame ripped through part of the west oakland apartment complex. the fire caused damage to two of four units. a reported 300,000 in damage is done and 100,000 in damage to the contents themselves. one occupant suffered smoke inhalation. the oakland fire department believes the fire was
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accidental. researchers say the number of people with diabetes is growing. it's expect that in three people will have the disease by 2050. today in the east bay's christie kmith where you can learn more about diabetes and obesity in a forum this morning. >> reporter: this forum is really for the entire family. particularly important for communities of color where the risk of type ii diabetes is higher. when you look at the numbers, it's quite startling. each year more than 1.5 million new cases are introduced. it's put on by the black caucus and going to show you how to get the most of state programs and resources that are already in place. you don't have to worry about cuts here. diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose levels are above normal. type two is adult on set and may account for about 90% of the diagnosed cases out there.
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risk factors can include age, obesity and family history. healthy eating, physical activity and blood glucose testing are part of the therapy. what is startling also is that each year nearly six million people go completely undiagnosed. they don't know they have it. complications include high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney disease. this is a great opportunity to learn about it. prevention and the programs out there. the alameda county health department out there with assembly members and officials really putting a lot of educational information out there for you. it's at 10:00 this morning at the oakland marriott in downtown oakland. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the east bay. >> a long time san francisco fetish is moving across the bay. this year the exotic erotic ball will be at the multimillion-dollar crane way pavilion in the richmond marina.
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the luxury yacht bell has been brought in for more floor space. the costume party is tomorrow night. 7500 people are expected to attend. the exotic erotic expo kicks off at 4:00. . 4:39. for anyone who may be interested, there it is on the map if you want to go for any festivities. we are looking at the east shore freeway across the san rafael bridge to a reported flooding. typical when we have any rain. the times throughout the east bay are looking nice. out of antioch and over towards concord, no problem. the pass and 680 through sunol. 880 with a live look -- the bay bridge shows a light volume of
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traffic and puddling over at the toll plaza side and slick conditions throughout the east bay and the approach. that's further south and the approach. things are drier on the freeway. 880 itself down into san jose and i drove that myself. >> thank you much. we are leaving at 3:00. rob wants to carpool. good morning. very wet weekend ahead. i was joke being a sunny weekend earlier to get my mind off the giants. >> we try to have the power of positive thinking. 54 degrees in livermore right now. wet roads for mainly the rain that fell overnight. not a lot out there right now. let's take you into the east bay and you are seeing a few showers off to the north and east and around the coast. looking at an isolated shower the next to 10 minutes. most of the action off to the east. as we head to the day, the
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clouds fill in as round two comes in into saturday. the main event with the wind and heaviest rain around midday sunday, that's the system that will bring winds out of the south at 20 to 30. that will be windy and soggy dropping into the east bay hills mid-afternoon on sunday. we will see clearing towards monday morning. around the east bay and beyond, 65 in dublin and 67 in livermore. that will be one of the warmer spots we see as clouds it know to fill in during the day. isolated showers and brief break midday and tonight into saturday, more rain. that rain on sunday and heavy at times especially for the north bay. >> google's latest experiment on a bay area campus. how it could translate into faster service for you. where the jobs are. see the industry that's hiring and desperately needs workers. time now is 4:41 as we look at
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new this morning, 60 oakland fifth graders will graduate from a gang prevention program from melrose elementary. they went through six weeks of lessons in the great or gang resistance training and education program. it's meant to prevent violence and promote a positive bond with the police officers in their early years. >> a great idea. >> messy, messy and spinouts already. >> especially the east shore freeway. now the roadway reported clear there is close to the limit. watch those speeds here. a clear drive as well. 580 out of the pass. the commute direction is westbound for the morning, but watch the slick roads and get away traffic will start around 3:00 p.m. out of livermore to tracy and the like. the south bay a light volume of traffic. northbound for your commute with no problems and further south we have an incident reported at the summit. maybe one of the spinouts we were talking about.
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the single car involved. >> a messy weekend ahead. rob, my son has seen his sports cancel a few weekends in a row. 9-year-olds do not like sitting inside. >> if you have the outdoor plans, the wind and the rain will be causing issues not for the east bay, but today is the driest. isolated showers and clouds and saturday and sunday. more rain coming in. the only showers towards fairfield around highway 4. after you are moving across san bruno and san mateo. here's the break we will see around midday. more clouds and this is the outer fringe of a powerful system. look at that thing up to the pacific northwest. that is a saturday system that will spill rain our way. we will see saturday into sunday, two to three inches plus
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in the north bay and at eaft lie half inch to an inch. we wrap up the weekend. the outdoor plans especially low on sunday, we will say find indoor plans. mid 60s inland. behind the mid 60s and sunday looks sloppy. by monday it clears out and outdoor plans look fine. >> thank you much. new this morning, news for your bottom line. green arrows on wall street. for more on that before the bell, courtney reagan is live at headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. we have seen things turn around a little bit as far as the futures are concerned. we were lower and now we are higher ahead of the opening bell. wall street closed higher after the see saw session. we were back and forth, up and down. despite several positive earnings reports, they were saying it was likely the combination of profit taking and a rise in the dollar. when you see the rise, it's
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accompany bide a drop in stocks. the inverse relationship. europe is lower, but they have a couple of hours left to trade. no major economic data, but earnings reports that continue to spill as bee close out the week. the dow closed out to 11,146. the nasdaq added two points to trade at 2459. your credit card is getting a makeover. citibank will begin testing a new card next month with two buttons and tiny lights. it lets customers choose at the register whether they want to pay with credit or use reward points. others double as credit cards or have fraud protection baked into the plastic. >> thank you. faculty and staff, homes on the stanford campus will be google's latest guinea pig. they will install experimental ultra high speed internet at 850
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homes. one gigabit a second is 100 times faster than current home connections. the location just a few miles down from the tech giant will make it easy for engineers to monitor progress. food prices are expected to rise, hitting you in the wallet. analysts warn you could be paying more for butter and cheese and milk as well as bread and meat and cereal. the collapse in the russian brain crop is to blame as well as domestic crops that fell short. it translates into expensive meat and dairy because they have to deal with a feed price increase and that gets passed on to you. the best chance for a new job may be behind the wheel according to a new report. business up across the board for trucking and railroad companies. union pacific says it moved about 14% more freight this year than last. that means the company is set to hire about 17,000 workers.
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business is boosting the trucking industry as well. so much so, their only complaint is the lack of drivers. >> now that we see an increase, the motor carriers are out there looking for drivers. >> some industry analysts say the industry will need 200,000 more drivers by 2014. as we head into the weekend, we are more than a month away from thanksgiving and almost two months from christmas. have you made your travel plans yet? if you are flying, do not wait for a deal. there no deals coming. the time to buy is now. today in the east bay has a look at the economy and your wallet. >> several airlines reported strong 3rd quarter profits this week. the newly merged unite and continental are making 30 time what they earned last year. what does it mean for you? >> it's one of the ironies of the industry. we are getting one of the best deals we have gotten in terms of
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airline tickets. persons are unhappier than ever. >> easier to take a bus or train. >> the gas prices are pretty good. >> it grandma is a thousand miles away and you have to fly, buy now. prices are already up 6-8% and that is up over last year. wait and you may not be able to afford it. >> they are not adding new flights. flights will be as crowded as possible and the prices will go up. >> if you are not traveling far, consider cheaper options. >> a bus comes right there so it's convenient. 1/10 of the price. >> amtrak is easier than trying to fly. >> slowing down the trip to speed up the savings. in washington, tracie potts, today in the bay. >> let's look at what's coming up later. for that we say hello to laura.
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>> good morning. here's what we have for you all new this morning. an update on the san jose police officer who made a fake arrest of his daughter's boyfriend after fining out the two were having sex. a book of nuclear codes lost for months. see the new revelations about who lost it and whether it was ever found. those stories and i hear you have a gadget that will shake things up. >> for those who stayed up too late last night. we will show you around 5:45. >> we look forward to it. >> bay area parents get help with making sure halloween is more of a treat than a trick. this afternoon families pick up glow necklace for trick or treaters and halloween safety center for the south bay. the working partnerships usa said it will handout 40,000 necklaces nationwide. the parents can pick them up between 4:00 and 7:00 at 2102 almaden road, san jose. the number of people living with diabetes expected to jump
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dramatically. a forum will focus on preventing and treating type ii diabetes. today in the east bay's christie smith is live with what's ahead. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. lots of good information being shared out here later this morning. this is a forum about connecting people with information that can help keep them healthy. it is directed at communities of color where the risk of type ii diabetes is higher. risk factors can include age, obesity and your family history. there different types of diabetes. type two which is the one we are talking about mainly here today or adult on set diabetes that may account for 90 to 95% of all diagnosed cases. healthy eating and physical activity and blood glucose testing are part of the basic therapies. diabetes is a disease where blood glucose levels are above normal. what's startling when you look
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at the numbers, nearly six million people go undiagnosed each year. the alameda county health department will be out here later this morning and legislative leaders of the forum is put on by the california legislative black caucus. it's at 10:00 this morning here in downtown at the city center marriott. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the east bay. >> thank you much. good morning on this friday morning. 4:54 this morning. 50s across most of the east bay and oakland closer to 50. 54 n livermore and not much wind other than in fairfield seeing a southwest wind. we have lingering showers after most of the rain that fell overnight is heading off to the east to sacramento. a little bit of showers around pitsburg and highway 4.
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off to the best this batch of showers proving south of oakland in the next half hour or so. we have a break in between systems. all the clouds offshore will spill in and make for a mostly cloudy afternoon, but the main rain with this system is probably going to hold off until tonight into saturday. hour by hour, midday into the afternoon we will see the rain fill in. it's the system behind the saturday system that is arriving for sunday that will pack the biggest punch. two to three inches of rain across the north bay and about an inch around the bay area by the time we wrap up the weekend. mid 60s and we will catch a break for the showers and easing off through the day and filling in again tonight. highs as warm as the upper 60s and while inland and cool up to saturday. highs in the low 60s and windy and wet and we clear out approaching monday. >> looks good for movies. we see matt damon as the smart guy in good will hunting.
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he is a super gnarl guy. rafael has more in this week's box office preview. >> give me your hand. i don't want to do this anymore. >> he plays a man with the ability to talk to the dead in the afterlife and causes him to retreat for from reality. his life intersects with a journalist who barely survived a massive tragedy and a london school boyer who lost his brother in an accident. all three lives changed. here after is rated pg 13. last year's surprise halloween hit paranormal activity gets a sequel. paranormal activity 2 has a bigger budget, but like last year, there is little chance of scaring up details. filmmakers are keeping the plot
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under wraps. it's rated "r." that's the box office preview. nbc news. >> the president leaving the bay area and talk about torture. the giants still one win away from the world series and he will have to do it on the road. >> upscale airline food. the airlinea png u teamingp with chefs to bring five-star cuisine to the skies. #
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