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tv   Today  NBC  November 7, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. meet and greet -- as he begins day two of his trip to asia, president obama arrives in new delhi on a mission to create new jobs back home, while also taking out time to make some new, young friends. >> case re-opening. three years after madeleine mccann disapared on a family vacation in portugal police say they are ready to try again to answer the question where is maddie? >> and oh so close. >> zenyatta trying to hold on!
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>> from dead last to a photo finish the greatest female horse in history and within inches of a living legend. today is sunday, november 7, a living legend. today is sunday, november 7, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good sunday morning. welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. you know zenyatta is going, i can't watch again. please don't show it to me. such a close finish. what makes it amazing is the start. she was at the back of the pack and it's a photo finish. this is a great story. she drinks pints of guinness, has been profiled in magazines
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including "o." >> the 6-year-old nearly ended without a single loss. she was 19-0 coming into the race and she's a friendly horse. >> she drinks beer. >> who's not friendly that drinks beer? more on the last race coming up. and to india where the president and first lady are on day two of the ten-day trip. the goal is jobs and they are having a little fun. yesterday they took part in a traditional folk dance in india. it happened during a visit to a local high school. >> they appear to be having a great time. it's a break from the president's job hunting mission in asia. what's next on day two of the ten-day trip? we'll find out. and the case of madeleine mccann. it's been three years since the british girl disappeared in portugal. police may take another look. plus, under water, on top of the world. how scuba diving is helping people with severe physical
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limitations and injuries and students with paralysis especially. >> did you go down? >> i went scuba diving with high school football players who became paralyzed. for the first time ever they were able to understand the freedom of being under the water. it was amazing for me to watch them going through it. >> looking forward to that. we'll start with president obama in india. day two of a trip to asia. he says it is designed to create jobs back home. today he talked about terror. white house correspondent savannah guthrie is traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. the president's second day in india is all about public outreach. he's looking to connect with india's youth believing these are people the u.s. will be doing business with tomorrow. the president and first lady began the day with live entertainment and soon got pulled into the action themselves. even the president engaging in
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dance diplomacy. the president's activities today are all about public outreach. a visit with high school students. a tour of an agricultural expo. then a town hall with young people at a local college with an introduction by the first lady. >> i want to urge you today to ask my husband some tough questions. all right? be tough. >> my question to you is what is your take or opinion about jihad? >> i will say that first islam is one of the world's great religions. i think all of us recognize that this great religion, in the hands of a few extremists, has been distorted to justify violence. >> reporter: one student asked the president about his party's losses in the midterms. >> one of the wonderful things about democracy is that when the people are not happy it is their
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right, obligation and duty to express their unhappiness much to the refwret sometigret somet incumbents. >> reporter: the president was pressed on what is perceived as u.s. favoritism to its rival pakistan. >> it may surprise you to hear me say this but i'm convinced that the country that has the biggest stake in pakistan's success is india. i think that if pakistan is un stable that's bad for india. if pakistan is stable and prosperous, that's good. >> reporter: from here the president heads to delhi to address india's parliament and meet with the prime minister. with plans to go to indonesia on tuesday, white house officials are keeping a close eye on an erupting volcano there that's already cancelled flights. for now, they say the
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president's plans are intact lester? >> now here's jenna. thanks. it is high pressure for president obama who is vowing to bring jobs back to the u.s. given the defeat from the midterm elections can he deliver on the promise? david, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. >> the president is spending a good deal of time focused on issues on voters' minds now. the economy and job creation. what does he need to do for voters and the white house to consider the trip a success? >> i think this is difficult. i don't know how many people will pay close attention to the jobs agenda that's part of what the president is doing. he's obviously in a part of the world where most americans think of outsourcing to india and the president is mindful of that. no doubt these are important markets for u.s. companies. what's most important, having covered a similar trip by president bush is how many business leaders will accompany
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the president on a trip like this. you know, some of the early efforts to mend fences with the business community. that may be the most important part of what the administration can do to position itself to feel comfortable about investing in jobs. >> along those lines the president wants to double american exports by 2015. that would mean expanding trade agreements between the u.s. and other countries. the republicans want it, democrats are hesitant. it seems this could be an issue for the president and republicans to come together. on the other hand, this could isolate democrats. how does he split the balance between the two? >> it's really going to tilt in favor of doing business with republicans here. the president has his democratic base locked up. there may be disappointment with him. that may be an issue that comes to bear in 2012. he's got to deal as a political matter with the fact that the republicans really put a lot of hurt on him and the democratic party this past week. he's got to find a way to
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negotiate a little bit and try to reach out to independent voters who have completely flipped on the president. that's crucial for his re-election. republicans know it, democrats know it and the white house knows it. he has to look for areas like trade, taxes and some of the spending cuts that will become a big issue in washington. >> let's talk about taxes. the president talked about the bush tax cuts. he wants to roll them back for wealthy americans. the republicans want to make the tax cuts permanent. the president is going to have to find happy ground here. >> he's been tough on this saying it doesn't make sense at a time when we are running huge deficits to pay $700 billion to extend cuts for the wealthiest americans. republicans will say, this is existing tax policy. you will be raising tax ifs you don't do this. the fight will continue f. the president had his way, i think he would split the issue in half. agree with the republicans on the middle class tax cut, get those passed.
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have a separate debate on the upper earners. this is going to come to light soon. this is a debate that the president has to decide where to land on this. i suspect this is an area where there will be compromise. >> all right. david gregory, thank you. >> thanks, jenna. >> now a check on other headlines. trish, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. in connecticut, jurors will be deliberating the fate of the man convicted in a horrific home invasion case. this is day three of deliberations to determine whether steven hayes should spend life in prison or die by lethal injection. hayes was convicted of killing a woman and her two daughters. in haiti, hurricane tomas didn't pack the punch predicted. mark potter is live there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, trish. although the storm killed eight people, aid workers say haiti was lucky. the effects countrywide were
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minimal. there were flooding in places but port-au-prince was spared. the effects were minimal. the 1.3 million people living in tents after the earthquake were able to ride out the storm. the big question now is whether the heavy rains will spread the waterborne cholera epidemic which has killed more than 500 people here so far. trish? >> thank you, mark potter. several international airlines are cancelling trips to indonesia's capital over concerns about mount merapi. friday, the most powerful eruption in a century. 138 people have died from the eruptions over the past two weeks. the new commandant says this is not the time to repeal don't ask, don't tell. he says with troops locked in a fight against afghanistan he's concerned about troop unity.
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queen elizabeth is joining facebook. her majesty launching her page tomorrow. unfortunately the page will not have her personal profile. just pictures, video and all things royal. on a final royal note we reported yesterday that an engagement announcement for prince william and kate middleton could happen soon. london tabloids are expecting the announcement by christmas with a wedding date of july 23. kate will be invited to join the royals for christmas celebrations this year, the first time a nonroyal is invited. i wonder if we'll be able to read about that on facebook. i don't know. back to you, lester, janice and jenna. >> the queen doesn't want to be my friend on facebook? i kind of don't want to be her friend on facebook. there, queen elizabeth. >> you give it to her, jenna. >> so there.
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>> janice is here. good morning. >> good morning. we are all on time because we set clocks back an hour. hope you have done that, too. if not, do it now. especially the runners in the new york city marathon, especially the two in the front. recognize them? >> there's al. >> very good. meredith and al are running and 40,000-plus other people. the temperature at 9:00 a.m., 42. breezy during the race. it's colder across the southern states. freeze warnings in columbia and tallahassee. 32 degrees this morning. chilly in florida. later today it warms to 70 in tampa. 50 and breezy in new york city. gale-force winds across northern new england. big storm developing on the good sunday morning to you. the rain we were talking about is here. look at the radar from ukiah down to santa rosa. heavy rain through santa rosa.
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right down 101 especially into novato and petaluma, vallejo, american canyon, all of the bay area getting some rain. san francisco, same story to oakland. oakland hills. we'll get about two inches in the oakland hills to the north end of the bay and santa clara vallejo, quarter to half an inch. highs in the 60s, drying by tomorrow. now here's lester. >> this morning a surprising development in the case of the disappearance of madeleine mccann. three years after she vanished in portugal police are ready to re-open the investigation. the latest now from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. more than three years since 3-year-old madeleine mccann disappeared and portugal's police need to solve the crime. this morning it is reported detectives are committed to resolving the case and would pursue any new line of inquiry. remember the young girl went missing from a resort in portugal.
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some witnesses saw a male carrying her away but the parents themselves were accused of involvement. the allegations have been dismissed but this week her parents claim the british and portuguese governments have forgotten their daughter. >> thoughts and words are not good enough, particularly when they are in a position that they can actually do something about it. >> if madeleine is found it would be by chance. it's not right. >> reporter: this morning's report is portuguese detectives will look at the case again. madeleine's parents are waiting too long to get their hopes up and for official confirmation, lester. >> we haven't seen them for some time. how are they coping now? >> reporter: you know, i have covered the disappearance of madeleine mccann from the beginning. i arrived in portugal the day after she went missing. to me, her parents now seem as shell-shocked and devastated as
6:15 am
they did in the early days. they say madeleine's twin brother and sister talk about how when madeleine comes home they will spend time together. without the two little ones, the parents say life would have been unbearable. >> all right. kier simmons in london. thank you. up next, neck and neck. zenyatta's exciting photo finish that ended her nearly perfect career. that's right after this. that's . [ monkey screeches ] ♪ [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally conscious way, while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water heating energy bill. introducing the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. ♪ is just going to seem primitive.
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6:18 am
already claimed her own royal title. >> keep this day in your mind and heart. the queen continues her legend. >> reporter: the queen has her court -- fans assembling before every race watching her digging at the ground, almost dancing on the paddock. zenyatta's farewell appearance at churchill downs in louisville created a lot of anticipation. >> she just left everybody in the dust last year. we'll see if she can do it again. >> reporter: she's made oprah's o power list of females changing the world for the better and was profiled on 60 minutes. >> she's agile with a huge heart, a desire to win. she cuts it close sometimes. she always gets the job done. >> reporter: but it was her performance in last year's breeder's cup that made zenyatta a legend. she started dead last.
6:19 am
>> zenyatta has a lot of ground to make up. zenyatta if she wins this she'll be a super horse. >> reporter: and proceeded to do just that to the astonishment of everyone in california. >> this -- is -- unbelievable! zenyatta! >> reporter: becoming the first female horse to win the event. part of her training regimen, lapping up guinness stout. >> zenyatta's enjoying her guinness after a nice gallop. >> reporter: not a bad commercial endorsement for a horse. in saturday's breeder's cup, zenyatta started out dead last once again. >> mike smith asking her to pick it up. >> reporter: then in the stretch came within a nose of the leader, blame. >> zenyatta! >> reporter: she finished second, ending her career at
6:20 am
19-1. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> i love one of the nicknames she's been giving. shebiscuit. >> do you think she has a clue how big these moments are for what's on the line? >> when she wakes up from the guinness. right now, probably not. >> she probably doesn't. it's fun to watch. we send her out with a fond farewell. she had a great career. plus she was in oprah's magazine. not bad. we'll be right back after these messages. [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big miles upcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal. was i supposed to go without my wife? [ elevator bell dings ] [ grunting ] haha, that was awkward. so we upgraded to the venture card from capital one. we've had it with the games. [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want with the venture card at what's in your wallet? - is she awake?
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take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. still to come on "today" he died on the u.s./mexico border. now americans pay tribute to the american jet skier they believe was murdered by pirates. >> and i take you scuba diving
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good morning. looking live at the golden gate bridge. already getting a soaking and that is going to continue and head on south so wherever you are, you'll be a little wet this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez with meteorologist craig herrera. >> it's coming down heavy. >> it is. >> and across the south end of the bay starting to get light rain right now but the heavy rain up to the north. this is the beginning. >> i was looking at your radar. >> look at this. this is the past three hours. i brought the things in yesterday, patio furniture,
6:27 am
cushi cushions. >> me too. >> i forget, i got it just in time. coming down, ukiah, santa rosa a little heavy for the north end of the bay, novato, petaluma and into the orange that's the heavier rain, darker shades of green for san francisco, nice moderate downpours coming through. the santa clara valley, rain into morgan hill. this is the time line. by 7:00 a.m., the front is still moving through and see by 9:00 a.m., going to the raiders game today we will have a couple showers pregame and during the game. this is going to be with us through 4:00 and 5:00. by tonight it's out of the area, snow across the sierra. expect another foot above 7,000 feet where there is a winter storm warning. highs barely in the 50s and 60s. the seven-day forecast, looks like a few more showers into tuesday and wednesday. >> okay. thank you very much. we begin with developing news out of the east bay this morning where a manhunt is under way for those responsible for a
6:28 am
brazen shooting in broad daylight that left two young men dead. oakland police have not released the victims' names but the officers it tell us that they are 18 and 22. police found the men shot to death outside the city tower apartment complex in west oakland around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. look of the streets 6 san bruno destreeds by the gas line explosion could open by the middle of the week, but the crater caused by the blast won't be filled until the investigation wraps up. san mateo deputy district attorneys and insurance investigators say they still need access to the crater 72 feet long by 26 feet wide. the bay area news group reports the district attorney has not launched a criminal investigation into the blast but that could change after the ntsb issues its final report. the ntsb will share its second preliminary report coming up in december. new this morning, trader joe's is launching a recall of premade lunches and sauces that
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may be tainted by salmonella bacteria. check your kitchen for these products. 12 ounce spicy thank you style pasta sauce with sell by dates, cilantro pecan dip of november 20th and november 24th and the spicy peanut butter vinegarette and cilantro dressing. with sell by date november 9th, 2011. you can throw them out or return them to any store for a full refund. no illnesses have been reported. coming up at 7:00, sunday door to door marijuana, the first in the nation delivery service that even the police are
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we're back on sunday morning, november 7, 2010. a little bit chilly out here. i'm not going to lie. it's cold. smells like winter. >> 37 the thermometer says. >> then i feel good says it's cold. everyone out hear braving the weather. thanks for spending part of your day with us. i'm jenna wolfe here with lester holt. i said i would say hello to this beautiful woman from north carolina. dnd i do it? i never make a promise i don't
6:31 am
keep. >> do you know who like it is weather? thousands of runners in the new york city marathon. a lot of friends and family are the smart ones, not running. no, it's cool. they get up early, take the bus to staten island. >> they come dressed warm and as the race starts they shed the clothes, so you see thousands of sweatshirts and sweatpants as people warm up. >> we have good friends running. al roker and meredith vieira are running. we wish them all the best. [ cheers and applause ] >> still to come this morning we'll talk about the final farewell in colorado for david hear hartley, allegedly murdered by pirates. a service will be held today. his wife tiffany sat down with me. >> plus, we'll talk about college-bound tips. this is the time of year where seniors are getting ready. millions of high school seniors and their parents decide which
6:32 am
school is the best choice for them. before you begin the application process listen to what the experts have to say. that's ahead. >> and you had an interesting adventure. >> this is a heart-warming and inspiring story of how scuba diving is helping paraplegic and quadriplegics. it's an incredible program known as adaptive handicapped diving. we'll look at the experience underwater. it's become a game-changer for remarkable people, these wonderful people who wouldn't otherwise be able to be free and watch their legs move are under water, feeling freedom for the first time. >> terrific. before that, a check of the weather from janice. >> good morning. these folks' daughter is running with al and meredith in the ing new york city marathon. what are your names? >> pat. >> stan. >> from otswego. and this is ryan's birthday. happy birthday. are you running in the marathon? >> no. >> he says, i'm standing here to
6:33 am
say happy birthday to myself. >>yeah >> happy birthday. let's check on the weather and see what's goingye on. in the east we have a little bit of cool weather but it's clear for the marathon run. rain developing over if new england. a big storm system there. breezy and rainy later today. meanwhile, record highs over the northern plains. back to the southwest, rain in the pacific northwest into northern california. a few showers into south florida. . u love me, iowa loves good morning to you. lot of the rain is coming through now and we'll expect more of it at least for several hourst' uil aboutut 3:00 or 4:0 this afternoon. including for the raiders game. if you're going there it wl be wet for your tailgate and start of the game. heavy rain headed toward san francisco for the next 30 minutes, covering the santa clara valley. a rainy day.
6:34 am
if you are going to the the sierra bring the chains and be prepared for any delays. winter storm warning in effect about 7,000 feet. it's time to talk football. we have a big game here tonight on nbc. well, i guess it would have been a lot bigger if tony romo weren't hurt. we'll watch and see. dallas cowboys against the packers. hopefully clear and cool. not bad for football. temperatures in the 40s right here on nbc sunday night football night in america. oh, shoot. i just couldn't help myself. here's lester. >> in colorado, mourners will gather to remember david hartley, the american tourist shot to death along the mexican border. u.s. officials believe he was murdered by pirates. in a moment you will hear my conversation with his wife. first here's nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: they have said good-bye to 30-year-old david before at this service last
6:35 am
month. family and friends in colorado hope to bring that closure closer to home where he grew up. >> my head tells me, yes, he's gone and he's not coming home. but my heart, it's still struggling. >> reporter: struggling to make sense of the september 30 attack on the mexican side of falcon lake. authorities say violent drug gangs operate there and this may be a case of mistaken identity. >> we didn't know that was a high drug traffic area. >> reporter: tiffany told meredith on "today" she and her husband were riding jet skis and ventured to the mexican side to take pictures of an old church when gunmen ambushed them. >> he put himself between me and the boat. he was protecting me. >> are you sure your husband got shot? >> yes, in the head. >> reporter: unable to grab david, shot in the head, tiffany fled to save her own life. >> we have an american citizen who was gunned down on international waters. >> reporter: the incident became
6:36 am
an international challenge for u.s. and mexican officials for the return of david's body. a challenge that turned deadly when an investigator looking into the disappearance was found beheaded. with the search for david seemingly at an impasse, tiffany packed up his life and the things they shared in texas. >> this is where i have known him and where we have grown the closest in three years. i have to move on. >> reporter: moving on alone. for "today," ron mott, nbc news. >> tiffany hartley joins us now from le sal, california. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> if you could tell me a little bit about the memorial you have planned and how you hope it will allow you to achieve some closure. >> well, we're going to celebrate david's life. that's the plan for sunday. we'll have a slide show just
6:37 am
showing him growing up and the man he became and then i'm doing a slide show separate for david and i and our love story and where we began and ultimately where it ended from there. >> do you -- >> it hasn't ended. >> no, it hasn't ended. do you hope people will learn something from what happened? >> yeah. i hope that people can kind of pull from our story, not just the sad part of it but also the part of where we lived life. we enjoyed each other and, you know, i pray that people will start realizing -- you know, you never know what tomorrow's going to bring. start living life that way and love your family and your loved ones as if they are not going to be here tomorrow. >> it's been a few weeks since we last spoke to you. i know the investigation has been turned over to federal authorities in mexico. mexican federal authorities
6:38 am
centered in mexico city. has that helped or hurt in terms of finding information of how the investigation is going? >> it's kind of hurt, just because we don't get the updates like i was getting when it was a state investigation. i still hear from the mexican consulate every now and then. they have no other new news for me. >> you have moved back to colorado to be with your parents. being farther away from texas and where this happened, has that made it more difficult to stay in touch with the latest developments? >> no, i don't think so. we stay in touch with everyone that we have contact with. we don't have any contact for mexico city. it's hard to get the information from the ones that are dealing with the investigation. but, no, it hasn't hurt anything for us to be here. >> tell me where your
6:39 am
expectations lie now. have you given up on the notion that someone will be arrested and prosecuted for killing your husband or is your focus now on just getting his body back? >> it's just mainly getting david's body back. i don't really think they are hfr r ever going to find the person who did it. you have three boats and minimum of three people probably in each boat. i think it will be pretty difficult to pin down who did it. we just ultimately want david back and i'm very frustrated that mexico, you know, hasn't really stepped up and neither has our government stepped up to get it done and just, you know, it seems so easy to me. i know there's legal stuff and everything. it seems they are not doing enough. >> it continues to be a difficult time for you. we appreciate you taking a moment to speak with us, tiffany. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> we'll b ♪ would you like me to read you a story?
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this morning on "today," applying to college, this is a stressful time. >> it's not just where to apply but how. we can help. we gathered a panel of experts with advice for the college-bound. [ bell ringing ] >> first up, where to apply from top picks to safety schools, how do you figure out which schools to put on the list? catherine cohen is the author of "ivy wise." >> good morning. >> how do you compile a list of schools. >> first students should go to a college's website. there is a lot of information there. there are third party sites like collegeboard and they ask questions and help you come up with a preliminary list. students should go to their high school college counselor. that's a great person to help them come up with schools. >> we hear kids should find a
6:43 am
school that's a good fit in academics and social life. what other components should be part of the decision? >> if you have a school on the list it should be a great fit socially and academically. know what you want to pursue, the may jorks, what courses you want to take, who teaches the courses, learn about the professors, look at research opportunities, internship opportunities, career placement and make sure it's a great social fit. the best way to do it is to visit a college while it's in session. read the college's campus newspapers. you learn a lot about a community that way. >> a lot of kids pick a school mom and dad can't afford. tuitions are all over the map. how should you put that into planning? >> first of all, parents need to have a frank conversation about what they can and can't afford to contribute to education. we make sure families have a financial safety school on their list. that's a school that may not be your top choice but you know you can get into it and you know you can afford it without financial
6:44 am
aid. that could be community college or in-state school. >> once you want to compile the list, how many skooms shouchool you apply to and do you need a safety school? >> you do. we advice students to apply to ten schools. make it a balance of reach schools rg target schools and safe or likely schools. a reach school may be you have less than a 30% chance of getting in and your profile may be weaker than the incoming 50% of freshman admitted. if a college's admission rate is less than 15%, no matter what your grades and scores are, it will be a reach school. you need a balanced list. >> good to have you here. thank you so much. here's jenna. >> all right, lester. thanks. now to applications 101. there is more to it than filling out forms. here is the former dean of admissions from the university of pennsylvania. lee, good morning. don't worry. i'm not sucking up.
6:45 am
i already went through college. this is a stressful time for many seniors. the first tip you say is to be yourself. >> absolutely. the authentic individual needs to come through. you do that by answering questions about yourself and choosing something you have been involved with and talking about how you have learned about yourself through the process. you're not trying to be what you think the admissions office wants to hear. >> what should the applicant put on as far as what they do? just a list of i'm in this club and this activity or more well-rounded? >> it is a resumé, activity sheet but then also continue on about each of the activities and what you did in those particular pursuits. also how you learned about yourself. when students are strong academically as many are at most schools, the separator, the one that gets you into the class of the last part of the decision-making process is what you have done with your life outside the classroom.
6:46 am
it is the whole profile. it's the holistic side and not just test scores and class rank. >> you say to do a little bit of research. know about the school you're applying to so it is not a generic application to all the schools. >> right. they are going to ask you. every school will ask why did you find our institution of interest? maybe not first choice but one i'm looking at. the way you respond is to have done homework. know about your major areas or maybe you're not sure what you want to major in but you're taking a look at the academic program and maybe listing faculty members you know. that shows you have done your research. >> how much is too much? we want to stand out, but is it too much to go above and beyond to get your attention? human beings are reading the applications. a computer isn't taking it all in. >> absolutely. it's a human process. we say we are offices of
6:47 am
admission, not denial. but it's important that when you do respond that you let them know that it's a school you're looking at, that it's a human process, someone's there and you write to them like you're writing to another person. you may be reading the application at midnight. you want to read the application and say, gosh, that student has something special. i want to meet them sometime. >> i'm so happy i'm not going through the process. it's stressful. for everyone else out there, thank you so much. great tips. thank you. once again, here's lester. >> jenna, thank you. finally, advice for parents on what and what not to do when it's time for your child to go to college. robin raskin author of the "parent's guide to college life." i ushered two boys through the process. somebody has to be the sheriff and say, the deadline is wednesday. >> especially for the boys. >> what's the line that parents shall not cross in the process?
6:48 am
>> we heard lee talk about being authentic. your children won't be authentic if you are living through them. you may love a large school. they might want to go to a small school. make sure you are just listening, that they are going to college. you're not going and living your life. >> you're behind, not leading them. talk about the college visits. it's a great bonding process. how involved should the parent be? what are the guidelines there? >> it's a great time to talk to your kids about what they have seen. i would tell parents to stay in the background and take pictures. the colleges start to all look alike. you think you will remember. take pictures and notes. let your child do the asking. the biggest telltale signs of campus life are bulletin boards and garbage pails. >> when it comes to the application it's a lot to do. the resumés. what's the line between advice and doing it for them? >> it's tough.
6:49 am
guidance counselors can't always give as much help as kids need. you want to be a sounding board. here, mom, i'm going to say i'm on the volleyball team. >> no, why don't you say you were the captain? i will write my essay about wanting to save the world. that's a little bit broad. maybe pick one micro thing. >> somebody to bounce off of. >> do not hold the pen for them. >> it's not a fun process. glad i'm done with it. thank you so much. just ahead, complete freedom under water for people with serious injuries. more about that, but first these messages. this is not a prescription. ] this is diane. who worked with her walgreens pharmacist to help control her diabetes... with some exercise and a few changes to her diet. diane, whose new routine comes with a view. to find out if you're at risk for diabetes, get a free health test november 12th and 13th at your nearest participating
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scuba diving is very much like taking a trip into another world, but it's much more than a deep sea adventure. it can also change lives of people with serious injuries, including paraplegics and quadriplegics. it's a program called adaptive diving and, as you will see, it's quite an experience. >> reporter: it's the often mysterious, magical wonderland below the water's surface. for divers it's about the sights and the sounds, but for josh it's all about the sensation. >> you have complete freedom. >> reporter: freedom from wheels. taking in his surroundings with his mind and now with his body as well. you don't think about your injury when you're in the water? >> no. >> reporter: for the first time ever, josh is diving in the open water. >> when i'm in the water, it all
6:53 am
goes away. >> reporter: it's been a tough road for the former high school football star, ever since an accident on the football field eight years ago left him paralyzed. >> i was terrified. >> reporter: as his parents watched, josh went in for a tackle, slamming his head against another player. he knew instantly something terrible had happened. >> when it happened it felt like slow motion. i couldn't even move my own arms. >> reporter: josh was paralyzed from the waist down. since then, getting around is a daily challenge. but after joining the adaptive diving group called eels on wheels last year, josh is gaining new perspective. it's not hard to see why. out here on the group's trip to a diving resort in the caribbean island of bonn air. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> loose. >> reporter: many here are former athletes, so exploring freely under the sea is what you may call a game-changer. >> the water is a great
6:54 am
equalizer. it takes gravity away from these guys. >> reporter: chad dietrich runs the group and as a practicing anesthesiologist, he's used to helping and healing. >> reporter: what's unique about scuba dyeing compared -- diving compared to other sports? >> you can put the chair away. >> reporter: what you do need is training. before ocean diving, chad works with new divers of all ages in a small indoor swimming pool. scuba diving has been around for many years. jacques cousteau is considered the father of modern scuba and adaptive or handicapped diving has been around for some time as well. >> i was injured in an accident. >> reporter: jim gatiger founded the association in 1981. >> we began with a handful of guys. now we have disabled divers, thousands of them in over 45 countries. >> reporter: today, scuba is considered an effective
6:55 am
rehabilitation tool for physical and psychological benefits. out here with the empty wheelchairs miles away, it's not hard to see why. >> nothing can stop you. don't let a wheelchair stop you. >> it's also a nice bonding experience for kids on the boat that for the first time are meeting or getting to be out amongst each other away from everyone at home and away from anything that might limit them back on the ground. >> it looks terrific. the water is truly an equalizer. scuba is an amazing sensation. in these circumstances, what a great opportunity. >> and they're happy. they're happy when they are down there. they're smiling, laughing and forget everything. it's a wonderful experience to be around. we'll be right back after these messages. of beautiful makeup out there to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid m
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cheerios. let's say good morning to david gregory and see what's coming up this morning on "meet the press." david? >> good morning, lester. coming up the republican wave and the new balance of power in washington. what's next for the gop? can it stand united with the tea party? my guest, republican senator from south carolina jim demint. then my conversation with a man being called the darling of the gop, new jersey's governor chris christie plus our political roundtable. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> that's going to do it for us this morning. thank you so much for being here. next weekend i went up with the blue angels. lester did it last year and loved it. i did it this year. no comment. >> can't wait to see it. i sat down with bob newhart to
6:59 am
talk about show business. i sat down with bob newhart to talk about show business. so long, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- we gave it a more powerful duramax turbo diesel and allison transmission to help it move over 21,000 pounds. and then we gave it an advanced exhaust brake system,


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