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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 18, 2010 12:35am-1:35am PST

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[ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is --
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jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome, everybody. thank you so much for being here. hey, guys. nice to see you. thank you. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. it's going to be a fun night tonight. i can feel it. hey, guys, big news. tiger woods joined twitter today. that's right, yeah. tiger tweeted out that he's finally decided to try out twitter. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's not a name of a person. twitter is a social media -- no, he said he decided to finally try twitter. he wanted to say more, but he had to give half of his
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140 characters to elin nordegren. so he had to cut it short. but he sent out his first tweet today. but be careful, if you retweet it, it's like retweeting every tweet he's ever retweeted. just know that before you do it. be safe, you guys. here's some movie news. warner brothers announced that it wants to remake "the wizard of oz." yeah, this version is going to be totally updated for 2010. for instance, in this one, each of the flying monkeys has to be patted down and go through a body scanner before they can take off. [ laughter ] did you hear about this? there's talk that the controversial "mission accomplished" banner from george w. bush's speech in 2003 might end up in his presidential library. that's right, they plan to hang it up as soon as they start construction. [ laughter ] hey, guys, the situation from "jersey shore" -- you know that guy. [ cheers and applause ] he just shot a psa with
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bristol palin about safe sex and abstinence. [ laughter ] wait, they wanted to do a psa about not having sex and getting pregnant and they chose the situation and bristol palin? who's doing their anti-drug campaign, lindsay lohan? what's going on over there? [ cheers and applause ] you guys all right? you guys okay? i just read this. aaa is predicting that 42 million people will travel this year for thanksgiving. not only that, 30 million of them won't be talking to each other by the time they reach their destination. [ light laughter ] interesting trivia. here's some political news. alaska senator lisa murkowski said that she doesn't think sarah palin enjoyed being governor. palin was like, "that's absurd. if i didn't enjoy being governor, i would have just quit in the middle of my term." [ laughter ] never mind.
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[ scattered applause ] what else are we talking about? and finally, this is just weird. a woman is offering to have sex with the president of germany. that's right. the woman says she will have sex with germany's president christian wulff if he votes against the plan to extend the country's nuclear reactors. wulff called the offer, "insulting, degrading, and just to be sure, can i see a picture?" [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have got a great show tonight, you guys. thank you so much for being here. first, i want to thank bruce springsteen for stopping by last night. that was a great show, great guest. [ cheers and applause ] big honor for us. we did a fun bit together. man, his performance of "because the night" was just unbelievable with the roots. it was phenomenal. if you haven't seen it, go
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online and check it out. i think they put a dent in our stage. that's how much they rocked out last night. it was just fantastic. i don't know if you guys -- just to let you know how cool it is to have the roots here every single night -- it's amazing. at one point, i was doing the interview with bruce springsteen, and we were going an old music set list that bruce had. and he points to a song called "wiggle waggle" that he had on his set list. he's talking about -- this is, like, 1976 or '77. he goes, "that was a great song, 'wiggle waggle.' yeah, yeah, the roots, you guys would be great if you played that song." and they cut to the roots just like that, and they were like, "yeah, 'wiggle waggle.' never heard of it." [ laughter ] no one's ever heard of that song. so anyways, we're doing the interview, and while we're doing the interview, questlove downloads the song, plays it for the rest of the roots in their earpiece, and they played it on the way out to the commercial break. [ cheers and applause ] look at bruce's face when that happens. watch what happened last night. look at bruce's face.
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>> jimmy: come on back. bruce springsteen, stevie van zandt. for more of the roots and the e street band when we get back. come on! ♪ >> yeah, baby! it's "wiggle waggle"! "wiggle waggle." >> jimmy: he's quick, man. he's quick, man. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did you see that? this was his genuine reaction. he was like, "go to commercial break. oh, my! it's 'wiggle waggle!'" [ laughter ] "that was 'wiggle waggle!'" >> questlove: we had less than 60 seconds to learn it. >> jimmy: how did you do it? >> questlove: i looked it up on my computer and found somebody that had put it on youtube. the hard part was trying to practice to it without interrupting the -- >> jimmy: how did you do it?
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did you talk in the mike? >> it was a hail mary throw. it was a hail mary throw. >> jimmy: man, oh, man. well, you caught it and got a touchdown on that one. two-point conversion. that was fantastic, buddy. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, roots. you guys are unbelievable. i'm so thankful you guys are here. we have such a fun show tonight, you guys. the lovely and talented actress, one of our pals, amanda peet is joining us. she's always fun to have here. from the nbc show "parenthood," the very talented peter krause is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] and we've got some great country music superstars. i mean some of the biggest stars out there. rascal flatts tonight. oh, it's going to be fun! hey, you guys, it's time for "late night hashtags." here we go. ♪ hashtags hashtags hashtags hashtags ♪ >> jimmy: these are a list of tweets where we give you the topic. so last night i went on twitter
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and started a hashtag called "slap yourself." [ light laughter ] we've been saying it around the office. when somebody does something stupid or annoying, you just want to say, "go slap yourself." i tweeted out last night, "three urinals and you take the middle one? slap yourself." [ laughter ] it's ridiculous. so anyway, i asked you guys at home to tweet out some stuff that makes you want tell someone, "slap yourself." and you wouldn't believe this. thousands and thousands of tweets came in. but within an hour, it was the number one trending topic in the united states and worldwide. and it stayed that way all night up until this morning. we were trending number one. it was so cool. so thank you for all the tweets. [ cheers and applause ] "slap yourself." so fun. so here's some of my favorite "slap yourself" tweets. here we go. this is from @blazion1990. he says, "if the tsa has groped you more than your spouse, slap
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yourself." that's pretty true. this one is from @onegoodgirl. comes to an end, we stand up, then you ask a loaded question which extends the meeting by 15 minutes. slap yourself." thanks a lot, dave. [ applause ] "what if we all came in two minutes early and" -- oh! this is from @atawood. he says, "asking me if the bus came when i'm obviously still waiting at the stop. yes, d-bag, it came, but i decided to wait here just to let you know. slap yourself." [ laughter ] "did the bus come?" "yeah, yeah, the bus came, yeah." some people. this is from @shineslikeastar. she says, "you clearly push the door close button on the elevator after making eye contact. slap yourself."
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nope. this is from @jesstemple. she says, "i work at a boot store. a guy jt walked in and asked if we sell boots. even the sign is in the shape of a boot. slap yourself." [ laughter ] "if we came in two minutes early, then we could all" -- this is from he says, "if you still wear a reversible nautica jacket, slap yourself, slap life and slap the dillard's salesperson that sold that mess to you in 1995." [ cheers and applause ] dillard's? yeah, that's right, this thing was trending so big last night, vinny from "jersey shore" -- you know vinny? [ cheers and applause ] he wanted to play "slap yourself."
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so he sent in a tweet last night. vinny says, "if you're waking up the whole neighborhood bumping music in your toyota tercel, slap yourself." [ laughter ] noise pollution is a very important issue to vinny. this one's from @atyouyoutube. he says, "you open and close the fridge three times thinking something tasty will appear next time. slap yourself." [ applause ] no, just old lettuce and soy sauce. this is from @shaunajoy. she says, "a dude who wears fur jackets claiming to be the pimp. please, this ain't 'the muppet show,' son. go slap yourself." [ applause ] this last one here's from @soulravergood. he says, "you try to pass that peanut butter and jam sandwich off as peanut butter and jelly? jelly kicks jam in the nuts. slap yourself." [ cheers and applause ] those are our "late night" hashtags. to check out all these and more, go to we'll be right back with the "harry potter" super fan
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, guys. well, the film everybody is talking about this week is "harry potter and the deathly
12:53 am
hollows: part 1." this movie is going to be gigantic. [ cheers and applause ] i'm excited about it. we found a couple of "harry potter" super fans in our audience tonight, and we thought it'd be fun to have them test their knowledge of all things potter. it's time for "the harry potter super fan contest." here we go! ♪ harry potter super fan contest ♪ >> jimmy: let's meet our contestants. come on over, you guys. here we go. welcome to the show. what's your name? >> gisenia. >> jimmy: gisenia. >> yes. >> jimmy: wow, that sounds almost like a harry potter character. gisenia. do you have a last name? >> rivera. >> jimmy: oh, gisenia rivera. now, when did you become a "harry potter" nerd, if you will? >> when i was in fifth grade. >> jimmy: really, fifth grade? >> a long time ago -- i'm 21. >> jimmy: oh, wow. you've been really into it. how about you? >> when did i become a harry potter fan? >> jimmy: yeah. >> my first year at hogwarts. >> jimmy: oh. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:54 am
now, we can't give you the prize right now. we have to play the game first. that is fantastic. what's the nerdiest thing you've ever done as a harry potter fan? >> i don't know. went dressed at halloween? >> jimmy: yeah, at halloween, went out at harry? >> no, as ron. >> jimmy: as ron. sorry. [ laughter ] sorry, buddy. let me explain how the game works, you guys. we have three "harry potter" base challenges. the contest who has the most points in the end wins an amazing prize. you're not going to believe this prize. let's hear what it is. >> jimmy, the winner of our "harry potter" super fan contest will be flown by warner brothers pictures to london, where they'll film their very own "harry potter" movie scene. that's not all. they'll get to bring a friend and they'll both stay three nights in a four-star hotel. the total value of this prize is $11,500. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's a big prize. you've got to be kidding me.
12:55 am
>> no, i'm not. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, did you guys get that? you'll be flying to london, film your very own "harry potter" movie scene, courtesy of warner brothers pictures. let's get started. are you guys ready for the first challenge? all right, here we go. this challenge is called "the bean taste test." ♪ the bean taste test >> jimmy: all right. now, the tray in front of you contains an official "harry potter" bertie bott's every flavor beans. these are real live versions of the bertie bott's beans featured in "harry potter." some taste like cherry, some taste like dirt. you must eat the bean and then tell me what the flavor is. the contestant that correctly guesses the flavor wins one point. contestant number one, are you ready to do this? >> yes. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. [ light laughter ] you have to guess the flavor of your bean. audience, take a look at the screen to see what they'll be eating. not you, buddy.
12:56 am
all right. [ audience ohs ] [ cheers and applause ] here we go. start eating your bean now. ♪ >> it's good. >> jimmy: good is not the answer. what do you think? >> lemon? [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: lemon? judges, will we take lemon? [ buzzer ] we will not accept lemon. what was it? >> rotten egg. >> jimmy: that's similar to lemon. you got zero points. great job. your turn, contestant number two. all you have to do is guess the
12:57 am
flavor. audience, take a look at the screen and see what she'll be eating tonight. [ audience ohs ] you have to guess the flavor of your bean starting now. go for it. ♪ >> jimmy: all right, what do you say, my friend. you have a guess? >> it tastes like rotten apples. >> jimmy: rotten apples. we're not going to take it. [ buzzer ] sorry. you were eating vomit flavored beans. >> oh, awesome. >> jimmy: looks like it's 0-0 tied right now. that's good. we'll go to the second round in a tie, a dead heat.
12:58 am
this one's called "guess the title." ♪ guess the title >> jimmy: that's right. i'm going to read you a "harry potter" movie title in a foreign language. you have to tell me which "harry potter" movie it is. use your magic wand and write the answer down on your scroll over there after you know the answer. here's the movie title. "harry potter und die kammer des schreckens." write your answer down. "harry potter und die kammer des schreckens." ♪ okay. here we go. contestant number one, we'll start with you. the correct movie title is "harry potter and the chamber of secrets." did he get it right? [ applause ] contestant number two, did you get it right? there you go! [ applause ] it is a dead heat. it is a tie.
12:59 am
it all comes down to the third round. the total score now is 1-1. which brings us down to our final challenge. are you guys ready? all right, the last challenge is called "repeat after the living painting." ♪ repeat after the living painting ♪ >> jimmy: as both of you know, living paintings hang on the walls of hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. well, we have our very own living painting that hangs on the walls of studio 6b. please welcome headmaster dicenzo. [ cheers and applause ] how are you, sir? >> what's up, jimmy? [ laughter ]
1:00 am
>> jimmy: your task is to listen to the living painting as he tells you how to make the dragon dung fertilizer potion. you must try to remember his recipe as best you can and write down all the steps down on your scroll. so listen closely, guys. you have to have a good memory for this. and listen to the living painting. for each thing you get right, you'll get one point. here you go, comes down to this. the score is 1-1. good luck. >> all right, so you're going to want to mix one sloth brain and seven pieces of dragon dung together. then you're gonna add a pint of stewed mandrake along with 2 rat spleens and 11 toasted dragonfly thoraxes, all right? stir the potion together and create a potent batch of dragon dung fertilizer. >> jimmy: hope you guys got all that. you have 15 seconds to write all that down, starting right now. go for it. ♪ >> jimmy: how you doing, buddy?
1:01 am
>> i'm doing great. >> jimmy: yeah? what's new? >> nothing. just hanging around. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's pretty good. all right, 15 seconds is up. let's take a look at your answers. contestant number one wrote trash? what? >> trash and seven brain rats. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: did you write the words in order, or did you want me to unscramble the words. trash and seven brain rats. [ cheers and applause ] you didn't go to summer school at hogwarts, did you? let's see what you've got over here. one slice of dragon dung. that is not correct. and seven pieces of slug brain?
1:02 am
>> yep. >> jimmy: that's not correct either. all right. come on over. are you disappointed? all right, no problem, the tally of the score right now is 1-1. and we have a tie. so this is so not over, you guys. don't worry, we have a pretty awesome tiebreaker. are you ready for this? [ cheers and applause ] we're going to have a butter beer chugging contest right now. here we go, you guys. thank you, buddy. whoever chugs every drop of their pint of delicious butter beer first wins the contest. do you think you have what it takes? >> yes. >> jimmy: you do, too? all right, here we go. ready, set, chug! ♪ you'll be going to london. oh! we have a winner right here. great job.
1:03 am
are you all right? are you okay? well done. you and a friend are flying to london england to shoot your very own movie scene. you're staying at a four-star hotel. the prize is worth $11,500. that is amazing! congratulations. i'm so happy for you. little butter beer doesn't hurt. oh, you're so cute. of course, nobody goes home empty handed. our second place winner will be going home with a "late night with jimmy fallon t-shirt." there you go, buddy. congratulations. that's all the time we have. we'll be back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you are c.e.o. of the morales family.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest this evening recently starred in the blockbuster movie "2012," which made a tiny $800 million at the box office. wow. she's currently starring
1:07 am
off-broadway opposite david duchovny in "the break of noon" by neil labute. and she and duchovny are so good in this play that we're predicting it will also earn $800 million at the box office. please welcome back to the show amanda peet! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: have a seat. thanks for coming back to the show. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> jimmy: are you going to be in -- now, you're doing this play. are you going to be in new york for the thanksgiving holiday? >> i am. >> jimmy: are you going to the parade? >> no, no. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: do you ever watch the parade? >> no, 'cause i don't think new yorkers go to the parade. >> jimmy: what? >> well, it's like one of those things -- >> jimmy: it's one of the biggest parades in new york city. >> i've never been to the statue of liberty. i've never been to ellis island. >> jimmy: you're joking me. >> i've never been to the empire state building, i don't think. >> jimmy: you're kidding me. >> no. >> jimmy: you have to go to the statue of liberty. it is my favorite place on earth.
1:08 am
>> i know, i know. but when you grow up here, you just -- you take these things for granted. it's terrible. >> jimmy: yeah, i guess you're right, yeah. i've done -- but i've done all of those. [ laughter ] >> but you didn't grow up here. >> jimmy: oh, no, i didn't grow up here, yeah. but i've lived here for years and years. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: but you have kids now. >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: so you have to change that. >> so i should take them. yes. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, i know. >> jimmy: how old are your kids? >> 3 1/2 and 6 months. [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: oh, cute. that's so awesome. >> they are so cute. >> jimmy: 6 months might be too young for empire state building, but they're going to love the statue of liberty. >> frankie knows all about the statue of liberty. you can tell her, "can you do statue of liberty?" and she goes like this -- >> jimmy: ah, see? >> and then i tickle her. >> jimmy: and then -- and you go, "it's right down the street, but mommy won't take you." [ laughter ] so mean. how is your husband doing? >> "no, frankie!" he's been away forever and he continues to be away. >> jimmy: where is he away? what do you mean? he's in jail? [ laughter ] he's incarcerated? we're going to get him out. we're going to get him out. he was wrongfully accused. >> he's in -- he's in northern ireland. >> jimmy: what is he doing --
1:09 am
oh, he's doing -- >> he's doing an hbo series. >> jimmy: "game of thrones." >> "game of thrones," yes. >> jimmy: "game of thrones" is big. any nerds out there know "game of thrones"? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! >> jimmy: that one "harry potter" kid would definitely know what i'm talking about. [ laughter ] >> then where did he go? >> jimmy: yeah. no, that is amazing. it's -- is it george r.r. martin? >> yes. >> jimmy: it is a series of -- almost like "lord of the rings"-ish type of thing. >> yes, but with sex and violence. [ cheers ] it's like a grown-up version of "lord of the rings." >> jimmy: you immediately got -- the nerds are out. [ laughter ] the nerds are like, "sex? violence? no thanks." [ laughter ] "if it's is about doing problems and working things out, we'll do it." >> i am really very -- i'm terrible at pitching it, so i wanted you to help me. >> jimmy: how would you pitch it? do you just -- >> well, i've tried to -- someone asked me what it was yesterday, and i said, "it's this, you know, it's like the family -- and then it's a medieval milieu. and it's a --" [ laughing ] [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm lost. of what? a medieval milieu? >> yeah. it's warring families from the
1:10 am
north and south. >> jimmy: yikes. >> my husband is going to kill me. [ laughter ] and so are the people who run hbo. >> jimmy: it is a giant book series. it's going to be a big thing. when is it out? [ laughing ] [ light laughter ] well, you can say when it's out, right? >> in the spring. >> jimmy: in the spring. okay, good. on hbo. >> no, but there is a lot of sex, and everyone wants to -- [ cheers and applause ] [ porno music ] >> jimmy: no, no, it's not about -- it's not a porno. don't dance like that either. let's calm down. hey, i want to talk about this great play you're doing. >> okay, let's do that. >> neil labute? >> yes. >> jimmy: now, he does some serious stuff. >> yes, he is wonderful. >> jimmy: are you enjoying doing it? >> i am having so much fun, yes. >> jimmy: you get in some serious fight scenes with david duchovny. >> we have a huge fight scene. >> jimmy: are you good at the fight scenes? >> well, i'm bad at acting a fight. so the problem is is that david is just kind of getting beaten up every night. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: you actually hit him? >> well, yeah, i have to actually hit him, because there's no way to like -- i mean, have you done fake slaps? i mean, it doesn't really work.
1:11 am
[ laughter ] you know, you can't hit air. you have to actually really -- and then i just wail on him. and so -- >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. this just sounds awful. i wanna -- is he okay? [ laughter ] how is david duchovny? is he fine? >> yeah, he's doing okay. >> jimmy: you actually hit him, though? what does he do? >> a couple of times i've hit him in the ear by mistake. but not very many times, 'cause that's what you -- someone's like, "oh, god!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so it's a lot of action-packed play then? >> the play is great. it's really exciting and -- um, yeah. >> jimmy: well, i was thinking, maybe if you don't mind, when we come back, we could test your fighting skills with a little microsoft kinect. >> are you sure you want to go there, 'cause -- >> jimmy: uh -- yeah. i'm doing this one for duchovny. here we go. when we come back, i'm gonna fight amanda peet with microsoft kinect. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ look at all the toyota's for sale. let's go with... i'm selling my toyota rav4. do you know anything at all about the escape? it's a nice light blue color. much like my eyes. my goodness, it's true. the mileage is extraordinary.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: hey, everyone. we're back with the great amanda peet. her new play "the break of noon" opens monday at the lucille lortel theatre here in new york city. it's got a great cast, including david duchovny. amanda, in your play you and david fight on stage, and i wanted to test your skills right here, right now. >> this is what he needs every night. >> jimmy: well, he doesn't have that. >> i know. it's a shame. >> jimmy: yeah, it's very -- what? "it's a shame." [ laughter ] all right, we're going to play a boxing game on microsoft kinect for xbox 360. whoever knocks the other person out is the winner. let's do this. here we go. get ready. ready? >> move closer? >> jimmy: oh, yeah. [ punching sounds ] [ laughter ] "move back." "you're being ridiculous," is
1:17 am
what it's saying. you gotta punch that star. >> what star? >> jimmy: punch the star! >> what star? >> jimmy: there's a star! now, punch the gloves. yes, i won! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ yeah, you got so knocked out you didn't even know what was going on. over this way. over this way. over this way. all right, thank you, amanda peet. we'll be right back with peter krause. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ boy's voice ] hey...wanna trade?
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show, everybody. our next guest is a very talented actor who starred in the critically acclaimed and award-winning tv series "sports night" and "six feet under." you can see him every week now on the great show "parenthood" right here on nbc. please say hello to peter krause, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: have a seat. sit back. enjoy yourself. how are you? >> i'm very well. how are you? >> jimmy: doing great. >> good to see you. >> jimmy: nice to see you again, as well. krause. >> yes, like "yowza" >> jimmy: yeah, "yowza." i always think it's like "kraus." krause. >> well, a lot of people say "kraus." you come over to ellis island back in the day. >> jimmy: statue of liberty. [ light laughter ] >> i had stubborn -- exactly. i had stubborn ancestors.
1:23 am
you love the statue of liberty. and they stuck with "krause," which would be the german pronunciation or polish, whatever. in minnesota, the scandinavians got a hold of it. people like my mother, who's norwegian. and it became "krauzie." "the krauzies." so i grew up with "lousy krauzie." [ audience aws ] yeah, i know. it's really sad. [ laughter ] but anyway, i just moved it back towards the original pronunciation of krause. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. minnesota -- there's a great accent there. [ with minnesota accent ] >> oh, yeah. sure. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: did you have the accent? >> i did. i didn't think i did. when i came to nyu to study acting, they brought me in along with everybody else, and they -- they beat the accent out of you. but i said, "i don't have an accent." >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> "no, i don't have one." >> jimmy: "no, i don't have" -- >> "no, no." >> jimmy: "no, we had brought those -- both those stars back. absolutely." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "oh, yeah, ya know." >> "my mother, ya know, when she saw the 'six feet under' show, she said, 'you know, peter, i don't care for that language.'" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's really cute. >> it was funny, because, you know, i have the sex in the broom closet during the pilot episode of that show. and my mother said, "oh, my. oh, my." [ laughter ]
1:24 am
and she sees my younger sister, lauren ambrose, claire, does drugs in the thing. "oh, there's drugs in it, too. oh, goodness." [ laughter ] and then, of course, michael c. hall kisses his boyfriend at the end of the episode. "oh, my goodness. i'm glad -- i'm glad you didn't have that role." [ laughter ] my mom's a sweetie. >> jimmy: i love it, mom. you gotta love moms. do you get home to visit her much? >> i did a little bit this summer. then i was just back there on this press tour in minneapolis. my dad decided he was going to drive to the tv station. he called up the tv station and showed up where i was going to go do the local interview. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> just on his own. >> jimmy: he didn't tell you? >> well, i had talked to him about maybe coming, but i said, "give me a call, and i'll call ahead. i can make sure that you can get in and get directions." and i got a phone call from him saying, "i called the tv station myself. we'll meet you there." so i get there. they're already there. they've got all the news anchors around them already telling stories, so -- >> jimmy: you're kidding me? >> yeah. took it upon himself to just arrive. >> jimmy: your dad was just at the station? did he get on? did he get on camera? >> he's 83. yeah, he got on camera with my mom for some local interview. >> jimmy: he did not! >> yes, he did. [ laughter ]
1:25 am
they asked him if they'd come and sit down. >> jimmy: "yeah, ya know, the camera is there. i gotta talk to them. i mean, what, do you want me to say no?" [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: so they got on -- what did he do? >> you know, he -- they talked about how they got to meet carol burnett when i first started out. [ laughter ] i worked with carol burnett. >> jimmy: i love parents so much. >> and my dad was like, "his mother got a hug from carol burnett." [ laughter ] and i said, "yeah, and you got to see johnny carson." he goes, "yeah, yeah. wasn't too impressed by him." [ laughter ] and i was like, "really? johnny carson -- come on!" >> jimmy: "dad, what are you doing?" >> apparently he didn't go up into the audience and talk to people, and my father took it personally. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he wanted to be talked to by johnny carson? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that is hilarious. i love, like, he just said it on the television interview. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that is really rad. >> yeah, i decided to cover my face while they were talking. >> jimmy: are you -- what do you -- are you going home for thanksgiving? are you going to spend time with those guys? >> i'm probably going to be in california for thanksgiving. but, you know, apparently there's some sort of chair-breaking epidemic that breaks out every year around thanksgiving, which i didn't
1:26 am
know about. but i was in chicago on the press tour, and there was a local fix-it guy on the morning news talking about how you had to make sure you were redoing your chairs. strengthening them so somebody wouldn't fall down and break. like, i don't know what the deal is. like, across the country, somebody takes one extra helping, and they're like, "boom!" they fall down on the floor or what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i guess that could be a problem. >> but craig t. nelson, while we were filming the thanksgiving episode, his chair broke. you could hear the legs snap. he put his mighty forearm on the table, and it was the slowest fall to the ground you've ever seen in the world. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. he just went over? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it reminds me of this clip that we have, it's a south african --has kea ws sho tt. w something like that. have you ever seen this? >> huh-uh. >> jimmy: watch this clip. this internet clip. it's really funny. >> it's actually an opportunity for members of parliament to actually -- >> jimmy: hang in there, buddy. hang in there, buddy. >> going to present it to the public. and the opportunity for engagement is -- >> jimmy: hang in there, buddy. [ chair breaking ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
1:27 am
>> craig went down a lot slower than that. >> jimmy: at one point, he's just completely lopsided. he's trying to completely answer his question. >> so yeah, apparently it's an epidemic. every year around thanksgiving, chairs break across the country. who knew? >> jimmy: congrats on the show. the show is doing great, and it's great you're on nbc, too, because it helps us as well. [ laughter ] if anyone doesn't see it, "parenthood" is based on the movie. >> a ron howard film back in 1989 with steve martin. >> jimmy: you are basically the steve martin? >> yeah. i don't play it exactly like him, but yeah. >> jimmy: "hey, okay. hey, all right." [ laughter ] but you are a dad, and you have an older dad. you're not weird. if you ever have a younger -- i guess you could have a younger dad. [ light laughter ] but you have a dad, and then you have brothers, and you're kind of the center of all this family trauma. >> yep. >> jimmy: and it's very funny. >> it's a great cast. craig t. nelson, bonnie bedelia, lauren graham, dax shepard, erika christensen, and the young cast is great. mae whitman, sarah ramos, miles heizer, max burkholder --
1:28 am
>> jimmy: gosh, you're -- >> i know, i'm getting it all done. [ snapping ] >> jimmy: i know. yeah, gosh. preparing for the emmys. you're doing good, buddy. we have a clip from "parenthood." i want to show everyone peter krause. here you go. "parenthood." >> i've been asked to invite you in. >> what is this i hear about you carving up the thanksgiving day turkey? what's that? >> yeah, what about it? >> well, that's my job. >> uh, technically i think it's dad's job. >> yes, well, in the event that the patriarch can't perform his carving duty, i'm pretty sure that falls to the eldest son, which would be me. >> mm-hmm. thanks for the hierarchy lesson. >> it's, like, a law. >> if we were having this dinner in 1300s, yeah, that would probably make -- >> you're messing with the universe. >> jimmy: there you go! [ cheers and applause ] "parenthood" airs tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. right here on nbc. you've got to check it out. peter krause, everybody! rascal flatts performs next! come on back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, you got groceries!
1:29 am
yeah! i thought we'd eat at home. save some money. $200 bucks? that's not saving! [jacks voice] at my place i'm bringing back the bonus jack. two patties, melting cheese and my secret sauce plus fries and a drink for only $3.99. i get it. you can eat a lot cheaper at your place than you can at home. but do have this? i have dessert. what about this? ohhh. ohhhhhh. jack. that's for max.
1:30 am
1:31 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guests are one of the best-selling country groups of all time. their new album "nothing like this" was just released yesterday.
1:32 am
here with the song "i won't let go," please welcome rascal flatts, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ it's like a storm that cuts a path it breaks your will it feels like that ♪ ♪ you think you're lost but you're not lost on your own you're not alone ♪ ♪ i will stand by you i will help you through when you've done all you can do ♪ ♪ and you can't cope i will dry your eyes ♪
1:33 am
♪ i will fight your fight i will hold you tight ♪ ♪ and i won't let go it hurts my heart to see you cry i know it's dark ♪ ♪ this part of life oh it finds us all finds us all we're too small ♪ ♪ to stop the rain oh but when it rains i will stand by you i will help you through ♪ ♪ when you've done
1:34 am
all you can do and you can't cope i will dry your eyes♪ ♪ i will fight your fight i will hold you tight and i won't let you fall don't be afraid to fall ♪ ♪ i'm right here to catch you ♪ ♪ i wont let you down it won't get you down get you down ♪ ♪ you're gonna make it you're gonna make it yeah i know you can make it ♪ ♪ 'cause i will stand by you i will help you through ♪ ♪ when you've done all you can do and you can't cope ♪ ♪ and i will dry your eyes


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