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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  November 18, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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francisco where the vote took place in a much more peaceful atmosphere, i guess 124. >> this move brings the tuition fees to more than $11,000 a year 37 the $4,000 more than students were paying for the 2007-2008 school year, just three years ago. yesterday, there were hundreds of people out here demonstrating against the proposed tuition hike. but once they moved the vote to today, no one showed up. >> it was a dramatic change, yesterday, students duked it out with police on the ucf campus. today's battle against proposed tuition hikes against the university of california students took place here at the board's meeting. >> it's not our responsibility as students to bandage up a broken system. >> this time there was more than ample seating and a much calmer environment but students were not going down without a fight.
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>> we as students cannot bare the brunt for your failed mistakes. >> the vote played out as many students had expected. >> all in favor? are there any opposed? >> opposed. >> just five resquaents aposed the 8% increase when the 2011-2012 school year begins. student also pay $823 a year but they say the tuition hike will make it possible to expand the financial aid program. he says family who is make under $80,000 annually will not pay anything to attend uc schools and about two-thirds of all california families fall into that category. >> we prefer not to do it at all but the truth is, we are enabling our least well-off students to attend the university. >> many students feel it's the middle-class families who are being priced out of the system. since they don't qualify for financial aid. he says itsds the legislator who is won't cough up the money but
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the price tag is well worth it. >> try to pay full rate at stanford and see what it kposts you. >> and just in case you're wondering, you'd have to add $27,000 more dollars a year in order to pay what the students are paying at stanford right now. but all those figures do little to console some of these uc students who say they might have to take out an additional loan or get an additional job just to foot next year's bill. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. to the weather. get ready for more rain. changes in store for the weekend. jeff ranieri is here with all the soggy details, jeff? oh, yes. we're tracking the system right now as it moves to the south into the bay area. right now it's dry but that cool front is just off to the north. already seeing a cold blast across the bay area. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. take a look as we compare to
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monday with that record-setting heat to today. santa rosa going from 84 to 62. san francisco with 80 on monday and 57 today. the system off the northwestern coastline and it will wrap around some of the coldest air. we're talking 50s inland and rain and isolated thunderstorms and snow levels as low as 3,000 feet. we have this winter storm warning. that's coming up. >> all right, jeff. new tonight at 5:00, police arrested a counselor at the contra costa juvenile hall today for allegedly having a large amount of child pornography at his home. 53-year-old thomas jewel was arrested as his home in pleasant hill. the police confiscated several digital device that will be examined with the help of fbi analysts called in because of the amount of the alleged evidence.
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the police say jewel has worked at the contra costa mental health county division for several years and he's held on a $1 million bail. the 16-year-old the victim of a brutal rape was reached a settlement with the school district. the details were sealed by a superior court judge. because both sides agreed to the settlement, no lawsuit was filed. since the attack, lighting and security have been improved in the area where the attack occurred. the mercury news reports that the board unanimously approved the arrangement in october. preliminary hearings are under way in martinez for the seven suspects who were arrested in the case. a jury is deliberating the fate of a man accused of helping torture a teenage neighbor. 31-year-old anthony waiter next door to the home where kyle ramirez was being held cap tip by his legal guardian and homeowners. the teenagers escaped in 2008 and made headlines.
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he ran off still wearing the shackle used to restrain him. the three other adults in the case reached a plea bargain. ramirez testified that waiters cut him, burned him and beat him unconscious. police in palo alto are on high alert after two armed robbery attempts. about 9:30 on tuesday night a man drove into his garage when he was approached by a man with a handgun demanding money. the gunman left after a scuffle and no one was hurt. 30 minutes later a pedestrian on university avenue was approached by three suspects, one of whom had a gun and demanded money. investigators say a fight broke out and then the suspects took off. police don't know if the holdups are related. well, families who rely on the state for childcare will get a brief reprieve before the plug is pulled on the program. parents of more than 50,000 children in cal works childcare have until the end of the year now to make other arrangements. the program was line item vetoed
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by the governor. it was supposed to end on november 1st. but a judge ordered the program reinstated through december 31st. the local agencies that administer the program are required to help families make other arrangements for their children. as the holiday shopping season gains momentum, so do the efforts of toy safety advocates. nbc bay area went to san francisco's union square and got some tips on making the safest choices. >> the two are enjoying their toys for now. but it is the season to shall for new ones. >> the monster truck or some kind of robotic device. >> their parents are interested in safety. >> getting a reading of 4,695 parts per million. >> so is the "get the lead out coalition." we're heading into the black friday shopping season and while the toy industry has improved we're still testifying lead hazards in many children's
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products. >> the products aren't just toys and the solutions aren't just regulations. >> the regulations only allow us to ban lead and toxic chemicals by product and use. you can't wipe lead off the face of the earth. so we've taken it out of baby bibbs and children's lunch boxes but it will show up in shoes, children's furniture, that kind of thing. >> in a jam-packed toy store, trying to determine the lead content will turn you into a grinch. >> you can find the description on how to use the application. it's very easy. 30644, you send a text message to them. kids and the product name. >> in a few moments you'll get the answer you're looking for and you can get the toys the kids are looking for. just in the nick of time. the chp is kicking off a holiday crackdown next week with drunk driving checkpoints
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throughout the bay area. the maximum enforcement period begins next wednesday through sunday night. eve i officer available will be out on the roadways. 37 people were killed in crashes during last year's thanksgiving holiday and this event, also coinsides with a push to get people to buckle up. two social networking companies are working together. nbc bay area business and tech reporter scott budman is here to show us how you can get more social online. >> a bit of a relationship between facebook and myspace. once the darling, clobbered by facebook. today it's friending facebook. the two companies say theme work together. those of you on myspace can logon to your facebook case through myspace and you can port your content back and forth between the two sites. meanwhile, lots of news moving to markets today. from washington, house republicans blocked a bill that would have extended jobless benefits beyond the holiday season. 2 million people stand to lose their benefits starting december 1. back here in the bay area, home
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sales continue to stagger. sales in santa clara count dropped 29% last month. sales in san francisco fell 21%. and for the first time all year, home priceless also fell. home tracker data quick blaming still high unemployment with the end of those home-buying tax credits. nonetheless, investors still have an appetite for stocks, even when scold by of all things, an american auto company. gm back on the exchange today going public in the second largest american ipo ever. gm stock jumping about 3.5% as it reappears. stocks strong across the board today. every index you see gained 1.5%. tech stocks lead the way higher on strong earnings and optimism about the future. we have more optimism coming your way at 6:00 when we show you a dot com comeback. new home and new jobs tonight. tom? still ahead, the state of
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marriage. is saying "i do" even necessary these days? the surprising new study. and also ahead, the most hyped engagement in the world led to a rush for retailers. the two items people are snapping up. harry potter mania takes hold in the bay area where familiars gather. >> and why travelers may be more at risk inside the airport than 30,000 feet in the air. and good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. thought it was cold today? wait until you see what we have this weekend. right now, already 50s from the north bay to south bay. clouds increase over the next 12 hours. and also, the chances of rain a well. we're tracking it for you and we have it coming up.
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stz the calm before the
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storm at san jose's tech museum. the hugely anticipated harry potter premieres there at midnight. and there's a special vip screening tonight. >> we'll have costume fans. we'll see them all. harry potter, and many, many more. >> tonight's premiere is sold out but there are still tickets left for other shows. harry potter started out as a wildly popular series of books which turned into an unstoppable force at the box office as you just saw. nbc's bay area has the preview. >> there's no such thing as magic! >> the movie saga that started nine years ago -- >> it's everything. >> -- has proven otherwise. >> everyone that's here, they think it's worth it because it's such a big part of our lives now. >> reporter: so much so the six films about the teen wizard are collectively the top-grossing film franchise worldwide. >> which harry potter is the
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real one. >> reporter: but the release of the seventh film part one marks the beginning of the end. >> on the day of the film finishing i haven't predicted that i would feel too sad. it would be another day. but it was a bit of -- not really any sort of actual tears. but i was devastated, crying. >> radcliffe and his co-stars spent a decade in front of cameras growing from children to young adults. >> i think we will always have a very special bond for that reason. no one else will ever really have any idea what this experience was like. >> where do we go from here. >> reporter: and the experience is changing for their characters as they start a finale that concludes next summer. >> we are not school kids anymore. we're on the run and it's kind of really dangerous environment. >> reporter: but one that harry potter fans get to revel in a little while longer. >> we're identical.
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>> reporter: damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. topping our health watch tonight, so many things are banned from air travel these days it's surprising several u.s. airports still allow smoking. a new study from the centers for disease control shows that more than 20% of passengers boarding planes this holiday season will be exposed to secondhand smoke. seven of the nation's largest airports have indoor smoking rooms including atlanta, dallas and denver. cdc research found even if passengers don't go in the smoking lounges smoke leaked out to gate areas and restaurants and experts say even brief exposure can trigger an asthma attack or, perhaps, a heart attack even. a clearer picture is emerging tonight about how widespread mental health problems are in the u.s. a government survey reveals that 20% of u.s. adults, over 45 million people, experience mental illness in the past year. fewer than 5% describe their
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condition as serious but one in five reporting mental illness also had a substance abuse problem. and the study shows that women are more likely than men to experience mental illness. >> yeah, who says so? the frozen foods aisle, making it a little more green, launched in skrakts. energy smart jobs is part of a statewide energy program which is aimed at making commercial appliances more energy efficient. that program trains technicians to perform energy upgrades on appliances. expected to save participating facilities more than $40 million in energy costs in the first five years. and, produced 5,000 projects in the next 18 months. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving. the low-happening fruit that keeps growing back and the you continue to reap the rewards after you invest because you continue to receive the savings in that investment year after year. the program is partially funded
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with federal stimulus money. more couples are living together these days and fewer are getting married. does that mean marriage is a dying institution? may be. the research center found nearly 40% of americans marriage is becoming obsolete. that number follows census data shows marriages are at an all-time low with 52% of adults saying "i do." people are marrying later and the idea of what constitutes a family is also changing, shifting to something different than the traditional, mom, dad and the kids. well, let's shift to something more traditional for november and that would be instead of warm, sunny weather, some cloudy, rainy colder weather. >> yeah. >> here it comes. it makes me happy because i like tracking the storms but i know it's coming for the weekend, only a meteorologist would say that. we're tracking a storm on your saturday and your sunday you can
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see in advance of the storm system, be prepared for drastically changing conditions near lake tahoe. one to three feet of snow for saturday and sunday and extremely gusty winds that could hit about 50 to 60 miles per hour. in mount hamilton we'll see levels at 600 feet and we'll expect snow in the bay area in the higher elevations. here's your cold temperatures we're experiencing right now from the north bay down to the south bay, not only the coastline getting in on the low to mid 50s. 55 in livermore. 57 in san jose. 55 in santa rosa. dramatic changes there from what we had on monday when temperatures were record-setting with 80s across a lot of bay area. for tomorrow, cold storm coming to approach and that will bring a chance of evening rain. for the weekend it will be about rain off and on for the weekend and this cold air and, of course, the sierra snow as we highlighted. here's the satellite loop. it's extremely active.
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no high pressure keeping the storms away but what we're focusing on is the low pressure heading in the weekend. that's where the cold air is tucked inside and instability to bring us a chance of isolated thunderstorms for this weekend. as that continues to get closer we'll continue to see temperatures drop and rain chances are going to be rapidly increasing as we head throughout saturday and also for sunday. mainly dry on friday with cold temperatures, 50s inland and then by the weekend, that's when we introduce the chance of rain for everyone and a course, the low snow going down to about 3,000 feet. here's your rain timeline. dry at 6:00 a.m. on friday as we advance this through 6:00 p.m., we'll see the chance of rain an friday and then by 6:00 a.m. on saturday, we'll see another round of rain coming and that also sticking with us, through 6:00 p.m. on saturday. right now, saturday evening from sunday morning looks like the
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heaviest rainfall we'll see for the weekend. east bay starting off cold with low 40s for tomorrow on our friday and then clouds increasing throughout the day to 11:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies and temperatures on the cold side with mid 50s. tonight, low to mid 40s in the north bay and we're also expecting the same back here to the east bay. for tomorrow, even in the south bay locations that normally are warmer you're still going to be cold. 60 in evergreen. 58 in san jose. 59 in dublin. san francisco, 54. i'll be in the san francisco safeway, the marina store for the holiday food drive happening on saturday. don't forget that. the nbc bay area is deployed at all the different safeways as we head throughout the saturday holiday food drive so you can help out your neighbors for the holiday. your seven-day forecast has that chilly forecast with rain in its saturday and sunday. and by thursday, turkey day, it will be dry, hopefully, not like your turkey. it will be sunny and warming up a little bit. >> okay. perfect day for --
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>> exercise. >> no, you can have a little trip and take a nap. you exercise and i'll take the nap it. >> usually works out that way anyway. well, ahead tonight, a royal fashion icon. how prince williams' engagement has impacted the fashion world. >> is it a case of going too far on facebook? the company now facing a lawsuit after reaching out on the social network. and was the octomom a guineaum pig gu?in pig? new testimony today. we'll be right back.
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the ursz u.s. and nato will be in afghanistan for likely be in years after the handover in 2014, that according to officials planning the nato weekend. the phase to u.s. handover to the afghan military begins next year. nato members plan to reassure the country that the alliance will remain engaged during and after the transfer. nato plans to announce and enduring partnership with the country, specifically to continue developing security
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forces. several nato countries have already committed troops in the effort. a judge in l.a. is considering whether the fertility doctor for octomom, nadya suleman should keep his medical license. the state medical board wrapped up today. he's accused of gross negligence for implanting suleman with 12 embryos and failing to properly treat two other patients. suleman did not appear at the hearing. but she was the subject of fierce debate today. as the testimony said she agreed to be implanted with so many embryos as part of a study he was conducting. an administrative law judge has 60 days to submit his recommendation to the state medical board which then makes its decision. fuming over facebook. a florida woman is suing a debt collection agency that she says, tried to track her down using the social network. the woman says the company sent her and her family messages on facebook and she calls that a
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form of harassment. the woman's lawyer says it's a first of a kind case. the company violated her privacy and florida's consumer protection law. the agency dechinaed any wrongdoing. we'll be right bwin
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kate middleton's engagement to prince william is officially just two days old and she's already a fashion symbol. pardon the pun, but the royal blue dress she wore for tuesday's announcement sold out. it's designed by a brazilian-born designer said to be a middleton favorite. when it was available the dress sold for about $600 and that engagement ring? it's also causing ripples at u.s. jewelry stores with brides
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to-be clamoring for copies. most can't afford and 18 karat sapphire like kate's so they're settling for more affordable versions. >> this is going to be a real mania for the months to come. >> yes, it will. on "nightly news," how man's best friend makes a difference for people in need. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. more local news heading your way at 6:00. see you then. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab. at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled for the best web browsing experience. get yours at verizon.
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