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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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smoking bans. where smoking could soon be illegal. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. good morning to jennifer hill who is in this morning. take a look at the hour by hour forecast. >> we are looking at rain. be careful during the commute. when you walk out the door, temperatures are in the 50s and that is the rain that we are running into this mornin that rain will begin to wind down by this afternoon and watch out for the snow in the mountains above 2,000 feet. >> that's right. that will be the reason why interstate 80 eastbound is closed at donner summit. the commute direction in the upper east shore freeway. an accident closing the hov lane. two of the cars in the hov lane and one has a busted axle.
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even at the early hour through the area, we have wet roadways. those are the concerns and still just 19 minutes. the minute added because of the slow down. i am track that carefully. back to you. >> we will take a look at the holiday travel season getting under way. for those of you lucky enough to be leaving, we have a look at travel delays. the faa website shows all green. delays tend to trickle down through the west. will keep an eye on the travel. >> the big concern will be the tsa security pat downs. the tsa is making small changes and said the number of people picked at random will be reduced less than 3% will go through a standard pat down and they will have to go through more intrusive body searchers. screeners are told to be more sensitive. to make sure you are less likely to be selected, we have a couple
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of tips for you. it's about dressing sensibly. make sure your clothing has as little metal on it as possible. wear slacks instead of skirts and avoid baggy clothing. wearing baggy clothing increases your chances of being pulled arkts side for a pot down. >> new this morning, high tension between north and south korea. two south korean marines are dead after north korea opened fire on a south korean island near the disputed western border. a the least 16 other people have been hurt that include civilians. about 1200 lifl on the island. south korea responded with artillery fire and scrambled several f-16 fighters. no u.s. personnel were involved in the attack and the white house condemns north korea's actions. north and south korea are technically at war since the 1950 to 1953 korean war ended
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with a ceasefire and not a peace treaty. also new, officials say 10 suspects are detained in an anti-terror sweep in belgium, the netherlands and germ 18. the suspect are suspected of planning a possible attack in belgium. is some were recruiter for a terror group. a south san jose high school is in mourning after a student's death this morning. that makes two deaths in 12 months. cheerleaderer jordan michelle wt died in a car accident early sunday morning. west and four other teens in the car had been drinking. west's death happened 12 months after michael russell was stabbed to death and n his family's back yard. the suspects are fellow classmates. one psychology said death can be a painful lesson for in most teenagers. >> it's important to have a sense of vulnerability. it makes people grow up faster
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than they might feel comfortable. >> clear leaders say they will honor the life at the first home basketball game in january. the 17-year-old is facing dui manslaughter charges. it looks like an east palo alto school will get a new spores complex named after a police officer killed in the line of duty. they voted 4-1 to improve construction of the richard may sports complex in a late night meeting at east palo alto city hall. there will be a 30-day window. officer may was killed in the line of duty in january of 2006. >> they're would be proud to have a home field game and bring in game time. >> barring an appeal, construction is expected to begin in june at caesar chavez academy at the end of the year. >> new laws could forge forward in santa clara county. supervisors are expected to give final approval to one of the most restrictive laws in the
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country. new rules are needed due to growing evidence of secondhand smoke. the laws include prohibiting smoking in condos and town houses. smoking would be banned in all parks and fairgrounds and indoor seating areas for restaurants and bars. hotels and motels would also be smoke-free. >> san francisco supervisors are expected to reject mayor gavin newsom's veto of a ban on happy meals or fast food that includes toys for kids. supervisors passed a ban on meals with toys unless they meet certain nutritional standards. the mayor vetoed the ban, but supervisors can override it with a vote. they say the ban is a tool to help combat childhood obesity. >> fremont is closing up for the holidays. it will be closed from december 20thrn through the 31th.
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the police department and fire department and animal shelter will be open, but city hall and development services and maintenance and most community centers will be closed. this is a time of year when many kids get new toys for presents, but the toy-related injuries increase. the california public interest research group is set to release the 25th annual report on the safest toys on the market. the trouble report will be released at 10:00 at playmate's preschool at 2340, 42nd avenue in san francisco. calpers release says that report before thanksgiving because it coincides with the unofficial start of holiday shopping season. an east bay congressman collects thousands of greeting cards to send to troops overs s overseas. he said today is the deadline if you want to send a card to troops as part of the fourth annual holiday cards for the
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troops program. drop off a card today to thank our service members. drop them off at the office in pleasant at 5776 stoneridge mall road, suite 175. last year they collected more than 6,000 cards from the bay area community. >> 5:07 and we want to check the commute with mike and already a serious accident. >> the impact is unexpected as far as this time of morning. this may be skewed. fewer cars on the road mean a couple of cars slowing and causes the averages to come down. we see 40s approaching out of hercules and down towards san pablo. i know the signs have been lit up, but the three-car accident blocking your hov or diamond lane. the peninsula, a new accident and a car has gone off the road. maybe slick roadways through the area. >> raining as we drove in. is that rain going to stick around? >> this afternoon it will clear
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out and then cold air is going to come in. we are starting out in the 50s and some cases the 40s. it's 47 in gilroy and 51 n santa rosa. 51 n san mateo. i needed a jacket and a hat this morning because i was so chilly. rain this morning and snow above 2500 feet. that has created closures on i-80 this morning. if you are planning on hadding up to ha ta hoe, make sure to have the chains in your car. the snow line right there and a lot of rain. that rain will begin to come to an end and the rain is not as heavy as it was earlier. as we go around the region, the rain through danville and it's becoming lighter. sun coming in from the ocean, but not as heavy as it has been. watch out for the wet roads and the snowy roads up to the north. this morning only starting out in the 40s and by the lunch hour
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only in the 50s and in fact the forecast highs will be in the 50s. we will take a look at the weekend forecast. >> thanks a lot, jennifer. the bay area faces its first real freeze of the season which is a greatly time to protect your homes. pipes can crack and break. if your pipes are underground or within the home, they should be fine. exposed pipes outside are at risk. the best ideas are to wrap them with rags or old t-shirts. make sure you keep it airtight and don't let them be exposed to the air. drain the roses and disconnect them from turn on the heat where you can. bring small plants indoors and cover them with a blanket. if you have perennials, spread mulch and protect the roots from the frost. for citrus, string up christmas lights. they give off heat and can
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protect them from the cold air. >> if you are heading to tahoe, here's how to save cash. regulars say you can hit the slopes in style and save. start with buying last year's gear. >> most of the time the models don't seem to change from one year to the next. they do a little bit, but not significant enough to pay the $100 for newer equipment. >> i get hand me downs from my sister. i have been renting my skis because i will be growing a lot. i don't think buying equipment. >> in the demos, you can look and see what you like. don't hit the road without chains. you will pay twice as much on the mountain. look for a club like snow and split the cost of carpooling. there shared lodging options out there. >> 5:10 and getting ready for the holiday dinner.
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how to choose the right wine to go with your meal. if you are going to somebody else's house, we will show you a one type fits all wine. >> i'm bob redell. here in daley city where they are striking out hunger. we will have the zany trick shots coming up from the turkey bowl in a live report. #h
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a live lookoutside from the south bay, these are expected highs. a week and a half ago in the 80s. los gatos with a high of 53. concord is 54. >> helping to fight hunger in the bay area is a year around concern, but it does get a lot of attention, especially in the holiday season. there is a charity event on the peninsula to help strike out hupger so to speak for families in need. today in the bay's bob redell is live from a bowling alley in daley city to explain what's going on. >> you must be talking about turkey bowl 10.
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the tenth annual event here across from the bart station. from 10:00 to 4:00, anyone can show up and bowl for free. we will ask to you donate money and food, whatever will help the dining room and the north peninsula dine strg and pantry area. if you bowl a strike, they will donate a turkey to the organizations. to help you out, there will be a professional boller on hand to give tips and demonstration of trick shots that you can try. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> a chair on lane three. >> hopefully resulting in a strike. >> a born resulting in a strike. get out of his way.
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you hit the chair earlier and had a strike. his son, joey jr. how are you doing? we are looking at lane six here. we have one, two, three, four, five, eight chairs? what are you going to do? >> throw the ball out of a towel under every chair and hopefully strike. >> go for it. >> just a normal terry cloth towel there. a lot of precision. and -- wow! nice n. you got it through and you got seven down. you will add chairs later? >> up to 20 chairs. we will see how it is. you guys come out here 10-4 and you can see joe, joe jr. and other pro-bowler who is will have other tricks. there is a preview coming up.
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>> i'm surprised he kept it in the towel. i would be throwing it behind me and everything. >> go sit in one of those chairs. hundreds of families have food in the refrigerator because of a famous bay area humanitarian. the mother wright foundation passed out foot on market street yesterday. they gave away 700 chickens and some of the trimmings for thanksgiving dinner. marianne wright passed away a year and a half ago, but her legacy lives on. wright's daughter joel said keeping the foundation running has been hard, but needed now more than ever. >> because the people don't have jobs. people lost their homes. people that are not just our regular people that we feed. we have new people that come from different states that heard of mother wright. >> the mother wright foundation
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needs food and cash not only in the season, but year around. >> scott noticed that it is popular to say economists say we are no longer in a recession. >> it still feels like a recession. we get information about growth today from the fed. you will hear this again today. it will show the recession is long gone. recession described as two quarters of negative growth. we haven't had negative growth in a long time, but positive moves have been absolutely anemic. we are looking at growth of 2.4%. housing data and home sales again. the fed will release minutes from the latest meeting. there more exciting things to read. we will look for the behind the scenes thinking on the move to buy billions in government bonds. the fed predicts what direction they think unemployment will go. they think it will go up.
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more bad news out of washington and the fed, but realistic news. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> two days and counting to thanksgiving day and you may be wondering what wine goes best with the turkey. red? white, a bubbly champagne instead? it can be overwhelming with pair the best wine. one suggested the one wine fits all approach. look for a burgundy or american zinfandel. >> you want something that is striking right down the middle. that's why american zinfandel is so frequently used. it's not because people like nouveau. you want to try something that has been made and not rushed to market. >> if you like whites, try the modern take on chardonnay where grape is the star and not the
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butter. feel ambitious? try to pair coarses since the feast tends to be a free-for-all. >> the wine expert is pronounced sommelier. >> i can't wait to see what you picked out. >> let's go to the roadways. westbound 80 at san pabo dam road as we talked about, they were slowing traffic down and everybody said what's going on. still in lanes, but the speeds recovered. just an 18 minute drive approaching the accident and blocking the carpool lane. no injuries, but they have to get a flatbed to truck. you want to lower the speeds. showing you the conditions and rooster tailing behind the cars and trucks woochl ve puddles as well. slick continues with the on and
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off-ramps with a spinout on the peninsula. coming through the golden gate bridge and a smooth drive, but the wet conditions that will be an issue through the north bay. a smooth drive, but because of the rain we have an issue for the commute. jen hill is working the forecast. >> we will show you the ickingrnia girl into the into the playoffs. her story is coming up in less than five minutes. [ male announcer ] how do you say... welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special"
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looking out at the golden gate bridge. we see rain coming through the bay area all morning long. once you head up to the mountains, it's all about snow. cold outside and some spots with temperatures in the 40s and it will get colder tomorrow. also for thanksgiving morning, we are sitting in the 50 no, sir most spots. a lot of rain to talk about. heavier earlier this morning. thankfully in time for the commute, it's a little more spotty. by this afternoon the rain will be coming to an end. looking to the north of the bay this morning, novato getting rain and santa rosa with a few showers to the north. vallejo with activity as well. through doneville, quite a bit of rain there, but this morning a break before the next ban comes through. raining in fremont and hayward
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also dealing with rain. in n san jose a lot of rain on the 101, 280 and picking up rain on 680. my message is to make sure you take it slowly. if you are planning on traveling this morning up towards tahoe, you might want to wait a little bit. a lot of reports of spinouts and that created a hazard up there. they have closed 80 eastbound right around applegate. we will have rain this morning and clearing and it will be cold tonight. a freeze watch for tonight and possibly for tomorrow night as well. starting out in the 40s and with that rain falling, make sure you take it slowly. forecasting highs in the 50s. tonight it's going it get cold. some areas into the 20s. it will stay cool, but the rain leaves with the guests coming into town. a high school football team
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has a female player. this is nicky who was added to the team as a freshman. she was at soccer fra when the coach asked if anyone could kick a football. she said yes and after trying out, ended up on the team. nicky said she is having fun and coaches said she made a place for herself on the team. >> the guys treat her like a little sister. she got hit last year and they took it personal. they watch out for her and they try extra hard to protect her. she is tough. there was about a third game with one of the guys coming through and hit her. >> it's nice to know she can do something better than the guys and she helped them out too. leading the team in walnut to their first playoffs in almost six years. >> good for her. right on target.
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5:26 and trapped on an island for five days waiting for a rescue. the man had a cell phone the whole time. why he did not call for help. >> the journalist who was held captive, euna lee will talk about her ordeal. >> developing news out of corea. shots fired from both sides. scott is following the developing story and we'll have the latest coming up next. >> a live look outside. it's wet out there. don't get caught in a spinout. we see many ofkem.tat i keta s it slow and add extra ti to the morning commute.
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the man wanted for sexually assaulting a girl in her own home. hear what friends and neighbors have to say. >> we are getting you ready for the thanksgiving travel weekend. a look at the travel forecast coming up. >> it's 5:30, tuesday, november 23rd today in the bay. >> per good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> jennifer hill is in for rob this morning. she has a look at the hour by hour forecast. >> good morning. it is starting out with a wet forecast. above 2500 feet, it turns into a snowy forecast. at 8:00 a.m., rain at times and watch out for the rain. it's a little chilly this morning. it will stay cool throughout the day. a look at the forecast highs
5:31 am
only in the 50s and thankfully the rain will be coming to an end as everybody gets ready to go to grandmother's house. two accidents. two new ones to talk about. >> although i haven't had to make new maps because they are in the same location as an older accident. sigalert status through san pablo. the earlier accident we saw things clearing up. two new accidents near the scene, with an ambulance called to the scene. minor injuries and slow downs from richmond parkway towards san pablo road. that will add travel time and a light volume. back to you. >> be careful out there. the holiday season is getting under way for those of you lucky enough to be leaving early. we have a quick look at travel delays. the faa website shows all green so far. great news. green is good because delays tend to trickle down to the west. we will keep an eye on travel through the morning. >> parents in an east bay
5:32 am
neighborhood are on edge after a young girl was attacked in her own bedroom. it is a reminder to make sure our doors and windows are locked. chris sanchez is live in berkeley where the girlfriend of the suspect is speaking out. chris? >> reporter: good morning, brent. the woman who is the mother of omar sosa's child said she is as shocked as anyone that he would be capable of attacking a girl particularly because he has a young child of his own. 27-year-old omar sosa is now on the run. berkeley police believe they are headed to mexico. the victim helped to police to identify him, but sosa's girlfriend would say the opposite of the suspect whoa is the father of her 2-year-old daughter. >> do the right thing, omar. turn yourself in. >>.
5:33 am
[ speaking spanish. >> she said he should repend and remember his daughter and he should turn himself in. the mother is urging him to turn himself in. police believe he fled the bay area after the attack and may be headed south to mexico. he may be driving a 1997 ford ranger gray pickup truck with a white camper shell. at the same time berkeley police praised the young girl for bravery in proiing them with so much detail to identify him. they are also working with law enforcement to try to bring him to justice. today in the bay. >> thank you for the update there, chris. >> now to the latest developments out of the korean peninsula. tensions are running high after the north fired on the south overnight. scott has the latest for us in the newsroom. scott? >> good morning. north korea dared the south to move just 1/1,000 of a
5:34 am
millimeter. how tense they are after artillery fire overnight. north korea fired on south korea, a small island that is mostly military bases. you can see the smoke rising in the background after the attack. two south korean marines were killed. south korea fired back and the exchange lasting about an hour. the united states has 28,000 troops in south korea. none of them were involved in the firing and no one was hurt. the white house condemning the attacks and we are waiting to see what happens here. tense on both sides. >> could be volatile. hope not. a joint safety patrol between uc berkeley and city police is making a difference on reducing crime and violence. three months after the program rolled out, emergency calls south of the uc berkeley area were reduce bide about 2/3.
5:35 am
the joint patrol is made up of two uc berkeley police and two berkeley police from the city. they patrol from 10:00 at night until 2:00 in the morning. thursday through saturday and before and after the football games. >> euna lee held captive by north ka rhea alongside the colleague and friend will be in san francisco to promote her book about the ordeal. it's called the world is bigger now. an american journalist releaseed from captivity in north korea. lee will speak at her alma mater at 7:00 tonight. you can see her in the morgan auditorium at 491 post street in san francisco. her book is a story of fear, bravery, survival and endurance. brutal disregard for human rights. >> oakland will be serving up thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. people in need and the homeless are invited to the downtown marriott city center for the annual meal. it will frb 11:00 until 2:00 in
5:36 am
the afternoon. volunteers plan to serve 2500 people. donations are being accepted to the city of oakland hunger program. the homeless will be served a hot thanksgiving meal and can also meet several san francisco 49ers at the window at saint joseph the worker. players, team staff and their families and team owners will be on hand to help the ohmless celebrate this week. players will serve out meals at about 11:30 this morning. the homeless will be treated to a hot meal and all the fixings at 10:00 in san jose. volunteers representing companies will be on hand to help prepare and serve to the homeless. they are located on north 13th street in san jose. >> a man is stranded for days on the delta because he failed to use the key piece of equipment. these are the first photos of brian hopper after the coast
5:37 am
guard found him on a tiny island in the bay. the-year-old washed up last week after his raft began to leak. he spend five days before finally deciding to use his cell phone. the coast guard signalled to pinpoint his location. he was close to the naval weapons station. he didn't call 911 because he didn't want to spend taxpayer money. he survived eating vitamins and flowers. . >> i wonder what kind of flowers. >> they must have been pretty good to not use the cell phone. >> time now is 5:37. we want to check in with mike. if you have trouble, call 911 if you have to. >> from a mobile phone safely using hands free. a number of accidents on the upper east shore freeway. the sigalert in place for westbound 80. you see the slowing approaching our sensors and show the speeds diping for highway 4 where the
5:38 am
signs have been lit up again. two lanes blocked and two more accidents after the first one cleared at san pablo dam road. likely slick through the area and the slowing traffic caused that change and the shift. two right lanes are blocked. another 10 minutes before they expect it to clear and the peninsula also. 10 minutes for closure and the on ramp to northbound 101. the car spun off of the on ramp and went into a ditch. they have to clear that, but meanwhile things are moving nicely across the bridge. the wet look of the bridge. a wider look at the bay area. >> this morning chilly weather as well and it will get colder tonight. right now current temperatures are hanging out mostly in the 50s. 50 degrees in napa and 53 in oakland and 51 n san mateo. 47 degrees right now in gilroy. cool this morning also and rainy this morning. mike showed you the pictures of the wet roadways.
5:39 am
252500 feet and snow. tonight things clear out and the cold air dives right in. let's take a look at the radar. you can see it turning to snow. so much snow creating spinouts and closures on i-80 around applegate. if you are planning to getting an early start to tahoe, you may want to wait a while. taking a look at the radar, we saw heavy rain earlier this morning. we seeso some coming in and the rain is tapering off. the forecast highs are not warm at all even with the clearing skies and sunshine, only looking at possibly the 50s in spots. tonight is cold. cold again tomorrow. freeze watch for tonight and tomorrow night as well. grab those sweaters and jackets and scarves and the whole thing. >> bundle up. >> down jackets and gloves. ski boots. >> 5:39 and stunning video of
5:40 am
the mine blast in new zealand. what happened as the blast occurred. >> which republican has the best chance of beating president obama in the 2012 elections as well as which republican is the most likely to win the nomination. and this is bob redell. we have more trick shots at this year's tenth annual turkey bowl. he nailed it again. we will have that in a live report from daley city. >> a live look outside this morning. check out the headlights. you can tell there is water on the roads in the east bay. could affect your morning commute. mike will update your travel plans.
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>> good morning. 5:42 and a live looking shot from the south bay. most folks may not see temperatures even in the 60s. it will be cold and getting colder. jennifer hill is in this morning with the forecast. >> the world got a little more tense. north korea fired on a south korean island in a border between the two countries. two south korean marines died. tracie potts is in washington, d.c. where the reaction came quickly. good morning. >> it came early this morning. we started getting word about this several hours ago in addition to the two south korean marines you talked about. civilians may have been injured as well. reports on the island and dozens are buildings on fire after north korea warned them to stop doing drills on the island. it is a disputed region said to
5:44 am
be one of the most significant conflicts was called in 1953. they had a couple of other deadly battles on that island in the past. in 1999 and 2000. in south korea, cram belled fighter jets fired back. no word on whether they hit targets in north korea, but i can you upwards of 28,000 troops, i don't believe any of them were involved in the fighting. twist reaction from the white house and the statement condemning this and calling on north korea to thalt action. we're told that the white house is in contact with south korea and the state department as well. the white house saying they will defend the allies. south korea to promote regional peace and stability in that region. that's what we know at this point. we will get more throughout the day as this develops. >> ever changing.
5:45 am
thank you very much. >> new this morning, new video of the explosion at the new zealand coal mine. the trapped 29 workers. this is closed circuit video of the pike river mine and you can kind of see the smoke and dust billowing out of the mine there. the blast happened about a half mile from where the video was shot well inside the mine. officials say they decided to release the video so that the public has a better idea of how strong that explosion was. new zealand's prime minister said there is still no viable way to get to the coal miners. prosecutors could release the results of dna tests on a jaw bone found on a beach near where natalee holloway was last seen in 2005. two tourists found it nearly two weeks ago and they were walking to their hotel. a forensic institute in holland tested it to see if it is human
5:46 am
and then to see if it might be a match to holloway. prosecutors plan to put out the press release on the results later today. they will not do a live news conference. good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we will check traffic and weather, but a story to put a smile on your face. people were going to try to strike out hunger by hitting daley city. >> they are the bowling alley lanes. bob redell joining us live for the tenth annual turkey bowl. always a lot of fun. >> you got to see lane seven, prot fegzal boller and attempt what is called the gaundlet. he has six pins in the middle lanes. ready? here he goes. takes lots of concentration. and a reporter to stop talking so i don't distract them. boo! and, and, and -- nailed it!
5:47 am
just like you planned, right? the tenth annual turkey bowl in daley city from 10:00 to 4:00. >> open to the public and we invite everyone to come down. a turkey will be donated to one of the pantries. >> the saint anthony dining room or the north peninsula food pabtry in daley city. that's a mouthful. >> last year we gave over 1,000 turkeys and we want to beat that. >> for you bowl a strike? >> we give away a turkey. >> people like the professional bollers will be out here demonstrating tricks. good to see you again, joe. lane 5, we got two chairs in the foreground and one in the back side. >> i will throw it over the first two and roll over the last 1 and hopefully strike.
5:48 am
>> don't hit the chair. >> thank you. pab be oin r are are are are are are over, around, this was practice. we will do it live in a second. 10 to 4 at the bowl in daley city. the tenth annual turkey bowl. asking for donations for the a fore-mentioned food pantry. >> will you give it a roll yourself? >> i am. i'm just mentally preparing myself. >> we will let you be alone with your thoughts then. >> thanks, bob. >> another way to continue to give, safeway stores teamed up with them and we were there over the weekend taking donations of turkeys. we had great prepackaged bags for $10 to $15 and put it in
5:49 am
your cart. >> you grab it and put it in the check out. >> it helps out the bay area food banks. 5:49. the clock change skpud add almost five minutes heading westbound. the upper east shore freeway, look at the red cars indicating the speedsfullying. fire trucks on scene. we are not going to clear the lanes. we are blocking two lanes for the time being. a green honda there and there might be minor injuries as a result of two more beings that happened in the last half hour. slow down out of hercules and down towards the bay bridge. we will look at the roadways. we see the water behind the cars and that's a factor for much of the east bay. >> we will see the rain throughout the morning and then tonight it's going to get cold. bevel chilly and temperatures in
5:50 am
the 50s and the 40s. we are not going to see temperatures getting much warmer than this. thanks to the cold air that will sweep in out of canada that created a freeze warning for tonight and watch for tomorrow night. let's take a look at the rain. heavy earlier and we see it turning to snow in the upper elevations. i-80 still closed thanks to a lot of spinouts happening up there. if you are heading up to tahoe, give yourself a lost time. around the bay this morning, we are dealing with intermittent rain showers coming to an end by this afternoon. cold air will come in. those are the forecast highs. only 54 degrees in oakland and 53 in san jose. only 49 in las gatos. the cold continues. take a look at the forecast low for thanksgiving morning. temperatures of 29 degrees. keep your turkeys warm, you guys. >> we will. hundreds of people are dead after a celebration turns tragic. check it out. more than four million people
5:51 am
gathering in cambodia to celebrate the winter festival which became a little bit chaotic here. you can see the video. it's dark because people starred stampeding across the bridge. some of the spectators were electrocuted as they tried to force their way to solid ground. a journalist said the scene was chaotic. >> a couple of people fainted. there was a panicking that happened and because there were barriers set up on the mainland side of the bridge, everyone got backed up and people couldn't get out. then there was a panic and a stampede. a lot of people can't swim and some drowned in the river having got off the crush on the bridge. >> police say that people may have panicked as that suspension bridge packed with people began to sway and they tried to scramble and pushing and shoving
5:52 am
to get to solid ground. thursday will be a national day of mourning in cambodia. the fbi raided the offices of several hedge funds. >> scott, one of the largest investigations ever. >> yeah. the allegations are these hedge funds were getting advanced notice of moves in the market. the raids took place in new york, connecticut and massachusetts. we have been looking for a connection to silicon valley and if they lead to companies here. lots for wall street to feel nervous about from getting arrested to the irish bailout. we go d get a bit of good news and that's the economy. it grew a bit faster than expected 2 1/2%. lots of corporate buying helped the bottom line. we talk about hp's missing ceo and he showed up with a phone call. he had been in palo alto the whole time though he did travel
5:53 am
for meetings with employees. oracle wanted to identify at the trial about his former employer, but could never find him to get him to go. >> he was here. 5:52 and a new poll out shows the nation is split on who they want to run the country in the coming year. a poll finds about as many people want the tea party setting the policies next year as they chose president obama. the survey found 28% want the president to have the most influence over policy and 27% want the tea party in charge. about 23% chose the gop, 16% prefer democrats. they find president obama's approval rate suggest still low. it's at 42% which is just one percentage point higher than his historic low in midsummer. >> another poll outlooks at which republican has the best chance of beating president obama in 2012.
5:54 am
according to the poll, mitt romney has the best chance, but it would be a close race. the poll found romney would take 45% of the vote and obama would get 44%. there is a two perce2% margin o. with sarah palin, president obama would probably win 48% to palin's 40%. the issue is getting to the presidential election in the first place. it turns out that conservative voters prefer palin slightly. she would get 19% and romney would get 18% and mike huckabee is in the race with 17%. none of the people we are talking about declared they are running for president in 2012. the poll is just based on potential candidates. >> you may not have declared, but a new book is leading to speculation that sarah palin is running for p. the governor's new book america by heart,
5:55 am
reflections on family, faith, and flag will hit store shelves today. palin bashes president obama saying he has a stark lack of faith in the american people. she also talks about her support for the tea party movement. >> holidays can be a stressful time and according to numbers, chances are there will be disagreements around your family table. an ivillage poll found 65% of people expect a disagreement. 58% say someone will get on their nerves. 50% think it will be their parents, sibling or children that will annoy them. of women, 57% said it will be the in-laws that cause the most agitations. the top thanksgiving complaints, having to spend time with family, eating or drinking too much and having to cook alone and no choice in what to watch. almost half poled think the holiday will be stressful this year either because they will have to clean house,ordeal with
5:56 am
the family. >> here's an interesting indicator. if sales hive priced push up bras are going up, there is a chance women are buying other things like lingerie. this would be a shift from the last two holidays when shoppers bought mostly for others and not themselves. by the way, victoria's secret's bra can run as much as dollar $70. we know know when and where prince william will get married. the couple will wed on april 29th at westminster abby. the government said the day will be a public holiday. the couple chose the abby because despite the size, it has a sense of intimacy. william's grandmother and her mother married at the abby. the royal family and middletons will pay for the wedding apart
5:57 am
from security. the queen mother better get ready for a party. grandson harry wants snoop dogg to play at william's engagement party. harry is apparently organizing the barb. tiniy is a british chart topper who promised to clear his schedule for the party. no word from snoop dogg. the party will apparently be low key with mini burgers and fish and chips. >> it will be a cool gig. >> i bet you harry can throw a party. >> 5:57 and the netherlands may send one of the biggest tourist attracts up in snoek. >> par know what you won't find at san francisco's airports. tsa agents.ho w atndthorks a what it means orr fou. next. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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