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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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last year. the doors are about to open. >> the number of bay area cities are kicking off the holidays. where you can get a taste of the holiday spirit and meet mike inouye in the process. good morning. 5:00. brent and laura have the morning off recovering from feeding their family. rob is here. always here. he has traffic and weather because mike is around and on assignment. we will check in with him later. >> do we have team coverage? let's show you the temperatures we expect. a frosty start and a cool afternoon. highs only in the 40s to low 50s. we will talk about the chances of rain for the weekend. first checking your black friday commute quickly as you see on the maps, again we are not
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seeing a lot of slowing. stoneridge mall with an easy commute. heading into some of those black friday sales. back to you. >> let's go live with the doors open. good morning, bob. >> doors just opened at best buy where people have been waiting since wednesday night to get it on the door buster deals being offered here at the electronics store. hundreds of people lined up out here, but doesn't seem to be as many people as last year based on my own experience. it's pretty cold out here, but a lot more retailers are opening earlier and earlier which could have diluted the number of people that would come here. you have the experts saying more shoppers waiting for better deals during the holiday shopping season.
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more people shopping online and more people buying gift cards for people. i'm watching someone butt the line. unbelievable. they don't need to be here in line early for that. you have the $1,000 bundle of a 46-inch led flat screen with a dvd player and a $1,00050-inch plasma selling for $700. small electronics items. that's what a lot of people are coming for. of course the laptops and the deals on the laptops. mike, i believe you are in the east bay and pleasanton? >> that's right, bob. good morning. this mall opened earlier and a lost folks are trickling in and it's a steady flow.
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right now we will talk to my friend candy. you are here from danville? you got here at what time? >> i don't know how long ago. i have been at macy's at least an hour. i got up at 2:00. >> you got up at 2:00 and you have been at a couple of malls? >> yes, i was. i went to other stores and now i came here and i don't plan on stopping for a while. >> i see no bags. i have a lovely handbag, but did you find good deals? >> my mom and aunt are in line at macy's. >> you are doing the dirty work while you scout things out over here. >> we're do itting to to have somebody to stand in line and other people can walk around and switch off. >> this is a team effort. you organized. is this an annual tradition? >> of course it is. i can't remember a time where i haven't done it. >> in preparation for tonight, training of course. did you do any special
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preparations yesterday or did you go to sleep early? you got up early. >> i didn't go to sleep early. i have a 7-year-old. i didn't get a chance to go to sleep early. >> we know about that. we know you didn't get a lot of sleep. there was a lot of flyers and online coupons and facebook. what homework did you do besides the team planning? >> my aunt researched what time everything opened and i got an e-mail yesterday and i'm on my way to lane bryant. >> you researched and everything is good. thank you very much for joining us. candy as in cane. that's a wonderful seasonal name. the steady flow of people is keeping them. i will send it back to you as you watch my breath. >> mike, how sorry do you feel for candy for getting up at 2:00 a.m.?
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>> every day. >> welcome to our world, candy. >> we will check back in with you a little bit later. >> good deal. >> bay area animal activists are urging shoppers to go fur-free. 100 animal lovers expected to gather for fur-free friday. activists will be wearing costumes and sit in small cages as video footage of fur farms plays on tv screens. look for them from noon to 2:00. >> new this morning, fresh artillery blasting year the island shot earlier and fired in a drill by north korea. pyongyang planned the joint maneuvers that the u.s. and south korea are going to put together puts everyone at the brink of war. shots were within earshot of the island that sustained the deadly borage earlier this week. we have new video of that
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attack. the video broadcast on south korea television, the sky lit up and the video shot with what appears to be a playground in the forefront and a fire burning on the hillside. as many as 200 shells were fired on to the island. the bombardment lasted about an hour. four people died in the attack. a south bay family grieving after devastating news from overseas. 19-year-old arden joseph -- died on wednesday. he was a marine lance corporal killed in combat in afghanistan. he was assigned to the first combat engineer battalion out of camp pendleton. >> bracing for aftershocks following a small quake in contra costa. 3.1 struck around 1:15 this morning near bethel island. people reported feeling the shaking in stockton. no reports of any injuries or
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major damage. the snow is falling around lake tahoe, but the temperature of the water is heating up. nasa scientists say the waters of the world's largest lakes including lake tahoe were warming up for a quarter century. the surface temperature of most major lakes jumps a full degree every decade. research posted in the letter says as lakes get warmer, chemicals that settle at the bottom are released and that further pollutes the entire lake. the giants world series win shake-up the bay area sports power rankings. the mercury news put together a list of the 25 most influential people in bay area sports. at the top of the list is the managing general partner and ceo of the san francisco giants. the president and owner of the san francisco 49ers. rounding out the top three, ted
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grigs is vice president and general manager of comcast sportsnet bay area and raiders's al davis and lou wolf of the a's took the fifth spot. in the south bay, you can get into the holiday spirit as you drive through the 12th annual fantasy of lights. it kicks off tonight. for the next month, they will be transformed into a winter wonder land featuring displays and holiday music. you can drive through nightly through december 31st from 6:00 to 10:00. pat the bat will be on hand to light the macy's holiday tree in union yon square. the out fielder will join runner up katherine mcfee and others at 6:00. people can sponsor lights for $5 each to raise money for the uc san francisco children's hospital. over the last eight years,
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nearly $900,000 has been raised for the hospital. holiday lights will be twinkling in the heart of downtown san jose. the tree lighting ceremony at christmas in the park will be held at 6:00 and mike inouye will be there to light the tree. the plaza becomes a holiday wonderland with more than 60 musical and animated displays. free to the public from 9:00 to midnight daily during the next four weeks. that's one of my favorites. rob, it's going to be cold as we light the tree in downtown. >> at least it looks dry. that's good news for the evening. right now the story of the morning if you want to take advantage of the shopping out towards pleasanton, it's cold. down to 38 degrees and 38 in hayward. in terms of the rain coming in, it will drop in overnight. across the north bay from north to south, there is a chance the higher elevation valleys may get a dusting of low snow.
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through the day, scattered showers and sunday we clear out. breezy, but cool and dry as we wrap up the weekend. today mid- to upper 50s. san jose south and notice the numbers from concord northward and likely seeing highs in the low 50s. high clouds and that will block out the afternoon sunshine. rain does come back into the picture for tomorrow and clearing and breezy and frosty mornings likely as we approach monday. >> 5:10. a bay area university examines the science of giving and a brazen robbery caught on tape. an attack on a pop club. we will show you the rest of the video next. braving the crowds and our employee in the middle of it all.
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welcome back. it is 5:16 and a live picture of a chilly san jose. a story you will only see on nbc bay area. thieves armed with pepper spray shake down a pot club while customers are inside. here's surveillance and they calmly walk into the care alternative group dispensary in san diego and the men jump up and beat a receptionist and steal about $1,000 worth of pot. the dispensary employees say they recognize one of the men because he is a former customer. a new study pinpoints how deadly secondhand tobacco smoke is. 1% of deaths can be linked to second happened smoke. researchers looked at data from 192 countries and kids were exposed more than any other age group because close relatives smoked at home. years of breathing in another
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person's smoke was linked to death from heart disease, asthma and lung cancer. dire news about the nation's health. a new study suggests as many as half of us develop diabetes or prediabetes within the next 10 years. the research from unitedhealth said americans need to prevent their health from diminishing including exercising and participating in exercises like nutrition and weight loss. >> 'tis the season for party spg shopping and traveling and waiting. consumer reports said in the month leading up to christmas, americans will spent an average of 20 hours shopping. of that, four hours will be waiting in line. three or four hours wrapping the gifts and at least one hour returning them. women will spend twice as long as men shopping for gifts. in addition, americans will spend 15 hours at holiday parties, 10 hours traveling.
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we know one person who spent the night shopping and standing in line. our assignment editor got off work at midnight last night and has been shopping ever since. she is on the phone with us and angelina, are you there? >> i am. good morning. >> my goodness, what are you thinking? >> i think i rethought the cold. >> you sent us pictures of not many people, but lots of stuff. >> yes. i support you a picture from this morning from the winchester toys 'r us. the workers are in there trying to restock the shelves and running around. hurry, the people are coming back at 5:00. another flood of people. there were things all over the floor. >> help me out. stores were open -- you got off at midnight and there were stores open?
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>> oh, yes. some were 24 hours. others open at midnight. then kohl's opened up at 3:00. target opens at 4:00. i got it all mapped out. >> good luck to you. we will check in with our other shoppers as well. good luck. >> thank you. >> very a cup of coffee on me. in the times of giving thanks, the bay area university is taking a scientific microscope to gratitude and acts of kindness. george lewis looks at the evidence from uc berkeley. >> thanksgiving dinner for l.a.'s homeless. for the hundred of volunteers at the los angeles mission, a different kind of reward. >> when you serve the people and you can see the look on their face and how thankful they are and they are eating and it's the most wonderful joy you can feel. >> all year we do stories about people making a difference.
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>> it has been in my heart to reach out to people in need. >> there is new evidence that humans are wired to be kind. those who help others are only doing what comes naturally. a group of researchers here at the university of california berkeley are looking into what brings us joy. what makes us kind. what makes us generous. it's known as positive psychology or the science of happiness. >> attaching these two sensors -- >> they have been mapping empathy and running test subjects through computer exercises that measures ability to share with others. >> it suggests that's generosity and compassion and empathy that pay. >> this psychology has written a book called born to be good. >> nice guys don't finish last. they do pretty well. >> he said it's a common misconception that charles dear win came up with, survivorful fittest. he said sympathy is the
5:22 am
strongest human emotion. >> they said it's survivor of the kindest. >> what are makes people happy? >> uc berkeley sociologist said teaching gratitude is key to raising happy children. >> it is so closely related to happiness it's practically the same thing. >> we can be thankful for the kindness in our dna, just waiting to be use. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> thank you, george. more coming up after this.
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>> are a live look down to the bay bridge. let's show you the temperatures below the hill top locations. 34 degrees and a cold start to the morning in san jose. patchy frost around the santa clara valley. oakland 37 degrees and wins are
5:24 am
light there. you just saw from san bruno mountain, winds down around san francisco southeast at 7. 44 degrees and a chilly start to the morning. good enough for patchy frost or patches of ice. highs in the 40s and 50s and increasing clouds that may keep the temperatures down and plan on rain for saturday. dry, but cool and breezy for the weekend. you can see the clouds spilling in and this is a sign we will see rain developing late in the north bay and in fact for maybe some of the elevated valleys of the north bay towards ukiah and lake port, look for early no before it changes to rain. you can see by saturday, scattered showers and by sunday, things start to turn breezy and dry out. if you head to lake tahoe, an easy drive. all the snow will fall on saturday. it looks like another to two feet of snow. this is on top of that five to seven-foot base and good dose of
5:25 am
snow headed our way for the high country and most rolling in for saturday with snow showers lingering into sunday. you know the drill. we have the frosty start to the morning and a cool afternoon. you will see extra high clouds. highs in the mid- to upper 50s. for the north bay, highs mostly in the low 50s with rain to kickoff the weekend and cool temperatures. clearing and breezy and another round of patchy frost heading into monday morning. >> thank you much. the prime minister of britain getting a lot of flack after he decided to spent more than $3 million american dollars on a study to find out what makes people happy. it is aimed at social and environmental well being. starting in april, britain will measure progress not just by the economy, but how lives are improving. it will look at health, levels of education, environment, and income. some people say they are not happy with the proposed
5:26 am
happiness index. >> david cameron wants to find out if the nation is happy and what makes you happy. do you think it's possible? >> david cameron doesn't make me happy. >> do you think you can measure it like a science? >> definitely not. people know if they are happy or not. >> the happiness index and the amount it will cost comes at a bad time for britain. hadn'ts of students took to the streets to protest an increase in tuition. the government is talking about tripling the cost of a university education. 5:26 and free donuts. the stop you need to make before you hit the malls and a daring thanksgiving day rescue caught on tape. a hiker falls 30 feet down a cliff. we will tell you how he is doing. we help you brave the crowd this is black friday including transit agencies who are helping you get around. we will be back in just a moment. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands?
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where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. live here in san jose where the black friday rush is on for flat screen tvs and laptop computers. what kind of deals drew hundreds of people out at an early hour. >> we are off to another cold start. we are looking across the bay at oakland. it's friday, november 26th today in the bay.
5:30 am
good morning. 5:30 and i'm in for brent and laura. rob is here and has your hour by hour forecast. i was talking to w my dad via e-mail and he said in chicago it's warmer. >> i believe it. look at napa this morning. 29 degrees and a little bit of an east wind at 3 miles per hour. hour by hour, another chilly day for bay area standards. 40s to 50s and at least for your black friday shopping plans, it will be dry. the same can't be said for the weekend. more clouds spilling in and rain and low snow for the weekend. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. >> let's turn to bob redell. we joined him live a little bit ago and someone was cutting in line. >> you can believe the nerve? if you wanted to get in on the door busters, you did have to be first in line to receive a coupon and an ad tag. not like they had advantages.
5:31 am
it was plain out rude. that being said, everyone has been civilized. they are grabbing the circulars and taking a look at the door buster deals. the $1,000 46-inch led tv. a 50-inch plaz that ma, how much are you save something. >> $400. >> you showed up at 4:30 in the morning. you waited a half hour. what do you say to the people who waited since wednesday might? >> you don't need to wait that long. >> a quick question, how much money do you think you are saving? looks like -- >> $600. >> it's worth it for you in. >> definitely. >> how much did you wait? >> i was here yesterday evening. >> let's do the math. yesterday evening around what
5:32 am
time? >> 10:00. >> seven hours. you made about $100 an hour? >> you still have your fingers. >> it's freezing cold. >> maybe buy a space heater. happy thanksgiving to you. there you have it. a long line out front. hundreds of people and not as long as last year by my account. talking to san jose pd. we will give you thoughts on why that might have been the case. reporting live here in san jose today in the bay. >> thank you much. bart as well. they have foaling trains running from 6:00 until close today giving passengers additional room for the bags and the gifts they will bring aboard. there is another bonus for bargain hunters and there is more parking. commuters generally speak have the day off. 500 extra parking spaces were added for travelers with long-term parking reservations.
5:33 am
caltrain will operate a little differently. the modified schedule means trains run between san francisco and san jose with special round trip trains headed down to gilroy. if you need to find out when the trains are running with this change, you should visit shoppers in san francisco will be getting a morning jolt for free. starting at 7:00, duncan donuts will handout free coffee to shoppers in the san francisco center on market street and stonestown galleria. more shots heard near a south korean island. south korea's network reporting north korea fired up to 20 rounds within earshot of the island during a drill. the blasts come after the top u.s. commander in south korea toured the island. leaders say planned naval drills between the u.s. and south korea are pushing the region to the
5:34 am
brink of war. a young woman is dead and a manhunt under way after a shooting in japantown. a t happened near the intersection of buchanan and geary. the woman in her 20s died at the scene. so far no suspects have been arrest and officers say it's unclear what led up to the shooting. a daring rescue as crews pulling a man to safety after he tumbled down a driff. the hiker fell down near mount diablo state park. george kiriyama has video of the rescue. >> a chp helicopter comes to the rescue. in minutes they lift the injured hiker in a canvas bag and fly him to safety. he was on a thanksgiving hike with his family and friend when is he decided to climb around on a cliff.
5:35 am
he was hugging a rock when the boulder came loose. the man fell 30 feet backwards with the boulder landing on his leg. the chp chopper landed on a patch of grass with medics ready to assist. the hiker has serious injuries, broken bones and severe injuries to his leg. an ambulance drove the young man to john muir medical center where he spent his thanksgiving evening with his family. >> the chp said the number of drunk drivers arrested at the start of the weekend is down from last year. so far bay area chp officers arrested 45 drivers on dui charges compared with 47 last year. out in full force this weekend as part of a state-wide sweep. foster kids are pouring hearts out for a special photo display. the san mateo library is showing an exhibit called bay area heart
5:36 am
gallery for photographs of foster kids waiting for permanent homes. they highlight above age 8, the largest age group of kids in foster care in san mateo county. check out the exhibit from 11:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow and from 1:00 to 5:00 on sunday afternoon. the 49ers are getting an extra day to prepare for the game and play monday night football this week. niners will visit for the second game of the season against the cardinals with how things are played out. the niners have a shot at taking the playoffs. it could go a long way to get them there. the raiders will try to snap a losing streak this weekend and host the miami dolphins on sunday. the raiders look for a better game than last sunday and they were only able to score a field goal against the steelers. 1:05 this sunday. the game is blacked out in the bay area.
5:37 am
the warriors get back to work tonight, try to bounce back from a four-game losing streak. they will be in memphis playing the grizzlies. the recent losing streak means the golden state warriors dropped below 500. they had a great start going 6-2 at the beginning of the year. and the sharks return to the ice tonight. they are at the start of the short trip through canada. joe thorn and company play vancouver. the puck drops at 7:00. the sharks hop a plane and head over to edmondton. bay area college teams wrap up the regular football season. cal will play host to washington tomorrow. the bears need to win in order to be bowl-eligible. stanford already bowl of eligible. a win over oregon state will make the chances rosier. kickoff at 4:30.
5:38 am
san jose state they will wrap up the season at home. louisiana tech at 5:00 tomorrow. . >> for the games tomorrow, you want to bundle up and bring the umbrella. this morning it's the patchy frost. 20s and 30s and 29 in fairfield and 30 in livermore. 32 this morning in sunnyvale. 34 degrees and a shot hereof oakland shows light winds at 37. closer to the water, southeast wind at 7 miles per hour. one thing you will notice, high clouds into the north bay. that's the reason why we will see temperatures cooler as the sun gets blocked out. the rain-producing clouds will drop our way after midnight tonight into saturday. could see snow levels in the
5:39 am
north bay valleys and to two feet of snow flying towards the sierra into saturday. today expect highs in the upper 50s for san jose. not a bad day despite the start to the morning. high clouds in late or and mid 50s around san francisco and low 50s around petaluma and healdsberg. the rain for the start of the weekend, we will clear out and dry out. like the pattern now, patchy frost for monday morning. dry conditions monday to tuesday of next week. a quick check of the morning commute here around the east bay, travel time are good and slowing here. westbound approaching the tunnel on highway 24. another stop for and you travel times looking right on schedule. the same story through antioch along highway 4. back to you. >> thank you much. time now is 5:39. the end of thanksgiving comes the season of giving and the season of stress. we will tell you how to keep the blood pressure down as christmas nears. back on solid ground after
5:40 am
spending 50 days adrift and lost, three teens have returned to land. their amazing story up next and giving back in honor of someone he has never metful the boy that spent his thanksgiving paying it forward. you are looking at live pictures of downtown san francisco. we will be back in a monday. 3q
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>> good morning to you. that's a look across the bay from oakland to san francisco. my goodness, it's a chilly one. good morning, shoppers. 'tis the season for stressing out as the countdown to christmas is 30 days and hanukkah in a couple of days. lots to do and little time.
5:43 am
today in the bay's brian moore is live with tips on how to keep your cool when the holidays get stressful. >> turns out the good folks at consumer reports figure out where things are fall apart and it comes down to time management. we are spending more money getting the gifts than spending with the people we want to give them to. take a look at the problem. we are spending about 15 hours in the holiday gatherings. we are spending more than that. at 10 to 20 hours, gift shopping and another 7 to 10 hours in the planes, trains, automobiles and trying to get there. the gifts themselves are a problem. four hours in the check out and three to four hours wrapping the gifts and to two returning and regifting. it's better to give than receive, but it takes a lot out of you. here is our special bay area survival guide. what do do you? number one, you get organized.
5:44 am
whether it's shop or cooking or decorating. have deadlines and budgets and don't leave everything to the last minute. speaking of which, shop early. calling all black friday shoppers. you could have done it online and saved a bunch of money doing it too. don't forget to take care of yourself. read, meditate or something. get your head out of the game a little bit. folk, keep it real. things are going go wrong. family members are going to mess up and kids are going to bafr. go with the flow. the big one, don't overdo it. all things in moderation. live from washington. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. brent and laura have the morning off. we will get to your weather in a couple of minutes, but first thanksgiving feasts are not slowing down shoppers as they gobble up the black friday deals. out live in pleasanton, good
5:45 am
morning to you. what's going on there? >> you know there is a lot of shoppers going in and out. this is crazy. we don't see this much activity except for in the parking lot at the station. with my friend here, esteban, you are here. you know what time it is? >> ike 6:00 in the morning? >> not even 6:00. like a quarter to 6:00. you got here what time? >> 3:00 or 4:00. >> we had a lot of folks and you are here and there a lot of folks here getting bargains. what kind of homework did do you? >> that's the homework i guess. >> what deals are you hoping to get today? >> like 50% off on everything. i don't know. >> you get 50% off. what kind of stores are you looking at? >> electronics and mostly clothing. i don't want electronics right now. >> you are smart. look at the shoes. clearly you are a smart shopper.
5:46 am
the young ladies are laughing now, but look at that. who is on tv. did you go to sleep early last night or did you power through? >> i slept for like three hours and just woke up ready to come to the mall i guess. >> what do you think will get you through the day? in about a half hour or 45 minutes, you will feel the crash. what is going to get you through? >> sleep. >> they have chairs in there. >> i have to work after that. i will rest for a while and good. >> you are going to work? >> around 2:00. >> you are not playing hooky right now? >> no. >> he will be at work today. if he says he's sick, we know why. now there is coffee in there and i know they set up kiosks in many malls around the area. donuts too? we will check it out. you are not one of the first 200. far are get some coffee, man.
5:47 am
>> don't cause any trouble. we have been talking to security. things have been nice and care fre stoneridge said they have seen a higher number of folks here this morning than for a lot of folks. you got these t-shirts for $1.09. >> the first 35 people got a gift card. when you buy something, you go up to the counter. thigh are only $5. we used these and got them for $1.09 apiece. >> you could be wearing them on the air and we will check them out for you as well. some of the deals we have here too. we will get the whole station outfitted. we will hand it back to you. things are cool. you see the breath going on. inside the deals are hot and still it's about freezing out here. >> sounds good.
5:48 am
bob is bringing us a plasma tv. >> get your t-shirt. >> a lot of people will be skipping the stores to give gift cards. gift cars come with pips and thieves are aware that that's all they need to do to get cash on the cards. they will scratch off the back and get the special numbers off and put it back on the shelf and wait until the card is performed. >> they will check to see what the value is on that card. if it comes back to zero, it hasn't been activated. if it's $50, they go immediatelio line and charge up $50 worth of goods. >> for there is any tampering at all, do not buy it. be careful to buy cards over the internet too. they have seen lots of sites with fake cards. they are listed for a lot more than they have on them.
5:49 am
>> per good morning. 5:48 and the shoppers there out out of stoneridge. maybe they are buying the clothes this morning. temperatures cleared close to 30 degrees. 30s in san jose. we will see increasing high clouds so patchy frost for the afternoon. cool sunshine and mixed with high clouds and temperatures low to mid 50s around the bay area with rain due in tomorrow. you will see that for saturday and showers for saturday afternoon and we clear out and stay cool and breezy sunday into monday of next week. a quick check of the black friday commute, let's show you a couple of maps around the bay area. across the south bay, travel tiles looking good and you saw the mall there. stoneridge along 680 and approaching santana row and valley fair, looks easy across the south bay this morning along 880. scott? >> thank you much.
5:50 am
new this morning, three teen boys back on dry land after spending 50 days adrift in the south pacific. the boy survived on rain water and a handful of coconuts and raw fish and an unfortunate sea gull that landed on their boat. the trio set off on october fifth through new zealand where they went missing at sea. it's possible that the motor broke down and that's what set the boat adrift. the boy's family held the worst and held a memorial service for them and they were picked up by a fishing boat, malnourished, severely dehydrate and badly sunburned, but otherwise okay. back on solid ground, the spacecraft carrying two americans and a russian from the international space station. the astronauts touched down this morning after 3 1/2 hours departing. russian recovery teams were on hand to help the crew exit the spacecraft and readjust to
5:51 am
gravity and the cold temperatures as well. they have been in space since june 15th. crews will begin working to clear dangerous gases from a new zealand mine where 29 miners died. the equipment arrived hours ago. officials say another blast ripped through the mine today, a week after an explosion caused the worst mining disaster in decades. no one was injuried in today's blast, but high levels of potentially explosive methane have been blamed for the explosions. officials say it could take weeks or months before they are able to recover the bodies. >> u.s. embassies are warning al ice about a possible round of wikileaks. the state department believes the website is planning to release classified do you means that could expose u.s. sources and compromise u.s. intelligence. they tell the paper the latest
5:52 am
leak may be up to seven times larger than the amount of files released last month. an oakland boy who received an organ transplant is keeping a promise he made. he spent thanksgiving morning in a west oakland park. he shows us how he is saying thank you to a donor he never knew. >> michael got a gift. the kind of gift few can give. two years ago when he was just 11 years old, he was told he needed a new liver to survive. >> i needed a liver. when i got the liver, the kid died in an accident and he wanted to donate his organs so they did. >> it saved his life. his mother said it was time to pay it forward. >> he said mom, what is paying it forward? i said when you do something for somebody and don't expect anything in return. >> my mom asked me what i wanted to do to give back and i said
5:53 am
feed the homeless. >> for the second thanksgiving, he and his family and friends gathered in a west oakland park to feed those in need. >> it's a beautiful thing. he is helping out people and giving back from what god has given him. it's a good thing. >> he comes out and feeds from his heart from what he has been blessed with. they arer the ones that come every year. i thank god for that. >> he thinks about the 18-year-old whose liver saved his and even though they never met, he doesn't think of him as a stranger. >> his name was johnny. me and him had a lot in common. we both liked the raiders and played football. if he could come back, i would like to meet him. >> the family is here year around dirk out food and compassion. >> when are they told me my son wasn't going to die, that was an awesome feeling. i get the same feeling when we
5:54 am
are out here. >> thankful for the gift he received because he knows his gift of life is now a gift to others. >> i wanted to feed them because i can give back what their son gave to me. >> bay area news. >> the holiday season means you will spend more time away from home and if you do, there is ways you need to make your home safe. security experts say no matter where you go, live your home with lived in looks. gather up newspapers or put the service on hold. lamps and exterior lights on timers so they turn on when you are away. if you post on facebook and twitter, don't tell people you are going on vacation. the obama administration is setting aside 187,000 square miles off alaska's northern coast as a critical habitat for polar bears. officials say the designation will save the bears from extinction, but the oil and gas industry said it will hurt business. >> away from the controversy
5:55 am
within about 187,000 square miles are the polar bears. their home is a critical habitat. something those in the oil industry are not excited about. >> it will create more delay and more cost to no benefit to the polar bear. it's frustrating and disappointing that the fish and wildlife service didn't take into more account the true economic impact that this designation will have on the industry. >> the regional corporation said the listing could negatively affect the people of the north slope. >> there is an added layer of bureaucracy imposed on the people seeking permission for future village expansion projects that use federal dollars. there will be an impact on the
5:56 am
development activities on the north slope which impacts all of alaska. >> while the industry worries about profits, environmental groups that worked in support of the habitat say there is more work ahead. >> if we can't reign in the emissions, the arctic will continue to warm and they will continue to melt and we will lose our polar bears. >> the bears are the center of a debate which like the happen tad continues to expand. >> the white house is getting into the holiday spirit. michelle obama will receive the delivery of the white house christmas tree. it will take about a week for volunteers to transform the douglas fir into the centerpiece of the blue room. the tree will arrive from pennsylvania today as it always does on horse-drawn carriage. tomorrow marks the anniversary of what's probably the most expensive fender bender in the history of sports.
5:57 am
details coming up. north korea fires more ortillary and said it's on the brink of war. the biggest shopping day of the year. we will check in with the early birds next. it's 5:56 and you are looking at downtown san jose.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> are black friday bringing out early shoppers and doesn't seem like there is as many as last year. we will explain in a live report. >> why tensions are ramping up mer. good morning to everyone. this black friday, november 26th today


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