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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning to you. i'm chris sanchez. next at 7:00 on "today in the bay" -- four times in the past week bay area police officers fired their weapons on suspects. we're going to ask the chief of one of the bay area's biggest forces about the split-second decisions and what the fallout is for the communities where they happen. a move over arnold, how's jerry brown's swearing in going to compare? we'll show you why one elected official isn't ready to take the oath just yet. that story as well. you may be late tomorrow if you set your wakeup to the alarm on your phone. how to outsmart the glitch on one kind of smart phone. and looking live this morning, twinkling lights and a little bit of sunshine, well a little bit of brightness coming up into the sky. this is the second day of 2011,
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this is "today in the bay." good sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris sanchez with "today in the bay" meteorologist rob mayeda. very nice to have you back. >> happy new year. >> haven't seen you since last year. >> you were curled up with the dogs. i did the same thing. >> perfect new year's eve. three dogs on the lap. we have rain to talk about this morning. it was coming down really rough driving to the station this morning coming from the sunol grade into san jose. see the showers lifting from south to north, an interesting move. we're used to the rain going west to east, not the case this morning. it's coming from the south. see some of it around san francisco over the last hour or so. not so much in the north bay. most of the heavy rain we're seeing is focused on the south bay and the trend as we go hour by hour, widespread rain for the morning, scattered showers this morning. for areas south of the santa cruz, may get a little thunder
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today. today the most active weather day we're going to see for a while. a bit of a drying trend finally taking shape in your seven-day forecast. look at that coming up later this half hour. >> you're lucky you have three dogs. it's been chilly. >> extra blanket. >> thanks. we'll see you in a little bit. dozens are waking up in temporary shelter after fire ripped through their apartment building. about 25 people spent the night at the south of market recreation center in san francisco which was open just for them. that's because the fire we told you about yesterday morning destroyed their apartment building on montgomery street near pacific. some of the folks were pulled out on stretchers but fortunately no one was seriously injured. one firefighter is recovering from burns on his hand as well. the red cross says that many of the people living in the apartment are still trying to even get over the loss. >> pretty much they're in shock right now and certainly translators that will help us with that. that's something we try to help them do, is what has to happen
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now to get your life back going again. >> two apartments were completely destroyed by the fire, but others have water damage as well. it's not yet clear if or when people will be able to return home for good. investigators aren't telling us the cause of the fire just yet, but we know that the power went out on new year's eve at that building so some folks say that they were burning candles and also electrical work being done on that building as well. a bay area maximum enforcement period against drunk driving is still in effect this morning and the early results are mixed. a chp spokesman tells us statewide 499 people started the year off behind bars. they were arrested between new year's eve and 6:00 in the morning new year's day. the good news, though, is that fewer than the 527 people who were arrested during the same time last year ended up behind bars this year. in the bay area, the numbers were down. 64 people arrested compared to 92 for the same time last year. however, in the category that
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really counts the most, the numbers are up, four people died in suspected drunk driving crashes in bay area this new year's eve. there were no alcohol-related accidents last year that were fatal. the holiday may be over, but the chp's maximum enforcement is not yet. every available officer will be on the job through midnight tonight. sacramento is getting ready for a changing of the guard. tomorrow the men and women who lead the state the next four years will take the oath of office. more than 3,000 people are expected to attend governor elect jerry brown's swearing held a few blocks from the state capitol at the memorial auditorium, the same place where governor governor arnold schwarzenegger became governor in 2006. brown's ceremony will be decidedly much lower key. although some oakland schoolchildren will get a chance at the spotlight. they're going to take the stage and entertain the crowd. the inauguration starts at 11:00 and you can watch it on nbc bay
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area. if you want to watch in person, you can still find tickets to the inauguration through jerry brown's facebook and his twitter pages. there is limited public seating and tickets will be handed out via lottery. winners who win will get two tickets apiece to monday's celebration, starts at 11:00. you can join us here. today is governor schwarzenegger's last full day in office. then what? we're going to show you what governor arnold schwarzenegger's planning to do next coming up a little later this morning. also taking office tomorrow san francisco district attorney pamela harris moving into the attorney general's office. harris will be sworn in at the california museum for history women and the arts at 1:00 tomorrow. you can catch the highlights on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00 in the evening. with harris headed to sacramento, san francisco needs a new district attorney. san francisco mayor gavin newsom says he will appoint someone on monday or a day or two later. he plans to consult with harris
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before making that appointment. and tomorrow outgoing assemblyman tom toe lickson will become the new state school chief. he will be sworn in as superintendent of public instruction at mt. diablo high school in concurred where his career ban began. he taught science, math and world history before entering politics. tomorrow morning's ceremony will be at 9:00 at the high school gym. he will drive to sacramento where he will hold an open house at the california department of education. a long day for him. one person who will be missing from tomorrow's inauguration list will be san francisco mayor gavin newsom. he's taking over the office of lieutenant governor but he says he's not quite ready to assume that role just yet. newsom wants to tie up loose ends in san francisco first. he wants to wait until the new san francisco board of superiors takes office. the board will be responsible for choosing the city's new mayor. newsom has set a date for his post-inaugural party that's
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correct going to happen january 10th at the state capitol rotunda. his office says his swearing-in ceremony will be on or before that date as well. here in the bay area, the new mayor of oakland is getting ready to take office as well. gene quan will hold a preinauguration party tonight at the space and science center. mayor-elect kwan will walk to her swearing in ceremony at the fox theater. hours before taking office she will join supporters at the pacific renaissance plaza and walk to the thesers from there, she will make symbolic stops along the way. not just talking local politician, talking national politics as well. coming up at 7:30, talk with "today in the bay" political analyst larry gurs ston about the changing of the guard on capitol hill and what it means for all of us whether we are republic, democratic or whether we are independent. the price of that ticket to ride is going up. contra costa says starting today express bus fares for some rides
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will go up by a quarter. the bus riders who use the east bay value pass 12 ride punch pass and 20 ride commuter card will have to add a quarter to the box when they board the bus. the rate will affect people in contra costa and san ramone valley. the transit agency is trying to balance its budget by raising those fares. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- [ inaudible ]. >> the new law in 2011 that is getting national attention and has a lot of folks worried about the whole process. we are shining a light on a new 2011 law that you might not have heard of. why that light bulb is going to be a little different the next time you buy it. [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. good morning to you again. with a lot of new laws taking effect one of the ones that caught the most attention
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nationwide is happening here in california. as "today in the bay's" kimberly terry reports, now possessing a little marijuana will cost you money but not your permanent record. >> reporter: getting caught with an ounce or less of marijuana was once a misdemeanor, now it's an infraction. while the fine stays the same, $100, the new law means no arrest or jail time and violations will not appear on a criminal record. >> i think this is an excellent first step and it will affect the people of california profoundly because we have about 40,000 cases a year that go through the courts and now they won't have to go through the courts. so it will be much less costly. >> reporter: proponents of the new law say the biggest difference will be the cost to the state since anyone tried with a misdemeanor has an option of a jury trial. state senator leno who introduced bill 1449 estimates california will save tens of millions of dollars a year, but opponents say there will be
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consequences. >> it may clear out our court systems but it's going to fill our hospitals. >> reporter: mary's son was killed by a drunk driver in 2001. she's concerned the law will encourage more people to use marijuana which could impair their judgment on the road. >> i think it's a public safety issue, it's a personal safety issue for the people that choose to smoke marijuana. it's proven it affects receptors in the areas of the brain that affects control, coordination and sensory perceptions, movement, and motivation. >> reporter: she is also a trauma nurse and on the national board of directors for mothers against drunk driving, oneful several organizations who oppose this law. kimberly terry, "today in the bay." 7:12. coming up next on "today in the bay" -- no time to dawdle, why this year's race is going to be a little different and what you need to do now to get in on that iconic race.
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rob mayeda for live pictures courtesy of our own erin murphy in the elements. see the rain falling in san francisco near the embarcadero. what you can expect for your weekend forecast cominup.
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there is a ton of snow in the sierra but you don't have to go to tahoe to get a glimpse 37 those road trips can be long for little ones. this is what it looks like at the gold run rest stop off highway 80. gold run is 43 miles west of truckee and 2700 feet low he when it comes to elevation. still, enough snow yesterday to offer plenty of fun and tiny snowmen. it is easy enough to get there but if you are heading up the hill going to take more work or expecting folks coming home. this is a live picture of interstate 80 at truckee. plenty of snow on the ground
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this morning. we did check with call trans and if you're headed up to tahoe make sure you have chains. no advisories for highway 50. we know that the lucky folks in our newsroom heading back, better not be late. >> that's right. the weather will slow them down a little bit this morning. we talked about the snow there and weather watchers up in the sierra giving us nice pictures. this is what mount rose looked like yesterday. everette sending in this shot. once your kids see this picture they will want to do this. enjoying a snow angel in the sierra. >> they love that. >> gorgeous conditions. they will want to head up there now. let's show you what's going on in san jose. not cold enough to get snow but 50 degrees. a little breeze out of the southeast this morning with some rain flying around the south bay. temperatures around the rest of the bay area, mostly 40s and 50s right now. a little breezy this morning, we had the winds kick up as our weather system now is approaching the coast and it's one here that you can see is tossing a lot of snow towards the sierra and quite a bit of rain earlier this morning around
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the south bay, this is a three-hour loop on the radar and see the rain lifting off to the north. right now we still have the batches of rain coming in to the south bay. livermore, tri-valley along 680, rain going south to north, and notice around san francisco, we've got some rain moving in. pretty good cell west of daly city approaching downtown san francisco in the next five minutes. around the north bay, kind of misting out for a change. this area of low pressure crossing the central coast. most of the action today will be in the south bay and heading down the central coast heading into the afternoon. so as the system continues to slide on through today, rainy start followed up by scattered showers. again high temperatures today running very cool. 50s and probably some upper 40s around the north bay. for monday this low aims more towards southern california, we'll see a chance of showers mainly south of san jose, but monday and beyond the forecast starts to turn drier as we get back to your work week. hour by hour, widely scattered showers for the afternoon. notice the focus shifting further south into monday, so things will be drying out. monday morning probably still
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some showers for your morning commute, but again most of the action dives to the south. in terms of the snow, areas south of lake tahoe, may get another foot or so around yosemite and mammoth mountain another foot or so at times. around the bay area look at the inland temperatures. once again out to the tri-valley in north bay valley only see high in the 40s today. so it's going to be cool. san jose near 53 degrees. rainy start to the morning and then changing over to scattered showers later on. truckee look at the high, 28 degrees. we have snow levels in the sierra near 3500 feet. you did see that video around gold run of the snow there. pretty low for that. notice the trend for your seven-day forecast. mainly dry starting tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday some patchy fog, slight chance of showers late in the week heading towards next weekend. that system mainly to the north bay. this is the wettest part of the seven-day forecast. >> we don't want to complain about it being winter when it's wenter. >> snow pack looks great. >> and when the driving conditions are nice, that's
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good. >> true. >> later this week when i'm off, thursday. >> okay. >> pinky promise. four months away from the 100th running of the breakers race but registration is open this morning. organizers say they are trying to bring back the past with the centennial run of the oh so colorful race. they hit the streets yesterday running along the original route market street up the pan handle to the ocean. >> in 1912 was the first running of beta breakers. at that time known as the cross city race. what we're doing today is celebration commemorating the 100th running of the event. we brought in some of the clubs from the original running of the events to help us celebrate. kind of a historic occasion. >> something tells me they are wearing a lot more clothing than they usually do. beta breakers will be on may 15th this year. there's time for you to train. also time for you to sign up.
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beta no procrastinating this year. organizers are only allowing 50,000 people to participate. that's officially. we know folks join along the route as well. california is once again leading the way in the campaign to save the environment. a new law for 2011 means that we won't see those traditional 100 watt incandescent light bulbs anymore. bulb manufacturers can only sell bulbs 72 watts or less in california called energy-saving halogen lights. experts say they provide the same amount of light as the old 100 watt bulbs but use less energy. california's lauz does not ban condessent bulbs. the bulbs are comparable in price to the old ones and that's the good part, one of the good parts. environment part is good too, right. >> still ahead, the iphone issue that could have folks waking up late for work tomorrow. how to fix it.
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three deadly shootings involving bay area police officers in the past week and another one, coming up we're going to talk with a local police chief about the incidents and their impact on the community. >> good morning. i'm christine. coming up in sports the warriors looking for love in miami as they took on the heat. could they cool down miami's big three? plus, it was a very special birthday for one sharks player. we'll explain. sports is next.
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the nhl heads outdoors and the warriors try to hang in there with miami's big three. christine has the highlights in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. singer and actor will smith once said, party in the city where the heat is on. he was referring to the city of miami and no doubt you can always count on a party when you've got miami's big three in the house. lebron james, dwyane wade and chris bosh. last night the warriors took on the trio in south beach as they
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were hoping for a little revenge against the heat who beat them back on december 10th. miami, the hottest team in the nba, they posted a 15-1 record in december. warriors red hot from the tip. der rel wright, sink in the three, he had 30 points. warriors with the 62-44 lead. golden state led by as much as 20 points. ellis, 25 points of his own. here with the duce, 66-46. but in the second half, warriors, start to melt down. here's lebron james. getting fancy. the warriors give up a 20-point lead and lose to miami, the final 114-107. the sharks were working on new year's day as san jose wrapped up a three-game road trip in los angeles. san jose looking for a little payback against the kings who beat them on monday. sharks goalie antti them into my, fabulous in net with 29
7:25 am
saves. one goal scored in the game, and it was courtesy of the birthday boy, fed gucci. sharks shut out the kings 1-0. outdoor winter classic on nbc, pittsburgh and washington. third period, eric fehr, on the brakeaway here, scoring one of his two goals as the capitals win the winter classic in soggy conditions. 3-1 the final. as we reported on friday, niners vp of personnel trent balky met with jed york yesterday. he is expected to be hired as the niners general manager. college football, cal announced he will forgo his senior year and enter the 2011 draft. rose bowl in pasadena, number five wisconsin hooking up with number 3 texas christian. first quarter, dalton, with the
7:26 am
fake. gets it to b.a.rart johnson for 23-yard touchdown. they go undefeated this season, 13-0. and, of course, stanford getting ready to play in their first orange bowl on monday against virginia tech. that's sports. i'm christine nubla have a wonderful day, everybody. the raiders will start their final game of the season in just a few hours. the silver and black, away today playing in kansas city. win or lose the raiders will not be making a playoff appearance this year, though. the big team news will come later this month when owner al davis will announce whether he plans to extend the head coach's contract by a year or start looking for a new leader for his team. raiders kick off at 10:00 this morning. the niners finish up their season at home today, playing host to the arizona cardinals. the game will be about pride. winner stays out of the basement in the nfc west.
7:27 am
loser ends up with a better number on draft day. they kick off at 1:15. much more ahead on "today in the bay" -- coming up next at 7:30, we'll show you about an -- show you an east bay bank robber being remembered more for her attire than crime. governor governor arnold schwarzenegger is looking forward a life outside of sacramento. we'll show you whether it is a return to the big screen or whether it is something else. a couple of bay area cities making strides against murder in 2010, while one is taking a step back. "today in the bay" continues in two minutes.
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good morning to you. happy 2011. hope your year is off to a good start. live pictures from the embarcadero. the famous artwork we like to look at.
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thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez with nbc bay area meteorologist rob mayeda. it's a soggy start to the week, but not the rest of the week should be soggy. >> seven-day forecast is trend drirg, past the day, but this morning it is quite wet in san jose. breezy and that's a look at the rain as it blasted through the south bay. you can see the rain going south to north, spilling across livermore, approaching looks like danville and castro valley. san francisco seeing pretty good downpours near the embarcadero approaching the golden gate bridge. area of low pressure that will cross the central coast today, transition from outright rain to some scattered showers and areas south of santa cruz, maybe thunder. busy today but the seven-day forecast brings in a drying trend. when and how long that's going to last coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. for four times in the last week, officers around the bay area pulled their guns and fired on suspects. these happened in four different bay area cities and four different police departments. for some perspective we asked
7:31 am
police interim chief chris moore to join us this morning. thanks so much for joining us, sir. >> good morning. >> let's start with the shooting which happened in your department, an officer was forced to pull his weapon. what can you tell us about that investigation into what started as a home invasion robbery? >> yeah. as you mentioned this was a robbery where we had a number of people taken over a home and discharge of a firearm striking one of the victims inside the house. we had officers responding to the scene when they saw someone match the description just down the street. when the person tried to take off, they actually -- the driver of the vehicle almost ran over one of our officers and he discharged his firearm and was injured in the process, injured his knee. >> officers in san francisco, they fatally shot a stabbing suspect in hayward police shot a suspect when they say he brandished a weapon at officers and? san leandro a stolen car investigation ended with officers shooting a suspect as well. you can't address the specifics in each of those cases because
7:32 am
they are other departments but let's talk about what is universal. what happens when officers have to make the split-second decision. what's the criteria? >> we're very fortunate those types of circumstances don't occur very often, but when they do they're treated very, very seriously. it triggers a number of investigations, first off from the criminal investigation from the agency involved or the district attorney, local county, the d.a.'s office will be monitoring the criminal investigation for whatever department it is and county they're in. followed by that depending on where they are, you may have additional investigations from, in our case, the independent police officer who will be monitoring that investigation as well. a number of agencies will be looking at that particular incident wherever it might be and scrutinizing it to make sure all policies were followed. >> we know a lot of times these officers are put on paid administrative leave, it is a personnel issue, we don't get a lot of details initially. what does the police force have to do to reconnect with the community so it doesn't escalate where there is mistrust between
7:33 am
the police officer and the community? >> one any member of the department can do communicate with the public the circumstances that occurred. talking about the incident as early as you possibly can with as much detail as you can. as you mentioned a number of these things, they're all criminal investigations at first and you have to make sure you maintain the integrity of the investigation for the benefit of the public and officers involved. the primary thing to do is communicate as early as you can as much information as you can so people understand what happened. >> you are trying to spearhead that movement in the san jose police department. thank you so much, chief moore, for joining us this morning, and a speedy recovery to your officer as well. >> thank you very much. bay area assembly woman will take another shot. she will meet with representatives from the night life industry, law enforcement and local government to talk about ab 74. that's the bill she introduced in the state assembly last month, designed to prohibit
7:34 am
raids on public private and prevent them from happening on private party. critics are afraid the bill will hurt other types of night life events. moss says she is willing to work something out, however this is a bill that is in response to drug-related overdoses and deaths at concert at the cal palace and down south in los angeles as well. in october more than a dozen were rushed to the hospital after a concert at the cal palace and one of those raids turned fatal as well. the fashion police may catch one of bay area bank robber before the local police do. oakley police are looking for a woman who walked into the bank on main street on friday wearing sunglasses, a hooded sweat shirt, pajama pants and high heeled shoes. the woman approached the teller at the chase bank and walked away with an undisclosed amount of money. experienced high heel wearer because she was gone even before police arrived and they got there within three minutes. police say they are looking at surveillance tape but if you have information about the
7:35 am
robbery, you can call the oakley police department. a new year means new trouble for san francisco. that city is already dealing with its first homicide of 2011 as we showed you yesterday. police say a man was shot multiple times on church street near taylor street yesterday afternoon and he died on the way to the hospital. officers are now looking for suspects and want anyone with information to call the anonymous tip line. murder comes just as police announce 2010 was an es especially deadly year. 50 people died in all, five more than in 2009. one of the most recent was a drive-by shooting on december 22nd. three people were killed, three others were injured, and police still have not been able to make an arrest. the pd says that despite a rise in homicides, violent crime overall was down by 3% in san francisco in 2010. oakland and san jose police both made progress in 2010 as well. the number of homicides in oakland dropped below 100 in 2010, 90 in all, down from 104
7:36 am
in 2009 and 123 in 2008. while in san jose, homicides fell to the lowest number in 21 years, 20 people died in homicides, that is down from 28 in 2009. he'll be back, the governor is talking about what the next stage of his life will include. he's telling us too. as of tomorrow, he will officially be out of a job. schwarzenegger says he is sifting through a stack of corporate, hollywood and real estate offers. before he makes that decision he says he's going to hit the speech circuit and possibly write the autobiography that publishers have asked him to do. the former governor says he may return to film, provided the right script comes along. he plans to keep his hand in politics, he says, though he is not planning to run for another office. it is going to be a bit harder to buy plane tickets out of the bay area this morning. expedia says it is not going to sell american airlines tickets anymore because of disputes over
7:37 am
commission fees. american airlines flies out of all three bay area airports. expedia is the second travel website to pull american airlines in the past month. in december orbits and american airlines parted ways. american says it wants to sell more tickets through its own website. so one more place to check for a good deal. cell phone users will be loving it come valentine's day this year. an unnamed source says apple will announce the end of its exclusive contract with at&t before valentine's day. that's a bad time for a breakup. it is bad news for at&t too. verizon wireless is the more consumer friendly network. some say. no one knows how many a lot of iphone lovers are expected to take their business to verizon or what this will mean for at&t's overburdened system. we'll have to wait and see. coming up next on "today in the bay" -- a change in power tomorrow. new party takes over at least part of capitol hill. we're going to talk with larry
7:38 am
gurston about what this could mean for you. google this, the words that just need to go away in 2011 and explain why a few bay area tech giants have made that list. ♪ leftover desserts, boardroom, now.
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good morning to you. take a live look at the transamerica building in san francisco. lots of fog out there. if you are headed out to maybe get one last blast of the holiday cheer, please be careful out there. in afghanistan, this morning, 2011 is off to a deadly start. nato says three troops have died in the first two days of the new year. all three happened in the town on stronghold in southern afghanistan. the latest service member was killed in a bombing. despite the deaths nato says it is making progress. two key insurgent leaders were apparently captured in afghanistan. we're not sure what their names are or roles are with the taliban, but we are working to get more details from the state department. massive flooding in
7:41 am
australia this morning. this is what it looks like in queensland. to give you an idea of how big the disaster is, floodwaters have spread so far they could cover both california and texas. one woman died after being swept away by rushing waters. almost two dozen towns and cities are flooded and the airport in the area is shut down. it could be two weeks before those floodwaters recede. fun on new year's day turned into a scary trip for some am e amusement park goers in florida. they were on the islands of adventure theme park when a fire started. about a dozen people on the ride at the time. one guest said she could see the smoke from across the park. >> i was riding the dragon's challenge and being that high, my son turned around and said dad, there's a fire over there. looked off in the distance from over the harry potter and just the sky was filled with smoke. >> although they could see the smoke and it did freak them out,
7:42 am
the fire was not in a spot where the riders were traveling. it took fire fighters about 45 minutes to get the fire under control. universal studios is not clear on when that ride will reopen. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- republicans taking over some californians getting some key posts in the new regime. larry will break it down for us coming up next on "today in the bay."
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7:44 am
good morning to you. take a live look at the bay bridge this morning. see some of the rain drops on the screen and that's because it is still raining, though most of the rain coming up from the south. we'll check in with rob in a few moments. first we want to talk about developing news out of the east bay this morning where part of 580 is shut down because of a fatal accident. the accident happened on east bay 580 near dutton avenue. it is near the little blue marker you can see on your screen. chp says one person was killed and another had to be taken to
7:45 am
the hospital. it happened around 6:00 this morning when an suv and a sedan collided. right now east bay traffic on 580 is being diverted off the highway at 106th street while the crash is being cleared. if you are traveling through that area you might want to either hold off or take another route. two years ago, they were practically left for dead but tomorrow re-energized republicans will take control of the house of representatives. for more on what this means for california, the nation and really all of us, let's ask "today in the bay" analyst larry gurston. >> looking healthy, wealthy and wise in the new year. >> well maybe one of those. >> let's talk about why the change in power is so significant. >> you know, you turn a corner in american politics and every time there's something different. that's what's going on here as we start this new year. which ever party wins the majority of seats in congress, controls that chamber. whether it's the house or the senate. republicans as we know, won a
7:46 am
majority in the house last november. that means they're going to control all the committee chairs like the democrats did when they were in the majority. it signals a huge shift in power. >> huge shift in power. we know californians don't send a lot of republicans to washington. ha does this shift mean for us? >> it's good news and bad news here. the good news, california is going to gain four of the 21 chairmanships, that's pretty good considering. two of those committees are very important, darrell issa is going to be the new chair of the oversight and government reform committee, he plans to launch several investigations into the workings of the obama administration. you can imagine how they feel about that, right? as head of the rules committee, david drier will be able to direct the flow of legislation wherever it goes, he'll be able to say goes to this committee, that committee which is very important in the process. bad news. the bad news comes of all places here to the bay area. why so? well, nancy pelosi, the most powerful legislature of all, speaker, she's got to step down
7:47 am
because now she's in the minority party. they're going to lose more, two of the democrats zo laufman from san jose will no longer run the ethics committee. we've heard about that in recent weeks. george miller will no locker chair the education and labor committee. very important for education and welfare bills going through. three southern californiaens will also lose committee chairs. from a regional perspective it's something different. southern california gains power, northern california loses it. >> okay. with republicans now in control, what kind of policy nervetives do you think will be pushed to the forefront? >> this is where democrats just have to be bracing for all kinds of chaos about to roll their way, right. republicans are going to try to roll back the health care reforms, we know that, replace and repeal was their signature saying during the elections. they're going to try to reverse the democratic regulations on banks, on financial services, on climate control issue. they're going to shoot for permanent adoption of a tax cuts that have been extended for
7:48 am
these last -- next two years and the republicans will try to cut government spending for social programs. now, democrats aren't going to roll over in the senate, okay. let's be clear about that. but the days which the democrats controlled both the houses and the white house, that's gone and so now the work gets tough for both sides. no question about it. >> it gets tough. can't be all bad that it's divided. >> no. i think -- >> it all depends on how you look on it. you know, some people will say this is going to bring about gridlock, no question about it. others will say this new arrangement is going to force compromise. either way, chris, every move that happens from this day on, is a move that in some way or another is going to relate to the election of 2012 and so these parties and these sides in the house and senate are going to be plotting like crazy to try to get as much as they can done for themselves and their positions between now and that election day. >> okay. we'll be watching for more of your political perspective in 2011. always get larry's political
7:49 am
insight on his blog, nbc bay type in prop thank you, larry. happy new year. at the stroke of midnight on new year's day, iphones around the world fritzed out. apple is admitting might be a clich in the built-in alarm clock system. some alarms won't go off at the set time. apple says it is working on the issue and will have it fixed by tomorrow. so from late tomorrow, if you have a iphone a way to fix the glitch. the issue is only affecting nonrepeat alarms. those of you who are -- those are the alarms that you set once and don't use again. apple says just set it as though it is a recurring alarm and then the alarm should work just fine. more than 1.7 million people are affected by this issue worldwide. more when all those don't show up for work. apple will have the glitch fixed by tomorrow. set it for recurring instead of
7:50 am
nonrecurring. i think that's what we did last time. 7:49 now. take a live look at san jose, rain is coming up from the south to the north. strange little weather pattern on the radar. we'll talk with rob mayeda about that weekend forecast. the rest of it. and then what not to say, an american university releases its list of the words that need to go bye-bye in 2011.
7:51 am
7:52 am
take a live look from the camera lens of aaron murphy, one of our favorite morning photographers. she's willing to get up bright and early. maybe a little folks are heading out for the first stab at the nur year's resolution. some still enjoying the holiday. take a live look at 9 at squall valley and see some of the backup there. it is snowy and if you are expecting folks coming home this weekend after some fun, expect that they might be a little
7:53 am
late. >> right. >> takes some time to get out this morning. snow levels near 3500 feet this morning, so that's a lot of real estate to drive through. you can have snow heading back down the mountain this morning. around the bay area we had good rain pushing through san jose, kind of a cool start to the morning, especially out to the north bay. we're seeing temperatures down to 41 degrees in fairfield, 48 livermore, 50 in san jose. now as we head through the afternoon we're not going to really see the temperatures move a whole lot. the winds are still generally coming out of the northeast, that's cooler air dropping in from sacramento, moving back to the delta into the bay area. and we will continue to see periods of rain like this that we saw earlier this morning. take a look at time lapse from going back to about 5:00 this morning. the bands of good downpours pushing through san jose and the active weather continues to fly around morgan hill and gilroy. you can see the progression of the showers from south to north, same story as we head over to livermore, san ramon and tri-valley this morning. the rain drifting from the south. the interesting thing as we move
7:54 am
further north, notice the rain isn't quite as intense. see around san francisco, hit and miss downpours as times. as we jog off to the north bay, various south of petaluma, the east and northeast winds blowing through the north bay, kind of tends to dry things out and most of the moisture is swinging by to our south this morning. see the spin off shore here and that's also some off shore thundershowers. saw the flash of lightning off the central coast. this is a cold and unstable air mass that will be moving in just to the south of san jose for the afternoon. that's the reason why from santa cruz southward may see an isolated thundershower. rainy start to the morning around the south bay, afternoon scattered showers and chilly, sunny breaks later on and then the action swings into southern california come monday as the low parks over southern california. most of the showers by monday will be south of san jose, still a slight chance you could see a few showers for your commute, mainly from the south bay and by monday afternoon things should start to dry out as we approach the start of your work week
7:55 am
tuesday and wednesday. for the sierra you saw the pictures along interstate 80 and highway 89. snowy today, then eventually a little less snowy as we head into monday and tuesday. hour by hour today, scattered showers around the bay area, shifting further south. in fact, south of the south bay, by tomorrow morning, see most of the heavier rain right around gilroy and santa cruz. could get an inch or two around the santa cruz mountains by tomorrow. again the focus shifts further south by the time we get into monday afternoon and tuesday. we really start to dry out. high temperatures today running quite cool. not much different than what we're seeing with upper 40s to low 50s for highs. truckee 28 degrees. snow flying in the sierra this morning, close to 3500 feet. so the seven-day forecast, looks a little soggy today, but tomorrow the showers should be mainly south of san jose, just for the morning and then tuesday, wednesday, thursday, i even think most of friday will be dry and then the next chance of showers mainly for the north bay and that's kind of iffy at this point. we'll put that in pencil. maybe it will be invisible ink
7:56 am
by next weekend. things are trending drier once we get out of the system that will move through southern california come tomorrow. >> i like pencils, sometimes it's hard to commit. thanks, rob. i'll talk about an epic fail, a michigan university is releasing words that should be banished in 2011. lake superior university says that the words are so overused and misused we should dump all these. epic, failed, they make the list often used incorrectly. bff for best friends forever and sarah palin's mama grizzlies. facebook and google make the list because they are used as verbs instead of the nouns they are. the top rated must go word of 2011, viral. often used to describe rapidly spreading videos over the internet it is a medical term and the university says it should stay that way. the university began its list in 1976 and gets about a thousand word nominations every year through its website.
7:57 am an all new "meet the press" starts in a few minutes. here's david gregory with a preview. >> coming up a new year and new challenges for the president and republicans as the 112th congress convenes this week. can both sides compromise on tough issues such as the job, debt and deficit or does 2011 promise to be a year of grid lock in advance of the 2012 race. our lead news maker, the senior republican from south carolina, member of the armed services committee, senator lindsay graham. our round table weighs in with the political forecast for 2011, thae it's all this morning on "meet the press." >> we want to thank you for making us a part of your morning. our next news cast is at 11:00 because we will be watching football, st. louis at seattle, starting at 4:00. then followed by a full hour of sports sunday prime time. "meet the press" with david gregory is next. be careful out there. still slick roadways. >> another day. >> happy new year.
7:58 am
we'll see you next weekend.
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