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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 3, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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governors, at able 73. nbc bay area's elise kirchner joins us live from sack crem cent toe where the governor is celebrating tonight and the hard business begins tomorrow, elise. >> reporter: it does, governor brown arrived here an hour ago, the california state railroad museum. inside turks is a packed house, but like his inauguration today it is a scaled-down event. rushing to office he left 28 years ago, jerry brown is sworn in as california's 39th governor. >> the year ahead will demand courage and sacrifice. >> reporter: with an estimated $28 billion budget deficit, the 72-year-old is inheriting a much different, more troubled state than the one he led almost 30 years ago. >> at this stage of my life, i have not come here to embrace delay and denial.
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>> reporter: during his previous two terms, brown was criticized for being distracted by his ambition for higher office. this time around, he is too old to run for higher office but after reducing his 98-year-old aunt, he gave a warning to anyone vying for a job. >> those who are hankering after my job, it may be a while, so -- [ laughter ] so, relax. god willing, the genes are good. >> reporter: lieutenant governor-elect, gavin newsom, who first planned to run for the governor's job was in attendance. he delay his inauguration until next week. >> i'm so glad what happened in terms of this race at every level because it is an extraordinary time and he is an extraordinary person and he has nothing to lose except trying to fail more efficiently. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown echoed his sentiment. >> it is going to be an incredible challenge, an incredible challenge, and that's why the speech was so significant. it was incredible.
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>> reporter: brown's speech lasted about 15 minutes but said the scaled-down inauguration was also his most significant yet. >> you know, when you get older you get a little more emotional. gets more serious. >> reporter: governor brown is said to announce his plan to deal with the state's serious budget deficit some time next week. as far as today's events, they are said to have cost around $100,000. live in sacramento, elise kirshn kirshner, nbc news. >> what an interesting four years it will be. thank you very much. in no smart part because california is a much different state today than it was when brown first took office 36 years ago. our state population has grown by nearly 16 million people since 1975. there are now 53 members of the house. before that, it was 43. the average in-state tuition was $647 back then t is now more than $11,000. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston is going to join must a few minutes to talk about
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what these changes mean for his new term. on a lighter note earthquake the oakland a's were the world series champs in 1975 this year, of course it is the san francisco giants. elton john's of cover of the beatles' "lucy in the sky with diamonds" was at the top of the charts, now "firework" by katy perry reigns. "jaws" was tonight-grossing film, now it is "toy story 3-d." camilla harris made history today. >> that i will support and defend. >> with her sister alongside her, harris sworn in this afternoon, becoming the first woman and the first minority to hold california's top law enforcement office. the former san francisco d.a. narrowly defeated los angeles district attorney steve cooley. the race so close, harris wasn't even declared the winner until weeks after the election. a state attorney general has pledged to make gang crime, mortgage fraud and high-tech
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crimes a top priority. back to politics. now, urgent and necessary, those are the words federal investigators used in new safety recommendations for pg&e in the wake of the disastrous san bruno explosion. nbc bay area's marianne favro is here with the details of the recommendations the national transportation safety board made today. marianne? >> reporter: today, the national transportation board made seven recommendation and almost all are considered urgent. federal investigators are still looking into what caused the september 9th explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes but they suspect a pipeline may have ruptured under extreme pressure. so among the urgent recommendations is for pg&e to identify alls of the gas transmission lines that have not been tested for safe operating pressure. and the ntsb wants california regulators to closely monitor that testing. it also calls on pipeline operators to make sure all their records are accurate.
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pg&e had said the san bruno pipeline was seamless, but it was, in fact, a seam-welded pipe. the ntsb is concerneded the seam-welded sections may not be as strong as the seamless pipe and inaccurate records could lead to unsafe operating pressures. it says, "pg&e is giving these recommendations close and immediate attention. we have been undertaking an intensive review of our pipeline records, scrutinizing and verifying thousands of documents to confirm the quality of our data." >> i admire the thoroughness that they have shown in this effort. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board announced safety board also announced plans to hold a two-day hearing in march to further investigate the san bruno explosion. marianne favro, nbc bay area news.
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>> okay, thank you, marianne. well, they are taking it to the people. city leaders in the south bay will begin asking residents what services they want cut to help balance the budget. some of the questions are sure to cause a lot of controversy. nbc bay area's damian trujillo got an advanced draft of that survey and he joins us live from san jose city hall a lot of choices people don't like there? >> reporter: that is right, jessica there is a rift right now between san jose, city hall, its police and firefighters. now, some of the questions on this survey are sure to wind that rift. maybe the police cruiser is on younger avenue because of the stolen car here on sunday or maybe because of the rash of stolen car stereos in the neighborhood and at the velazquez home. >> it feels bad, this neighborhood has been good. >> reporter: this man says there
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is a lot of insecurity lately, mace basically because the theft is considered a low-priority crime. have they come out to investigate? >> no, they haven't. >> reporter: they may never l this survey was designed to ask people what to keep and sacrifice, reducing theft and robbery investigations was one option. we posed some of the draft survey goes san jose voters. >> should police reduce their voefgs rob sflinchts no, i don't believe so. >> police officers and firefighters can retire at age 50. >> i know. i know. i think that's really too young. >> reporter: that might be one of several eyebrow-raising questions to on this year's survey, questions like should they raise the retirement age and end overtime pay for some police and fire brass? should they decrease graffiti abating, reduce responses to noninjury accidents? some say no to the public safety options. fewer of the library snounchs i'm okay with fewer library hours.
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i think with the internet it also helps with the kids. >> reporter: some burglary victims are also okay with fewer library hour it is it will help bring a sense of security back to younger avenue. another, should the city do away with the police helicopters save $1 million a year? another question, should the city weaken its s.w.a.t. team? in the past, city leaders used the results of this survey to bolster their rationale for making cuts. live at san jose city hall, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> we will hear more about this one. thank you, damian. marin supervisors are expected to hit the ground running tomorrow with a vote to stop the installation of smart meters until their potential health risks can be studied further. the moratorium declares that because of potential risks to the health, welfare and safety of county residents, the board wants to stop installation of smart meters by pg&e in unincorporated areas while the study goes on.
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violators would face fines and inspection fees imposed by the county. the marin county town of fairfax has halted installation of smart meters. the county says letters to the state puc asking for more study have gone unanswered. if you are ever arrested in california, police can search through your text messages without a warrant. that word coming down today from the state supreme court ruling in a ventura county case. the ruling follows a present set by u.s. supreme court decisions that allowed warrantless searches for personal property immediately associated with the person that's under arrest. there is probable belie very little studying going on at stanford tonight. the fourth ranked cardinals are playing virginia tech in the orange bowl. nbc bay area's kent wilhoite checks out the pregame buzz on campus. >> reporter: chimes of hoover tower share the air with the buzz not heard since the turn of the century. >> going to go down today. >> very huge. >> stanford. >> reporter: cardinal, who haven't been to a major bowl
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game since 2000 enjoying their best season since 1940. >> i'm excited. we haven't had a good team for a long time and now that andrew luck is here and playing well, number four in the nation, i'm ready, definitely ready. don't is a great night and i'm ready for that victory. >> reporter: stanford, known for its brains is sporting braun. >> everyone on campus is excited about it everyone getting together to watch game and i have a lot of bud days this went down to miami. >> i'm just overwhelmed. i love this school and it is perfect. just the perfect way to start off my year. >> reporter: this is stanford's first appearance in the orange bowl, for some this season holds promise for the future. >> 0-12 before and now orange bowl, crazy success story, come back. >> reporter: who knows, maybe next year, everything will be coming up roses. >> really hoping for a rose bowl, like most of the students here but now, i mean, or the ran edge bowl is a good second thing, don't mind. if only we beat oregon this year, would have been in the national championship.
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>> reporter: at stanford, ken wilhoite, nbc be bay area news. >> having trouble focusing because of the stanford game. >> i want to know what's going on. i want to get back to my television set. did you see this? >> i did. raj is up with more on the orange bowl, the second thing and why it is such a bittersweet time for fans. but first you can the new era for our statement we will talk about the advantage jerry brown may have when it comes to succeeding where oer governors failed. you could be risking life to lose weight. warning about a popular diet pill. good evening, i'm chiefre meteorologist jeff ranieri, this first full week of 2011 setting into a little bit of a drier pattern, temperatures dropping quickly, mid and upper 40s in the east bay, the south bay tonight, watching for some fog. we will have detaihe ra when rain returns to the bay area, coming up.
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>> very excited and i think all my ancestors are probably watching this, 'cause they have gone through a lot of tough times but they accomplished a lot, too. >> yes, he has been secretary of state, governor twice before, mayor, attorney general, now governor again. these jerry brown, who was sworn in today and we do have right now a live look at his inaugural party, which is going on at the railroad museum in sacramento, this, too, fairly austere occasion. word was i think they are going to serve hot dogs, not a fancy state dinner of any sort. that's for sure. that is not jerry brown. let's bring in nbc bay area police cal analyst larry gerston, jerry brown is making history. >> hot dogs and chips, tom, wasn't that austere. big for brown and the state, big for brown, on the second time a
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person has been elected three terms in government norship, that itself. he is also the oldest person ever elected to government norship, the first time, 36, made him the youngest person elected to the governorship and for the state, another story, too. it is big because of the lengthy budget crisis, by the way, both previous governors, gray davis, a democrat, and arnold schwarzenegger, a republican, failed to resolve. we are running out of time, brown maybe the last person to save this state from going over >> when it comes to solving this budget crisis, will brown be able to do what his predecessors could not? >> that's the big question. immediately, we know there are two hurdles in his path. first, have to think about getting an agreement from the legislature to pass a series of tax mesh on that june ballot everybody is talking about. guess what that requires a two-thirds vote. the democrats don't have two-thirds of the legislators which means brown's going to have to make some serious budget promises, reform promises to
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republicans to, get their support if they get it at all. second, brown's gonna have to convince the moaters that matters are so dire that they must, they must agree with these measures, otherwise, they are going to have difficulties we can't possibly imagine. you know what starting to get this idea that it is important, but i tell you, just remember last november, they turned down $18 for a motor vehicle tax, $18, the kind of hurled he has with the voters, he has to get them going. >> but seems to be the same old state legislature. what is different today that might allow brown to succeed where others haven't been able to? >> there are things we have to take into consideration. first, people are beginning to see the extent of the state's problem, poorly funded schools, terrible roads, eliminated local government service and programs are taking their tolls on californians. second, brown niece the player he ers in sacramento, been around
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them many years. third, jerry brown of today. guess what not jertry brown of 36 years ago. the idealist of yesterday is the pragmatic today. the brash, young governor of 36 years ago, he's lot wiser today. now, none of this is to say that brown is going to have an easy time, that is for sure, he is not. you about this had is an opportunity and the state's political window is open just enough, tom, that he may be able to crawl through it. >> the thing of it is, too, larry, all of must california, all of us, know exactly what his job is and what he has to accomplish, i don't think anybody is underestimating how difficult it is going to be. >> a tough road. >> larry gerston, thank you as always. facebook maybe the world's largest social networking site with 500 million-plus members but founder mark zuckerberg says there is plenty of room for growth. and russia is the next great frontier for facebook. it launch there had in april and ranked number five but industry insiders say that growth is impressive. facebook deals with russian wireless carriers so subscribers can tap into th mobile version.
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russians spend more than nine hours month on social networking with sites. the company is hoping inroads in russia could lead to markets in nearby china as well. and while most people are racing toward social media, d.c. comics is racing back to the bat cave with a classic idea. the company that brings you heroes like batman and the green lantern announced today they are bringing back the reader's letter page, time when fans would write in with their thoughts and suggestions on plot lines. the company says they are responding to a chorus of fans worldwide who are calling for a return of the letter page. it is not a story book ending for the nation's second biggest book store chain. borders in serious financial trouble, forcing it to close 186 book stores nationwide, including two in the east bay. the border express at concord sun valley mall and the borders express in hayward are expected to close by the end of the month. with the huge rise in online book sales and ereader, board withers has been forced to not
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only close stores, but also to stop payments of some publishers. a study of thousands of american toddlers and babies find many are obese before they have taken their first bites of actual food. researchers in michigan found one in three babies were either obese or at risk for the condition by the time they reached nine months as well as 34% of toddlers. boys were more likely to be obese than girls, as are latino children and those living below the poverty level. recent studies show that certain kinds of formula could be to blame for weight gain. obesity at a young age sets children up for a love time weight struggle and increased risk for health problems. there is a warning tonight about a popular weight loss supplement.o the fda is urging people not to use fruta planta and reduced weight fruta planta.
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it contains a drug that was taken off the market last year. >> any time you get a central nervous system stimulant, you are at risk of heart problems. >> the warning is a reminder to all consumers that the government dsn't closely monitor over-the-counterweight loss supplements. instead, it is recommended pursuing a much safer alternative like hitting the gym and eating less. highway patrol is escorting cars over a treacherous patch of interstate 5 after recent storms created a logjam of thousands of stranded vehicles. the storm covered the area with snow and under that a coating of ice made driving extremely hazardous. today, i-5 at the grapevine is open but travel is slow going at this hour. drivers are returning from the new year's holiday after being stuck there since the cajon pass closed sunday afternoon. work crews spent the night plowing close to 35 miles of road thatter is was as the main
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link between southern and central california. when you see being stuck in that traffic having a little bit of rain and little colder temperatures, doesn't seem quite so bad for us. >> don't worry about that. >> was nice to see the sunshine for a change this morning. jeff ranieri? >> it was. i stared out my window at home and looked for quite a long time t is the sun. didn't come back out today it is a preview of what we are going to be seeing, we head throughout the week, a much-needed drying spell headed our way the next three to four days, find some speed bumps en route to the next 48 hours. for today, tom just mentioned, we had some sunshine, clutsd times, temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s here from the east bay down into the south bay, nothing too out of character for this time of year, right now, temperatures are dropping quickly, we had that cloud cover today act least for some of us in the inland spots, the south bay, and now these skies starting to clear, temperatures dropping down to 48, livermore ready, 50, san mateo, 46 right now in navado. so losing that heat and quickly.
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a look outside here in san francisco, you can see currently it is clear. warmer near the coast, that pacific water helps you insulate those coastal cities. now, meanwhile, while we are not looking at any storm systems the next 48 hours, a clear pattern overhead this area of high pressure developing offshore, going to bring us back some fog, we head into the next two to three mornings and that is going to be accompanying these cold starts to our mornings. 38 in livermore, 5 a.m., 39, san jose, temperatures upper 30s across the peninsula, mid to 30s throughout the bay. temperatures only expecting the upper 40s to low 50s. get a look, any travel delays, you will find them in minneapolis, chicago, rather benign snow at this point, no major large storms here across the united states. we are going to tell you about when rain returns in my 7-day forecast, we will also detail how low temperatures will be going tonight in a little bit. >> okay, thanks, jeff, see you in a bit. well, just ahead, new year, same problems, the move ahead
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this week to repeal the health care reform law. plus, a crude video lands one top naval officer in hot li do aboutsnoes ithmilitat?rylan do about i [ female announcer ] when you're coughing, can't breathe, new icy hot no-mess vapor gel soothes airways with cooling vapors. new icy hot no-mess vapor gel. [ sighs ]
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>> there is a really good chance you're going to be offended. >> nbc news has learned that the captain responsible for lewd videos will be temporarily relieved of his command as of tomorrow. the videos in question show captain owen honors using gay slurs, simulating sexual acts and other raunchy activity. former fighter pilot carrie lorenz says he did go too far. >> at the end of the day, we need to let the navy work through this process and figure out where the facts are in this. >> in a statement to the virginian pilot newspaper, the navy says its leadership has put a stop to the videos with "inappropriate content" on the "uss enterprise" in 2006 and 2007.
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it could be a very prosperous new year for a fremont lottery player. someone matched five of the nine -- pardon me, five of the six numbers in the december 3rd megamillions drawing but they have jet yet to cash in on the prize. the ticket bought at a shell station on auto mall parkway. these are the numbers, 18, 56, 6, 12, 11, with a meganumber of 12. the winner has less than six months to claim $227,000 in prize. this week could be a chance to be the millionaire because tomorrow night's jackpot is a near record-setting $330 million with a cash value of $208 million. please, please, rescue me. >> that would solve my budget crisis. >> exactly. still ahead, a different kind of mayor. jean kwan takes her post as oakland's new leader. how she plans to stir things up. plus, the future comes to visit for a few days. we will show you what's cooking at the consumer electronics show. and shock and outrage,
6:27 pm
governor schwarzenegger cut backed sentence of their son's attacker. fam fyilro area family who says politics is outweighing justice here. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose.
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governor schwarzenegger ended his term in office with some drama. he commuted the sentence of esbteban nunez, the son of former house speaker fabian nunez that decision outraged one family. nbc bay area's george care yamma is in concord now with the parents of the murder victim in the nunez case. george in. >> reporter: that's right, tom, we talked to his mother and father tonight and they are really upset, they told me they feel blind sided by the whole thing. they had no idea, no warning whatsoever this was going to happen. their son, luis with santos was stabbed to death during a late night fight, october, 2008, near san diego state. esbteban nunez was sentenced to 16 years after pleading guilty to manslaughter and assault with
6:30 pm
a deadly weapon. last night one, of his final acts as governor, schwarzen in eggary nounsed he was reducing you the sentence from 16 years to seven years. the santos family is outraged, feel just has been diminished and believe this is an obvious case of political favoritism, bailing out the son of a former speaker and long-time friend. >> filed appeal its and all denied through the court system, so old buddy arnold fixed t. >> reporter: the santos family saying when nunez or schwarzen joke negger run for another political office, they will bring this issue up to the voters. live in concord, george care y'all marks nbc bay area news. >> obvious questions here,
6:31 pm
george, thank you. in oakland today, jean kwan was sworn in to be oakland's 49th mayor. succeeds mayor ron dellums chose not to seek re-election. >> earlier in the day, kwan toured chinatown, where her ancestors immigrated more than 100 years ago. she thanked the community and pledged to become a different kind of oakland mayor. >> i promise to be more accessible, we will be and literally opening up my office today. >> reporter: from there on to the recently restored fox theater which many have called the symbol of oakland's rebirth. >> truly to the best of your ability perform duties of the office of mayor forever the city of oakland?
6:32 pm
>> i do. >> reporter: after taking the oath of office, kwan vowed to increase volunteerism in the city. she says she created education council for approved schools and push for more local hiring. she also urged residents to help out by shopping. >> each of us would shop about a quarter more in oakland, it would be enough to fill my gap for hiring more police. >> reporter: kwan faces bigger hurdles as oakland heads towards a stark financial future. >> we have about a $35 million budget shortfall this year and even greater budget shortfall the following year. we have got to figure out how to close that gap. >> reporter: following her inauguration, kwan met with a community hungry for change. >> we have a real public safety problem in oakland and that is i think, the big challenge ahead, always the challenge and going tonight challenge for team kwan. >> reporter: as her own an ser faced challenges in oakland, she isn't daunted by the days ahead.
6:33 pm
>> my story is one of the stories in oakland, together we are going to create an epic story of a great city. a 2007 bill that allocated $207 million in bonds to expand prisons and jails remains nearly dormant. planning and construction for 8400 beds is under way but a mere fraction of the 53,000 new beds needed to reduce overcrowding among inmates. a san francisco senator wants to review the 8900 bill to reee val wait how the money should be spent three years after governor schwarzenegger signed it. in the nation's capital, house republicans are living up to their pledge to repeal the landmark health care law.
6:34 pm
republicans are already vowing to repeal president obama's landmark health care bill in a vote that is set for january 12th. and while the president still has veto power, the gop plans to cut off funding for the law and republican darrell issa of california will chair the house oversight economy he that plans to investigate the bailout of mortgage companies, fannie mae and freddie mac. the committee is also expected to take aim at stimulus spending during the historic recession. right now, the current blend of gasoline is at 10%. groups say the epa does not have the authority under the clean air act to approve a plan for fuel used in some engines but not others. air trouble tell you about, a man arrested after making a scene on a flight to our nation's capital this morning. other passengers aboard the u.s. airways flight out of boston says the man refused to hang up his cell phone and sit down. they also say they heard odd noises from his carry-on luggage but investigators found no threat. he was formally charged with
6:35 pm
disorderly conduct and interfering with the operation of an aircraft. he will be back in court march 15th. there is an unusual invitation from one of this country's biggest terror concerns in a letter obtained by the associated press today. iran invited russia, china, the european union with and allies in the arabs and developing world to tour its nuclear sites. the invitation for two weeks from now appears to be a move to gain support for more talks from u.s. and other world powers. tehran denies allegations their nuclear programs will be used to make weapons, saying the program was meant only to generate fuel for a network of nuclear reactors. the suggested tour dates are january 15th and 16th. two iran allies have already send the invitation. today marks year seven for the mars rover on mars, but spirit hasn't called home since march. nasa doesn't know if spirit is dead or alive, given that we are talking about a robot but
6:36 pm
listening for any peep as it remains mired in a sand trap a pair of mars orbitters has been making passes daily listening in, but spirit has been hibernating since march, presumably to preserve power. originally designed to roam around mars, it has lived long past the warranty. both uncovered geological evidence of ancient water on the planet. still ahead at six, how overeating may actually change the way your brain reacts to food. a big breakthrough in screening for cancer. how saving your life could come down to just one drop of blood. plus, the future of our economy depends on t we have a glimpse into this week with's consumer electronics show. good evening, i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, the sun made an appearance today, after dives on again/off again rainfall in the bay area. temperatures low to middle 50s, however right now the next weather story moving in, cold
6:37 pm
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right now on, historic site at one san francisco beach where you can catch receipt michbs a ship from the 1800s. k st searcwrshh onecip the remains of am the 1800s. just search shipwreck on [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami. big. hot. pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles,
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mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway. in medical news tonight, an experimental blood test has the potential to sniff out a single rogue cancer cell lurking in the body. johnson & johnson is helping to develop a test for public use. many cancer experts around the country will begin clinical trials on the blood test. it is predicted to detect even a single cancer cell still circulating in the body after treatment. the tests would be the first to produce such results. >> you don't see a tumor on a cat scan, a ct scan, until it has grown a certain side. this could be more sensitive than imaging. >> if the trials prove
6:40 pm
successful, doctors say has the potential to replace die buy oncies to check for cancer cells that sprea d. doctors will be given early indication also a treatment is working. another reason to stick to a diet if you have packed on pounds this holiday a new study finds that weight gain may actually change the brain's response to food. yale researchers gave a group of obese and overweight adults milk shakes. an mri found decreased activity in the reward region of the brain. those with the highest body mass index had the lowest response, meaning eating delicious food numbs that effect making people feel like they need more yummy food to get satisfied. if you are vote mote vad to join a gym, we have important tips before you sign that contract. make sure you visit the gym at different times of the day to see how busy it really s look it up with the better business bureau to see if it has complaint and talk to some of the people who are members. other tips, read the fine print in the contract, very important. look for those hidden fees.
6:41 pm
make sure everything you were promised is actually in writing and whatever you do do not feel pressured to join. well, sports tonight, all about the farm. >> the farm. >> let's talk to raj mathai right now. >> the farm and a lot of drama. i think we lead the nation in dramatic stories around here. john elway back on the farm and he has got some news for the current stanford head coach, jim harbaugh. elway and harbaugh, that drama just picking up right now the 49ers and raiders cleaning out their lockers today, you want just the normal soundbite, the reaction after the season, you are not going to get it here, interesting things from those locker rooms. and jeremy lind, the warriors star by the way of palo alto high school, big news for him today. jeff ranieri, what do you have? >> talking about cold temperatures in the south bay, dropping down to the mid-40s. we will talk about who will get the coldest tonight, plus when rain ra fens w s.tea few nu
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
okay, i'm hoping for a little sunshine. do you think jeff ranieri will have that? >> i think he will. he is standing by now, let's put the pressure on him. >> so confident, i wore my yellow tie today, means sun for tomorrow that is usually an indication. we are going to talk about more sunshine in the next four days but also want to talk about a little bit in southern california, we had certainly weather that stranded folks this past weekend just north of los angeles, rainfall season astonishing 298% of normal.
6:44 pm
we had snowfall up here into santa clarita. pretty rare along the grapevine, does happen this snow so bad, strands drivers 40 miles north of downtown los angeles, some families did find ways to have fun, making snowmen in their backyards and well, it was quite a winter wonder land. short lived temperatures did help to melt that snow and those problems on the grapevine just outside of los angeles now starting to subside as those temperatures have started to warm. we do have sun coming back here, not only the bay area but los angeles, much-needed rainfall alleviate the flooding concerns they have had the past weeks or so back bay area, 100 to 150% of normal for the rainfall season, not quite as much rainfall as los angeles but certainly doing very well to start off 2011. look at this, santa rosa leading the pack, 144% of normal there up into the north bay.
6:45 pm
so, a strong start to 2011. meanwhile, temperatures dropping strong here across the bay area, 47 already in livermore, 46, concord, 43, fairfield, 43, napa, along with these cold temperatures, see patchy fog develop in the inland spots, the ground is so moist from those recent rapes, watch out for patchy fog on tuesday, but most importantly, sunshine is returning, so tom and jessica, going to be extra happy. we did have a little bit of cloud cover moving off toward the south today no major storm system in sight, even though it looks very active out here, all of that is heading to the north. going to see this ridge of high pressure move in, it is what moves in across the summertime in the bay area to clear us out, but also once again going to bring patchy fog problems for the next two to three mornings here, temperatures senate 50s, by the midday and afternoon hours, perfect weather to head outside and enjoy t all right, 6 a.m. in the east bay starting off with that patchy fog, mid-30s, need the jackets for the kids, they head back, colder spots, los gatos, 34, santa rosa
6:46 pm
popping down to 33 at this point. tuesday, here it is mid-50s in the south bay and while we will start off with that patchy fog, that sun will be coming back out. 53, dublin, 55, livermore, mid-50s bay side communities, 54 in richmond, also 54 in san francisco, right up to fairfield, 53 napa valley, looking at the mid-50s, up toward the north bay, a beautiful day from navado to sonoma morning time on the weather channel on cable anything, national traveling delays. on your 7-day forecast, we are looking at clear weather, temperatures in the mid-50s. our next chance of showers, not coming back till about sunday evening to monday. at that, not even a big storm system, follow the cold right here for you in the weather department. back to you. >> and now the x finity sportsdesk on nbc bay area news. happy new year, first monday of 2011 and comes nooz surprise, we have a lot of drama on both
6:47 pm
sides of the bay. in this case, drama equals money. 30 million bucks, considered the minimum for what it is going to take for jim harbaugh to leave stanford what he commands. if you believe the word on the street earthquake the 47-year-old stanford football coach is done, leaving stanford after tonight's orange bowl. harbaugh is the hottest coaching candidate on the market. stanford loved john el way, at the game serving as the honorary captain. elway, runs the denver broncos there he is, at the game tonight and yes, we will chat with harbaugh regarding the broncos ray is can circumstance probably heard by now the 49ers also seeking harbaugh and believed the university of michigan wants him to return to campus as well. here is our own analyst weighing in. >> being around him, you know, he was very enthused. he wanted to win, very competitive and i think that's why he had so much success at stanford to. >> keep in mind, jim harbaugh was a raiders assistant coach when jerry rice played for the raiders during that super bowl season of 2002.
6:48 pm
harbaugh classic, him on sports sunday in studio a couple times, gotten some point-blank, his plans for next season are. he simply said he is the head coach at stanford for now. here now is the buzz today on campus. remember, the first day of classes. >> let's hope he doesn't 'cause he is doing really well right now and the team doing really well, so homely, want to stay here. >> i would love for him to stay, especially the next four years of my life. but we wish him the best of luck. and i just thank him for everything he has done for the football team. >> still at stanford for right now. how good is jim harbaugh? stanford the fifth ranked team in the nation, highest ranking since 1940. by the way, right now, stanford leading virginia tech in the orange bowl, 13-9. the 49ers reportedly targeting jim harbaugh, which mean it is the end of the jim/tom sewell era, interim head coach who loves to smile and clap and cheer, still having a ball. yesterday the niners dominated
6:49 pm
the cardinals 38-7, but it cannot disguise this team's problems. team headquarters today, cleaning out their lockers and packing up after a lousy 6-10 record this team now in search of a new general manager, in search of a new head coach and a franchise quarterback. alex smith is likely done in santa clara. >> you know, i'm moving forward, who knows where, if that's what you're asking. there's a lot of what ifs left in the offseason. >> i got a lot left in the tank, a lot of sap left in the tree. i love playing this game. and if you have some more questions, you can check me of out on twitter, tequila spice 51. >> he is popping his twitter page right on our air. the raider nous have a dilemma here, finish with an 8-8 record, best finish in eight years. the players support their head coach, tom cable, despite continuing reports that indicate cable will be fired by al davis as early as next week.
6:50 pm
the blue collar coach and that's what this organization needs. and he is not gonna -- excuse my french, not gonna [ bleep ] you. >> am i surprised by it? no. i would like it to go away and sit down and discuss it, which they will. i know what we have done, think anybody who knows football knows what we have done. >> so who ever sit there is writes it, i don't know what the hell they are doing. you can quote that. >> we can quote him on that see what happens between tom cable and al davis. get to some basketball tonight, familiar faces, see if you can recognize these guys, the war glors orlando. do you rear few years back, many moons ago, hello to gilbert arenas, also jason richardson. franchise players here at oakland, now they both play for the magic. the warriors had a great first half, stefan curry the three-ball from the corner. orlando exploded in the third quarter, gilbert arenas traded from the wizards to the magic, hits a throw in the third quarter, the imaginic get
6:51 pm
rolling there, here comes gilbert arenas, the game final, the warriors lose 110-90 one final from the war, i don't jeremy lynn will rejoint team, out of palo alto high school, demoted to the developmental league a few weeks ago, rejoin the warriors as early as tomorrow in new orleans. tom and jessica no longer stay at the holiday inn, he will get back to the ritz carlton. >> well, that's -- >> upgrade everybody want. >> that is important. it was fun watching jim yesterday. >> smiling throughout that game. >> a good time. that he was fun. thank you, raj. it is the biggest tech show in the country and it's got all sorts of bay area companies on their way to las vegas. our business and tech reporter scott budman will be there, too, and tonight he has a preview of when's hot. >> reporter: it's the biggest show to show off what's new. and this year's consumer electronics show promises to be even bigger than last year as
6:52 pm
the economy improves and people start to buy mortgagets. yeah you know, i mean kind of where everybody meets up and shows off their latest and greatest, we certainly want withed to be where the action was at. that is where the action is this week. >> reporter: this is some of the action from san francisco-based blue mobile's new game, "gun brothers." and with tablet computers taking center stage, gamemakers like glue will get a lot of attention. >> we counted 47 tablets that will be introduce ted show. they will be coming out of the woodwork. >> reporter: silicon valley analysts said thanks largely to the success of apple ipad, mobile devices will be all the rage at ces, putting app makers in the spotlight. >> some of the big ones are going to go to the show because they want to make a splash and they want to show off what they
6:53 pm
have got and get more attention and this type of a show, if you can get the media to come over and cover you, is worth a lot of money to them. >> we are supporting all the latest tablet's as and smart ph across the different devices and oss and quite a number of games social games, free to play, free to download. >> crucial to our economy, important enough for hundreds of bay area companies to head to vegas. ces officially kicks off thursday. crowds are expected to be bigger than they were last year. we will it will be wednesday night, send sending back reports for tv, the web and on twitter. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. one wild donation, the charity getting millions of dollars from brad pitt angelina jolie aanndli jolie and why it ts close to homeor them. [ scott ] my family's been in the dairy business
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6:56 pm
since right after the turn of the century. my grandfa, al dairyman. and then my father, duane. i started out with my dad and my brother. [ scott ] when you have a family situation, it's just a progression. my position is at the bottom ofhe totem pole. [ scott ] when you have a family situation, since the boys came in, i've worked my way all the way down. [ laughs ] he's teasing you when he says he's moving down the totem pole. he's just as important as he ever was. ♪ tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >> when i drank it like if something got stuck in my throat and i ended up coughing it out, i looked at that time and i got really grossed out because i saw there was stuff floating around in t. >> vacuum sealed, pasteurized, 100% natural juice, but what if your favorite juice is not just juice. see what's hiding in many fruit drinks and how to know if yours
6:57 pm
is tainted, tonight at 11:00 after "the biggest loser where are they now" here on nbc bay area news. brad pitt and angelina jolie donating $2 million to the wildlife sanctuary in namibia, where they spent christmas with their children. during the stay at the sanctuary, pitt and jolie's children helped feed and care for orphaned baboons and foxes and also saw a leopard released back into the wild. the $2 million donation was made through the jolie/pitt foundation in the name of their daughter, shiloh. shiloh was born in namibia. jolie says they wanted shiloh to grow up with the understanding of the country of her birth. >> i really want to get adopted by them. >> that would be nice. >> i'm small enough. might think i'm just a kid. be a really good life. >> set up a little foundation here. >> that's it at six. see you tonight at 11:00. bye bye.
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