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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> more marines could be headed to afghanistan months before the withdrawal is proposed to start. find out why. >> could the south bay magnet be pulling in another professional team? >> accused of a cover up. the nightclub closed down. a live look outside with a chilly start on today in the bay. get to get a smell check on january. get you started on christina loren. a look at the hour by hour forecast. it's cold. >> it is cold at this hour, but we will warm up nicely under
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full sunshine. good morning in livermore. 32 degrees and you are holding steady at 30. north and east bay, take it easy. i will warm up nicely and 52 degrees. by 4:00 pl as you head home from work. a beautiful clear sky. you can't beat that. >> great temperatures there. >> hopefully the commute is okay where you are. a couple of spots where it's kind of thick. >> except for that one week between christmas and new year's, it slams down about this time. as you pass by l street, from g to l, things are slow. you get a breakthrough pittsburgh, but yesterday we saw slowing over the 242. concord as thick fog and there may be slowing as well over the highway 4 interchange. the benicia bridge has been
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given a travel advisory. it will drift through the area, but it's smooth traffic showing a 19-minute drive. a toll plaza live look shows a light volume of traffic. 6:00 a.m. and sparsely populated. we will watch the metering lights after 6:30 this morning if things go as they are now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new this morning, 1400 more u.s. marines are headed to the frontlines in afghanistan and that could double according to the wurm. robert gates is making the move because the taliban is expected to begin an offensive this spring. the first set of marines could end this month. president obama has ordered commanders to start pulling out of afghanistan starting in july. >> police are looking for more possible victims of the 60-year-old man accused of abusing a little girl in a daycare. police arrested campos and say
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his family ran the daycare for more than 10 years. he was arrested on lewd and lascivious acts on a child and looking into other victims. a new sketch could help students find an attacker at stanford. a man attacked about 6:30 as i woman was walking near us drive and sarah street. the man came from behind and tried to grab her. students are now advised to walk in groups and stay on designated paths and sidewalks. we will follow the story and bring you new updates we might get. the man accused of raping jaycee dugard and keeping her captive for 18 years is expected in court. the judge and earns in the case are expected to question potential jurors. they are asking the judge for access to a psychiatric interview with phillip garrido. the judge sealed the tapes until
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the psychologist issued a written report. he and his wife nancy are changed with kidnapping dugard. >> the party may be over at a nightclub accused of covering up violence on the dance floor. the mercury news reports staffers in san jose did not call police or an ambulance for a welcome choking on her own blood after being stomped on in the new year's eve party. it's the latest in a string of alleged cover ups at that club. the city attorney will now ask a judge to close the club in a hearing on january 24th. the club owners say that the changes are overblown. >> the hornets in the south bay. these day it's all the rage for sports teams to pitch a move. bob redell is live. depending on how you look at it, the south bay is a sports magnet or a bargaining chip. that's hard to say. good morning. we all know that the san
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francisco 49ers and the oakland a's are possibly going to move down to the south bay. what complicates the moves is a lack of a venue. they cost lots of money and a franchise is a different story. there is a venue right behind me at the hp pavilion. you may not realize, but the city came to an understanding with the owners of the hp pavilion. if a franchise were to move, they would be open to having the team play here and share the space with the san jose sharks. the hockey team. yesterday the city councilman said the path is clear for an nba team to move to san jose and the sharks said we would welcome the opportunity to discuss an nba franchise moving here. the next question, will the oracle ceo will be able to get his hands on the new orleans hornets? he denied offering $450 million
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for the team saying it was $350 million, but he was outbid by the nba. no secret he wants a franchise. he tried to buy the golden state warriors who play at the oracle arena. the warriors did play the hornets yesterday and beat them. experts think a move to san jose makes sense. there is few corporate sponsorshi sponsorships. that could change given the presence of the companies and san jose is part of a bigger tv market that would bring in more revenue. live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> interesting. thanks, bob. >> the courtship looks to have hit about a $7 million snag. that's how much the miami dolphins are ready to afr him to coach their team. the dolphins owner is in the bay area already. he will reportedly meet today.
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that's big news for the current head coach. he hasn't been fired yet. in about 15 minutes, we will talk live to a spores report and get more insight on what ross might offer. more talk of him going somewhere. it begins to surface. i don't know where it will end up. >> interesting to see. 6:07 and speaking of selling the nation's retailers, how much they sold over the holidays. scott has the latest numbers. >> people were shopping and barnes and noble reporting a 10% jump in sales for them. we saw lots of sales jumps and macy's up about 4%. fa macy's is going to employ hundreds more people and get into the e commerce more than they have in the past. mastercard reporting an 18% jump in retail sales over the
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internet over the christmas holidays. a few minutes ago, we learned of an unexpected jump in jobless claims. not all bad. we look at broader trends. this number is falling steadily. we hit the lowest first time jobless claims in two years. tomorrow we get the overall unemployment picture from the labor department. the number of jobs lost and here's hoping gained in the previous month with the unemployment rate come out at 5:30 tomorrow. they guessed really high that there were far more jobs created than experts think. we will know tomorrow morning. >> it could be a hit to your wallet. 200,000 californians see health insurance costs skyrocket. blue shield is looking to raise rates by more than 30%. if state regulateors approve, it would take effect on march 1st, the third rate increase since october. if the increase passes, hundreds
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of thousands of policy holders will see the rates go up more than 50% in five months. >> that's a lot. time now is 6:09 and we want to take a look at the morning commute. >> take you out to the golden gate bridge. clouds around the deck itself, but santa rosa and novato with dense fog. advisories continue where we had reports of black ice and frozen fog. keep that in mind as you go through the north bay. here at the bay bridge toll plaza with an easy drive approaching. we do see the cash lanes and slowing as you approach. the volume starts to increase and no metering lights yet. out of the maze and nice. off the east shore freeway. a pleasant drive off the bridge near that area. they have a fog advisory and you
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may get hit with thick fog through the north bay as well. north of the benicia or carquinas bridges. >> i want to check the forecast with 60s. it's cold this morning and will be nice later. >> yes. once we get rid of the fog, that will be the case at about 10:00 a.m. the fog is getting more and more severe in the north and the east bay this morning. you are down to a quarter mile visibility between concord and santa rosa. napa a quarter mile and fairfield with a quarter mile and concord. just take it easy. you really, really want to travel cautiously. that's the best advice i can give you. keep a safe cushion with the car ahead of you. that's good advice. things looking good. when it comes to the advisory, you deal with the fog all the way to the north in sacramento and the south towards bakersfield. the tule fog is creeping into the area. it's coming in and spreading
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into the north bay and impacting the east bay. that will be the case as we head through the next hour. it's colder out there as well in some cities. livermore is 32 degrees. 30 in gilroy and santa rosa at 30. the possibility as mike pointed out of black ice on the overpasses and bridges in particular. that will be a factor. turn the defrosters on up there. later it will be beautiful once again. 60 in oakland. 60 for los gatos and 59 degrees in santa cruz. a warm day there. 17 looks good and temperatures in the 40s. cloud cover coming up from the south. as we head throughout rest of the week, not a lot in terms of change. overnight lows back into the 40s as we head into sunday. that will be the trend through wednesday. you can throw that snuggie in the corner then, but it's cold this morning. >> have to wear one out here. thanks so much. 6:11 and crews are wrapping up i
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project that affects the commute. details in a live report. >> more mysteries to tell you about. where dozens more have been found this time. >> a study on autism and vaccines is said to be an elaborate fraud. see why, next. a live look at the san jose auto show. this is the paint on one of the cars that you can check out. it's patriotic. because of the commercial. you have seen the commercial. kind of a patriotic look to the american-made car. we will talk more about that in a little bit. [ bell rings ]
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nice and clear and check out the temperatures. we are in the 30s to start the morning. christine has the full forecast. >> this is interesting. new accusations between autism and vaccines. the colleagues are calling it a downright fraud. the controversial study was retracted from the journal last year and now this morning, 10 out of 13 offers behind the study are looking at findings that linked autism to vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella. new investigation shows wakefield and colleagues fudged facts about the patients they observed. five of the children classified
6:16 am
as normal had developmental problems before they had the shot. researchers discovered the discrepancy when they compared the medical records and the parents. measles has surged in the u.s. and europe because parents were afraid to vaccinate their children. >> a san francisco-based company is asking to start off the new year to save a life. they are hosting a be the match bone marrow drive. the company will donate $100 to the foundation. to participate, you have to be healthy between the ages of 18 and 60 and have a valid id. to donate, go to the first floor atrium in san francisco between 9:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon. a certainly story for the company. >> hope you can find matches for all kinds of patients. they have a special patient in mind. there will be a match for him as
6:17 am
well. john green has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. if he doesn't get it, this could be fatal. bone marrow donations, you don't donate right at the site. they take a cheek swab of you. it's super easy. 30 seconds or something. there is no pain or blood or anything. i have been on the registry for about 15 years and if you do match, they give you a call. they offer streaming to tablets. if you are a comcast subscriber, you can watch cable television o your tablet. it's a little bit weird in the sense that comcast said it will only work on your home wi-fi and not on somebody else's wi-fi. that has to do with complicated licensing and copyright deals. we should point out that we are nbc universal in a deal to be performed or merged with
6:18 am
comcast. i like to point out any sort of corporate stuff as we talk about. >> i want to know if we are getting free cable. >> me too. >> check the congestion. a lot of it is with mike. >> highway 4 and mike. >> antioch, we have the slowing and speeds in spots that make things bad coming off of the -- mike down. fog in through the area off the rio vista bridge and a slow drive and much more extensive than yesterday. we see the slowing showing up at bay point as well. that will be an issue and the fog coming through concord off the interchange. you may find patchy fog as well. coming out of the pass, slow driving continuing on towards north flynn with an earlier accident. that moved to the side of the road. we have speeds now dipping down into the 50s instead of the 60s. we have the beginning of the
6:19 am
slow down into livermore. a nice flow south over the golf course. fog not an issue. that will drift through the area and continuing down to san jose. no major delays and another live look shows you what things are like. a few cars lining up in the cash lanes. we will see the metering lights turned on in about 5 or 10 minutes. >> thank you very much, mike. >> exactly. you better watch out. you better keep them in separate rooms. >> somebody call a nurse. good morning to you. things are looking good. where you can see and where where you can see is the peninsula. perfect visibility. what's happen suggest we have fog creeping in from the east and it's spreading to the north. fog this morning and we had foggy starts so far. keep that in mind this morning.
6:20 am
if you are waking up in places like santa rosa or novato. freezing fog with with temperatures at or below freezing. things warm up a little bit overnight as we head through the next few days. a gradual warm up courtesy of cloud cover. that will happen as we head through tonight. we have a little system of low pressure off the coast of southern california. that will drive up a little bit of cloud cover from the south. tonight that will make it more tolerable and mild around here. here's what to expect as you head throughout the day. perfect clarity for the second half of the day. we will have brilliant sunshine and 60 in oakland and 59 degrees today in santa cruz. as we head throughout the week, take a look at the overnight lows in the 40s by sunday night. mild nights ahead. we will keep those daytime highs about where they should be in the upper 50s. back to you. >> thank you, christina. >> as you mentioned, the owner
6:21 am
of the miami dolphins is in the bay area, ready to offer stanford coach a job. >> it might include a hefty salary between $7 million and $8 million. he came from sports radio 790. good morning and thanks for talking to us. >> thank you very much for the invite. appreciate it. >> according to forbes, three times super bowl winning coach bill makes almost that much for a guy that doesn't have nfl coaching experience. what's up with that? >> it's ridiculous the way you look at it. the guy never won anything on the college level and a bowl game. hadn't won anything in the professional level as well and didn't win as a player. that is the way the nfl is today. you look last year when they decided to run away from usc and get a job in the nfl and got
6:22 am
about $5 million or $6 million. the market value was set and the dolphins are desperate. they are desperate to make a splash. desperate to turn around and with the hopes and dreams of his being a profitable organization and being one of the five teams and what he saw in the first season as owner was 20,000 plus to end the season and won the record at home. he will do anything he can to get better results. >> even get rid of the head coach? they still have him. are fans happy with him? he wants to do whatever he can. >> tony is really getting a raw deal. i called him out this morning on the show. i think he should standoff to the dolphins and quit on them for the way they are jerking him around. the thing with tony is it's not that he's a bad coach. the dolphins had a bad
6:23 am
quarterback for the last few science. one year they had a decent quarterback and won the division. tony looked like a genius and got himself in the playoffs. a bad play will doom you. you should know about that. look what's going on with the niners. >> he has interviews with them. he is one of the great quarterbacks right now. >> thanks for joining us. good to talk with you. >> my pleasure. >> how about this story. can you lose weight by giving your imagination a work out. >> i hope so. >> i'm in agreement. some say yes. we will show you how it works. a live look across the golden gate bridge. it's clear and cold. we will have the forecast coming up.
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>> grab a heavy coat and maybe
6:26 am
gloves. a cold start to the day. 30 degrees and expected highs reaching 60. it is 6:25. >> a new mysterious case of mass bird deaths is being reported. a swedish national veterinary institute said several birds were found dead in a town that i won't try to begin to pronounce. vets performed autopsies and found the birds died of internal bleeding. thousands were found on arkansas on new year's day and i believe new reports out of kentucky too. in those cases the vets said they also died from internal bleeding, but didn't find any poisoning. >> strange. healthy imagination could be the key to losing weight. according to a study, there is more to having a successful diet than eating right and working out. fantasizing about food could keep you from overindulging. the study asked a group of people to imagine eating 30
6:27 am
m&ms. another group was asked to think about placing quarters into a slot. both groups got a bowl of m&ms. the group that imagined the m&ms ate half as many. >> when you are thinking about something, you are being more careful and you end up not mindlessly eating. >> the average american gains 1 opinion 70 pounds a year and mat jority is gained during the holidays. i think dreaming of food is why i get in trouble. the international auto show kicks into gear. a live look in san jose. that event starts at 10:00 this morning. the new cars and hundreds of vehicles will be on display through sunday. they include technology being built into cars including wi-fi and satellite and you can get behind the wheel and take a test drive on the cars starting tomorrow. the tickets are $5 to $9 and
6:28 am
free for children 6 and under. will san jose get their own nba team? who is talking about making that happen? >> the man going from homeless to internet sensation sits down on the "today" show. you will hear his golden voice and details of several job offers coming up. >> a section of 880 is closing. see why in a live report. >> a live look outside as you head across the san ma teo eant forecast and the commute coming up. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters.
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the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. >> new this morning, one of california's retro fit projects takes a step towards completion in oakland today. i'm marla tellez. what it means for drivers and interstate 880 in a live report.
6:31 am
>> more people file lawsuits over the san browno explosion. we have details coming up. >> check it out. a live look across the golden gate bridge with a clear day. it is 6:30 and a chilly thursday, january 6ing on the today in the bay. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. >> we want to start with christina loren. >> this is the coldest morning we will see and the foggiest as well. high pressure compressing the moisture and left over from the system that passed through over the weekend. from concord to santa rosa and heavy fog. that will be the case until at least 9:00 a.m.
6:32 am
the fog will break apart and lots of sunshine by noon. as you head home from work, we are talking 60s in spots. 60 degrees in oakland at about 4:00 p.m. the same for fremont. what will the rest of the week hold? we will talk about that coming up. back to you. >> we want to check in with mike and take a look at what's going on. >> we will take you over to the peninsula. coming through daley city, you may get fog there. no problems and a nice easy flow of traffic at eastbound 92. the flow on 101 and 280 moving smoothly. we will see as traffic flows nicely over from the peninsula overheading over to the commute westbound. a clear view is great and thick fog in many spots. not approaching the maze. the bay bridge is okay and traffic coming out of the
6:33 am
caldecott. further north, the carquinez and benicia bridges are hit with a lost fog. one of california's retro fit projects takes a step towards completion in the city of oakland. marla tellez is live underneath 880. what drivers need to know. >> good morning, mike. right behind me is fifth avenue as you mentioned. directly below 880. less than 30 minutes, it will close. we will give you the details on that. this is part of the fifth avenue improvement project that got started about a year and a half ago. the whole point is the seismically retro fit this bridge portion of 880. here's what's happening today. from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 this afternoon, fifth avenue between embarcadero to seventh street will be closed. detour signs are posted in the
6:34 am
area. this should only affect northbound 880 traffic. drivers are being advised to stay away from the embarcadero exit from northbound 880. do not take the embarcadero exit. instead take the oak street off-ramps. detour signs will be posted directing you to your original route. southbound 880 traffic should not be affected. here's a background on the project. the brimming of 880 was built in 1949 and endured more than 60 years of wear and tear. it will widen that part of the bridge and get ready for any major earthquakes we might have. if you are in the area, crews are issuing a sound advisory. a pile driver will be today and in the days to come and crews warn that they do have a permit
6:35 am
to operate from as early as 6:00 to 9:00 at night. they say that is heavy equipment and the sound decibels get high. you can expect loud noise in the area and i have brigvibrations. a total price tag of $130 million. live in oakland this morning, marla tellez, today in the bay. >> the pipeline explosion in san bruno is having a ripple effect. regulators are issuing a warning telling energy providers to review and identify their own risks. they suggest operators consider lowering the pressure in the pipelines. that move comes on the heels of a review by pg&e on their own system that. led to the discovery that records were not accurate and did not always correctly describe in particular the san bruno segment the pipeline that blew up. they face more lawsuits over
6:36 am
september's deadly explosion. seven new lawsuits were filed in the two weeks prior to christmas. the lawsuits accused pg&e of negligence, nuisance and other claims. the september ninth blast killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. people affected are now asking where is the money? during a meeting, survivors demanded that leaders handout the $400,000 in donations that poured in after the disaster. the city has been holding the money in an account until they can follow out how to give it to victims. many people say they need it as soon as possible. they meet next tuesday to try to decide what to do next. >> a man who lost his 3-year-old daughter and the girl's mother in a deadly fire in oakland will be able to attend the funeral service before being deported to el salvador. he was in the custody of immigration when an electrical cord sparked a fire that swept
6:37 am
through an apartment complex as his daughters and their mother slept inside. his 7-year-old daughter allison is the only survivor. allison and her mother were in the country illegally. the latest and greatest in tech is being unveiled in las vegas. scott will show us the moves for movies. >> you need that why? more proteins migrate into the south bay. talks about that, coming up. a clear cold start along the peninsula. look at the golden gate bridge shotment less than a quarter mile visibility. we will tell you why in the complete forecast. ring ring progresso
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>> in a moment of moments, joanie will give us a full report and direct flights out of san francisco and san jose. today might be the day. lots of sunshine on tap.
6:41 am
lots of sunshine and fog to get through. cold temperatures. at 29 degrees in santa rosa. 32 in livermore. 39 degrees in santa cruz as we head throughout the morning. fog will be a factor. the foggiest start all week long. meanwhile you are clear along the peninsula and the south bay. what's happening is dense fog is creeping up through the delta from the central valley. high pressure is building in. it's compressing all the remnant moisture from the system that passed thru over the weekend. for us that means dense fog will continue to push through the delta as we head through the next couple of hours and will be the most intense just before sunrise which is about 7:25. you want to take it easy out there. one of the mornings to eliminate the distractions, especially if you are bundling up the little ones. you put them in a scarf that they can take off later. warming up into the 60s and checking in with 59 degrees in
6:42 am
santa cruz. the good news is if you are headed over the 17, we don't have reports of black ice, but you may find some in the south bay with freezing fog. mild nights. there in the forecast as of sunday night. back in the 40s. a bit of a warm up overnight. back to you. . >> i'm sorry. i promise you that ski report. i will deliver it right now. >> good morning on this cold morning from mammoth mountain. we are giving you a live report this morning. we are so happy to see the sun after a snow the december. a record-breaking one leaving us with a base of 11 to 18 feet of snow. absolutely fantastic conditions. we will have all the lives open and throughout weekend, looking for more stable weather. it will be a good weekend to be up here in mammoth. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, joana ie. 11 to 18 feet. we will take it. we are back after the break. ♪
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a good thursday morning. taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco international airport. it is a cold start to the day. grab a heavy coat. dress in layers. it's going to warm up considerably. we will have a look at the forecast. >> a homeless man's voice is captivating the country thanks to a viral video. his come back hit a speed bump on his way to appear on the "today" show. >> you are listening to magic 98.9. >> that's ted williams, former radio announcer who hit hard
6:46 am
times and fell victim to alcohol and drug abuse. he has been holding a sign on a highway ramp in columbus, ohio saying i have a god-given voice. he does. the video went viral. williams is getting all kinds of offers. she on the "today" show and talks about what happened as he went through airport security without id. >> we had to go all the way downtown and get a proof of residency and had to go through homeless shelters to get that filled out and get court injunctions and approval with the date of birth and all. i didn't have id or nothing. >> you can catch the rest of that at 7:30. fascinating story. where will you end up next. >> so many offers as well. certainly cold. bundle up if you have a chance before you head out. check the forecast with christina. good morning. you want to bundle up. if you are waking up in the east and north bay, give yourself
6:47 am
extra time. fog will slow you down. we have been at about a quarter mile visibility or less. down to 5 hundred feet or less. all the way between santa rosa and novato you will see socked in. you are completely socked in with fog. you want to take it easy. take a look at this. clear donees along the peninsula and the south bay. that's because the fog is creeping in through the delta and as a result we are going to see the fog probably until about 9:00 or 10:00. 34 degrees and 32 in livermore. dense fog for the entire san joaquin valley until about 10:00 a.m. as we see the afternoon sunshine make its way overhead, 60 degrees in san jose. this is going to be the warmest day of the week in the afternoon. it's also the coldest morning of the week. you have to give-and-take as mother nate sur trying to reach
6:48 am
equilibrium. 58 degrees by sunday. overnight lows back in the 40s. rein the near future. back to you. >> thanks once again. 3,000 u.s. marines could be headed to the frontlines in afghanistan. the "wall street journal" said defense secretary robert gates will send 1400 more marines to afghanistan and another 1500 might be sent in the spring because the taliban is effected to make an eventive. troops are expected to start withdrawing in july. >> the new republican-controlled house is getting ready to cut money out of the budget. before they do, they will read the constitution on the house floor. today in the bay's brian moore is live in washington with why they are doing it. good morning. >> they are going to lead every single word of the constitution from the preamble, the people,
6:49 am
to the 27th amendment. the reason is far more than symbolic. they say that every law they passed from now on will have to have a constitutional justification fwfr can come up for a vote. they will read the constitution to remind themselves and the voters what brought them to this point. there will be some of these word that is not everybody agrees with. in fact, part of the 14th amendment, there is a republican lawmaker who is trying to cut out the part that provides automatic citizenship for any child born on u.s. soil. there is democrats who believe that republicans are doing this to take a political jab and use the constitution essentially as a propaganda piece. other democrats want to join, believing this is simply a good civics lesson. laura? >> for many. thank you very much. >> the last 24 hours have been
6:50 am
swirling with rumor that is an nba team might be coming to the south bay. bob is live outside the hp pavilion to sort out the reports. bob? >> good morning to you. this all started yesterday with a blog posting that said billionaire had offered 0 $450 million. the most obvious being the hp pavilion behind me. he said the offer was $350 million and he had been outbid by the nba. the mercury news is reporting that he never settled on san jose as the home for a possible hornets move. he was trying to buy the team first and figure out what he was going to do with it. also there reports that he wasn't outbid.
6:51 am
the nba came in under the offer and still did get the hornets. the nba commissioner said he wants to keep the hornets in new orleans. the bottom line is this. the sharks could be sharing their tank with an nba team. 24 hours later, that sounds a lot less likely. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> interesting to talk about. >> elson not just looking at san jose. the south bay would be an easy fit for an nba team. >> we want to check in with skmuk he joins us by phone. thanks for talking to us. >> how are you? >> doing well. have you talked to elson or anybody about this story we have been reporting? have you talked to anybody? >> i have not talked to elson or his team. i talked to the management and the deal with the sharks is that they run the hp pavilion and will take the lead on any norths with the team.
6:52 am
we have been looking for an nba team and the sharks have an interest in having a relationship with a team. basketball and hockey could coach as long as the teams have a good relationship. it's the sharks management that has the ab dhagz we facilitate. i have not been in talks. >> do you plan to? i know he was in the bay area because they were talking about the americas cup. i was going to say world cup. the americas cup. >> the sharks management has the lead and i talked to them and if you top the do something, i will. the first step is up to the sharks management. i am available and willing to help if they have interest. >> what are can you do realistically. we talked about the possibility of major league baseball and in particular, the a's.
6:53 am
maybe an nba franchise. realistically, what can you do as a city leader. the city is cash-strapped. what kind of offers can you do to help? the budget is limited and the city fund is limited. we don't have the capacity and it is our building. we would need to work out an arrangement between the sharks and an nba team. we have to be part of that. we would facilitate the deal and we are not in a position to write a check. >> can you talk to any other teams outside of this? anything else we have been looking at? >> not currently. there have been other opportunities the shark his that they pursued. i think those will continue as we have a great facility there. the public teams don't do well in other cities and they would would like to do better.
6:54 am
the tenth largest city of the country and the tenth largest median income. >> thank you very much for joining us live on the phone this morning. >> per good morning, everyone. a quiet day on the market this morning. dow industrials are down ever so slightly. what else have we got? nasdaq is down as well. now you have something called ultraviolet. imagine this. you got your blu-ray player and now hollywood, netflix in particular talking about ultraviolet as a way to deliver movies. netflix getting behind this and billed as the next generation way of watching movies. backed up by hp and microsoft as well. look for that. it was announced at ces. that's where scott budman is.
6:55 am
he is in las vegas with the ultimate gadget for your man cave. >> here people are calling it the year of the tablet. there a lost great computers out there. this comes to us froms aer. we have something cooler than a tablet. this is a computer that has the ultimate computer. nick, i know you have the tips in the tablet. what goes into a computer like this. >> that is a unique architecture. for the first time, this is a tech computer. >> you can put your mini kegs in here. it has cooling for the keg. you can power a monitor like this. big screens and it's busy right
6:56 am
here. >> how much for the tablet? >> the tablets are thes aer products and they are brand-new. this is a dual core mobile processor and very powerful. >> how much for the keg computer? >> the keg computer, anyone know the price? >> thanks so much from nvidia. more to come. >> the way the computer runs, the beer will be fairly warm. put it on my tab. >> will do. >> we will bring by for a taste test later on. see if it works or not. >> the things they come up with. >> for they can get something to help mike with his voice. >> i know. >> and the pot. >> you have to clear this down as well. the metering lights were turned on and there is the back up.
6:57 am
it's back past the 880 crossing for the cash lanes. moving at 19 miles per hour. reports of icy roads through richmond as well. >> icy roads and freezing fog out there this morning. down to a quarter mile visibility in the north bay and the east bay in particular. that's where we are seeing dangerous driving conditions. take it easy on the roadway taking the little ones to school. 32 degrees in livermore and temperatures rebounding into the upper 50s and 60s. 60 in san jose. back to you. >> bundle up. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is coming up next. >> we will have a local news update in a half hour. thanks for joining us. hand sanitizers are essential, but the alcohol's drying. [ female announcer ] gold bond hand sanitizer kills germs without alcohol, then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands.
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