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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> the governor's supposed budget cuts millions for health care and education. what it means for you, your parents and your children. >> who wanted a jewelry storeowner dead. the attack and the clues the killer may have left behind. >> air bags and seatbelts are in your car. is it time for planes to catch up?
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good morning to you. on this tuesday, january 11th. >> we want to get started and take a look at traffic and weather and for that we begin with christina. >> hello, my dear. good morning. >> good morning. >> like jack in the box. you never know who will pop out. mike is around the corner. good in terms of temperatures. it feels much better. 10 to 15 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. the showers are pushing onshore in the north bay. santa rosa if it's not raining at your house, count on showers in the next to ten minutes. showers spread south and nothing heavy throughout the day. maybe a quarter of an inch at best. let's find out about the traffic with mike. >> good morning. we are right around the corper
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from one another the north bay you are talking about a brush of rain and no problem as far as the commute. we will take you to the east bay where a hit-and-run was reported. westbound 980 at 14th. folks made it off of the freeway, but there will be activity between 580 and 880. further south on 880. we have construction northbound. slowing in a couple of lanes approaching highway 92. the full closure picked up and slowing coming off past hesperia. back to you desk. >> getting california out of a hole is a monumental task of governor jerry brown. the budget proposal slash is 12.5 billion in the fiscal year with healing care and education taking the biggest hits. californians could be paying more in taxes. marla tellez has more on how it will affect you and health care.
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>> eight million californians rely on the health program that the governor wants to cut by almost $2 billion. they are referring to medi-cal. patients would have new copays. $5 per doctor's visit and $50 for emergency room services. $100 per day for a hospital stay. service could be denied to patients unable to make the copay as long as they are referred to a county program. medi-cal patients would have limits on prescriptions and doctor visits. the limit could be capped at six per month except for life-saving drugs and a trip to the doctor would be limited to 10 per year. under the proposal, doctors and nursing homes would be hit with a 10% cut in medi-cal reimbursement. adult day health care would be eliminated all together, making it more difficult for thousands
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of seniors to stay in their homes. >> yesterday governor brown said "it's better to take our medicine now and get the state on a balanced footing." how he takes aim at education and explain what it means for and you your children. >> san jose police are looking for the killer of a popular jewelry storeowner and are asking for your help. today in the bay shows us what happened and what's next for the investigation. >> reporter: it's a difficult time for family and friend of salvador pena who ran this corner business and his death is a huge void for the community who depended on his services. for 12 years, this was pena's world. he sold jewelry and cds, but it's a place where customers can
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send money to family in mexico or other countries >> my family also does that too. we go there and send as much money as they need and help. >> 10 days before christmas, pena went become to his chlorto get more work done. someone attacked him near the store's front door. >> i was told that my uncle was stabbed repeatedly. >> by the time paramedics got there, he had lost two liters of blood. he held on for three weeks in the hospital, but died this past weekend. >> he was like a dad to me. he raised me in his house too. >> salvador pena was the type of business owner you wanted as a neighbor. >> he was a good friend and a good neighbor. a very good man. >> pena built a strong bond with
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customers over the years. it's for this reason that the store must remain open. >> i see people there when i was like 5 years old and they still went to the store. it's amazing how long he kept the customers they are like family now. >> the family would like to reopen the store in the next couple of months. in the meantime, they are looking at surveillance tape that shows what could be the suspect. if you have information, call police. today in the bay. san francisco's new interim mayor will be sworn in. he will meet with the board of supervisors in a formal ceremony. the city administrator will be the first chinese-american mayor of san francisco. the 58-year-old lee served as the director of the department of public works and the human rights commission he takes over for gavin newsom. the swearing inner is moany is set for 3:00 this afternoon.
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passenger safety on airplanes might soon be a little bit more similar to what you have in your car. federal safety officials are considering air bags in small planes they will release a study of 100 plane accidents involving air bags. it is expected to show several cases in which air bags were critical to the survival of the passengers air bags have been required in cars since the mid-1990s, but not in small planes >> one thing i take advantage of is the seat heaters. >> my car does not have those. >> we're drove separately today. >> we know who gets the luxury in this happy. >> learn a lesson from this. >> a valuable lesson. take care of our women. laura comes first. things look good on the doppler radar. light scattered showers through santa rosa up towards sacramento. if you are waking up in the east
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bay, see your first scattered showers in the next hour or so. it's light and we are not seeing anything heavy. around a quarter of an inch at best. the system is a fast mover. we will take you into detail. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:10. the latest on the arizona shooting. what's planned to remember the victims of the deadly attack. >> we also go inside the metrodome in minneapolis one month after the roof collapsed. we'll have an update on the repairs a live look overlooking san francisco. a nice day to be by the city by the bay. when is it not? it's 5:10 right now switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year.
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. welcome back. a live look outside this morning. this time from the south bay. electric at the overnight lows we are in the 40s a big improvement over the 20s and 30s. we will check the forecast in a
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little bit. >> a church mass full of victims of the arizona shooting rampage will be held in tucson. they will remember the six people kill and pray for the 14 injured in the attack. democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords remains in critical condition, but she is able to respond to verbal commands and managed a thumbs up. sources say president obama will attend. the "today" show will have more on what he is expected to say. the tragedy in arizona has many people questioning whether getting a gun is too easy. would restrictioning firearms even more have prevented the bloodshed in arizona? some people questioning whether they would be willing to give up constitutional rights. we talked to gun supporter who is say firearms are not the problem. >> many say that guns are not the problem. people are the problem. people who are not educated on
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gun safety. >> much a do about nothing. never in the history of california has a violent crime been committed by an open carrier. >> with responsible citizens of california that believes people have the right to carry an unloaded gun openly. >> if you are a law-abiding citizen and haven't been declared mentally ill, you have the right to carry an unloaded firearm on your person here in the state of california. >> california tops the nation in gun control laws. in contrast, arizona's weapon laws are ranked as the second worst in the nation. jeff dun hill believes people do have the right to protect themselves. >> this tragedy in arizona for example, law enforcement was not there and the actions of an individual stopped the crime. >> crime is up in many cities, including walnut creek, known for the safe streets. even with the up tick in crime,
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bay area law enforcement will you they would rather see less guns than more. >> it's more trouble for the police department. we have to determine if the gun is load and think of officer safety issues and think of public safety issues, making sure the gun is loaded or not. >> most individual who is see a firearm that may have a problem with it and think something of it call 911 are going to be met with questions. me about the actions of that individual. >> people who carry do it to protect themselves and to protect their community. >> nbc bay area news. >> in other news, we are hearing rumors of a date for another apple announcement. >> scott joins us. we are looking at a new ipad of some sort? >> i think so. that is the suspicion a new ipad, but a new alliance as well. several news outlets reporting
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that rupert murdoch will join steve jobs on stage at the san francisco museum of modern art to announce not just the latest ipad, but a tablet newspaper. the daily news ap backed by the huge media empire. the date we hear is january 19th. the social network, the movie about the creation of facebook and let's face it, a movie about lawsuits hits the scores today. it got lots of praise from the alliance of women film journalists despite criticism. not a single woman is portrayed positively except the first girl in the beginning of the story who calls mark a bad name and the story launches from there. have you seen it? >> no. >> what am i thinking? when the kids necessary high school, pop in the blu-ray. >> we see any yo gabba song at
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any time. >> strangely silent, crews are working to repair the roof at the metrodome. a month ago, 17 inches of heavy wet snow causes it to rip. it came pouring through on to the field in the seats inside. the damage forced the remaining home games for the minnesota vikings and 300 other college and high school events to be canceled. they want to make sure that everything works before they reopen. >> we really don't have an alternative. we have to be careful and not rush it because we are going make certain that it is safe. >> the metrodome may not hear the roar of crowds until later on next fall. we will see. >> it is 5:18 and we want to check the forecast. a little bit warmer today >> toasty. up to 40. >> i wouldn't say that.
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don't break out the muscle shirts just yet. maybe this weekend. we will get to the numbers in a second looking good right now. the system of low pressure is sitting offshore. meanwhile it's ushering in quite a bit of precipitation in the northernmost portions of california this morning. we are doing okay in the bay area. as i zoom in for you, you can see the showers coming down in the north bay. what's going to happen as we head throughout the day, the low pressure system will push onshore. that means for us, rain showers and mild temps. rain showers will be relative low light. we are talking about maybe a quarter of an inch at best. you can see right now, not a lot of moisture into the area. if you are waking up in the area, slick conditions. showers in napa and all this activity towards i-80. take it easy, but for the most part, south and east bay station dry. 40 degrees in livermore and 43 degrees in santa cruz. we will round out the day in the
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mid 50s. 54 degrees today in the trivalley area and 60 by tomorrow. a warm up and downright pleasant conditions. 62 degree this is sunday >> you are making it up. >> we will hold you to it. kids getting a jump-start on potential careers. the new program hitting high schools that leads students explore culinary talents [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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traffic on the 101 moving smothly. the construction is taking effect. we may have an issue coming eastbound getting on the southbound 101. you might have the closure from the ramp as you get through the area. you continue under the freeway and loop around and get back on the southbound 101 from the opposite side. especially over the weekend, you will have different changes i will bring it to you because you may have an update moving nicely, we have a blip showing up on the south past highway 85. that is not unusual. the sports icon because the
5:24 am
sharks are playing downtown. it moves smoothly right now very early. yesterday we saw the return of traffic heading southbound on 101 down the peninsula. expect the same around 7:30 and hitting you by about 8:30 this morning. the east bay saw slowing into the maze, but 580 as well. we have a nice flow at the limit. just an 18-minute drive and a live look shows you a clear view heading over to the toll plaza. you can see the cars and look at the reflection off the water. clear skies and the camera means wind will not be a major factor. it will be crowded being tuesday morning as folks return from vacation. >> 5:24 right now. most students report to school with paper, pens and pencils,
5:25 am
some have pots and pans they lead the way for culinary arts programs across the state. they visited coral glaceed high to see the popular program in action. come over here, guys. >> it's fun, but not easy. >> you learn more and more every day. it gets harder and harder, but you have to keep going at it. >> the instructor designs this. >> a lot of kids have a misconception. they see food and think it's easy and fun and i will become a chef. it's hard work. >> 11th grader anna kaufman creating pumpkin bacon tart. >> it's very good. >> do you need me to taste it to make sure it comes out as you imagined. >> it's not done yet and the students don't rush their jobs.
5:26 am
they are learning teamwork with hands on experience. >> it's got to be. hands on. how else do they learn. >> nationally accredited why students are knocking down the door to get in. >> you can see this is not home economics. this is the real thing. >> this kitchen is a classroom turning out cook who is can teach us all a thing or two. >> we can bake it for three minutes and i will take it out and put some cheese on top. >> delicious. i think you are ready for the big time. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. . >> san jose is looking for a new chief of police after chief rob davis retired in november. nobody know who is the candidates are and open government advocates are asking leaders to release the names confidentiality prevents her from naming anybody.
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coming up, pg&e made changes. some are concerned it may have contributed to the deadly explosion. >> jerry brown swings his budget ax. what's on his list of cuts and how they could change your medical care. >> tough times for the mount diablo school district. they have been talking about school closures and how will the budget affect them? we will have answers coming up today in the bay. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. it is 5:30. we have a quick look at the forecast. christina? >> we are starting with light scattered showers across the bay area. as you can see from the satellite imagery, it's not all
5:31 am
that intense yet. this morning showers are just passing through the north bay. showers will continue to spread south and that means by about noon as you take your lunch break. you will be dodging showers and then as you head home from work, that's when the bulk will pass through the area. you want to keep that umbrella handy. we will let you know how much rain we are expecting. back to you. >> east bay parents will be anxious to hear where their children might end up going to school. the fate of a number of schools could be decided in a school board meeting today. christie smith is live in concord with a look at that. christie? >> good morning. this is a school district that has a serious cash flow problem. they have been talking about school closures here in the mount diablo district and that has parents upset. tonight at their school board meeting, we may get a clearer picture of exactly how the
5:32 am
governor's budget will affect the school district. in anticipation of the state budget, the local district here created three different budgets they are looking at. each one assuming a different level of state funding. the level of funding at the state will determine the level of funding cuts here locally. each still predicts a multimillion budget shortfall. the governor said monday k-12 education has taken the brunt of education cuts recently and he would like to keep funding levels where they are. one of the problems faced is having to foot the bill for having to foot the bill for mental health costs. $2.5 million. the local school district would from have to pick up the tab because it's mandatory. as for the closure, study sessions are coming up this month. public comment and a final
5:33 am
decision on exactly which schools are going to close. that is expected sometime in february. reporting live in concord, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you, christie. new concern about gas pipeline safety and whether the test designed to examine lines may be putting you in danger. pg&e running pressure tests including the night san bruno burst into flame they are waiting to finish the investigation into the blast. the pressure tests are on hold. some wonder if the damage is already done . >> it's almost like playing russian roulette. >> congresswoman jackie spears said a routine practice may put customers at risk. they turn up the pressure in gas pipelines every five years to. run the systems at the maximum legal level. in san bruno, pg&e thought it was turning up the pressure on a pipe, but the line that blew in
5:34 am
september was a weaker-seemed pipe. >> when you have a seemed pipe you thought was seamless and you ran the pressure up to the maximum allowable on a seamless pipe, you are really dancing in a very dangerous environment. >> while the san bruno blast is under investigation, the tests are on hold. >> this is an additional margin of safety. we don't know what happened in san bruno andy we want to take every precaution until the results of the investigation come about >> the maximum pressure allowed for the pipeline is 400 pounds per square inch. the last time they turned the pressure up to that level was 2008. the utility said it's safe and they must conduct it to allow them to raise the pressure if customer use demands it. >> we're want to be able to increase to that level if we had a cold winter day to meet the
5:35 am
demand. >> on the peninsula and the east bay have pressure reduced by 20%, a reduction that should remain in place until the cause of the explosion is determined. >> that was jean ellie reporting. jerry brown is swinging the budget ax hard and almost everybody will be affected. his plan slashes $12.5 billion in state spending. only k-12 education is spared. he wants to cut medi-cal by nearly $2 billion. welfare to work programs could lose $1.5 billion. the university of california and cal state systems could face cuts of $500 million each. the next step is for lawmakers to consider his plan he will need republicans to support a ballot initiative in june ta to extend the cuts set to expire in
5:36 am
july. if lawmakers do not support the budget, they have to counter with one of their own. >> the deadly start to the year continues in oakland. a 29-year-old man who died monday is the sixth murder victim of the new year. he was shot on pippin street. friends drove him to the hospital where he later died. police and crimestoppers were offering up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the killers call with tips a police dog helped in catching a robber with a bomb. the 37-year-old walked into a wells fargo and threatened to blow up the building unless he was given the money. he was handed the money and took off. he followed the suspect's scent to a nearby apartment complex. he was identified as the robber through surveillance video and witnesses. police also found the missing
5:37 am
cash and other evidence in that apartment. >> two brave women are recovering after fighting off purse snatchers in mountain view. it happened in front of the hampton inn and the women were walking back to the hotel when three men approached them and started to grab purses. one of the women was punched two or three times in the face. police found two men matching the description given by the victims and the women could not positively identify them and they were released a suspicious package forced the evacuation of apartments. about 4:00, police got a call about a makeshift package near merrill drive and camden avenue. they found the device that can be a potentially explosive combination. nobody was hurt. >> it looks like we have breaking news. we are just finding out about it
5:38 am
right now. there is a water main break in philadelphia. it doesn't look like -- the damage was done and a couple of manholes that covers up the holes. we will get more information and bring it to you as it becomes available. >> i don't think it will affect your morning commute. >> that won't, but we have other information that i was tying up. we will tell you about a belmont fire that took place earlier this morning. folks may have seen smoke off of 880. off ralston avenue and a major connector between 101. there was a fire and 22 people have been displaced because this was an apartment building that caused the fire. the fire is out and there were crews on scene. they might see activity, but it's a segregated road off of the area. you shouldn't see major slowing, but a crew is heading over
5:39 am
there. some injuries report and smoke inhalation and the crews are on scene we will follow that and get you live pictures. so far 92 through the san mateo hills, a smooth drive to the bridge. crossing the water, the wind is not a major factor. the volume is starring to pick up towards 880 where the construction is marked there. overnight we had a full closure of the northbound side up to 92. that is reopened, but you will find a lane or two for 20 to 25 minutes between 92 and that may slow it down a tad bit. a steady volume of traffic. you will see a heavy flow starting right about 45 minutes from now. we will see the volume starting to shift. we will send it over to christina. we will see a clear view right now. >> the clear view will change to a cloudy view throughout the day when the sun comes up. the good news is we will get a free car wash and get away with
5:40 am
not having to water the plants. we don't have a lot of moisture pushing onshore. what is happening is we have a good deck of clouds helping to keep things more mild this morning. it's not as cold. you will need the jacket as we head throughout the day and we count on intermittent showers and light activity. nothing heavy anticipated. this will add a half foot of snow. that's good news. right now showers are coming down in the north bay pushing through napa over to winter and vacaville. fairfield has scattered showers this will spread south throughout the day. we will time the showers for you in your city coming up. stay tuned for that. >> thank you very much. it's 5:40 and out on the town, just ahead we investigate taxicab dangers and the legal loopholes that could leave you on the hook for thousands our revise on and iphone about to tie the knot.
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the big announcement expected later on today. 3q
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police continue to show support for gabrielle giffords and the others injuried in saturday's shooting spree in arizona. people have been gathering in tucson to show their support in washington, president obama led the nation in a moment of silence and plans to take air force to tucson tomorrow where he pays tribute to the six who died and the 14 wounded. in the wake of the tragedy, a lot of people are remembering the heroes from that day. >> i wanted to make sure she
5:44 am
knew she was not on her own and she wasn't going to be in a situation where she would have to be alone at any point. >> the accused 22-year-old gunman appeared in court. jared lee loughner faces five federal changes, but more could be filed. >> a strong push to outlaw high capacity bullet magazines like the one used in the arizona shooting. tracie potts is live in washington with more. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, everyone. a couple of lawmakers, both democrats. one senator said they are working on legislation and already drafting it to outlaw these types of high capacity magazines like we saw with the shooter in arizona thigh used to be banned for a decade under the ban president clinton signed. they are not now and gun control advocates want them off the streets. there some like the minority leader and the senate who say
5:45 am
it's not a law that will keep this from happening if a disturbed individual is bent on doing this type of harm. this will come as business resumes next week. today the house of representatives back in session and they will have an opportunity each member to talk about the tragedy and talk about security and talk about congresswoman giffords who continues to fight for her life in the hospital. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:45 and i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. the state's education system stans to lose more than $1 billion under governor brown's new guj et proposal. he must get california out of a hole. health care and education face the biggest hits and you could be paying more taxes. today in the bay's marla tellez breaks it down on what it could mean for the school system.
5:46 am
>> i will start with the good news. most educators are applauding the biggest portion of the state budget, k-12 is one of the few areas to escape major cuts. kindergarten through high school is funded at about the same level as this year. this is only if voters pass a package of tax measures in june. if voters don't agree to extend taxes that are otherwise set to expire, schools would face an additional $2 billion in cuts. to put it in perspective, according to the mercury news, that's almost $11 million for a district the size of san jose unified. that would mean larger classes and more furlo days. on the other hand if voters approve the tax extension, k-12 would be spared. also the governor's budget does not include cost of living raises. when it comes to higher education, college students would take a significant hit.
5:47 am
both the university of california and california's state university systems would be cut by $500 million. funding would be slashed by $400 million with per unit fees increasing by $10. coming up in our 6:00 hour, i will break down the tax portion of the governor's bunl et from income tax to licensing fees. >> thank you very much. it's 5:47 and the city of san carlos is looking for a helping hand. the city is looking to trim the budget by contracting fire services from redwood city. they could save about $400,000 a year. san carlos teamed up with belmont to fight fires and went their separate ways when they couldn't agree on funning they are trying to develop a regional fire department to serve all three cities with potential cost savings. >> help is on the way for 100,000 people who need a hand
5:48 am
paying rent. the oakland authority told the tribune they will take applications for section 8 vouchers. you can sign up for help at the oakland libraries or at the oakland housing authority january 25th. families have to meet certain requirements to be eligible. i was getting out of the way to see the slow down. true to form, after 5:30, the speeds dip and it's 71 miles per hour. about 45 minutes ago. very slow from about a to g. interestingly, yesterday when the antioch bridge was closed, we saw a relief here. a good number of cars are coming across. it's a substantial bridge and a lot of flow slowing @&hc& clear by the people time you get to the bridge. further south, 580 coming out of the pass starts to show speeds
5:49 am
in the 50s through livermore. a typical pattern for a tuesday. a 14-minute drive that starts to creep up with travel time. a smooth drive over towards 680 through the sunol grade. what traffic volume is light and the tail lights southbound. a good steady volume over the hill and from sunol into fremont. we can see the hill through this portion. >> good air quality out there this morning. going to get better as we pick up moisture today. 41 degrees in concord. 43 in napa with scattered showers. the same for santa rosa and mild in places like gilroy at 49 degrees. gilroy is in the 20s. you will notice the difference as you walk out the door. cloudy and keeping it more mild, serving as a blanket and trapping the heat from yesterday. the system of low pressure will push onshore. it looks like it will impact the
5:50 am
pacific northwest and the northernmost portions of california. here's where the showers are right now. you can see for the most part, we have a good stream of rain coming down along interstate 80 through fairfield and antioch and showers on the way in the next 15 minutes as we head throughout the day, this is what it looks like in terms of expected rainfall. at about 1:00 p.m., showers expected across the coast and through this evening, widespread showers clearing out by midnight. back to you. >> thank you very much. the vice president is getting a better look at the situation in afghanistan. he met with david petraeus and other leaders on the progress to hand over duties to the forces. he is scheduled to meet with hamid karzai. biden was last in the country in 2009. >> scott joins us and it is not so-called d-day, but i day.
5:51 am
>> the day we expect verizon will announce it will start selling the iphone. the press conference is in new york city in a matter of hours. our guys at the new york city nbc will be there reporting back to us. it seems like a done deal. a verizon version of the iphone like the at&t phone. you can't use both the internet and talk on the phone at the same time because of the limitations of their technology verizon uses we will keep and pay more attention as it goes. let's talk about what if you are a ceo and you double or double the stock price of the company and you say great things and lead it? what happens to you? you get fired. the chip maker amd said goodbye to the ceo. he is out the door with no specific replacement named. the fights are over this morning. intel will play a staggering $1.5 billion. he takes the money and stops
5:52 am
suing intel. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> interesting how these things work out. silicon valley is showcasing a fresh look into the past. the computer history museum will reopen later on this morning after two years of renovation. a $19 million exhibit highlights the birth and growth of computers. everything from the ab cuss to the smart phone. tech jichgiants will be on hand that. >> something you probably never thought about. if the taxi driver gets into a crash, it could cost you more than the fare. a word of warning from one couple's nightmare experience and more on your rights as a rider. >> march 2, 2008.
5:53 am
they were in the back of this cab >> she plowed into the intersection in a full rage. >> when a drunk driver blew this stop sign, the driver t-boned the cab. >> i heard this explosion and then i woke up and i was in massive pain. >> sheer suffered a head injury and broke her pelvis in three places. jesse's lung was punctured. >> how unsafe it can be jumping in a cab. >> the drunk driver was not insured and the insurance code does not require cabbies to carry coverage against uninsured drivers. >> it doesn't make sense. >> jesse and linda were on the hook for $70,000 medical bills. the driver had no assets or income and they denied jesse's
5:54 am
claims saying the cabbie was not at fault. jessy and linda thought they were getting into a cab run by desoto >> it was a regular cab, yeah. >> with a reputable name. >> turns out cabbies can run one man, one-car operations as long as they meet city, permit, and license requirements and use the same name as a well-known company like desoto if no one else in the city has that name. many bay area cities operate the same way. >> that say weird quirk of the taxi industry. >> yes, but it's a weird quirk. >> berkeley leaders refused the request for an interview, but they are reviewing the ordinances. we asked the spokesman how riders can protect themselves. >> the bottom line is to make sure you see the city and wherever you are. >> they have to carry liability insurance that pays a max of
5:55 am
$30,000 if you get hurt. >> specific insurance is not necessarily guaranteed. >> why is that not a law? >> we have to look at financial burdens for the taxi industry. >> no industry regulates taxis in california. not the dmc or the puc. it's up to each city and count to make up their rules. when you get in the back of a cab, don't assume you have the same insurance protection as in another. >> a cab in san francisco may have different standards than desoto. >> it seems that way. >> they're learned the hard way. >> i want them to fix the laws that say cabs don't have to have uninsured motorist coverage. >> they're warn riders to be careful when choosing the cab you use. >> insurance experts say you are protected if you have uninsured motorist coverage on your own car. that will pay for injuries even if you are the passenger in someone else's car or a cab.
5:56 am
the only cab i want to be in is the cash cab. >> ever seen that show, christina? >> i live that show. i like to play by myself as i'm driving along. people don't know i'm talking to myself. things look good as far as the temperatures. a mostly cloudy sky and it looks like the only scattered showers we are seeing are very, very light. looks like they are coming down in the north bay, starring to spread to the south towards the east bay. that will be the case. bring the umbrella. low pressure onshore as we head throughout the afternoon. for us that means mild condition this is morning and intermittent light showers throughout the day intensifying as we head through the evening. the bulk is expected to come through. right now it's much warmer in places like santa rosa. we were in the 20s. you are holding strong with 40 degrees and 43 in sunnyvale and 41 in san mateo this morning.
5:57 am
mild as well. as we head throughout the day we are not going to see a great deal of warm up. only 54 degrees in the forecasted high, but tomorrow we are back at 60 degrees. we will enjoy that, right? >> we look forward to it. >> 5:57 and we told you about cuts to education. we will take a look at what you might have to play in taxes to help balance the state budget. >> schools still dealing with the massive cuts from before. how one district will decide how to balance the budget through school closures. a false sense of security. a squirrel tries to get away from a tiger.idy dn't w at really didn't pan out for him. coming up, next. o
5:58 am
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