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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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what is in store for the evening? let's check in with jeff jeff? >> it's cold out there. we're still finding spotty e showers. 've s hado much rainfall already for the season. just a little bit of activity, breezy conditions, 10 to 15 a5 miles per hour wind. it's setting off quite a commute there as you head out tonight. doing anything in the north bay, east bay,nd the south bay, the roadways are slick. it's kicking up a lot of water down highway 101 to novato. in the east bay, not much of rainfall right now. it's dry. if you're driving on the interstates, it will feel like a moderate rainfall to you. down here in the south bay,he moderate rainfall near los gatos that i moving into san jose. what we'reat finding is the spoy showers that linger through tonight. the cold air is with us to stay.
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temperatures are going to get colder from this point on. rm43 iveliore and 46 in the napa valley. temperatures going down into the 30s tonight and, yes, we're ve talking about more rain this week. details on that. plus, foggy conditions in the days ahead. >> thank you, jeff. out of the tragedy in tucson comes kindness that is reigniting a sense of hope there. what you're looking at is live pictures inside a church where a healing mass is taking place at this very hour. the service honoring the six people killed in that rampage and the others that were wounded on saturday at the supermarket. recovery beginning for some of those survivors, including gabrielle giffords. doctors say it's promising. marianne joins us. we have six specialists here. what are they telling you? >>. >> reporter: well, they are cautiously optimistic but they say there are a few key signs
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indicating that she may be progressing well. we talked to the chief of neurosurgery at stanford university school of medicine about giffords' treatment. hundreds are growing around this memorial hoping for healing for the victim inside, including congresswoman gabriel giffords. doctors say that she's breathing on her own. >> a penetrating injury through the skull, let alone survival has no right to look this good and she does. we're hopeful. >> one of the big concerns is brain swelling which often begins three days after the injury. part of her skull was removed to help. >> that can put extreme pressure on deep parts of the brain that can cause much more severe damage. so by taking off the skull and
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opening the dera, the membrane of the swell, that allows the brain to swell out. >> the bullet did interher skull. it did go through her brain and then exited out the back, leaving behind some fragments of some bone. >> reporter: but the bullet only punctured one section of the brain, one hemisphere. that's a very good sign about her future prognosis. >> reporter: but she's still critically ill. a doctor has performed surgery and it's too early to make predictions about her recovery. >> i've seen patients like her made excellent p recoveries and gone back to work. on the other hand, i've seen patients like her who have remained dependent on other care. >> reporter: family, friends, and even strangers wait, hanging
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on every small sign of hope giffords can give them. one of those signs came today when doctors were able to scale back giffords' sedation. they say at one point today the 40-year-old congresswoman tried to pull out her own breathing tube. they say the fact that she was able to register her discomfort and react to it means that her brain is functioning now at a higher level. >> all right. marianne, thank you. lawmakers on capitol hill are understandably now fearful for their own safety after the attack on congresswoman giffords. should gun control be toughened? what should be done about mental instability. steve handeslman has more on that. >> reporter: with members of congress today and their staffers d staffe staffers desperate for ways to prevent another tucson. arrested on friday after
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staffers reported he threatened to come to bennett's office and shoot people, way to go says the senate sergeant of arms. >> that's the type of cooperative work that goes on between the member, the staff, the local police, us, and the fbi. that's a good story. >> reporter: threats against just senators are up dramatically. 49 last year and 29 the year before. this prompted a push for new laws today by gun control advocates. >> this case is fundamentally about a mentally ill drug abuser who had access to guns and shouldn't have. >> reporter: gun advocates say the real issue is mental illness. >> what we have to do is intervene earlier in that cycle of violence when they have that kind of mental disability. >> reporter: there's no evidence that jared loughner paid attention to politics. >> the demonizing of opponents,
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government, public service has gone too far. >> reporter: do you think this guy listens to me, fired back rush limbaugh? do you think he reads sarah palin's website? highly unlikely. the chilling reality sets in. six dead, 14 more shot, including gabby giffords and an assassination attempt on a member of congress. i'm steve handeslman, capitol hill. >> the district attorney's office will prosecute a doctor accused of sexual battery. a 28-year-old patient reported that 73-year-old doctor touched her inappropriately while she was undergoing treatment last month. police arrested him at his home on january 4th. investigators say he had been treating patients at that clinic for six years now. they've notified the state medical board of the arrest as required by law. the red cross is helping nearly two dozen people forced
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out of their apartment by an early morning fire, including some who jumped for their lives. flames ripped through the apartment complex in belmont. some of the attendants had to jump out of their windows. four other people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. firefighters rescued other board people from their balconies. the fire started around 3:00 this morning. tonight there is no word on what precisely caused the fire. after political wrangling and overseas phone calls, san francisco has a new mayor this evening, ed lee made history when he took the oath of office. he's the first chinese-american mayor. traci grant is live with more on the events that led toly's move to the mayor's office. traci? >> reporter: it's been a week filled with happiness and even some anger. many people were shocked last
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tuesday when he was nominated to take the spot as interim mayor and now today in that week that has passed, a lot has changed. >> the new mayor of san francisco. lee is left the office and he's been out of the country the entire time all of this political going on. just a few days to ak cli mate and he seemed a little bit overwhelmed. >> i left town just over a couple of weeks ago as your city atd minute straight straight for, a career civil servant
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looking forward to the promise and challenge of the job that i love. now a few weeks later i stand before you as your mayor. >> gone today was a lot of the animosity that has loomed over city hall over the last week. even the people who opposed putting a person who has never held an elected office in the mayor's job say they've decided to move forward and embrace lee. now, at the swearing in, new sonewsome mentioned that lee has a lot of challenges ahead of himself, including having to deal with a budget deficit and find a brand-new police chief to replace the old one sworn in as district attorney on sunday. le do whatever it takes the keep the city moving in the right direction until the voters of san francisco have a chance to elect a new mayor in november.
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traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> the dust begins to settle a little in san francisco. traci, thank you very much. confiscating cell phones to help balance the budget. jerry brown will shut off cell phone service to thousands of employees. he ordered the collection and return of 48,000 state government-paid cell phones by june 1st, which is half of the 96,000 cell phones in state employee hands. the move will save california at least $20 million every year. tonight, two east bay men are in prison for using devices aimed at stealing atm and p.i.n. numbers at a gas pump. pled guilty today to stealing thousands of dollars, 90,000, and the identity of nearly 200 people. the men accessed the information using the device placed inside credit card payment devices gas pumps. one man was sentenced to seven
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years behind bars and the other got a five-year sentence. an olympic metal mystery. i'm scott budman. the worst kept secret of the tech industry. but is it really time to switch phones? plus, why the most famous twins in the social networking history say 65 ll is just not enough. good evening, i'm jeff 6 ranieri. a cold night out there with temperatures already in the upper 30s and low 40s back into the east bay. it will stay chilly in the south bay tonight and not only are we tracking rain but we'll let you know when foginup m re riny fo. coming up in my forecast. ca
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the iphone verizon cool and
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profitable and not terribly loyal. both apple and verizon know that and they are offering iphone users a choice for the first time in years. >> iphone users and you know who you are, you now for the first time have a choice. at&t or verizon. >> i'm not happy as a customer. >> steve has already made his decision. >> i've been waiting for this announcement. i have not been happy with at&t, just customer service. >> he previously went to verizon and i've never had dropped calls on verizon, and it is not the same with at&t. >> verizon and the at&t version
6:15 pm
features the price and the current iphone or a phone for a different time you'll have to pay out and which ever you use, apple is still the big winner. >> i'm incredibly happy and i can tell you all of apple is very, very excited to bring the iphone to verizon's 93 million customers and new customers who want to use the iphone for verizon. >> i'm going to go straight to verizon and sign up, if i can. >> once again, the iphone rush is ready to go. 199 and 299 for the verizon iphone, the same prize for at&t. the customers can preorder iphones starting february 3rd and they will go on sale
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february 10th. a $65 million settlement set is not enough for two twins who say mark zuckerberg stole the facebook idea from them. the attorney argued before the panel of judges that facebook did not accurately value its shares before agreeing to pay them $65 million in stock in cash. the lawyer says the settlement is now worth $168 million. facebook attorneys say the twins are suffering from settlers' remorse. >> it was a declaration to the end of the war. at some point it's time to move on. >> a rule is expected over the next few months. there is a lot more office space at myspace.
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the one time social networking high flyer will lay off half of its staff, 500 people, it may be, as they struggle to cut costs. sonoma counties had a probably with dead birds. this was on sunday. where they found more than 100 dead european starlings clustered on and around the roadway. a biologist with the state game and fish department aresting it the birds to determine what happened. a similar mass dead bird in arkansas on new year's day is solved tonight. the cause of death was impact trauma. that's the finding of the usgs national wildlife health center. the red wing blackbirds were
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startled by fireworks and their poor night vision caused them to frantically crash into homes, cars, and even each other. alameda is offering a fund-raiser tomorrow. doctors say the consequence of  continual exposure to harmful soothe, smoke, and films. the dying wish was to educate the community about the need for blood donors and now those close to him are putting his wish to work. >> anybody can donate. it's not public safety. anyone from the public can come to do nate. we hope that everybody comes out. the time is from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 ark m. >> strongly encouraged to help the blood centers will probably for that event. very much appreciated. >> all right. let's check your weather now. meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. jeff?
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>> we're finding showers that started early this afternoon. not a major storm system but with all of the rainfall that we've had, it takes a weaker system like this and the roadways are seeing ponding on highway 101 stretching from the south bay to the north bay. we're still finding isolated pocket of showers downtown and throughout highway 17 into los gatos and it continues into morgan hill. we continue to see that throughout the next hour as we zoom in closer. it's not very heavy but it's accumulating water on the roadways as we see the latest bought of wet weather. livermore coming in with some of the heaviest amount of rainfall, with a tenth of an inch. currently, we're looking at dry conditions across 680 and 580. today's highs, it was a cold rain once it started around the noontime. 45 in livermore. that's it. ten degrees off the mark for most of the inland spots. san jose is warmer at 50. my weather watcher calling that.
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los gatos, 49 and 48 in san francisco. all right. let's get back to the cold temperatures out here tonight. currently, 43 in livermore. 44 in fairfield. 45 in novato and currently 47 in sunnyvale. as we continue to look at this pattern, the storm system pushes off towards the east. we're noting clearing back here behind it but as many of you know, once we get rain and clearing, it is going to set in a pattern of fog and that's what we will watch out for tomorrow morning. meanwhile, we do have another system we watch later on in the week. it's still over 1,000 miles out here and looks like we're only going to get grazed by the weaker system as we head into thursday. once again, the chances for showers in the upcoming forecast. starting off with 30s in the east bay and upper 30s and low 40s in the south bay and then a little bit of warming.
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the warm spot tomorrow is the south bay with upper 50s to near 60. if you're doing any traveling, we heard it on the nightly news with brian williams. there is very rare snow, upwards of six inches. air and road traffic and then up in the northeast, more snow here from boston to washington, d.c. we'll have details of when our best weather is coming up. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you, jeff. a vaccine to prevent shingles. it's been around since 2006 and yet the majority of adults have not gotten it. a new study may show that you may want to roll-up your sleeves. >> how are you? >> as soon as she turned 60 she called her doctor to get the shingles vaccine. she witnessed two of her co-workers suffered from the skin disease. >> they were both in a lot of
6:22 pm
pain. it seemed to last a long, long time, even after the rash was gone. >> caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox and can lie dormant in the body. it's extremely painful and in severe cases can lead to lasting nerve damage. in a new study, the shingles vaccine can cut the risk of the disease by more than half. >> we're confident that we're going to be able to cutdown on the lock-term nerve damage that a patient may have. that's very exciting. >> reporter: a physician with kaiser permanente says that only 11% of adults have gotten the vaccine even though it's recommended for healthy people over age 60. the vaccine could be made available to a broader pool of patients safely. >> even patients that have had a chronic disease would also benefit from having the vaccination. >> reporter: a person with shingles can give the chicken pox to a child that's never been exposed from the virus. >> why would you put yourself at
6:23 pm
risk of something that you can prevent. >> reporter: one million people in the united states develop shingles every single year. coming up at 6:00, athletes are not the only one going for olympic metals. how thieves walked out of a california hand with medals in one area police department is working to stop dangerous behavior. to the big hot pastrami.
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chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ well, you can call this an olympic size robbery. he everybodied it while playing gold keeper in the 2008 beijing olympics. it happened on december 28th while the family was in jamaica celebrated the engagement. the neighbor saw the burglary, called police, and several other jewelry was stolen but the family is most concerned about
6:26 pm
getting that medal back. vice president joe biden met with president karzai in kabul. he went for a surprise trip. the trip comes as the war against the taliban grows increasingly violent. >> reporter: today was day two of joe biden's arrival to afghanistan. it started out with him visiting the training center to see where the u.s. troops are helping the afghan troops to help secure their own land so the americans can have a controlled withdrawal starting in july 2011. he also med with president karzai and held a joint press conference where he reiterated the fact that america is not here as a nation but they are here to help the afghans secure their country. >> the united states, if the afghan people want it, are prepared, and we are not leaving
6:27 pm
in 2014. hopefully we will have totally turned over the ability of the afghan security forces to maintain the security of the country. we are not leaving. if you don't want us to leave. >> after the press conference, the vice president then headed to another u.s. military base where he would be able to talk to troops and the commanders on the ground to assess how the counter insurgency strategy that was implemented in 2009 was progressing and to see if the americans really will be able to start withdrawing. still ahead, something that you have tucked away in a bathroom drawer that could saves lives of thousands of children in the bay area. red light runners or speeders on your street will help not only be the away. damian trujillo has that story coming up. [ wheezing breaths ]
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residents can feel helpless to stop speeders but people in the south bay have a new tool to help catch dangerous drivers and it's as easy as going online. damian trujillo shows us a powerful surveillance tool from police. >> reporter: a red light runner is responsible for this accident on meridian avenue. no serious injuries but jennifer is not surprised it happened here. >> i got hit here when i was riding my bike. people turning don't pay any attention to anyone in front of them. >> reporter: san jose police have identified several hot spots around town, including here on first and alma street. you can also hang out near a school for a few minutes to realize few drivers obey the 25 mile per hour law. >> crosswalks can be scary for
6:31 pm
people. driving especially by the school, because people do not slow down. even with a sign back there, they did not slow down. >> you know, if a child darts out, they can get hit by a car. >> reporter: ask anyone at the supermarket and they will likely tell you this is the most busiest and unsafe street in the city and there may be frustration that there is no one to turn to complain. well, now there is. they take you to the traffic enforcement request. the department will later prompt the sender to send out a survey asking if the problem was solved. 48 officers are assigned to the traffic enforcement unit charged with preventing accidents like this one. she won't be surprised if she sees another wreck at the same intersection. >> it's totally unsafe. looking to do volunteering? san mateo county is looking for 300 volunteers to help them with
6:32 pm
the homeless population. it will take place january 27th when they fan out across the county data from that sense sus will identify traffic changes in the homeless population from 2009 and then used to design homeless prevention programs going forward. in washington, last year's bp oil disaster in the gulf is a catalyst for even more oil oversight. as brian mooar tells us, the presidential panel says the manmade cat tras stroe fee could have been resulted. industry mismanagement and government oversight failures have been building for years. that's the finding of the oversight panel. >> the deepwater horizon
6:33 pm
disaster did not have to happen. it was both foreseeable and preventible. >> reporter: 11 were killed in the initial explosion back in april and even today untold lives and lively hoods are being impacted by the millions of barrels of crude that spilled from the well. the presidential report accuses bp, halliburton, and transocean, of ignoring and underestimating the risk of offshore drilling. >> our government let it happen. our regulators were consistently outmatched. to congress we say, it's time to exercise serious oversight. >> reporter: the commission calls for an independent government watch dog, divorced from politics and profits and an industry safety panel that will police from within. critics question whether congress will act. >> that all depends on how much outrage there is among the american people. congress sometimes only listens to the most powerful voice in washington, d.c., and right now that remains the oil industry.
6:34 pm
>> the commission insists the government and industry problems are fixable and could prevent a future disaster. nbc news, washington. lawyers for julian assange fear their client will be given the death penalty if sent to the u.s. prosecutors are building a case against him. lawyers for assange say they and pose the extradition because they fear he will be sent to guantanamo bay or even worse the death penalty. an argument brought police out to ted williams home last night. michelle turner has the story. >> reporter: his story has america rooting for him. >> we're going to make you work for your dollar. say something with that great radio voice.
6:35 pm
>> when you're listening to the best of the old dees -- >> reporter: he's been dubbed the man with the golden pipe. he's now an instant celebrity but has stardom come too soon. >> craft macaroni and cheese has offered me a deal being the official voice of mack crown knee and cheese. and it's been so long that i've had an apartment of my own, let alone a home. >> reporter: the lapd confirms that williams and his daughter were brought here after they were involved in a vulgar altercation with each other. police say they talked to them both, calmed them down, and let them go. no charges were filed. this apparently happening while williams was staying at the rennaisance hotel in hollywood. >> i'm not, mom. i'm threw with it all. >> reporter: the hotel declined comment but it's been reported
6:36 pm
that he's in town doing interviews for entertainment tonight and the dr. phil show. it's been a whirl wind trip for a man who has been homeless for two decades and now some wonder is this all too much, too soon? >> well, let's hope he workses things out. it would be a nice ending if that's the way it ends. >> he's got a long way to go. >> yeah, he does. what is bugging the slumping san jose sharks? we might have the answers just ahead. also, saving lives on nail clippers at a time. how it can help the children of haiti. plus, we're going to take you to australia where they are bracing for the height of the worst flooding in a decade. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it was cold out there. we had only a high of 50 in san jose for an hour or so and the rain continues throughout parts of the bay area as the
6:37 pm
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it has already been a month since the roof of the metrodome collapsed in that huge snowstorm. repairs have been going on ever since. and the vikings are having to find other places to play for now. >> our schedules are still being worked out right now. >> we really don't have an alternative. we really have to be careful and not rush it because we want to make certain that it is safe. >> crews expect to have the dome fixed before the start of the next football season. australia is reeling from the worst flooding in decades.
6:40 pm
flash floods killing dozens of people and injurying hundreds more. michelle has more on the flood watch there. >> reporter: the wall of water racing through queensland and for those unfortunate enough to be feeling like a tsunami, residents rescued from roofs and from the rushing water itself. this couple narrowly escapes their car. vehicles of all kinds, even homes have been tossed through these streets and farm fields. a man was clinging to the tree when the muddy waters have been deadly for at least 20 people in this flood-soaked region. more than 20 from this area. the flooding is not expected to subside until thursday. in one town, the entire population of 300 had to be air
6:41 pm
lifted to safety. officials say it's the worst flooding in half a century. the number of deaths are expected to rise. right now all of this water is racing towards brisbain where they've started evacuations. back to you. >> michelle reporting for us from australia. very frightening to see that video. college football season is so passe. raj mathai is here. >> the sharks, we haven't talked about that in a long time. but we have issues with the sharks. let's go live to the tank in this picture right now. the sharks are about to start. we're going to be joined by the guy who will tell the truth. where does the stanford football team finish in the final ranking? the polls were released today. we have the answer. jeff? good evening, raj. we're finding showers here in
6:42 pm
the giant territory. across the golden gatehaeve idwe'll have details on how lon this will stick around coming up.
6:43 pm
tomorrow marks the first anniversary since the massive earthquake devastated haiti. disease and death continues to plague the population. and hampering humanitarian efforts. one bay area group is trying to help one nail at a time.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: the images of devastation, death stunned the world. for many, it was a call to action. >> you're looking at entire towns gone. for me it was what can i do. >> reporter: like others, shelly watched these images and wanted to help. >> the kids are going out in the mud, the sanitation is poor. they have no u tentensilses for eating. >> reporter: she learned how something as small as a pair of nail clippers. >> this is going to save five kids. when you look at five kids under the age of ten it could have saved their live. >> reporter: more children died from bacteria under their nail than from contaminated water. so they sent out to collect as many nail clippers as they could. >> our challenge is going to be 1,000 clippers and then former mayor willy brown said that is
6:45 pm
not enough challenge. >> i said, you've got to do a lot more if you want to make an impact. >> reporter: the group is raising money to buy 50,000 nail clippers and hopes to deliver them next month. >> the resources came to the conclusion that there was something really needed in the nature of nail clippers because that contributes to the health of the people there. >> reporter: but they won't be content to mail them from a post office. she plans to deliver them herself. >> i want to hand them to parents who are trying to save their children. and i think it's just so important when you look at a kid, and think they don't have a life because they don't have any nail clippers. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> that is amazing. all right. jeff ranieri, tell us what is
6:46 pm
coming. >> sunshine, that's what we're looking for. >> they are down the line. you have to hold on to the seven-day forecast. meanwhile, in terms of the rainfall, there hasn't been a major storm system but we've picked up just about a tenth of an inch. we're starting to wind things down with the storm system as it mainly pusheses in into the cen valley. we find a little bit of shower activity, mainly in the north bay across the golden gate bridge and for those of you in san francisco and oakland, we're finding light showers and even down into hayward, this is also the case here across fremont and down into san jose. we're dry for most of the east bay from livermore into danville. all right. let's get you in right now to what we're looking at in terms of the current temperatures. it's been a cold rain. upper 30s and low 40s in the east bay. 45 in novato and 47 in sunnyvale. with things clearing out, no
6:47 pm
doubt we'll be back in the 30s as we head throughout the night. even patchy fog. we'll track more showers in the seven-day forecast. the storm system pushing out. there is that clearing back behind it as we continue to fall for tonight and the system as we watch for thursday, still about 1,000 miles away. when it gets here, it reintroduces the chance for showers and in the interim, we're going to watch out for the fog as we head throughout wednesday morning. patchy in nature here throughout the north bay and for the east bay. a look at that rain time line, you'll see by thursday, we reintroduce those showers. not a big storm system and a tenth of an inch from novato looking dry for the peninsula south bay and also for the east bay. meanwhile, for the morning, starting off cold, mid-30s in the east bay and patchy fog to watch out for and plenty of upper 30s to near 40 for the peninsula. let's get you those numbers in the south bay for tomorrow.
6:48 pm
58, morgan hill. 57 in dublin and 53 and temperatures warm up once we get over the fog and we're looking at napa valley, 52. 54 and low 50s throughout the north bay. morning time on your weather, on the weather channel on cable and of course you can get more on our seven-day forecast. s as we head throughout friday, saturday, sunday, best weather coming by monday and tuesday. now here are your sports. with all of the football drama around here with the 49ers and raiders, the sharks have been placed on the back burners. sometime the back burner is a nice place to be. the once mighty sharks are not a playoff team as of right now. how does this happen? at the arena tonight, the big
6:49 pm
boss, there he is. gary saying business is booming in the nhl. he is also here to congratulation veteran defense team one and only shark to the all-star team and the all-star game at the end of the month in north carolina, an outstanding rookie will also be going as part of the rocky skill competition. a nice honor but the sharks have issues. >> i wish we could get a win tonight and feel better about it but -- >> we've got to come out with the same mind set and just keep plugging away at it. >> sharks hosting toronto tonight. you saw the team captain not part of the all-star team. what's the problem with the sharks? an erratic play, struggling offense, and a four-game losing
6:50 pm
streak. with that said, let's bring in one of our sharks broadcaster. i haven't seen you all weekend long. >> no idea. we haven't covered them. >> nice to see you. let's get right to it. take it away. we've known the sharks for almost a decade and all of a sudden they don't look that good actually. >> you're absolutely right. the reason they don't look that good, the best players are a 21-year-old rookie and if you grade them, would you give them bs, cs, or ds. and right now it comes down to
6:51 pm
simply individuals having not doing what they are supposed to be doing. they are not playing up to their expectations or ability and it's that individual con sis extent see that comes. >> you've been around the block a long time and many times. you brought them up. he ripped the team calling out most of his teammates. that's pretty hard core stuff. that relationshiips a dressing . >> it can. it's interesting, he got the a put on his jerseys and looked at him as one of the leaders. the san jose sharks isn't it about time that somebody said something? is it about time that it stops with the arm around the guy and somebody kicking somebody in the tail? i thought it was fantastic. it was a right thing at the right moment.
6:52 pm
the team was yet to respond with their playing and they haven't gotten a little better every day. >> i thought it was his personality and he seems very passive and am i right or wrong? >> i think you're wrong. i think joe is one of the most misunderstood players and because of his gregarious nature and because of the smile on his face, because he's a guy that i would love to hang out with because he seems so easygoing and he's a very passionate guy when it comes to hockey. he's a nut. he watches a lot of hockey. he really cares about winning. he's not getting the results authentically but he's still digging on all three zoenes. i don't think he gets on camera or win as gold medal if you don't have the will to win. i think this is the right thing
6:53 pm
because, raj, for good or for bad, are for the sparks wins or losses, say, this is our leader and we're not afraid that we think we can win with the guy. >> i love how you always correct me when i'm wrong. i appreciate it. on live tv. >> it doesn't happen very often. >> we'll be watching for that, the sharks and the toronto. finally, stanford football, the final polls are in. they finished fourth in the nation in the final ap poll. auburn university with the national title last night and they are the national champs. tom and jaws ka, back to you. >> number four is pretty darn raj.o that's great
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
well, tonight at 11:00, he took off ano na anymore tea and splashed off straight into celebrityhood. >> it's almost impossible to describe in words unless you hear it for yourself, the suddenness of it and intensity of it. >> but he's not talking about the splash landing that made him famous, the captain hasn't made this revelation before. one on one with the hero of the hudson tonight right here on nbc 11:00. and finally at 6:00, the computer industry museum in
6:57 pm
mountain view is ready to open its 25,000 square foot exhibit called revolution. the first 2,000 years of computing. another tech was responsible for the up'sgrade that follows the technology explosion. >> this one tells a story with 13 galleries and it's very, very important to realize that bill gates sat down and said yes to giving the money for it and he's not here today. there was a chance that he would be here but it really takes somebody believing that -- in things like museums to help them out. >> the state-of-the-art exhibit looks at every major aspect of the history of computing, from the advocates to the smartphone and the museum opens its doors on thursday. see you at 11, everybody.
6:58 pm
>> bye-bye. mary! hey!
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