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tv   Today  NBC  January 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. courage under fire -- one week after the rampage, another important step for congresswoman gabby giffords. that as the first responders speak out about the lives they saved. zoo tragedy -- it happened again. another trainer is killed by an animal in captivity, this time an elephant. jeff corwin talks about the risks of working with animals and his own brush with danger. seeing stars -- the fashions, films and the frontrunners. who will take home the golden globes? our sneak peek at hollywood's big night. our sneak peek at hollywood's big night. today, january 16, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. how many people asked you how many designers you were wearing when you walked? >> tara, our stage manager liked my suit. >> that's one person. neither of us are going to the golden globes awards tonight. >> tonight's golden globes kicks off the awards season as television and film come together. we'll head to the red carpet for a preview and take a look at who will likely walk home with a golden statue. >> tara said nothing about my outfit. also, the new "titanic" mystery. nearly a century after the disaster, the ship is vanishing from the bottom of the north atlantic. scientists are saying the ship that was once called unsinkable may disappear in 15 to 20 years.
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and three months before the royal wedding we have interesting news about prince william and kate middleton. it involves an invitation from queen elizabeth and it's an offer probably none of us would refuse. they are likely mulling it over. and an update on a very inspiring story about a group of kids we first introduced you to a few years back. the children all stutter and like in the golden globes nominee "the king's speech" they have found a remarkable way to face the challenge and have confidence. we begin in tucson. later mourners will gather for the funeral of dorwin stoddard as the supermarket where the tragedy unfolded re-opens. miguel almaguer joins us with the latest from tucson. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. this grocery store was the ba backdrop for bloodshed and a symbolic gesture to move
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forward. no longer a crime scene but still a place of sor are yrowso. at 10:10 a.m. only sobs broke the silence. many here witnessed the bloodshed. saturday, they prayed for the dead. >> everybody was touched by this. everybody. >> reporter: as tucson remembers the victims, we know more about the suspect. this is believed to be the voice of jared lee loughner, a rambling tirade recorded at pima community college, months before the shooting. the youtube clip is the latest piece of evidence gathered by investigators. it comes as they release the suspect's timeline before the rampage. november 30, they say loughner bought a glock .9 millimeter hand gun. january 7, a roll of film is dropped off at a tucson walgreens. just after midnight on the day of the shooting he checks into a motel. at 4:00 a.m. he writes "good-bye
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friends" on a social networking website. a bag and bullets bought at a walmart. then after 10:00 he takes a cab to safeway. >> there are multiple people shot. >> reporter: 19 would be shot at this strip mall, six killed. >> all i saw was chaos, lots of people moving around, people on the ground. i will admit now when i got there my mind went blank for a while. >> reporter: for the first time first responders spoke out with a message to the families of those who were lost. >> i want them to know we did everything we could. >> reporter: across town at university medical center where hundreds gathered saturday, jim tucker was discharged. two were in good condition. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is now off a ventilator but remains in critical condition. the memorial outside the hospital grows each day. >> we have to come together and stand with each other and show love. >> reporter: a few miles away a smaller tribute, but for some a closer connection. this is where lives were lost
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and where a community tries to move on. funerals for two more of the victims will be held this afternoon. a peace walk will end at congresswoman giffords' office. lester? >> miguel, thank you. here's jenna. >> thanks. the shooting left many in washington vowing to tone down the rhetoric, but with the fight over health care on the agenda this week, will the harmony last? david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. >> congress gets back to work this week and the debate over whether to repeal the health care law starts wednesday. how do you see it playing out? >> well, i think there will be a change in tone, at least for a while. there is polling i have seen this morning indicating some of the rawness of opposition to health care reform as passed by the congress last year has abated some. this is going to be a hot issue once again. it's not going to be an issue that's prolonged the way the house of representatives views
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it. but, look, the issues are tough. gun control, health care. those are going to be the conversations that are going on as congress gets back to business and it is going to test this new attitude. >> also this week the president is set to sit down with hu jintao. some call it the most important state visit in three decades. what's at stake here? >> there are a number of things on the table. the president seems poised to pressure china over human rights and democracy. secretary of state clinton giving a pointed speech on the topic. there is obviously a range of economic concerns, china being the country's biggest debtor, providing us with the money we need to fund our government. issues of currency and then the latest wrinkle, too, is about defense. is there an arms race brewing between the united states and china? this is an uncertain time between the countries. >> turning to the political aftermath of the shootings in tucson, john mccain wrote an op-ed and in it he defended the
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president and praised sarah palin. he writes, imagine how it must feel to have watched one week ago the massacre of innocents and to have heard in the coverage of the tragedy voices accusing you of the complicity in it. it does not ask much of human nature to appreciate how strong a need someone would feel to defend him or herself against such a slur. does that help sarah palin's much criticized response? does it put it into perspective with what he wrote? >> i don't know that it necessarily helps a great deal. you know, he was the one who introduced sarah palin effectively to the national scene by choosing her as his running mate. it was a balanced piece. if you look at the piece, defending sarah palin in that respect but taking some responsibility for a lack of civility and political discourse and talking about a need to do better, rejecting those who would be critical of obama's character in some way for leading the nation down the wrong path in the view of many. so this was kind of a balanced
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piece. again, in keeping with the tone as senator mccain was praising the president for his speech in tucson and in keeping with the tone that they are going to try to keep going as they come back to work. >> michael steele is out as rnc chairman and reinc erke priebus in. >> it's the blocking and tackling. michael steele was criticized in part because he couldn't raise enough money during a great time to raise money as a republican for getting too much attention. they want grassroots organization. that's what matters as you get closer to 2012. this is a new leader who's seen as having a better capacity to do that to work with campaigns, governors, et cetera, to get that in a better financial footing. the rnc on better financial footing. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, jenna.
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>> liz francis is at the news desk with a look at the headlines. >> good morning. we begin in brazil where they are bracing for severe thunderstorms and flooding today. floods and mud slides killed more than 600 people. officials haven't been able to get to remote villages forcing people to fend for themselves. some are walking for hours in the heat and the rain just to look for food and water. tunisia is on its third leader in 24 hours. the parliament speaker, now the interim president, is holding talks to form a coalition government. weeks of anti-government protest left dozens dead and forced out the long-time president. california's famed highway is re-opened after a ten-car pile-up on saturday. three people were killed in the crash in newport beach. one is critical. police say an oncoming car lost control, became airborn and set off the ten-car crash.
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authorities are investigating. nasa astronaut tim kopra was injured on saturday. it may affect the flight to the international space station. the mission has been scrubbed over fuel tank cracks receive tim -- several times. here she is, miss america. 17-year-old teresa scanlan took home the crown last night. she's the second youngest winner in the 90-year history. she's 17, by the way. the first winner from nebraska. and finally to look that good, she likely eats her fruits and vegetables. parents of this tot are introducing her to grapefruit juice. she tastes the juice and then after a few seconds realizes just how sour -- oh! her reaction is adorable. in the next video they give her tabasco sauce and she throws the spoon at them. just kidding. >> janice huff is here with a
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check on the weather. >> i hope no one gives me that when they don't like my weather forecast. good morning, y.erodyb we're going to start out across the west. first you can see the rain across east texas. we swing westward and they are getting hard hit across the pacific northwest. the pineapple express continues. moisture from the hawaiian islands thanks to la nina this year. four to six inches of rain expected and possible land slides across the western sections of washington and oregon. it will be a nasty day there. warming up in the southwest. participa parts of california in the 70s and 80s. great weather for the golden globes tonight. 42 in salt lake city. here in the northeast it's cool but dry for now. and here's a view. very soggy san francisco in terms of the misty skies and drizzle across the golden gate bridge. really can't see a wleod lot. visibility brought down to less than a quarter mile for most of the inner bay.
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that's the reason for the dense fog advisory through the bay area through 9:00 this morning. high pressure is going to deflect all the pacific moisture towards the pacific northwest. fog, our big story today. it will probably linger through the day. we're looking at a cool down with 50s and 60s for highs. staying dry through the next several days. jenna. >> janice, thank you. this tril mark it is 99th anniversary of the sinking of the "titanic." an iceberg brought it down in the north atlantic but something smaller is making it disappear. kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: in the north atlantic, two miles below the sea the so-called unsinkable "titanic" rests in darkness. the water temperature a cool 29 degrees. since the wreckage was discovered in 1985, scientific teams wondered, could the 99-year-old graveyard one day turn to dust? now experts at the dalhousie
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university have discovered bacteria is eating away at the ship. the bacteria consume iron creating so-called rusticles. it consumes iron like a worm eats garbage and it is devouring the debris faster than ever seen on a wreck before. >> it's beaten up by currents but there is bacteria eating away at the hull. >> reporter: on the most recent expedition to the "titanic" the cable from the vehicle accidentally snagged the ship's railing. scientists think the dust you see is what the bacteria leaves behind after eating. >> reporter: part of what i'm hearing which shock mess is in 20 to 25 years we may see the decks of "titanic" collapsing. >> reporter: because the pictures are so stunning most people may not realize 40% of the debris field, more than six miles, remains undocumented.
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the first extensive mapping of the area just took place five months ago. >> iceberg, right ahead! >> reporter: experts say the popular movie tells only one version of why the "titanic" sank. it may be the iceberg collapsed the hull plaiti iplatting flood lower deck. another one says the iceberg popped rivets. the unsinkable "titanic" now with a new foe. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> hard to believe it could be gone. >> i don't know why they don't break it up in sections, pull it up slowly, put it back together and charge people an arm and a leg to see it? >> it would be so easy to do, i'm sure. >> i may have time between games today. i may want to get on something like that. >> you fund it. >> up next on "today," empowering kids and helping them find their voices. right after this. [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®. for adults, stelara® helps control
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♪ hello. [ female announcer ] glasses in about an hour. lenscrafters. "the king's speech" is one of the breakout films at this year's golden globes. it's up for best picture. it features a king who has to overcome a stutter to lead his country in wartime. it reminded us of a group called our time, a nonprofit theater company that helps kids who stutter find the confidence to express themselves. we thought it would be a perfect time to catch up with them.
6:17 am
>> meow! >> meow. >> i'm purr-fect for this part. >> before joining this group, staying out of the spotlight was the focus for most of the kids. >> a boy was teasing me. i felt like -- i never wanted to speak again. >> the first thing they discover here is they are not alone. >> they go through the same thing. and they know what i'm going through. so i'm happy that i can make friends. >> reporter: that's why taro alexander started our time. >> when i say our time, you say our time. ♪ >> reporter: the name comes from the fact the actors take their time on stage. >> in case you guys were wondering, i came to the -- city -- >> really the point of our time is to let the kids know that
6:18 am
stuttering never has to hold them back. >> mad -- king george -- the stammerer. >> reporter: they have been using "the king's speech" as an example of how anyone can have a speech impediment, even the king of england and how anyone can face their fears. >> why should i waste my time listening -- >> because i have a right to be heard and i have a voice! >> reporter: here kids find their voice by writing their own plays. >> i am a pink flamingo with a very big ego. [ laughter ] >> it's about a tiger. >> reporter: helping them conquer fears on stage so they can do the same in life. >> ladies, how's it going? >> reporter: we first met nadia jones at our time five years ago. >> you feel -- like -- you get
6:19 am
rejected. >> reporter: today she's waiting tables, a job that would have terrified her before, while working to become a nutritionist. >> you have to make them listen. you have to step out of your comfort zone and just talk. >> listen to each other, support each other. >> reporter: now she's back to give hope to those just starting to find their voice. >> she says stuff that i have wanted to say, not just be rushed. >> i learned that i can be anything that -- just to be myself. ♪ >> the cause of stuttering is not clearly understood but about one out of a hundred americans
6:20 am
do stutter. one thing kids say is please don't try to finish my sentence for me. that's frustrating because you get it wrong sometimes and they have to start over. they understand it's difficult but let them finish their thought. >> i like what the little girl said. i can do it when i want and i don't have to be rushed. it was nice that she's comfortable and at home with people going through the same thing. >> i'm glad we could share the story again. still to come, all that glitters -- getting ready for the golden globes. first, these messages. fabulous! they gave me this great idea. yea? we mail documents all over the country, so, what if there were priority mail flat rate... envelopes? yes! you could ship to any state... for a low flat rate? yes! a really low flat rate. like $4.95? yes! and it could look like a flat rate box... only flatter? like this? genius. priority mail flat rate envelopes.
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good morning to you. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. a very foggy start to your sunday morning. not just foggy in san francisco where we're used to it, foggy in the south bay, east bay as well. i'm chris sanchez with rob mayeda. and you say it's unusual for us to have this much fog south and east. >> in in the south bay we haven't had this kind of dense fog setting up. even in san jose we have a dense fog advisory bay area wide. this morning through 9:00, temperatures in the 40s to near 50. that's one benefit of the fog, our temperatures oornts too chilly. visibility, quick mass, .06 miles, about 300 foot
6:27 am
visibility. san francisco, san mateo and a quarter mile or less in san jose. very foggy start to the morning. we'll be rain-free. our friends in the pacific northwest getting flooding rains. stern washington, maybe about a half foot of rain building down today. we'll be looking at drizzle with the fog, patchy fog into the afternoon. with all the extra moisture in terms of the low clouds, we're going to be running a little cooler today. once we get the hazy sunshine, we won't see temperatures near 70 today. i think we're going to be looking at 50s to low 60s for highs today. tomorrow, dry, a little warmer. look at that seven-day forecast. we're going to stay dry with highs in the warmest places in the 60s are to the start of next weekend. >> thank you very much. a historic and high profile first few weeks for the new mayors of oakland and san francisco continues. oakland mayor jean kwaun and san francisco mayor ed lee are receiving attention not only in the bay area but worldwide. their next stop, without. mayor kwan is an invited guest of the state dinner. the twist is this, her companion will not be her husband but her
6:28 am
longtime friend and former classmate lee. originally quan's husband was invited but can't make it because of his medical practice. she reached out to her old college chum at cal. lee and quan became the first asian american mayors. they will be part of the state dinner to welcome chinese president hu jintao. lee says the election of him and quan has been a source of pride in the asian-american community. >> and we are americans too. as you realize, but a lot of chinese people really take pride and we know that, they take pride in seeing us succeed and do the best we can and it brings about a lot of hope for people who still have very, very hard feelings about what this country did to them. >> quan and lee were already scheduled to be in washington for the conference of mayors but now they will add dinner with president obama and chinese president to their i tin nary. in tucson doctors say
6:29 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in critical condition. they removed her breathing tube and she is breathing on her own. she has not spoken since shot in the head one week ago. doctors say they may know whether she can speak, but they're not offering a time frame. we have all of the day's top stories, both local and national, coming up for you next at 7:00. and, of course, more local news, weather and sports at the top of the hour.
6:30 am
we're back on this sunday morning, january 16th, 2011. we have another great crowd with us this morning. we thank them for spending part of their day with us. the most important part of the day, might i add, the morning time. outside on the plaza i'm jenna wolfe along with lester holt. still to come in this half hour, there are many questions surrounding an elephant who killed a trainer at a zoo recently. >> it was a zoo in knoxville and officials say the elephant exhibited no warning signs before. we'll talk to jeff corwin who will explain his own close encounter with an elephant and how dangerous it can be to work with these large animals. >> when you do that in the wild
6:31 am
it's always frightening. did you get your invitation to the royal wedding? >> i'm just going to show up. >> won't be the first time. it's only three months away, believe it or not. they are bringing everything together. kate middleton not yet choosing her wedding designer. rumors are swirling. we'll get the latest details coming up. any tiny detail is news. >> you're already complaining about the cold. >> it's freezing! >> we have some pets to show you. doesn't matter what i say now. i can just read the phone book. no, we're going to talk about keeping your pets warm and cold is as much a danger and sometimes more than it is to us. andrea is here. >> and it's hollywood's big night. the golden globes are on tonight. it brings tv and film together. who will win what? will "the king's speech" or "the social network" take home best picture? we'll have a preview coming up.
6:32 am
every year before the oscars and the golden globes i say i will watch every movie so i know what they are talking about. >> people say, have you seen "black swan," "the king's speech"? no, no. working too much. another check on the weather. janice has seen every movie. >> except "black swan." nice lady from my hometown, columbia, south carolina. you all sang, did you? >> at carnegie hall on friday. >> that's fabulous! boy, you guys are special. new york is awesome, according to this young man. what's your name? >> harrison. >> where are you from? >> washington, d.c. >> you think new york is more awesome? >> yes. >> i agree. let's check the weather and see what's going on this morning. we've got rain across parts of southeast texas. that storm system is going to move eastward and up the coast. the east coast by tomorrow. may cause a snow and ice storm.
6:33 am
rain in the pacific northwest. for tomorrow's holiday, showers in the pacific northwest. sunshine in california and the southwest. texas dries out and all the rain moves into the southeast from louisiana, mississippi across to the carolinas and florida. a slight risk of severe weather in south florida tomorrow. . , >> and here's a look at a foggy golden gate bridge. as we show you that view in transition to the visibility. you can see the worst of the fog or thickest in the peninsula. we have visibility down to 300 feet or less in spots. some arriving flights being impacted up to an hour. if that fog in oakland and san jose, we will be watching those airports as well. no worries about rain. the fog will lingering a little longer today so we'll see temperatures running a little bit cooler, but staying dry today. all the way into the start of next weekend. and when we're not here you can check your weather on here's jenna.
6:34 am
janice, thank you. now to the death of an animal trainer in tennessee killed by an elephant. nbc's john yang joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. zoo officials say the elephant wasn't acting aggressively when she killed her 33-year-old keeper but experts say it is a tragic example of what can happen when people work with wild animals. a word of warning there is disturbing video in this report. stephanie james loved her job as an elephant keeper but she also knew the risks. >> she was so well aware of the safety of what she needed to do. and the dangers -- potential dangers. >> reporter: james died of internal injuries when a 26-year-old female elephant named edie pushed her into a wall. as zoo policy requires another keeper was present. >> her fellow keeper commanded the elephant to move back. the elephant obeyed the command. >> it is possible she could have
6:35 am
been wedged between the elephant and the wall and would have literally been crushed to death, possibly without the elephant even knowing. >> reporter: nbc news science and environment expert jeff corwin knows an elephant's power firsthand. once an el manhattephant grabbe shaking him violently. >> the elephant reached out, grabbed me. it was that quick. i remember thinking in my head as i was being tossed back and forth that i had 15 seconds and if someone didn't do something in 15 seconds i was going to come apart like a rag doll. >> reporter: the attack lasted seconds but corwin's recovery took a year. the knoxville incident appears to have been very different from the last profile death of an animal trainer. in orlando last february sea world trainer dawn brancheau died when a killer whale took her under water. >> this whale leaped out of the aquarium and grabbed the trainer
6:36 am
dragging her to her death. >> reporter: as different as the two incidents may be, they have one thing in common -- a father's grief. >> she was such a devoted daughter. she'd call us at least once a week. the conversations always ended with "i love you." >> reporter: another incident to report. on friday two chimps at a nebraska zoo bit off two fingers of a keeper. the keeper was petting a chimp when he grabbed her hand. when she screamed a second chimp attacked as well. this raises more questions about working with wild animals in captivity. jenna? >> thank you very much. up next we'll switch gears to talk about the wedding of william and kate. has kate chosen a dress designer? we'll have the latest coming up. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> woman: actually, i got lost a lot.
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the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet, get a car that automatically does it for you. ♪ ♪ the wedding of prince william and kate middleton is just three months away. questions from how kate will handle the transition from commoner to royal and who will design her dress still linger. joining us with insight is the features writer for london's daily telegraph. good morning, celia. >> good morning. >> is kate being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of the royals in terms of the planning for her wedding? >> i don't know about kicking and screaming but i think it will be a stressful period for her. >> what is she going through
6:40 am
now? >> this is a girl who has always lived a low key life. suddenly she's on the front page of every magazine. people are scrutinizing her style, her weight. she was told she was too thin, that she was losing too much weight for the wedding and that she should eat a few hearty meals. she's been criticized for wearing low cut tops recently and her manners will be under great scrutiny. it will be a tough three months. >> it wasn't long ago we were hearing that they didn't want servants. we understand the queen offered them the opportunity in london to live in buckingham palace. what do you think? >> it's already going to be the least intimate wedding of all time. the last thing you want is to move in with your grandmother. >> when you put it that way. >> mind you, having said that they have 775 rooms in buckingham palace. there is plenty of space and the offer is they can have their own self-contained flat within the palace. it's secure and away from prying eyes. i can see why the queen may want
6:41 am
that. i think it's more likely they will move into the nearby st. james palace. >> that's where he is when in london? >> right. >> he's in the service and is stationed in north wales. so most of the time they will be there. >> they will be there enjoying down time before the big day. >> you talk about the criticism and diana went through it. how is she doing with the comparisons? is she trying to separate herself as much as she can from dine wan diana? >> she's made a point from the beginning that she's not diana and the last thing prince william wants is for her to go through what his mother went through. if you believe the pace of today she's been to see one of diana's -- well, her mom went to see one of diana's favorite dress designers after having lunch at diana's favorite restaurant in knights bridge. there are parallels. it remains to be seen how far she'll follow them. >> what about the wedding dress?
6:42 am
what do we know about the true designer of it? >> this is the big question. in fact, basically we know nothing. everyone in britain is going mad. we have people betting and the odds on this one designer, bruce oldfield, who was one of diana's favorite designers, have gone dramatically from 9 to 1 to 3 to 1 after kate's mother and sister were spotted dress shopping there this week. but, you know, it could be anything. they could be bridesmaids dresses or the going away dress. the answer is we don't know. i think she'll go british and i think she'll go for something very classic. of course she's got this amazing figure so she'll look fantastic in whatever she wears. >> nice to have you on. thank you very much. now here's jenna. from royal wedding to hollywood. tonight's golden globes, hollywood's awards season kicks into full swing on nbc with the 68th annual golden globe awards.
6:43 am
george lewis rolls out the red carpet. >> reporter: they are putting the finishing touches on the ballroom, complete with crystal chandeliers and champagne. all ready for tonight's ceremony. >> george, the stammerer. >> reporter: "the king's speech" leads the nominations with seven. >> i have a voice! >> yes, you do. >> reporter: followed by six each for "the social network" -- >> that's what the facebook is going to be about. >> reporter: and "the fighter." >> if you don't fight nobody gets paid. >> reporter: there is buzz about natalie portman in "black swan." >> hard to find anyone in town who wouldn't pick natalie portman to win for "black swan." it's the roll that everyone's talking about. >> reporter: the hollywood foreign press has a reputation for making sometimes quirky choices. take the film "the tourist." crucified by the critics but nominated for three globes. while the widely acclaimed "true
6:44 am
grit" got no nominations, zero. then there's the party atmosphere of the ceremony itself, complete with open bar. >> everyone there is drinking and partying and with some of the results of who the winners are you would think maybe they were drinking when voting. >> reporter: they also hand out golden globes for tv shows. those nominations are a bit more predictable. "glee," a popular and critical hit on fox has five nominations. "30 rock," a perennial favorite, picked up three, as did amc's "mad men" another hearty perennial. hbo leads the other networks with 12 nominations including the series "boardwalk empire," "the pacific" and the made for cable movie "temple grandin." tonight's golden globes come just nine days ahead of the announcement of the oscar nominees and actors all over
6:45 am
hollywood begin to polish their acceptance speeches. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> so who's going to walk away a winner tonight? jacob bernstein from the daily beast joins us for a nice chat. we have a lot to cover. i want to get into it with the one category everyone will be talking about. best movie: drama. most people say this is a two-way tie. >> it looks like a showdown between "the king's speech" and "the social network." in one corner you have this movie that's about facebook. it's everything that's happening now. it's a man who starts this incredible company that's all about getting friends and he can't be a friend himself. in the other you have this great historical drama. the hfpa certainly likes british and european things. they have that bent. >> and they have a doozy in "the king's speech." >> they have a good one there. colin firth is, in all
6:46 am
likelihood, going to walk away with the globe for best actor. but there is no way to know. >> let's move on to best director. david fincher of "the social network" looks like he'll get it. >> he certainly looks like the most likely one. it's a terrific movie. it's everything that's going on now, but you have a really interesting movie in "black swan." obviously natalie portman's performance is the thing that people are talking about with that movie and in all likelihood, she will. >> best comedy or musical looks like one stands out. >> it's sort of a who cares a little bit. but, yes, it looks like it's probably going to be "the kids are all right." but the hfpa likes tim burton. they gave "sweeney todd" the golden globe a few years ago and the reviews weren't great. "alice" has a shot. we can say "the tourist" and
6:47 am
"burlesque" won't be taking home awards. >> you mentioned colin firth. will he have competition? >> i don't think so. it's a great performance. he's british. everyone likes him. he's a nice guy. again, terrific performance. >> about as much competition as natalie portman for "black swan." >> i think jennifer lawrence is a performance that people like and nicole people like, too. but, yeah, it's all about her playing this ballerina going nuts. she's fantastic in it. she looks great. >> okay. >> moving along, annette benning, favorite for best actress in a comedy or musical. you like her? >> everyone likes her. she's great in everything. in "the grifters" she played a crazy woman. in this she's a lesbian. she has a transformative quality. she can play almost anything you throw at her. people love her for that. she's up against julianne moore
6:48 am
who is terrific in that movie. >> same category, but best actor. johnny depp got two nominations. one for "alice in wonder land" or "the tourist." who's going to win? >> i think it's johnny depp in "alice." >> best supporting actor. michael douglas would be there. >> that would be a great moment. he's up against slightly better performances but it would make for a great moment on tv. jeffrey rush is pretty magnificent in "the king's speech" and christian bale -- >> that's a strong category. >> he's so great in "the fighter" playing the crack addict with a boston accent. he's british, nothing like this guy we are watching. that's one of the things you look for if voting on something like this. can you turn into a person completely different than yourself? >> i want to get the two tv awards given out for best drama and comedy.
6:49 am
who do you like? >> best drama, could "the good wife" do it? everybody loves "mad men." but "the good wife" is a really good show. >> real quick, comedy. >> the question is can "glee" unseat "30 rock"? >> that will be it. thank you so much, jacob. have fun watching tonight. >> i will. i always have fun watching. >> you can watch the 68th annual golden globes with or without jacob tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on nbc. just ahead, protecting pets from the cold weather. and it's cold. first these messages.
6:50 am
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♪ i like pets ♪ like my two dogs >> this morning on today's pets, protecting your pooch and kitten from the cold. the winter weather is tough but for pets the toll can be higher. how do we protect them? we'll ask expert andrea arden. you have a shivering one there. >> this is edna. >> cold? >> first time on tv jitters. >> tell me what animals are more susceptible to cold weather. >> all animals should be kept indoors especially during the winter months. certainly seniors and puppies are most susceptible and animals with an illness like kidney, heart disease or diabetes. they can make it difficult to regulate body temperature. it's important to get a winter check-up regardless of your pet's age. >> they can get frostbite and hypothermia like we can. what are the signs to look for? >> first is impaired judgment and a lack of reaction.
6:53 am
also shivering, shaking, all the things this puppy is doing. if you see the symptoms contact your vet. >> typically outdoor animals, well, they can be. >> unfortunately people do allow cats outdoors. they think it's kind but they should be kept indoors because one thing they are susceptible to is going into cars and hiding in the engine. if you think there are loose cats in the neighborhood make sure before you start your car you honk your horn and wait a little bit to give them a chance to get out. >> want to talk about an issue where we have had snow this winter in this part of the country. naturally people salt the driveways, sidewalks and the dogs -- i know my dog will start lifting her paw up. very uncomfortable. >> they will start squealing. the reason is because a lot of stuff that's used on the ground for pets, the deicers burns their feet quickly, especially the white pellets with calcium
6:54 am
chlori chloride. they are sensitive to that. people should try to use the pet safe versions so they are not as likely to have their pets' feet burned. avoid the areas if you can. another thing to consider is anti-freeze outside can be tasty to dogs and cats. they may lick it and it is t toxic. if you see blue or pink snow, avoid it. >> all the pets here are wearing what look like boxing gloves but they are protection pads. >> use these to protect them. you can get booties like this. get your animal used to it first indoors because a lot of dogs when they walk with these will walk in a funny way until they adjust. >> reflective coats for pets. >> you may want a coat so it will keep them warm. they have fur but it doesn't mean they are necessarily protected adequately from the cold. one of the great things about a coat like this is it has a reflective part to it so when you're walking, your pet and you
6:55 am
will be more visible to cars. >> not uncommon to use space heaters this time of year. what danger is this posing to a pet? >> this is a big danger. the reason is it's warm so we are attracted to it and our pets are. >> we know to stand back. >> you don't want your cat or dog curling up in front of it and potentially getting burned. they could also knock it over which could be a hazard for the household. >> lastly, this guy is mugging for the camera. i like him. >> he's cute. all pets deserve a cozy bed whether it's with you or in their bed. if you have a young animal or a senior animal with at&t riets g -- arthritis getting them a heated pet bed can keep them warm. make sure -- it's all about supervision. they only use it when supervised. it is electric. >> all of our friends from animal haven. >> they are all up for adapopta.
6:56 am
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let's bring back david gregory to find out what's coming up on "meet the press." david? >> good morning. we'll get the latest on the condition of congresswoman giffords from new york senator kirsten gillibrand and what can washington do to prevent this from happening again? we'll be joined by democrat charles schumer and senator tom coburn, a republican from oklahoma. plus our roundtable. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> thank you very much, david. we'll see you then as we finish up with a chorus of whines here. >> the dogs are, too. that's it for us on this sunday morning. janice huff, melissa francis, many thanks.
6:59 am
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