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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new this morning, it doesn't get much worse than this. an urn is stolen with ashes inside. a family is distraught and want it back. i'm christie smith. i'll explain coming up in a live report. a deadly hit-and-run as a woman tries to catch her runaway dog. this morning we know what put her in that fateful spot at that fateful moment. and steve jobs takes a leave from apple. we'll say when he's coming back and how the early morning markets are taking the news. you are looking at a live picture of the port of oakland. it is tuesday, january 18th.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. we'll check in on the foggy east bay forecast and christina loren. good morning. good morning to you. it is a foggy start across the bay area this morning, basically everywhere you head you will encounter patchy dense fog. especially the north bay. this morning oakland is checking in with 200 feet of visibility. so you have really, really rulsed visibility on your way to work this morning. we are expecting a very slow commute, so keep that in mind. right now it is still pretty early. the thickest fog is along the peninsula. really socked in for the first part of the day, but heading throughout the afternoon high pressure regains control of the forecast making for a pretty nice second half of the day. lots of sunshine with highs in the low 60s. here's a look at the numbers for today. temperatures maxing out near 62
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degrees in san jose. 63 for morgan hill. 63 in santa cruz. what do you expect for the big weekend although we started out the workweek? i'll tell you coming up. >> i like that. all right. 200 feet of visibility means to slow down. >> exactly. and slick conditions mean when you have the sudden reaction because you come up on something you have less warning time and have to react more hazardously. watch for that, folks. we have a construction zone i'm warning you about. northbound 880 has reopened, but we have a couple lanes blocked heading north to 92. the san mateo bridge is where the fog is a big issue. the fog advisory is still in place. heading over to the peninsula, once you are off the bridge, head north past keyhole avenue where an earlier accident has two lanes blocked with very low visibility. there's like 100 feet visibility
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in the peninsula and portions along the coast. a fog advisory continues for the venetian bridge. fog is still traveling through the area. the mist is very thick in spots, so it is slippery as well. back to you. thank you very much. a sad story made worse by a truly unspeakable act. an east bay family offers a $10,000 reward for help in finding the urn holding the remains of their son. christie smith is live in lafayette with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. it certainly makes you wonder who would do this. one family is in a loss of words. someone broke into a private mausoleum here in lafayette and took an urn and also the ashes that were inside of a man who died of cancer. this is at oakmont memorial park in lafayette. it is believed someone broke in sunday night and took the urn
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thinking perhaps it was made of gold, although it is really made out of bronze. these are the ashes of thomas gonzalez jr. they were inside the urn. he co-founded commerce one in 1994. one of thearly success stories of the dot com boom creating software for online exchanges. he died of 2001 of gastric cancer at the age of 35. the sheriff's deputy says this is the second incident like this recently, but the first time the remains were actually stolen. there is a $10,000 reward being offered for the return of the urn and the ashes. of course, if anyone has any information they are asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's department. reporting live in lafayette, christie smith, "today in the east bay." the union city man accused of sexually assaulting a
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2-year-old in a store will head to court. eugene ramos is expected to enter a plea in fremont later today. he is facing three felony assault charges with a special enhancement because he's been visibility convicted of a similar crime before. he's accused of assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a store last month. he is a registered sex offender released from jail last september after being convicted of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old back in 2003. police are investigating three shootings that shook oakland on martin luther king jr. day. one man was killed appearing to be waiting for a bus at 80th avenue and international boulevard at 4:00 in the afternoon. he was shot several times in the chest and died at the hospital. a second man was shot an hour later at 14th avenue and east 27th. he's expected to be okay. and then just before 8:00 last night, two more people were shot on east 17th street. they were taken to the hospital.
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they are also expected to be okay. police are searching for the suspects and want you to call them if you have any information. well, walking her dog ended her life. 52-year-old woman was killed by a young man who fled. who was he and how could he leave a diagnose woman on the side of the road? sharee limburg's dog stepped on stow the road sunday night. she and the dog were hit by a car and the 17-year-old driver stopped. a second driver ran over limburg and ran off. >> reporter: john coward is a retired city worker. he made a lot of money selling drugs and blew a lot of money using them. but then he found his passion,
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feeding homeless people who ham to live in the middle-class neighborhood. >> we get problems with people not wanting them fed in their neighborhood. they have to be fed, that's all i know. >> reporter: he knew the woman struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver sunday night. her name is sharee limborg. when she came she always had her dog with her. police believe she died trying to protect her dog. the dog apparently ran into the road and was hit by a car on avon. limborg was hit trying to save her dog when the second driver struck and killed her and her dog and drove away. >> she will be missed. >> reporter: jennifer is limborg's close friend. the two are a part of concord's homeless community. >> i know this from the people out there, they won't go to the
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homeless shelter because of their dogs. >> reporter: this man's goal is to help feed them no matter what. >> snes a better place, i hope. >> she was probably out there protecting the dog for some reason. she is absolutely in a better place. >> well, if you have more information to help police, obviously call them. officers want to hear from you. today east bay health care reform supporters will be out thing benefits to the new law trying to gain more supporters telling personal stories of how they have already benefited from the new law. this comes on the eve of the expected house vote to repeal what politicians call the affordable care act set for 11:00. the headquarters is on telegraph avenue. we'll check in with mike. this is important. just slow down today. there's so much fog out there.
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i understand there was some yesterday, but i slept in. >> so did i, scott. i slept through most of the sunshine as well. i only saw a few minutes of that sunshine over in san francisco as the bay bridge was very socked in. and it will be the case again through oakland, especially 880 that i drove down this morning, it was very foggy. getting into oakland, the tube has reopened. use the park street bridge. this is the portion we are talking about with very dense fog into hayward passing the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. there is an accident reported westbound at 580 near sahara. the commute westbound is moving smoothly through livermore, but we'll see the dense fog passing through many spots. be careful out there. all right, mike. with a look at how much fog and where it is, let's turn to weather. good morning. >> good morning. it is pretty much everywhere out there this morning. we don't have any exception in any of the bay area.
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the north bay is pretty socked in, and the east bay this morning, if you are waking up in oakland, we are seeing some of the thickest fog there. take it easy out there. this will be the case at least for the next couple of hours. fog really settling in along the highway and roadway out there. take it easy until 7:30 when the fog will start to lift above the highways. then you'll be much better off on your way to work. right now we have pretty thick fog along the peninsula as well. we are looking okay in the north bay, but fog will probably be a factor up here throughout the day today. the south bay is going to see some sunshine, and i think the peninsula will see a little more sunshine today as well as high pressure is fully in control taking the storm track off to our north keeping things mild in the afternoon. it is ab normally dry pattern that will continue all the way through the weekend with temperatures climbing as well. that's good news. we are getting a nice treat for the wintertime here. 46 in nevado. turning to the 60s before all is said and done.
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62 in san jose. hazy conditions in the places that get the most fog this morning. 65 degrees by thursday. and a beautiful weekend ahead. we'll talk about why it is staying so nice and dry coming up. but right now we'll go back to scott mcgrew. an amazing rescue. see how this man survived coming up after being trapped in a mud slide for hours. yes, he's okay. plus, the first day of trading since the news of steve jobs' medical leave. the morning markets are taking a bite out of apple's stock. as they open later we'll have the latest. and stopping why gains migraines forever. the surgery that can end agony. 3q
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well, here's a looked the bay bridge. you can barely see it because the fog is incredible. slow down today. be careful. check out this amazing video of a rescue in bra skill brazil. the man spent 16 hours under 13 feet of mud. he said he heard a loud noise before the mudslide covered him, but wood up beams prevented the mud from smothering him. he's in intensive care alive at
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a nearby hospital. yesterday, the day he was rescued, was his 42nd birthday. he celebrated surviving against all odds. well, let's join christina loren. we were talking about fog, 200 feet in some places. mike thought 100 feet in the peninsula. >> yeah, it is pretty bad out there. wherever you are headed you will probably encounter patchy, dense fog this morning, especially in the north bay along the peninsula where we are seeing the heaviest fog. if you are going to be traveling from the east bay to the south bay is this morning, you, too, will encounter really dense patches. so you want to take it easy out there wherever you are headed this morning. just make sure you are away of the fog and to let us know if it is causing problems on the roadways. we'll talk to mike in a second. back to you, scott. sure, let's go to mike. good morning, mike. >> good morning, scott. we'll look at the east bay hills here coming through concord. we are talking about fog, of
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course, as christina talked about, very low visibility. we do have an issue, a minor accident with folks running over debris. it is tough to see through the area, so watch it approaching the 680 and walnut creek interchange. the bridges will be hit with fog as well this morning. 69 is moving smoothly but in the next half hour it will get slow there. the bay bridge here with the toll plaza, it could be hard to see on the incline. back to you. what is happening to apple after steve jobs announces he's taking a leave from the company. with more news on that, we'll go to nicole lapan and cbs headquarters. >> reporter: we'll talk about apple at the top of the hour because there's a lot to dig into, especially because it is happening in your backyard. but we'll tell you about the reports we are getting about a parent company. the fcc says they could sign off
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on the comcast/universal deal as soon as today. they would file suit thereafter. comcast and nbc are going to agree on posting online videos. we'll watch that closely today. and "the washington post" is reporting that banks are tucking in targeted advertising in your online bank statements. so think of it this way. that charge isn't just made for a mcdonald's breakfast but it could be followed by a pop-up to say get 10% off your next meal at the golden averages. instead of printing something out you click on it and it comes automatically off your next debit card swipe at mcdonald's. consumer groups are up in arms saying this is an invasion to their property with access to their information. starbucks believes bigger is better. the coffee giant is expanding the rollout of the biggest drink
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yet, a 31-ounce trenta. yes, trenta. it starts today. the new cups are available in 14 states and will be nationwide by early may. and you are already salivating over this. the trenta is only for iced drinks. it costs 50 cents more than the venti size. that's like a whole quart. >> on "saturday night live" they just keep making things bigger and bigger. >> reporter: like the gallon is coming up next. i wouldn't be surprised. >> we are really going to devil into steve jobs and what this means for apple. >> reporter: we'll be watching that. and we have a 5:00 p.m. conference call to talk about as well. here's our coverage continuing with steve jobs' medical leave and the rough road
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ahead for apple. >> reporter: good morning. steve jobs is considered by many to be the heart and soul of apple, so any time jobs says something, or in this case announces he's going on medical leave for the third time in seven years, a lot of people will react from investors to consumers. in 2004 steve jobs had pancreatic cancer surgery. five years later the ceo had a liver transplant. now 17 days into 2011 jobs announces he's taking medical leave. >> it is pretty scary. we all have our mortality. i think it is pretty disheartening for the whole apple community. and we are pretty scared about what is going to happen. >> reporter: while jobs is on leave, apple's chief operating officer tim cook will see to the daily operations. this will be the third time he's been in charge leafing consumers to believe he'll be okay.
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>> he has an incredible team. it is all the employees. >> reporter: but there's worry jobs' health may cause an i-crash in markets around the world. apples shares took a dive in the frankfort market and investors here are concerned. >> people react and get a little worried and anxious. we'll see what happens and where it goes. >> without a doubt, the stock market will -- the apple stock will go down for a while and then we will find out, oh, maybe apple is an incredible company and it will be fine. >> reporter: with this being jobs' third medical leave, many are looking at what this means for apple's future. >> this steve jobs would perish right now, this company would go through a period of downturn where people say, is it going to continue? but what he started has such mo moan tim that i'm sure it will continue. >> well, we're keeping an eye on the nikkei market. investors are waiting to see how everything plays out as well as
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apple's earning report later this morning. also, taiwanese component stocks were also slipping on the news. well, debate today, vote tomorrow following proposes they will play nice. lawmakers in law washington are promising to be nice as they go at it over health care. can they get sweeping reform health care thrown out? tracy potts is here with the latest. >> reporter: civil but firm. today house republicans will argue the new health law could stretch the nation's already thin bottom line. >> it is far too early to claim there are economic positives to this. >> reporter: the congressional budget office says getting rid of health care will add $230 billion to america's debt. republicans have the votes to repeal it in the house, but probably not in the senate. not enough to override a presidential veto. >> the president made it clear he's not going back. >> reporter: so why vote at all? >> to build support then for reform efforts following this
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vote and to potentially repeal in 2012. >> i think that the deeply felt feelings about the health care bill on both sides will come out in this debate. so it will be a real tels. >> reporter: a test of civility. on fox news' hannity last night sarah palin defended comments on her and the arizona shooting blood libel. the health care debate could be the ultimate test on whether lawmakers can disagree peaceably. also, lawmakers will introduce new legislation to ban the type of high-capacity ammunition that was used in the arizona shootings. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. let's take a look at what's coming up later today in the bay. for that we say good morning to brent cannon. >> thank you. the family of a man shot and killed in his home is now talking about a possible motive in his death. we'll hear what they have to say. and former vice president
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dig dig cheney gives an interview on his health. the future of the obama presidency and health care itself, we have a sneak peek about what he's saying coming up. those stories and more just a few more minutes away on "today in the bay." thank you very much. migraines can be debilitating, massive head pain, horrible nausea, scorching sensitivity to light and noise, a combination of symptoms to leave people in tears, but there's a medical break through in the bay area. one that promises to get you rid of headaches in one procedure. vicky nguyen tells us more. >> sick to your stomach, you vomit, you just can't move. sometimes they last up to three days. i would rather have a baby with no epidural than have a migraine headache. that's how excruciating they are. >> reporter: excruciating headaches. dena says she has had them every day for the last seven years.
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she is not alone. 27 million people in the u.s. suffer from migraine headaches. like many of those people, she tried everything from medication to surgery, but nothing helped until she met dr. palad. >> many people don't know this type of surgery is possible. >> reporter: he is one of two doctors in the bay area performing peripheral surgery to treat migraines. the procedure clears away tissue, muscle and arteries compressing the nerve causing pain. he says it is like unclogging a crowded freeway. >> you basically create a bigger space, except the nerve is no longer pinched as you move your head back and forth and up and down. >> i'm sitting here smiling, it is a miracle. >> reporter: just three months after surgery the woman says her headaches are gone. his other patients have had similar results. >> dena is over the moon. she's done very well. >> reporter: not everyone who suffers from migraines is a
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candidate, dr. palad says thousands of people could benefit from this procedure. for dena, a two-hour surgery took away seven years of pain. >> it is amazing. >> reporter: vicky nguyen, nbc news. the raiders will introduce their new head coach today. this will be the team's ninth head coach since 1995. that's one head coach every 18 months. >> good morning to you. later today at the raiders' headquarters we'll meet the new head coach, but just as interesting or more interesting is will al davis be there and what will he say? it is our state of the raiders, what we look forward to. we have been through this so many times before. the last time was 2008 when the 81-year-old al davis got rid of lane kippin and promoted tom cable. now it is a similar situation, this time he'll be promoting hue jackson.
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the offensive coordinator will be the next head coach. it will be formally announced at the news conference. hue jackson will be the first head coach position. whether we see al davis or not, he did issue a statement tonight in part reading, the fire in hue will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and mind of the raiders. hue jackson, they love his high-energy style. we'll see what happens today at the press conference. back to you. coming up, the highly publicized accusations and what happeneded in the courtroom. we'll have the latest on that after this break.
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new this morning on high alert, a local college campus preparing for possible violence today after a threat is made. we will tell you what police are doing to try to keep people safe. plus, former vice president dig cheney talks exclusively to the "today" show. what he says about president obama's future. a sneak peek at the interview coming up. and we are keeping an eye on cupertino's apple this morning after news of steve jobs is taking a leave of absence. a live report is


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