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tv   Today  NBC  January 18, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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good morning. today exclusive. former vice president dick cheney speaks out for his first interview since major surgery. will he get a heart transplant? is sarah palin qualified to be president? does he have any regrets about his time in the bush administration? >> i was there to do a job. and if it meant i had to break some china to get the job done, i did it. >> this morning, dick cheney opens up about it all. just this morning, regis philbin announces he will retire from the show he has hosted. we'll tell you when.
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painful split. one of the winners of the $380 million mega millions lottery may have to share her loot with her estranged husband. why she's probably wishing she'd signed those divorce papers, "today," tuesday, january 18, signed those divorce papers, "today," tuesday, january 18, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. how was your drive in this morning? >> all things considered it wasn't too bad. a little slippery but not awful. people had a tough time. >> people are waking up in the northeast saying here we go again. it's not the amount of snow. it's just that it is really slippery out there. you can see the snow blowers and plows working hard in rockefeller plaza. >> the sleet and ice made the roads much more dangerous and that's what commuters are facing from philadelphia to boston this morning. we'll get a live report and al's forecast ahead.
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and a sudden announcement from apple ceo steve jobs that he is taking another medical leave of absence. that is his third in about a decade. he is not saying what his condition is, but we have to remember, he has battled pan krdecree attic cancer and had a liver transplant in the past. coming up, the impact his leave could have on the future of apple. and for years dr. laura has given advice to people on the radio. her listeners may be surprised to hear how she feels about betrayal and revenge. she will share some very personal stories in a live interview. let us begin with the wintry mix that caused havoc on the roads in the northeast. al is up there, tracking things for us this morning. al, good morning. >> good morning, meredith and matt. we have a storm system making its way up the coast. another low pressure area back through the great lakes. the difference between this and the christmas storm, we don't have the really dense cold air on top of us. high pressure over the great lakes. this time we are seeing warm air being brought into the system. you see rain.
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in fact, in philadelphia, it's changing from frozen precip to rain at this hour. the pink is the mix of freezing rain and sleet. it stretches from western pennsylvania across new york city on into long island. and then into the north, we're looking at snow. here is what we expect as far as snowfall totals. boston, you will pick up one to two inches of snow. hartford, three to six. alba albany, three to six. portland, maine, you will see four to eight inches of snow. but the most dangerous part, the icing. we have freezing precip, freezing rain. we are looking at anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch of ice from kingston, new york, hartford, connecticut, up into portland. that makes for a very slippery commute this morning. by this evening, it will change over to rain. airport delays, boston, newark, philly, washington, detroit, rain and snow. we have a messy commute all throughout the northeast this morning. matt and meredith, back to you. >> thank you, al. we'll get the rest of al's forecast in a moment.
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>> mike seidel from the weather channel out in the elements in ha hartford, connecticut. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we had two inches so far in hartford. now it's a driving sleet storm. the changeover is taking place. that's the difference with the storm. we go from snow to sleet to ice and rain. here in hartford they have set all kinds of records. last wednesday they had 24 inches of snow, their snowiest day on record. so far this season they have had 50 inches of snow, one of many cityies that have already surpassed their average snowfall for the entire winter. and it's so bad, matt and ma meredith, here in hartford, they've found unique ways to pile it up. in fact, right here, it is piled up into a tree. look at this. this is what happens when you get 33 inches in january. just over there, there is a three and a half-story pile of snow outside a parking garage. i'm guessing that will be around into april.
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back to you in new york city. >> mike seidel out in hartford for us this morning. thank you very much. let us get a check on the rest of the morning's top stories with ann at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. we're hearing about more encouraging news about the condition of congresswoman gabby giffords. m miguel almageur is in tucson with the story. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. she could start rehab in days. her road to recovery will be a long one but they say she's on her way. progress for congresswoman gabrielle giffords is measured in simple steps but she has reached out to her husband, mark kelly, caressing his neck, a tender moment between husband and wife. >> it does imply that she is recognizing him and that she's interacting perhaps in an old, familiar way with him. >> reporter: the public outpouring of support for giffords can be seen everywhere. a massive memorial outside the
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hospital here, another at the scene of the shooting where six were killed. a few miles away at the family home, the suspect's parents -- >> do you have a statement to make today? >> reporter: -- wouldn't answer questions. jared lee loughner is in federal custody at this prison and will be back in court monday charged with multiple counts of murder and the attempted assassination of congresswoman giffords. doctors here say the congresswoman may have even tried to smile at her husband, another promising sign. meantime, two other victims of the shooting remain hospitalized here in good condition. we're told they could be released any day. ann? >> that's hopeful news this morning. thanks so much, miguel almaguer. hu jintao arrives today. the visit is aimed to strengthen relations between china and the states. the president is to welcome him at the white house. a suicide bomber detonated explosives this morning in crete.
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mainly iraqi police recruits were wounded. regis philbin says he plans to retire from his show "regis and kelly" at the end of the summer or in the fall. he has hosted the show since 1983. and apple's leader steve jobs announcing again he's taking a medical leave of absence as the company prepares to report quarterly results today after the closing bell. under jobs' reign apple released the ipod, the iphone and the ipad. now keep in mind the last time jobs took a leave of absence for a liver transplant in 2009, the stock immediately pulled back. a pull-back in shares could mean a pull-back for the nasdaq since apple is 7% of the index. ann? >> all right. melissa lee this morning. thank you. in brazil where floods and mud slides killed more than 665 people, something of a miracle.
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a man was pulled out from under mudslides killed more than 665 people, something of a miracle. a man was pulled out from under 13 feet of mud after being buried alive for 16 hours. doctors are saying he's recovering well at a nearby hospital. it is now 7:07. back to matt, meredith and al. that's a nice story. >> it is. mr. roker, dealing with a storm. >> our friends in the pacific northwest have not been immune from all this, flooding all weekend long. good morning to you. take a look at this live picture of san bruno. we have really heavy fog. but it is not going to be the case all day long. in fact, once this fog starts to lift and breaks apart in the atmosphere, we'll see a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day, especially in the south bay. watch out for dense, patchy fog. that's the case for the next couple of hours. hitting right around noontime is when the fog will start to lift.
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we'll see the first sunshine in the south bay. 44 degrees right now and turning over to 55 later today. have a great day. >> a you. now to our exclusive interview with former vice president dick cheney. the man considered by many to be the most controversial and powerful vice president ever sat down with jamie gangel. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the former vice president looks different these days. he's lost weight after surgery but has strong opinions, is writing his memories and talked to us about everything from president obama to sarah palin, his relationship with former president bush and what he thinks about those people who call him "darth vader." but we started by talking about the heart pump that saved his life. >> i had reached the point after 30 years and five heart attacks where i really needed to do something. it's a wondrous device. it's really a miracle of modern
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technology. you know, i'm here today because we have that kind of technology. >> reporter: i know you're not going to pick up your shirt and show me, but you have a cord now that comes out. >> right. >> reporter: and a battery pack. >> i wear it on a vest. there is a control element here. and then two batteries, one on each side, good for about 12 hours each. then there is a cord that runs inside my chest to the pump on the inside. that's what powers it, keeps it functioning. initially, obviously, it's awkward to walk around with all this gear on but you get to the point where you have adapted, where it's second nature to you. >> reporter: are you thinking about a heart transplant? >> i haven't made a decision yet. the technology is getting better and better. we have more and more experience of people living with this technology. so i'll have to make a decision at some point whether or not i want to go for a transplant, but we haven't addressed it yet. >> reporter: in the meantime,
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cheney is now back in public and speaking out. you said that you thought that president obama was going to be a one-term president. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: do you still? >> do i. >> reporter: because? >> i think he embarked upon a course of action when he became president that did not have as much support as he thought it did. that once he got into the business, for example, of health care reform, expanding the size of government, expanding the deficit, those were all weaknesses, as i look at barack obama. i think he'll be a one-term president. >> reporter: but cheney softened his past criticism of president obama's approach to the war on terror. you said you believe president obama has made america less safe, that he's actually raised the risk of attack. >> well, when i made that comment, i was concerned that the counter-terrorism policies
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that we'd put in place after 9/11 that kept the nation safe for over seven years were being rapidly discarded or he was going to attempt to discard them. things like enhanced interrogation techniques or the terror surveillance program. i think he also -- he obviously has been through the fires of becoming president and having to make decisions and live with the consequences. i think he's learned that what we did was far more appropriate than he ever gave us credit for while he was a candidate. so i think he's learned from experience. >> reporter: let's talk about the tragic shooting in tucson. >> well, i first heard the news and i was shocked, i think like everybody else. i thought the president handled it well. i'm not an obama supporter by nature, but i thought this was one of his better efforts. >> reporter: we don't know what motivated this young man, but
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immediately there was an uproar about contentious political rhetoric being responsible. >> i think we have to be a little bit careful here about a rush to judgment about assuming that somehow the rest of society or the political class bears the responsibility for what happened here when it was the act of a deranged, crazed individual that committed the crime. i think, you know, our politics can get pretty rough at times. having been vice president for eight years, maybe i'm more sensitive to it than others. but the fact of the matter is, you know, good political fights is one of the great strengths of our democracy. >> reporter: however, cheney side-stepped getting into the political fray over the best gop candidate in 2012, especially when it came to his opinion of
7:14 am
sarah palin. >> i'm interested in governor palin, like a lot of people are. i have met her. i thought she's got an interesting political career established. she's clearly a factor, but in the republican party has a strong following and also a lot of critics. >> reporter: do you think she's qualified to be president? >> i'm not going to get into the whiz business of saying this one is, this one isn't. i will participate in the process when the time is right. >> reporter: i understand you liked her reality show. >> i do. i think it's very good. i love alaska. >> reporter: these days the former vice president is spending most of his time writing his memoirs with daughter liz. word is it will be candid, blunt and some scores will be settled.
7:15 am
>> well, i have a bit of the sense that i'm going to get the last word. >> reporter: will you write about differences you had with the president? >> i will, sure. we had some policy differences. i will be forthright with my comments on those. >> reporter: in his memoir he said about you, "ten years later i have never regretted my decision to run with dick cheney." but he also writes that you offered and he considered dropping you from the ticket. and he says, "he had become a lightning rod for criticism, he was seen as dark and heartless, the darth vader of the administration." first of all, why did you offer to step aside? >> reporter: i actually went in about three different times because i didn't think he took me seriously the first time. the reason i did it was i thought he needed to have the ability to do whatever was necessary to make sure he won.
7:16 am
so i went to him and i said, look, mr. president, i have taken a lot of incoming fire. it goes with the turf, but if you have any desire to make a change here, i will be perfectly happy to step aside so you can put somebody else in this job. after i went in about the third time and reiterated that, he went away, thought about it for a couple of weeks, came back and said, "no, dick, you're my guy." >> reporter: still cheney admits there were tense moments, especially when bush refused to pardon the vice president's chief of staff, scooter libbey. >> i pushed hard for him to do that and he disagreed. >> reporter: did it strain your relationship? >> a bit. yeah. >> reporter: what's your relationship like now? >> i think it's pretty good. >> reporter: cheney admits he misses being in the thick of things but says he's enjoying life after the white house and getting used to civilian technology. you use a blackberry now?
7:17 am
>> i do. >> reporter: a kindle? >> yes. >> reporter: you drive yourself around? >> yes. >> reporter: does life feel pretty normal? >> it does. i didn't even have a cell phone when i was in the white house. so now i'm not totally modern. i still write in longhand and don't use a computer for that kind of thing. my grandchildren still laugh at me. my 3-year-old grandson was showing me the other day how to use the ipad to play games. angry birds or something like that. but i'm gradually adjusting. >> reporter: adjusting but still not backing down from controversy. he says those who think he became darth vader simply do not understand the responsibility he felt after 9/11. >> when you lose 3,000 people, when the pentagon is struck, the world trade center is destroyed, you're facing the prospect at
7:18 am
any moment of another major attack, when people are talking about biological agents or even nuclear weapons in the hands of a group of 9/11 terrorists, you're at war, but the notion that i somehow changed, became tough, mean and nasty, no, i don't think so. but i also recognized at the time that my public image would suffer in terms of the degree to which a lot of people out there who'd found me a warm, fuzzy, lovable sort before 9/11 all of the sudden say, my gosh, this guy is darth vader. it went with the turf and i didn't worry about it. i wasn't out there to sugarcoat my image. i wasn't running for anything. i was there to do a job. if it meant i had to break some china to get the job done, i did it. but it was with a strong feeling which was supported by president
7:19 am
bush that this isn't going to happen again on my watch. >> reporter: any regrets? >> no. my regrets are that there will be some that i reference in my book, but i will get you a copy when it comes off the presses. >> reporter: much more to come, as they say. his book will be coming out later this year, meredith. expect much more about his relationship with president bush, policy differences he had with people like condy rice and colin powell. critics won't find apologies for tactics like enhanced interrogation. his friend, former wyoming senator alan simpson says the book will be, quote, a hell of a book, dick cheney in full. >> he knows how to tease a book, too, jamie. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> once again, here's matt. >> congress returns to business for the first time since the shooting rampage in arizona. this as sarah palin speaks out
7:20 am
and defends her reference to blood libel to critics. kelly o'donnell has the details on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. political figures are trying to figure out what, if anything, will change in the tone of debate here in congress and more broadly. and sarah palin is answering the first questions about controversy over things she has said and done that have been linked to the tucson tragedy. >> i will continue to speak out. they are not going to shut me up. >> reporter: a defiant sarah palin appeared on fox news channel to defend her words and her politics tangled in the arizona tragedy. >> there are families mourning and we mourn with those who mourn, we grieve with those who grieve. >> reporter: palin was first linked to wounded congresswoman gabby giffords because palin used a map that targeted giffords district with crosshairs during the last campaign. palin said democrats used the same imagery and critics were
7:21 am
wrong to draw a connection to the suspect. >> it came up that, oh, this must be a cause of the shooter that perhaps he saw the map and that incited him to violence which is, of course, ridiculous. >> reporter: palin attracted more controversy last week with her video statement by using a term with a painful history that accused jews of human sacrifice. >> journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel. >> reporter: critics said she didn't know what it meant. >> i don't know how they would know whether i did or didn't know the term blood libel. >> reporter: palin said the phrase describes the blame came toward conservatives. >> blood libel means being falsely accused of having blood on your hands. in this case that's exactly what was going on. >> reporter: on president obama at the memorial, palin offered some praise including his statement that political speech was not the cause. >> a crazed gunman that i and
7:22 am
you and others had nothing to do with influencing him, he is the sole person, i believe, to blame in this. i thought that the president hit on some of that and that was appreciated. >> reporter: the arizona aftermath leads to a test of political civility today in congress. the house gets back to business over a repeal of the health care reform law. >> i think you will see a more civil debate than you would have had otherwise. >> reporter: republican aids say they will not drop the words "job killing" from the name of the repeal bill. disappointing democrats. >> i think all of us need to be more careful about the words that we choose to use, including things like the title of the repeal of the health care reform. >> reporter: republican aids reacted saying that the, quote, word police, are silly to suggest that killing be dropped from the official name. they say republicans who all attended a retreat last week
7:23 am
were instructed by leaders to remain focused on substance and act responsibly when using their words and representing their districts. matt? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill this morning. just ahead on a tuesday morning, why one of the mega millions winners may have to share her prize with her estranged husband though they have been separated for years. but first, this is "today" on nbc. hand sanitizers are essential, but the alcohol's drying. [ female announcer ] gold bond hand sanitizer kills germs without alcohol, then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands.
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still ahead after ceo steve jobs takes a medical leave of absence what it could mean for his company. >> and dr. laura will join us and tell you why she adores the concept of revenge after your local news. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life!
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with aveeno nourish plus moisturize. active naturals wheat formulas target and help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] visit to save on nourish plus. good morning to you. 7:26 right now with laura garcia-cannon with the lovely christina loren to look at your forecast. good morning to you. not so lovely if you are hitting the roadways. this is the san bruno camera. we have a really thick layer of fog overhead. and depending on where you live or where you are headed you'll probably encounter dense, patchy spots of fog. as we head throughout the next hour or so, the situation is improving. we are starting to see that fog lift above the highways in places like oakland and hayward. you are still pretty socked in in concord. take it easy out there. give yourself extra time so you don't race out the door in the dangerous conditions. the high pressure will provide a
7:27 am
pretty nice second half of the day, especially in the second half where temperatures climbing into the 60s. not as much fog as we wake up tomorrow morning. a few high clouds will make their way into the area. that's good news. temperatures today, 45 degrees in oakland. we'll turn over to 62 degrees later on today. it will take probably until noon to lose the fog. any problems on the roadways because of that fog? the visibility is an issue. and the slick roadways as well. we had three earlier accidents to cause problems for the northbound 101. those have all cleared but look at the slowing from highway 85. also, northbound 285 is slow heading up to 880. 880 itself approaching the san mateo bridge, we had an earlier accident. there's the reason for the fog advisory for the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. a local university is on high alert after threats of violence. a few classes have been canceled at uc santa cruz and some students vowed to say home today. the moves are in response to graffiti found in the campus bathroom last month that threatened violence on the
7:28 am
campus today. the university warned students about the threat via e-mail last week. they asked stunlgt students to stay vigilant and to report suspicious activity to campus police. university employees have been trained on how to properly respond to violence. >> i'll have another local news update in a half hour or so. the "today" show returns in less than two minutes. have a great morning.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it is the 18th day of january, 2011. if you are anywhere near the northeast you know it's a mess out there. we have another storm overnight. not a lot of snow, but snow, sleet, freezing rain, now rain. it's just awful out there. got some umbrellas. thank goodness for these people. we'll get outside -- at least you will -- in a few minutes. >> exactly. >> i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. just ahead a legal drama surrounding the second winner of a $380 million mega millions lottery. she's a single mother of two from idaho, but she never officially divorced her now
7:31 am
estranged husband. so could he be entitled to half of her jackpot? we'll have details on that coming up. >> plus the sudden announcement by apple's ceo steve jobs that he's taking a medical leave for the third time in less than a decade. we're going to talk about the impact on apple and what it could signal about jobs' overall health. >> here's a question. does anyone need 31 ounces of coffee? starbucks is rolling out the biggest drink size ever today. we're going to talk about the trenta that's perked the interest of caffeine lovers. >> let us begin with controversy over who will share in the huge mega millions jackpot. kevin tibbles has details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, meredith. imagine winning the biggest lotto jackpot ever. that's okay. then imagine sharing it with someone else. well, that's okay, too. but then imagine having to share it with someone you might not want to share it with. >> hello, america. tonight's mega millions jackpot is so big -- >> reporter: so big is right.
7:32 am
$380 million big. the second largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. the first winner to come forward, jim mccullar from washington state. he couldn't wait to share his $190 million prize with his wife. >> been married 41 years. i know what to do with this check. >> reporter: the second winner didn't claim her prize until several days later. lottery officials in idaho made this mysterious announcement. >> she wants us to respect her privacy and we are honoring that request here at the lottery. >> reporter: the winner, 29-year-old holly lahti, a bank teller and single mother of two from a tiny town in idaho. >> she couldn't believe it. she shouted for joy. >> reporter: she immediately quit her job and she and her kids have disappeared from her home. no one's heard a peep from her. lahti's cinderella story hit a snag when a mug shot of her
7:33 am
surfaced from 2003, after she'd been charged with battery. the picture shows her with a black eye. the charges were later dropped. then these pictures of her estranged husband joshua. he's been charged in at least nine different incidents, from driving under the influence and second degree kidnapping to domestic battery. the couple may be separated but they aren't divorced, and in idaho a community property state, joshua could wind up a very rich man. >> on the one hand you have a great fortune. on the other hand you feel it's somewhat unfair that someone else should share in that windfall. >> reporter: but many in this small idaho town say holly shouldn't have to share. >> she should get it. they're separated. she got the ticket. it belongs to her. >> reporter: holly lahti hasn't been seen in these parts since her numbers came up. she's reportedly thinking things through in a warmer place on the beach.
7:34 am
now, nbc news did try to contact holly and her estranged husband, but to no avail. on a social network site she says there are a lot of people trying to contact her. with regard to this evening's mega millions draw, i want to say that our numbers have just come up here and if i win, i'm going to share this with you. thanks to the folks at bob's pantry in highland park, illinois. we're going to split this and cut out that matt lauer guy. >> thank you very much, kevin tibbles. >> reporter: see you in hawaii. >> ricki, good morning to you. so the argument that they are still married and he's entitled to half the win, how strong is the case? >> unfortunately very strong. the idea of community property was that if a couple got divorced we believe is the policy for the state and the
7:35 am
sanctity of marriage so one should not be able to loot from the other. in this case they have not only been separated for years, but they were each involved with domestic violence with the other. he sounds like not really a good guy toward her. however, the state of idaho says, you didn't go to court to get a divorce, you're still married then what you wind up with is he's entitled to half. >> the fact that she had restraining orders against him doesn't work in her favor? >> some lawyer may take this case and say, let's test the community property laws in in idaho. let's go all the way up to the idaho supreme court because this wasn't what we thought community property was about. he probably will lose. what i would say to holly is this. look, you're 29 years old, you just got $90 million. you have two kids. why don't we look for a way to make josh happy and make josh go
7:36 am
away and that you can have your own life with a lot of money. i mean, $45 million is a lot of money. >> what do you suggest? >> one of two things. i would say, split it up with him. don't pay the lawyers and get tied up in litigation. >> that will cost a money. >> and the money could be frozen. so she may not be able to use it for years. so either pay him half, get it over with or you have $90 million, divided by three. a third for the kids, a third for you and for him. do i think he should get a dime? no. but does the state say he should? he'll get $45 million. >> she should prove that the ticket was part of a gift or inheritance and she would get all the money involved. >> that's correct. so just as you were given a gift
7:37 am
in the sense of saying "i will share this with you" if he wins you're entitles to half. i give my dry cleaner on a regular basis, my pharmacist, even friends sometimes. you go into the office and say, you come back with ten lottery tickets and give one as a gift. if she can prove that it was a gift then hubby is not entitled to anything. >> so far there is no indication that that's the case. >> no indication. if it suddenly started to look like a gift at this point in time that someone came forward and said they gave it to her, that could be a problem, too. >> thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. >> now a check on the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by chevy. >> man, i should have taken one more day in los angeles. 79 and sunny. it's your sweet 16. >> it is! >> you didn't make a waterproof
7:38 am
sign. what's your name? >> megan. >> where are you from? >> walkersville, maryland. >> happy birthday. let's check your weather. it's freezing rain and sleet here. look at the temperatures. it will warm into the 40s in the midatlantic states. look at the central and high plains. temperatures in the teens, 20s, below zero. 40s in the pacific northwest. in the 80s in southern california and to the southwest. that's where we need to be. 70 and sunshine in tallahassee today. look for showers working their way into the gulf coast, the mid mississippi river valley. icy conditions in parts of central new england and the appalachians. -- the we'll let it go this time, al. good morning to you. we are looking really good right now. we have fog lifting above the highway. this is the sunol cam. you can see you are no longer confronted with dense patches of fog in this area, but we have
7:39 am
dense patchy fog throughout the bay area, especially along the peninsula this morning. you do want to travel with caution out there. hazy conditions later on today. 62 degrees in oakland. 62 degrees today in san jose as well. and these temperatures are going to warm up a little bit towards thursday. have a great day. i want you to take a look at this. this is what freezing rain does when it's so cold, when the temperature is freezing. it's freezing on the camera. we have icicles on jimmy corrigan. that's cold. don't forget. check your weather any time of the day or night on weather channel on cable or online. you know if jim stays here long enough he'll be a work of art, just an ice sculpture. meredith? >> i didn't see him moving. al, thank you very much. up next, what the future holds for steve jobs and apple as he takes another medical leave of absenigis. [ male announcer ] on pizza hut's tuscani tuesdays,
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back now at 7:42 with a sudden announcement from apple's ceo steve jobs that he's taking another medical leave of absence. today, national correspondent amy robach is here with details on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the second medical leave in two years for the apple billionaire and his third since 2004. he's already battled pancreas cancer and had a liver transplant. this news is raising questions about his health and how apple will be impacted. >> and we call it -- the ipad. [ applause ] >> reporter: he's the genius behind the products that have changed the world. as ceo of apple, steve jobs is used to getting attention. >> anywhere i want to go, anything i want to make bigger. >> reporter: now he's in the spotlight for a different reason. on monday jobs announced he'll take another leave of absence to focus on health. in an e-mail to employees he said, i love apple so much and hope to be back as soon as i can. my family and i deeply appreciate respect for our
7:44 am
privacy. it's the latest health scare for the 55-year-old ceo. in 2004, jobs revealed he had pancreatic cancer and declared surgery to remove the cancer was a success. in 2008 while introducing the newest ipod, jobs looked thin and frail, sparking rumors that his health was slipping again. jobs joked about it saying reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. two years ago in january of 2009 a stunning announcement. jobs took another leave of absence to deal with health problems. he had a liver transplant and was back at work after a six-month break. >> i'm back at apple, loving every day of it. >> reporter: now a third leave and though jobs hasn't said what's wrong, cancer experts say in cases like this, in general, there are signs of hope. >> there is a very unique kind of pancreatic cancer. these tumors grow slower and they have a much better prognosis in general.
7:45 am
if a patient has cancer come back there are a host of treatment options available, some of which can result in, i think, dramatic recovery. >> reporter: already industry experts are asking about the future of apple without its creative powerhouse. >> no one can fill steve jobs' shoes. he is the albert einstein of our time. he is in charge of everything at that company. when he is no longer there to do that, it's going to be a very different place. >> reporter: apple releases its quarterly earnings report today and steve jobs will remain ceo. in his e-mail he said he will be involved in all major decisions. during his leave tim cook will be in charge of day-to-day operations. matt? >> dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor and jim cremer is the host of "mad money" on m srkmsnbc.
7:46 am
we have precious little information. the e-mail said the board of directors granted me a medical leave of absence to focus on my health. is it a continuation of something he's had or something new? and we don't know. >> jobs and his family have kept this very close to the vest. you're right. there is going to be a lot of speculation now. the kind of tumor he had in the pancreas is the best possible kind if you are going to get one. when it spreads to the liver it can spread quickly. he was diagnosed in 2004. he underwent a liver transplant in 2009. any time you have an organ transplant you go on immunosuppressive drugs. in a cancer patient that concerns doctors because if you reduce a person's ability to fight off a tumor there could be a new tumor. he could reject the liver. there could be infection and at least those three things go to the top of the list. >> you talk about rejection of the donated liver. i thought that happened more
7:47 am
quickly. might it happen at this stage of the game, a year after the transplant? >> it doesn't always happen quickly. it can be a slow process. the concern here is that if you look at the kind of tumor he's had and the treatments he's had, there are only about 20 cases like this in the literature. one-year survival rate is 80% but that drops to about 45% after five years. so certainly people in the know -- and there is a small group of doctors who are really so expert in this field and those people have been consulted -- are walking a very fine line about what information they are giving and what prognosis. i'm sure he's been given alternatives and treatment plans and this now becomes a quiet, personal conversation. >> thanks, nancy. let's go to jim. obviously, most importantly, his health and well-being. the fact is he's linked as the face of one of the coolest, most successful tech companies in the world. so what's the impact on apple?
7:48 am
>> remember, this guy is the greatest manufacturer of our time. he's henry ford. he's the greatest inventor of our time, thomas edison. what people don't realize is he's also sam walden. put them together and you will get a company that's not as good. he has the single best bench i have seen because this happened before. tim cook is able. many people will fill his role but he'll be missed. >> we'll talk about tim cook in a minute. the timing, the announcement of him taking a leave of absence for medical purposes came yesterday, a holiday here, the markets were closed. today apple release it is qua l quarterly earnings. was there a plan? >> i have to believe there was. better to get this out. i think people will feel much better. it's also the right corporate thing to do, the right ethical thing to do. you buy the stock and the news comes out next week you have a lawsuit against apple.
7:49 am
>> you mentioned tim cook. he's the man that will be taking over for the interim period. he's clearly a competent businessman. can he keep the cool in the company? >> stock went down 8% last time we had this announcement. up 60% over the next six months because, i think, of the great hand cook gave it. i think this man is terrific and the team is great. >> all right. jim and nancy, both of you, thank you very much. we appreciate it. you can catch jim weeknights at 6:00 and 11:00 eastern time on "mad money." still ahead, her use of a racial slur brought an end to her syndicated radio show. why does dr. laura call it a blessing in disguise? she'll explain. first, these messages. but if you're hurt and miss work does it pay cash like aflac does? nah. or let you spend it in any way you want
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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good morning to you. it is 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to check the forecast with christina. it is foggy out there. it is. we are seeing a bit of improvement, and that's the good news. the fog is rising above the highways. that's great if you are trying to commute this morning. we had a really rough start. you are down to a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. and we have still 100 feet of visibility, maybe 200 right now in san mateo. take it east out there, but the situation is improving. and once all that fog lifts and breaks apart, we are talking about a mostly sunny day just like we saw yesterday. i think it is going to take some time, probably around noon, maybe even 1:00 p.m. before all that fog breaks apart. as we head throughout tomorrow, we'll see more clouds come through the area. fog will be a factor again tomorrow morning. it won't be as intense, that's good news, with high clouds
7:57 am
coming in from the system of low pressure out many in the pacific. 42 in hayward. turning to the 60s later today. hazy skies. now we'll find out if there are problems on the roadways this morning. we are in rush hour now. the fog is beginning to move, but we have a sigalert. southbound 680 at highway 24, reports of an overturned vehicle. that has just cleared from the roadway, but we had chp officers and the fire crew on the scene. very slow coming up on 680 as well as 242. the highways just reopened. highway 4 is slow through aztec approaching 242 because of the backup. fog is influencing your slower drive out of the altamonte pass in towards livermore. it will affect your commute driving through the east bay. thank you very much. 7:57 right now. the woman who says a group of baseball players gang raped her will get her day in court. the civil suit against the eight players in the honer of the home
7:58 am
where the incident happened is moving forward. last week defendants rejengted paying a settlement of $9 million to the victim which means there will most likely be a hearing in civil court. criminal charges were never filed in the case because the district attorney at the time said everyone involved in the 2007 incident had been drinking. the alleged victim cannot remember what happened and woke up the next morning in the hospital. the three women who brought her there say they had to break into a room filled with young men just to get her. another local news update for you in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
7:59 am
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8:00 am
ready to eat sweet moments. find tm in theefrigerated sect 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, january 18, 2011. a cold and rainy morning here in the northeast. but it is not dampening the spirit of those in rockefeller plaza. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. ahead, an update on a story we brought you in september. a father made the ultimate sacrifice to save his wife and up born child when he saw a car coming right at them. eight weeks later the daughter he would never meet, sierra, was born. >> also ahead, controversial radio host dr. laura schlessinger's surprising stance on betrayal and revenge. she'll share personal stories a
8:01 am
live interview coming up. >> and we'll lighten things up with a live performance with a hit irish band, the script. >> your favorite. >> i love them. >> i know. first can we say hello to boxing champ evander holyfield? good morning to you. >> good morning. >> hey, champ. >> four times as heavyweight champ. why try again? >> my role was to be the undisputed heavyweight champ of the world. only did it once. i want to do it again. >> 48 years old. your only a few years younger than me. this is a younger man's sport. you're fighting a guy this weekend that's ten years younger than you. the current champion i think is about ten years younger than you. are you at all afraid you could get hurt? >> not at all. if i was afraid i would never start. the fact of the matter is you get hit whether you're young or old. the smart thing about boxing is
8:02 am
to move out of the way. >> there you go. let's assume you win the fight. i know you feel you will. what's next for you? >> well, looking for a title fight. hopefully getting the opportunity and once i succeed and reach my goal then i move to something else. >> have you changed the way you train because of your age? >> sure. >> how so? >> i don't recover as fast. i don't make as many mistakes either. so the most important thing is to minimize your mistakes and you don't have to recover as much. so your body takes time for the recovery. so when you recover properly, you're all right. >> 220 pounds. he walked in here and looked like he's 28 years old. you're in great shape. >> he could beat us. that's for sure. >> all three of us together. great to see you. >> we want to remind you that
8:03 am
you can catch the fight saturday on pay-per-view. >> let's check the morning's stop tostories with ann. >> in the news, cold wet weather is spreading slippery, dangerous conditions on both coasts. overnight in the northeast, up to three inches of snow, rain and ice fell from new jersey to new england. in washington state and oregon, heavy weekend rains caused landslides and some flooding. one death was blamed on the western storms so far. a federal grand jury is reportedly launching a criminal investigation into former presidential candidate john edwards. according to the associated press the case is focused on whether or not he knowingly used campaign funds to cover up his affair with his mistress rielle hunter. the united nations says jean-claude duvalier's return to haiti increase it is chances that he could be prosecuted for alleged corruption and human rights abuses. he was forced to flee after a popular uprising 25 years ago. a massive fire at an oil depot near mumbai, india, burned
8:04 am
for eight hours overnight. officials say nobody was hurt. goldman sachs says it will no longer let u.s. investors invest in facebook. the company says widespread publicity over the limited offering could violate u.s. securities laws. a new dress code became the target of ridicule and is being dropped by ubs. the 44-page booklet suggested that employees keep their toenails clipped, avoid garlic and wear flesh-toned underwear. it is being dropped in favor of a new code with general guidelines on how to impress customers. the secretary of health and human services is releasing a new study showing 129 million americans under the age of 65 have pre-existing medical conditions that could make it hard to find health insurance. most of the nation's airlines are expected to report healthy profits for 2010 when they begin posting 4th quarter earnings. a combined $3.4 billion in profits will cap a turnaround
8:05 am
year for the industry, helped by greater demand for tickets and a windfall from extra fees. and we're not the only ones freezing our tails off this winter. a group of harbor seals had to be rescued after being trapped by ice in northern china. normally seals can handle freezing temperatures but these were raised in captivity and seemed to be a little confused by the weather. that looks like us trying to get out of the weather. it's 8:05. let's get a check of the weather now with al here in the northeast. >> and good morning. as we look at our pick city for the day, it's st. paul, minnesota, part of the twin cities there. mostly cloudy and frigid at 10 degrees for the high. kare 11 news. you can see most of the focus in the east, we have a couple of low pressure systems generating activity especially in the northeast bringing rain, freezing rain, sleet and icy
8:06 am
conditions into new england with snow. more wet weather in the pacific northwest with windy conditions. inland mountain snows. look for showers from the gulf coast into the mid mississippi and ohio river valley. plenty of sunshine from the southwest into southern california. a beautiful day in l.a. and a high of 78 degrees. good morning to you. our neck of the woods is getting better in term was visibility. right now this is a live look over the city. you can see we still have deep pockets of low cloud cover but the good news is all that cloud cover is starting to lift above the highway making for a better commute if you're leaving ride now. we had really socked in conditions earlier. our visibilities and where they're expected to be later, fog throughout the day in the peninsula, good visibility in the east bay. noon today, the sun will be out. have a great morning. weather. matt? >> thanks, al. up next a father's heroic act to save his pregnant wife and
8:07 am
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lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior or any swelling or affected breathing, or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. back now at 8:10 with today's update 2011. back in september we introduced you to erin wood, a mother to be whose husband made the ultimate sacrifice to save her life and the life of their unborn child. we'll talk to erin and meet the baby in a moment. first lee cowan has the story. >> there's a smile!
8:11 am
>> reporter: perhaps all babies are miracles. but the blue-eyed wonder named sierra grace has a story so remarkable her mother isn't quite sure how to tell it. it's about the dad she'll never meet and just what he did to save her. >> we talk a lot about daddy. i know at this age she can't understand it. i think it's important just from the beginning for her to know that her daddy loves her very much. he's not here to say it himself. >> reporter: last september erin and her husband brian were driving along a quiet road in washington when this chevy blazer careened out of control and hit them, killing the father-to-be. >> i remember knowing, like, right then that he was gone because there wasn't anybody paying attention to him. >> reporter: the driver of the other car, 20-year-old jordan weichert and her passenger, 22-year-old samantha bowling, were both charged with three counts of vehicular homicide.
8:12 am
two of their friends died in the crash as well. erin says the only reason she survived is because of brian's last act -- a split-second decision he made to swerve, taking the full impact of the crash on his side of the car instead. just one look at what's left of the couple's subaru, it is a wonder anyone survived. perhaps more amazing is that just eight weeks later, sierra arrived, happy and healthy. >> i think brian's spirit was there with us, helping me, supporting me, welcoming her into the world. >> reporter: she spends her days poring through well wishers' cards and letters and writing a journal, things that brian might say, jokes he would tell, all private for the moment, until sierra is old enough to understand. >> there we go. she has forced me to look forward into life again instead of being stuck in the past and stuck in my grief.
8:13 am
i'm still grieving, but she's forced me to make the decision to reengage back in life. >> reporter: in september, erin told us her husband's sacrifice should be a reminder to everyone. >> please, just hug your family and love them and make sure they know that you care about them. >> reporter: sierra gets plenty of hugs these days, but she's still blissfully unaware just why those hugs have to count for two. for "today," lee cowans nbc news, los angeles. >> erin wood is here with her beautiful baby girl sierra. erin, good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations on the birth of your daughter. i know prior to her birth you didn't know if you would have a little boy or girl. you were particularly pleased that it was a little girl. why? >> brian always wanted a daddy's little girl, even when we were talking about getting pregnant for years, he knew he wanted a girl. he picked out her name
8:14 am
specifically for her as well before we knew that it was going to be a girl. >> talk to me about the significance of the name, sierra. >> sierra -- brian was just in love with it from the beginning. even before we were married he wanted that name. for me, i lived in latin america for years and so spanish is important. it means mountain, and we both loved hiking. so it was significant for us. >> after brian's death in the two months leading up to the birth i know it was a difficult time for you. you had trouble connecting to your unborn child because you were grieving so intensely. but there was a transformation that happened right after her birth. what happened? >> you look at her and fall in love. i think every parent can relate to that. as soon as you see your baby and then as you get to know them, it's just this overwhelming love
8:15 am
for them. >> so it's not that you have stopped grieving but she's taken your mind off the grief and helped you to move forward for her sake. >> yeah. i guess there hasn't been a lot of time to focus on my grieving since she's arrived. so just focusing on her and she really has pushed me to start looking at and thinking about what i want this new life to be without brian. >> do you feel his presence at all, erin? >> all the time. all the time. i feel like he really is with us. sierra looks just like him, so he's smiling up at me every time i look at her. >> i know at this point you don't want to share the contents of the journals you're keeping, one for you and one for her, because they are very private. but what is the message you're trying to get across to her each time you write down something in that journal?
8:16 am
>> i'm trying to make brian a little more real to her by writing down what he would say or what he would be doing with her or silly little things that we had or just the type of character, the man he was so that he's more tangible to her when she's older and in some ways she may be able to feel like she would know what kind of a father he would be to her. >> i know that you have received thousands of e-mails and letters, many from widows who have gone through a similar experience. what did they say to you? >> they say that it's awful right now but it eventually gets better, that you never stop grieving, but that maybe the edge is taken off a little bit. but it's been really encouraging to hear from other widows that have survived this type of experience before. >> and your words from the last
8:17 am
interview continue to resonate to hug your family, tell them you love them. erin wood, thank you so much. sierra is a beautiful little girl. >> thank you very much. >> up next, controversial radio host dr. laura speaks out about betrayal and revenge right after this. give me half an hour. ahhh. ♪ ohh! ♪ [ male announcer ] so simple you could make em yourself. breakfast!! [ male announcer ] so delicious you don't have to. golden crispy outside, warm and fluffy inside. did you make coffee too? yes... i will. [ male announcer ] eggo waffles. simply delicious. [ male announcer ] eggo waffles. ♪ but you're not sweet you're just a jerk ♪ss ♪ always in my face ♪ i think i need some space ♪ loving you's just too much work ♪ ♪ so i found a new love a zero-calorie true love ♪ ♪ that comes from a leaf sweet surprise ♪
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[ nathan ] see billy over there? that's what utter humiliation looks like. parents just don't understand the half of it. get in the car! come on! [ nathan ] lucky for me, my mom gets it. this highlander is so cool, i actually want to be seen in it. [ grunts ] even my mom likes it. and she's like, 37 years old! ♪ [ male announcer ] see the stylish new highlander at controversial radio host dr. laura schlessinger has been handing out advice for more than 30 years. now after a difficult 2010 she's starting a new chapter in her life with a new radio show on a
8:21 am
new station. and a new book "surviving a shark attack on land: overcoming betrayal and dealing with revenge." dr. laura, good morning. nice to have you here. >> thank you. and sirius xm isn't a station. >> it's a network. >> it's everywhere. >> the universe. let me start with something from your book. the genesis of the book is my personal rage. this book was to be when icon juried it up in early 2000 an act of revenge. i adore the concept of revenge and i mean that with every fiber in my body. >> god, i love the movies where the good guy gets revenge on the bad guys. don't you? i adore it. >> no, i don't. >> how can you not? payback! >> my entire life i have been told it's a waste of time. it never feels as good as you think and it takes you down. >> that's true. that's one of the points of the book. that doesn't mean i don't love the concept. i adore it. if i could get it like in the
8:22 am
movies, but it can't be immoral, illegal, fattening, take you away from where you are. you're right, it helps you focus on what is the least constructive in your life. but, you know, we all get screwed over. you have been screwed over. >> well, everybody gets screwed over, but turn the over cheek. >> oh! >> when you say the genesis is your personal rage, what was that rage? what caused it? >> i have had 30 years of shark attacks -- more than that. i remember when i was 15 my best friend stole my boyfriend. we have all been screwed over a million times. >> so it wasn't one event that prompted the book. >> it got to the point where it was so clear to me -- bad guys don't have rules. people who are envious, greedy, just competitive or mean, they have no rules. we have rules. and we have to tolerate an awful lot of beatings that hurt our reputation, hurt our families, hurt our feelings. and what do we do to survive it?
8:23 am
i thought, i am the quintessential survivor of shark attacks. so i was the one to write the book. >> a former boyfriend of yours released some photos of you. >> a mentor. >> naked photos. some real, some you say were manufactur manufactured. >> yeah. >> to a rather hardcore men's magazine. suffice it to say they made the rounds. >> oh, yeah. >> here's what you write about the person who did this. one of my betrayers is dead and that makes me mad. i wish him alive and well so he can experience the profound pain of knowing that his attempts at assassination ultimately failed and i prevailed. >> that's revenge. >> the guy's dead. >> i know. i wish he wasn't. >> why can't you move on? >> i did. but i wrote about it to say i'm sad he's dead. i wish he was alive because the ultimate revenge is to see he failed. >> to rub it in his face? >> i don't have to. it would happen cosmically.
8:24 am
his career was waning. he asked me to get him a job. they turned him down and he went after me. that's a horrible thing to do to somebody you once cared about and mentored and supported. it was painful, humiliating, demoralizing and -- it was humiliating. >> let me talk about a recent controversy in 2010. i will paraphrase. >> that was after i wrote the book but i did add something. >> you were giving advice to an african-american woman on the radio show talking about how her white husband and his friends used racial slurs that hurt her feelings. in trying to take her through the scenario you used a racial slur, what we commonly -- >> i didn't call her a name. >> you used the n-word. >> the word. >> right. not once, twice but 11 times. >> i thought it was nine. okay. >> from our count it was 11. >> that's what i hear. >> you write about it. in the world of special interest
8:25 am
groups looking for power and attention i became a bigger target than the kkk. the shark frenzy was astounding. >> it was. i didn't call her a name. i brought up an important point. the population keeping that word alive with many parts of the black community in entertainment and in affection just on the street. that was the point i was making to her. it depends on how the word was used. she then went -- >> you can use the word once or twice to make the point. if you use it 11 times -- >> oh, it's the number of times? >> after a while, we get the point. >> it was in the middle of a call and i was using it three times to say that you hear this on hbo. she went and called the naacp and said i called her that name on the air. >> which was not accurate at all. >> no. i was just making a point. that very day i thought, you know, that was an inartful way to make the point. the point was well made but
8:26 am
inartfully made. so that night i apologized. i apologized in the morning and some 36, 48 hours late, cnn decided to have a field day and go 48 straight hours on it, misrepresenting me with the urban league coming after me, the naacp, media matters. wait a minute. all without talking to me at all, deciding i should be silenced. that's when i realized i had to go on sirius xm or something like that in order to have the freedom of speech without being assassinated. >> you call it a blessing in disguise. >> yes. i'm freer and i can spend more time with callers. it's a wonderful good morning, everybody, it's 8:26. i'm brent cannon. your forecast now. >> it's getting better. good morning to you at home and in fact, we have good visibility
8:27 am
now. you can see five miles but still seeing some dense patches of fog, so everywhere you head this morning, waking up in the east bay, north bay or south bay, take it easy for the next hour then all of the fog will lift above the highway, we won't have to worry about the interruption in your commute any longer. high pressure in control will make for a nice second half of the day. temperatures ending up in the low 630s. any problems now in the roadways? >> the fog still hanging out you might get bright conditions, so bring the sun glasses but still fog ad rivisoradvisory. look how slow on 880 between the two bridges. peninsula side, jamming up north of 92 and both directions of 101. 101 through menlow park, and toll plaza, early start to the backup, backup to the foot of ck. more after this.
8:28 am
8:29 am
more local news in half an hour. "today" returns in less than a minute.
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30 on a tuesday morning on the 18th day of january, 2011. not a great morning to be out and about in new york city. just a nasty mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain. thanks to those people for sticking around. coming up, we're going to brighten things up with one of our favorite bands, the script. the irish trio noknown for celt
8:31 am
soul. they will perform ahead. and former head coach tony dungy is teaching kids about being a friend. >> and how healthy are avocados and is there a right time of day to work out? important, pressing questions. >> and don't forget our search for the most original chili recipe in the country. enter on the website by january 28th. remember, no professional chefs allowed. if you are picked we'll fly you to new york on friday, february 4th. >> all right. first we want to say hello to the star of the hit series "royal pains" on usa network. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> not just any show. the hottest cable show with the largest audience ever. 7.3 million viewers tuning in every week. doesn't put pressure on you at all. >> i love it. i could hear it all day. >> did you know you were sitting on a hit?
8:32 am
>> you know, you have to idea. you pick a show, but i think people relate to it. "royal pains" is all about second chances. i'm a doctor who got a second chance. in the hamptons. our father, henry winkler, the nicest guy in hollywood, want as second chance at repairing my brothers' and my relationship with him. thursday the episode is called "mulligan." a do-over. >> exactly. >> yep. >> he's trying to get a do-over on his relationship with us. for some of us who have been on shows that weren't as successful in the past, "royal pains" has been our mulligan. >> you're an actor and you want to work, all actors do. but doing this show puts stress and strain on your family because you live in los angeles with your family. >> yeah. >> this show is actually shot in the hamptons. so you do a commuter thing basically every week. >> yeah. well, my family is back in l.a.,
8:33 am
but i have been on hiatus for four months changing poopy diapers. >> that's work. >> people say, how can you handle being away? look, it's horrible, i miss my family, but it's not the end of the world. they'll be there. >> interesting. >> it's okay. >> and actually you are from the new york area. >> yeah. >> so working in the hamptons has to be nice. it has that plus to it. >> we shoot a lot of episodes on long island, but in the finale episode we shot in central park at the boat pond. to be at the boat pand wheond w played as a kid, where my daughter lila has played, where i shot my senior photo, sitting there with campbell scott looking at the skyline of manhattan. me and andrew and michael roush, the executive producers who all grew up in new york, we pinch ourselves every day.
8:34 am
>> and tom cavanaugh was there as well. >> he's fantastic in the premier episode. he's the golfer who needs a mulligan. >> congratulations, mark. you can catch it thursdays on usa at 9/8 central time. mr. roker, a check on the weather? >> nasty in the northeast and the pacific northwest. rain in the northwest. beautiful in the southern parts of california into the southwest with temperatures in the upper 70s. icy conditions in new england into the interior sections of new york state. sunny in florida. only temperatures in the low 70s. for tomorrow, mild in the southeast and the southwest. more snow through the great lakes. wet weather along the northeast atlantic coast and sunshine returns, finally, to the pacific northwest. good morning to you, live picture over the city by the bay shows you, we have deep pockets of fog and that will be the case probably the next hour or two but the fog will lift and break
8:35 am
apart, making way for a mostly sunny skies, reduced visibility now through the area. give yourself plenty of time, don't go racing out the the frond door with reduced visibility on the roadway. looking good now, low 60s today, 62 in san jose. have a great day. and don't forget a day like this you want to keep track of your weather all day long. go to the weather channel on cable or now let's head to florida to say hello to uncle willard scott. >> i have never been to a birthday party yet where i didn't have a good time. balloons, funny hats, cake and smuckers, the topping on the ice cream. how about that? happy birthday as the jam jar spins, jesse stafford of north carolina. 100 years old. a world war ii vet attributes longevity to exercise and lots of laughter, the best medicine
8:36 am
for the soul. and mary leaverton of louisville, nebraska. was a dancer and made money doing that. danced her shoes off. and we have louis pavlu of danbury, connecticut, 100 years old. retired new york city transit patrolman. runs bingo games for schools in the neighborhood. here is beautiful catherine stuart. lives independently in reston, virginia. bowls in two leagues. last time she racked up 209 in a game. that's what i call bowling. we have wanda -- i love wanda. who's kissing her now? second time she tried to get on the show. i'm glad we got her. she loves listening to classical
8:37 am
music all the time. and roy woolridge from greenville, ohio. 100 years old and witnessed the pearl harbor bombing, a part of history. i hope you had a good time. i did. i like birthdays. back to you. still to come, how to save money on your next family vacation and a live performance from the script in our studio. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back at 8:39. super bowl winning coach tony dungy has spent his life inspiring people on and off the field. now the current analyst for "football night in america" and his wife lauren are working to inspire young children to read with their new book "you can be a friend." good morning to both of you. >> thank you, meredith, good morning. >> tony, you have written three books for adults and also a
8:40 am
children's book. first time you have collaborated with your wife. why? what made you decide to write this together? >> this was special. my wife lauren reads a lot to young people. she always talked about finding material to read that was not only fun but interesting and also had a message. so we wanted to collaborate and do this to get a message about family out. >> when tony was playing for the nfl, you and other football wives used to read to kids for charity and you found the book selection wanting. >> that's right. it was challenging finding books that were appropriate, fun and interesting, but also had a good message to send to the kids. >> what has it been like to collaborate? 30 years of marriage is one thing. when you have to sit down and work together and somebody has the final say -- >> she does. beshe came up with the idea and then it's putting into words and trying to write on a level kids can understand and find the illustrator. there were challenges but it was a fun process. >> let's talk about the idea. you use your children in the
8:41 am
book. the main character is your daughter jade and new neighbors move in next door, including a little girl her age named hannah who is in a wheelchair, is disabled and she struggles with that. where did the idea come from? >> we actually have a child with some physical limitations. we used some of our own experiences in the story. we wanted to teach the message of accepting others without judging by their outward appearance or physical limitations. >> in the book, jade invites hannah to her birthday party but changes the birthday party from being at a water park to a zoo. >> there is a little bit of problem solving in the story. she goes to big brother and her parents for advice. >> big brother is eric, your older son who plays for the university of oregon now. how did he and the gang feel about being part of the book? >> the little kids were excited. eric might be a little embarrassed to be in a kids' book, but that was what we wanted to portray also was that
8:42 am
growing through these problems and issues is a family situation and the older kids are there to help. the parents are there to help. i think we need that. >> and something that you have instilled in your own children prior to these books being written. >> absolutely. there are a lot of life's lessons. we parented for over three decades. a lot of experience. >> this is the first of what will be six books in a series. >> we hope so. we are working on a series and they will all be books with a message. the next one is working through the idea of sharing and that's something kids have to work through as well. >> again, starring your own gang there? >> again. they are thrilled to be in it. >> they'll want the royalties. >> they already get some. >> and this is part of a larger mission to encourage reading through your foundation? >> yes. >> we want to promote reading and we want the children to start at a young age. we are introducing them to good, fun books with inspiring messages and hope that parents
8:43 am
will read with their children and encourage them as well. >> what response have you gotten? >> so far it's been great. we're introducing it along with the book in the four cities we have lived and worked in. pittsburgh, indianapolis, minneapolis, st. paul and tampa. and just really going out, being guest readers and then donating books and leaving them behind. incentive to read for the kids and the teachers really like it. lauren did that quite a bit when i was coaching as part of the wives organization. >> putting on your coaching hat or the football hat, nfl division championships coming up. we've got the jets against the steelers, the bears against the packers. which teams do you think will make it to the super bowl? >> well, i can't be totally impartial because i played for the steelers. i have pittsburgh roots and my buddy mike tomlin is coaching the steelers. and chicago, lovey smith also coached with me. i'm pulling for those teams. i can't say who i'm picking.
8:44 am
>> good luck with the book. the message is so important. >> thank you. >> the book is called "you can be a friend." up next, the hit band the script live the concert. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
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we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. you know the script took the music world by storm in 2009 with the u.s. release of their debut album and opened for international superstars like u2 and paul mccartney along the way. now they are out with "science and faith" which hits stores today. the script is danny o"donoghue, mark sheehan. we love having you hear. we feel we have been watching you from the beginning for a past couple of years.
8:47 am
what a year you had. >> i keep saying you have helped us grow. every time we go on the show the support we have after the show is phenomenal. >> we take no credit, but we have enjoyed watching. when you look at the last year and look at opening up for paul mccartney at city field and u2 in ireland, what stands out in the year for you? >> those are the main ones for us. it was an honor to open city field, new shay stadium for paul mccartney. u2 was a big one, but our second album in ireland, to repeat what we did again was incredible. >> there is always pressure on a sophomore album, especially after success on the first one. you want it to be better than the first one. i'm holding "usa today" in my hand. this is today's paper. they give it a glowing review. >> they have been great. you know, it's been -- around the world it's getting a great response. what we wanted to do with the second album was hit the same bar emotionally and leave
8:48 am
ourselves on the pages. as soon as we felt we had done that we were ready to go. it's been getting great reviews. >> the smile is earned. what i like also is you guys come here and we have had on groups in the past that have had huge years and the first time they come, it's the five of them, the three or the four. next time there are 55 people here. they've got the entourage. you seem to have avoided that somehow. >> we just bring our egos. that's all we bring. fills up the room. >> you have kept your feet on the ground. >> you have to. >> we're from ireland. we have to be smart about the cash. >> what are you going to play? >> it's a song from the new album called "for the first time."
8:49 am
♪ ♪ she's all laid up in bed with a broken heart ♪ ♪ while i'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar ♪ ♪ and we don't know how ♪ how we got into this mad situation ♪ ♪ only doing things out of frustration ♪ ♪ trying to make it work but, man, these times are hard ♪ ♪ she needs me now but i can't seem to find a time ♪ ♪ i've got a new job now on the unemployment line ♪ ♪ and we don't know how ♪ how we got into this mess ♪ is it god's test ♪ someone help us ♪ cause we're doing our best ♪ trying to make it work ♪ but, man, these times are hard ♪ ♪ but we're gonna start by ♪ drinking old cheap bottles of wine ♪ ♪ sit talking up all night ♪ saying things we haven't for a while we're smiling but we're close to tears ♪ ♪ even after all these years ♪ we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for for the
8:50 am
first time ♪ ♪ ♪ she's in line at the door with her head held high ♪ ♪ while i just lost my job but didn't lose my pride ♪ ♪ and we both know how ♪ how we're gonna make it work when it hurts p.m. when you pick yourself up ♪ ♪ you get kicked to the dirt ♪ trying to make it work ♪ but, man, these times are hard ♪ ♪ but we're gonna start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine ♪ ♪ sit talking up all night ♪ doing things we haven't for a while ♪ ♪ a while, yeah ♪ we're smiling but we're close to tears ♪ ♪ even after all these years ♪ we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ ooh ♪ these times are hard ♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give up on me baby ♪ oh, these times are hard ♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give up on me baby ♪ oh, these times are hard ♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give up on me, baby ♪ and, oh, these times are hard ♪
8:52 am
♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give up on me, baby [ applause ] >> the script! the new single off their new album. guys, that was great. i have not seen this before. mark, in the middle of the song you play a switch act with the guitars. show how we do that? it was great. you're playing the electric guitar a little bit. >> yeah. playing the electric a little bit and then obviously right here. >> do you put cymbals between your knees also? you said it's all about the money. buy another musician, all right? come on. >> we could put him on tape. i'm underworked and overpaid. >> can i say what you said about this summer. >> yeah. >> you guys are playing central
8:53 am
park in june. >> i know. >> that's huge. congratulations. the script. the new music is "science and faith." back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury g? e warm, light delicate layer are like nothinglse. add a layer of excitement to younextxt meal.
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at starbucks. trenta meaning 30, but it's 31 ounces. >> like two and a half cans of coke. big. >> big, big. >> is it my understanding they are not doing it for hot drinks? >> iced drinks. >> whatever. >> iced coffee, lemonade. that's just too much liquid. >> it's a lot. >> a lot of liquid, especially if you're in a car. >> then you use the trenta cup. >> exactly. maybe on this broadcast when we're on for, you know, three, four hours, that's a good thing to have maybe. >> i don't know. i thought we were done with supersizing. >> next we are going to the 55-gallon drum. >> from the incredible shrinking package to the trenta.trenta. >> we have everything covered. tr
8:56 am
good morning, everybody, time 8:56. i'm brent cannon, checking your forecast with christina, there had been talk, maybe 70, do you think we'll hit it? >> i think so. i don't usually like to revise my numbers but this morning the fog is lifting so quickly that i do think that some places, especially morgan hill, gilroy
8:57 am
will climb toward 70 before all is said and done today. the cam completely clear here, beautiful clear sky overhead and temperatures are going to start warming up towards 63 degrees, even in the city today, that's what we're expecting maybe toward 70 in morgan hill, con card m cord may get to 65. no traffic this time, looks good out there. ings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops fotheir school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a friday. pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight.
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a union city man kused of assaulti ining a 2-year-old gir expected to epter a plea in freemont facing three felony sexual assault charges for a prior strike, accused of assaulting that 2-year-old girl signed a union city dollar store
8:59 am
last month. he is a registered sex off ender and out from jail in september. governor brown's right we have to dump gimmicks and balance the budget, do our le e legislatures have the courage to face backlash? already we're hearing same old arguments that got us into this mess. democrats don't want to cut programs or offend public employees, republicans don't want to put taxes on bat bal oton t theballot to decide. politicians listen to us. illinois the only state with worse credit rating than california now faces tax hikes of 66%.
9:00 am
to avoid that, urge your representatives to do what's right. not what's possible lar, make the cut, extend the taxes and finally balance the budget. join the debate at nbc back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, the 18th of january, 2011. wet, icy, miserable morning here in the northeast. but we have a couple of stragglers down there. i'm not sure if they are here to see us or waiting for a cab. but we thank them for standing on the corner. i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamryn hall giving us a hand while natalie is on assignment. happy you made it back from los angeles. did you have a good time? >> i wish i hadn't made it back. >> lucky you made it before the storm. >> it will be 83 degrees in l.a. and we had a great time at the afterparties on the red carpet. had fun. got to see a lot of neat people.
9:01 am
the golden globes are fun. it's both movies and tv and everybody's loose because they're drinking. >> which is always a good thing. we'll talk about the weather in a moment, have a live report from hartford coming up. >> and if the bad weather has you dreaming of getting away from it all we're cutting costs from hotels, restaurants to entertainment. you don't have to stress out about affording a family vacation. and we are also a couple of weeks into the new year. so hopefully that means keeping focus and staying true to the new year's resolution. if it is to lose weight, joy bauer is here to keep you motivated from the best time of day to exercise to maintenance after you have dropped the weight. she's got the answers to a couple of questions. >> first the top stories of the morning. for that we say hi to ann. >> good morning to you. as matt mentioned, cold, wet weather is making for dangerous
9:02 am
conditions in the northeast. we have mike seidel from the weather channel in it in hartford, connecticut, this morning. hey, mike. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, ann. in the knot eanortheast it's a different storm. snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain in new york city in a matter of minutes. in hartford we have had snow and sleet. we'll have ice later on as the temperatures warm above freezing in the clouds. we could have significant ice from poughkeepsie to hartford. this will end tonight. another storm on the docket for thursday into friday. more snow and then the deep freeze for the weekend. ann, this city has had 50 inches of snow this winter. 33 in january and an all-time record last week of 24. look at this mountain of snow. i have never seen a mountain of snow this tall. this is the aetna parking garage. this snow is up four and a half stories. i just want to show you how much fun snow can be coming down the
9:03 am
hill. >> whoa. okay, good. >> reporter: that was great. back to you, ann. >> all right, mike seidel. glad you're having fun out in it. that's right. wipe it off. we have other news including a serious story from former vice president dick cheney in an exclusive interview with nbc's jamie gangel he predicted that president obama will not win re-election. >> i think he embarked upon a course of action when he became president that did not have as much support as he thought it did. that once he got into the business, for example, of health care reform, expanding the size of government, expanding the deficit, those were all weaknesses, as i look at barack obama. i think he'll be a one-term president. mr. chain also talked about the portable heart pump he wears after five heart attacks and said he may have to make a decision soon about whether or not to have the transplant. federal law enforcement
9:04 am
officials say that they have reams of videotape capturing the tucson shooting spree that killed six and wounded 13 including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. officials say the tapes recorded on multiple cameras leave no doubt about who was doing the shooting. tunisia has a new national coalition government in the wake of a popular uprising that toppled the president of 23 years. the new government includes several operation leaders in a move to stabilize the country as shock waves resonate across north africa. the united nations say jean claude duvalier's surprise return to haiti increases the chances that he could be prosecuted for alleged corruption and human rights abuses. he was forced to flee after a popular uprising 25 years ago. chinese president hu jintao arrives in our nation's capital today for a state visit aimed at restabilizing weakened relations with the united states. the president will host a dinner
9:05 am
with the chinese leader at the white house, but last night the dinner plans were more personal because the commander in chief and the first lady celebrated her 47th birthday with dinner out in washington. it's not quite "jurassic park" but scientists may be able to clone a woolly mammoth this decade. they are working to extract the extinct creature's dna into the egg of an african elephant to create an embryo. they lived 12,000 years ago. in an animal lover's ritual dating back nearly a millennium furry friends were blessed in catholic ceremonies around the world monday. according to tradition the ritual dates back to 1208 in italy. apparently you have to dress up for it. it's five minutes past the hour. another check of the weather from al. >> thanks, ann. as we know it's a mess in the northeast and it will stay that way as we have low pressure
9:06 am
working up the coast, dragging with it warm air.lai we don't have a lot of cold air entrenched in the system. we'll see snow in new england, but the areas of pink, that's where we are seeing mixing going on. we are generally looking at one to three inches of snow but could see three to six around albany, more in northern new england. ice will be a problem. anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch from scranton, pennsylvania t good morning to you. take a look at what's happening in our neck of the woods. the fog is actually lifting much faster than we anticipated, so i think today's highs will end up in the upper 60s for some cities. 63 degrees as your forecasted high for the tri valley, 63 in oakland today but morgan hill, gilroy, close to 70, with the sun out in full force, already warming you up down there. have a great day.
9:07 am
♪ time for joy bauer tackling everything from how to maintain your weight once you reach your goal to the truth about the fat in avocado. >> guacamole. >> good to see you. we'll start with kathy in boston, massachusetts, joining us from skype with a question. what's your question for us, kathy? >> good morning. i recently lost 35 pounds following joy's plan. >> congratulations! >> whoo hoo! >> i'm an early riser so i work out in the morning but i have co-workers who go after work and one that goes at lunchtime. my question is, is it better to work out in the morning or in the afternoon, evening time? >> good one. >> it's a great question. congratulations on your weight loss. you look amazing. i'm sure you feel even better. in terms of the exercise, the best time of day to exercise is whenever you can personally fit it in. you don't get a better calorie or fat burn in the afternoon versus the morning versus the
9:08 am
evening. it's equally effective at any time of day. that being said, i typically tell people to get it over with and check it off your list first thing in the morning. when the day starts to pull you in a hundred different directions you don't have to think about it. sometimes when you're fresh in the morning you get a longer and stronger workout. that being said, some people cannot feasibly fit it in in the morning like "today" staffers. we get up too early. other people like to use it as a way to destress at the end of the day after work or after they put the kids to bed. the bottom line is when it works for you personally is the time of day to fit it in. >> i have heard if you do it right before you go to bed it may interrupt your sleep cycle. not so? >> for people with insomnia i would never recommend it before bed. it will rev you up and interfere with sleep. some people sleep so sound it doesn't matter. >> congratulations, kathy. thank you very much. >> bye-bye.
9:09 am
>> the next question is from chris on the phone from st. louis, mo. what's your question? >> i'm 55 and i just lost weight that's been creeping on 20 years by counting calories and i have always exercised. how do i transition mentally into maintenance from dieting? >> this is a great morning. everybody's losing weight. congratulations on your weight loss. i'm glad you asked this question. so many people get tripped up with the maintenance portion. here's your strategy. continue following the same regimen of diet and exercise that enabled you to lose the weight. now what you are going to do is incorporate one sort of off meal or treat into each week. it could be anything you want it to be. maybe a rich dinner like chicken parmesan or a burger and fries -- yes, al, i said fries. >> my goodness. >> or maybe a brownie sundae out for a dinner with friends. whatever it is, enjoy every bite and do not count the calories.
9:10 am
but at the same time, don't turn it into a binge. eat until you are comfortably full and put the fork down. continue to weigh yourself regularly. >> what's "regularly"? >> it means different things for different people. some people like to weigh themselves every single morning. other people, it makes them crazy and they like to weigh once or twice a week. after three weeks, if your weight remains stable then you can experiment with adding a second off meal or treat into your weekly routine. most people can stay put on that scale with one to two off things. what i like most about the strategy is it allows you to be flexible with your favorite foods occasionally without having to count every single morsel and bite you put into your mouth. >> all right. >> that's great. thank you so much. >> good luck. send me an e-mail at the nbc account. let me know how you're doing. i would love to hear. >> thanks, chris. and we have a viewer e-mail from
9:11 am
ines in connecticut. she says, i don't understand why guacamole is fattening. avocados are a vegetable. aren't they healthy? >> avocado is super healthy. but it's also very high in fat. anything that's high in fat is going to jack up the calories and, yes, it ends up to be more fattening. >> is it a bad fat? >> it's not. it's a good fat. it's monounsaturated fat which is good for your blood vessels but all fat is calorie dense n. moderation it's fine. half a california avocado is 110 calories. half a cup of guacamole is 160 calories. clearly you can enjoy it in moderation, but you can't count it as a freebie like mushrooms and broccoli and cauliflower. i add extra chopped tomatoes in guacamole and nonfat greek yogurt to give your guac a tang.
9:12 am
it may not be for purists but it drives the calories down. >> two people losing weight on program. we like that. >> whoo hoo! >> if money's tight and you think you can't afford a family vacation, we have secrets to help you trim your family's travel costs. later, the mega millions winner who may have to share all that money with her estranged husband. do we have aflac? nah. we have something else. but if you're hurt and miss work does it pay cash like aflac does? nah. or let you spend it in any way you want like for gas and groceries? nah. or help with everyday bills like aflac does? nah nah nah. [ male announcer ] there's aflac and there's everything else. visit for an agent or quote. aflac! i don't like doin' taxes. i did 'em online. my name is theresa ayres, and this is my quilt shop.
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or for the delicious flavors like chocolate truffle and vanilla creme? mmm. -mmm. -mmm. [ female announcer ] hard to say really. new caltrate soft chews, we put the yum in calcium. ♪ this morning on "today's travel," tips to cut travel costs. getting away with the family can add up. good planning may allow you and your dollar to go further.
9:16 am
we have amanda from "money" magazine with cost-cutting strategies. welcome. "money" magazine has found that for a trip for a family of four can cost $3,000. so that's a lot of money. you can help us save some, can want you? >> of course. when we say the entire family we're talking multiple generations. these trips with three, four generations -- grandparents, parents, grandkids -- are becoming more common. people want to go and you understand the advantages. the grandparents get quality time with the little ones, the parents have built-in babysitters, but just as you said the drawback is it can get expensive quickly. >> let's figure a way to save money. what's the rule depending on whether you can drive? should you drive or fly? >> generally if you are traveling less than 400 miles you should drive, particularly when there is more than bun person. airplane costs for short trips can be expensive.
9:17 am
more than 400 miles there is a great calculator, that will give you an estimate of what it will cost you to drive. you can compare it to airfares. >> if you are deciding you should fly, there is a certain time of year that's cheaper than other times of the year? >> of course. generally people have to travel during the summer months when the kids are off. that unfortunately is usually the most expensive time to travel. you can safe up to 25% on airfare if you travel at the beginning of summer or the very end. sort of on the summer edges. last week of may, beginning of june or the last week in august. >> lodging is always expensive, especially for a large group that you described with the grandparents and everybody there. so we want to think about renting a house or condo? >> absolutely. for a large group a house or condo can save a lot of money over multiple hotel rooms. it can also be nice because you have a kitchen which can help cut down the food costs.
9:18 am
there are great websites -- is one. another,, where you can find condos. you can often save if you book for a full week. >> that's a good tip. some of us like room service. especially when we have such a big family. we don't want to do all the cooking. what's your best advice for a good deal there. >> if you are going to stay in a hotel avoid the online sites. they offer a deal usually on a single room. call the hotel manager or the front desk. they may be able to give you discounts because you're booking multiple rooms. they generally know the inventory better. they know how many people will comfortably fit in suites or where to get adjoining hotel rooms. >> the other major cost is food. you have a tip there? >> all inclusive resorts and cruises are great for families and good if relatives like to eat a lot n. the caribbean and mexico you can find a lot of
9:19 am
resorts there. the low season is during the summer when you may be traveling. you can save about 30% per person by going there or cruises, of course, we know lots of families like that because there is plenty to do for everyone. the one thing there is you have to exercise willpower in order to save. the up-front costs might be low but it is enticing to spend money at alternative restaurants, on wine, at the spa. so be careful there. >> you talk about having a budget in mind and talking about it. ski vacations, a lot of us like to go skiing and go to resorts. what's your tip there? >> pre-book your ski rentals and your tickets. you should call the company or the ski resort beforehand or look online. you can often get great package discount there is. sometimes if you're traveling with eight people or more you may be able to get a discount as well. >> eight people or more. that makes sense. the resorts are built for larger numbers of people. some of us are beach people.
9:20 am
what's your tip for beach-goers. >> generally it is nice to be on the oceanfront. if you reserve a room not on the oceanfront it can be 25% less. it's a good move. >> and theme parks? >> you want to consult with your company beforehand. often they have corporate rates at things like six flags, disneyworld, disneyland. if not, because you're traveling with various generations, try to take advantage of the discounts that are targeted at different age groups. maybe a student discount or a discount for the grandparents through aarp. >> good tips this morning. really appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> coming up this morning we have in "today's kitchen" three delicious sauces that are totally going to transform any meal. you will get them from an expert, yum, after these messages. beeping ] ♪
9:21 am
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♪ hidden valley ranch, makes vegetables delectable. and now make lettuce a real salad with hidden valley salad kits! everything you need all in one bag, like garlic croutons, lemon pita bites, parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing. turn plain lettuce into a hidden valley salad. coming up on "today's kitchen" we have three delicious and easy sauces -- i want to say sausages -- sauces that will turn a home cook into a home chef. >> maybe something made with sausage. we'll talk about the mega millions winner who may be forced to split her $90 million
9:25 am
jackpot with her estranged husband. we look at her legal options coming up. >> and we have updates on the royal wedding of kate middleton and prince william after your local news. ee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. or 100 calories? with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both.
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two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt... and only 100 calories. good morning, time now 9:26. i'm brent cannon. latest on the forecast with christina lower christina loren. >> take a look at this, we have perfect vision here. you can see for about ten miles, earlier this morning you couldn't even see your arm in front of you, great improvement here. a lot of fog has lifted. and because it lifted so quickly i think temperatures today are going to climb into the mid to upper 60s for some cities. we're talking about maybe 68 degrees in places like morgan hill today, 63 for the trivalley and looking at 63 degrees in oakland, a bit of warmup toward thursday and temperatures will stay in the 60s, a lot of sunshine and no rain in the
9:27 am
forecast, all of the way through monday. see how your roadways are looking now that the fog is lifting. >> you siebert now, bay bridge toll plaza, that fog is burning off like you're talking about. sunshine, back up into the maze. travel times not pleasant. slow drive for the east shore freeway and highway 24. 880 looking better northbound out of san leandro, speed notice 2 -- speeds in the 20s near the coliseum. the bridges have fog advisory issue by chp overnight. peninsula, typical flow there. northbound 280 jammed near 880 and clearing around the interchange there, and things moving in highway 85 but overall south bay commute much better now that the sun is coming out. s remoe eak.
9:28 am
people in santa cruz county are worried they're about to lose $8 million homes.
9:29 am
the homes overlook rio delmar beach near a creek that is overflowing and make the house unstable. homeowners are willing to pay for a tren top of help divert water but kocounty officials wot give permission because it could endanger steelhead trout. apartments in pacifica on the edge, two buildings have been empty since last win tter t they've been eroded more and in danger of falling into ocean atten decision has to be made about what to do with them. more local news in half an hour. today show returns in last les than a minute.
9:30 am
what business could you possibly have with a map like that? >> he's got a law degree from a brooklyn college. >> he looks like a defendant on judge judy. >> that's kelly preston in "casino jack" but her new production is son benjamin with husband john travolta. we'll interview her tomorrow on "today." meanwhile coming up in this half hour one lottery winner's fortune may be turning into a legal battle. did you hear about the idaho woman who won half of the second largest mega millions jackpot in history, $380 million. well, now she may have to split
9:31 am
the pot again with her husband with whom she separated but didn't sign the divorce papers. we'll get details on that story. i'm sure that's interesting. >> lots to talk about with that one. we'll tell you about the best products and containers out there from plastic to ceramic to glass, when storing your food and the proper way to use containers in the heating process. >> that's important. >> isn't it? >> especially with microwaves. >> absolutely. you may want to use those containers to store three easy, versatile sauces -- >> nice transition. >> -- that every cook needs in their recipe book to turn any ordinary dinner into something special. i love this. make the sauce, sit it in the fridge and whatever meat you want to mix in. >> or vegetables. >> your kids may not want to eat it, maybe with the sauce they are more enticed. >> changes completely. first, hello to sara shahee starring in a new show called "fairly legal" on usa.
9:32 am
>> thank you so much. >> you're a lawyer who's sick of the legal system and become as mediator. >> she's a recovering lawyer, i call her. yes, she's a mediator. she was part of the system where there were too many injustices. you know, the innocent get accused, the guilty go free. she basically decides she wants to be her own system. >> so she becomes a mediator and it becomes interesting. what happens? >> i like in the show -- i would like to think it's a mix of "sex and the city" and "law & order" with more sex than law. >> what's wrong with that? >> nothing. >> who knew? >> something for the guys and the girls. >> people love it because it's an anti-lawyer show. in fact, one person in austin, texas, wrote they love the show because it's not a traditional law show. >> the show is about a lot of things. what's great about being on a
9:33 am
network like usa, they are invested in the characters. i don't want to say more than the story lines because that's not true, but they like to tell the story through the character's point of view. so, yeah, she's a mediator and she goes to extensive ways to solve her cases that she gets. but then there are awesome character dynamics on the show. she is still sleeping with her soon to be, kind of, sort of ex-husband. >> good thing she didn't win the lotto. >> that would not be good. he's the devastatingly handsome assistant district attorney of san francisco. he represent it is complete -- oh, is this me? that's me. are we watching this? >> we're not watching the whole episode. >> but that's -- >> we're seeing the scene. >> right. >> obviously it's a fun show to be on. >> it's a great show. >> thank you.
9:34 am
>> okay. we're going to catch more of the premiere of "fairly legal" on the usa network thursday at 10/9 central. al, let's check on the weather. i do have the vapors though. >> you do. ann's looking forward to the show on thursday. wet weather in the pacific northwest. icy in the northeast. rain from the gulf coast to the ohio river valley. sunshine in the southwest. tomorrow we've got more lake effect snow through the great lakes. we've got sunshine, finally returning to the pacific northwest. mild weather continues to the southwest and mild weather returns to florida with plenty of sunshine. good morning to you. well, we're seeing a much better day shaping up as fog lifts out of the bay area, starts to break apart in our atmosphere. golden gate bridge looking gorgeous and fremont right now, we have really, really low visibility this morning. as we head out this afternoon
9:35 am
we'll see temperatures in the 60s, should be a really comfortable day because of the sunshine that's out right now. i wouldn't be surprised to see 65 today in santa rosa. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. up next, she won $90 million but now may have to split her winnings with her estranged husband. we'll have the details after this. honey bunches of oats. the perfect balance of crunchy flakes and clusters, z. delicious. and the same calories per serving as special k original. so, try honey roasted, honey bunches of oats! heck try 'em all.
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it's the dream of anyone who's ever bought a lottery ticket -- hitting the winning numbers for a mega millions jackpot of $380 million. but one woman's dream come true may be turning into a nightmare. nbc's kevin tibbles has more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: hey, ann. imagine winning one of the biggest lotto jackpots in history. then imagine sharing it with someone else. well, that's okay, too. but then imagine having to share it with someone you didn't really want to share it with. >> hello, america. tonight's mega millions jackpot is so big -- >> reporter: so big is right. $380 million big. the second largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. the first winner to come forward, jim mccullar from washington state. he couldn't wait to share his
9:39 am
$190 million prize with his wife. >> been married 41 years. i know what to do with this check. >> reporter: the second winner didn't claim her prize until several days later. lottery officials in idaho made this mysterious announcement. >> she wants us to respect her privacy and we are honoring that request here at the lottery. >> reporter: the winner, 29-year-old holly lahti, a bank teller and single mother of two from a tiny town in idaho. >> her knees buckled. she almost fainted. she couldn't believe it. she shouted for joy. >> reporter: she immediately quit her job and she and her kids have disappeared from her home. no one's heard a peep from her. lahti's cinderella story hit a snag when a mug shot of her surfaced from 2003, after she'd been charged with battery. the picture shows her with a black eye. the charges were later dropped. then these pictures of her estranged husband joshua. he's been charged in at least
9:40 am
nine different incidents, from driving under the influence and second degree kidnapping to domestic battery. the couple may be separated but they aren't divorced, and in idaho a community property state, joshua could wind up a very rich man. >> on the one hand you have a great fortune. on the other hand you feel it's somewhat unfair that someone else should share in that windfall. >> reporter: but many in this small idaho town say holly shouldn't have to share. >> she should get it. they're separated. she got the ticket. it belongs to her. >> reporter: holly lahti hasn't been seen in these parts since her numbers came up. she's reportedly thinking things through in a warmer place on the beach. now, ann, nbc did reach out to holly and her estranged husband. interestingly enough, they did not respond. on one of holly's social network sites she says she's getting all
9:41 am
kinds of messages from people all over the place now that she's won the big lotto. i'm not surprised about that. i have been getting a lot of calls this morning from everybody i know because they want to know if i, too, can help them out with a ticket today. ann, this one's for you. and erica. thanks to bob's pantry in highland park. >> thanks to you, kevin tibbles. you're always a winner whether you win the lottery or not. up next, the containers everyone should have in their cupboard for heating and storing food. that's coming up after this. ♪ you know how i feel i feel like jennifer hudson but with new arms, new legs, and this smile. ♪ freedom is mine ♪ and i know how i feel i'm loving weight watchers new pointsplus program and the edge it's giving me. ♪ it's a new dawn, a new day i've got even more control now. ♪ and i'm feeling good
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progresso. hi. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. you haven't seen him... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i don't like doin' taxes. i did 'em online. my name is theresa ayres, and this is my quilt shop. there was a lot that i'd guessed at, and i have a feeling i guessed wrong. [ theresa ] h&r block. never settle for less. this morning on "today's
9:45 am
home," the best containers for stood storage from stainless steel to ceramic, women's day magazine has the top products everyone should have in their kitchen. elizabeth mayhew is the editor-in-chief. good to see you. before we get to specifics what should be the overall thing in our minds with buying storage containers. >> if you are missing a top get rid of the bottom. stay contained in your containers. it's more efficient to buy square or rectangle because it takes unless cubic little inches oather in the draws or also store any kind of food storage in the draw. it's much easier to access than deep in a cabinet. store the lids and bottoms all together. it's good to buy sets that stack. >> i like the tip on the drawer. i'm like the tip in the cupboard where they all fall on the head. >> you want to organize them in a drawer. all the lids together, all the
9:46 am
bottoms together. >> what are the categories? >> we love this set. it's $19.99. if you average it out for 24 pieces it's only 80 cents apiece. >> why do you like them? >> they are rectangle and square and we love that the four sides click down. you don't have to worry about whether or not it's closed. these are also bpa-free, great for fruits, vegetables, cold salads. >> the snap is great. if you have the kids' snack in a bag you don't want it to spill. >> say you want salad dressing and you want to shake it, you know it's sealed. >> these are popular. >> you can get them at the gracegrace grocery store. they're called twist and locks by ziploc. one thing i say to look for is the same size lid fits all. so large and small you have the same size. >> that's good. >> just close it like that and you know it's twisted. >> would you put it in a drawer?
9:47 am
>> absolutely. i would stack all the rounds, all the lids together and they would sit right in a drawer. rather than going deep, you're going down. >> and stainless options? >> great for lunches, anything you have to reheat. we love the lunchbox with the stainless steel top. they last forever. if you invis in this, stainless steel is more expensive but i guarantee it will last through your child's education. >> they are dishwasher safe? >> and smudge-proof. you can put labels on them. we love these from planet box. they're compartmentalized. they have a tv dinner look. you can upgrade it for an insulated pouch to heat up lunch for the kids, stick it in there and it's good to go, either hot or cold. you can even customize with magnetic decals and make it -- you know, if your daughter likes unicorns or sea creatures. you can put it on and it comes
9:48 am
with little round containers for ketchup or applesauce. >> what are these for? >> what's great about these is you just press the button and they open up. they are great for on-the-counter storage like cereal, pasta, pretzels, snacks. they definitely have tight storage -- >> airtight system. >> a plastic lid that can come out to be washed. >> lastly, glass. >> it's heavy. but it's like the wonder container because it goes from refrigerator to freezer to oven to microwave. you can do anything. we love the pyrex set. it comes with not only glass lids for cooking and microwaving but plastic for storage. >> they don't look bad when serving up the food. you can put it on the table. >> it goes oven to table. pyrex is much more durable than you would think. i have dropped mine several times. >> takes a licking and keeps on ticking. great pleasure having you on.
9:49 am
up next, it's all about the sauce. three easy recipes to transform any ordinary meal. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," the secret is in the sauce. throw away the jars and cans. terrence brennan has three delicious sauces you can whip up, use them and mix and match them. he's from here in new york. good to see you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. these are versatile. you can use them with meats and vegetables. >> very versatile. i use these at home because i like to keep it simple. i don't have a staff to help with cleaning and everything. >> not like meredith. >> this is derived from a pesto, but it doesn't have pine nuts
9:52 am
and cheese in it. you can add that. especially in the winter time when basil isn't abundant you can use parsley which i love. this is a parsley pisto which we'll put on a lamb chop. very simple. blender. >> olive oil. probably should have taken the top off that. >> yes. >> that's why he's the chef. >> just a little bit of olive oil. this is going to go a long way. blend it. >> nothing up my sleeve. >> little bit more oil. >> if it slows up add more oil. >> it needs enough liquid to emulsify, liquify. >> liquify! >> okay. that's it. >> okay. >> salt, olive oil, garlic. >> that could have been dangerous. >> look how beautiful it is. drizzle it on your lamb.
9:53 am
>> oh, wow. >> very healthy. >> what else can you put it on in. >> seafood and steak. you can add anchovy, a little bit of vinegar like a chimichurri. this is an asian-inspired dish. >> mm-hmm. >> sea scallops with an asian slaw. i have reduced orange juice with ginger and to that i will add soy sauce. can you help me whisk that. i know you're a good whisker. soy sauce, sesame oil. not too much. little bit of lemon juice to bring out the flavors and canola oil which is a neutral flavored oil. olive oil masks the ginger and -- >> you want something without flavor. >> and sriracha, so a little spice. you can buy this at an asian store. >> actually they have it in the grocery stores now. it's great. >> salt and that's it. >> that's it? >> that's it. take this and we'll drizzle it
9:54 am
on the scallops. >> ooh. >> we put a little bit on the asian slaw already. garnish it with scallions and that's the dish. >> amazing. i love it. now for our vegetarian friends. >> absolutely. this is classic. we omitted the butter because it's evil in january and february. >> evil. >> anchovy, yes. >> i love them. >> i love anchovy. you like the umami. >> not my mommy, but umami. >> that's right. >> yo mama! got some yo mama! over here. >> warm olive oil. anchovy, garlic, basil leaves. crush it in the mortar and pestle. >> it ends up like this. try a little bit of that. >> we have all vegetables here, cooked fingerling potatoes. >> i'm going right in there.
9:55 am
>> fantastic. terrence, thank you so much. the recipes are on our website. still to come, we have kathie lee and hoda, the hollywood baby boom. >> plus new details on prince william and kate middleton's wedding. first your local news and weather.
9:56 am
>> good morning, everybody, 9 6 9:56. i'm brent cannon. checking your forecast with christin christina, watching the fog
9:57 am
sewly burn away. >> in some cities faster than others, it's 61 in los gatos and 69 later on today i revised my original numbers because of all sunshine we're expecting temperatures will be beautiful under mostly sunny skies. we had throughout this afternoon. the rest of the week, not too much in the terms of changes. 61 by wednesday, another foggy start. not as much fog to contend with tomorrow, 65 pleasant degrees on thursday, that's going to be the best of the week to get outside. find out about traffic now. >> the san mateo bridge, the fog finally starting to burn off, we can see part of that on the hayward side. 101 slow through san mateo, 580 jamming up through livermore, all lanes sound like they're open. on the shoulder. slowing approaching the toll plaza. a backup. just starting to move. governor jerry brown's tough
9:58 am
new budget cuts may force a program that sparks local business to come to an end. so-called enterprise zones helphelp ed low-income areas and helping areas like richmond, businesses take advantage of tax credits for hiring workers in economically depressed neighborhoods but cutting the program could save the state over a billion dollars over the next two years. some say they don't provide a statewide benefit by richmond officials say it could cause businesses to leave town. public transit won't have to worry about additional cuts from state for a year, the budget spares them. they have taken financial beatings during the last five years. lawmakers diverted funs for operating cuts not covered by passenger fares. the governor wants to protect a tax swap that gives public transit more stable funding. more local news coming up in a
9:59 am
half hour. have a great morning. hand sanitizers are essential, but the alcohol's drying. [ female announcer ] gold bond hand sanitizer kills germs without alcohol, then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's an icy booze day today. january 18th. >> i woke up in the morning snow, ice, sleet all over the place. >> it was all over the news last night that's what was going to happen. somebody was doing something else. >> yeah. >> it won't have surprised anybody else. >> it surprised me this morning, but not to you.
10:01 am
an announcement made on regis' show this morning. >> it was a surprise to everybody unless you had time to spend with him privately in the last couple of months, and i'm glad that i always get to have private time with him and joy. regis announced on his show this morning with kelly that he's retiring from the talk show he's been doing for 28 years. i did it with him for 15 of those, and we were a local show before it went national. he went on to become an international -- that was my very last day right there. >> that your emmy. >> no. i just won an emmy with you. it took me years. i had to leave that show to win an emmy. the year i left and was hosting, that's when regis won. now we know what the problem was, it was me. he's an amazing guy. he is every man to so many people. nobody tells a story like regis does, and he's going to be 80 this coming august. i think he just figures it's
10:02 am
time. >> he said and i think we have it there, there's a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera. especially for old people. >> that's why i tried to retire a few years ago. it didn't work out. 80 is -- that's a milestone. i remember frank when he turned it this past year. he said i don't feel 80. if you take care of yourself, and regis is like jack la lane, he's in the jim every day. it's harder for people that feel good and at the top of their game to know when that time might be. he's got grandchildren, they love to travel. he'll never retire, i don't think. i don't think he'll retire ever. >> every time he hosts an event, he's terrific at it. he's a guy who you think would work forever. >> he will. there's tons of things. he'd like to call his own shots and not have to be someplace every day, although i think it's down to tuesday, wednesday and thursday sometimes some weeks.
10:03 am
it's been a process. we had dinner i guess about a year ago, and i said when do you think, reg? he said i think at the end of this contract. just after a while you say how much time is god going to give me left on the earth and how do i want to spend that? we should ask ourselves that long before we get to a certain age. you really should, because none of know when at that day will be. >> he always seems to be enjoying himself on the show. >> nobody has more fun. >> was he a lot of fun to work with? >> oh, my gosh. >> was he as fun as me? >> it's a lot like working with you, hoda. the commercial breaks are fun because you can say and do things you can't say and do on the air. it's very, very similar. i've always said the thing that works with the two of us, you're like i was with reg. you're the cheerleader, and i can be the old, cranky, arthritic one, and it's a lot more fun.
10:04 am
anyway, we're hoping to get him on the air right now and be able to wish him well, but i'm sure he has a million people trying to get to him. i remember the day that i announced i was leaving. you know, when you're a fixture in someone's home every day and people plan their day around spending time with you and they say, don't call me until it's over. all those kinds of things. you start to realize what an incredible privilege it is to do a show that touches people. you become somebody's friend, and maybe this is an inappropriate time to tell this story. i will never forget this. if i have a story like this, then regis has a million stories like this. one time i was at ufc with frank and this lovely woman says i want to tell you something i was hoping to tell you someday. you helped my aunt die. i went, excuse me? she goes, no, my aunt was elderly, and she would never take a phone call or ever meet with anybody, she wouldn't have a doctor's appointment, nothing.
10:05 am
no, no, no, my kathie lee is on. i thought this is so nice. ultimately she looks at me, and she says my aunt was helen hayes. you kind of go -- >> wow. >> you have no idea who is out there right now watching. if you can become somebody's friend and someone wants to spend time with you than anyone else, it's an incredible honor and privilege. reg coming from the bronx knew it better than anybody. >> you're right. >> he knew that he was one of the most blessed men on earth, and he never lost track of that. >> wow. well, we wish reg all the best. >> i get to spend more time with him now. he's not going to be happy to hear that. hey, reg! i wonder what's going to happen. kelly's still in the prime of her life. >> the show will continue on. >> i wonder who it might be. they talk about jeff probst
10:06 am
maybe. it's probably not time to talk about those things. what's happening right now is 50 guys are calling their agents right now say, i want that job. it will have a whole new life hopefully. it will never be the same. there's only one reg. >> he was one of a kind. we have great news from the house of gabrielle giffords. doctors have said -- this is astonishing and almost miraculous. she could be released from the hospital in days. >> when i read that this morning, how can that be? >> when you think about what she had been through. they said if she made it through the first 72 hours, after that her chance of recovery was 101%. it was all about the swelling that happened in the brain. the fact she's responding but massaging her husband's neck, i mean, the condition upgraded. you pray that everything works out okay for her cognitively. >> it seems like she understands
10:07 am
everything, doesn't it? >> it sure does. >> i wonder if he can go on that final journey as an astronaut. >> they said he may. her recovery is measured in months and years and not weeks. i think it's going to be a slow process. we're hoping to see her come out and say something. >> there's some areas you lo look -- marriages you look at that are going to make it. this is the one. >> approximate if you had a snowy and ice icy day and wondered if the school was out, a lot of prarnts get frustrated because schools don't wait until the last minute. sometimes schools make it at night and sometimes you go online. one guy, the father of five, was extremely upset because at 4:30 in the morning he got a robocalls from the school saying your school is opening two hours later, when he already knew. >> because he was a good daddy
10:08 am
and checked night before. >> he had five kids sleeping. he got ticked off that there was a robocall at 4:30 in the morning. he decided to return the favor, and he made a robocall to the school board members at 4:30 in the morning at their homes. so let's listen to this, shall we? >> this is a prince georges county school drikt parent calling to thaw for the robocall yesterday at 4:30 in the morning. decided to return the favor. while i know the school district wanted to ensure i dropped my child off two hours late on a snow day, i already knew that before i went to bed. i hope this call demonstrates why a 4:30 a.m. call does more to annoy than to inform. >> he did in a nice way, but his point is well-taken. some of the people were saying we get up so early, we need it then. there seems to be a better system here to make it available. if you're in doubt, call a number. have it prerecorded for them.
10:09 am
everybody else gets up probably around 6:00 and can find out at 6:00 if their kids have to get up. >> you think you could go online? >> not everybody goes online, hoda? some of us have rotary numbers. >> with the hand crank? >> yeah. >> this next story was enraging to me. there was a woman that bought a megamillions lottery tickets, she was the second winner. she's been separated from her husband for a while. he has issues with the law, domestic abuse, and i don't know what. >> no kidding. dui and all that. >> look at this mug shot. she has also had a domestic abuse arrest allegation. now, she wins the lottery, they're separated. >> ken and barbie they're not. >> she's been told she has to give him half of her $90 million and she has a restraining order out against him in addition. >> the law is the law, hoda
10:10 am
woman. approximate if it's a community property state unless there's take prenup, and i doubt that, and there's children involved when he has not paid child support -- apparently not allegedly. so here's the thing. take your $45 million, be grateful to god, walk away. get that divorce. you can afford it now. walk away and be grateful. don't fight to the supreme court for ten years. >> we're having dr. laura on, and she has a book on revenge and we want to ask her about that. a lot of people say you want to fight it. give money to a guy you have a restraining order against? >> vengeance is the mind say the lord. he's the only one to deal with it. >> we have a lot coming up. actress lilly lawless. >> who?
10:11 am
>> that's a stumble. it happens occasionally. >> from now on she's louie lawless. >> that's re! a lot>> we'llav a this. did i really say louie? >> yes, but it was cute. [ bells jingling ] [ snorting ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ female announcer ] too many holiday treats? [ snorting ] ♪ take the special k challenge, with so many ways to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. what will you gain when you lose? get started at
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10:14 am
time for today's buzz. from baby bumps to the beatles and britney spears to britain's favorite couple, we have all the scoop and scandal you're looking for. >> andy cohen is here. hey, andy. >> good morning, ladies. >> how are you? >> great. better now that i see you. >> was it a surprise to you about reg? >> i was surprised. maybe i'm an idiot. >> no. you know everything. that's why you're here. >> i don't know. >> how many come you didn't know that scoop, huh? >> how come you didn't? >> she knew it, and she had to keep it quiet. >> you kept that quiet? you blab your mouth about
10:15 am
everything else. >> when somebody doesn't want me to say something. >> let's talk about the royal couple. >> there's some fun stuff happening. apparently sheez xhoezen a designer for the dress. buzz is it's this guy bruce oldsfield who was one of the diana's favorites. they're not announcing it, and you'll find out on the wedding day if it's up to them. >> if they picked and are not telling, what's the news? >> are you yelling at me for including this in the roundup. >> when they announce the designer -- >> the other thing is -- maybe this isn't news either, but there is speculation that there are going to ask for no gifts but charity donations. >> that's a lovely thing. >> that's great. >> what do they need? >> they've been living together for how many years? if they don't have an iron now. >> very true. have they been living together for a long time in sin? >> have they? >> yeah. >> okay.
10:16 am
>> the other thing is that they're -- her real name is catherine with a c, which would make the initials w.c., which is the water closet toilet. it means toilet. >> who was thinking that? >> well, the souvenir masters are thinking about it, and they changed their initials to c.w. so they don't have zillions of pieces of plastic with c.w. on it. >> let's talk more serious. aretha franklin. >> she doesn't have cancer. she said i don't have cancer. i never did have cancer. >> where did that get started? >> the reason that i -- there was speculation about it. there was speculation about it, and wjbk in detroit had confirmed she had pancreatic cancer, which i consider to be a great source.
10:17 am
exactly. so she says she didn't. this went as far as "the new york times" doing an he had to her for yal saying we have to pray for her. she said she had something and it was treated. >> why not be forthcoming about what it is if there is speculation? >> don't question aretha, kathie lee. >> okay. >> don't question. >> she wants halle berry to play her in the movie. i get it. >> i want halle berry to play me. >> she said no, she wants halle berry to play older aretha in the film. aretha as she is now. >> i just don't see the casting in that. >> again, don't question aretha. >> she's the queen of soul. >> let's move on to the red carpet. >> she's going to be fine. she's terrific. >> there was lots of baby bumps we saw. >> there was at the golden globes, but the big news is that
10:18 am
nicole kidman and keith urban announced she had a kid via surrogate born december 28th. the baby's name is faith. she was at the golden globes the other night. i can assume they flue to l.a. for 12 hours and flue right back or less. they're the biological parents, keith urban and nicole kidman. they have a baby faith, and it is great. i pllove that they kept it a secret. >> it can be done. >> and then natalie portman, january contracow ski, kate hudson, many others in hollywood are expects. of course, elton john and david furnish just had their first baby via surrogate. >> owen wilson also. >> it's all great. >> we have news. >> you and i, kathie lee, let's do it. >> hold it. >> let's do it.
10:19 am
>> what is going on? >> that would make news on all levels. >> if you didn't get the new york sometimes two weeks ago, the sunday style section, please go get it. andy cohen, the whole front page and back page. a rock star. >> i couldn't believe it. i was down in florida reading it. our andy. up next, is it okay to tell little white lies? hoda says so. i don't. >> you looked really good. then later revenge -- >> that's the truth. >> dr. laura weighs in. >> actress lucy lawless -- what does she do? it's lucy. >> first, these messages. 0içg
10:20 am
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10:22 am
it's time for our special series where miss sarah haynes
10:23 am
hits the streets. we've agreed to disagree on this. we sent sarah out to talk to the masses, the huddling masses about it. >> there were some discrepancies. it's a little cold outside. i stayed indoors. i fund out how shoppers feel about little white lies. you tell white lies? >> yes. >> of course. >> how does my hair look? you're like it looks so nice. >> how does my hair look? >> it looks nice. but i'm telling the truth on that one. >> maybe a little bit with my husband. i hope he doesn't see this. >> do you tell little white lies. >> when i drive from work, i usually leave late. she calls and asks where i am -- >> that is not a white lie. it's a flat lie. >> to protect you. >> to protect me? >> is there a difference between a white lie and lies. >> they're all lies to you. >> i tell them all day long to my children. he has a really, loud annoying toy. i'm like it's broken. >> if i don't like the shirt,
10:24 am
i'll say that looks good so we can go because i know she has to change again. >> do you know he's doing this? >> no. this is interests. >> how often do you tell white lies? >> every other day. >> every other other day? >> five to ten times a day. we're going to lean towards seven. all right ten. >> we're going to agree on ten? >> yeah. that's probably exaggerating. >> i think it's fun. >> do you? >> yeah, sometimes to protect someone's feelings. >> you can tell the truth in a nice way. >> you look fat, but i'm sure you're on a >> still to come, dr. laura is here. >> and then actress louie lawless. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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10:26 am
ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. good morning, everybody, 10:26. i'm brent cannon, time to check the forecast with christina. >> good morning. looking pretty good, pretty clear here from our cam and we're at 61 degrees right now. in los gatos, a high in that city in particular around 69 later on today. talking about 62 for mountain view and 67 in santa cruz. the south bay will be the warmest because the fog lifted out of that area the fastest and a lot of sunshine the remainder of the day and 60 in san rafael. temperatures are going to nice and mild and try as we head
10:27 am
through the next couple of days. in fact, temperature-wise, for tomorrow we'll go back down to 61 but back up to 65 by thursday. plenty of sunshine friday into saturday. i'm trying to get out of here. any problems on the roadways, mike? >> south bay is okay, clearing there but show you the bay bridge toll plaza, last half hour, a burst of traffic here. fog started to lift but nearby in berkeley i'll show you on the maps, reports of a fire and sudden plume of smoke that we saw from the toll plaza camera not too long ago at tell graph and ward. still following that in the newsroom but not much detail on that incident. call us in the newsroom if you know of anything going on there. nouthbound 880 slowing past the coliseum. and look at that, the peninsula, slows on 101 both directions re newof highway 92. after this. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
jackson will be formally introduced at 1:15 this afternoon, at team headquarters in alameda. we'll have more tonight. "today" continues next. we're back with more of "today," and one of the most popular and controversial radio talk show hosts dr. laura schlesinger. >> she's a socially conservative commentator who isn't afraid to ruffle feathers. she's out with what she's hoping to be her 13th new york timtz best seller called "surviving a shark attack on land: overcoming betrayal and dealing with revenge." >> you love this word. >> your eyes sort of light up when you talk about revenge. >> yes. >> you're scaring us. >> it has to be moral, legal,
10:31 am
not fattening and not change who you are. that's such a bummer. >> that's what it is. >> that's why you can't focus in on that. >> what about what the bible says. vengeance is mine sayeth the lord. >> i wait for the zaps, and they don't happen. some people go on and grow. >> what you really wants it seems to me a see mantic thing, you really want justice. >> revenge is justice on steroids. >> can't you be happy just with justice. >> because you rarely get it. you should know that. >> knowing you rarely get it puts it in perspective. i understand one day there is be justice. i have to wait for it, but in the meantime it won't ruin my life, right. >> there's no guarantee, and it can eat you up. it's unfair that the bad guys have no rules and the good guys take the pummeling and try to survive the attacks on their
10:32 am
family, their finances, their jobs, they are reputations. it's a lot to just say, okay. they'll get it someday. this book helps people. >> i'm not trying to trivialize it. >> i think revenge is one thing when you think you'll get it you feel so good. i think when you get revenge, when it actually happens, it doesn't feel as good as you think. that was it? >> so true. in my book i'm quite open about a number of things that have happened to me. >> the gentleman who dies. >> i would term still alive. >> tell the story. this is a guy that took pictures of you -- >> he was my mentor, and we also got in a close relationship. >> intimate relationship. >> we took some really cute picture dressed from here down, cute pictures with my braids in my late 20s. not the smartest to do. they were cute. >> you were perky. >> i was perky. and his career, you know,
10:33 am
eventually and he asked me to help him get a job in los angeles. i took all his paraphernalia and said how about giving him a job. they didn't want him, and he took it out to me. he wanted to be back in the sunlight. a whole bunch of photos were photo shopped to look like i wasn't dressed anywhere, which was horrifying. that's humiliating. talk show hosts across the country had a field day with it. it was 30 years earlier in my life. >> like they've never done anything -- >> and calling me a hypocrite. >> but the language is strong. you wish -- >> most people -- >> most people wish for death but i wish for life. >> so he could suffer. >> so he could see his attempt to destroy me didn't happen. >> it's a pride thing, though? it seems to me, just from my own experience -- >> why does everybody think it's a bad thing to want a bad person to get hitter or have payback?
10:34 am
why does everybody try to whitewash it? >> i'm not trying to whitewash it. i'm trying to deal with it on a spiritual level. i think it leads to a spiritual malignant see. >> absolutely. i want people to deal with it, because it's hard sometimes to get yourself out of that hate and angry mode, wanting the vengeance. i talk about in the book there was a time that somebody who really had been harassing me got flipped really hard. my initial reaction was, you're right. it was like, so what. >> you think that ultimately you can bring it on yourself. >> it didn't change the pain i had to go through, it didn't change anything. since i'm a decent person, it did not give me pleasure. i would like to get off on revenge, but you can be only who you are. >> if you had a conscience you
10:35 am
can't do it. >> i'm helping people because i've been there and done that and had so many shark frenzies it's not funny. i'm in the best position to get in a place where they use it positively. >> if you had an opportunity to take back the "n" word situation which got you fired from juror j your job. >> i didn't get fired. i was working for myself. i'm my own boss. i didn't get fired. >> would you unring the bell? would you do it differently? >> i was inartful in how i presented it. i didn't call somebody a name. i didn't. i was pointing out that being upset about people using that word around depends on the context because many black artists and everyday people use it. >> a lot agreed with you. >> there was a double-standard. >> that was just the truth. i was inartful, and i apologized the next morning and got on with the universe.
10:36 am
it took 36 and 48 hours from cnn to make hay out of it and make me out as a racist. >> you know that's going to happen. >> and they get away with it. >> it's the repetition. that was the button, too. >> if i said it seven times, it would have been before? >> it was too much. >> to call me a racist? that was absurd. >> that wasn't the issue. i think the repetition makes it worse. >> it's tone people take. >> no. what it is is i'm a social conserve. that's what it's about. bill maher went on larry king and articulated the word, and nobody sucked in a breath because he's a social liberal. so the media distinguishes between good and bad by political persuasion. that's something that happens -- >> that happens on both sides actually. >> where is the screaming about all the use at the grammys? >> i haven't turned on the top radio today, but the grammys aren't on before. >> the music up for awards.
10:37 am
>> bill cosby came out against it. >> what a good guy he is. >> a lot of people. >> look what they did to him. they uncle tommed him because he stood up for values. >> he's still around. >> this is how people deal with the shark attacks in the positive way you two have talked about it. >> we're happy to have you here talking about it. >> this book will probably get your blood going a little bit, some parts. >> it got mine going. >> which part? >> i'll talk to you after the break. "surviving a shark attack on land." >> up next the show that's keeping up relationships once the kids go to bed. they cannot sue louie in this show. she's all woman. we have a trip to the zoo and be right back. >> man: delivering a 200-pound ice sculpture means i don't have any margin for error. one wrong turn, and i could end up unloading a puddle of water. >> gps: turn right ahead. >> man: so i make sure i have the right guidance to get me exactly where i need to be. it's the same with taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me
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>> i have not partaken in many years. my husband -- >> will be gone most of the night. >> uh-oh. >> that is lucy lawless. >> that's it. lucy lawless in "spartacus god of arena." >> lucy was here with us almost exactly a year ago, and after her attack by a hot dog, the kind you put mustard on, we're glad to have her back. nice to see you. >> nice to see you guys. >> how are you? >> so well. thank you. >> anything changed since you were last here with us? >> no, not a bit. >> a lot has changed, and a sad thing but he's doing well. the actor who played spartacus is replaced temporarily maybe? >> yes. he's putting his health first. he's going through chemo at the moment, and it's a really hardcore treatment as you all know. we expect him to live to fight
10:42 am
another day. he's a great hero. >> is this one going to have the high intensity, just all the fun we saw in the other one? >> she wants to know if there's more frontal nudity and stuff? >> did that bother you. it bothered you a little. >> it bothers me they look better than i do. >> you look smashing, darling. there's all sorts of appliances. >> that's never been a problem. >> appliances. kinky stuff. you don't have trouble with that, right? that's never been an issue for you? >> it's not theoretically but in practice it's normal. nudity you can used to. you see it in cultures. anything to do with sex -- you're programmed to protect that. so -- even though you are taped up like a ken doll and wearing special underpants and whatnot -- >> what? >> i have them on right now.
10:43 am
they ain't coming off. >> you've heard. >> when you enact these things and it's all choreographed and everything, it's really, really -- >> do you clear the set? >> the set is cleared. it's a very private set. the minute it finishes, you block it out. people talk about the sex, and i'm like what sex? i block it out. >> you should get everybody off the set right now, especially you, and then millions of people see it. >> what are you going to do? >> now it's wide screen and high-definition. >> horrifying. >> that's the good news. as we all get older, it's nice to -- >> i ought to do it before i get too much older. it's something i wouldn't dream of doing in my 20s, but i'm in my 40s now. in my 40s it's like a bit -- >> your daughter works with you on the show.
10:44 am
>> her daughter is 22. >> do you clear her from the set when you start boinking. >> it's like god's terrible joke on my daughter. she works in editing. >> she has to watch mommy boinking everybody. >> they have on underpants. >> she's very professional. won't discuss it with me, which annoys me, because sometimes i want the scoop on something. she'll never go there. >> what do you hear on dr. la a dr. laura's show. what do i do about my mother? >> we've done more to sell spartacus today. louie, it's a great pleasure. >> thank you. >> it's on starz! this friday. >> coming up next, did you know alligators, beatles can eat anything. >> they're on the set. we want a healthier lifestyle... so we can have more energy to do more stuff.
10:45 am
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we're back with "today's call of the wild." >> they're best known for their children's show zaboomafoo. >> good bless you. >> this is wild craft. it's the new show on tbs. they go on cool, animal adventures. >> they're here with us. >> how cool for you guys, right? >> we've never run faster. >> you're superheroes. >> what's zaboomafoo? what's that mean? >> we learned the madagascarian language. >> we need to bring out your first animal. >> this is a kinkagu. >> he's less than a year old. they're from south and central america. >> does he like that?
10:50 am
>> he loves it. >> they eight fruit and nectar from flowers. >> his nails are going to be very sharp. >> he loves to crawl, and he's so loveable. >> he's one of the characters in our new show wild tracks. we go on adventures around the world to do so things you really can't see in real life, but we can see them in animation. >> he's one of the shows. >> he's adorable. >> they pollenate flowers. he'll stick his nose in your ear like he does in flowers, and then he goes to the next flower. >> he wants hoda. >> does that tickle or what? >> that's nothing compared to lately. nothing. okay. >> you just got a wet willie. >> do you want to do that same thing with this? >> oh, yeah. >> this is an alligator. >> i can see that. >> again, we have an episode on
10:51 am
these guys, actually crocodiles for the new tbs show. >> is it saltwater or freshwater? >> no, no. mostly by the snout, alligators have shorter, rounder snouts. >> that's what cody said. >> he's an alligator? >> an alligator. what most don't realize about alligators and crocodiles is they're great moms. they take care of their babies. >> okay. >> should these be altogether? >> these guys can. >> this is a little white tiger. >> you want to see something? it's so cute. cute little tiger. watch when i try to pick him up. he doesn't like to be picked up like that. >> he sounds like a goat. he's precious. >> these are very rare in the wild. >> how old is she? >> a couple months old. >> she likes to be picked up like this. >> that's how her mother picks her up. >> how big is she going to be? >> 300 pounds.
10:52 am
>> when will you stop playing with her? >> around a year. every tiger's stripes are different. it's like a fingerprint. these guys are so rare in the wild. >> i don't think i've seen this coloring before. >> there's a lot you don't see in the wild. that's why we do the show. >> what color are his eyes? >> they're lighter blue. >> they're not albino. >> be careful. >> so sweet. >> giant paws. >> i can feed him? >> yeah, sure. here we go. >> yes, you do. go like that. just hold it up. way high. you know. yes. look at his eyes. who loves the baby. yes. oh, yes. >> a little higher. there you go. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> you're making him beg for it. >> we can do this the rest of
10:53 am
the show. >> he's beautiful. i'm afraid to take it away from him. is there another one coming? >> yeah. these are sweet. these are sweet. >> this is a walabee. a different type of kangaroo. there are lots of different kinds in australia. they raise their young in pouchs. >> his leg is sticking out. >> are you sure? >> kangaroos have this funny thing, they kickbox each other. have you seen that? >> yeah, it's adorable. >> one of the most popular games on our website is the kickboxing kangaroo game. >> do you guys ever fight? >> never. >> just like kangaroos approximate if we do, we kickbox. >> we're going to be back with more of "today" on nbc. >> we are.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
what's everybody talking about. >> cynthia says i love to watch hoda's face when they do animals segments. >> and hoda seemed to like that. >> sounds good. >> tomorrow we have reality star holly madison coming by and the key to finding love. >> a performance by the script. i love them. have an awesome day, everybody. i love them. have an awesome day, everybody. bye. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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