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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 19, 2011 4:30am-4:54am PST

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new this morning an officer involved shooting in the east bay turns deadly overnight. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what the man did before he was shot. that story coming up. >> in the national spotlight again, oakland's new mayor heads to washington. ahead what's on her agenda, and the world's happiest place about to get an over haul. a live look outside. it's a beautiful day this wednesday, january 19th. today in the east bay.
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good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. let's start with an hour by hour east bay forecast. good morning, christina. >> good morning man of the hour. we're looking really good right now. we have reduced visibility that we're talking about. across the peninsula, right now overall compared to yesterday we are much better off. you can see in front of you this morning, so that's good news. temperaturewise we're mild as well. we have 52 in san francisco, 51 in san mateo, turning over to the upper 60s today. 65 degrees in gilroy, 67 in los gatos and 61 in santa cruz. a little breezy, we're going to talk about how long this warm trend will last. just beautiful. scott, i think you'll like what i have to tell you. >> let's check in with traffic and find out that nothing's going on and it will be a
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twofer. >> we know we're looking -- yeah, nothing going on there. it looks like they picked up or picked up for the most part the maintenance. we'll have a crew, that beautiful island over to oakland under the water for the next few minutes head further south marked on the map. it's the park street bridge, over the water until the crews clear the area. that maintenance was picked up on schedule starting at 4:30. there is a minor delay into downtown oakland from alameda. no delays 880 northbound from the san leandro. southbound a smooth flow, but northbound at tennis son up to overnight construction work. the freeway reopened but we have a couple of lanes blocked up to 5:00 heading to the eastbound 92 as well. no major issues. here are travel times. back to you. >> mike, thank you. san pablo police say an officer shot and killed a man who ran from him during a traffic stop, today in the east bay's christie
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smith is live with the latest on the investigation. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you several agencies are investigating this officer-involved shooting. we spoke with police. they say this started with a routine traffic stop at that intersection that you see over there. three people in a car, one got out and ran for some reason and apparently according to police had a gun in his waistband. and refused to comply with police orders. police say an officer was alone in a patrol car, this is about 8:15 last night, near san pablo dam road and ventura near the casino. they say the officer tried several times to pull the car over. the car did stop at a gas station, but one man inside they say just refused to listen to police. he not only ran but they say there was a scuffle and police say that they actually shocked him with a stun gun at least once, maybe more but he kept
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running. and again, that's when police tell us that he reached for a gun, did not comply and the officer fired at him. they are not saying exactly why he ran. the two other people in the car spent the evening at the police department being interviewed. that officer is on paid administrative leave which is standard and the district attorney's office here is investigating what happened as well as the san pablo police department. that's the latest here. reporting live, christie smith, today in the east bay. >> thank you. before you hit the road a pencil and paper. we have information about an amber alert in effect for a 4-year-old who might end up in the bay area. authorities say the boy, juliani cardenas, was taken in paterson south of tracy yesterday afternoon. he's hispanic, black hair, brown eyes, dark pants and light blue shirt. the suspect is 27-year-old jose esteban rodriguez.
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we don't know the relationship between the two. the last we know the pair was seen in a silver toyota corolla, california license 6 hbw 445. call police obviously if you spot the car. >> kids at 7. we'll find out why they are targeted to close a budget gap. a committee will present its recommendations to the board at a special meeting. there are three plans, each of which include a total of three schools. the schools on the cutting board include glenn brook middle school, holbrook elementary, wren avenue elementary, monty gardens and sequoia elementary and sequoia middle school. trustees expect to vote on the the school closures. there will be three total, by february 8. >> what started as a drug bust ends with discovery of
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explosives in the east bay. hazmat crews cleaned up the gunpowder at the storage unit on 680 south of highway 4. the contra costa team says they got a tip about the possibility of drugs at a storage unit. when they came to check they found a back pack with five pipe bombs. the bomb squad evacuated buildings and stopped traffic on the highway and used a robot to blow up the bomb. a woman renting the space where the pipe bombs were found has been arrested. two others were arrested for drug charges. a san francisco man is accused of hacking into at&t network stealing 100,000 e-mail addresses from ipad users. customers were targeted back in june. 26-year-old daniel spitler appeared in federal court. the fbi says spitler stole the information to damage apple's image. he managed to nab high profile
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contacts you may recall. new york mayor michael bloomberg, diane sawyer, former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. authorities didn't catch on until there was story about the breach. >> i maintain my innocence and i'm not worried about this case at all. >> investigators say there is no evidence the man used the e-mail illegally but hacking into the system and taking private information is against the law. spitler is out on bail and is ordered to stay away from computers unless he is at work. police are searching for three men who robbed a man at gunpoint in a market parking lot in concord around 8:30 last night in the parking lot of bond fair market on willow pass. the man had arranged to meet one of the other men to buy something, we don't know what, after the two met, two other men showed up, pulled out a gun, demanded the victim's wallet.
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the muggers drove away in a tan or gold 1991, possibly 92 bmw 5 series, four doors, police believe the seller and the other two men were working together. >> in berkeley, council members delayed creation of a $20,000 fund to help city employees pay for sex change operations. insurance plans won't pay for the surgeries, berkeley leaders learned this when they voted unanimously in 2007 to include sex change operations as part of the employee benefit package. but, the two main health care providers for the city have not gotten on board. kaiser says it can't do that, and health net says the option would spike health care premiums. the issue is on hold until at least february. >> let's check in with mike who was talking about the posey. >> it has. good morning. that was one of the overnight east bay construction sites. north of there off the east
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shore, there is a fire off of westbound 580 or eastbound 80 as you head up toward that richmond/san rafael bridge. more details saying that it looks like it's around the railroad tracks and it's smoke. but we're following this. i'll let you know if you'll see activity. the the freeway is smooth and no impact on the train system. the morning commute. for the north bay carquinez and the va neshia bridges moving. clear view, zero on the benicia bridge. make sure it wakes up. you are at the speed limit. back to you. >> that is how we fix a lot of stuff. turn it off, turn it back on. see if that helps. >> that is always the trick with technology. you would know, wouldn't you, scott mcgrew. things are looking good right now. our weather maps are showing you something that we like this time of the year. we are well into winter, but it feels like the spring around
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here. it's really gorgeous. we have high pressure in control, take a look at how strong it is. taking the storm track well off to the north. as a result it's going to be warm, warmer than yesterday, we're already starting out relatively warm. and we don't have fog so that fog is going to keep things -- excuse me, the lack of fog is going to keep things better off. we'll see less cloud cover to start the day and the sun women be able to warm us up as we head throughout morning. and this afternoon we'll be close to 70 degrees in many cities across the bay area. 46 in oakland, 51 in san mateo and 43 in santa cruz. so for us today we're going to be close to 70 degree, down in los angeles they are close to 90 degrees today because of strong high pressure. and this trend, we're not going to be as warm as we head through the next few days. it's going to be nice with temperatures remaining in the 60s. 63 by saturday. sun and clouds, pleasant conditions. hope you can get outside. >> the best january ever. thank you much.
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it's the time of day to go through the toll plaza on the bay bridge. traffic flying because it's 4:44 in the morning. great weather ahead. we'll check in with christina in a minute. >> it's official, the raiders have another new head coach. hue jackson promoted from offensive coordinator. during his introduction he embraced saying it's refreshing to talk with owner al davis. he made a promise to fans saying it's playoffs or bust. jackson says it's all about winning the afc west, getting in the playoffs, challenging for the super bowl. we shall see. all right. let's talk to christina and talk about the incredibly warm forecasts. >> good morning. yeah, i think that we had happy
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raiders fans this morning. happy bay area residents all across the board because of our temperatures. they are mild. we don't have fog to contend with on our morning commute. and that is great news considering the widespread fog the past couple days. this morning mild. the temperatures mostly in the upper 40s and low 50s. 52 degrees in concord, good morning to you in livermore, 39. depending how much cloud cover is over your city dictates how cool you are. the less cloud cover, the cooler you are. here's what you can expect later. temperatures maxing out in the upper 60s. 67 degrees in fairfield, 65 for concord, 64 in livermore. flew the next few days, not a lot of change. we don't have rain in the forecast. it's going to stay nice through the beginning of next week, so enjoy this dry pattern with a loss of the bitter cold temperatures. back to you. >> thank you much.
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let's check in with mike looking at the toll plaza. this is the time of day. >> if you are going to drive, drive now. exactly. let's take you out to where this is the word here, highway 4, in about 40 minutes, 45 minutes we'll see the 68 go down to about 28. possibly around 30 over 5:30 as the commute builds. so far smooth. i hit it right. i hit the computer right and we got the speeds now at the limit south across the benicia bridge. 80 down to the bay bridge. you showed that shot of the toll plaza. light volume of traffic. if you go, go now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. americans are making tough choices when it comes to gas prices. a new study shows that for every cent gas goes up $4 million comes out of the economy. we found the cheapest gas on 35th, cost a gallon of regular there, $3.23. for more news before the bell,
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let's turn to the world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. ibm and apple report strong earnings last night. apple had dazzling sales of the iphone and ipad during the holidays. the company says it's having a hard time keeping up with demand. asian markets were higher overnight but europe is mixed. we get data today on housing starts and more earnings. we hear from goldman sachs and wells fargo. stocks shrugged off disappointing numbers from citigroup. the dow rose to 11,837, the nasdaq to 2765. restaurants could benefit as food prices at stores rise. higher supermarket costs are driving people to restaurants. which saw business drop during the recession. americans prepare 72% of meals at home but spend nearly half of their food dollars at restaurants. supermarkets are faster to pass
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on changes to consumers than restaurants which tend to lock in prices for key items. you can pay for cash, credit or your phone. starbucks is rolling out mobile payments starting today. you download an app for the iphone or blackberry and it displays the bar code to scan. starbucks is working on a similar app for droid phones. back to you. >> american airlines and struck a deal following a dispute between american and several other websites including orbits which refused to use the airline's direct link. american airlines wants sellers to use the link. no word on when the priceline will start listing the tickets but good news for american. >> some sprint customers will soon pay more for data use on the smart phone. the company plans to charge $10 more a month in data fees, this comes as the smart phone sales and data use sky-rocketed.
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the charge will be applied to all sprint smart phones, that's blackberry, windows mobile, palm, and instinct. according to sprint existing smart phone customers will not be affected unless they upgrade or activate yet another smart phone. >> tonight oakland mayor jean quan will be at a white house vip dinner in honor of chinese president hu jintao. she will bring ed lee as her guest. the china president on a four-day visit. tracie potts has more on what is on the chinese president's agenda. >> reporter: today hu jintao meets privately with president obama, then will talk to america's top ceos about making it easier to do business. >> by hearing it directly from corporate executives than politicians the chinese will take these complaints more seriously. >> reporter: chinese companies
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investing in the u.s. will attend. >> if hu can demonstrate here is a way by our investment we are keeping americans employed, that would have a significant political benefit. >> reporter: the issue is china's currency which is rising in value but not fast enough the u.s. says. >> china needs to take important steps toward reform. >> reporter: low currency makes chinese goods super cheap. that hurts american business. >> 10 cents an hour. you can't compete. >> reporter: human rights is also an issue. >> we urge president obama to join us in speaking out for all those in china whose basic human rights are violated. >> reporter: advocates call tonight's lavish dinner inappropriate. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> let's look at what's coming
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up later today in the bay. for that we say good morning to laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, scott. good morning everybody. predicting the big one. a look at technology that could help pinpoint the next big earthquake. and east bay city is looking at raising its speed limit, bob redell is live where you can start going faster. plus, if the you missed al davis we put together the best of his latest bizarre appearance coming up later today in the bay. got to love al. >> i'll look forward to that. thank you, laura. nearly 75% of women experience symptoms of menopause, many in the form of hot flashes. despite the heat can happen multiple times a day and night but there are not many treatments. erica edwards has the latest on new options for women who want to put out the fire. >> barbara like millions was looking for a way to beat the heat. >> at one point i was waking 12 times a night, tearing covers
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off, being uncomfortable. >> remedies didn't help her hot flashes and she chose to avoid hormone replacement therapy after reading reports of potentially severe side effects linked to the drugs. >> i come from the school that this is part of growing older, grin and bear it, no one ever died from a hot flash. just deal with it. >> but she didn't have to deal with it for long. she was one of 200 women in a clinical trial testing an antidepressant, the drug sold under lexapro. >> over 50% improved after the eight weeks of treatment. >> dr. freedman led the study. after reviewing the daily diaries participants kept the difference was clear. >> this appears to be an option for generally healthy women who are distressed by their menopausal hot flashes. >> she could tell she wasn't
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taking the placebo from the first day. >> i got halfway flew the day and realized i had not had a hot flash. >> this isn't an approved use of the drug and there could be side effects. but experts say having new options to treat hot flashes is a very cool thing. erica edwards, nbc news. >> let's turn to real life heat. christina loren in a forecast. >> if you are suffering from hot flashes the weather's not going to help you out. that's good news, it's going to be warm, we don't have to deal with the bitter cold we see this time of year. temperatures, this time of year normally max out in the upper 50s. we're going to see them in the upper 60s today. right now we don't have fog to prevent that day time heating from happening so that's great news. it's going to be warm across the board. especially in the places that are already starting out warm this morning. we have 50s. 52 in san francisco, 51 in santa
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rosa, and as we head throughout the day and the sun comes out it's going to be a couple of hours before we start warming up towards the 60s. take a look at where we are expected to end up. 66 degrees in


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