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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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makes a comeback. i'd do anything for my son. it's the worst feeling for any mom to go through. the love of a mother, the heroic actions of a father, fighting off three pit bulls attacking his son using his bear hands to do. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm tom sinkovitz. in an instance the father lost sight of his son and when he saw his son again he was
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being mauled by the pit bulls in his neighbor's backyard. the child was chasing a ball when the attack happened and if not for the desperate fight of his parents might have paid with his life. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in fremont. you spoke with the parents and the owner of the dogs tonight. >> reporter: i did, and, tom, this was a horrible accident. and it caught everyone by surprise. >> i've seen three dogs and trying to -- on top of them. one of them had his head in his mouth. the other one had his leg, they were trying to shake him like a ragdo ragdoll. >> reporter: he says that he witnessed his neighbor's three dogs. attack his son miguel. >> he climbed on top of the box trying to see the fence -- you know where the ball was at, and at that point from what he says, i didn't see it, but he said the dog jumped on the fence and knocked him down. >> reporter: into the neighbor's backyard, he says right before the attack, his son left his sight for less than a minute while they both played in the backyard. >> i did what i could, you know,
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to fight him off. i was trying to punch him, that didn't work. i grabbed the 2x4 basically lying on the backyard and i started to hit him with that. >> reporter: then tried to pull migel to safety into the arms of his mother. >> he was trying to throw him up to me the first time when i caught him, he had blood all over his face. and then the dog just ripped him from -- both of our hands. >> reporter: one of the dogs bit miguel under the eye where doctors glued it shut. he also sustained bites to his arms and legs. >> i've seen him on the floor and did what i could you know, that's all that i could do. >> reporter: the dog's owner wasn't home at the time of the attack. he didn't want to go on camera, but he says he's sorry for what happened. >> i did not want to see them come back. i mean i can't live right next to you know dogs that will do something like this. >> reporter: the family loves dogs, they even have the ashes of their beloved doberman pinchers on their mantle but they say they will feel uneasy if the pit bulls return home.
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>> i wouldn't want him to say, hey, you know, i'm going to put my dog to sleep because of what he done to your child. i wouldn't want him to do it to another one. >> reporter: and the dogs are being held here in fremont in quarantine for ten days. union city police tell me tonight that the owner will not be charged with anything as it relates to the attack. the owner will be charged, however, with not being able to provide documentation that the dogs had rabbie shots. i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> horrible situation for that family, thank you. a disturbing letter about sex acts in a second grade classroom going home to parents at mark om elementary school in oaklandent to. located on 73 avenue. the note tells pents about several recent sex-related incidents on campus. several students who undress partially while acting disruptively in the classroom. the second concerns two second graders who officials say
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engaged in sexually explicit behavior also in the classroom in front of other students. now, it's unclear whether or not the teacher was aware of what was going on. what we do know is that the teacher won't be reporting to school while that investigation continues new at 11:00. big trouble down the tracks for caltran. the popular commuter train service has run up budget deficits before, but the agency says this time there has to be a long-term fix or caltrain service could be eliminated. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in san francisco tonight with more on the cash crisis and what's sure to be a huge effort to keep the trains rolling and how devastating this would be on the peninsula, jean. >> reporter: tom, caltrain is looking right now at quick fixes drastic service cut but the agency needs a long-term funding plan or it may hit the end of the line. commuters crowd onto caltrain during the week, many even hop aboard on the weekend. >> there are events all of the
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time that are going on along the peninsula or in the city. >> reporter: darrell presley is legally blind. he says caltrain is his ticket to freedom but there's trouble down the tracks. caltrain is facing a $30 million deficit. >> caltrain is the only bay area transit agency that does not have a dedicated source of funding so every year we have to scram goal come up with funds and our partners are going to reduce their contributions to caltrain this year. >> reporter: the cash-strapped agency has already raised fares, cut service, and frozen salaries and hiring. the agency is now considering drastic service cuts. eliminating most weekend service and only running trains during peak commute hours. presley says limited service is a disservice. >> i think that it's a very sad to think about because there are people who do depend on public transportation like myself. i cannot drive. >> reporter: service cuts will also cut into caltrains' bottom line. the silicon valley leadership group says without a long-term funding fix, the future of the
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rail service is in jeopardy. if caltrain is derailed, some 40,000 daily commuters will be left at the curb. >> well, then, i'd have to figure out a carpool on get to and from work which means another car on the freeway. >> reporter: presley would have a lot of company on the already jammed 101. now, the silicon valley leadership group will be brain storming about this issue tomorrow morning at stanford university. caltrain is expected to declare a fiscal emergency in february. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jean. tonight, we're dealing with sun and a winter warm-up. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is live in the weather center with deils with what's coming our way. >> it sure has been nice, and yes, even record setting temperatures today it wasn't hot. it was, you know, mild out there, but for bay area standards, it was record territory in oakland where we did hit 67 today, so why so warm here across the bay area? we have high pressure sitting just offshore and it will not
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budge over the next couple of days. that's forcing a lot. of dry ai right down to the surface and also a little bit of what we ll compressional heating. so for tomorrow upper 60s for the south bay. d he tin east bay we're looking at mid 6 ts where these temperatures some five to ten degrees above average. i'll detail those temperatures for you coming up. also take a look at themorning. it's going to be cold. >> all right we'll see you then, jeff. back to the water. the stanislaus sheriff's office is taking back to the canal. the boy hasn't been seen since he was allegedly kidnapped by his mother's ex-boyfriend tuesday. an amber alert is still in effect and has police agencies all over looking for a toyota. a witness saw a silver car in that area. and now the car turned out torah corolla but no sign of him or the alleged abductor. police head back to the canal again to search. a vallejo woman was sexually assaulted by a man who got into the victim's home through an
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unlocked door. the attack happened on tennessee street near raleigh wood drive yesterday morning. police say that the suspect caught the victim by surprise as she was getting ready to go to work about 6:00 in the morning. he was armed with a handgun. >> he demanded some property from her and then forcibly raped her and then after raping her, he took her keys, took her vehicle and that's how he left -- >> he drove off in the dark blue 2010 hyundai elantra that looks similar to this. the tennessee license number 007xqz night. from the governor's race to the boardroom. meg whitman is headed back to the tech world. among others google's ceo co-founder larry page will take the ceo reigns from eric
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schmidt. will become google's executive chairman focusing on deals, partnerships and customers. that move expected april 4th and then the big shake-up at hewlett-packard. four members of its board of directors stepped down as the company begins on an eternal review of the former actions of its former ceo mark hurd. on hp's board the $140 million candidate, former ebay ceo meg whitman. nbc bay area's tech expert scott budman weighs in. >> reporter: comes back this quickly after the failed run for governor, a little faster than expected but i'm not surprise read that she's back into the game. very effective as leader into ebay. maybe back into silicon valley back into the tech world. >> hp's board drew widespread criticism. driving for dollars, the bay area scores big with new transportation funds. caltrans announced a billion dollars of funding today for new projects. the bay area will get $33
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million for extra lanes on 101 between university avenue and marsh lane in san mateo county. $39 million for h.o.v. lanes on 101 in marin county. $23 million more in petaluma and $21 million for synchronized light in the alameda and contra costa counties. up next it's sister act part iii. on a mission and with a message. see what these two bay area women are doing that some of the bravest men wouldn't even try. >> i remember when you're going to a coffee shop or going to the airport or if you're at the library, whether a public, wireless network a free wi-fi network naw connect to and no security. >> hidden hackers, a firewall and a password are no longer good enough. if you use public wi-fi, your personal information is at risk. find out how you can protect yourself. and it may be one of the most meaningful "thank-yous" ever, the rare surgeon that has given the california woman a
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news. >> i and not only warm out there today with record-setting heat but also windy in the east bay. winds 0 to 50 miles per hour in the hills. we'll have the latest on what's up with this t how and l h low will these temperatures go tonight? coming up. from the 80's, looker.
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unable to speak for almost a decade, tonight a northern california woman has plenty to say. nbc bay area's marianne favro shows us the rare medical procedure that changed the woman's life and gave her back her voice. >> it's just been amazing. simply, simply amazing and i'm still in shock. >> reporter: in shock because 52-year-old brenda jenson has not heard her own voice for more than 11 years. a rare lare anxtransplant. >> they don't think that i'm a telemarketer or a mechanical machine. it's just been a big, big difference. >> reporter: not just to jensen but to her entire family including her 12-year-old granddaughter. >> because it was shocking because for basically all of my life, i've heard her old voice
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being robotic. >> reporter: a team of doctors planned the procedure for two years, during the 18-hour operation surgeons removed jensen's voicebox, thyroid gland and trachea. to bring her voice back to life. it's the second procedure of its kind ever performed in the world. >> this is just about the most complexed transplant that you could possibly wish to pardon me. >> reporter: and now brenda can talk and talk and talk. >> the only thing that you have to worry about is when you're in the middle of a conversation your battery goes dead. >> reporter: the surgery also gave her another gift her ability to smell. >> it's just been a really, really -- it's been an unbelievable experience. smelling freshly cut grass. >> reporter: she says the doctors have brought new life to her voice. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> well it's the first for vallejo, identical twins enlisting in the army on the same day. the ventura venil twins born in south america, their mother brought the twins to the u.s.
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from peru. she eventually accepted the path her daughters chose and their love of another country. >> i'm peruvian and i was born there, but i feel like this -- this is where i'm supposed to be at. like, i've been my whole life here and i'm proud with what i'm doing. >> they're identical but not in every way. mileean is joining the active duty forces. melissa the reserves. their recruit serproud to get female identical twins to sign up on the same day, a first, by the way boot camp for both is next month. >> and we wish them the best. well, it's open and it's free, but public. wi-fi is also a paradise for hijackers who can snag your personal information with just one click. it's actually called sabjecting. amazon purchases and even your facebook photos and messages can be exposed within seconds. >> is this your hot mail inbox? >> yes, it is.
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>> i'm actually on your facebook page right now on my computer. >> a little surprising that you're on my page. >> is this your facebook page? >> yep. >> these your photos? >> yeah. >> you're a nurse at stanford university. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: we've never met any of these people but within seconds getting on a shared wi-fi network we were inside of their personal accounts. not only could we see their online activity, we could command it. >> how did you get that? >> reporter: we sidejacked them using a program called firesheet. we could work alongside them inside of their accounts without being detected. >> i could be you on your facebook, i can change your profile information, post status, updates, send message to your friends. >> that's a little disturbing. >> reporter: it let's me compose a message as you. >> yeah that's kind of scary and people can hack into your account and really mess with your information. >> reporter: capt urps the
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unencrypted data flying through that network allowing you to see what other people are doing. amazon accounts, hot mail profiles and several facebook users opt up quickly. >> you're vulnerable when you're going to a coffee shop or going to the airport or if you're at the library, whether it's a public wireless network, a free wifi network that you can connect to and no security there. so -- >> reporter: mcafee security expert says any site that requires a user name and password could be at risk especially those that have the "remember me" feature. >> so when you click the "remember me" button on the website, and then you go to website and it let's you in directly you don't have to type in your user name/password anymore that's when fire sheet capt urps the information. >> reporter: he says look for secure information, sites that had ttps. for example, google g-mail protects you because the site encrypt the your session but facebook doesn't. a spokesman for the company says that is testing security access across the site and hopes to provide it as an option in the coming months. concern you?
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>> yes. >> do you have any idea that this existed. >> no. no, not at all. >> reporter: he says that when you're use think unsecured wi-fi network in a public place you should avoid any sites that require a password. ready to pounce on your personal information. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> to be clear here security experts say that entering a password to get to a public wi-fi network does not mean that your session is encrypted, keep that in mind and also remember that you can install programs on your computer that will let you know if someone is cy-jacking you. >> are you doing that to me. >> i'm not talking anymore. that's it. jeff ranieri is here, and weather, boy, can it get much better. >> it's really sweet out there. something else to worry about when it comes to the internet. that story got me thinking. as you can imagine it was pretty sweet throughout the bay area. record-setting temperature. 70 in santa cruz, also at
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oakland, airport we hit 70. we had a record in downtown with fla67 reading. now, currently, though, with those clear skies we've had for the past couple of hours, temperatures are dropping and quickly. look at this, 20 degrees cooler at this hour compared to this time yesterday in fairfield, 18 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in napa right now. so let's get a look at the cold that we're experiencing throughout the north bay with plenty of upper 30s and low 40s and also seeing that back into the east bay with currently 43 in livermore. throughout tomorrow we'll find some patchy fog but it'll be isolated right now to the east bay and then looking at plenty of sunshine throughout our friday and for the weekend, monitor some wind for the hilltops that could make it tough as you drive in/over the east bay, but right now it's all about this unseasonal dry air sitting across not only the bay area, but the entire state of california. we're looking at near recordsetting temperatures today all the way down into los
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angeles. so this high pressure stays anchored here the next two days. it's going to mean more sunshine, more temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, and well, more glorious weather to enjoy the bay area as we head throughout the next two-day period. so as we head throughout tonight temperatures dropping down into the upper 30s and low 40s from the south bay, and right up through the peninsula, and also temperatures dropping into the mid 30s into the north bay. so let's get to your friday numbers. it is finally here, folks. and it looks sweet, as we mentioned before, 67 in morgan hill. 67 in santa theresa. 67 in evergreen and also mid to upper 60s over towards the east bay. and 66 in palo alto. mid to upper 60s through the peninsula. and over here towards oakland and also richmond we're looking at 65 and 64 respectively. and 63 in fairfield. for the napa valley, mid 60s. and close to 70 expected in lakeport. also your seven-day forecast, it stays dry through saturday,
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sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, with more sunshine, and in those mid to upper 60s and because i probably already said it three, four times already this is pretty sweet, don't you think. >> yes indeed. to the beach. >> yes. >> jeff, thank you. >> i'm not feeling so well. up next a bay area company just voted one the top five places to work in the country and the best news, have over 2,000 job openings. [ male announcer ] myron needed an mba to turn his technology into a business.
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company just voted one of the best places to work in the country. it's not all about the lunches, it's also about the opportunities to learn and grow. net app makes and sells machines that store data. "fortune" magazine voted the company number five on the list of best places to work. it doesn't that you were net app's stock is up and ranks 11th in the country when it comes to salaries. >> one thing that's very special about the company is they let people look at like the environment and the landscape and say, i see a problem over there. and i think i can help or i have an idea on how i might be able to help. and they let people go and work on it. >> sound good? net app has about 2,500 job openings right now. >> so get your resume in. well, a wild scene on the santa clara campus tonight and also the sharks' shootou tinstem llrier against the best team in the conference. raj has all of that coming up next.
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good evening, one of the most memorable night in the santa clara campus in years, actually 11 years to be exact. they finally beat the bullies. ah, it feels good in the south bay. santa clara hosting gonzaga. gonzaga no long are a ranked team but they still carry that big name but big name tonight in the white jersey. kevin foster, the sophomore, went off. 36 points. he lit up the crowd in the final minutes. santa clara beats gonzaga at home since the first time since 2000. a big party tonight at hut. broncos win it 85-71. stanford hoops now. down south against usc. ah, this was not good. the cardinals smothered on both ends of the floor. watch carefully. pocket will get picked right here. a bad night at the office, that's what stanford had, lose 65-42. the cardinals drop to 3-3 in the pac-10. the cal game at ucla, and bear with us here, it's on tape delay, so they've yet to finish
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the broadcast. but we know what happens at the end. ucla beats cal at the buzzer. cal loses 86-84. the bears drop to 2-4 in the conference. on the scoreboard tonight women's hoops the big game on the farm. fourth-ranked stanford beat eighth-ranked ucla, look at that score, 64-38. meanwhile, cal beats usc 82-71. the sharks' story tonight is classic. it's like out of a disney movie. they grabbed the kid from the local college and told him to suit up. the sharks in vancouver, they needed an emergency backup goaltender. so they called over to the nearby university of british columbia, and gave jordan white a one-night contract. he didn't play, but he saw joe thornton got bloody here, slashed to the face. no worry, second period logan couture gets his own rebound and bangs in his 21st goal of the season. that's a team high. game tied 1-1. it comes down it a shootout. joe pavelski, what do you got?
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he's the hero tonight but it's not just pavelski. antti neemi. wonderful in the net. huge win for the sharks 2-1 against the best team in the conference. the signing spree continues for the giants. everyone getting a raise. today relief pitcher javier lopez gets a one-year deal about 2 1/2 times his salary from last year. the giants also signed free agent veteran pitcher jeff suppan. finally tonight, the raiders have reportedly hired a new offensive coordinator. a high-profile coach with nfl circles. longtime and well-respected assistant coach al sanders will reunited with head coach hue jackson and quarterback jason campbell. they're all together with the redskins a few years ago. a lot of optimism with the raiders and 49ers and their new coaching staff, and tom, and jessica say this right now, january 20th i predict right now, 49ers and raiders will be in the playoffs next season. >> wow! >> that's a bold prediction. >> january 20th. okay i'm writing that down. >> 2011, writing that down.
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in the meantime let's go to santa clou gan jo. ht all rigoi >> there you go. >> all right, we'll be right back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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that's because it's made from garbage. italy, france. the corona saved the beach hotel sits on central square in madrid. done by a german conceptual artist sponsored by the corona beer company. despite the trash on the wall people say they like it to stay there. who created the heatel to draw attention to dirty beaches but also proving that one man's trash really is another man's treasure. >> obviously. >> the four seasons, it is not. >> what exactly did the maids throw out when they go in. >> i don't know i'm not staying there so i don't know what it'll. >> me either. thanks for being with us, everybody. 100-year-old identical tw


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