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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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area survivor who held a little girl's hand. her final words at 11:00. where's christina? i'm response building for her. >> the final moments in the last moments in the life of the youngest member of the tucson shootings. also the call for change that could overall california's education system. and -- >> i didn't know anything about it. i have kids and we didn't know
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anything. >> the bay area brothel. busted, operating under the radar for years in one south bay neighborhood. good evening, everyone. welcome. i'm tom sinkovitz. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. modern-day slavery hidden right if bay area cities. more than a doll local law enforcement agencies cracking down on a massive sex slave ring. rescuing women from taiwan and china forced into a life of prostitution. our george kitiyama spoke to neighbors who had no idea sex slaves were struggling in their own backyards. george. >> reporter: right across the street is where one of the brothels was. it was sandwiched between this pizza hut and restaurant on the other. it was one of the many brothels in the sex ring. agencies are reaching out to women who were forced to be prostitutes. for eight years mike and his family thought there was
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something strange going on in a home next to the restaurant. >> come inside the house. usually come knock, strange people, different hours. >> reporter: guys? >> yeah, guys. all guys. >> reporter: when police raided the place on thursday, he finally found out it was part of a major bay rare sex ring. brothels with women from taiwan and china forced into prostitution. >> it's not good. the high school is right here, junior high right here, the library's right here. it's a small community. >> reporter: more than 100 officers from 14 different agencies cracked down brothels in alameda, contracross costa counties. >> it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: neighbors living next to this home near hayward never knew it was a brothel until thursday when police swarmed the place. >> it's kind of scary to know something so bad has gone on around my children, you know? just right across the street like that.
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>> just how long some of these women were forced to be prostitutes is what the investigation will find out. >> i wish i could say i was surprised. >> reporter: agents will be there to help the women as they deal with the physical and emotional scars. >> this particular issue strikes me as a group of women who may have a triple stigma in terms of being immigrant to the country, brought in against their will, all the stigma around that, and the stigma forever of having been a sexual assault victim. >> reporter: no one fully recovers. they'll carry the pain and trauma for the rest of their lives. >> so many of these victims have been starved, beaten. that actually being sexually assaulted is only part of the humiliation they've suffered. >> reporter: now, this weekend in fremont, the freedom summit 2011 knchs is tackling this issue of human trafficking. former secretary of state condoleezza rice spoke calling human trafficking modern slavery. this conference continues tomorrow at the church in fremont. live in hayward tonight, george
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kitiyama. this just in at 11:00. the victim of that gang rape homecoming dance has accepted a $4 million settlement. the contra costa times says the girl came to the agreement to avoid a drawn-out trial. after a dance in 2009. several boys beat and raped the girl while others watched. a judge ordered six people to stand trial in the criminal case where the victim would be called to testify. who shot and killed a man in broad daylight at an intersection? that's exactly what police want to know after a deadly shooting earlier this evening. it happened just before 5:00 near the intersection of story and east capital expressway. investigators aren't releasing the victim's name saying only that he's been the ages of 18 and 20. he was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, but he died there. story road shut down for hours while police search for evidence. no word yet on the suspect's description or even a possible
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motive. for three days, the amber alert has been posted on freeways across california. but police are no closer to finding 4-year-old juliana cardenas. because there is no trace of him. because went back to the canal to follow up on their only solid lead. our cheryl hurd is in patterson where another car was found underwater, but not the one investigators are looking for. cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, this family on a continuous roller-coaster ride. is teams on a daily basis, divers come into this canal, and they come up with a car. all of them stolen cars and they're old and all of them so far empty. >> we're just hoping and praying that he comes home soon. and we are aware of the four cars. and we are thankful. >> reporter: as the family holds on to hope for the safe return of juliana cardenas, police are
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still pulling cars from the murky waters, thinking the getaway car in the child abductions could be in there. >> our witness's statements, a very credible witness. all of the evidence corroborates it. >> reporter: a fourth par, the fourth thursday. a man told police wednesday he saw a man and possibly a small child drive into the canal in his rearview mirror. even though the sheriff is hoping the child will come home safe, he says his gut tells him the evidence is in that car. >> prior to the abduction, he was using the atm for purchases like gear and gasoline, probably any other purchase most of us would make as well as cell phone usage. >> reporter: according to police, the 4-year-old was snatched from his grandmother's.
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he has a criminal record. he was upset over a recent break-up. his mother is eight months pregnant with t. she will not give up hope her son is alive. and they are doing everything they can to find him. what about the tijuana sierra? >> we're looking. >> reporter: the fbi is involved in another way, they took a sample will be in on monday, the sheriff says. live in patterson, cheryl hurd. >> let's hope they find him soon and safe. thank you. inferior and overstressed to the breaking point, those words tonight from the national transportation safety board.
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used in a scathing report on the pg pgae. the agency for the first time identifying a particular well. nbc's jean elie is live with the site of that blast. still recovering from loss and death. >> reporter: jessica, people who live here are reminded of that explosion every time they look outside and see this fence instead of their neighbors say they hope the ntsb findings will v hit them in the house of their head. they're living home but next to the blast zone things are
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differe different. you should see bishops come in and out p is it's as if the pipe's wells have defects. many wells did not penetrate higher, making it weaker against what you planned for. pg & e is not what caused this accident. but an engineering expert from uc-berkeley says those faulty wel wells. they wish they would have done more to check on the pipes' safety. >> the company is at fault. you can't blame the people that are running the company now. they have to go by what they were told.
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>> feeling lucky to have survived but still dealing with the hoerer hoere horror, repor in san fran, jean elie, bay area news. up next tonight, from tiburtib bron tiburon to san cheese. and i'm yelling at her, "don't you die amow. don't you go away from me, girlfriend. don't leave had he me. >> tonight, she's sharing her emotional story only with nbc news.
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the call for change that could mean a major overhaul to california education. not just student performance they say that matters. what happens to teachers who aren't making the grade? hear what one educator says about what should. good evening, i'm jeff ra ranieri. who could who could be these stories. b
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representative gabrielle giffords reached an important milestone in her recovery today. she left the hospital in tucson and flew to houston where she is due to start her long journey of rehabilitation. one of her doctors made the trip with her and said the cheering crowds lining the streets of tucson brought tears to giffords' eyes. doctors at texas medical center plan to start the congresswoman's therapy immediately. they'll also spend the next few days evaluating the extent of
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her injuries. giffords hasn't spoken yet. it's unknown whether she will suffer permanent disability. meanwhile, another survivor of the shooting is talking about the agony she now lives with. suzy heilman is the woman who brought 9-year-old christina green to meet her congresswoman. she was shot three times. while her physical wounds are healing, her emotional scars are still very raw. it is heart benching to hear about her survival and her loss. >> congresswoman giffords is headaching hands with the people in front of us and talking. i said okay, you have your question. you know what you're going to say? yeah. so i needed can do. how many representatives? add that number. hold that number. let's say the president and vice president. you got that number? that's the number of people who make the laws that tell us how
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we live here in america today. and you are going to get to shake her hand. good job. >> that was the last thing. >> it's hard. here's a moment of deafening silence. does that make sense? there was no doubt that this was a noisy had never heard before. >> there's a parking lot, there's a vinyl banner. the seal of congressman of the united states, flags. congresswoman's under the
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plastic table. and all these characters we have now come to know. >> heroes. heroes. there was fabulous, 30, 40 something pima county s.w.a.t. team, officers, who told me to lie down and put my leg up because, "ma'am, you're bleeding." the next thing i remember is, i'm lying on the concrete. and christina's to my left. and she was beautiful. she was undamaged. and she didn't talk. but we were eyeball to eyeball. and i'm yelling at her, "christina taylor green, don't you die on me." and she's looking at me. and it was -- she was wondering.
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she was confused. she was asking me, "what is going on?" and i'm just telling her to "stay with me. do not leave me here by myself, young lady." i was responsible for her. it was my job to bring her home to her mom and dad. i took christina taylor green on january 8th, 2011, to see gabrielle giffords. and i said to christina, that could be you. there is no reason on god's green earth that you can't grow up and be that if that's what you want to be. >> there's much more from this compelling interview. you can watch it in its entirety at >> so powerful. well, had it comes to your kids' teachers, most of them are absolutely great, dedicated, innovative and committed to their class. and then there are the ones who just aren't making the grade. so what happened to them, and why is it that they're able to stay in school?
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nbc bay area's vicky nguyen has a look at the current evaluation system and why even some educators are now calling for a major fix. ♪ >> reporter: it's a school night at the schafer household. julianne is finishing her homework and nate has music practice. but it's mom, linda, who has the most on her mind, wondering if she's in the best place for her kids' education. >> it is something that i think about every day. you know, should we stay in san francisco? should we stay in california? >> reporter: the u.s. department of education ranks california public schools near rock bottom. 46 out of 50. this year schools are facing more than $2 million in state budget cuts. and now an sbefevaluation says they're doing nothing to improve education. >> they're sort of bogus numbers. >> reporter: they found that in the past five years, less than 3% of public schoolteachers in san francisco received below satisfactory marks on their
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evaluation. in han jose and oakland, it was just 1%. because evaluations are september secret, there's no way to know which teachers are failing. >> we asked for every teacher evaluation in the district for san francisco, and we were denied on that one because of privacy rules. >> almost uniformly throughout california, the teacher evaluations are completely dysfunctional. >> reporter: he says teachers aren't held accountable for current system. >> the current system. in teaching, we've never had that practice where we evaluate people and hold them responsible for how well they're performing. >> reporter: the obama administration wants to change that. in its race to the top grant competition, teachers are rewarded if their students do well. but the san francisco teachers union says it will pass on the grant money if it means evaluating teachers based on students' scores.
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>> the reality is that you get a classroom and there are some students eager to learn, some who are willing to learn, then there are some students who fight learning. when you have the diminished resources we have in school, it makes it very difficult to be able to bring all of those kids at the exact same level at the same time. >> reporter: teachers admit the system is flawed. >> if everybody's held accountable to the system, it could work. >> reporter: betty harris says if they hadthey had accountabil. >> it's not going to happen. >> reporter: but when nearly every teacher gets an "a" -- >> there's no way that every teacher is a great teacher. it's not possible. >> reporter: vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. some bay area school districts to been looking to evaluate their growth. in san jose, they say it's
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working. 20 points since 2006. when they implemented their all-new system. go to >> a "jeopardy!" weekend. >> we could use warmer than average temperatures. take a look at today. we had 72 in santa cruz. and we topped out at 67 in san jose. now, a look right now at some of this warmer weather this weekend may have you heading out of the coastline. but you want to be careful because we will be looking at 15 to 20 waves for the entire bay area coast. otherwise currently 44 in santa rosa. san francisco with 54. so for tomorrow, it stays sunny and dry. and that's the way it looks at least over the next four to five days. it's been seven days and counting since our last raindrop.
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there was all of this dry air. it leaves for the next five days at this point. high pressure continues to heat things up tomorrow. we're five to ten degrees above average, mid to upper 50s. as for the east bay starting off with those mid to upper 30s. right up into the peninsula. let's go look at those numbers as we head into tomorrow. close to 67, 68 in san jose. right into san francisco, a great day to head to the city. no fug as we head off due all
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the amazing things it has to offer. your seven-day forecast has dry and unseasonably warm weather all the way through sunday. and then we'll cee lo to mid-60s as we head into wednesday and thursday. by friday next week, it looks like we'll be. similar models picking up rainfall by next saturday and sunday. we'll have to see. weng thi o thing for sure. more snuz anews and sports afte. mary! hey!
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with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think.
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it's been a long time since the warriors won four straight games, try 2008. well, they had the perfect opponent to accomplish such a feat as golden state hosted the slumping sacramento kings. this game, a thriller. filled with a lot of drama including a bad injury for the warriors. warriors' boss was in the house. that's owner joe lako. the warriors were in trouble most of the game. fourth quarter, kings' demarcus cousins lays it in. keith smart doesn't like what he sees. will call a time-out. warriors down by nine with three minutes to go. what do they do? give the rock to monta elless, just seconds left. money. he gets the equalizer and the crowd is loving it. in overtime, all warriors. curry had 31. warriors went on to win this game, 119-112.
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a 22. he goes down, sprains his ankle, not able to put any weight on his left foot. the word on the clippers, a gametime situation tomorrow. then there was one. it was a busy week for the giants who agreed to terms with six of their seven players who were eligible for arbitration. only player left, andres torres. it looks like he may become a whole lot richer tomorrow. many reports say the giants are close to locking in torres to a one-year clear that could be final saturday. the team does not release
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information. he had the best season in 2010 batting .268 with 63 rbis. takeo smith joining rod throughout the season on "sports sunday." jessica and tom, again, the big news, sti news, still listed as day to day. >> we'll be right back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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finally, one phone call you will not want to answer. a woman in the ukraine was trying to take a picture of a crocodile named jenna when she dropped her cell phone. well, it ended up in the reptile's mouth. she told zookeepers who didn't believe her until the road started inside her stomach. he has not eaten. doctors say they'll have to operate if things don't change soon because they do need to charge that battery. >> talk about a dropped call. >> there you go. that's the one you don't want to answer. >> that's going to do it for us. have a great weekend. >> bye-bye, everybody. have a great weekend. and every day, they do that go k


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