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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 22, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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to be a beautiful day around the bay area. you say it's going to be this nice for a while? >> it will be the ninth day in a row we have seen the clear weather. the view from san bernardino mountain, a little bit bumpy, we have a little bit of an offshore breeze right now. you're waking up to mostly 40s, san francisco the exception to the rule right by the water, but you can see inland valleys, a few 30s out there right now. you know when you get all this gorgeous sunshine, your natural intent has been to hang around. we're going to see some breakers up to 15 feet. patchy fog this morning for the afternoon. you said it, chris, gorgeous day, mid to upper 60s in san jose. and we'll let you know if this trend is going to continue straight on through the weekend and perhaps through the end of the month. >> keep that up, we're going to give you a longer forecast.
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>> we'll keep it going for a while. >> we'll see you in a little bit. a state wide man hunt continues for a 4-year-old boy who was snatched from his grandmother's arms just four days ago. today crews will continue searching for the 4-year-old and the man accused of kidnapping him, 47 jose rodriguez esteban. crews have pulled several cars from the murky water, but none related to this kidnapping case. the sheriff tells us that even though he hopes the child will come home safely, his gut tells him the car is in the canal. >> prior to the abduction, he was using his atm card for purchases like gasoline and other purchases any of us would make. as well as cell phone use, post abduction, there's been nothing.
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>> police are looking into the possibility that he is taking the boy to mexico. the boy's mother is eight months pregnant with the suspect's child. rodriguez does have a criminal history. this week oakland is hosting an international summit to come up with a plan to stop local trafficking. more than 30 local and international organizations will attend that summit. meanwhile investigators will continue to sort through the evidence from a brothel bust, more than 100 officers from 14 agencies cracked down on alameda, contra costa counties. many of the women were forced into prostitution. the alleged gang rape outside of -- the contra kosa
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times says the girl came to an agreement to avoid a drawn out civil trial. after the homecoming dance in 2009, several men and boys allegedly beat and raped the girl while others watched. a judge ordered six people to strand trial in the criminal case. this morning the oakland unified school district will host a family -- on what improvements can be made. a topic that's very likely to come up, the shocking allegations that two second graders engaged in sex acts in class while a teacher was in the classroom. that teacher is not allowed to come back to marcum elementary school. a student told a teacher's aid on wednesday that two students engaged in oral sex. the spokesman said that the interviews they have conducted
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so far, those allegations appear to have merit. this morning san jose leaders to meet with community leaders to crack down on gang activity. the latest homicide happened just yesterday in broad daylight during the evening rush hour commute. officers say the 20-year-old was gunned down at the intersection of story road and east capital expressway. that intersection was shut down. overstressed to the breaking point, those words used by the national transportation safety board in a scathing report on the pg&e pipeline that exploded turning a quiet neighborhood into a raging inferno. for the first time the agency identified a particular seem weld half as thick as it should
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have been at the point of rupture. >> debris was flying through the air and when it hit the house, it burst into flames. >> memories are still fresh for nelly and bill bishop, they're back at home, but living next to the blast zone, things are different. >> what we can't get used to is the darkness and the quietness. >> while the bishops move forward, the ntsb is investigating the blast. it's first factual report takes a look at the pipe that exploded. it says that the pipe's welds have defects. many welds did not penetrate as deeply as required. damaging findings pg&e is not yet addressing. >> it's premature for anyone to speculate as to what caused this accident, nevertheless, today's
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report is an important step toward answering that question. >> those faulty welds resulted in overstressing and caused the piping to rupture under pressure. >> the company is at fault. you can't blame the people that are running the company now, they have to go by what they were told. but i think they probably should have inspected a little bit closer. >> feeling lucky to have survived but still dealing with the horror of that day, they hope utilities across the country learn from san bruno's pain. >> we have to learn from it and let's not let it happen again. >> the ntsb plans to hold a three-day hearing on the san bruno blast coming up in march. you're watching today in the bay, coming up the library of commerce in washington, d.c. usually attracts readers and
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researchers, but we're going to show you why bird watchers are flocking there too. she didn't talk, but we were eyeball to eyeball. and i'm yelling at her, christina taylor green, don't you die on me. >> this morning we hear from a woman who took christina green to the tragic day in tucson. her words are straight ahead.
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well, you should also start enjoying activia or activia light. activia, for us? sure, it's for people who want to feel good inside. when you feel good, you're more likely to get out there and enjoy life! mmm! mmm! i like this resolution. mm-hmm! here is the activia promise-- love how you feel or your money back! ♪ activia good morning again, it is going to be a very nice day around the bay. we're looking at san jose live, in the distance you can see the amber alert that is up for juliana cardinas. gabby giffords remains in the intensive care unit of a
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houston hospital as she begins the difficult rehabilitation process. the congresswoman will stay in the icu until early next week because of fluid buildup in her brain. doctors would not talk specifically of what the rehab regimen will consist of but it should last four to six months. giffords has, quote, great rehabilitation potential. giffords was shot above the left eye during that shooting rampage at a town hall meeting in tucson. meantime, the woman who took her 9-year-old neighbor to meet that neighbor at that town hall meeting is now sharing her story shovel with nbc news. >> i'm lying on the concrete. and christina is to my left, and she was beautiful, she was undamaged. she didn't talk but we were eyeball to eyeball.
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and i'm yelling at her, christina taylor green, don't you die on me. don't you go away from me, girlfriend. don't leave me here to do this by myself, stay here, christina. christina taylor green -- >> we have more from susie hidalman's story coming up. the man who was the founder of the peace corps and father of maria shriver. first lady michelle obama and president obama will attend the -- george mcgovern's vice presidential pick in 1972. sergeant shriver will be buried
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near his wife eunice. the president reportedly joked during a toast that he is saving his best lines for the state of the union address on tuesday. although the president is being tight lipped about what he is going to say, some political analysises say he may -- others expect that he may talk about the no child left behind law and the testing policies therein. also the obama administration is considering funding initiatives such as matching grants to encourage work on renewable energy and scientific research which can be vital to economic recovery of this nation. as the president repairs, it's a little bit like prom party.
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keith olbermann is leaving msnbc after nearly eight years on the job. olbermann signed off for the last time last night as a commentator of countdown. the show will be replaced with "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." a new wing has been added to the research room of the library of congress. bird wings. bookworms visiting the library of commerce are hearing more than just book covers flapping in the you'lls. a hawk has become a media sensation and the library communications staff has been on the case. >> it is a female coopers hawk. it's not endangered, but it is what we're told from fish and wildlife services as a species of concern. this is not your typical pest removal situation. >> officials say that the female coopers hawk got in through a
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window and they're trying to figure out how to guide her back outside. much more ahead on "today" in the bay. still ahead, the other white meat that's showing up at a taco chain. and hitting the skids, we'll show you what caused a 40-car pileup. >> here's a look outside on your saturday. a little breezy around san bruno mountains. atwe c youan y wt cou expect from your afternoon temperatures, coming up when we come right back.
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a 40-car pileup is being blamed on the weather in toronto. police say the series of collisions began when a tractor trailer crashed into a ditch. then around an hour later, a
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severe snow squall caused a whiteout that led to a series of vehicles slamming into that truck. the pileup took place in ontario which is about 70 miles north of toronto. we don't get those whiteout conditions here, but we get the whiteout conditions from the fog, really. >> we have had to watch out for that, but we have had an offshore breeze. looking back to san francisco right now, it's a little breezy around the hill tops, those offshore winds actually mixing in, relative ll lly drier down a level. the wind is light, but higher up in the atmosphere, we have got enough of those winds that are mixing down to the surface again, keeping things relatively fog free. you're going to need a jacket this morning, 39 degrees around livermore, 37 in gilroy and we do have some upper 30s around
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the north bay. so your weather headlines, a chilly start, 30s and 40s for the morning and some fog and haze. temperatures on the coast may be as warm as the mid 60s and no sign of rain here. the culprit here is a ridge of high pressure, which is just holding its position, it set up last weekend and it's going to continue to set up for a while. today the ninth dry day in a row, and it looks like we're going to be adding at least a few more days with this. the midway point of the rain and snowfall season, we do need a little more rain and snow. high pressure keeping us dry with, again, those big waves out on the coast and some hazy sunshine today, and for the next few days, that storm track is going to stay way off to the north. things are going to stay dry all the way into the start of february, so maybe just two weeks or maybe even more of dry
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weather around the bay area. here's a look at your temperatures today, pretty pleasant as you're headed outside. 67 san jose, getting close to 70, i think this afternoon for places like gilroy, 68 in santa cruz, look out for the surf, right there around marin county and the contra county coastline. so today, dry, we're seal temperatures staying in the 60s, the only limiting factor to these numbers will be just how much fog spills out from the valley out to the bay area. no sign of any rain or snow. so this is almost too good of a good thing for your outdoor plans, but we do need to keep adding to that snow pack. >> this time of year-- >> for pillar point, for the criteria that they want, waves
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just not quite big enough to kick that off today. >> they're dangerous for us and they want bigger ones. >> if you get those 40-foot waves, you need a 25-foot swell to get that and it's just not quite there. >> where is the beef? or better yet where where's the lion? a restaurant in tucson, arizona plans to start serving african lion tacos on february 16. in fact the restaurant is already taking prepaid orders. boca in the past has offered other exotic tacos. the lion tacos cost about $875 a piece. lion and other game meet can at sold as long as the species isn't in danger. don't mess with texas, we'll show you all the security measures in place for the super bowl.
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>> good morning, everybody, the warriors had an amazing come back, but it came at a price. we'll explain, sports is coming up.
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a giants outfielder is about to add a few more zeros to his paycheck. here's that and more highlights in your morning sports. >> it's been a long time since the warriors won four straight games, try 2008. they have a perfect opponent to accomplish such a fete. this game a thriller including a lot of drama including a very bad injury for the warriors. the boss was in the house. the warriors were in capital team trouble, fourth quarter, demarcus with the lay in. he's smart, he doesn't like what he sees. the warriors are down by nine with just three minutes to go.
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so they gave it to their go-to guy, mondte ellis. he sends the game into o.t. in o.t., though, it was all warriors. jackson curry, he has 34 points, two monte, who had 28, and the warriors went on to win this one, 119-112. but this is the big story, ellis gets tangled. he couldn't even put weight on his foot as he was leaving the court. no x rays were taken, which is a good sign. he's actually laughing and talking in the locker room and he'll be a game-time decision tomorrow against the clippers. it's been a big week for the giant who is agreed to terms for six of their seven players.
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the only player left, outfielder andre torres. many reports say the giants are close to locking in torres to a one-year deal that could be finalized saturday afternoon. the team did not release financial information of their contracts, but the deal is expected to be worth $2.1 million. the 33-year-old had his best season in 2010. niners head coach has retain foured coaches from last season. the team has also hired quality control coach igiro, evero.
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he started his own foundation, 51 ways which supports parents of children with blood related disorders. the winner will be announced during the super bowl on february 6. and that is your latest in sportsport spor sports. have a wonderful day, everybody. >> speaking of super bowl sunday, everything is bigger in texas including security for this year's super bowl in arlington. people who are lucky enough to watch in person will probably feel like they're headed to the airport. they're going to see more security than at a typical nfl game and they may feel like they're going through tsa. organizers have spent the past two years preparing security plans which include a record number of bomb sniffing dogs and police on horse back as well as a bomb grabbing robot. officers say they will be busy.
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>> my primary responsibility will be dfw airport. however we still have the resources that will be lent out to other agencies. >> it's going to be pretty busy and that's the main reason we'll have the horses out and a lot of our officers out. >> organizers say they're expecting more than 80,000 people at this year's game. super bowl 45 will be held at dallas cowboys stadium in arlington, texas, february 6. much more ahead on "today" in the bay, coming up, tragedy in tucson. back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops fotheir school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a friday. pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight.
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good morning to you, taking a live look at the 2k3w0e8den gate bridge. hope you're headed somewhere fun because the weather is primed for it. and anything you want to do today? >> absolutely perfect.
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except if you're going to go out to the coast today. the waves are getting pretty big, we have some storms wayoff shore. we'll talk about the high surf advisory, first your temps this morning, it's kind of chilly. for the north coast especially during the day today, we could get some breakers between 12 to 15 feet. already at the 12-feet this morning, look out for that, patchy fog inland, hazy skies, a little breezy around the hill tops, but those temperatures, beautiful today. 67 in san jose, 70 gilroy, so the question is this going to continue through the weekend. and it's starting to look like that. a survivor of the arizona shooting massacre is now talking about the agony that she says
7:31 am
she will live with for the rest of her life. sus christina died that day. heilman was shot three times and while her physical wounds are healing, her emotional words are still raw. it's heart wrenching to hear her story of survival and loss. >> gab yell gifford -- i said you have your questions, you know what you're going to say. i said christina let's do the math, how many senators do we have? hold that number. how many representatives do we have? hold that number. add the president and the vice president. you got that number? that ease the number of people that make the laws that tell us how we live here in america today and you are going to get
7:32 am
to shake her hand and then a shot. >> that was the last thing. >> it's a moment of deafening silence, does that make sense? people said there was no depth. that this was the noise i had never heard before. >> there's a parking lot, there's a vinyl banner, congress on your corner, the seal of congress of the united states, flags, congresswoman is under the plastic table. and all these characters we have now come to know.
7:33 am
>> there was fabulous pima county s.w.a.t. team officers who told me to lie down and put my legs up because, ma'am, you're bleeding. next thing i remember is, i'm lying on the concrete, and christina is to my left and she was beautiful. she was undamaged. and she didn't talk. but we were eyeball to eyeball. and i'm yelling at her, christina taylor green, don't you die on me. she's looking at me and it was -- she was wondering, she was confused, she was asking me what is going on?
7:34 am
and i'm just telling her to stay with me, do not leave me here by myself, young lady. i was responsible for her, it was my job to bring her home to her mom and dad. i took christina taylor green on january 8, 2011, to see gabrielle giffords and i said to christina, that could be you. there is no reason on god's green earth that you can't grow up and be that if that's what you want to be. >> if you want to hear more from susie, you can watch her entire interview on your website, nbc bay we have much more ahead on today in the bay, the infamous slender cruise liner is at sea and headed to san francisco this time without tug boats. and the search continues for a young boy who was snatched from the hands of his grandmother.
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good morning to you, a live look at san jose, a bright spot, although there will be plenty of them around the bay area, this sunshine will continue maybe until february. let's check with rob in just a little bit. but for now a beautiful sight to see. the fire damagesed cruise ship left san diego for dry dock here in the bay area where it will get further repairs. it was docked in san diego the last to months. the splendor originally lost power when a fire broke out and stranded passengers at sea. tug boats had to pull the crippled ship into harbor, the cause of that fire is still under investigation. this morning an amber alert remains in effect and the man
7:38 am
hunt continues for the 4-year-old boy and the man accused of kidnapping him. officers say 4-year-old juliana was snatched from his grandmother's arms in the city of patterson on tuesday. the man accused of taking him is the boyfriend of the boy's mother. a man told investigators he thought he saw a car driving into the canal on wednesday in his rear view mirror. so far the suspect's car has not been found. california might have to go abroad if it wants to continue carrying out the depth penalty. that's because the sole u.s. maker of the anesthetic used in excuses announced that it would have to stop using it. it is used to put prisoners to death. it has been in short supply nationwide and is the number one drug used in lethal injection procedures in california.
7:39 am
california like 35 other states who allow execution might have to obtain supplies of that drug from abroad. california officials who imported a large quantity of the drug says they have enough on hand for about 90 executions. much more ahead coming up on "today" in the bay. we have a look at a gorgeous weekend forecast, we're looking live at san francisco and we will have all the details of the sunny weather coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done.
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[ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible. here's a live look from our san bruno counmountain camera. it sure is pretty. >> especially friends from, say, new york right now. zero windchill. >> a guy from new york said his kid went to school twice last
7:42 am
week because of the snow. >> at this rate, they'll have school all the way through summer. parts of the midwest and out towards the great lakes this morning, windchill factors below zero. so if you have a lot of friends and relatives on the east coast, they're going to be calling you today. by our standards--not much wind right now in san jose and not much fog. we do have some breezes out in the northeast that are kind of mixing down towards sea level which is keeping fog at least at the moment to a minimum in san francisco. 49 degrees with a southeast wind at 3 miles an hour, we have some 30s across the north bay, a little bit of patchy fog in through the tri-valley this morning. that is the main concern, just how thick will the fog be in the morning. and today and tomorrow, we have got a high surf advisory, temperatures pretty outstanding
7:43 am
by january standards. this coming week, not only does it look dry, but this is the midpoint of rain and snow in california in the rainy season. we do need more rain and snow so we'll be awaiting the next opportunity for that coming up beyond the seven-day forecast really. we have a few high clouds drifting in from the north, this is a weather system that's diving in from the rockies. for now the ninth day in a row of dry conditions for the bay area and it will easily go into double digits. fog in you are inland valley. highs easily getting into the 60s for the afternoon, maybe even near 70 around some of the hill tops down towards holster and gilroy for the afternoon. monday and beyond, probably more morning fog, with the offshore flow blowing back towards the bay area. so some foggy mornings and no
7:44 am
signs at this point in some of our long range commuter models all the way out to february 5. this pattern is going to stick around not just for the weekend, but for quite some time. we will see highs in the mid 60s. then again, for places out towards the coast, look out for the high surf, 68 degrees around santa cruz, look at ukiah today, 70s, sometimes we have to look out for snow in ukiah at this time of year. again as all things look right now in those long range computer models, not until the beginning of february will we see this ridge start to break up enough that we could see some showers come in. now this is looking like maybe 2 1/2 weeks of dry weather for the bay area and most of california. >> but there's storms churning
7:45 am
up across the coastline. >> the swell probably not quite high enough today, but dangerous conditions on the coastline due to those big waves. >> thank you very much, rob. still ahead this morning on "today in the bay" the oakland school district is going to give an earful to the school district today. the oakland unified school district answers our questions.
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good morning to you, take a live look at the golden gate bridge, and it's looking glorious. the weather is perfect for anything you want to do. if you're going to have a beach day, be careful because we do have some dangerous waves that are headed in our area and will
7:48 am
stick around for a while, so watch for a distance. this morning the oakland unified school district will hold a community meeting to get parents input on the district's vision for the future. the community engagement coordinator for the school district joins us live this morning. the meeting was planned obviously before those shocking allegations of sex in a second grade classroom. but i would be surprised if you didn't get some questions and feedback from parents about that, right? >> today's event is to get family and community input into the school district's vision for full service community schools. full service community schools what we require is authentic pant and student engagement. >> in your position with the district, is community
7:49 am
engagement coordinator so you haven't really been cleared to talk about what happened in that second grade classroom? >> again, you know, i'm here in hopes to engage as many young people and parents about what they think in regards to full service community schools and how we can build this vision and this plan together. >> right. because what happened was just at one school. let's talk about that, let's talk about what entire community engagement means. what do you want from your parents and your students as you hope to make your school district the best it can be? >> well, you know, full service community schools is about everyone working together. it's about teachers, principals, students, community, school district leaders to really take care of the needs of the whole child. so not just their academic needs, but their social, emotional and physical needs.
7:50 am
so this requires authentic collaboration and engagement. so this is really about building relationships and building the trust with all of our youth and parents and our collaborators. >> okay, so the meeting is at what time? >> we start at 9:30 a.m., and we end at 2:00. >> all right, we hope that you get a lot of good, valuable feedback from the folks in your school district. as we all know, we would like all of our schools to be better. thank you so much for joining us from oakland unified school district. >> thank you. still ahead on "today in the bay" our pet of the week is here and it's very cute. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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maybe it's a good time to add a member to your family. her name is lenore and she seems to be a little bit protective. >> she's very shy of the camera and that's what you were seeing. she just met the cameraman and everything was fine and as soon as he got behind the camera -- who are you? >> she seems to be just the perfect sisz for somebody who maybe lives in an apartment or a condo? >> absolutely. this is as big as she's going to get. she's mature, she's an adult dog, she's probably between two and three. she's a blast. when you have her out on a leash, she's a fabulous little dog. >> thank you so much and if you want any information about lenore or any of the other great animals what are ready for adoption, you can go to pets in
7:54 am >> thank you for joining us, and thank you for joining us. our next news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and we'll be back with you bright and early tomorrow morning at 7:00. for those viewers who night not have seen your show before, tell me what it's about? >> it's a travel show as you said, it's so fun, i'm really lucky to have this job. we basically picked the nicest destinations out there. they set us up at the greatest resorts and activities and let us loose. >> what's great about this show is you get to bring your entire family? >> it's my favorite part. who wants to watch me travel all by myself. i bring my mom, i bring my kids, i bring my wife when i can,
7:55 am
wendy. >> you get to see tritt the perspective of all the different ages which is great. >> it's a travel show and they see themselves in the show. >> for your latest get away, you got to go to hawaii. which islands did you visit? >> we went to maui and a week of kuai. >> tell me about maui. i know the resorts are beautiful there. >> that is a big one and it is stunning. >> and you also got to stay at a marriott. >> we say if we can find a marriott, we'll stay at the marriott and it was just fantastic. >> you also stayed at a condominium? how was that experience? >> you have this big beautiful up lent condo with all kinds of room, you can cook together, eat together and go to your own bedroom and close the door. so that's a nice option.
7:56 am
>> what were some of the day trips you got to go on? >> r you got on great adventures. >> we went to the volcano at 10,000 feet high. and this line far landscape, crazy beautiful. >> a lot of times on your shows, you go to this landing on your trips. please tell me you got to do that. >> there's zip lines everywhere now, and it's a great way to connect with nature. it's scary heights but very safe. >> again when you go to hawaii, i always think of going to the obligatory luau. >> it sounds so touristy, but this is real hawaiian, the food is incredible. the music and production values, it's the laua. >> we stayed in two different
7:57 am
resorts and the first one we stayed at was the marriott, again, they're so reliable. big, they look incredibly expensive, but it's affordable and great for families. >> and you stayed at the other marriott, and then the grand hyatt? >> the grand hyatt. and it's definitely named right. this is my mom's favorite. i think it was the biggest and most elegant of any resort we have ever stayed in, it's just gorgeous. >> plus you stayed in an upscale condominium. >> this was an outrigger. remember the guy in jurassic pa park? spared no expense? they're $3 million homes and you have one all to yourself. >> and the canyons? >> waimea canyon, it's stunning, huge, the old geographic formations, absolutely amazing. >> as far as this one, you were on this really unique zip line
7:58 am
safari? >> we started with a two-mile paddle, actually kayaking and we hiked through the rain forest. we swung into swimming holes and then we got on a zip line. my mom didn't go on that. she's a trooper, she stayed on the beach with a mai tai. it's got 4,000 foot cliffs, it's amazing. >> sounds like you had a trip of a lifetime. how do we get to hear about the show and hear all the details of your trip? >> we have designed the show for this very purpose. if you go to our website, which is pleasant, the deals that they get because of the buying power are great. >> so now is the time to do it? >> pleasant watch the show again, pick your favorite part and go do it. >> thank you for joining us and i know i have said this before, but you have got a dream job.
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again for all the details, go to thanks. delicious light & fit. the fresh...creamy... yet wonderfully light yogurt with 80 calories. see how delightful it is to live light & fit.


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