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tv   Today  NBC  January 28, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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ready to eat sweet moments. find tm in theefrigerated sect good morning. breaking news. violent flashes across egypt as protesters take to the streets again to demonstrate against president mubarak's 30-year rule. just this morning one of the opposition's key leaders placed under house arrest. we are there live. end of civility. sarah palin takes a st at president obama's call for winning the future during the state of the union address. >> wtf, you know, winning the future. i thought, okay, that acronym is spot on. >> is the new politics in washington already over? charlie sheen hospitalized after being rushed to the emergency room following a
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marathon party at his home. one of the women who was there speaks out today, friday, january 28, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" at 7:00 on the west coast on this friday morning. i'm merediayoeredith vieira. >> and i'm willie geist in for matt lauer. police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. richard engel got caught up in some of the demonstrations. we have a live report from him straight ahead. tens of thousands without power on the east coast following that fast-moving storm that dumped nearly two feet of snow on some spots.
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there's even more snow coming this way this weekend. the forecast coming up. i want to you check out some incredible video. this is not a man in a gorilla suit. this is an actual gorilla that for some reason walks upright like a man. we are going to have more on him later on. but we are going to begin with the violent clashes in egypt. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in cairo with more. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. these clashes continued to escalate. they are now involving at a minimum tens of thousands of people. we were out on the streets, thousands of people rushing into the main square. they were confronting riot police, throwing tear gas, canisters, and back at the police. pulling up the stones, crushing them and launching them at and also thousands of police out here. they are asking for nothing less than the end of the rule of president mubarak and with each passing hour, the protests are
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getting not only for stronger but are getting more and more islamic. a group called the muslim brotherhood the largest islamic group in the world, now says that it is involved in the demonstrations. so in addition to just the chants we have been hearing against mubarak, we are hearing other slogans. if i step aside here, you can see some of the tear gas that's just lifting up over the trees and the entire city right now has a sense of tear gas. people are watching these events unfold from their own balconies. that's really the only way they know what's going on because the government has stopped internet service and it stopped telephone service but people here say that they no longer need it. they can see what is going on right below their windows. >> man under arrest, what can you tell us about that? under house arrest. >> reporter: yes. he came here yesterday. and -- he -- decided to take part in these protests. he made it no secret that he
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wants to become president of egypt. he doesn't have a very large broad based support in this country. but he arrived yesterday to take part in the protests today. he was at one of the mosques and then according to several accounts, he's been put under house arrest. >> all right. richard engel, thank you very much. it is 7:04 pacific time. here is willie. >> thank you. to the latest record breaking storm here in the snow-weary east. this morning thousands remain without power. nbc's peter alexander is in queens, new york. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have the snow blower going across the street. these streets largely have been plowed. little bit of work still to do here. that's the good news. bad news is the snow has to go somewhere. and you can see for the sake of the driver, what happened. these guys are stuck in the stuff. it could be days before they get out. consider this fact. 155 records broken for daily snowfall from lexington, kentucky, to hartford, connecticut, so far this month of january. and there is more snow in store.
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now the back-breaking cleanup. again. slammed by another 19 inches at central park. enough to make the new york city's snowiest january on record. the city's aggression itch response thursday included more than 1700 plows. >> i'm getting sick of it. honestly. >> reporter: in the nation's capital -- >> this is a shock snow. an angry snow. and it bites you as it hits your face. >> reporter: the pounding snow proved deadly as trees crashed on the cars. killing one woman and just missing another. >> i was just about to leave. next thing you know, the tree fell right on top of my head. >> reporter: near boston, two men have their own harrowing survival story after the roof of this parking garage collapsed beneath heavy snow. trapping them inside. firefighters spent three hours dugging through snow and mangled steel to pull them to safety. >> the roof of the car got almost -- above us.
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>> we are real lucky to be here today. and be alive. >> reporter: across this region most would agree enough already. thousands of drivers simply abandoned their cars on the streets. while the storm itself was forecast, the intensity caught many people by surprise. in gloucester, massachusetts, residents expected four inches. and woke up to 14. the crippling snow is piling up this season. the five hardest hit cities so far, worcester, mass, 62 inches. boston, 62. hartford, 71 inches. now it is all-time snowiest month on record. rochester, new york, 76. and in syracuse, a jaw-dropping 113 inches. nearly ten feet. today airlines have to finish clearing backlog after the storm grounded more than 1,200 flights around new york alone. thousands are still without power. and for millions of students, it
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is back to class after a snow day. only the ninth in 33 years for new york city's schools. you can imagine where their heads may be. do you like to go fast or slow? >> medium. >> reporter: medium. good answer. that's a good answer. he is 4 years old. he let me borrow his sled for part of the day. by the way, this is serious business. the american red cross is reporting that the blood supply sat the lowest level for january in ten years. largely because people have not been able to give, canceling their appointments because of the bad weather. >> yes. we are still in january. peter alexander, thanks so much. how much snow is on the way this time? we will get the forecast for both coasts in just a moment. >> i have to work this weekend. i'm going to l.a., away from the snow. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stori stories. good morning. good morning, everyone. and this morning, a bomb exploded inside of a supermarket in kabul cutting at least nine
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people, including three foreign women and a child. the taliban is claiming responsibility saying the you a tacks targeted the u.s. based security contractor. the supermarket is in the embassy's district and it is popular with foreigners. after weeks of legal disputes, rahm emanuel is back in the running for mayor of chicago. thanks inform a unanimous ruling from the illinois supreme court. emanuel previously had been booted from the ballot by a lower court for not meeting chicago residency requirements. a passenger ferry in indonesia burst into flames this morning, killing at least 11 people and prompting the rescue of 400 others from the water. and just miles away within an hour of that fire, two commuters trains collided head-on. killing three people. los angeles school police officer who said he was shot last week has been arrested for filing a false police report about the incident. the shooting caused police to put nearly 10,000 students in
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the area on lockdown in their classrooms important more than five hours without access to food or bathrooms. let's head to wall street where the dow has been flirting with the 12,000 mark much of the week. melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. what do you say, melissa? will we send it with 12,000? >> i don't know. it is close but no cigar. the key test is if we manage to close above the 12,000 mark. there are a couple of things investors will be focus order today. the economy. we are getting a fourth quarter read of gross domes particular product this morning. and also, their earnings are the big disappointment out of amazon after the bell last night. profit forecast for the current quarter fell short. if we manage to finish with a gain this would be the dow's ninth consecutive weekly gain. the longest winning streak since 1995. >> let's keep the streak going. melissa lee at the new york stock exchange. thank you. and the age-old rivalry between the neighborhood dog and local mailman has a new contender. take a look.ntender. take a look. in cape cod, massachusetts, this
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angry turkey did not appreciate the postal service rolling through his territory so the bird jogs there alongside the truck keeping pace with speeds up to 25 miles per hour. slammed itself against the door whenever the driver stopped. according to locals, this isn't the first time the foul fowl has given the mailman trouble giving new meaning to angry bird. back over to you. >> they are mean. we have them where we live. >> not like that. >> my gosh. >> al is taking the day off. nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. more snow wesne on the snow train. ood news we're in the wake the big one. what we're seeingthere a light snow showers from the great lakes through the appalachians into the northeast and maybe a little dusting where you are. we are going to see a few clippers come through. this one today and then we have
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another one coming down that will bring snow showers through saturday from the great lakes again into the northeast but light accumulation. you may get pockets of a couple inches. the forecast for the rest of the country today we're seeing the sunshine from florida to texas to southern california and maybe some fog to start off with and showers in the good morning to you. temperatures this morning are running about five to seven degrees cooler than where we started yesterday. and we have more widespread dense fog throughout the bay area. you do want to travel cautiously on your way to work this morning. as of 6:00 p.m. saturday we have some rain coming ashore. it will last throughout the first part of sunday. then it will clear for sunday night. here's a look at the forecast. we are down to the 50s saturday into sunday. 63 on monday when you head back to work. have a great weekend. meredith, back >> meredith, back to you. >> thank you very much. now to politics. president obama has made his pick for his next white house press secretary. this amid signs that those calls
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for more civility in washington could already be coming to an end. are a new era here at the white house. big changes in key position as some aides leave to go to the re-election campaign and others gear up for face a new washington with a lot more republicans in power. as the president moves into year three of his administration, he has chosen a new man to be the public face for the white house. jay carney currently the vice president's communications director will replace robert gibbs as press secretary. carney is a former reporter who once covered the white house beat during the clinton and george w. bush years and was a commentator before joining the obama administration in twi2009. a west wing shake-up months in the making. some of the administration's most recognizable faces are now gone or leaving.
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on thursday the president took his state of the union pitch to the internet answering questions on youtube. >> the goal over the next couple of years is to make sure that wean as we reduce our deficit, dealing with our debt and we're still making some core investments. >> reporter: sarah palin was online too out with a long critique of the president's tuesday night address on facebook and a shorter one on fox news making fun of the president's phrase winning the future. >> wtf. winning the future. i thought, okay, that acronym spot on. there are a lot of wtf moments throughout that speech. >> reporter: new video surfaced of congresswoman michelle bachmann giving her verdict on the speech instantly. >> every day families sacrifice to live within their means. they deserve a government that does the same. >> reporter: a bachmann spokesman confirms she mouthed the words that's absolutely shameless in response to the president's talk of cutting the
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deficit. on the hill at the first ever meeting of the senate tea party caucus, freshman senator rahm paul said president obama was borrowing from the tea party's message. >> some said when people who came from the tea party were elected that washington would co-opt us. i think we're already co-opting washington. guess who now is against earmarks? the president of the united states has been co-opted by the tea party. >> reporter: talk about battle lines, today the president takes on one of the issues republicans have vowed to fight him on. he's giving a speech on the benefits of health care reform. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. lawrence o'donnell is the host of "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" on msnbc. good morning to you. picking up where savannah left off. a lot of talk about the tea party. yesterday the tea party caucus held its first meeting without three key senators who came to office in large part because of that movement.
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are they in trouble if they lose their rising stars so early? >> half of them were no shows. one that didn't show up said i don't want to co-opt the tea party. it's a main street movement and not a washington movement. by that theory then zero senators should have shown up. that would have been a successful tea party meeting in the senate. it was very disappointing. they tried to cover that up. >> let's talk about one of the changes in obama's inner circle that's jay carney. a lot of changes actually. new press secretary. what is it about this guy? what does he bring to the table? >> i've known jay a long time as a "time" magazine reporter. he's been out there asking the questions. he hasn't been on that intense hot stage of the white house briefing room answering the questions. he haven't really been tested that. everyone inside thought this was as good a pick as you could possibly do at this point. >> he's taking the place of rocket gibbs who is gone now along with a lot of other people. rahm emanuel among them. david axelrod.
7:16 am
inner circle shakeups are common? >> these are burnout jobs. incredibly difficult jobs to do. at the two-year mark you see the first exits from a well organized administration. sometimes if they come sooner than that it means that it was a mistake in the first place. >> it doesn't suggest anything? >> no, this is standard. >> i want to move on so sarah palin. she's been going around bad mouthing the president. she said the acronym for his stated goal of winning the future wtf actually stands for what the -- and you can fill in the blank. i was scared to bring it up. >> we're not allowed to finish that. >> we're not allowed to either. you know what it stands for. what does she accomplish by saying something like this. >> it's a real challenge for her to sound presidential. it's as weird as it gets. really, if you look for a lack of civility or the argument, this week you really have to go to sarah palin and michelle
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bachmann. no one else is doing it. the bipartisan agreement about how to make things work more smoothly in the senate. those two are out of tune with what everyone else is doing for now. >> you bring up michelle bachmann. you had on john mccain's daughter and she went after bachmann saying she's no better than a poor man's sarah palin. her dad ran with palin for the presidency so now she's bringing up bachmann and palin. what's going on there? >> she's been on my show three times. it's interesting to watch her progress. she's moving much more in the direction of being critical of these people but she's not the only one. a former speech writer for george bush, criticizing palin has become a mainstream view within the republican party. you don't get criticized as a republican for criticizing sarah palin. once that happens, it's a dangerous time for palin. her stock cannot go up. we've seen hadd her in polls la.
7:18 am
she keeps going down. the wtf week is not going to help. >> thank you so much. a reminder you can catch "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" weeknights at 8:00 eastern time on msnbc. it's 7:18. here's willie. >> thank you. now to south africa where just this morning nelson mandela returned home after being treated at a hospital for a lung infection. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. about an hour ago nelson mandela's motorcade went past puss here on his way home. there was a press conference earlier today. south africa's vice president and the surgeon general said he's in fogood spirits and feelg good and was at the hospital for routine tests and has been surrounded by family including his wife and his former wife. now, doctors believe that his condition is a result of an acute respiratory illness that he came down with a few days ago
7:19 am
and he's been battling but the drugs have been successful. they also think it's a result of the tuberculosis he acquired when he was in prison. he served 27 years in prison at times doing hard labor, solitary confinement and the vice president said today that he'll be okay. this is from the press conference earlier. >> there is no need for us to panic. there is no need for us to fear for his health. he's in good health. he will be with us to celebrate his 91st birthday in july. >> reporter: mandela will receive home care at his house. police have blocked the neighborhood not allowing anyone in there. they want south africa's first black president to recover in
7:20 am
peace. >> thank you. it's 7:19. here's meredith. 25 years ago this morning the space space shuttle challenger exploded after liftoff killing seven astronauts including an elementary school teacher. tom costello has more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. of course it was also witnessed by classrooms of school kids across the country gathering to watch her liftoff. the seven members of "challenger" we'll never forget. ask anyone who is old enough to remember, they know where they were that day in 1986. in a single horrific moment, the seven crew members were gone. among them the first teacher in
7:21 am
space. just 37, the mother of two from new hampshire, was selected from 11,000 teachers undergoing months of training. the liftoff was watched live. that night president reagan addressed the nation. >> we'll never forget them nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved good-bye and slipped the early bonds of earth to touch the face of god. >> and this is nasa's plaque. the challenger legacy served as a reminder to us that space flight is not routine. in fact, it may never be routine. >> this is our wedding picture. we were teenagers. he was just barely 19. >> reporter: june was married to the commander. she since remarried and founded
7:22 am
the challenger learning centers with the other challenger families hoping to inspire the next generation of teachers, scientists and astronauts. >> to see the team effort representing the entire crew, i think she would be very proud. >> reporter: with the space station complete and space shuttle fleet set to retire later this year, the question of space missions is in question. will nasa return to the moon or venture beyond? christa's lesson is that ordinary people can make extraordinary missions when they remain true to themselves and pursue their own dreams. >> we didn't want the challenger to be the end of the chapter in space exploration. we saw it as a transition chapter. >> reporter: the next chapter for nasa has yet to be written. it's important to remember that nasa remembers the crew of
7:23 am
"challenger" and "apollo 1" and "columbia." back to you. >> coming up, the remarkable gorilla who walks like a man but first this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, mary kay latino k r.r.hehe randmother. >> and charlie sheen's ride to the hospital after your local news. make skin look pretty up flaws and but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity.
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. good morning. at 7:26 now i'm marla tellez. time to get a check on the forecast with christina loren. good morning to you. yes, fog is back on the peninsula this morning. 44 degrees in hayward. 42 in san mateo. temperatures are running much cooler than at this time yesterday morning. grab a jacket to keep with you all day. it will be five to ten degrees cooler today than where we ended up yesterday. we had unseasonably warm conditions, but the weather pattern is shifting. this means showers heading into saturday evening into sunday. the showers will bring act heavy
7:27 am
fog tonight. then the first line of showers comes in at 6:00 p.m. on saturday. by 3:00 p.m. on sunday the whole thing clears out of here with a little bit of lingering activity on 1:00 p.m. sunday. it will be clear once again on monday with sun and clouds. a little cool overnight. that's your weather forecast. we'll find out how well we are doing in the traffic department. well, you are talking about fog and that's the big story for traffic. look at this coming out of the north bay. this is the reason for chp's fog advisory near the golden gate bridge. also extended to the cartinas bridge, the venetian bridge. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza with the low clouds hovering around. i have extended this to the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is not so bad because it is friday light. speeds are in the 50s. that's good news. the big issue as i show you a live shot of the smooth riding 880. this is coming past the coliseum. the headlights northbound, you can't see the taillights because of the fog. it is a fob problem out there.
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thank you, mike. kahn 2011 is lighting up the south bay this week. the three-day event at the convention center features dispensaries by medical marijuana care givers. police officers will not be on hand. instead the organizers are bringing in private security. the convention is for people 18 and older but you don't need a medical marijuana card to attend. tickets are $20 apiece. more local news for you coming up in about 30 minutes. see you again at 7:5
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7:30 on this friday morning, january 28, 2011. happy folks on the plaza. a lot of them happy to have a morning where it is not snowing. another one is on the way. i'm meredith vieira alongside willie geist. matt soft today. one of the most remarkable gorillas. he does not drag his knuckles. oh, no. he walks like a man. we will meet him. >> i can't wait to meet him. warning for homeowners. wait until you see the result of a chris hansen hidden camera investigation to expose a scam that costs americans millions of dollars a year. remember that sensational
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case involving married teacher mary kay letourneau and her affair with a 13-year-old boy. after serving seven years in prison sheepded up marrying him. now she is a new grandmother. we are going to talk to mary kay and her husband exclusive. >> i let's begin with the latest on actor charlie sheen who was rushed to a los angeles hospital after a party that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. nbc's lee cowan is outside cedar sinai hospital. lee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are told that charlie why you sheen is now out of the hospital and resting at home after being rushed here with severe abdominal pain. given all the headlines that he's -- experienced over the last couple of months, a lot of people feared the worst. those close to him say this time around it may not be what a lot of people think. details were few. but outside cedar sinai medical center hints of charlie sheen's condition were troubling. the news caught his father, martin sheen, rushing to his bedside. the first 911 call came from
7:32 am
sheen's room. a separate 911 call came from the home from adrian, a neighbor. tmz says there has been a part at sheen's home and links casey jordan to the festivities. >> drinking too much. let's have a night where everyone is too drunk. a phone call. had to leave because if i didn't leave, i would be in the hospital because i couldn't keep up. i called dplooifr and said you need to get me out of here. >> reporter: when the news of the hospitalization broke, the spokesman said the star was suffering stomach pains. many feared it was a symptom of something else. >> the reports are that charlie sheen has been using lately and has been partying a lot and this would be a consistent pattern we have seen from charlie over the last several months. >> reporter: sheen insists he didn't have a problem but it was only three months ago he was
7:33 am
admitted to a different hospital in new york after police allege he went on a drunken rampage trashing his room at the fancy plaza hotel. back then, the spokesman called it a bad reaction to medication. the same spokesman has a different explanation for the latest hospitalization. hiatal hernia. the 911 caller called dispatchers it was hernia condition adding sheen has a history of this. whatever the cause of the pain, addiction experts like dr. samuels says sheen's pattern of behavior is classic. and only until an addict hits rock bottom will he admitted it. samuels said that could mean losing the one thing sheen has going for him. his job. >> charlie is being enabled by being able to have the show and being able to give tons of money. its behavior is being validated by everyone around him.
7:34 am
>> reporter: executives expressed concern over what was going on in sheen's private life. still they say it never really affected his performance and may not this time around either. "2 1/2 men" was on hiatus last week. sheen will be back when production resumes tuesday. >> thank you. dr. julie hammond is a addiction speci belleview." steven adubato, the author of "what were they thinking." initial reports charlie sheen was admitted for a hernia. >> it's something a lot of people have. it's not a big deal. sometimes you have heart burn or indigestion, but drugs can make a problem. your body makes cocaethylene
7:35 am
which is toxic. cocaine already can make you have a heart attack or stroke. this lasts longer. i assume he was having chest pain and that's why he went to the e.r. >> based on what you have heard is this more than a hernia? >> it's something he's had. that's not new. maybe he was having heartburn. but the hospital has to say they found an abnormal finding, oh, he has a hernia. >> he had the incident at the plaza down the street from us here, cbs put him back on the air. at what point is cbs an enabler to charlie sheen? >> that's been going on for a while. i wonder at what point cbs says, look, we owe this guy. but his health, he has four young children. at some point it's more about cbs, their sense of what it is that makes sense for him as a
7:36 am
person. put the show on hiatus for a long time. tell him he can't come to work. basically no longer say as long as you show up it's fine. look at the incidents. i'm not an expert on addiction but there is a pattern. at the plaza his kids were across the hall. the thing with the young woman who was allegedly a prostitute calling 911. from branding point of view cbs is hurt. from an image point of view he's getting hurt. to me, his health is more important than anything else. cbs, to me, and the people, the producers of "two and a half men" are not helping him. just by saying he's showing up to work is a weak excuse for not acting. >> dr. holland, what does he need around him? if cbs is enabling him, clearly the people around him aren't helping. >> at some point they assign him a sober coach, somebody to stay with him 24/7 and keep the drugs and alcohol away, be a barrier and protect him. no one says no to him and is
7:37 am
making boundaries that this is not acceptable behavior. i don't know what happened to the sober coach. we heard about it after the plaza and he disappeared. >> apparently sober coach doesn't sound good for the image but who cares? he's also starting to look -- we are in a medium where it matters what you look like. he looks like a wreck. it's becoming a problem in terms of what he's projecting on the screen. unless you're just running reruns, do something now, cbs. >> we have seen it before. we'll see if things change this time. >> hope they don't wait too long. >> thanks for your perspective. now a check on the weather from mar are aia larosa in for al. >> good morning. we are in the aftermath of the big snow and lots of "today" fans. i just want to point out my crazy fan, my dad showed up
7:38 am
today. hi, dad. everyone braving the cold in new york. what about more snow? let's talk temps first. high afternoon temperatures in the 30s in the city, but look at the south. a nice warm-up into the mid section. denver could be as warm as miami this afternoon. meanwhile 70s across southern california. looking at the weather, snowshowers in the great lakes and the southwest looking dry. very cute moment with her and her dad. we are looking good. if you want to take your dad outdoors this weekend, you are going to encounter some problems. we are expecting rain heading through the second half of your saturday lasting through the second half of sunday. temperatures are dropping. you will notice the difference this afternoon as we drop five to ten degrees. the onshore flow is bringing the fog along the peninsula this morning. we have been fog-free the past few days. take it easy out there.
7:39 am
you can check your local forecast 24/7 at >> up next, are you getting what you pay for when you need work done around your home? kwo "datelin "dateline's" new and revealing investigation. and the gorilla whoikksaleik a man. first, these messages. have any margin for error. one wrong turn, and i could end up unloading a puddle of water. >> gps: turn right ahead. >> man: so i make sure i have the right guidance to get me exactly where i need to be. it's the same with taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. automatically double-checks along the way and even lets me talk to a tax expert so i'm never alone. which helps me know it's done right and get to my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results. ♪
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stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more. back now >> back now at 7:42 with a warning for homeowners. if you need help around the house, make sure you get what you pay for. good morning. >> it's one of the brazen scams we've ever encountered. a bait and switch con that involves dozens of companies resulting in thousands of
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consumers being ripped off to the tune of millions of dollars when they are trying to make sure the air they breathe is clean. this woman reading the newspaper at her dining room table needs her air ducts cleaned. they are filthy. she answered an ad promising an air duct cleaning for 49.95. will she get what she pays for? here comes the technicians. julie is our volunteer and "dateline" hidden cameras record everything they do. watch what happens as they go to work. at first it appears like it's snowing inside. instead of cleaning the air they're actually blowing the dirt throughout the house even around judy's head. down in the basement this technician sprays what he calls a soot sealeant into the ceilin.
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the technicians were supposed t enough tape. >> oh, goodness grars. what what is that? >> it's strong. >> why am i coughing? >> you have stuff in your lungs that's probably not healthy. >> i bet you want to hack something up. >> yes! >> reporter: what kind of job did they do? these were her air ducts before. these were the same air ducts after they left. no difference. the technicians charged judy $470 instead of the advertised price. we asked judy to make another appointment, this time to clean her furnace and this time i was there. the same technician shows up again. that's when i head to the basement. how you doing? >> good. >> what's happening? you need to know something.
7:45 am
i'm chris hanson with "dateline nbc". >> okay. >> there was a camera there and there. >> okay. >> while you were doing the work last week. i'd like to show you the video. i have it set up. >> okay. >> i showed vid wroe of dust flying around judy's head. >> what is this flying around here? this is during the last visit. see the dust flying around? >> uh-huh. >> what is that? >> looks like it may be some dust. >> some dust. why would that be flying around the house? that's when sean begins to make his exit. >> i just want to show you one thing. we continued to talk upstairs and it got even more interesting. the better business bureau had been investigating that particular company for more than a year. a few days after we were there the location was closed. also, the company, duct masters in hebren, kentucky, is
7:46 am
independently owned and may not be related to other reputable company that is share the same name. >> when somebody meets you that's got to be the tip of death. >> you're that guy! >> exactly. thank you. see the full report on the hansen files on "dateline" here on nbc sunday 7:00/6:00 central. up next, we take you live to the who lkat is home to the gorilla s a ♪ [ male announcer ] it's morning... and quaker loves morning. ♪ because when you start your day with the power of oatmeal it's good for your heart. it gives you energy. and it can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. ♪ quaker oatmeal is more than breakfast. it's a superfood.
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7:50 am
countryside because just one of this group of male western lowland gorillas, a 21 year old, has decided it's much better to live when you walk like a man. hey, what's up? i'm standing. what are you looking at? watch this. ♪ walk like a man >> reporter: while pals are content to knuckle drag the day ahead he looks like he's ready to walk to work with his lunch box. that's a log he's carrying. no big deal. they don't seem to notice he's made a little breakthrough on the evolutionary chain. >> what's the problem? >> reporter: walking tall around the gorilla enclosure. 450 pounds of purposeful swagger. >> he would look up and then go
7:51 am
back down on all fours. but he stands up and he'll fully extend his hips. he tends to lean back slightly. he walks like this. just like us. >> reporter: do you ever just give him a high five and say you've done it. you've broken through. one small stroll for gorilla, one giant leap for fwgorilla ki or maybe not. >> they stand with their back side sticking out there. and then they'll stand up to look up and if they're walking -- i learned everything i know from these gorillas. >> reporter: just makes it look so easy. it's all wrong now. when he starts dancing or
7:52 am
driving a car, call us back. he's on his way. we apologize. he's not standing right now. he's being shy for the cameras. it's amazing that we're not frightening them. the keepers here tell us that his father used to like to stand up and he did it very easily. two of his sisters do the same thing but they don't really walk as well as he does. we might actually be seeing a genetic tendency at work here. they also say that even though he's the biggest gorilla in this group, he's also one of the kindest. he doesn't bother anybody. he's nice to his neighbors. he doesn't try to intimidate them even though he has the special skills. guys? >> it's great posture. better than me for sure. >> michelle kosinski, our own jane goodall. thank you so much. we appreciate it. thanks, michelle. >> reporter: a lot of people would envoy his posture.
7:53 am
>> we'll be back with your local news. ♪ good morning ♪ we've talked the whole night through ♪ ♪ good morning [ male announcer ] there are sixteen fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each carton of tropicana pure premium... ♪ good morning ♪ it's great to stay up late ♪ good morning, good morning [ male announcer ] ...and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning. ♪ now the milkman's on his way the search for capital led to a trusted name. prudential continued to provide capital even during the crisis so that mid-sized companies that drive our economy could move forward with confidence. to be there when times are good is one thing... but to be there when times are tough is a different story. ours.
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7:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. it is 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. all winning streaks come to an end. a little rain, christina loren. things are looking good right now. we have 44 degrees in oakland. 42 degrees in san mateo with pretty heavy fog and rain on the way, which is good news if you are like scott mcgrew and like to stay inside and do your tech stuff. you'll be able to do that this weekend. lots of it. we'll have showers pushing in heading through the early parts of your sunday. actually, and the latter part of your saturday. if you want to make the plans outside, your best bet will be for the first part of sunday, excuse me, saturday. and the last part of sunday. we'll show you on the extended. showers start on saturday right around 6:00 p.m. the onshore flow has already kicked in meaning we have a lot of fog on the peninsula this
7:57 am
morning. we have been fog-free, unfortunately. the first line of showers comes in saturday evening at 1:00 p.m. widespread showers throughout the bay area and clearing begins. for the second half of sunday, we look okay. sun and clouds for monday, 63 degrees. unfortunately, record-breaking temperatures are a thing of the past. we'll find out how we are doing on the roadways with mike inouye. we may not like it, but it has been called exactly how it has happened this morning. chp did not issue a fog advisory for the bay bridge. i will because it is tough approaching the bridge. it is a slower drive this morning. it is friday light. but off the cartinas and venetian bridges have fog advisories. the south bay also has fog creeping in. slower on northbound 101 and 87. 280 is jamming up and is slow along san mateo.
7:58 am
state workers at a hospital in napa can vent their frustrations at a town hall meeting a month after a patient allegedly attacked a worker. they will host this meeting at 3:00 at napa valley college. this meeting focuses on safety as well as the october killing of an employee allegedly by a patient. they want larger police presence in the building. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> 8:00 now on this friday morning. the 28th of january, 2011. around 29 degrees here in manhattan. another snowstorm moving into the northeast just in time for the weekend. outside on the plaza, i'm meredith vieira along with willie geist filling in for matt today. just ahead, mary kay letourneau and vili fualaau. a school teacher and he was just 13 years old. nearly 14 years later, they are married and have two children and she just became a grandmother. we'll talk to them exclusively straight ahead. her son from her previous marriage and his wife have a
8:01 am
little girl. >> we're going to meet some urban explorers with cool footage. they risk life and limb to capture incredible view of new york city underground and what they find is pretty shocking at times. they'll be here to share more of their remarkable footage. >> latest gadgets come with a promise to give you a better night's sleep. they are becoming hip instead of adjustable beds they call them power beds. >> i got the standard bed. my bed doesn't move. >> i don't know about that. hey now. the gorilla in england. we just got new footage. michelle kosinski and her crew at the zoo. there he is. walking like a man, meredith. >> he is. >> that's just moments ago. >> do any of us know where matt is? i don't know. from behind there's a similarity. >> that's a cheap shot. >> he's not here to hit me. ann is off today. natalie is filling in at the news desk.
8:02 am
>> good morning, everyone. at least seven deaths are now blamed on the snowstorm that has pelted the northeast thursday with up to a foot and a half of snow. victims include several people hit by snowplows. utility crews are at work restoring power to thousands of customers. former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is back in the race for mayor of chicago. nbc's john yang is in chicago with more on emanuel's on again and off again legal battles. >> reporter: rahm emanuel is back on the battle for good thanks to a 7-0 illinois state supreme court decision. rahm emanuel got the news while greeting commuters at a downtown l stop. >> i immediately called my wife. i also called my parents and i took a call from the president of the united states. >> reporter: just hours later he was in the thick of it participating in a televised
8:03 am
debate. >> i think it's a real debate not about my residency. >> reporter: the question is whether he met the state law requirement that the candidates reside in the city for a year before the election. emanuel argued that he rented out his house and moved his family to washington to be chief of staff, he remained a chicago resident. >> i vote from here. paid property taxes here. >> reporter: the state supreme court agreed unanimously saying the lower court ruling booting him off the ballot was without any foundation in illinois law. the court now says he's a legal candidate, emanuel says he imposed a new law for family games nights. >> i banned resident in scrabble. even a triple world, you're not allowed to use it. >> reporter: this race is a sprint to the finish. election day less than 30 days away. early voting starts on monday.
8:04 am
natalie? >> all right. john yang, we'll see how he does there. clashes are intensifying today in egypt. tens of thousands of people rallied in cairo with many gathering near the palace of longtime press hosni mubarak demanding his resignation. police fired rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons. an employee may face murder charges in the shooting death of two armed men. the american says he fired in self-defense when two gunmen pulled up on a motor bike and tried to rob him in pakistan. he had just withdrawn money from an atm. in uganda where homosexuality is a crime, police insist the murder of a prominent gay activist was a result of a robbery and not because of his sexual orientation. however, fellow activists are demanding an investigation after david cato was beaten to death on wednesday. and the world's best blind golfer says his secret is always
8:05 am
testing his limits. a rare disease took jeremy from 20/20 finish to legally blind within just months in 2009. he beat players from 14 countries to win the world blind golf championship. jeremy also runs half marathons and sky dives. what have you done lately? it's now 8:05. let's go back outside to maria with the weather. quite an inspirational man. >> in new york we're recovering from the snowstorm but we have a lot more people i notice in the crowd. i think we're enjoying this kind of new york city weather. this weekend and next weekend the super bowl. do you guys wonder who you are rooting for. >> definitely the pittsburgh steelers. >> i couldn't tell. i couldn't tell. all right. redskins aren't in the super bowl but let's head to washington, d.c. our pick city today. light snow showers and 37 degrees. as we take a look at what's going on right now, a clipper goong thrhug the great lakes and northeast and light snow possible. look at the rest of the country. very quiet.
8:06 am
a nice warmup through the midsection. 63 in denver. miami, 69 degrees. almost the same. maybe some light showers across the pacific unfortunately our long stretch of fair weather is over. we are much cooler than at this time yesterday. the fog is back as well. widespread fog along the peninsula and the south bay. everywhere you head you will encounter dense patches. take it easy out there. we have changes courtesy of an onshore flow. that makes for dense fog into tomorrow morning and rain pushes in for the second half of your saturday. today is 65 degrees. coming up next, mary kay letourneau and vili fualaau 14 years later. grandmother for the first time.n wh them in an exclusive live interview right after this. usive live interview after this. ♪
8:07 am
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♪ i'm not just someone who's quitting with chantix and support, we share recipes. i'm your coworker. neighbor. teammate. -friend. -friend. -friend. [ male announcer ] over 7 million people nationwide have talked to their doctor about chantix. chances are, you could be one of them. talk to your doctor. find out if chantix is right for you. we are back at 8:10. remember mary kay laterneau, the former washington state teacher who made worldwide headlines for her affair with an under aged student? she went to jail and they later married. she's now a grandmother. we'll talk to them in a moment. first here's nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: mary kay laterneau, a grandmother for the first time at the age of 48. this video was shot when her grand d granddaughter ava was just three
8:11 am
days old. the baby is the daughter of mary kay's son. steve, the father is just a year younger than mary kay's husband vili fualaau. she made international headlines when she was charged with having sex with fualaau, then just 13 years old. >> in my heart and mind he wasn't an age. >> reporter: during the trial laterneau pled guilty and was convicted of two counts of second-degree child rape. she was ordered to avoid contact but while on bail was found having sex with him in a car. >> i did something that i have no right to do morally or legally. it was wrong and i am sorry. >> reporter: that resulted in a seven-year prison sentence.
8:12 am
she had two daughters with fualaau, the second while behind bars. shortly before her release in 2004, fualaau, then 21 years old, spoke to matt here on "today.." >> i would really like to be with her and start off where we left off. >> reporter: when she got out, the two did get back together and were married. these days he works as a d.j. at clubs in the seattle area and she's a legal assistant at a law firm. now a new role for the controversial former teacher as baby ava's grandmother. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> mary kay and vili are with us exclusively. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> the last time you were on with us was 2006. you were just celebrating your first year of marriage. after that you sort of faded out of the spotlight. you have been raising two daughters. what is life like for you, mary
8:13 am
kay? >> actually, parenting, very busy. i work, too. we both work. it's busy. our girls are 12 and 13. anybody with a 12 and 13-year-old, busy. got to stay on your toes for sure. >> vili, do you find people pretty much leave the two of you alone or do you find when you go out there are still those stares? >> i think it's pretty normal how people react when we go out in public. yeah. >> when you first got married, this goes back now years and people still feel this way, i think, wonder what the two of you have in common. you are 48, mary kay and vili,
8:14 am
you are 27. what do you have in common? >> what do we have in common? >> um -- >> besides that we are human beings? >> well, that's a start. what has kept you together? >> you mean like what interests do we have that are the same? >> sure. >> um -- >> well, we both love music. so that's vili's industry. it's a big part of our life. i think one thing that i notice about vili that i'm always -- it's just -- it still takes me back like the way he treats people and i actually think that's a lot like me, but he amazes me. i think our perspective on people and the way to treat
8:15 am
people is the same. >> you're parents now of two teenage teenagers. one is 13 years old and i know that's the age you began your relationship with mary kay. have you ex-paplained to her or your other daughter what happened with the two of you? >> i have explained what they could handle way back when we were younger. a little bit as they were growing up. i mean, they are fully aware of what happened back then now. >> so, mary kay -- go ahead, vili. >> it's not ever like a conversation we have like at the dinner table or at all pretty much. we just live our life pretty much. >> but, mary kay, if your daughter came to you now, the one who's 13 and said, i started a relationship with a teacher at my school, a male teacher, what would your reaction be? now that you're a parent.
8:16 am
>> well, one, i just want to preface it that there really isn't a comparison to a male in the situation compared to a female. >> what do you mean? >> i just don't believe -- there's physiological issues with a female having -- engaging in sexual activity. i would be worried if she was with someone her own age because ideally, particularly for a female, later. >> but mary kay, if you had a son who was 13 who was having a relationship with his female teacher, that would be okay? >> no. i didn't say it would be okay. i think in an ideal world nobody would say that's okay.
8:17 am
you want your children to wait. you want them to -- because you want them to be productive adults and get an education first. and experience all sorts of -- actual fun. >> when you look back now, mary kay and vili, with perspective that comes with time, what would you do differently? you know that you acted -- you said, what i have done is wrong morally and legally. what would you do differently if you could do it over? >> me, i don't really look at life that way. i think every day, am i doing my best? i don't look back and say what could i have done better.
8:18 am
i look back and say, i was doing my best in every situation at the time. so it's not -- i guess i don't look -- i mean, of course, if we go back to ideally, yeah, wouldn't it have been great if we waited. because there were tragic things that i was separated from my children. it's tragic. i guess let me just leave it at that. it's tragic. >> well, vili, let me ask you now. your girls are going to start dating at some point. do you see yourself as being a strict dad, a relaxed dad, knowing what you know? >> everybody says i'm pretty strict with my daughters having
8:19 am
boyfriends, but i actually think i'm pretty relaxed. i try to keep them focused more on what's important in life now like try to just stay a kid and focus on your school work and, you know, keep the grades up. >> before i let you go, mary kay, you had children from your first marriage. four children, i believe it was. >> yes. >> do you have a good -- and your son just had your first grandchild. do you have a good relationship with those children at this point? >> oh, absolutely. my son lived with us for quite a while. years. maybe four years. my son that just had baby ava. and my oldest daughter lives with us right now. i have a son away at college. so he doesn't live with either of his parents. but we do call one of our rooms nick's room because he comes on his breaks and then our other
8:20 am
daughter moved here and comes as often as she can now because she has a very nice boyfriend. it's hard to get her here on the weekends now. >> given the fact that what happened was certainly scandalous at the time, why do you think that you have been able to mend that relationship with your children? >> i know there was a lot of pain there. from just the separation. but there wasn't mending like there's anger. it was a different kind of healing, if that makes sense. so we stayed very close all the way through those years. it's just that i physically
8:21 am
wasn't there. so i can't imagine that for them. even thinking about the pain that they were in is something i don't touch easily. but healing through that, i think that when i was back and we were all back together i did think there was so much joy that we just took every day as -- we still do. every day is a gift, being together. when something tragic does happen like that, you can't not look at every day as this is a blessing. >> i want to let you guys go. last word for you, vili. for those of you that look at the two of you, judge you and say what you did was wrong, what
8:22 am
do you say to them? >> people are going to believe what they want to believe. >> we'll leave it at that. >> i have never had that question. but, yeah. >> you have never had what? >> i have never had that asked to me in public, ever. >> there it was. >> there it was. >> okay. well, mary kay and vili fualaau, thank you very much. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, meredith. >> still ahead, the bizarre and beautiful world beneath the streets of new york right after this. [ male announcer ] it's morning... and quaker loves morning. ♪ because when you start your day with the power of oatmeal it's good for your heart. it gives you energy. and it can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. ♪
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8:24 am
let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. i mean they're rewards, right? right? right. with the bankamericard cash rewards™ credit card... i get 1% cash back on every purchase.
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1% cash back on groceries. highlights. frog leg green. 1% cash back on... whatever that is? and there is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn. no expiration on rewards. no hoops to jump through. -simple. -i love this card. looove it. [ male announcer ] the refreshingly simple bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. just ahead, the bed that can help you stop your spouse from snoring. >> plus, underground new york -- the bizarre and beautiful world beneath our streets. after your local news.
8:26 am
>> it's 8:26 on your friday morning. this is marla tellez. get ready for rain. we look at the forecast. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the beautiful weather we had, give it up, it's a thing of the past as of this morning. widespread dense fog across the area and we are starting out chilly. you need the jacket throughout the day in the north bay along the peninsula where fog will prevent the sunshine from coming in. we have rain on the way through the second half of your saturday into sunday. you want to plan around that.
8:27 am
60 degrees in oakland and cooler conditions and rain showers starting at about 6:00 p.m. for saturday evening. let's get a check on traffic with mike. >> i'm starting out with an accident. the fog has been creeping in and northbound 280 past 880 and a minor accident, friday light. mild northbound slowing throughout the south bay. through sunol, patchy low clouds and friday light as well. fog out of thesas p as well as the bridges. more news after this. as
8:28 am
8:29 am
oakland teens have a new tool to report crimes. the school district and police launched a new program to let high school students to send tips through text messages. the texts will be sent anonymously signed to the number posted near 6 oakland high schools. we will be back with the next local update in about 30 minutes at 8:56 # blap
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> good morning to youwe have changes already this morning as a system of low pressure just
8:33 am
off to the west is pushing on shore providing an onshore flow and fog at the peninsula this morning. pushing inland as we head throughout the day today, we will see less sunshine and cooler temperatures as we head throughout the afternoon. temperatures will only climb into the upper 50s and low 60s. hope you have a fantastic weekend. now let's check in with our friend willard scott in ft. myers, florida. >> hey, i'm glad you could join us. we have a party in here. good old smuckers, the pride of orville, ohio where they have the nicest strawberries in the world. take a look as the jar spins about. we have a birthday buddy, robert martin from lantana, florida. 102 years old, a retired policeman, avid sportsman and knows all the statistics. i admire those people. incredible. saratoga springs, new york,
8:34 am
leone wahn, two-time breast cancer survivor. god bless her. incredible. she worked as a belly dancer until she was 90. she can clear a room. unbelievable. hallelujah. silver spring, maryland, david gim. swimming at least five times a week and eating vegetables, but not while swimming. they say it doesn't give you cramps. everything's changed today. viola, i like that name, lillehaugen, from brocket, north dakota. lives independently at 100 years old though she's partially blind, legally i guess is the word. avid quilter. happy birthday to you, my dear. and william engel from washington, pennsylvania. 100 yearles old today. recently built a cabin cruiser.
8:35 am
he loves the race boats. keep healthy forever. and rose goldfield is 100 years old. she says her intellect is the secret to her longevity. i wish i were that way. i don't know if i have a brain anymore. that's all from florida where the sun always shines. >> all right, willard. thank you very much. up next, the high tech bed that can stop your spouse's snoring with the push of a button. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
this morning on "today's consumer" the latest way to get a better night's sleep. janice lieberman is here with more. >> comfy? we spend a third of our life in bed and do more than ever before -- watch tv, log in,
8:38 am
listen to tunes. so bedmakers have a way to entice you to change your mattresses. >> our contour adjustable bed is designed to fit the curves of your body. >> reporter: you have no doubt seen the commercials but never thought these hospital-like beds that raise your fieet and head were meant for you. >> want an adjustable bed but don't think you can afford one. >> reporter: once marketed to older folks they are changing the name from adjustable to power beds to appeal to a younger crowd. >> i can definitely fall asleep on this, take a nap right now. >> reporter: check out the bells and whistles that some of us can only dream about like this yoga bed that can lower your head and feet to give you a good stretch. a lot more than a yoga class at $27,000. >> with just the push of a button, you will lower your
8:39 am
back, lower your legs. >> reporter: getting less expensive amnioc has a bed with speakers built into the head board for $3600. >> who's buying these beds? >> young people who want the best. they want a comfortable bed, a cool bed. >> reporter: okay. time to wake up. there are more affordable ones without as many features that will do the job. ikea adjustable beds run under $1,000. and sealy sells an adjustable base with vibrating massage and snore feature that will raise your partner's head to stop the noise so you don't have to. that will run you $1600. adjustable bases make up 2% of the overall market for mattress foundations but the category is growing rapidly. this new jersey store sells
8:40 am
traditional and adjustable ba s bases. how big is the adjustable bed business? >> 30% is the adjustable base business. we ask a simple question, do you want a standard foundation or a power foundation. then we talk about adjustable and the features and benefits of what it can provide. >> reporter: but are these high tech beds a pricey trend or here to stay? >> this is a trend that's not going to go away. the consumer loves new and innovative things. as time goes by, competition will bring lower prices. >> reporter: is it necessary to pay more for a good night's sleep? we asked sleep expert carol ash. what do you make of the adjustable beds? >> for people who want the luxury it's a great add-on, but you don't necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars propping yourself up with extra
8:41 am
pillows can be all you need to do. >> reporter: maria greenwood chose an adjustable bed and swears she sleeps sounder. why did you get one? >> years ago when i had a regular flat bed i would have four, five pillows behind my head, constantly adjusting them, my neck killing me. i wanted a bed i could raise up, sit comfortably, finish my work at night and relax at the same time, unwind. it goes completely straight up if you want to sit. >> reporter: you can watch tv up there? >> to watch tv. >> reporter: very cool. there's no going back to a regular bed. >> no going back. absolutely not. >> reporter: if you're not ready to get rid of the old bed, ask the company if your existing mattress will work on one of their foundations. that will save you a lot of money. ikea has them as low as $100 if you do it manually. they go up to thousands. >> this has the snore feature. >> i want you to try it.
8:42 am
this is by sealy, $1600 for the foundation. the mattress is $1200. press the snore button. your partner goes up. 30 minutes later it goes down. >> what is that going to do? stop him or her from snoring. instead of propping up pillows that works. while they are sleeping and snoring, eject them. >> wow. >> do you want a massage? >> i would love one. all i need is that gorilla and a margarita and i would be in heaven. up next, the world below. new york's under ground like you have never seen it before. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back at 8:44 with a modern day indiana jones.
8:45 am
urban explorer steve duncan has set foot where most won't dare to go -- underground, uncovering forgotten parts of the nation's city. recently our photographer tagged along for a new york city adventu adventure. >> you want to watch out for the third rail. next thing to watch for is not to be run over by a train. and the third thing to watch out for is not to be seen. it's cool. just be careful when you step on this. be very careful, the wood sometimes cracks. nice, huh? they really built this station all out. they really wanted to impress
8:46 am
people. careful. oh, remember when we saw that track? a train was coming from right behind us. running around subway tunnels. the coolest places in the city. there's no way to get to them without being wide open and exposed. new york's first sewer. come on down real quick. you can just see it and we'll pop right back up. andrew, don't let me get us arrested. >> okay. >> i love this kind of thing. century-old concrete. the section up here is the older part. just about two centuries old. >> that is just a little taste
8:47 am
of the documentary called "under city." steve duncan is here along with andrew wonder who shot the incredible vid yoecheo. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm watching you climb up to the top of the williamsburg bridge, climb through the sewers and dodge subway trains. i think a lot of people will think, why are you doing this? >> i'm an historian and i'm fascinated by how cities developed. there are so many interesting parts of the city hidden away, mostly underground. we wanted to show people hidden parts of the city and show a little bit about how the city developed. >> clearly you get a thrill. there is a little cat and mouse game. you are doing it without the blessing of the law. have you ever been arrested doing it and is it exciting for you? >> it is exciting. history, i think, can be really exciting if you do just look at history, as something that happens in books you're only getting part of the story.
8:48 am
seeing how new york developed is exciting. >> you did get arrested in paris? >> unfortunately, yeah. it was an interesting experience. i was arrested on notre dame and the police told us we have to arrest you, but we completely understand why you're here and why you would want to do this. it's a beautiful part of the city's structure. >> there is a great moment, andrew, where he says, oh, don't step on the third rail. you will die immediately. why are you following this crazy guy around? >> i was always fascinated with the under ground and just the visceral experience. i went down just to learn about it. once i was there and realized, wow, there is so much emotion, so exciting. you forget about the third rail. you just experience a world you have never seen before. >> you have seen london, moscow, stockholm, paris. what's the hairiest situation you have been in? >> the scariest times have been in new york so far.
8:49 am
i have been caught by the incoming tide in storm drains here. i have fallen in an underground river and got an infection that landed me in the hospital for a couple of weeks. so all frightening, but good learning experiences i would say. >> this has become a hit online, andrew. hundreds of thousands of views. what do you think it is about this video that fascinates people? >> i think just we as a society have so many ideas about what the underunderground means. people project their fear, excitement on top of it. and seeing places you have never seen that you walk by every day, something so attractive about different people get sucked in. >> it's a 27-minute video and when you look at the views most people finish it. >> i watched the whole thing last night. it's fascinating, harrowing at times but a good watch. steve duncan and andrew wonder, thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> up next, the secret to making
8:50 am
delicious home made pasta. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," back to basics. home made pasta may sound like something to leave to the professionals, but chef donatella says you can do it.
8:52 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> before i get to the pasta i'm being blinded by the ring. how gorgeous. you got engaged. >> i did, over the holidays. >> what's his name? >> dr. alan stuart. >> a doctah! >> mom's happy. >> let's talk about this. i never think it's possible to make pasta in the kitchen. >> it's easy and we don't have machines. this is double zero flour. we'll sprinkle some salt. >> where do you get double zero flour. never heard of it. >> you can use all purpose, but i prefer double zero. >> you made a well here. >> you make your well. stake your fork and incorporate a little water. >> right into the well? >> in the center. a little at a time. >> i did too much already. >> keep going, meredith. >> oh, look at that. >> it's like glue. >> okay. >> are we doing the whole thing? >> yeah. they want you to do it.
8:53 am
here at the "today" show they want you to make pasta by hand so you can cook. >> i would be calling for takeout by now. >> you start incorporating. >> oh, shoot. >> that's why we have the apron on. >> so this is done. really. i'm over this part. >> it's fun. you get your tension out. >> yes. >> you knead for ten minutes. nice. what is that? my aunts in italy -- all right. look. you rope it into snakes. it's so easy. take the dough, royalty and cut it into a little piece. you can put it on this paddle and, look, cavatelli. >> now you have to buy a paddle? >> you don't have to. you can do it with your fingers like this. >> how do you open the thing? >> what are you doing?
8:54 am
>> it's not so easy, you know. this is the praud of it. >> you take the dough and roll. >> one more and we'll move on. you can do it. >> roll. and you roll. and you get this is the point. okay. oh, you need to have a little opening. >> yes. >> now you let it dry? >> for 10, 15 minutes. in italy, you let it dry in the sun. >> oh, okay, fine. you boil it in water for three, four minutes. as soon as it floats it's done. >> that looks fantastic actually. >> isn't it beautiful. >> all kidding aside that's relatively easy to do. >> come on, it is. >> i agree with you. and what do you have? >> fried eggplant, basil and smoked mozzarella. >> oh, how nice. >> a little basil for garnish. >> okay. just throw it on? >> tear it up a little bit.
8:55 am
>> grated pecorino. >> oh, two cheeses. why not? >> this is roasted cauliflower and bacon. >> come on in. oh, that's interesting. >> meredith, you look like you need help. >> natalie, you are a cook. >> i love -- there is nothing like the taste of home made pasta. >> do you make it? >> no. are you kidding me? oh, many i gosh. amazing. >> you're not a cook at all, are you? >> i have a lot of menus i can call on. >> sorry for the double dipping. i'm going back for more. >> and that's roasted call cauliflower and bacon. before this is over you're making your own. >> i want to see if somebody else can do it. >> you have to roll it on this thing? >> take your fingers and push it down. >> that's a lot offf e ft aororr
8:56 am
bowl of pasta. >> we'll be right back. >> good morning. it's 8:56. let's get a forecast. a bit of a break from the heat. >> the heat, the beautiful weather, however you look at it. it's going to be different today. already different.
8:57 am
onshore flow changing and bringing us back to normal which is onshore flow and heavy fog along the peninsula where we have been fog-free for a week or so. a system of low pressure will bring us rain into the second half of saturday through the first part of sunday. if you are making plans, rain will come downright in the middle of our weekend. i think you are best off for the in fremont.f saturday scott is back with more news after the break
8:58 am
you may hear the roar of jets this morning swooping over the east bay in a few minutes. f-18 hornets of set to land in oakland two minutes from now.
8:59 am
a high flying part of the training and the jets will take off in a couple hours from now. thank you for joining us. the "today" show continues next. ♪ [ female announcer ] picking tights isn't always easy. ♪ picking a free detergent is. switch to tide free & gentle in the white and blue bottle. no other free detergent is milder on skin. and unlike the leading free detergent, it removes more residue from dirt, food, and stains. so nothing spoils this tights enthusiast's enthusiasm. tide free & gentle. style is an option. clean is not. also look for tide stain release free.
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on friday morning, the 28th day of january, 2011. you're looking at the fine folks who weathered the latest snowstorm in manhattan. another couple rounds of snow on the way. inside of studio 1-a, i'm willie geist along with natalie morales and amy robach. matt is off today. the storm dumped more than a foot and a half of snow wednesday into thursday. tens of thousands of people have no power still. we'll get the latest in a live report. >> it's been fun though.
9:01 am
>> how much more can we take? >> snow day! >> more trouble for charlie sheen after two 911 calls were made. he was rushed to a los angeles hospital after a night of partying at his house. we'll get the latest on his condition and what happened. >> then in real estate from new york to mexico, texas to tennessee, we have great property from $350,000 or less. you will be surprised what you can get. if you have had it up to here with the fighting and screaming between your children, people will tell you there are three things to do as parents to limit sibling rivalry in the family. we'll tell you what the tips are to keep the peace. >> all three of us will be watching that one. >> my sisters and i used to get each other. >> ann's off and you have a check of the top stories. >> egyptian police are firing teargas, water cannons and rubber bullets at protesters
9:02 am
demanding the end of the three-decade rule. angry demonstrators surrounded the president's tower this morning. the government pulled the plug on internet service in a move that's unprecedented in scale. this morning a bomb exploded inside a supermarket in kabul's embassy district killing at least nine people, including three foreign women and a child. the taliban is claiming responsibility saying the attack targeted a u.s.-based security contractor. residents in the northeast are keeping shovels on stand-by as another storm system heads to the region this weekend. peter alexander is on cleanup duty in queens this morning. how's it going? >> reporter: we're having fun, too. that one's coming at you. these guys aren't messing around. consider the records broken. 155 daily snowfall records broken across the country this month alone from lexington, kentucky, to hartford, connecticut.
9:03 am
a lot of people are dealing with what the plows left behind. they cleared the streets, but imagine trying to get that car out of here and there is more snow in the forecast. now the back-breaking cleanup -- again. slammed by another 19 inches in central park, enough to make this new york city's snowiest january on record, the city's aggressive response thursday included more than 1700 plows. in the nation's capital, the pounding now proved deadly as trees crashed onto cars killing one woman and just missing this man. >> i was just about to leave. next thing you know the tree fell on top of my head. >> reporter: in boston two men have their own story after the roof of a parking garage collapsed beneath heavy snow, trapping them inside. firefighters spent three hours digging through snow and mangled steel to pull them to safety. >> we almost got crushed. the roof of the car got almost this far from us and we had a
9:04 am
little way to breathe. >> we're really lucky to be here today and to be alive. >> reporter: while the storm was forecast its intensity caught many by surprise. in gloucester, massachusetts, people expected four inches and woke up to 14. the five hard etsest hit cities so far -- worcester, mass, 62 inches. boston, 62, hartford, 71 inches and now the all-time snowiest month on record, rochester new york, 76. in syracuse, a jaw-dropping 113 inches -- nearly ten feet. today, airlines hope to finish clearing the backlog of passengers after the storm grounded more than 1200 flights around new york alone. thousands are still without power. and for millions of students it's back to class after a snow day -- only the ninth in 33 years for new york city schools. you can imagine where their heads might be. do you like to go fast or slow?
9:05 am
>> medium. >> reporter: immediate -- medium. good answer. you have to love little adam. he also introduced me to the snow five. we are left an inch shy of the snowiest month on record. imagine that. more than three feet already. we have plenty of snow left. >> willie geist is making fun of that throw. >> that's a weak toss. >> the camera's worth more than i am. the goal is right beneath the lens. >> rear back and fire, peter. come on. >> thank you, peter. president obama has chosen vice president biden's communications chief jay carney, a former time magazine journalist to replace robert gibbs as press secretary. nasa is conducting a ceremony in memory of the challenger disaster 25 years ago today. millions of americans including
9:06 am
school children were watching on live television as the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after lift-off. the seven-member crew included christa mcauliffe the first school teacher astronaut. in another sign that american automakers are bouncing back, this morning ford reported the largest profit in more than a decade. $6.6 billion. in 2010 ford was the top-selling brand in the nation. and it looks like evolution is skipping a few steps right before our eyes. this is the gorilla we can't get enough of. is simian who walks like a man. our cameras caught him going for a stroll at a wildlife park in england. if he starts talking it might be time to rewrite the biology textbook. he's checking out the view. >> look at him. it's comfortable. >> hey, what's going on here? >> do you ever go to the zoo and the gorillas are looking at you and you think, that's a man in a
9:07 am
gorilla suit. >> that would explain a lot. you see a lot of men who look like gorillas. >> that's true. we have been accused, we men. >> i think they act like gorillas. >> natalie, thank you. now a check on the forecast from the weather channel's maria larosa in for al. >> we have a great crowd. these lovely young ladies dug out from ten feet of snow from syracuse. how long have you been out here? >> since 6:00. >> wait a bit longer and you'll see more snowfall in new york city. take a look at the radar picture. we are picking up snowshowers. there may be a few healthy bursts out there. you could get a dusting across parts of the northeast. overall over the next day or two we have a series of clippers coming through that will amount to one to three inches in spots through the northern great lakes talking more like three to six. the rest of today, not bad in the northeast. we are seeing the sunshine from the south to the southwest. maybe morning fog in california and the showers continue in the pacific north wis.
9:08 am
you got it right. we have a lot of fog in our area and it is starting to lift above the highway. you still want to take it easy as we have patchy dense fog you may confront on the way to work. we are looking good overall. on the mild side, but changes are coming. we are looking towards rain showers for the second half of saturday and the first part of sent. you want to make the outdoor plan, saturday early will be the best bet. 65 in san jose. have a great day. amy, back inside to you. >> all right, maria, thank you. now to actor charlie sheen who was rushed to a los angeles emergency room after a night of partying at his home. it is his third hospitalization in as many months. nbc's lee cowan is in l.a. with more on this. lee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. yeah, sheen's publicist said he was suffering from severe abdominal pain and an ambulance took him from his home to the hospital early yesterday morning. given all the headlines he's
9:09 am
made recently a lot of people feared the worst, but those close to him say it may not be what people expect. >> reporter: details were few, but outside cedars-sigh anai mel center hints of sheen's condition were troubling. sheen's family including martin sheen were seen rushing to his bedside. the first 9-1-1 call came from sheen's home around 6:35 a.m. thursday. people magazine reports a separate 911 call came from the home of real housewives star adrian milanavoicz. tmz said there had been a party at sheen's home and linked porn star casey jordan to the festivities. >> drinking like -- literally too much. it was that time of night when everyone was too drunk. then there was a phone call for the drugs. i had to leave because if i didn't leave i would be in the hospital. i couldn't keep up. i called my dry rep and said, you have to get me out of here.
9:10 am
>> reporter: when news of the hospitalization broke, sheen's spokesman would only say the star of "two and a half men" was suffering stomach pains. many feared it was a symptom of something else. >> the reports are that charlie sheen has been using lately and partying a lot. this would be a consistent pattern we have seen from charlie over the last several months. >> reporter: sheen insists he didn't have a problem, but it was only three months ago he was admitted to a different hospital in new york after police allege he went on a drunken rampage, trashing his room at the plaza hotel. back then his spokesman called it a bad reaction to medication. that same spokesman has a different explanation for the latest hospitalization -- a hiatal hernia. in a statement charlie sheen told dispatchers he had a history of such an ailment. whatever the cause of the pain, addiction experts like dr. howard samuel says that sheen's
9:11 am
pattern of behavior is classic. and only until an addict hits rock bottom will he admit it. that could mean losing the one thing sheen's got going for him -- his job. >> charlie is being enabled by having the show and tons of money. so his behavior is being validated by everyone around him. >> reporter: cbs had no comment although an exec sieve said recently that they were concerned about what was going on in sheen's private life but at the same time said it never really affected his performance. it probably won't this time either. "two and a half men" was on hiatus. they don't expect to go back into production until next week. amy? >> thank you very much. "today" contributor gail saltz and courtney haislett join us. what have you found out about what may have happened? >> it's groundhog day at the sheen residence. it's a habit of partying really,
9:12 am
really hard, putting himself in a situation that is, a, illegal, and, b, not reputable at all. then it going badly. charlie sheen still shows up for work most of the time on time. it's not a situation where somebody at "two and a half men" can step in and say, hey, listen, we have to have a serious conversation now because he's the highest paid actor on television. no one's going to put a stop to this. >> what do you make of reports of the hiatal hernia? >> really. >> people think maybe something else is going on. >> the hernia could be there. 25% of people have them. they are generally not a problem. but they can become irritated. basically by reflux from the stomach which is greatly exacerbated in situations with alcohol abuse or drug abuse. and that can give you the sense of having a heart attack. but with the pattern of behavior here, obviously what everybody's really concerned about is, you
9:13 am
know, spiralling addiction, what i would call acquired hubris. the idea that when someone has been given tremendous power and people around them are telling them they can do no wrong and it seems that way because everything they do they still come back and work on the tv set, it gives them a sense of being superhuman and making bad decisions and not thinking there will be consequences. >> it is a tragic flaw in culture. we have read about it over and over again. >> let me ask you this, why do you think he hasn't suffered from the negative publicity and the things that it looks like he's doing to his body off camera? >> what you have here is not a person put up on a pedestal, well respected with a squeaky clean image and they fell. this isn't tiger woods. this is charlie sheen. people realize by definition this is what you get. he's on a show where he basically plays himself. so i think that's one of the reasons he's teflon charlie,
9:14 am
until something really horrific happens. >> which i fear is coming. >> it may be what ends up happening. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, from a custom built home to an old-fashioned southern charmer we'll check out the properties more less than $350,000. and later, no more hunger pains. the foods to keep you satisfied even when you're on a diet after ag if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta. and if you wake up often in the middle of the night... rest is here, on the wings of lunesta. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion.
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i want guidance that takes me where i need to be, without any problems along the way. i feel the same way when i do taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate, so i know it's done right. they even offer representation in case of an audit. which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results. ♪ this morning on "today's real estate" what you can get for $350,000 or less. from a ranch home with mountain views to a classic colonial today barbara corcoran has terrific homes to show us. >> big homes as well. >> we like to hear that at a good price tag. we have a great home outside houston, texas, the clear lake area, listed for $309,000.
9:18 am
what will that get you? >> it gets you one big 3,000 square foot house in the clear lake city area which is one of the best areas of the city. it has one of the largest marinas in the country, ballet company and symphony orchestra. a sophisticated place. there is the charm of the house, in my opinion. a sparkling blue pool out back. beautiful landscaping, your own paradise. inside, there are tons of windows, lots of light. it shows like a show case house. it has a lot of slate tile floors which is unusual. most people don't tend to put that in homes. >> why not? >> it's hard on the feet honestly. >> cold, too. >> but it's maintenance-free and unifies the rooms in the house. the dining room, a window off to the left and a spare little dining room. >> in case you need a spare. >> pick your place to have dinner. >> a lot of home for $309,000.
9:19 am
our next home is in memphis, tennessee. another great town. i love it there. it's a southern style home going for just under $350,000. >> yes. what's unusual about the home is it's on an island in the middle of the mississippi river. you wouldn't know it looking at the picture. >> wow. >> it's very old-fashioned in styling with an old-fashioned southern look including the double tiered porches. you expect that in new orleans. >> yeah. >> there's the backyard. >> lots of pools. >> i think that's the only other pool we are showing today. there is an oval-shaped pool. look at the extension of the upper porch. you can make a second home on the porch upstairs all summer long. >> love it. >> i think the living room has too much furniture. feels crowded. >> get rid of the furniture. >> move it out and missouri yours in. >> and the master bedroom. ceiling fans, a third window you can't see, but plenty of light in the house. the archways correct the rooms. people like open floor plans and
9:20 am
the beautiful wood floors we saw peek of. here's the spare room. what you do with it, i don't know. >> you need another big couch to fill it with. >> and people to sit on it as well. >> next is rio rancho, new mexico for $339,000. if you like the desert and mountain views, this is the place for you. >> a ranch house with a red tile house. people hear "ranch house" and think informal. but when you peek inside this house -- >> oh, the view. >> almost overlooked the best thing. a view to die for. this house without the view would be worth 20, 25% less. but this is the view that surrounds the house out every window. >> wow. >> there is a ranch living room to looks formal to me. it's a formalized treatment of the house. >> interesting curtains. >> yeah. >> interesting color on the couch. you see the kitchen island in the background and the new cupboards. we have a better view. the kitchen is spacious, very
9:21 am
expensive. everything is top of the line in the kitchen. another bedroom. remember, with the price on this house for all the space and all the luxury, $339,000. >> nice master bath, dining room. let's get closer to us in the upstate new york region in orchard park. what did you find there? a house for $350,000? >> you have to realize orchard park is a suburb of buffalo. long ago this was one of the original quaker settlements. today it still has the annual quaker arts festival. this is a good old classic red brick house in meticulous condition on a quiet street with a huge front lawn. i think once you get inside, the colors kind of chop up the rooms. odd choice of colors and patterns. >> easy to change, the paint color. >> a great way to look at the house is picture all the rooms, every room you see painted a pale shade and what a difference it would make in the house. >> so true. >> that's a huge family kitchen. everything top of the line. i love the floors there.
9:22 am
they have been recently redone. it's meticulous. a few too many tchotchkes in the bedroom. with neutrals the house would be much prettier. unusual black drapery. >> this is an interior design segment. >> i guess it is. remember that house is only $350,000 and it's a lot of house. >> it is. good homes you showed us again, barbara. >> thank you, natalie. >> for more information on the homes go to as always, barbara, thanks. coming up, how to save on health care from high price prescriptions to doctors' visits. we'll show you how to save hundreds of dol mhesegeessas. es.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched. 9:26. i'm marla tellez. not as warm today or over the weekend we have a look at the forecast. >> we have rain on the way. the sunny skies are a thing of the past. we will see partly cloudy skies for the first part of today and the clouds will increase throughout this afternoon as a system tries to make its way onshore and bring rain showers heading into the second half of saturday for the first part of sunday. 68 degrees in santa cruz and about to ten degrees cooler. back into the 50s for the
9:27 am
weekend, average for this time of year. clear for the second half of sunday >> we were talking about sunol as you talked about things lifting above the roadway. we have fog, but not a problem as far as the drivers are concerned. until you hit the top of the hill, moving further east, we see oakland with the very light friday volume past the coliseum. starting to lift the cameras on the building and that gives an indicator of how high the clouds are. the back ups still going back and the fast tracks are moving and low clouds there. benicia and carquinas, it's tough to see. back after this.
9:28 am
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9:29 am
line going south last night. their train could not cross the bridge because it was broken. the light rail came to pick up the riders and the san francisco port said that bridge is not fixed this morning. we have better bus news from the south bay. new buses that will make your trip to the airport cheaper and easier. in a few hours, the santa clara valley transportation authority is unveiling five hybrid flyer buses. at san jose's international airport. forget about the fare machines. this service is free. the green vehicles will connect travelers and light rail service and caltrain. vta customers can park for free at the park and ride and catch the flight to the airport.
9:30 am
justin said, what are we going to do? hand to hand combat. we put justin on an airplane and in vans. he focused on what we had to do. ♪ yeah >> that was nice, man. don't forget us. >> we are all feeling bieber fever. that's part of the new film "justin bieber: never say never." the 16-year-old's rise from youtube performer to worldwide pop phenom. all of the girl and boy fans will be here on monday to see him. come on down for a glimpse. he'll be here in studio to talk
9:31 am
about it. coming up in this half hour, sibling rivalry. we have all been there whether as the siblings get beaten up or the parents try to break them apart. but the bickering and hair pulling between your kids, you may be fuelling the fire. we'll have tips to help the kids get along better. >> with rising health care costs posing a big problem for families we'll tell you how to save on everything from doctor visits to prescriptions and insurance. later, how to eat more and weigh less. my kind of diet. foods to make you feel full when you are dieting. >> have a pea. >> i don't know if that will make me feel full. >> a single pea. first, lester and amy have a preview of "today" for this weekend. >> coming up, high school drama. that's redundant. the class of 2011 has plenty of mean girls, teen moms, scenes of sex and drugs. what happened to the days of "the wonder years." looking at the face of america.
9:32 am
and online danger, the growing threat to you and your privacy. tips to keep you safe from cyber predators. >> and grace and gold come together at the u.s. figure skating championships this weekend. scott hamilton has a preview for us. and it's where the super bowl journey begins and the factory that makes the footballs. wilson has been making them for the big game since 1941. we'll take you on a tour. that and more when we see you this weekend here on "today." >> sounds good. we'll tune in. let's check on the weather with maria larosa in for al again. a little bit of snow. >> little bit. that's the key word. we have a snow train here of clippers coming through. that will bring more snow, accumulating snow. generally one to three across the grajsd parts of the north -- great lakes and parts of the northeast. sunny and warm. showers along the gulf coast and in the northwest. by sunday, a chance of flakes in the northeast. showers across the southeast. still dry in the southwest.
9:33 am
hey, we already did the tease. sorry about that. pardon me. we have good temperatures right now. the sun is out and we are warming up. we have a system of low pressure onshore. for us, thatha means we are goi to see rain as of this weekend.g showers starting up saturday evening. lasting through the ptar first of your sunday. overall it will be cooler through the weekend. the long stretch of fair weather is closed. have a great day. guys. >> thank you. coming up next, can't we all get along? we'll tell you how to keep the peace between your kids after this. with the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a trip to vegas twice as fast! [ brays ] and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang. is caesar home? we get double miles every time we use our card, no matter what we're buying. thank you! thank you very much! [ garth ] it's hard to beat double miles! if anyone objects,
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with hidden valley salad kits! everything you need all in one bag, like garlic croutons, lemon pita bites, parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing. turn plain lettuce into a hidden valley salad. this morning on "today's family" sibling rivalry. it's normal for brothers and sisters to squabble but there are things you can help them do to get along better. amy mcreedy is founder of good morning. >> good morning. >> the sibling rivalry can get out of hand. why is it important to start from the very beginning to make sure you are setting the right foundation, the right guidelines? >> all siblings will fight from time to time. if we are not careful the normal fighting and competition can really evolve into deep-seated rivalry that can last into the adult years. >> lifetime. >> we want to get on it early.
9:38 am
>> a lot of parents do this and will relate when they hear this is using labels, whether or not we use them or not. what do you mean by that? >> well, labels promote sibling rivalry. sometimes the labels are obvious like if mom calls you the go-getter or the athletic one i assume i'm the opposite. or if she refers to me jokingly as the problem child you can feel superior as the well behaved one. it creates rivalry. sometimes the labels are unspoken like the go-to kid is the one you go to quickly when you want things done without a fuss. how does that make everybody else feel? >> you have to be careful what you say and what you don't say. and one of the things that parents do is if you overprotect a child from another the other child become it is aggressor and the protected child become it is victim. i find with my little one sometimes i protect him too much. a lot of parents can relate. >> absolutely.
9:39 am
when we jump in and comfort the victim or injured party with hugs and, "oh, poor baby" it shows being a victim is a great way to get attention. >> and the older child feels they get the blame perhaps they didn't even do. >> and there is power in that. there becomes power in being the bully or aggressor. >> if they are hurt you have to comfort them a little, right? >> absolutely. tend to them, make sure they are okay. empathize that, gosh, i'm sorry you got into a scuffle with your brother. >> you say it's important to stay out of the fight, let them resolve it. if they are fist pounding, biting as my older sister and i used to do -- we would get physical -- how do you keep from getting involved? >> if it's physical you have to intervene. for the rest of the fights stay out of it. that gives them the opportunity to work it out on their own. you need to let them know the
9:40 am
tattle tale department is closed. i'm letting you work it out. listen from a distance from the other room and you will be surprised at how quickly they dwindle. >> you say intervene only as a mediator. how do you help them resolve it? >> you're not going to be judge and jury. you're the mediator, help them find a solution. bring them together and say, okay. let's hear both sides of the story. have them start with an "i feel" statement. i feel angry because, i feel hurt because. that's how they can own their feelings and know they are okay, but you can't take them out on our brother. say, all right, what ideas do you have to solve the problem? let them come up with the solutions. >> great. hoping they can. >> if they can't you can offer up a solution or two. >> the last tip is referring to siblings as being in the same boat. >> if they can't work it out, put them in the same boat. everybody get it is same consequence. doesn't matter who started it or did what. >> nobody plays the wii.
9:41 am
>> if you can't agree on a solution, everybody goes in the same boat and everybody loses privileges. >> great advice. amy, thank you very much. >> thank you, natalie. >> up next, taking care of your money while taking care of your health. we have ways to help save right after this. ney others missed. if there's any way i can get a few extra dollars in my bank account-- for me, it really does matter. especially rig now. times are hard. wan we gkt acer b me ddiy to.ue [ announcer ] if you're not using h&r block, .u d beulvicoea lng money on t tableea. call 1-800-hrblock, and never settle for less. [ music stops ] [ music resumes ] mmm... ice cream! ice cream! ice cream! no, it's yogurt! ice cream! ice cream! ice cream! ice cream! no, it's splitz! aaahh! aaahh! [ male announcer ] yoplait splitz... the yogurt that tastes like a sundae!
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9:44 am
this morning on "today's money" lowering your health care costs. rising deductibles and co-pays can put a dent in your wallet. there are ways to save on doctor visits, prescriptions and more. good morning. you say we should shop around for prescriptions but be careful doing that. >> absolutely. generics work well for most conditions. there may be a few medical reasons, things that are hormones, et cetera, where you may not respond the same way, but in general ask about generics and shop around. you know, a lot of stores offer $4 generics. you may have seen that. also, you can order your drugs online but using a reputable source, something like >> i was going to ask, how do i
9:45 am
know the difference between one that's reputable and one that isn't. >> if there is one that says you don't need a prescription, cheap viag viagra, whatever, not good. the good ones you need your doctor to send the prescription. you can't get drugs immediately. it may take a couple of days, but it's a good thing to do. in the long run you can save up to 75%, 80%, especially on expensive drugs. >> here's one that's daunting to people. you say negotiate with your doctor. how do you go about doing that? >> don't be afraid to do it. for example, if you want to go to a really good surgeon or a doctor who's been recommended to you or someone you heard is the best, they may not take your insurance. so what you can do is negotiate. talk to the doctor and say, look, is there anything we can do? the doctor may say, yes, talk to my billing person. doctors often don't like to talk about money, per se. bring it up and say, is there something we can do? talk to the billing agent and
9:46 am
see if they might accept what your insurance company calls reasonable and customary. if they might be willing to accept that or something less than the total fee. >> let's go to the dentist. you say it might be okay to spread out the dental treatments a little more. >> it can. if you really want to save on your dental care, go every six months and get the cleaning to avoid big problems. if you need expensive work and, face it, it's es pensive for a root canal and crown. many dental insurance has a cap, you know, a maximum amount paid each other year. so ask if you can get your root canal before the end of the calendar year, get reimbursed for what you can for that. get a temporary crown which is fine. it will last for months if you need to. wait until the new calendar year for the crown. you will get another reimbursement. it can be a smart move. >> for some people, dealing with the insurance company can be more painful than whatever they went through with the doctor.
9:47 am
>> yeah. >> you say appeal to the insurance company. >> they don't make it easy. it can be tricky to do the paperwork. so often, a claim that's denied can be a simple mistake like the doctor didn't give the right diagnostic code or something. worth finding out what they say was the reason, asking your doctor or his billing agent to help. fill out the paperwork and do it. in about 50% of all cases, it is resolved in your favor. totally worth doing. but it's a pain. >> this is important. think twice before going to the emergency room. >> yeah. >> a lot of things you want to rush in for you don't need to. >> a lot of people use the emergency room as their primary care physician i.'s not a good idea. think twice. if you're having -- if you could be remotely having a heart attack, can't stop the bleeding, a bone is broken, of course go to emergency room. but think of urgent care centers. during daylight hours call the doctor's office and get advice. is this an emergency? urgent care centers are often
9:48 am
open late or 24 hours a day. they have good doctors. usually they will take your insurance copay. before you have an emergency it's good to research your area, find one that takes your insurance. know where to go if something bad happens. >> thank you. up next, how to eat more when you're on a diet.
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning on eat smart today, foods that make you feel full. not surprisingly, the number one complaint of dieters is that they are always hungry. it doesn't have to be that way if you choose the right foods. madeline is here with bulk up snacks to help you drop the weight and feel satisfied. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is what everybody wants the answer to. >> everybody who's trying to lose weight goes, i'm hungry, i want to eat more food. we have ways to let you eat more
9:51 am
but not get extra calories. >> it is the difference between low and high density foods? >> when you think about calories per ounce you can think about calories packed in or dulling it up with air -- bulk it up with air, water or fiber. we want to eat for the amount of food, not the calories. >> let's start with airy foods. >> popcorn versus real corn. >> how far does 100 calories go? here is 100 calories of corn kernels. here's what happens when you pop it into popcorn. you get three cups versus half cup. with rice, half a cup, if you puff it up to rice cakes you have a lot more to eat. people like to have that sense of fullness. the best example is -- look at crackers. five crackers, 100 calories. if you puff it up you can have five big ary crackers and the same 100 calories with a sense
9:52 am
of greater -- >> you feel like you're eating a lot more. >> you have volume and it fills up your stomach. but it's air that's replacing it. >> that's the way fizzy water works, too. >> right. you're with the program. >> i have done that. >> then you can choose food with a high water content. >> so we did air. we'll look at water. when you plump up foods with water there are no extra calories but it keeps you fuller. here's a box full of raisins. >> doesn't look like much. >> it's not when you're eating it. look how many grapes. same calories. >> huge difference. >> and you can pop them in your mouth one by one. 100 calories goes further when you pump in the water. the same goes for vegetables. we have regular green peas and snow peas. this is 100 calories worth piled up on the plate. this is, again, all the water fills up your stomach with no calories instead of extra
9:53 am
calories. >> this is one i have been working on. i know this helps. fiber-rich options. >> fiber is different from the air and water. that stuff you can see. fiber is really invisible. it's a carbohydrate. >> a good one. >> it has no calories only because it's not digested. when you eat fiber you eliminate it. it doesn't get absorbed as calories. cup for cup, white pasta and whole wheat pasta have the same calories but there is so much more fullness in the fiber from whole wheat that you can eat less. so you get the same fullness from a cup of regular pasta and two-thirds of a cup of whole wheat pasta. you look at the amount and say, that looks puny. >> it does. i'll be honest. >> when you eat this, your stomach gets this fiber, expands in your stomach and you go, gee, i feel a lot better, fuller. the visible difference is
9:54 am
something you can't say, this doesn't look like enough, because it is. >> and there is brown rice -- >> and barley. the issue here is grains. you have a cup of white rice. the fullness factor is low because there is nothing to stick with you. when you add fiber and you have 3 grams in this brown rice, then you get almost 6 grams in the barley. this smaller amount gives you the same fullness. >> and less calories. >> a lot less calories because you can cut back the portion. high fiber foods allow you to downsize the portions. >> great. when i was working on a weight training, my trainer used to say, don't drink your fruit. eat it. >> that's right. that's the best advice of all. here you have 80 calories in an orange filled with water and fiber. for the same 80 calories you get six ounces of orange juice. you'd have to drink eight glasses of orange juice to get the four grams of fiber. >> ten times for calories.
9:55 am
80 versus 800. you always want to eat your fruit. >> used to have a trainer. >> that was a long time ago. >> thank you so much. >> all right. six kids will change comingth u? coming up, the results of the instant ambush makeovers for some lucky ladies. >> but first, your local news. e
9:56 am
>> it's 9:56. let's get a weekend forecast with christina. >> good morning, scott.
9:57 am
we have changes on the horizon a system of low pressure that will make its way onshore. bringing with it some rain. showers will start in the north bay, probably tomorrow afternoon and late afternoon and spreading south throughout the bay area. clearing finally for the second half of your sunday. for today, we will be above average for one more day. 61 in redwood city and 65 is the forecasted highs in los gatos. it will be mild, but not quite as mild as yesterday. temperatures dropping by to 10 degrees and we are back in the 50s for the weekend. make sure you have the winter clothes back out and handy. we will see what the roads look like. >> you will have trouble seeing the roads because the fog is sticking around. over here in the east, highway 4 and because of friday light, no problems as far as the speeds go. we are back at the limit. both directions are slowing and
9:58 am
keep in mind the foggy patches that christina is talking about, through the east bay hills might be an issue. the fog advisory there as well as the richmond and golden gate bridge. look at that. that will be an issue over the bay. the metering lights are still on. >> san francisco is expanding. the high tech company considered building a campus in oakland or san jose, but chose san francisco because they believe that's where the most talented workers live and want to live. >> we're saw that google is trying to hire more people as well. we are competing for talent and we think the most talented people want to be in the san francisco area. they want to work for us and don't want to do the commute. >> they would build the campus in mission bay. the mayor said it's great news for san francisco's tax base and twitter is looking for more
9:59 am
space and hoping the communications giant will follow the lead. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in a minute. relieves it with moisturizers plus the power of cortizone-10. new hydratensive lotion. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be.
10:00 am
here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. and hoda coffey. live from studio 1[a]. >> does it not feel like the longest week in the world? it's january 28, by the way. >> why was it so long? >> for me, i took the red eye. then a couple of snowstorms, blizzards will do it, right? >> that will do it. >> expecting more today.
10:01 am
>> i'm going to florida where it's warm. i'm not trying to make you feel bad or brag. >> there's a difference between jealous and envious to me. jealous is i'm going to kick you off the plane and go instead. envious is i'm happy for you. >> i'm going to do a book signing with jennifer miller. she has her own store [down arrow] there. >> off of worth. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow and saturday. >> and you're going to get a little sun. do you want to see the greatest legs and feet you've ever seen in your life? she'll be out by the pool. >> i'm doing the susan komen run. >> charlie sheen is back in the news again. this is frustrating. this is the third time in three
10:02 am
months. he was rushed to the hospital withab abdominal pain. the girl was tweeting, it's officially been 24 hours of non-stop drinking. we're sorry about the adverse reaction to the medication. >> here's the thing. we're not stupid. i wish one person would stop making excuses for him and get him into treatment, because one day, he is going to be dead and nobody is going to be able to get him into treatment, and then they'll say, why didn't anybody do anything? we knew he had problems. i understand a publicist's job. they have to protect their client. but last time he was in new york with the other porn star, it was a complete fabrication. he might have believed it at the time he said it, but it turned out not to be true at all. stan rosen, his publicist, is a
10:03 am
very good guy and an excellent publicist. but we don't believe it anymore. >> if you never get punished for doing something wrong -- not to putd put it in the same category as a kid, they keep doing it and doing it and doing it. because he's never really gotten in trouble, has he? >> because he's a very highly paid actor. jon krir cry is his co-star. >> i'm checking with them every day to see if i have to go to work. >> what if he doesn't go to work because of the tragic circumstances. yesterday on the news i heard it was martin sheen who was rushed to the hospital with abdominal cramps. that i believed. but more martin sheen and his wife, the parents, i can't even
10:04 am
imagine the long suffering of these parents. they're good people. >> the last time when charlie was busted, he said, i don't know what the big deal it. sl shrugging his shoulders like -- >> that's a normal night out for him, i guess. as a mother, i can't help it. i can imagine what the executives over at [c] [cbs wou say, either. >> here's the video that has everybody laughing. it's a 4.5-pound gorilla that walks on his feet. look at him. look at him just walking through the woods. ♪ you can tell by the way i use my walk, i'm a woman's man, no time to talk ♪ >> apparently it's not a hoax,
10:05 am
because michelle zosi nsky was there. here's some news. if you're on a diet and you're trying to be happier, here is some good news. as long as you're thinner than your husband, you're happier. that's what a new study says. >> so he's 400 pounds and he's 300 pounds -- if he eats four pizzas, you can have three. i guess that's kind of true. i've always been surprised to see a couple that one is quite a bit larger than the other. people fall in love, love can come to anybody -- look at you. >> what are you talking about? >> you're happily in love. i'm just saying -- you know what i'm saying. you're happy.
10:06 am
>> i'm very happy. >> the love word has not been spoken. but the point is, we shouldn't judge what other people see in one another. >> i lo i love your guy. you know i like him. you love guys heavy, though. >> i like fat guys. >> but jay isn't. >> no, he isn't. but fat guys make me feel thinner. i don't feel more self-conscious about rolls and things. when they're built like that, it's not great. you're self-conscious. >> i hate it tell you this, but jay is solid rock. >> he's unique. but mostly i used to like -- because i felt small and petite. because it's so hard when you're as big as me to feel small and petite. >> you are not big. you are statuesque. beverly hills just came out with
10:07 am
this. a boutique came out with who they thought would be the perfect man and perfect woman. the perfect woman has taylor swift's hair, natalie portman's nose, penelope cruz's body. was that those people? >> there's not one bit of angelina jolie in there, which makes no sense to me, because i would take any part of her. wouldn't you? >> yeah. >> that makes no sense to me. >> here's the guy. jude law's nose, hue jackman's eyes, george clooney's hair, leonardo didcaprio's lips.
10:08 am
>> do you know who the academy awards did not nominate? >> what? >> "waiting for superman" for best documentary. >> i forgot. i love that documentary so much. how did they skip it? >> i thought that would be a sure, sure thing. >> today it's our favorite paper. it's the daily news. >> because we're in it. >> that's why we like it. we're going to point it out for no other reason. some days you open it up and you don't know what is going to hit you. >> and there we are. >> okay, it's kathie lee's friday funny. please, that's going to be more than i'm going to get with this joke. >> go. >> my wife and i were sitting at a table at her high school reunion and she kept staring at a drunken man swiging his drink at a nearby table. i asked her, do you know him? yes, she sighed. he's my old boyfriend. i understand he took to drinking
10:09 am
when we broke up many years ago and he has not been sober since. my god, he said, who would think he could go on celebrating that long. >> i like that one a lot. all right, this is lo-cal popcorn. >> your dress is sunny. who makes that. >> it's david [m] [er m eister. >> we've matched your favorite nail color, and she, in hocnor f you, have called this happy hour, so you can get the nail color. she made a discontinued color that i love. >> i love that. those are beautiful. >> i have some really whacky
10:10 am
nails on today. it cracks like just furniture as soon as you put it on, so it's like a nail in a bottle. this was so hot when it first came out. >> what's the advantage? >> it crackles so you can put it over any nail color. last but not least, this nail buffer is something that if you don't have clear nail polish on, it will make it shiny as if you have clear nail polish on. you can rub one side on and then the other. >> we love our bobbi. >> this is giarela custom blend. she does it right at the counter. >> 3-2-1, sarah haynes.
10:11 am
>> you never know what will happen when you show up on the plaza. we have the results of today's fabulous ambu"ambush makeovers" after this. music plays ] ♪ whoa, yeah is it just me, or is it getting funky in here, huh? get your groove on, y'all! catch you on the flip side! i'd tell him the sign's not finished, but it would just break his funky little heart. more discounts, more ways to save. now, that's progressive. call or click today. oh! [ both slurping ] ♪ [ female announcer ] the irresistible taste of cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares.
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10:14 am
to the stars, louis vicarri. they're ready to show us what they've done. hi, guys. >> hey. >> chilly outside. >> chilly outside but we had a makeover that was so exciting, that her husband literally lifted her up and started tossing her around like a teddy bear. >> this lady, by the way, is from sir could you s from syracuse, new york, which is my hometown. >> gloria has not stopped crying and i know yesterday was a big birthday for you. tell me why this was so emotional for you. >> because 60 is a big number, and it's emotional because i love this show. i watch it every week, and i
10:15 am
just would love to have a makeover. >> oh, well, we're so happy we can give this to you as a gift. are you ready to be pampered for three hours? >> i am. i'm so excited. thank you so much. >> first of all, i do not believe for a minute gloria is 60. >> she looked 40. she looks 20 after the makeover. >> her husband al, who has the blindfold on. keep it on until we give you the green light. here's gloria before. gloria, let's see the new you. whoa! lr all right, al, you ready? take off the blindfold. >> oh, my gosh. i'm at the top of the rock. >> are you sure you're 60? i don't believe you. here you go, right here. >> oh, my gosh.
10:16 am
you are so beautiful. >> laura can't pull herself away from herself. >> tell us about it. >> we started out with a great haircut and just added fullness. you can see it's finished but not really finished. her hair -- she had a typical hair color problem. she colors herself at home and it becomes too dark. i softened it up. >> al, first of all, what do you think? >> unbelievable. it's better than the yankees winning the world series. >> al, come over, come over. >> oh. >> kleenex! tell us about the outfit.
10:17 am
>> her friend also wrote into the show asking. you didn't even know that, right, that your friend wrote in. she doesn't even have a great pair of jeans, which everybody should have. >> she does now. >> these are from ann talbott and a great jacket from ann taylor. >> she is 45 years old from philadelphia. her husband was so happy that she won that her husband lifted her up and tried to hand her to us. look how pretty she is. >> michael actually called us over and said, pick my wife, pick my wife. why do you want this for your wife? >> because she's the love of my life, and she watches this every week, and she deserves it and i would do everything in the world for her. i nearly had to pick her up and throw her over the fence to get you guys to notice her, but it was all worth it. >> you are beautiful, but we are going to make you glam. are you ready? >> i'm ready. very ready. >> both of these women were
10:18 am
gorgeous to begin with, and michael is not so bad himself. >> he's cute. >> michael, keep that on. look at joy harris before. let's see the after joy. >> wow! wow! >> oh, my gosh. michael, you ready? >> i'm ready. >> take a deep breath. you're going to need it. take it off. >> damn! oh, my lord! look at you! breathtaking. >> joy, turn around right behind you, sweetheart. we are singlehandedly bringing marriage back. what do you think? >> i love it. i absolutely love it. >> you look awesome. let's look into the camera so we can see the before and after. what did you do, louis? >> that's a great haircut. the whole thing is tousled and
10:19 am
natural. it looks like she makes no effort. i made the hair color a little brighter, a little shineier. she's got the blue eyes. >> just beautiful. look at michael. >> she's so beautiful to begin with, but my goodness, that is unbelievable. >> just like "jersey shore." what's the outfit, jill? >> we wanted to dress her up but didn't want to look like we worked too hard. this is a sequin skirt and a black sweater. >> you have to come to the plaza to overcome heart disease, so dress in red for a brand new
10:20 am
look. >> audienc questions for us. that's right after this. our kids go to school together. -we work together. -i'm in your cooking class. we play ball together. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. and you can even smoke during the first week. quitting on my own never seemed to be enough. this time it was different. this time i was ready. ready to take control. ready to talk to my doctor. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these symptoms or behaviors, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop serious allergic or skin reactions, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some of these can be life-threatening. dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. until you know how chantix affects you, use caution when driving or operating machinery.
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10:23 am
we're back with 3-2-1 live. we're ready to take questions from the crowd. >> even though it's dry-day friday, sarah is live on the plaza where she seems to be hosting a little happy hour of her own with the crowd she's gathered there. hey, sarah. >> hi. i'm starting with a bachelorette party with ann from florida, and she has a question about partying it up bachelorette style. >> hi, i'm ann from florida. and i was just wondering if you had any suggestions to make it memorable. >> first of all, you need strippers. don't you? >> i was going to say, be very, very careful who you invite to begin with. you're going to have the best time with your best, best friends with you. you could go to the county dump and have a good time as long as
10:24 am
you have people with you you like. >> is that your posse around you. >> yep. >> i don't know about the one on the end. >> she had to come. she's my sister. >> have fun at the dump. it's going to be a great time with the strippers. next up, we have lori from california, and she has a question about winter skin stuffs. >> hello, good morning. we left sunny california, 80-degree weather, to come visit you. and we have a question regarding how you keep your skin looking so beautiful in these harsh elements. >> that's for you. >> no, it's not. you're the egyptian queen. you know what, i was just noticing the other day how dry everything gets. at a certain point in the dead of winter, it gets real dry. i'm a huge, huge believer in lamiere skin care. it's expensive, but when you're my age, you would rather have good skin care than eat. 0içg
10:25 am
man, i can't believe digiorno pizzas are only five bucks! yeah, who needs delivery? high five for that! ow. sorry, man. he's fine. [ male announcer ] high five for $5 pizza! digiorno pizzas are $5 for a limited time at participating stores.
10:26 am
>> good morning. it's 10:26. get ready for rain over the weekend. we have a look at the forecast. >> we have rain in the forecast, but yes, it is the weekend. that's more important. watch out for shower activity the second half of your saturday lasting through sunday. as low pressure is going to generate an onshore flow. dense fog on the peninsula after being fog-free for an entire week. that will change as you wake up and widespread dense fog. temperatures are not too bad. 60 degrees in oakland and 60 in santa rosa. they will drop off more so in
10:27 am
the 50s saturday into sunday. wherever you are headed, you want to know what the roadways look like. >> we can see. the fog is lifting and we see reports of a rig tire around ellis street you see i drew that field map there. i pressed play, but a nice smooth drive on 101. slow past the construction area and that will be the case all morning. there you go. the golden gate bridge. more news after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
they left their hearts in san francisco. large decorated hearts are back in the city as part of the annual hearts in san francisco project the project commissions local artists and they are decorating an array of sculptures that provide sources for general hospital foundation. >> the programs for the general. it's the amazing trauma center that we all -- wie don't want to go to the trauma center, but it's there in case of emergencies. >> the hearts will be sold at the heros and hearts luncheon on february 10th. it raised 1.5 million last year. no love in the cage this weekend. strike force fight suggest featuring hershel walker. he and others will weigh in at 4:00 this afternoon. it's open to the public.
10:30 am
the trophy winner is set to go up against scott carson in the heavy weight bout saturday night. it's a version of mixed martial arts. the "today" show continues next. have a great weekend. heading down now to palm beach and she's getting on the road and back with today's travel and the best of the best list. thousands of travel agents across the country took a poll and named the top travel destinations and how to get there and where to stay. >> mark murphy of vacation agent magazine is here to discuss the survey results. >> not the people that actually do the traveling. >> well, the travel agents sells more cruises, tours, resorts, all 80% of vacations are booked by travel agents. they're getting their feedback, but also getting feedback from what happens when things go wrong on a cruise and how they can fix it for the customers.
10:31 am
>> let's get to it. best all-inclusive resort is sandples. >> at sandals you know what you're going to get and know before you go. one thing about all-inclusive pricing, it's all in. you're paying up front and you're not paying anything -- >> even alcohol is included? >> everything is included. you're paying for the drinks, you might want to take advantage. >> they are beautiful. they do make gorgeous settings. >> the next one, best mid-price hotel chain and your group picked marriott. >> bill marriott, the marriott family -- >> what a wonderful man he is. >> it's consistent. you know every time you go what you're going to get. >> clean and all the people are so nice. very into that sort of thing. >> best domestic airlines because usually everyone is complaining about all of them, but you pick southwest. they win all the time. >> it's a love/hate with the airlines. who wants to go through security these days. get patted down.
10:32 am
so, meet me at laguardia, okay. no, but the thing is you don't get the fees. w when you show up at the counter, you don't get another fee. >> what about the cattle call to get on. you don't have a seat, everyone just storms on. >> they organize it. they put you in three different lines and they organize it and it's a very nice process. >> they don't go all over the country is the problem. >> but they bought some carriers. they just bought airtran, they'll be in more and more markets. >> the next one is best cruise line and you guys or the group picked royal caribbean. >> you know a little bit about royal caribbean. >> i went for years with carnival, i know a lot about cruising. >> lots to do on these ships. "oasis" and "allure." you can go to central park, the boardwalk they're really great experiences. >> we went a week on that and
10:33 am
did not see everything. >> what do they offer that the others ones don't? >> just variety. they took a pretty unique approach and literally have inside cabins that face outside on to central park. just the construction of it. it's really impressive. ice skating rinks. >> 17 floors, if i remember. it's a city. >> it's a floating city. >> some of those are crazy. they have the two-story one. >> that was nuts. >> pretty nice. >> the best hotel and resort chain, you're calling it starwoods hotel, but that's a whole bunch of different hotels. >> look at that, hoda, that's where we should be. >> that's bora bora, i'm going there in two weeks. one of those bungalows. >> starwood has a bunch of hotels. >> w., sheraton, four points, just to name a few. >> how long does it take to get to bora bora? >> 7 1/2 hours from l.a., not that far. >> from l.a. >> you have to get to the main island of tahiti first. >> if you're interested in river
10:34 am
cruises, who isn't? river cruise uniworld. >> the agents pick for best river cruise line. they're in europe and asia and the best way to see an established destination like europe and asia and southeast asia. just a great way -- >> how long are these river cruises? >> seven nights. >> the one is supposed to be unbelievable. >> i want to do that, hoda. we should take our show. >> you go along this gorge and you see castle after castle. so, you have knowledgeable guides taking you along the way and spots where you pull up into the little villages. >> look at this! >> you get right into the villages. >> where are we? >> we're all over the world. that right there is -- >> tammy, we need to go to these places. next, an important one, our last category, but the best travel insurance. >> people don't think about insurance until they need it. suggest buy travel insurance and protect yourself before you go and get trip interruption insurance and if you're traveling and you have a medical
10:35 am
problem they have insurance that will get you evacuated, even on a private jet to a hospital. >> how much can that cost you? it sounds costly. >> it's very costly, if you need it and you don't have it, it's very inexpensive in place of the trip. >> all right, thanks. >> when you're right, you're right. thank you so much. have fun in bora bora. >> two-week trip to the zoo. > i am sure it wille nice, but i would rather go to bora bora. leaving your perch. >> that eagle better be on a leash. [ ice cream truck music plays ]
10:36 am
10:37 am
[ music stops ] [ music resumes ] mmm... ice cream! ice cream! ice cream! no, it's yogurt! ice cream! ice cream! ice cream! ice cream! no, it's splitz! aaahh! aaahh! [ male announcer ] yoplait splitz... the yogurt that tastes like a sundae! so i mix together a packet of hidden valley ranch, 1 box of spinach, and 16 ounces of sour cream, and tonight everyone gets a taste of something special... ranch spinach dip. [ male announcer ] hidden valley ranch. mix it up.
10:38 am
>> for today's call of the wild, the wildlife federation is celebrating its 70th anniversary of protecting nature. >> and dave is here to talk
10:39 am
about it. how are you? >> good, how are you? 75 years of protecting wildlife, so the animals i brought today are kind of symbolizing the work we've done over that time. >> these are success stories. >> yeah, and these are one of the best success stories. this is a bald eagle. it was on the wildlife federation's logo. this species almost went extinct because of dvt, a chemical insecticide. it made their eggs really weak and their eggs couldn't hatch. so with the banning of dvt, this species finally in 2007 was removed from the extinct list. this is an eagle that actually eats a lot of fish, they eat water fowl, and they eat carion.
10:40 am
i've actually got a dead fish here, and i'm going to see if she'll eat it. oh, she dropped it. because it's dead, ben franklin thought these were not the best birds to be our symbol because they eat cario. we saved this animal from the brink of extinction. >> i heard that eagles' eggs, that the little baby bird has teeth to little by little break through the shell. it takes a long time, but -- >> he wants that fish. >> we'll bring out our next animal here. >> these are the painted turtles. >> yes, these are the painted turtles here. >> hoda is afraid of -- >> it's okay. why don't you guys hold a turtle here. they're very friendly, little baby turtles. >> is the eagle okay? >> she's fine. they're very tremendous, powerful birds.
10:41 am
that wing span allows them to soar. there is a lot of work to help connect people with nature right where they live. these are painted turtles. >> where do you find these guys? >> if you go into any kind of pond or lake in your neighborhood, you can see these turtles. a lot of times they'll crawl onto a log and stack themselves on top. >> mine is all tucked in. what's the story with mine? >> he's just hanging out. >> he knows you don't like him. he senses that. >> turtles pull themselves into their shell as a form of protection. this is a great example of an animal that kids could experience for the first time right in their own neighborhood. now we have a beautiful animal. >> a fox. >> this is an arctic fox, and the national wildlife federation does a lot of work here with animals -- oops, she's caught on my shirt here -- with climate
10:42 am
change, global warming. this is a species that lives in the arctic -- >> is she going to bite me? >> you probably don't want to put your hand up to her. animals that live in the arctic have white fur. this species is doing okay, but they actually depend on polar bears in the wintertime for survival. they follow the polar bears and feed off their seal kills. the sea in the arctic isn't forming like it used to because it's getting warmer up there. this is a species that could ultimately suffer as the polar bears suffer and the polar bears number decline. >> look at the eagle chowing down over there. >> on the dead fish? >> this is a fascinating animal. >> it looks like a gucci bag. >> you might not even know it's an animal. some people might want to turn it into that, but we're not going to do it. this is an arm difficult ladill.
10:43 am
this is a south american species. >> look at that, he's going to roll out. >> he can roll himself into a ball to protect himself. you can feel how hard that is. >> you can't eat him only from the underside, so what would you do? >> that's why these animals survive, because they have this great adaptation. >> what does this one eat? >> they eat ants and termites and stuff like that. we are all about inspiring people to protect wildlife, and sometimes cool and crazy animals are great. >> see, he does that good, too. you can tell the animals that have really trained. he is fantastic. coming up next, how to load up on pasta while you're trying to take off the pounds. there is a secret. right after this. that's bizarre.
10:44 am
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hoda says it's time to add to today's kitchen and get saucy with a big bowl of pasta. and i do everything she says. >> how to slash calories from your favorite dishes. this is l.a.'s contributing chef. really, pasta, low-cal? >> yes. i've starrted cooking some mushrooms in a little bit of olive oil. everything in moderation. what's great about this -- we're adding some artichokes -- the tomato sauce we're adding with all these extra vegetables. adding the extra vegetables means you can have a bigger portion, enjoy more with the
10:49 am
extra flavor. zucchini, onions, carrots, whatever. this is going to cook down and this is going to be our sauce. >> how long would you do that? >> 30 minutes. it's on low. we're going to let it simmer. here's some stuffed shells. we already have some boiled. the trick with this, too, is the cheese. we're substituting part skim ricotta for cottage cheese. you're saving 85% of the fat. >> if you don't like cottage cheese, which i don't like the taste -- >> you won't taste it. you'll never know and it still has the creaminess. we have carrots, spinach, cottage cheese, a little thyme, salt and pepper.
10:50 am
mix it up. >> what about the cheese? >> we're going to finish with that cheese, so here we go. we're just going to fill these up. >> you're going to put this over it. i see what you're doing. >> i see what's going on! >> you cover it with the sauce, put it in a little foil in the oven for 20 minutes. last 10 minlutes, your cheese. >> this is when you wish it wasn't dry day. this would be so nice with a little sip of wine. but i say nothing. >> do you want to taste it? >> yes. >> then what we have over here -- >> i never get to eat cheese. let's see how that tastes. oh, you've got a plate. thank you. >> great, great. let's talk about this one. this is spaghetti and meatballs. who doesn't love spaghetti and meatballs. what we did, we're using whole
10:51 am
wheat pasta, adding in so much fiber. also lean meat for our meatballs. we're using ground turkey, ground chicken. poultry is 9% less fat. so we are saving half the calories, adding in so much fiber to our diet, and again, look at all the vegetables we have in this sauce as well. >> do you want to try this, hoda? >> yes. >> if you start with whole grain, it's not -- it doesn't have that real pungent flavor. >> you're saving how many calories? >> you're saving at least half the calories in both dishes. we're adding in so much fiber, less sodium, less cholesterol. that's really important, especially in the new year, we're all watching our weight, watching our diet.
10:52 am
>> that's delicious. >>
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
all righty, we're going to check in with miss sarah. >> shea wants to know, miss hoda, why were you so afraid of the eagle? >> because i value my eyeballs and i thought he was going to go right in there. >> so he was intimidating? speaking of talons, so many are wondering what's on your nails, kathie lee. >> it's made special for everybody to be able to order it. they no longer make it.
10:56 am
monday, justin bieber is here. rickie martin wrote a book called "committed" and we have him next week, too. >> justin and rickie martin together? >> not together. >> so nice to meet jay. he is cute. >> he is cute. very cute. anyway. >> take a deep breath. you're going to need it. >> you ready? >> see, dads, this is what they
10:57 am
really think of you. >> everyone has a story. ♪ honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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