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tv   Today  NBC  January 29, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. breaking news. the open revolt in egypt brings new reports of blood shed and defiance and as the death toll rises, president obama issues a warning to one of america's closest allies. >> i want to be very clear in calling upon the egyptian authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protesters. >> richard engel is live on the ground for the latest on this very dangerous situation. uncan ter fire. police in detroit dive for cover as a gun man starts shooting inside a precinct in a rampage that was captured on surveillance video. and on hold. after a medical emergency, charlie sheen checks back into
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rehab putting his hit show in limbo and leaving many wondering what's next for the troubled actor. today is saturday, january 29th, actor. today is saturday, january 29th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. we're getting disturbing new details. there are thousands of people now in the streets of cairo. some estimates putting that number at 50,000. >> you have to wonder if this is all getting ahead of where the mubarnemubarak government thoug would be. there are new reports from suez that says they're using live
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ammunition. americans and other foreigners desperately trying to get out of the country. at least 35 people have been killed since the violence began five days ago. >> president nmubarak has fired his entire cabinet, but he's defending the crackdown. he also spoke to president obama in a 30 minute phone call. we'll have a live report from egypt and washington in just a moment. in other news, we'll also have new accusations against the dating game killer. he appeared on the show back in the late '70s. at the same time, he was a predator who would later be sentenced to death for several murders. now he's linked to two more killings this i'm in new york. we'll have much more on this story ahead. also the new look of teen dramas. they depict a coming of age that some say goes way too far. they have seen story lines about sex and drugs. some parents are pushing back and saying enough is enough. are they too racy for today's kids? we will take a closer look.
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>> and we'll meet the super bowl mvp before the game, we're talking about the football itself. wilson has been making them for 41 years. where do they come from? we'll take you to the factory where next week's game bowls were sewn, stitched and shipped out. just take a guess, how many balls do you think they ready for one super bowl game? >> oh, my gosh, you're asking the worst person to answer this question. >> every 200. >> i would have gone with 20. >> over 200 for one game. fascinating facts. we'll talk about later. but let's start with the deadly protests sweeping across egypt. it's a very fluid situation. richard engel is in cairo. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning, lester. the egyptian authorities are still struggling to try to contain this movement which seems to be getting out of their control more and more with each hour. the egyptian government has
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extended a curfew from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but so far they're not being respected. the soldiers are out in the streets. the army has been called in. but once again thousands of people are out in the streets. almost no egyptian police are on the streets of cairo anymore. many police stations have been abandoned. the army has moved in. it's a show of force. soldiers are warning protesters not to gather. but mostly egyptians are just walking by the troops. in downtown cairo, the protests still continued saturday to topple president mubarak. the demonstrators are refusing to accept an offer of concession mubarak made in an televised speech late friday. he promised to form a new cabinet and allow more freedom and democracy. but protesters don't believe the
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president of 30 years is interested in real change. our demand has been clear since the beginning, mubarak must accept down, says this demonstrate tore. after friday's massive clash which is saw running battles between thousands of demonstrators and riot police,t. after friday's massive clash which is saw running battles between thousands of demonstrators and riot police, today there are real dangers of a collapse of basic law and order. the headquarters of president u mubarak's political party still burned on saturday, but it's right next to the famous antiquities museum. friday night, egyptians formed a human chain around the building to protect it. but they can't control the fire. today the head of the an tick equities authority made an urgent appeal for help to put out the fire before it spreads.
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equities authority made an urgent appeal for help to put out the fire before it spread antickequities authority made an urgent appeal for help to put t the fire before it spreads st have been courthouses, police stations and party headquarters of mubarak's political party. >> richard, we've seen this building now for five days. as we look for a turning point here, is it going to involve the army? do we know how far the army will stand with mubarak? >> reporter: that is the big question right now. i was just out on the streets and i was watching people, protesters, surrounding tanks. now, tanks are not very good at riot control. tanks are designed for heavy combat. so if you're a commander in that tank, you really have one choice, you can either fire on the common straigdemonstrate to cannot. and so far the egyptian soldiers have chosen to do nothing.tors cannot. and so far the egyptian soldiers have chosen to do nothing. there are reports of discrepancies between mubarak and chis commanders.
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if the army continues to do nothing and the protesters operate as they may, the army may decide that it is no longer interested in defending mubarak's regime. that is the trip wire here, that is what everyone is watching. the loyalty of the army and the actions of those soldiers in the tanks. >> richard engel watching it all for us in cairo. thanks. and now to the white house response to the uprising. the proceed tests are putting president obama in a very difficult situation. the president is closely monitoring the developments and on friday, he spoke directly to president mubarak. more now from andrea mitchell. >> reporter: the president had a 30 minute conference with president mubarak friday night urging him to initiate reforms. >> there must be reform. political, social, and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the egyptian people. >> reporter: even before the president spoke, as mubarak began losing control of the streets, the u.s. had started
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toughening its response. >> these protests underscore that there are deep grievances within egyptian society. and the egyptian government needs to understand that violence will not make these grievances go away. >> reporter: the president had an extended intel against briefing and until friday night did not try to call mubarak. for decades, egypt has received billions in u.s. military and civilian aid. more than any country other than israel. currently u.s. and i had to egypt is $1.5 billion a year. the white house warned it could cut that aid in in the crackdown escalates. >> we will be reviewing our assistance posture based on events that take place in the coming days. >> reporter: in 2009, the president chose cairo to call for more democracy in the arab world. >> suppressing ideas never succeeds in make them go away. >> reporter: but there has been
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little follow-up say critics. egypt has long been america's most reliable partner in the middle east and mubarak a key ally against al qaeda. >> he has been a bull washing in the area in a secular government being increasingly being dominated would ed by religious extremists. >> reporter: criticism from the u.s. was muted. even thursday, vice president biden called mubarak an important ally. >> and i think that it would be -- i would not refer to him as a dick at that time tore. >> reporter: now after the government fell in tunisia and hezbollah took over lebanon, are other leaders the a risk? u.s. officials say the question now whether mubarak tries to manage the crisis or initiate real reforms. and so far they are not encouraged. for today, andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. with the unrest in egypt and sweeping across the arab world, president obama is facing one of
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the toughest challenges since taking office. how will he respond. with us is political analyst richard wolffe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. >> president obama was noticeably quiet until about 6:30 yesterday evening when he made that brief statement after speaking with president mubarak. is the less is more approach best at this point given the situation there, how sensitive it is? >> it's a tough balancing act, but this is an administration that has prided itself from taking an opposite view from its press predecessors. many people in the arab world thought it was becoming a tool of american foreign policy.pred. many people in the arab world thought it was becoming a tool of american foreign policy.pred. many people in the arab world thought it was becoming a tool of american foreign policy.dece. scussion on the sidelines.ol ese protests is that it's not on the sideline, it's center stage. you already have reports in the international press suggesting that america has in some way
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groomed some of these protesters, so you don't want to undermine the protests. on the other hand, if america isn't supporting democratic reforms, than nobody is. >> and we know president obama did not speak with mubarak until late yesterday afternoon and that was on the fifth day of these protests. does that signal to that you perhaps the white house wasn't expecting or anticipating to get so bad so quickly there? >> i think the pace has taken everyone by surprise and again, remember that the administration has said alongside these democratic reform issues, there are important national security interests that america has in the middle east across the arab and muslim world where egypt is right at the fulcrum of political and cultural and intellectual thought. so they have not wanted to jjeog standing relationships, but events have moved way beyond what any of us watching it have expected. >> so if president mubarak is ousted, obviously a strong u.s.
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ally up until now, what could that mean for america's relations with the muslim and arab world? >> it depend what is takes its place. longer term, a democratically strong with economic success, a government in cairo that has all of those things will lead to a stronger relationship, but if it lead to the rise of the muslim brotherhood, an islamic group, then clearly america's interests with israel and the broader region will be challenged. >> richard wolffe, we appreciate your analysis. thanks so much for joining us this morning. and now here's lester. >> back home, police in detroit have released security video of a shooting rampage inside one of its police precincts. a rampage that left four officers wounded. kevin tibbles has more, but we want to waurrn you, some of the images might be disturbing to you. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows police officers diving for cover after a gun man calmly walked into detroit's
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sixth precinct and opened fire. the shooter, 38-year-old lamar moore, came into the station on sunday carrying a shotgun with a pistol grip leveled at the officers inside. four were wounded, four more were shot dead. >> there are re acts of heroism within this video. to see officers perform in a spectacular way. >> reporter: friday, detroit police made that video public to demonstrate how its members acted under fire. the shots began in the entranceway, but moore then lunged. >> and then he hurls himself over the desk and you see him come over. >> reporter: with several officers down, moore comes face to face with commander brian davis. >> he engages this gentleman almost point blank range. >> reporter: both guns go off. the commander is hit in the hand. >> and also the back. >> reporter: the gunman rounds the desk, but does not fire again. moments later, he is killed by a
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police round. police were looking for more in connection with the kidnapping and sefrkts all assault of a 13-year-old girl who managed to get away from him earlier in the day. police were called to and raided this home sunday afternoon just a short time later at 4:00 p.m., moore stormed the policing. p. >> >> we are very thankful all four members injured will be okay. >> reporter: two of the injured officers remain in the hospital. for today, kevin continue beltc continue bells, nbc news, chicago. p. two of the four remain in the hospital. they are expected to be released soon. >> good news that everyone was able to survive that. the police were able to act quickly. lynn berry it at tat the ne. good morning. >> we begin in south africa where nelson mandela is back home from the hospital. stephanie gosk is live? johannesburg with more on that
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good morning. >> reporter: the vice president visited mandela here at his house. he's doing well although he's tired. doctors released him from the hospital when he responded well to medication for an acute respiratory infection. because of his age and history with due better could you will he sdue about your could you lo sis, he's vulnerable to that illness. the lack of official information. yesterday in a press conference, the prpd said they could do a better job. officials blame that lack of information for rumors that they say greatly overstated the seriousness of mandela's condition. lynn? the federal case against jared loughner will now be heard back in tucson. loughner is accused in the mass shooting that killed six. he was arraigned after federal judges in tucson recused themselves because a fellow judge was killed.
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prosecutors requested a move back to uhe son to make it easier for victims and witnesses. congressman dennis kucinich has settled a lawsuit against a capitol hill cafeteria over an olive pit in a sandwich wrap. the ohio democrat says he suffered a split tooth when he bit into the pit riggers painful dental work. it's unclear how much they settled for. and finally we've seen just about everything stuck in the snow lately lrks haven't we? but in virginia, it was this young deer who found herself on thin ice. the doe was trapped for several tears. fortunately she eventually wandered under a bridge and that allowed crews to lasso her back to shore. the doe is expected to be okay. and that's the news. how back to lester, amy and bill. you guys, a las schllassy, why think of that when i was trying to get to work on thursday? >> might have helped. >> bill has our first check of the forecast. >> you wanted more snow?
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>> it hasn't snowed in a requgo2 hours. >> just wait. for you will of a us from the great lakes through new england, just a tiny bit of snow just makes everyone say here we go again. but there's a little bit to shovel this morning in detroit, still light snow? cleveland and pittsburgh. this will roll through much of new england during your saturday. just enough to coat the roads. maybe an inch. not enough to shovel, but just enough to make it slippery. but the southern half of the nation, it is beautiful. 74 and sunny in dallas. even atlanta, 56 and here's a look at our temperatures around the bay area this morning, we're seeing mostly 40s and 50s outside, and a little bit of a breeze picking up around san jose. the main story is a chance to see showers coming in through the afternoon. the spin is on the clouds is the low pressure that's going to be diving our way late today.
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a chance for showers late in the afternoon. there you see the seven-day forecast, some rain at times for tonight, showersor sunday, then we clear out and stay cool and dry for the workweek. , thanks. yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger explosion. many of us remember exactly what we were doing at the moment of disaster. among the seven crew members who perished that today, chris take mcauliffe who hoped to take history to new heights. she was the kind of teacher everyone wanted to have. >> let's hear from your group back there. >> reporter: and the kind of teacher michaela aspires to be. >> i was so sad that i never got to take her class my senior year because you'd walk by her crass rap and you'd see her jumping off desks and making things come alive. >> reporter: now teaching in arlington, virginia, pond was a
5:19 am
student at concord high school in new hampshire when chris take mccall live was chosen to become the first teacher in space. >> to be able to talk to a teacher in space, this was all new ideas. >> reporter: mcauliffe trained for a year with the crew of the challenge errands prepared a series of lesson plans she would teach from orbit. her dream, to inspire students to literally reach for the stars. >> we have made engine start. >> reporter: mary studied teaching with her. >> i think she was born to teach. >> reporter: but fate intervened on a cold january morning. >> challenger go with throttle up. >> reporter: all seven crew members perished when the challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff. of course chris take mcauliffe never got to teach those lessons from space, but after all these years, she has reached more
5:20 am
classrooms and more students than she likely ever imagined. in mcauliffe's native massachusetts and some 50 other places, challenger learning centers are continuing the educational mission they started at the challenger center students and often teachers embark on simulated space missions. the aim, to create excitement about math, science and space in schools. and demonstrate the value of teamwork. the very things mcauliffe and the challenger crew had hoped to accomplish. >> i see how her legacy through this is teaching children how to cooperate, how to communicate, to love math and science. it makes science and technology relatable. here is a teacher who took a risk. it didn't turn out the way she expected, but the high hopes she had no education impacts all of them every day. they, too, can reach for the stars. >> reporter: today there are dozens of schools around the world named after mcauliffe, but
5:21 am
there are countless teachers who have turned her life story into a teachable moment. >> i always say there's nothing you can't do. you just have to try. and i try to talk in the way i know that she inspired her students. >> we all remember that one teacher who inspired, that she was that teacher for a lot of kids. and then she goes on to inspire millions in the wake of this tragedy. we'll take a break. we'll be back with more in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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good saturday morning to you. take a live look at downtown san jose, the twinninging lights and the cold temperatures. here's the forecast that is trending a little cooler. >> cooler and it's been whileee since we have had to talk about it. right now 50 in san jose, 56 degrees around santa rosa and novato. we're seeing some reduced vimt
5:27 am
as you can see here on the satellite view, we have high clouds coming through and you see this thing that looks like a cinnamon roll. that's going to work its way down through the coastline, so i think later on we'll see a chance of things mainly on the coastline into tonight and tomorrow. it is still january, folks, we do need some rain and snow, you can the rest of the workweek will dry out and stay cool and dry, monday through friday of next week. >> this morning, the family of a missing 4-year-old is holding on to the hope that he will be found alive after his alleged kidnapper's car was pulled out of the stanislaus county canal. but it's more likely the body of the 34-year-old and his mother's boyfriend are down the canal. investigators say two windows in the sub merged car were down.
5:28 am
officers say the man snatched the boy from his grandmother's arms more than 12 days ago. >> he was not crying because he knew him. he could come in and threaten him, ready to kill him. >> the stanislaus county sheriff says they will begin searching the canal again this morning at 10:00. a concord woman is safe this morning after she was carjacked, kidnapped and robbed. one suspect is in custody and one is on the loose. the 23-year-old woman was kidnapped as she got out of her car around 6:30 sunday night. norris reed forced the victim to her car at gunpoint andle then picked up a second man. the men drove her to oakland where they forced her to withdraw cash from the atm.
5:29 am
the other kidnapper managed to escape. concord police are still investigating this incident and they are asking for your help in identifying that second man. he is described as a black male adult, 18 to 22 years old, five feet six inches fall to 5'10". anyone with information about that suspect should call police. foul play is not suspected which adds even more concern to the -- after nine days of silence her family is speaking out for the first time. police were called in last week when she disappeared. we'll have more on this coming up at 7:00. now here's more of the "today" show.
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we're back on this saturday morning, january 29th, 2011. the last weekend in january. we want to thank everyone for coming by on the plaza this morning. we'll head outside in a few minutes to say hi, brave the cold temperatures once again. >> do you know what's missing? no snow falling. >> wait, it's coming. back inside studio 1a. momentarily warm. coming up, from house party to the hospital. >> we're talking about charlie sheen. on thursday, he was rushed to the hospital following what some say was a late night bash at his home. and then yesterday sheen entered an undisclosed rehab center and
5:31 am
his tv show took a break. what does it this mean for the rubl troubled actor? >> plus he'd the so-called dating game killer. he was a contestant on the show and also a serial killer. now the murderer is linked to even more victims. we'll have the latest coming up. >> and it wouldn't be the super bowl without them, the wilson football stitched by hand, shipped out from a factory in ohio that's been making them for decades. this morning we'll take an inside look at what goes in to making them and how many will be made for mix sundnext sunday's , although i gave that away this morning. we begin with news in the search for a missing michigan mother. authorities say they have found her body and it was found alongside another murder victim. john yang has the latest. >> reporter: even as prefriends held a vigil for investigators
5:32 am
closed in on the shallow grave holding her body. and they made a startling discovery, a second body, 36-year-old tonya howard. they crime scene, howard's daughter couldn't believe it. authorities said the woman had been dead since monday morning. >> it appears that they both died of multiple gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police arrested the us suspect on two counts of murder. his sister said he had a dark side. >> he has anger issues, no doubt about that. he's hot headed. >> reporter: he was howard's boyfriend and cousin of james hensley, amy's husband. >> i couldn't imagine him will having any problem with amy. amy's too sweet of a person. should too much of a good kind hearted person for anybody to ever be angry at her. >> reporter: the discovery of hensley's body ended anning ag e
5:33 am
agonizing week for her husband. >> i miss my wife and my kids miss their mother. we just want her home where she belongs. >> reporter: police haven't offered a motive leaving family and friends with their sadness. >> it breaks my heart knowing that two moms are gone and their children don't have a mom no more. >> reporter: and leaving them to wonder just what happens and why. for "today," john yang, nbc news. time for a check of the weather with bill karins. >> good morning. it's a little warmer than last saturday. today we're not focusing too much oany bad weather. we had the big storm in the middle of this week, another one next week. so we've been dealing with these big storms about once a week and the next one is lining itself up. during the day today moving on shore in oregon and california. the cold air coming down from canada.
5:34 am
the combination will an big wintry mess starting as we go throughout your sunday and monday in the morning plains. then the rest of the country. but for today, just flurries in the great lakes. here's a look at the satellite view and we have got the radar scans going this morning, not seeing any showers just yet. a ridge of high pressure has kept us dry for a while, that's going to work its way down toward the coastline later today. mostly cloudy skies disturbing the day and a chance of showers late in the afternoon today. we will see highs only in the 40s and 50s, tonight into tomorrow, some rain changing to showers and then we're going to dry out for the workweek, a little cool and breezy though over the next seven days. low 70s. if you want your hour by hour forecast, you can always get that at back inside to you. coming up, cyber predators. how to keep you and your family
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this morning keeping you safe in cyberspace and on cell phones. technology is making our lives more accessible to many people including online predators. how can you protect yourself from falling prey? here with advice is internet safety expert and executive director for wired i want to first talk about smart phones. we hear the phone part and we still think of the old days that all it did is make calls. how big of a security threat is it if we leave it in a taxi cab or bus? >> if you leave it, it has your data, your contacts, it might have the ability to spend money. so if you can do it, make sure it has technology to turn it off, password protect whatever you can, and make sure those pictures of you in a night gown or less aren't on your cell phone. >> so essentially it's like
5:39 am
having a pc now. the phones have come to the point all your stuff is in there. >> all your stuff is in there. especially pictures and videos. >> let's talk about pictures p. you take a picture, it not only now records the image, but a lot more that we don't think about. >> things we don't even realize. who took it, when and where it was taking. so if you're fooling around, somebody will have act information as to where you are. if you were pretending that you were sick and you were out having fun, your boss will be able to tag it. everything you do now is in digital form. >> and a lot of folks uses their smart phones or computers, many ways to get on to facebook. what are the security issues? >> know your privacy settings. i know they change things all the time, but find an 8-year-old to help you figure out what they are. and make sure you're really only friends with people you know. and use the advice we give our kids. don't friend people you don't
5:40 am
know. don't post anything you don't want your boss it see or your kids to see. or your parents to see. >> i've gotten into the conversation recently with people about online banking. i love the convenience of it. a lot of people say it's not safe. what's the bottom line? >> it's safe. the hackers don't want your e-mail, they want a billion e-mail from the banking institution. so use a good password and a different one that your every place else. use an upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. come up with a sentence only you know. put a mum in it somewhere. something you'll remember that's harder for other people to guess. >> when we whook look at our online sometime, what should we scan over? >> you should scan over everything. there are a lot of these micro transactions that you may not care about, but they add up. a lot of banks offer alerts when your online banking is being used. and keep an eye on them. it's your money. >> i want to talk about online dating. a lot of these sites have popped
5:41 am
up and people have found great relationships, but what are some of the cautions? sglu immediate to make sure you're looking for love in the right cyberspace place. that means -- >> that would be a good country song. >> i think in a what you need to do is find the right site for you in the same way that you might find somebody at a country club versus a bar or somebody else at a country western club. find the right site that has your feel. look at it. do people look like you, do they sound like you, do they talk like you. and use a toss away e-mail address and don't give away too much information when you're ready. and when you meet with them, lots of friends, preferably sue know wrestling, and don't go straight home. it's a first date no matter how much you know about their favorite christmas present and what they did when they were sick. >> and lastly you suggest to people google themselves from time to time. >> you never know what's out there about you. you might have been fired.
5:42 am
people are unhappy with you. they'll bash and lie about you. there may be personal information up there that you want down. might have gotten a divorce. your spouse isn't too happy with what they are and they blasted your secrets. find out what the rest of the world can find out about you and send an alert. you'll get an e-mail every single day. >> always good to have you on with the great advice. thank you. we're back after these messages. i'm a coach. , but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. and i figured i would take these... "dietary...supplement... weight-loss...pills." ooh! "consult a physician if you experience rapid heartbeat,
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and a majority of them are women. >> without us the game would be pointless. >> reporter: here in the quaint college town of ada, ohio, lies the country's one and only football factory. >> wilson football, we're the football capital of the world. >> reporter: workers here at the wilson football factory have had a hand literally in every point scored in the nfl, including the super bowl, since 1941. >> my i don't think job is stam. >> reporter: about 3,000 to 4,000 footballs are made per day here, from nfl to pee wee. but since last sunday, it's been crunch it time for this crew who have been working around the clock to get the 200 plus super bowl balls ready for game day. >> this is a special time of the year. >> reporter: every job requires a special skill set. and each ball is truly made the old fashioned way. >> this is all hand made.
5:47 am
>> reporter: but just what goes into making a football? it all starts here, well, sort of. >> it takes four halves to make a ffbl. we do approximately 1,000 football as day. >> reporter: from here they are stamped, shaved to make weight, and then they are sewn i think so out so the seams don't show. >> we get a half section, we sew all of it, put it over there for the roll pounder and the dye out. it will come back and then we put the holes together and then it goes to the turn errands the turner turns it. >> reporter: after the balls are sewn together, the bladders as they're called are put in and every single football is laced shut by hand. >> i do about 230 ball as day. everybody has their own technique. >> reporter: the ball then goes to the molding station where
5:48 am
it's filled with nothing but air. >> inflated to 120 pounds and hen back to 13 pounds. >> reporter: before they're shipped out, each one is inspected to make sure they are super bowl worthy. >> they have to weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. >> reporter: with an average service of 23 year, the folks here are as tight as any natural team. and while their job doesn't stop when the super bowl begins, with team wilson, all eyes are on the fall come kickoff time. >> when they kick off the super bowl, that's our factory's finest moment. >> great to know that i helped make the balls that went to the super bowl. >> so more fun facts. each super bowl team gets 54 practice balls and an additional 108 balls are made for the game. they even have backup balls at the factor in ohio. i don't know if that helps you if you're in texas. like we need more balls? i don't know how that will work. and if you look on the official ball, it even has like the names
5:49 am
of the teams. >> that's cool. >> green bay packer, pittsburgh steelers. did you play football as a kid? >> of course i did. >> go out. see, you got that look. real gentle. >> we practiced and i caught it in practice. >> we did practice. all right. bill karins, go out long. i'm going to hit you. >> that was good. oh, show off. >> oh, no, you didn't. he did. >> i would have thought it was t. would have been a machine operated business. >> it's a cool process. they take it very seriously and it is the star of the game. we'll take a break. she caught one. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. a good catch, bill. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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there is more to come on "today." we'll have more on the open revolt live in egypt. >> plus charlie sheen's wild night and medical care. but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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woolite complete keeps all your clothes looking like new, longer. visit to print your high value woolite coupon. good morning, oakland. here we are looking life at oracle arena this morning. it is a nice, cool start to the day. i'll let rob deliver the rest of the forecast. it's some kind of chilly. >> oakland especialmararm spot, 51 degrees. >> that's not too bad. >> a little bit cooler, we're seeing low 40s around concord, napa and these are the high clouds here looking at here on the satellite. you can see we have got the
5:57 am
radar scan spinning all around the bay area. you can see the spin of the clouds offshore. that's going to edge closer to the coastline. upper 40s out towards fairfield. another chilly day with patchy low clouds. a chance of showers late today, we think, mainly for the coastline. plan on some rain coming back in, we will see that through the weekend and clear out and stay kind of cool and breezy for the workweek ahead. >> did shoddy recordkeeping play a role in the san bruno expose? startling new discoveries about the way pg&e did business. it is these documents that would point out weaknesses in the pipes so communities could avoid a blast like the one that killed eight people in bruno. >> it's very troublesome and he
5:58 am
concurs that in fact they do not have documentation about 30% of their system. >> the california public utilities commission has given the agency until mid-march to find those records. if those records can't be found, pg&e may be forced to shut down the line to test for weaknesses. the continental automotive group tells the daily news that the cellular device that was used to make the prank calls -- officers say someone made more than 500 calls to the dispatch center within five hours on thursday. for the second year in a row, the pittsburgh school district is encouraging higher paid teachers to cash out early to cut costs and avoid layoffs. pittsburgh is sweetening the
5:59 am
severance pot for their teachers. in addition to their state requirements teachers who retire early could receive money provided by the 2010 economic stimulus bill. the district says there are currently 123 teachers 55 years or older who qualify for this incentive. we have all the day's local news coming up for you at 7:00 and we have more local news coming up for you in a half hour, here's more of the "today" show.
6:00 am
welcome back on this saturday morning, january 29th, 2011. another cold winter day here in new york city and guess what, we're getting ready for more snow. our hanthanks to everyone who h come out on the plaza. if you are just waking up with us, we are following breaking news out of egypt. >> the unrest shows no signs of letting up. this morning tanks are surrounding government buildings in cairo. and there are reports of a disconnect between the government and the military and how to respond to the protests. meanwhile president mubarak's cabinet is expected on submit its resignation within hours at
6:01 am
his request. all one of the most popular tourist destinations have been closed because of the violence. >> mubarak and state officials have extended hours of curfew in cairo, alexandria and suez, but thousands continue to rally in the streets throwing rocks and fire bombs at police. this morning cell phone service which was shut down is reportedly back up again. richard engel will join us live with all the details. also coming up, a triple dose of new worries for charlie sheen. first he throws an all-night party at his home, then rushed to the hospital, and now heading back to rehab. his tv show is on hiatus. this morning what happened to sheen and what happens next. and for teen shows, the times are definitely changing. when we grew up, the family lines were much more family oriented. now we have programs like "skins" and pretty little liars. and some say they're x rated and they glorify drug use. coming up, we'll find out if they indeed go 00 far.
6:02 am
>> but first we want to start with the unfolding crisis in egypt, a revolt that washington is paying very close attention to. right now protesters are once again in the streets across the country facing armed troops showing no signs of standing down. richard engel is live in cairo. richard, good morning. what's happening there now? >> reporter: well, you can hear around me the protests are still going on below this balcony where i'm standing right now. the army is on on the streets and there are army tanks deployed in many parts of cairo. so far the soldiers in those tanks are not taking any action. they are not firing on the protesters. in fact, the protesters seem to be just overwhelming the troops. i was looking at a tank not long ago, the protesters had gone up to the tank and were writing anti-mubarak slogans in pieces of charcoal right on the sides of the tanks themselves.
6:03 am
so the tanks are here theoretically to impose a curfew and law and order. the protesters are not taking any heed of their presence. >> and from what you know, is the same thing playing out in other cities across egypt? >> reporter: there are still clashes going on in other parts of egypt. right now the riot police have been pulled back from the streets of cairo. so the protesters aren't clashing with the police. most of their anger was directed against the police. now they're trying to i go if out what kind of relationship the protesters will have with the army. will the soldiers continue to be tolerance of the demonstrators. in other parts of the country, there is still violence. we're hearing reports of live ammunition being fired and many of the casualties thus far have been coming from other cities. >> and back to what you're witnessing there in cairo right now. is there an organization to this do the protesters seem to be
6:04 am
aiming in a particular direction? >> reporter: the center of cairo which is very close to here yesterday became the main focus of protests and it is once again the center of protests today. but it is not the only center. and i must say that these are no longer just protests. people are expressing their anger in many different ways. they are attacking police stations, setting police stations on fire. at least one american fast food chain restaurant was set on fire. a mall was attacked. the party headquarters of mubarak's political party have also been attacked. so there is a degree of looting and violence spreading in the city and that has egyptians very concerned. >> and the fact that mubarak has called for the resignation of the government and that that is happening, that has done nothing to appease these protesters? >> reporter: absolutely not. that was offered as a concession.
6:05 am
immediately egipyptians rejecte that concession and now they're expressing that by coming on to the streets. the offer to reshuffle the cabinet is not what they want. there have been cabinet reshuffles in the past. they never did much to change the basic structure of the egyptian government and that's what these protesters want. >> richard, thank you very much. the u.s. provides $1.5 billion in aid to egypt. the country is also one of america's closest allies. clearly a very delicate situation, very difficult situation for president obama. with us now is political analyst richard wolffe. richard, good morning again. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> let me start our conversation by playing a little bit about what president obama said after his conversation with president hu bemubarak. >> when president mubarak addressed the egyptian people, he pledged a better democracy and greater economic opportunity. i just spoke to him and the told
6:06 am
him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise. >> he said he talked to him after the speech, so there no conversation leading up to it, and he did not gul president mubarak's resignation. what do you make of all of that? >> well this, conversation has been running for a long time and what we know from the state department cables is that president hu bear rick has repeatedly pushed back on calls for reform by citing the example of iran. he thinks that because of american pressure for reforms that 00 he what led to the down fall. so he plays that card effectively. there is a danger for any white house, especially this one that they intervene too much and taint the whole protest, the whole democratic movement as being some kind of tool of american foreign policy, that's certainly how the region saw the previous democracy agenda in the bush white house. so there's a danger of
6:07 am
overplaying it, will that's also the risk of mubarak pushing back as he has done so much times in the past. >> is there a chance here that the white house that events got ahead of the white house, that they nt think things would get to this point and that's why the president matt call so late and came on evening television? >> there is an acceptance i think on everyone's part that will this is moving extremely quickly, that the egyptian regime has not proved as in the past that suppressing opposition and street protests. on the other hand, there is a difficult balancing act about having the conversation about reform and democracy alongside all of these other national security interests. remember, iran is still the priority as well as israel and the region for washington. so you cannot just sort of ignore all those things that quickly. american foreign policy does not transform that quickly. >> we can't ignore the fact that mubarak has been able to keep the islamic extremists in check. and is that the overriding
6:08 am
interest? is everything weighed against what's the alternative, if not mubarak, where does this country go? >> that has been the long concern for america and for the egyptian authorities. but he has in the past, president mubarak has offered reforms, a way for muslim brotherhood officials to be elected. he's scaled that back as he is trying to shift the ratransitio of hpower to his own son. that's where these elections are headed and that's what will be even a more difficult thing to manage. >> we appreciate your insight. thanks for being with us. let's get more of the morning's headlines from lynn berry at the news desk. good morning. we begin with terrifying moments outside a maryland bank after a robbery suspect took a hostage. video shows a man walking out of the capital one bank using a woman as a shield. police say the suspect was
6:09 am
holding a gun to the woman's head as he backed away, he slipped on a patch of ice. that's when the hostage broke away. police opened fire and the suspect was killed. one officer and two people suffered minor injuries. a $25,000 reward is being offered by the high school of a north carolina teen who went missing on a trip to baltimore. 17-year-old union academy honor student if a lease i can't barnes disappeared last month while advice visiting her older half siblings for the holidays. >> and a 3-year-old oregon boy is being hailed as a hero.advic siblings for the holidays. >> and a 3-year-old oregon boy is being hailed as a hero. he called 911 after his dad was injured. the toddler remained calm. >> it wasn't scary. >> why wasn't it scary? >> because i was brave. >> you were brave. he sure was. a.j.'s dad says he's pretty glad he taught his son those numbers.
6:10 am
good job, buddy. that's the news. now back to lester and amy. bill karins is out on the plaza with a check of your forecast. bill, good morning. >> today you said it's your cousin's birthday. where is your cousin? >> right there. >> maybe i shouldn't stand in front of the birthday girl. happy birthday. which birthday are we celebrating? >> 11th. >> enjoy your birthday. let's chat about what's going on out there. the january thaw. a little jealous of this today because it's not heading our way. dallas, 74. atlanta, 65. florida in the 70s. so enjoy this while it lasts for areas from texas down to florida. now the areas that are still cold from minneapolis all the way through chicago, snow showers are in your forecast. we also have snow plurryes. maybe a dusting to an inch at most from new york city up through new england and a new storm system that will cause
6:11 am
headaches next week is here's a look at our morning temperatures again, 40s and 50s outside. not going to warm up from that 50 in san jose. you can see we still have some fog around the north bay, visibility is down to less than a mile in santa rosa. that spin to the clouds is the area of low pressure that will bring us a chance of showers today in the north bay, mainly an event that will come into play early in the morning. a little breezy and cool at times. that's your weekend forecast. amy? >> and now to charlie sheen and the latest in his troubled private life. the actor was rushed to the hospital earlier this week. he was released, but he's not heading home just yet. lee cowan has the latest. >> reporter: it's one of the most popular sitcoms on television, one that was supposed start shooting new
6:12 am
episodes on tuesday. but late friday came sudden word that 2 1/2 men was going on hiatus. the reason, its star, charlie sheen, was checking in to rehab. the shocking announcement came just a day after sheen was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. it was a condition a spokesman explained as a likely hern yarks but the hospital visit follow what had neighbors described as a two day bender at his home. casey jordan was linked to the festivities. >> i had to leave because if i didn't leave, i'd preebl be in the hospital because i couldn't keep up pup. >> sheen's father rushed to the hospital and was said to be insistent that his son get help. late friday, charlie sheen's spokesman said the actor has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center. that was then quickly followed by another statement for the network and "two and a half men" executive producer. we're profoundly concerned for his health and well, and support
6:13 am
his decision. addiction specialists say unlike sheen's past rehab stints, this one has to last. >> the prescription for an addict like charlie sheen to be in treatment would be no less than a year. >> reporter: sheen's reputation as one of hollywood's bad boys had only grown in recent months. in october, he was hospitalized in new york after police say he went on a drunken rampage and trashed his room at the plaza hotel. a move that got him skewered at the golden globe. >> it will be a night of partying and heavy drinking. or as charlie sheen calls it, breakfast. >> reporter: but the jokes seem less funny now that the actor is in rehab. police say they are still investigating the circumstances that surround that party. >> we'll make shall determination whether or not there is if i appropriate action that can be taken by the los angeles police department. >> reporter: in the meantime, sheen has asked for his privacy. something that lately he's had very little luck in getting.
6:14 am
for "today," lee cow an, nbc news, los angeles. charlie sheen and "two and a half men" bring big bucks to cbs. advertisers pay $200,000 to air a 30 second commercial. so this will likely be a very costly hiatus for them. still to come, more victims connected to the dating game killer. that story right after these messages. ♪ ♪ hello. [ female announcer ] glasses in about an hour. lenscrafters.
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6:16 am
no one knew he was a sear kral killer and now police fear he may have taken more lives. michelle franzen reports. >> reporter: he is known as the dating game serial killer. >> the best time is at night, nighttime. >> reporter: rodney alcala, once a photographer and contestant on this famous tv game show, now an inmate on california's death row. alcala was convicted just last year in five west coast murders dating back it to the 1970s. the youngest victim, a 12-year-old girl. this week, new indictments. this time in new york for the murders of two also during the 70s. two separate decades old cases revived under the city's new cold case unit. the district attorney says investigators sorted through years of evidence, interviewed hundred wis witnesses and develd
6:17 am
new leads. >> we hope that solving cases even decades and decades after the crimes have been committed makes people understand that law enforcement doesn't forget. >> reporter: legal experts also say the case will rely on dna and other scientific evidence developed using technology not available decades ago. >> dna is a part of that and we also know that dental impressions were taken from one of the victims which seemed to link the defendant in this case to the homicides in question. >> reporter: and even though alcala is sitting a death row, they plan to bring him to new york to stand trial. for "today," michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. will we ever know how many he killed? clint van zant is a criminal profiler. good morning. what who are who are do we know
6:18 am
about why this indictment happened now? >> this guy is really the poster boy for serial killers for sexual predators. we know he killed somewhere between authorities suggest 50 to 100 victims from the late '60s to the late '70s. his first victim was a second great girl. this is what is frustratesing. a one strike law would have kept will this guy away, but no you what authorities are looking at, after doing life in california right now, they're looking at these two brutal once again new york crimes that took place years apart that as the setup piece suggested, one of the victims was bit by her assailant, so what they do, they take a cast of the subject's mouth and they're able to match up his dental records at that time, his teeth, with the bite
6:19 am
mark on the victim. so this is part of the forensic evidence as well as other evidence that's up to link him to these two more murders. >> i was going ask you, was our forensics capabilities just not that great back then in 1977? because he was actually questioned by the second victim in the new york cases, he was the last person to see her alive. is there any indication as to why or how he got away back then? >> this is a very bright guy. this is somebody who would take his victims, tied them up, torture them, choke them until they passed out. when they coughed back to life again, then he would torture them again, choke them again until they almost died. this is sadistic individual who enjoyed this. but way back then, he didn't know, nobody knew, that dna would come into the vogue in the '90s and that wee'd be able to match victims with their as s e
6:20 am
assailant. he couldn't foresee the future of forensic science. >> he was introduced on the dating game. he was reportedly charming. is that a typical profile of a serial killer? >> it can be of a serial killer who stays out and continues to kill, but one thing about the dating game, he won that contest, but the woman who selected him chose not to go out with him because she said he was creepy and she didn't want to go out with him. if we only would have listened to her intuition at that time, think how many lives we might have saved. >> and it's interesting because this cold case, i mean, all of these cold cases 40 years back, how common is it for police to be able to solve murders like this so far -- four decades later? >> this is what i think gives the families of all missing and murdered people some type of hope that there will be some type of closure is a dirty word
6:21 am
sometimes, but law enforcement, bless their soul, do not give up. a cold case doesn't mean it's been put away. a cold case means that we simply need new evidence, new information from witnesses, and due to the tenaciousness of the investigative agencies in california and new york, they continue to hammer away, they continue to work these cases. and what it shows is after four decades, you still can be brought to justice. serial killers, criminals like this, always have to look over their shoulder because there's going to be the hand of law enforcement grabbing them on the shoulder, putting handcuffs on them and say four decades later, you're still going to jail. >> all right, clint, thank you. and we'll be back, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:22 am
6:23 am
still to come, adult education. a look at a new crop of teen shows.
6:24 am
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last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. good morning to you. take a live look at san francisco, the dark streets anyway, it is going to be a nice day on tap for your weekend plans. i'm kris sanchez. and you say a little bit cooler than we have gotten last week. that's long gone, we cooled off yesterday, actually now late in the day, could get a few showers moving toward the bay area, no 30s outside this morning. 50 in san jose, but the fog, you
6:27 am
it's still out there. now you can see the radar not picking up anything right now. but the spin in the clouds offshore, that's the u turn in the forecast. that will mean a chance for some late-day showers. highs running cool, 50s and some upper 40s out to the delta, there you go, chance of some rain for tomorrow. breezy, dry and staying cool for the workweek ahead. >> if you head out to do your grocery shopping on this saturday, there is a recall in the produce section you may want to know about. double check your fridge and check the labels on the cilantro. there is a possibility of a salmonella contamination. the twist ties on those cilantro bunches have a blue logo with the company's name on them. it is a voluntary recall right now the, but so far no reports
6:28 am
of anyone getting sick. gearing up for what is expected to be another strong flu season, free seasonal flu, whooping cough vaccination clinic. that runs from noon until 3:00 at 531 davis street. a seasonal flu vaccination is recommended for all californians who are older than six months of age. the heavyweight battle continues, verizon is pulling out all the stops to get at&t -- if you swap your current phone for an iphone with them. the deal is for at & t customer who is bought a phone between november 6 and january 10.
6:29 am
you have to get a verizon iphone before tend of next month. current verizon subscribers who don't want to wait for that contract to expire will have to pay the full retail price which is at least 650 bucks. verizon plans to start selling the iphone february 10. we'll see you back here in a half an hour.
6:30 am
and we're back on this saturday morning, january 29th, 2011. here is a big surprise. guess what, lester? more snow is coming. oh, yay. >> i call that maintenance snow. we have to freshen it. >> like three inches of slush you have to spend in. lovely. another great crowd spending their day with us. coming up this half hour, are the kids all right. >> and this get to the question are we just getting old in the shows are a lot racier today than they used to be, but
6:31 am
remember party of five, wonder year, those innocent teen shows have given way to shows like skins and a whole new breed. have they gone too far. we'll take a closer look of that and the chaining face of teenage question. are they really aiming it for teenagers or an older crowd? >> also hide and sleek. we're talking about body shapers that women wear and for the most part complain that they're incredibly uncomfortable. but there are styles and brands out there perfect for you. we have real women joining us with amazing transformations. they actually had to wear these things for several hour, so they'll speak to the comfort level. >> and then -- see how i just passed that? >> you're not touching that. >> not touching it litter willry or -- anyway, we're going to talk about choosing the right wine. and not by taste. but by the label. label reading is very important. and we'll tell you the key things to look for.
6:32 am
>> i buy bottles like that's a pretty label. >> but there's certain information you need to key on, as well. >> all right. let's move on and get a check of the weather from bill karins. we've been talking about it all week and we'll keep talking about it. >> until it warms up at least, right? >> july. >> at least. well, i've been i 0ez nice fantastic splendid ladies all morning. you're from notre dame preparatory school. i didn't read specifically on that in the beginning. >> you thought we were younger. >> yeah. but it's nice that you guys all still stay together. your 50th wedding anniversary, yes. >> yes. our celeb braer to year going if to our change of decade. >> let's talk about the forecast out there today and tomorrow.
6:33 am
we warm conditions southern half of the country. cold and snow friday the great lakes and new england, but nothing like what we've been dealing with. also a new storm system moved in to the west that will head to the northern plains by sunday. and rain breaks out down there in the gulf coast. the ingredients take a look at our local satellite, plus the radar fired up this morning from the bay area, to sacramento to yreka. we have the spin of the clouds offshore, that's an area of low pressure that will head towards your coastline later today. i think the main event with this system will be coming in tonight into early tomorrow. we'll see some rain off and on, maybe even a chance of thunder as that cold air aleft settles on through. and for the workweek, dry but cool. forecast. lester? >> bill, thanks. now to the controversy over the steamy new high school dramas.
6:34 am
fueled by explicit scenes and dialogue, some say they're giving many young americans the wrong message about growing up. >> reporter: they resemble soap operas for teens, television draw mass which target teen audiences. focusing on issues important to young viewers such as independence and relationships. >> teens are much more vulnerable to the messages and influences they're getting from tv in, internet, media and so on because they're so plugged into it. >> reporter: but increasingly shows like mtv's teen mom and skins are depicting a fast world where teens come of age in a hurry. and though the show's creators say they're reflecting the real issues teens face, many worry about their influence. s . >> when we look at the television programs from yesteryear, what we see is that bad behaviors had consequences
6:35 am
and those were clearly delineated in the television shows. >> reporter: in the '90s, befrly hills 1 resonated with teens. and the wb network targeted a teen market with shows like dawson's creek and buffy the value entimpire sleigher. in the last decade, scripted shows like the oc have pushed boundaries featuring underaged drinking and sex. and although it's not the only fact, to there are studies that show teens are influenced by what they watch. >> children who watch many of these sort of tint lating sizzling sexually explicit programs tend to emuhe late those behaviors. >> viewer discretion is advised. >> reporter: some parents are pushing back. most recently against the new show "skins" which features underage actors sometimes in sexual situations.
6:36 am
mtv defends the show telling nbc news it addresses real world issues confronting teens in a frank way. new shows pushing boundaries as they try to attract teen viewers, they are also alarming parents. more on the impact these shows are having, tv guide's business editor and the west coast producer for hollywood good morning to both of you. thanks for being on. steve, let's me start with you. shows like square pegs, facts of life in the '70s and '80s, they seem whole som. were those shows reflecting life at the time and are today's shows simply reflecting teens as they are now? >> the shows that you mentioned i think reflected a very idealized version of teen life. and rone reason is they didn't have a lot of choices, they didn't have a lot of channels, so families tended to watch together so the plans really were designed not to offend anybody in the room.
6:37 am
as cable tv proceedliferated as emerged and the wb, that meant trying to tar get younger viewers. because they were the easiest ones to pull away and try something new. you give them a program that's a little race city and dangerous. >> we hear 18 to 34 is the demographic. are these shows trying to reach teenager or an older group? >> you can't get a mass enough of an audience just getting teenagers alone, so they have to appeal to the young adult demographic that you're talking about. >> let me turn to kierstonp what would you say is the major change in the content and direction of these shows? >> i think the major change, when i was watching these shows
6:38 am
when i was growing up, it was all about making out, who was making out with whom, whofs going to grow to prom with whom. and now it's all about who is sleeping with whom and who is going to europe. it's totally different. >> are the teens asking to see more shows like this? >> i think it's more the reality content to be honest. before when we didn't have reality tv, we didn't have the real world, we did not have teen mom. things could be wrapped up in a bow at the end of the day. and how we see these real life stories and things aren't wrapped up at the end of the day. things are totally crazy and totally skewed and i think you see that in the scripted shows now, as well. >> and mtv "skins" has gotten a lot of attention because it involves underage actors and very proce provocative scenes. is there a line that we're reaching some is. >> having watched "skins," i don't see anything -- it seem as lot more tame than much of the reality programming m it tv puts
6:39 am
on. their biggest hit is jersey shore and what goes on there is a lot more racy than anything you see on "skins." just because "skins" has a sdript a script and actors somehow makes it more dangerous. why really understand. and the ratings on it really aren't getting very good at all. >> the people who count, the viewers, aren't there. >> the teenagers are very smart about this stuff and they know when they've already seen something and they know if they're going to really find something different. >> got to end the conversation there. we appreciate you both being here. up next, undercover. bobby schaffer at work. but first these messages. seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important.
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they are designed to make you look fabulous, but for many, body shapers can be uncomfortable and far from flattering. so how you can pick the right one? lisa has the answer for us. good morning. we have a love/hate relationship with these body shapers. i'll admit i bought a pair to wear with certain dresses and i see them and i think i can't fit into that, so i just switch my dress because they just look like they're going to be so uncomfortable. >> you're not alone. more than half of the women that we polled says that they bought one, but 80% of them hate them and refuse to wear them.
6:43 am
many of them wear them, but they hate them because they're uncomfortable, because they don't live up to the claims on the packages. but our research found that if you pick the right one, you just might love it. >> pick the right fit. >> that's the first point i want to make. if you pick a good one, it will suck you in half an inch or more, slim you down, but very important to pick the right size. what you want to do is look on the back of the package, make sure you pick the right size. and when you take it out of the package, this is one of the larger sizes, it may look teeny. don't be scared. it's supposed to look like that. but you'll know it's too tight if you're spilling out the top of it, if it's too loose, it will roll and crease. and it should come all the way up to the bottom of your bra. >> and that's extremely high. and shop smart did a test on four of these popular body shapers. this by far was the best one. >> most of the staffers liked
6:44 am
this the best. it did the best job of smoothing and slimming them and it has a very convenient little rap door for pit stops. >> barb practiara tried this br and we have a before and after picture. there she is without and now we have her with the body shaper. and the big question is -- and you can see the difference. how do you feel and do you see a difference and how does it feel after wearing it for several hours some. >> the first time i put it on, i could be aware of every breath i took. but you quickly get used to it and new year's eve i wore it for seven hours and i was very comfortable and i felt like i was supported. >> doesn't she look fabulous? >> she does. and those are the hardest dresses to wear. on this mannequin, we have another one that did well on your test. another spank style. and looks similar to the first. >> this is a mid priced model, that one. this is the higher end model.
6:45 am
actually, nobody picked this one except jackie picked it. it's better constructed. it's more expensive, but our tests show you don't have to spend more to get a better body shaper. that's an important point. the mid priced one did the best. but this is very well constructed. it has a very nice silky material. the people that complained about it says it didn't cinch them enough. buts but it was very comfortable. >> we have a before picture of jackie without the spanx style and then jackie afterwards. and let me ask you, how do you feel it worked for you and how does it feel overall? >> the thing is, i can't feel it. it's so comfort be, i have to check every now and then to see if it's still up. but it's very comfortable. >> that's a huge endorsement. and you don't have to suck it up because it's being sucked in for you. >> well, it helps you to suck it in. >> thank you, jackie. this is only $20. >> right. this is from target and one of the women preferred this one
6:46 am
over all the others because she said it made her butt look better. . >> that's what it's all about. >> and this one we tested in the high model.>> that's what it's . >> and this one we tested in the high model. but we're showing it with this to show that you can get it not a full body model. >> and will is tthere will is t and after. and this did not test well? >> people said it was a torture device. an infomercial product. it's $40. it actually does come with pants. and in shall cases it created more lumps and bumps than it fixed. >> and it had kind of a strange aroma, shall we say, the fabric. >> that's lovely. we'll end on that note. i won't do a smell test there. up next, fine wines. what the labels reveal. but first this is "today" on nbc. ring ring ring ring.
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♪ bottle of red, bottle of white ♪ a song for everything. choosing a wine can be difficult, but with a few simple rule, you can master that small print and become a pro. here to help will us is executive wine editor at food and wine magazine. ray, good morning. great to see you. normally we have a table full of wines here. no wines. but in general, why are labels so confusing? >> they have a the hof information on them. so once you know something about them, you learn a lot simply wouldby looking at the label. there are so many so people walk into stores and are overwhelmed. >> you have five basic rules. every label should tell us three
6:50 am
basic things. >> basically who made the wine, in this case beringer. where it's from. napa valley. and what it is. and in this case it's cabernet. now, most new world wines, california, australia, labeled by great variety. what we'll show you is with european wines, so bordeaux, burgundy, what happens is that the place it's from and the kind of wine it is are the same thing in a sense. >> that could mean i can confuse it and buy another. if i get a european bottle, what will i see? >> like a chablis, for instance.
6:51 am
it's actually chardonnay. it's from northern france. they've been making wine there for 300, 400, 500 years back in 1432. they didn't say it will is chardonnay, they just said it's the stuff from chablis. so you have to know that, but once you to, it's a clue to everything. >>dto, it's a clue to everything. o, it's a clue to everything. >> what are the the codes that tell us it's a higher quality? >> one of the words is premiere crew. that could be grande crew is another one. now, in europe, these are legal designations. you have to make the wine a certain way for to be -- or from a certain place for to be that way. in the u.s., we use terms like reserve, wine maker selection. there's actually no legal meaning for those. but when you get a wine like the
6:52 am
beringer that says private reserve, you have a legitimate winery saying this is our private reserve. >> tell me about vintage, the year. what's the key there? >> the key to the vintage, statement the vintage is higher up. but it's what year the grapes were harvested. red wines you see in the store about two years later. i suggest buying the most recent vintage. they don't age as long, but that vinta vintage. and you'll find the alcohol level on wine s a lot of the time. very tiny letters. >> all important stuff to look for. great toavhe hu yo. e e after these messages. to skate on that ice. what was i thinking? but i was still skating on thin ice with my cholesterol.
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that does it for us this saturday morning. lynn berry and bill karins, thank you very much. tomorrow, from spas to movie, how on get it all for free. >> i'll see you back here for "nightly news." have a great day, everybody. ♪ leftover desserts, boardroom, now. and hurry before the interns get here. thanks but i already have some yummy black forest cake. black forest cake? ♪ so?
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good saturday morning forecast, take a ely look at san francisco, a nice start to the sun rise in morning, but if your windows are closed, leave them that way because it's cooling off. i'm kris sanchez, and you say a complete u ?


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