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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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rob mayeda is here to tell us what to expect and when it's moving in. >> it's actually moving in right now. we've been watching those areas of light rain falling. it has now reached oakland where it's currently 55 degrees. in terms of the showers, we're seeing most of them right around the peninsula up towards the north bay. light rain falling around the highway 17 summit. and obviously around sonoma and marin counties. moderate rain crossing the coast. as we head through this evening, this compact area of low pressure drops down the coast. rain starts to move back to the bay area for the first time really in about 16 days. tonight as that rain comes in, we could have a chance of isolated thunder as well. we'll talk more about that coming up in your full forecast, along with when we can expect drier conditions to come back maybe for your weekend plans. your full forecast comes up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. we have breaking news out of marin county tonight. police in ross say they found
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the body of a missing teacher. officers in a search and rescue crew found the body. 53-year-old deborah schmitt was reported missing on january 20th when she didn't show up to class in san rafael. authorities at this point do not suspect foul play. that's partly because the worded thank you, everyone, were written on a board in a classroom. turmoil and confusion continuing to engulf the capital city of egypt. at least 70 are dead, following days of anti-government protests in cairo. this while egyptian president hosni mubarak moves to maintain his leadership even after sacking his entire government. here in the united states, critics of mubarak held demonstrations in several major cities, including washington, new york, los angeles, and in san francisco. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in san francisco with what bay area protesters are hoping to accomplish tonight. >> reporter: diane, hundreds of protesters came to the plaza
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here in front of the u.n. building in san francisco demanding that egypt's president step down and that the u.s. government step in. send in aid and call for massive reform in that country. protesters held signs. they waved egyptian flags and chanted in both english and in arabic, calling on president barack obama to support democracy. >> i'm outraged with what obama and biden have been saying. but the egyptian government, but also happy for the egyptian people finally uprising against their own oppressive government. >> reporter: organizers say they are marching in solidarity with people in egypt and other countries who they say are struggling under decades of dictatorship, poverty, unemployment, and torture. in egypt, anti-government unrest has left dozens dead and hundreds injured. this is not just a news story here, it is personal. they have families in the middle east and want to ensure their safety. protesters say they will continue to make their voices
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heard with another protest planned for next weekend. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. across the bay in oakland this weekend, three separate investigations are under way after officers shot and killed a man. police received a call this morning about a man dressed in camouflage walking through a neighborhood armed and a knife and a rifle. investigators say a person came running out of the house in a panic. that's when three officers moved in. police say the suspect came out of the house armed with what looked like an assault rifle, and officers opened fire. >> we determined later on the weapon was a replica assault weapon. however, it looked very real. and the officers' lives were in danger at the time. and they fired in defense of their lives, and the lives of the other people that were in the home. >> investigators would not go so far as to say the gun was a fake or a toy. they say they believe it may be
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capable of firing live rounds. the people in the home, by the way, were not hurt. the three officers involved have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation goes forward. the controversy over medical marijuana is taking center stage again. that's partly because state senator mark leno just recently introduced a bill that would make it illegal for an employer to consider a worker's status as a registered medical marijuana patient. the bill would also not allow companies to punish a registered patient if that person tested positive for marijuana while on the job. those who endorse and use medical marijuana are gathering in san jose for a convention. >> reporter: diane, there's quite a crowd here, organizers say around 8,000 people showed up for this event. and it's been packed since 11:00 this morning. i want to show you behind us, some of the folks spilling out of the convention center. now, this is how it works, you have to be 18 years old to get inside.
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there is a restricted area where those with a california patient i.d. card can get samples of marijuana. but i'm told people are not allowed to smoke inside. but i can tell you outside, they certainly are. we're showing video we shot inside of the hempkun, medical marijuana show that show cases everything from medical marijuana, dispensaries, equipment, accessories, even legal services. mark cohen, who is here selling can i bus holders said a show like this is long overdue. >> it's been level for like 11 years. so what else is new. it's no longer a, i think, relegated to an outlier of the culture. it's byly, it's permissible. what used to took place, like on walkways and beach fronts, now you have the store. it's a little odd. people are getting used to it. but it's reality in california.
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and what the heck. >> reporter: according to city officials, in san jose alone there are 102 medical marijuana businesses in just the city. as far as this event, it will be open here until tomorrow. live in san jose, elis kir shall ner, nbc news. in the central valley divers just finished up their search of the day for a 4-year-old boy and alleged kidnapper. authorities in stanislaus county said a dive team searched an underwater tunnel this afternoon looking for the bodies of juliani cardenas and rodriguez. rodriguez is the ex-boyfriend of juliani's mother. investigators pulled rodriguez's silver toyota from the delta mendotta canal. they found no evidence at this point to suggest the car was ditched in the murky water. bay area congresswoman jackie spear introduced a resolution to make the first saturday in january national
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congress on your corner day. in honor of the idea, today she held her own congress on your corner event in san carlos. the significance, of course, is congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot at a congress on the corner event. >> i think the message that i'm trying to send today is that i'm not fearful. and we can't be fearful. because that would really impede the exchange of ideas in a democratic country that we are so blessed to have. especially as we look around the world right now, and all those who are desperately trying to seek what we already have. >> spear says she didn't request extra security for the event but the city of san carlos decided to provide it. coming up next at 6:00, a bay area destination overrun by rats. we'll show you where rats are ruing rampant and why nothing is being done about it. verizon is pulling out all the stops to make you switch
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from at&t. the latest deal that could save you hundreds of dollars. but of course, well, there's a catch. >> i wanted an epidural, someone to pamper me and take care of me. but i ended up doing it by myself here with my toddler. >> the hospital, the drugs, all out of the window. how a southern california mom delivered her own child with the help of a 911 operator.
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the east oakland community library opened its doors today to the general public. the project cost $15 million. and it's the first library branch in oakland to open in nearly eight years. more than 30,000 books, dvds are available to the public. also, there is a new computer room that could be used not just for learning, but helping the unemployed as well. this is the first collaboration between the oakland pub like library system and the oakland
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unified school district. talk about a surprise delivery. a mom in san diego is recovering after delivering a baby on the floor of her home, with only the help of a 911 operator. can you imagine? maury payton from the san diego station has her story. >> give her a little kiss. good boy. >> reporter: just four days old, ava is spending her first night home with her parents and her brother, cameron. a 911 call tells the real story. >> what's your emergency? >> i'm having my baby on the floor. >> is the baby coming? >> it seems like he's breathing. >> what color is she? >> purple. >> i wanted an epidural, someone to pamper me and take care of me but i ended up doing it by myself here with my toddler. >> reporter: rebecca williams started having contractions monday morning so she called her husband and told him to come home. but exactly ten minutes later -- >> i was on the floor pushing the baby out.
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she wasn't crying. she was purple. but i could tell she was breathing. and i had this great feeling i knew she was okay. >> reporter: husband seth came home and saw what had happened. >> i just about passed out. >> reporter: home video shows the paramedics. >> amazing. >> reporter: taking them to the hospital two blocks away. >> beautiful little girl. >> reporter: doctors say ava is a perfectly healthy baby. this dad has an even greater appreciation for the mother of his kids. >> oh, my goodness. as a mom, i can only relate and glad that i made it to the hospital. still to come at 6:00, rats running rampant. the major invasion in the east bay. we'll tell you why nothing is being done about it, at least not yet. this is not the way most people want to leave your mark on a bar perhaps. we'll show you the surf town bar that has a lot of cleaning up to do tonight. guess what, we've got the radar fired up for you this evening. rain pushing back into the bay area. maybe even some thunder by the time the weekend is done.
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these wild changes in your forecast coming up when we come right back.
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six people are recovering from injuries after a woman drove her truck straight into a bar in pacifica. 49-year-old carla andress from redwood city left the winters tavern around cloeing time. she hopped in her truck and then plowed right into the bar. six people, including andress, were hurt. three of them badly enough to be taken to the hospital. one woman was pinned under a tire and had to be rescued by firefighters. another victim says she was blindsided by the truck as soon as she came out of the bathroom. police say they plan to charge andress when she is released from the hospital. the rat pack is attracting visitors in berkeley, but it's
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not really the kind of entertainment most people want to see. nbc bay area's jean ellie has more on the street attraction that has people looking underfoot. >> reporter: there is always something to see on telegraph avenue in berkeley. a new attraction on the corner of haste and telegraph is capturing lots of attention. >> when there's 30 to 40 of them out there, i would be a little bit -- i would be on the other side of the street. >> reporter: jones is talking about rats. that surface when the sun goes down. >> plenty of rats come out. it's just terrifying. >> reporter: lots of people stopped to snap a picture of the rat pack. jones works across the street. he says seeing them appear night after night is not kodak moment. he worries it's a health hazard. >> last night i was walking to a basketball game. and i saw like 15 myself with my own yils, just walking on the side of the street. they could cross into the -- there's people just walking up
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and down here. it's pretty much a health hazard. >> reporter: the city is closed this friday. we saw at least 20 feeding on bird seed. people who work nearby say people are feeding them. the rat infested lot is near several restaurants. but workers we spoke with say they aren't experiencing an invasion. jones says right now working on telegraph isn't pleasant. >> everywhere on this street, there's urine, there's human feces, and now rats. >> reporter: he worries shoppers are being scared away. >> yuck. we're going to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. i don't know what else to say, except yuck. >> we've got rain to clean things up. >> thank goodness. >> 57 degrees in san jose. we've got clouds, not too much in the way of rain just yet. but on the west side of the santa cruz mountains, the rain has been flying throughout the day.
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san francisco, light rain, heavy drizzle falling at times. 53 degrees. oakland 54. we had sunny breaks, acted it was mild in a few areas. 61 in san jose. socked in by the fog. fairfield only 50 today. 56 in san francisco. and 58 in oakland. for the first time in two weeks, we are tracking a couple big changes here for the bay area in northern california. the dry spell officially coming to an end. rain approaching the coast. you can see a few lightning bolts on the map. slight chance of isolated thunder as the cold air aloft rotates to the coast tonight into tomorrow. what we're picking up is heavy mist and light rain in a few areas. we're seeing that around the santa cruz mountains. up and down the peninsula you'll want an umbrella. nothing too heavy yet. we will continue to see this push on through. as we head through this evening, this compact area of low pressure to the northwest is
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what's going to drop our way tonight into tomorrow. at least for the end of the weekend, a reminder that we're still in january. and we still actually do need some rain and snow as we head toward spring and summer. tomorrow, rain changing over to showers, as this low crosses over and heads into southern california. we'll see clearing skies monday. the system moving through pretty quickly. in terms of the timing of what we're looking at here, 11:00 tonight, light rain pushing through the bay area. the main event seems around day break tomorrow morning. pockets of heavier shower going through. that may include isolated thunder. sunday afternoon you can see here, cooler, drier air moving on in. maybe a pop-up shower in the santa cruz mountains. we'll see temperatures in the 40s to low 50s tonight. tomorrow, highs mainly in the upper 50s around the south bay. san jose, 57 degrees. about 54 in livermore.
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noticeably cooler again as you get to the north and east bay valleys. high of 55 in san francisco. low 50s from solano county into eastern contra costa county. north bay, highs mainly in the 50les. not the best time of year if you have weekend plans. if you go to the sierras, take cables and chains. we're going to clear out. we're going to have patchy frost possible over the work week mornings. but the temperatures as we head towards next weekend, trending a little bit warmer. of course, we do need the snow. it's been at least two weeks since we had fresh powder in the sierra. we're looking at maybe a half foot of snow. >> i bet the folks up in the mountains are happy. are happy.
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if you have a certain type of iphone or thinking about getting one, you may be in a good position to benefit from the verizon at&t battle over the new service. although there are all kinds of kachgs on this, verizon is pulling out all the stops to get
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at&t customers to make the switch next month. now the cell phone company is offering a $200 gift card if you swap your current phone for an iphone. the deal is for at&t customers only, though, who bought a phone between november 26th and january 10th. it's a small number. if you get that $200 off. you have to have a verizon iphone before the end of next month as well. the bad news, current verizon subscribers who don't want to wait for their contracts to expire, they'll have to pay the full retail price for their iphone. verizon plans to start selling the iphone february 10th. if you want to go for an iphone g-3, there's all kinds of stuff going on right now. what's going on with you? >> ready for some bowling. >> oh, yeah? okay. action. >> let's go bowling. a call to action in the east bay as we join the pros to show you why spin is so important. how they do it, and why they do it. the cal bears at home today hoping to separate a bid in the
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upper tier of the pac-10 standings. showing off the skills at the all-star skills competition. we'll show you in a bit. we're back in moments.
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good evening. the cal bears with a chance to move out of the middle of the pack in the pac-10. the student section with spirited mid sections. coming down to earth after jorge gets the steal and feeds it to crab with the dunk. putting the bears up by 12 midway through the second half. the bears break away for the win, 85-77 the final. meanwhile, cal's head coach mike montgomery has a protege making real good. pilots coach eric spent years in the farm with monty.
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his team is prepared for the gales doing their best. the three put this one away. st. mary's losing their first conference game. cal women in eugene get an 81-61 win over oerlg. the stanford women beat oregon state by 30 points today. stanford men will soon tip off at maples against the beavers. a stanford man flashing cardinal flair in his first tournament of the season. tiger woods sporting the stanford block-ess. but it didn't bring him much less. off the mark here. 4 under. 8 points off the lead. lefty with a great round and at 12 under in good position for what could be his fourth career win at torrey pines. the nhl all-star game tonight. one of the memorable events of the weekend. sharks rookie star logan leads
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all rookies in the league with 22 goals so far. he picked a handful of other rookies to participate in tonight's festivities, including, i guess what are you going to call this, the mcmuff inshoot, or whatever they're calling the target practice here. these are not the only skills we've got for you. time for some bowling. the pros in the east bay this week. we went to dublin to find out who are the true spin doctors. here's the question, why do they put so much spin on the ball? >> reporter: watching the pro bowlers association tour roll through the bay area, you noticed the line between pros and everyone else isn't as straight. >> the coolest thing about watching the pros is obviously the spin. >> reporter: it allows the bowlers to hit the sweet spot. maximizing pin carry. a skill not easily developed. >> you want your hand in the ball so that your wrist is loaded. almost like you're going to throw a frisbee. when you get to the bottom of your release, you just uncook
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your hand. >> reporter: if the spin is a difference between a strike and a spare, there's one guy showing up at the table with an extra hand. using two hands. >> the best way to describe it is basically like a rugby pass. >> reporter: adding a third more spin to his ball, jason has seen success, landing his first win in 2009 as a rookie. >> it allows me to generate a lot more curve than any one-handed ball. i think the style has gone past the gimmick and the jokingness to seriousness. a lot of people now are respecting the style. and enjoy it for what it is. >> reporter: in dublin, nbc bay area sports. >> they tell us some of the action is also about having a good pair of bowling shoes. and sliding up to the line. now to a different bowl, raiders and 49ers coaching staff doing major evaluations right now. some going on tonight at the senior bowl in alabama. rob ryan now with the cowboys, watching the action carefully.
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some of the best seniors entering the draft. florida state's christian ponder, looking for a miami guy. that's a rival. leonard hankerson. these guys will be millionaires very soon. all of them. >> nice. glad to hear it. i like the bowling. >> i know. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. hello to the folks at yoshis in san francisco today. the founder of facebook, mark zuckerberg, will make a guest appearance on saturday night live tonight.


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