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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. crisis in cairo. a new day brings more protests and mounting pressure on mubarak to step down. plus we speak to the texas grandmother caught in the chaos. did she finally make it out. winter poliblitz. another winter storm brings snow and freezing rain to millions. and thriller. the taxi driver with a spot on impression of michael jackson. he's been wowing cab fares and now has the rest of the world taking notice today, saturday,
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now has the rest of the world taking notice today, saturday, february 5th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good saturday morning to you, everyone. p i'm lester holt coming to you live from jordan. >> and i'm amy robach here in new york. what an incredible week you've witnessed in the middle east. >> it feels like an incredible month all compressed into it a few days. historic and at moments quite scary. this morning tahrir square continues to be the center of protests against president hosni mubarak after days of violence, those demonstrations have become more peaceful, but things as you might imagine are very tense there. there are reports tomorrow interest demonstrators are calling for what is being called a day of, quote, martyr's blood.
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as for hosni mubarak, what was being billed as the day of departure, it has come and gone and embattled egyptian leader is sill hangi still hanging on to power, but he's facing increasing pressure. the military and other officials are looking at ways to limit his decision making. as to why we are here, we made the short trip to jordan, frankly, it was becoming too dangerous for us to say in cairo. pro mubarak thugs have been targeting foreign media. the situation was turning hostile and violent. obviously we still have people and live capabilities in the country, but our thought was to sustain a live two hour broadcast might put us at risk, so we have moved the sort night over to jordan. and i'll tell you more about our trip out of the country coming up a bit later in the broadcast. >> and it goes without saying we're very happy you're safe and away to come to us live this morning. also coming up here at home, the new jobs report.
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only 36,000 jobs created last month. that's far below what washington and the white house were both hoping for. we'll take a closer look at what those numbers mean for you. also he's the celebrity chef who wants to get america's kids eating better, but jamie oliver and his cameras have just been thoen out of another school kitchen. we'll tell you why. plus nearly a year to the day since tragedy at seaworld, a new killer whale show. officials say it will now keep trainers out of the water, but can it guarantee their safety. first let's head back to lester with the latest on the crisis in egypt. every day seems to be another turning point. today the day after the latest big protest, everyone watching and waiting to see what happens next. where are the pro mubarak forces. it's been rather quiet this there today. mubarak sill in power. he's been meeting with his new cabinet. this is day 12 of the uprising.
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we want to go to ron allen. he remains in cairo and he has the latest for us. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. request to s good to see you. is this sort of the after victory celebration there in the main square in cairo morning. it's very peaceful, very calm. the military is still firmly in charge of the area. there are check points set up, they're screening people who want to come in. there are some indications that they are turning people away. but there are still thousands upon thousands of people in the square, many much them there overnight. and as you've said, they are now planning for more demonstrations. they are planning a week of resistance. so there is still a lot of determination, a lot of energy trying to drive mubarak from power. that of course has not happened. the other challenge that the protesters face is that there are some people here who feel that enough has been accomplished. they want to get back to work, they want to get back for school, back to life as normal as possible because this protest, the protests have taken a tremendous tolle on this
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country. some $3 billion lost. and you can imagine what it means to an individual who has not been able to go to work or earn a living for 12 days. >> and we know the demonstration yesterday was largely peaceful, but there were some street skirmishes. fair to say those were outside tahrir square? >> reporter: yes, they were. they were on the fringes. the key thing yesterday is that the pro mubarak forces did not meet the anti-mubarak forces anywhere near the square. they were kept away or they chose to stay away, but that did not happen. the military has become as everyone knew is the key player in all of this. they accepted up, they put up barricade, they controlled the crowds and kept the two sides apart. the military is also going to play a key role in the political transition. this has been a government run by the military in the sense that hosni mubarak and many of his key deputies are former generals in the military. there are a lot of political
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talks going on. the prime minister had a meeting with opposition figures last might. we're not sure what was really accomplished. today there is a meeting going on with key leaders in the government and a so-called council of elders, people from the community, business leader, others outside of the government trying to put forward ideas of how to move the country forward politically. the key question i think is will all this satisfy the opposition and the protestors. they are determined to stay out in the square to keep the pressure on. lester? >> nbc's ron allen for us in cairo this morning watching development there is. thanks very much. president obama says he wants mubarak to make the right decision, but he's not calling for his immediate resignation. for more, we're joined by jamie rubin, former assistant secretary of state under madeline albright. we're happy you're with us this morning. we've heard the president it talk about speeding up the transition. a lot of it sounds like
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diplomatic code words. is the president without saying it trying to nudge him to leave now? >> yes r, i think president oba has einvolved his position over the last ten days and now it's very clear after yesterday's huge outpouring of support for the pro democracy movement that the regime's effort to use the tricks of the trade, to use vie lepsz, to use crack downs on the media and any number of other methods failed. and so i think yesterday was the final turning point. it's now clear that president mubarak has to go. president obama and his officials behind the scenes working i'm sure through multiple channel, diplomatic channels, perhaps intelligence channels, are trying to develop as he said an orderly transition. and that's complicated because of the constitution in egypt was set up to -- as an advantage to
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president mubarak and needs to be changed. it's complicated because of all the different officials who have been tied to mubarak who will now need to move on. >> we saw the pro mubarak forces in the street and while it's widely believed many of them were security forces, is there any true organic popular support for hip and is he right to some extent that to simply walk away now could invite more at least short term trouble in the streets? >> i'm sure there is a substantial amount of broad support for president mubarak in egypt. i couldn't begin to give a percentage. i don't think anybody can because this haven't been real opposition parties and real honest polling and all of that. but as far as whether him stepping down will cause chaos, i think on the contrary. the longer president mubarak fails to make clear that he's going to step down, the longer
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egypt's economy, egypt's stability is in question. the moment he makes clear he is leaving and establishes an orderly process to hand over power to presumably his vice president, i think things will begin to get back to normal in egypt. the argument that after mubarak is chaos i think has failed to satisfy people in egypt nor the leaders around the world. >> let me ask you this. the next election is this in th fall. assuming the anti-government protesters remain peaceful, could we all turn around and it's fall and he simply exits as scheduled? >> well, it's certainly possible that this could drag on. and i doubt it will drag on until september. but it certainly could drag on for many, many days if not weeks. i've always thought that there is a chance that the demonstrators, now that they have ownership of the square,
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this they could stay there. meanwhile president mubarak might stay where he is in the presidential palace. but i do think there is a certain momentum that built in the last three days. first with the violence and the crackdown, the attempt to change the calculus, change the momentum back towards mubarak failed. and yesterday's huge demonstrations make clear that his regime has ended. it's just a question of which day or which week he makes that public. >> always good to have you on. thanks so much for sharing you expertise with us. it's ten past the hour. let's head back to amy. while the white house keeps a close eye on egypt, it's also watching the latest job report. unemployment dropped to 9%, but only 36,000 new jobs were added, a fact that has many worried on in waupg and shington and on ma
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street. >> reporter: tony hasn't had steady work since being laid off 2 1/2 years ago. he's burned through his savings and sod his motorcycle and more. >> i'll go around the house and just go we don't need that, we don't need that. and i'll put it up on ebay. >> reporter: last month, he and his wife got help to pay the mortgage from their pregnant daughter and her husband. >> this is hard for me because it's very humbling. but we come down and there's $500 sitting on our desk and we look at each other and go where did that come from? >> reporter: so many have been out of work for so long that the government is now tracking people who have been unemployed for as many as five years. the average length of unemployment they found is nine months, an all-time record. >> we've just never seen anything like this since the great depression. having this severe of job loss that's lasted for this long has translated in to unprecedented lengths of unemployment. >> reporter: the toll is more
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than just financial. >> it starts wearing on you, you question your ability as a person, you know, what's wrong with me. >> reporter: reginald richardson says he sees depression and anxiety in people out of work for about a year. >> as their unemployment continues and we see even greater symptoms, people having rage, greater frustration, disappointment, hopelessness. >> reporter: warren stays hopeful by volunteering at the same food bank he relies on for affordable meals. >> we're going to make it through this. come hell or high water, we'll make it through. >> reporter: hooking forward to the day he can start to pay back all the help he's getting from those around him. john jank yang, nbc news, chicago. steve liesman is an economics reporter and obviously still many people still looking for work and yet we have an unemployment number now the lowest in two years. >> it is coming down, but for two reasons. one, we've had a number in the drop of unprovided, but also
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some americans are getting discouraged and not looking for work any more, not showing up in the ranks of the people who are in the labor force. the participation rate, those americans saying i'm part of the labor force out there, that's come down. lowest since 1984. one caveat on these numbers, the 36,000 number could have been affected by the weather. we kind of hope that's the reason why the mum was so low and we get a snap back. maybe not if february because we have more weather in january. we may have to wait until the spring thaw. >> we know the job growth number was a little disappointing. we were expecting 136,000, we got 36,000. what happened with that? >> well, economists were too optimistic, again, for really the second month in a row. we've seen the economy on the payroll side, remember, this are two survey, one the government calls up and asks different people are you working or not. the other one gets information from businesses and that other one is the one where it's been really underperforming.
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they have been too optimistic and also we see a persistent decline in government jobs. on the weather side, some of the places where you would expect to see weather affecting jobs like construction and temporary help, we've seen some of those be negative and that may be again the sign that it was the weather. >> despite the jobs reports number, it was still a strong week on wall street. >> it's a great question and i can tell you what's happening right now is that wall street is looking through this number. there is other data out there, manufacturing data, there's data about retail sales at the stores from christmas and from january, that's been strong. and wall street says this number may have wrong and the other data over here is pointing the way towards better economic growth and hopefully it must come given that wrenching report we've seen and better jobs to come. >> egypt impacting anything in the market in terms of oil and gas rates? >> it's day to day almost hour
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to hour, you can see it in the market. first of all, gas is a huge issue and oil is an issue. wider unrest in the milgz east something the market is watching closely. when egypt calls down, you can see the market get a lift. when it sparks back up, things like the treasury bonds prices go up because people are running for the security of u.s. assets because they're concerned about what's happening in the middle east. >> steve liesman, thanks as always. another big story is the latest blast of winter weather and what it could mean for the super bowl. janet shamlian is live in arlington with the latest on that. >> reporter: are g. morning. from canceled flights to snow and ice falling off the roof of cowboy stadium and injuring several worker, they're hoping for a better day here today. testimonies sti
5:16 am
temperatures sill in the still in the 20s, but it's expected to warm up and should melt some of the ice and the still in the 20s, but it's expected to warm up and should melt some of the ice and snow. 700 flights were canceled at dfw yesterday. love field was closed for a while. and this morning there are some very unhappy football stands sitting in cities like green bay and pittsburgh. both airports are open today and they're going to add some capacity to try to get those fans here, but now, amy, there are predictions for more precipitation, perhaps freezing rain tomorrow morning, super bowl sunday. >> oh, my goodness. and you mentioned the big chunks of ice that were seen falling off of that stadium roof. many people were injured. do you have a status report how they're do somethiing? >> reporter: most were minor injury, one person still hospitalized. but they're very concerned and blocking off all entrances of the stadium, you can only enter true a tub he will for personnel that immediate to get inside. they'll take another look
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morning. >> are the janet, thanks so much for the update. and now for a check of the other morning's news story, tamara hall is at the news desk for us this morning. we begin with an investigation of a near collision. it happened 80 miles southeast of new york city. the national transportation safety board says the jet was carrying 260 people to brazil from jfk and actually came within a mile of two air force c-17s. the warning system on that boeing 777 alerted the pilots to the impending collision and they chang changed course. in scotland, an american mother appeared in court for the first time so charges she murdered her three children. kyra simmons is live in london with more. >> reporter: she was in tears as she was led it. is he had to compose herself for a moment. she's accused of murdering her
5:18 am
three children in august last year, repeatedly stabbing her twin sons who were both just eight years old and her daughter who was only five. she and her will husbahusband m the united states 13 years ago, they appeared to be a loving family, but after the killing she caused a gas explosion if her home in which she was injured and she appeared to be limping as she was taken away until her next court appearance in march. >> thank you. and the story of a man today knox will now be seen on the small screen. a made for tv movie will air later this month on life time. knox is serving a 26 year prison sentence for the murder of her british roommate, meredith kercher. kercher's father criticized the film. finally, jay when know can add another accolade to his mantle. he was named hastings pudding
5:19 am
man of the year. he was coasted by the glau department before sharing some stories about his own experiences in the limelight. that is the news. now back over to amy and bill. and bill, you have a lot to talk about in my home state of texas. >> a nightmare down there. >> this weather is the big story for everyone. >> san antonio, houston getting snow and ice. i mean, this this winter has been ups down to say the least. and we'll warm it up a little. just enough maybe to melt some of that stuff off the roads. but what we're watching is a little storm diving down, a weak one coming down through the dako dakotas. and the question is how much freezing rain and snow will this bring on super bowl sunday to dallas. right now looks like just a coating in the morning possibly. high temperature should be 42, so everyone getting to the game should be okay. today in dallas hopefully a little more sunshine. the highways have been a mess, too.
5:20 am
god good saturday morning for you, a few upper 30s out there this morning. but lunchtime we're going to see some snow in the hills, winds above 1,000 feet, in the north bay, santa cruz mountains getting some gusts maybe 40 miles an hour. 60 to near 70 today. warmer tomorrow, staying dry through friday of next week. just fine. only new england will deal with a snowstorm today and tonight. that's your weekend forecast. all right, bill, thank you. as congresswoman gabby giffords continues to recover from the shooting in tucson, her astronaut husband is getting ready for his next trip to space in april 37 tom costello has more on the decision and the mission. >> she's doing very, very well. >> reporter: wearing a blue wrist bond that reads peace, love and gabby, mark kelly said their families were unanimous.
5:21 am
it's time for him to return to space. >> i know her very well and she would be very comfortable with the decision that i made. >> reporter: kelly declined to describe his conversations with giffords or her condition saying only she spends eight hours a day in rehab. but with her recover ary surprising even her doctors, kelly last week asked nasa for per notion rejoin his crew and prepare for their april mission. after some simulator and cockpit time this week, nasa agreed. >> it is the best thing for our mission to have mark be the commander. >> reporter: on the orbiting space station, mark's twin brother, scott kelly. >> i think my brother is doing about as well as anyone could expect in this type of a situation. >> reporter: for mark kelly who spent 18 months ratraining, thi is his fourth and final shuttle mission. in space he'll have e-mail, phone and perhaps video link as giffords' mother makes decisions about her car h. care.
5:22 am
kelly responded to critics who say he should remain grounded with her. >> they don't know her very well, so they don't know what she would want. she is a big assumer of my career and nasa. she really values the mission of nasa. >> reporter: meanwhile in tucson, volunteers are wrapping and boxing the thousands of cards, flowers and tributes to the victims of last month's attack as a city and a husband try to find some normalcy. for today, tom costello, nbc news, washington. still to come, the latest on the texas woman caught in the chaos in egypt. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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still on come, rage and revolution. the latest in egypt. and my exclusive interview of the 76-year-old woman trying to get out of her apartment in the
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to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste y le. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. god saturday morning to you. bouncing around and wind is going to continue today, though warm temperatures. you said nice and warm even if it is freezing? >> well, we're going to test that camera mount i think on the san bernardino mountains. it's a little cool in some spots. we have got 30s to 40s inland. not much wind right now, you're starting to see the hint of the offshore wind there.
5:27 am
from 4:00 today 10:00 tomorrow morning. you can see we got some high clouds going on by, a weather system that will dive east of the sierra, that's going to be part of the wind machine that will set up later on. no worries about rain, temperatures are going to be quite toasty through this time of year. 40s through about 8:00 this morning, then as the winds start to flare up, we'll see upper 60s to near 70. we're going to continue that trend tomorrow, a gusty start to the monk. friday of next week we could see some rain. >> from life in prison to 15 years or less. two men received a plea deal in connection with the death of a police officer. they pleaded guilty to manslaughter and robbery charges yesterday.
5:28 am
in 2006, a police officer was killed after chasing the two men. their get away van struck his patrol car killing him. the van's driver was sentenced last month to life in prison. commuters are celebrating the start of a project that just might unclog one of the state's worst traffic jams. leaders from santa clara valley transportation authority, caltrans all -- replacing the telly road crossing in san jose. crews will also add another lane from story road to north of capital expressway. the on and off ramps will be widened and traffic signals installed at those ramp intersections. >> the project will not only affect congestion on 101, but
5:29 am
will have a significant impact on the local community as well. a significant part of the project involves pedestrian and bicycle improvements. >> the construction project is expected to be done in the summer of 2012. the giants are gearing up to say hello to their fans and to a new season. we're going to preview today's fan fest coming up at 7:00 and we'll be back with more news and weather in about a half hour. have a good morning.
5:30 am
we're back on this saturday morning, february 5th, 2011. it's a cold, rainy day here, but we want to thank everyone who has come out to spend part of their morning with us. lester is joining us there jordan covering the crisis in egypt. he'll give us the harrowing details of how he got out of egypt and traveled to jordan. also seaworld's new killer whale show comes one year after the death of a veteran trainer in orlando. seaworld made major changes in
5:31 am
the wake of that tragedy, but will the new design make it safe foretrainer respect some we'll tell you what the plan is. >> and then supermarket secrets. do you know that supermarkets use some surprising tactics to get you to buy more than you actually wanted to some it's all true. and it begins the moment you enter the door. we'll tell you what need to know before buying groceries. and then look out ted williams. remember the man with the velvety voice? we found a cab driver who has become the newest internet sensation. he can sink just like mig just jackson. you won't be able to tell the difference if you close your eyes. but we begin with the latest on the crisis in cairo. lester, on wednesday pro mubarak supporters began to target reporters. and i know obviously you were there, you experienced it. >> for days we had been
5:32 am
reporting about the pro democracy, the anti-mubarak forces in tahrir square and telling their story. so then wednesday, when the pro mubarak forces broke into the square, their perception was that we, we being the international media, were sympathetic to the anti-mubarak cause. so we immediately in their eyes became the enemy. the problem was where we were working, our nbc team, both te the hotel and the work space which we established, they were smack in the middle of the area where the pro mubarak forces had organized and staged their attack. so we were right in the line of fire. >> and we should mention you were out on the streets shooting a story. how did you hear about the threat and what did you have to do to get back to safety? >> well, let me show you since beer showing you the video, this is inside our work space in cairo. this was the moment that we decided we had to an with an
5:33 am
abandon ship. so we began leaving the work space. at the time of the attack on wednesday, i was in another part of cairo doing a story on american, how her doing. and i got a phone call saying we have trouble, you need to make it back. we were trying to get there. the roads were cut off. it got so bad they called us back and said just take shelter where you are. so we walked to another hotel and waited there for a couple of hours inside the lobby. then after a couple hour, we decided to try to make it back on foot. an egyptian escort was brought to us, he suggested maybe we take a boat across to the other side because you can see the line of people on the bank there, those were all pro mubarak people hostile toward us, so we tried to circumvent it by taking this this vote that we hired, got off at a dock and had a couple hundred yard walk. we spread out among others, tried to make it low profile and
5:34 am
safely made back inside. >> and obviously everyone was aware of the situation, but a lot of violence was right outside of the work space where nbc had set up shop. we saw you doing hits for the "today" show and msnbc, but what was going on behind the scenes some. >> behind the scenes right before my "today" show shot, i think will ththis was on thursd morning, a crowd was yearing and drawing a lot of attention. they saw us on the balcony and our lights. i alerted new york and our folks and suddenly one of the fellows who operate the building said get off the balcony, they're going to attack, you're drawing too much attention. so for that live shot, i was moved inside. we saw the window open, so it appeared you could still see the background, but it was shortly after that, we made the decision to actually leave our work space. >> and then you left actually the country. what was that like in terms of check points?
5:35 am
were you hassled at all as you tried to make it into jordan? >> yesterday we decided to leave hotel again because it was an area where they were going to be basing themselves in other parts of die row. about i was going to leave with another team to come to jordan. and this was us actually leaving the hotel. folks had arranged to take us to the airport. getting there, we were stopped by several check points, one in particular was a bit daunting. there were plain clothed egyptian security, civilians, the car in front of us were roughly dragging a guy out. he appeared to be egypt shan. and then another vehicle next to us wiho was searched, released unharmed. we stayed if our vehicle fortunately, but it was a sentence minutes or so as to whether we could get new. and some of our equipment didn't make it through. but it was difficult getting out
5:36 am
because again there was a perception among those in the government that we were somehow sympathetic to the pro democracy cause. >> well, we've certainly appreciated your amazing, fantastic reporting and we're glad you were able to do it all safely, so thank you and we'll talk to mu just a bit and check in with you. but in the meantime, we're going to get a check of the weather with bill karins. it's a big story this weekend especially. good morning. >> good morning. for once it's not snowing out here. a little bit of drizzle. now, you're from maine. what town? >> winthrop. and i have three kids that are there. >> do you find if they get a lot of snow? >> no. we've had plenty. >> you'll get more today, too. your kids will be out playing in it. let's talk about what will happen with the next storm. a little bit of sur applies snow about st. louis. that will move up towards toledo and cleveland with a wintry mix. unless new england, a little bit of ice possible lower hudson
5:37 am
valley. adirondacks, snow for you. possibility of maybe even as much as six to eight inches. so another little mini snowstorm for our friends in northern new and here's a little weather perspective for you, our temperatures this morning, mid 40s, warmer than half of the country's highs. later today, very chilly east of the rockies. 45 degrees in san jose. 44 in oakland. that will change later on this afternoon. san francisco, 54 degrees, northeast wind at 5. you can see wind advisories being hoisted for all the bay area hill tops, gusty winds picking up, especially after sun set tonight. 60s to near 70, warmer for tomorrow. get your hour by hour forecast at still to come, how supermarkets get you to spend more than you want to. and the a year after a trainer's death, seaworld unveils is a. new killer whale show.
5:38 am
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this morning on "today," the science of shopping. and while you're looking to save money, supermarkets are making sure you spend more and they're coming it with strategies that follow from the front door all the way to the check outline. kevin it contintibbles reports. >> reporter: like many shom e r shoppers, made list sha brown is armed with a list. >> i try not to do impulse buying. >> i really shouldn't, but -- >> reporter: the fact is the majority of us walk out of the grocery store buying between 50% and 70% more than what we came for. >> i just go through the aisles and get what i think we need. >> reporter: or don't immediate
5:41 am
perhaps. in chicago, researchers are developing virtual stores, cutting edge technology that allows manufacturers to find out what we buy and why. >> how the cards are arranged, how they're priced and how they're packaged. >> reporter: they're able to track shopping habits in detail. testing what kind of displays and labels catch the consumer's eye. and whatever else may put fuss the mood to shop. >> the bakery is up front, the flower display is up front. it's there to get our saliva glands working. >> reporter: it also helps to set the mood. theatrical lights make the fruits and vegetables look luscious and appealing even if they're not on their list. >> brussel sprouts, forget it. >> reporter: turns out grocery stores have a plan and a pattern to draw shoppers in and keep them there. >> the number one item on my list is usually milk and
5:42 am
there's no company inside denies the cooler is always all the way in the back of the store. and while we're wandering through the aisles, consumer experts say look it at the upper and lower shelves. and the research says men are more likely to stray from their lists than women. >> men do impulse shopping and whatever appeals to them visually, they buy. >> reporter: and whenever i get sent out to pick up some bacon, i always come home with swedish fish. it's not just me that likes a little something sweet. so do children. which is why the sugary cereals are often at the eye level for the kids. >> most mothers will avoid aisles where this they set up the whine factor. i wamna, i wamna. >> reporter: when it comes to stocking our pantry, we all head out with the best of intentions,
5:43 am
but our stop action often overrule our brains and the pfo marketers know it. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbcs new, chicago. >> how do you shop without falling prey to the ricks? elizabeth, good morning. good to see you. how do we avoid falling prey to -- >> as to the swedish fish? >> exactly. >> most people don't follow their list as kevin said, you end up going to the store, there are so many things. the store is set up to get you from the hint you walk if. flowers make it attractive, a bakery gets your saliva going, the entire map of the store is done in such a way to get to you spend more. if you think about it, the only thing a grocery store really has to sell is real estate and that real estate is going to the companies that pop late. >> makes perfect sense. we also get enticed by the advertisements, the deals out there especially when you see
5:44 am
buy two or three and get one free. but you say bewear of those kinds of things, as well. >> there's omissions left in the wording so it's not always completely represented. about it says five for $5, well, you can probably buy one for $1. it's not necessarily that you have to buy that mass amount. so you have to be wary, you have to know the price of things when you shop. >> and other tips you have for us in addition to obviously making a list, you say as mentioned in the piece, high and low. >> well, if you think about it, flower is not an impulse buy. it's something that you know when you need it. items do it's down low, not at prime space. but anything at eye level is where your impulse buys are your snacks, the cereals. so usually if you look high and low, you find the things you need and also the better prices. >> and clockwise, shop clockwise. why does that matter? >> clockwise is the information is set up to get to you shop
5:45 am
counterclockwise. if you shop clok wise, you're shopping against the current which will make you more efficient. it's like a psychological thing. >> and you say watch for end caps. sglend caps are at the end of every single aisle. that is prime real estate. that's often where special buys you think are or the very seasonal goods that can be much higher priced than they usually are. so end caps are really where they're pushing products. >> you say read signs carefully and also read flyers carefully. >> a lot of the things in flyers are advertisements. you think that there is a deal on them, but it's not. it's just an advertisement saying special this week. not necessarily a special. people send 500% more out of flyers when they buy that product. so it really increases the sale. you have to be careful and be careful on any kind of special or price of the kaday. >> so armed with those tips and leaving your husband at home. okay. thank you, elizabeth. up next, seaworld's new
5:46 am
whale show. is it safe for trainers? that's after these messages. ffrs
5:47 am
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new revlon, customeyes mascara. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. you name it, i can buy it. and the savings that we get from the early pay discount has given us money to reinvest back into our business and help quadruple our floor space. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. it's been one year since the killer whale took the life of a trainer at seaworld. they announced a new killer whale show as the investigations have now concluded following the tragic death a year ago this month by a killer whale. kerry sanders joins us from seaworld with more on all of this.
5:49 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the federal government through the occupational safety and health administration fined seaworld $75,000. seaworld has contested that and disputes any findings of fault. so as that lingers, seaworld says it's moving forward with a new show that may involve all seven of the kill are what i will quhal oigs here in orlando. a trainer in the water with a killer whale. but since an orca killed his trainer a year ago, no one has been allowed in the water. now with a pair amount of excitement, seaworld has announced a new show to debut in two months where trainers will for the first time get closer to the edge of the pool. >> shamu will be the one that inspires us to connect to the ocean, to care about it. >> reporter: the new show is billed as an educational experience, erab bratly designed
5:50 am
to motivate the audience to environmental action. >> the education of people is of utmost importance and having these and the mals to demonstrate that is what moves people, it's what connects people to nature. if you don't see it, you're not going to believe it. >> reporter: keeping trainers out of the tank has been the standing policy since last february when the largest of the performing whales he s here dra her in to the tank and killed her. julia has worked as an animal trainer at seaworld for 30 years. >> i think she'd be very happy and proud. she was such a passion matt person who cared so much about these whales. >> reporter: but critics say the new show only goes so far. while it may protect the chain trainers by keeping them out of the water, it does little for the captive orcas. in a just released study, the authors argue one solution,
5:51 am
phase out captive populations, stop breeding the animals. >> seaworld does not learn from its mistakes. but they're not putting anybody in the water. that's not learning. that's spin. they're trying to -- we have a new show, the orcas are fine, we're just for the going to put people in the water. but you know dawn wasn't in the water when tilikum grabbed her. >> reporter: instead she was on the platform when tilikum grabbed her and killed her. tilikum has been involved in the past two decades in the deaths of two other humans, but seaworld says they are now taking precautions so that something like that never happens again. amy? >> all right, kerry sander, thanks so much. and we're back, but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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and it works on hard and soft surfaces to help keep your home healthy. lysol, the number one pediatrician-recommended brand. let lysol do more for you. check for coupons in your sunday paper. good morning to you, taking a live look at san jose, it is going to be nice and warm in san jose, although a bit breezy. if it's more than breezy, we'll just pretend we're in palm springs. >> it's going to feel like palm springs. the temperature in bay area should be in the 50s, highs today may be close to 70. right now in san jose, 45 degrees. cool 44 degrees in oakland and in san francisco, we have got 54 degrees, a little bit of an
5:57 am
offshore breeze already picking up around san bruno mountains. we have a wind advisory showing up today. locally gusty tonight, so that is the main issue for weather turning a bit windy at times but certainly destroy and warmer as we go through the weekend. so near 70 in san jose, otherwise 60s for highs around the bay area today, your seven-day forecast shows tomorrow will be a little gusty in the hills, a bit a warmer on sunday and staying dry and a little bit cooler through the second half of next week. >> it's one of the best off-seasons for the giants savoring the world title. but now the boys are back in town and almost back to work. the team is getting ready for fan test. that is expected to start in just a few hours at at & t park.
5:58 am
they were at at&t park yesterday. >> i think we're looking forward to the challenge. i think this group of guys is looking forward to taking on the challenge. i think that's what this group of guys is about. >> i don't want for anybody to think that i don't understand the magnitude of what we did last year and the appreciation of what this team did as far as winning the world series, because it's very, you know, special. >> meanwhile, the giants are saying a big thank you to a couple of big contributors to their world series win. general manager brian saban received an extended contract. saban has been with the giants for 14 seasons, he is the longest tenured general manager in baseball.
5:59 am
bi brian and bruce's proven leadership and strategic moves throughout the course of their baseball careers culminating in last year's world series choice has distinguished them as some of the best minds in all of baseball. coming up at 7:00 on "today" in the bay. now the water in the delta mendota canal is -- we have more local news coming up for you in a half hour and the "today" show continues in just about a minute. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's easier than you think, because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms.
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so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste y le. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning, february 5, 2011. we have another great crowd with us out on the plaza and unfortunately we also have another winter storm coming our way. there is a surprise. we're kind of used to them. inside studio 1-a, i'm amy robach. lester holt is covering the crisis in egypt from amman, jordan. good morning. >> reporter: it's day 12 of the protest and though the demonstrations have become more peacefulle f fuful for now, ver. president mubarak is showing no signs of stepping down. many of us have been following
6:01 am
the plight of mary thornberry, a texas grandmother who's lived in cairo. she was telling us about living under siege in her apartment at the edge of the fighting. she loves egypt but is desperate to leave. we'll find out the good ending. a wonderful update coming in a moment. >> looking forward to that. back at home we are keeping an eye on the weather. will it wreak havoc on the super bowl? we have a live report from arlington coming up. and food fight -- chef jamie oliver is trying to change the way america's kids eat but school officials say the reality show may have another motive in mind and they are refusing to let oliver in the kitchens. we'll see what's behind the battle. and how is this for a michael jackson impression? ♪ >> we're going to introduce you
6:02 am
to an unknown taxi driver gaining worldwide attention. could he be the next big thing? if you close your eyes it could be michael jackson. >> it could be. he just needs a beat behind him. we'll look forward to that. we want to begin in egypt. ron allen has remained on the ground in cairo. he's here to update us now. ron, what's going on? >> reporter: good afternoon, lester. there are still thousands of protesters in the central square, many camped out overnight. they were joined by protesters in the morning. they are determined to keep it up. they haven't accomplished the main objective. has malibu mubarak is still in power. now they have called for a week of resistance. today there is an afterparty in tahrir square. after a huge rally friday that had all the trappings of a victory celebration, with hundreds of thousands drawn to what they hope has been their
6:03 am
national revolution. >> what do you want from people now, mubarak? leave now. >> reporter: security remains tight. egypt's military maintained order on a mission to prevent pro and anti-government forces from confronting each other. it was a far cry from earlier this week when the two sides attacked each other, violence engulfing the square. the military has said the protesters have the right to continue making their voices heard as long as it's done peacefully. >> you feel like you are a human being. you feel pride. you feel free spirited. you feel inspirited. >> reporter: this is an american egyptian, a human rights activist who spent much of the week inside the square. even though mubarak has not stepped down, sakur insists the movement is well on its way to achieving its goal. do you think mubarak is finished? >> absolutely. he's finished for good.
6:04 am
>> reporter: this morning mubarak appeared on state-run television. the report said it was a meeting about how to address the effects the protest are having on the economy. much of the country has been shut down. u.s. officials told nbc news most mubarak advisers and military leaders are telling the president he does not have to step down or leave the country. other reports say there may be a plan for mubarak to go on an extended stay at his vacation home or for medical check-ups in europe. president obama told mubarak there is no turning back. >> the only thing that will work is moving an orderly transition process that begins right now. >> reporter: mubarak warned of chaos if he steps aside. there was some of that earlier in the week. but for now, central cairo is orderly and calm. the opposition is determined to keep the protests going. the challenge they face is that
6:05 am
some people in the crowd feel that enough has been accomplished and they want to go back to work or school. the country has been virtually paralyzed now for nearly two weeks. lester? >> ron allen this morning in cairo. thank you. we have an update on the american woman we have been telling you about who's been trapped in her apartment by the fighting in tahrir square. by telephone she's been telling us of protesters trying to break into her apartment, prepared to fend them off with everything from boiling water to her rolling pin. we can tell you 76-year-old mary thornberry was rescued during a lull in the fighting. i spoke to her by telephone from the cairo airport where she spent the night and where she is about to catch a flight out of the country. one of our producers was there a with camera as we spoke. what can you tell us about how you got out of your apartment? >> i would rather not go into that just in case some
6:06 am
repercussions could come upon other parties. >> can you tell me what it looked like outside your apartment when you got got out, when you were walking through? what were you seeing? >> oh, there was some debris, you know, like garbage outside my door in my little hall. of course we had to go down the flights of stairs. we couldn't use the elevator. so i was able to see most of the spaces on the other floors. there was glass broken. i don't believe anybody else was in the building, any other tenant was in the building. i got to the foyer and there were people sleeping on the floor, rocks, garbage and of course the streets were quite littered all the way. >> how far did you have to walk? >> quite a distance, for me.
6:07 am
it wouldn't be for a young stalwart gentleman, but for me it was. i had to stop along the way. when i got to the departure hall yesterday i was totally debilitated, totally. we had walked in downtown and i was wearing heavy clothes because i was headed for a cold country. >> have you spoken to your family? >> i have spoken to my son and his wife from washington state. i have not spoken with my daughter yet. >> will you come back to egypt? >> oh, yes. egypt is my home. egypt has been good to me. i love egypt and the egyptian people. >> you're not -- >> i don't know what i will come back to with my flat. i'm sure it will be vandalized, things broken, rumpled, dirties, but i'll cross that bridge when i get there. >> mary, did you bring the rolling pin with you? >> my son told me to.
6:08 am
i didn't have room in my carry-on. i only brought one little carry-on. that's all i have. >> when i see you, i will bring you a rolling pin, okay? >> you're kind. >> there is a picture of mary being escorted through the terminal this morning by members of the u.s. embassy. she's been in contact with them and they have been expediting her return to the united states. amy, it's particularly heartwarming for me to see her there. we had spoken to her, i think it was wednesday night and made arrangements for me to come visit her and hopefully escort her out, but we couldn't get to her. the fighting was so bad. i had to make the call and tell her, mary, i'm sorry. we'll put you and our team at risk. but it's great that it's ended this way. we are happy to see her on the way home. >> i'm sure the security team was more effective than the rolling pin. lester, thank you so much. want to talk now about the winter storm taking aim at much of the country and the super bowl. several people have been injured
6:09 am
already from ice that fell from the cowboys stadium and with flights cancelled and snow building what will it mean for tomorrow's big game? janet shamlian joins us from arlington. good morning. what a morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. you know what, it was 70 degrees here last week. right now it's in the 20s and the snow and ice that was just an inconvenience has now turned dangerous. several people were injured, one critically, when huge chunks of ice fell from the roof of cowboys stadium. just the latest worry for officials hosting this weekend's super bowl. after being coated in ice and blitzed by arctic air for days, mother nature sacked the area again on friday. up to a half foot of snow. runways blanketed and planes iced over, dfw cancelled more than 700 flights and love field closed, just as tens of thousands of football fans were trying to travel in.
6:10 am
temperatures are usually in the 50s and 60s this time of year. but with all this snow and ice, packers and steelers fans may be wondering if they are still in green bay or pittsburgh. >> it's what we're used to in pittsburgh this time of year. >> reporter: at least three died on the roads and paramedics delivered a baby at one accident along an icy highway. in new mexico, a state of emergency as tens of thousands were without natural gas, facing freezing temperatures with no heat. emergency shelters are open. back in north texas with a brand new billion dollar stadium as a backdrop, there is a lot on the line. the super bowl will bring more than 150,000 visitors who will spend some $350 million, even in the snow. >> we welcome people big in texas. here you go. we want you guys to feel at home. right? >> reporter: there are thousands of football fans with super bowl
6:11 am
tickets in hand sitting in cities like green bay, pittsburgh and points beyond who have not been able to get to the dallas-ft. worth area. they're going to try to do so today. temperatures are supposed to warm up but now new reports of freezing rain for sunday morning, game day. amy? >> oh, my goodness. janet shamlian, thank you very much. now to the news desk where tamron hall has more of the top stories. good morning. >> good morning. we began with the latest jobs report which shows a steep drop in the unemployment rate. the jobless number dropped to 9% from 9.4%. that's the lowest sincele april of 2009. at the same time the government said 36,000 new jobs were created last month, the fewest in four months. jared loughner, according to prosecutors will be tried first in a federal court. loughner is charged with shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 18 others. he'll have his day in state court after that trial.
6:12 am
meanwhile mark kelly announced friday he'll go up with the shuttle for the final mission in april. kelly even said he expects his wife to be well enough to be at the launch. and a collision between an american airlines jet and two air force planes south of new york city. the national transportation safety board said the plane was carrying 260 people to brazil from jfk and it came within a mile of two c-17s last month. the warning system on the boeing 777 alerted the pilot to the impending collision so they reacted. and the story of amanda knox will be seen on the small screen. a made for tv movie will air this month on lifetime. knox is serving a 26-year prison sentence for the murder of her british roommate whose father criticized the film which shows a reenactment of his daughter's murder. the stars are starting to arrive for the super bowl and peyton manning, eli manning and
6:13 am
chad ochocinco took part in festivities. they were powering the mechanical bull by running or pulling ropes. ty murray and randy couture took turns getting thrown off the bull all in the name of fun. that's what you do when everything around you is frozen. that's the news. now back to amy. that's a good time in texas. >> got to heat it up some way, tamron. bill cairns is out on the plaza with a check on your chilly forecast. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we have corin r blrk catherine and you're responsible for the rain? >> no, sir. >> you look gorgeous today, pretty in pink. let's talk about the forecast. everyone is watching dallas. the game is played indoors but the weather's so horrendous. 39, we're not going to melt the snow. on the east coast, rain and nice through new england. northern new england dealing with a snowstorm. tomorrow, some flurries possible, maybe freezing drizzle
6:14 am
early in the day. by the time the game > we're seeing a bit of a chilly start around the bay area this morning. 45 san jose, 54 in san francisco. we do have some high clouds passing by. we will see temperatures in the warmest places around the bay area, close to 70 degrees around san jose and santa cruz. you can see the hill tops of the north bay where it will turn gusty later on, seeing highs in the 70s today, another warm day tomorrow and then we're going to cool off. up, amy. back to you. >> thanks, bill. jamie oliver has made a name for himself as a celebrity chef and is starring in a new reality show that continues to stir up controversy with schools who say it puts them in a bad light. kristen welker has more. >> reporter: known for his show on the food network, jamie oliver started "food
6:15 am
revolution." >> this is about life and death. >> reporter: in huntington, west virginia, 2009, the concept, oliver visits public school cafeterias and offers healthier options for preparing food. >> what's wrong with that? >> what's right with that? >> reporter: the first season of the abc reality show served up a lot of drama. >> i don't think it's going to work. >> reporter: and a helping of high ratings, but oliver said it's all about the kids. >> i think that diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the country. >> reporter: now oliver is taking season two to los angeles, but a big road butch. the l.a. unified school district said no thanks. >> reality television has a formula. you either have to have drama or conflict. we are not interested in either. >> reporter: and robert says reality tv goes against the interest of students. he said the district had a negative experience in the nbc
6:16 am
reality show "school pride." the show representatives had no comment, but he adds there was a troubling conversation with west virginia school officials. >> they did share with us that before jamie got there they were operating in the black. since jamie left they were now operating in the red. >> reporter: officials in west virginia could not be reached for comment, but oliver had plenty to say. >> you pay for it. it's not their cash. i think -- if you did a survey, would l.a. parents want me to have a look about and a spring clean, of course they would say yes. >> reporter: in 2004, officials at the l.a. unified school district got rid of junk food from campuses. then they banned trans-fats from the kitchens and just last month the usda praised the district for being ahead of the curve in healthy meal standards. but now many are wondering if the controversy will take a bite out of the popular chef's image. >> i don't imagine his reputation will be harmed at all. he took on goliath, the second biggest school district in the
6:17 am
world. >> reporter: the lausd says they want to cooperate with oliver without the cameras, an offer he plans to accept. oliver says he'll continue his crusade. >> it's about educating people to live a longer, healthier life. >> reporter: one meal at a time. kristen welker, nbc news, los angeles. >> still to come, pitch perfect -- the cab driver who sings exactly like michael jackson. wait until you hear him. and will fergie be at the wedding? that and more about the royal guest list right after these messages. is clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. diminishing the look of even deep wrinkles. 10 years? i'll take that! [ female announcer ] roc® we keep our promises.
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6:19 am
it's me o'clock -- time for jell-o. we've all heard the story of ted williams, the homeless man. now comes another unknown with a duly remarkable voice. he's a cab driver who can sink li sing like michael jackson. ♪ >> reporter: it's 00 thria thri a cab right. the latest viral video features the vocal styling of gene walker behind the wheel treating his passengers to his version of billie jean. the video has bean viewed over a million times in seven days. and while the sound is so close to michael jackson's, that the people who posted the video boast he's the king of pop reincarna reincarnate.
6:20 am
>> we're excited to see somebody totally normal in a completely normal job and having this incredibletal rent. >> reporter: in the world of social media where sharing is just a click away, videos that spread like wildfire are a powerful force. >> you're listening to magic 98.9. >> reporter: ted williams stunned the world with his golden voice and with his transformation from homeless to internet sensation. >> there is no way in the world that i could have ever imagined that i would be -- just have all of this. >> reporter: despite his fame, williams reportedly still struggles with addiction. to capitalize on viral fame, it takes a perfect storm of fame and promotion really. >> reporter: and he was able to capitalize on his internet success. he became a cult hero with strong words for his sister's
6:21 am
would-be rapist. he recently landed a reality show and is moving his family to los angeles. >> to turn a skill or something you do on a viral video into complete real fame, it has to be the kind of person that really just wants to be famous. >> reporter: now many are wondering if this whether launch a singing career for the taxi driver and put him on a road to success. >> but can he dance. >> can he do the moon walk. >> i wonder if there's a w brazilian version of "american idol." >> and he does have a good voice. we have to give him that. still ahead, let's talk about what kate has done. she has picked her dress? what our royal watcher can reveal about the big day. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:22 am
the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
6:23 am
6:24 am
we continue to follow the latest in the crisis in egypt. >> all right, lester, we'll see you later. stay safe. coming up, counting down to the royal wedding. we'll have the new details on the big day. everyone wants to know. but first these messages. ffrs without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try.
6:25 am
[ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ the monster was furious! rarrr! it's for laughing... [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] ...pretending... and the mouse went, "wha-wha-wha, why?" [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] ...seeing things differently... and then the boy bit the dragon! [ female announcer ] ...and for being with your favorite storyteller... [ grandpa ] i love you when you are quiet. [ female announcer ] ...even after he goes home to nevada. [ grandpa ] and i love you when you are loud! [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. ♪ make your voice their valentine. i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor,
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and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. good morning to you, take a live look at the san mateo bridge this morning. lots of folks moving out early this morning. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> right across the big span to the bridges to the san mateo bridge, we have some 30s and 40s, but i don't want to hear any whining because half of the country today will not see highs as high as our morning temperature right now. by the afternoon, as chris
6:27 am
mentioned, it's going to turn a little gusty. wind advisories until 4:00 today. gusty winds late today into tomorrow morning. high pressure to the west, acting like a big shield of, again, deflecting all the storms way out to the north a bit breezy for this afternoon. but temperatures looking pretty outstanding, 60s to near 70 today, staying dry a little less wind as we head toward monday morning and then cooling as we go through the week. >> from life in prison to 15 years or less, two men received a plea deal in connection with the death of a police officer. 25-year-old carl and 26-year-old nicholas smith pleaded guilty to robbery charges. the police officer was killed after chasing the two men. their get away van struck the patrol car killing him. the van's driver was sentenced
6:28 am
last month to life in prison. commuters in the south bay are celebrating the start of a project that just might unclog one of the worst traffic jams in the south bay. telly road in san jose, the project includes recon figuring the interstate 101 tuly road interchange. crews will also add an additional lane on southbound 101 from south of story to north of capital expressway and an automatic sillry lane. >> the project will not only affect congestion on 101 but will have a significant impact on the local dmunt as well. significant part of the project involves pedestrian and bicycle
6:29 am
improvements. >> that's nice to hear too. the telly construction project is expected to be done not this summer but next summer. coming up at 7:00 on "today" in the bay, the giants are gearing up for a new season. i'll be back with all the day's top stories coming up for you at 7:00. we hope that you'll join us then.
6:30 am
we're back on this saturday morning, february 5th, 2011, bracing for another winter storm. we're used to it. let's hope it's the last one for at least a little while. outside on the plaza, i'm amy robach along with tam ran hall. and coming up, we'll be dishing on the royal wedding. new details on the wedding, kate's dress, who is in her bridal party. we have a live report from london. >> also, the wild winter weather. how often do you have gloves, umbrella and a scarf? from slipping on the ice and skidding on the road to even
6:31 am
roof collapses like this one. it's also dangerous and could be costly, but does your insurance cover it? we'll have the answers you'll need. >> and we'll be talking about the perfect food for your super bowl sunday and of course we're talking chili. and we'll talk about what's looking like the most popular brands, how should you make it. we'll see the results from our taste-off coming up. >> music to my ears. not music to our ear, rough weather still here. would you like this umbrella? >> no, i'm tougher than that. >> he's a man and he has the forecast. >> we're having a debate here because do we call this drizzle or -- our friends from philadelphia, what would you call this? >> just a little drizzle. >> let's talk about the forecast for philadelphia do have a wint
6:32 am
advisory. snow and freezing drizzle early today. the big cities will be just fine. right along thest raleigh southwards, just rain for you. a little surprise snow, more than we thought would fall from st. louis to indianapolis this morning. and some of that snow will make its way through northern ohio, maybe just enough to shovel and give you around two to three inches during the day today. talking about texas, looking fine today. we'll slowly warm it up hoping the roads will dramatically high pressure system a -- here's a look at the areas in blue. gusts will approach 40 to 45 miles an hour. those winds turning somewhat offshore, we're going to see clear skies other than the high clouds drifting through and temperatures soaring into the 60s to probably close to 70 in a few spots today, breezy actually turning out right windy for the hill tops, and the forecast for the rest of the weekend looks dry, unusually warm, but
6:33 am
trending cooler midweek next week. ause you're the only football fan out here, none of our pittsburgh fans showed up, what's your score prediction? >> 28-34 green bay. >> close game. back inside it to you, amy. this morning countdown to the royal wedding. and now we're just 83 days away. this morning countdown to the royal wedding. and now we're just 83 days away. this morning countdown to the royal wedding. and now we're just 83 days away. d while some of the details y. are secret, we are learning new details on kate's gown, the bridal party and what william will wear when he walks down the aisle. neil sean joins us with the latest. of course the first question we all want answered is the dress. what will the dress look like? >> i love you girls. that's the only thing you're interested in, the dress. what we can tell you it's interesting, of course, because everybody wants to know what she'll be going down the aisle with. she's seen quite a few designer,
6:34 am
but there's no definitive person been assigned yet. there are two already who are the number one choice, but she's very superstitious and part of the reason she doesn't want to reveal who is making the dress, because she doesn't want prince william to see anything because of course it's seen as bad luck. so that's the reason she's holding back. but how long does it take to make a dress, girls? >> exactly. it can take a long time. so we need to know soon. william, let's talk about what he may bewaring. every woman love as man in uniform. we can maybe assume he'll follow in the foot steps of his father. what can we expect from william? >> i think everybody would like to see what prince william will be wearing. we can tell you it will be miss uniform. and the reason why royals actually like to get in that
6:35 am
particular look, that uniform,hs uniform. and the reason why royals actually like to get in that particular look, that uniform,s uniform. and the reason why royals ey know they look good and , s he'll look incredibly dashing and he's giving a real nod to his career. but i think he will look a  little bit like richard gere in officer and a gentleman. . >> the guest list we hear will hit 5,000. 2,000 of will and kate's personal friends and family. 3,000 politician, dignitaries. do we know any of the big name has may be on the list, including whether or not sarah ferguson will be there? >> as you know the queen recently joined facebook, so i don't think she's facebooking people to invite them, but, you're right, there are a lot of guests. david beckham and victoria beckham are definitely going. other people, celebrities, have all been given dates and stuff
6:36 am
like that to say this is where obviously it is and this is the time. there are no confirmations yet. this is again security for the simple reason that they don't want that leaking out and saying i've been invited and making profits out of that. but you mentioned very cleverly as the duchess of york who has recently been pictured on another holiday, who could afford to invite her. i think she will be invited, but i think she'll likely decline. but we have a bit of inside news because you may or may not known that chelsea davis has flown back into london and tomorrow meets prince harry for the first time in months and i'm guessing that she'll be walking down the aisle as his date. so if you're looking to be his date, you've been pushed out. >> well, i'll cross that off my list. what about the wedding party, do we know who the bride and groom have chosen? >> obviously close family and friends. there was a report stating that prince william would be taking
6:37 am
all of his -- or inviting all of his ex-girlfriends. as any lady knows who is getting married, you do not want to walk down the aisle and look at all the ex squeezes that your intended has dated. so don't believe that story. i think what's interesting from the point of view of who they want to invite, i think it will be a lot more sort of clarity people, a lot more low key people because it's all about expense and they want to make sure they send out the right signals to say we're doing the right thing rather than being a jolly where it looks like they're spending our money to have a huge party. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> pleasure. coming up next, when your car skids on the ice, does your insurance cover it? we'll it tell you. but first, these messages. - [in chinese] "will you marry me?" - [in spanish] "will you marry me?"
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collapsed roofs, bursting pipes, whether at home or on the road, many of us continue to endure a very long and dangerous winter. how you can be sure your insurance covers? here with answers, amy feldman. good morning.
6:42 am
let's start with the roof situation as well as the pipes. we saw a commercial building, the roof just came down. people are worried about that happening in their homes. pipes are freezing. is that something that is covered by your insurance? >> it's a common claim made these days under these conditions. and, yes, the structural damage caused to the home usually is covered by most standard insurance policies. but remember, it's not just structure all damage that happens as a result of the chances. you also lose all of your stuff inside the room. and then there's a big difference depending on what you already chose. if you chose an actual value policy that would replace the contents of your house based on the actual value, say you had a five year old television, how much money could you have sold that tv for is how much you get for it. but if you've chosenreplacement money you'll get is what it will cost to you get a new one. big difference. >> what about if your power goes out and you have to move out for
6:43 am
a period of time, do you get reimbursed for something like that? >> a lot of policies actually do cover you for replacement shelter in the event that your home becomes uninhabitable. but keep in mind the devil is in the details. the question is always what is uninhabitable? and people do not know. you need to know does that mean for a period of time, is there a dollar limit, can i stay at the plaza? look at the declarations page. the very first page on your insurance policy. t. has to say in plain english what is covered and what are the limits. so take a look this. but if you don't know, you must ask your carrier. always find out ahead of time. >> never be afraid to ask, but you don't know. >> what if pipes burst somewhere else and the water floods down into your neighborhood? >> normally those pipes are munstmuns t municipal pipes, but the water brought on to your brought is your pich. and about it that pipe about yourselfs because of noof about
6:44 am
yourselfs because normal wear and tear, often times that is excluded from a policy. and that there's not much you can do except save in advance. >> what are key questions we should ask? >> ask are my systems covered. for example, is the heater explodes covered. also what kind of damages are covered? are my belongings covered and if they're covered, are they covered for the cash value or for the replacement value? >> what about people being injured on property. we've been talking a lot about cowboy stadium, brand new stadium and people injured when the ice came down. one person critically injured. is there a lawsuit there and what if that happens in front of your own home if you didn't clear the ice away properly? >> there are different duties based on what type of property it is. in a stadium, for example, where they invite people to come on and then spend money there, they would have a higher duty to make sure it's safer. here's the kicker in that situation, though. a lot of those people are
6:45 am
workers and remember, if you're employed by the premises, you can't sue your employer under workers' comp statutes. the difference in your own home, your homeowner's should cover people who get hurt if they fall on your property. >> and we've seen so many car sdefrnts and the ro accidents. what should we check in our auto insurance? because so many people assume you're covered. >> and the fact is, the what you of the roads is still the law of the roads. even if it's not morally your fault, if you rear end somebody because you can't stop, you're still at fault. a lot of people buy state minimum coverage. they don't realize that only covers damage to the other party's car. it usually doesn't have any money for your own car. that you'd get if you had collision coverage. make sure you have collision coverage, but also if it there's a falling ice branch, something takes down a pole on to your car when it's not a collision, in that case, unless you have full
6:46 am
coverage, you wouldn't be covered for it. you need to have comprehensive coverage in order to make sure that every bit of damage is really covered. >> so much to think about. well more than just what coat to put onnd and the right gloves. thank you very much. good to see you. up next, searching for the best super bowl chili. our taste of the best chili. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ leftover desserts, boardroom, now. and hurry before the interns get here. thanks but i already have some yummy black forest cake. black forest cake? ♪ so? [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? try yoplait light. and i've lost weight. [ female announcer ] with 30 delicious flavors, all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today.
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this morning on today's taste test, serving up the game winning chili for your super bowl sunday. don't worry if there's no time to cook. we have interehave some store b options that could work for you. so which one is champ? katie, i already like you. you know how to do things fast. >> that's right. it's that last minute, your husband springs on you he's going to have the whole crew
6:49 am
over and you go to your pantry and get some cans. >> slow cooking chili can take way too long. so he so we have the first chilly that came out best overall. >> chicken chili. this is fantastic.that came out. >> chicken chili. this is fantastic.came out best. >> chicken chili. this is fantastic. it it's hormel and it's fantastic. tell me what you think. >> i just had chili last night, so -- >> she made her own and it's impressive. >> that's good. might have been better than mine. >> a lot that we tasted, we tasted like 45 different kinds -- >> that would be a rough week. okay. >> but we wanted to look for flavor, we wanted to look for spaceyness, we wanted to look for texture. and we wanted to look for cover because you want -- canned chili can just look brown. >> and this has a nice red. th
6:50 am
that has some kick too it too. >> this is the best beef chili and it's that hormel premium master class chili and this is actually three bean and it has black beans. we love the spiciness. >> and you can taste the tomato and a lot of spice. and this is for the vegetarians. >> this is from trader joe's. tell me what you think. >> what is it if it's not beef? >> well, i'd have to look on the can. just all good stuff. >> it's good for you, right? and it tastes like beef. that's all that matters. and then we have wehave best tud this is what i put on hot dogs. >> all these are fantastic to put on hot dogs on game day. so grill up your hot dogs or boil them, put this on top of it.
6:51 am
also great on top of nachos. so you can use it in a bunch different ways. and also if you want to -- >> i like that a lot. and turkey chili is so much better for you. >> satisfies the venas is the v. there are a lot of chili making kits out there, too. the great thing about this particular one, it's bush's, is that it is already kind of started for you, so it's not a dry kit, it's a wet kit. and it didn't take as long. the only thing you have to saed meat and sun i don't knonions au want. >> hello. >> try this. >> what's will one is ththis on? >> this is the kit chili and we thought it was the best. we browned our meat and added
6:52 am
onions. and you want a lot of good toppings. you can put on cheese, avocado, sliced tomatoes. so you can doctor up the store bought stuff. >> and this is the best gourmet. gr i >> it's mango and it is fantastic. >> oh, wow. katie, thanks so much. we appreciate it. we're back. but first these messages with my mouth full of chilly oig. dry, itchy skin. [ fem] a long term struggle needs long term relief. eucerin calming creme. used every day, its triple ingredient formula is clinically proven to relieve dry, itchy skin, with 92% of people reporting improved overall skin condition over time. eucerin calming creme. and the gentle cleansing formula of calming body wash. calm, healthy skin starts with eucerin.
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6:55 am
bill karins. have a great day, everyone. eat some chili. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's easier than you think, because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios...
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reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with kris sanchez. >> good morning to you folks, take a live look from our camera along the embarcadero, it is going to be breezy and warm and the embarcadero is going to be breezy. the guys who are -- the guy


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