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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and today more than 40,000 people showed up for fanfest. that's the most ever. so many, the giants had to turn some people away. nbc bay area's elise kirshner is at the ballpark today. >> reporter: a record number of fans showed up to get a look at their favorite giants. they started lining up early this morning. the crowd was so large, the giants pitcher brian wilson and catcher buster posey needed a police escort to make their way through the concourse. in fact, the line at san francisco's fanfest at one point was about three football fields long, stretching around mccovey cove. some disappointed fans waited up to four hours to get autographs before they finally gave up and left in frustration. >> i've been here since 6:30 a.m. i was allowed in early. feel sorry for those people who came out, kids waiting in line
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that weren't allowed in. great day for the fans. a bummer we can't all enjoy this. >> reporter: and fans also showed up here today to buy single game tickets for next season. today was the first day to do so. i'm told 100,000 tickets were sold. that is almost double the number purchased at last year's annual event. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> the giants are enjoying that, all right. perhaps a small part of the reason so many people showed up at fanfest today was the weather. it felt more like summer than the middle of winter. rob mayeda is here to tell us about it. we broke records today? >> probably the warmest day since we had the victory parade. mid-7 ohs on that day. most of the bay area seeing temperatures not only mid-70s, but a couple spots hitting 80 degrees. san jose, breaking a record today. oakland 77. 73 in san francisco. look at napa and santa rosa, all
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the way up to 80 degrees today. we had the offshore winds. then this pattern where high pressure and warming sinking air aloft heads down to sea level. it will continue to warm up and dry out. that's why today we saw lots of 70s around the bay area. tonight we do have the wind advisory up for the hill tops. some gusts may get up to 45 miles per hour. the question is, can we see the summer preview lasting the rest of the weekend. we'll have that in your full forecast coming up. in oakland there have already been 15 homicides so far this year, compared to just 5 at the same time last year. last night, there were three shootings, one of them deadly. here's a map of the locations of last night's shootings. one man died and three others were injured. kimberly terry is in oakland with more for us. kimberly? >> reporter: oakland police and city council woman jane bruiner discussed the violence here in this city. 15 homicides as compared with 35
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at the same time last year. deputy police chief eric bashir and deputy police chief were at the community forum this morning listening to concerns from residents about public safety. the police chief was not able to make it because he had a funeral to attend but residents did address him to stay on as police chief in oakland and the need to provide the department with what it needs to get the job done. that is to keep the streets of oakland safe. >> what can i do as a mom? to help you? [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the deputy thanks the community and discussed their anti-prevention plan.
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they also acknowledged the need to curb the recent spat of violence that has hit the city. you mentioned three shootings last night. the most recent homicide also happened last night. oakland police say a 33-year-old man was shot and killed near his home in east oakland. police are still looking for the suspects in that homicide. >> thank you, chem berly. thousands of people gathered in downtown san francisco this afternoon for what's being called international solidarity day. people in the bay area from egypt, tunisia and elsewhere came together to show their support for the protesters, and their efforts to establish a democracy. the rally started at 1:00 at u.n. plaza on market street. >> i'm here to condemn strongly the mubarak's regime use of violence against unarmed civilians who are demonstrating for their rights, against journalists, and human rights
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activists, and to call on the u.s. government to condemn these actions. >> the event included live interviews of journalists on the ground in egypt as well. president obama says discussions have already begun in egypt for turnover of the government. and he pushed for transition period to begin right now. although he didn't go so far as to call for mubarak to step down. two uc berkeley graduates accused of spying and trespa trespassing on the iraq/iran border are scheduled to go on trial tomorrow. shane bauer and sarah shourd and josh fattal were arrested. iranian authorities released shourd, seen here in september, on $500,000 bail because of a medical condition. and the attorneys representing 28-year-old bauer and fattal say they have not been able to see their clients since shourd's
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release. the judge has granted the attorney in a few hours to visit with both men before the trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow. human rights condemn their arrests and long wait for trial. dozens of people gathered in the central valley. they rode together from patterson to modesto to remember 4-year-old juliani cardenas. >> reporter: surrounded by family, and with a picture of her son, always nearby, tabatha cardenas sat strong today. she said it's thanks to new friends, one in particular. >> she knows what i'm going through. and she knows -- she's been there. >> reporter: among this crowd of supporters gathered in modesto, with angela chavez, and sandra cantu, the 8-year-old tracey girl killed by her neighbor two years ago. >> we met a lot of people who have been in the same shoes, unfortunately.
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that means the world. until you've been there, you really don't understand. >> she said that we're in a club that we don't want to be in. and that's true. >> reporter: the meeting of these two women actually came at the very end of an event. a memorial ride in memory of juliani cardenas that started in patterson and ended here in modesto. >> my wife and daughter made some special vip ribbons. >> reporter: 700 riders showed up today. >> juliani, great weather, tons of bikes. i couldn't ask for a better day. >> reporter: the idea came about because after cantu's death, a similar ride was organized. so among today's riders, was chavez. >> it gives you a feeling of control, that you don't have. and so just thinking of juliani and thinking about sandra, they're up there in heaven playing together, i know.
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>> coming up next at 6:00, celebrating the legacy of a president. we'll take you to ronald reagan's centennial celebration. the scare that could threaten your super bowl menu. the details on that next. plus, it's the super bowl ad everyone will likely be talking about tomorrow. we have it today. and the star? a california child with an amazing story.
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this weekend, supporters and fans of president ronald reagan are honoring his legacy. tomorrow would have been reagan's 100th birthday. a tour of his ranch in santa barbara. >> reporter: from central santa barbara, it's a 45-minute ride up a twisting, steep and bumpy road into the mountains and into an idyllic patch of history. the ranch of the sky, president reagan's western white house.
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>> he just loved this police. he just loved it. and he was relaxed up here. >> reporter: john was chief of president reagan's security detail and his horseback riding companion. >> where you find his heart and soul up there. >> reporter: occasionally during his presidency from 1981 to '89, mr. reagan invited reporters to the ranch. but most often this was his getaway place for r&r with his beloved wife nancy. it took a long telephoto lens to get video of the president out riding or chopping wood on building fences. >> he did build these fences by hand. he was hands-on here at the ranch. he dug the postholes for the fences, which is no small faelt. really became part of -- he became part of the ranch in that way. >> reporter: maryland fisher is the lead dos sant for the few visitors the ranch can accommodate each year. >> it is a rare opportunity, yes. >> reporter: perhaps the first thing that strikes you is how small and unassuming it is for
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the western white house, the vacation home of the president of the united states. >> we know mikhail gorbachev was surprised. >> reporter: they were looking for a ranch at the end of his governorship in 1974 and discovered this property. >> one of the reasons that reagan loves this property was because it was an authentic california adoeb be, and one of the few left in this area. >> reporter: after an early add-on-it still has much less square footage than a track home. not even a new tv for the leader of the western world. >> it speaks a lot about ronald reagan, and the fact that having grown up during the depression era, in particular, that you don't get rid of something that still works. >> reporter: who needs central heating with old-fashioned wood burning fireplaces. now you know why mr. reagan was chopping wood all the time.
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>> the president very kindly knelt down and built a fire for the queen of england. that's one of my favorite emages of him. >> reporter: for the president of the united states, of course, there's no such thing as total vacation. but what it brought president reagan was moments of respite. >> once you sit here and look out over the vista, there's nothing more calming and peaceful than being here at the ranch. you get a sense perhaps he's out horseback riding and he'll be back at any moment. >> again, that was patrick healy reporting. using the force to go viral? coming up next, what just might be the super bowl ad everyone will be talking about after the game, coming up, the california boy behind the mask. he's a survivor and has an incredible story to share. a super-sized special delivery. a newborn who's already sporting the nickname big baby. a view of san francisco right now. gorgeous evening. 60 right now.
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could we hit more 70s in your sunday atwehen e com ok at that when we come ghbackt . [ male announcer ] kfc hot wings.
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taste so good they don't need sauce. crispy on the outside with chili pepper and spices that explode with every bite. try 20 kfc hot wings today for just 10 bucks. that's only 50 cents a wing! kfc. tastes so good. there's a ground beef recall tonight. more than 3,000 pounds of beef are being recalled over e. coli concerns. included in the recall, ground beef patties, beef taco meat and ground beef used in chili. there is concern some of this meat could still be in freezers at restaurants across southern california. the super bowl commercial coming up features a tiny d.a.r.t. vader attempting to use items using the force. volkswagen decided to leak it on the internet and it's already gone viral. more than 7 million hits on
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youtube. the child star has quite a story of his own. beverly whis from the los angeles station explains. >> reporter: we found child actor max page in the blue vest roughhousing with his brother at children's hospital los angeles, where when he was 4 months old, max received a pacemaker for a congenital heart defect. on sunday, the 6-year-old entertainer will be seen by the world's largest tv audience, as darth vader in this voeksz waggen ad. max beat out hundreds of kids for the job and says the director made it fun. >> he said, cup your hands like this and use it like that. so i did that. my hands got tired. so they gave me a little break. a three-minute break. >> reporter: whether or not max's career gets a boost from sunday's exposure, mom says his healthy prognosis is the greatest gift of all. >> he hasn't had an open heart. but we have ongoing maintenance for the pacemaker and checkups.
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but places like this are miracle places. they just saved his life and gave him an opportunity to live a good, full, amazing life. >> reporter: max is also a cast member on tv's "the young and the restless's and credits his baby brother for his acting bug. >> i kind of saw my brother do it. >> reporter: meanwhile, he knows max has limitations. >> you get hurt, or fall, also, my brother can't play football. because it's a lot of equipment. >> reporter: as for who wins the super bowl, max gets the last word. >> i hope just for a good game. >> ever the politician. that's a great behind-the-scenes story on that. rob mayeda telling us behind the scenes of this crazy weather today. >> the our own version of the force, high pressure, invisible force.
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a giant ridge of high pressure out there today. 70s earlier. sunset view around oakland. ice crystal clouds do a great job of reflecting the oranges and reds in the sky. right now, oakland 63 degrees. now into san francisco, it's 60 degrees. west wind at 16 miles per hour. the final stop takes us into san jose. still almost 70 degrees athis hour. northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. some of our other temperatures around the bay area right now, you can see 71 degrees there in livermore. 63 in fairfield. a day that hit 80 earlier in napa and santa rosa, still hanging on to the upper 60s here after 6:00 in the first week of february. unbelievable. you can see the winds around fairfield and livermore gusty around the east bay hilltops. we will have the wind advisory up for all of the bay area hilltops until about 10:00 tomorrow morning. for one more day, temperatures should get very close to
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record-breaking levels. we're talking another chance of getting into some 70s. as you can see off to the west, impressive storm, but it's running into a wall, that is that invisible force we're calling high pressure out there this weekend. it will continue to send the storms off to the north. we tend to get gusty winds moving offshore and temperatures around the bay area again tomorrow, 60s and 70s. look out for the wind gusts around the hilltops tomorrow. we're going to stay dry. not just for today, or tomorrow, but probably through about friday. next weekend we may start to see some changes. 40s and 50s tonight. tomorrow's highs not quite as warm, but still good enough to break some records. if you can hit some mid-70s this time of year, we're getting close to record-breaking territory. san francisco again very close to hitting record 6 ohs and 7 ohs around the peninsula. in the east bay into the delta, fairfield 71. 74 for concord. san ramon, mid-7 ohs. north bay, upper 70s for one
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more day. you'll see we'll finish the weekend on a warm note. we'll be watching the winds back off a little bit. as quickly as things have warmed up, i think you're going to notice temperatures dropping off. a colder system on tuesday. 50s and 60s for highs for the work week ahead. >> and to have it come during a d,eny er t vceg.niweinim we'll be right back. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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[ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox, then my squirrel... and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. on the super bowl weekend, a woman gave birth to a super-sized baby. who is so big, his parents already dreaming of him playing in the nfl one day. jonathan patrick rozy is the star at holy family hospital in massachusetts. weighing in at more than 13 pounds. and he's 22 inches long. around the hospital, he goes by the nickname of appropriately enough big baby. >> i didn't know how big of a baby until everybody started making a fuss. all the nurses kept coming in. and doctors kept coming in.
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and when we put the baby in the nursery, people kept coming and walking by the window and saying, wow, this is a big baby. >> as for mom, she says she hopes big baby will help the patriots go to the super bowl. 13 pounds is big, but the biggest baby on record dwarfs this guy. in 1965 a woman in italy gave birth to a 22-pound baby. and two years ago a woman in indonesia give birth to a 19-pound baby. that makes big baby look like little baby. poor mom is all i have to say. what's going on? >> speaking of football players, the hall of fame class announced today. tim brown hoping to be headed to canton. and we'll hear from a few giants as they savor ion.brne is xt.le sports is next.
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the giants report for spring training in less than two weeks.
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today's fanfest was one last time to relax, and enjoy the fruits of be iing world champs. the ballpark packed with fans, over 40,000 filled the field. there were less than 25,000 last year. what a difference a title makes. fans also getting a chance to get a pic with the shiny hardware. for players, it was nice to savor that championship once again, with the giants faithful. >> this is kind of a chance for some of the fans to kind of talk to us, and be a little more personable with us, and we had that opportunity. it's been a fun deal. fun seeing the fans the last few days. the city's still excited. just flying back in here, seeing the orange and black has been pretty cool. we couldn't ask for a better day. >> almost like an extension of break. we owe it to the fans. they're the best fans in the game. they showed up for the parade. so today we're just trying to give back by signing autographs and meet some of the people who follow us all year.
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>> rise and shine for the sharks in boston. 1:00 p.m. eastern start. technically a 10:00 a.m. start for the team. playing tough against the bruins. the rookie, logan, goes with the backhand shot. 23rd goal of the season. sharks up 1-0. late third, now sharks looking to seal the win. they do. devon gets his own rebound and fires it into the empty-netter. it was enough to shut out boston for the first time 2-0 the final. the big day for cal hoops. taking on number 21 arizona. so far, they're down by 11 in the second half. we'll have the full highlights at 11:00. the cardinals trying to remain relevant in the pac-10, taking on asu at home. green hot from three-point land. drains the three here. had five on the day. 23 points. gives stanford aton-point lead. later trying to hold off the sun
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devils. owens gets the jumper to go. puts up 16 on the day. stanford 5-6 in the pac-10. 83-75 the final. with less than 24 hours until super bowl xlv, only one thing left to do is play ball. both the packers and steelers spent the day going through final walk-throughs and meetings. this hall of fame class was announced and tim brown, he'll have to wait another year. he didn't even make it to the top ten of finalists. he'll have to wait for another shot in 2012. there were a few guys that were absolute shoo-ins. marshal is one of them. he'll be sporting the yellow jacket. the only player in nfl history with 12,000 rushing yards and 6,000 receiving yards. punt, kick, fumble returns, interceptions, and as a receiver, richard denton also
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headed for canton. don't forget, comprehensive coverage of every bay area team on sports net central on comcast sports net bay area, every night at 10:30. full 30 minutes of coverage about just the teams you care about. it's hard to imagine what's going on right now in dallas, compared to what we're experiencing here. almost 80-degree temperatures. dallas is freezing. >> good thing they have a roof over the new stadium there. >> they're going to see 30s around game time there. here, 70s again tomorrow. record-breaking day, part two, coming up tomorrow. thanks for choosing the bare area at 6:00. coming up .. the technology behind why many people are cutting the cable .. like, this new camera that lets you create your own content .. we review the latest "metroid game..."


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