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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the news starts in 30 seconds. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. tens of thousands of giants fans flood the ballpark today. so many showed up, they had to shut it down. elise kershner is in san francisco for what this may mean
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for the entire city. >> reporter: organizers say just a few years ago they were lucky if 5,000 fans showed up for this evented. last year it got a little bit better, 25,000 folks showed up. this year, so many people came here, they had to turn people away at one point. not only that, but a record number of single-game tickets were sold here today. they showed up at the crack of dawn. some waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of the giants. >> really weird seeing them in person compared to on tv. but cool. >> reporter: brian wilson, the catcher buster posey, seemed more like opening day in april than fanfest. >> very, very crowded. the lines are very long for autographs. very long to get in. everybody's pushing each other. >> reporter: so crowded, that the free event got shut down temporarily to allow lines to disperse. >> a great crowd all day. >> reporter: with an estimated
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40,000 fans spilling out of at&t park, bars cashed in. >> obviously a huge boon for the city economically. >> we normally get 9,000 to 12,000. we're champions, and now more people are coming to see them. >> reporter: the world series trophy is already boosting ticket sales for next season. with steady lines at the ticket window, too, more than 100,000 single-game tickets were sold. >> i can't wait until opening day. i think it will be great. it's already sold out. it's going to be great. >> reporter: for now, though, fans old and young soak in a chance to hang out in the dugout, touch a piece of history and meet their hometown heroes. >> it makes me feel special. >> reporter: not only are they excited to see the giants back here this spring, but they're looking forward to the fall when the cal football team will be playing games here. it's an opportunity to bring in more fans and boost the local economy.
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live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. in case you didn't get out to fanfest today, i'm hopeful you made it out to at least enjoy the sunshine and unseasonalably warm temperatures. let's check in with rob mayeda. did we break any records? >> record-breaking day for the giants, and the temperatures today. many spots soaring into the 70s. at this hour tonight after 11:00, our temperatures are still plenty warm outside. here's the number that really stands out. take a look at san francisco. still 67 degrees. this after we broke a record high in san francisco of 73 degrees today. oakland 77 for a high. 75 in san jose. pretty much no matter where you were around the bay area, you saw these record breaking temperatures. 79 degrees in san rafael. we have gusty winds around the east bay hilltops. could get up to 45 miles per hour.
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round two of record-breaking temperatures looks to be on the way for tomorrow. along with a big-time change showing up in your seven-day forecast. both coming up in a few minutes. happening right now, it's just after 11:00 in the morning in iran. the trial for three uc berkeley graduate students accused of spying and illegally entering iran purportedly just began an hour ago. kimberly terry is here with the details. >> diane, the attorney for shane bauer, john fattal and sarah shourd said he's sure the charges are going to be baseless. they were arrested along the iraq/iran border. they said if they crossed into iran it was simply by mistake. last september sarah shourd was released on $500,000 bail but her fiance, bauer and fattal remain in custody.
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she reportedly has not returned. instead, her attorney says she prepared a statement that was delivered through the swiss embassy, which represents u.s. interests in iran. he plans to read it in court since she will still be tried in an sentia. the attorney has been denied access to bauer and fattal. he was told he might be able to see them one or two hours before the trial began. shourd, her family and friends, many who live in the bay area, including her mother, have been cautious about speaking to the media. those we talked to tonight say they're unsure how much information is getting to the iranian officials and don't want anything to adversely affect the case. ir kimberly terry, nbc news, bay area news. day 12 of the situation in egypt, protesters in the streets and president hosni mubarak still in power. they said they will stay in the
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streets until mubarak leaves office. today senior officials resigned from mubarak's party, including his son and other party leaders. the current president says he's trying to lead a peaceful transition to a new government. but protesters say they want him out of office, and they want him out of office now. meantime, here in the bay area, protesters gathered at u.n. plaza in san francisco. people from egypt, tunisia and elsewhere called upon the u.s. government to take a firm stance against hosni mubarak. and we have an update on an american woman who was trapped in her apartment in cairo, while the protests raged on. here's pictures of her. an nbc crew tried to get her out. but was unsuccessful. tonight we're told she is on her way home. at the airport she didn't want to talk about how she managed to get there. but she did talk about what she saw along the way. >> across the street, it was quite littered all the way. there was garbage and a lot of
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rocks. there were barricades all over the place. >> nbc officials say they put her on a plane and she's believed to be in europe right now. police are asking for the public's help in tracking down three potential kidnapping suspects. they released these sketches coming up today. investigators say this man tried to kidnap a 17-year-old girl wednesday morning, as she walked to school. police also say these two men tried and failed at two kidnappings on january 24th. the first man allegedly exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl walking home from school and asked her to get in his car. less than a half hour later a 17-year-old girl walking home said a man driving a red blazer tried to grab her and then exposed himself. all of the incidents happened within two miles of each other east of 680 near calaveras boulevard. it is the biggest crown in college sports. coming up, teams trying to get to the bcs championship at almost any cost. but just how much of a role does
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money play in the quest. we investigate how bay area teams cashed in while others never get a chance. from free to fees, why big banks are putting a stop to most free checking. can you believe it, after 11:00, and it is still almost 70 degrees at this hour in lev livermore. we've got the strong gusty offshore winds. we'll talk about that and the roller coaster ride ahead in the forecast. it seems like everyone is getting ready for the super bowl. an update for theatd wh p thedet h and at the president has planned for tomorrow. p
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police a investigating three separate shootings this weekend. one of them deadly. the first happened around 6:30 last night near east 19th street and 23rd avenue. the 33-year-old man shot there died. and police say his killing could have something to do with a marijuana growing operation they found at his home nearby. less than an hour later another man was shot near the corner of west grand avenue and san pablo avenue. and then at about 10:30 last night, two men were shotce on ft hill boulevard near 7th. the three victims are expected to survive. police are now trying to come up with suspect descriptions. it seems one of mexico's most notorious drug cartels is expanding its business practices. it's not just in the business of ped dling drugs, but pirated copies of microsoft's 2007 software. they're marked with the cartel logo. the tech giant showed off copies in paris at the global congress
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of combating, counterfeiting and piracy. what's behind a beef recall across the state? things you don't even know about. >> costing you more to use your own money. the new ceaesr you. the banks n. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast.
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with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ national signing day for college football just wrapped up on wednesday. cal is looking to rebound from its first losing season in several years. the top 15 or 20 recruiting class. on the heels of an orange bowl victory, stanford's recruiting class was ranked 25th. vickie nguyen taksz a closer look at the two teams and how they each scored financially for
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being a part of the bcs. >> reporter: in the world of college football, appearing in the orange bowl is huge. >> a stanford football season for the ages. >> reporter: and winning it like stanford did in a 40-12 route over virginia tech is even bigger. but it's not just stanford who scores financially. >> cal did not go to a bowl game this year and did great financially. >> reporter: that's because cal is in the pac-10. which is part of the bcs. the super bowl of college football. the problem is, not every team has the chance to get to that super bowl because there's no single play-off system. adding to what some say is an unfair system, the bcs championship game is also the most profitable of all bowl games. it's great for teams like cal, who benefited from stanford winning the orange bowl and oregon playing in the bcs championship game. >> cal gets about $2 million from the championship game.
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and about half a million for the orange bowl. so by sitting at home, they make $2.5 million. >> reporter: murray is a visiting professor at cal and written several books on college sports. he's also a season tickets holder. as much as he would like to see his al ma mater play and win goal games, it's unfair. >> it's totally screwed up and doesn't work. it benefits the schools in the bcs. it benefits their conferences. like the pac-10, where it counts. >> reporter: stanford's athletic director defended the current system in a recent interview. bob said despite the critics h he doesn't see any reason to move to an elimination environment. >> the bowl championship series, you can love it or hate it, but you can't deny it creates an
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enormous amount of talk about college football. >> reporter: try telling that to san jose state. no matter how well the team does, it will never reap the rewards of a team in the bcs. >> it's really the very rich getting richer. the not quite so rich doing okay. but the rest going to hell. >> reporter: big moneymakers in college sports to date. vickie nguyen, bay area news. even though san jose state is not part of the bcs, it ended up with a solid recruiting class, including a quarterback who had scholarship offers from pac-10 schools. moving on to the super bowl, many made the trek to north texas, through ice and snow. finally got something to cheer about a little bit today. sunshine. we're not seeing much sunshine there. this year, snow and ice shut down most of the party, as you can see there, leaving empty restaurants and bars around
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dallas cowboys stadium. the forecast for game day, temperatures in the 30s, with a wintry mix of snow and sleet. >> the rain and the sleet, snow, just to get down here to be a part of the steeler nation. >> president barack obama, by the way, in case you're interested, will not be at the super bowl in the big chill. instead he's inviting about 100 people over to the white house to watch the big game. guests we're told will include lawmakers from both parties including sing eers. more than 3,000 pounds of beef from the company american food service are recalled over e. coli concerns. it was served mainly at restaurants in southern california. ground beef patties, beef taco meat and ground beef used in chili, there's concern that some of this meat could still be in freezers at restaurants across southern california. free checking? rest in peace. it was nice while it last.
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new banking rules are reportedly to blame, and we're going to all have to pay. big banks say new rules are costing them billions of dollars a year. they say since banks are making less money on credit card transaction fees, interest rates and late payments, they need to make it back somewhere else apparently. they're already phasing in the charges. large regional banks are likely expected to follow suit. >> i think you'll see checking fees come on from pretty much every institution, from the big banks, and ultimately from credit unions and small community banks. although that might come later. >> people with multiple accounts with the same bank, savings accounts and credit cards might still be able to keep a free checking account, which leaves analysts to suggest the poorest customers may be hit the hardest, again. we have rob mayeda checking out the weather. what a day today. it was really nice. and it's still nice tonight. >> still warm out there. at least the sunshine's still free. the summer preview around the
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bay area today. the temperatures right now, even at this hour, running warmer than the average high temperature for this time of year. in places like san jose and san francisco. right now 64 degrees. over to oakland, look at that, the temperature's actually come up in the last 30 minutes due to the wind mixing in warmer air out of the east bay hills into oakland. our final stop takes us into san francisco. look at that temperature. 67 degrees. northwest wind at 12. typical highs this time of year should be the upper 50s. we're sitting at 67 degrees right now. with the offshore winds, they're acting like a bit of a hair dryer over the bay area. as it descends down to sea level, it warms up and dries out even more. you can have mid-70s in the hilltops, by the time it gets to the valleys, 80 degrees around napa and san rafael. 64 in hayward. 59 in santa rosa. areas where the winds back off we'll drop into the 40s and 50s.
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some of the hill top areas, especially to the east bay, may spend the night in the 60s. wind advisory out for the hill tops above 1,000 feet. some gusts may approach 40 miles per hour. a mild start to tomorrow morning. once again tomorrow, we should see round two of record-breaking temperatures. we do also have high clouds drifting on through. high pressure is obviously deflecting all of the storms well off to the north. and underneath this ridge of high pressure, we've got the sinking warm air aloft and gusty winds throughout the weekend. that wind advisory up through 10:00 tomorrow morning, it will be another warm day. mostly 70s. possibly again close to 80 in some spots around the north bay. as we go through the work week, we'll eventually start to see some cooling, dry at least through friday. but it looks like by next sunday we'll see a chance of some rain coming into the forecast. that's not until late next weekend. tonight 40s and 50s. 60s in the hill tops around the bay area. tomorrow, we're talking high temperatures again soaring into the 70s. if we could hit more mid-70s
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tomorrow, that would break more records just like we saw today. around san francisco tomorrow, upper 60s to low 70s. gusty for the first half of the day. more 70s for the afternoon. in the north bay, highs possibly as warm as 80 out towards places like santa rosa. 75 in sonoma. tomorrow, clearly, the warmest day of the next seven, we could get close to breaking records again tomorrow. it will feel downright chilly as we drop back into the 50s and 60s for the middle part of the week. late next weekend, could see some rain drifting back to the bay area. but gorgeous out there today. >> thank you, rob. a nail biter, the bears battle against arizona. sports coming up next.
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the cal bears with the ideal opportunity to prove they're still a contender for another
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pac-10 title, taking on number 21 arizona. packed house on hand for a marathon contest. pick it up, 16 sends left in regulation. jones with the hoop. gets the foul. sends the game into extra play. we jump to the second overtime. six seconds left. jones strikes again. drops the three. so we go to triple ot. the career high 33 points, drops the soft hook, puts the bears up one. but arizona grinds out the win from there. cal's win streak snapped for 107-105 the final. jeremy green, 5 of 5 from three-point land. drains one here at 23 points. stanford takes it 83-75. now 12-10 overall. 5-6 in pac-10 play. let's head to st. mary facing smu. matthew, only ten points the
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past two games. drops the three. had 23 on the night. they're winners. wa shard green leading the way. gets inside for two. 18 on the night. usf beats the broncos 68-62. now second behind st. mary's. in the west coast conference. warriors hoping to capitalize and keep a decent thing going over the bucks and jazz. facing chicago tonight. a good barometer of where they are. the warriors punching some holes into the stiff chicago defense. and in the third, wright with the inbound alley-oop. that's just darn pretty. warriors take a one-point lead. fourth quarter, golden state flowing. curry lays it in with flair. no doubt most impressive win of the season. warriors take it 101-90. sharks, an early game in
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boston. the rookie, logan couture, goes with the backhand shot for 23rd goal of the season. san jose only 18 shots. enough for the 2-0 shutout of the bruins. three weeks from today, spring ball will be in full effect for the giants. today's fanfest, one last time to savor the championship before heading out to the desert. >> it's exciting. it was a quick winter. we're just happy to be here. spring training is starting in about a week. i think everyone's ready to get back to work, and try to win another world series. >> yeah, the park was packed. there were 40,000 in attendance. less than 25,000 showed last year. see what a title can do for you? great day for the fans. and players alike. no more celebrating. spring training on the horizon. let's go. >> another title. >> it's going to be crazy. it's going to be hard to get tickets this year. >> i know.
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thanks a lot. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. we've got "saturday night live" coming up next.
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