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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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good morning. back home. the packers bring the vince lombardi trophy back to green bay after an exciting 35-21 win over the pittsburgh steelers. the party lasted well into the night in wisconsin. new confessions. egypt's vice president meets with opposition leaders for demanding hosni mubarak's resignation as the 76-year-old american who spent days trapped in her apartment at the heart of the most violent protest finally makes it back to the u.s. mary thornberry is here for an exclusive live interview. and under investigation. why is the fbi looking into the church of scientology?
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"the new yorker" magazine spent ten months on an exhaustive report. we have details today, monday, february 7, 2011. monday, february 7, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. i watched the entire first half. i had a glass of wine. packers were winning. i fell asleep and did not see the end of the game. >> just one glass of wine? come on. seriously? >> maybe two. did you stay up? >> i was in the car for the middle of it and i got home for the last few minutes. it is a commitment to stay up that late but it was a good game. second half played out very well. >> so i hear. >> you will have to watch it on tivo. >> much more on the game and halftime show. and the commercials straight
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ahead. including the one boy who shined it is a mini dark vader. you can see that he's using the force in our makeup room this morning. let's take a look. there he is. i went down to meet him and i said -- it works. >> very cute ad. >> i went down meet him. did you a great job. he looked at me and said "i know." >> not lacking in confidence. >> no. he is adorable. >> also ahead, we will kick off a special series on obsession. people spend enormous amount of time worrying from gossip to shoes to looking younger. we will put the spotlight on our growing and some say unhealthy obsession with our weight. >> all right. we are going to begin with the green bay packers. big win in super bowl xlv. jenna wolfe is outside cowboys stadium. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, meredith. here is the deal. three big themes in dallas this
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week. football, the weather, and the weather. clearly. despite it all, despite the snow and sleet and freezing rain and, yes, wind is affecting me right this second, but football last night was actually some pretty good football. of course, it didn't hurt that the game was played indoors. p super bowl jubilation. >> green bay packers have won the super bowl. the lombardi throw sfi coming home. >> reporter: the green bay packers winning numb for their fourth super bowl victory. it all began as a debacle in dallas. nasty weather in the days leading up to the game. hundreds of fans and tickets denied seats on game day. and then this. ♪ what so proud ly ♪ >> reporter: christina aguilera botching a line in the national
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anthem. but the game itself was everything football fans hoped it would be. >> touchdown! >> reporter: packers jumped out to a quick lead when they picked off ben roethlisberger. they went into halftime with an 11-point lead it is a black eyed peas came out and lit up the stadium. ♪ tonight's the night ♪ let's live it up ♪ i have my money >> reporter: in the second half packers quarterback aaron rodgers tossed his third touchdown pass of the night and while the steelers deep cut into that lead when the clock ran out, it was the packers who stood as nfl champions. the postgame scene -- pure energy and overwhelming joy. >> how do you feel? >> it is a great feeling. we are champions! >> reporter: jennings, who caught two touchdown passes, cradled his daughter just as carefully as he did the
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football. >> have my girls here and my wife and family. this is awesome, right, babe? >> reporter: are you proud of dad? >> yes. >> reporter: very proud? >> yeah. >> yes. >> reporter: the players taking in the night and soaking up the excitement with their little bundles of joy. >> the day she was born, that's what i wanted to, not carry her around the field. >> reporter: and aaron rodgers, who followed the legendary brett favre, was named the super bowl mvp. >> it is still surreal. i mean, we had just -- a great run. incredible guys. great character in the locker room. such great character. coaching staff. front office. incredible fans. inspiration. special night. >> reporter: the lombardi trophy gleaming inning the lights of cowboys stadium as the players tapped football's crown jewel. packers line bbacker hawke shar
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his big plans for the super bowl. >> we are going to the "today" show. >> reporter: of course you are. >> reporter: interestingly enough, steelers -- he wasn't prompted to say that or anything. it came off the top of his head. for all the lore surrounding brett favre, favre has one super bowl. one ring. aaron rodgers, also one super bowl ring. perhaps the torch has been moved on. speaking of moving on, i will move away from the post. it is freeding here still in dallas. i'm heading back to new york. >> jenna, nice job. thank you very much. by the way, when brett favre won the super bowl did not win the mvp. aaron rodgers the mvp. >> look at you, you know so much. >> not really. what did you think of christina aguilera? >> i feel bad. somebody said to me at least you know it was live. it wasn't prerecorded. >> no cue cards ape. >> i she handled it well.
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>> may want to write that down on your hand. >> meanwhile, president obama sat down with bill o'reilly for a wide ranging interview for fox's super bowl coverage. mike viqueira is the s at the white house with more. >> reporter: there has become something of a super bowl tradition. presidential interview with the network airing the game. it was a wide ranging session. the president continued to walk that political and diplomatic tightrope on egypt while brushing off personal attacks. >> free speech -- >> reporter: mr. obama sat down sunday with a frequent critic. bill o'reilly, the subject quickly turned to egypt and the future of hosni mubarak. >> only he knows what he will do. here is what we know. egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. >> reporter: he has come close in recent days. >> orderly transition must be meaningful. >> reporter: mr. obama would not openly call for mubarak to step down before the september
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election. >> what we can do, bill, is we can say that the time is now for you to start making a change in that country. >> reporter: while conceding there are an thank you u.s. elements within the muslim brotherhood, the president was eager to play down their influence over egypt's future. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. >> reporter: later in the interview took a different turn. >> does it disturb you so many people hate you? >> reporter: mr. obama was asked how he felt about his harshest critic. >> the folks that hate you, they don't know you. >> that's zbtrue. >> what they hate is the mirror image of you that's out there. they don't know you. so -- you don't take it personally. >> reporter: meredith, late they are morning, the president will try to mend fence was another group he has been at odds with over the past couple of years and that's big business.
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he will head just across the park here to the u.s. chamber of commerce. this country's largest business lobbying organization. >> all right. mike viqueira, thank you very much. it is 7:08. here's matt. >> thank you. now more on those ongoing protests in egypt. the government has met with opposition leaders for the first time. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in cairo where he has been quite a while. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the egyptian government is now offering sweeping democratic reform but the protesters in tahrir square simply don't believe they will be carried out. yet, after two weeks of violence and chaos in this country, calm has returned to egypt. at least for now. it is now a stand-off for egypt's future. tahrir square, once a battleground, has become a campsite. >> i want to see change happen. >> reporter: a tent city has been he represented in this circle of the center of cairo. the protesters are expecting a
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long haul. and say they will stay here until president mubarak leaves egypt. tanks surround the square keeping peace. but protesters are nervous the troops will move in. they formed a human shield inform block the army's advance. a makeshift infirmly, doctors and nurses treat the hundreds of wounded in the square. this doctor told us he is is here for the injured but also because even with two degrees, he earned $400 a month. is a a salary that insults and barely sustains him. but life is returning outside of the square. bapgs and stores are open. government salaries are being paid. this is the image the egyptian wants everyone to see. after a meeting yesterday with opposition groups, including the
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banned muslim brotherhood which wants islamic law, egypt promised to make huge democratic reforms. the meeting itself was astonishing. it was led by vice president omar suleiman, the intelligence chief who chased the brotherhood down for years. now they are sitting together to discuss egypt's future. egypt promised to soon lift martial law in place for three decades. allow greater freedom of the press and more candidates to run in presidential elections. some egyptians worry none of it will really happen. >> what they have promised today, they promised before. and i have no reason, okay, as long as mubarak is the head of the state to feel this -- these are credible promises. let's talk about mubarak staying another six months. you are talking about complete paralysis of the country. >> reporter: protesters say the promises of more democracy are just a ploy by president mubarak to clear the square. keep his supporters in power, protect his legacy, and wait out
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this political storm. the protesters tell us they want a clearer position from the united states and that they are not sure if the white house is with them or president mubarak. meredith? >> richard engel, thank you very much. mary thornberry, the american trapped in her apartment in cairo, is now back on u.s. soil. we are going talk to her exclusively in just a moment. first, her harrowing ordeal to get out of egypt. >> hallelujah. >> reporter: a heartwarming scene sunday. 76-year-old mary thornberry in a wheelchair reunited with her son after a frightening ordeal. >> we made it. thanks to you. >> reporter: for days mary was trapped in her apartment on tahrir square in cairo as pro-government forces clashed with activists right outside of her building. her son in washington state e-mailed nbc news for help. brian williams spoke to mary wednesday night just after an angry mob broke her door.
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>> reporter: how worried are you about your safety? >> i have a sharp knife. i have hot water. i have my walking cane. and i have my rolling pin. that's my armory. >> reporter: by thursday morning the tough talking texan told me she knew it was time to on come home. what made you decide you want to get out of there? >> my son. my son. my son called me and told me i really should. >> reporter: after our story aired, an nbc news viewer contacted a loved one at the embassy in cairo. the embassy finally came to her aid. mary made to it the airport to catch a saturday flight out of cairo. >> i feel better than i did the other day. >> reporter: back to her family. >> god bless america. i'm happy to be home. >> mary thornberry is with us exclusively. good morning to you. we are so glad that you are back on u.s. soil. >> so am i. >> talk to me about how you got out of that apartment. when we last spoke thursday by phone, you were trapped as you
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said. with your armory there the rolling pin and cane and the hot water and knife. it is frightening. thousands of protesters and several people tried to break into your home. how did you get out? >> well, my son in the states made contact with various people. and so i had a gentleman that came to assist me that morning about -- thursday morning about 8:15 a.m. and he also had gotten a friend to help him on -- to take my luggage out. this was very dimly lighted stairway -- stairwell. we had to use the stairs, of course, rather than the elevators. the elevator has broken glass. the -- there would be -- pieces of jagged rock on the doors,
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stairs. there was also some broken glass in other parts down the way. six flights of stairs, i'm on the fifth floor. which is the equivalent of the seventh floor in america. >> were you scared as you left the apartment? >> i would say yes, i was -- i was a little scared. i did -- i was advised to wear my -- it is this -- >> head scarf and long dress as well. >> yes, long skirt. i had been planning to just wear pants, long pants. but a friend of mine told me to be sure to wear this, put on a long skirt also. >> so as not to draw attention to yourself. >> yes. yes. if anyone looked close at me they would know i were not egyptian or arabic. just as a -- passing glance,
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this would be less apt to draw attention. >> had you carry-on bag with you. what did you put in that bag? you didn't put the rolling pin. we are disappointed about that. >> i did not have room to put the rolling pin in there. right now, all -- the belongings i have in the world is what is in my carry-on. and what i call my quadruple stuffed case. >> what did you bring home? what did you bring? >> a few clothes. some papers. some important papers. little pieces of jewelry which i have. and that's about it really. >> you were upset with the state department when we talked. you said you were very displeased with the treatment you did not receive from the american embassy. have you changed your feelings about that now? >> what i finally managed to get to terminal four at cairo airport the treatment was superlative. it remained that way until i got
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to greece. to greece. actually, i was met by the ambassador at the airport. he and the vice consul there who took care of me and put me in a hotel, you know, this type of thing. i have no unhappy feelings for the treatment there. yes, i had difficulties. and since that time, i have talked to some of the -- diplomatic core both in the terminal at cairo and at -- athens. and -- they have a different story than what -- for instance, the -- american embassy where the consul general, so i'm told, attempted to call me by telephone several times. and he could not find me. now people in god's country, people in cairo, were able to
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get through on my land line no problem. news agencies from all over america. >> i guess you -- still are a little bit of a grudge there, mary, i can tell. >> yes. >> we appreciate you being here very much. i know that you consider yourself an egyptian. you plan to go back. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. >> let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. ann curry is at the news desk. good morning. good morning, everybody. we begin with the trial now under way for those three american hikers detained in iran. proceedings opened sunday with not guilty pleas from all three to charge of espionage and illegal entry into iran. shourd is being tried in abstentia. news ahmadinejad. they fear the space program could bolster its ballistic
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missile program and ability to conduct space based surveillance. in ohio police have arrested and xarnlg charged two men in the deadly shooting this weekend at a young youngstown state university fraternity house. authorities say the men left a party at the house early sunday and then returned with weapons, killing one student and injuring 11 others. the governor of ohio meets with the university officials today in the wake of that shooting. 54 people attending a youth hockey tournament sunday in colorado suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. adults, teens, children, treated and several remain in the hospital today. esches say they are not sure what caused that leak. to wall street, erin burnett at the new york stock exchange. what's on tap on this monday morning? >> reporter: good news. at the open looks like we will have the rally in full steam here in the u.s. and around the world. investors and traders will be listening closely to the president and 11:30 a.m. eastern going to be meeting with about b 200 business leaders at the chamber of commerce. that will be important. a piece of trivia that i thought you might like. the super bowl indicator -- let
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me make sure i get this right. the three years where green bay won the super bowl, the market has averaged a gain of 16% for the rest of the year. that's pretty great. double the average. for the pittsburgh fans out there, done win this time but if you had, the returns would have been even better. either team would have been good for the market. >> okay. erin burnett. that's admirable. thanks, erin. well done. okay. also in the news, aol announced it will buy the online news site huffington post for $315 million. it is a struggling internet pos. it is the late eforay into the online news business. the huffington post was cofounded in 2005 by ariana huffington and ken learer, former aol vice president. a fiery trail derailment caught on tape as flames shot thousands of feet into the
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skytracker. it was carrying 250,000 gallons of ethanol. all residents within two miles of the blast were evacuated. amazingly no one was hurt. my now back to meredith, matt and al who also may make a super bowl connection for us this morning. >> i haven't seen you since you were in chicago freezing your derriere off. >> don't worry. there's plenty more. let's see what's happening. we have another shot of winter coming this way. heavy rain through the gulf coast, especially into florida. northern florida, some places may see two inches of rain. then the second low coming up through the ohio river valley. that's going to bring snow from kentucky into ohio and interior sections of new york up into new england. amounts won't be bad out of the system. we are talking one to two inches of snow, maybe three. the heavy precip will be in
7:22 am
central and northern florida. anywhere from two to three inches of rain. well, after a beautiful weekend we actually set 24 new temperature records across the bay area. today i think we'll set a couple new records, but it is going to be about ten degrees cooler on average. still, though, we are talking about temperatures to start in the 50s. by noon we are going to climb to the low 60s. 64 degrees in oakland as you take your lunch break rounding out the day at 70 degrees. 69 degrees in redwood city. san francisco today, 65 degrees. that marine layer is back late tonight. >> your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. just ahead the best and the worst super bowl ads including the little boy who stole hearts as darth vader in the volkswagen ad. we're going to meet him. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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just ahead the church of scientology being investigated by the fbi. >>ill b lindsay lohan be charged for allegedly stealing a necklace? after your local news. you need. and they're all looking for the same thing. ♪ the one place that makes technology easy. . y just the way you want it. easy. easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save. staples. that was easy. . ♪
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♪ it's that chocolate ♪ it's that whipped cream ♪ it's that caramel, and espresso you mix in ♪ [ male announcer ] your two favorite flavors together. new mccafé caramel mocha. ♪ good morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm marla tellez. a nice start to your workweek. we'll check the forecast where christina loren. good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home. we saw 80s yesterday. 83 in santa rosa. napa, 80. 77 in san jose. 72 degrees yesterday in san francisco. today we are looking towards another abnormally warm day, but we will notice more cloud cover coming in from the north. and that will keep our temperatures down a little bit combined with an onshore flow. a nice mild day with temperatures dropping by ten degrees heading throughout this afternoon. as you take your lunch break we'll climb from the upper 40s
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to low 50s to the low 60s. 64 degrees at noon in oakland. rounding out the day at 70 in oakland. 67 for fremont. 70 degrees in san jose. rain showers finally back in the mix as we head towards this weekend. looks like showers arrive late saturday into sunday. maybe you've got to get to work this morning. let's find out how the roadways look with mike inouye. for sunol, 680 southbound, it is slow. still a lot of chance to enjoy the scenery and beautiful view, but focus on the roads. we have had a couple accidents. the second one is clearing from vargas, the first one near mission. slow out of pleasanton heading to any sunol and the fremont border. folks on 580 cutting through liver more on highway 84 is adding to the traffic slow out of the altamonte pass and toll plaza. there could be a delay in deciding which schools may close in the sprawling mount diablo unified school district. the school board and a closure committee have been working on a plan to close several schools to
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save the district $1.5 million a year. but when the board meets tomorrow they may discuss new school closure options. the board wanted to make its final decision tomorrow. if they consider any new closure options the earliest vote could come february 22nd. more local news coming up for you in about 30 minutes. we'll see you again at 7:56. the "today" show returns in less than two minutes.
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♪ [ engine starts ] ♪ [ "star wars" theme song plays ] >> the morning after the super bowl. and that was one of the big commercials of the night, a volkswagen ad featuring a mini darth vader trying to channel the force. this morning, he is using his powers down stairs in our control room. meanwhile, i'm meredith viera alongside matt lauer. >> somebody is using their powers in our control room. >> we're going to check out the
7:31 am
other great ads of the night as well. >> also ahead, the necklace case that is hanging over lindsay lohan, could she be charged? we'll have the latest on that. by the way, a programming note. on wednesday, a "today" exclusive, michelle obama will be here in studio 1-a for her first hefer morning live interview. can you submit questions for the first lady to our website at that is michelle obama live in studio wednesday right here on "today." >> let's again with the super bowl commercial that's everyone is talking about at the office today. ad guru donnie deutsche is the chairman of deutsche, inc. we have a business reporter from "usa today." overall assessment, good year for ads, not so good? >> i think it's an ad year with lots of talkers. nothing really stand out like the snickers ad. good music. the two minute ad with eminem, people will be talking about the ads more so this year than last year. >> i don't think there was
7:32 am
anything overwhelming as far as look back this year and just full disclosure, we did the darth vader ad. that was a special ad. the eminem ad was brilliant. i don't think the world was set on fire. >> a lot of doritos in the super bowl. let's talk about this one. this one was made for just like $500. >> exactly. >> and i got to -- and i have the brooklyn bridge to sell you. >> do you think that's ridiculo ridiculous? >> that's just not fact. not fact. they can spin it all they want. it's mathematically not possible. >> let's take a look at the commercial we're talking about. >> check this out. you want a dorito? are you hungry? we're we go. >> hey, don't hurt my dog. come on. come on. here he comes. here he comes.
7:33 am
>> see, donnie, is that -- consumer generated. i'm wondering if that is the problem you have with it. it's not an ad agency. >> by the way, i love it. >> she was right. don't worry. no, i think what i don't love about the ads and i've talked about this over the years is the bafoonery of young men. we have two men house sitting this year. very interesting on the economy. but we constantly in the beer ads and chip ads seeing young guys acting like such idiots. i'm not quite sure why that sells a product. >> what's your point there? >> i thought there were a couple commercial that's got inside the mind of men. the dating type ones. i thought they were very effective. >> that is a great human story. i love that pepsi ad. that's real life. i think great advertising holds up to merit who have we are. you slap sticky things, i don't
7:34 am
think -- i don't like them. >> we saw a lot of animals in ads. ran a poll and the bridgestone bieber ad rated very high. let's talk about that on the other side. >> for drivers thwho want to ge the most out of their cars, it's bridgestone or nothing. >> i can bring him home? >> animals tend to do really well. you can do anything with them. you can train them. can you give them human qualities they tend to really resonate with consumers. >> that didn't resonate with me
7:35 am
as much as the other bridgestone ad which is he thought he hit reply on e-mail. i think anybody who uses e-mail can identify with that moment of fear. >> keep bringing this up. to me, the great ads are the ones that hold up a mirror of how we live our lives. can you relate to that. the real simple human stories. although we have all this new technology, to laura's point, mean joe green, the human stories. >> all right. and again, on a human story, if you're a parent and you're a parent of little boys, i think you can understand this one. let's take a look at the volkswagen darth vader ad.
7:36 am
>> do you have any idea how much time my son is going to spend in the driveway now? >> there is a 35-year-old guy, agent, he turned to me. he said that was me growing up in "star wars." if you have kids, like you said, matt, that's it. that's kids. >> every single day. >> they did a really smart approach. they see the ad online before the game. >> that could make a difference. >> you know what? at a crowded super bowl party, how many people are going to stop and pay attention to the ad right away? people tell you don't talk now, watch this ad. it's getting all the buzz. >> there is a real strategy going ahead of time. do you wait for the surprise, certain ads with a surprise? you don't let out. the ones that aren't surprises but are just really great ads, you want to have eight million views going into it. >> cars also a big theme this year. eminem was in a two-minute ad by chrysler. did chrysler get its money's
7:37 am
worth? >> eminem was also in the lipton ad. they say it lowered his credibility. >> they've been waiting for detroit to do. this buy american over the years. consumers don't care. this is the soul of detroit. this is walking right into it. i just thought it was brilliantly crafted. it's a great strategy. and i think wonderful. >> by the way, we call it the eminem chrysler -- he's barely in it. the star is the city of detroit. >> and celebration of the -- walking right into what detroit is. not making it what it's not. the grit, the soul, i love this ad. >> there was an odd couple of the night. it had to be ozzie osborne and justin bieber in the same ad. can we take a look at that one? perhaps. or not. we don't have that spot. yes, we do. all right. >> welcome to 4g. >> i just got a new version.
7:38 am
>> the 5g train. how many bloody gs are there? >> i'll take it from here. >> okay. >> we're going to lose ozzie. bring in the new one. ozzie is in the background. what? >> the new buy back program. you buy it now, we buy it back when it's time to upgrade. >> what's the 6g? >> what's a bieber? >> i don't know. kind of looks like a girl. that was justin in disguise at the end. a lot of people didn't realize that. >> that little joke was lost on many people. >> i honestly didn't know that. >> so is that a bad ad? >> exactly. it didn't resonate with people. people didn't realize is ozzie is the old and justin is the new. too complicated for super bowl. >> really? >> yeah. >> i think they scored points because of bieber and ozzie together. >> is joan rivers this year's betty white? >> i happened to love the ad. i cracked up.
7:39 am
i also think godaddy is taking a lot of funk over the years because of the justification of women. they kind of made fun of themselves at this point. i think it was a nice surprise. >> do we have time to just run this one little telafloar ad with faith hill? it gets back into getting into the minds of men. let's run that one real quickly. >> hey, faith. can you help me out? >> yeah. >> it's valentine's day. i got to write something that i can't. >> write what's in your heart. >> she'll think i'm dumb. >> no, she won't. tell her how you feel. come on, give it a shot. >> okay. dear kim, your rack is unreal! >> so you sent that? >> my heart told me to. >> but you know what? say what you will about that ad, it's great timing. because it is a week before
7:40 am
valentine's day. how many guys are thinking about sending flowers. >> it's a real human story. >> and faith hill which has such a connection to football with the song. >> exactly. >> that kind of scored on a lot of different areas. >> my favorite ad was the one for popcorn with cameron diaz and a-rod. >> interesting. that sums up who we are. that will be the moment people remember from the super bowl. not the ad, not the game, this magical -- but a-rod being fed. you can't make that stuff up. >> have the e-trade babies jumped the shark? >> they're still popular. >> people love babies. >> they really do. >> and when you see them during the super bowl party, you know what, here comes e-trade baby. >> the horses, were they on? >> they made a brief camo. nothing over the top. >> and we saw the second generation of the snickers ad. did you like that reincarnation?
7:41 am
>> it's okay. >> not great. >> people knew what was coming. >> betty white was such a great ad. it's hard to top that. yes. >> find out how much it cost to get that doritos ad. i want to know. >> i'm just telling you it wasn't $500. >> laura. thanks. donnie, thank you. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, the force is strong within. we'll meet the pint sized darth vader in just a bit. first, let's get a check of the weather from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by chevy. every model is backed by 100,000 mile, five-year power train limited warranty. >> and good morning, everybody. the force is with our crowd here. i like the monkey. what is your name? >> sophia. >> where are you from? >> connecticut. >> you have a lot of problems with roofs collapsing in connecticut. take a look at this video.
7:42 am
unbelievable hear in hartford. this is a garage that housed several cars. in fact, one of the car owners walked away just before this thing collapsed. so they're doing, going through trying to get as many roofs cleared off in parts of hartford and all across the northeast really. let's check your weather and see what's happening for today. the big story other than the snow, the cold. look at these temperatures. this is today. single digits. single digits and below zero temperatures in the plains. tomorrow, that cold air starts to seep south and east. you can see single digits and teens. and then on wednesday, it moves even further south and east. that's what's goi good morning to you. well, temperatures that were 20 degrees above average yesterday are only going to be ten degrees above average today with the trough of low pressure to bring more cloud cover to the area keeping things nice and mild. and our temperatures are in the upper 60s to low 70s. right now we are in the upper
7:43 am
40s to low 50s. you will need a jacket to take off later today. by noon we are already in the mid-60s. rounding out the day at 70 in los gatos. 68 in almaden valley. 70 in san jose. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. still ahead, darth vader revealed. he'll take off his mask. first, these messages. ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o
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it's good for your heart. it gives you energy. and it can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. ♪ quaker oatmeal is more than breakfast. it's a superfood. ♪ never mind the mvp on the field. one of the biggest stars of last nigh's super bowl was the boy who played darth vader in a volkswagen commercial. his name is max page. he's 6 years old. he's here along with his mom jennifer. good morning to you. >> hey, guys. >> first of all, darth vader, show us what you've got. >> there you go. >> let's see who you are, max. can you take the mask off?
7:47 am
hello, young man. nice to see you. this is exciting stuff, isn't it? >> yeah. >> do you like being darth vader? it's cool. how did this happen? how did this audition take place and how did he win? >> you know, well, it started, i think, december 29th was his first audition. he had a call-back and it got down to 16 kids. we got a call over the weekend that said they booked it. it wasn't until halfway through the first day of filming we knew it was a super bowl commercial. we just thought it was his first national commercial and the deutsch group was like, no, this is a super bowl spot. it was out of this world. >> you didn't know much about darth vader, did you? >> no. >> you went to the internet and saw a picture of him? >> sort of. >> now, your mom said this is your first national commercial. tell me about some of the other commercials you have done. >> well, i have done like other
7:48 am
commercials. >> yeah. >> do you remember who you backed up in two commercials? >> a band-aid and a -- i can't remember. >> what were the other ones? >> he was with clear communications was the first regional commercial and walgreens. >> on a soap as well. >> yeah. >> you think about the number of people who watched this ad online. forget the super bowl. there is another hundred million people. like 10 million people watched it before the game even started. >> yeah. >> what kind of response have you guys gotten? >> oh, i can't even keep up with the messages and the calls. i wish i could. so many people support us in so many things. it's just overwhelming. the first night it was 60,000. i woke up the next morning and it was a million. then my mind couldn't comprehend after that. >> what do you think and what do
7:49 am
your friends think about it? >> they wish they could see it. >> people asked for your autograph, too? >> because of "the young & the restless." >> i wanted to mention max has a pacemaker. he was born with a congenital heart defect. >> right. he had his first surgery at 3 months old at children's hospital los angeles. they saved his life, gave him back to us. a week after the first surgery had had to have a pacemaker, so he has maintenance on that. he's routinely at the hospital. we try to make it fun with blankets and bears and try not to make it scary about appointments and blood draws. but he's a real inspiration. even the press conference in los angeles there was a father and son and they were in the garden. the dad said, just to see him run and play is enough. that was always enough for us,
7:50 am
too. just to see the ray of hope of what a couple years ahead looks like. you can do anything. >> way to go. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're back after this. [ kid ] it was the final play.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
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good morning, everyone. it is 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. you are looking at live pictures of breaking news.
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8:00 am
> we're back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. it is the 7th day of february, 2011. kind of a nice morning here in the northeast. got some scattered clouds and warm temperature. it's 36 degrees out now, however, al is telling us we could have a rain/snow mix, a wintry mix tonight coming in our direction. not a big deal though. on the plaza, matt lauer along with meredith vieira and mr. roker. coming up we talk about why americans are so obsessed with so many things. today we are talking about obsessions with weight. >> from the runways to the magazine covers, every image suggests you need to be thin. can we really achieve the
8:01 am
perfect body type? we'll talk about it. >> and a fascinating look behind the scenes of the church of scientology. the fbi, according to the new yorker magazine, is now actually investigating the church and the treatment of some of its younger members. coming up, a former high profile member of the church talks about that. we'll talk to the author of the new yorker magazine article. >> first lady michelle obama, we'll take a look at her impact on american fashion so far from her time in the white house. >> lots to get to. let's go inside. ann is standing by at the news desk with a check on the headlines. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. in the news protesters are camped in cairo's tahrir square despite sunday's meeting between egypt's vice president and opposition leaders. the government is offering press freedom and other concessions, but protesters insist president hosni mubarak must step down. immediately. president obama said sunday egypt is not going back to what it was and he called on
8:02 am
president mubarak to begin an orderly transition to a new government. >> the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. we have said you have to start a transition now. >> president obama said he's confident a new egyptian government will still be a partner of the united states. attorneys for wikileaks founder julian assange says their client is afraid he could face the death penalty if sent to the united states. assange was in a british court this morning fighting extradition to sweden where he's wanted for a sex crimes investigation. >> ford says it is boosting its u.s. production by 13% of lincolns and fort explorer suvs to keep up with demand. ford hasn't yet decided if it will add extra workers. and 6,000 parisians were evacuated sunday as military experts defused a bomb from
8:03 am
world war ii. the ordnanc was undiscovered until builders in the area discovered it. it is now two minutes past 8:00. let's get a check of the weather from our al. >> we have two cute young ladies. where are you from? >> albany. s >> albany, new york. want to say hi to dad? >> hi, dad. >> what's your sign say? >> hi, amber and erin. your friends? >> cousins. >> you got everybody covered. very nice. let's check your weather, see what's happening. wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, snow showers, wbre, nbc. 26 degrees, kind of a nasty day today. out west we have a nasty day bringing rain. that storm system will shoot to the south and then along the east coast by later this week.
8:04 am
may cause problems. we'll keep an eye on that. east coast, a real mess today. nothing horrible, a lot of rain in florida, snow showers in the northeast and new england. snow and rain in the pacific northwest in the rockies. going to be nice for the skiers. beautiful in los angeles today. sunshine and 75 degrees. meredith's neck of the woods, huh? 730 degr 70 degrees in los matos. all in all, ten to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. over the course of the weekend we actually broke 24 temperature records across the bay area. look for a high of 60 degrees on wednesday, 69 degrees friday. rain showers back friday into sunday. that's your latest weather. now back to mr. matt lauer. >> thank you. when we come back, why americans
8:05 am
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and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois. taking pristiq with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. pristiq may cause or worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or glaucoma. tell your doctor if you have heart disease or before you reduce or stop taking pristiq. side effects may include nausea, dizziness and sweating. for me, pristiq is a key in helping to treat my depression. ask your doctor about pristiq. back now kicking off a special series, why are we so obsessed with -- and we begin with the obsession with weight. americans spend more than $40 billion a year on diet-related food and products which begs the question, have we become overly obsessed with achieving the
8:09 am
perfect body? >> 167! >> yeah! >> reporter: from weight loss reality tv shows, books and. >> all you drink is cranberry juice for 72 hours. >> reporter: our obsession with achieving a trimmer, fitter body is everywhere. from the ads that we are exposed to to the magazines we read to the way women are portrayed in music videos or dolls. there is just this extra level of pressure on women to look a certain way. >> i gained five pounds. it might as well be 50. >> reporter: in the gym i see women lining up at the scale to see the number. there is something about the number you can use as a marker. will i be happy today, sad today? >> reporter: at curves & crunch gym, women feel the pressure to have the perfect if i seek. >> when i look at the magazines and see the perfect body it
8:10 am
motivates me to try to get almost how they are. >> it's embedded in the culture. there is an ideal way to look f. we don't it's somehow wrong. >> reporter: even celebrities struggle with size. >> it's all this maintenance thing that i'm not used to. >> i have never kept the weight off this long. >> reporter: america's obsession with weight is nothing new. >> oh, what i go through to keep my figure. >> reporter: even your grandparents appreciated a good obesity soap or laxative beans. but the thin look hasn't always been on. the ideal body shape has shifted throughout the generations. from garbo to hayworth, monroe, twiggy, farrah fawcett, jane fonda and the in-shape now --
8:11 am
>> i think there is a broader spectrum of body ideals, especially in hollywood. you have the curvy kim kardashian, more athletic cameron diaz. >> reporter: is it time to stop obsessing about the number on the scale? >> i think the message being sent is you will be happy if you look like these women when in reality the only thing that can fulfill us is being confident and happy with ourselves and how we are living our lives. >> reporter: emme is a full-figured supermodel. lisa lillian is star of hungry girl and founder of good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you travel all over the world talking to young women about body immanual. why is it no matter what background we are from we seem so fixated on the scale? >> it seems like everywhere you go, especially in america, we produce a lot of product to go
8:12 am
out to the world with one image. over and over again it's a prepew besent unattainable image to get ahold of. >> we know it so why do we want it so much? >> well, it's a catch-22. what you see is what you try to aspire to. i think what we need to do to change that is to use your voice and say, well, these images really don't make me feel good or there is not enough images i can relate to. we can't sit back and let it all happen. the products are going to keep on coming with this imagery because we're not saying anything. you have to use your voice. the people will listen. >> lisa, you grew up and your mom had weight issues. you were a yo-yo dieter at one point. do you think you inherited your mother's views and sort of put them on yourself? >> you know, my mom did go up and down and try every fad diet. so i grew up thinking fad diets worked and you can be on or off
8:13 am
a diet. that's just not the case. there is no magic bullet. you have to change your lifestyle, change the way you eat forever. to some degree i'm happy i learned that because now i'm more aware of it and i know what i should be eating. i understand it better. >> absolutely. we saw in this piece through the ages really, the decades, our definition of what looks good has changed. do you think we're more accepting now of full-figured women? i do, personally. >> i think so. i think we are. the aperture has to open to not just include the look, the color, the flavor of the month is curvy. it should be the beautiful women who are more prone to be thin or the women who are more prone to be athletic-looking, more curvy. not just one for the year or two years and then because there are many, many flowers out there. not just one tulip. >> everybody's body is
8:14 am
different. you can't look at someone on television and say, i want that body. i'm 5'1", i will never be tall and leggy. that will never happen. >> there is no way the three of us could ever look the same. >> nor should we. >> right. >> what i see as interesting is more men are obsessed about their weight. >> men are becoming more obsessed with the way they look. we are a superficial society. i don't know if that will change. >> lots of money being made in the diet industry. once again, we have to just be aware and use our voice when appropriate. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tomorrow on "today" we'll look at why women are so obsessed with shoes. up next, lindsay lohan -- oh, she's excited.
8:15 am
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♪ that comes from a little green leaf ♪ ♪ zero-calorie, guilt-free no artificiality ♪ ♪ my skinny jeans zipped in relief ♪ ♪ its name is truvia i had no idea ♪ ♪ no more sprinkling my coffee with grief ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. back now at 8:18 with details on the alleged theft of a necklace that's landed lindsay lohan in hot water. is reporting the actress could be charged as early as today. nbc's kristen welker has the latest on the story. good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, matt. lindsay lohan got out of rehab about a month ago. by all accounts the negative headlines are the last thing she needs. she is not speaking publically but her lawyer says the allegations are false. >> did you steal the necklace, lindsay? >> reporter: lindsay lohan, silent, as she left a santa
8:19 am
monica courthouse last week. now she may have to answer to the law again. reports that the los angeles county district attorney's office could charge her with a felony as early as today for allegedly stealing this $2500 necklace. >> there are reports lindsay's attorney called her friday to let her know she would face felony theft charges. >> reporter: the bauble disappeared from this jewelry store. lohan was photographed wearing the necklace and authorities were about to search her home when the necklace was returned. they released this statement. we deny these allegations and if charges are filed we will fight them in court, not in the press. >> what lindsay lohan is claiming is she borrowed the necklace from the store and her stylist forgot to return the item to the store. >> reporter: in 2009 lohan settled out of court after
8:20 am
leaving a nightclub with someone else's mink coat. scotland yard investigated the disappearance of gems totaling $400,000 of a an elle magazine photo shoot with lohan. she was not charged. the jewelry store gave police video which showed the actress in the shop the day the jewelry vanished. >> it seems the possible charge she's facing is misdemeanor grand theft, petty theft or felony grand theft. >> reporter: lohan is under investigation for allegedly assaulting an employee at the betty ford clinic where she was a patient. lohan denies the claim. a judge ordered her to rehab after she violated probation on a 2007 dui arrest. legal analysts say new criminal charges could be devastating. >> even if she hasn't yet been convicted of a new charge, after a hearing before the judge in beverly hills she could be found in violation of probation and
8:21 am
the judge could then sentence her to more time in county jail. >> reporter: officials at the district attorney's office stay they are still reviewing the case. legal analysts say a felony theft conviction carries a possible three-year prison sentence. lohan has a previously scheduled court date set for february 25, but if she is charged she could be in court a lot earlier. matt? >> all right. kristin welker in los angeles this morning for us. thank you very much. now here's meredith. >> thank you. now to a look behind the scenes at singing sensation cee-lo green. the number one song we can't say the title of on morning tv. today jamie gangel caught up with him. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. we'll call it if by the title that won't get me in trouble  with my mother "forget you." but your teenagers know it by two other words. whichever version you listen to, cee-lo is at the top of the
8:22 am
charts. [ applause ] ♪ >> reporter: wherever you look these days cee-lo green is bringing down the house. ♪ see you driving around town ♪ with the girl i love and i'm like [ bleep ] you ♪ >> reporter: pushing the envelope with x-rated lyrics and a sense of humor. >> the people have spoken. ♪ >> reporter: but the 36-year-old's real name thomas decarlo calloway can't believe the song is a hit. >> what did you think would happen when you released it? >> honestly, i didn't expect it to see the light of day. ♪ [ bleep ]. >> reporter: instead it's a pop culture phenom with more than 40 million hits on youtube. ♪ >> reporter: and dozens of parodies including his favorite, this one in sign language. >> i thought she was sassy.
8:23 am
>> reporter: you said cute as a button. what do you mean? >> there's something adorable about it. >> reporter: adorable. but don't let your mother catch you singing it, which is exactly why he thinks it works. >> i think it reminds people of the time where rock & roll was illegal, when they wouldn't show elvis from the waist down and profanity is always, you know, stuff like that. >> reporter: for the record, his 10-year-old son has heard the song but is not allowed to swear. it's not cee-lo's first hit. he's been writing and singing for almost two decades. ♪ baby i'm crazy ♪ >> reporter: thanks to covers like this -- ♪ i'm like [ bleep ] you and [ bleep ] her, too ♪ >> reporter: and especially this -- >> ♪ >> reporter: his fans now range from 5 to 50-something. it's a long way from a difficult
8:24 am
childhood growing up in atlanta. his parents, both ordained ministers died when he was young. he was headed for trouble until he said music saved his life. >> i used to sing along with records and at some point i began to embody them. >> reporter: his favorites included jackie wilson -- can you sing a little bit of it? ♪ >> reporter: -- al green. ♪ if i gave you my love ♪ i'd tell you what i'd do ♪ i'd expect a whole lot of love out of you ♪ >> reporter: and james brown. ♪ doing the best i can ♪ doing the best i can ♪ i'm only a man
8:25 am
♪ darling >> reporter: you name it, he can sing it. even pairing up with gwyneth paltrow on "saturday night live" for some country. ♪ and we rely on each other, uh-huh ♪ >> reporter: next up with the five grammy nominations and everyone waiting to see just how he deals with those forbidden words. >> which version are you going to sing? >> i'll give you this much -- it's going to kind of be half and half. >> reporter: half and half? >> yeah. you'll see. >> reporter: anything more? >> nope. not even for you, pretty lady. >> reporter: oh! we learned cee-lo will perform with gwyneth paltrow and none other than the muppets. it was supposed to be a surprise but miss piggy can't keep a secret. >> she has a potty mouth.
8:26 am
you get those two together. >> wow. >> i like him. >> i like him, too. >> we're cheering for you. >> just ahead, michelle obama's sense of style. she's got that. after your local news and a look at the weather. good morning to you, it's 8:26. we begin with a look and update on that transformer fire in walnut creek. crews have contained the fire on yeri road between buena vista and hall lane and mike will have the traffic in a moment but first let's check your forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. it is the last day we'll see temperatures at 70 degrees or better across the bay area. changes from yesterday as we got a little trough of low pressure. if you're walking out the front
8:27 am
door in san francisco that will keep things mild today and temperatures are going to continue to drop as we head throughout this week. 65 degrees, as you take your lunch break in sunnyvale at noon. that fire that marla told you about is off 680, geary is reopened between putnam and hall, might be crews on scene, plan for some slowing. a live look at oakland, 880, normal northbound flowing and into downtown clear past the toll plaza. more news after this.
8:28 am
8:29 am
at 8:28 now, people in san mateo should be cautious when picking up the phone today, telephone scammers have conned a handful of elderly people into wiring money abroad. suspects pretend to be grandchildren in need of money and even a lottery official. hang up immediately on suspicious callers and report the incident immediately to san mateo officials. wll bee back at 8:56. see you then.
8:30 am
8:30 8:30 now on this monday morning, february 7, 2011. not a bad morning to do some sightseeing here in manhattan. we have a great group kicking off their day with us in rockefeller plaza. i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer, ann curry, and al roker. just ahead, the power of the first lady when it comes to fashion. whether they like it or not, the
8:31 am
president's wife always becomes the symbol of women in america. find out what makes michelle obama an everyday icon of style. also ahead, an exhaustive new report in "the new yorker" magazine on the church of scientology. they've looked into this for almost a year now. and one of the headlines coming out of their article, which is hitting stands right now, is there is allegedly, or apparently, an open fbi investigation into that church. we're going to talk to the author of the article to find out why. and we're all hooked on screens, whether it's our tv, our computer, our smart phone, our e-readers. the fact is they may be bad for our eyes, and we're going to have the warning signs you need to look out for. also, maybe more important than any of this is valentine's day. coming up a week from today, do you know what you're going to get? >> yep. >> you do? then don't pay attention to the segment coming up. it's going to give you bright ideas for your spouse or loved one. >> speaking of loved ones, can i say happy birthday to lily mac,
8:32 am
my daughter? she turns 18 today. >> that's impossible. >> no, it's good. it's good. >> it's all good. >> you were 19 when you had her. >> happy birthday, lily. >> kind of close. >> that's fantastic. >> mr. roker, checking the weather? >> i certainly do. let's show you what's happening. take a look at the week ahead. much of the country going to be below normal temperatures. snow in the west, a wet mess in the east. above normal temperatures out west through southern california. then the midweek period, look at this. this cold air is spreadin throughout much of the country. plus we're going to have a real mess through the gulf coast and the southeast. then the latter part of the week, things warm up out west with wet weather in the northern plains as well. again in the east, we've got below normal temperatures, snow showers in the mid-atlantic state good morning to you. another gorgeous day in the bay, about ten degrees cooler from where we ended up yesterday, a record-setting day across the bay area.
8:33 am
83 degrees was the high in santa rosa, today 69 is the high, redwood city and 70 in los gatos, we'll continue to drop off in temperature this week. 60 degrees by wednesday. then the showers arrive saturday into sunday. looks like late saturday and light showers. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. talking about birthdays, xander here turned 10. your name was originally supposed to be oscar. but they didn't name you that because? >> my last name is mayer. >> that would have been bad. up next, why the fbi is reportedly investigating the church of scientology. scientol
8:34 am
8:35 am
back at back at 8:35 with an inside look at the church of scientology. it is no stranger to
8:36 am
controversy. and now according to a new report, it's being investigated by the fbi. nbc's kerry sanders is in miami with details on that. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, there is always intense public fascination with the church of scientology, and now there is an open fbi investigation, according to "the new yorker" magazine. in a lengthy article by the magazine, they lift the curtain of secrecy on this often secretive religion, and they detail allegations of abusive behavior and gross misconduct in the church's highest ranks. scientology is often considered both mysterious and notorious for its secrecy and many celebrity members, from john travolta to kirstie alley to tom cruise. >> being a scientologist, people are turning to you. >> reporter: now the fbi is
8:37 am
investigating the church according to a new article in "the new yorker" which reports the agents on the case are human trafficking specialists. while the fbi doesn't give details of the investigation, the agency confirms to the magazine that the case is open. and the article suggests that the fbi is focusing on scientology's treatment of its more junior members. in the piece, one of hollywood's elite, award-winning writer/director paul haggis of "million dollar baby" and "crash" opens up his three decades deeply immersed in scientology before quitting in 2009. after defecting, haggis was apparently appalled when he read accounts of how children were supposedly treated in the elite group that helps run the church. he says it reminded him of child slaves he had seen in haiti. they were 10 years old, 12 years old, signing billion year contracts, haggis says, scrubbing pots, manual labor that so deeply touched me, my
8:38 am
god, it horrified me. many former church members are interviewed in "the new yorker" piece. according to a former member of the so called sea org, scientology's religious order in the church, among his many duties, he went to extraordinary lengths catering to the whims of tom cruise, such as installing handmade eucalyptus panelling on his customized suv and plating his motorcycles with brushed nickel and painting them candy apple red, all on a $50 a week salary. the church denies the account as does tom cruise's attorney, who told "the new yorker" that the church never expended any funds to the personal benefit of mr. cruise. there are shocking allegations of physical abuse by the church's leader david miscavige. a dozen people told the magazine they experienced it or witnessed it. and one former church executive tells "the new yorker" the church head had struck or beaten him on five occasions. the church of scientology denies
8:39 am
this claim too, and most of the allegations in "the new yorker" piece. and as for haggis, he wonders why he was so blind for so long. haggis tells the magazine, i was in a cult for 34 years. everyone else could see it. i don't know why i couldn't. early this morning, a church of scientology spokesman, tommy david, issued a statement denouncing "the new yorker" article. in part, tommy davis says, "it's unfortunate that the new yorker chose to introduce its readers to scientology through the eyes of an apostate, someone religious scholars denounce at unreliable. the article is little more than a regurge tags of old allegations that have long been disproved." the church told nbc news it knows nothing about an fbi investigation. >> lawrence writ is the author of the article, "paul haggis versus the church of scientology," featured in the
8:40 am
latest edition of "the new yorker." talk to me about your process here. any investigative journalist wants to get both sides of any story. you clearly had access to former members of the church of scientology. what access were you given to current members or the leadership of the church? >> at the beginning, i had a lot of access. i met with some of the current members of the church. i was supposed to have met with tommy davis, who's the church spokesperson, at the very beginning of this process. he promised to take me through scientology, and i went out to los angeles to do that with him. and spent a couple of days waiting in a hotel room. and then finally he came and said he'd decided not to talk to me. >> when you spoke to these former members of the church, did they share a common story? did they have shared negative experiences with the church? or were their stories very different? >> the people inside the church, their stories were very much the same. they had gotten a lot out of this religion, and they felt a lot of adherence to it.
8:41 am
the people who had left also had kind of a common story. first of all, they hadn't gotten what they had expected from scientology. >> what did they expect? >> well, scientology promises to take you to a higher level, a spiritual level, and also a higher intellectual level, to be able to control your career, to have enhanced powers, to not get sick, for instance, and things like that. and people began to realize that those things weren't really materializing in their lives. >> one of the things that comes out in the article is this reported investigation of the church by the fbi, and the church sent us a fairly lengthy statement overnight. and one of the things they address is that fbi investigation, or reported investigation. bear with me. as for the claim that the church is the subject of a federal investigation, the church has never been advised of any government investigation. a fact the new yorker knew before it went to print. moreover, the subject of the recent investigation was raised in a lawsuit by the same individuals who are the sources for the article, and the
8:42 am
complaint was resoundingly dismissed by a federal district court judge. the new yorker was aware of this fact but irresponsibly sought to use the claim of a, quote, investigation, to garner headlines for an otherwise stale article containing nothing but rehashed, unfounded allegations." how would you respond to that? >> i was talk to go a lot of people who had talked to the fbi. so naturally, i bumped into their investigation. and i talked to people in the fbi who are close. >> they confirmed the investigation to you? >> they confirmed it to me. >> what exactly are they investigating? what are they looking into, accord to go your reporting? >> the sources i talked to have talked to the fbi about three different things. one is the physical abuse of members of the church by the leader of the church, david miscavige. i talked to 12 people who had either been physically abused themselves or had witnessed such actions on the part of the church's leader. >> not to interrupt you, why would that be an fbi investigation? why wouldn't some local law enforcement group look into that? >> human rights abuses, and also
8:43 am
it goes to trafficking, which is the fbi agents who are involved in this investigation, their assignment is human trafficking. normally, it's forced prostitution. but the laws are defined in such a way that confine the, psychological abuse, being placed in a psychological spot where they're pressured not to leave the environment -- a lot of these things resemble things that people who had been in this clergy of scientology, called the sea org, have been complaining about. >> as a person who spent a lot of time participating in this church, when you think of the high profile people who are members and named get bandied about, john travolta, tom cruise, kirstie alley, they are smart people. they seem to be very happy with their lives. why would they still be a part of this if the church that's doing all these things wrong has so many pieces like this seem to
8:44 am
portray it? >> that's exactly why i got into this story. paul haggis, who's the subject of this profile, dropped out. the question that naturally occurred why would somebody so intelligent and creative and successful have been in the church in the first place? what did it give to him? really at some level it was very rewarding to him. you know, he had some marital problems, and he went to the church for counseling. and he felt that he got something out of that. but on the course, as he went all the way to the top of scientology at the time, he was called an operating seven, which is the highest level available. and he got less and less, he felt. he felt more and more false. >> but as for these other people, are they -- are you suggesting in any way that they are part of some kind of cover-up, or have they simply lived an experience within the church where it remains rewarding for them? >> i think it is rewarding for them. but there are two levels to the church. one is the public, which is the way that paul haggis lived in
8:45 am
the church. and the other is their kind of clergy, which is called the sea org, and it's kind of a monastic order, and these people commit for a billion years because they feel like it's an eternal service. and they get paid as little as $50 a week, and they're subject to rather extraordinary confinement. i mean, there are these kind of reeducation camps where some of them are sentenced for more than a decade. and if they try to escape, they're dragged back into it. >> let me just end by saying that in that statement from the church, they say that anyone who wants to know the true story of scientology should find out for themselves by coming to a church of scientology whose doors are always open, or going to the church's website. larry, thank you for coming and talking about your article. i appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure, matt. thank you. >> the issue of "the new yorker" is on the newsstands right now. coming up, first lady michelle obama and a sense of style. but first, this is "today" on nbc. .
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
back now at 8:47. back now at 8:47, this morning on today's style, first lady fashion. every first lady who enters the white house makes an impression, whether she wants to or not, by what she wears. first first lady martha washington was known for her home spun look. but dolly madison was the first first lady to embrace high style, copying francis josephine bonaparte's plunging neck line. grace coolidge was a trend setter in the 1920s. she made the color red popular when she posed for her official white house portrait in a long crimson dress. another popular color, pink. mamie eisenhower wore pink so often that the textile color institute issued a shade called first lady pink. jacqueline kennedy, the first first lady to appear on color
8:49 am
television, making her one of the most influential style icons in the white house. betty ford and rosalind carter embraced political issues and down played their wardrobe. in the 1980s, nancy reagan made red the symbolic color of her husband's administration. hillary clinton opted more for business attire. and first lady michelle obama made a fashion statement from her inauguration outfit to her gown that evening. fashion journalist kate betts' new book is called "everyday icon michelle obama and the power of style." why is it that the style of first ladies matter so much? >> well, they have the privilege and the burden of really shaping their times, not just with what they say and the causes they embrace but also subtly with the style that they display. and so they become symbols of power but also of the emotional and psychological subtext of the administration. >> i don't think we've paid as much attention to a first lady's
8:50 am
clothing selections since jackie kennedy that we pay right now to michelle obama. why is she -- you call her an everyday icon of sorts. >> she's iconic because she's the first african-american first lady, but she's also very accessible in her style. her style is very casual, much more so than jackie, for example. >> so much of her stuck is right off the rack. >> it's right off the rack at talbot's or j. crew or a store at the mall where everyone can access it. that makes her everyday. >> how has she evolved since she's been on the campaign trail? i don't remember she used to wear suits. now she's much more of a cardigan lady. >> yes. she basically changed her image from sort of the corporate boardroom pin stripe suit to the cardigan and floral print dress. she went from the working mom to mom in chief. >> it's said the first lady sets the emotional tone for an administration. if that is true, what tone is she setting with her fashion sense? >> she's setting a very casual
8:51 am
and accessible tone. she's, you know, throwing off her shoes on the south lawn and running across barefoot. she's like you and me. she has two kids. she's juggling all these things that working moms juggle, and she's also wearing the clothes that working moms wear. >> but even the stuff that comes off the runway, she adapts it to be her, you know. she makes it her own really. >> yes. she knows what looks good on her, and she wears what she likes, and she says that all the time. that's really her fashion motto. she knows how to kind of adapt things to fit her body, to make her feel comfortable. >> yet she's made some fashion mistakes, according to some people. the bare legs on air force one. and then showing her legs actually. and then recently she wore a british designer at that dinner for the president of china. big mistakes? >> i don't think those are mistakes. i think the british designer was something that she did because she wears what she loves, and she really telegraphs this message of self-possession and
8:52 am
confidence. to me, that's what defines american style. >> what can women take away from her style? >> there's a lot of very easy ideas that you can pick up from her, for example, wearing beautiful color, which she does so beautifully. she also has a nice way of mixing the cardigans with the pants instead of suit jackets for example. she's sort of showing women how to be more feminine and more casual. >> as you said, she's really not scared of big bold prints. >> that's become one of her signatures. she has the height to carry that off and the confidence to carry that off. not every woman can wear prints like that. at least she gives you an idea of how you can incorporate that into your wardrobe and be confident. that's the big message. >> so no one color, though, like nancy reagan. she doesn't have one color signature. >> not yet. not yet. we might see something evolve. five years down the line, we'll remember her for something. >> kate, thank you so much. pleasure to have you here. the book is everyday icons. a reminder that michelle obama
8:53 am
will be here in studio 1 there is a on "today." we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ad
8:54 am
one final note on last night's super bowl. there was some apparent controversy surrounding seating. what went on there? >> folks showed up, 1,200 people
8:55 am
showed up. they were given a sheet of paper that basically said your tickets are no longer valid because they had temporary seating. they had a fire marshal was supposed to inspect the seats because of all the stuff that was going on. never got to do it. so as it turns out, 850 people got equal seating or better. but 400 people were forced to watch in a hospitality tent and were given three times the face value of their ticket. >> at least they got that. >> a lot of people were still pretty upset. >> come all that way to see the game. >> a guy traveled with his daughter for a special trip and was not allowed in. that's a little harsh. overall, things seemed to be a swimming success. >> absolutely. >> that's it for us on a monday morning. just ahead. >> all that screen time from texting to e-mail to workplace on your eyes. texting to computers and its effect on your eyes. after your local news. [ insects chirping ]
8:56 am
♪ oh, lord, won't you buy me a mercedes-benz? ♪ ♪ [ whistling ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] that's my car! ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the new line of mercedes-benz. welcome to the family. good morning, everyone, let's check your forecast with christina loren at 8:56. good morning. >> good morning to you. well, because of the warm day that we had yesterday, with highs in the 80s, we're starting out relatively mild and you notice a good deck of clouds overhead. a trough of low pressure passing
8:57 am
through now, we'll take break from the clouds and more on the way this afternoon. what that means for us, temperatures will come down today, upper 60s, low 70s, 70 in t scotewmcgr scott mcgrew is back with more local news right after this.
8:58 am
oakland may lose its popular aquatic center along the jack london square waterfront. for now the nonprofit group is turning it over to the city to operate. the center, got-to facility for sailing and canoeing and kayaking on theestuarr. if it closes down the rowing club would have no way to store the boats. the city is working with nonprofits to keep it open. if funding can't be found it will close by the end of the
8:59 am
month. thank you for joining us. last week we said because people like us are the san francisco bay's biggest polluters it's time we cleaned up our act and awe agreed. our first viewer says, how about plastic bottles? consumers want high quality drinking water, disregarding the fact that packaging, processing and delivery are far more polluting. bay lover believes, every city should make it easy for residents to clean up their act starting with banning plastic bags like san jose. cal dad remark, keep it up, i found local packaging stores very willing to take my bag or box of styro chips in for reuse.
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just this weekend i made a trip to facilities to get rid of old household toxins. so easy. be a part of the solution. join us online at s.ridicoalm. to we're back with more of "today" on a monday morning, the 7th of february we're back now with more of today on a monday morning. the 7th of february, 2011. actually, a really pretty day here in the northeast. we have moderate temperatures, bright blue skies and a lovely crowd. some even from the melbourne, australia. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, with anatomy morales and al roker. you know who is smiling this morning? fans of the green bay packers. they take the lombardi trophy back to title town, beating the
9:01 am
pittsburgh steelers, 31-25. you probably watched these,ed ads. one of the young men making a real splash is that darth vader guy there. lots of beer commercials, as always. doritos big. doritos commercial right there, believe it or not. meanwhile, we will recount all the commercials, the hits and misses, coming up in just a little while. >> in the middle of clicking and doing all a that, i caught them out of the corner of my eye. so i get to see them over again. >> if you don't get the whole commercial sometimes they can seem weird. 80s the sign of the times. people are on computers, ereaders, but all that screen time could be hurting your eyesight. if you spend more than two hours staring at the screen, what you need to do to protect your vision now. of course it seems hard to think about but tax time is about upon us. the deadline moved back to the 18th of april.
9:02 am
that's not the only change. if you itemize you can't even file, even if you wanted to, until next week. what else you need to know about the new rules on tax time. >> a lot to get to. ann is standing by at the news desk with a hoo at alook at all headlines. despite sunday's meeting between egypt's newly appointed vice president in opposition leaders. they are offering other concessions but protesters insist hosni mubarak must step down immediately. three american hikers detained in iran are now on trial. the proceedings opened with not guilty bleedings. sarah shourd release odd bail in september, is being tried. initials in tunisia ruled to suspend all activity blaming it for spreading corruption. small but violent protests broke out again this weekend, the most serious demonstration since an
9:03 am
uprising last month forced the president into ex pile. cambodia and taiwan exchange artillery fire for a fourth straight day. cambodia is asking the united nations for peace-keeping troops to keep the violence from escalating. an ancient temple is the source of pride on both sides. aol announced it will boy the "huffington post" for $315 million. the deal wants huffington in charge of aol content and allows the "huffington post" to expand internationally. it attracts 25 million visitors monthly, that is if the deal wins regulatory approval. and earlier this morning in the nation's capital, the massive cloud of smoke rose from a fire in a cooling tower next to the smithsonian museum of natural history. it took 85 firefighters and hazmat officials to bring the fire under control. the building was evacuated, and
9:04 am
no one was injured. fire officials are still investigating that incident. babies who start eating solid foods before they are four months old may be at higher risk for obesity than those who start later, according to a new study out today in the journal of pediatrics. the finding suggests parents should wait until babies are four and six months before making the transition from formula to solids. and the roommate moved into theaters and came in first at the box office this weekend, taking in $15.6 million. sanctum was second. no strings attached was third. your up to date at four minutes past. back outside now. actually, let's go to, yes -- no. yes. all those guys outside. >> got it. ann, thank you. smooth. over to mr. roker. >> thank you so much. in this corner, the lady from the quad cities. four ladies. very nice. >> yeah. >> you guys are here for a rty? >> we're here to visit. >> all right.
9:05 am
yum. all right. let's check your weather and see what's happening. and we've got a storm system coming in from the pacific northwest. that may cause an icy mess for the southeast. later this week. but right now they have to worry about a system bringing rain down to -- heavy rain to southern florida. we should say northern florida. one to two inches of rain. some areas up to three inches. snow showers in the upper great lakes. mountain snows and wet weather in the pacific northwest. mountain snow, central rockies through the southwe we're not going to be too far from the hills of l.a. today, we're talking about 70s, lots of sunshine, trough of low pressure come through the bay area, situated right over the south bay, if you're wake newspaper san jose, probably a good deck of clouds ahead, those will push off to the south. more clouds on the way to later and the temperatures kept mild in comparesen to yesterday. talking about the 70s as opposed to 80s.
9:06 am
70 in san jose. and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. now to the super and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. well, now to the super bowl. the vince lombardi trophy is back home this morning after green bay's 31-25 win over pittsburgh. jenna wolf is outside cowboys stadium. jenna, good morning. >> good morning to you, natalie. all right. so here's the deal. we're driving over to the stadium this morning and the guy on the radio says, okay, you cheeseheads, now have you gone back to wisconsin can we please turn the heat back on in dallas. it's been that cold. big stories, the weather, football, and the weather again. but despite all of it, the football was actually some pretty good football last night. of course it doesn't hurt they were playing the game indoors. super bowl jubilation. >> the green bay packers have won the super bowl. the lombardi trophy is coming home. >> the green bay packers topping
9:07 am
the pittsburgh steelers, 31-25, for their fourth super bowl victory. it all began as a debacle in dallas. nasty weather in the days leading up to the game. hundreds of fans with tickets denied seats on game day. and then this. ♪ what so proudly we washed at the twilight's last reaming ♪ >> christina aguilera botching a line in the national anthem. but the game itself was everything football fans hoped it would be. >> touchdown. >> packers jumped out to a quick 14-point lead when they picked up ben roethlisberger and took it back for a touchdown. they went into half-time with an 11-point lead as the black eyed peas came out and lit up the stadium. ♪ tonight's the night, let's live it up ♪ >> in the second half, packers
9:08 am
quarterback aaron rodgers tossed his third touchdown pass of the night. and while the steelers did cut into that lead, when the clock ran out, it was the packers who stood as nfl champions. the post-game scene, pure energy and overwhelming joy. >> how do you feel? >> it's a great feeling. we're champions. >> wide receiver jennings who caught two touchdown passes, cradled his daughters, just as carefully as he did the football. >> to have my girls here, my wife, my family, this is awesome. right, babe? >> are you proud of dad? >> yes. >> very proud? >> yeah? >> the players taking in the night and soak up the excitement with their little bundles of joy. >> the day she was born this is what i wanted to do, carry her on the field. even though she's not old enough to remember. >> and aaron rodgers, who followed the legendary brett
9:09 am
favre, was named super bowl mvp. >> it's still surreal. just to know this is the end of it. we had such a great run. incredible guys. such great character in the locker room. such great character in our coaching staff, our front office. incredible fans. this is for all them. this is a special night. >> the lombardi trophy gleaming in the lights of cowboys stadium as the players passed football's crown jewel among themselves. and packers linebacker a.j. hawk shared his big plans for the off-season. >> a.j., where are you going to celebrate now that you won the super bowl? >> the "today" show. >> of course you are. what are the chances i randomly picked one guy who is going to the "today" show. one in a million, right? anyway, here's the deal with this day, for all the lore surrounding brett favre, he won one super bowl. aaron rodgers, one super bowl with the green bay packers. programs the torch has been moving on. we are packing up and heading on
9:10 am
it of dallas. maybe the heat could come back, which is what everybody wants. natalie, i will send ill back to you. >> hope you had a great time. that's important. jenna, thanks. >> a lot. >> thanks so much. all right. now here's ann. >> all right. natalie, thank you. this morning on today's health, protecting your vision from technology. if you're an avid ereader or texting or computer, you may be putting your eyes at risk for condition referred to as cvs or computer vision syndrome. so what are the symptoms and how can-can we control it? dr. care kri petrie peterson. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what are the chances we have cvs? >> first, it's this group of eye problems caused by viewing a computer for extended periods of time. and it's very, very common. there's about 10 million visits to the eye doctor every year for computer-related vision problems. and if you're in front of the computer for more than two hours, you have up to a 90% chance of developing it.
9:11 am
>> okay. so then the question then becomes, what are the symptoms? >> so the symptoms are related, first off, to the strain that it puts on your eyes. so you can get eye burning, eye irritation. it's also relateded to the ergonomics of how your computer is set up. so it can cause neck and back pain. dry eyes and blurry vision. >> okay. so is there a long-term negative here? i mean, blurriness or dry eyes don't sound like too big a deal and sore neck doesn't sound like too big a deal. you work those out. is there something this might affect over time? >> yes, there is. if dry eyes go untreated, your eyes are a lot risk for infection and it can lead to scarring of the cornea, which damages your vision. and there's some debate whether there can be long-term nearsightedness. imus els have to really work at focusing and they can stay contracted and they can go into spasm which can cause long-term
9:12 am
nearsightedness. >> this definition gave perspective to me. our eyes have evolved for three-dimensional viewing so we overfocus as we strain to find a 3-d image on a closeup 2-d screen. that's why there's these d dilemmas. >> that's right. >> you say there's a 20/20/20 rule. what is that? >> every 20 minutes take 20 seconds to look away from the screen at a distance 20 feet in front of you, and that relaxes the eyes. >> for how long? >> for 20 seconds? >> 20 seconds? >> every 20 minutes. >> 20/20/20. >> you say adjust the height of your computer monitor. >> yes. >> so you want it to be higher or lower than your eyesight? >> you want it to be lower. you want the top of your screen to meet the eye such that your eyes cast downward when you look at the computer. this makes it easier to focus.
9:13 am
and it also at that level allows your lids to come down a little bit to prevent that dry eye. with that dry eye, that brings to mind, as we say at women's health, when in doubt, blink it out. every 20 minutes you should purposefully blink very slowly almost like you're falling asleep so your eyes can get lubricated. >> cut down on the glare. make sure your prescription is up to date. you're talking about your glasses prescriptions. because why? >> first off, if you have nearsightedness or farsightedness it puts more strain on the eyes and the eye doctor can tailor a prescription for you at this intermediate range that your computer sits at. >> there have been computer glasses? >> there are. like you have reading glasses for looking at some up close. the computer sits 20 inches from you. at that distance it correct. they would measure the distance that you sit from your computer and correct that. >> do you think people with
9:14 am
regular 20/20 eyesight or people with problems at seeing. >> just for problems at seeing at that distance. >> when in doubt, blink it out. and you have some other things for good eye health. put down cigarettes. avoid uv light exposure. toss the redness removing drops. >> what they can do is contribute the blood vessels and you get less blood flow to the eye. >> dr. carrie peterson, thank you so much. >> thanks, ann. coming up next, some changes you need to know about before you file your taxes. later, fun valentine's day gift ideas that won't bust your budget. oh, wow. there we go. don't we love love? first these messages. introducing olive garden's new artisanal raviolis. try our creamy asiago cheese ravioli topped with pan-seared chicken. or try our pear and gorgonzola ravioli topped with sauteed shrimp. starting at just $10.95. with unlimited salad and breadsticks. it was really cool just hanging out -- the three of us.
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after 2 starter doses, it's stelara®. >> man: getting across town to a job interview is stressful enough without being late. i want guidance that takes me where i need to be, without any problems along the way. i feel the same way when i do taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate, so i know it's done right. they even offer representation in case of an audit. which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results. this morning on "today's money" tax changes we need to know about. whether you are an early filer or wait until the last minute there are deadlines that can affect everybody this year and they are just some of the changes in store. nicole, great to see you. >> good morning to you. >> this is interesting.
9:18 am
the irs expecting 140 million individual tax returns this year. but the good news is the date's been pushed back. >> usually it's april 15. that's the dreaded day. now it's april 18. >> how come? >> it's a few days. we'll take it. saturday is a holiday in washington, d.c. so they pushed it to friday. you get until monday which is april 18 and if you file an automatic six-month extension you get a bump there as well. it's october 17. remember that's an extension to file, not pay. remember that. if you itemize taxes that's going to change a little bit as well. even if you want a jump start, you can't file until a week from today. >> how come? >> valentine's day. the irs isn't ready for you. so valentine's day is the day to send your love to uncle sam. >> who else is affected? >> the irs says one in three taxpayers itemize their deductions. so you have everybody who pays a mortgage. if you want to detukt your interest rate, medical or dental
9:19 am
expenses, charitable deductions, state or local taxes. that's one bucket. then you have people claiming the above the line deductions. those are expenses that you basically don't have to itemize to claim. those are teachers deducting $250 for classroom expenses that they pay out of pocket or students who are putting on their tuition fees or other expenses for education. >> what about small business owners or people with pending home loans? >> starting now, loan officers are no longer accepting 2009 returns as proof of income. so you have to wait for the 2010 returns to be fully processed. that affects small businesses looking for loans and people looking for home loans as well. remember the home buyer tax credit that went into effect in 2008. $8,000 for first time home buye buyers. $6500 for repeat buyers. that expired. >> that will impact your tax return. >> absolutely. >> what about self-employed
9:20 am
folks with health insurance premiums? >> $15 million americans are self-employed. they can now deduct health insurance premiums from their tax returns or use it against social security taxes. moving forward, 2011 you can do that and also te duct one for your child under the age of 27. that's going to be a big help, especially for recent college grads who don't have a job and are paying for health insurance. >> folks who deduct or use mileage rates, mileage as a deduction. there is a change there snm check your odometer. it's 50 cents per mile for business expenses. 16.5 cents for medical or moving expenses. that .5 adds up. charitable donations, 14 cents a mile. >> folks with college age children? >> the irs are extending deductions if you earn up to $80,000 if you are single, c
9:21 am
$160,000 as a couple. deduct $4,000. i would recommend the american opportunity credit. that's dollar for dollar. >> not great news for the unemployed. >> unemployment, you used to deduct $2400 as part of income. now unemployment is taxable. >> what? >> this is going to affect 9% plus. some say closer to 17%. >> and property taxes. >> you used to add as much as $1,000 off your property taxes as a standard deduction. now if you want to deduct your property taxes you have to itemize. then you are in the bucket of the itemizers we talked about before. >> nicole, good to see you. i see you every morning on kwoez wake "wake up with al" on the weather challenge. watch her weekdays 4:00 a.m. eastern on cnbc. still to come, the mystery behind the mask. we reveal the kid in one of the year's most popular super bowl
9:22 am
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that lets you eat six times a day? yeah, baby! try the slim-fast 3-2-1 plan. 3 snacks, 2 shakes or meal bars, and 1 balanced meal. slim fast. who has time to slim slowly? it is 9:26, good morning. christina joins us first with a look at your pleasant monday forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. yes, it is going to be pleasant today. a bit of cloud cover overhead. onshore flow pushing that marine layer in, coastal fog, will increase through the afternoon. mild conditions. looks like as we head throughout the day, 70 degrees is the forecasted high in oakland. 70 in los gatos, 71 in san it cr cruz, this is the remix. 06 for wednesday and 66 by thursday. let's connect your traffic now with mike. >> you talking about the mild
9:27 am
coastal fog, let's get a live look at mild coastal fog, golden gate bridge on the south side of the bridge, actually coming from marin you don't encounter the fog until the south tower, folks out of the city, tough it out, head across the bridge and marin side you'll see a beautiful view so keep walking through this, we see slowing up on the peninsula but the big slowing oins east bay, excellent westbound, at ashby keeping the toll plaza clear. slow off hercules and jamming off the bridge and to the south on you map, now live, oakland slowing northbound jammed from san leandro, and 880 nimitz freeway, consider westbound 580 through oakland and city streets into downtown. more news.
9:28 am
a woman who was allegedly assaulted and kidnapped in oakland has turned up in a hospital. oakland police are still looking
9:29 am
for two men who allegedly kidnapped her. witnesses say they saw a man chasing the woman saturday night in oakland and then cornered her inside an apartment complex. two men allegedly put her in a car and then just took off. it happened on alean street near san pablo avenue around 8:00. the car is described as a 1999 black chrysler with four doors, license plate number 6 jsg 3056. we'll be back with at 9:56. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles,
9:30 am
it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. ♪ can you believe that was 30 years ago? >> wow. >> 750 million people around the world tuned in to watch the then 20-year-old diana spencer marry prince charles. >> it was a spectacular event and take a look. >> now the world is waiting and we'll be watching at kate middleton prepares to say "i do" to prince william. you could be in the center of the action. "today" is flying one lucky viewer and a guest to london as kate middleton weds prince william this coming april.
9:31 am
>> that doesn't mean they are going to the wedding. >> no, but we'll fly them to london. >> if you want the royal treatment get out the cameras and create a video no more than two minutes long on why london is calling your name and why you deserve to scream the there in april and don't forget to be creative. for more of the rules go to >> huh. >> that's exciting. >> that's a coveted ticket. it's hard to fly out there. >> you better book your ticket now. >> exactly. >> airlines are jacking up rates. >> also in this half hour we'll talk about the ads, sometimes the best part of the super bowl game. actually the game was good on sunday. >> yeah. >> it was. >> one of the breakout stars from one of the ads this super bowl was this mini darth vader who was the lead-in for a cute volkswagen spot. this morning we're going to reveal the boy behind the mask. >> so cute. my sons loved that commercial. thenal valentine's day a week
9:32 am
away. if you are scrambling for the perfect gift we have fun, creative ideas to melt your sweetie's heart. >> in "today's kitchen" fried chicken and potatoes. a classic dish but we are giving it a caribbean flair with nathan lippe. making a coconut fried chicken with a rum and lime potatoes salad. you had me at rum. >> you had me at fried. >> we hear about recipes like that. sounds fantastic. before we get to that let's talk about the weather. >> not so yummy unfortunately. the week ahead, much of the country below normal with temperatures exception being southern california and the southwest. wet on the east coast. mid-week, much of the country below normal with a wet gulf coast and snow in the mid mississippi river valley. the latter part of the week, snow in the great lakes. the northeast, new england, midatlantic states down into the gulf.
9:33 am
we have rain. above normal out west with rain in the pacific northwest and the plains should be mild as well. our neck of the woods, looking good once again, onshore flow but some fog, lifting above the highway, but take it easy across the golden gate bridge. mild conditions today, high pressure still in control. temperatures up into the 70s but no 80s like we saw yesterday. 70 degrees in los gatos, 71 in santa cruz, rain on the way towards the end of the week. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. up next, affordable gift ideas for your sweetheart on this coming valentine's day. >> oh, geez! >> did we have to see that? >> i didn't need to see that. oh! radiating pain everywhere... and i wondered what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body.
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9:37 am
this morning on "today celebrates valentine's day" fun gifts for your sweetie. we have great gift suggestions that are a sweet deal for your bottom line. jill martin is a "today" and "us weekly" contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have a lot to show. first if you have a hard time expressing your feelings, breakfast in bed, here's a way. >> i like when kids can make something for their family and parents. $6.50. you stamp it on your toast and it comes out with love. great for the kids. >> something for the singles. you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. this is a frog. you add water. >> comes like this, okay. >> after 72 hours, this is just 24 hours. i don't know if you can see him. he's little. but after 72 hours you have the
9:38 am
full-sized prince. that's for your single friends. $8. >> if you want something sexier for your valentine you have the bouquets here. the hanky pancreatic canckie. >> they come in the little candy hearts. they start at $18. i don't know any woman who wouldn't be happy with these. >> what's the most comfortable thong underwear, you name it. >> great alternative to roses. >> over here, what's wrong with jewel jewelry? nothing! >> $69 to $70. whose wrist does this fit? >> little kids. this is love and xo. they are great gifts. obviously not waterproof because they're not real gold or silver. a great option. >> great price range, smaller, less expensive. >> right. >> over here you're got the great silky necklaces.
9:39 am
they can also be scarfs. >> it looks like a rope and you can tie it as a necklace or a bracelet. you can put it on your handbag, in your hair. it's one of those versatile items you can pack and wear a lot of different ways. it's silk with gold-plated chains i.'s fun and versatile. $90. >> great rings. >> these are great rings. you see there is silver or gold. they are hand made. look at the leather strap in all different colors. great for kids and adults of all ages. >> whoa! >> okay. a little malfunction. >> somebody lost their marbles. >> all is okay. >> that scared me. >> i lost my marbles during many segments. >> okay. moving on. that spontaneously come busted. >> moving on to candles -- it's still going. >> i'm going to come in and
9:40 am
rescue those. >> valentine's day disaster. set the mood with the romantic candles as ann curry saves us from the marbles. >> these are famous lovers. dante and beatrice, napoleon and josephine. everyone loses their marbles when they are in love. >> exactly. >> these are fold-up flats with built in socks. $60. >> great to pack in your bag. >> and fun. >> these are adorable. every little girl needs ruby red slippers. >> i gave these to my best friend's nieces. they said, we're dorothy and started clicking their heels. $48. >> they come in matching mom sizes, too. >> and the flip-flops. >> special edition hearts. $24. these are great. >> now for the guys, finally. >> right. something for the guys. i'm biased because i work with
9:41 am
the knicks. all 30 teams cuff links for your favorite guy. >> perfect. this is a fully loaded stocked mini bar. it comes with all this? >> it comes with the glasses. you have to fill it. it's great for traveling. >> you can get it from the airport. having a party in my room. >> you could bring them with you. this is $70. now on to this. you do not eat it with one bite. >> absolutely not. >> this is from crumbs. four pounds. it feeds eight. >> wow. >> this is a special edition with brownie hearts. i'm having this. >> i got all frosting. >> you want to order this a couple days beforehand? >> they will ship it and it comes fresh. >> mm, yum. delish. thanks for the treat. thank you as always. >> thank you, ann, for cleaning up the marbles. that was scary.
9:42 am
up next, he was the star of one of last night's favorite super bowl ads. we'll introduce you to the pint-sized darth vader after these messages. these pretzel m&m's are really good. yeah i know. i haven't been able to stop eating them myself. guess that's how i ended up with this pretzel inside me. you know what they say, you are what you eat, right? you are what you eat, what a bunch of malarkey. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. general mills big g is the only leading line of kid cereals
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9:45 am
in one delicious heart healthy cereal. mmmm. can't you just taste it? try honey bunches of oats with cinnamon. heck, try 'em all. so the mvps, one of the stars of the super bowl was a little boy testing his skills with the force. >> the pint-sized darth vader tries out his powers on everything around the house until he was successful with the help of his dad. >> now we are revealing the lad behind the mask. this morning matt and meredith asked 6-year-old matt page to use his powers on our set. >> there you go, buddy. >> whoa.
9:46 am
>> if that worked with the washing machine it would have been all right. >> let's see who you are, max. can you take the mask off? hello, young man. nice to see you. this is exciting stuff, isn't it? >> yeah. >> do you like being darth vader? it's cool. how did this happen? how did this audition take place and how did he win? >> you know, well, it started, i think, december 29th was his first audition. he had a call-back and it got down to 16 kids. we got a call over the weekend that said they booked it. it wasn't until halfway through the first day of filming we knew it was a super bowl commercial. we just thought it was his first national commercial and the deutsch group was like, no, this is a super bowl spot. it was out of this world. >> you didn't know much about darth vader, did you? >> no. >> you went to the internet and saw a picture of him? is that what happened? >> sort of.
9:47 am
>> you think about the number of people who watched this ad online. forget the super bowl. there is another hundred million people. like 10 million people watched it before the game even started. >> yeah. >> what kind of response have you guys gotten? >> oh, i can't even keep up with the messages and the calls. i wish i could. so many people support us in so many things. it's just overwhelming. the first night it was 60,000. i woke up the next morning and it was a million. then my mind couldn't comprehend after that. >> what have your friends said to you, matt? >> they wish they could see it. >> people asked for your autograph, too? >> yeah. mostly "the young & the restless." >> i wanted to mention max has a pacemaker. he was born with a congenital heart defect. >> right. >> are you feeling okay, max? >> yeah. >> good prognosis from what i understand. >> he is. he had his first surgery at 3 months old at children's hospital los angeles.
9:48 am
they saved his life, gave him back to us. a week after the first surgery had had to have a pacemaker, so he has maintenance on that. he's routinely at the hospital. we try to make it fun with blankets and bears and try not to make it scary about appointments and blood draws. but he's a real inspiration. even the press conference in los angeles there was a father and son and they were in the garden. the dad said, just to see him run and play is enough. that was always enough for us, too. just to see the ray of hope of what a couple years ahead looks like. you can do anything. >> way to go. >> the force is definitely with you. >> so cute. >> he's a really cute boy. >> anyway, he's a sweetheart. coming up next, we take on the classic fried chicken and potatoes. we're talking coconut fried chicken after this. this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ this morning a tropical twist on a chicken classic. we are fixing up fried chicken and potatoes salad with coconut and rum. hot chef from the food drinks and rock and roll live. >> good to see you, man. >> where did this idea come from? >> i'm a southern boy. florida is the south, by the way. i wanted to do an old school traditional fried chicken with fun, different ingredients. i love pina coladas. we have chicken here. the key is to marinate. use a plastic bag and throw in chicken tenders, because i think they fry better. you can use chicken on the bone, too. this is coconut cream. >> what is that? >> it's not coconut milk. it's more dense. taste it. it's like a burst of flavor,
9:52 am
right? >> kind of like a condensed sweetened co oconut milk. >> intense flavor. we'll marinate it like this overnight. five, six hours at the minimum. once they're finished they come out looking like this. we dip in a little bit of egg. you do fried chicken? >> oh, sure. >> little bit of egg. little bit of flour. season the flour, too. >> dredge it with -- >> give it a nice crust. nice and easy, fluffy. the sweetness is very subtle and beautiful. 365-degree oil. >> what kind of oil? >> this is vegetable oil. they will get golden, crispy and beautiful. this is what they look like. so you have beautiful fried chicken bits. fantastic. we have potato salad. the trick in my opinion is i will keep the skins on these red bliss potatoes.
9:53 am
start with cold water, then potatoes and then boil them. >> why coldle water? >> we want the skins intact. check it out. they come out and the skins are completely intact. then you can slice them and the skin stays beautiful. it doesn't peel off. >> that's great. >> so we slice them into wedges just like so. very simple. we'll make a vinaigrette. >> what's in the vinaigrette? >> we mentioned pina colada. all the ingredients are broken up and distributed through the dish. >> so you do like pina coladas? how about being lost in the rain? >> we have red bell pepper, rum, love that. >> dark, light? >> i like dark rum. a little bit of salt and pepper.
9:54 am
we have agave. that's beautiful. it's a little bit sweeter than honey. great flavor. chopped garlic. red wine vinegar. throw that in there. whole grain mustard. love it in a vinaigrette. olive oil. you can use coconut oil or any oil. chopped garlic. go for it. >> oops. dropped the whole thing in there. >> that's pretty much the whole vinaigrette. >> whisk and -- >> we're making pina coladas with red wine vinegar. >> great. >> super simple, super easy. beautiful. >> very light. >> you can garnish with limes. >> limes and cilantro. the salad is nice. the chicken was marinated in coconut cream and has the sweetness. >> crunchy and light. it's not the eh fried batter. >> it's really good. >> try the vinaigrette.
9:55 am
>> fantastic. so different than the mayonnaise. >> you don't think about rum and vinegar together. it's great. >> chef, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, we have more of your favorite super bowl >> after your local news. >>
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. 9:56. let's check your forecast with christina loren. >> well after breaking 24 temperature records over the weekend high pressure is finally
9:57 am
going to weaken just a little bit today. a trough of low pressure that will bring clouds in our direction and increase the onshore flow, fog will be a factor through tonight. mild conditions persist for monday. 65 degrees in sunnyvale, over to 70 in oakland before all is said and dmon oone in oakland. we'll look further north, looking through oakland. live look shows you northbound coming off of san leandro, still dragging below. 30 miles per hour past the coliseum but finally moving better than the last half hour. look at the travel times coming up through that area and approaching the toll plaza, 880 is slow. good option, my wife doesn't listen to me so maybe you can and stay away from the roadway where she's stuck right now. westbound 80 done the east shore
9:58 am
freeway. don't tell her i told you that. very slow still out of hercules into richmond after an earlier accident cleared there. meetering lights off at the toll plaza. scott, back to you. updates that google exec who disappeared in cairo has reappeared. he was released from government custody just a few hours ago. details very sketchy but we believe he was arrested for his part in the demonstrations in egypt. he tweeted some of his involvement. he's head of marketing for google for all of north africa. no statement from google this morning. meanwhile, another fire in the castro this morning, one of a string of fires, latest we're hearing from investigators on the ground is this one was not arson, rather, spontaneous combustion. something just caught fire. there are three other fires that are considered arson. more local news in half an hour. "today" returns in about a
9:59 am
minute. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days.
10:00 am
this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. welcome to our show. it's fun-day monday, post game day, february 7. >> fun day for some people. >> not so much in pittsburgh. they're probably broken hearted. >> was it? because i didn't see it. >> what were you doing? were you party sing?
10:01 am
>> we westeren't going to have big bash, and then regis needed somewhere to go. and then just people we're close to in the neighborhood. i saw lea michelle sing, i saw christi christina aguilera sing the national anthem, and that was it. >> everybody was up in arms about how she sang the national anthem. your thoughts were? >> my thoughts were, when i did it 15 years ago, and i said, may i do it a capella, live, and they said, no, too many people screw up the lyrics. you can't do it. >> she did it live. i thought, wow, i think she got the words wrong, and you felt it. but there is a shot we're going to show in this. >> this saved anything for you.
10:02 am
>> there was a player looking up and a tear dropped down. so whether she was off or whatever -- let's watch. ♪ the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> the tear came down, it totally crushed me. i know she should have known the words. >> yeah. yeah. and you know what, she's a brilliant singer, but i couldn't stand that rendition. it's a melody. you know, don't take so many libertys that you don't even know what the melody is about. >> oer the ramparts we watched at the twilight's first
10:03 am
gleaming. and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air. >> i shouldn't be so harsh because i don't mean to be. she's a very, very talented girl, but any time anyone does that, it bothers me. >> there was more singing at half time and that was when -- >> the black eyed peas. >> i loved them. all i could think of when they were on there -- ♪ hey hey >> who cares if the mics weren't working right. >> people are blaming them and that's ridiculous. they're doing their job. they're up there trying to perform. i thought the production was really sloppy. >> you could tell she was like, am i singing? >> it's so unfair to the
10:04 am
performers. but when they sang that, did you care? it was so good. >> you're not one of those performers, and when you're up there and you've got a lot at stake, you're doing your job, you hope that everybody else around you and doing theirs as well. now, we know there can be glitches, those kinds of things, you know, but i just thought there was a lack of craft involved. >> even with the ads, i was expecting the super bowl ads to be -- >> without betty white, it's not funny. >> there were a couple that were -- >> i didn't see any of them. >> there's one where a guy is -- he e-mails a friend and he thinks he hits reply. watch this ad. it's fun. >> oh, no. >> rod. you sent this e-mail reply all. you hit reply all.
10:05 am
>> oh, my god. >> you know i was wrong. you just sent this e-mail to me. >> that's why i'm not on line. >> why? >> that's never happening to me. i will never hit reply all, never, never, never. >> how was your party, by the way? >> it was fun. i got to spend time with people i love. i think when you're not truly pulling for any particular team it's easy to just sort of go back and forth, back and forth. it was great to see everybody. i heard there was something else on television sundaturday night though. >> i was going to ask, did you
10:06 am
see saturday night live, because there was a spoof. there was regis and you have a walk-on role. >> oh, no, kathie lee is here. >> kathie lee, what are you doing here? >> oh, regis. when i heard today was your last show, i had to come on and say goodbye. >> today is not his last show. >> what is that, a bird chirping? chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp? ♪ that is such an irritating bird ♪ what is that? come on, now. >> come on, that is so funny. she plays a really good you. and she can sing.
10:07 am
>> she's all right. we don't have a whole lot of time for our favorite things today. want to start? >> i got this book called "the awakening." this is a book where you read one passage a day. i think it's a life changer, i really do. it's one of those things that when you're in a funk and you're feeling something -- i'll read one where a guy goes into a river and he skoops coops up a . he puts it on the shore and the spider stings him. the next day he does the same thing. on the third day, the spider says, what are you doing? every time you pick me up, you know i'm going to sting you because that's what i do. and the guy said, i pick you up because that's what i doochlt. >> the guy is an idiot. >> only you can ruin a perfect
10:08 am
mood. i'm out. "the bookof awakening." buy it despite what she said. >> a few people wrote in and said your arms look better than you say they do. and i said, well, i've got this neck problem and a herniated disk, and if my arms look okay, it's because i'm doing this for my neck. it's called a theraband. if you do this for a lot of times a day, you're going to have quite the rack. only kidding. this is for the arms. >> who are you? >> did you see that one with faith hill?
10:09 am
that was so great. >> it helps my neck and apparently it helps my arms. >> sara? >> this is from they don't waste anything. they cut them up and sell these bags for $20. it's the extra stuff. also when they ship, they have the best packaging. it's not something i would buy for myself but i do it as gifts. it's amazing. this one is the drunken chunky. >> enough about hoda. ♪ you can never j-low has advice for the under 21 crowd. >> yomt this little b-- i don't little boy growing up. hool toge.
10:10 am
-we work together. -i'm in your cooking class. we play ball together. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. and you can even smoke during the first week. quitting on my own never seemed to be enough. this time it was different. this time i was ready. ready to take control. ready to talk to my doctor. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these symptoms or behaviors, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop serious allergic or skin reactions, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some of these can be life-threatening. dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. until you know how chantix affects you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. ♪
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10:12 am
for many, and you know who you are, the commercials are the best part of the super bowl. >> laura patreca and her cohort are here. it's convenient that yours was the most popular of all. >> they did that volkswagen ad
10:13 am
with the little kid. >> let's roll it. that was so sweet. ♪ >> what's super smart about this, guys, it was released early. people often wait to reveal it on super bowl night, but you guys let it out early. >> certain ards, like the joan rivers ad, i loved this one. it wasn't gimmicky, it wasn't technology, it was a simple human story well done. >> what made it stand out a lot is that you did put it out early, so when it came on the screen, people are saying, shh, i want to see this ad.
10:14 am
they were paying more attention to it. >> if you're a dad or you have kids or you were a kid yourself once, you were like that. >> so the ad meter picked the second one. this was the bud lite dogs that served beer at a party. >> thanks again for dog-sitting. >> no worries. >> they're really smart. they'll do what you tell them. oh, and there's a ton of bud lite in the fridge. >> hey, guys. >> a sure sign of a good time. here we go. >> what about that ad do you think captured the imagination? >> if you love animals, you think about budweiser horses,
10:15 am
animations. dogs can be great with lots of computer graphics. >> i'm so tired of seeing flying animals, animals doing this. what does it say about the brand, how does it make me feel about the brand? >> it says party time. >> the other interesting thing, two ads in the super bowl with guys house-sitting for a living. what are the chance for two ads about house-sitting. >> there was one with faith hill, and another one, i think it was pepsi or coke. let's watch this one. >> or not. >> faith, can you help me out? it's valentine's day and i have to write something. >> write from your heart. give it a shot. >> okay. dear kim.
10:16 am
your rack is unreal. >> you sent that? >> my heart told me to. >> it's fun, and once again, it's human. it's real, and that's the best ads. >> what do you think about guys being portrayed that way? >> i think guys look like complete idiots in the beer commercials, they're tripping over themselves. that's a guy being a guy and something likeable and something real. >> there's another one, the pepsi one that's similar. let's watch it. ♪ >> i wonder how much money he makes? i wonder if he loves his mother? i wonder if he'll lose his hair? i wonder if he likes kids?
10:17 am
i wonder if he's the one? >> i want to sleep with her, i want to sleep with her, i want to sleep with her. i want a pepsi max, i want a pepsi max, i want a pepsi max. >> not a chance. >> which one? >> what were you doing that you didn't see these? >> i was hosting a party at my home. you had 20,000 people serving you. >> don't even go there. >> he's growing hair and i don't like it. >> this is one about nostalgia. key it up for us. this is the one that had the fonz in it and everybody. >> about 40 different stars in there, 20 different stars. everyone from alf, the characters from "cheers," the
10:18 am
"brady bunch." >> it took you back. >> it was a great celebration of football. and the one in detroit was a great ad. that was a soulful, brilliant commercial. >> overall, did you think good ads, bad ads overall? >> okay. i thought they were okay. >> the volkswagen ad was pretty brilliant. >> up next, 25-year-old reality star j-lo has an advice book. with all the equipment you use to stay fit, you might want to try lifting one of these.
10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
if you haven't heard about mtv's "jersey shore," you're probably sitting under a sand castle. it's attracting 9 mill dwron viewers and episodes. >> and j-wow put all the rules she's learned into a book called the rules by jwoww. >> do we call you j or woww and you said jenny. >> jenny is fine.
10:22 am
>> thank you for not pulling your dress up. >> are you talking about snookie? >> what caused you to write this book about relationships? >> i was getting a lot of fans asking my advice and they were seeing my relationships unfold on tv. so i wanted to show girls and guys how to learn from my mistakes. >> you're like an old soul. >> as tough as you are on the show, and we've seen you be super tough, i was surprised to see you with a guy that was verbally abusive to you or in any way. >> i was with him before the show, skpp yand you think you w find somebody that likes you for you. he kind of put that on me, you're not going to find someone that likes you for you, they're going to like you because you're famous. that kind of wears on you, but obviously i had my breaking point and left him. >> you said this is for under 2
10:23 am
1r21, but some of the fans are right behind you. >> they should be in school. >> it is, but the drinking and obviously sexual things -- >> the promiscuity. >> i don't want to put it out there for fans under 21. i didn't drink before i was 21. if you're going to meet a guy and have a good time, don't drink. of course, on the first couple of dates because you want to remember what they tell you. you really want to have all eyes on them. and you don't want to wake up the next day and be like, oh, did i push it too far, did i say anything mean? >> who am i? who am i and who are you? three bad questions to ask. >> what's a takeaway piece of advice for kids that are going through the dating issues? what do you like to tell them?
10:24 am
>> my biggest thing is never settle. the moment you settle, you kind of set yourself up for disaster. i feel if you're like, well, i don't like that but i'll deal with it, in the long run it's going to eat away at you. sdp . >> do you think there is a mr. perfect you'll end up settling with? >> i think so. there are so many people out there. don't settle and just enjoy. >> if you settle for what you got, you deserve what you get. >> exactly. >> we're so much alike. >> we're like twins. >> good luck with the book. all the buzz you can handle with andy cohen. a mommy makeover. you can get your pre-baby body back with just a few nips and tux. eat their vegetables, they can't get enough. ♪ hidden valley ranch, makes vegetables delectable. and now make lettuce a real salad
10:25 am
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10:26 am
good morning. 10:26. let's check your forecast first with christina loren. >> few more clouds overhead as a system of low pressure and trough nudging into the bay area, that will bring about an onshore flow, patch i dony fog coast, same for tomorrow. last day of temperatures in 70s, 65 in sunnyvale and 70 in los gatos later on today, 70 for oakland and 66 degrees in san rafael with a mix of sun and clouds in the second half of the day. you will really like tomorrow, 61 degrees, finally back to
10:27 am
normal, breezy conditions, fog returns throughout the entire bay area. widespread fog anticipated wednesday morning, showers arrive saturday into sunday. have a great monday. if you have to go to work, have a great monday there. great except for oakland, show you live shot where things are very slow, past the coliseum north passing high street, the last of the jamup there intodown town. things getting all green now, 580 not so much greater than 880, without being judgmental, use either of those free whafs bay bridge toll plaza no backup, metering lights off, and san mateo bridge, no problems. smooth drive up the peninsula and patchy pchy cloud but no b deal. more news after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
facebook may be moving into a new home. the palo alto social knelt worging giant invited reporters to an vent at city hall in menlow park, speculation they are moving to the sun microsystems site. facebook has grown to 2,000 employees to 1,000 in august of 2009. today you could hear gunshots in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood but don't be alarmed. new tv series "alcatraz" shooting a scene there this afternoon.
10:30 am
twen hyde and leavenworth closed for the shoot. beginning about noon time and end 7:00 tonight and will involve some fake gunfire. mystery tv series airs in the fanniorks ngoi u anks for j ni us.ngs. we're back on this fun day with more of "today" and this special series we call life changers. >> there's no doubt your body takes a toll when you have a baby, but how far would you go to get that body back? >> far. >> we met one woman who underwent a big life change and we went along for the ride. >> i'm 36 years old, i'm a single mom with a five-year-old daughter. i love being a mom. i'm very grateful to god for giving me kyra. she's like my inspiration. i put more time into her than
10:31 am
myself. before pregnancy, i was very fit. i worked out a lot, i did kickboxing, i've done a lot of cardio, running. obviously i had more time on my hands. i gained about 48 pounds while i was pregnant. my body changed dramatically. after the breast feeding, my breasts became saggy and my stomach, obviously, looked saggy after i lost all the weight. it was just stubborn fat that wouldn't go away. i do cardio, i swim, and nothing is helping out. >> this is a very common scenario for young mothers. the breasts have dropped a bit with pregnancy, the skin gets stretched a bit, the muscles of the tummy get stretched a bit. >> the doctor told me that it seems like you're doing everything in your power, and you take off your clothes in front of the mirror and it just
10:32 am
doesn't look that great. my confidence level went down. i'm getting a mommy makeover. i'm trying to get back to what i used to look like, how i used to be and how i used to feel about myself. >> the goal of our surgery today is to tighten the muscles of the tummy, remove some of the fatty tissue of the lower part of her tummy and to bring her breasts back to an appearance more similar to the way they were prior to her pregnancy. she was in great shape, she's an excellent candidate, and if she continues with her program of diet and exercise, she'll have great results. >> i'm ready to trust the doctor with a new, beautiful body. >> i can't wait to see her. >> here she is in the before picture. let's see the new you. come on out. >> oh, my god. >> hello! >> this is only two weeks after surgery. >> turn it down, hot mom.
10:33 am
also with us is a member of the american society of plastic surgeons. his practice is in chicago. >> is it rare for her to look this good so soon after snurj. >> we're totally shocked. >> usually aren't you swollen and stuff? >> she was a very good candidate for the procedure. she works out, has a healthy lifestyle, so for her this was about jump starting her routine and getting her back in that workout regimen. >> it sounds like you were doing everything, the swimming, the cardio and nothing was working. were you nervous to undergo -- i guess it's three procedures, a l lipo, a tummy tuck and lifting your breasts. were you nervous? >> i was very nervous, but the day of the procedure, i was actually in peace. >> you were? you were peaceful about it? >> yes. i guess because mentally i did prepare myself. >> how soon after the baby did you have the surgery?
10:34 am
when did you have your baby? >> she actually turned five yesterday. >> you tried for five years to get that body back. >> yes. >> when is it ever too soon, doctor, to go -- >> or in my case, too late. >> we do advise women to wait until the changes associated with pregnancy have resolved, so usually at least six months, if not a bit longer, so swelling from pregnancy can come down, the breasts can return to their normal shape and size. >> what about the cost of something like this? >> it depends exactly on what's done, but somewhere between 10 and $12,000. >> depending on where you live, it's different. >> and of course, depending on the area. >> you would recommend this highly to anybody who has that same problem? >> yes, absolutely. >> and what about when you talk about the healing process? because when you have extensive surgery like that, you seem like you bounced back so quickly. >> bad words. >> how has the recovery process been?
10:35 am
>> actually, it's been amazing. i was able to care for my daughter right after six days. first three to four days, obviously you're in pain just like any surgery, but i was fine after six days. >> what are the risks, doctor? because it seems like when you look at her, everybody wants to do it. if you have the money, why not do it? what's the risk in this? >> cosmetic surgery is still something to be taken seriously. we do combine procedures sometimes on the breast and the abdomen, and there are advantages to that, shortening the recovery time, less time away from work or recreational activities. but there are risks because the individual operation may be longer, the recovery time may be longer, so it's important to ask questions, speak with your physician, because not everyone is a candidate. >> any time you're under anesthesia, there is a risk
10:36 am
involved. >> yes. >> and some people aren't like sofma, they just have the baby and do it right away. do you recommend it for people who aren't as diligent as she is? >> it really is an adage to a healthy lifestyle. we always recommend doing this in conjunction with eating right and working out, and if a woman does that, the results are long-lasting. >> how do you feel? >> fantastic. >> you look wonderful. coming up tomorrow -- >> thanks a lot, doctor. >> -- our series is going to deny with how to lose those unsightly varicose and spider veins. >> but first, nicole kidman o s opens up about her life and other celebrity news after this. [ male announcer ] pizza hut's got a big idea for dinner on monday --
10:37 am
introducing big monday. get two medium pizzas for just six dollars each. that's any two medium pizzas, any crust, with up to three toppings, just six dollars each. only on mondays and only at your pizza hut.
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10:40 am
we're back with today's buzz, keeping you well informed of all the happenings in hollywood and beyond. >> from botox to custody battles -- enough about me -- there is much to discuss in the hollywood gossip. we have andy cohen to break them all down for us. andy man! >> andy was disappointed he wasn't on our bathing suit show. >> you would have brought did on -- it on in a thong. >> whatever you want, kathie
10:41 am
lee, but enough about last night. i want to be on your pa jam a show. >> lindsay lohan was spotted wearing that necklace. now they say it was a whoopsie and they've returned it. >> a $2500 necklace missing from a jewelry store. they're saying she's going to get charged with a felony this week, maybe. >> it's sad on so many levels. at another time this was the same allegation, but at that time it was $400,000 worth. but that shows you, now it's $2500? >> i know. >> so what do you think is going to happen to her? she won't really go to jail, will she? >> i think the courts are losing patience. they are. >> nicole kidman? >> nicole kidman just did an interview, and she admitted to
10:42 am
trying botox, but she didn't like it. look, i love nicole kidman, but her face hasn't moved in like 15 years. >> she says she hasn't had any plastic surgery. >> i don't know if she's had plastic surgery, but she's been dipping into that botox. >> hey, who hasn't? know what i'm saying? >> your forehead doesn't move. >> it moves, but slightly. >> i tried it and didn't like it? i don't know. >> you could use a little, actually. you're furrowed up. >> it's character, kathie lee. >> the wine in the microphone, that was classic. going off on kelly ripa with the
10:43 am
chirping bird. >> dana carvey brought back his whole cavalcade of characters that everybody loves. there's the cherchurch lady. tv is ripe for the church lady to be making fun of everything right now. wayne's world was great. it was a lot of fun. justin bieber was on and was fantastic. >> he must have rested because he couldn't make it on our show friday morning. he slept in and got better. >> he's a great kid. >> was that a highlight for you. >> justin bieber with the church lady was hilarious. this with andy sandberg was hilario hilarious. his movie comes out -- >> we saw it. you know what, it makes you like this kid so much. you don't have room to joke about him. you learn that he's a hard
10:44 am
worker and that he had talent from when he was a young, young man. >> and i heard that he tried botox and didn't like it. >> it's a sad one with halle berry. their custody battle has gotten nasty. >> why? >> she said she tried to work it out amicably with her ex, and she was supposed to shoot this movie new year's day and she dropped out of the movie to concentrate on this custody battle. it's got to be getting ugly. >> usually you try to keep a child away from a parent because of an abusive situation where you feel like the child is not safe. i can't think of another reason not to. >> no, she made some fairly strong statements saying he is not fit. i remember when you and i were arguing over cody and cassidy --
10:45 am
>> i know. frank still thinks he's serious. he doesn't care. you know? coming up, valentine's gifts for kids that will get your heart racing. you stay here hon'. i'm gonna go cook breakfast. give me half an hour. ahhh. ♪ ohh! ♪ [ male announcer ] so simple you could make em yourself. breakfast!! [ male announcer ] so delicious you don't have to. golden crispy outside, warm and fluffy inside. did you make coffee too? yes... i will. [ male announcer ] eggo waffles. simply delicious. [ male announcer ] eggo waffles.
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dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a $0 co-pay at sleep well, on the wings of lunesta.
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rich, indulgent chocolaty brownies you don't have to open your oven... just the refrigerator. ready-to-eat pillsbury sweet moments. find them in the refrigerated section of your store.
10:49 am
with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. do you want me to go to camera 3 or camera 1, sara? if you've been dating for what seems like an eternity, these gifts will pick things up. >> with less than a week to get something, we have some great ideas. >> everything here is sexy, so let's spice up valentine's day, shall we? >> let's start509"with a little beverage. >> this is the vino d'amore.
10:50 am
>> i love the bottle. it's beautiful. >> it's like a dessert wine. moving on, we have chocolate vodka. chocolate is a natural aft aphrodisiac. it's infused with a scent of godiva chocolate. >> without the calorie snz. >> without the calories. this next chocolate is arresting. these are handmade handcuffs, which are really cute. these are handmade from a chocolate maker in buffalo.
10:51 am
this is from a company called alfredo gourmet pasta. these are savory, these are lobster and these are sweet. >> not ring around your collar, but -- >> this is actually for men. we want them to look hot, and what's sexier than a custom made shirt. this is from a company called j. hillburn. you make an appointment and they come to your man's office or work and they actually custom measure them. this is from a company called, so when he's in his boring meeting he'll think of you because they say things like, light my fire, make me tremble -- >> bring home milk. sometimes the romance is gone. >> 12 different things. >> just being honest. >> why on earth would anyone want a vacuum cleaner?
10:52 am
>> men love this stuff. >> women don't. >> we think women who do housework get more stuff. it's the most powerful cordless vacu vacuum. >> i would like to try out that. >> maybe we could put him in a french made costume. >> before we pass up the scents, these are from playboy? >> they have the men's one, and he thinks he's a playboy. >> it's a men scent? >> that's a men scent? guys, do you want to smell like h hugh hefner? >> they're only $16, so it's affordable and available nationwide. these are custom-made pillows
10:53 am
through a company called the pillow bar. you can stuff them to your liking. some people like flatter pillows, fluffier pillows, whatever. they stuff them with down, and this one says sleepytime on one side, and the other side says sexytime. you can let him know how you're feeling. this is a really nice gift with a cause. this is from demi moore and ashton kutcher. it's a handcuff necklace. half of the proceeds go to their charity which raises awareness for child slavery. >> and half goes to them. >> half might go to them. >> and the lingerie department? >> you're going to be the gift here on valentine's day with this bow thong. and these are sexy blindfolds. but it could also be a night mask, so you choose.
10:54 am
>> so this is for women who are breastfeeding. >> this is just disturbing on many levels. >> breastfeeding is sexy, this woman said i don't want to wear a frumpy bra, so she designed this lingerie. >> you're going to breast feed in that? >> yeah, why not? >> you're adorable. give our love to your sister receipt a -- r
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
it is time for the delightful miss sara. >> a lot of talk about the surgery. the woman said she should have had to be in the same suit, you
10:58 am
can't tell the differences. but she still had bandages. and some people said there is such a risk of going into surgery and a lot said they weren't interested. >> no [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday.
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