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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 8, 2011 3:05am-4:00am PST

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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, thank you very much. welcome, everybody. oh, i missed these guys. i missed you. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. i missed you all. i missed everybody. we were off last week, and i missed a ton of news. apparently, charlie sheen started a war in egypt by doing coke with the cast of "skins." [ laughter ] you see this? taco bell is being sued for failing to meet the minimum requirements of acceptable ground beef. [ laughter ] but you can tell, they have addressed the issue by their new slogan, "taco bell, we now meet the minimum requirements of acceptable ground beef." [ laughter ] what is going on with the world? >> steve: yeah, america. >> jimmy: "yeah, that's barely acceptable. we'll take it." >> steve: "but it's acceptable." >> jimmy: "but it's good, yeah." [ laughter ] this isn't good. the northeast is supposed to get another big snowstorm this week
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on groundhog day. [ audience boos ] on groundhog day. at this point, even the groundhog is like, "dude, i'm staying in and watching a 'teen mom' marathon. just figure it out. [ laughter ] i don't even want to be bothered by this one." everyone's talking about this. cbs is putting the highly-rated show "two and a half men" on hiatus until charlie sheen finishes rehab. which is why, today, nbc sent him three "get well" porn stars and a suitcase full of cocaine. [ laughter ] "get well, charlie." [ laughter ] actually, there's some big news for nbc. the cable giant comcast officially took control of nbc universal last week. but comcast isn't interfering with our show. they're making the transition very convenient. speaking of convenient, comcast's new triple play package, that's tv, phone and internet for just $99 a month. now, that's comcast-ic. [ laughter ] check this out. bristol palin recently announced that she has a new boyfriend.
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no word yet on their baby's name. [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] there's no word. [ applause ] >> steve: there's no word. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: a fist pump for that? [ laughter ] >> steve: "awful! he's awful!" >> jimmy: this is interesting. a new study found that men are easily distracted by sexy news anchors. [ laughter ] well, if you ask me, that's just -- sorry. i was just thinking about -- i was thinking about this cute tie brian williams was wearing the other day. and it just -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i was just reading about this. police in columbia found a pigeon that was flying drugs into a prison. but i wouldn't worry about him telling the cops or anything. he's no rat.
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[ laughter ] he's a pigeon. [ laughter ] listen to this. a pop star in indonesia was sentenced to more than three years in jail for making a sex tape. wow, that's much worse than the penalty you get here, becoming rich and famous. [ laughter ] and, finally, this is insane. a minor league baseball team in ohio will hold a promotion called "three dog night," where they sell a hot dog, stuffed in a bratwurst, stuffed in kielbasa. then all three of those will be stuffed in a fat guy -- [ laughter ] stuffed in a suit, stuffed in a coffin, stuffed in the ground. it's very -- [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: man, it's good to be back. it was only a week off, but it's so fun.
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we have such a fantastic show tonight, everybody. i hope you enjoy it. a great actor and a great guy and, man, he brought a bunch of really cool photos. it's just really fun every time he comes here. we love him. bill paxton is here, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] from "big love." the final season of "big love." i love bill paxton. from "parks and recreation," the very funny adam scott is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] he's a funny dude. and we got one of my favorite musical artists of all time. edie brickell is here. [ cheers and applause ] she sounds so good. she's beautiful. oh, what a fun show. a quick show of hands, who here is either a man or a woman? [ laughter ] just as suspected. [ light laughter ] you know, an interesting thing about men and women is that they don't always see eye to eye. in fact, sometimes, they can be in the exact same situation and be thinking two totally different things. what kinds of things are men and women thinking? let's find out together in a segment called "he said, she said." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: now, you guys may not realize this, but i have a real knack for telling what's on people's minds. i don't like to brag about it, but i'm kind of psychic that way. like for this -- here's an example here, take a look at this. this couple is enjoying a quiet drink together. it looks like fun. i can tell just by looking at this guy that he's thinking, "i'm so glad we're comfortable being silent together." [ light laughter ] and she's thinking, "i'm so glad he finally shut up for five seconds." you see that? [ laughter ] two very different viewpoints. >> steve: the male -- the way the male thinks, and the way that female thinks. >> jimmy: correct. >> steve: "men are from mars, women are from venus." [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: here's another example, you guys. [ laughter ] here's two people out for some winter fun. she's thinking, "i'm ready for the slopes." and he's thinking, "i'm ready for some gropes." [ laughter ] probably because it rhymes. i don't know. here's another couple. they're playing video games. look at these guys. he's thinking, "she's got a
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really sweet playstation." and she's thinking something very different. she's thinking, "i'll bet he's got a really small wii." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here's another one. these two are out for some coffee. she's thinking, "i wonder what my life would be like if i had married gary." and he's thinking, "i wonder what my life would be like if i had married gary." [ laughter ] gary's a great dude. >> steve: he's a good dude. >> jimmy: here -- there are these two people here. it's a nice, older couple. >> steve: oh, no. [ laughter ] oh, no. >> jimmy: she's thinking, "this is fun." [ laughter ] and he's thinking, "i wish we could afford an actual wheelchair." [ laughter ] >> steve: it's the economy. >> jimmy: two different opinions. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: let's look at another one here. here's a nice couple out for dinner. she's thinking, "i hope he's not allergic to fish." and he's thinking, "i hope she's not allergic to crabs." [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] very, very interesting. >> steve: they're going to a
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crab house afterwards, right? >> jimmy: that's right. she might have an allergy. >> steve: exactly. shellfish is a very popular allergy. [ laughter ] peanuts, shellfish, things like that. >> jimmy: exactly. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: look at these guys here. they're doing some unpacking. he's thinking, "just got to stuff one last box." and she's thinking, "that's what she said." [ laughter ] what does that mean? [ applause ] why would she say that? >> jimmy: here's a nice couple here spending time in the kitchen. she's thinking, "something smells delicious." >> steve: oh, no. >> jimmy: and he's thinking, "your sister's head is in the oven." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: look at these nice people here. they're frolicking in the snow. he's thinking, "we're making snow angels." and she's thinking, "please tell me that's his ski pole." [ laughter ] here's another one here.
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these guys are out shopping. [ laughter ] she's thinking, "it's only $19.99." and he's thinking, "1999, that's the year i died inside." [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> steve: "i cut myself so i'd feel something." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "your sister's head is in the oven." [ laughter ] last one here, folks. these two folks are definitely thinking two different things. she's thinking, "this isn't the first time i'm handling large balls." and he's thinking, "me neither." [ laughter ] that's all the "he said, she said" we have time for. stick around, everybody. we'll be right back with "freestylin' with the roots." come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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smart move. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, guys.
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our show is so lucky to have one of the greatest bands in late night, the roots, right there. [ cheers and applause ] happy birthday, james. [ cheers and applause ] it isn't all fun and games when you have the roots here because, time to time, we put the roots to the test. we pick people from our audience sometimes, and we have the roots make up songs about them on the spot. that's right. it's time for "freestylin' with the roots." here we go. ♪ >> jimmy: hey! thank you, roots. you guys ready? >> sure. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: all right, good. you guys ready? [ cheers and applause ] all right, let's pick somebody. who wants to be -- who wants a song about them by the roots? let's go, let's go. stand up. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> jimmy: good.
3:18 am
you can hold that. go ahead. what is your name? >> my name is mary quinn. >> jimmy: mary quinn? >> yeah. >> jimmy: very good, mary. mary quinn. mary quinn, the super bowl is this weekend. who are you rooting for, the packers or the steelers? >> pittsburgh! >> jimmy: pittsburgh steelers? all right, let's do it then. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay, pittsburgh! >> jimmy: really? are you from pittsburgh? >> no, i'm from florida. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: of course, of course, of course. >> and i don't like the dolphins. >> jimmy: so you go with the steelers? >> exactly. >> jimmy: all right, finally, last question. what do you yell at the screen when you're supporting the steelers? >> can i say it on late night tv? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: let's give it a shot. >> just do it! do it! move it! c'mon! >> jimmy: can we say that on live tv? yeah. [ laughter and applause ] "let's just do it, do it, do it, c'mon." >> move it. >> jimmy: oh, move it? >> move it. >> jimmy: move it, c'mon. >> you stupid -- >> jimmy: hey, hey. [ laughter ] "let's just do it, do it, move it, c'mon."
3:19 am
>> c'mon. >> jimmy: that's good. you guys, we have our pal mary quinn here. she's going to be rooting for the steelers, even though she's from florida. but she'll be screaming the whole super bowl. "let's do it, do it, move it, c'mon." and you can say that on tv, so don't even bother asking. [ laughter ] for this first one, guys, can we do it in the style of like 1940s, like boogie woogie -- like "boogie woogie bugle boys" type of thing? >> go to b flat. >> the year i was born. >> jimmy: oh, mary, stop. ♪ ♪ her name was mary quinn she came to the game and she was rooting for the thing in the stands ♪ and when she watched and when she yelled at the screen ♪ ♪ do it, do it, move it c'mon, stupid thing ♪ ♪ she's in the audience and on tv ♪ ♪ she's the boogie woogie mary quinn on "late night" nbc ♪ ♪ do it, do it
3:20 am
move it, c'mon do it, do it move it, c'mon ♪ ♪ do it, do it move it, c'mon ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: fantastic. how you doing? can i cut through here? do you mind? how are you doing, buddy? nice to see you. hey, guy. is it cold in here or is it just cold in this section? what's going on? [ laughter ] everyone's wearing scarves, hats. how is it going, buddy? nice to see you. how are you? good man. oh, sorry, excuse me. how are you doing, sir? how's it going? how are you? [ laughter ] how are you doing, buddy? there you go. what is your name? >> dan. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: dan, we're like a ventriloquist act. [ laughter ] watch it, dan. [ laughter ] okay. dan, do you like super bowl parties? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: where do you usually
3:21 am
go for a super bowl party? >> some friends' house. they host a party, we go there. >> jimmy: yeah? do you want to say your friend's name, or no? >> kathy and andros. they haven't invited us yet this year though. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: kathy, what is the deal? it's this weekend. kathy alejandro? >> kathy and andros. >> jimmy: oh, kathy and andros. andros is his name? >> it is. >> jimmy: ooh, how sexy. [ laughter ] katie and andros. what do you -- what's your favorite food when you eat at the super bowl party? what does andros cook up? somethin' -- [ light laughter ] >> he's from cyprus, so it's pretty wild sometimes. >> jimmy: what is it? >> chips and dip. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sounds like a pretty wild time, yeah. chips and dip. any type of dip? any type of dip. >> any type of dip. >> jimmy: any type of dip. any type of dip. ♪ ♪ any type of dip any type of dip just say any type of dip ♪ ♪ they say, anyone want dip i say any type of dip they say, you want some dip?
3:22 am
i say any type of dip ♪ all right, here we go. [ cheers and applause ] so, roots. we got my man, dan, there. dan's going to be watching the super bowl, hopefully, from katie and andros' house. [ laughter ] he wasn't invited yet, but that's where he'll be watching. you got to call them as soon as this show is over. [ laughter ] what he's so psyched to have is andros' chips and dip. [ laughter ] it could be any type of dip. for this one, how about a little something like early '90s r&b. like -- >> new jack swing? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, new jack swing ♪ ♪ his name is dan i saw him at the show ♪ ♪ went to kathy and andros where's his invite i don't know ♪ ♪ if they don't send it i wonder where he's
3:23 am
gonna go to watch the super bowl ♪ ♪ hey, he loves the dip on an andros chip ♪ ♪ that dip can be wild 'cause andros is from cyprus ♪ ♪ he said any kind of dip to go with any kind of chip ♪ ♪ all he wants all he wants is that dip ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all he wants is the dip. >> yeah, baby. >> jimmy: he just wants the dip! you good? who? this guy? her? pick her up. come on, stand up. come on over. look, she just ratted you out. she's like, "it's not me, but her." yeah, come on. absolutely. hey, how are you? >> good. >> jimmy: all right. what is your name? >> mikhaila. >> jimmy: mikhaila? >> yeah. >> jimmy: very good. mikhaila -- i think i just spelled it right. mikhaila, if it was up to you, who would perform at the halftime show?
3:24 am
>> well, we like an artist from london named tinie tempah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm sure that would go over really well. [ laughter ] tinie tempah? >> yeah, tinie tempah. >> jimmy: so they have a little tempah. [ laughter ] does he get angry really quick, like a short fuse? is that one of the members of the band, short fuse? [ laughter ] "i got a tinie tempah. don't get tinie tempah mad." he's like -- and then they just chill out after that? yeah, they don't get that crazy. what kind of music is tinie tempah? >> like hip-hop. he raps. [ speaks with british accent ] >> jimmy: and he's british? [ laughter ] so he raps and auditions, things like that? [ laughter ] like "sloppy bobby," stuff like that? [ laughter ] that's cool. i like tinie tempah. i like him better now. "i have a little tinie tempah." [ laughter ] do you like to bet on the game? do you watch the super bowl? >> i don't really watch football. >> jimmy: no, you don't. but you have to watch it. it's a national holiday for heaven's sake. how about this, heads or tails, at the coin toss at the beginning of the game. who do you go with?
3:25 am
>> you mean -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you've seen a coin before? haven't you seen a coin? [ laughter ] you know tinie tempah, but you don't know a coin is? coin, heads or tails. they flip a coin at the beginning of the thing to see who is going to kick off. >> oh, okay. i go for tails. >> jimmy: of course. >> yeah, of course. >> jimmy: why? >> just 'cause -- i don't know. >> jimmy: yeah, okay. all right, you guys, we have mikhaila. [ light laughter ] welcome to earth. you're going to have so much fun here. [ laughter ] you're going to love it. you're going to love earth. it's so fun. [ applause ] you guys -- i'm joking. you're very cute. we have mikhalia here. mikhaila, if she had her wish, oh, man, if you could book it -- if you could make -- she would love to see tinie tempah at the halftime show. and at the coin toss at the beginning of the game, she's going for tails because -- just 'cause. [ light laughter ] so for this last one, can you do it in like a boy band type of song?
3:26 am
come on. [ laughter ] come on. >> like a ballad or -- >> jimmy: yeah, like o-town -- like new kids on the block. [ light laughter ] 'n sync. yeah, yeah. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ i saw mikhaila out in the fifth row and she told jimmy she didn't like football ♪ ♪ she said if she did that she would actually go to see tinie tempah play at the halftime show ♪ ♪ when it came to the coin flip do you know what she said what she say ♪ ♪ she would call tails cause she don't like heads ♪ ♪ i told her after i'm glad you came
3:27 am
i hope you see tinie tempah at the football game ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: download tinie tempah. get into them. thank you so much. i appreciate it. there you go. thanks to my audience, and the roots. when we come back, my man bill paxton is here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ woman ] thursday! finally! dinner with the girls tonight. i really want dessert. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women who eat breakfast, like the special k breakfast, actually weigh less. now in new multigrain oats and honey. with honey kissed whole grains...
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with plugins lasting impressions. and yes, it's glade. s.c. johnson. a family company. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: any kind of dip. any kind of dip. you guys, welcome back. our first guest has appeared in over 60 films, including the blockbusters "apollo 13," "twister," "alien," "true lies"
3:31 am
and "titanic." he currently is starring in the fifth and final season of hbo's award-winning show "big love." give it up for our pal bill paxton! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. my man! >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: bill paxton. >> great to be here. >> jimmy: dude, thanks for coming back, buddy. we love having you here. did you have fun -- you spent the weekend here in new york, yeah? >> i spent the weekend here. yeah, my wife and i, we've been staying at the trump soho. >> jimmy: that's like a new, hip hotel. >> yeah, and the view up 6th avenue there is kind of amazing. >> jimmy: does trump stop by and bring you room service? >> yeah, he comes by. yeah. how did he make that deal? i think there's no a zoning for buildings above, like, eight or nine stories. [ imitates donald trump ] >> jimmy: because he's donald trump. he can do whatever he wants to do in new york.
3:32 am
>> he's the donald. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't you forget it. don't forget it. [ laughter ] >> the donald. >> jimmy: he was on -- he hosted "snl" once, i remember, and we talked about some sketch. awe made a joke about his casino going bankrupt or something, and he laughed and then he put the script down, took off his glasses. he goes, "mark my words, that casino is going to come back." [ laughter ] and we're just a bunch of comedy writers going, "what the hell are you talking about? [ laughter ] we don't know anything about business, donald." so what happened? you got all reminiscent. you sent us some of the coolest photos, actual polaroids and photos. i loved that you did this. >> yeah, i opened a drawer and i found some of these photos. i thought it would give us somethin' -- a point of reference, something we could talk about. >> jimmy: what is this first one here? this is a really cool polaroid. >> oh, that's chet from "weird science." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now, this is super cool. >> yeah, the significance of this photo is that it's the first image ever taken of chet. it was taken outside the makeup trailer in highland park, chicago, where we were on location. i hadn't been to the set.
3:33 am
john hughes had not seen me this way, and i knew the hair dresser, a guy named michael germain, he was worried he was going to get fired for having cut my hair so short. so they were stuck with it if they didn't like it. >> jimmy: so john hughes had not seen you yet? >> no, he approved the wardrobe. we talked about chet being kind of like this brother who's probably at a military boarding school. >> jimmy: that's pretty cool. how was john hughes? >> he was terrific. >> jimmy: he's just a cool guy? >> i had an amazing time. for me, it was a great experience watching him and anthony michael hall work together. these guys were like an amazing comedy team. >> jimmy: oh, they did a bunch of -- they did a bunch of movies together. >> "breakfast club," "sixteen candles," "vacation." >> jimmy: would he let you improvise and stuff like that? >> yeah, mostly in the rehearsals. i came up with a lot of stuff. one of my most famous lines from the movie is, "how about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" [ laughter ] that came from my father, actually. >> jimmy: is that right? [ laughter ] >> my father was a lumber
3:34 am
salesman. he traveled all over the midwest, and he'd come home. but i remember when i was in high school, my brother -- older brother, bob, he thought we had been at a beer bust on a friday night and we came into breakfast all hung over. he'd pretend like he was real compassionate. like, "oh, man, you don't look like you're feeling too good. hey, i got just the thing. how about a nice --" >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, greasy. >> -- pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" my dad has been my greatest source of inspiration and my advancement. >> jimmy: we love that. i mean, we actually have a picture of -- here's you and your dad. this is a funny story. >> this is on the set of "a simple plan." my father sent me the book, "a simple plan," when i was doing "true lies" and said, "you've got to read this book and you got figure out some way to play hank mitchell, the lead character." i said, "well, dad, every a-list actor and his uncle are going to be on that list before me." and for five years, i watched a lot of actors, different directors, get set for it, and then it ended up being me and
3:35 am
billy bob thornton playing brothers directed by sam raimi. i get up to the production office in minneapolis, and they have your 8 x 10s all up there. and i'm seeing billy bob and bridget fonda and my dad -- my dad? what the hell is he doing up there? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "hey, dad, there's pictures of you." >> i knew he had a s.a.g. card and all that, but i said to sam raimi, the director, i said, "what's my dad doing up there?" and he goes, "well, i got a real nice letter from him. and it seems like he'd be okay to play this farmer who comes in and complains about a bill." and i was like, "well, he better be good." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so he cast your dad in the movie and you didn't even know this yet? >> and it gets better than this. my dad went on to be in all three "spider-man" movies, playing bernard, the indentured houseman to james franco and willem dafoe. and i haven't had a hit since "titanic." [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: "hey, dad!" that's awesome. that is awesome. i want to see this last one here. i just love that you sent this, too. this is an actual -- your high school graduation photo? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and i just love it
3:36 am
because it's just such a -- >> my hair is so perfect. i don't remember my hair being that perfect. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're just totally perfect. the tux is perfect. >> but that hair. >> jimmy: the hair is untouchable. but i love that you just sent us these actual photos. you're the coolest guy ever. we always love having you. more with bill paxton when we come back, you guys. we're going to talking about some "big love." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ . 3q
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i was 23 years old, i wasn't overweight. i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punched in the gut. i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back with my man bill paxton. here's one more photo we're looking at here. look at this. ooh la la. >> me and the ladies. >> jimmy: you and the ladies there. "big love." >> out doing a little shopping in gotham there. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that was for -- after the first season, and a good friend of mine james hamilton took that photograph. >> jimmy: oh, dude, everyone looks fantastic. >> that was a great one. they were terrific. >> jimmy: they're all phenomenal. >> a guy couldn't have three more beautiful wives.
3:40 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, this is the last season. >> the last and final installment over the next ten months. >> jimmy: mixed feelings? what do you feel? >> mixed feelings, yeah, i guess so. but, i -- for me, because i've never done a serial, a tv series, it was like just one really long movie. so there is a part of you at a certainly point that wants to get to the end of the movie. god, this was like a five year movie. >> jimmy: yeah. >> a 53 hour movie. >> jimmy: yeah, and then once you're at the end of the movie, you're like, "i kind of want the movie to be longer." [ laughter ] >> yeah, then we could have put an intermission in there. >> jimmy: yeah. come on. >> i guess i could have kept doing it. obviously it was the first steady paycheck i've had in 35 years. so, that was pretty good. my wife liked that. [ light laughter ] i feel like we kind of did what we came to do. i'm really proud of the show -- >> jimmy: oh, it's a great year. >> --really, i think, top quality entertainment. >> jimmy: absolutely.
3:41 am
very, very good. [ applause ] this season in particular has been really great. >> i'll miss the people. i'll miss the banter with the gals -- jimmy: yeah. >> --and i'll miss the crew -- jimmy: you admit it. >> --but i won't miss the responsibility. >> jimmy: well, you've got a bunch of other stuff going on, you're doing that hbo -- aren't you doing that kennedy thing? do you have something to do with that? >> i'm working on a project about the kennedy assassination with tom hanks. it's a mini series that kind of -- kind of puts it in more of a human interest kind of story. most of the people woke up -- you know, everyone who woke up down there or around the planet, they didn't know the world was going to change with this assassination of this young president. >> jimmy: well, you were there. >> i was in the crowd that morning in ft. worth, texas. >> jimmy: wow. >> there was -- about 4,000 people had gathered in front of the hotel texas in down town ft. worth. my dad took my brother -- i was 8, my brother was 11. my dad -- my brother woke up my dad and said, "you promised," so he drove us down there and my dad put me up on his shoulders. suddenly i went from having like -- i couldn't see anything to having like the best seat in
3:42 am
the house. i remember, you know, kennedy that morning, he was tan and jocular. he said something -- the first thing he said, "i'm sorry jackie is not here to greet you good people. she takes a little longer to get ready, but of course she's looks a hell of a lot better." >> jimmy: oh really? something to that effect. and, there was an electricity in the crowd, and then he went on -- had a breakfast there, and then they went on to dallas. and that was -- that was it. >> jimmy: oh my gosh. amazing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i'm looking forward to that. that'll be something. something else. "big love" we're going to show a clip here. >> oh. >> jimmy: this is of course you acting awesome. [ light laughter ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: you with -- who is -- oh man. this is gregory -- >> gregory iztin. >> jimmy: iztin. >> people know him as the evil president in "24." >> jimmy: yeah. >> he's always nominated for emmy's. >> jimmy: fantastic. yeah. >> great actor, really great partner in the scene. and he plays the senate majority leader, who is not exactly excited about having this polygamist senator-elect. and we have -- we're quite combative through the season. >> jimmy: here's a clip from "big love."
3:43 am
bill paxton. you, get in here, now. >> i'll get back to you. >> you tried to bribe the attorney general? i could have you arrested. >> i did no such thing. >> you're lying and not even sworn in, you're committing impeachable offenses. >> our faith has been sustained on prevarication in lying. missionaries shading the truth, church presidents going on larry king, lying, covering up embarrassing details. >> you are out of order. >> it's called lying for the lord and we've been doing it for 150 years. >> do you think you're going to accomplish one thing if you're sworn in? do you want a bill? forget it. i'll see it never gets out of committee. never gets to committee. you're a political -- >> i just want to be allowed to do my job. ♪ >> jimmy: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks a lot. come on. >> jimmy: "big love" airs sundays at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. bill paxton, everybody. we'll be right back with adam scott. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
3:44 am
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from severely dry skin with eczema therapy. new from aveeno. discover the power of active naturals ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest stars along side amy poehler and aziz ansari on nbc's hilarious show "parks and rec," which airs thursdays at 9:30 pm. please welcome a funny man and a talented actor, adam scott, everybody.
3:47 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. i can't believe the roots just played music for me to walk to. >> jimmy: yeah, isn't that amazing? it happened. >> it's totally amazing. >> jimmy: it is -- it's exciting. yeah. thank you for coming to visit. >> thanks for having me. >> jimmy: i'm a big fan of yours. >> likewise. i'm a huge fan of this show. >> jimmy: thank you. you're in nyc right now working on a movie? >> i am. yeah. it's called "friends with kids." my friend jen westfeldt is directing it -- >> jimmy: oh yeah. >> -- and starring in it. jon hamm, kristen wiig, maya rudolph are -- are all in it. yeah. it's terrific. >> jimmy: so it's a drama? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] it's really sad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what is "friends with kids" -- what is it about? >> it's about two people who have kids and try and just remain like best friends and not getting --
3:48 am
they don't get together. they just try and remain best friends, but not romantically involved. but -- but my love interest in the movie is -- is megan fox. so -- [ audience woos ] yeah. i mean she's great -- >> jimmy: doesn't really add up. >> -- and that's fine. >> jimmy: that's very hard. >> i totally get it. yeah. >> jimmy: it must be some hard acting there. yeah. >> it is. it's difficult. she's like a person that's so attractive that when i'm around her, i just feel like i'm covered in diarrhea. [ laughter ] like -- like i just dumped a bucket of it on myself. >> jimmy: no, yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm pictures it right now. >> you know what i'm talking about. yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, it's almost too graphic. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: just because you feel that ugly? >> do you want me to get more graphic than that? >> jimmy: no, no, no, that's enough. >> that's probably plenty. >> jimmy: no, you can't say that on tv or "do it, or do it," or "c'mon, move it," you can't say that. [ laughter ] you can't say that. >> especially during a song. >> jimmy: no, especially during a song. let's talk about "parks & recreation." >> yeah. god, it's one of the funniest shows on television. [ cheers and applause ] so good. >> i know. >> jimmy: you're great in it. >> oh, thanks, man. >> jimmy: the cast -- you didn't think the cast could get better, but now you're on the cast, rob lowe is on the cast. >> rob lowe. [ cheers and applause ]
3:49 am
. >>jimmy: who's phenomenally funny. >> i know. >> jimmy: he's a funny guy. >> yeah, all the girls on the show, all they do when he's around is just giggle and ask questions about "st. elmo's fire." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's probably what i would do if i was there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i would feel like someone dumped a bucket of diarrhea on me if i was around. >> i do. i do feel that. he's another diarrhea one. [ laughter ] i just feel so gross when he's around. >> jimmy: because he's so good-looking? >> he's beautiful. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: rob lowe is a beautiful man. >> i caught myself almost making out with him a couple times. like, he's gorgeous. >> jimmy: he would not enjoy that. >> no, he wouldn't. he wouldn't let me do that. >> jimmy: but, explain to everyone, who's your character on the show. you play the -- you were a -- the youngest mayor? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i love your back story. >> it's great. mike schur came up with this great back story. >> jimmy: i agree. >> i'm ben wyatt. i was a teen mayor of a small town, but i got impeached because i bankrupted the town, taking all of the city's funds and investing it into an indoor winter sports park called ice town.
3:50 am
terrible idea. >> jimmy: they actually did that, though, in dubai. didn't they? >> yeah. yeah, they do. you can go skiing in dubai. >> jimmy: of course, it's needed. >> so, ben wyatt is actually ahead of his time. >> jimmy: but i think, there also was a teen mayor somewhere or a teen governor. >> yes, every few years there's a teen mayor that kind of pops up, but you never hear about like, how they did. and i would imagine they were all terrible. >> jimmy: yeah, like -- [ laughter ] >> like, how could they be a good mayor? >> jimmy: we're adding all skate ramps instead of streets. >> right, right. stupid stuff. >> jimmy: it's just fun stuff. yeah, cool. and amy -- amy's character is kind of bringing the fun back out of your character? >> yeah, yeah. leslie knope, as she does with everyone. jimmy: leslie knope. >> kind of charms the pants off everyone. >> jimmy: what a great name. and the k is silent. k-n-o-p-e. leslie knope. >> yeah, knope. >> jimmy: i love that. >> basically leslie absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, that's exactly what it is. we have a clip of you and aziz who is another really funny human being. >> oh yeah, aziz. >> jimmy: from "parks and rec," here is adam scott everybody.
3:51 am
what's wrong with you? you look psychotic. >> i was 18 when i was elected mayor, okay? so excuse me for that. cindy eckert had just turned me down for senior prom. do you know how that feels? i should call her. i should. no, i shouldn't. and i'm not going to, and i'm proud of myself for that. >> and then you talked about feeling up cindy eckert for the first time, for about five minuets, and then the show ended, as did our careers and probably harvest fest. >> boom, sadness, that's the one. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: check adam scott in "parks and rec," thurdays at 9:30 on nbc. edie brickell performs next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ take care of your engine and it'll go far.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back, everybody. our next guest just released a new self-titled album, and she's here tonight to perform a song from it called "give it another day." please welcome edie brickell. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ you started it you wanted it ♪ ♪ you got it and then you go and pretend that you didn't ♪ ♪ complacency a vacancy checks into your heart ♪
3:56 am
♪ and begs like a dog 'til you kick it ♪ ♪ 'til you do 'til you do we might as well ♪ ♪ give it another day give it another day ♪ ♪ ♪ i carried you i buried you ♪ ♪ with young hungry love it wasn't enough for you was it? ♪ ♪ i'll wait for you i'll stay for you i'll play like a friend until you begin to recover ♪ ♪ 'til you do 'til you do we might as well ♪ ♪ give it another day give it
3:57 am
another day ♪ ♪ i can tell you're doing well it's not so easy to believe in someone else ♪ ♪ ♪
3:58 am
♪ 'til you do 'til you do we might as well ♪ ♪ give it another day give it another day ♪ ♪ give it another day give it another day ♪ ♪ i can tell you're doing well it's not so easy to believe in someone else ♪ ♪ give it a day give it a day ♪ ♪
3:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fantastic, my man. that sounded awesome. thank you so much. thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you so much. edie brickell, everybody. check out her new self-titled album. visit for an exclusive bonus performance from edie brickell. my thanks to bill paxton, adam scott, edie brickell once again. come on! and the greatest band in late night, the roots, right over there. stay tuned for "carson daly." thanks for watching. have a good night. see you tomorrow, everybody. he


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