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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 19, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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just a few minutes, but first we want to get you updated on some developing news. a california couple are now being held hostage by somali pirates. they were delivering bibles in fiji, new zealand and other spots. the quest's last location, the first of february, was near india. according to the couple's blog, they were heading to amman from there. the quest's home port is in marina delray in california. >> this is really a ransom case and i don't know how they're going to get out of it. very, very scary. >> in those waters, you're not that well protected so i'm a little surprised that they would even put themselves in that position. >> this morning the white house is assessing possible ways to respond to the hijacking which happened just days after a
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somali pirate was sentenced to 33 years in prison for the hijacking of the mersk alabama. >> if you drive around fremont in san jose, you can't miss it. we have got the snow to help us, san jose, 39 degrees this morning, that's pretty close to sea level, so you know oow hills getting close to 2,000 feet. quick tour here on the radar, you'll see scattered showers, yo n u ca see a few light showers meound san francisco and stiu s snow flurries across the hill tops there out towards the tri-valley. that cold air offshore is going to keep snow levels at times close to 2,000 feet, some chilly showers and a slight chance of thunder as you get some daytime heating. 40s and low 50s, coming up we'll let you know if the second half of the weekend is going to be as
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cold as things are starting out this morning. we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. >> it's unusual to see warm spots. today's travel to the sierra is going to be rough and at least you can feel good about the folks that got a head start yesterday didn't have it any better. traffic was at a near stand still last night as richard sharp shows us. >> reporter: one of the busiest interstates in the nation came to a stand still u just as people were starting their holiday weekend. i-80 turned into a party spot, dogs playing, kids in snowball fights and drivers snapping pictures of their family on the freeway. >> you're from minnesota, no stranger to snowstorms, but have you ever been in anything like this? >> not quite like this. >> reporter: this driver was running out of gas, others were running out of food.
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what did you do. >> i just turned the engine off when we didn't have to worry about heat. >> reporter: even what the interstate opened back up, most drivers were moving at a snail's pace. chp says that's okay with them. >> it's nighttime, the ski resorts are not open, there's no reason to be in a rush. >> that was reported from sacramento. bay area law enforcement agencies particularly in contra costa county are reeling after a narcotics agent admits that he stole drugs from his own police station. >> reporter: his bail was lowered from $100,000. on charges he resold the same drugs he helped get off the streets.
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>> no suspicion. >> reporter: narcotics task force board member scott holder worked with norm wielsch for six years. he had no idea he was allegedly a bad cop. >> reporter: hiding from the glare of cameras, wielsh along with butler entered no plea involving the distribution of meth, marijuana and steroids. contra costa's top narcotics officer admitted he stole drugs from a county evidence room and drug busts and then sold them back on to the streets with the help of butler. >> the is evidence kbl. >> reporter: beginning in november and alleged illegal drug activity from november 17 until just a few days ago.
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now district attorney mark peterson says his department will conduct a multiagency audit of the state run narcotics enforcement team. >> one person if they're really motivated to do some bad things, it's very difficult to stop. but we can put some procedures in place to make it more difficult to do that. >> reporter: and while authorities are trying to figure out how to stop others from possibly crossing over to the other side of the law, c net is temporarily shut down. >> you can't let two bad police officers be a reflection of the overall good. >> reporter: it's unclear how exactly wielsch made bail, but contribute butler is still being held here, both men are expected to be back in court on march 2. >> a man murdered in nob hill may have died at the hands of his roommate. physical evidence links
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24-year-old waheed kes mater is in marin county jail on an unrelated jail. he faces murder charges in the city. a bay area mom concerned for the safety of her children on an airplane may change -- >> it has been, it's kind of consumed me and that's been a little difficult because i'm running a business and i have a family of four children and a husband. >> melissa bradley is obsessed with child safety seats on airplanes. in the last two months, two flight crews stopped her from buckling her baby sunshine into a seat she paid for. one airline kicked her entire family off the plane was the safety seat didn't fit. even though faa regulations clearly states if a passenger
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buys a seat for an infant carrier, the passenger must be accommodated. in both cases the airlines admitted they made a mistake. >> they threw up their hands and said we made a mistake, our flight crew was uneducated. i don't think that's an excuse. >> the bradleys buy a seat for sunshine because they don't believe holding a baby is safe. bradley filed complaints with the faa and reached out to the nstb. the more she shared her story, the more moms e-mailed her detailing the same problem. >> this is definitely not a very rare occurrence. this happens a lot. it just goes unreported. or it gets reported to the airlines, even the ceos and they're not doing anything about it. >> now senator barbara boxer is. a staff member called bradley to tell her she added an amendment to her faa reauthorization act. it's called no child left unbuckled. >> i cried tears of joy because
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i was so grateful. >> the amendment requires airlines to post information about what size safety seats fit on each aircraft. while it doesn't guarantee parents can now fly worry free, bradley says it's a big step in the right direction. >> the bill passed is senate and now moves on to the house. the faa is still investigating two complaints filed by bradley and if the airlines are found to be at fault, they could be fined. if you thought your last fillup was expensive, it's not your imagination. the average is now $3.55 for a gallon of gas, the highest average ever for february. in some spots folks are paying more than $4 a gallon. experts blame political unrest in the middle east along with state refineries that are operating below capacity. here are some of the prices we found. in the east bay gas is $3.59 a
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gallon. if you're on the prince, you can check out the triton gas in redwood city, which is charging $3.47. you're in the sticity, the poli -- price is 3.44 a gallon. the official ribbon cutting for what is b.a.r.t's 44th station was yesterday in plainton. this should ease the traffic. the new station is only a short walk from the stone ridge mall in pleasanton as well. we have much more ahead coming up on "today in the bay." pedal power in san francisco. we'll show you how the city's new bike lanes are changing the way people get around. also ahead, president obama's dinner with big tex here in the bay area. more on that meeting coming up on "today in the bay." ♪
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good morning to you, take a live look at the golden state bridge. there's snow along bay area peaks. we'll talk with rob about how long we can expect that to continue. also the president no kiss and tell from the silicon valley tech leaders who had a dinner date with the president this week. but the white house did release pictures of the closed door summit held at the woodside home of famed venture capitalist don door. you can see the president not the only big names in attendance. also there's a candid shot, that one right there of president obama and facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg who ditched his usual hoodie for a sports coat. >> the dinner was a private exchange, as you know, but i
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think what comes through loud and clear is that this president is 100% focussed on creating jobs. and winning the battle for the future and i think everybody in that room and frankly most people in the country are impressed with how conversant he is on the issues. >> the president left the bay area for oregon where he toured a research and development facility there. much more ahead on "today in the bay." bicyclers are taking over the streets of san francisco. we're going to show you how the new bike lanes in the city are putting people on the right path. also ahead a discovery you have to see to believe. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. good morning to you, take a life look at oakland, a very great, very cold start to the
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morning. the warm spot, san francisco, which seems like an odd thing to say on a morning like this. rob has a look at the forecast, that means you don't have to go to tahoe if you want some snow. >> look just outside the window here in san jose. in the hill tops, mill to low 30s in the morning. obviously cold enough to drop some snow and you'll wake up to some snowy views. you can see a passing shower going on by. one of the more mild spots we're seeing this morning, now notice the temperatures inland out to the tri valley. livermore, plenty of snow in the higher hills. 39 right now in sunnyvale and up into the 30s. notice the scattered showers and occasionally you'll see it turn to white.
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this is factoring in the air temperature and likely snow above 2,000 feet. you can see the showers rolling into san francisco and oakland, out towards the east bay right now, showers come in towards the west as they hit the higher hills, livermore, yes, it is changing over to snow, close to 2,000 feet. we're going to see this cool, unstable air aloft move across the bay area during the day. we'll see a mixed bag of some sun at times. scattered showers and possibly some isolated snow shower. we'll have to watch out for some patchy frost for ice tomorrow morning and your temperatures will rebound a little bit as we wrap up the weekend. ive you want to call them high temperatures, they certainly don't look that way. as we head to the north bay, notice your high temperatures still in the upper 40s to low 50s, scattered showers and the
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risk of a thundershower at times. tomorrow will be the drier half of the weekend, the only chance of seeing showers will be up into lake county tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow will be we have temperatures in the upper 30s, you can imagine what happens when we lose the clouds and the moisture. >> a lot of folks are going to want to check out that snow tomorrow. it should be a drier day to wrap up the weekend. >> much more ahead on today in the bay. a contra costa county officer will face justice for allegedly selling the drugs he was supposed to keep off the streets. san francisco citizens are taking to the streets thanks to new bike lanes. we'll show you where you can find them. and a load off his mind, one man
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a new giant, a former a makes their way to giants camp. chris mullen edges closer to the hall of fame. here's "today in the bay's" justin allen with sports. >> everyone has made it to the desert as the giants have their first full practice. miguel tejada made his first entrance. he has spent time with three different teams, as the departure with the as in 2003.
7:22 am
he says he's most happy about being on a championship caliber team. as mentioned, first full squad practice for the club, catcher buster posy and pitcher madison bum gardner both have the -- counted on as one of the big bats in the lineup. >> if you can put your head down at night and say that you did everything possible to have success then that's really all you can do. >> just got to keep making adjustments to what the hitters are doing. they're going to make adjustments to you, we got to make adjustments to them, that's the way it's going to be throughout our careers. one topic of conversation thus far, trying to replicate what the giants did last season. the as think they have the bats and the pitching staff to be a
7:23 am
team that can win a pennant without having to add a bunch of big names and big dollar stars. >> the giants last year, they weren't an all-star team but they have a tremendous pitching staff, they kept them going until their ends of the season and through the playoffs and it's going to be fun playing them six time this is year and we're looking forward to it. >> lots of buzz in the nba last night. not just because of justin bieber appearance. but the trade for nuggets star for carmelo anthony is there. both the knicks and nets have made their offers to denver, now it's just a waiting game. kind of like chris mullen has done. this is the fourth straight year he's been a finalist. former warrior alled aless are also up for the hall. finalists will be announced at the final four in april. nba all-star festivities kicking
7:24 am
off, former cardinal landrey fields playing in the all-star break, but these guys stole the show. alley-oop style and throws down the reverse dunk. did that really just happen? the long distance dunk, he ee'sp with the record 20 assists. >> no doubt the main attraction was this guy, justin bieber, the biebs struck out it was grammys, not last night, he cracked up eight points and four assists and was named the game's mtv despite being on the losing team. that's going to do it for morning sports v a great day. here's a story that will make you wonder how is this even possible? a 30-year-old man in china says he was suffering from excruciating headaches.
7:25 am
this is the image from his c.a.t. scan. doctors successfully removed it. the man says it ended up there when he was mugged about four years ago. likely in the nick of time. doctors say the blade when they removed it it had started to rust. don't know how that happens. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still ahead, going green in the city, we'll tell you how san francisco is becoming more bike friendly. and a california couple taken hostage in the arabian sea. it's all right here on "today in the bay." we'll be back in a few minutes. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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>> it's cold. upper 30s in san jose, you know the hill tops, you just saw the betictful piure there looking off to tl he east of san jose. in the radar this morning, not just watching the green, but eas of pink and white. likely you're seeing some snow across your hill tops. ou see a pretty intense cell there crossing kof the coast there. half moon bay will likely contain some ice pelletsco or small hail. quite a bit a snow. above 2,000 feet. we have an unsettled weather pattern today. as we head through the afternoon, in and out of the rain drops at times. high temperatures there. we may even get a little bit of thunder at times today. tomorrow, things will start to calm down and we'll talk more about those chilly changes in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we continue to watch developing news in this area as
7:29 am
well. terror on the high seas for a california couple that was taken hostage by somali pirates in the arabian sea. gene in and scott allen have been sailing their yacht the quest around the world for five years. pirates sea jacked their vessel. 240 nautical miles off the coast of milan. now according to the couple's blog, they were heading to amman from there. the quest's home port is marina delray. >> this is really a ransom case and i don't know how they're going to get out of it. very, very scary. >> in those waters, you're not that well protected. so i'm a little surprised that they would even put themselves in that position. >> this morning the white house is assessing possible responses to the hijacking. this is just two days after the
7:30 am
somali pirate was sentenced to 33 years for the hijacking of the maersk, alabama. > today in the bay has filed this report from the county jail in martinez. >> reporter: norm wielsch made bail last night. the top narcotics officer was arraigned yesterday afternoon on charges he resold the same drugs he helped get off the streets. >> no suspicion, just shock. >> narcotics task force board member scott holder worked with norm wielsch for six years, he had no idea the commander was allegedly a dirty cop. >> it's disappointing, but by the same token, he should be held to a higher standard and
7:31 am
yes i'm disappointed. >> wielsch along with private investigator chris butler entered no plea to 28 counts involving the distribution of meth, marijuana and steroids. contra costa's top narcotics officer admitted he stole drugs from a county evidence room and drug busts and then sold them back on to the streets with the help of butler. >> the evidence is considerable. >> the charges stem from an undercover investigation beginning in november, an alleged illegal drug activity from november 17 until just a few days ago. now district attorney mark meter son says his department will conduct a multiagency audit of the state narcotics enforcement team. >> if a person is motivated to do bad things, it's very difficult to stop. but we can put some procedures in place that make it more difficult to do that. >> reporter: and while authorities try to figure out how to stop others from possibly crossing over to the other side
7:32 am
of the law, cnet is temporarily shut down zblouch. >> you can't let the actions of two bad police officers overshadow the actions or the good. >> an attorney did say his mother-in-law was expected to bail him out. meanwhile chris butler is still being held here, both men are expected to be back in court on march 2. >> how the roommate is the suspect this morning in a nob hill murder and san francisco police now believe 24-year-old waheed kes mater -- he is being held in a marin county jail on an unrelated charge, he is expected to be returned to san francisco within a week to face murder charges there. it is a first for b.a.r.t in eight years. this morning a new b.a.r.t
7:33 am
station is open in the east bay. the ribbon cutting ceremony for the brand-new b.a.r.t station was yesterday in pleasanton. we got an inside look at what is b.a.r.t's 4 4th station. it is the first new station to open in eight years. b.a.r.t officials expected to ease traffic along the busy 580-608 corridor in the tri valley. the new station is only a short walk from stone ridge mall in pleasantton. >> coming up, if you think you can drive on the wet roads outside, guess again. we're going to drive along with police officers trained to drive in these conditions. and when the rain subsides, many will break out their bikes and hit the new paths in san francisco. we're going to show you where they are.
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7:35 am
good morning to you, take a live look from our camera.
7:36 am
you can see lots of snow and low elevations so you don't have to drive to tahoe. if you are headed to tahoe, make sure you rethink your plans. there is a two wheel renaissance going on in the bay area. cities are wheeling out new bike pans, but even bike friendly san francisco can go through a few growing pains. >> just about everywhere you look on market street, pedal power is in action. bicyclists are breaking in a new generation of bicycling. >> there's been a huge increase in the number of bicycles on the streets and a huge increase in the number of people choosing a bicycle. >> the city's installed more than a dozen miles of new bike lanes. they include new isolated green lanes on market street. >> and a lot more people are bicycling because they feel so
7:37 am
safe on the separated bike way on market street. >> but not everyone on market is plea pleased with the progress. at sam's diner, owner jeany king says the bike lanes leave no room for delivers without getting a ticket. >> vendors refuse to deliver because they're afraid to get tickets. >> delivery men and mailmen have to park illegally. >> whenever i go to buy supplies to unload, this is the only way i can unload. and we always get tickets. >> kim says she's racked up $1,500 in tickets in a year. city traffic planners don't think there's a problem. >> what we did was work with those businesses to make sure that there are alternatives available and if there weren't alternatives for loading trucks, we didn't put a bike lane? >> issues like kim's are rare and it's pressing forward to add
7:38 am
more than 30 miles of bike lanes city wide. meaning if you're not on two wheels, you'll probably be left on the curb it. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." still ahead, more rough driving conditions in our forecast. rob's been tells us about that. also we ride along with sheriff's deputies trained to navigate our roads in any weather. you don't want to miss that. >> watching those slick roads and icy roads, as you head up to the hill tops, we have got snow levels as lows a 1,500 feet in some spots around the bay area this morning. more on a very wintry weekend forecast coming up. of sammy's fish box.
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snow is low enough to save you the cash on a trip to tahoe. >> head up to maybe they'll just youft can't miss it this morning, not so nice if you have to drive through some of the rain or some of the snow and rain mix at times around some of our hill top locations. 40 now around san jose, there you see the snow capped peaks. oakland 41 degrees, you got a southeast wind at 10 miles an hour, at san francisco, in and out of the rain drops, obviously too warm for snowflakes in and around downtown san francisco. off to the north bay, we have snow pretty close to 2,000 feet this morning. the livermore hills, weather watcher michelle checking us out on facebook this morning. 40 in san jose again and upper 30s out towards the north bay. so the satellite and radar view, very interesting this morning, because once it changes over to pink and white, that indicates
7:42 am
the airport is cold enough to include some snow. same story north of the golden gate bridge, more showers rotating into what looks like danville and as it heads into the higher elevations, we probably will see more snow flying. in the north bay, not a whole lot happening from ukiah into lakeport. most of the showers are going to aim into the south of san francisco. you can see this moisture is kind of cart wheeling around into the central coast. today it's going to be an unsettled day, scattered showers, a chance at some thundershowers too as you get this cold air aloft, you may get some claps of thunder and some snaul hail still a possibility. tomorrow, we get a cooler flow aloft. look out for some patchy ice tomorrow morning, especially out to the north and east bay valley. as we roll into sunday, things do dry out, except for those north bay hill tops may see a stray shower or to. tomorrow, definitely the drier of the two weekends days.
7:43 am
so high temperatures today will be in the upper 40s to low 50s, cool temperatures all around the bay area, san jose, 48 degrees, as you head out to the north bay, we will see temperatures pretty much in the same range, almost one microclimate for the bay today. we have got those temperatures quite cold, cold enough for snow levels close to 2,000 feet during the day and as we get through tomorrow, as our skies clear, we'll have to watch out for some patchy frost and ice could be on the morning commute especially in the north and east bay valleys so you'll got some sun at times and some gloomy pictures and snowy views around san jose this morning. >> it's a long holiday weekend, they want to go up to tahoe, and now with those tremendorestrict it's tough. it's been weeks but now that we have wet roads and we're getting used to them, we have a refresher course on safe driving. we'll get to that in just a few.
7:44 am
>> the tech museum is gearing up for the ultimate tech conference. people are going to be able to swap ideas and check speaker outs. the tech museum says it's the mother of all demos. tech pioneer author will also give a talk at that event. the geek fest starts at 1:00 and goes until midnight. if you're in san francisco, check out the largest chinese new year parade outside of asia. the chinese chamber of commerce has been directing the parade since 1958. this year the parade starts at second and market street and ends up on columbus avenue in china town. it's going to tie up traffic closing part of market. so we'll take b.a.r.t. that's what's going on "today in
7:45 am
the bay," you have yourself a great one. ♪
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here's how we're waking up this morning, cold temperatures in some spots and snow at some very low elevations, we'll talk with rob for your full forecast. with weather like this, the best thing really is to slow down, but even when you're at your driving best, slick roads can make you hit the skids. >> plenty of water, concrete, very slippery, tires that have been allowed to go bald, all the makings of the wet roads course. today we want to show you what
7:48 am
not to do and what to do when you're driving in the wet weather. >> not even going 20 miles an hour. want to make a left-hand turn. whoa. >> oh, wow. >> you okay back there? >> what did i do wrong? >> everything. >> once you've lost control of the vehicle, you stayed on the accelerator and you steered the opposite direction you should have. >> you're going to do it the right way. >> we're taking a left turn, what do you do with your feet. >> i'm letting off the accelerator, after i feel that i have regained control of the car, i'm putting pressure back on the accelerator to straighten myself out. what's happening on the roadways is people are panicking and they're staying on the accelerate for, when that happens you're losing your friction between your tires and the roadway.
7:49 am
>> this isn't just for law enforcement, the public can come out here as well? >> we teach defensive driving techniques, how to recover from an out of control vehicle and how to control a vehicle from blowouts, it's supposed to be so we can simulate what can possibly happen at high speeds. >> and that's at sheriff at several locations. still ahead on "today in the bay," we have a gorgeous little pet who's in need of a forever home, we'll introduce you in just a few moments.
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7:51 am
and now this morning, we have a little pet in house that
7:52 am
will make us go into the upper octaves of our voice. the silicon valley humane society, very different from the one who won the westminster dog show. >> this is a chihuahua mix, much different in size, he's just a puppy, he's just three months old. he might be 20 pounds because he is a mixed breed. >> still lovable nonetheless. having a puppy is tough, but you guys have some good resources for people who want to take on the challenge. >> having a puppy is a full-time job. but we do offer puppy training classes at our shelter. we actually have three different classes available. >> and do you find that people go in because they think they're going to get a better behaved dog but then they find that they enjoy it, the togetherness with the dog? >> training is a great bonding experience for your pet.
7:53 am
the way to learn how to communicate your expectations to your dog. >> right, i found out when i took my dog, you say silt, sit, sit, sit, they don't know. >> they don't know what that means until you teach them. >> it's like you're speaking different languages. so he's ready to go? >> rizzo, humane society silicon valley. you can find it at if you want to find out about train organize the available pets for adoption. we want to thank you for making us a part of your morning. have a great day, stay safe out there on the roadways. see you tomorrow.
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for those viewer who is might not have seen your show before, what is it all about? >> it's a travel show, as you said. it's so fun and i'm really lucky to have this job. we have picked the nicest destinations out there, they set up at the great resorts and activities and let us loose. >> one of the great hooks about this show is that you get to bring your entire family? >> it's my favorite part and who wants to watch me travel all by myself? i bring my mom, i bring my kids, i bring my wife when i can, wendy.
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>> you get to see all the different ages, which is great. >> people see the show and they see themselves in the show. >> you got to go to hawaii. which islands did you viz it? >> we spent a week on kauai and a week on maui. >> where did you get to stay? >> between the resorts and the natural beauty, it's perfect. everybody says the grand wialea. >> you also got to stay at the marriott? >> if we can find a marriott, we'll stay at the marriott, which is fantastic. >> now you also stayed at a condominium, how is that experienced? >> it's a nice experience for people, you have this beautiful up lent condo with all kinds of rooms, so you can cook together, eat together and then go to your own rooms and close the door.
7:56 am
>> what were some of the stay trips that you got to go on? >> there's so many. we went up a dormant volcano and it last erupted over 200 years ago. it's over 1,000 feet high. and it's like this lunar landscape, crazy beautiful. a lot of times on your show, you go zip lining on your trip. please tell me you got to do that. >> there's stiff lines everywhere and it's a great way to connect with nature. >> now again when you go to hawaii, i always think of going to the luau. >> there are a lot of luaus, but there's one you have to do on maui. it sounds touristy, but this is real hawaiian. it's these luaus. >> talk to me about kauai, where did you stay? >> we stayed at two different resorts. the first one we stayed at was
7:57 am
the marriott. again, they're so reliable, big, they look incredibly expensive, but it's affordable and great for families. >> and you stayed at the other marriott, you said? the marriott and the grand hyatt? >> the grand hyatt. this is my mom's favorite. i think it was the biggest and most elegant of any resort we have ever stayed in. >> plus you stayed in the upscale condominium? >> this one was actually an outrigger. this was built, you remember the guy in injury ras sick park? >> i think you had a great adventure in one of the canyons, which i had never heard about this place before. >> it's actually called the grand canyon of the pacific. it's just like it as you'll see in some of the video. >> you went on this really
7:58 am
unique zip line safari? >> it's cool as it sounds. we started with a two-mile paddle actually kayaking up into the jungle. then we hiked through the rain forest, we swung on swings into the swimming hole and then we got to go on the zip line. my mom didn't go on that. but she did go on the helicopters, we flu up on the island, around the coastline. 4,000-foot cliffs, just amazing. >> sounds like you had a trip of a live time. >> it was. >> how do we get to hear about this show and hear about the details of your trip. >> we want people to be able to do exactly what we did. if you go to our website, the deals because of the buying power are great. >> now is the time to do it? >> now is the time to do it. you can pick your favorite part and go do it. >> thank you for joining us and i know i have said this before, but you have got a dream job.
7:59 am
for all the details, go to thanks.


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