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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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good morning. breaking news. four children swept away by raging flood waters in storm-ravaged kentucky, as powerful storms batter the nation coast to coast with more stormy weather in the forecast today. production on "two and a half men" shut down for the season after charlie sheen lashed out at its cocreator and alcoholic anonymous. >> i have a disease? [ bleep ]. i cured it with my brain, with my mind. i'm done. and oscar odds. will "the king's speech" steal the academy award or does "the
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fighter" have a puncher's chance? perhaps "black swan" could dance away with top honors. we are in hollywood with a preview of the awards show. today, friday, february 25, preview of the awards show. today, friday, february 25, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to a split edition of "today" on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira in los angeles. >> i'm willie geist in studio 1a. matt has the morning off. meredith is hanging with the stars while we're in cold, wet manhattan. the treacherous weather is on the east and west coasts including the storm that led to tragedy in kentucky. >> the victims were members of an amish couple. a married couple and their children were crossing a creek
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when their buggy turned over. more ahead. >> and a college student from saudi arabia living in texas is accused of trying to build and set off bombs across the country. he allegedly researched targets including dams, new york city streets, even the home of a former president. details coming up. >> on a much lighter note, look at the scene in st. andrews scotland where prince william and kate middleton have returned for a sentimental trip to the place where they met and fell in lo. we'll go there live in just a bit. let us begin with the four children swept away by flood waters during a powerful storm. jim cantore is in kentucky for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. this is a tragic situation. the entire community in graves county is shooken up by this. we had rainfall estimates of four to six inches but it was the timing when the buggy crossed the road that caused the
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problems and overturned the horse and buggy. sheriff redman has been on call since last night. take us back to 8:30 when you received the call. obviously you have a command center here at the baptist church. what's gone on? >> at 8:30 we received the first call that a buggy had been swept off the roadway. at that time there were reported three children missing. upon arrival law enforcement and emergency services personnel discovered that the buggy was occupied by nine people and four children were missing. those ages varied from as young as 5 months to 11 years old, three girls and a boy. we began an immediate search. we located the first body at approximately 12:30 this morning. approximately 1:00 we located two more bodies. at the present time we are still looking for the fourth which is an 11-year-old female that still has not been found yet.
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we are hoping as the oldest she was able to maybe cling onto something waiting for daylight. like we said, we're hoping and praying we'll find her alive. >> reporter: how far from the road was the buggy and the victims found? >> about a half mile from what the people who found the first body stated from where the buggy originally went off. about a half mile. it's bad search conditions. no light, muddy, the water isle still high. we're very limited and will be until daybreak. hopefully we'll have a quick remedy to find the fourth person. >> reporter: thank you very much, sheriff. we're holding out hope here that we find this young girl this morning. that would give the community a huge boost. back to you. >> a heartbreaking story, jim, thank you very much. for more on the severe weather in kentucky and across the country let's bring in al roker from miami beach, florida,
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this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. florida is one area of the country not experiencing rough weather. sunny sky, breezy in the 80s today. the system moved through causing big problems. in fact, late last night as it moved through missouri, parts of kentucky, the system was dropping rain, up to two to three inches per hour. that, of course, produced a lot of flooding. it also produced a lot of scary scenes for people in that part of the country. >> reporter: the dangerous weather system moved through parts of the south thursday night. the skies lighting up memphis when a squall line moved to the east bringing dangerous winds, thurnd and lightning, causing damage like this. a tree falling on a house. in tennessee there were downed power lines and trees. this woman had a storage shed blown into the side of her home.
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>> i was crying. i'm terrified of storms and tornadoes. so it really scared me. >> reporter: the high winds also damaged this granite shop. >> we come out here and this is what we find. doors blown away, granite broken all over. just a mess. >> reporter: tipping a truck on its side. missouri also saw heavy snowfall where authorities were forced to temporarily shut down i-35. out west, more snowfall in spokane, washington. the area digging out from a snowstorm that hit some places with as much as a foot of snow. in western oregon, snow-covered roads made driving dangerous. >> i lost traction, just started sliding and didn't stop until i was in the ditch. >> reporter: while in northern california a winter storm expected today is causing long lines in nevada city area grocery stores as residents stock up on supplies bracing for the potential of power outages.
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>> i have not seen one snowstorm that has not lost power. >> reporter: of course this system is making its way to the east and having a big effect. the winds will be a problem. we have high wind watches, warnings and advisories stretching all the way from louisiana up into the northeast causing big problems. we are also looking now at the radar. you will see the rain moving in. ahead of this system we'll be looking at rain. omhind it, we are talking snow. the ohio river valley to the northeast, a lot of snow. we are talking eight to ten inches of snow. upstate new york from syracuse, buffalo into new england. then into pennsylvania, new york, along the coast, about one to two inches of rain. so we are talking about big problems as far as your commute this morning and later this afternoon with wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour. back to you. >> all right, al.
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thank you very much. we'll get the rest of the forecast in a bit. it's 7:07. now back to willie in new york. >> thank you. a college student from saudi arabia is due to appear in court this morning, accused of planning to launch terror attacks in the u.s. one of his possible targets, according to the fbi, was the home of a former president. pete williams has details. pete, good morning. >> reporter: willie, the fbi says this was no mere sting but was a long-planned terror plot moving toward its final stages to build bombs and identify targets. if not for the alert ness of a few people it might never have been discovered. three weeks ago the fbi says this north carolina company got what it considered a strange order from a texas college student for a chemical that can be used in making explosives. >> he placed the order the day after it was shipped we became aware of suspicious circumstances around the
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shipment. we immediately notified the fbi. >> reporter: the student used his real name to make the order. khalid al-dissari, from lubbock, texas. another tip came from a shipping company. he wanted the chemicals sent to the company office because hazardous materials couldn't be sent to his home. the shipping company tipped off police. the fbi told the city council it was a huge break. >> they consulted with us immediately allowing us to preserve certain covert investigative opportunities that ultimately neutralized what was absolutely a planned act of terrorism in the united states. >> reporter: it was such a covert investigation that al dasari never knew they searched his apartment, discovering he was on his way to building a powerful bomb. he wrote of planning to commit a terror attack in the u.s. since he was in high school in audit arabia, studying hard to qualify
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for government scholarships to come here for college. after mastering the language, learning tole build explosives and planning to target the infidel americans it is time for jihad. the fbi say he researched targets online. dams in california or colorado, new york streets for car bombs, even the dallas home or former president george w. bush. >> he wasn't communicating with anyone outside the united states. it makes him difficult to detect by law enforcement. >> reporter: he had not prepared a bomb or selected a target but if it hadn't been for the suspicions of the company that called the fbi he would be still working toward his goal. >> let's be glad it didn't go further than that. in libya, armed rebels have seized control of a military air base therele while loyalists to moammar gadhafi try to push back the advance on tripoli.
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this as hundreds of americans fry to flee the country. richard engel is in eastern libya. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie, from benghazi. the city is being administered by the rebels themselves and people say tripoli is next. >> reporter: benghazi is a rebel-held city. anti-moammar gadhafi graffiti covers the walls here. over the main buildings fly libyan flags, the old ones from before he took power. this is the rebels' headquarters. it is from here the rebels say they will bring the revolution to tripoli. rebels today gave us a tour of the headquarters. they seem motivated and optimistic. >> we were hoping for reform.
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this is not something we didn't dare to do. >> reporter: in the port, ferries have arrived to evacuate thousands of turkish and chinese workers as foreigners make their way out of libya. >> it's a disaster over there. a real human disaster. it's not human beings. he's a machine. >> reporter: fighting is closing in on the libyan capitol. rebels and mercenaries hired by moammar gadhafi are battling for control of villages less than a hundred miles from tripoli. and new images are emerging showing the extent of the violence and possible atrocities. most estimates put the death toll in at least the hundreds. kel knoll moammar gadhafi is downplaying the violence and offered a different explanation in a bizarre and revealing radio arrest thursday. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: we were in a car, he spoke. his words were slurred.
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he mumbled with long pauses. i have listened to speeches from middle east leaders for 15 years. this did not sound like a sane person. he's speaking on state radio. it's difficult to follow. he's all over the place. he's mentioned the kurds, the unabomber, india and says people carrying out the revolt are taking drug that is make them insane. he claimed al qaeda is behind the revolt. osama bin laden is slipping libyans pills in coffee with milk and they are distributed in mosques with help from the united states. a u.s. official described him as, quote, nuts. rebels say moammar gadhafi is holding libya hostage. they say he's armed with chemical weapons and has a fund of $32 billion, more than enough to buy mercenaries and loyalists. moammar gadhafi is continuing with this unusual claim that the
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rebels are drug addicts. today, libyan television showed a confession of an alleged rebel who said he was forced into taking the pills. over the last several days i have spent time with the rebels. it is nonsense, willie. people are worried that moammar gadhafi is unstable, insane and could carry out atrocities against his own people. >> as you say, the rebels are closing in on tripoli. great reporting as always, richard. thank you very much. now a check on the other top stories from ann curry at the news desk. >> good morning. we begin with controversy in wisconsin where overnight the assembly passed the bill that sparked the massive protest in madison to strip public union workers of collective bargaining rights. the bill now heads to the republican led senate and trying to stall the vote. in new zealand the death toll is rising as hope fades that victims will be found
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alive. here's more on the story. george, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. for the rescue workers, including a group of americans, it's a race against time. the odds of finding more people alive beneath the ruins growing slimmer with each passing hour. there is an eerie emptiness in the christchurch central business district. people ordered out for their safety. the cathedral, heavily damaged, its spire toppled. construction crews are clearing rubble in preparation for the removal of perhaps 22 bodies inside. as they look for the dead, international search and rescue teams, now numbers 600 are also searching for the livinging. more than 100 people are believed buried in the canterbury tv building including language students from japan. at a police station, this man, a friend of one of them, was desperately seeking information. how old is she?
7:16 am
43 a team from los angeles is part of the international effort. fire captain brian wells says there is still reason to believe the there may be survivors. >> the weather has been favorable, cool. people have the opportunity to survive for quite a while. he had we had some long survival times in buildings in haiti. so we are looking for the same thing here. >> reporter: this is christchurch before and after the earthquake. for now the suffering will not end any time soon. the number of missing is still greater than 200 and the quake damage is put at $12 billion and growing. now, one thing the rescuers have been doing is lowering tiny tv cameras into the ruins to look for signs of life, the way they did with miners in chile. ann? >> thanks, george. raymond davis, charged with murder in pakistan had a jailhouse hearing today. he refused to sign a paper li lifting the charges against him.
7:17 am
militants set fire overnight to a dozen fuel tankers heading into afghanistan to supply nato and u.s. forces, killing four drivers. now to wall street and erin burnett at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it looks like we'll get a breath of relief. gain for stocks, oil pulling back from 100 on news saudi arabia will pump more oil. after years of bidding boeing won a contract for tankers. they can refuel other planes in the air. it's taken years to get it. it's worth $35 billion and will provide jobs in 40 states. >> good news. >> we need jobs. >> no question. >> and we have lift-off. the most travelled spaceon. >> and we have lift-off. the most travelled spaceshift blasted into orbit for the first time. "discovery" is on a mission to resupply the international space station carrying six humans and one robot who tweeted from space "hello universe."
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now back to al in miami for a check of the weather. hey, al. >> hey, ann. we are here at the miami beach hotel for the 10th annual south beach food & wine festival. we'll meet the winner of the burger bash, the only guy to do it two years in a row. frrgeous weather here today. but in the east we have to deal with all the wet weather. out west, they've got stormy weather to deal with. in fact, along the coast, low pressure is basically hugging the coast, bringing a lot of rain to central and northern california. southern california will get into the action as far as rain is concerned. we are talking about a quarter to half inch in southern california. back through the mountains as far east as the rockies,
7:19 am
anywhere from one to two feet of snow before it's all over. boy, it is coming down heavily in some spots in the bay area. the bay area taking the brunt of this storm right now. the entire state feeling the impacts, but we are seeing the heaviest rain in our neck of the woods. heading throughout the next couple of hours we'll continue to see heavy showers push through the east bay. that will finally clear all this yellow and red as it starts to become a little bit thinner by noon. we are looking towards clearing along the coast. then the possibility of snow as we head into tonight. cold enough for snow. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. with 63 days to go until their royal wedding prince william and kate middleton have returned to the place where their relationship blossomed. nbc's michelle kosinski is at the university of st. andrews. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, meredith, with bells in the air -- not wedding
7:20 am
bells yet -- william and kate were welcomed back to the university of st. andrews. it was a sweet moment. this is where they met as students ten years ago. there is really something about this place. it's so old and romantic, right on the magnificent coastline. it's where around one in ten students meets their future husband or wife. even scotland in the winter decided to smile on them on one of the first sunny, almost springlike days of the year, the beaming young couple set foot again where it all began. kate again looking buttoned and polished and made for the part, wearing a vibrant red jacket, skirt and bold black belt. both seeming relaxed and ready to begin their official life together, too. it's almost like coming home to the days when they were almost ordinary, but a long way now from the jeans and sneakers of college when the press was
7:21 am
instructed to leave them alone. today, the future king and queen kicked off celebrations for the university's 600th anniversary. they had a reception, viewed the original papal bull that founded it. >> this is a special moment for catherine and me. it feels like coming home. ♪ >> reporter: they were baby-faced freshman together in 2001, lived in the same dorm. first became friends. kate already had a dashing boyfriend. they studied art history together and it is said by winter when william was homesick, unhappy and wanted to leave, kate helped encourage him to stay and switch his major to geography. and then that dress. yes, possibly the most unroyal one ever that kate strutted for a charity fashion show. ah, youth. it caught will's eye.
7:22 am
he reportedly uttered those immortal words to his friends -- kate's hot. soon, they and two other pals rented an apartment together here on hope street. lucky number 13. they would go to pubs and restaurants and got to know each other. >> it's such a small town and such a romantic town. >> maybe it's long years in the cold scottish coast holed up together. >> reporter: whether it's snuggle worthy weather or the misty walks along the north sea, something worked. the university president said st. andrews has the highest rate in the nation of student relationships lasting into marriage -- about 1 in 10. >> william wales. >> reporter: at graduation, william, kate and the audience were toldle to go forth and multiply. and many are hoping they will.
7:23 am
there are pictures of the see-through dress again and now all anyone can talk about is what kate's wedding gown will look like. there is a scholarship established now in their name. meredith? >> michelle kosinski, thank you so much. i kissed a frog and all i got was laryngitis. a bizarre radio rant by charlie eesh sheen.
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good morning to you. 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the rain is coming down. let's check the forecast with christina. good morning to you. look at all the moisture coming down over the bay area right now. you can see the heavy pocket, we have a really strong line of heavy showers right now pushing into the east bay. right now expect some pretty heavy rainfall around the 680 in the next 15 to 20 minutes if you are headed that way. you want to take it easy. we'll check with mike to see how the drive is looking. this line is expected to -- i'll go over to mike now. we do have flooding on the freeway reported here getting out of san francisco. 101 at paul avenue.
7:27 am
as well as the 280 interchange, typical spots to see flooding. slow down at the east shore freeway. we'll take you to the golden gate bridge, this is what's going on there out of the north bay. it is a slow, sloppily drive into marin county. solano county, a flood advisory issued by chp. no specific spot, just all over the place. back to you. we are talking about how the cold blast could bring snow to parts of the bay area, which is exciting but also potentially dangerous for commuters. marla tellez is live at the summit of the santa cruz mountains. marla, how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm wet, laura. wet and windy conditions are dominating the friday morning commute up and over the summit. still no highway 17 traffic, but both directions are looking good with no problems. nothing to report. we have seen several caltrans crews out monitoring the roads. 3/4 an inch is expected today in the santa cruz mountains, two to four inches of snow expected to
7:28 am
fall overnight into tomorrow morning here at the summit. although this morning the big issue is the rain, allow yourself extra time if you are getting ready to head out the door. take it easy out there. laura? we have hot chocolate for you back in the newsroom. thank you so much. we'll have another local news update in a half hour. the "today" show is up in less than two minutes. stay dry if you can.
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7:30 now on this friday morning, the 25th day of february 2011. plenty of rain to start the day in new york and across the eastern half of the country. we have dangerously high winds to deal with. we'll get to al's forecast in a moment. i'm meredith vieira in los angeles. willie geist is back in studio 1a filling in for matt who has the morning off. just ahead, cbs and warner brothers television pull the plug on the rest of the season of "two and a half men." they place the blame squarely on comment made by charlie sheen during a controversial radio interview. we'll hear it straight ahead. >> plus, is a dolphin's brain
7:31 am
closer to humans' than previously thought? wait until you see what a blindfolded dolphin was able to do that's stunned scientists. >> and then who will win the coveted oscar statues sunday night? we'll give you our picks and hear from the experts. >> let's begin with charlie sheen's outburst that led to the end of "two and a half men's" season. today, amy robach has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the show was supposed to return from hiatus next week but sheen's radio rant ended that putting the show and the actor's future in doubt. >> oh, you bad girl. >> reporter: it's quiet on the set for "two and a half men" all because the star, troubled actor charlie sheen,le could not queen's plate quiet. >> it's over. there is a new sheriff in town. >> reporter: speaking out on the alex jones show, sheen broke
7:32 am
ranks and went after chuck lorre, cocreator of "two and a half men" calling him a clown. >> it's nothing inside of deplorable that a certain haim levine, chuck's real name, mistook this rock star for his own rock star exit, bro. last i checked i've spent i think close to the last decade i have been converting your tin cans into pure gold and the grat tide i get in this is this charlatan chose not to do his job and not write. bring it. >> this is the wildest interview. >> reporter: jones said even he wasn't prepared for all charlie had to say. >> charlie had surprises. a lot of that was news to me. >> reporter: tmz reports his companions were a porn star and a model. sheen called them godesses and
7:33 am
said his estranged wife brooke was with them for a time. >> where this were four there are now three. bye-bye, brooke and good luck in your travels. you're going to need it badly. sheen talked about sobriety. >> you're clean, aren't you? >> 100%. here's your first pea test. next one goes in your mouth. it's all good, guys. >> reporter: he used alcoholic anonymous in the past and now calls it a bootleg cult. >> this is the work of sissies. the only thing i'm addicted to now is winning. >> he felt he transcended drugs, a.a., is doing it on his own and he's breaking out of a guildled cage. >> reporter: sheen reportedly earns nearly $2 million an episode. the show was scheduled for production next week but after the radio interview cbs announced it was cancelled for the season citing sheen's
7:34 am
conduct and condition. >> you sound like thomas jefferson. >> i'm not thomas jefferson. he was a [ bleep ]. but i dare anyone to bait me on things. bait me on a.a. right now. i have a disease? [ bleep ] i cured it with my brain, with my mind. i'm cured. i'm done. >> reporter: sheen again talked to the press challenging lorre to a fight. he sent a letter to tmz calling lo are, re a, quote, maggot and wished him nothing but pain. nbc news reached out to chuck lorre for comment but didn't hear back. >> amy robach, thank you so much. bonnie fuller is co-host of gossip gram. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> christina, sheen insults the creator of the show, insults his ex-wife who is the mother of his twin boys, calls aa a bootleg
7:35 am
cult. i know you don't want to make a diagnosis based on a phone call, but what do you make of the calls when you heard them? >> thank you for having me. i certainly want to start by saying i don't know the details of the case, but i do know addiction. i have been in this industry about 15 years as an interventionist and expert. i know addiction better than anything else. what struck me was the details of the call are less relevant to me as the overall picture, the overall message. the overall message -- this is a rambling message full of hate and, you know, disrespect for the mother of his children, people he's worked with for years which leads me as an addictions expert to challenge or to question his sobriety, certainly his recovery. these are not consistent with somebody that's sober or for somebody in recovery at all. >> bonnie, professionally, charlie sheen has pushed his luck many times and for all
7:36 am
intents and purposes cbs turned a blind eye because the show is successful. what do you think it was about this time where they said, let's put on the brakes and suspend the show? >> i think he was almost asking them to put on the brakes. he went so far over the line, attacking the creator of the show, the writer of the show and viciously attacking him and having antisemitic overtones. i don't think they could have turned a blind eye to this. >> some people suggest that the haim levine was an antisemitic undertone. he said he's healed himself. he said he closed his eyes and healed the problem. this guy seems to be running out of options. he's been in and out of rehab. he had in-home rehab. where can he go from here? >> this is a sad state of affairs. as an addictions specialist, what we are watching, that wasn't a radio interview. it's the unraveling of a man.
7:37 am
it's a sad state of affairs. he's a man who's also somebody's son. there are parents watching this person pull himself apart and really the only thing that's left for addicts left untreated is death. jails, institution and death. >> his fans stuck by him. he went out of the way in the follow-up letter to say thank you to the fans for standing by me, we will right this wrong. how much longer will the fans stick by him? is this the beginning of the end for him professionally? >> it could be unless he does something serious about his addiction and certainly his state of mind is not going in that direction when he says he doesn't need it and he's already cured. he asked fans to march in protest. he's delusional. i think the fans have to look forward to seeing the show in syndication and hope he gets his act together and can have another furthering of his career. >> we'll see.
7:38 am
thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> now down to miami beach for al and another check of the weather. >> hey, willie. thanks so much. we are at the 10th annual food & wine festival. claire robinson from food network's "five ingredient fix" joins me. good morning. >> good morning. >> you had too much burger bash. you lost your voice. >> i did, but it was worth it. >> what are you making? >> chorizo steamed mussels. >> ooh. >> so easy. brown the chorizo. red wine. >> spanish red wine. >> yes. fill it up. >> and the mussels, you want to make sure they're fresh. get them from the fish monger. >> yes. they will even clean them for you. isn't that great? >> little bit of salt and pepper? >> salt and pepper. lay it on, done. >> how long? >> cook until they open up for you. takes five to seven minutes. look at that. parsley on.
7:39 am
try one. look how gorgeous. that's all you need. >> i will keep serving. let's see what's going on in your weather. temperatures are awfully chilly out west. glasgow, montana, 8 below. 21 in omaha. laramie, 23. 10 in minneapolis. as we show you the rest of the country the arctic air will stay banked up there. warm weather in southern texas, southern florida, but only 40s and 50s throughout much of california today. 20s, 30s and 40s in the northeast and good morning to you. well, the heaviest rain we are expecting all day long is coming down right now pushing into the south bay just passing through the east bay. take a look, we are almost entirely in yellow now and red in the south bay. that's an indication of heavy to moderate rainfall coming down. by noon, showers really start to thin out. that whole line of showers is off to our east. in fact, mostly clear in the
7:40 am
state of california. we'll see spotty activity and temperatures drop like a rock, really cold. at 4:00 a.m. it will be cold enough for snow in the bay area. claire, thanks so much. ginger mojitos, nice way to finish it up. it's noontime somewhere, willie. >> nothing like a mojito in the morning. still ahead, the homeless beauty queen not letting her hardship stop her from competing for the miss usa crown. her story in an exclusive live interview. up next, the rare ability dolphins have that was only discovered recently by scientists. that's right after this. when you wake up, your body craves fuel. make sure you give it something that counts. i love quaker oatmeal, it's seriously a superfood. it's fuel that your body needs to get going. this stuff is a game changer. and now it's better than ever. it's got a heartier texture, and in some of your favorites, all natural flavors and 25% less sugar. i can't think of a better way to kick off your day.
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7:44 am
we have always known with a trainer they can give a hand signal and we can see them doing some motions. but here's the discovery. we thought humans had the only ability to imitate. now what they discovered here is that dolphins can imitate without the benefit of seeing what they are mimicking. kibbe and tanner have long followed trainers' hand signals. but what no one ever tested before was one dolphin's ability to imitate the other blindfolded. >> i'm going to cover tanner's eyes so he can't see the signals. >> reporter: silently. >> can you imitate? >> reporter: no whistles or voice cues, kibbe begins to spin and tanner knows what's happening and mimics the behavior. kibbe swims like a shark.
7:45 am
tanner, eyes still covered, copies. >> imitation in the animal kingdom is really rare. we have all heard the phrase, monkey see, monkey do. >> reporter: not true? >> it's a myth. >> reporter: the journal of comparative psychology published the findings of the dolphin study. the best guess as to how tanner does it, just as a human would -- by listening. >> if i ask you to close your eyes and copy what i'm doing. you can do it because that behavior has a characteristic sound. it may be that tanner is picking up on what kibbe is doing the same way. >> reporter: in the wild kingdom even imitation is extremely rare. plenty of animals emulate behaviors like young lion cub that is watch a kill and years later emulate that behavior. what's the difference between emulating and imitating? >> if you raised your hand and said, five, four, three, two, one. a human child would imitate that
7:46 am
and try to get the exact sequence of number raising the exact same way. chimps may just raise their hand and wiggle their fingers around. >> reporter: there are people whose ability to imitate is also rare -- those with autism. which is why experts believe this discovery could be so important. >> it's a better understanding of imitation that may help us find better therapies for autism. >> reporter: so it's a long way, of course, from the research to the application, but it's very exciting here because what they say is that the dolphins here aren't specially trained to do this. they chose them because they had already acclimated them to being blindfolded but the discovery is being passed around and scientists are wondering how it's going to benefit us. meredith? >> cool stuff, kerry sanders. thank you so much. willie xt, al, liil we and i reveal our oscar picks after this. so you have five brothers.
7:47 am
7:48 am
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7:50 am
showing what we know about this year's oscar nominees, absolutely nothing. that never stopped us. first ann and willie and then al. >> i went with "the social network." it won the golden globe. >> i think it's going to be "the king's speech." i love that movie. what about you? >> al?
7:51 am
>> i'm going with "the king's speech." i think "the king's speech." >> i have said from the beginning and i repeat it today, "the king's speech," all the way. sole willie said "the social network" and three for "the king's speech." best actor, willie? >> i went with the host of the show because i think it would bel cool in the host presented himself with best actor. i'm joing james franco and it was a great performance. >> i have to say colin firth. james did a great job. but i think colin firth. i think james franco will be interested in what you have to say this morning, meredith. >> al? >> i think colin firth. i think he should have had it last year for "a solitary man" and i think he'll get it this year. >> wasn't it "a single man"? >> you guys are picking the favorites. >> i think colin firth. we are picking the obvious ones.
7:52 am
i think colin firth because the performance was outstanding and i did say i would polish his statue and james franco's as well. >> this time i'm going with the favorite for best actress. i think natalie portman will run away with it. >> i didn't see "black swan" but annette bening was amazing in "the kids are all right." i will pick her because i didn't see "black swan." >> she won the golden globe, al. >> she did. >> i don't know. this is a tough category. there are so many terrific performances. i think natalie portman for "black swan." it was an amazing performance. >> i'm going with ann. annette bening. i think she's going to take it at the last second. i do. supporting actress will be interesting, too. melissa leo ran this personal ad campaign and that's put off some people in the academy. we'll see what happened. enough from the amateurs. just ahead the experts lay inn
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good friday morning to you. it is 7:56. it is a soggy morning. let's check in with christina. we are already seeing thinning, a bit of a break on the coast of the north bay. but take a look at this solid line of showers. you can see the orange and the red, that's heavy to moderate rain embedded within. fremont is getting hit hard. livermore is hit hard. the same for the south bay with really heavy showers. this is going to be the case until noon. by noon that line of showers clears the area. and this is what's to come after that. very, very cold air. just spotty activity. and tomorrow morning we are expecting some of that spotty activity to push onshore. now, if it does so, precipitation could come down in
7:57 am
the form of snow because it will be cold enough. these are my thoughts when it comes to the snow forecast. 480-foot elevation. 31 degrees in livermore. i'm forecasting snow if precipitation makes its way to livermore. danville, 368 feet, 32 degrees. that's good enough for a dusting. same for los gatos. san francisco, still flurries if rain makes its way to your area. it could freeze with temperatures near 35 degrees in san francisco early tomorrow morning. mike, how do the roadways look? a lot of precipitating going on south of the city. look at the map, christina. 101 and 280 right around the interchange, typical spot where reports of flooding come in. that's what we have. flooded roadways reported. now highway 101 and 280 are open through the area, but keep in mind slow driving. stay to the center lanes, that's the best chance of having the less effect of getting into puddling. we'll take a live shot crossing the bay. the san mateo bridge shows the brunt of that.
7:58 am
it is lessening a bit in the last ten minutes into the east bay. sunol is showing a slow drive at well. we have soupy conditions southbound. a lighter volume for friday into fremont over to the saut bay. we are seeing a lighter volume of traffic. we'll take another shot of oakland. this is the shot we'll end with laura slowing northbound at high street. we have the 8:00 slowdown starting near the coliseum heading into downtown. at least the skies are clearer for now. christina just showed the rain hitting hard. back to you. the best bet is to stay inside, pour another cup of coffee and i'll be back in another half hour for another local update. the "today" show is back in less than a minute.
7:59 am
8:00 am
go to the body. get inside. switch stances like you're going to work the right and hit him on the left. >> you can't be me. you had a hard enough time being you and that's why you're in here. i'll fight sanchez the way i fight. >> 8:00 on this friday morning the 25th of february, 2011. that is a scene from "the fighter" one of the ten best picture oscar nominees. could it be "the social network," "black swan" or "the king's speech" to walk away with the statue? welcome back to this split edition of "today."
8:01 am
i'm meredith vieira in los angeles. willie geist is holding down the fort in new york and al is in miami beach. hey, al. >> hey, meredith, good morning. i am here for the south beach wine & food festival. we are at the lowe's miami beach hotel. i will leave tomorrow after doing the barbecue tonight. we'll be covering the oscars and we'll cover itle all completely. we'll have the red carpet, the winners, the fashion, the parties from vanity fair to elton john, all the after parties and we'll have it all for you, complete wrap-up. the most complete coverage monday morning here on "today." i can't wait to see what you will be wearing, meredith. >> a lamp shade from the sound of it. that's a lot of partying. willie? >> hey, willie. >> hey, guys. i think this is a cruel hazing richtual for the rookie in the
8:02 am
monsoon. we have a crowd on the plaza despite the weather. we're glad they are all here. we'll go inside to ann for news. >> libyans are bracing for more violence as the rebels move closer to moammar gadhafi's stronghold in tripoli. nato, the e.u. and the security council hold meetings on libya today to consider sanctioning the libyan leader for human rights violations. a boat carrying more than 150 american evacuees has departed tripoli for malta this morning. a college student from saudi arabia makes a court appearance in texas after being charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. the justice department says the 20-year-old plotted to blow up dams, nuclear power plants or the dallas home of former president george w. bush. in southwestern kentucky rescue teams found the bodies of three children swept away in a creek
8:03 am
swollen by heavy rains. a fourth child is still missing. an amish couple and others were trying to cross the creek when the horse drawn buggy overturned. the couple and three of the children were able to escape. investigators are looking for the cause of a tragic fire that killed three children and wounded four others at a home day care center in houston on thursday. the air force has awarded a long anticipated 35 billion dollar contract to boeing and that is expected to create 50,000 jobs at parts suppliers in four states. all of the nearly 2,000 public schoolteachers in providence, rhode island, are on notice that they could lose their jobs at the end of the school year. the school board approved termination notices last night trying to close a $30 million deficit. i ing. and a study suggests that women who have night sweats and hot flashes may be less likely
8:04 am
to develop heart problems if they experience those problems early in menopause. and while singing sex machine last night "jamie foxx" tried to get the president to dance. he tried to get the president to dance. >> you're not going to dance for me just a little bit? come on. i saw you on "ellen." that was definitely not the black side in you right there. >> and the first daughter sasha appeared to enjoy watching her dad and foxx exchange high fives. it is now 8:04. now back to miami where al has a check on the weather. hey, al. >> thanks, ann. only jamie foxx could get away with that. tonight the world of champagne and barbecue collide at the
8:05 am
bubble-q at the south beach wine and food festival. adam from daisy may barbecue in new york. you're bringing the q tonight? >> can't wait. >> you're making a cuban dish. >> it's to take care of the aftermath from last night at the shine & swine event. i just wanted to show you. we buttered the bread before. you put it together like that, flip it over. cheese first. >> uh-huh. little swiss cheese? >> don't be shy wit. lots of cheese. >> it also prevents it from getting soged out because you can make it in advance. we take the pulled pork. >> of course you do. i love it. pickles. >> you know, the basic recipe for a cuban sandwich except for -- >> while you finish that up let's show you what's going on in weather. again, we had a horrible story in kentucky as four children
8:06 am
were swept away. you can see miami, florida, our pick city, is sunny and warm. the sameystem that caused that tragic story is bringing high winds from alabama into new england. a lot of rain and snow behind that system bringing big problems. we are looking at rainfall one to two inches from pennsylvania along the coast of new england back behind it six to ten inches in syracuse. 8 to 12 in montpelier. bangor, eight to 12 inches. what you need to warm you up is -- what's this? >> this is peach shine julep. good morning. we have dangerous driving conditions, a strong line of showers, you see the red and orange, heavy to moderate rain draped between and tee objecting to san jose, heavy rain. by about noon, that strong line
8:07 am
of showers and storms actually pushes well off to our east. this is what we're expecting after that. cold blast of air. temperatures continue to drop heading throughout the day. already hit the daytime highs. maybe any precipitation could come down as snow. adam, thanks so much. willie, they don't do this on "morning joe," do they? >> al taunting us with food and weather. thanks so much. up next, the homeless beauty queen. miss colorado usa shares her story in an exclusive live interview. that's right after this. ♪
8:08 am
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sitively delicious. [ female announcer ] kellogg's fiber plus cereal. i'm sam chernin, owner of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is taking care of your business by taking care of your employees. were we are back at 8:10. she's poised, beautiful and it seems she would have everything but there is one thing she doesn't have -- a home. we'll talk to her in a moment. but first, her story. >> reporter: when blair griffith walks into a room, people
8:11 am
notice. she's beautiful, smart. >> graduated with honors. >> blair griffith. and, yes, a beauty queen. in october she was crowned 2011 miss colorado usa, realizing a lifelong dream. but just a month later she and her mother were evicted from this townhome and homeless. >> it was a hard reality to face. like i don't really have anywhere to go. >> reporter: the last decade has been rough for griffith. when she was 14 her father gary who inspired her interest in beauty pageants died of prostate cancer. her mother had a heart attack and couldn't work. medical and school bills mounted and they lost their home. >> it just became unavoidable. >> reporter: throughout it all, mother and daughter have leaned on one another. >> i'm just amazed that whatever we have gone up against she stands there, handles it and she
8:12 am
moves on. >> reporter: despite the hard times, griffith is pushing on as miss colorado bringing a larger problem into the spotlight. >> homelessness doesn't discriminate whether it's miss colorado or miss jones who lives next door. i think it just lets us know we are all in that situation. >> i feel there are so many people right now in this country that have the same story. >> reporter: she hopes to use her experience and crown to help others. >> i'm homeless. i don't have a home to go to. >> reporter: even for grif fth, these are hard times. she works at a department store that's about to close. 150 people will lose their jobs including her. >> there are times i break down. i try to stay as strong as i can. it does get to moments where you just want to say, isn't it enough already? >> reporter: she says it's at these moment that is the support of friends stands out.
8:13 am
some have shared their home. others writsen her notes of inadministrati inspirati inspiration. >> when it seems everything is falling down around us, something strong and certain within us is preparing to spread its wings and soar. >> reporter: griffith hopes to soar when she competes for the miss use crown this june. >> you have to stay focused on the goals and dreams and i think if you stay focused on them you will find a way to make them happen. >> blair griffith is with us exclusively. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i think most people don't think of a beauty pageant winner as the face of homelessness, but that's important. it's part of the story. >> it is. anyone can really fall victim to this, unfortunately, with the situation that's going on in today's economy. it's not a surprise that someone like me, a beauty queen, or anyone in this world can fall victim. >> this started to happen -- i guess your mom had a heart attack three years ago. >> exactly. >> that's when things started to spiral out of control.
8:14 am
>> mm-hmm. correct. it really started when my dad passed away. that's when things took a downward turn. the stress of that, my mom becoming a single parent and having to raise two children on her own got to her. she had her heart attack. ever since then it's been trying to pay for her medical bills. she lost her insurance. so she had to pay out of pocket for medication. >> didn't qualify for disability. >> and so with having to pay for all those expenses it became hard to keep up with the home as well. >> you went ahead with plans to try out for miss colorado, usa. your dad encouraged you. when you won the title tell me what it felt like to have your name called out? >> it was a dream come true. four years i tried to win the title of miss colorado usa. it's been a huge goal for me. that was one of the moments and i said, thank you, something great has definitely happened. >> a month later you are evicted from your home.
8:15 am
>> exactly. it was terrible. when you go through the eviction process they come in, throw your belongings into trash bags and you have no idea where anything is and you're just trying to get your life together in two hours' time. it's difficult. >> it has to be frightening. we were saying in the break we are all one lost job away from this happening to us. >> exactly. it can happen to anyone. it was unexpected for me. i wasn't aware that we were being evicted from our home until we got the knock on the door from the sheriff saying, we're coming in and moving you out. it was just very hard seeing everything, all of my dresses that i wanted to compete in at miss usa thrown into a trash bag, nowhere to be found. >> where does it stand now for you and your mom? how are you doing? >> we're doing good. by the grace of great friends who have let us come in and stay in their homes we have a place to stay right now. of course we are just trying to
8:16 am
work to get our lives back together to be able to afford our own home. i'm just focusing on trying to compete for miss usa as well. >> that's june? >> june 19 in louisiana. >> -- in las vegas. >> your message? >> i want to be an inspiration and show you that no matter what hardship you're facing if you stay focused on your goals and dreams you can achieve them. you don't need a lot of money. when i competed at the state pageant i reused things i had from previous years and you can find sponsorship and support to get to where you want to be. >> i hope donald trump is watching this morning. blair, thank you very much. the best to your mom and brother as well. >> thank you. >> up next, who will walk away with the hardware on sunday? we'll preview the oscars after this. of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family,
8:17 am
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8:19 am
plus a taste that's totally toddler. [ baby giggles ] [ female announcer ] join the gerber generation on facebook. ♪ we are back getting you set for the we are back getting you set for the 83rd annual academy awards, hollywood's biggest stars are preparing for the biggest night and everyone wants to know who the winners will be. kristen welker is outside the kodak theater to help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. as preparations get under way here at the kodak theater people across the country are starting to weigh in on who they think will take home oscar gold. some say it's a guessing game, but others say there is a real science to win it. >> you have destroyed the happiness of my family all for the sake of ensnaring -- >> reporter: even if you're not a movie buff, you can bet your
8:20 am
cup of tea that "the king's speech" will be likely knighted more than once. >> all right? >> yes. >> reporter: as much of a sure bet it seems it's illegal, even in las vegas, to put money down on the oscars. still, there is nothing illegal about setting the odds. >> colin firth is the strongest favorite i have ever made to win best actor. >> reporter: johnny avello claims he gets oscar gold right about 70% of the time. this year he has "the king's speech" at 1-3 for best picture and firth way ahead for best actor. >> he's 1-8, which is unheard of when you have this type of performances throughout the year. >> reporter: while many in hollywood have natalie portman dancing to the best actress oscar, johnny says at 1-4 she's not guaranteed the win.
8:21 am
>> she's the favorite but not as strong as colin firth. she has annette bening behind her at a 5-1. if there is going to be an upset in these major categories it could be here. >> reporter: much like a vegas prize fight, those in the running for oscar glory aren't above a little self-promotion. melissa leo personally launched a campaign in the hollywood trades for best supporting actress, a bit of footwork that might not have been so fancy. >> i think someone like amy adams for "the fighter" or haylee steinfeld could beat melissa leo. and i talked to some voters who said she lost their vote after putting those ads out. >> that's what the facebook is going to be about. >> reporter: before filling out the office pool odds makers say at 3-1 don't forget about "the social network." critics friended it almost immediately and it's hardly out of the running.
8:22 am
>> i think the race is closer than people think. you could see an upset or two in some of the major categories. >> reporter: by sunday night we'll know whether the odds-on favorites win or whether oscar has a few aces tucked under that golden sleeve. there will always be a few surprises and upsets on oscar night, but one thing is 100% certain. on sunday, this theater will be filled with the biggest names and brightest stars in hollywood. meredith? >> you've got that, kristin welker. thank you very much. jeff kegel is here from "entertainment weekly." >> good morning. >> are you predicting a predictable show or do you think there could be surprises? >> i think there are potential upsets here in a couple of the main categories. that's fun when they do it, but i think the most fun thing will be james franco and anne hathaway, unlikely oscar hosts. but i'm interested to see what they will do. i think it will be a very different, hip, funny show this year. >> i was reading they were not the academy's first choice. >> they weren't.
8:23 am
no. it's hard to find an oscar host. >> why? >> it's a no-win situation. david letterman talks about how embarrassing it was for him. remember that? the show is too long and there are awards you don't care about and the host gets blamed for it. of course, it's not their fault. so, james franco and anne hathaway decided to do it. first james franco decided to do it because he thought, look, i know i'm nominated but i know colin firth will win it, so i'll be the host. >> i think they will be great. i think they are both charming. let's talk about the categories starting with best picture. the buzz is all over "the king's speech" but "the social network" did win the globe. >> i think "the king's speech" will get it. everyone in the academy loves "the king's speech." everyone is a little cool on "the social network." i don't know why. i thought it was great. "the king's speech" has 12 nominations and you just can't discount that. there seems to be a juggernaut going. if "the social network" won it
8:24 am
would be a fantastic upset. "the fighter" could upset. but it looks like "the king's speech." if you had to put money on it, which is illegal. >> exactly. not doing that. >> not doing that, but if you had to -- >> speaking of "the fighter," best supporting actor, christian bale. he's considered the front runner at this point. >> he looks like the front runner. the only thing to upset that category would be geoffrey rush in "the king's speech" because people are so fond of the movie and rush could come in as part of a sweep. >> best supporting actress. is that where we could see a surprise? >> that's the most interesting race this year. i think melissa leo was the front-runner for a while. >> she won the golden globe. >> won the golden globe. then she took out trade ads that were kind of tacky. they said it might have cost her votes. but haylee steinfield from "true grit." it has ten nominations and it's not going to win other big things probably. this would be their way to honor the movie and they love to give actors to teenagers. she's 14. whatever happens, amy adams,
8:25 am
melissa leo, haylee steinfeld. >> in her defense she said part of the reason she put out the ads is there is so much sexism, ageism she couldn't get a cover another way. >> i think it was great. smarter for her career than winning the oscar. we're talking about her and she seems exciting and unpredictable. >> best actor, colin firth. >> colin firth is a lock. there's always a death and taxes of the academy awards. he's the death and taxes this year. he'll give a great speech. >> he sure will. "the king's speech" obviously. in terms of best actress, we go back to the golden globes. we had annette bening on the comedy side and natalie portman on the drama side. >> natalie portman looks like the favorite, but "black swan" has five nominations. "the kids are all right" which is annette bening's movie has four nominations. there is clearly equal
8:26 am
enthusiasm for both movies. annette bening, this would be the third nomination and she finally wins. so this could be the this is the moment win for annette. >> hollywood loves her. >> natalie portman looks like she'll take it but there could be an upset. >> thank you so much. we'll see how right you are. >> it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia canon. want to check that forecast with christina. >> seeing some clearing. showers coming down east of livermore. as we head through the next couple hours, all of this clearing you see will continue to take place. this is what we are expecting about 1:00 p.m. the bulk of the moisture is off to the east at that time. but temperatures will turn cold. we already hit our daytime highs for the day, and the cold air is on the way. if we do see any precipitation make its way over the area tomorrow morning, it will be cold enough for snow, and it
8:27 am
looks like some showers are going to sneak on shore. so we're going to have to wait and watch. find out how the roadways look with mike. >> we call it friday light, but not from the colors on the map. red and yellow showing the slow downs. westbound # 580, there's an accident there clearing some lanes. 880 at 7th, another accident. another look at the toll plaza and the approach. things are slow through oakland, passing the colosseum. more news on the other side of this break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
police will be back at a home to try to once again remove a body buried in a backyard. they suspended efforts to exhume the body because of safety concerns. neighbors think the body is that of dale smith that disappeared february 9th. smith's family says he had been in poor health for years. another local news update in about a half hour. the today show returns in less than a minute. have a great friday morning!
8:30 am
8:30 on this friday morning, february 25, 2011. rain falling in manhattan on this stormy day across much of the country. so these folks get gold stars for being out in the elements on rockefeller plaza. we are spread out coast to coast this morning. i'm meredith vieira in los angeles. willie geist and ann curry are in new york. al is loving life in miami
8:31 am
beach. hey, al. >> hey, meredith. it's the 10th annual food network south beach wine and food festival. guess who i found wandering around the pool. >> running around the pool like a nut. >> the fabulous paula deen. how are you? >> i'm great. hey, meredith! >> hey, honey. >> is that meredith? >> it is. there she is. >> i'm having a few eye problems this morning. >> i'm her guide dog. i'm going to guide her through making salmon cakes. >> back to you before she wrecks the place. >> she doesn't needle alcohol with those salmon cakes. i made my way to l.a. to catch up with matt damon and emily blunt stars of "the adjustment bureau." our interview is coming up. >> nothing like cooking with wine. speaking of stars, coming up,
8:32 am
the blogger who's rarely seen but has hollywood moguls living in fear. who is nicky fink? her story just ahead. >> and we're talking about the oscars obviously. the big question as we pan down and up on the dresses, what will the stars wear? we're going to get a red carpet preview on what's likely to happen. >> looking forward to that. first, al, a quick check of the weather. hey, al. >> all right. hey, guys. paula's here. her eyes are literally tearing. >> i'm so sad i have to stand down here in 80-degree weather on the beach. >> it's always a party when this lady shows up. >> i just heard a snort out of you. what was that? let's check your weather, see what's happening. show you for the weekend. first of all, saturday, sunny and warm in florida.
8:33 am
fabulous. in fact, mild and sunny throughout the southeast. cool along the midatlantic states. heavy rain in southern california. we have light snow around the great lakes. sunny and cold in new england. sunday, the good news is it cools off in california, but in southern california it will be clear for the oscars. we have another risk, unfortunately, of strong storms in the lower mississippi river valley where we had such devastation late yesterday and on into early this morning. sunny and mild in the southeast. good morning to you. not sure if it is paula's neck of the woods. starting to see a little bit of clearing. heavy rain we had earlier pushed off to the east, and we are left with showery activity. these continue to spin out. this is what we look towards about 1 p.m. today. temperatures are going to drop like a rock as cold air settles into the area. then very, very cold conditions tonight and showers sneaking on shore. definitely cold enough for snow
8:34 am
where we see the precipitation. we'll keep watching it for you. have a great day. did you know, paula, if you need to check your weather day or night you can go to the weather channel on cable or online? >> yes. >> i knew you knew that. >> most of the time i don't care what the weather is. >> but you do now. it's sunny in my head. >> you don't care in miami because it's always good. give paula a hug for us. we're going to tell you what's coming up next. we have matt damon and emily blunt on their new thriller. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
is your life determined by fate or free will? that question is asked in the new film "the adjustment bureau" starring matt damon and emily blunt. the two fall in love and they are not supposed to. take a look. >> what is it with you and the argyle? >> what's the deal with you and the boring shades of blue?
8:37 am
>> my clothes match. >> did your team pick that out for you? >> the team is gone. i did it by myself. i'm sorry. what just happened? i'll pay for the dry cleaning. >> it's fine. >> seven bucks will cover it. >> you keep that. you might need it. >> you know what, write your number down and i can call you and pick up your skirt. >> oh, my goodness me, that is very smooth. >> matt damon and emily blunt, look how cute you are together. so in the movie you play this couple who falls madly in love but the secret forces want to keep you apart. at the end of the film what did you feel about free will versus fate? do we have free will? are we predestined? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i don't know? >> it's like an age old question and it's answered today for you. >> don't you have thatle all ready? at the end of the movie what did you feel? >> i like to think that my
8:38 am
choices matter and, you know, there are consequences to the decisions we make. but then i look at aspects of my life, you know, some of the greatest things that have happened to me have been a series of quincoincidences beyoy control. makes me wonder. >> i feel i have had both. i have had experience where is the choices you make determine your path and then, you know, sometimes there is a little bit of luck or magic involved that when you track it back, all the occurrences that happen that you end up at this point you're like, god, all the near misses that could have happened. so i do believe things can be fate. >> this is magic for you because technically you shouldn't have got the part. they were looking for a dancer. >> and she got to work with me. magical. >> oh, matt. you wanted a dancer. how come you said her? >> she's the best actor in the
8:39 am
world. the director wanted the dancer. >> for six weeks i head the script and six weeks later i finally got a meeting with george. i would call my agent and they would say, no, no, they are only meeting dancers. he said he wanted a dancer and i said, i think you're wrong. you need me. >> you spent eight weeks preparing? >> i had eight weeks before the movie started and during the movie it was before or after work if i could. i was in the dance studio, in the gym. yeah, it was the most demanding thing physically i have done. >> similar to my preparation. >> how did you prepare? she's working out every day. >> what matt's done -- >> no, i was not much encouragement because i was by the craft service table eating ring-dings. you know, wow, that looks good. you can do a split, incredible. i can't believe this was your
8:40 am
50th film. >> i did a lot of cameos, favors for friends. i'm sure that number is augmented by smaller roles. >> this is also your first romantic lead. >> mm-hmm. pretty much, yeah. >> yeah. >> and, yeah. i mean, i don't know why that is. i just kind of have taken the films one at a time over the course of my life. just have never had a real romantic lead. >> did it bother you when you finally had the big makeout session or whatever, that she was laughing uncontrollably? >> oh, yeah. by the time we shot the scene it was really one of the last things we shot. we were great friends by then and our spouses were friends. it was just very, very awkward. luckily we had one of the great cinematographers shooting the film. he was equally uncomfortable. basically he'd say, i'm going to come across, move left to right and it will last seven seconds.
8:41 am
can you not laugh for seven seconds? give me seven seconds and we'll put together this montage. >> did you base your character on anybody? you play a u.s. congressman. >> no. it was written -- it wasn't based on any particular politician. it was based on the idea of, you know, a number of different politicians. you know, it was meant to be a charismatic guy who was a little bit impulsive and kind of got himself into trouble by being too impulsive but had authenticity about him. so that describes probably a lot of politicians. >> oscar is right around the corner. congratulations on "true grit". >> thank you. >> how are you feeling about its chances? >> i don't know. that's tough to handicap. it's great that the movie was received that well. that's really cool. i have made, i guess, 50 movies and it doesn't happen a lot. >> you have an oscar under your
8:42 am
belt though. you do, you do. >> i do. i got that monkey off my back. >> i'm not trying to cause trouble but you are rooting for colin firth, right? >> i really thought it was astonishing. >> i did, too. >> i thought it was off the charts. you know, i had a stutter as a kid. >> did you really? >> i really did. so to see someone portray it that authentically who never had the experience. >> it's an incredible performance. >> he's amazing. >> how did you get over your stutter? >> through acting. no. it wasn't really. but it did help me out. i wouldle do class plays and i had a great teacher who would say, do it in a different accent, almost removing myself from the equation, doing a different voice was helpful. i'm actually from kansas. i don't have this accent. >> whatever works. >> yeah. >> you know, you have great chemistry together. >> oh, cool. >> you did all right. >> yeah. we got through it. >> you done good.
8:43 am
>> there's a restraining order now. >> well, matt damon and emily blunt, congratulations on the movie. "the adjustment bureau" opens march 4. we'll be right back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now in los angeles as we head into oscar weekend. chances are one of the most influential women in hollywood won't be at the kodak theater sunday. a mysterious blogger nikki fink. lee cowenhas the story. >> she's a mystery and a unique voice in town. that's what makes her interesting. she's largely just the voice. as you said, she's rarely seen. in fact, we set out to see just a few pictures of her. not a lot. even that turned out to be a scavenger hunt. >> who's there?
8:46 am
>> reporter: hollywood has always been known for ghosts -- most haunting only the silver screen. ♪ >> reporter: but there is a real life specter over hollywood, face unseen who, with the click of a mouse, can expose hollywood's skeletons all over town. >> she knows what's going on in hollywood before it even happens. >> reporter: her name is nikki fink, a 57-year-old veteran journalist who spotted deadlinehollywood, a website run out of her apartment. it's such a player in hollywood, it even got a shoutout on entourage. >> did you not see deadlinehollywood? i'm sorry. >> everyone from executives to agents to managers to assistants read it. >> reporter: as much as the blog is revered it is feared. her takedowns can be withering. she's called the chairman of
8:47 am
viacom old coot. she once called the president of warner brothers the chairman of the he-man women haters club. perhaps it's no surprise that out of the studio execs we called -- we're doing a story about nikki finke. i was wondering if you would have a moment to talk about nikki finke -- no one would talk on the record. it's that tell it like it is style that has some tipping their hats. >> she's a great, phenomenal reporter and she's right about a lot of stuff. she's incredibly aggressive. >> reporter: her told you moments are legend. industry predictions that are sometimes dead on but sometimes not like when she claims ariana huffington made an ass of herself for creating the huffington post. it just sold aol for $315 million. it's tempting to call her the
8:48 am
digital reincarnation of hedda hopper, nikki bristles at the accusation. she's no gossip, she insists. in fact her blog is a bible of back room deals and caught the eye of investors. the mail media corporation bought deadlinehollywood in a deal reportedly worth $15 million. >> there are executives that read her to find out what's going on at their own studio. >> right. she's everywhere. >> reporter: that's what makes her such a ghost. she's everywhere yet nowhere. in a city where being seen is so often the key to success, nikki finke seems more than uncomfortable being near the spotlight she signs on everyone else. google her and you will find her name is everywhere, but there is only a single black and white image of her face.
8:49 am
you have to dig into the archives of wellesley college for ig anything else. in 2005 she wrote a story for the new york city detailing her northeast up bringing, her debutante ball, afternoon tea at the plaza. she even described an affair with what she called a famously, if unhappily, married man, allowing others to shape her image is a trust she rarely grants. she has never accepted an offer to appear here on "today," but she is usually willing to talk to us over the phone. except for this story. we got a thanks, but no thanks. that was it. but when the ever connected nikki got wind we were proceeding anyway, she connected with us, demanding our story be killed. that's the polite way of putting it. >> she's not trying to be a personality. but the fact that she's run from that has made her a personality.
8:50 am
>> reporter: it's a cat and mouse game she usually wins, determined to keep up a barrier that in her world both protects and perhaps adds to her mystique. as she's called hollywood a maimai male-dominated business and says she enjoys beating the big guys at their own game, we contacted authors, writers, you name it and they wouldle rather let nikki's name and reputation stand for itself. >> why do you think she's so guarded? >> there are a lot of opinions. many people said she doesn't want to be friends with people she covers. she said in the past she said it puts sources in an uncomfortable position. i think she would rather hover over it all, watch, observe and write from a distance and stay as anonymous as she can. >> lee cowan, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> up next, al does some grilling and chilling with the always entertaining paula deen.
8:51 am
first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
in today's kitchen we're chilling and grilling with celebrity chef and entrepreneur, the one, the only miss paula deen. she's here at the 10th annual food network wine & foodfest f t
8:53 am
food festival. so good to see you. >> you, too, darling. >> you have a lot going on today. >> i do have a lot going on. i'm cooking for you, but i'm also having the pleasure of going to the food bank in miami with my partners at smithfield. we'll be making a food drop this morning. >> terrific. >> 125,000 pounds, give or take. >> that's great. >> yeah. no, 25,000. >> 25,000. >> it will feed about 125,000 people. >> that's great. >> that are food-deprived in this area. >> meantime, we are making salmon cakes. >> yes. something that anybody in the country, al, can do this so easily because we are going to use a canned salmon. so you dump and i'll stir. >> that doesn't sound right, but go ahead. starting with the canned salmon. >> let's do that first. >> yeah, good idea. that's perfect. >> fine. >> i usually do mine last so it
8:54 am
won't chunk all up. let's put the onions. >> okay. >> perfect. the panko. >> bread crumbs. >> cayenne. wow! excuse me. you scared me. and parsley. >> we'll dust with cornmeal. >> and i will add the eggs to bind it. >> that's going to bind it. this is so great because you can use canned salmon which is in every grocery store. >> right. >> so you kind of want to gently fold that in. >> you don't want to break up the salmon. >> right. we have some pattied out. >> we're going to dust it with cornmeal? >> you are so good. uh-oh. you're tearing up my cakes. >> uh-oh. do it by hand. there we go. >> very nice. in the meantime you have a nice salsa with this? >> yes, darling. we do. this is a mango tartar sauce.
8:55 am
>> it's pretty easy. >> we have mango, chopped capers we'll toss into the mayonnaise. >> mix it together and that's that. >> you are so good. >> what else do you have here on the side? >> what, baby? >> do you have coleslaw? >> i have coleslaw and little key lime -- >> tartlets. >> yes. >> there it is. a little sweet tea and, by the way, to celebrate the 10th anniversary we have the food network south beach wine & food festival cookbook. you have recipes in there, too? >> yes, i do. >> all right. >> congrats to lee schrager. >> the mastermind behind it. >> there he is! hey, darling! >> back to you, guys. >> i will see you in los angeles for all things oscar monday on "today."
8:56 am
the winners, the fashion, we'll have it all from hollywood. . good morning to you. it is. good morning. it is 8:56. let's check the friday forecast with christina. >> good morning. if you're leaving the house, you'll be glad to know the bulk of the moisture has come
8:57 am
through. we are areas of localized ponding and flooding out there. there is a pocket sneaking into san bruno. turns cold by 1:00 p.m. more showers push on shore when it is cold enough for the possibility of snowflakes at sea level. that time is tomorrow morning. heading through the rest of the week, the next concern i possibility of a hard ommute possibility of a hard ommute after e brea [ fefemalele annnnouncnc] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion.
8:58 am
welcome back. christina showed you the rain traveling through livermore. still wet roadways, 580 westbound, 20 minute drive at the dub lynn interchange. the other two on the map are eastbound. slowing into the area as well through cast ter valley y. 880 and 580 slow through oakland, jamming up at the
8:59 am
coliseum. the pe nins i can't, slow road. there's the bay bridge toll plaza. still has a backup. thanks for joining us. another update in a half hour. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts.
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this soggy and windy morning, the 25th of february 2011. the only good news is the wet weather that's been brought along with slightly warmer temperatures today. we are not the only ones getting hit hard today although we wish we were. we don't want to spread the misery. we'll check in with al in a moment. he has more on the wild weather across the country. here in studio 1a i'm ann curry in in willie geist and amy robach. coming up, charlie sheen's bizarre radio rant. >> bizarre is the word to call it.
9:01 am
the "two and a half men" star took to the air waves once again to lash out at the show's creator and about his own substance abuse. now the highly rated production is shut down for the season. we'll here some of what sheen said. some of it we can't hear and find out what's ahead for him and the show. also ahead, who are you wearing? that's what everyone wants to know as stars like natalie portman and anne hathaway way watch the red carpet for the oscars. >> who are you wearing, willie? >> i don't know. that's a guy's answer. i have no idea. we're going to the 10th annual south beach food & wine festival in miami. al is there. >> good morning, willie. how you doing? >> doing great. what are you cooking up down there? >> well, we've got a lot of stuff. we have great chefs who will be showing us what they are doing. this is the 10th anniversary. we'll get to that in a minute.
9:02 am
of course the big story has been what's going on with the weather here. we'll have details on that coming up. >> all right, al. thanks. first ann has a check of the morning's top stories. >> in the news rebels and militiamen loyal to moammar gadhafi are battling for control of the capitol. in cities, thousands are rallying in support of rebels in tripoli. the situation has pushed nato and the u.n. security council to call emergency meetings today with the u.n. saying they will not rule out options on sanctioning moammar gadhafi. a boat carrying more than 150 american evacuees has now departed tripoli for malta after days of waiting for rough seas to die down. and in cities across jordan this morning, tens of thousands are protesting yet again, calling for change to the constitution, the dissolution of parliament and a reduction in the pours of the royal family. a dispute in wisconsin is up to the senate. despite days of protest in
9:03 am
madison the assembly approved a measure to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. it is unclear whether the bill will be taken up in the senate because of a democratic boycott. a top safety official said she's concerned about a rash of pipeline accidents across the country. there have been five gas explosions since september killing 14 people. officials are looking for a recurring problem in the industry. a college student make as court appearance in texas after being charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. the justice department said the 20-year-old plotted to blow up dams, nuclear power plants or the dallas home of former president george w. bush. the death toll is rising and hope is fading in christchurch, new zealand, where at least 113 people are now confirmed dead and more than 200 others are still missing as rescuers race against time come combing through the rubble. the cia contractor charged
9:04 am
with murder in pakistan had ale jailhouse hearing today where he refused to sign a paper listing charges against him, arguing that he has diplomatic immunity. we have liftoff. the world's most traveled space shift has blasted into orbit for the last time. "discovery" is on a mission to resupply the international space station carrying six muhumans a a robot who tweeted "hello universe." for jing-jing the panda, there were five pictures of male giant pandas for her to choose from. like any modern woman she couldn't make up her mind. she chose two. zookeepers will give both suitors a date with her, observing how they interact in real life. >> how did she choose them? put a paw on them or -- >> you know, i don't know.
9:05 am
we'll investigate. i think she indicated in some particular panda way. how do you indicate, darling? >> put the paw on the picture. >> i use my paw. >> ann, thanks so much. now back down to miami beach where al has a check of the weather for us. >> we're putting a paw on you, al. >> okay. thanks. i will be looking forward to that. of course the weather has been fairly severe throughout parts of the south in this country. a frontal system bringing lots of rain. in fact, at some points you can see this is the time lapse radar -- as it moves through kentucky it's dropping up to two or three inches of rain per hour. that caused massive flooding that washed away a family trying to cross a river. four children were swept away. as this system caused massive areas of damage it also caused a lot of scary moments for people in the region.
9:06 am
>> reporter: the dangerous weather system moved through parts of the south thursday night. the skies lighting up memphis when a squall line moved to the east bringing dangerous winds, thurnd and lightning, causing damage like this. a tree falling on a house. in tennessee there were downed power lines and trees. this woman had a storage shed blown into the side of her home. >> i was crying. i'm terrified of storms and tornadoes. so it really scared me. >> reporter: the high winds also damaged this granite shop. >> we come out here and this is what we find. doors blown away, granite broken all over. just a mess. >> reporter: tipping a truck on its side. missouri also saw heavy snowfall where authorities were forced to temporarily shut down i-35. out west, more snowfall in spokane, washington. the area digging out from a snowstorm that hit some places with as much as a foot of snow.
9:07 am
in western oregon, snow-covered roads made driving dangerous. >> i lost traction, just started sliding and didn't stop until i was in the ditch. >> reporter: while in northern california a winter storm expected today is causing long lines in nevada city area grocery stores as residents stock up on supplies bracing for the potential of power outages. >> i have not seen one snowstorm that has not lost power. >> reporter: and as the storm makes its way to the east it's causing problems. we have wind watches and advisories from alabama to new engld for wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. as the front moves in you will see heavy rain along the front. back behind it we are talking snow. the ehhiest rain will be focused in the northeast where we are talking one to two inches of rain from pennsylvania along the
9:08 am
new england coast and inland, erie, pennsylvania, three to seven inches of snow. 8 to 12 in lebanon. portland may see up to 8 to 12 inches of snow. well, showers are thinning out now. we almost picked up three quarters inch of rain in san francisco and oakland. san jose over a half inch in the past six hours. we will see spotty showers throughout the day today. by about noon to 1 p.m., a great deal of clearing over the bay area. that's when the temperatures will plummet. we already hit daytime highs this morning. they will continue to drop through the day today. then if any precipitation sneaks on shore overnight, especially around 7 a.m., possible snow. and that's your latest weather. as we mentioned we are here at miami beach, one of the sites of the 10th annual food network south beach wine & food festival.
9:09 am
david myers joins me. he just opened up a restaurant at the cosmopolitan, las vegas. you're making drinks. >> when you're in south beach you have to make drinks. i'm happy to do it. >> first is called snake in the grass? what's that? >> it's nonalcoholic, super simple. we add one little trick which is an egg white. we love to just get a hard shake on it. froth it up. it makes a person who doesn't want to have an alcoholic beverage feel like they are having something for substantial. >> special. >> get the shake, open it up and you have the foam happening there. crank its up really hard. then we add a little bit of apple cider. i like to measure. >> my director said it would be better with vodka. >> we have drinks with vodka here. i'm going to add a little bit of lemon juice for acid. keeps it fresh. finishing up with simple syrup. simple syrup adds a little bit of sweetness. so we're going to shake it one
9:10 am
last time very quick. add a little bit of ice right here. now the beauty of this is it's fresh, light, very, very pure. >> as you pour that one, what else do we have? >> we have a little bit of a blackberry bramble, some penicillin with scotch. sam ross for milk and honey is doing our cocktails. look how that froths up. you have to try this, al. >> little bit of cinnamon? >> right on top. >> here's looking at you, ann. oh, that's good. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. with the bad weather it's nice to see it's beautiful somewhere. by the way, while al was doing that reporting i want you to know -- >> you were doing your own. >> this is how it worked with the pandas. they put food in front of all five. she ate the food in front of two which showed interest. >> who she wanted to have dinner
9:11 am
with. >> when you eat in front of a man that's the deal. that's how they know she's interested. >> more about the food than the panda. >> it's the same food for all of them. you wouldn't be flattered? >> i don't know. >> important information. >> glad we know now. >> good follow-up. >> panda love. >> it would be nice if men could do that. put your paw out. you're coming with me. >> you two. >> now to charlie sheen's controversial comments that have led cbs and warner brothers television to pull the plug on the rest of the season for "two and a half men." >> the show was supposed to return next week but sheen's rant on a radio show ended hopes for that putting the show and the actor's future in doubt. >> oh, you bad girl. >> reporter: it's quiet on the set for "two and a half men" all because the star, troubled actor charlie sheen, could not keep quiet. >> it's over.
9:12 am
there is a new sheriff in town. >> reporter: speaking out on the alex jones show, sheen broke ranks and went after chuck lorre, cocreator of "two and a half men" calling him a clown. >> it's nothing inside of deplorable that a certain haim levine, chuck's real name, mistook this rock star for his own rock star exit, bro. last i checked i've spent i think close to the last decade i have been converting your tin cans into pure gold and the gratitude i get is that this charlatan chose not to do his job which is to write. well, you have been warned, dude. bring it. >> this is the wildest interview i have ever done, period. >> reporter: jones said even he wasn't prepared for all charlie had to say. >> charlie had surprises. a lot of that was news to me. >> reporter: tmz reports his
9:13 am
companions were a porn star and a model. sheen called them godesses and said his estranged wife brooke was with them for a time. >> where there were four there are now three. bye-bye, brooke and good luck in your travels. you're going to need it badly. sheen who was recently receiving treatment at home for addictions talked about his sobriety. >> you're clean, aren't you? >> 100%. here's your first pee test. next one goes in your mouth. it's all good, guys. quit panicking. >> reporter: he used alcoholic anonymous in the past and now calls it a bootleg cult. >> this is the work of sissies. the only thing i'm addicted to now is winning. >> he felt he transcended drugs, a.a., is doing it on his own and he's somebody breaking out of a guilded cage. >> reporter: sheen reportedly earns nearly $2 million an episode. the show was scheduled for production next week but after
9:14 am
the radio interview cbs announced it was cancelled for the season citing sheen's statement, conduct and condition. >> you sound like thomas jefferson. >> i'm not thomas jefferson. he was a [ bleep ]. but i dare anyone to bait me on things. bait me on a.a. right now. i have a disease? [ bleep ] i cured it with my brain, with my mind. i'm cured. i'm done. just before cbs pulled the plug sheen was challenging lorre to a fight. after the announcement sheen reportedly fired back with an open letter to in which he called lorre a maggot and wished him nothing but pain. nbc news reached out to chuck lorre for comment but we did not hear back from him. >> remarkable. >> thank you for that report. can we change the subject? >> yeah, let's talk about what's coming -- >> to the pandas. >> no, we're talk about how to avoid overspending on big box
9:15 am
bargains at wholesale stores. we'll tell you how to save your money. and up next she's got the look. who to watch on the red carpet for oscar fashion preview. after this. male announcer ] did you hear about the car company test-driving cars on the internet? you just log on, click "drive," and hit the space bar to accelerate. all from your living room. that's absurd. this is the all-new 2011 dodge charger. available for real test drives.
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progresso. oh yes hi. can you please put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. heaven comes to earth. rich, creamy, thick dannon greek, the most delicious yogurt imaginable. heaven on earth! discover dannon greek this morning on "today's oscar red carpet preview" which leading lady will steal the show
9:18 am
this weekend at the academy awards? hal rubenstein has his predictions for most glamorous gowns. good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll start with the ladies you thought stole the show at the golden globes. first you liked emma stone. remind us what she wore. >> emma wore a clean, sleek calvin klein dress that was all about how young hollywood should look. never under estimate the power of minimalism. look how demure it is. it's incredibly sensual. it was a knockout. >> she's beautiful. you liked anne hath's armani gown. >> that's a big dress. take as strong person to pull it off. anne has great oversized features. she's so infectious. everyone in hollywood is so excited about her hosting the oscars and that dress is one that only someone like her can pull off. it's huge with the shoulders, the netting on the back.
9:19 am
it's great. but you really have to have a strong sense of who you are and lo clothes to get it right. >> and jouuliana margulies, wha about her? >> it's nice to see someone dress up as a grown-up. it's vintage ysl. one of the most chic dresses i have seen on the red carpet in a long time. >> i love that one. let's go to the sag awards. one that's hot, mila kunis from "black swan." what did she wear at the sag awards? >> beautiful young woman with a smoky eye appeal. it was a great dress from alexander mcqueen from the same collection as the controversial dress michelle obama wore to the chinese state dinner she was criticized for. it's hand-painted and a rare case where someone wears a print because they don't often
9:20 am
photograph well. a lot of the shows on the cable networks she got slammed but frankly they got it wrong. she killed. >> please. she could wear anything. let's be honest. >> it helps to be pretty. >> a little bit. let's go to the 14-year-old actress from "true grit." why do you like her style? >> usually i don't pay attention to a 13-year-old on a red carpet but at the risk of sounding pervy, whoever is helping her get dressed whether she's wearing prada, the choices are smart. she manages to look sophisticated without looking like she's wearing mom's clothes. it's a youthful energy about her. everyone in hollywood is excited about her. she has great presence, but on the red carpet, somehow she looks right and still young. t's hard to pull that off. >> let's go to the bafta awards.
9:21 am
you liked gemma's black velvet valentino gown. >> no, it's ysl. basically black is not a good color this season because there is so much color around. black is overlooked, but that huge blue bow on top of the ysl column is just going to pop. a beautiful young woman, a new actress with a great future ahead of her. it just stood out wonderfully. emma watson is leaving hogwarts behind as fast as she can and she's making a great impression, not just with the haircut. she's one of the faces of burrberry. this is a valentino gown. she's shown up on red carpet events looking knockout one time after the next. >> i want to talk about natalie portman on the oscar red carpet. she's pregnant. what can we expect? >> she gets more pregnant by the minute. it's funny because there was a
9:22 am
period of time not long ago where pregnant women didn't care much. now it's a combination of several women -- catherine zeta jones, cate blanchett who have shown up looking fantastic. she was in that viktor & rolf at the golden globes. she's good in designers of the day and one of the new faces of dior. i think she'll wear rodarte because he did the clothes for "black swan" including the costumes for the ballet. >> we love to see pregnant women wear it well. hal, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> and a reminder, monday on "today," meredith and al will be live from los angeles with the complete oscar wrap-up. still to come, will and kate go back to where they met and fell in love stopping by st. andrews. how can you be part of the love story? we'll tell you after these
9:23 am
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still ahead, two women from the crowd got an ambush makeover today. >> and we head to sunny florida fo the wine & food festival at south beach after your local news. ♪ special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake.
9:26 am
with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy... your hunger to help you lose weight. ♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today. good morning, everybody. time is 9:26. i'm brent canon. christina has what to expect all day. >> your right about the cold settling in. we already hit the daytime highs, around 50 degrees, which was the temperature about 6 a.m. this morning. we are getting a bit of a break on the peninsula, northernmost portion of the peninsula and in the bay now. now through 1 p.m., we will see a good deal of clearing. our conditions turn very, very cold, then the tricky forecast settles in. by 3 a.m. saturday, looks like we are going to see showers
9:27 am
sneaking on shore. it will be cold enough at that time for some snow and so we are forecasting some light snow at sea level. maybe some flurries, definitely a possibility. after that, our focus goes to the possibility of a hard freeze in the north bay. we have a freeze watch in place all the way throughout sunday. 55 degrees and chilly monday. let's check the commute with mike inouye. >> i have to wrap the pipes at 101 and 880, off 280, had reports of earlier flooding. we will watch that area for the reason behind the slow down. northbound 101 at san antonio, the reason because of an accident. one time three lanes blocked. starting to move. we will get a live look at the other side of the water through the south way through sunol. this area is so blurry, the lens is impaired and so is visibility and tracks. a little through oakland and clearing at the bay bridge toll plaza.
9:28 am
has the update on the other side of this break. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
9:29 am
trial will stay in alameda county. the judge denied change of venue. lawyers say the two men associated with the black muslim bakery can't get a fair trial because of widespread publicity. prosecutors claim bay ordered the killing of journalist chauncey bailey because he was going to expose internal conflict within the bakery and its impending bankruptcy. they are also charged with two other murders. more local news an half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great friday. see you back here in a bit!
9:30 am
that is not a chair. that is st. edwards' chair. >> people carved their names on it. >> listen to me. >> by what right? >> because i have a right and i have a voice! >> yes, you do. >> a scene from "the king's speech," the acclaimed film up for no less than 12 academy awards nominations including best actor for colin firth and best director. will it take home the coveted oscar for best picture? that's the question and this monday on "today" meredith and al will be live from los angeles with a complete wrap-up of the 83rd annual academy awards. now joined by jenna wolfe we'll
9:31 am
talk about what's coming up in this half hour. what about what's in the big, bulk stores like costco, target, sam's. you were talking about this earlier. >> love it. >> we get excited to go but how do we prevent ourselves from overspending and what should we buy and not buy there if we are thinking of spending money? sometimes you get to excited you can't stop yourself. >> and sometimes you are wasteful. >> right. everyone needs 36 barrels of beans. it's very important. >> it's a product ty trip every time. >> we have dos and don'ts. >> and miami beach is hosting the 10th annual food & wine festival. we have a foie gras burger and we have chorizo and clams from chef michael simon. >> we are jealous.
9:32 am
that foie gras burger, oh, my gosh! give us the story. >> we'll talk about something serious. the uprising and clashes in libya. streets are battlefields in a country on the brink of civil war as the international community considers sanctions. we'll have the latest. and falling for hollywood. we'll introduce you to a top stunt performer and show you the secrets to her hard knocks training. you have to love a strong woman. >> we -- oh, that was lester. we asked, did you do it? >> i like that. >> i would have remembered getting kicked. >> impressive. >> that's incredible. >> i want to do that. >> i know. >> how fun does that look? >> then be careful what you wish for. as we preview oscar night we'll look at what some call the curse of winning off and on stage. and a royal appearance this we count down the days until the
9:33 am
wedding. prince william and kate middleton are beginning to step out in public. >> now al with the foie gras burger chef. >> and the sunshine and the pool. >> tell us about the weather first. >> i'm going to give you the weather first. as we look at the weekend really quickly we'll show you for tomorrow we've got again a risk of strong storms developing later in the weekend in the southeast. but in california heavy rain tomorrow. clouds in the pacific northwest. mild in the southeast. then sunday we do look for the risk of strong storms again through the lower mississippi river valley. sunny but cool through southern california. snow in the mountains of the pacific northwest. looking at light snow in the northeast. sunny and mild along the southeastern atlantic coast. good morning to you. we're seeing a good deal of clearing now. showers substantially thinning out. we do have areas of ponding.
9:34 am
picked up almost three-quarters inch in san francisco and oakland, half inch in san jose. through 1:00 p.m., we will see clearing and the cold air moves in. 3 a.m., temperatures will fall to near freezing temperatures, and it will be cold enough for snowflakes at sea level. have a great day. and we are here at the 10th annual south beach wine & food festival sponsored by food network. one of the big numbers here is the burger bash. happened last night and the ritz carlton south beach's josh becker. you're on enemy turf now. i guess everybody is friendly here. >> right. it's a friendly event. everybody comes together. it's all about the wine, the food. it's a great event. >> tell me about the burger you maid. >> it's a foie gras torchon burger with leeks, shallot.
9:35 am
we added a little bit of espalette to give it kick and put it on a potato roll with monterey jack. >> how do we do it? >> start with seasoning with salt and tabille which is granulated garlic, onion, salt, pepper and lots of -- a little bit of cumin. >> mm-hmm. so we'll get this going a little bit. i prefer to sear the burger patty for the caramelization on there. as it develops the nice crust underneath i will start chopping the fricasee. >> we'll go back to new york where they will be very jealous of what i'm doing. josh, thank you so much. guys, back to you. >> all right, al. have a great time there. enjoy the burger. we want to turn to today's royal
9:36 am
treatment. as we have been telling you, we have a contest where we are sending a lucky viewer and a guest all expenses paid to england during the royal wedding. let's look at one of the latest entries. >> hear ye, hear ye, the one to go to london should be me. ever since i was 3 i was obsessed with royalty. i would love to see the pomp and splendor. it would be a true gift i would always remember. >> creative. she dressed up and everything. >> the winner will get two first class tickets on british airways to london during the wedding of kate middleton and prince william. so get out the cameras and create a video no more than two minutes long telling us why london is calling you. remember, creativity counts. for complete details head to >> okay. coming up next, what to know
9:37 am
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[ female announcer ] there's a place called hidden valley where kids not only eat their vegetables, they can't get enough. ♪ hidden valley ranch, makes vegetables delectable. and now make lettuce a real salad with hidden valley salad kits! everything you need all in one bag, like garlic croutons, lemon pita bites, parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing. turn plain lettuce into a hidden valley salad. this morning on "today's consumer" getting more bang for your buck at big box stores. for many there is nothing like hitting costco. but for some big bulk bargains. what stores have the best?
9:41 am
andrea, good morning. >> good morning. >> your best advice on how not to overspend at these stores? >>le people walk into warehouse stores and see such amazing prices and they want to take advantage. that's an easy way to start filling up the cart and overspending. so don't buy something just because it's a bargain. you want to create a list and stick to it. then think, is this a necessity? am i going to use it before it expires or is it a perishable item i will waste? put down the item if you can't make a decision. walk away. chances are ten minutes later, you will realize it's something you didn't need and the urge to buy it will pass you. >> you say the membership fees are worth it, especially if you buy the lists you are going to show us today, one of which is the big screen television. >> right. if you walk into the warehouse, the price of tvs initially aren't different from department or electronics stores. where the warehouses shine is with the extended warrantees and longer return policies. so the warehouses have a 60-day
9:42 am
return policy, longer than electronics stores and they offer two-year extended warrantee which you would have to purchase. >> you think tires are a good buy here. >> right. when you purchase anything, compare prices. looking attires i found there is definitely a discount at the warehouse. this bridgestone tire was $98, a $12 savings compared to competitor stores. >> batteries, another good idea. is that because they are in bulk or another reason? >> buying batteries in bulk is great because there are no expiration dates. they won't go bad on you. this package of 40 aa copper tops cost $12.99. for a dollar more you get half the quantity at the grocery store. clearly a significant savings. >> coffee? >> you can save 30% on large canisters. >> but coffee does diminish over time so you don't want a lot
9:43 am
sitting around, right? >> these stay pretty fresh. >> because they are vacuum sealed? >> they are. keep it in the freezer. this three-pound coffee canister, the folger's classic roast is the same price as one pound at that time grocery store. >> toothbrushes and toothpaste. >> that's a daily necessity, brushing your teeth. >> no half life. they don't wear out. >> and the oral b pulser, for one toothbrush, i found it at the grocery store for $6.99. that package is $3.50 a toothbrush. >> pet food. >> if you have a hungry pet that's a big bag. >> buying pet food in bulk is going to save you money. at the warehouse it knocks off an extra 20% off. so this 52-pound bag is $23. you pay $20 at the grocery store for 20 pounds less.
9:44 am
>> skin products. >> name brand lotions will cost you a pretty penny at the drugstore. >> you talk about the drugstore -- i'm sorry. go ahead. i interrupted you. >> this aveeno body lotion is 38.5 ounces and it's $12.99. for a 12-ounce bottle it's the same price at the drugstore. clearly a better bargain. >> we jumped ahead because we have prescription drugs are cheaper at some of the stores but you don't want to buy those in bulk. >> they fill the prescription per your doctor's prescription and you save over 50%. it's a smart place to go. even nonmembers can go to the pharmacy. >> lastly? >> laundry detergent. you can get 180 loads for $20.98 at sam's club and $19.99 for 120 at kmart. obviously you get 60 more loads for the same price. >> andrea, thank you so much.
9:45 am
timely advice, saving us money. up next, we'll head to sunny miami beach for a one-pot meal from chef michael simon after this. take her out to eat.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
burger bash which this man, michael simon, won last night -- not once but two years in a row. >> two years in a row. >> congratulations. >> absolutely. look at the trophy. it's exciting. >> you have a new burger restaurant in cleveland. >> we have the b spot. last night we did the yo burger with salami and provolone. >> what else are you doing here? >> we ate so many burgers i'm doing sword fish with a citrus salad. we'll season it up both sides. salt, hot pan with olive oil. we'll get a two, three-minute sear on each side. >> on top of this i want to keep it bright and fresh. so a little bit of lemon zest. a little bit of orange zest. >> nice color. >> and a little bit of lime zest. >> ooh, yeah. >> just keeps it awake. >> mm-hmm.
9:50 am
>> citrus salad. this is easy. you can make it in a flash at home. i use oranges and grapefruit. segment them out. with any soft herbs you like. basil, cilantro, mint, parsley. load it up in there. pull out the leaves, whatever you have in the garden or find in the market. it will be bright and fresh. we ate a lot of burgers last night. i'm smoked brisket and polenta tonight. >> i'm doing barbecued chicken. >> i like it. extra virgin olive oil, pinch of salt, cracked black pepper. do you like things spicy? >> i like it spicy. >> i go with shaved very thin jalapeno. thin as you can get it. then i just drop it right in
9:51 am
with the citrus. and a splash of vinegar. >> ah. >> this is sherry vinegar. >> oh, there we go. that's exciting. i'm slow. the burgers weighed me down. >> i have been hearing that from a lot of people. >> so we give it a toss. this is a great salad. you can do it with chicken. any grilled seafood. works great. goes right on top. >> what i like to do, because, you know, i have a greek sile sill yan mother. -- sicilian mother so we finish everything with extra virginal oil. >> give this a try. >> dig in. >> little of that. >> oh, see. you're a professional. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> yeah? you can put it together in seconds. that's the beauty of dishes like this. >> really nice.
9:52 am
>> i love the citrus, herbs and jalapeno to keep it really bright. >> michael simon, thank you. congratulations. this is the man to beat. two years in a row. >> i'm retiring. i'm going the seinfeld. two and out. >> if you want the recipes go to a big thank you to all of our chefs who came here to bring us all this fantastic food. we've got more from "today" and the south beach food & wine festival at the miami beach hotel. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:53 am
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9:56 am
[ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. brent cannon. we promise you'llt or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. good morning, everybody. time is 9:56. i'm brent cannon. checking the forecast with christine a the sun is out but i
9:57 am
think it is downhill from here, right? >> it is all downhill from here. in areas earlier, we had temperatures in the 50s and we weren't picking up any pockets of snow. you see a little pink here. we have a little rain/snow mix already. our temperatures are going to continue to drop. as we head through tonight, falling as low as 35 degrees in san francisco. if any precipitation makes it on shore at that time, it will likely come down as a mixture in san francisco, which is going to be the warmest city in all of the bay area. talking about snow flurries at sea level. it will be an unprecedented event if it actually does snow and accumulate in places like san francisco and oakland. you have a fair chance there as well. i want to point out a heavy cell moving over gilroy. take it easy there. see if we have problems with mike inouye. >> folks heading southbound, you wouldn't travel there if heading to l.a.
9:58 am
if you're heading up the peninsula, there's rain. northbound 101 at the san antonio exit, that accident cleared minutes ago. embark a dare oh, a camper shell, watch for that to be removed. moving from shoulder and clearing there, look at the big puddles. some are waiting for that to change. keep going. federal investigators are about to kickoff three days of hearings on the san bruno disaster by releasing thousands of pages of new documents. the records include technical reports and interview transcripts from the on-going investigation into the pipeline blast that killed eight people in september. the mayor and city manager of san bruno will attend the hearings. they start tuesday in washington, d.c. the san bruno fired the chief and other gas light industry
9:59 am
leaders are expected to testify. here is a run-down. tuesday's will operate the way pg*e operates. wednesday federal oversite. with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be.
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here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's dry-day friday, february 25. we're delighted you spent your entire week with us. >> and what a morning it is. charlie sheen -- we walked in this morning, and on all the televisions we heard charlie sheen's voice. he called in to this radio show, the alex jones radio show. apparently a friend of his. and he's on vacation in the
10:01 am
bahamas with apparently two -- what do you call them? >> porn stars, which are not his sobriety counselors, and his ex-wives. the three of them were there and he made a phone call into the alex jones show, and i can only say what he said was shocking and surprising even by his standards. the first thing he talked about was chalcoholics anonymous. this is interesting. let's listen. >> this is the work of sissies. the only thing i'm addicted to right now is winning. this bootleg cult referred to as alcoholics anonymous reports only a 5% success rate. my success rate is 100%. do the math. and alex says, be speci-- alcohs
10:02 am
says, be special, be one of us. i am special, and i will never be one of you. >> the arrogance is incredible. >> cbs has said they're going to stop shooting the show for the rest of the season. which is only a handful. >> four more. they already have 170 episodes. it's a billion-dollar business to cbs and there is obviously more money to be made if they continue with the franchise, but i think cbs finally did the right thing. finally did the right thing. >> he goes on to talk about -- this is so disturbing -- about how he made chuck lorre, who is the producer of the show, and he basically acts as if nobody else was responsible for the success of that program. it's just him, and what are they all going to do without him? let's listen to that. >> nothing aside from deplorable
10:03 am
for this exit strategy, bro. i think i've spent close to the last decade, i don't know, effortless and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold. >> you know what, there are a lot of people who work on his show -- >> who are not making a million and a half per episode. >> right, who need to work this week and next who aren't going to be because of that. >> the arrogance and perhaps the most unforgivable to many, many people is the anti-semitism. he changed his name, and if that isn't blatant anti-semitism, i don't know what is. >> he spoke on and on, but he talked about the people in his life he's dealing with. let's listen to this one. >> look what i'm dealing with,
10:04 am
man, i'm dealing with foolz and trolls. i'm dealing with soft targets and it runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee because i don't have time for these clowns. i don't have time for their judgment and their stupidity, and they lay down with their ugly wives in front of their ugly children, look at their loser lives and look at me and say, i can't process it. no, you can't. stop trying. just sit back and enjoy the show. >> flying around with two hot girls in a private plane and you've got your pathetic little lives. >> but whose life is pathetic, really? when you listen to him go on and on about that. i don't know what the story was. was he on something? >> he sounds sober, he sounds like he knows what he's saying. he's very intelligent. i don't know about addictions in that sense, so i don't know if he's on something or not. i just know what he's on is the
10:05 am
tlo throne of his life, and that throne happens to be a toilet. if he doesn't get some help -- personally, he doesn't realize he needs it. the problems with addiction like this is you either end up dead or in prison. he's got two choices. we do wish him the best. i hate to see a human life wasted this way. >> you wonder, too, what his parents must think watching this happen so publicly. >> by all accounts, very serious, devout catholic people who have kept their marriage for so many years. their other son dealing with addiction but supposedly doing well. they're not the highest paid on prime time tv. >> what did he make? >> 2 million an episode. >> think about that. an episode is 30 minutes. he makes a little more than you.
10:06 am
jimmy fallon again is running out of material. >> it seems like he can't do a show without us. >> he was celebrating his 400th episode last night. let's listen. >> everyone here at nbc is offering their congratulations. in fact, this morning kathie lee and hoda sent me an empty champagne bottle. i love those guys. >> actually, that was from hoda, jimmy, because i don't drink champagne and she does, so we know who was responsible for that one. >> yes, we do. >> we have a gift for him. >> we certainly do. this is dog food, okay? but here's the thing. according to the people who make this dog food, it's fit for humans because they've made it in such a way that people can eat it. >> why would people want to, but -- >> i see forks and a knife and a napkin. >> and i see red wine. >> i'm not eating it because i don't like dog food. look at the texture. >> this is why god made gary.
10:07 am
gary, will you try it? gary, do you want to try the meatloaf? >> i'm not trying it, but who will? brian? come on over, brian. >> truly human edible. >> take this, brian. >> you have some. >> i don't want it. >> go. how was it? >> not bad. >> no more. is it nasty? >> now it's bad. >> it's $12 for 24 ounces. >> i'm going to take it home and try it on my puppies. if they don't eat it -- i'm going to be sick. i did something foolish. >> no, no. >> frank ate dog food as a child. they were so poverty stricken,
10:08 am
his father was an oil worker. they lived in 35 different places around the country during the depression because his father couldn't get work. he said, kathie, we ate dog food sometimes and we were happy to have it. so everything is relative sometimes. i'll bring it to him. it will bring back memories. he'll get a kick out of that. he won't even eat leftovers now because of those years. >> oh, really? okay. we talked yesterday -- is it nasty? >> a little bit. it's a little nasty. >> so we talked yesterday -- salty. >> it's not salty. you taste it and tell me what it tastes like. go, hoda. go, hoda. >> well, you did it, so -- >> you didn't even taste it. >> oh, god. i swallowed it like a pill. you know what that is --
10:09 am
>> nasty! that's the word. now, we were talking yesterday about road rage and today we're going to talk about cell phone rage. tammy, our producer, told us this unbelievable story today. first of all, there is a woman in brooklyn, a woman who threw hot coffee in another woman's face in a deli because she wouldn't lower her voice when on a cell phone. >> when you're on a cell phone, it's annoying, but you're allowed to talk on them so you have to deal with it. tammy was on a train, talking and whispering in a cell phone with her mother -- >> about a funeral. >> and this guy sitting next to them gets really upset and grabbed her. >> it's not assault. >> he got ticked off and he said -- he called her a -- okay, expletive, and he told her to hang up that phone and she said she wasn't going to hang up the phone, and he said, yes, you
10:10 am
are. and then he said, yes, you are. >> but she said it in a very calm, modulated tone, but then when she got to her stop she said, i'm going to talk the entire way. she was trying to be very quiet, very respectful. this is her mother. they're talking about someone's funeral. this is the best part. they end up in her town, the name of her city i won't name, and the guy gets off at her stop. she walks up to him and she says -- she said what? >> i'm going to follow you home and tell your wife what you said to me just so she knows how you treat women. >> and then he says, you're right. i'm having a really bad day. so if you have a situation like that, tell them you're going to follow them home and tell their wife. i think it is awesome! >> what about my funny?
10:11 am
>> bring bobbie first. come on, bobbie. first of all, before we start the timer, look at the bobbie fare. >> this is how my hair dries, and it's the opposite of hoda's problem, and i know women out there always want volume. >> you're naturally this gorgeous. >> no, i have to put makeup on and stuff. so first, celebrity colorist receipt a lazon has come up with a solution for anybody who fights the gray hairs that grow in your roots. and andrea is going to help me. this is fantastic. it's not one of those waxy sticks or anything that people try to use to cover. >> she has no gray, though. >> she has blond, though.
10:12 am
it will actually blend in your roots and it doesn't make it sticky. it's water resistant. >> how long does it stay in? >> until you wash it out. and another great thing, based on my hair problem, if you don't want to go to the root which causes breakage, if you just use a mini crimper and crimp at the root underneath, a crimping iron can actually give you the boost of volume underneath. and last but not least, if you ate dog food, i have to show la caca's. they wanted a crew that is all natural, so that's what inspired them to name it, but this is really great for dark hair. >> thanks, ladies.
10:13 am
thank you so much. >> do your funny, quick. >> it's not up. i can't find it. we have a big show today. first of all, i just saw louis gosset, jr. i'm crying from this movie and he's going to talk about it. but first, our latest ambush makeover. >> this one is going to be a tearjerker. small spaces fresh
10:14 am
10:15 am
cones can dry out quickly. that's why there's the febreze set & refresh. 100% scented oils eliminates odors for 30 days. for freshness from start to finish. the small space odor solution that's a breath of fresh air. the febreze set & refresh.
10:16 am
>> it's time for today's plaza ambush makeovers, the perfect pick me up on a rainy day. but it's letting up. >> the rain, the snow, the hail, cannot crack us. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, luis licari la la la la la. they're here to show off what they've done. first of all, the rainy day is a recipe for great picks. >> perfect, because rainy days are notorious for bad hair days. many people who are out there with signs where the ink was actually dripping on the signs. >> this is one of our most deserving makeovers, probably the most ever. let's start off with christine lynch. she's 62 years old. she has not colored her hair for ten years, so she made sure she
10:17 am
was the first woman on the plaza this morning for a chance to get done by the king of color. >> all right, she's crying already through the sign, which is how we caught you in the crowd. tell me why this makeover is so important to you. >> because i have my 40th wedding anniversary coming up on sunday and i just had a birthday last monday, and i'd like to look a whole lot better than i do. >> lets me sneak around to you daughter. why do you want this for your mom? >> i want her to look as beautiful as i think she is and feel that way. >> are you ready to get pampered? >> definitely. >> thank you. >> we've got christine's daughter and her fiancee. here's the before picture. all right, christine, let's see the new you. [ applause ] >> oh, my gosh! >> wow! >> are you ready, monterrey?
10:18 am
are you ready, mark? take off your blindfold. they're crying already. >> oh! >> mom, you've got to see yourself. you'll know why she's so excited. >> oh, my goodness. >> you are a hot ticket! >> wow! >> come on over. tell us about mom. >> first of all, jennifer lawrence gave her this great haircut. what we did, she had fine hair so we made it much shorter, but you see she left that sexy, long fringe. short hair doesn't have to be at all matronly. they can be as sexy as you are. i made her more blond, less gray to give her a more youthful appearance. >> what do you think? >> it's scary. >> it's very good. >> we all love it. just a little bit of glitter on
10:19 am
the sweater. you could also wear this with jeans so we give this to her to sparkle with her personality. >> monterrey, you love? >> i love. >> awwww. big round of applause. you guys are so sweet. >> the second lady is tracy ruger. she's 48 from new york. she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996 and has been in a wheelchair ever since. she wanted our team to show her family how it's really done. listen to her story. >> this is an amazing story with an amazing family with a sense of humor. i love the sign you have for us today. >> i just rolled down from caz with the makeup crew. >> she usually doesn't like the outfit i put on her, either, because i have no sense of style, as you can tell.
10:20 am
>> why is this so important for you to give to her? >> she deserves it. it's something she really wanted for a long time, and i'm glad she got it. >> we're so glad we can give this to her for you. are you ready to let us pamper you for three hours? >> yep. i'm ready if he's ready. >> all righty. okay. she's here with her husband steve who is already sobbing. we are as well. and louis is always. and their two beautiful child n children. you guys, this is very moving. let's take one last look at tracy before, and let's bring beautiful tracy out now. [ cheers and applause ] >> tracy! tracy! all righty, you guys, are you
10:21 am
ready? take off the blooindfold. >> do you want to turn around and look at yourself in the mirror? >> okay. >> you look hot. >> it's so wonderful. >> what do you say, sweetie? >> i look pretty. >> you do look pretty. you look beautiful. >> oh, yes. >> take a better look. take all the time you want. we've got 25 minutes left or so. >> turn around so we can see you. >> turn around, sweetie. louis, what did you do for tracy? >> of course, her fine hair should be cut short. she has natural waves, so jennifer, when she blew it dry, she didn't blow dry really smooth. she kept the texture and gave her additional body. i warmed up her hair color. all the colors go together. you look so beautiful, so
10:22 am
vibrant. >> and your outfit is gorgeous. go ahead, jill. >> this is really an emotional process for everyone because steve actually helped us get her dressed today and we really wanted to pick something that you felt special in and just sparkled. the entire outfit is from macy's and we just wanted to make you feel so amazing. you look beautiful and thank you for letting us do this. >> look at her cute husband. big round of applause for everybody. >> thank you, jill. coming up next, we'll take questions from the crowd live. with the grease-fighting power of dawn. right in the eraser. oh-h, look at the bubbles. bottle 1: that's the race car of erasers. bottle 2: it is, it's the "erase car". is there a pit stop in this guy's future? this is unbelievable. he helps remove three times more greasy kitchen mess per swipe. well, i think he wins this race. oh man, look at him go. if i had hands, i'd throw in the towel. yeah, things aren't what they used to be. mr. clean magic eraser kitchen scrubber...
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we're back with our special weekly series, 3-2-1 with sara haines. >> we'll take live questions from the crowd. unashamed to talk about anything. here we go, sara. what do you have in the digital media cafe? >> we have a special guest. we have crystal chappell, james
10:25 am
scott. you may recognize them from "days of our lives." they're celebrating 40 years of the show. here we go with the question. >> you both are accomplished authors and hosts. how would you like to add actresses to your resumes? >> it's already on hers. from your very show. >> i can't believe i'm not in the book. i played nurse callahan on the show in 19 -- >> you're dating yourself, kathy. >> i know, it was 1975. >> james wants to ask you something else. >> i think it's about time you came back to the show. maybe you could walk onto a scene with me? >> a scene with you? the answer is yes! [ female announcer ] new special k cracker chips. 27 crispy chips. 110 delicious calories. mmmmmmm...good meeting. same time tomorrow? [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. i see a bag and think... i could have a chip.
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yeah right. that's why they're called chips? [ female announcer ] new special k cracker chips. 27 crispy chips. 110 delicious calories. another cracker chip? don't mind if i do! [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. good morning, everybody. it is 10:26. we want to check in with christina. cold air is moving in across the bay area. >> it is. we're definitely seeing that. as a result, we have more pink on the radar now. looks like we have some snow coming down in the east bay hills east of fremont, and this trend will continue. what's going to happen as we head throughout the day today, showers thin out substantially. this is the picture, at about 1:00 p.m., it turns very cold. more shower activity is anticipated. tonight if that precipitation comes down at the right time,
10:27 am
which it looks like it will, we could see snow flurries at sea level. with all of the moisture on the roadways, let's see how the drive is shaping up with mike inouye. we have a slow down, earlier accident around san antonio, took about a half hour to clear. jammed up northbound 101 out of san jose past the earlier scene. still a camper further complicating things and backing things towards sunny veil and mountain dale. the rest of the peninsula is looking all right. you see the toll plaza, big puddles approaching that. full closure for eastbound 80 heading into the sierras. you can't get to tahoe, if you plan t l few in aho few hours, check the website for cal tran. brent has more news after this. [ female announcer ] here are some great reasons to switch to at&t.
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and see for yourself. thousands of bay area teens go without food to raise money for victims of the haiti earthquake. 5,000 teens are participating in world vision's nationwide 30-hour familiar in event. during the 30 hours, teens can't eat any food, and they are trying to experience what the children and families face every day. they are also going to do hands on local community service projects today. giants in action today, playing the first exhibition game with spring training when they host td arizona dime backs in scottsdale, 12:30 today. before the game, grounds crew has been very busy sprucing things up.
10:30 am
painting world series championship logo on the grass behind home plate in scottsdale. it is going to be there throughout spring training as a reminder to everybody that hey, we are defending world champs. thanks for joining us. y to ushda ns owexupt. >> and we're back on this friday with more "today" and a quick guide to throwing an a-list oscar party. only sandra can take bits from each movie and make your party come alive. >> we can't help but start with a celebratory cocktail. they're the owners of mpg, a french restaurant right here in new york city. >> this is something to start off your weekend. i know it's friday. this was inspired by "the black swan." it's a mixture of rose wine, a little bit of rum together with
10:31 am
cognac. >> we're going to check in with you guys in a little bit. >> we like service and make you wait till the end. >> this is a great, great thing to have at a party. >> this is for your girlfriends. you put down a red carpet. you could do red felt. you welcome them on the red carpet. you take a little polaroid photo here and it's like instant gratification. we need to be modern, right? you want to get your dog involved, so this is his winner's bone here. you want fido to be appropriately attired in a tux. this is from the new york dog store. a nice red table cloth and a runner to represent the red carpet.
10:32 am
"black swan" hint here. we have cocktail napkins that are retro vintage, but if you don't have time to buy those, you can make your own black bow tie out of my daughter's construction paper. so sweet. and put together with super high-tech tape, right? when we get to the food, i love super heavy appetizers, and this is a nod to "true grit." these are fritters made with mashed potatoes and chicken, a lime dipping sauce -- >> can i try it? >> absolutely. they were just made. all the recipes are on >> what's it again? >> it's mashed potatoes and chicken. >> it's better than the dog food. >> better than the dog food? >> yeah, much better. >> this is for "the fighter." i got this on line. we all have shot glasses so just make it work for you.
10:33 am
and this is peanuts. i like doing the shot glasses because it's just a little sip. for "127 hours," these are glazed chicken wings for the fellow who got his wing caught in the boulder. >> that's a little sick. we like that about you. >> there's a plate here because obviously he was hiking and all that. another nod to "black swan" with our black and white parfaits that are absolutely delicious made with cheesecake. "the king's speech." after that, buy store-bought cookies for yourself, make it easier. mixing and matching are totally fine. a decaf carmel macchiato for "the inception" because you want to dream at night. make what you have work for you, and the wet wipes to clean up after all this. then this is the real girl's
10:34 am
goody bag. this is a real tip that stylists use to make celebs look rocking. this is a glimmer style spray to spray on the hair to give you a shine. lash extend to extend your lashes and also give you masca a mascara. wet and fast dry nail color. this is a treatment for the lip. that makes your lip color last longer. >> have you been introduced to that brand, josey moran? it's really great. they use that in the makeup room sometimes. >> you put that on your eye so your eye pops for photos. these are facial wipes for the end of the evening. you wipe off all your makeup. and last but not least, this is the hello kitty clutch cosmetics case. >> you know who loves that? we love to give that to bobbie. >> bobbie is nuts about hello kitty. >> a little disturbing, but she is. >> we're going to keep drinking.
10:35 am
tell us what you got. >> this is the canyon inspired by "127 hours." >> what's in that? >> a spiced rum, a juniper liquer, shake it over ice. refreshing, right? a little more feminine. >> i don't usually like cocktails but i would make an exception for this one. >> this is the sweet dream inspired by the movie "the inception." >> what about "the social network," guys? >> it's coming up. this is a black raspberry vodka served with a touch of st. jermaine. >> what is st. jermaine? >> it's i liquer mixed in with the famous drinks these days.
10:36 am
it's topped off in a martina glass over ice and it's more feminine. >> that almost tastes healthy. what else? >> here we go. this is what you're looking for. this is more of the gentleman's drink. >> got some scotch in it? >> bourbon. this will wake you up. >> southern ladies like their bourbon. >> this is called "tthe status update from "the social network." this has ginger syrup, a touch of lime. >> it's almost a little mint julepy. >> what's at the end of the train here? >> this is -- what do we have here? >> lemonade? >> it looks like lemonade. it's a concoction of tequila, beer and limeade.
10:37 am
it's not lemonade, it's limeade. >> we'll just drink it. it doesn't matter, really. >> is it the oscars yet? thanks, everybody. thank you. coming up, his movie "race card" opens up but we've got him right here. ♪
10:38 am
10:39 am
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ragu. feed our kids well. two"two and a half men".
10:41 am
around the country. even if it is raining, you know? >> very much for family. getting rest recognize ted
10:42 am
again. >> it is necessary. we all want to see that. faith based movies are getting popular zblt title of the movie is "the great card". what is it? >> it is a message of healing, of forgiveness, of god being in charge, not us. you can call him ala or bood a. you have to follow a blueprint, and that's essential for us to rely on that philosophy to live our lives on a daily basis. >> we were just talking about that earlier in the show about charlie sheen and when a person -- when a person puts themself on the throne in their life, nothing good can come from that. >> you're making decision between your ears. between someone that's sick, like charlie is, nothing goodwill come out. it relink wishes that. >> when you see someone like charlie sheen, what would you say? >> surrender, get rid of the
10:43 am
ego, and realize you're here with us and you need something to help you other than yourself. and whatever that self is, let them help you. >> in the film this young african-american lovely gentleman who plays your grandson is battling with his desire. he thinks god called him to be a minister, and you say something so beautiful in the film. you say this is the ministry. >> the ministry is six days, not sunday is the locker room. don't leave it in the locker room, you hear it from all places, and from monday to saturday, it's your practice. so you have to make a decision. to be a policeman or minister. beautiful surprise ending. you have to go and see that. >> it involves sacrifice. >> it is not sacrifice at all. >> he thinks it is initially. but it is basically about we all -- >> generations. that was then, this is now. we really need one another.
10:44 am
you guys are a perfect example. you don't even think about anything, you just do the show. >> doesn't matter the color of our skin, we are exactly the same inside. >> go see this movie. especially if you have a family going through hard times or need some forgiveness in your life, it is lovely. >> and real quick, you have a book. >> i have a book and foundation. >> the book is called? >> "an actor and a gentleman". and here is the foundation. >> eracism. always a pleasure to see you. >> the grace card opens nationwide today. donny deutsch tells it like he sees it with the other view. are you kidding me? are you kidding me? >> no, we're not kidding. >> oh, god. this is a strawberry pop-tart.
10:45 am
and this is the warm fresh baked taste... of a strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. takes care of 33 loads. tide stain release only handles 11. and clorox 2 gets rid of tough stains right before your eyes. clorox 2. find it next to the clorox bleach.
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10:48 am
you might be looking forward to spending time with that special someone this weekend. but what if behind closed doors
10:49 am
it's not all roses and romance. >> donnie deutsch has the other view and he's here with some advice. donnie! >> from sue is the first question. why is it such a big deal if i go out with my girlfriends to the bar? we're all married. we're just going to dance it away. what's the beef? >> first of all, i say if somebody is going to cheat, they could cheat anywhere. it's different than girls going to a restaurant and a bar for dancing. versus we're going out to this hot club to dance. i'm not saying she's out to fool around, but you're setting yourself up. >> what about what happened with "the black swan." >> then you should go dancing with your husband. >> i can't imagine going dancing with my girlfriends. >> that's a little bit of trouble. >> next question from tammy, why does a guy not admit that what we have is a relationship? he comes over every night, we
10:50 am
hang out, do things together, go to dinner with his mom. everything is a relationship but he won't admit it. >> it's just a title, he's doing it. there's a difference between whether he's saying i won't be exclusive with you or officially you're my girlfriend or boyfriend. >> why do we want it to be official? what is it with us? >> you got to get into the discussion. boyfriend, not a boyfriend, the issue is, is he seeing other women or not? >> do you think he is? >> i don't know these people. >> if he can't say he's her boyfriend now, isn't that a problem? >> it doesn't matter, exclusive, not exclusive. >> i don't like the word boyfriend after 25. it sounds weird. >> yes. yes. >> okay. the next question is from esmeralda. she's been married for ten years. her husband is her best friend but she finds herself looking at other people and fantasizing.
10:51 am
she knows it's kind of normal, but should she worry? >> the difference is if she's not only looking but has a desire to go for it. people who have been married for 20 years or a long time, when they get into bed together, i guarantee there is a mental slide show going on between both people and there's nothing wrong with that. i'll ask you a question. have you ever fans sitasized ab other men? >> not recently. >> yes, you have. >> when you're with frank and you're calling out, louie, louie! >> that's my dog! >> that's another show. >> it's bambino, actually. >> we got another one from pamela. what advice can you give us about dating in your au50s? a lot of men are going through midlife crisis or burned by bad
10:52 am
divorces. >> men in their 50s are not looking to start families. their needs are different where a woman in their 50s need more security than ever. i feel really bad for fantastic women in their early 50s because they're looking for solid foundations. they need security more than ever, and a man who has his children, his life has evolved. they're in different places. not always, but it's a tough reality. >> thank you, donnie! >> we'll be back with more "today" on
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
how are we going to end our week? >> people are talking all about the ambush makeover. amber says, oh, my gosh, i can't stop crying. >> the love between them is just gorgeous. coming up next week, we'll
10:56 am
have harry connick, jr. >> and heather locklear. all the information you could ever, ever want. have a great weekend, everybody. we want to say thank you for watching us every day. we wouldn't be here without you. >>. >> this is better than that. i'men telling everyone that sequence! >> margarita day! >> they told me i could eat for free there, which is just bad. >> i'm not taking one single sip of this drink. >> hey! >> good. >> hey. you guys hey-ted it, so we're never doing it again.
10:57 am
>> this is a treat for students. >> that thing is huge. >> oh, my god! >> oh!
10:58 am
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