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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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new york. new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. for all of us here at nbc news, -- captions by vitac -- good evening. diane dwyer is off. i'm vicky nguyen. we begin with breaking news out of oakland, where a small engine aircraft just crashed into the water near the oakland international airport. it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. we understand one person was killed in that crash. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in oakland with the latest. kim? >> reporter: vicky, the plane is still in the water where it crashed at 3:40 this afternoon. the pilot has been confirmed dead. authorities say the plane took off from the oakland airport and issued a disstress signal
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shortly after takeoff. the only problem is there wasn't enough information given. so it reportedly took emergency crews a few minutes to find the plane. police say the pilot was still alive right after the crash, but shortly after paramedics arrived, he succumbed to his injuries. this area is at doolittle drive and harvard bay parkway which has a soccer field and a park nearby. witnesses told police they heard the plane having engine problems. it reportedly stalled and cut out right before it took a nosedive into the water. the coroner is on his way. police are on the scene here. and we are of course trying to get more information. and as soon as we do, we will pass it along to you. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kim, i know this just happened a short time ago. you're still getting the details out there. but you said witnesses reported hearing and seeing the plane having some engine issues. the pilot let out that distress call. you're out there. i mean the visibility, can you talk to us about the weather? it looks clear, right?
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>> reporter: it is clear. i do have to say it's a little windy, though. i don't know if that has played or played a factor in what happened. but yeah, witnesses say it appeared that the plane was having problems. about engine problems. it sounded like it stall and cut out right before it took a nosedive into the water. >> kim, thank you. and that pilot the only person aboard? >> reporter: we don't know that either. it appears so. preliminary reports are that. that person was the only person aboard. but of course we're just getting information as it comes to us. and we cannot confirm that right now. >> great. thank you, kimberly. we will check back in with you as you get some more details. now on to some developing news about the huge hole that ripped open in the roof of a southwest airlines jet. southwest has just announced that its inspect verse found cracks similar to those that caused friday's emergency landing in two more aircraft. earlier today, federal investigators confirmed there were problems with that boeing 737 before the landing. the ntsb says the entire length
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of the five-foot-long tear in the aircraft shows evidence of preexisting fatigue and cracking. the plane, bound for sacramento from phoenix, remains in yuma, arizona where it made friday's emergency landing. today southwest canceled 16 outbound and 30 incoming flights in the bay area. this morning, the check-in counters were jammed with people, some who missed their flights not because they were canceled, but because they couldn't check in on time. others scrambled to deal with their canceled flights. while passengers said it was frustrating, many said safety has to come first. >> i guess it's a catch 22 situation. because if it was me on that plane where a piece of it came off, you know, i think i wou would -- i would feel sorry for anybody who got on those planes, right? i guess safety is better than, you know, than not knowing. >> more flights are expected to be canceled tomorrow. but the airline is still flying.
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so check first and get to the airport early if you are booked on southwest. and just in to the nbc bay area newsroom, new images from that southwest airlines flight. as you can see, they showed the tense moments after a hole opened in the roof of the cabin. passengers used tape to try to secure a panel over the hole. the cabin lost pressure and passengers had to put on oxygen masks until the emergency landing. a strong earthquake rocked indonesia today, setting off a tsunami warning. the 6.7 quake hit about 1:00 this afternoon 200 miles off java island's southern coast. thousands of people ran from their homes and away from the ocean. but so far there are no reports of serious injuries or damage, and the assume warning was canceled after an hour. indonesia, like japan, sits on the pacific's ring of fire. 90% of the world's earthquakes occur in that region. a man and a woman are in the hospital tonight after an overnight shooting in san francisco.
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san francisco police say both people were shot at the intersection of washington and polk at about 3:15 this morning. police say the female victim is expected to survive, but so far there is no word on the condition of male victim. police say they are looking for two suspects. the trash talk begins in earnest in san jose this week. on tuesday, the city council will begin hearing on whether to assign the commercial waste contract to a single company that will handle collection, disposal, and recycling. some city council members believe that awarding the contract to allied waste would be a big money-saver. >> after a very competitive process, our staff is determined that the most efficient cost-effective way for us to be able to get the waste and most importantly, recycle the waste is to have a single provider. >> but others aren't so sure a monopoly on the commercial waste contract is a good idea. some other companies and private citizens are now filing
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complaints against the award. a councilman says the city's goal is to lead the nation in waste disposal. next at 6:00, just one hacker compromises the online safety of millions. the big names hit in the attack that will make you want to double-check your e-mail tonight. but the worst about one of the worst i've ever seen. >> a crack in an east cold case 30 years in the making two. bodies, one dead-end. coming up, why police say you may be the key to solving it all. and a live look outside tonight, where it was a great wetheo tay boday. we'll have your full forecast, coming up in just a bit..
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we're seeing a breezy evening around the bay area right now. but sunshine holding through for the end of the weekend. workweek has some rather interesting changes ahead, both the warm-up and mountaintop snow
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there will be a community meeting this week about a cell phone tower that could be built next to a san jose high school. a group of parents opposed to the planned tower near leland high school have started an online petition. they're gathering signatures to block the tower from being built. a community meet willing be on tuesday in the leland cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. san jose united school district's superintendent and school board members are expected to be there as well. cal students are poised to vote this week on a campus-wide bottled water ban. it all started with a cal senior who wanted to end the sale of bottled water on campus. the idea got so much support, it turned into an initiative on the ballot of next week's campus elections. if passed, the campus would phase out the sale of bottled water and improve access to public water, including drinking
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fountains. a bottle ban would also help the campus reach its goal of cutting 75% of its waste by 2012. a hacker hits an online marketing company, stealing e-mail addresses from some of the country's biggest corporations. walgreen's executives added the drug store's name to the growing list of companies affected by this data breach. the hacker broke into the files of epsilon, which is a marketing company that sends out billions of e-mails a year for clients. citigroup was also affectsed. companies are telling customers the breach is limited to e-mail addresses and in some cases first names. other affected companies include capital one, tivo, hsn and j.p. morgan chase and company. still to come at 6:00, dining out is about to take an even bigger bite out of your wallet. the news that may have you reconsidering that next restaurant meal. and if you have evening dinner plans outdoors, things are cooling off. still sunshine san francisco. winds picking up a bit west at
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in a murder investigation, it's not only who did it, but sometimes who did they do it to. not being able to identify a victim can stop an investigation in its tracks. that's what happened in our next story. but there has been a break in the case. nbc bay area's garvin thomas shows us oakland police are now closer than ever to solving a 30-year-old mystery. and they could use your help. >> reporter: for 30 years, he has remained name list.
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at least now, though, he is no longer faceless. >> came to my attention about july of last year. >> reporter: donald williams is a retired oakland cop who now investigates cold cases for the department, none colder than the one he is looking at now. none more disturbing either. gruesome? >> oh, yes. about the worst, one of the most gruesome i've ever seen. >> reporter: our case begins on july 28th, 1980. a torso is found near the corner of helen and peralta streets there is no head, no arms, no legs. just disembowled and burned remains. the original police bulletin on the crime contains this chilling assessment. the dismemberment is so cleanly performed it indicates the suspect may have had some type of anatomical background. >> for someone to do something to a human being this way is just incredible. >> reporter: but police have no
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idea, no clues as to who their victim is. so the investigation stalls almost immediately. but just one year later, and ten miles away, a driver looking for a lost hubcap finds a skull just off grizzly peak boulevard. those remains are handed over to the authorities in contra costa county, not alameda. it's a move that inadvertently sets the case back by decades. you see, a forensic examination of the school in contra costa county estimated their victim at 5'9". but a forensic examination of the torso in alameda county pegged their victim at 5'7". those two inches were enough to keep investigators from linking these two discoveries for more than two decades. >> so when i looked at that, i thought well that's not enough to rule out a connection. >> reporter: it wasn't until contra costa county forensic anthropologist mark dobbs
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decided in 2006 to take a closer look that he noticed things others had missed. he found enough similarities to order a dna test. >> got the dna tested, and it came back relatively quickly with positive match with oakland's case. >> reporter: but matching the discoveries still didn't produce an identity. 10 police have now taken the next step. creating this 3-d reconstruction of what a forensic artist believes their victim looked like. and donald williams has some guesses as to what his victim might have been involved in as well. >> possibly aryan brotherhood. possibly hell's angel. did some prison time. probably involved in the drug activity and this may have what led to his demise. >> reporter: williams admits that doesn't make his victim the most sympathetic character out there. he says no one deserves what was done to him, and there may be others out there still wondering what happened to someone they cared about, and they at the
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very least deserve an answer. in oakland, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. well san jose law enforcement officials plan to meet with community leaders tomorrow to talk about rebuilding trust with immigrant communities. activists are asking the pd to provide multicultural training so that the police and immigrants can work together to solve crimes. many undocumented immigrants are afraid to come forward with information for fear of being deported. activists blame a lack of a national immigration policy. >> our lack of immigration policy is causing immigrants to be unfairly treated in local police measures. >> over the past six months pact has been urging city officials to address the lack of trust between immigrants and the police and the city's new police chief has now made it a priority. the meet willing start at 6:30 at the san jose unitarian church on north third street. well, a price increase could be on the menu soon. food prices continue to climb.
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and while for months we've seen higher prices at grocery stores, restaurants have been absorbing the extra costs and maintaining their prices. but expert says that will come to an end. they say you could see up to 8% hikes in your dinner bill. santana row's farmers market opened the season today. they held a healthy eating event promoting a heart healthy life sometime. it also featured gilroy native and contestant of "the biggest loser" ada wong. the certified california's market features 25 farmers and other vends with baked goods and specialty asian produce. the santana row farmers market takes place on sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from now through october. we heard some cheering in the background there. people are excited. a great day to enjoy the outdoors, rob? >> it was nice outside. i think that has more to do about the stanford women's basketball game ongoing right now. a nice day outside. for farmers market we had
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temperatures in the upper 60s. close to 70 around sunnyvale. 71 in south san jose. 72 around santa cruz. today we had more sunshine, but we also had some cooler air coming down out of the north. it kind of canceled each other out. some places warmed up a little today. but still 60s around places like san rafael for highs today. right now still hanging on to some 60s outside, though. the breeze is picking up. so it probably feels cooler than what the thermometer is trying to tell you right now. the wind coming off the bay into san francisco. winds northwest at 10 into fairfield. northwest at 12 in san jose between now and 9:00 tonight. we'll see some breezy conditions and wind should back off heading into tonight. mainly clear skies, except for some high clouds coming on in, which should make for a very pretty sunset in the next hour or so. the rain-producing clouds for now, got to go way off to the north. we're calling it a roller coaster week. to start things off, we could see near 80 degree temperatures tomorrow, then dropping maybe as much as 30 degrees by thursday. so for now, things are looking
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pretty nice. we'll see slight offshore winds for tomorrow. 60s to upper 70s around the bay area. so monday, the warmest day of the week. tuesday and wednesday, i think those are going to be dry. but come thursday, as systems continue dropping in from the north, a really cold one dropping in for thursday will toss some showers our way. put our highs back in the 50s. and we could see, if there enough moisture leftover, maybe snow around places like mt. hamilton or mt. diablo late this week. it's going to be one of the weird weeks where you're going to need the winter clothes and shorts the next seven days. for the first half of the week things are dry. warm through tuesday and wednesday. we should stay dry for the first half of the week. best chance of showers rolls in for thursday on into friday morning. mostly clear and cool tonight. breezy to start. eventually with the clear skies and dry conditions, should see some upper thirpts in the wind-protected spots around the north bay valleys. tomorrow looks outstanding for anything outdoors. we're going to be looking at temperatures mostly in the mid 70, including san jose. maybe upper 70s for areas around
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los gatos. low 70s around the peninsula for the east bay. nice finish to the day, a little breezy for santa rosa. up to 77 tomorrow. then subtract maybe 20 degrees. a taste of spring the first half, then a late to winter surprise coming in with snow not just for the sierra, but maybe the peaks around the bay area for thursday. things as of right now look like they're going to clear out this evening. all eyes for the giants home opener late in the week. >> don't put away the sweater. a little excuse to procrastinate on the spring cleaning. >> anything is a good excuse forethat. >> thank you, rob. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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tiger brood fans, charlie
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sheen's live tour might not make it to its scheduled stop in san francisco. he was greeted with cheers and standing ovation, but soon after the cheers turned to boos, and most of the crowd eventually walked out of the show, as you saw there. apparently when the first person in the audience let out a book, sheen replied, quote, "i already got your money, dude." sheen's tour is set to arrive in san francisco in about 29 days, april 30th. by the way, tickets for it run from about $100 to almost $400. so apparently not winning for charlie sheen there. >> well, it's expensive. that is expensive. >> $400. a lot of excitement tonight in indianapolis. the women's tournaments, stanford is there looking for a spot in the championship. time winding down. the cardinal trying to take out thing a for the right to play uconn or notre dame who are up next. we bring you the latest. plus, a big day for hideki matsui, reaching a major career milestone. the masters is this week. but you can take to augusta national now with the latest tiger woods video game.
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and we've got news of an amazing feat at t sana tesferol g club in san jose that just went down today. you got to hear about this. sports next.
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and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> good evening. quickly tonight, let's start with stanford women in the final four, taking on texas a&m in indianapolis. tara vanderveer and the cardinal. a win tonight gets stanford a spot. they had a four-point lead at the half. it came down to the final seconds. just moments ago, the lead flip-flopping, and ends up on top by one point, 63-62.
6:26 pm
the aggies win it. they will face uconn or notre dame. stanford losing tonight in a very close one. the a's looking for their first win of the season. seattle spoils opening weekend thus far. today oakland bringing out the secret weekend, their lucky jerseys, the yellow one. also today japanese heritage day, helping to raise money for the earthquake in japan. over $65,000 raised thus far. bottom three, down one, cocoa crisp scores kevin, and the game is tied all one. crisp was just a inning away for score for the psych. mark ellis here with the single to left, which scores josh willingham. it's 3-1 oakland. the yael low jerseys bringing good luck. the next inning a big day for hideki matsui. he brings together a bloop single here that helps make it 4-1 oakland, in the seventh. earlier in the game, godzilla reaching a milestone, 2500 career hits in japan and the majors. the a's take it 7-1 for their
6:27 pm
first win of the season. the giants are wrapping up their opening series with the dodgers in l.a. as we speak. comprehensive coverage of every team is on comcast sportsnet, every night at 10:30. going deep with sportsnet central. not just the men's final four in texas this weekend. the championship game is tomorrow with uconn facing butler. but the pga tour also in houston. this is the final tune-up before the masters. action from augusta starts later this week. coming into today, phil mickelson had not won since last week's masters. today he shoots a final round 65 to finish 20 under par. he takes the tournament by three shots over chris kirk and scott verplank. now here is a way you can play the masters tonight. each hole of augusta national golf club has been scanned and mapped out by ea sports so that the masters can be played over and over in the new tiger woods pga tour 12. sort of enjoying a pimento cheese sandwich in the gallery,
6:28 pm
they have the details down pat. the digital representation of the home of the masters allows some of the greatest scenery on the xbox and playstation and nintendo wii. over a dozen other courses are ready too including pebble beach and melbourne. the wii version will feature balance board functionality in addition to the motion controls of wii motion plus. it supports the play motion moves so you can swing the clubs in the ps 3. and you can use to play as or against more than 20 pro golfers. plus for a change of pace, mini golf is back for another season. year to year, the tiger woods franchise has added new elements to keep things fresh. but this is perhaps the most bold yet, bringing augusta home while giving you a chance to snag a green jacket. >> finally, the unthinkable today. at a golf course in san jose you hear stories of your friend's friend with a hole in one. but today 48-year-old deepak patel with back-to-back hole in ones on 6 and 7. and best yet, here is where it
6:29 pm
gives hope to golfers everywhere. he tells us he has only been playing golf for four years. we checked the odds. it's something like 170 million to 1. congrats to mr. patel that is quite a feat. >> and the two witness there's, right? >> everyone witnessed it, including the golf pros at santa teresa. >> congrats. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. and now an nbc bay area editorial. >> never before have our public agencies been in such need of adopting survival strategies from private companies to consolidate. i'm suzanne shaw. the metropolitan transportation commission, which oversees the bay area's 28 transit operators from bart to the ferries reports we're spending millions more than the national average on administration. nationwide, transit admin costs run 14% of operations. we're spending 20%. do we really need 28 separate purchasing departments, 28 planning departments? mtc staff says by conda


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