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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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more turbulence in the southwest. a scare in the sky for passengers out of an east bay airport. prosecutors could wrap up their case against barry bonds. a live look outside, this is monday, april 4th. this is today in the east bay. happy monday morning, i'm scott mcgrew. let's get a check of the
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forecast. >> it's back to work and back to monday. we are starting out mild. today will be the warmest of the week. we are groung start with nice weather today. temperatures in the 70s. i think we will break a couple records toods, then we trend down. temperatures fall throughout the week. first, you have to get to work on time at 4:31 on a monday morning. boy, sucks to be you. let's see how it works with mike. >> we are part of a club. we are on the roads before most of the track comes through. the speed sensor is showing a look at the maze. easy drive southbound with the headlights. further south, i'm seeing an accident. i'll give an update on that. >> all right mike, thank you very much.
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two men accused of ordering the killing of chauncey bailey. he is expected back on the stand. he was asked to will bailey to stop him from writing a story about your black muslim bakery. testimony was postponed until today because a jury was sick. the prosecution is expected to wrap up the case in the barry bonds perjury trial. don will be back on the stand to finish up his testimony. a jury will hear part of the reading of the grand jury testimony from december, 2003. bonds is accused of lying to the grand jury when he denied taking enhancing drugs. was he insane when he went
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into his former high school and attacked students and teachers with pipe bombs? a jury found the 18-year-old guilty on most charges against him including attempted murder and weapons possession. he carried out a bombing attack at the hillsdale high school in 2009. prosecutors call it an active revenge against teachers. he's pled not guilty by reason of insanity and faces up to life in prison. a scare in the skies for passengers on a southwest airlines flight. a flight with 240 people on board were diverted to los angeles after reporting mechanical problems. flight 1588 landed safely around 8:00 last night. friday, a southwest flight made the emergency landing in yuma, arizona after that five-inch hole tore open the plane's roof
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as it cruised at 36,000 feet. hundreds of southwest flights have been canceled. some of the cancellations have been flights out of oakland international, fso. if you have travel plans call ahead. there are at least ten cancellations today to or from here. southwest is not the only airline that flies the boeing aircraft in question. other airlines will soon receive word their planes, too, may need to be grounded. an mtsb board member says boeing is developing a service for all with comparable flight cycle times as the southwest jet. the jet was 15 years old, 39,000 take-off cycles. 288 in the u.s. operated by
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southwest, u.s. airways and continental. the pilot of a small plane died when his world war ii era plane crashed. it happened just off a trail that wraps around alameda. not far from the airport runway. witnesses say the single engine was 200 feet in the air when the engine appeared to quit. the plane wrashed into the shore. the pilot who flew around at the time of the crash says the weather conditions were mild. >> you know, the national transportation safety board is going to investigate this. it takes several months to come out with a preliminary report. the main thing is for people not to jump to conclusions as to what actually happened. we don't know. >> the name of the pilot has not been released. the faa is investigating the crash. the federal government will run out of cash if congress does
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not agree to a financial plan. negotiations this weekend went nowhere. if there's no budget, hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors will not be paid. offices, museums and non-emergency services will grind to a halt. the target is to cut $33 billion from this year's budget. republican lawmakers never agreed to that number. they want more. another possibility is an extension. if it happens, it's the seventh one issued for this year's budget. a dog park is closer to becoming reality. a design for a dog park is cleared the parks and recreation advisory. they must now apply for a use permit and the city council has to approve to allow for dogs to be off leash.
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now, dogs are only allowed on city sidewalks arnold the lake. it is going to be another gorgeous day. christina joins us. good morning. >> good morning to you. if you want to walk your dog, you need a jacket or a windbreaker. a little bit of a breeze blowing through the hills. now, we are seeing a fantastic day. temperatures are right about to where perfect is between 76 and 79 degrees in the east bay today. you cannot beat that. not too warm, not too cold, just perfect. high pressure is going to stay with us throughout the week. today is the warmest of the week. we want to get out and enjoy it if you can. it's chilly out there. 49 degrees in hayward. 46 in sunny vale. 56 degrees in san francisco. we'll only end up in the low 70s. we'll break up all the numbers for you. it's feeling more like spring.
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we have a system coming up. let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. mike. >> the weather is always changing. so far, very calm, just like the weather. we are looking at the altamont pass. 64 miles per hour coming up to north livermore avenue. then further over, a smooth drive through caster valley. the earlier accident i told you about is blocking the slow line. it's highway 34. you are going to have a little slowing at the scene. there's flashing lights. stay over to the left as you pass by heading past the dumbarton bridge. up and to and on the bridge as well. no major problems on the bay area bridges. like wise, with a smooth drive to the freeway to the bay bridge
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itself. across the bridges, no mayor interrupts. scott, we should have a good commute so far. remembering dr. martin luther king. remembering his assassination. a video giant goes up today. he's lining up for a piece of blockbuster. an embarrassing situation for an oakland raider. the drug he was caught with that he didn't want his girlfriend to know about. it's 4:39. we'll be back in a moment.
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4:42. we take a live look at 880. we'll check in with mike and traffic in a minute. dr. martin luther king was shot while standing at his balcony. a sniper's bullet struck him in the jaw and severed his spinal cord. he was in tennessee for striking city sanitation workers.
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there was the arrest and conviction of james earl ray. ray died in prison in 1998. on the anniversary of his assassination, labor groups will gather to support workers rights across the country. starting at noon, the mayor will join hundred dollars of workers at a rally in front of city hall. at 4:45, workers in san francisco will march through the financial district. at 5:45, a rally at redwood city. a number of states voted to limit collective bargaining powers for public workers. it's not your standard morning on the car keen as bridge. hundreds of demonstrators expected to march across the bridge walkway in honor of dr. king. they will meet in the middle around noon.
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sponsored by bay area local councils. a number of americans are not optimistic about the prospects of retirement. chris shows us how it may be a good thing. >> reporter: maybe it's the stories of retirees going back to work because their pensions aren't enough to live on or the reports of 401(k)s taking a beating on wall street. they found americans are pessimistic of what life is going to be like after work. >> they are not sure they will have the resources for retirement. >> reporter: financial experts are preaching now about the virtue of planning later. >> overestimate what you will need. >> reporter: they say the most critical step is the first one, saving early and on a consistent basis. >> we recommend you save 11% to
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15% of your income. >> reporter: all the reports about retirement could end up with a glowing consequence. >> we hope it translatings into increased retirement saving. >> reporter: it indicates americans are making up to the real cost of retirement. pizza chain sebarro is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. it suffered like many chains as consumers clamp down on spending. sbarro has more than 1,000 locations. for more news, let's turn to cortney reagan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. futures are higher this morning after we saw stocks end in positive territory. it was helped by friday's jobs report when employment fell to a
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two-year low. asian markets rose overnight. europe is higher with a couple hours left to trade. oil $108 a barrel with the unrest in libya. an improved economy could lead to more demand for energy. it's quiet for reports on the service sector. nothing on the slate today. several more companies have stepped forward saying customers names and e-mail addresses have been exposed. a hacker infiltrated the files of online marketer, citigroup, capital one, tivo and others were exposed as were student files at the college board. no personal info like credit card or social security numbers were leaked.
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it could leave you open to e-mail phishing scams. look for more spam. ray lahood will replace the pipeline system. they want him to increase fines for safety violations, that includes it 2009 natural gas explosion in martin county. back to you. >> thank you very much. christina has your forecast. happy monday to you. >> knowing there's more spam in our mailboxes, that's something to get excited about. the weather is something to get excited about. temperature in the mid-70s. not even breaking 0i degrees. the temperatures are going to drop each and every day. if you have a three-day weekends, you'll enjoy what we have in store for you today. high pressure is in store. a little bit of digging here.
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this happened over the past three hours. we have a trough moving into the area. it's going to break high pressure down. by the end of the week, the temperatures in the low 60s. you'll probably want to enjoy the mid-70s. you'll need a jacket in concord. 50 in oakland, 44 in liver more. temperatures are going to climb in the 70s. 70 in concord, 70 in napa. mild on the peninsula. city of san francisco, bring a jacket if you are sensitive to the cold. right now, it looks like the sunset and sunrise is happening later. sunrise is at 7:30 a.m. keep that in mind. we are going to go through the extended forecast in detail. first, let's send it back to mr. mcgrew. >> we'll finds out today if the player for golden state warriors will be enducted into the hall of fame.
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chris mullen likely to be on the list. mullen is a two-time olympic gold medalist, five-time nba all-star and returned to the team as part of the management as well. he retired as a warrior in 2001. an analyst on espn. the as have their first win of the season. matsui coming out strong. he reached a milestone reaching 2500 hits in american-japan combin combined. they lost 3 of 4 games in the series. giants play tomorrow in san diego. a member of the oakland raiders faces charges for possessing viagra. the sun news paper says the incident started because police thought he was playing his car stereo too loudly.
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they pulled him over and he failed to stop. when officers caught up to him, they searched his car, found an unlabeled bottle containing 11 viagra pills for which he did not have a prescription on him. he is the third player to be arrested in season. bush was arrested on suspicion of drunk-driving, henderson faces a illegal weapons charge. charlie sheen, the war lock, didn't fare so well. he was booed off stage during the show's opening night in detroit. [ booing ] >> okay. >> this is youtube video capturing the crowd's reaction in detroit. many walked out a few minutes into the show after sheen made jokes about the city's drug
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problem. >> ten minutes into the show. i'm leaving. it's horrible. it's not winning. it's losing. >> don't waste your money. sell them while you can. it's awful. >> sheen told hecklers you have your money. he admitted the show had kinks that needed worked out. if you want to see for yourself, he's set to perform april 30th. blockbuster goes on today. 580 coming in out of caster valley, that's smooth. 880, we had an incident. aeatccidt entha a aident and the rest of the monday morning commute, coming up. nd
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time now is 4:53 as we look at 880. mike is coming up in a second. cal students vote on a campus wide bottle water ban. it all started with a cal senior who wanted to end the sale of bottled water on campus. it turned into an initiative on the ballot for next week's campus elections. if passed, they would phase out the sale of bottled water and bring back the drinking fountain. it would cut the goal of 75% of waste by 2012. we have a lot more coming up.
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let's check in with laura. >> good morning scott. good morning, everyone. why are passengers complaining about lost bags? we are going to tell you about the latest customer survey. san francisco leaders will get the city ready for the next big quake after watching what the people of tokyo are going through. how they plan to do that. plus, the season comes to an end for the cardinal women. those stories and more. see you in a few. >> let's check in with mike. good morning, mike. >> 880, all lanes reported clear. the earlier accident, where a tow truck arrived blocking the slow lane. no slowing through the area. because of the light volume as well. highway 4, you will see slowing in a half hour off the antioch bridge and heading toward l street. that stretch typically shows the
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first slowing in a half hour from now. back to you. >> thanks much. the once mighty video giant blockbuster going on the auction block. two are expected to be one of the perspective buyers. blockbuster filed for bankruptcy protect and the chain has 5600 stores remaining. opening bid, $290 million. coming up, you won't want to text and drive, especially today. we'll explain why.
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>> reporter: check your flight status before heading out to the airport.
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i'm bob redell. we'll explain why in a live report from fso. the federal government is taking effort to make sure an explosion like the one in san bruno doesn't happen again. asking for new officer training in one of the biggest cities. a live look outside from the south bay, san jose. looking for a nice start to the week. it is monday, april 4th in the bay. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm lawyer lawyura garcia-canno. >> i'm brent cannon. bring in the pollen. >> i thought you were referring to my car that hasn't been


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