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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> no, we wrote on that. >> good morning to you. it's chilly out there. warm your car up a little bit. temps in the upper 40s, low 50s. it's going to be a beautiful day. we trend downward when it comes to temperatures. what can be anticipated this week. hey, mike. >> just like the weather, the traffic speeds trend downward. very easy drive looking at the maze and the approach. downtown oakland maze shouldn't continue. a nice easy drive and light flow for 880. up through fremont, the earlier accident. nothing blocking the roads. today kicks off the kr national distracted drivers month. chp is starting a month-long
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campaign to stop driving while losing control on the road. we'll have a live report on what to look out for in the next 30 minutes. if you are flying southwest, make sure you check your flight status before you head to the airport. the airline is cancelling flights as it inspects dozens of planes. bob redell is live at sfo. i know, i just dropped my mother off at san jose airport. she's flying southwest. she's one of the travelers trying to check out their flight status. >> reporter: southwest had 300 cancellations yesterday. today, they are expecting more than 100 cancellations. check your flight status before you head out to the airport. here at sfo, a few morning flights are canceled. same story in oakland. i'm not sure about your mom's flight, but there are flights
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that are canceled. they are cancelling flights to inspect the boeing 737 airplanes. inspections revealed sub surface cracks in three aircrafts after another airplane burst open after take off friday afternoon. a five-foot tear in the roof caused the plane, which we now know was 15 years old, two decompress and force an emergency landing in yuma. that was caused by pre-existing quarter inch long cracks in the frame. >> i don't want to minimize the fact these cracks were only a quarter of an inch. that is obviously not an acceptable tolerance, not an acceptable crack. however, i think it's important to point out cracking is wear and tear on an airplane. it's something we see. >> reporter: southwest is reinspecting, doing deeper
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inspections on its 737s. boeing, the maker of the airplanes is drafting what is known as a service bulletin that recommends other airlines to inspect their 737s. they have a similar flight time and age as the one that burst open on friday. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks. the san jose flights, both early morning flights look like they are on time. we'll check in with you throughout the course of the morning. >> it's 5:03 nou. a paramedic from santa cruz is in critical condition f after being attacked in los angeles. he suffered head trauma when he was punched in the back of the head on thursday. a $10,000 reward for the arrest of the man who caught him.
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they think the attack happened because they were wearing giants gear. >> there's definitely a problem. i don't think innocent people should die over who wins. it's sad. it's disappointing, actually. >> especially with everything going on in the world, it's terrible people take it to that level. >> the police issued a joint statement saying this attack is unkongs able behaifr that will not be tolerated. the attackers will be prosecuted to the full esz extent of the law. police say 50-year-old thomas conklin jr. slowed down, tipped over and fell to the ground. they performed cpr but could not
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revive him. he may have had a medical problem. today federal transportation officials launch a safety campaign to replace ageing old gas pipelines. the oil and pipelines rather across the nation. it follows deadly blasts like the one in san bruno last fall. it was 44 years old when it ruptured. similar explosions in pennsylvania and philadelphia claimed six more lives. ray lahood says people should know, if there's a pipeline in their yard and if there is, that it's safe. the agency is getting to work on regulations that make it available. pipeline owners are there to identify pipeline areas. >> san francisco leader is going to look over a plant to prepare the city for the next earthquake.
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the board of supervicers go over a plan. seismic up grades for homes and thousands of multistory buildings in the city. it starts at 1:00 in san francisco city hall. after a week off, testimony is expected to resume in the trial of two men accused of killing journalist chauncey bailey. the man who killed bailey will be back on the stand today. he agreed to testify against yusuf bey t yusuf bey iv. bey wanted to prevent them from writing articles about the money troubles. doing away with the police department to save money. city leaders in half-moon bay voted to eliminate the police force. they are negotiating with the sheriff's department. we are told the deal to try to
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ensure no officers lose their jobs. half-moon bay is expected to save $500,000 a year. county supervisors will meet tomorrow to consider a plan to have an agency oversee a security team at the hospital. under the plan, they will pay $128,000 in salary and benefits to hire to members from the sheriff's office. they hire law enforcement personnel on sight including san francisco general. san jose police are going to meet to rebuild trust with immigrant communities. they want the police department to provide multicultural training so police and immigrants can work together to solve crimes. many undocumented immigrants do not come forward because they fear being deported. there's a community meeting at the church on south third street
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at 6:30. that meeting is similar to one they had several months ago. 5:07 now. coming off a nice weekend. see what's in store today. >> we have one more gorgeous day, guys. good morning to you. mondays are hard. let's help you out with nice weather. 53 degrees in san francisco. it's a bit chilly. you will need a light sweater or jacket. temps are going to be in the 70s today. nice day on tap for us. warm conditions provided by high pressure. clouds arcing up and around the ridge. it's going to start heading off to the east and breaking down as we head through tonight. there's a trough on the way. substantial digging on the satellite imagery over the past three hours. this is going to provide more cloud cover today. cloudier than yesterday. it's going to cool us down significantly for the midsection of the week. let's break it down for the
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headlines. warmest day of the week today. 70s in san francisco and livermore. cooling and breezy conditions as well. upper 50s and 60s. thursday to friday, the next weather maker. showers and maybe a dusting of snow over mt. hamilton. we are not out of the cold stuff entirely, just yet. we are going to watch for this. overall, the week looks nice. the temperatures today, ending up in the 70s. 78 degrees in santa rosa. a bit more mild on the peninsula. 72 degrees. let's see if you can get yourself ready for a mild drive for what's happening with mike inouye. >> we see signs of slowing in antioch at 60 miles per hour. indication the volume might be increasing out of antioch.
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the earlier accident cleared lanes. there's activity. there's going to be flashing lights northbound 880 toward dakota road. crossing over the san mateo bridge, showing you what things are like. westbound with the taillights away from us to the peninsula. 101 and 280 will clear. in the city, a new accident. this just came in the reports. one of the cars might be sideways. one lane is blocked there. i'll follow this. it affects you getting off the bay bridge. a nice easy drive. a live look at the golden gate. no problems. wow, we moved the camera. there's the span. good stuff for you. they don't go off the bridge, just off the screen. >> thanks. >> it's 5:10 now. workers gathering to rally for their rights. where you'll want to avoid. former "today" show host,
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katie couric is leaving cbs evening nows. she's getting a new gig. we'll tell you about that. the rest of your business news coming up in a live report. once again, that shot that mike showed you a couple seconds ago, he'll track your morning commute in a few. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. that was quick. no envelopes to lick.
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good morning once again. 5:13. a live look outside san jose. looking for a nice start to the week. there are changes down the road weather wise. we'll be checking in with christina. >> labor groups are rallying. starting at noon, hundreds of workers at a rally in front of
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oakland city hall. then workers in san francisco march through the financial district ending at the federal reserve building. 5:45, a rally at the redwood valley courthouse square. walmart is going to begin a pilot program in the south bay. cortney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters with details and other news. cortney. >> good morning. stocks ended in positive territory. that's by encouraging news. the economy added 216,000 jobs. asian markets rose overnight as well. europe higher, too with a couple hours left to trade. $108 a barrel for gas with the continued unrest in libya. an improved economy leads to
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more demand in oil. unemployment filings, minutes from last month's fed meeting is to come later. today, no economic reports. blockbuster goes up for auction today. bidders include dish network and carl icon. they filed bankruptcy in september with $1 billion in debt. walmart does plan to test the first grocery delivery service. if the service goes ahead, it will launch in walmart stores in california, near san jose. it now offers more than 500,000 items. >> it makes it easy when you have trip. s to -- >> double click. you got it. if they could cook it, you are
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talking. rumors speculation, name it. they have all swirl eed around katie curic. she is leaving her post at cbs evening news after becoming the first woman to anchor the newscast. the next move, a talk show, of course. she's going to host a show in 2012. her time at cbs was up and down. i think she's got a book coming out in the works, too. busy lady. time is 5:16. we have been talking about a good start weather wise. >> it's going to be nice today then drop off each day throughout the week. 53 in san francisco. 49 degrees in hayward.
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cool enough for a jacket this morning. in the sunshine today, we are expecting a lot of it. you will get to 77 degrees. definitely warm enough for the tank tops depending on where you are. the temperatures are going to be all over the place this afternoon. high pressure is the reason it's been so nice. we are going to see changes. another winter storm is on the way. it's looking significant. every time i look at the satellite imagery, it's looking more impressive. it's going to cool us off as early as tomorrow. enjoy today. temperatures in the 70s, warmest day of the week. cooling and breezy toward the end of the week. temperatures end up in the 50s and 60s. thursday through friday, chilly conditions, down right chilly. some temperatures ending up in the upper 40s, low 50s. another taste of winter before we set into the spring here in the bay area.
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a dusting of snow for mt. hamilton. it will continue to trend downward. for the weekend, 75 degrees in oakland. 76 in san jose today. 77 degrees in los gatos. 78 in santa rosa where the daytime high is traditionally 65 degrees. warmer than average today. maybe breaking a couple records. north day, the seven day is on the way. back to you brent and laura. >> thank you very much. time is 5:18. the owner of the big rig, the oil rig that exploded in the gulf of mexico is heading out bonuses to executives. why they say they deserve it. the e-mail from your bank this morning may not be from your bank. we'll look at what's going on there. as we look at 880, there's a 55. a dip in speeds in some spots as the commute builds. other trouble spots we are watching off the bay bridge
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good morning once again. time is 5:21. a live look outside at the bay bridge. things are moving smoothly so far there. we want to check in with mike and look at the monday morning commute. >> good morning, brent. there you are. good morning to you. we'll take you to the maze. 67 right there on 83 near oakland. i saw 50 miles an hour there. things have cleared up. there's a smooth drive across the bridge. we are following an accident. the upper deck getting into the city reports of an accident there. off the 5th street off ramp.
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one of the cars sideways. this is going to affect the slow lane and distraction into the city. no major slowings just yet. it's over on the east bay side. we go over to the max and look at the rest of the run for 101 and 280 out of the city, no issues out of the peninsula. the south bay, a nice smooth move as well. this is typical at this time of day. it's going to clear up in ten to 15 minutes. i showed you 880. here are the travel times for the feeder roads. a pleasant drive so far. we'll see that swelling up in 15 to 20 minutes. there's 880 with a light volume of traffic. a smooth flow. back to you. >> thank you mike. it's 5:22. the owner of the oil rig that exploded and set off the gulf of mexico disaster is celebrating
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2010 in the best year of safety performance in history. they handed out bonuses and raises for the president and ceo. his base salary will jump from $900,000 to $1.1 million. i'm in the wrong business. transocean owned the deep water horiz horizon. crews capped the oil well three months after the explosion but not before millions of barrels of oil spilled into the gulf. airlines are getting an earful from passengers and the government. an annual study of airline quality says even though more flights arrived on time, complaints rose. the biggest complaints are cancellations and delays. southwest airlines had the fewest. delta was the worst. comm air was the last place. the rate of mishandled luggage
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was the best in two deck kalds. president obama announced this morning he is running for president in 2012. the announcement was posted on his campaign website and in e-mails to supporters. white house officials say he will file papers this week to begin re-election campaign. you may see several urgent e-mails from your bank, credit card company and others. >> good morning to you. a marking firm was hacked over the weekend. they run the software that helps your bank and other companies with blast e-mails. chase bank, best buy and other companies are sending out warnings like these that say it's possible a bad guy could use the information found in this hack to send out fake e-mails that look just like this one. in other words, be caution. because it appears to come from the bank doesn't mean it's from your bank.
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the data breach may be the biggest in history. only names and e-mail addresses were stolen. you should always be careful when an e-mail asked for personal information in your in-box. now, you need to be more careful. computers and e-mail are incredibly valuable. how valuable? $1700. economists from the fed figured out the benefit, the existence of the personal computer in the laptop and tablet brings to the average american after you factor in the cost of the computer itself. it's $1,700. laura and brent your life is $1,700 better because of computers. mine is better because i talk about it on tv. your results may, you know -- >> may vary. so modest. 5:25 now. flight delays for many teem
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traveling to and from the bay today. we'll have an update in a live report. >> reporter: if you like to text and drive, you know you shouldn't do it. now is not the time. i'm kristi smith. a maximum effort that kicks off this morning across the bay area and how much the tickets will cost you in a live report. an oakland raider is arrested for an embarrassing crime. cancellations for southw
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airlines. we have a life report at fso. the prosecution gets ready to wrap up the case in the barry bonds perjury trial. the student accused of trying to blow up his school goes before a jury once again. this time, it could change the
5:29 am
entire case. a live look outside beautiful bay bridge. it's monday april 4th. this is today in the bay. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning to you. we are going to be really nice today. that's something i noticed, more bird chirping outside. that is the case today, tomorrow and then things start to change. we have significant cooling on the way. another weather maker that could bring us a dusting of snow on mt. hamilton over the weekend. we are going to talk about that. before you head out the front door grab a jacket. you are at 45 in napa and 45 in san jose. coming up, let's get you to work
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on time with mike inouye. good morning. going to be slow off the bay bridge because of an accident on the upper deck of the 5th street off ramp. chp is on scene so you'll see flashing lights. no major slowing showing up on the sensors. travel times here. things are moving nicely. the latest on the reports show nothing here. oh, got a text. this is a text from christy smith saying don't check your text message while driving. you are in oakland telling us why not to do that on the roadway. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. if you are driving and someone has the phone up to their ear and texting while driving and you are wondering where is chp and the police this guy needs to be stopped, today is your day. they are in force across the bay area.
5:31 am
good morning trent. >> good morning. >> reporter: what is going on here? why are you doing this? this is an enforcement for people using cell phones and texting. >> this is distracted driver awareness month. we want to warn the public of the dangers of texting. you know, it got to a point where actions speak louder than words. we are going to be out there in full force taking a zero tolerance approach. >> reporter: we are at the coliseum. these are folks from the alameda sheriff's department and chp. what are the factors that go into this? young people are most at risk? >> the thing you have with young drivers is that they are inexperienced. when you factor in a distraction, they have a greater risk of being involved in crashes. overall, across the board, people of different ages, races, it's a growing concern. at some point, we have to say enough is enough.
5:32 am
educating can only go so far. it gets to a point where we have to step up enforcement efforts and you are going to see more than 250 law enforcement agencies across california. >> reporter: you have to get people in the pocketbook to get their attention. how much is it going to cost? >> $20 for a base fine. $50 for subsequent violations. when you put in court fees, it's $150 to $200. you cannot bring a human back to live if you kill somebody or kill yourself. >> thanks. thanks for being with us this morning. these folks are about to take off soon. >> thanks, christie. prosecution is expected to wrap up their case today. an expert will complete
5:33 am
testimony today. they will hear a reading of some of the testimony from 2003. itis when bonds said no one, other than a doctor injectioned him with anything. his personal shopper testified she saw his trainer go into a room with bonds and a syringe. they deny ever talking to bonds about the alleged s ed steroid . attacking teachers and students with pipe bombs is a question up for debate in a courtroom today. the jury found the 18-year-old guilty on most of the charges against him including attempted murder and weapons possession. he carried out a bomb attack in 2009. they call it an act of revenge against several teachers. he's pled not guilty for reason
5:34 am
of insanity. he faces up to life in prison if found sane. lewis murphy was arrested yesterday morning in florida after running from police. when officers searched his car, they found an unlabeled bottle containing viagra pills. no proof of precipitation. he removed the label so his girlfriend would not find out. running back, michael bush was arrested on suspicion of drunk-drivi drunk-driving. mario henderson faces weapons charges. >> it's not clear why they wanted to stop murphy in the first place. a plane took off headed to san diego. on the way there, flight 1588 had mechanical problems. it landed safely at l.a.x.
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all people on board is fine. it's the latest trouble for southwest which grounded dozens of flights over the weekend. the delays continue this morning. bob redell is live at the san francisco airport with how things are shaping up for passengers this morning. good morning. >> reporter: it's not delays, it's cancellations. 300 yesterday nationwide. southwest is expected more than 100 today. they are reinspecting 737-300s. is your flight on time? this guy is flying to midway. he has a 6:10 flight. we were talking to him earlier to see if it's canceled. he's saying good-bye to his mother. your flight wasn't canceled? >> there's a woman in there who had hers canceled yesterday and today. you'll probably see her in a second. >> reporter: bummer for her. >> she wanlts to come talk to you. >> reporter: did you have second thoughts of taking a southwest flight. >> no, not really.
5:36 am
it's something you accept happens from time to time on a flight like that. >> reporter: have a safe trip. he's got about 35 minutes to catch his flight. he better start hauling. it was friday, a flight taking off from phoenix had a rupture in the roof. a five foot gash that caused the plane to do an emergency landing in yuma, arizona. everyone was okay. the 15-year-old aircraft had pre-existing cracks, roughly a quarter inch long. that's the reason they are reinspecting the 737-300s since then, since friday. three more airplanes found to have cracks in them. obviously, they didn't have problems in air but they have cracks. they are doing a reinspection of the other airplanes. boeing, the manufacture is drafting a service bulletin urging other airlines to inspect
5:37 am
their 737-300s, ones that are riffly the same age with the same flight time. reporting live here at fso. bob redell, today in the bay. >> it's great. good reporting but don't make anybody late. thanks bob. >> yeah. we keep watching the first couple of southwest flights. it informs the viewers, too. my mother is on one of them. >> we have to find out if she's spending another night at our house. i told her the rates are decent. >> this morning, we think it's okay. >> so far so good. the last thing we want is for you to get stuck in yuma. that could be a bad experience for you. high pressure is building in, keeping things nice and clear. it's going to be a gorgeous day across the bay area with temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 70s. it's chilly out there.
5:38 am
44 degrees in santa rosa. 45 in navato. the coolest spot now is along the peninsula. 44 in santa rosa. this is where we are headed. this is where we are compared to average. napa, traditionally this time of year sees highs of 46 degrees. 691 the average for the east bay and the south bay. not too far off there. 63 degrees is where we should be in san francisco, redwood city this time of year. today, temperatures above average. tomorrow, about where they should be. temperatures drop off significantly with a weather maker on the way. we'll take you into detail. now, you have to get to work on time. here is mike. >> that was good, putting the averages in. right here, average time 41 through antioch to leverage and
5:39 am
horizon. that's the extent of the slowing here. 680 through concord is slow as well. debris is picking up. sounds like there's a tv in the lane. hope it's not a reflection of my reporting, throwing the tv out. off the bridge, an 18 to 19 minute delay. no issues as far as the toll gates. oakland, 880 moves nicely. the taillights past high street, a bit of a build. no major slowing on the southbound sight either. guys, back to you. >> it's 5:39 now. the countdown is on. if republicans and democrats cannot come to terms, it could mean a complete government shut down. a live report is next. the college talking of
5:40 am
banning bottled water on campus. a warrior could find himself among the greats in the nba hall of fame. a live look outside across the golden gate bridge. it's lookiice terms of weather and the commute. we'll check in with christina and mike all morning long.
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good morning, everybody. a live look outside. 5:42. this is the white house. president obama making an announcement about his future in office and what he expects to do, another run or not at the white house. what he had to say. looking at a federal government shutdown that could be on the way. a deadline is looming. democrats and republicans are nowhere near a deal. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., where there's a friday night midnight deadline. >> reporter: that's right.
5:43 am
they are hoping to not have another temporary extension. it's not clear how close to a deal they are. republicans wanted $61 billion in cuts. democrats wanted much less than that. now they report they have come to the middle with $33 billion in cuts on the table. but republicans aren't confirming they have actually given up that much. it's kind of unclear as to how close they may be and what they have agreed on so far. democrats concerns they want to protect a number of social programs, education, things like head start, environmental programs, health care for seniors. republicans say we are more than half way into the fiscal year. we don't have a budget, yet. we have to cut something. yes, it's going to hurt somewhere but we have to do it. the big question, how, if at all, will they cut into the big entitlement programs, social
5:44 am
security, medicare, medicaid, defense. will the pentagon get out without cuts in this? finally, the tea party. they are pushing to stick to the original $61 billion of cuts, if not more, even if it means a shutdown. more on that in a few days. >> it's going to get heated now. thanks. it is 5:44 now. the faa is trying to figure out what caused a pilot in oakland to crash his small plane. the world war ii replica went down near doolittle drive. it's not far from the oakland international airports runways. the plane was about 200 feet in the air whon the engine seemed to stop working. the plane crashed into the shore of the bay. the pilot has not been identified. cal students will vote this week on a bottled water ban. the initiative is included on
5:45 am
the ballot during the campus elections. if it passes, the campus fazes out the sale of bottled water and improves access to public drinking water that includes drinking fountains. it will help them reach the goal of reducing waste 75%. the only state to provide lawmakers with a car of their choice, gas and maintenance paid largely by taxpayer dollars. the costs will be examined by the april 14th meeting that sets salaries and benefits for california's elected legislatures. many lawmakers have not accepted a vehicle to tighten spending amid the budget crisis. a heads up for commuters today. it's not your standard commute at the bridge. a huge labor rally gets under way marking the 43rd anniversary
5:46 am
of dr. martin luther king jr.'s assassination. the civil rights activist was gunned down while striking with sanitation workers in memphis, tennessee. marchers are expected to head across the bridge on the pedestrian walkway. they are going to rally for workers rights as well. it's until 1:00 this afternoon. the march was organized by several bay area councils. they will be on the pedestrian walkway. if there's a lot of folks, it could be a distraction for drivers. the triplets were in a -- >> what is this? >> this is you, we understand on the right. next to the joker. >> i do not appreciate whoever decided to put these pictures in. >> i had nothing to do with it. it wasn't me. >> let me point something out. see how he has make up on his
5:47 am
mouth? zero for me. >> looking fabulous. >> will we see you on the streets fighting crime or causing crime? >> causing crime. you didn't need to ask, did you? good morning to you. thank you for that, whoever did that. clouds pushing in over a ridge of high pressure bringing a storm track. this area of clearing, another flis day shaping up. we are going to see the temperatures warmest today trending downward for the week. if you are looking for warmth, today is the day. 53 in san francisco. the daytime highs are going to range from low to mid-70s. upper 70s in the north bay. typically, this time of year, average temperatures are in the 60s. warmer than average today. above average tomorrow and falling back to the seasonal averages by thursday this week. maybe wednesday. 55 degrees is the forecast. we have showers on the way thursday to friday. it's not going to be that warm for the end of the week.
5:48 am
we might see a dusting of snow with the next weather maker. it's a cold one for us in the south bay, east bay peninsula areas. it's going to bring cooler weather and showers in the north bay. we'll break it down coming up. for now, back to you guys. >> we're going to find out if a former general manager will be enducted into the basketball hall of fame. chris mullen is likely to be on the list. mullen is a two-time olympic gold medalist and five-time nba all-star. he retired as a warrior in 2001. he returned to the team in 2002 as part of the management team. he's currently an analyst on espn. a stunner. stanford and uconn are both out. both were favored to go all the way. they were upset yesterday. stanford could not face-off
5:49 am
texas a&m. they watched it go coast to coast for the winning bucket. uconn went on to lose. now, it's going to be notre dame and texas a&m in the finals tomorrow. the men's final is between uconn and butler. that is tonight. the giants are off today getting time to reflect and rest on the 1-3 start of the season. san francisco beat los angeles saturday pretty well but couldn't get it done sunday. they lost three of the four games in the series. giants play tomorrow in san diego. in the meantime, the as have their first win of the season. matsui coming out strong. 2500 hits in america and japan combined. time is 5:49. mixed reviews for the charlie sheen show. we were going to tell you if you should think of keeping your
5:50 am
tickets or selling them before he comes to san francisco. things start to slow we'll sho we'll show you where the slow spots are developing this monday morning. w
5:51 am
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well, a good monday morning to you. here is a live look outside this morning. traffic is picking up a little bit. let's check the commute with mike. >> laura, you are right. that was the golden gate bridge and traffic is picking up a bit. look at the bay bridge where we have slowing now on the upper deck. the accident is blocking one lane. if 5th street is not your off ramp. it's a smooth drive so far getting into the city.
5:53 am
the value yum is piolume is pic. we have antioch where we saw the slowdown at 5:30. a half hour to build. further south, slowdown is autoof the altamont pass. the 52 slowing. watch for that. a disabled clearing southbound 87 to 280. 101 to middlefield around sunniville. so far the routes are looking good. crossing the bay, south to the bay bridge, a smooth flow with the taillights. no delays just yet. we'll follow this as well. back to you. in japan, workers are trying to find the source of leaking water. over the weekend, crews found a crack in the maintenance pit
5:54 am
confirming radiation is spilling. it's preventing them from turning on cooling systems as well. it could be several months until they have that situation under control. makeshift water pumps are used to cool the reactors until then. in the meantime, a dog rescued from debris in the ocean after more than three weeks in the tsunami is back with his owner. the dog jumped out when the owner arrives this morning wagging his tail saying hey, i recognize you. the dog was found drifting at sea on friday. the owner saw her and said hey, there's my dog. they are reunited. charlie sheen's road show is getting better news in chicago. a standing ovation in chicago. check out what it was like in detroit the night before. [ booing ] >> yeah a little youtube video of the crowds reaction.
5:55 am
a lot of people walked out. some people threw things. sheen made jokes about the city's drug problems. >> ten minutes into the show, i'm leaving. it's horrible. >> don't waste your money. sell them while you can. it's awful. >> sheen got the last laugh. he says i have your money already. he later admitted the show did have kinks that needed to be worked out. he went to more of a talk show format in chicago. he's going to be in san francisco april 30th. don't know if you want to keep your tickets or not. scott. >> those careers are not going well. you have charlie sheen and guys who fix telephone lines. why telephone repairmen? fewer people fix or have lan line telephones. newspapers is a job that's dying. they put a list together. in many ways, the list is not
5:56 am
surprising because of technology. newspapers have fallen by revenue, 40%. here is the list. biggest decline in photo finishing, making prints out of your pictures. it's all digital. you have newspapers, telephone linemen. video post production. mobile home dealer is not doing very well. milling and textile, record stores, finally, formal wear and costume wear. that's a bit of a mystery to me. all i can figure is people are dressing up less in both ways, i guess. it's a strange combination. >> you would think the proms, boy they sell a lot or rent a lot of tuxes. >> it's interesting to see how many industries are impacted in technology. >> very interesting. 5:56 now. bay area city getting rid of the police. how they will keep their
5:57 am
citizens protected. a fan attacked after a game at dodgers stadium. taking a look at the hp pavilion in san jose. a nice day on to one to enjoy. [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros-- [ male announcer ] noooo, yiayia would never do -- prostitute. [ male announcer ] never mind that, michelle. at least yiayia approves of you serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia.
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