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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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report. a live look outside the beautiful bay bridge this morning. it's monday april 4th, today in the bay. it's my favorite bridge. my grandfather helped build it. >> time is 6:08. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i olaura garcia-cannon. let's look at the weather. >> we are looking good now. you are going to need a jacket but something to peel off later on today. temperatures above average for this time of year. a cooling trend starts as of wednesday the temps are back in the upper 50s. we are going to break down the entire workweek forecast coming up. let's get you to work on time. maybe you are part of the 6:30 work round. what do you have?
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>> we are working on the beautiful span, the bay bridge. we have the accident affecting the 5th street off ramp. one lane is blocked by activity after an accident. we hear about a tire on the upper deck. i'll bring you more details as they come in from the chp. 880 oakland where the volume is building a bit in both directions. speeds close to the limit. there is a disabled vehicle around marina boulevard. it sounds like it's moving to the shoulder. thank you. >> check your flight status this morning especially if you fly southwest airlines. another plane is being inspected after 140 people heading from oakland to san diego were diverted to los angeles after 8:00 last night. somebody reported a burning electrical smell in the passenger cabin. the plane landed at l.a.x. later. that issue is unrelated to problems that forced another 100
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flight cancellations today after hundreds of others over the weekend. bob redell is live this morning at fso with a look at the significant mechanical problems they have to check out. bob. >> reporter: good morning to you. southwest is cancelling the flights because they are reinspecting the 736-300 airplanes after one taking off from phoenix ruptured a hole in the roof, a five-foot long gash. that flight landed safely. because of these cancellations, you do want to check the flight status before you come out to catch your flight at airports like fso. otherwise, you could end up like this woman here. she's trying to wave down her husband who just pulled away after dropping her and her daughter off curbside for a flight to new york. she needed him to come back after receiving news from the bell cap.
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what now? what did they tell you? >> the flight wasn't canceled. my husband drove away and now we found out the flight is canceled. he's left the airport. >> reporter: are you going to be able to get in touch with him? >> i'll call him on the cell phone. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i don't know. we have to rebook it inside. >> reporter: where are you headed? >> new york city. >> reporter: is it important? >> yeah, she's got appointments at colleges. >> reporter: last time we checked on her, she was trying to rebook a flight. don't know the status as of yet. you can see the video that shows the five-foot gash in the airplane, the 737-300 leaving phoenix on friday. it landed safely in yuma. no one was hurt. the plane did decompress as a result of that. because of the inspections, southwest airlines and the feds say they have found a total of three more plane that is have
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cracks in the airframe. that plane that ruptured on friday, did have quarter inch long cracks. not clear if the other cracks are as significant as that. again, if you are flying southwest, check the flight status before you come out here. we know there are several cancellations here at sfo, nor man and oakland. reporting live, bob redell at the bay. >> that lady tried to check and got different news. check as often as you can. people that live near oil and gas line pipes. new regulations and guidelines to repair ageing pipelines across the nation. federal transportation officials are repairing ageing guidelines across the country. this is in the wake of the deadly blast in san bruno. that pipeline was 44 years old when it ruptured, killing eight
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people. similar explosions this year in pennsylvania and philadelphia claimed six more lives. well, it's never a good idea to text and drive. today, it's worse. today in the bay's christie smith is live to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, i keep my cell phone, my personal cell phone buried so far in my purse it's impossible to get to when i hear a text coming in. for chp it was like getting people to comply with seatbelt laws. now, years later, people are complying. with me is trent cross with chp. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: why are people still texting and driving? >> we believe they don't understand the big picture. anytime you are distracted by whiling, you run the risk of injuring yourself or someone else. we have an increase in crashes. we are going to increase the enforcement efforts to bring it
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down. >> reporter: we shot video of a lot of folks leaving this morning, chp and alameda. >> they are going to focus on distracted driving with cell phones. that's the number one factor. we are taking a zero tolerance approach. if you are pulled over, you will receive a citation. >> reporter: how much will it cost you? >> first time, $20. any subsequent violation, $50. with court fees, $150 to $200. we want people to look at the big picture. no matter how large the fine, you can't bring a life back. >> reporter: thank you very much. i wanted to mention that you are
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driving on the freeway and see the message boards. they have an example out here this morning. you may see this while driving up and down the freeways. don't next and drive. certainly something to keep in mind as you head out this morning. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. temperature is expected to continue today in the trial of the two men accused of killing chauncey bailey. the man who killed him will be back on the stand today. he agreed to testify against yosef bay iv for a lighter sentence. he was told the kill him to prevent him from writing an article about the bakery money problems. a fan remains in critical condition this morning.
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someone punched him in the back of the head on thursday. there's a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest of two men witnesses say did it. they think it happened because they were wearing giants gear. >> definitely a problem. i don't think innocent people should die over who wins. it's sad. it's disappointing, actually. >> with everything going on in the world, it's ridiculous that people take it to the level of violence and beating each other up. it's terrible. >> the mayors and police chiefs of los angeles and san francisco issued a joint statement saying this attack is not right behavior that will not be tolerated in ballparks in either city. the attackers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. police say 50-year-old thomas conklin jr. was riding on
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a dirt course this weekend when he slowed down, tipped over, fell to the ground. onlookers and firefighters performed cpr. they could not revive him. he did have a medical problem. it's 6:08. this morning another city is talking ability going without a police department to save money. city leaders voted this weekend to eliminate the police force. they are now negotiating with the sheriff's office. the deal would ensure no officers lose their jobs. they are expected to save 500,0$500,000 a year. santa clara will meet to consider a plan to have deputies oversee the 43-member security team at the hospital. under the plan, valley medical acceptabilitier would pay $128,000 in benefits to hire two officers from the department.
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a number of hospitals hire law enforcement to oversee security including san francisco general. i think we should get out and enjoy the day. >> waking up is half the battle on a monday. if you are up and with us, thanks for joining us. 49 in hayward. 48 in san jose. as you can see here, high pressure is still in control. clouds arcing up and around the strong ridge of high pressure that brought the temperatures to record levels last week. it is breaking down, headed to the east. we have a system on the way that's going to bring us rain and a little mountain snow as we head into your thursday and friday. here is what we are looking toward for today. temps in the 70s. 77 in oakland. the averages this time of year are typically in the 60s. above average today. it will be a bit above average
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for tomorrow. big news. the giant's home opener is friday. we will be live. nbc bay area morning news is live at at&t park. it's a fun show you don't want to miss. if you are going out to the game, bring a jacket. let's find out how it looks on the roadways with mike. >> getting more cozy. 580 shows the slowing out of the altamont pass. a disabled vehicle is being removed from the roadway. shouldn't cause that much slowing. we'll follow this. a smooth drive at caster valley. 57 is between 880. the volume is causing slowing approaching that area. the mays moves nicely at the speed limit. there's an accident in san francisco. upper deck at 5th street off romp. it's cleared. that's good news.
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as we get the live look, the volume is starting to increase. that should open and we should see it forming at the meter lights. back to you. >> 6:11 now. still to come on today in the bay, the video that makes it official. president obama is running for re-election. charlie sheen's live show bombed the first night. how he changed things for the next show, coming up. traffic is picking up on this monday morning. this is 88880. we'll check the traffic there. this was so easy.
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san jose police are going to meet with activists to talk about rebuilding trusts with immigrant communities. the activists want the police department to provide multicultural training so police and immigrants can work kogt to solve crimes. many immigrants do not come forward with information because they fear being deported. tonight's meeting is held at the unitarian church on south third. it is 6:15 now. labor groups are rallying today in support of workers rights across the country. starting at noon, jean kwon joins hundreds of workers at city hall. at 4:45, workers in san francisco march through the financial district. at 5:45, a rally at the redwood city courthouse square. a number of states voted to limit collective bargaining powers for public employees. hundreds of people will
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attend a labor rally at the bridge this morning. on april 4th, 1968 king was gunned down while protesting with striking sanitation workers in memphis, tennessee. hundreds of demonstrators are expected to march in a tributte. they will march from both sides and rally in the middle around noon. charlie sheen's live tour might last long enough to make it to san francisco after all. after bombing in detroit, his second show in chicago went better. most of the audience walked out, booed and threw things. sheen changed the show to more of a talk show format where he was the guest and told stories of exploits with other celebrities. the opening of detroit is an internet hit now. [ booing ]
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he's shocked of people booing him. people say sheen answered with comments like i already have your money, dude. that was filled with a lot of video clips. a promised performance by snoop dogg was a slip of his video. i'm in the show and it's horrible. it's losing. >> don't waste your money. sell them while you can. it's awful. >> not happy with that show. the violent torpedo of truth tour is set to stop in san francisco on april 30th. if you are going to sell your tickets, better sell them fast. >> it's interesting to see if people want to see him bomb or if he changes it. >> not winning. >> not at all. we are winning on a monday forecast, i don't know about the thursday one but monday is winning. >> thursday is winning because we are that much closer to the
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home opener at at&t park. love being a giants station. we lucked out. 49 degrees in hayward and 43 in santa rosa. the peninsula 45. it makes for a nice afternoon. temperatures five to ten degrees above average. cloud cover taking off to the north. maybe a few high whispy clouds. sunny conditions. it should be nice. we have changes on the way. you can see the well defined trough digging in here. it's going to kick the big ridge out of the way, break it down and by wednesday the temperatures are down to the low 60s. enjoy the 70s today and tomorrow. 50s and 60s by the middle of the week then rain on the way thursday and friday. we are not expecting a lot of it. the system is capable of bringing snow to mt. hamilton.
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we are concerned about a high pollen count. the defenders are oak and mulberry. keep that prescription handy, medicine handy. boy, it's monday. 77 in los gatos. the home opener looks good. 58 degrees. 40 degrees overnight. you need a jacket if you are headed out there. hey, the action starts early with us, friday morning we are live at at&t park bringing you all the fun, all the preview that you need right here. all you have to do is flip on your television that day. back to you guys. >> sounds good. president obama makes an announcement about his future in politics. what he has to say this morning. >> that e-mail from the bank may not be from your bank. we'll take a look at check today. as you get started on your commute, you are looking at 880
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with the volume h olteady in oakland. oh, yeah, it's on. the monday morning commute.
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welcome back, everybody. a live look at the shark tank in the south bay. it's 6:22. we'll be checking the forecast in a minute. >> first, let's check the morning commute with mike and see how monday morning is turning out. >> good morning. we look at the south bay where
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the traffic was flowing nicely. the san jose show. that's what is going on in the south bay. in antioch, we have a slowing at highway four then things start to clear up. we have a new accident reported westbound 80 the commute direction. it's over at magazine street. it might be blocking the slow lane or activity there approaching the bridge. across the span, it's looking nice. we'll get you a look out there and see how things are shaping up in the toll plaza. flashing lights in the median under the 880. so far, the back up in one of the lanes. no metering lights showing up yet. probably in the next couple minutes judging by the volume. we'll show you the approached time. it's showing a nice, easy drive as well.
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a smooth flow. we saw slowing on the 880. on the peninsula, we have a new accident reported westbound. the commute direction off the bridge heading toward 101. it could be an issue. it's a little slow to clear. we'll follow this on the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks. president obama says he will run for a second term. it posted new video on the campaign website along with an e-mail to supporters. the announcement is not asurprise. the white house officials said the president's campaign would file the official papers this week. the president will stick to the daily duties until the republicans settle on a candidate to run against him. then he will need to spend more time campaigning. >> you may see urgent e-mails from the bank, credit card company and others. scott mcgrew is here to tell you
6:25 am
why. >> epslon runs it software that helps your bank and company with blast e-mails. chase bank, best buy and other companies are sending out warnings like these that say it's possible a bad guy could use the information found to send out fake e-mails that look just like this one. in other words, be cautious. just because it appears to come from your bank does not mean it's from your bank. the data breach is probably the biggest in history. however, it appears only names and e-mail addresses were stolen, not bank information, financial information, that kind of thing. always be careful when an e-mail comes in asking for personal information. now, you need to be more careful because of this breach. that said, computers and e-mail are valuable. how valuable? $1700. economists figured out the added
6:26 am
benefit of the existence of the personal computer in laptop, pc and all that. if you factor in the cost of the computer itself, it's $1,700 that is added to the quality of your life. now, it's particularly valuable for me. i'll take a few minutes to talk about computers. if they didn't exist, they would say what is he talking about. >> you would have to bone up on your sports. >> yeah, i would. >> do i find that $1700 in my wallet? >> just extra life quality. >> they have to figure these things out. >> it's a bonus. >> there's another guy trying to figure out his job. >> thanks. >> it's 6:26 now. more flights are canceled because of southwest problems. a live report coming up. >> barry bonds perjury trial comes up. what isxpecto hap
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coming up on today in the bay, san francisco knows how to get ready for a major earthquake. now, it thooz figure out how to pay for it. >> reporter: if you like to text and drive, you know you shouldn't do it but now more than ever. a maximum enforcement effort that kicked off this morning and how much those tickets will cost you. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live at fso. another day of widespread cancellations. one of the countries most popular airlines. that story coming up. a live look across the golden gate bridge. a decent commute. it is monday, april 4th, today in the bay.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. time is 6:29. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check at the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. mondays can be tough. we are starting with the best day in the weather department. today is going to be george ranging in the 70s. this morning, it is on the chilly side. 45 in san mateo and 49 in hayward. you saw the live picture, clear skies overhead. sunshine on tap for today. then the changes arrive. we'll break it down for you. now, let's get you to work on time with mike. >> thank you. livermore, you are a little slow. the earlier disabled vehicle. slowing toward portolla avenue. things change at the dublin
6:31 am
interchange. we show a nice slowing at the toll plaza itself. no metering lights itself. a little slowing as you approach. it's an indication the volume is increasing. oakland, we have a nice smooth flow. no major issues. it's getting crowded in many spots. back to you. >> thank you. 6:31 now. you don't want to text and drive, especially today. today in the bay clis christie smith joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. if you see someone driving with a cell phone up to their ear and swerving and think who is chp or the local police officer to catch this guy, they are out in force this morning in big numbers. we just saw them leave, folks from chp and the sheriff's department left from oracle arena parking lot this morning. in all, 225 local agencies
6:32 am
around the bay area going after people who text and drive or talk on the phone without a hands free device. studies show that drivers who do this, text and drive, have a similar reaction to people who are legally drunk in terms of how quickly or slowly they react. since it's never a good idea to do, certainly something you should think about. today and tomorrow, more than ever. >> we believe people don't quite understand the big picture in the sense that anytime you are distracted while driving, you run the risk of injuring yourself or someone else. we have seen an increase of crashes involved in distracted driving. we are going to increase the forces to bring those numbers down. >> reporter: if you are out there on the freeways today and tomorrow, really throughout the month, you may run into a lilgt-up message sign like this one reminding you not to text and drive. the fees can run you $150.
6:33 am
the second offense, $279. christie smith, today in the bay. >> hopefully, it becomes a way of life. thank you. was alexander saying when he went into a high school and shot teachers with pipe bombs. last week, a jury found the 18-year-old guilty on the charges against him including attempted murder and weapons possession. what prosecutors call it -- if he's found sane, he could get life in prison. canceled southwest flights throughout the area. bob redell is joining us from sfo. he's got the latest on what flights are canceled and why. bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. there are dozens of flights in
6:34 am
the bay area at fso, norman and oakland. nationwide, they are expecting more than 100. this is because of the inspections they had to do on the 737-300 boeing aircraft after one ruptured on a friday afternoon flight. since the inspections began, they have found cracks in three more airplanes. yesterday, 300 cancellations. today, more than 100. you want to check your flight status before coming out here, otherwise you could end up in a situation like one woman who we caught out here earlier at fso who found out her flight to new york was canceled. by then, her ride to the airport was driving off. i don't know if you can see. there she was trying to wave her husband back. many other passengers we spoke with didn't check in advance but they did get lucky. it turns out their flights
6:35 am
weren't canceled. second thoughts about taking a southwest flight? >> no, not really, to be honest with you. it's something you accept happens from time to time on a flight like that. >> reporter: you should be seeing pictures of the five-foot long gash in the roof of the 737-300 ruptured on a flight leaving phoenix friday afternoon. the plane performed an emergency landing. everyone is okay. as a result, the ongoing inspections are resulting in flight cancellations. the idea is they will have these wrapped up by form. boeing, the manufacture, by the way, is drafting what is known as a service bulletin that urges all airlines, not just southwest but all airlines to do closer inspections for cracks on the 737-300 aircraft. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> keep an eye on it today. thanks. they are trying to figure
6:36 am
out what caused a pilot in oakland to crash his plane. a world war ii replica went down yesterday afternoon in harbor bay parkway. not far from the runways. the pilot was identified as 73-year-old richard manual. the plane was 200 feet in the air when it seemed to stop working. the plane crashed into the shore of the bay. the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case in barry bonds perjury trial. an expert will complete his testimony today. they will hear a reading of the testimony from 2003. no one, other than the doctor ever injected him with anything. bonds personal shopper testified she saw the trainer go into a room with bonds and a syringe. the prosecution's case took a
6:37 am
blow when his orthopedic surgeon denied talking about the steroid use. a member of the raiders faces charges this morning in a bit of an embarrassment. he was arrested yesterday morning in florida after fleeing police. when officers searched his car, they found an unlabeled bottle containing 11 viagra bills. the 23-year-old told pliz he removed the label so his girlfriend would not find out. he is the third player arrested. bush on suspicion of drunk-driving, mario a weapons charge. a million dollar in pages and pages of research to figure out to keep san francisco safe for the next earthquake. the hope is to avoid the chaos and destruction seen in the marina after the '89 earthquake. this afternoon, the community
6:38 am
action plan will go before the board of supervisors and talk about upgrading at-risk buildings and how to pay for it. there's a plan to help property owners make the changes they need to make. according to the caps report, one fifth of the buildings in san francisco would be unsafe to occupy if there was a 7.2 earthquake or bigger. 70s, you can't beat that this time of year. we are now in spring. that's what you associate with spring, the 70s. today, tomorrow, it's what we are going to see. big-time changes going on. shower activity thursday night into friday. i think the best chance for that is in the north bay and the higher elevations. mt. hamilton could get a dusting of snow. 43 in santa rosa. you are at 50 in oakland. you need a jacket this morning. something you can take off by noon when the temperatures are already in the mid to upper 60s. 69 degrees in san jose at noon
6:39 am
which is the average for this time of year. we are going to take the numbers up into the 70s. 76 degrees is the forecasted high. 72 for san francisco. 78 degrees in santa rosa where the averages are in the low to mid-60s. a treat for them today. for you in the east bay, a treat, 69 degrees is your average. temperatures fall tomorrow, more so for wednesday then the showers arrive late thursday into friday. i think most of the activity happens as you are sleeping. we are excited about the big giants home opener on friday. 1:35 is the first pitch. let's talk to mike about the drive. >> slowing around the at&t park area at that point. we are looking all right. slowing on the upper deck to get into the city. the turned the metering lights on. slowing toward the golden gate area. we keep both areas in mind.
6:40 am
the metering lights were turned on after the report. the back up is forming. it's hefty now. it's just to mid marking lot area. it's late for a monday. that's good news from that portion of the east bay. to the south, further past the san mateo bridge. the peninsula, we have the accident cleared at mariners island. back to you. >> it's 6:40. bp wants to start drilling in the gulf of mexico, again. >> it's one of the worst disasters of all time. now, the executives are getting big bonuses. >> airlines get rated ontyuali i today. how does southwest stack up. a live report from washington is next.
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good monday morning to you. itis report card day for the nation's largest airline. a 2011 airline report comes out today. tracie potts is live in washington with a preview of the report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning laura. good morning, everyone. for the 39 million people that travel, this is good information. it's the governments idea of not only how well the airlines are doing in terms of online service, lots of criteria they look at, denied boardings,
6:44 am
mishandled bags, whether they show up when you show up and consumer complaints mixed in also. when you look at the final rankings, delta is on top. southwest is at the bottom despite the recent problems with the fewest complaints. most complaints are about problems with the flight. in fact, they also ranked airlines specifically in terms of certain criteria. if you want to get there on time, hawaiian airlines has the best record. 92.5% of flights are on time. the entire industry improved, the average is 80%. if you don't want to get bumped off a flight, try jetblue, they were at the top of the list. airtran is the best with getting bags there on time. >> looks like i'm going to hawaii. >> yeah. the owner of the oil rig
6:45 am
that exploded and set off the gulf of mexico disaster is now celebrating 2010 calling it the best year of safety performance in history. they handed out bonuses and raises for the top executives, that includes a $200,000 president and ceo bonus. the base jumped from $900,00 to $1.1 million. the oil rig exploded killing 11 people. crews capped the well three months later, but not before millions of barrels of oil spilled into the gulf. u.s. regulators dismissing reports to let bp resume drilling. bp put in a request. they have ten wells in the gulf and all in deep water. meantime, other companies have permission to resume drilling on their existing wells. new deep water explorations are
6:46 am
still banned. in japan, workers are still trying to find the source of leaking radioactive water. over the weekend, crews found a crack in a maintenance pit confirming radioactivity is spilling into the environment. it's preventing workers from powering up cooling systems. it could be months before it's restored. makeshift water pumps used to cool down the reactors. katie curic is leaving the evening news chair. she became the first woman to solo anchor a network evening newscast. an anonymous cbs executive confirmed the news. she's expected to launch her own syndicated talk show sometime in 2012. her contract expires june 4th. this time yesterday was almost certain the ncaa title
6:47 am
would be stanford versus uconn. they were favored to go all the way. they were upset. they let texas a&m hang around too long. uconn lost to notre dame. the finals are tomorrow night. men's title is tomorrow night. they take on butler from salesa oregon. uconn will win. we'll see. used a method to pick dogs over cats in numerology to make picks. uconn's mascot is the husky and butler's is the bulldog. >> now, where do you go? i think she picked uconn because the other mascot is uglier. i think she's going uconn. it's true. i think that's what she's going with. the giants get a day off before heading to san diego for
6:48 am
a series with the padres. yesterday was the final game against the dodgers in l.a. they got home runs. it wasn't enough. dodgers go on to take it. final score 7-5. the as get a day off before heading north of the border. they are taking on the toronto blue jays. oakland picked up their first win yesterday thanks to a good seventh inning. they scored an additional four runs. final score was 7-1. a lot of baseball here this week starting friday. the weather is going to be pretty nice. chilly if you are headed out to at&t park for the big home opener. high pressure is the reason why we are going to cool down. it's going to head off to the east for this week. a low pressure system digging in here is going to make its way into the area. it provides moisture, rainfall
6:49 am
thursday night into friday night. possibly a dusting of show over mt. hamilton. 41 degrees in napa. 45 in navato now. typically the coldest point of the day. sunrise, 7:30 a.m. we are going to drop off more before we hit the lows. the highs will be down right pleasant. 77 degrees in los gatos. we have changes on the way. let's walk you through the seven day forecast. first, let's talk about your allergies. we have high levels of pollen right now. oak and mulberry are the predominant offenders. if you suffer from allergies, high today and high tomorrow. once the system of low pressure moves into the area, improvement there if we pick up significant rainfall. that could be the case. giants home opener, 58 degrees on friday.
6:50 am
we will be out there early. first pitch is 1:30. weather should be comfortable. if you are headed out there, grab a jacket. you can see the trend downward when it comes to temperatures. 65 degrees wednesday. down to 60 on thursday. back to great baseball weather on sunday. back to you. >> every day is good weather for baseball. >> that's true. a popular video game injects real life into it. scott mcgrew has that an more. a reality tv star known for stumbling around the beach drunk gets into the wrestling word. >> snoop mania. s tay bridg this morning. sun is coming up. 6:50 now. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing.
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cal students will vote this week if they want to ban bottled water. the initiative will be included on the campus elections. if it passes, they will phase out the sale of bottled water. the battle water ban would help them reach a goal of cutting 75% of its waste by 2012. it's 6:53 now. want to check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning. we go to livermore. we had a usual pattern, now it's the typical slow drive. slowing at the dublin interchange, also. now, it's going to be an issue for 680 south. let's get a live look at the sunol camera. no major issues. that looks so much better now. the south bay, a smooth flow of trarveg. a little slowing coming to
6:54 am
downtown 280. tonight, the sharks go to the kings tonight. there's going to be a lot of excited fans on surface streets. the maze, a smooth drive. here at the toll plaza, the back up is past the 880. just under a half hour to build now heading to west end grand avenue. it will continue. >> 6:54 now. a former general manager and player will be enducted into the basketball hall of fame. chris mullen is likely to be on the list. he's a two-time olympic gold medalist and five-time nba ball star. he's currently an analyst on espn. a miracle in australia. a woman is alive after surviving a six-story plunge in her car. she drove off the sixth floor of the parking garage, suffered
6:55 am
head injuries. police are trying to figure out how the crash happened and why a safety railing didn't stop the car from going over the edge. the car landed on the side. the roof was still smashed in. the paramedic said she was probably alive because she was wearing a seatbelt and the air bag deployed. >> amazing. snooki from jersey shore showed she had a lot of balance when she's sober. check out these moves. no stunt person there. she's a mean one. they took a win for that one. >> that is serious talent, anybody that can do -- well, i have seen scott mcgrew do those. >> i do back flips in good markets. dow industrials are up 20
6:56 am
points. nasdaq up four. we are watching boeing carefully. it's doing all right despite the problems with airplanes down. other important thing, mcdonald's is going to have a huge job drive. 50,000 jobs are available as they try to go 24 hours in most restaurants. a change in madden football games. the upcoming madden 12 from redwood city, if a virtual player gets a concussion, he's sidelined for the game. the announcer will explain in the game's voice over how serious such an injury is. the hope is the change in the pretend game will change attitudes among kids who play in video games and real football. when i was playing football, if i had a concussion, my mother would have pulled me out of the
6:57 am
game. there wouldn't be that much of a controversy. >> exactly. after years of research and hard work, a team of scientists came up with a breakthrough. golf balls made up of lobster shells. why do you want one? the answer is so you can hit one off a cruise ship. they will di- solve in sea water after seven days. >> we can produce things people want to use that aren't harming the environment. it's a double-edged sword per se to sell a product and we aren't harming the environment. >> bioengineers are now working on other uses for the same material that they made out of lobster shells and tails. a lot of people want to hit -- >> heavily. >> off the cruise ship and they get in trouble. >> with a little butter sauce, they are fabulous. thank so much for joining us
6:58 am
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