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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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apartment with young children inside. coming up, what the mother had to say, in a live report. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in san jose. we'll tell you how to help san francisco giants fan who is severely beaten after a dodgers game last week. that story, coming up in a live report. a live look outside this morning. the hp pavilion where the sharks have been hot. it's tuesday, april 5, today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. straight up, 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's look at the forecast tor today. today is the day to enjoy. >> always, in the springtime arnds here. when we get cooler, it's still going to be nice around here. good morning to you. let's show you what's to come. the high pressure firmly in control. that's going to bring the numbers up into the 70s again.
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not as warm as yesterday. we are on the warm side of a front. it's going to bring the temperatures down as we head through this week. by wednesday, we are in the 60 degree range. by thursday, only the upper 50s, which is what we have out there now. 52 in hayward. wherever you live, grab a light jacket or sweater. something to take off later. let's check in with mike inouye. >> shifted location on 580. we saw it on the altamont pass. 50s coming closer to north livermore. we had reports of debris in the area. the shift, the burst of traffic. the travel times increase over the next half hour now. the bay bridge, no major back up. the feeder freeways to the toll plaza will jam up in the next 20
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minutes. antioch police are searching for a shooter this morning. bullets went inside a home, narrowly missing the family inside. frightening moments for that family. >> reporter: it was. this is a neighborhood of row of row of apartments. one family, it came dangerously close. the stray bullets came flying into their apartment and into a room where a 9-year-old boy would have been sleeping had his mom not gotten him up to put on pajamas. this happened after 9:00 last night here in antioch. a man was shot, possibly in the head and taken to the medical center. back to the mom, she says at least three shots came into their unit. she didn't want to go on camera, but here is what she had to say. it sounded like fireworks.
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i don't know what real gunshots sound like. i thought they were fireworks. i was in my room, my son in the living room having dinner. my son asked if i heard it, i said there were just fireworks. that's what i thought. >> reporter: there was an infant inside as well. the mom moved from hayward to try to get away from violence like this. we have calls into antioch police for an update on the search for the shooter and the status of the victim. reporting live in antioch, christie smith. >> thank you. the national transportation safety board is ordering inspections on 80 boeing 737s. the order is designed to find weaknesses in the fuselage on the same type of plane tla suffered a mid flight incident last week. we have been talking act it. southwest cleared 64 aircraft to
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resume flights and three were found with cracks. last friday, a five-foot hole opened up during a flight over arizona forcing buy lots to make an emergency landing. the five foot section that tore is actually being examined at a lab. they found widespread cracking and fatigue. cracking is normal. we have an update on the growing reward to find whoever critically beat a san francisco giants fan in l.a. a few days ago. bob redell is live in downtown san jose with more on the reward and how one business is raising money for the victim's medical bills. bob. >> reporter: good morning. the los angeles dodgers announced they are adding $25,000 to the pot. there's now a reward for $50,000
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to find the two men responsible for beating brian stow. he is an emt based out of san jose who is a regular at this pizza my heart location here in the downtown. all today, as a result of the relationship with him, the restaurant chain will hold a fund-raiser for stow who is still in critical condition. his neuro surgery team expected to update us later on his condition. stow is a giants fan. he was leaving last thursday's game against the dodgers when two men beat him in the parking lot. his condition is so severe he is in a medically induced coma. this will cost a lot of money. pizza my heart will donate 30% of its sales in all locations to help him out with the medical bills. >> he's out there putting his life on the line all the time.
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any business owner should step up and help the people that help uls. >> treated everybody with the utmost respect. when you see this happen to people like that, it breaks your heart. >> reporter: tomorrow, there will be another fund-raiser for stow put on by his friends at amr where he works. >> such a tragic situation. glad to see the outpouring. the man accused of killing two workers at a shop on fisherman's wharf is expected back here. police say he killed two workers at a competing business on january 30th because he resented his competition. he's pleaded not guilty. he's being held because he's considered a risk to himself. a teenager is in custody accused of raping a jogger at a popular san francisco park. it happened at crocker amazon
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park in geneva. xavier neal is in jail for raping a jogger on friday. neil forced the victim near a dog run. people who use the dog run say police need to step up the patrols in that area. >> they generally patrol down the other side. i said come up here because the probability of something happening down this is less than it would be up here because of the isolation factor. women who play soccer say they try to avoid isolated areas of the park. they say the attack is still a reminder to keep up their guard. san francisco neighborhoods are keeping a careful watch after a string of violent attacks. last saturday night at 11:00, three teens arrested for robbing. 30 minutes later, two suspects
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knocked down and robbed a 23-year-old woman. police still are looking for them. at 11:00 p.m. on sunday, two men punched and robs a 56-year-old man in an early monday morning attack, 26-year-old man was beaten up and robbed by two men in the 600 block of gary street. officials say the attacks appear to be unrelated. trying to separate itself from the city of belle. they will fire the auditing firm today because they did the books for belle. city leaders paid themselves massive salaries despite the financial troubles. the firm fell victim to the practices. however the leaders think anything connected to that belle scandal is a bad idea. south san jose community is meeting again to stop the
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development of a high school. it starts at 6:00 tonight in the school's cafeteria. three appeals have been filed. san jose gave the green light last month for t-mobile to build a cell-phone tower on the high school grounds. >> we want to check the forecast with clees tina. still dry but cooler. >> a little bit cooler just like you brent cannon. a little bit cooler. temperatures still above average for this time of year, but not that bad. we are talking the 70s. yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. more of the same today. right now, it's already feeling relatively mild out there. cool in places like gilroy where you are at 45 degrees, 47 in santa rosa and 50 degrees in san mateo. along the peninsula is mild. 68 degrees later on today in fremont. 66 in oakland.
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high pressure is still in control. one day left as we head through tomorrow. a trough digs into the area and drops the temperatures down to 60 degrees. 57 by thursday. maybe a few showers and the best time for showers will be thursday night into friday. this weekend looks good. we are going to climb back up into the 60s. 69 by monday. next week looks warmer, drier. spring has finally sprung. back to you. >> we'll take it back here. i want to tell week about the construction on highway 4 getting to eastbound 80. it's still not cleared. it was supposed to clear out of martinez and to the carquinez bridge. coming off the westbound direction, take willow avenue in the area. if you are heading through the area out of antioch, you know about the slowing. still holding steady and
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clearing by love ridge. no slow downs near bay bridge. walnut creek moves nicely. the rest of the freeway is moving in toward the mays. the volume of traffic is increasing. the toll plaza shows you many more headlights heading toward the area. no metering lights yet. it looks like things are on a typical tuesday schedule. back to you. >> thanks for the update. still to come, some of the giants reached rock star status. they are sharing the ballpark with real rock stars this weekend. they start a new series against the padres. a live report from san diego, coming up. meantime, a live look outside at oracle arena in the east bay. rslooking forok tuncoo p. u t 6:11 now.
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oh, a beautiful live look outside and one of my favorites of the bay bridge this morning. sun coming up. it's going to be a nice day today. 6:14 now. the giants are back in action today. this time in southern california. they are taking on the san diego padres in their home opener. >> megan is live and ready for the game. good morning. >> reporter: oh, we are ready.
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hey, laura and brent. nice to see you guys. san francisco fire has a message for you guys. he can't talk. basically, i'm translating saying we are ready for you guys here in san diego. as you mentioned, it is our home opener today. the game starts at 3:35. folks expected to attend should get here early. they are thinking the parking lot will be filled up by 1:30. because they did better than expected last season, our game has been sold out earlier than last year by two weeks. 44,000 people are expected to attend. everyone gets this cool padres shirt. all the fans that come here today and jason is singing the national anthem. we are pumped up. interesting facts here. the concessions are expected to sell 10,000 hot dogs, at least. most of the people here have
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been here since 3:00 this morning. reporting from petco park, nbc san francisco. >> hey, are you going to tell him to start saying prayers. >> reporter: we'll see. we are off to a good start. winning two of three games in st. louis. the padres are ready for action. >> so are we. thank you very much. >> reporter: we'll see what happens. >> thanks a lot. a pair of big names will handle the national anthem duties. ♪ your lipstick stain ♪ on the front all over my lips and brain ♪ >> it puts everybody in a good mood. it's train. they are going to perform at friday's home opener. mill valley rocker sammy hagar
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will sing the national anthem. >> it's getting everybody in gear. now, the weather to go with it. >> it's going to feel like football weather. >> as long as brian wilson is rounding out the caboose of that train, i'm all aboard. good morning to you. we are going to have good weather this weekend. baseball weather. we have two cool days to get through. it looks like thursday and friday will not be that warm. this morning not too bad, not too bad at all. we have high pressure firmly in control of the weather pattern. it's going to bring the numbers up. changes on the way, pushing into northern california. you can see the front draped across northern california from boise to eureka. we are still on the warm side of it. as we head throughout the day, nice and comfortable. breezy and cloudier than yesterday. 52 degrees in hayward. 52 in san jose. upper 60s by noon. temperatures are going to end up
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in the 70s. 72 in fairfield. that's the forecast. 71 in santa rosa. 70 in gilroy. we are going to shave five to ten degrees off yesterday's highs. we are going to continue to drop throughout the week. unfortunately, we have baseball on friday. giants home opener at at&t park. we will be there with the giants gear. a few showers early. we have to bring the umbrella out there that morning. 62 degrees on saturday. sun and clouds warming up as the giants continue to play. 69 degrees monld. that is the day for baseball. >> we are looking forward to it. 6:18 now. san francisco could have a bargain for companies that want to move into certain neighborhoods. a huge deal. how big? we'll tell you about it coming up. that's a lot of zeros. we're looking at a lot of cars
6:19 am
hitting the roadway. this portion of oakland is looking all right. where the slowdown is hitting hard this morning. once again, a live look inside petco stadium where the up ts are set to up a p a y tonight against the y
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if approved the plan phases out the sale of bottled water. the ban would help cal reach the goal of cutting 75% of waste by
6:23 am
2012. elections end on thursday. i remember when you always drank out of the drinking fo founta fountain. people said bottled water, who would pay for that. a proposal to exempt some businesses from payroll taxes. companies that move into certain parts of the city would be able to avoid payroll taxes for new employees for six years. that proposal was first brought up to lure twitter into the city. san francisco stands to lose $22 million, however it would help to revitalize certain areas. >> we want to check in with scott mcgrew this morning. >> good morning. a huge deal in silicon valley. normally when you buy a company, you give shareholders a bit of a bonus. if stock is worth $10, you should offer $13 a share. that's stands ard. last night when texas
6:24 am
instruments oufred to buy the national semiconductor, it offered to pay a 78% premium. that's one of the biggest we have seen in silicon valley. texas instruments really, really wants national semiconductor. it's a $6.5 billion deal. now, when i talk the nasdaq up 2% and down 3%, whatever. when you look at an index of 100 companies, their movement was up 2% or what have you. some companies get a bigger influence than others. the nasdaq decided apple is too darn big. now, shares of apple account for 1/5 of that index. the wall street journal says the nasdaq exchange is going to change and make apple's influence smaller. why do you care? a lot of fund managers have to peg their funds for the way it works. it's going to cause volatility
6:25 am
as people move money arnold. >> 6:24 now. a meeting gets underway to talk about a plan that could save lives. plus more people stepping up to help a giants fan attacked in los angeles. we'll have a live report on that. >> reporter: good morning, i'm christie smith. gunfire erupts in antioch. stray bullets fly in ant hith c. what the mother has to say, coming up in a live report.
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coming up on today in the bay, the man who killed an oakland journalist takes the witness stand. what he says happened as he gunned down chauncey bailey. >> reporter: good morning, one family is in shock this morning after stray bullets come into their apartment unit and dangerously close to a child's bunk bed. we'll have the story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in san jose. how the community is coming together to help a giants fan severely beaten after a dodgers game. that's coming up in a live report. a live look outside. we'll check the report. today is tuesday april 5th on today in the bay.
6:29 am
good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. it is now 6:28. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the commute with mike coming up in a bit. first, the forecast with christina. >> you can call me skip today. good morning to you. we are looking good in terms of your weather it might have you skipping. we are going to be in the 70s. it's nice if you want to take your dog for a walk this morning. we are in the 50s. we are going to end up warm. upper 60s across the bay area. a significant cooldown in store for tomorrow. we'll break it down for you. you might have to get to work this morning. the man to help you do so is mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. folks are going to have to pause longer at the toll plaza. i'll show you that in a second. i want to point out the rig. we had a shot of the coliseum a minute ago. i'll give you an update in the next report. the toll plaza, the metering
6:30 am
lights just turned on and the back up is quickly forming. the cash lane is starting to build as well. it will quickly grow in the next 15 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. frightening moments in antioch when bullets fly, one person shot and stray bullet pieces pierce a nearby home. christie smith is joining us live with an update. >> reporter: good morning to you. i have been talking with neighbors out here saying there have been a number of shootings out here recently. three that they can think of in the past two months. they certainly weren't surprised by this. one woman is ready to move out of here. everyone is talking about the stray bullets that went into an apartment where a child would have been sleeping. a 9-year-old, had his mother not
6:31 am
gotten him up to put baa jamas on him. about 9:00 last night, a man was shot. we are working on getting an update on his status. again, the stray bullet flew into an apartment with a 9-year-old inside. the mom didn't want to come on camera but said the bullets came close to his bet. luckily she got him up. >> i saw that thing broken and i asked him why did you break this. he goes i didn't touch it. when i looked in the window, i saw the three bullet holes. i looked across the closet. that's when i panicked and went outside. when i saw the cops i told them, you know, i think somebody shot through my son's room. >> reporter: not only was a 9-year-old inside the unit but also a baby. they are shaken but okay. the family recently moved here
6:32 am
to get away from violence like this in their neighborhood in hayward. we are waiting to hear from antioch police about their search for a shooter and the status of the victim. reporting live, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. the man who shot and killed chauncey bailey gave a chilling account of what happened. prosecution witnessed him say he left after shooting him twice then returned to shoot him in the head. he pleaded guilty to the murder. he says the black muslim bakery leader orrered him to kill him. they were charged in his murder. a $50,000 reward is being offered to find a man who beat a san francisco giants fan in los angeles. bob redell is live in downtown san jose with the details and how one local business is trying to raise money to help pay for
6:33 am
the victim's medical bills. bob. >> reporter: that victim, brian stow, a die-hard giants fan and emt who comes to this pizza my heart location. he was a regular here. chuck hammers, the owner of pizza my heart in the northern california. what you are doing today, 30% of all sales to help him out. why was this important to you? >> it's great that he's a customer and a regular here, but i mean this is a real good guy. this is a guy that helps all of us. it's our turn to help him. >> reporter: what do you know about him. i know you don't know him personally, but talking to your colleagues. >> the manager here says oh, it's brian. he's a nice guy. father of two. he's from santa cruz. it's where our roots are frm. he was at the dodgers-giants
6:34 am
game in los angeles. he was coming out of the parking lot when two men dressed in dodgers attire attacked him. they were looking for the two men. there's a $50,000 reward out for them. $25,000 coming from dodgers, another $10,000 from the giants and $15,000 from other sources. he is in a hospital. the neuroscience team should be updating us later today on his condition. you were at that game. tell me what it was like inside the stadium and what it was like outside the stadium. i know you didn't witness the attack. >> inside the stadium was great. the dodger's fans were friendly. they would give me a bit of razzing. nothing big. once we got outside it was a different atmosphere.
6:35 am
we were really ready to catch a cab and get out of that scene. >> reporter: how do you mean it was different? >> profanities yelled at us. guys getting in our face a bit out there. >> reporter: okay. thank you very much. chuck's store, pizza my heart, all donations will go to help brian stow to help with medical bills. tomorrow, amr will hold a fund-raiser as well. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. flags in pleasantton will fly at half staff in honor of army specialist killed in afghanistan last week when his unit was attacked by enemy forces. as a medical technician he was treating a soldier. his remains will arrive in the area today. his family will hold a private service. another man was killed in afghanistan.
6:36 am
harry died on sunday while helping troops. he graduated in 2008 and was known for his artistic skills namely break dancing, singing and drawing. the 21-year-old and his unit had been in afghanistan for about five months working with afghan national security forces. the u.s. marine corps has not said how he died. >> it's hard. anytime we lose someone that is so young it's much more difficult to deal with. >> he was the fourth armed service member from the bay area to die in the line of duty in five weeks. the california public utilities is meeting over gas pipelines and wants to hear testimony related to pipeline safety. the cpuc is holding three meetings starting today at 5:00 in the afternoon in san bruno. it's held at the city center. other meetings take place in
6:37 am
los angeles and santa rosa. earthquake experts want to build an early warning system along the west coast. leading scientists are going to meet this afternoon to talk about the plan. they say we have the technology to build a system that's similar to the one japan uses. they say it could save lives and speed life recovery. it's going to be held at uc berkeley. >> i think change is in the works, right? >> yeah, change is in the works. this time of year, it's not going to be that bad. we are not expecting heavy downpours, just a little bit of cooler weather and overcast conditions. a little bit of a sprinkle thursday night into friday. overall, looking good. let's take you outside and show you what the temperature is in your city. we are in the 50s now. 52 degrees in hayward. 51 in oakland and 53 in the city by the bay. it's comfortable out there. more so later on this afternoon.
6:38 am
this is the last day with the temperatures above average. we head through tomorrow, we are looking toward highs of 60 degrees. thursday, we'll be lucky to break out of the 50s. 68 in fremont. 69 degrees in redwood city. as we head throughout this afternoon, a bit of a breeze, more cloud cover as the system pushes into the area. overall, looking nice. 60 by tomorrow. 57 degrees, a few showers move in thursday into friday. the weekend, yeah, we are going to warm back up. 69 degrees by monday. back to you guys. >> we'll take it where traffic is above average. a slow drive from altamont pass. we move over to the mays where we have two things to call out. the meter lights are turned on. the stall, the updated location,
6:39 am
the alameda locations heading up there. a live look at the high street exit where they first reported an incident. a smooth flow of traffic. you'll see more slowing because of all the cars on the roadway. now, we go back to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been turned on. coming off 880 as well. it's a tuesday so we have a good volume of traffic here. back to you. >> thanks. time is 6:39. the ncaa tournament is over. one team wins it all. we'll explain why. barry bonds perjury trial returns from a short break today. find out what's on tap. the president and congress face a budget deadline. we have a live report from washington, coming up next. take in a live look outside. 6:39 now.isorng 6: n.
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welcome back. a live look outside from the south bay this morning. once again, the hp pavilion looking for a nice sunny day. changes are in line down the road. the federal government will shut down if lawmakers do not reach a budget deal by friday. under new rules, whatever plan they come up with needs to be in writing tonight. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., where president obama will become the middleman. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, everyone. they can't push the deadline like they used to. you have to post the bill 72
6:43 am
hours before you vote on it. they need something in writing tonight. that's one reason president obama is bringing democrats and republicans to the white house today. they seem to be at a stalemate, a showdown of what was a $33 billion compromise cutting that much from the budget. republicans say they never signed on to it. the president trying to get everyone together to come up with some sort of frame work to get this done. democrats big concern that is deeper cuts, deeper than they suggested or agreed to could disproportionately affect the poor and working families in the country. white house spokes people say they are not going through the budget line item by line item. the president wants to talk about leadership and a framework to hopefully compromise. if they can't, if we get to midnight friday and there's no deal, republicans have already suggested a one week extension
6:44 am
that would include $12 billion in budget cuts. that's the latest from washington this morning. i'm tracie potts. >> see what kind of work they get done. thank you. the men accused of the 9/11 attacks are not tried in civilian courts. the obama administration has given up to try them in the u.s. they will be tried, instead, before military missions in guantanamo bay in cuba. congress had also blocked any detainee moves into the united states. >> it's 6:44. the man accused of kidnapping and holding jaycee dugard for 18 years is expected to plead guilty. the attorney for his wife says her husband will enter a guilty plea on thursday. nancy will likely stand trial. she's pleaded not guilty. they are charged with 18 felony
6:45 am
counts including false imprisonment and rape. they are accused of kidnapping dugard in tahoe in 1991. the city attorney says a former narcotics test is not connected to a drug raid and property siezures. a city file accused the team of doing it. there's surveillance video given to the news last week. take a look, by the city's attorney. several antioch officers are accused of conducting illegal searches and not documenting confiscated items. technicians from ucla laboratories will take the substantial doubt. they should wrap up their testimony today. yesterday was canceled because a juror was ill. had kidney stones. the prosecution produced a new missing tape that contains a conversation between bonds
6:46 am
former business associate and his orthopedic surgeon. now the judge has not ruled the tape can be used but she said most of it is irrelevant. if the ill juror is not in court today, they may use an alternate to take his place. more stadium moves in santa clara. they are expected to vote on a plan to give the 49ers exclusive rights to market the name of the stadium. naming rights are common such as hp pa vil yan and oracle arena. there are no front-runners. if you missed the national title game, you didn't miss much. some are calling it the worst title game in history. butler couldn't buy a shot. they had no points scored inside the paint. this is the third title for uconn. they shot under 19%, the worst
6:47 am
ever for a title game and the third lowest for an ncaa tournament game. they made three two-point buckets. their 41 points they scored are the fewest scored since oklahoma scored 39 back in 1949. back then, they didn't have three-points. >> they made it to the title game. >> were they blindfolded? i don't know. >> nah. let's check the forecast with christina. >> i think everyone had a busted forecast there when it came to choosing the final four. even the guys at espn. hey, your forecast today? a good looking day shaping up for us. we are already in the 50s. you won't need the heavy jacket this morning. as we head through the afternoon sunshine and breeze. a few more clouds. we are going to end up in the 70s. high pressure forming control of the weather pattern. low pressure is moving in. it's going to bring about cold
6:48 am
days ahead. warm side of the front is where we are now. as a result our temperatures are now in the 50s and will be able to climb toward 70s before the clouds push in and hamper the forecast tomorrow. 65 degrees in livermore at noon as you break for lunch. 65 in navato. depending on where you work, where you are headed this afternoon, you will probably need a light sweater in case it gets cool. that will add to the windchill. 68 degrees in fremont. 69 in san jose. 70 degrees in the garlic capital, gilroy. 71 in the north bay. conditions there have been warm lately. they average 63 degrees this time of year. we have been closer to 70 all week long. 60 degrees by friday. a few showers move in early. i think they will start to deteriorate before the giants home opener at at&t park, 1:35 p.m. we will be out there.
6:49 am
i want to show you impressive video. this is the type of thing that makes us get excited. take a look at the hail. that is huge, golf-ball sized hail. this is from iowa. can you imagine how that sounds coming down on your roof? like a herd of elephants coming through. that is impressive. we almost never see hail that size around here. i wanted to show you that. back to you. >> you'll have dents on your car. 6:49 now. make moves to close the state's budget gap. the former governor, officially now the governator. we'll look at his new cartoon. traffic is moving smoothly there. 6:49 now. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. apologize for a few glitches in the machine this morning. it's 6:52. enjoy today. >> there may soon be no such thing as a free ride in walnut creek. the city council will decide if the city should continue paying for the trolley bus. the city spends $200,000 a year to fund the bus. they could charge a fare or stop funding it and have the county decide the fate. there's a meeting tonight at city hall. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning folks. kind of moving. >> oh. >> it comes down to 10 miles per hour in some spots. averaging 15. that's much better where things clear up. a new accident around willow
6:54 am
pass road could cause additional slowing. 242 is showing the slowing toward concord as well. the average travel times looking nice. the freeways dipping down. the volume of traffic toward the bridge. the back-up calmed itself down. the metering lights have been on for a half hour. now, things have thinned out. that's great news as things sort themselves out. in the east bay, sbds 680 slowing down as folks move through sunol. the express lane and the south bay, 680 a smooth drive. it's where the interchange sees the heavy volume of traffic. 87 coming into downtown. downtown san jose where they take the victory. back to you. >> very nice. 6:54 now. governor jerry brown shifted
6:55 am
responsibility to local governments. brown signed the bill late last night. he says the measure helps cut the $27 billion deficit as well as prison crowding. california state sheriff's association says without the funding, the shift could be a public safety disaster. this morning, dozens of proposals vetoed by former governor arnold schwarzenegger are now making their way to governor jerry brown's desk for his signature. plans to boost the renewable energy makes it easier for them to unionize and give access to college aid and protecting tenants in properties facing foreclosure just among the more than 60 bills rejected by arnold schwarzenegger. a spokesperson says the administration will not comment until the governor acts on it. former governor arnold schwarzenegger was called the
6:56 am
governator. now, it's befitting as ever with his new cartoon. >> he's back all right. this is the trailer for the new series. you can find it on youtube this morning. arnold schwarzenegger plays a crime-fighting superhero. stanley who created spider man and the incredible hulk had a large part in this. he comes complete with armor, a bat cycle and incredible strength. state lawmakers were toosh firefighter him. he's conquered it now branson is talking act making an announcement in southern california about a new business venture that could take people under water. he unveiled a submarine. he's working with a company to create a submersable, capable of
6:57 am
high-speed deep sea travel. >> he's got a space rocket. put an engine on it and put it in the water. same thing, different places. he's going to be here talking ability it. he's an interesting guy. >> he is. the space rocket is going to be in san francisco. branson is going to be at sfo at terminal two. virgin america is going to run out of there. he's not allowed to run it, but it doesn't stop him from showing up to the party. total airplane geek, as part of the party tomorrow, spaceship two and the mothership white knight. cool stuff for you there. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks so much for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. we'll have a local update in a half hour as we always do.
6:58 am
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