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tv   Today  NBC  April 5, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. a line of severe weather rips through the south producing 20 tornadoes, good morning. breaking news. a line of severe weather rips through the south producing 20 tornadoes, leaving at least three dead. another round is set to slam the region today. waiting game. president obama has officially thrown his hat into the ring. so why has no major republican presidential candidate jumped into the ring yet? we'll ask the new head of the republican national committee. and the teenager who gained fame for her uncontrollable case of the hiccups speaks out on her first degree murder charge. >> i let it all go to my head
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and just started doing what i wanted to do. >> our exclusive jailhouse interview today, april 5, 2011. captions paid for by jierngs captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. i hope you have your umbrel welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. i hope you have your umbrella. it will be a mess from maine to florida. >> widespread damage in at least six states including kentucky where seven people were injured when a tornado destroyed part of a factory. we'll get the latest details and also al's forecast straight ahead. >> also, a graphic program now being used in high schools nationwide to drive home the dangers of texting or drinking while driving. it lets teenagers see what life would be like if their friends or siblings died in an accident.
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we'll have details on that coming up. >> plus, actress ashley judd will be here to talk about her candid memoir in which she reveals she was sexually abused as a child. she also writes rather frankly about her relationship with her mother and sister, country stars naomi judd. we'll talk to her about all of that. >> on a much different note the party lasted well into the night in storrs, connecticut, after uconn won the baseball national championship. we'll have more than that story as well. congratulations to the huskies. but let us begin this these storms. they ripped through the south. al roker has the forecast upstairs, al? >> this is the most severe day of weather we've had in almost five years with close to 800, now pushing 00 severe storm reports. severe weather tore through kentucky where strong winds toppled homes. others ripped off the foundations and two people were hurt. in neighboring tennessee,
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winding were howling up to 80 miles an hour. there were downed trees everywhere. a mother and daughter trapped for hours when a tree fell on their home. meanwhile in iowa, residents collected golf ball-sized hail after a storm ripped through dubuque, a. warm moist air is coming up along the frontal system. behind it a strong upper level jet. colder air. we've got a risk of strong storms from florida all the way into southern new england. here's where we've got a risk of storm this is morning. from west palm beach into the carolinas a line of thunderstorms firing up along this line from florida on into the carolinas. we have tornado watches until late this morning. rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain, strong winds behind it, and colder air comes in behind that. meredith? >> thank you very much. now to washington and the looming threat of government shutdown. president obama invited congressional leaders to the white house today in hopes of
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hammering out a budget deal. nbc white house correspondent savannah guthrie has the latest. good morning to you, savannah. >> reporter: good morning. one aid said this morning this is a decisive moment. the president plans on telling congressional leaders, get this done. meanwhile the administration is already telling federal agencies to prepare for a shutdown. republicans and democrats have already agreed to a top line number for spending cuts and there is no reason other than politics the two sides can't get a deal. the president today will summon congressional leaders to the white house in a final hour push to get a budget deal. at an event in new hampshire the vice president said the stakes are high. >> it's important we avoid a shutdown not for political reasons. just for pure substantive reasons for keeping this economy moving. >> reporter: but on chile but on capitol hill the public sparring hit a fever pitch.
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>> republicans refuse to recognize that their budget is an appalling proposal. >> there are a lot of folks, including senator reid, that would like to shut the government down. i think their plan is to shut the government down. >> reporter: the contentious budget showdown, the backdrop to a 2012 presidential election just getting under way. on monday, president obama officially became candidate obama releasing an online launch video that acknowledged work to be done to reinvigorate supporters. >> you know, we're paying him to do a job so we can't take time off to get us energized. we've got to figure it out. >> reporter: the president who campaigned on hope and change in 2008 is now an incumbent who must retool his message. for 2012. >> i think what the president will say is that things are getting better, the economy is improving, unemployment is going down, and the stock market is going up. that's a very, very good thing for a president starting a re-election campaign. >> reporter: but republicans are
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seizing on an economy not producing enough jobs. >> my hope is -- my hope is -- >> hope isn't hiring. >> reporter: while republicans have their message, they don't yet have their messenger. of those who are in, only one candidate is considered a front-runner. others are likely in the race but haven't made it official. and then there are the fence-sitters. with a fired up republican, they say some gop strategists say waiting to get in the race is smart. >> the minute someone steps forward and starts acting like it's their turn to be the nominee is the same minute the entire grassroots, especially the tea party, looks at that person and says, you know what? we want somebody else. >> reporter: well, one other note on the president's campaign announcement. it came on the day that the department of justice announced that khalid shaikh mohammed would be tried in a military tribunal ong guantanamo bay, which, of course, was a reminder to the grassroots, the
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president's base supporters of one broken campaign promise from 2008. >> thank you very much. the chairman of the republican national committee joins us. good morning. >> good to be here. >> good morning to you. happy to be on the show. >> i looked at where republicans where are in the last election cycle. nine of them were already running at that point. this time around no one has officially declared his or her canadidacy candidacy. why not? >> this president we have now we call the campaigner-in-chief. he doesn't stop campaigning. at a time we are about to face a government shutdown, we are debating the budget, delivering a serious budget today, this president shows how tone deaf he is by announcing that he's running for president yesterday. now, as far as your question, i don't think there's any doubt that we're going to have many serious candidates on the republican side of the aisle running for president to try to get our fiscal train back on the rails in this country, which this president has completely
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derailed, meredith. >> but aren't you worried about playing catchup here? they will be running against an incumbent who could raise an unprecedented $1 billion and time matters if you're not well known and doesn't have a lot of money. it takes time to build those things up. >> well, you're right. this president's very good at raising big cash from fat-cat donors. that's what he's good at. what he's not good at is getting our finances on the road. >> let's talk about the republicans. why aren't they getting into the race? >> there are many republicans, as you pointed out on your show. there are at least a dozen candidates right now testing the water. i think there's going to be plenty of time, meredith, to get the message out. the first question will be to the american people, are you better off today than you were three years ago and most people will say no to that. the republicans will be out there. we're going to have plenty of candidates. i don't think there's any doubt about it that we're going to have candidates articulate a
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clear message of getting our economy back on track, bringing good paying jobs to americans, and getting our debts and deficits under control. >> in a press release on the rnc website you write the debt championed by this administration threatens to snuff out the recovery and future job growth. but if you look at the recent numbers, sixth consecutive month of job growth, it certainly appears there is a recovery. doesn't that throw a monkey wrench into your argument? >> not at all. this president promised millions and millions of jobs. we've lost 26 million jobs, meredith, since he's been president. he promised under an $850 billion stimulus program, we'd be on a path to recovery. none of that's come true. he's completely trashed medicare by raiding it $500 billion to provide us a government-run health care program that nobody wants. i think that pointing out a
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snails pace the jobs numbers is not going to be enough to undo 26 million jobs that are lost, meredith. i think the american people are tired of the rhetoric and they want substance. >> kmis have said in criticizing the numbers the republicans run the risk of looking like they are cheering for an economic reversal. >> no, that's not the case, meredith. i mean we want to get serious about where this country is going when it comes to our runaway deficits, our taxes, and our spending in this country. i think even the hardest democrats would agree that if we don't get serious about where medicare and social security and medicaid are going in this country, that we're about to walk off a fiscal cliff. these are promises that we all know the government can't keep, and it's the republicans that are getting serious about these issues in order to save medicare and save social security. >> will the republicans compromise on the budget to prevent a government shutdown? >> the only people talking about
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a government shutdown right now, meredith, are the democrats. you have seen republicans working hard every single day trying to come up with a c.r. solution on where we are going and spending over the next six months. paul ryan and speaker boehner introducing a serio serious-as-a-heart-attack budget this morning to tackle $6 trillion over the next ten years in spending in this country. it's the republicans that are serious about these issues. it's the president filling out ncaa brackets, going to the jonas brothers and golfing and not tackling any of these issues but only criticizing republicans. >> finally, to switch gears, when you were first elected to be chairman of the rnc, there was a lot made of your name. people had fun with it including stephen colbert. let's take a look. >> you bet. >> what's a reince priebus? folks, this could be the perfect name for the chairman of the rnc which i believe is pronounced
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"reince. " >> for the record, how do you say your name? then we're going to put it on a loop. >> you bet. it's ryntz-pree-bus. my wife and i have watched it many times. that's when a greek and a german get married. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. of decision to try the alleged michael blumberg calls a new decision to try the alleged master mind of the 9/11 attacks in guantanamo a more appropriate choice. the trial was originally set to be held in civilian court in new york city. but on monday the obama administration may a major reversal. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has details on this. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. tl attorney general says he's still convinced that a federal courtroom here in the u.s. is
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the best place for a federal trial. he says that's where the strongest evidence can be presented. he said he has to accept that congress simply won't let that happy. >> they'll be brought to new york. new york. >> reporter: a year and a half after declaring that the 9/11 trials would be held in new york at the scene of the crime for attack mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed and four others accused of helping him, attorney general eric holder says they will now be tried before a mill trar tribunal at a navy base at guantanamo bay where they've been held since 2006. >> we simply cannot allow a trial to be delayed any longer for the victims of the 9/11 attacks or for their family members who have waited for nearly a decade for justice. >> reporter: relatives of some 9/11 victims say it's the right decision. >> we don't need these people, their attorneys, or anyone else on the soil here in the united states. >> as president i will close guantanamo -- >> reporter: but it's a reversal for president obama who forcefully opposed military
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trials as a candidate and vowed to shut gitmo down. >> we'll win this fight on our terms. >> reporter: new york's mayor and police chief pushed back against holding trials there and congress blocked moving any detainees to the u.s. >> the reality is, though, i know this case in a way that members of congress do not. i have looked at the files, i've spoken to the prosecutors. i know the tactile concerns that have to go in these decisions. >> reporter: in an interview with nbc holder says the u.s. loses an opportunity to demonstrate the fairness of the u.s. justice system. >> it is, in fact, the best one in the world. and i am not happy about the fact that we will not have that opportunity. >> reporter: you know, some people are saying if the attorney general had looked at this a little further, talked to the people of new york, he could have come to this decision two years ago. >> i made my decision based on the facts, based on the law and based on where i thought these cases could be best tried. i only come to this decision reluctantly after congress
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has passed statutes that ultimately tie my hands. >> reporter: holder's critics support holding trials at gitmo but civil liberties groups do not. >> i am disappointed. i had hoped that eric holder would stick by his initial plan. >> reporter: now the case gets turned over to military prosecutors who say they could have pretrial hearings going by this fall in guantanamo, around the time of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. matt? >> pete williams, thank you very much. >> now a check of the rest of the top stories from ann curry at the news desk. good morning. >> welcome back, meredith. good morning to all of you. in the new this is morning the government is ordering inspections of all older model boeing 737s. the manufacturer recommended the move after a five-foot hole ripped open the roof of an older 737 jet in mid flight. cracks have also been discovered in two more jets.
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water samples taken in the ocean near the krip. ed nuclear power plant in japan now show iodine levels that are seven mitimes the legal limit. officials say in order to keep the reactors cool, workers are forced to pump water onto them while dumping radioactive runoff into the ocean. the japanese government admits the long-term effects of dumping are uncertain. laurent gbagbo is now negotiating his surrender a day after u.n. and defense hospitals began firing on his presidential palace and military sites. hundreds have been massacred in post-election violence, and the u.n. is investigating report s that several hundred civilians were killed last week. nato has taken command in libya, but rebel leaders are expressing concern that without u.s. air strikes, they will not get the support they need. nbc's stephanie gosk is in benghazi with the latest on this this morning. stephanie, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, ann. rebel forces are trying to retake an oil facility in the town of brega, but they're going to have to do it without the help of u.s. a.c.-130s and a-10s, two planes that were invaluable in the push west. u.s. military says they will only be fulfilling a support role unless nato specifically asks otherwise. it's a transition that has leaders here in benghazi nervous. they say they need that support to push west. in the capital city there are pictures released by state tv they say are pictures of gadhafi in the street. what you see is a car moving down the street surrounded by what they call supporters. you don't actually see who's in the car. this would be the first time that they've seen gadhafi in more than two weeks in public, even as his sons put forward a proposal that they take control of this country and usher in a new constitutional democracy. that's a proposal that has been uniformly rejected by leaders here in benghazi.
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ann? >> stephanie gosk this morning, thank you. on a much lighter note there is a new top dog in town as the uconn huskies have won the ncaa national title for a third time, beating butler last night, 53-41. and the win makes jim calhoun at age 68 the oldest coach to win the championship. it is now 7:18. let us now go back to matt, meredith, and al. exciting for them. >> a great season for butler, too. i feel bad two years in a row, but they should be proud. >> all the teams did a great job. >> everybody did. >> congratulations to everyone. you have rain in the pacific northwest. they we've got two more lined up out in the pasting that's going to cause problems. you can see we've got rain along the coast. another 8 to 12 inches of snow in the cascades and on into the bitter root in the saw tooth mountains as well. that good morning to you.
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well, it's going to be a nice day today. high pressure in control of the weather pattern. we have a trough digging in. we are still in the warm side of the trough. the cold air isn't going to impact that until tomorrow. 45 degrees in gilroy, 52 in san jose. turning to the 60s by noon. rounding out the day in the 70s. 72 in concord. 71 in napa. a cooldown tomorrow and cooler thursday. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. nearly two years later, new photos could unlock the mystery behind a tragic plane crash that killed 228 people off the coast of brazil. peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. these are dramatic photos. air france flight 447 fell from the sky after running into an intense high altitude thunderstorm taking with it answers about exactly what went wrong then. but now the wreck site has finally been found deep under
7:20 am
water. it's amid a mountain range that's believed to be among the most rugged on the planet. they are stunning new pictures from the abyss, nearly two and a half miles down on the atlantic ocean floor. a field of ghostly wreckage including, investigators say, part of flight 447's fuselage, the tires from the landing gear, a piece of wing and two of the plane's mangled engines. the team has conducted some of the most difficult undersea searches ever including locating the titanic in 1985. this week's remarkable discovery happened with the help of three unmanned submarines on their fourth expedition in search of flight 447. >> they gave us ale smaller haystack to look in and there was the needle. when we hit the zone in full stride we were fortunate enough to find the aircraft. >> reporter: perhaps most marrowing, they have spotted the remains of several of the flight's 228 victims.
7:21 am
among those on board the flight two americans. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: french crash investigators say they are optimistic they will find the so-called black boxes that, if not badly damaged, could answer questions about the flieg's final minutes. >> you will know what that plane was doing as far as motion in space prior to and in relation to the thunderstorm activity which is suspected to have occurred. >> reporter: on monday at a news conference relatives of the victims expressed relief. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: every morning we ask ourselves where is this plane, this woman says. finally finding debris is good news. that debris field captured on sonar was concentrated on n one area less than a single square mile. investigators believe the finding supports the theory that the plane didn't break up midair during a violent storm. instead they suspect it remained
7:22 am
intact as it hurtled down hurling into the ocean, the water tearing the plane into shreds, evidence waiting to be recovered from the sea. >> really the investigation has just begun. everything we collect from here is a piece of evidence and a clue to what happened to the aircraft. >> incredible. consider again this was nearly two and a half miles under water. salvage crews will begin moving into the remote area of the atlantic where the plane went down and specialists could begin pulling up wreckage and bodies from the bottom of the sea within a month. >> thank you very much. just ahead, the so-called hiccup girl speaks out for the first time since being charged with first-degree murder. >> i took the path of the devil. i really did. instead of keeping my faith with th l the devil overcome me. >> our exclusive jailhouse interview, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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coming up, ashley judd opens up about the sexual abuse and depression she faced as a child and life with her famous mom and sister. >> plus, should kate middleton and prince william have a prenup? after your local news and weather. achoo! the seasons change, but we still may suffer from nasal allergy symptoms. they can hit you year round... indoors or out. achoo! oh to have relief. prescription nasonex is clinically proven to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms... including congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. [ female announcer ] side effects may include headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, and coughing. infections of the nose and throat and eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. slow wound healing may occur, so do not use nasonex
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until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections. avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles while using nasonex. it does not come in generic form. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a frightening night for people in a neighborhood. it could have killed a 9-year-old boy in his home. we have the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors told us there have been at least three i i i i i ii e stststststststwowowo months. the last one a close one. bullets flying into their apartment. a very close call with young children inside. a 9-year-old and a baby. one man was shot around 9:00
7:27 am
p.m. on sycamore drive. her son just got up out of his bunk bed. everyone shaken but okay. we have calls into the police about the shooter. reporting live in antioch, christie smith, today in the bay. >> let's check the forecast. >> good morning to you. we have a nice day in store. hope you are ready for more of the 70s. 52 in hayward. 51 in sunnyvale and 53 in san francisco. yesterday, we ended up in the upper 70s. today, cooler. it's going to be beautiful if you want to get outside. outdoor activities, yes, the weather will be perfect for that. 66 in santa rosa. 67 at lunchtime in san francisco. here are the highs. 69 in san jose. a cooldown tomorrow.
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mike, how does traffic look? >> not bad overall. bay point clearing by the time you get to willow pass road. 580, no incidents reported. a 27 minute drive. northbound 880 an earlier accident clearing from the roadway. that's causing an unusual slowing. there's the bay bridge. light volume of traffic around them. the back up only to west grand avenue. >> all right. sounds good. 7:28 now. another local news update in a half hour. see you then. back to the "today" show. i
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 5th of april 2011. here's the good news. it's warmed up in the northeast. something like 60 degrees out there now. we're going to get rain this morning through a good part of the day. it doesn't seem to bother those people on the plaza. they're welcoming meredith back. >> oh, please. >> i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. just ahead an exclusive jailhouse interview with the so-called hiccup girl. >> jennifer mee was on "today" because of her uncontrollable hiccups and is now behind bars
7:31 am
charged with first-degree murder. >> also ahead it looks like a real-life accident scene with emergency workers and victims. it's part of a program, a graphic program being used to stop teenagers from drinking or texting when driving. when they see it, the reality hits home. details coming up. >> plus the less glamorous side of the royal wedding. should prince william and kate sign a prenup? why they say kate has everything to lose if she does. >> we begin with jennifer mee speaking out in her first interview since being connected with the shooting death of a young florida man. amy robach sat down with her inside the jail. amy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jennifer was very emotional during her time with us. this is a young girl who over the course of four years has seen her life go from one extreme to the other.
7:32 am
in fact, she's coming to terms with what her future may hold -- a lifetime behind bars. >> it didn't hit me at first until i was in the back of the cop car with hand cuffs in a paper gown. i'm like, no, this has to be some type of joke. >> reporter: jennifer mee is a much different girl today than the shy high school freshman who wound nup the national spotlight in 2007. >> it's not funny, is it? >> not no more, not at all. >> reporter: it was allel the attention to surrounded her unusual condition she believes sent her down the wrong path. >> every time i walked into school, oh, there's the hiccup girl, oh, let's be friends with jennifer. that was overwhelming. people i never thought i would talk to came up and acted like they wanted to be my friend. >> you became the "it" girl. >> yeah. >> what did you do with that fame? >> i basically let it all go to my head and just started doing what i wanted to do.
7:33 am
>> reporter: that's when jennifer said she fell in with the wrong crowd. at 17 she left home and less than two years later. >> the allegation is murder in the first-degree. >> reporter: she was charged with murder. >> i took the path of the devil. i really did. instead of keeping my faith with the lord, i let the devil overcome me. >> reporter: police say jennifer met 22-year-old shanon griffin online and led him to a home where her boyfriend la mont and his friend planned to rob griffin at gun point. in the course of the robbery griffin was shot multiple times. do you think about the victim at all? >> every day. i do. i think what if that was me behind that barrel? that could have been my life taken. he didn't deserve -- he was very young. he was only a couple years older than i was. i think about it every day. it eats me alive.
7:34 am
>> reporter: do you feel responsible? >> i can't tell you the truth because i -- i didn't do nothing wrong. i'm not guilty of anything. >> reporter: in police audio recordings obtained by nbc news jennifer is heard giving two versions of what took place that night. first she says is shooting was part of a love triangle involving the victim, one of the suspects and another woman. >> laron, i guess found out he had a type of relationship going on with his girlfriend and laron snapped. >> reporter: in another interview that night jennifer breaks down confessing that she lured the victim to the scene so the others could rob him. >> he was calling laron's phone asking where i could meet him. >> reporter: jennifer has gone back to the original story saying she was coerced into taking the blame. why implicate yourself in murder? >> from -- i just -- i don't
7:35 am
know. it's hard. it's hard to explain. i made a mistake. i thought since i was, quote/unquote, famous so young, nothing would happen to me. so i went with a story i thought i wouldn't get in trouble with. but in all reality it put me behind bars. i have been here five months. i could be facing life. >> reporter: jennifer's attorney says the truth will come out in court. >> if you really believe her story she's really not guilty of anything except poor judgment in who she associated with. >> reporter: what's life like? >> really rough. prior to three days ago i was on lockdown 23 hours a day. came out only a half hour each day, able to make a phone call which is only 20 minutes and able to get in the shower. maybe talk a couple minutes to the other female inmates.
7:36 am
i don't get to see my family. everything has been really rough. missing my sisters grow up, my mom. >> you missed your grandma's funeral? >> i did. that broke my heart. i feel like i had a big part of why it happened with her passing away because she was so old -- not old, but stressed. i feel like i had a big toll on why she passed away. >> i know this is hard. if you had to -- you have to imagine or at least leave as a possibility that you'll be behind bars and walls for the rest of your life. >> i don't want to think like that, but i know -- that is always in the back of my mind. trust me. it is always there. i think about it each and every day. i think, what if i go to prison? what if i go to prison? but i also try to not let that
7:37 am
just eat away at my brain, so to speak. >> reporter: what do you think's going to happen at trial? >> i don't want to think that far ahead. i'm scared. i really am. i'm scared. i want to go home. my sisters are growing up. my mom is missing me. it's hard for me to see my mom and my sisters on a tv screen and have to talk to them through a phone instead of being able to give them hugs and kisses and be home and have dinner with them and say good night. >> reporter: for now jennifer won't be going home any time soon. she was denied bond after a hearing that included an emotional plea from the victim's cousin. >> he just thought he was going on a date. just a young college-aged kid grinning ear to ear about to go on a date, happy as could be. >> reporter: you know griffin's family will be in the court, i'm sure, during the trial. it's very possible that they are watching. i want to give you the
7:38 am
opportunity to say something to his family. >> i just want to say that i'm sorry for the loss of his cousin. i wish that everything would have been different than how it all proceeded out to be. he didn't deserve it. he didn't. he did not deserve to go. he did not. >> reporter: i'm sure you noticed that jennifer did not hiccup at all during our time with her, but her attorney said she's suffering periodic attacks which he attributes to a neurological disorder he will use as part of the defense. all three named defendants remain behind bars. they have pled not guilty. according to jennifer's attorney it could take up to two years before the case goes oh trial. matt? >> amy, thank you very much. rikki cleyman is a criminal
7:39 am
defense attorney. >> good morning, matt. >> what happens when a story changes not once but twice? how does that impact her future? >> her future is tenuous in terms of what this lawyer will do with this information. we went basically overnight from an insanity defense which is what we thought it was going to be. i did it, but i have a mental disease that caused me to go along with it and not understand the consequences of my action. by this interview it's gone. that defense is gone. >> she said she's completely innocent, did nothing wrong, had no involvement in this crime. >> exactly right. we have now what we call a false confession case. we know there are many false confessions that lead to conviction of an innocent person. what is a defense attorney to do? well, a defense attorney would love to polygraph her. she either did lure him there or she didn't. she either was involved or she
7:40 am
wasn't. and i suspect -- >> what's stopping a defense attorney from getting a polygraph for her? >> i don't know that i would like to do a polygraph in jail. i would like to get her out. >> that doesn't seem likely. >> not at all. the second thing is he has to go to the prosecutor with the interview. i think the interview is wise if this false confession will stick and say, wait a minute, you have to reinvestigate the case. start again. it should be easy enough to know who was on the phone, who was on that social networking site, was she there? >> yes know turret's syndrome plays into this. she became a celebrity in a weird way because of the medical condition, the hiccupping. she was on this show and said she was ill-equipped to handle all the attention that went with it. it's almost as if she's saying she's a victim of circumstances. >> i don't think that plays
7:41 am
well. certainly her publicity, attention and her willingness to please other people to get more attention is a circumstance that might help her. but saying it's because i became a public figure because i had these hiccups is going nowhere. >> real quickly, she didn't pull the trigger. no one is alleging that but she's charged with first-degree murder in florida. even if she just lured this person to the robbery and the reason is -- >> it's called felony murder. she is part of the group that knew. they have to prove she knew there would be a robbery, a felle afel felo felony, and the murder took place at that time. >> appreciate it. 7:41. let's get a check of the weather from al roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by advil. make the switch to addvil now. >> good morning. we have shower activity coming down. i like the hats. very nice. where are you from? >> california. >> good california hats.
7:42 am
let's check your weather as the rain comes down. we'll show you we're looking at afternoon temperatures in the 40s in new england, 80s in florida. the heat is on in the southwest. 50s in the pacific northwest and as far as your weather is concerned we are looking at more rain coming into the pacific northwest with mountain snows. sunshine through the southwest. a risk of strong storms with tornado watches from northern florida into the midatlantic states and rain in the nort well, good morning to you. we are going to see a nice day today already shaping up to be one. we have clear skies overall. clouds increase today. we have a front on the way. it's going to drive in cold air. we are going to see a nice tuesday before the cold air arrives. 52 degrees in hayward. 51 in sunnyvale. temperatures are going to climb into the 60s by noon, then we are going to round out the day in the low 70s and upper 60s. have a great one.
7:43 am
and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. up next, scared straight. the graphic way teens are being taught the dangers of drinking and texting while driving. that's after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil. [ male announcer ] on tuscani tuesdays,
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in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. we are back at 7:46 with the latest graphic technique being used to teach teens about the dangers of texting and drinking while driving. it's called "every 15 minutes." tom costello is in maryland where one school will deliver a sobering message to teens today. good morning. >> reporter: hi, meredith. 5100 teenage drivers were killed or injured in alcohol-related accidents in 2009. this is the car we saw used at a high school last week in maryland and will be used again today at this high school to drive home the dangers of bad decisions. [ sirens ] >> 2100 road.
7:47 am
reports of a pedestrian struck. >> reporter: it's a modern day version of "scared straight". >> trauma code. two d.o.a.s. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: a bloody recreation designed to shock the teenage audience watching from the curb and cut into the death rate from texting and drinking while driving. the program is called "every 15 minutes". >> are they going to be okay? >> reporter: across the country hundreds of high schoolers started with the grim reaper pulling students out of class every 15 minutes. each one representing another classmate. >> alicia camacho. >> reporter: another teammate. another friend. >> mina sora. >> reporter: who won't come back. >> megan tillman. >> reporter: with a police officer reading each student's obituary written by their parents. >> megan was a member of the girls varsity team and loved to
7:48 am
make people laugh. >> reporter: and a quiet stunned classroom left behind. then for the next 24 hours those students are the walking dead. no phone calls, no texting, no talking. silent. the reality of texting or drunk driving hitting home for everyone at school. >> we can preach all we want. when they actually see it and feel it and they truly feel it, that's when it has an impact. >> whoo! >> reporter: the students themselves create their own video, portraying the day of drinking that leads up to the day's tragedy. >> i'll drive! >> i'm driving! my car! >> reporter: ryan hopman plays the drunk teenager who kills a car full of kids including his real life brother evan. >> he's been my best friend for 17 years. i can't imagine life without him. >> reporter: afterle realistic makeup, local police and firefighters play their parts and ryan is arrested for dui. >> this is real.
7:49 am
we are trying to impart a mess sa saj and i think it works. >> reporter: inside the school, tombstones for the 37 students who died and a hope that what they have seen this day stays with them a very long time. police say programs like this are working along with the national drinking age now of 21. they make the point that since 2000 teen related alcohol deaths are down 37%. of course you have to train and educate new kids every year. >> absolutely. thank you very much. coming up, actress ashley judd opens up about her bitter and sweet relationship with her mom and sister and reveals she was the victim of incest and sexual abuse. first, these messages. ♪
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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good morning to you. it's 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. in east bay, the city is trying to separate from the city of belle. the city council is expected to fire their auditing firm today because it's the same company that did the books for belle. they paid themselves massive salaries despite the city's financial troubles. the firm fell victim to the deceptive practices. the leaders think anything connected to the city's scandal is toxic. more stadium moves in santa clara. they are expected to vote on a plan to give the 49ers a name for the stadium.
7:57 am
there are can you notally no front-runners associated with the stadium. let's check the forecast with christina. >> everyone is a front-runner when it comes to the forecast. high pressure is building in. we have a bit of a cooldown on the way. get outside if you have out door plans. today might be the last day of the 70s. we are in the 40s and 50s. 48 degrees in napa. 50 in san mateo. the temperatures are going to climb toward 70 degrees. 71 degrees in santa rosa today. 71 in las gatos. tomorrow, we are going to start to drop off. the cold front takes effect. just in time for the giants home opener, up to 60. let's check the drive with mike
7:58 am
inouye. >> let's hope we are 60 on the highways. heavy volume northbound. we have an accident involving a school bus. no injuries reported. it's close to mckinley school. east palo alto. southbound is jamming up into san mateo where we expect the volume to increase between 7:30 and 8:00 where it has. further north, getting slow in general on the maze. later than we typically see for the start. it might be the pattern for the spring and building up for the 8:00 hour. another local news update in a half hour. see you then. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name.
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bacon. come celebrate baconalia! ly at denny's. america's diner is always open. 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, the 5th of april, 2011. the rain has arrived here in rockefeller plaza, but it has not dampened the spirits of the crowd. it's actually stopped for the moment here. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. >> 21 days before the wedding. still days like what will the dress look like. now a new question. should they get a royal prenup? some look at andrew and fergie and charles and diana.
8:01 am
others don't think it's such a good idea. we'll talk about it coming up. >> also ahead a revealing new memoir from ashley judd. she opens up about the struggles she faced growing up with her famous mom and sister as well as battles with addiction, thoughts of suicide as early as age 7. we'll talk to her about how she's come through it all. >> and the 100 recipes every woman should know, including the chicken dish that beth stern used to win her husband, the king of all media, howard stern. >> these are only dishes women should know? >> engagement chicken. >> men cannot know them. >> works their magic on men. >> let's go inside. ann curry is at the news desk with headlines. >> in the news in a major reversal the obama administration announced the accused 9/11 plotters will not be tried in civilian courts in new york city. instead khalid sheikh mohammed
8:02 am
and four others will face military tribunals at guantanamo bay, cuba. critics complain the trials in civilian courts would be too expensive and pose a terror threat. president obama is meeting with house speaker john boehner today about the budget stalemate in congress. so far democrats and republicans can't agree on long-term spending cuts and another emergency spending bill may be needed to prevent a partial government shutdown on friday. water samples taken in the ocean near the crippled nuclear plant in japan show iodine levels are now 7 million time it s the leg limit. workers are being forced to pump water onto the cores while dumping radioactive water in the ocean. toyota will have to close plants because of a part shortage in japan. the shut downs could affect 25,000 workers, but no layoffs
8:03 am
are expected. a musician is claiming victory in haiti. he easily defeated the former first lady of haiti. clashes escalated in yemen between supporters of president saleh and those demanding his resignation. at least one person was killed. severe thunderstorms are threatening the east coast from florida to southern new england. more than 20 tornadoes hit seven states on sunday leaving at least three people day. damage was severe in kentucky and tennessee and hailstones the size of golf balls fell in iowa. treasure from the oldest ship wreck ever found in the caribbean was put on display monday by the utah company that found it. the ship went down in 1535. a single coin found by a
8:04 am
fisherman led treasure hunters to the wreck. significant. it's 8:03. let's go to al for a check of the weather. >> thanks, ann. want to ask emily to the prom? >> yes. emily, will you go to prom with me? >> where's your school? >> twin falls, idaho. >> let us know. >> yep. >> all right, emily. he's waiting for an answer. let's check your weather. sacramento, california. kcra nbc 3 hd. mostly sunny and 73. beautiful there today. not nice in the east. you can see we have wet weather. in fact, there are strong storms into the midatlantic states into new england. mountain snows in the pacific northwest into the plains states. plenty of sunshine from the mid pl good tuesday morning to you. you will probably want to grab a jacket on your way out the front door, something you can take off later on.
8:05 am
our temperatures in the 70s, above average. still chilly in navato, 47, in santa rosa. traditionally, this time of year, 7:30 is the coldest time of the year. by noon, you are already in the low 60s, 69, red wood city as we round out the day. up next, the unromantic side of the royal wedding. should prince william and kate sign the old prenup? right after this. ♪ too hot to trot, now, baby some say i'm bold. i say i'm free. i wear what i love, because expression means everything. i wear the pants. and the tops. and the jewels. i grab life by the accessories. some say i've done it all. i say i'm just getting started. ♪ too hot to trot ♪ baby i'm so chico's.
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just attach, insert and feed. plants get the perfect balance... of water and nutrients... to grow twice as big. liquafeed from miracle-gro. and prevent weeds up to 3 months with miracle-gro garden weed preventer. we're back now at 8:09 as we count down to the royal wedding. they exchange vows in just 24 days but should they take a step that's popular in the states before they tie the knot. michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace to explain. good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. there's been a lot of chatter about the p word, prenuptial agreement. is there or isn't there one? there is no way of knowing if they have signed one. the palace will not comment and no one wants to think about this
8:10 am
beautiful couple splitting but divorce rates are one in two, crowned heads aren't immune and some experts think it would not be a bad idea. who could forget prince charles and angelic 19-year-old diana walking down the aisle. the vision of fresh young love. but 15 years and two princes later, the fairy tale did end in divorce. and some bad publicity for the monarchy. >> if it's all right with you i thought i might postpone my nervous break down to a more appropriate moment. >> reporter: the future king lost nearly his entire personal fortune, tens of millions of dollars in the split. no doubt his oldest son knows all about such things. princess margaret, princess anne, prince andrew, also divorced. no secret sarah ferguson has been in financial trouble since her divorce from andrew.
8:11 am
none are believed to have had prenups. the british courts just started recognizing them as binding six months ago. >> celebrity couples would certainly want a prenup. in addition to providing who gets what in the event of divorce, prenups can provide for privacy, for confidentiality. >> reporter: paul mccartney's divorce here made him $30 million less of a rich man. the material girl's reportedly cost her more than $70 million. william and kate have likely seen the headlines and many of the world's other royals are known to have signed prenups like sweden's crown princess victoria who married her personal trainer. in denmark after prince joaquin had to sell part of his estate to pay for a house for his ex. mary signed a reworked prenup reportedly so he wouldn't have
8:12 am
the same problem. a book about princess grace of monaco said in the '50s she had to sign one before marrying prince rainier which included taking a fertility test, agreeing to lose custody in the event of divorce and her family supplying a dowry. to sign or not to sign? the modern will and kate have to decide for themselves if they haven't already. >> members of the royal family refer to themselves as the firm. any firm has a disaster plan. the only reason you would not want a prenup is it's unromantic. >> that lawyer feels sure that william and kate have already signed one but others say if they had it would have leaked out. not everybody wants one. it's said that prince charles didn't have one when he married camilla and a lot of celebrities have been avoiding them. most recently hugh hefner who is
8:13 am
marrying a woman 60 years younger than he is. >> michelle, thank you very much. andrew roberts is nbc's royal commentator and author of "the royal house of windsor." andrew, you were shaking your head through much of that. you don't think it's a good idea, do you? >> not only do i think it's not a good idea, it's not happening. prince william is not hugh hefner. we have a set-up in britain where we don't have a culture of prenups. celebrities sometimes do it but not aristocrats. >> wait, they are going to be the biggest celebrity coup until the world. >> that's not how they see themselves. they see themselves as arrest cats and rightly so. kate would actually do worse with a prenup because wives do tremendously well with divorce laws in britain. >> talking about the dollars and cents, isn't your big beef that it would kill the fairy tale? that if a billion people are tuning in and you want people to
8:14 am
buy into the fairy tale that this makes it look like a business deal? >> of course. historically there have been business deals. effectively queen victoria's prenup carried on for seven pages but there is a tremendous sense of honor in the middleton family that they are being honored by joining the house of windsor and they won't sully that with prenuptial agreements. >> you talk about divorce laws in the uk. she would stand to get about half anyway. plus, her family is not poor. >> exactly. she'd be mad to sign a prenup. at the moment, he's much richer than her. >> let's take it down a notch. what about a simple confidentiality agreement? in other words, if the worst happens and they split up, what about an agreement to keep the dirty laundry between the two? >> your laws are different in the united states where they hold true. in britain you have fair comment which means if she went to the
8:15 am
newspapers like princess diana did, and started to talk about anything, every court in the land would support her rather than a confidentiality agreement. >> do you think this discussion is being drummed up by divorce lawyers? >> i shouldn't be surprised. to start your commentary on something as happy, lovely and romantic with discussion about what will happen after they divorce is a little off-putting. >> welcome to the united states of america, andrew. good to have you here. we'll see you in a couple of weeks. thank you very much. 15 after the hour. up next, actress ashley judd opens up about a part of a troubled up bringing and life with her famous mother and sister. it's part of a new book. right after this. ♪ i feel lighter than ever. i lost 52 pounds. ♪ and i'm feeling good [ janice ] weight watchers new pointsplus program gave me the edge to keep losing. ♪ it's a new day i have so much energy my kids can't keep up with me. ♪ and this old world is a new world ♪ ♪ in a bolder way i never thought i'd be a single digit size. i feel awesome.
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8:19 am
ashley judd. critically acclaimed for her work on stage and screen she's a devoted activist and scholar. in her new memoir, "all that is bitter and sweet," she reveals how growing up in the musical judd family had all the makings of a tragic country song. we were talking about how the book is about your advocacy work, but in order to explain where you are at this point in life, you have to explain where you have been. i think that's getting a lot of attention. >> it is. i have made a decision actually to be complete lly abstinent fr the press. i started writing diaries to commemorate the narratives when i began visiting brothels in slams and forcibly displaced person camps. i wanted to share the stories that were being entrusted to me
8:20 am
and i needed to write to process because i was so staggered by the realities with which the majority of the people with whom we share our fragile planet live and i didn't know where to put it. i didn't have a place in my brain or heart so i started putting it on the page. then i also wanted to talk about the effective and inexpensive grassroots solutions i was seeing. all of the sudden 13 countries later, 650 pages of diaries there was a book in there. but i was really encouraged by people i trust to include some of my own story because why i love this work really baffled people. so i got willing to put it in there. >> maybe you love it because of the life you led. you talk openly about that. you did not have an easy childhood. i think people would be surprised to read that your parents divorced when you were 5, so you shuttled back and forth. you said your mom ignored you a lot of the time. there is a quote, i was a stranger in my family. i remember endless time spent on my own, thoughts of suicide as a
8:21 am
kid, dealing with depression. why include that? >> first of all, my mother loves and adores me. and my dad absolutely loves and adores me. they did then and they do now. we came from a dysfunctional family system that didn't work well. the things that happened to me are standard and indicative of a family system that doesn't work well. and by the grace of god in 2006 some really brilliant clinicians identified that i was coming out of this family alcoholic system and there is help and hope. so i was given the gift of recovery and really that section of the book for me is about hope, resilience and recovery. but it doesn't make sense to share my recovery unless i'm willing to share some of the uncomfortable things that set me up to need help. >> was there a moment you realized you needed that kind of recovery help?
8:22 am
>> you know, i was sick and tired of being sick and tired, meredith. i didn't know, quote/unquote, what was wrong with me. i looked really good on the outside. i had a lot of anxiety and insomnia. i realized eventually that i was powerless over my childhood and the coping strategies that i developed had made my adult life unmanageable. so i needed to find a power greater than myself to help me make peace with all of that and have a very simple and effective design for living today. you know, it's too late to go back and have a happy childhood, but by the grace of god and a pretty simple program of recovery and a fellowship, life is good today. >> you know, we reached out to your mom and sister for their comment about you and the book and we didn't get a comment from your sister but your mom sent a message. she said, i love my daughter. i hope her book does well. has it come full circle for the
8:23 am
family? >> i was talking a walk and this is where i get emotional because i love the god of my understanding. i was taking a walk in the park and having a talk with god going, this is absolutely amazing. to think that i, who very much played the lost child in this family system, would have the opportunity to travel all over the world and sit with and hold and lo and encourage people who are pretty lost in our global family system is remarkable. while the conditions in which i was raised were very different, i identify. that's really what matters. it's empathy, the mutual sharing of experience, strength and hope. so there is a lot of coming full circle. i'm really grateful for my mother's exquisitely gracious attitude towards my right to share my narrative. you know, the book is very honest. it's not necessarily accurate because everyone in a family has their own perspective and their
8:24 am
own experience. but it's very true for me. >> it must have been hard for your parents. you had repressed incest that happened to you. when you talked to your parents about that -- >> well, it's that i didn't know. because that's what sexual predators do. they groom their victims and psychologically manipulate. because they are shameless when they are perpetrating, as all those perpetrators who will perpetrate during this segment and i am not alone or unusual which is one of the reasons why i'm super comfortable talking about being a survivor of sexual abuse. every two seconds a woman is sexually agresed upon or a girl in this country. it's very standard. so they put their shame on me. and i have given those s.o.b.s back their shame. >> it was a lot in this book. ashley judd, thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> the book is "all that is bitter and sweet." you can find an excerpt on now out to meredith, ann and al.
8:25 am
>> we want to say hi to two "american idol" contestants voted off. wish me luck. -- second chance. did that seal your fate, do you think? >> you know, i think everything happens for a reason. i think they used the stage correctly. casey deserved it. >> that's good to hear. now the judges think you took too big a risk and you weren't risky enough. do you think you might have done things differently? >> i tell you what. i'm not just one genre singer that can only sing ballads. so i took a chance to show more of different sides of me musical musically. the whole experience has been amazing so far. >> how has it changed your life? how has it affected you? >> it's greatly affected our lives. you go from nobody knowing you
8:26 am
to not being able to walk through the mall and having amazing experiences and being coached by amazing people. it's awesome. >> and the great part is you get to go on tour all summer long. sorry about the i'm laura garcia. the trial continues this morning, technicians from the u kr. la annal litic laboratory. the prosecution produced a long missing tape that contained a
8:27 am
con v conversation. if the ill juror is not in court today, an alternate will take his place. >> i is now, let's see, 8:26. weather and traffic after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service than comcast can give, now's a great time to switch to at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ female announcer ] call at&t now to get u-verse tv for only 29 a month for six months -- hd-ready dvr included at no extra charge. or get 300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle.
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8:29 am
heat of the day. between 3:00 and 4:00, our highs come in. a little bit of a dropoff as we head through tomorrow. 63 on friday. >>. >> the south bay really showing the brunt of the slowing. all northbound, 40s, 30s and into the 20s. an earlier accident on alma off of 87. 101 typical. getting better than half an hour ago. accident clearing from foster city off the san mateo bridge. another local news update in nha ar.lf hou the "today" show back in less than a minute. have a great morning. h
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the fifth day of april, 2011. we are dealing with showers off and on on the plaza. not a big deal. nice warm temperatures and a big crowd. out on the plaza this morning, i'm matt along with meredith,
8:31 am
ann and al. it's all about the herbs. >> it's the finishing touch to any recipe and she says it's best to plant your own herbs. >> all right. >> she'll show us ahead. >> and we'll be talking about recipes you may want to know. one is called engagement chicken. it's inspired dozens of marriages we are told including the marriage between beth and howard stern. beth will show us how to cook it up. >> a guy known for his pasta sauce was former providence mayor buddy cianci. he's had a heck of a career including a stint in prison. this morning the former providence mayor is here to set the record straight. what a popular, colorful guy. >> very. >> we'll talk to buddy later. meanwhile a check of the weather. >> we do have windy and wet conditions in the northeast in new england. strong storms along the
8:32 am
midatlantic coast with tornado watches. mountain storms in the pacific northwest. sunshine through the southwest. for tomorrow, the rain moves off the eastern seaboard. mild, warm weather in the midatlantic states into the gulf coast. showers in the southwest with mountain snows in the central have a great day! don't forget. check your weather day or night on the weather channel on cable or online. >> all right. when we come back, martha stewart will spice up your
8:33 am
spring garden. first this is "today" on nbc. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> announcer: martha on today is brought to you by macy's. the martha stewart collection is now available only at macy's and on >> we are back at 8:35. this morning on "martha on today." planting herbs. martha shares her latest tips in the current issue of "martha stewart living." >> hi, how are you. >> i say "erbs" but you say h-erbs. >> i say herbert and i say herbs. >> let's define leafy and woody. >> some are perennials and some are annuals. annuals are coriander, chervil.
8:36 am
>> those look leafy. >> right. woody ones are rosemary which in the northeast you have to take in in the winter. sage comes back every year. lavender comes back every year. thyme comes back. they have woody stems. they are all essential for really good, fresh cooking. >> some can't distinguish one from the other. >> t meredith admitted she has a herb garden. >> i do, but i have trouble distinguishing one for the other. you have a clever marker. >> they're simple. if you're doing pruning on apple trees or any trees, you can just take a piece of the twig and use your vegetable peeler, take away bark and right right here. >> lovely. >> it's pretty, rustic. it's what we call a good thing. >> you think they should be in the garden. >> or on your windowsill in a sunny window so you can snip, snip and enjoy the flavors in your food.
8:37 am
>> let's try planting them. >> this is a concrete planter you can get at any garden supply store. put a little shard of broken pottery. >> why? >> it keeps the soil from running out but let it is water run out. you want good drainage. it's essential for herbs to have good drainage -- >> will they rot? >> oh, yes. overwatering is the biggest problem with growing anything in the house. people are always trying to be too good to plants. feed these herbs once a month with an all purpose plant food. >> so we are putting in little rocks? >> for more good drainage. mix your potting soil, which you can buy in bags. mix it with a little bit more of the pearlite or vermiculite which lightens the soil, makes it drier and good drainage.
8:38 am
and then you can just buy these. these are from westport from sal golberti, the number one herb grower in america. he's an amazing guy. i have been working with sal for years. >> you stick it in like that? you don't start with seeds? >> this is instant gratification. you can, of course, plant the seeds of basil, chervil and coriander. >> this is a nice centerpiece, too. >> beautiful. you can put it right on the table. loosen the roots a little bit if it's too much soil. then cover it all over. water it well to start and let it grow in the sun. lots of sun. six hours a day at least. this is a cute planter for a lavender. >> that looks like it would be hard to do. >> it's so easy. you buy these little boxes at garden centers and these are plant markers upside down. put a little bit of glue. >> you could have used this
8:39 am
here? >> you could have. but it's not as rustic looking. >> but easier. >> not everything has to be easy. >> no. okay. we all have all the time. so you make the beautiful little thing. >> you make the little box. i painted mine a beautiful bedford gray. >> that's very cute. >> they call these standard topiaries, but you can use this, put a ball of santalina in here. >> now the chandelier -- >> look at this. this is mint. if you're making mint juleps, come out and snip your mint. they are made out of the little buckets you can get at michael's, any craft store. take off the handle. put 22-gauge wire, something strong and put it on a plant hanger. >> that's a lot of mint juleps. >> actually that would make about 12. >> 12 drinks? that's all. >> well, you're not going to take all the plant. just the ends off.
8:40 am
>> finally a couple of seconds left? >> infuse water with sugar and fresh herbs for a fabulous mint flavors iced sea. a basket like this. >> this is another thing people love to make. one of our most popular crafts. beautiful herb infused soaps for the bath and sachets. lavender for your bath or in the drawer. >> okay. >> finally? >> this is a nicele little card with pacts of seeds you can give to friends. >> very nice, martha. >> all kinds of things to do with herbs and you can beautify your home. >> thank you so much. up next, former mayor buddy cianci on his time in prison and
8:41 am
8:42 am
vincent "buddy" cianci was
8:43 am
minor of providence, rhode island for years and while he was credited with transforming the crime-plagued city he was controversial. he stepped down twice and served a prison term from 2002 to 2007 on racketeering conspiracy charges. he's now a popular radio host in rhode island and has a new memoir called "politics and pasta, how i prosecuted mobsters, rebuilt a dying city, dined with athat ta, spent five years in a federally funded gated community and lived to tell the tale." good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i have known you 25 years. if i hadn't seen these things unfold personally, up close i wouldn't believe them. why did you write the book? >> i wanted to come on "today" with matt lauer. the reason i wrote the book was, you know, i'm not on the front nine anymore. i'm on the back nine. i had a storied career. a lot of good things. things in the book i'm not proud of. i wrote the book to be honest
8:44 am
and tell my side of the story. i was mayor over four decades of the city of providence. >> right. some things people may not remember. mayor from '75 to '84. forced to give up the office after you pled no contest to assault. a former friend you thought was having an affair with your estranged wife and you beat him up pretty well, according to police. you don't admit it in the book. >> you know, john kennedy once said -- and i'm paraphrasing -- you can live with the lies but it's the myth. once that story broke it became a myth. i never hit him with a fireplace log. >> burning him with cigarettes. >> i threw one at him. >> if you could relive one day in your life you say that's the day. >> absolutely. that was a mistake i made. i moved on. left office, paid a price and came back. >> in 1990 after being a radio host for a while you ran for mayor and were elected again.
8:45 am
why do you think the people of rhode island took you back? >> well, i felt at that time like now they appreciated progress in the city. we took that city. that was a terrible, terrible image the city had. i felt -- they felt that the city of providence could be better. we tried to raise their self-esteem and we did historic preservation and built the city up. >> the term comes to a crashing halt when the federal government launched an investigation into you. it ended with you being charged with 27 counts. you went to a high profile trial. you were acquitted on 26 of the counts. >> yes. >> but convicted of racketeering conspiracy. were you corrupt? >> no. when the jury instruction was you don't have to find the mayor guilty of a crime, just that he knew of or should have known of the crime, you can't beat that. let me tell you something.
8:46 am
they indicted me for everything but castle rustling. >> you do write in the book i admit i used jobs as currency to get support i needed. i used campaign money for everything from a personal helicopter to get around the state to paying for dinners and on occasion used my influence to do favors for people. looking back, that's not corrupt? >> well, i think you have to understand that the way business is done in government today and anybody who tells you, look, you do favors for people. no politician stood up on election day and thanked his supporters by saying, you know, i will hire everybody who voted against me because that's in the best interest of democracy. it doesn't work that way. kids today who read the book, there are bad things that happened, and there are good things that happened. but running for office today doesn't just require you to read "the federalist papers" and you can be a congressman. it depicts life in real time, in the real city as it happens when you're holding office.
8:47 am
>> you went to prison and you used to wear and i used to see you all the time in a toupee. >> i called it a squirrel. >> so did other people behind your back. >> i coined that. >> when you went to prison you weren't allowed to wear it. >> prison's different. >> it wasn't a lack of vanity but the lack of control. >> at that point i really didn't care. the bad part about prison is the anticipation of it. i'm not saying i enjoyed it. the warden's background doesn't include cruise director on the "qe-2." it's confining. but you can't let the time do you in prison. you have to do the time. >> how did it change you? >> i became more tolerant, more respectful. i realized that you're no different from anybody else and you learn respect. no matter what a person is or isn't, you respect that person if you want to get along. >> i remember back when you were re-elected after the first assault charge id made you --
8:48 am
alleged -- it made you a folk hero but may have made you feel invincible which wasn't a good thing. >> i don't think that happened. not invincible. but i think, you know, as anybody who has power you get into a position of power and things come natural. you think you're never going to be thrown out, never going to get hurt. life goes on. >> can the phoenix rise from the ashes again? twice you were forced to leave office. you're back on the radio, popular again. technically and legally you could run for mayor in 2012, the next election is in 2014. >> that's correct. >> will you run again? >> have me back on the show and i'll tell you. >> are you considering it? >> always. i love what i do. i don't know if they asked you to run for u.s. senate could you take the pay cut? i don't think so. >> if they make a movie about your life and there is talk, who plays buddy cianci? >> i don't know. that's not up to me. jane rosenthal is having a party
8:49 am
for me tonight. >> is she think of a film? >> i don't know. who would play me? >> russell crowe? >> i don't know. how could an australian play an italian good-looking guy. i don't know if he's good-looking enough. >> congratulations on the book. up next, the recipe every woman who wants to get engaged needs to know. first this is "today" on nbc. you've got a strawberry pop-tart,
8:50 am
but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. than lisning there'to our favore somore there's nothing we love more than listening to our favitsongs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rls. but our favorite thing ating tino pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in ameca ♪ oh, oh, oh
8:51 am
back at 8:50. with the success of the engagement chicken, a simple recipe, a beautiful bird and hopefully a ring to follow, first published in glamour magazine in 2004 and ever since readers have come forward sharing success stories. here's one of the most memorable. >> hey, ladies. i'm beth stern. let me tell you about this recipe i read in glamour magazine. this was the chicken. how yummy does that look? my boyfriend at the time, howard stern, i decided i wanted to start cooking for him. i ripped the title, engagement chicken off the page so he didn't get ideas. you have the bird, lemons and salt and pepper. you have to poke the lemons with a fork. so now you have two lemons ready to go up the cavity of the bird.
8:52 am
take your fresh lemon juice, time for salt and pepper. take a pinch all over the chicken. get the pepper. now your bird is ready to be roasted. he had never been more romantic than the moment he tasted this chicken. the next morning he was on the air live at 6:00 a.m. >> beth made me dinner last night. she never cooked before. >> she cooked? >> it was good. >> the trap is set. >> do you think beth cooked me dinner to set a trap? >> yes. >> that's what you're saying? >> yes. >> it's not conscious that people think that way, but that's how it goes. >> one of howard's loyal listeners put two and two together and as howard is describing the romantic night -- >> amy, you're on the way. >> you said beth cooked you lemon thicken? >> yeah. >> did it have lemon in the cavity? >> yes. >> i saw the recipe in glamour. it's called engagement chicken. three people have gotten engaged
8:53 am
from that recipe. >> ooh! >> get beth on the phone. >> phone rings. first thing he said is engagement chicken, huh? were you thinking that the potion worked? i got all romantic after. >> i knew you weren't going to propose to me. >> two years later the night before valentine's day, i was proposed to by mr. howard stern and i think back to that engagement chicken. voila. here is your engagement chicken, ladies. make sure your guy knows your ring size. >> cindy levy is editor in chief of glamour magazine. they have expanded the recipe into a book called "100 recipes every woman should know." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's not only beth who had success. >> 72 engagements and counting. >> what is it about this chicken? >> i was asking the same question. i was skeptical.
8:54 am
we had a great recipe getting passed around the office. four girls at glamour got engaged after making it. we published it but thought, ha, ha, urban legend. up to 72 women now have contacted us to say they got engaged. i think it's that roast chicken is an intimate meal, a dinner for two essentially. it's not that hard. almost everybody makes it but we have a recipe for a vegetarian engagement paella in the book. >> it's simple and home cooking. >> i think the average young woman probably isn't making something like this every night. she doesn't have time. our lives are too busy. for a man involved with a woman to have this prepared for him sends a signal that, you know, this is potentially a home and i'm being taken care of which we want. >> you make a strong statement. you say the message of the book is that food changes our mood, fate and lives and much of it is determined by what we cook, bake and eat. >> i think it's true.
8:55 am
sometimes it's easier to say things with food an words. one of my favorite recipes is called "love you pancakes." making the perfect pancakes for husband, friends or kids on a saturday or sunday morning sends a powerful message. >> this recipe does it with food and words. this is marry me lasagna. it worked for a woman dating the same guy for seven years and wanted to pop the question to him. >> this is a really yummy wonderful lasagna. classic, almost impossible to mess up. i have tried but it's great. we got a great idea from a screen writer who had served her boyfriend -- she'd been dating him seven years -- on a plate that she had painted so it said will you marry me? as he ate every last bit of the meal which he will because this is awesome, he revealed the message. this is an adorable idea. >> if you want to get him, the hook him apple pie.
8:56 am
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>>. >> never before have our public agencies been in such needs of adopting strategies from private agencies. i'm suzanne shaw. the metropolitan commission reports we are spending millions more than the national average on administration. nationwide, transit admin costs run 14% of operations. we are spending 20%. do we really need 28 separate purchasing departments and 28 planning departments. mtc staff says by consolidating
9:00 am
certain functions, we could save $90 million a year. so let's do it. in past editorials, nbc bay area has called for the consolidation of school districts. we believe the same philosophy of consolidation shoy d pl blto ic transit. join us. share your thoughts at nbc we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, the fifth day of april 2011. snuck by me there for a second. little breezy out here on the plaza. but we're happy to come out and say hi to nice people. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. coming up in this half hour, more with the so-called hiccup girl. remember jennifer mee was on this show a couple of times in 2007 suffering from a case of hiccups that wouldn't go away. a lot has happened in her life, none of it good.
9:01 am
she's in jail now on charges of first-degree must remember. a -- murder. amy robach conducted a jailhouse interview. >> and a look at your diet dilemmas. joy bauer is here with diet s.o.s. from living with diabetes to questions about what's an appropriate chip substitute and what are the pros and cons of switching from skim milk to soy milk? >> hm, must know. and it's another bargain hunter's dream day. jill martin is back with her very popular steals & deals opportunities. we have everything from great jewelry to tea sets. something for every mom out there. mother's day is coming up soon and these are guaranteed delivery before mother's day. just a reminder. >> thanks for the tip. let us know get a check of the news. ann curry is at the news desk. >> okay. thanks a lot, matt. good morning, everybody. in the news, water samples taken in the ocean near the crippled nuclear power plant in japan show iodine levels that are now
9:02 am
7 million times the legal limit. officials say in order to keep the reactors cool, workers are forced to pump water onto them while dumping radioactive run-off into the ocean. the obama administration agreed to try five men accused of planning and carrying out the 9/11 attacks in military tribunals at guantanamo bay instead of federal court in new york city. the move marks a reversal in policy for the president who vowed to close guantanamo during his campaign and also comes after fierce opposition to trying the suspects on u.s. soil. fighting raged today in ivory coast where forces loyal to the elected leader seized the presidential palace with air support from french and u.n. helicopters. laurent gbagbo refused to step down after losing the november vote. today the government is ordering inspections of all older model boeing 737s. the manufacturer recommended the move after a five-foot hole
9:03 am
ripped open the roof of an older southwest airline jet in mid flight. the cracks have also been discovered in two more jets. new photos could unlock the mystery behind a tragic crash that killed 228 people off the coast of brazil in 2009. nbc's peter alexander is here with the latest now. hey, peter, good morning. >> these really are dramatic, incredible new photographs. air france flight 447 fell from the sky after running into what was an intense high altitude thunderstorm, taking with it answers about exactly what went wrong. but now the wreck has been found. it's deep under water amid what's believed to be a mountain range said to be among the most rugged on the planet. they are stunning new pictures from the abyss, nearly two and a half miles down on the atlantic ocean floor. a field of ghostly wreckage including, investigators say, part of flight 447's fuselage, the tires from the landing gear, a piece of wing and two of the plane's mangled engines.
9:04 am
the team has conducted some of the most difficult undersea searches ever including locating the titanic in 1985. this week's remarkable discovery happened with the help of three unmanned submarines on their fourth expedition in search of flight 447. perhaps most harrowing, investigators say, they have spotted the remains of several of the flight's 228 victims. among those on board the flight two americans. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: french crash investigators say they are optimistic they will find the so-called black boxes that, if not badly damaged, could answer questions about the flight's final minutes. >> you will know what that plane was doing as far as motion in space prior to and in relation to the thunderstorm activity which is suspected to have occurred. >> reporter: on monday at a news conference for the first time relatives of the victims expressed relief.
9:05 am
[ speaking french ] >> reporter: every morning we ask ourselves where is this plane, this woman says. finally finding debris is good news. that debris field captured on sonar image was concentrated in one area less than a single square mile. investigators believe the finding supports the theory that the plane didn't break up midair during a violent storm. instead they suspect it remained intact as it hurtled 35,000 feet down into the ocean, the water tearing the plane into shreds, evidence waiting to be recovered from the sea. two and a half miles under water, salvage yous will move into that remote area of the atlantic off the brazilian coast where the plane went down. then specialists can begin pulling up wreckage and bodies from the sea within the next month. >> it's haunting. thank you very much, peter alexander. now an update on jennifer mee who appeared on "today" four years ago with the case of incurable hiccups. she made headlines again in
9:06 am
november when she was charged with murder. in an exclusive interview the 19-year-old says it was all the attention surrounding her condition that led her down the wrong path. >> every time i walked into school, oh, there's the hiccup girl, oh, let's be friends with jennifer. that was overwhelming. i basically let it all go to my head and just started doing what i wanted to do. i took the path with the devil. instead of keeping my faith with the lord i let the devil overcome me. >> mee still suffers from periodic hiccup attacks her attorney tributes to turret's syndrome. she's pleaded not guilty to charges against her. the percentage of children given c.t. scans during emergency room visits has soared since 1995 raising concerns about radiation exposure since general hospitals may be less likely than pediatric clinics to reduce the dosage of radiation for young patients.
9:07 am
and it wouldn't be opening day in milwaukee without the racing sausages. they ran a relay from the sausage factory to miller park where fans "relish" their competition every year. lucky them. six minutes past the hour. now a check of the weather from al. >> mm, racing sausage. let's take a look and show you icatwh happening for today. strong storm pushingffat the eastern seaboard with heavy thunderstorms. we have tornado watches along the east coast, along the midatlantic into the southeast with a risk of strong storms. we have snowshowers through western new york and pennsylvania. rain and snow in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine through the central plains. breezy conditions. look for the winds to blow up through the southeast and plenty of sunshine and warm to record-breaking temperatures in texas into the southwest. good morning to you. well, our temperatures have climbed now into the 50s, even along the peninsula, really mild
9:08 am
through sfraenan francisco. we are going to continue to climb, expecting the 60s in some cities and isolated 70,71 los gatos and 70 in santa cruz. as we head through tomorrow, a little bit of a dropoff and more so for your thursday. showers on the way thursday night into friday. don't forget, giants home opener friday. time for joy's diet s.o.s., answers to your daily diet dilemmas. joy bauer is here to answer your questions with everything from healthy breakfast to low carb side dirves. >> good morning, al. >> leslie in north carolina writing my boyfriend was tieg nosed with type 2 diabetes. lots of healthy changes made but he loves chips and starchy side dishes. any suggestions for a chip-like snack that's low in carbohydrates and not high in fat? >> that's a smart question. the key to sticking with a diet
9:09 am
is finding alternatives to your favorite foods. i recommend soy crisps because the protein helps blunt the rise in blood sugar. you can make kale chips at home. pop it on the oven at 400 for ten minutes. there you go. when it comes to lower carb sides instead of mashed potatoes make cashed cauliflower. you can also make spaghetti squash, top it with your favorite low cal sauce. mounds of shredded cabbage and make coleslaw with reduced fat mayo and vinegar. and mushrooms, saute them -- >> vinegar-based coleslacolesla right. let's go to lois in florida. what's your question? >> good morning. i'm considering swapping my skim milk for soy milk if it will help me lower my cholesterol.
9:10 am
but i don't love the taste of soy. i'd like to know if it's worth making the switch for health benefits. could you help me understand how soy milk and skim milk compare nutritionally? >> if you don't like the taste of soy, you can continue drinking skim milk. soy milk and skim milk are both terrific options for people with high cholesterol. they have about the same amount of calories, 80 per cup in skim milk and 100 per cup in sioy milk. while soy is incredibly healthy, if you don't like it, don't feel bad about drinking skim milk. it's equally healthy. >> short and sweet. thanks. now to an e-mail from judy in rhode island. she writes my husband and i go out for breakfast every day during vacation. what's a smart choice to order out? >> there are so many healthy slimming options that you can get in any restaurant, even a
9:11 am
hotel and a diner. the first is obvious. an egg white omelet stuffed with any vegetable combination you like. on the side enjoy fresh fruit or whole wheat toast with a small spread of butter or jam. you could get oatmeal with berries. request sugar, syrup or honey on the side and use one to two teaspoons. get half a cantaloupe stuffed with cottage cheese or get an english muffin sandwich or a yogurt parfait. most fast food chains have one of those options. >> thank you so much. still ahead, special deals on fashions and accessories for "today" show viewers that will arrive in time for mother's day. and later she's helped contestants on "the biggest loser" and now jillian michaels wants people to build their inner strength and transform their lives. she'll tell us about her new book after these messages.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
>> it's may 8, so we have a month. if you order now it will be there guaranteed for mother's day. retailers bring us deals and we bring them to you. sit by the computer because the deals go fast. at deeply discounted prices. go to now and click to get the deals up to 80% off. >> you get codes you can then enter. if you have trouble getting on or getting someone on the phone, be patient. let's get started first. we have a great combination deal, a dress and a sweater. it's a two for one by market. these are both 100% cotton. these would be great by the beach. >> great day or night. the combo is $155. the deal is $46. 70% off. >> that's fantastic. >> the dress is offered in six colors shown here. >> we have them on this table top here. you can see the great colors. >> the cardigan in two colors, gray and white tie dye which is done by hand. so each garment is different.
9:16 am
this is great day or night from the beach. >> super soft cotton. love it. very nice. wonderful. 70% off. it's a steal at $46. next over here we've got scents and lotions by jurlique in rose or lavender. >> i wish we had smell-o-vision for this. >> i smell like a bouquet of roses. >> the retail $283.50. the deal, $49. that's 83% off. >> wow. >> this is a luxurious natural skin caroline that uses pure ingredients. you can choose from rose or lavender. the balancing mist, 3.3 ounces, the hand cream, 4.3 ounces, the herbal recovery gel 4.3 ounces, body lotion, 10 ounces, moisturizing hand sanitizer 1.7 ounces and a $25 gift certificate to fans include jessica alba, salma hayek.
9:17 am
this is huge in the celebrity world. $49, 83% off. >> love it. fantastic. this is great. you're hearing about the infinity scarves that loop around. these are sheer. great for springtime. >> let me show you how it works. you can leaf it hanging or put it around your neck and fold it as many times as you like to dress up or dress down any outfit. retail is $88. the deal price is $26. that's 70% off. >> it comes in five styles. we have lace, dots. >> ivory lace, black lace, sheer nude sparkle, sheer black sparkle and sheer ivory dot. this is great for spring and summer. it's light and mom will love it. >> she will. mom will especially love this next thing. tea by harney & sons. we had a coffee deal and it was huge. we brought you the tea now.
9:18 am
>> the coffee did well so we thought we'd bring tea this week. look at the beautiful case. $113, the deal price is $33, 71% off. you can try it. it's 28-year-old company. the chest is filled with 32 wrapped sachets including three organic teas, eight refill boxes of 20. 192 tea sachets sold at williams sonoma and the waldorf astoria hotel. such a nice, different gift. >> great presentation. nothing says breakfast in bed like a cup of tea. okay. here we go. jewelry, as always is a big hit. >> luke could make you tea. >> i'm hinting. >> they wrote me an e-mail this morning. >> over here we have great jewelry. >> primrose gems necklace. >> beautiful.
9:19 am
>> retail $185. the deal is $40. 78% off. ten different semiprecious stones. hand wired beads, 24 carat gold plating and 140 beads per necklace. >> semiprecious stones so they are the real deal. >> you can go on the website and choose. look how beautiful they are. this is a substantial gift to give mom. >> it is a great one. >> for $40 and none of the shipping is exorbitant. it's regular ground shipping. check when you log on but the information is on and it links you straight to their website. >> thanks for great ideas for mother's day. moms will be happy. again, the five products are the dress and sweater combo by market, the scent bundle by jurlique, the sheer infinity scarf, the tea chest and finally the necklace by primrose gems. head to for the promotion codes and the websites offering these exclusive
9:20 am
bargains and be patient. still to come this morning on "today," we'll dish with the master chef once named one of the sexiest men alive. curtis stone right after these messages. do you often experience the feeling of a dry mouth? it can be the side effect of many medications. dry mouth can be frustrating... and ignoring it can lead to... sipping water can help, but dentists recommend biotene. biotene moisturizes and helps supplement some of saliva's enzymes, providing soothing relief when you need it most. don't ignore dry mouth... look for biotene in your oral care section today. this has been medifacts for biotene. here's to my pants not leaving marks on my waist. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit. the light fresh yogurt with 80 calories vs. 100 in the other leading brand. here's to 80 calories tasting crazy good. live light and fit. the tomatoes i grow are the best part. can't have lasagna without cheese.
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with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt... and only 100 calories. we want to say hello to jennifer jacobs, the latest contestant to have the scales tip against her on "the biggest loser couples." good morning. >> good morning. >> let's give people background here. you started gaining weight at 5 and tipped the scales at 144 pounds in 4th grade. >> yeah. >> this is a life long issue. >> it is. >> how much have you lost? >> over 100 pounds. >> wow! >> thank you so much. >> this has been a major life change for you. >> completely. >> this was the before and here we have you now. you look amazing. >> how did you do it? >> you know, i think it really takes just not wanting to waste your life anymore.
9:24 am
just not wanting to watch the days pass. you know, being in my mid 20s, i was approaching 30 and it's not something i wanted to live my life that way. you know, there is so much more life has to offer for me. i was just ready for this opportunity of a lifetime. i feel like i have gotten a second lease on life and i feel incredible. >> a simple pleasure like shopping for clothes with your friends takes on a different meaning. >> of course. i can't even tell you the amount of just negative stares i would get from people that would work in the stores i.'s like, why are you even in this store shopping? you clearly don't fit in these clothes. now every day is a new day. i'm living in this new body. i'm having to reteach myself that this is normal. this is the norm. this is what life is supposed to be like for somebody of a normal size. >> still going strong at home?
9:25 am
>> yes, very much so. >> jennifer jacobs, as always, we wish you every luck in the years ahead. "the biggest loser couples" airs lt 8:00 tonight on still ahead, "biggest loser" trainer jillian michaels stops by. ooh, wow! jamie lee curtis! it's activia. it's delicious. i am shocked. it's hard to believe it's that good for you. it's so good. try the fabulous taste of activia today. taste it, love it, or it's free. and now discover activia dessert. in rich, indulgent flavors like blueberry cheesecake. try activia dessert today. ♪ activia the tomatoes i grow are the best part. can't have lasagna without cheese. that's a perfect-looking tomato. my cheese. -[ horn honks ] -it's my whole grains! [ female announcer ] introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest. now with the goodness of whole grains. find more ways to get to the table at now with the goodness of whole grains. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition.
9:26 am
that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. linemates. good morning, everybody. i'm brent cannon, 9:26. the governor has shifted the responsibilities for thousands of criminals to local government. brown signed a new bill that will help cut the state's $27 billion deficit, ease prison crowding and promote rehabilitation programs. the california state sheriff's association says without funding, the shift of responsibility could be a public safety disaster. in the meantime, dozens of proposals that were vetoed by former governor, schwarzenegger, are now making their way to governor brown's desk, plans to
9:27 am
boost the renewable energy, make it easier for farm workers to unionize, give illegal immigrants access to college and protect tenants facing foreclosure are among the more than 60 bills rejected by schwarzenegger. the brown's b administration sa they will not comment until the governor acts on them. you.
9:28 am
we are going to see a really nice day today. it is already shaping up to be that way. temperatures expected in the 60s, maybe some 70s. 71, lows gatos. 71, san francisco. the biggest difference between today and yesterday, more cloud cover. we will drop off as we head through tomorrow, down to 60 degrees, 57 by thursday and friday 60 degrees with a few showers for the home opener,
9:29 am
1:35 p.m. at at&t park. things were busy 20 minutes ago. things have cleared dramatically. we had an accident. a live look at folks coming in. an accident involving two buses and a van has cleared from the roadway. we will look at a live shot as well as oakland. 880 slows and a bit starting to thin out there. avoid 28th and international, police activity. still have that intersection blocked from what i understand. heading down to the south bay, 101, 280, 85, all jammed up. the only accident, 85 at 17. thanks, mike, more local news in half an hour. the "today" show returns in just a minute. see you in a bichlt
9:30 am
this is the challenge that top chefs anticipate and dread in equal measure. this is the very first time we have done this on "top chef masters." your elimination challenge is restaurant wars. >> not again. >> that's australian chef curtis stone challenging contestants on the new season of "top chef masters." you know, he's been called one of the sexiest men alive. he is actually also a guy who will hold your feet to the fire apparently. we'll talk to him in a few minutes. >> why is he going to do that? >> because of the "top chef"
9:31 am
stuff. hopefully not our feet. >> what a threat. we have hot coals here. meanwhile, also ahead, imagine, believe and achieve. those are the watch words for biggest loser's tough talking trainer jillian michaels out with a new book on how to meet your goals and achieve a purpose-driven and meaningful life outside the gym. i think she will do this interview without yelling or swearing. >> she also holds your feet to the fire. >> she does. >> she's very sweet. also ahead, regardless of wet weather there is a promise of sunnier, nice, hot summer days ahead. we're going to want to protect your eyes while you have fun in the sun and look stylish as well. we'll show you the latest styles in sunglasses and help you choose the right frame for your face which we all struggle with what works on the face. >> i have done it so wrong. speaking of the sun let's talk weather. >> all right. let's see what's happening for today. we have the wet weather in the east. it will be pushing through. strong storms later on today.
9:32 am
then we have snow in the mountains coming in. lots of sunshine in the southwest. for tomorrow, we have milder weather in the midatlantic states with sunshine and warm weather from the southeast. hot in texas. rain in the pacific coast. showers and monsoonal moisture up into the southwest. our neck of the woods, well, it is going to be nice for one more day. then, we are going to drop off to 60 degrees tomorrow, courtesy of cold air pushing into the bay area. we are still on the warm side of the front. today shall last the great day with temps in the 70s in some cities, a lot of shun shine. 66, oakland, 70, gilroy. temperatures drop as of tomorrow. a little bit of rain on the way thursday into friday. warmup. back for the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> we are joined by curtis stone. "top chef masters" pits 12 world
9:33 am
renowned chefs to see how they will fare in each week's competition. >> until in the finale one chef receives the grand prize of $100,000 for the charity of his or her choice. >> celebrity chef curtis stone is the new host this season and you are busier than all get out. >> than ever. >> how many shows are you on now? >> it's out of control. i'm doing three. i have done "biggest loser" for a long time "america's next great restaurants" on sunday nights on nbc and now "top chef masters" on bravo. >> we love you, clearly. >> it's a lot of fun. i'm putting on weight by the day. >> yeah, you look really fat. >> because you're tasting all this? i thought you had celebrity taste testers like christina hendricks and maroon 5. >> we had all sorts of celebrities on, but i eat the food as well. it's all these incredible chefs cooking for you every day. >> is it hard being the host
9:34 am
instead of a judge? >> it's interesting. on "top chef masters" i sit with the critics which is interesting for a chef to see how the critics tear apart food. i find i'm more the voice of reason for the critics. i'm talking about the chef's point of view than i am, you know, destroying their food. to me, i'm sort of always looking out for the chef. >> good for you. >> good luck to you on the show. i hope you get some time off soon at some point in the future. >> it's all good to be busy like that, to be wanted. very nice. the third season of "top chef masters" premieres tomorrow on our cable sister station bravo. >> all right. stay tuned. curtis mentioned a weight problem. we have jillian michaels. she will be here to tell us how to get your life in shape. >> that's coming up after these messages.
9:35 am
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9:38 am
oh... bummer. [children shouting] hoops? yeah. sure. sure. announcer: moms everywhere are finding ways to keep kids active and healthy. works every time. announcer: get ideas. get involved. get going at more than 8 million viewers tune in every week to watch jillian michaels transform the bodies and lives of contestants on "the biggest loser." you have seen them train hard in the gym but behind the scenes she's building their inner strength and self-confidence. she breaks down the steps to achieve your dreams in "unlimited." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> many people thought it would be a fitness book but in your mind this is a perfect extension. >> absolutely. it's never been about building a
9:39 am
better body. it's about building a better life. unless you have a shift in your heart and in your head, you're not going to be able to change anything let alone your physique. >> there are so many self-help books out there. where do you think the others fall short? >> i think to a certain extent they tell you what to achieve. like love yourself more, stop beating yourself up. they don't give you a concrete system and tools for how to do that. >> so you've got three steps. imagine, believe, and achieve. let's start with imagine. >> it's about learning to cultivate your passion, form an emotional connection to your vision, crystallize your goals because if you don't know where you're going how do you plot a course to get there? >> believe? >> it's about learning to develop healthy ego strength and self-esteem. people will achieve anything if they think it is worth it and they are capable. it's about potential. >> and achieve? >> action. you have to bring action to every intention. it's about educated specific
9:40 am
deliberate choices that are going to effect powerful change. >> you have a quote from david thorough "walden." the massive men lead lives of quiet desperation. you hate it. >> i think it's true. so many americans wake up wondering is this really all there is? feeling unsatisfied or stuck. the reality is you are meant to have an amazing life. there are people out there living their dreams. why not you? it's a matter of having the skill set. >> you're not one of those folks who says this will happen overnight if you read this book. >> no, no. it requires work. it requires putting in the steps, looking inside. but then we go back to imagine and identifying this is worth it to me. it's worth the uncomfortableness, it's worth the work to achieve what i want. >> a lot of people look at you and say, oh, jillian michaels, you're beautiful, in shape, all this. it wasn't always the case.
9:41 am
you ever li you are living proof that you can achieve this. >> that's why i wrote the book. >> that's you? >> i was a troubled kid. i was about 170 pounds there. at a young age i began studying all of the self-help books, the super achievers, what they did to arrive at their goals. kw "unlimited" is the work i put into myself and work i put in with the contestants. >> you have decided this is your last season for "biggest loser." how come? >> i'm so grateful for the platform "biggest loser" has given me, but i'm 37. >> you're so old! >> i'm serious! i think what am i going to leave behind? >> i have socks older than you. >> you're a man. try being a 37-year-old woman. >> i have tried it. it's no fun. it was just one weekend. >> i had it together for the majority of the segment and now i'm unraveling.
9:42 am
i'm 37. i want to start a family. i want to have a different relationship with the public now. i want to broaden the message. i want to be the one on the front lines fighting to get p.e. back in our schools, fighting to get organic fruits and vegetables subsidized. there's more to give and it's all about evolution, growth, transformation, getting uncomfortable. so i'm living the book. >> right now. >> right at this very moment. >> that's my job here. >> thank you so much. >> jillian michaels, it's a great book. "unlimited, how to build an exceptional life." you are living the dream. good to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, let the sunshine in. the latest styles and best shapes for your face. want to switch up your routine?
9:43 am
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this morning on "today's style" sunglasses for every face. it's important to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. if you know how to pick the right shape you can keep safe, look cool and be made in the shade all spring and summer. jackie stafford from shape magazine has the scoop on the best sunglasses for us. hey, jackie. >> hello. >> it's an important point to make that it's important to protect your eyes with sunglasses. we also want to look good. what are the trends? >> we're seeing a lot of colored frames. michael kors has great ones.
9:47 am
mirrored lenses, the cateye shape which is great to wear to make you look younger. it lifts up your face with the corner. the right sunglasses make you look younger and thinner. >> which ones make you look thinner? >> ones that suit your face shape. get the perfect one for your face. >> let's talk shape starting with the round face. >> yes. >> we are joined by donna. you think you have a round face as well. >> i definitely have a round face. >> you can tell because of the shape. so now we are looking at then what sunglasses you think are best for a round shape. >> if you have a round shape look for rectangle or square frames. the reason you go for that shape of the sunglasses is they will give more angles to a rounder face. >> i see. >> they will give more definition to your face. these are by juicy couture and those are banana republic. a warm tone can slenderize your face as well.
9:48 am
>> maybe i will ask you to put those on. >> they are a very nice shape and a great color as well. very warm color. >> the warm tone is nice for a round face. >> you want to make sure you are using a rectangle or a squarer frame for a round face. >> donna, thank you so much. i'm enjoying that fewer glasses have the big ads on the side saying what company made them. who wants to wear that anymore? anyway, let's move on to the square face. we have claudette joining us. what's good for a square face. what makes this a square face? >> she has angular features and a stronger jaw line. that would emphasize the more square-shaped face. >> because of the lower part. >> right. we are softening some of the angles by using rounder frames. these are marc by marc jacobs. we are looking for a warm round or oval frame to suit this face
9:49 am
shape. we have the blue ones here, the great aviator style. they are only $26. that's a great price. you can get those at >> this is also good for the square face? >> if you're going for a square shaped face look for ones that soften the lines. round or oval frames are the right ones for you. >> you make a nice model. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. now we want to move over to the heart-shaped face. we have malory here. good morning. what would be the great shape? these are aviator glasses. >> they are from jc penney. only $30. you don't need to spend a lot of money. that's the point. these are a perfect aviator. malory is the perfect example of a cute heart-shaped face. aviator down plays the narrow jaw line. this face shape works well. >> does it make her look slimmer?
9:50 am
>> she doesn't need to look any slimmer. >> exactly. >> the wayfarer as well. this is a brand that's been reinterpreted from the '70s and kate hudson is wearing these. >> not everybody can wear them. >> when you have a heart-shaped face make sure you don't get fra frames too wide. make sure the width of the frame isn't too wide. that will exacerbate the heart-shaped face. >> now for the oval. >> the oval face shape which you have, ann. >> hi, nancy. how do we decide this is an oval face? >> it's a balanced, even face. the grat thing about oval face shapes is they can wear any style they like. >> oh, lovely. >> these are by icu, only $22 which is a great price. again proving you don't need to spend a lot of money looking for
9:51 am
sunglasses. make sure you have the u.v. protection. this face shape can work with the trends. colored lenses, mirrored lenses. any cat eye shape as well. see how great they look on you? >> i see. these are angular but also have the cat eye. you say that makes you look younger? >> it lifts the face. these are by oakley. >> slimmer? >> you don't need to look slimmer, ann. they are a good one to wear though because the right glasses make you look slimmer and younger. >> the trends are fun, colorful and now that we know which shape is good for our faces we're lucky. thank you very much, jackie stafford for making it clear for us. we'll be right back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
oh, now everybody knows the proper shape of their face and they want to check out the glasses. how about you, al? do the aviators.
9:54 am
>> oh, yeah. get in there. >> that's the way to go. >> yeah. cool. >> oh, yeah. >> cia. look at this. >> don't you mess with roker. >> what about the square? >> i like those. >> you do? >> egyptian goddess. >> i don't really care. they're all gorgeous. give them all to me. actually, i need these little granny reading glasses. >> those are mine actually. >> i'll take these. whoa! >> you can burn leaves with those. >> no wonder you can't see the weather map. my gosh. >> you want to tell us what's coming up in the big hour coming up. >> craziness as usual. we're talking about privacy and how every time you go to google or somewhere people can track what you're buying. >> and also we have the lovely shirley strawberry who writes "the strawberry letter." she's on steve harvey's radio show. terrific book. great no-nonsense advice which hoda could use if you know whatt
9:55 am
an >> what? >> uncle. >> after this.
9:56 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. good morning, everybody.
9:57 am
time 9:56. a teenager in custody accused of raping a jogger. 18-year-old xavier kneel is now in the san francisco jail for allegedly raping a jogger on friday. police say he forced the victim to a grassy area behind the park away from a busy playing field near the dog run. people who use the dog run say police need to step up their patrols there. >> they generally patrol down the other side. if you come up here, the probability of something happening down there is less than it would be up here, because of the isolation factor. >> women who play soccer at the park say that they do try to avoid isolated areas and it is a reminder to keep their guard up. right now, we want to check your forecast with christina. good morning to you. you can take your top down and your car today. last day we are going to see the 70s. warm conditions, warm side of a front. it is going to change our
9:58 am
weather pattern if we head through tomorrow. we have this front pushing through. the first implication will be a cooler bay area. we are going to end up in the 60s in some cities right now. 62 degrees in sunnyvale. 57, san jose and 58 in gil roichlt turning over to the upper 60s, low 70s. we will see more cloud cover today. 71, santa rosa, 72 in concord and 69 degrees in lovely campbell. here you go, 60 degrees, your forecasted high for your wednesday. we continue to drop as we head through your thursday. then, the giants' home opener. pretty good baseball weather, 60 degrees. we check your drive with mike. a lot of folks lingering in the wine country. speeds are starting to improve. northbound 101, still sluggish from tully past the airport. we still have the accident sticking around over on the shoulder. 280, starting to recover. the bay bridge, change.
9:59 am
thanks for joining us. more local news in half an hour. "today" show in about a minute. dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment.
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it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. hi, everybody. you know what today is? tuesday. april 5th. we are so happy you're with us today. >> we are thrilled. captions paid for by nbc-universal television i hope they're all taking off their shoes.
10:01 am
these are my best pair. >> i do love those shoes. >> today is one day without shoes. thomm's shoes started it. every time you buy a pair of shoes, they give a free pair to people around the world who cannot afford shoes. it's a great idea. you know what i realized? i have a friend tyler ramsey to designed for thomm's shoes. they understand by giving back you get so much more. love that. >> isn't it nice to be bare foot? >> let's do the whole show. >> i don't think so. >> i know hoda's feet are much more beautiful than mine. i spent a lot of years doing two show as night in vegas. >> i wonder if my friend brooks will take his shoes off. brooks is visiting us from the american heart association. >> everybody in the studio, take them off. take them all off, everybody. >> wait for the camera, brooks, so we can see your face.
10:02 am
>> they are off. >> thank you, brooks. on tv last night -- >> i saw this this morning. she is doing so well. >> talking about "dancing with the stars." kirstie alley was on. there was a snafu. >> his knee jerked. >> is it a hoolea they are doing? >> you can see. that's a rumba? >> here is the good news. her score, she ended the night with 21 points which is in the middle of the pack. he said he was fine. he said it had nothing to do with her, he just fell. >> yeah. i'm sure they are going to make jokes about it. it's not funny. she is doing really, really well. good for her. had she been wearing thomm's shoes, it might not have happened. >> she is the person who i'm rooting for.
10:03 am
you want her just to make it through this whole deal. you see some of the other dancers. there is something she has some kind of attraction with the crowd, the audience. i hope she does well. >> people lived through her struggles through the years. she's been vocal about her struggles with weight. she's been able to laugh at herself about it. that creates such goodwill with people good. for her. >> we are going to find out tonight. now the audience votes. again, she was in the middle of the pack. >> i think wendy williams will be sent home. i don't watch the sure. i was getting a pedicure late. jackie was doing it at my house. she said my favorite show is on. i said let's turn it on. it was nice to turn the news off a little bit. first time i've seen it this year. i saw a couple of dances. it wasn't wendy's best night. i haven't seen her before. we'll see if i'm right. did you have a prenup with your first and only wedding marriage? was there a prenup? >> no.
10:04 am
here's the thing. when you're getting married, the idea of signing a prenup at the time, and i know this sounds ridiculous now, it sounds unromantic and you're not trusting the person. >> because you feel you'll be together forever. >> you say in case this doesn't work out, sign right here. who bants to start that way. i get it. now it seems ridiculous not to have one. >> if you ever got married again, which could happen, you would insist on it? that would be smart. >> i would probably get one just because. i would still cringe doing it. i don't like that idea. >> you're older and wiser now, hoda woman. >> i'm not good with money. >> you sure aren't. >> i'm not. it's not one of the things i'm good at. >> well, prince william, who knows if he is good with money. has he ever had to be? he's got $45 million they are saying. there's a lot at stake. >> the question is should kate sign a prenup. three of queen elizabeth's four children have been divorced.
10:05 am
>> they don't have a great track record. >> they didn't have prenups. the question is, do you think kate should sign a prenup? is that a smart thing to do or puts a dam per on the marriage before it even starts? >> would love to know what you all think about that. >> let's talk about back to this topic again. the topic is not tonight, dear, i feel fat. it says more than half the women say -- >> and that's why i have a headache. >> they suffer in their sex lives because they feel too heavy. >> yeah, yeah. >> and a lot of it is body image. you look at yourself in the mirror. >> why would anybody want me? >> or when someone touches you in a place you're uncomfortable. with i don't like anyone to touch my stomach. >> your stomach is as flat as it could be. >> spanx flattens it. >> i have neigh snooki poof down there. >> it makes you feel unsexy. >> muffin top. >> or when they put their hand
10:06 am
around. >> love those love handles baby. >> they rub up and down your back and you know you have that super tight on. nobody wants to be stroked like that. >> don't you find yourself immediately sucking it in, toensing it up? men do, too. >> men don't care. >> every time i do this to frank's arm he flexes it. he's so cute. >> a lot of guys don't care. they say confidence is the sexiest thing. there are certain men who walk in the room, they are not the cusest, but there is something about them. same thing with women. they may not be the most beautiful, but confidence is sexy. >> when i first used to new york i wasn't used to walking around. you walk everywhere in new york. there's tons of construction sites all the time. i just was not used to being alone walking by a construction site when the guys were having lunch or something or coffee break. >> what did they say? >> they would yell stuff to you. it wasn't all flattering. i'd look over and some guy with
10:07 am
this huge gut hanging out is telling me something. i don't even remember. i just remember thinking, take a look at yourself, buddy. men don't. hey, want some of this? no. i don't want any of it. they don't believe it. >> it's so true. women say they would, and i don't know if you would do this, they would give up a year of their life for a perfect body. a year of their life. >> at the end when you're 80 or 90? i better be careful. 110? when they're on with willard scott, is that what we are talking about? >> yes. what would you give up for the perfect body? >> probably money. yeah. nothing else. some of the things i would give up is like forego promotions, time with their family, give up friends. gave up their health. what good is a perfect body if you're laying in bed sick? they are not thinking this through, hoda woman.
10:08 am
what would you give up, my daryling? >> what would i give up? >> your wallet? you're darn attached to that wallet. >> i don't know. i do care about my body image, not all that much. i was really heavy through a big part movie life and i didn't know. nobody told me and for some reason i didn't think so. i honestly didn't. >> like the guys at the construction sites. >> if you look at the pictures, you're like, wow, how did you not feel self-conscious? when what is anchoring in 2 a small market i was a big girl. my sister said maybe people nudged me and said maybe you should work on it. i never thought that. >> what changed with you? i feel like joy bauer. what changed? >> i moved to florida. it was warm and i wanted to be outside. i don't know. body image -- i have a lot of hang-ups, that's just not one of them. >> it's good. it's much, much healthier. on that note, we have donuts in front of us because today is
10:09 am
trendy tuesday. since you don't give a rip, why don't you just -- you have the chocolate one. >> this is a peanut butter blackberry jam donut. apparently the good stuff is all what it through. >> there is a guy who started this company. it's the donut plant here in new york city. donuts in the world are the new cupcakes. now the chelsea hotel on the lower east side on grand street is this place. it's a guy 18 years ago, oh, my gosh, i can smell that jam. >> carrot cake, this one. >> he used his grandfather's recipe. amazing, right? you can get more information on >> oh, my god, that is so delicious. >> there is something else we wanted to talk about. wait a minute. >> throw your own birthday party. >> yes. is it okay to throw your own birthday bash? this woman 60 years old, big birthday. mine is around the corner. she wanted to throw herself a
10:10 am
party. her cousin said, don't do it. >> there was something in "the new york times" "style" section, is it okay to throw your own birthday party? >> i think it's fine. >> i think your friends would throw it for you if you said i want to blow it out, can we have a party? i would expect your friends would help you throw it. >> what if they are not able to? don't you think it's fine to say, 60 is a big birthday for me. i'm not thrilled about the age, glad to be here. you guys come over, i'm going to have a party for you guys to help me get through it. no gifts. come let's be together. >> that's good. throwing your own party isn't great. do you? in that case, yes. overall? >> i don't know. >> depends on the spirit. i'm in the spirit of somebody we love very much to wish a happy
10:11 am
birthday. it's britney schreiber. she is not 60 today, she's 24. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, darling. >> can you drink? >> she is legal. >> are you sure? here is to britney who works so hard every day. it is her birthday. >> happy birthday. >> we love brit. >> we have a fan update with you, my darling sara. >> would you trade in anything for the perfect body? kelly said only if i could trade in the year 2008, it wasn't good. corinne wrote, unfortunately, yes, i would trade a year of my life. if it weren't your life what would you trade? >> some of my most unfavorable family members. >> that doesn't count. it's got to be something that matters to you. >> people were not willing to give up things that mattered. someone offered back fat. to trade it in? with the perfect body? >> hoda is a big fan of back fat. >> up next -- >> the shocking things big
10:12 am
brother knows about you. >> how to protect yourself in a world where privacy is a thing of the pas u you eat them, you'll wear them.? yeah. it's right-- i think my purse is upstairs on the bed. it's not here. check the dining room. nope. what about your sister's room? not there, either. the upstairs closet? the downstairs closet. there are no more closets. announcer: moms everywhere are finding ways to keep kids active and healthy. get ideas. get involved. get going at these ladies have been exercising, watching their diets and enjoying activia light. well? i'm managing my weight really well, and i've never felt so light. at 70 calories, delicious activia light helps you be light and feel light too. ♪ activia try cottonelle ultra toilet paper. nothing beats how thick it is. [ carl ] love it! it's that one little switch
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farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup ca do.
10:15 am
we are still talking about the donuts. face it, we warn our children about putting too much information out into cyber space. do we practice what we preach? i know i do. >> for most of us, not so much. what kinds of things do we reveal about ourselves in our everyday lives? take a look. >> unwanted exposure is one of our biggest fears. >> sorry. >> in today's wired world, keeping things private is a losing proposition. >> somebody could sit down and locate your social networking, who your mother is, who your father is, what school you went to. it's like digital dna. >> in grainy black and white, surveillance cameras catch your
10:16 am
every move. buy something at the supermarket with your credit card and your likes and dislikes become part of a giant data base shared by advertisers. turn your cell phone on and gps tracking calls out wherever you are in the world. let's talk about putting pictures on the internet. do it once and they'll be out there forever. privacy settings only work until someone finds a way around them. >> we are totally exposed. why can't i call up some company and say, take this down? i don't want it there? it's a huge problem. >> going completely offline is not a realistic option for most of us, but it's worth thinking about, especially when you can be overexposed without ever losing your clothes. is privacy dead in america? >> yes. >> jim stickily and donna rice hughes, president of enough is enough.
10:17 am
>> instructor of the internet safety 101 program. >> it is terrifying. >> what are the biggest culprits? we go on to facebook, some on twitter. are these self-inflicted wounds? are we inviting people to come into our business? >> absolutely. you nailed it. i believe privacy is dead because people are choosing. everybody is like look at me and putting everything they have out there. >> that is a discussion for a psychiatrist, right? >> privacy is dead, it's dieing a slow death. social medias the smoking gun. it's designed to have, to allow you to put all this personal information up there. same thing with tweeting. >> it's designed for community. we take it too far. >> we have to be careful about posting personal information, keeping our financial information private. teef teaching our kids to have privacy setting to very secure private. >> does that work? when you set the privacy settings? >> you have to realize nothing is private. it can be pasted and put
10:18 am
someplace else. >> the problem is like on facebook they keep changing what the privacy settings do. you set them and go, they are perfect now. two months later, necessity changed it out your knowledge. >> say you're hunting for a job. do perspective employers honestly look on facebook and twitter? >> how do they get access to it if you can only have friends on it? >> sometimes people can look on your page without participating. >> some of your friends broadcast out. you see stuff through your friends' friends. i, for example, when we go to research, i research the person applying and also their spouses. their spouse will post crazy stuff about them. i learn more from the spouse. >> what does that say about you? >> you're a sick man. >> he is a cyber snake. >> what about when you buy things onlichblt line. once you punch your credit card, you're trusting all your secret
10:19 am
information is kept private. >> you need to make sure any kind of financial transaction is done at a secure site. there needs to be tight privacy around those kinds of things. >> how do you know? >> writing out a check, it's usually got your address, your account number. >> nothing is really private online. search engines know what you're doing. they know your online behaviors. we need to assume nothing is really private. the thing is like your picture showed earlier. there are no takebacks. that's important to recognize. once something is up there, it's up there forever, potentially. even if you put it in a private area. >> that is the key. you look at the teenagers. mooning your buddy is funny when you're 17 or 18, not so good later in life. >> you know kids are vulnerable. what about older people? a lot of people are buying things online. it's more convenient. >> and they are more vulnerable, too. >> sure. what it is. you get people like my parents. they want to be tech savvy.
10:20 am
they use the internet, but they don't have a clue what they are doing. they are posting everything. they still have this trusting generation. >> going to florida for the season, meaning their other house is left completely vulnerable. >> four square, people posting on that? >> what is that? i keep reading about it. it's the church amy temple mcpherson started. >> you can go out and connect and say i'm here today. you can become the mayor of places. i could post i'm here. the more i'm there i become the mayor. >> other than buying things online or going on facebook and twitter, what are other things we might not know about we can get tracked with? >> one of the things, is there a study that just came out and said that 80% of kids under the age of 2 have a digital foot print. parents are posting pictures of their kids. even before they're born.
10:21 am
sonogram pictures. they need to keep whatever they are putting out there about their kids very, very private. even tell those people that are in their friends group on facebook, don't repost this someplace else. >> also, the search engines themselves, google, bing, every time you search anything, that is being stored and tracked back to you. everything you do online. >> it creeps me out. it totally does. not just big brother, you know -- >> still to come -- >> you say it. >> we'll hit the vending machine. >> is she back? >> yes, she is. [ scott ] my family's been in the dairy business rce anhtigfter the turn ttuhehten cry. my grandfather, also a dairyman. and then my father, duane. i started out with my dad and my brother. [ scott ] when you have a family situation, it's just a progression. my position is at the bottom of the totem pole. since the boys came in, i've worked my way all the way down. [ laughs ]
10:22 am
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how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? how about eating soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. good morning, everybody. 10:26. i'm brent cannon. there may soon be not even a free ride in walnut creek. they will decide whether they should pay for the free ride trolley bus. the council has three options to choose from, including charging a fare or stopping funding the trolley and let the county decide its fate. there is a meeting tonight at 7:00. former governor, arnold schwarzenegger was often called the governator. it is more fitting now that he
10:27 am
has a new animated cartoon. he says the governator and all that stuff. it is good. this is the new trailer. you can buy it on youtube. he plays a crime fighting super hero, marvel comic, stan lee, who created superman and the incredible hulk had a big part of making the new series, the governator, it comes complete with body armor and a motorcycle. vil lanes are no match. however, state law mauk kers were too much for him in real life. richard branson has conquered the air and space and now he is talking about the sea, a new business venture that could take people underwater. last year, he unveiled a submarine created by a san francisco-based tech company. he is now working with the same company to create a submersible that is cf high-speed deep sea travel. we will check in with traffic and weather after the break.
10:28 am
stay tuned. look now. but you-know-who just showed up with nachos.
10:29 am
(taco #2) what? oh. they look so delicious together. what does she have that i don't have? nothing really. just some cilantro. a bigger plate. ohhh looks like some fresh guacamole. i can do guacamole. but you didn't. [crying] shhh. your salsa is running. ancr: tacos love tillamook. voted the world's best medium cheddar cheese. good morning to you. it is a good morning. a lot of sunshine, temperatures right now already warmer than we are expecting tomorrow. 62, sunnyville, 64, san francisco. upper 60s and low 70s, 71, napa. along the peninsula, 64, san francisco but tomorrow, the big-time cooling trend kicks into high gear. let's see how you are doing with your gears on the roadway.
10:30 am
a little slow for northbound 101 past the airport. 85 has been a troubled spot around 17. the fourth accident at 17. slow southbound towards university. clearing from that portion and in the san mateo bridge heading toinhe, plainsuok lo enpretty good. ♪ oh the candy man can. >> we are back with more of "today" and friendly competition to learn the truth behind vending machine snacks. >> when you finally get a chance to grab something, all you can find is a vending machine. how do you choose the healthiest option? we have no idea but madeline does. she is our diet and nutrition editor. >> this is another game. i want you to jump in. not all these choices are healthy, but they are what we get all the time. birdie told me peanut butter and chocolate are things you girls
10:31 am
like. look at these reese's pieces. do these have more or less calories than these two cups? jump in. >> i would say less. >> you're wrong. it's not less. >> it's the same. >> what? it is? >> these are the same. >> this is so much better than these. >> that's what you want to have. 210 calories. >> 105 each one of them. >> so a bite is -- >> hello. it's worth it. sometimes. >> okay now. vending machines are famous for having salty, crunchy things with cheese. we have baked cheez-its, cheddar cheese pop chips. they are popped like rice cakes. they are air popped. >> in oil though. >> no. in air. this is bake, this is air popped and we have cheese crackers. which one has the lowest
10:32 am
calories? >> i go for those. >> fine. that is. that's the lowest. >> have you tried these? these are really good. >> if you want to look for an option, these have low salt, 100 calories. >> for one? >> no. >> they're great. >> you eat about 18 for 100 calories. >> it's a big crunch. >> you find a lot of gum in machines. here is a regular pack of gum with sugar. standard five pack. old-fashioned gum. does this pack have more or less than 100 calories? >> more. >> no. it has less. it has 50 calories. 10 calories a stick. if you want something sugary, one is okay. sugarless gum is so much better why are your teeth. >> yet there are chemicals in that. >> if you're going to have gum, have a little sweet or don't have anything. >> what happens every time i
10:33 am
chew gum, crave more sweets after. >> that's just you. >> makes me want more. >> see, i want more of those chips because they are salty. >> sometimes you feel like a cookie. here is a favorite. take a look. >> if you would eat this package, would you have to walk two, three or four miles. >> two. >> four. >> four. >> i hate this game. i hate it. >> four miles? >> there are three servings in this. >> how fast are we walking? >> 15-minute mile. >> wow. >> four miles to eat? >> two miles. >> i was right. >> no. it's four miles. >> you guys are wrong. >> okay. >> these are all around 200 calories. let's look the a the fat. what i want you to do is rank these from the lowest to the highest fat. they all have 200 calories.
10:34 am
>> is that your final? >> i guess. >> you are right. >> what? >> this has zero, this has six and they are all around 200 calories. if you care about the calories in i choice is fine. if fat matters, take the twizzlers. take a look at this bottle of juice. soda is not a great choice. does this have more or less than 250 calories? >> less. >> more. >> i read it. it says 150. 150 per serving. there are two. hoda. >> she cheats. what is under there? we've got to go. what's under there? >> a bunch of snacks. gum and mints. >> i'm taking that to my rehearsal call today. thank you, madeline.
10:35 am
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helps you be light and feel light too. ♪ activia each day radio show personality shirley strawberry delivers no-nonsense relationship advice to 8 million listeners during "steve harvey morning show". >> shirley has turned her vines into a book called "the strawberry letter." real talk, real advice because
10:39 am
bitterness isn't sexy. so nice to meet you. i read a lot of this book. it's so grassroots, down to basics, common sense. it was hard won by you, wasn't it? >> it was. good morning. it was hard won by me. everybody has a story, right? >> don't make me start singing, shirley. >> everybody has one. this is my particular story. what happens on the "steve harvey morning show." we have a segment called "the strawberry letter." combination of my now. >> now called "the letter." >> basically the letters. anyway, what happens is, it became the most popular letter. it grew into a life of its own. our listeners write in advice for us. neither steve nor i have psychology degrees. we have common sense, what our moms taught us. >> i like the title. you say bitterness isn't sexy.
10:40 am
a lot of women do walk around. >> they are holding that suitcase. >> that baggage. you can see people when they are in love, glowing, they look so happy. when they are bitter, you see that, too. it's not sexy. >> why do you think? it's become too much of a friend? they would be lost without it? it defines them. >> they think they don't know how. it's so simple. you just stop. it's very simple. you forgive. whoever it is in your past that's made you bitter or whatever it is, just forgive it and move on to get on with your life. >> unfortunately, for giveness is the most difficult thing to do. they don't realize they are only hurting themselves. forgiveness is for you. it's for the other person, but basically for you. >> i was so bitter after my divorce. i was so bitter. you have to at one point move on. i have a daughter. i have to be an example for her. >> you made the choice to marry the man you talk about. you took responsibility for your own choices. >> absolutely. >> why don't we help out people.
10:41 am
>> there are a whole lot of hurting folks out there. >> this is britney. i've been dating this guy five months now. even though we both know we are 100% faithful, he still gives me a hard time about looking at another guy or saying something the wrong way. it blows over very quickly, but it's getting old to me because i want his appreciation, not criticism. what can i do to make this better? >> that word criticism bothers me. when your man is criticizing you, what about uplifting and building you up? what is the criticism thing about? this question is a reverse, too. usually it's the man who is concerned or the woman, excuse me, concerned about he is looking at other women. i don't know. i hear, my gut tells me it might be some control issues. going on here with the man. i don't know. >> my husband is like that a little bit though. if i hug a man. >> he does. he gets upset. >> 25 years later, stop it. it's not funny.
10:42 am
>> there are territorial, men are. you are theirs. they don't want another man touching you. she is just looking. >> i think you're dead when you stop looking personally. i wish you were here for longer. this book is fantastic. >> thank you. >> i see why it's such a huge part of your show. congratulations. >> thank you, ladies. >> good luck with the book. >> thank you. >> next, gadgets that will make traveling with your kids a whole lot more fun. oh... oh! oh! red! red! red! yes! yes! come on! oh. no! oh... bummer. [children shouting] hoops? yeah. sure. sure. announcer: moms everywhere are finding ways to keep kids active and healthy. works every time. announcer: get ideas. get involved. get going at ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably?
10:43 am
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10:47 am
now there is so much stuff. >> we have a ton of life savers. the first is padding pad. you can slap it down any which way. there is no wrong way. it's got all these pockets inside to stash your wipes and all the stuff you need. it folds up. it's great. beautiful bottle bags from stork sack. they are insulated. they wipe clean and look chic. this is a real fabulous item. it is a bottle that warms itself. >> what? >> can you imagine? >> stop it. >> with the press of a button, fill it up, takes a few seconds, you have perfectly warmed milk. >> that is genius. you can burn a body if you put it in the microwave. >> a perfect, perfect toy from infantino for the car. crinkle toys, a teether to keep the baby quiet in the back seat. >> this is the peapod. this is great for a toddler to sleep in. a lot of times you're traveling. you don't no.
10:48 am
you don't want to use the krips in the hotel or outside in the beach. this is a great napping area it folds up super easy and a carry handle. >> for toddlers in preschool you have this. >> we have the even-flo symphony car seat. moms are nervous about the new ap recommendations. they are trying to find a car seat that will accommodate that. this accommodates infants, but goes up to 35 pounds. rear facing and up to 100 forward facing. we have lots more suggestions on for seats that meet the new guidelines. >> it's heavy to carry around the car seat and lug it. >> it is. you want the car seat on the plane for the child. this is the go-go baby. any car seat will go in there. >> where are you going? >> it looks like luggage. >> i like the other way. >> you don't put your child in it. >> no, no, no. it's great when you get off the plane. you're good to go.
10:49 am
>> look at this cute stroller. >> this is snazzy. it's super light weight. it holds a child up to 50 pounds. it's easy to maneuver and perfect for travel. >> games and toys for kids? >> we are going to have a snacks cup. the snacks do not fall out. the child can reach their hand in there grab the piece of cereal. >> there is plastic on top. it doesn't fall out. >> that is great. >> otherwise you'll have cheerios everywhere. you find them in your belly button. they're everywhere. >> wiki sticks. >> what is a wiki stick? >> it's a piece of yarn inside a food grade wax. kids can twist them into all different shapes. it doesn't stain, doesn't stick to clothes. this is from one step ahead, a great tray for high chairs and restaurants. >> let's move up in age.
10:50 am
>> we are getting up to a little bit older kids. >> cody would not fit in this. >> this is the big kid booster from even-flo. at night if they want to read or play in the car, they can see easily. when they get bigger and don't necessarily want the little kid booster look, the back comes right off. this is lots of fun. kid sack. they can take this on the road and they can color. then you throw it in the washing machine, comes out. >> color it again. >> can be used over and over. >> very cute. >> aren't these adorable? short stuffs. you can make your own stuffed animals. you don't have to sew at all. it comes with everything you need and assembles with velcro. >> very cute. >> this is for older kids at the end? >> we have lots of great fun stuff for older kids. nintendo 3-ds. it can be adjusted to the child's preference.
10:51 am
friendship bracelets. >> those are darling. >> this is a kit. it's easy to take in the car. >> that is adorable. >> retro head phones. all. kids want these, not the ear buds. this comes in different colors for boys and girls. >> these go in the cars? >> no. these are great for camping or bring to grandma. mp-3 players, alarm clocks and lamps. >> christina, thank you so much. >> tons of stuff. >> up next, engagement chicken.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
time to take you into today's kitchen. recipes designed to get you what you want. >> let's not put the cart before the horse. you left out the engagement chicken dish, which you my want to try.
10:55 am
cindy levy is editor in chief of "glamour" magazine. >> this engagement chicken works? >> it does. >> how do you know it works? >> page 18 of the new book. just fyi. >> what makes it special? >> why don't you just take the chicken home? >> it's a delicious, really simple roast chicken. it's stuffed with lemons. there is one trick that you let it cook breast side down the first 50 minutes so it doesn't get dry. it's wonderful and here is the proof. 72 women have written the magazine to tell us they got engaged after making this for their significant other. >> i'm married, but i'm going to try it.
10:56 am
>> do not make it if you have commitment issues. >> this is breakfast in bed mimosa. it is theism maniest thing. you are using champagne or preseco and it has passion fruit some are bay. >> you need a great burger recipe. this has cumin and shallots inside. it is a great crowd-pleasing burger. >> i've got buns enough. >> you can make it with turkey meat. that old cliche about the way through a man's heart is through a stomach. that is sexist. this works on man, woman and child. >> this is let's make a baby pasta. i will not be eating this pasta today. >> if i did, it would be a miracle.
10:57 am
>> we've got that in the book. our food blogger sara gio made it three times for her husband. they have three babies. >> wait a minute. >> pasta is great -- >> you said you were over there. i thought you might want a bite. a little sensitive. must be something going on. >> slightly spicy arribiatta sauce. i think eating pasta with somebody is messy, sloppy, it's kind of sexy. >> it worked for "lady and the tramp." loved that. great to see you. still want to try that chicken. >> tomorrow, dennis quaid. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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