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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the east bay this morning. we'll check the morning commute and of course the forecast. it's changing, on wednesday, april 6th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. straight up 6:00 right now. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. i mentioned the forecast. i think we better enjoy today. >> i think we should always enjoy the day. i think you'll be able to enjoy the day outside today, at least this afternoon. it's a little bit chilly out there. 46 in livermore, we're at 40 degrees in gilroy and 47 degrees up in napa. so it's chilly this morning, about 4 to 5 degrees cooler in most cities up to 7 degrees cooler along the peninsula where you'll notice the biggest difference this morning. by noon we'll climb into the upper 50s, low 60s and only rounding out the day in the 60s, no 70s today. and big-time changes on the way for tomorrow. wind, rain, thunderstorms.
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we'll break it all down coming up. let's get you to work on time. 6:00 a.m., how does it look? >> we only have two incidents but they're both right here. livermore and 580 coming out of the altamont pass, an 18-minute drive and building. we have a minor injury accident at dougherty road. two chp units are on scene and i just got word of another accident just a tad bit to the west right at the 580 interchange that may be in lane as well. we'll follow that as this commute builds as well as the bay bridge. no major issues aside from the volume of traffic but from time to time i see the cash lanes slowing a bit so it's on at the bay bridge as well. caltrain is making some tough decisions this morning to reduce its $30 million budget deficit. bob redell is live from a san jose station which is one of the oneses slated to be closed, bob. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, brent. assuming the caltrain board of directors approves this proposal tomorrow to help close that $30
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million budget deficit, these are proposals that would be making it more expensive to ride caltrain and less convenient. one of the conveniences would be having this station right here shut down. it's the capital station in san jose. if approved, the proposal calls for this station to be shut down starting in july along with two other stations on the peninsula further north. hayward park and bayshore. caltrain also wants to eliminate ten trains during the weekday, increase the one-way trip fare by 25 cents. parking fees hiked by $10 a month. among other things adding more stops for the express train. that means if you're a commuter and relying on those express trains to get you from san jose to san francisco, your ride will be longer because that train will have to make more stops. the caltrains would also reduce the number of giants trains and special service trains. again, these are all proposals
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they're putting out there to try to close this budget deficit. it's a record deficit of $30 million. riders would have to adjust their schedules because the other trains are not being cut would be arriving early or later by as much as 20 minutes. this is a temporary solution to get the agency through the next 12 to 24 months. long term it looks like that taxpayers up and down the peninsula would have to agree to some sort of tax increase, tax measure to help get the agency out of this hole that it's in. remarkably, this could have been much worse. initially caltrain was looking at cutting roughly 40 trains, having service only during the weekday during the rush hour, closing up to half its stations and eliminating service south to gilroy. obviously they didn't go that far. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank, bob. meantime, five southwest
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airlines planes are grounded this morning after inspectors found the same kind of cracks that led to a five-foot hole to open up on a jet last week. the planes with the cracks now are being repaired. this morning palo alto police think they have finally nabbed a serial robber that has terrorized the city the past few months. police arrested him monday night after a caller gave a suspect description matching holmes. officers found him with a replica handgun and gloves on the ground nearby. they think he may be involved in a string of recent street robberies in palo alto. a stockton teacher is recovering after somebody roughed her up and robbed her in her classroom. that happened yesterday morning about 7:45 at hazelton elementary school. the robber ran away when the teacher threw a cup of hot tea at him but did take her purse. none of the children, no students were in the classroom when that happened. we have an update on the morning flare-up of a big apartment fire in san francisco. nearly two dozen people are
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recovering from injuries and dozens of others are out of their home this morning. it happened in the tenderloin district. christie smith joins us live this morning with more on those affected and the investigation into just how that fire started. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, right now firefighters are paying very close attention to the upper floors and the roof area of this building, and that's because it reignited overnight in the franciscan towers apartments. most of the damage is on the inside of the building. outside it actually looks like there's no damage at all. inside, though, firefighters saying it looks pretty bad. we're speaking this morning with residents who ran out with just the clothes on their backs and they're telling pretty scary stories about trying to run down the hall to escape the flames. it started about 9:00 last night and quickly jumped to three alarms because many of the people who live here inside were disabled and needed help evacuating. we spoke this morning with long-term resident frank sparkman.
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he says it's one of the most frightening or deals he's been through. >> it's just olympic that movie towering inferno when you see the smoke. it's just like -- i mean it was just -- it was just complete pandemonium in there. >> reporter: new numbers this morning i'm hearing from san francisco firefighters is that 24 people were injured in the building. the red cross has been out here all morning. they tell me that they're providing shelter for 63 people. about 25 others were put on a shuttle and moved to another building in the area. firefighters saying at this point they believe that this started in a trash compactor or trash chute in the center of the building and spread out from there. they are telling me they will be here at least through 8:00 this morning to make sure that this fire is indeed out. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." meantime, the sanity trial of a convicted high school bomber could wrap up as early as
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this afternoon. lawyers will give their closing arguments this morning in a san mateo county courtroom. a forensic psychologist testified that ushock was sane the day he brought a pipe bomb, sword and chain saw to the high school. nearly half a dozen other experts diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. last week a jury convicted him of six felony counts, including attempted murder of his former teacher. there is a new fund-raiser for the giants fan attacked at dodgers stadium last week. american med ral response, the company brian stow works for, is hosting a fund-raiser barbecue. food will be served at amr headquarters in san jose from noon to 8:00. money will go to help pay for stow' medical bills. stow is in a medically induced coma at a los angeles hospital this morning. doctors say he's suffering from brain damage. a pair of dodger fans attacked the 42-year-old father outside of dodgers stadium last
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thursday. police are still looking for those two men. today's barbecue is the second fund-raiser for stow this week. friends and family also gathered at pizza my heart in the south bay yesterday. the chain donated 30% of sales to stow's family for every customer that mentioned his name. he was a regular customer there. giants fans and dodger fans both came out to support him. >> i think all of us sports fans should take a step back and just say, listen, we love the game, whatever game we follow, we love our team, but acting out in a violent manner is just not what it's about. >> pizza my heart is still counting the receipts but do think they made at least $20,000 for his family. a south bay school is honoring a former student. they will hold a memorial service for 21-year-old lance corporal harry lu. the marine died over the weekend
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while supporting combat operations. he graduated from santa clara high in 2008. you can see he was a spirited guy and he was actually set to return this july. his death is still under investigation. right now it's 6:09. we want to check in with christina taking a peek at the forecast this morning. and it's a good-looking forecast. good morning to you. well, we're halfway through the workweek now and our temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable today. we'll end up in the 60. we will see the sun at least the first part of the day and the clouds move in, part of a system that will bring us significant rain tomorrow. snow levels starting at about 4500 feet, falling to 2500 feet as we head through late thursday, so we could see a dusting of sfoe over mt. hamilton and something else we haven't seen for quite some time, friday morning waking up with some widespread frost with temperatures back in the 30s. in fact overnight lows will be in the 30s pretty much in all inland cities. i think the peninsula will
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remain rather mild friday morning but the cold stuff will be back. today looks good, lots of sunshine on tap for us. we do have a high pollen count. we'll talk about that and your extended forecast. let's get you to work right on 9. 6:09. how does it look, mike. >> pretty good. speeds close to the limit. and a live look at the toll plaza shows you the build is slower as far as the volume goes and no metering lights yet. we're looking at 15 minutes, maybe a little more for that to be turned on because it's a lighter flow for a wednesday we're expecting. but we have seen pretty good slowdowns for highway 4 and right here at the dublin interchange, we're tracking this accident. the 50 mark right at the interchange but there's an accident reported at dougherty road. cars moved to the shoulder and chp officers on scene as well. then maybe a second accident near the interchange as well. we do see some early slowing backing up a little bit in livermore itself as well as coming out of the altamont pass.
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pretty steady flow down in the 40s. that might send more folks south to 680. if they hear about a couple of accidents, they might head through sunol. the volume holding steady with taillights away from us, a lighter volume but we'll watch and see if that changes over the next 20 minutes. back to you. it is 6:11 right now. still to come on "today in the bay" barbara eden, former genie and former miss san francisco about to join us live to talk about her new book. and the deal is done. what san francisco is doing trying to get more business into the city and how another bay area city is responding. and a live look outside, the golden gate bridge. traffic picking up justitt b t bu boo tad. 6:11 right now. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of an unmarried couple living together.
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good morning, everybody. a live look outside from san
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jose, the south bay this morning. nice-looking, decent day on tap, but we do expect some cooldowns. we'll have your forecast in a pitt. a san francisco supervisor has a new proposal that would allow city leaders to make more decisions without voter approval. supervisor scott weiner wants to put his idea on the november ballot. it would let supervisor change or even repeal voter-approved laws. he says the proposal is in response to criticism from voters who say lawmakers should be able to, quote, do their jobs and pass laws without having voter approval. if the measure is approved, no changes would be made for the next three years, but for the next four years the board could make changes with a two-thirds vote. after that the board would just need a simple majority. a nurses union has reached a keel with stanford and lucille packard children's hospital. tomorrow the 2700 nurses will vote on a contract deal which
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calls for a 4% pay raise for all nurses. the contract also makes it slightly more difficult for nurses to get promoted. the labor dispute has been going on for more than a year now and nurses have been working without a contract since march of 2010. it is 6:15 right now. actress barbara eden, best known for "i dream of jeannie" got her start right here in the bay area. now she has a new book out called "genie out of the bottle." and the always beautiful barbara eden joins us now to talk a little more about the book. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, laura. say hello to my family and friends up there. >> yes, exactly, because that's the neat thing about it. a lot of people may not know you grew up in the bay area, you grew up on ocean street in san francisco. you in fact were miss san francisco in, what, 1951? >> yes, i was. yes, i was. >> so a lot of ties here. >> yes. and i did the last two visions of murder movies, i filmed in
6:16 am
san jose. >> oh, wow, perfect. in the south bay as well. well, the book is a fascinating read. it really reads as a who's who talking about when you met marilyn monroe, surprisingly kissed by warren beatty, you had stories about desi arnaz in there. even getting slipped a phone number from the then senator john f. kennedy. >> yes, that was a surprise. that was when i was under contract to fox. i was very young. and i had been put in a television series called "how to marry a millionaire" which was based on the movie that marilyn monroe had done. they sent the three of us, the three girls in this series, to new york to publicize it. they put us in rented mink coats down to our ankles, you know. and as we were coming home, i was at the candy counter at the airport, which is now jfk, and a man came over to me and said who are you with? and i said, well, 20th century
6:17 am
fox. no, somebody is with you. i said yes, booker mcclay, the publicist. so he went over to booker mcclay and pretty soon book came over to me and said would you like to meet senator kennedy? i said i don't know. i didn't know who he was. and so eventually we went into a little private room and the gentleman who had come to me at the candy counter put out his hand and said i want you to meet the next president of the united states. as though he was on stage, you know. and i said hello. and he said hello. and that was the end of it until i walked on to the airplane and put my hand in my pocket and i had a little note with a phone number to please call. >> wow, isn't that something. there are just so many fascinating stories. it's lovely for you to share them. but you also open up so much about your own personal life in
6:18 am
it, describing going through some hard times with an abusive husband, addicted to drugs he was and a son falling victim to that as well. why did you want to share such personal things? >> because i think women need to know about it. i remember how i felt going through it and the fact that i was always thinking i could fix it. there was something i should do. i was wrong. especially with the husband. i always thought, oh, my goodness, i should change. i should do something to fix this. and you can't. and when i lost the baby, i went into a very deep, deep depression, and no one really recognized it, including myself, until my medical doctor, i had a bad cold and i had to sing. i had just closed in las vegas and i had to go to the caribbean and he said hold your hand out, barbara. i held it out and i couldn't
6:19 am
keep it still. it was like it was someone else's hand. and so then i stayed home. but it took me a long time to get through that. women should know that they need help when they're in that position. >> it shows that you're not only the mega star, the beautiful star we've all grown up to know and love but that personal side as well. it is a lovely book, it's a great read. your next one needs to be how do you do it because you just look phenomenal. >> oh, thank you. thank you so much. that makes me feel good. >> you look fantastic. so nice to talk to you. the book once again is "genie out of the bottle." we thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, laura, and thank you, san francisco. >> come visit us. >> i'd like do. >> the door is always open. thank you very much. right now we want to check in with christina loren. wasn't she fascinating? >> she really was. i thought you were going to ask her to wiggle her nose, though.
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a little magic this morning. no, we're looking good today. there's a reason why people like to live in this city of san francisco and the bay area because of the beautiful weather this time of year. today no exception. it's going to be gorgeous out there. we do have changes on the way for tomorrow so let's get right to it. as you can see from the satellite imagery, we are sandwiched between a couple of systems. we had a trough pass through yesterday and that is joining up with a coastal eddy situated just off the coast of southern california. for us another system is moving in. cool and clear conditions right now. we'll turn over to partly cloudy and windy conditions later as the front pushes in and creates a big deal of instability in our atmosphere. in fact, so much so we could see thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. 49 degrees right now in hayward. here are your weather headlines. partly cloudy, a building breeze for today. thursday things start to turn south around here. windy showers, a few thunderstorms. then friday for the home opener, giants will play in cool sunshine with our temperatures reaching the upper 50s.
6:21 am
today pretty good, pretty good in comparison. 69 degrees in san jose, 69 in gilroy and 68 in santa cruz. as you can see here, look at that low temperature friday morning. 34 chilly degrees, just two degrees above freezing. that's why we're expecting the frost to return so don't put away that snuggie just yet, you'll need it one more night and then you can toss it in the corn are as things start to warm up this weekend into next week. >> a little taste of everything it seems like lately. >> i thought barbara eden was going to blink and go away. the time now 6:21. still to come on "today in the bay" nurses strike a deal to keep them on the job. twitter meanwhile will stay in san francisco thanks to a tax deal. we'll talk about what it means coming up in tech today. and 580 moving smoothly through oakland. i'll show you where it's a problem. we're watching a couple of an spo m spots where the buildup is happening right now.
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6:25 am
of because they are arriving on scene right now. we're looking at the maze and the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the east bay, the volume of traffic picking up but no major slowing as far as the approach to the toll plaza. a live look shows you at the toll plaza itself we do have a good backup. the chp not reporting that the metering lights are on. there it goes, the metering lights are on now. just a minute and a half ago they got turned on. so that's a really fast backup. that could mean a good burst of traffic and you'll expect further slowing. oakland, we do have good volume that just came past the coliseum. we have pretty heavy flow with those taillights north past high street and a good flow coming out of san leandro as well. looking at livermore, still following the possibility of two accidents and there's a slowdown coming out of the altamont pass. san francisco's board of supervisors cleared the way to take less tax money from twitter. scott mcgrew joins us with more.
6:26 am
>> at issue is san francisco's plan to tax stock options. that's a big deal if you're a pre-ipo tech company. san francisco agreed to exempt the company from taxes. this is not a done deal, though. under city charter supervisors have to approve this sort of thing twice in a row in two different meetings. it is possible even likely we'll see a broader tax exemption at the next supervisors meeting because other companies are saying, hey, what about us. to the south bay, cisco ceo john chambers, one of the silicon valley's most respected leaders, has written an apology note of sorts saying the network giant disappointed investors and confused its own employees. cisco's biggest business is making the equipment that switches and routes internet traffic. but all of a sudden it has competition in that area and not as much money as governments cut
6:27 am
back on i.t. spending. it started branching out to side businesses, like flip digital but that was a really strange purchase. cisco shares have fallen by a third in the last year. you compare that to apple. apple is up 46%. now, comparing anybody to apple is probably unfair, but cisco systems has really had a tough road in the last year. >> thanks, scott. 6:27. coming up, hear emotional testimony about the san bruno explosion. and the defense takes over the trial of barry bonds, and there is word that bonds himself could take the stand today. >> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in san francisco where dozens of people are displaced after an apartment fire. coming up, you'll hear from oth ge morg .thisning
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coming up on "today in the bay" barry bonds' attorneys say if he testifies, it will be today, but will it really happen? >> reporter: good morning, i'm christie smith live in san francisco where an apartment fire reignited overnight. coming up, you'll hear what firefighters did, where they think it started and you'll hear from people who were displaced by all this. and a live look outside from the south bay this morning, one of the many places where we expect some big changes in the forecast. we'll tell you about them today, april 6th, on "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. 6:30 right now. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're calling today decent weatherwise, right, christina? >> decent, all right, okay. but you know what, let's put it into perspective for you. that's the best way to look at
6:31 am
the weather, right? what's coming up and what happened yesterday. well, it's not going to be as nice as it was yesterday, but what's coming up is not so great so you'll want to enjoy the 65 degrees we have on tap for you today. 56. we're down to the 50s again on thursday. waking up with the 30s on friday morning. so today when you look at it that way, we are calling it decent. is it decent in the traffic department? that's the question right now. >> you know, christina, brent said descent, laura said decent. look at this, slowing now as you approach the berkeley curve, really diving down into the 40s and 50s as you're heading down towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turned on just under ten minutes and the quick, quick build here so a quick slowdown at the toll plaza. they may even have slower metering lights but no incidents on the bridge itself. i am following two other incidents on two other bridges so we'll have the next report coming up. we have an update on the three-alarm fire in san francisco's tenderloin
6:32 am
neighborhood that injured 20 people last night leaving dozens more without a place to live this morning. "today in the bay'" christie smith is live with more on the investigation on how the fire started. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're starting to see some of the residents of this apartment building who spent a very, very long night wrapped in sheets and blankets down the street, we're starting to see them being bussed out to a more permanent evacuation center. firefighters have been going through the upper floors here of the franciscan towers because there was a flare-up overnight and they tried to make sure this was indeed out. this started after 9:00 p.m. three-alarm fire. many of the people who live here were disabled and needed help actually evacuating this six-story building. a lot of folks using the fire escapes here on the front. damage actually doesn't look that bad from the front but it's really inside the building near a trash chute that it's the worst. there was also a partial roof
6:33 am
collapse we're hearing. i spoke with one resident who tried to escape the flames. his name, frank sparkman. >> what really alarmed me was the smoke. so i did the stupid thing. i should have waited until the firemen -- i was just trying to get out of there while -- you know, like a lot of people do. man, when i was walking down the hallway, you could see the flame just -- i mean just picking up. >> reporter: now, 24 people were injured, that according to san francisco firefighters. nearly 100 residents getting help from the red cross or being put up in another building just around the corner here. firefighters telling me this morning that they believe that this started in a trash compactor or trash chute in the center of the building. they'll be here through the morning to make sure that everything is indeed out. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> sounds like a scary thing to open the door and see the
6:34 am
flames. thank you, christie. emotional and graphic testimony in a meeting about the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> as a person that lost my family home, our pets, everything, all our medals from my father's war, he had war medals, everything is gone. the safe is burned. there was nothing left to the house. it disintegrated. my brother and sisters were burned outside of the house. it was over 600 to 800 degrees outside. so all the hair and flesh on their bodies burnt off. so i want something to be done. >> victims lined up last night to tell the california public utilities commission to make pipeline safety a top priority. the commission has promised to consider some new regulations. a normally quiet neighborhood is on edge this morning after a person was injured by gunfire near rancho
6:35 am
laguna park. officers received reports a person was shot but police couldn't find any bullet or bullet fragments to prove it was a shooting. they did find a victim that was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. as of now, police have no witnesses and no suspects. police in antioch are dealing with a big increase in violence. they are trying to find the people who were involved in two unrelated shootings. the first one happened after a large fight on sycamore drive about 4:00 monday afternoon. when officers arrived, they found a man who was shot in the leg. then a few hours later, police got reports of several people shooting at each other just down the street. one man was shot in the face. he is now in a coma. police say he may be paralyzed from the chest down because of those injuries. 6:35 right now. this morning defense attorneys in the barry bonds perjury trial are hunting that the slugger may take the stand today. monty francis joins us with new information on the trial, including word that the judge could dismiss some charges against bonds?
6:36 am
>> laura, the defense attorney has raised the possibility bonds will take the witness stand but it remains unclear whether that will actually happen. many court observers are doubtful bonds will take the stand since that would give prosecutors a chance to cross examine him. the judge is expected to decide this morning whether to throw out one of the four perjury charges bonds faces for telling a grand jury in 2003 he never knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs. and yesterday the government lost what it considered a key piece of evidence in the case. a secret tape recording of a conversation between bonds's former business partner and his orthopedic surgeon. prosecutors said the two men can be heard on the tape talking about bonds' alleged steroid use, but the judge said she would not allow it to be introduced as evidence, calling the recording inaudible. legal experts say the case may come down to the testimony of a family friend who testified she saw bonds's personal trainer inject him with something bonds said was undetectable. now, if the jury believes her
6:37 am
testimony, legal experts say it's hard to see how they could not convict him for perjury. the defense said it would take only one day to make its case, which means closing arguments could happen on thursday. monty francis, "today in the bay." san mateo police are telling people to be on the lookout for a burglary scam. three people fell for it over the weekend. police say two men pose as workers in two of the burglaries and then as a pg&e employee in the third. one man distract the victim while the second sneaks into the home and takes whatever he can. police say you should be cautious if strangers try to strike up a conversation with you or claims to be working in the neighborhood. they also say you can always ask for i.d. if somebody claims to be a utility worker. people are keeping an eye on a levee in stanislaus county. supervisors have declared a flood emergency near the san joaquin river. rising water eroded eight feet into the levee. the emergency could lead to financial help from the state and federal government.
6:38 am
if that levee is breached, 7,000 acres of farmland that is home to thousands of cattle, could be flooded. right now we want to check in with christina. at least we have a little bit of a dry spell to let some of that rain and snow that we've had seep in a little bit but now we're going to get a little more. >> you say it so dramatically, telling a story, as he sets the stage for today. we are looking pretty good. we're going to see partly cloudy conditions. we will see a little bit of a breeze and that breeze will pick up as we head throughout the afternoon ahead of a front that's going to bring some pretty strong rain at times tomorrow. we could pick up to a half an inch of rain up in the north bay. a quarter or less elsewhere in the bay area but significant weather for this time of year. in fact it's a cold system that's going to drop our overnight lows towards that freezing mark. we're actually going to wake up with some frost on friday morning. clear and cool for now. not cold enough for frost by any stretch of the imagination. 48 in santa rosa, 50 in novato.
6:39 am
later on today you certainly won't need a jacket as temperatures climb into the 60s. partly cloudy conditions, the breeze will pick up. thursday, oh, yes, that's when the weather maker arrives and things really start to change. tomorrow afternoon we even have an opportunity for a few thunderstorms and then friday for the big giants home opener, cool sunshine. we'll talk about what's to come. the weekend is right around the corner, we're already thinking about it. you've got to get to work, though, first today. how does it look out there? >> a lot of folks thinking about the biay bridge. this backup at the toll plaza is going to be slower. there is a report of a disabled vehicle somewhere along the incline. maybe at the bottom of the screen right about where it says "today in the bay" there may be some stoplights there but there's a crew heading to the scene to get one of the stalled vehicles removed from the roadway. that's causing a pretty big backup and you'll see a
6:40 am
significant delay heading toward the toll plaza and over towards the city on the bay bridge. you might want to head over to a bridge to the south but there's debris getting off of the dumbarton bridge just as you pass the radio towers. some plastic debris in the lanes there. there will be a crew short low on scene. 880 moving smoothly up towards hayward but there's a disabled vehicle right around the 92 interchange that's heading toward the san mateo bridge. this will not affect you heading south through oakland. we're looking at a slow drive. the accident has moved to the shoulder westbound 580 right around dougherty but we do have a slow drive that kicked off early and continues over towards the dublin interchange. back to you. the time now 6:40. a baseball star dishing out more than $15,000 a month just to get a little sleep. >> the giants might be experiencing some sleepless nights. highlights from their latest game are next. and a federal budget balgt has passed. we will tell youha it's ne lit a oromep washixtngton.
6:41 am
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president obama is calling top democrats and republicans back to the white house today. they failed to find middle ground on a federal budget yesterday. tracie potts is live in washington this morning to explain what, if anything, will be different today. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. first of all, unclear if they'll meet again at the white house today. the president wanted that, but he's leaving for philadelphia
6:44 am
this afternoon and new york. the house speaker says an -- an aide for him says it's not on his agenda yet. so that could get worked out in the next few hours or so. but what is not getting worked out here is a final budget, a permanent budget for this country for this year. the negotiations yesterday left the president apparently frustrated during his question and answer with reporters he says that americans want these lawmakers to act like grown-ups, get something done, and not take the position of it's my way or the highway. the sticking point now, where to cut. he says that the democrats have offered $73 billion in cuts but not necessarily in areas where republicans agree and they have only got a couple of days before this possible government shutdown friday at midnight. still gridlock here. unclear if there will be a meeting today but they are trying, both sides, to work together to get to some agreement, they're just really far apart. >> we'll see how hard they try.
6:45 am
thank you very much. there are new developments this morning from japan. radioactive water is no longer leaking from the nuclear plant into the ocean. the utility company says that injecting sodium silicate and another agent near the seaside pit where the water was leaking appears to have worked. experts are still concerned because of the high levels of radiation still being found in the water near the reactors. today the nfl lockout gets the day in court. a federal judge will consider whether to grant a preliminary injunction today that would lift the current nfl lockout. if the judge rules in favor of a preliminary injunction, the nfl is likely to appeal. if the judge rejects the players' motion, the lockout will continue, which could affect the start of next year's season, set to start in early september. the season is young, but the giants are off to a slow start. they are in last place in the nl west. tim lincecum will take them out against the padres today hoping to get the team's second win of the season. yesterday the game was all tied
6:46 am
up in the third but they walked a batter with bases loaded. the next batter comes up and gets an rbi single and of course with bases juiced, that brings in a run so the padres go on to take it thro3-1. the a's are back in toronto today. they essentially beat themselves, giving up three unearned runs. it went to extra innings and josh willingham hitting this home run gives them a 5-4 lead. however, in the bottom half of the tenth, they give up a walk-off home run so the a's lose it, 7-6. today's game is at 4:00. did you see this? outfielder andruw jones chases after a foul ball but, whoa, doesn't get the ball. no, he gets showered with onion rings. the ball actually hit a fan's tray. one of jones's yankees teammates dealing with trouble at home.
6:47 am
derek jeter is renting an apartment for $15,500 a month in the same building where he already owns a $20 million condo. apparently jeter's neighbors in the trump world tower are doing some renovations and the construction was just keeping him up at night and he wasn't getting his beauty sleep. so just write a check for 15,000. good morning to you. no matter what kind of baseball fan, whether you're an a's fan or a giants fan, i'm sure you're excited about baseball coming back to the bay area. of course this weekend we've got the giants, after that next week we've got the achl's in town and weather looks pretty good for both. we've got to get through a pretty strong storm before the long, fair stretch of warmth really resides and sets in here. 55 degrees in san francisco right now. 55 in san mateo. turning over to the upper 60s later on today. we will see a little shower activity to our north, mostly north of clear lake and a little bit of thunderstorm activity
6:48 am
today as well because our temperatures will be warming up for that. tomorrow morning when we wake up, we could see a couple of thunderstorms. we are expecting the rain. looks like it could be heavy at times throughout the day tomorrow. let's break it down to you. here's your seven-day outlook and we'll tack a look at some pretty amazing video from the east coast. we've got a building breeze. that's what you can expect today. if you're somebody who lives in a wind-prone area, say the east bay hills, for instance, it is going to get windy today. 56 on thursday, 62 by friday. waking up with a little frost but rounding out the day at 62 degrees. cool sunshine, if you're making your way out to at&t park, it does tend to get cold inside the stadium, so make sure you bring a jacket. 65 grows saturday and then the temperatures continue to climb all the way through next tuesday. next week overall looks phenomenal. especially when you look at this system that battered the east coast. 18 states were pummeled with severe weather from new york through florida.
6:49 am
they had over 1300 storm reports. hail, high winds, even tornadic rotation. as a result, hundreds of thousands this morning are waking up without power. so this next storm that we have moving into the bay area is nothing compared to this guy, but it's definitely something we want to prepare ourselves for because we haven't had heavy rain in a while. back to you guys. the time now 6:49. one of television's biggest shows is headed to netflix. >> this one? >> yeah. scott mcgrew has details next. no, it's not us. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live here in san jose. we'll tell you why some caltrain riders might be forced to up-end their morning commutes. i'll explain coming up. taking a live look outside, a little hazy out there over the san mateo bridge. we'll check the morning commute and see how it's rollingth abay. 6:re ay 6:49 rig n ow.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
good morning, everybody. a live look outside this morning. sun starting to come up as we take a peek at the east bay commute. 880 looking like it's moving pretty smoothly there. san francisco international airport is unveiling its newest addition with a look into the future. the new $383 million terminal 2 will be home primarily to virgin airlines. richard branson, governor new sum, the mayor and other city leaders will attend opening ceremonies later this morning. the first aircraft scheduled to arrive, the futuristic white knight and spaceship 2 space planes. it is the first environmentally certified airport terminal in the united states of america. checking the morning commute as we watch them go by the golden gate bridge behind us, we want to check in with mike. >> we had an issue, a stalled
6:53 am
vehicle o'disabled vehicle reported on the upper deck of the incline. just got word from chp that the bridge crew has made very quick work getting over there and pushed that vehicle along the span until it can get off at treasure island so we'll get a live look and show you the backup. the damage is done and going past west grand and making its way over to the maze. slow out of emeryville. now, any time anyone hears about something going on at the biay bridge, that has a ripple effect. there's a smooth flow of traffic but that could build and slowing could happen coming out of san leandro over the next half hour. we'll watch that and give you local updates every half hour. more folks might be forced over to 680. all lanes are clear but over half an hour out of livermore and that's causing more folks heading through sunol as well. caltrain is closing a number of stations in order to save
6:54 am
money and that means some changes for riders. bob redell is live at a station in san jose that is slated to be closed, bob. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, brent. these are proposals that will be most likely approved tomorrow by the caltrain board of directors. if they are approved, it would be a huge inconvenience for morning commuters like that lady right down there waiting for her regular train here to take her to mountain view. as you mentioned, they are talking about closing capital. she was telling me if they do that, that could add a half hour to her morning commute because she would now have to drive to san jose to catch her train. they're talking about shutting down three stations, capital here in san jose, hayward park and bayshore, both further north up along the peninsula. nine more stations on just the weekends only. caltrain is also looking at eliminating ten trains, increasing the one-way trip fare by 25 cents, upping parking fees by $10 a month and for express
6:55 am
trains, adding more stops, which means if you are used to catching an express train, it won't be as expressive, if that is the correct phrase, as it used to be because it would have to make more stops, therefore, increasing your commute. you're probably thinking, boy, this will help close the $30 million budget deficit, that should do the trick. not necessarily the case. this is more of a temporary solution and helps caltrain get through the next 12 to 24 months. long term they're saying that taxpayers would probably have to vote on some sort of tax measure to make this more of a permanent solution. the surprising thing, the remarkable thing, if you will, is that it could have been much worse. caltrain was initially proposing shutting down up to close to 40 trains, having service only on the weekday during rush hour, closing up to half the stations and eliminating service to gilroy. so what you're getting right now is not as bad as it could have been.
6:56 am
reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update, bob. scott mcgrew usually has tech today news. today it's beer news. >> it has a tech twist to it but i missed my calling. i could have been a beer reporter. let's talk about the seattle mariners. i hear you can now tweet the beer man up there. that's right, you don't bell owe "hey beer man" like a good giants fan would. instead mariners fans can send their request for a beer via their smartphone and twitter. th kind of clever. it's one guy doing it. it's ms beer vendor on twitter. how he verifies you're actually in the park and not some smart alec tweeting a thousand miles away, i have no idea. netflix says it has signed a deal that will allow it to start streaming episodes of "madmen." the "l.a. times" says netflix paid as much as $900,000 per episode. you will pay nothing after your monthly netflix subscription.
6:57 am
the first episode will start streaming in july. but new life for "mad men." >> i think we should have a "mad men" day and you guys all dress in those suits and i'll serve you cocktails. >> can we tweet for doughnuts instead of beer? would that work? >> maybe so. finally this morning, a german girl was disappointed that her parents would not let her get a horse so that she could show jump. >> she improvised with a cow. she had been training this cow, luna, to jump fences for two years an now luna gets the -- lets her saddle her up and go. the twist is, is that the parents are actually so impressed with their daughter and what she's done with the cow that they actually might buy her that horse finally. you know, our niece actually did -- look at that, it even bows. it's a show cow. our niece did that with her dog.
6:58 am
she didn't ride it but she trained it to jump and whatnot. >> when you have it in your blood, you've got to go. >> thanks for joining us. the "today" show coming up next. >> local news update and the "today" show coming up in just a minute. re you doing? fixing the name. it's fiber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters -- any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes.
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