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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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after eight years in the making, the barry bonds trial could finally come to an end today. what's ahead in court. plus radioactive rain. how safe the latest downpour is. a live look outside this morning. it's thursday, april 7th. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. let's check the forecast can christina.
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good morning. >> good morning to you scott mcgrew. did i call it or did i call it. i said when we woke up this morning at this time, it would be raining and it's certainly raining enough to make the highways nice and slick. it hasn't rained for awhile. watch for very slick highways. it tends to be the slickest if it hasn't rained for awhile and the oil is on the roads. showers are pushing through quickly. it's enough to make the roadways slick. we have windy conditions combined. there's more rain on the way as we head throughout the afternoon, heavy periods at times and also thunderstorms back in the mix today. i'll let you know when the best chance for those will come up and when the rain is expected to clear out of the area. it's time to play ball tomorrow. at&t park home opener. let's see how the roadways look with mike. >> we'll stand by for that. we have wind advisories like you
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are talking about. the bridge might be an issue this morning. carquinez bridge might be a problem. the advisory continues for the bay bridge. the cameras are shaking quite a bit. that's an effect of the wind. the barry bonds trial could end as early as today. final arguments are set then the jury gets the case. bond's team of attorneys made a bold move and rested their case without calling a single witness. the prosecution dropped one of the five counts against bond. phillip garrido is expected to plead guilty today. the attorney for his wife, nancy garrido says his client will stand trial unless they can make
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a plea deal with the prosecutors. nancy confessed to kidnapping dugard in 1991. the man who killed oakland journalist chauncey bailey is on trial. we know the shooter is trying to prove two other men ordered the killing. yesterday, defense attorneys accused him of making false accusations against the two men in order to protect others. he shot and killed bailey back in 2007. an oakland gang member will spend 40 years in prison for killing a man in front of his own family. a judge sentenced nelson yesterday. he was 26 when he killed robert in december of 2005 as his mother and sister watched. an attorney says he shot merino
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because he thought his gang was being disrespected. meanwhile, an oakland firefighter recovering from serious injuries. firefighters responding to a fire near mills college yesterday afternoon. as they were fighting the fire, there was an explosion that sent shrapnel flying in the air. >> one of the firefighters was unconscious momentarily. he's being treated at highland hpt. >> the firefighter is in serious but stable condition. not life-threatening. a san francisco firefighter is also in the hospital after falling off a ladder after battling a fire in the mission. it took more than 100 firefighters to knock down the three-alarm blase. no reports of other injuries. >> i looked outside of the
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building to the two buildings next to us and the wind was when i willing fire off the side of the building. at that point, i knew it was serious. >> investigators are on scene look sboog the cause of that fire. suspicions are growing about a different fire that broke out tuesday night when a trash compacter blew up. it spread quickly throughout the six-story building. 20 people were injured. all expected to be okay. 113 people were displaced. we have a fire in berkeley as well. christie smith is on the way to cover that one right now. christina mentioned the week of sunshine is over as today's rain falls. late last month. there were traces of radioactive isotopes believed to be coming from the leaking nuclear power
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plant in japan. experts insist there is no health threat. let's talk about that rain. that perfectly safe rain. it's wet, i can guarantee that. >> a true scientist, scott mcgrew, ladies and gentlemen. we have looking good. we are going to end up in the 50s. it's not a very warm day by any stretch. the rainfall is going to happen on your way to work and for the first part of the day, then clearing. this is a fast moving system. definitely a potent system. gusty winds at times. the readings aren't that strong when it comes to wind speeds. winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour in navato. if you have headed from the east bay to the north bay and the peninsula, make sure you take it easy. if you drive a high-profile vehicle you could get bucketed at times. 680 south of danville got a
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little bit of precipitation down there. take it easy if you are headed that way. otherwise, showers are going to continue to stream in. intensifying a little bit for the first part of the day and clear out for tonight and the cold air settled into the bay area. this is going to bring our temperatures toward the freezing mark. tomorrow morning, could see a little bit of frost. we are not done with old man winter. if you are to get to work, let's talk with mike inouye to see what you are facing on the roads. >> rain hit many portions from fremont to the south bay. there was rain all along that front. the lighter rain was an issue because we haven't had it for so long. the oil might come up. we haven't had the rain for a good part of a week or two weeks in spots. 680 and toward the dublin interchange, a light drive. again, they put the wind farms off the altamont pass.
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westbound 580 is the commute direction. just off the caster valley because they are getting on to it. construction and a couple more things to mention here. southbound 80 to 238 as well as northbound 880 on the 92 and westbound direction. there's a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge. it's on the 13th floor across the coliseum to get the gusty wind. >> we are going to get free ticketed today. the golden state warriors stun fans with a big win and help for couples struggling with infertility. a practice some claim works. there's the shake mike was talking ability. we'll check in with christina
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it's 4:41. this is the golden gate bridge, from bridge-to-bridge. it is windy and rainy out there. be careful this morning. teachers and parents are urging the school board to ease up on cuts. at a special meeting, they asked
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the board to minimize cuts and cancel more than 600 potential layoff notices the board sent to teachers. exactly how they expect the schools to do that, they don't spell out. a state tax extension that would have brought in money for schools will not make it to the ballot. that leaves the district with $30 million fewer dollars, rather and in worse shape. at the start, oakland figured they had an $18 million short fall. the united nations says food prices have fallen for the first time in eight months but with the rise in oil, it may be only temporary. let's go to nicole. good morning. >> reporter: very good morning to you, scott. futures are higher. the dow hit a near three-year high amid rising oil and gold prices. it's edging up 109 bucks a
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barrel. we get data that could drive us. jobless claims are out and retail credit. we'll be watching that. to recap, the dow rose 32 points to 12, 426. the nasdaq at 82999. if congress can no get together, it could have a far reaching impact. we are closely watching that. you have to file your taxes with the irs and on time, but refunds could be delayed. no new home loans. they make up 30% of the mortgage market versus 16% during the last government shutdown. it grew. it could be a huge deal. you will get your social security checks and medicare payments. fyi. google is overhauling youtube.
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it would had 20 channels related to sports and the arts with the programming submissioned by the google. google estimates people spend 15 minutes a day, i don't know if that means you on youtube. it wants to boost that, actually, to 30 minutes. >> it's amazing how often you can watch it on your television or other devices. >> right. >> it's to that point. it's cool stuff. >> i love to zen out to cats doing crazy things. seasoning as long as they are on my tv and not in my house. meanwhile, a cat lover, christina. >> i resent that statement. >> i have no idea. >> no. >> she does not like cats. >> no, i'm a dog person. nothing like hurting cats. that's a good time. 50 degrees in hayward. as we head throughout the afternoon, we are not going to
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warm up all that much. we are going expect shower activity throughout the day. keep the umbrella handy, break it out as you make your way out to lunch and from work. the system is moving through fast. we are not going to have to deal with it all day long. i believe when you wake up tomorrow morning at this time, it will be nice and dry. frosty as the temperatures overnight are really going to drop. break out the extra blankets, you will need them once again. it will be cold around here. a final blast of winter. golden state taking down the lakers. no home court advantage for los angeles. when the keys to the warriors win, wright became the first franchise leader for three points in a season now at 185. meanwhile, players will be passing out tickets, b.a.r.t.
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tickets and the team's president will be handing out free b.a.r.t. tickets this afternoon at the rock ridge station. that's where they will start then go to san francisco to hands out more tickets. as back at it in toronto looking for a second win. the as could not win yesterday. they lost to the blue jays. yeah, the blue jays, 5-3. they came from alabama, texas and great britain to learn how to surf. british-american soldiers who were wounded in war came to wound their minds and their bodies. >> reporter: daybreaks on the fourth and final day of surf lessons for these beginners. for some, it was the first time they touched the ocean and for all, it was the first time they tried to ride it.
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few places are as beautiful and unforgiving as the ocean. backing down from a challenge is not something david and his classmates are inclined to do. the waves may be new, but the surface is not. everyone here is an active duty soldier who served on the sands of iraq and afghanistan. >> we have everything from what you refer to as a bilateral, guys who lost both legs, several of them above the knees. walking is hard for them but they are out riding. >> working with afghan farmers. >> you have to learn to do things differently. >> reporter: part of that learning is happening here in santa cruz. operation surf is a week-long break from the grind of rehab and physical therapy. time to live for the moment. >> you are on the water.
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the rest of the world doesn't matter. right there is all that matters. >> reporter: after a few days of practice, they couldn't help showing up the locals. >> he's going to come all the way in. >> reporter: they weren't all one with the ocean. james simpson learned -- >> i got a good one. >> reporter: sometimes the best waves don't come free. >> pearling in. in the back went bang. >> reporter: it took a number of volunteers to make this week long surf school possible. it's all expenses paid for them. what they receive in return is something you can't put a price tag on. >> it's gratifying to give back to these guys who have given so much for our country and freedom. >> reporter: richard schmidt says it's about learning a new skill and live in a new body.
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>> the reality of combat and what they have been through is intense, obviously. being able to do something on the other end of the spectrum is fun and joyful. hopefully it will help inspire them, this experience they could pursue other things in their life they wouldn't be able to do. >> reporter: it's been nine months since david lost his foot. the fighting spirit that led him found new spirit in these waters. >> figure out new ways to do other things you used to do. >> operation surf was hosted by an organization that hopes to bring enough support back to the program for next year. help for couples hoping to have a baby. the ancient chinese treatment helping to women pregnant.
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if the s curve wasn't enough, this bridge as well as a number of eelotrs. el ge that thursday morning wet and windy commute, coming up.
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4:52. you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. mike is going to talk about that in a second. bay area drivers have a new tool to identify dangerous roads. researchers at uc berkeley
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revealed the mapping system that shows the state's worst accidents over the past decade. anyone with internet access can go there. it lists more than 130,000 crashes listed by county and city and neighborhood. meanwhile, let's take a look at what's headed up today in the bay. that's brent cannon. good morning. >> coming up in a bit, we are following what looks like a busy day in bay area courtrooms. we are closing arguments in a barry bonds trial. a verdict could be announced today. plus, we will tell you about an honor today for giants manager. a little video of him as he toted around the world series championship trophy. we are going to be live at at&t park. interviews, players, guests. and you are not going to want
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too miss this, tim lincecum's unrelated twin. we have it tomorrow morning, a special show live at at&t park. >> looking forward to it. thanks. let's turn to mike and more about the bay bridge. >> speaking of unrelated twins, you and me, scott. >> can't you tell. twin bridges coming from the north bay to the east bay and a wind advisory for the venetian bridge. passing the richmond center bridge. the fire i have marked is where christie smith is headed. avoid that intersection for the time being. wind advisory for the bay bridge as well. we'll get the live look. now, not all the cash lanes are open. look for the green light as you approach. we are looking at the puddles on the right. it's a sign of earlier rain. there's going to be more for the
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early commute. couples struggling with infertility are turning to acupuncture. >> meet this baby. miracle to her mother penny who was trying for years to get pregnant. >> i was thinking i won't be able to have this baby that i really wanted to have. >> reporter: the breakthrough for her was an ancient chinese treatment. >> it's like an electrical shock. >> it's a method to increase fertility. we use it to bring blood to the ovaries, balance hormones and reduce inflammation. >> the pins are part of the process. jill is a licensed acupuncturist and founder of a fertility boot camp. >> we give them lifestyle and dietary recommendations. >> reporter: this approach doesn't stand alone. it's combined eastern and
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western medicine that produces results. >> a significant number of my patients are benefiting from this. >> he's a fertility doctor. he appreciates the different perspective that people like jill offer. >> we coordinate our treatment to make sure the patient enjoys the benefit of both approaches. >> i believe we get the best of both worlds when we work together. >> reporter: the results are impressive. >> there are reasons to avoid the therapy. >> there are surgical issues. a good acupuncturist will be aware these are the conditions they are dealing with and refer back to a fertility specialist for surgical intervention. >> reporter: penny is a believer. she's continued after giving birth. she brings along her baby for treatments. >> it works well on babies. it's great.
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when they are this little, medicine is not recommended. when i look at her, i think i never thought i would have her. coming up, what cal tran leaders plan to do today on a proposal to change service and fares. ct.idurgehe brid.t a bouncy it's windy out ther be careful. back in a minute.
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new this morning, a fast moving overnight fire guts a home in berkeley. there are people inside. to make matters worse, two gas meters blow right off the home. i'm christie smith. crews are still on the scene at a fire in san francisco to make sure the hot spots are out. the latest on that, coming up. >> reporter: i'm live in san francisco where closing arguments are set


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