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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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area. still hailing pretty hard around napa and out towards fairfield. more on your wild weather forecast, coming up. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i'm marla tellez in for jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. the alleged victim in the de anza college gang rape case will get nothing. she's known as jane doe and she was suing several of the ballplayers for millions of dollars, but a civil jury deciding today, the baseball players are not responsible for what happened four years ago. let's bring in nbc bay area's damon trujillo who broke this story in march of 2007. damon is now back at de anza college at that college in cupertino. this has been an emotional roller coaster and also a political hot potato. what happens now? >> reporter: and it's not over yet, raj. now we go to see if, in fact, some criminal charges will be filed within six months. you know, these kids behind me, you kind of feel for them, because they had nothing to do with what happened here four years ago.
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they were probably in high school at that time, but no doubt they're suffering from the images left behind by these allegations. the accuser, as you mentioned, is known only as jane doe. she didn't speak with reporters today, but her reaction to the verdict may have said it all. juror number ten comforted jane doe outside the courthouse. then he apologized. we're covering her face because the criminal case is still open. jane doe alleged that in march of '07, several de anza college baseball players raped her during a house party. she was 17 at the time, drunk, and ultimately taken out of the house and to the hospital by three female soccer players who were also at the party. the defense argued jane doe was promiscuous that night, asked for sex, even brought beer to the party, but the jury foreperson blames everyone in that room. >> every person in this case has responsibility, and i'll leave it at that. everyone. >> reporter: in civil cases,
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only 9 of the 12 jurors have to agree on the verdict. mark anchetta lost his battle in the deliberation room. >> a 17-year-old girl made a mistake, so these guys should be held accountable? these guys were animals. they took advantage of a very young, drunk girl. and in that case, no, justice wasn't served. >> reporter: two of the ballplayers were on trial. parents of other accused athletes say justice was served, including nbc golf analyst roger maltby. he says the verdict also vindicates foremost aid delores card for not filing criminal charges four years ago. >> if they couldn't prove it in a civil trial, what odds do you think they would have had proving it in a criminal trial? >> reporter: another parent would only give her first name, cheryl. >> the truth prevailed in the courthouse by what her actions were. she brought this all on herself and then cried wolf. >> reporter: the parents say they're relieved the jury didn't buy jane doe's story.
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she was asking for more than $7 million. now she goes home with nothing. and the players' lawyers will now go after jane doe's attorneys and have them pay their attorneys' fees, about $250,000 worth. jane doe did issue a statement, saying she appreciates the jury's time and dedication in this case. the d.a., jeff rosen, says he will decide in six months whether to file criminal charges. live at de anza college in cupertino, i'm damon trujillo, nbc bay area news. severe weather is h hitting parts of the bay area right now. >> let's bring in rob mayeda, with hail and thunder, particularly in the east bay. >> we've seen some nickel-sized hail in some spots. it's been a mess around solano and eastern contra cost county, into napa county. if you want to know what it's like to drive through one of these cells, thanks to jeff
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bielsen, you can. it made the road coated in ice and white on the side of the road. that was along interstate 80 a little bit earlier this afternoon. you can see the last three hours on this time lapse, showing you the radar. those areas of purple, that's when our radar detects hail and we had a lot of it right there around fairfield into napa. looks like the heaviest cell right now is approaching concord from moving north to south. so probably in the next 15 minutes or so, you will see quite a bit of hail coming down into downtown concord. and there you see east of mt. diablo, east of livermore, we're also still seeing some thunderstorms. san jose relatively dry right now. in between now and sunset tonight, still the risk of some thundershowers and hail, then our focus starts to shift overnight to some rare late-season patchy frost. we'll walk you through the very chilly changes in the forecast coming up later on within this newscast. raj? >> okay, rob, we'll see you shortly. there's more fallout from last year's pg&e gas line explosion in san bruno. we're learning two of pg&e's top
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executives are resigning. coo john keennan and senior vp of engineering and operations, edward solace are both stepping down. keennan will take more than $3 million in severance when he resigns later this month. sexuality has no place in the courtroom. this is according to the judge who struck down california's ban on same-sex marriage. he admitted to reporters, he is gay, but that was no reason to recuse himself from the case. chief u.s. district judge vaughn walker retired in february, a few months after his landmark decision. he served more than two decades after being appointed by president george h.w. bush. prop 8 is currently being challenged in an appeals court. well, it's been a painful and emotional week for the family and friends of brian stoh. one week ago today, he was attacked after that giants game. today, the paramedic remains hospitalized in a coma.
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>> rebecca was stoh's paramedic partner in san jose. they worked 12-hour shifts together. she says brian treated every patient with the utmost respect can and charmed them with his humor. >> and she also made light of the, you know, bad situation and tried to cheer everyone up. he was very passionate about his job, loved to take care of his patients. always had them laughing to try to help them feel better. as a partner, he was a great friend. >> she also says brian was a devoted father, who embraced every moment with his young son and daughter. she says the attack on brian is a great loss to the community, because he should be helping patients instead of being one. >> his story is captivating people around the state and across the country. tonight, we're hearing from a couple who were among the first to come to his aid there at dodger stadium. mary parks from our sister station in l.a. has the story.
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>> many helmets signed by the dodger infield. >> reporter: joe and laura are lifetime dodgers fans, but over the past few years, they've seen huge problems develop at their favorite stadium. >> you're still going to get the same bad element coming to the games. the security doesn't seem to phase them. they do what they want. they get drunk, they have an agenda, anybody that says anything to them or wears the wrong colors, they want to beat your butt. and they have no fear of security. >> reporter: which is what the couple believe os curd last week when two men wearing dodger attire beat giants fan brian stoh in the parking lot. >> and you come outside the stadium, you know, who knows what's going to happen. >> it was opening day, as fans walked to their car, donnelly says she heard two men shouting profanities, taunting stoh and his buddies who stated they wanted no trouble. >> brian was just saying, hey, we don't want no trouble, you know, we're paramedics, you know, we fight, we lose our job. and these guy just followed
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them, all the way back there, and sucker punched him. >> reporter: donnelly says they witnessed stoh being kicked in the head while he was done. relatives came to stoh's aid while calling 911. the suspects sped away in a car with a woman and a child. they then worked with detectives on these composite sketches. the man with facial hair, they say, delivered the blows to stoh. >> we see it every game, and on our way home, instead of talking about the game, we're talking about what we saw in the stands, what we saw in the parking lot. and it's sick. >> reporter: this week they went to candlelight vigil in support of stoh and his family. >> we just hope that the dodgers take this as an opportunity to clean things up so we can all enjoy it again like we used to. >> that was mary parks reporting from los angeles, unfortunately, because dodgers stadium used to be one of the safest venues in all of baseball. earlier today, l.a. police chief charles beck and los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa announced there would be a heightened police presence at dodgers stadium with members of
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brian stoh's family at the news conference today. beck says he expects to add 30 to 40 additional officers to patrol the area. the problem has popped up again. oakland police thought they had fixed their radio system, but it broke down early today. for about two hours, officers in the field could not reach the dispatch center and vice versa. while technicians worked on a fix, dispatchers used other ways to get priority messages to patrol officers. the department says no priority calls were dropped. city leaders have been working for months to replace the outdated radio system. that transition should happen this summer. all he had to do was tell the truth. that's what prosecutors said today before they placed the case against barry bonds in the hands of the jury. during closing statements today, prosecutors say bonds committed perjury to hide his steroid use. nbc bay area's traci grant is live at the federal courthouse in san francisco tonight to explain why the defense insists that jurors have no choice but
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to decide the case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. traci? >> reporter: well, marla, bonds' lawyers told the jury today that the government has the power to end careers and ruin lives. and they say that is what happened to barry bonds, because of this case. now, prosecutors say he did it all to himself because he was trying so hard to protect a powerful secret. >> it's a very highly larcharge case, it's a very public case. i think the more attention brought to a case, i think the more the lawyers want to bring their "a" game to the closing. >> reporter: he started his wrap-up of the case by reminding jurors that bonds, like many other witnesses, was offered immunity in exchange for answering the questions truthfully. he says bonds chose not to do that in order to keep people from learning that he was using
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steroids. the prosecution says all of their witnesses from the san francisco giants equipment manager, from bonds' former mistress backed up this argument. >> the prosecution's closing was by the book. they tried to marshal the evidence and they did a good job in doing that. >> reporter: bonds' lawyer asked jurors to sympathize with the wealthy home run king who they claim lawyers tried to intimidate during the grand jury investigation and who was never told the full story about the products known as the clear and the cream. >> you're always looking to personalize your client, whether it's a celebrity, superstar athlete or someone that's not well known by the public. >> reporter: bonds' other attorney says the witnesses were not credible and never really saw him getting injected with or heard him talking about steroids. they say the athlete's mood swings and shrinkage could be
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caused by other medication he was using. >> reporter: jurors decided they would get a quick start on this by coming in tomorrow morning, even though court is not usually in session on fridays. . live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, an unexpected turn of events in the case against jaycee dugard's alleged kidnapper. coming up, we'll take a look at phillip garrido's claim he's innocent and what that means for the case. also, a deadly cancer that can be caught by your dentist. see what you need to do and what you need to ask the next time you're at your dentist chair. i'm scott budman. your future facebook posts will move along faster because of that giant piecerd ha.rewa coming up, how it's put together and how it's going to make things more efficient.
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>> the palo alto-based company unveiled new technology today. let's bring in scott budman. i've always wanted to ask you this, scott. did you update your facebook page while at facebook? >> and the world still continued to evolve and everything was fine. you know, you choose your friends, raj and marla, and then you send them your relationship news, photos, that sort of thing. soon, you'll be able to do it faster. now, traditionally in the tech industry, new technology at a company like facebook is so forth like fight club. you just don't talk about it. but facebook broke that rule today, showing off its newest tools. ♪ there are 700 facebook status updates every single second. in the time it takes to tell this story, there will be 63,000 pieces of data flying through the social network, and thanks to this piece of hardware, things are going to get even faster on facebook.
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>> a glass tube inside the power supply. >> reporter: the new facebook server, designed in palo alto, to move your information more quickly. >> so there are a lot of different efficiency angles that we're trying to approach. software, you know, the server, and the data center. and so all of it, hopefully, translates into kind of a better experience for the user, less cost, higher speed. >> reporter: and in a rare move for a growing tech firm, facebook is opening up its new machine, showing it off to companies all over silicon valley. >> here, they're sharing everything, and we can take that to help lower our costs, which is a significant, multimillion dollar cost savings. >> reporter: facebook will also benefit by saving money, not to mention sending your data faster over the net. but that's all high-tech plum, which ultimately the company doesn't want you to notice. >> the backend stuff, i mean, it's really cool for us, because that's what we do, a lot of the engineering tlnt in the company
6:17 pm
loves it, because it's very much a physical manifestation. but in reality, we don't really want anyone else to notice. >> reporter: it just wants you to keep surfing every second of the day. facebook also told us today that while those servers are designed in palo alto, they will be stored at a facility in prineville, oregon. the oregon facility, they say, saves money because it does not use air-conditioning systems. marla, back to you. >> thinking green. thank you, scott. >> you bet. general electric plans to build a new thin-filmed solar panel factory in the u.s. the 400 megawatt manufacturing facility will be built by 2013. it will be the largest in the country. ge says thin film panels are less expensive to produce and more flexible to use. the new factory will create about 400 direct jobs and bring ge's total investment to the renewable energy industry to about $600 million. ge is part owner of nbc. now, this might make you feel a little uneasy.
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in our health news tonight, one in three people in the united states will encounter some kind of mistake during a hospital stay. that's the word today from a new study, and it's about ten times higher than estimates using older methods. medical errors can range from bed sores to objects left in the body after surgery to life-threatening staph infections. the findings suggest there may be many errors that go undetected. the next time you sit down for that teeth cleaning, your dentist may offer you a potentially life-saving medical test too. patients just use a rinse, spit into a cup, and then the dentist sends the saliva sample to a lab. there it's tested for a strain of the human papilloma virus or hpv. research shows people infected with hpv are 32 times more likely to develop oral cancer than those not infected. dr. julia patel in concord recently started offering the test to her patients. >> i want to make sure that the people who are at risk know that they're at risk so that
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behaviors can be modified in -- at an earlier age, rather than later. >> reporter: the test offers patients an early warning. often by the time a dentist actually sees signs of cancer in a patient's mouth, it's at an advanced stage and difficult to treat. the test costs $150 and results come back within a week. the end of hot dogs and hamburgers at the park? well, a new nationwide plan can cooked up in the bay area was announced today. the goal is to provide healthy options at local, state, and national parks. the first example of this pilot plan is already at place at mirror woods. the former con stan tee no's location in san jose will get a new lease on life. lunardi's supermarket is set to open there next month. cosentino's announced their exit from the business they ran for 63 years. the place will be cleaned up and
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painted and once they submit the proper permits, it will undergo a remodel. many customers were saddened when cosentino's closed, but happy a similar store will take its place. the giants are back. the home season opener is less than 24 hours away. at&t park, you know the drill, it's sold out for tomorrow afternoon's game, but before and after the game, heck, even during the game, many fans will wind up here at pete's tavern right across the street from the ballpark. earlier today, workers were making the last-prin preparations for what they expect to be the busiest day of the year. >> we've been gearing up and planning for a while now. so, i mean, it's -- basically since the season ended last year, we've been kind of looking forward to this day, because we know how crazy it was and how crazy it will be. so we'll be ready. >> yeah, it's all the surrounding businesses are going to be crazy busy tomorrow. at mehita, which is located at
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the ballpark, servers will have an early day. doors will open at 6:00 a.m., this is the restaurant inside the park, coffee and pastries at 6:00 a.m., and the bar opens at 8:00 in the morning for cocktails and beer. >> i'm kind of speechless. you know? >> 8:00 in the morning. >> yeah. >> i know someone who drinks at 8:00 in the morning. >> no, no, i'm just kidding. >> they're going to be cold, though, the fans. they'll need that alcohol to keep them warm. >> maybe giants sweatshirts, jackets, or a nice ball cap would be good, because it's going to get a little chilly. we'll jump ahead to your friday forecast. you see low 50s around first pitch time, and dropping quickly through the 40s, but at least it's looking like we'll be rain free for tomorrow evening. but chilly and breezy outside. today was an interesting day, 56 in san jose. we started this week in the mid-80s, so quite a change in just the last few days. obviously, the cool breezes and the chances of seeing showers kept our temperatures down today. 55 around san ramon, and san
6:22 pm
rafael and san francisco, highs only in the low 50s. the interesting weather we had today, we had the sunshine. this warming the ground. higher up, we had chilly air aloft. and this is the type of pattern that gets us hail around the bay area. warm, moist air, the showers popping up during the day, and the hail flies and you get the lightning and thunder. as the sun sets, this is really a solar-powered situation. still, pretty active off to the west of napa, down towards the benicia bridge. concord and walnut creek, still seeing some pretty intense showers there and a few more waiting for you towards the altamont pass. mainly the east bay hills and parts of the north bay seeing the showers right now. same story around san jose. as all this unsettled weather starts to head away from the bay area tonight, we're tracking temperatures that could dip into the low 30s in a few spots. talk more about some possibilities of patchy frost in the forecast coming up a few minutes from now. >> thanks, rob. also coming up, a change to
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right now we have a traffic alert to tell you about. drivers who use the dumbarton bridge will have to deal with lane closures. this all starts in a little more than a half hour from now, in about 35 minutes. the lanes will close at 7:00 tonight, each night, for the next few months. they will reopen by 6:00 a.m. caltrans is installing 32 steel plates on both directions of the bridge. a new twist for two bay area companies. the u.s. government's new terror alert system is going social. some alerts will go out video ya twitter and via facebook when appropriate. the two new levels of warnings, "elevated," and "imminent," will
6:26 pm
also come with an expiration date. an imminent alert would warn about more specificerrorist threats or an ongoing attack. this new system is expected to be in place by april 27th. well, about 70 people were injured in today's big aftershock in japan, which struck in roughly the same place as last month's 9.0 quake. today's earthquake was initially measured at 7.4, and then it was downgraded to 7.1. keep in mind, the loma frprieta cake in 1991 was 7.9. cameras caught the buildings shaking. tsunami warnings were issued and then promptly canceled. the operator of the tsunami-achblged fukushima nuclear plant says today's aftershock caused no new damage to the plant. still ahead, not guilty. the surprise plea today that means the trial of the man accused ofid knafipping jaycee dugard could drag on longer than expected. plus, shutting down the rock?
6:27 pm
what has to happen in the next few hours to keep some of the bay area's most popular national parks open. and a milestone for a local newspaper that gave a voice to a community when few wanted to listen. we take a look at the rich role the "bay area reader" plays in gay politics and lifesp the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye...
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for days a lawyer in the high-profile kidnapping case of jaycee dugard promised a guilty plea from his client. >> instead comes a surprising not guilty plea from phillip garrido. david benick from our sacramento station tonight on what caused this last-minute switch. >> reporter: with most people in court expecting to hear phillip garrido say "guilty," surprising confusion today when his lawyer instead entered a not guilty plea. >> there is a legal problem that has to be addressed before anybody pleased anything. >> reporter: defense attorney steven tapson and susan gillmen
6:30 pm
say they learned only last night of a potential problem with the way the grand jury that had indicted garrido has been selected. >> how did this come to your attention? >> bewell, i've talked to other people about the composition of the grand jury. >> reporter: she later explained the 19 people that made up the grand jury might not accurately represent the racial and geographical makeup of el grad doe county. >> i think three cases, serious cases that have gone through the process, they've all been challenged the same way, all of those challenges have been denied and the cases moved forward. >> reporter: at the end of today's hearing, the judge did set a date for the trial to begin, august 1st, and lasting approximately three weeks. >> reporter: prosecutors have been hoping to spare jaycee dugard from having to testify at a public trial, but say if necessary, she's ready and willing to do so. >> that was david benick reporting. the timeline of the story now has stretched through three decades. jaycee dugard was kidnapped back in 1991 as she walked home from
6:31 pm
school in south lake tahoe. phillip and nancy garrido were arrested in 2009. investigators learned they were living in the backyard compound, in the antioch area with dugard's two daughters fathered by phillip garrido. garrido and his wife were charged with dozens of counts including kidnap, rape, and false imprisonment charges. the next hearing is set for may 5th. the cuts are on hold for now. caltrain is on track to continue its current service and fairs until april 21st. this following a move to delay these proposed cuts. the delay is the result of the board's unanimous vote during a crowded public meeting today in san carlos. they'll use the time to seek additional funding to help close a $30 million budget deficit. the proposed changes to the 86-train schedule include a 25-cent fare hike and suspending service to three caltran stations. the one in bayshore in san francisco, hayward park in san mateo, and capital in san jose.
6:32 pm
the vallejo police department is joining forces with two other police departments to form the southern solano county regional s.w.a.t. team. the s.w.a.t. team in vallejo was dismantled last summer because of budget cuts. they were able to reactivate as a team by joining forces with the benicia and sassoon police departments. the effort will increase the number of s.w.a.t. officers and allow them to share resources. the new team will be able to respond to incidents in any of those three communities. still, no deal tonight to keep the government running. right now, president obama is meeting with house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader harry reid. republicans planned to temporarily keep the doors open hinges on part on defunding planned parenthood. that's something the majority of democrats refuse to do and brought protesters to the capitol today. should the government shut down tomorrow, some 170,000 federal workers in california would not report to their jobs. employees considered essential,
6:33 pm
such as air traffic controllers, doctors at va hospitals, border agents, and military personnel probably will stay on duty, as they did during the last shutdown, that was in 1995. another potential casualty of the government shutdown, all national parks, including alcatraz island here in the bay area. while this deadline looms, many visitors to san francisco fear their plans to tour alcatraz may be canceled if lawmakers cannot agree on a budget. >> we've bought tickets online, you know, a couple weeks ago, and you know, we made -- we're making a meal out of this. you know, going to alcatraz. we'd planned ahead. so if there was a government shutdown, i'd be upset that there was like grown-ups acting like kids. >> the tourists are going to be upset and also the local businesses will be upset, including the red and white fleet and blue and gold fleet as well. if you have plans to visit alcatraz or mirror woods or
6:34 pm
point reyes national seashore in the next coming days or weeks ahead, keep it posted here. we'll let you know what happens in that friday midnight deadline. tonight, all the falcon chicks are hatched in the nest atop san jose's city hall, at least we think they have. it's hard to tell since the mom, clara, has been staying put. this is a live look at clara. now, this brings the number of fuzzy fledglings to four. of course, san jose's newest residents need names, so mayor chuck reed has announced the annual naming contest open to san jose students from age 5 to 18 years old. now, this is clara's fifth family at city hall. her current mate is a dashing male named esteban colbert. we like this one. visitors to golden gate park might get a chance to see a few more reminders of the wild, wild west. that's because a herd of the five bison that lives in golden gate park right now could soon double. a donor is stepping up and
6:35 pm
offering the city $50,000 to add to the herd by this fall. richard belong is the same man who donated the first bison as his gift to his wife, dianne feinstein, who was mayor of san francisco at the time. >> interesting. >> be nice to see. >> yeah, yeah. it's nice. >> rob mayeda is here and you're working. >> it's weather fit for a bison, perhaps. it's cold outside right now. we've got the winds cranking up, 52 degrees as we take you outside and show you what we're seeing in oakland. look at that wind coming off the water, west at 26 miles per hour. it's downright cold. and if that wasn't enough, yes, we still have some thunderstorms flurrying up from napa county and hail flying around concord, benicia bring into broadway plaza. not a pleasant evening. as we continue to see these showers going from north to south. a few more east of d,livermore. the question is, how long will all this weird weather stick around? we've had plenty of it this afternoon. we'll answer that question in full detail and have a closer look at the all-important giants home opener forecast in a few minutes. >> very important. thanks, rob.
6:36 pm
still ahead, also, a newspaper that gives a voice to the community once swept to the shadow marks an important milestone. and how'd they do this? the event in san francisco tonight diving into the physics of skateboarding. skateboarding is not a crime. how you can learn about the rebellious subculturs.few cockt. d
6:37 pm
nbc bay area, your official home of the world champion san francisco giants. right now at, our nonstop coverage of the giants. just go on to our website and find the special section called the dove, all you want to know about the giants right there available 24/7. our coverage tomorrow pick up in a live from the ballpark bigay b livfrom t the ballpark for the home opener. back in a moment. l
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right now. right now, the exploratorium afterdark series is breaking down the science of skateboarding tonight. the museum has set up ramps for demonstrations. experts will explain the physics involved in tricks like shredding the kick flip and the alley. >> looks like, how'd this guy jump in the air and then he did a kick flip and his board twisted and he landed. it's all physics. >> you can also make your own screen print t-shirt and examine some of the culture behind the sports. this is an adult event which means you can buy drinks. it's $15 and runs until 10:00 tonight. if you miss out or you'd like to take your little ones, there's also a family event to weekend. all right. laurence scott is here. when we talk about skateboarding, kick flip, olys. >> gleaming the cube. >> did i pull it off? >> you did your best. >> a lot of giants stuff going on. >> a joyous occasion for
6:40 pm
everybody tomorrow at china basin. the giants looking forward to this whole thing and the fans. their opponent is the cardinals, who tony la russa exacerbated by the scene he's dealing with in st. louis. the master seeing some young stars rise to the top of the leaderboard. and the warriors taking to the street. asking fans to use coliseum b.a.r.t. when coming to the game. the cross-bay journey coming up in sports. in the weather, we're tracking a very chilly and breezy evening. there's a live view of oakland. and we still have some thunderstorms showing up on the
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
area newspaper is celebrating an important milestone. it was 40 years ago this week the "bay area reporter" began covering lbgt issues. >> how this paper has been here for the good times and through the struggles. >> 1969, you had the riots and stonewall that made national news. it was a period of turmoil in the late '60s and early '70s. a lot of tension with the police, a lot of raids on bars. >> reporter: in the early '70s, san francisco's gay community was searching for its voice. >> so there was really a need to be able to communicate what was happening and to investigate and to report on what was happening. >> 40 years ago this week, that need resulted in a newspaper
6:43 pm
called the "bay area reporter." it was founded by bob ross, a san francisco chef, who wanted to see some ink devoted to the city's growing gay community. >> i think he was the one that saw this need, saw the turmoil that was going on and saw a need for something that would unify the community and provide a voice through which the community could speak. >> reporter: harvey milk was the paper's first political reporter. the bra covered the parties, the politics, and the people. but it truly found its calling in the aids crisis. >> our papers are where a lot of people turned to for information on what was going on, what the research was showing, the very few medicines that were available in the early days. >> reporter: as aids-related deaths mounted, rsos began to print the obituaries. >> he established the policy that everyone who died would have his picture published and his life story written in "the bay area reporter." >> reporter: perhaps the paper's most famous headline came in
6:44 pm
1998. >> this one week in august, no one had turned in any obituaries for that week. so he ran this cover that said "no obits" right on the cover. >> reporter: the paper has documented everything from the battle over gay marriage to a recent visit to the castro by britney spears. >> she kind of came through in a little motorcade and the whole neighborhood went nuts. >> reporter: ross died in 2003, but his paper is still going. because even 40 years later, there's still something to say and a community who wants to hear it. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> interesting to note, about harvey milk there. congratulations on the 40th anniversary to the b.a.r. my cousin just posted online some hail that's happening in concord right now. they look like this big. >> well, it's getting up there, marla and raj. we're used to pea-sized hail or
6:45 pm
maybe bb-sized hail, but almost to the size of pennies and nickels up there in concord. things are pretty calm in san jose except for the wind. it is gusty and cold. 51 degrees in san jose right now. if you look across the water in san francisco, we've got a little bit of a chop to the water there, between the peninsula, as you get over towards alcatraz, out of to the north bay. northwest winds cranking up at about 30 miles per hour. now down to 49 degrees. so you factor in the wind and that air temperature, it just feels raw outside right now around san francisco. oakland, looking at 52 degrees. we've got that west wind at 26 miles per hour. everyone seeing these really breezy conditions, but not everybody seeing the rain. off to the east, we've been seeing these towering cumulonimbus clouds building up throughout the afternoon, those big thunderstorms. and this is how it looked if you were one of the unfortunate few along interstate 80, the travis
6:46 pm
air force base off-ramp there. the hail coming down so hard, it was coating the road with ice and enough of it sticking on the sides of the road, it looked like it was snowing at times there around solano county. that same cell was the reason why we earlier had a severe thunderstorm warning in parts of solano county. here's a look at all the ingredients as they came together today. we had this unusually cold air aloft and the warm air underneath it, you get these showers popping up. it's like a popcorn machine building during the day. and it's that solar-powered element to this cold air aloft that gets you not only the showers, but that cold air in the low freezing level, hail a common site around the bay area today. you can see sears point over towards vallejo, still seeing hail flying. same story towards concord point. still seeing scattered showers and thundershowers. as the sun sets in the next hour, we should see the intensity of those showers back off. still dry around oakland and san francisco, still story around san jose. you can see the cold air spilling down the coast. this is the reason we've had the complete pattern change over the last few days. this cold air spilling on in,
6:47 pm
still going to feel it for friday, even though the showers should be off to the south. as we head towards the weekend, some good news. we're going to see temperatures turning a bit more mild as high pressure tries to build back in. this is going to bring our temperatures up. as we get into the weekend, we should see some upper 60s. no rain for the weekend, except in the far north bay by sunday night, may see a few showers heading our way. as we keep a close eye for our friday forecast, you can see what's left of the showers. should be heading into central and southern california. for now if you have plans and one of the lucky few to have tickets to the giants home opener, bundle up. it's going to be cold but rain free as we head towards tomorrow evening. it will be chilly for the next few mornings. here's the other component. we've had the wind, we've had the thunder today, how about some very chilly temperatures in the north bay, where it could get cold enough for some patchy frost. the winds have to back off tonight. we have to get enough clearing to see these temperatures drop, but places like santa rosa and napa, you could be waking up to some patchy frost tomorrow morning, if it wasn't the hail that got your attention a bit
6:48 pm
earlier today. highs tomorrow, still running about 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. the good news i have for you is we're now in the coldest part of the forecast. from here, things will start to warm up as we head towards the weekend. tomorrow, maybe some early showers. and then towards the evening, breezy and cool as we head into your weekend forecast, you can see the temperatures getting back to average, into the mid- to upper 60s for the weekend. and you can stay tuned to the weather channel and for all the very late nest your weather forecast as we head into the weekend. >> so it's heating up for us. >> yes. >> we're okay. >> and we're worried about the fans that are going to be cold tomorrow, but what about our giants? they're going to be cold. they can't bundle up. >> they'll be fine. it's an afternoon game. we'll be fine. >> let's bring in laurence scott with sports. good evening. let's start with the as. as fans had to get up early to follow the game in toronto this morning. it wasn't on tv here in the bay area, just radio.
6:49 pm
95.7 fm, the wolf. no relation to as owner, lou wolf. while mickey in the morning was preempted, they did air the game on tv in canada. no tv here, but thanks to nafta -- well, no thanks to nafta -- well, we hijacked the highlights anyway. in bottom sixth, after the as had scored one run off trevor cahill, jackson saves another run to end the inning. first, top eight, coco crisp strikes out on a wild pitch and andy laroche comes in to tie the game and then jackson, the hero with the bat, bringing home crisp for the go ahead run. you hold it on the wolf, sounds like a zz top song, fuentes comes in to brings things around. the as win their second game, both day games, by the way. this one 2-1. tomorrow's the big day. the party is set, china basin is the place to be. the giants home opener is set for 1:35. tonight, manager bruce bochy on
6:50 pm
sand hill road not looking for vc funding, but receiving a lifetime achievement award, the positive coaching alliance hosting the event, where bochy is speaking at a dinner, as we speak. tonight at 11:00, we hear what the skipper had to say on opening day. we've already heard from the opposing manager, and from his day with the oakland as, baseball fans know that tony la russa has some fire, extra spicy when you criticize his players and lack of production so far. >> for everybody listening out there, do you think i'm being -- it's the first week of the season! you guys are -- i don't understand this. who are you going to tell me -- tell me that albert can't hit? that the second baseman and shortstops hasn't hit? david frieze, you don't think he's going to hit? you think matt's going to hit? you think berkman's going to hit? the answer is no to all those things? i mean, you get me -- you accomplish your goal, three,
6:51 pm
four times you ask so i get excited and get upset. i mean, that's not fair. that really isn't. >> he walked out. >> yeah, he walked out. there's no wrath like an angry man in cardinals pajamas. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on comcast sportsnet bay area. every night at 10:30, a full 30 minutes of coverage, just the teams you care about. also, giants opening day pre and post-day coverages on comcast sportsnet bay area. and tomorrow in prime-time, we'll be live at the ballpark for a one-hour giants opening day special right here on nbc bay area, starting at 7:00 p.m. now, some golf. the opening round of the masters today, tiger woods had a decent day wearing green, going for a matching fifth green jacket. he's currently tied for 24th, shooting a 1 under 71, picking up the birdie here on 14. defending champ phil mickelson is at two under and that's five shots off the co-leaders, both shooting a 7 under 65 today.
6:52 pm
the ozone is vanishing over the north pole. radiation has poured into the pacific off the coast of japan, and it's nba green week. so warriors fresh off three straight wins, walking around both oakland and san francisco today, encouraging folks to park the car and take b.a.r.t. to the game. b.a.r.t. tickets and tickets to sunday's game at the arena against the kings, a surprise for folks on both sides of the bay. >> yeah, i've seen all sorts of reactions, not knowing what was going on to not realizing we were giving out gift cards and just kind of keep walking, to people were just really excited about getting $10 to go ride b.a.r.t. and come to our game and get out tickets. we've seen it all today. >> and tonight, a real blessing. we welcome a new member to the nbc bay area sports team, nicholas oliver feero was born today, his father, craig, our sports producer for well over a decade, mom, doing well, sister, charlotte, elated, and nicholas will be ready to race in nascar in the 2030 season. mr. hendrick, draw up the
6:53 pm
paperwork now. congrats to the feero family. >> very happy for craig and sherston, they have welcomed nicholas. i suppose craig won't be producing the giants special tomorrow? >> no, he's -- no, he's not. but he might call in nicholas at this point. >> wasn't he here yesterday? >> he got the call and he's off. >> congratulations. thanks, laurence. still ahead, the saucygh bhw whe bright ylowgh lamborghini was stole nn san francisco. he gets a new set of wheels. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads.
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6:57 pm
apparently it's the first yellow camaro off the line for this year. the $200,000 lamborghini is still missing after being stolen last month from a dealership in san francisco. investigators have obtained surveillance video of that lamborghini driving across the golden gate bridge, but still no new information. so he's gone from a lamborghini to a camaro. >> but stuck with the yellow. >> he loves that yellow. so my cousin, juanita, who lives in concord, she sent in this picture of concord hail. >> love family participation. >> actually penny-sized hail down in concord. we're used to the smaller hail around the bay area. you did see some of the bigger pieces of hail flying. tomorrow morning, maybe a lingering shower or two, but clearing out for the afternoon and evening, and the weekend, finally getting back to normal. some mid- to upper 60s, coming back just in time for the weekend. thank you for the photo. >> yeah, thank you, juanita. >> send those photos and other video to our e,weitbs
6:58 pm >> thanks for watching tonight. [ jerry ] look at this!
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