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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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notn acac cident. the news in 30 seconds. the entire federal government would be open for business. some of the cuts we agreed to will be painful. we protected the investments we need. >> the 11th hour deal will avoid a u.s. government shutdown, at least for now. but the devil is in the details. some of the biggest budget cuts in u.s. history now coming our way. good evening, everyone.
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>> thanks for joining us on this friday. the federal government will be open for business tomorrow. >> but it took billions in cuts to make that happen. house leaders agreed to $78.5 billion in cuts. >> by reaching this deal, it means all u.s. military personnel will get paid. all tax refunds will no longer be delayed. these are for the people who filed paper returns. and tonight's deal will keep the most treasured places in the country open for business. residents and tourists alike. we have it all covered for you from washington to the bay area. george, there's a lot of side issues in this agreement. what do you have? >> reporter: that's right. lawmakers, democrats and republicans, reached a deal on this budget and some left work tonight fearing a government shutdown not knowing when they'd come back. but the government is open for business and with it a sigh of relief.
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cut a deal or close down the government. that was the choice as house republicans huddled for a dramatic late night meeting. less than two hours before a budget deadline. >> i'm pleased that senator reid and i and the white house have been able to come to an agreement that will, in fact, cut spending and keep our government open. >> leaders in both parties reached an agreement that will allow our small businesses to get the loans they need, our families to get the mortgaging they applied for, and hundreds of thousands of americans to though up at work. >> reporter: as the day dragged on, negotiators continued the talks, but the possibilities of a compromise didn't look good. >> a shutdown of the entire government hinges on a republican demand to take health care away from women. >> reporter: democrats say republicans insisted on defunding planned parenthood. but republicans say this fight is about spending cuts and nothing more. >> not about women's health. it is about economic health. >> reporter: happy to see the
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shutdown avoided is a group of 8th graders. >> gosh, i don't know, probably 20, 30. >> reporter: greg and his son will be able to see all the landmarks after all. >> it would have been really neat for him to see that and i'm glad he's going to be able to. but if he had missed it, it could have been guilt to tell him, this is really cool. >> reporter: he says his group had a plan b with other sites for the kids to visit, but they're happy now they can see all the land marks. >> thank you, george. the gop push to strip over $300 million in federal funding for planned parenthood did fail, but it was a tough battle for democrats. planned parenthood provides health services like birth control and yes, in some cases, abortions to low income women. however, tax dollars don't go towards abortions.
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a fact some republican leaders apparently missed. >> we don't want to see 800,000 federal employees furloughed. but this is about principle. >> they have a vendetta against planned parenthood, that's obvious. there's a savings of about $3 billion. one senate republican went as far to claim 90% of planned parenthood's budget went towards abortions. nbc bay area found that 98% of their budget is spent on preventative child care. california leaders on both sides of the aisle are reacting to the agreement to keep the federal government open. we spoke to representative barbara lee in washington, d.c.
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moments ago. >> i'm very relieved that people will not be furloughed and that our troops will receive their checks. and the government will not be shut down. that would have been disastrous. >> republican congressmen responded saying "these cuts are historic. it's time that all parties get serious about spending cuts." >> so perilously close tonight, but a government shutdown did happen back in 1995. that was the bill clinton-newt gingrich showdown. >> a settlement on the budget now avoids a crisis and clearly damage to the recovery, but it doesn't settle the political divide we have. >> professor harley shaken says the u.s. economy is still too fragile to handle a federal shutdown right now. the 95 closure lasted one week.
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so what's next here? tonight's last-minute agreement is just the stop-gap measure, not a law, yet. the president is expected to sign it some time tomorrow. the stop-gap maeshler keep the government open until next friday. the final agreement should be approved by the middle of next week. the cuts would add up to be the largest in united states history for federal agencies. the world series champs were back at at&t park for the first home game of the season. opening day, thrills, magic, and even a little torture, too. there was a moment of silence for one fan who is still in the hospital. jean elle has more on really what was one of a kind day for people at the ballpark. >> san francisco is still full of giants energy. lots of fans are out celebrating and some are taking time to
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remember the injured giants' fan. >> i'm calling it. >> reporter: fans pour into opening day full of excitement, ready to see their team kick off another winning season. >> we're going to do it again. >> reporter: at&t park was a sea of orange and black, and ear-to-ear smiles, especially when brian wilson delivered the world series flag. only a jet flyover could drown out the roar of this crowd. two men attacked stow outside dodger stadium, leaving him with a severe head injury. family members selling t-shirts outside at&t park say he will be overwhelmed by the fan support. >> when he wakes up and sees everything that's going on, i think it's going to definitely put a smile on his face, yeah.
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he's going to be humbled. >> people have been flocking over, interested. we have a couple different designs. there are a few different t-shirts being made. a lot of people just want to give a donation. >> reporter: chad wanted to spend opening day making sure fans remember to be good sports. >> we're going to play together, we're going to ban together and show what baseball's and. and this isn't just important for san francisco. it's every city around the country. there's this sense of divisiveness between teams, and i just don't think that's necessary. >> reporter: on opening day, giants' baseball filled the stadium with what felt like old friends. now, stow supporters say they will be back out here monday night selling t-shirts and letting fans know it's just a baseball game on monday night the giants host the dodgers. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. up next, a well known
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restaurant owner gunned down in cold blood. s what he targeted? the clue investigators are following at this hour. and we had showers around the bay over the last couple of days. tonight, talking patchy frost. details coming up.
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this just in, an explosion at a southern california synagogue initially thought to be an accident turns out to be intentional. police now say it was the target of a pipe bomb. the bomb sent a 300 pound chupg of concrete into the air and onto a home next door. police expect ron hirsh to be responsible. >> he's a transient. he kind of visits local synagogues asking for charity. >> they officially thought this was a natural gas explosion, but now they believe a tras tick trash barrel filled with explosives caused the blast. the synagogue is located in an l.a. residential neighborhood.
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no one was hurt. police still looking for hirsh tonight. an ironic tragedy in oakdale. a restaurant owner pushing to make the neighborhood safer was shot and killed this morning as he was opening his business. cheryl hurd is live. cheryl, police say the motive may be robbery, the very thing merchants have been worried about. >> reporter: that's right, a lot of merchants say they just don't feel safe. and now they're angry, because they say it took a killing to make people listen. >> i ask you, father, in the name of jesus. >> reporter: we saw juan praying. >> sometimes an example has to be made so people can get it that it's not the way to live. >> reporter: he's mourning the shooting death of restaurant owner jesus compos.
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he was gunned down friday morning at 5:30 as he was opening for business. >> at this point in time we have what we believe to be two suspects who entered into the business. it looks like a botched robbery that went badly. >> reporter: some believe that campos was targeted because he used to own a check cashing business next door to his restaurant. a business that traditionally handled a lot of cash. juarez said he sold that business a couple years ago. >> this is an individual that created and actually enabled a lot of families to have a place to live, enabled a lot of families to have something to eat at night. >> reporter: many say the killing brings feelings of anger because they've been asking for more police protection. >> there was really no real solutions, just promises. guess what? these criminal enterprises have been going on for many years.
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>> reporter: that's why he says he will continue to pray for campos and his family and for an end to violence. the latino merchant's association put up a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this. police department's crime stoppers ut put up a $10,000 reward and they're hoping to raise more money. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> and there it goes. more than 50 years of history gone in just a few seconds. all 11 stories of oakland's old naval hospital, brought to the ground in a carefully planned implosion. today's collapse supposed to happen years ago, but the financial collapse of lehman brothers interrupted that process. it was supposed to be turned into a housing development. now building plans are on hold, but neighbors are glad to have
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the building gone. only on nbc bay area, we take you inside a top secret prison in iran. a man is sharing the details of his journey that landed him behind bars. what led to his capture? and what was the secret to his survival in that prison? garvin thomas shows us why he was freed while others are still in confinement. >> reporter: they say every picture tells a story. the story this one tells, though, is not complete until you hear just where it was taken and by whom. >> there was only electrical power, and i thought wow, amazing. >> reporter: andrew barber is the photographer, iran is the location. >> the judge said basically you're guilty of espionage. thid
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anew days. the judge told him the power lines led to a power plant, and only spies take such pictures. his hearing was over in a matter of minutes. >> the policemen in charge drove me straight to the prison, the doors opened up and closed basically. >> reporter: to understand how he ended up in this situation, though, you have to understand how he lives. he's a traveler. 20 years ago, he left his south bay home and has been on the road ever since. he talked with us via skype from thailand. >> i just wanted to live and to see places. >> reporter: barber says after so many years and so many different countries he's always looking for new landscapes and always heard good things about the people, if not the government, of iran. >> it's history, it's genuine people and i just wanted to see it. >> reporter: he took the picture in question while on a train. he was picked up a few hours later and within 48 hours he was
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in tehran's prison. kept islolated, his only compan was the hum of a light he couldn't turn off. he says he was never physically tortured, but not knowing if he was in for one day, one year or the rest of his life was torture of a different kind. >> it's the torture that you don't know anything that's going on and you have no idea whether somebody knows you're there. mentally it's very hard. so the idea is to turn yourself off. >> reporter: but then two months in, as quickly as he was taken in, he was let out, into the custody of the british ambassador. barber's story is very similar to that of the three berkeley hikers. but it's the differences in their stories he believes which explained why he's free and two of the hikers are not. first of all, he has duel citizenship between the united states and great britain and great britain does have
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diplomatic ties with iran while the u.s. does not. second, the british government he says worked very hard to keep his story out of the media. he believes there by keeping politics out of the situation. something that cannot be said of the berkeley hikers. barber doesn't know if there's anything he can do on the outside to help them. he's reached out to their families but not heard much back. as for his life, it won't change, he says. he'll still travel and would one day like to go back to iran. if they would ever let him. garvin thomas, nbc bay na news. >> barber believes he was held right down the hall from shane and nate. their trial is set to resume next month. slgz >> let's shift gears and talk about the weather. >> the giants played for 4 1/2 hours, so yes, we matched their
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intensity. >> i'm still thawing out. >> 12 innings of that breeze coming in, chilly out there. highs around san francisco today in the low 50s. 51 degrees right now. but inland, we're down in the upper 30s in gilroy. 40s outside right now. i do think we'll be waking up to the 30s tomorrow morning. winds have backed off. a little blustery this evening. as we watched the giants' forecast, an evening game tomorrow. cool once again. sunday, should see temperatures in the 60s with increasing clouds but at least these numbers are coming up from the low 50s we had today and at least the showers will be out of the forecast as we head towards the weekend. right now you can see snow flying around down towards yosemite. by this time tomorrow night,
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this will be moving through arizona, so this is setting the stage for a pleasant weekend. going to be a little chilly to start tomorrow. sunday afternoon, we'll see increasing clouds which will hint at bigger changes in the forecast come monday. so as we head towards monday for the north bay, a chance of showers. the weekend looks fine. just in time for the start of the workweek. watching the cloud cover, saturday, the sunnier half of the weekend. sunday, clouds spilling in, but probably not the rain producing type. late sunday night, monday, showers show up in the north bay. tonight, 30s to low 40s overnight. so those numbers dropping off as the skies clear. as we head into tomorrow, 50s, the highs in the mid 60s. gilroy, degrees. san jose, close to 64. san francisco, finally getting into the low 60s. 62 degrees. 64 towards the east bay. those numbers in the mid 60s up
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toward concord. 67 around santa rosa. here you go, seven-day forecast, nice finish to the weekend. a few showers on monday. but that forecast looking dry and finally those numbers coming back up. so would have been fun to be out there and would have been nice to see that walkoff. >> there's always tomorrow. tomorrow they get their championship rings. >> how exciting., >> then therndsue'.ay matelth hu ayap t ooge gd a
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. a silicon valley company is helping millions of americans get a good night's sleep. >> the company is based in santa clara. they found out that their drug has been approved by the fda. the drug helps cure restless leg syndrome, which causes people to feel uncomfortable unless constantly moving. this fda approval was great move for the stock price. it skyrocketed nearly 60%. >> it's very gratifying. for someone working in drug development and discovery for 25 years, to be able to know that patients are benefiting from the fruits of our effort is going to be a really exciting time. >> the ceo is excited. they may hire more employees to help get the drug into the
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market place. lawrence scott joins us and he's amped up about the home opener and all the drama on the field. >> i won't be able to sleep. unbelievable festivities today, an emotional day at the ballpark. we hear from brian wilson after his day of makinging. sports is coming interest uin sports is coming up. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it.
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good evening. picking up where they left off last year, this giants team not for the faint of heart. a thrilling home opener against the cardinals. brian wilson climbing the outfield law, literally, to raise the championship flag. also venturing into the outfield, this pat burrell home run in the sixth, making it 3-1. pat has four hits on the season, three with home runs. in the ninth, bases loaded and
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the go ahead run goes through. it would have been a shocking and bitter end to a fun day, but sandoval with some timely hitting brings in aaron rowan. we go to extra innings. for the second year in a row, rowan comes up with a big hit to win it. pounding a ball that drops between two cardinals for the comeback victory. the giants start and finish in style. >> you know, my e.r.a. went to a billion but i don't care. we won, and ultimately that's what matters. >> the game was an emotional roller coaster, and a great game. you know, we're looking at a tough loss there and these guys battled back. we did the same thing they did, two outs, nobody on, we tied the game.
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these guys fought hard. it was quite a ball game for the home opener. >> the minnesota twins are not much for opening day. just one run, the sac fly, and in the eighth, he gives up two runs. this the game winner. the a's fall to the twins 2-1. the sharks have one more regular season game to go, that's tomorrow hosting the coyotes. coyotes smelled flood, trying to hold their position in the postseason race. one bright moment as joe thornton gets his 21st of the season. things getting intriguing in
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augusta. tiger woods is making a charge. he's three shots of the lead, shot a 6 under 66. that's roy mcilr at ten under. back with more in moments. ♪
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let's talk about a little bit of a warmup. i'm wimpy, i know. >> we've got sunshine. orange as jessica's beautiful shoes. mid 60s for the mid weekend. >> should be a good forecast tomorrow. do we got a shot of those orange shoes down here? the set reveals everything. >> go, giants. >> good night. have a great weekend. >> bye-bye. from "scream 4,"


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