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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and save higher education. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm marla tellez in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. our top story, a verdict in the barry bonds perjury trial. it cost frl prosecutors upwards of $30 million to put on the case. but tonight, the san francisco giants legend is guilty of obstructing justice. a jury of eight women and four men decided the verdict this afternoon following days of deliberations. here's a look at the counts bonds faced during the perjury trial. counts one through three included making false statements about whether he knowingly used steroids while playing in the major leagues and whether he had ever been injected by anyone other than his doctor. count four, another perjury charge that he didn't use designer steroids through 2003. that charge dropped earlier in the trial. and then count five, the one today.
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the obstruction charge. that's the one jurors unanimously found guilty -- bonds guilty of. we have team coverage for you tonight. raj mathai is live at at&t park. he'll have more from balco founder, victor contin, but we start with traci grant who was in the courtroom when bonds heard that verdict today. >> reporter: it seemed like another day would come and go without a decision on the fate of barry bonds. but then the jury this afternoon sent out a note saying that they had a verdict, sort of. in the end, they delivered one conviction on obstruction of justice, but other than that, it was almost entirely a hung jury. >> i would say for the most part, we were very cordial with each other, but you have tense moments. you have very tense moments. people get emotional. >> reporter: jurors in the barry bonds trial say the fierce debates and steadfast opinions kept the jury from coming from an unanimous decision on three charges of perjury today, but it
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led them to convict on him on one charge, obstruction of justice. >> we pretty much decided, because it was being evasive, was the reason we reached our decision. >> the facts that pointed to steroid use never really proved barry knew. they proved that greg anderson was involved with steroids, it proved that he did have steroids in his system, but we could never prove he knowingly took them. >> the counts which allege steroids, which allege needles, which alleged human growth hormone, those were mistried. there was no conviction, no verdict, no finding adverse to barry bonds. >> reporter: prosecutors chose not to answer questions and released a statement saying the jury convicted the defendant of obstructing justice, which required it to find that mr. bonds corruptly, for the purpose of obstructing justice, provided intentionally evasive, false, or misleading testimony before the grand jury. now the home run king has been
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under investigation since 2003, and the trial has been in the making since 2007. many have asked what was the point of spending perhaps millions on this case. but the jurors say, it was important. >> because perjury is a big deal. it's breaking the law. he went in and he didn't tell the whole truth. that's a big deal. >> reporter: now, the jurors were actually very interesting, talking about which witnesses they liked and didn't like. they say they didn't buy what kimberly bell had to say. that is barry bonds' mistress, who they say kept changing her story. they did like kathy hoskins, a childhood friend of bonds, and she's the one who said she actually saw him being injected with steroid. and they said it would have made a huge difference to hear from greg anderson, barry bonds' former trainer, who actually chose to go to jail instead of participating in this trial. now, it's possible that those three counts could be tried all over again. lawyers on both sides will be coming back here to court on may 20th, to figure out what
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direction to go. now we join raj mathai, who's live at the home of the giants. raj? >> reporter: traci, thank you. it's strange, eight years and more than $30 million later, we've come to this. a verdict in this case. now, we've covered this trial and this case for more than eight years now, and insiders to barry bonds, the people that are closest to him will tell you, there has never been a point during this entire ordeal where he thought he would be found guilty of any charges. but here we are today, guilty on one count of obstruction of justice. now, it's not just a legal issue here. the next issue that comes up, especially here at the ballpark and around major league baseball is the issue of the hall of fame. today's verdict will give a lot of hall of fame voters a reason to block barry bonds from the hall of fame. so that's another issue here. now, in the center of this whole ordeal has been victor conti, the convicted felony, the former balco boss who provided many high-profile athletes around the world with steroids. he has defended bonds vehemently throughout all these years.
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today, we caught up with victor conti on the peninsula. >> in short, the verdict makes absolutely no sense to me. i don't understand how they cannot agree upon counts one, two, and three, which were false statements counts, and then they jump right to the obstruction. >> reporter: victor conti never at a loss for words. once again, defending barry bonds and disagreeing with the verdict today by the jurors in san francisco. so that's victor conti's reaction. the giant's reaction to all of this, they have politely said, no comment right now, since this is an ongoing case. they also expect barry bonds' legal team will appeal this case or get this thing retried. now, the fans here at the ballpark, there's a whole different story. for that, we bring in nbc's laurence scott who spoke with a lot of fans here inside and outside of the stadium. >> reporter: nothing really shocking, because the fans want to believe in barry bonds, they want to believe in the home run
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record we saw broken here. but there's some realism to all of this. the fans arriving for today's game, a little bittersweet because it is rivalry week here with the donldgers in towns. but the fans we talked to all knew there was a verdict. there wasn't much surprise, guilty of obstruction of justice won't sway too many opinions. regardless of how the fans felt about bonds, there was a lot of discontent about the government spending this kind of money to prove virtually nothing. and many staunch supporters talking about their love of bonds. but fans are also realists and this is what fans had to say about the all-time home run king. >> all of this stuff wouldn't have happened if he wouldn't have broken the home run record. if he wouldn't have broken babe ruth record, all this wouldn't have happened. but i think any verdict will diminish his record. and i think it will be a hard time before he gets into the hall of fame. >> as a fan and somebody who's
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been watching him play since he came to san francisco, you know, before he bulked up and noticeably, you know, could have been on steroids, he was still an amazing player. >> barry bonds is a hero of mine and he will continue to be a hero of mine. go barry bonds. >> reporter: so fans, yes, they love seeing barry bonds as a hero. they love seeing most of those 55 splash hits off the bat of barry bonds. but no one really shocked about this today. >> reporter: and a big reason that we're standing here at this ball mark at at&t park, it's considered really the house that barry bonds built. he drove ticket sales for so many years through all those home run record chases. and the giants are in an interesting predicament here. barry bonds remains on the payroll here for the san francisco giants. they have said, the giants ownership has said if he's cleared of all these charges, they want him to take a more active role in this organization. right now he's not been cleared on these charges, still guilty on one count, so it, interesting
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to see the future of barry bonds with the giants organization. that's going to wrap it up for here for now. let's send it back to you guys in the studio. >> very interesting. thank you very much, gentleman. of course, our coverage of the barry bonds trial doesn't end here. coming up in a few moments, we'll talk to our legal analyst, steven clark. we'll talk down what the verdict could mean when we come to the sentencing phase of that trial. that's coming up in a little bit. in other news tonight, he may look old and frail now, but a 77-year-old man is accused of having a violent and deadly past. and investigators say the list of alleged victims could grow. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was in court today as joseph nah sow was formally charged. >> reporter: the man accused of being a serial killer made his first court appearance here in marin county this afternoon. it's a case that has gotten nationwide attention as investigators across the state and the country try to determine just how many killings he may be linked to.
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77-year-old joseph naso, a self-employed photographer, now accused serial killer, hid his face in his jail jumpsuit as cameras zoomed in on him. he was formally charged with four counts of murders, dating back three decades, and he may be responsible for more. >> the case is ongoing in an investigative posture and we have the counts that we believe the evidence is sufficient to prosecute at this point. >> reporter: naso is accused of killing two bay area women in the lay '70s and two yuba county women in the early '90s. all of them with first and last names starting with the same letters. eerily similar to upstate new york's alphabet murders of the early 1970s, naso reportedly livered in the rochester area during that time. >> that raises a lot of eyebrows. >> reporter: the former lead investigator in the new york cases calls naso a strong suspect. he talked to us by phone about
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the possibility that nay saw is connected. >> i think it would not only put the little girls to rest, that it would also put the family to rest. a person was brought to just for this heinous crimes. >> reporter: for now, the senior must answer to four murder counts and face an alleged ugly past that may have finally caught up to him. naso will be back in court in two weeks. he still has to hire an attorney. the prosecutor says he has nearly $1 million in assets and should be able to pay for his own defense. in san rafael, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. to san francisco, teens were officially charged today with the shooting death of 16-year-old andy zing, the high schooler found shot to death with a bag over his head on gasoline-soaked floor over the weekend inside a silver terrace home. a 15-year-old boy was charged with murder and attempted arson too. 18-year-old jimmy lee was charged as an accessory to that murder. lee pled not guilty today. his bond set at $1 million.
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now, the 15-year-old who told police that he and zing were playing with a gun when it accidentally went off had his case continued. >> yeah, at this point, i really cannot talk about any of the circumstances behind this case, because it involves a juvenile. obviously, a case that we're very concerned and we're filing these counts because we believe that the evidence will show that our theory of the case went the way that we believe it occurred. >> four teenagers were originally arrested in connection with the death, but so far only two have been charged. police say they're still looking for a fifth teenager. tomorrow, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will launch the process for searching for a new general manager following today's resignation of general manager dorothy dugger. dugger submitted a letter of resignation today, submitting she'll step down on the 22nd. under a agreement reached by dugger and the b.a.r.t. board,
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the transit agency will paid her $958,000. that includes the $600,000 guaranteed in her severance package if she's terminated, plus $350,000 to, quote, ensure a smooth transition and avoid litigation. tomorrow's discussions of her successor will be closed to the public. well, the nuclear regulatory commission tackled the issue over renewing pg&e's license for operating the diablo canyon nuclear power plant today. pg&e doesn't want to delay the reliancing progtss and wants their own experts to conduct the studies. critics include state senator sam blakeslee, who is also a gee owe physicist with a doctorate in earthquake studies. >> there have been two very significant faults discovered, one about three miles offshore and the other just two years ago, about a few hundred yards away from the facility. and it appears that the two faults could be connected, but
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we need to do some research to find out what the real risk is. >> blakeslee is one of several experts called to testify before the nuclear regulatory commission today. next at 6:00, they're fed up with the state of higher education. thousands of students across the state march for their right to affordable education. and from ipads to electric cars, a south bay shopping destination gets a new very high-profile addition. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranie ranieri. cooler numbers today. only 60 in san jose and 60 as well in oakland. let's take a look, as we head through the tonight, those numbers dropping with upper 30s and low 40s in the south bay. we're calling iilt ndlych a we're also, yes, calling the game to ourgisu vere t.s s, versus the dodgers, our own raj mathai is out united,
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be divided. >> today, bay area students sit down in order to stand up against cuts to education. students at san jose state just wrapped up a sit-in at the administration building. the two-hour sit-in was loud, but peaceful, and there were no arrests. now, it was part of a day-long demonstration across california. students and professors demanding lawmakers leave the education budget alone. nbc bay area's damian trujillo, he's live at san jose state, where at one point, there was a threat students might actually take over the administration building. damian? >> reporter: and they actually did, marla. they took over the hallway here for just a bit. police allowed them to have their peaceful sit-in. those students are gone now, but not before taking to the streets, and some visiting, unsuspecting high school students got a crash course on student activism. >> well, san jose is one of the big cities in america. >> reporter: they made their best sales pitch to a potential new crop of incoming freshman.
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>> so we don't really hear about a lot of violence happening on campus. >> reporter: what do you think so far? >> i like it. it's a pretty campus. >> reporter: but on the other end of campus hundreds of college students voiced their anger about how bad education is at state universities. classes are fuller and tuition is higher. >> my parents are having trouble, and with another -- with my sister coming in, it's impossible for them to pay off our fees and everything. so it's my responsibility and it's becoming more difficult. >> reporter: that's a tough sales pitch for parents considering the cal state system. >> didn't realize that there was such an impact on the colleges. so that's something to definitely think about. >> reporter: the mass protests were across the state. they called it class action. at cal state east bay this morning, even graduating seniors are angry. >> i have a little sister. she's 14 and if i don't take a stand now, she might not have the opportunities that i had. >> reporter: so while they demand sacramento stop touching
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the education budget -- >> students can check that out. >> reporter: those who didn't realize the crisis facing the csu system have to decide if this is really where they want to be nextier. and i asked some of the protesters if they had any suggestions on where to cut, since the budget is already at the marrow, they said the governor's plan sounds good, a combination of spending cuts and taxes. we're live on the campus of san jose state, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. well, the dream of going to college in california may soon come true for illegal immigrants living here in the golden state. the assembly committee on appropriations approved the california dream act today in sacramento through two bills. now, the dream act would allow illegal immigrants to apply for financial aid at campuses in the csu system and the uc system and california community colleges. california law, as you already know, provides k-12 education for illegal immigrants and does allow them to apply for in-state
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tuition, despite their undocumented status. the bill's author says his bills are a step in the right direction. >> it ensures the investment that we've made in these children, because as a matter of law, we've provided them education from k-12. now we've admitted them to our finest institutions. there's really no reason why we shouldn't treat them as other students and this law perpetrmis to do some of that. >> as you might imagine, the bill isn't sitting well with other people, especially in light of the cuts it's still being faced by schools and higher education. assembly man tim donnelly says the california dream act will take away precious scholarship dollars from legal tax-paying californians. both bills still have to pass through the democratic-controlled legislature before landing on governor brown's desk. well, wednesday started off a little bit rainy, but as evident by our chosen outfits tonight, it's nice, huh? >> we're cheering for the giants, in our giants colors. >> that orange is very bright and it's looking great tonight.
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and the sleeveless, you know, fashion statement you're making tonight, also a preview of what we're going to be having this weekend. let's get a look at those highs. numbers were down to about 5 to 7 degrees, 60 in san jose. 64 in the almaden valley. just 59 in livermore. and upper 50s and low 60s in and throughout the north bay. let's get you to that rainfall we had today, really wasn't too much. right around 0.04 here in petaluma and livermore. 0.13 in silver creek. throughout parts of these bay, it came down pretty quickly but left quickly too. giants versus the dodgers, happening tonight, it cleared out in time. don't forget, it's right here on nbc at 7:00 right after our show. raj mathai is out on the field and he's going to have the game analysis as that goes on right here at nbc. temperatures right now in the low 50s, but with that wind northwest at 20 miles per hour, it's feeling like the upper 40s. and it will stay in the upper 40s, at least for that feels-like temperature as we head throughout the entire game. otherwise, right now, we're
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dropping into the mid-50s. numbers falling quickly here with some clear skies currently across the bay area. showers continue to move to the south. and while we have this cloud cover offshore, don't be concerned about that. because the storm track is going to be pushing just to the north with high pressure building here to the south, and that will leave us with some warming conditions. for tomorrow morning, we'll start off cold, though, with upper 30s and low 40s inland. then as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., a look at mid-50s coming back into the mix. if we're doing any traveling, watching out for moderate rainfall into the northeast from new york right into boston. nothing severe, but still could delay you. we'll have more coming up on some weekend changes in just minutes. >> okay. thank you, jeff. well, going off track, next at 6:00, could the push to get quicker internet service come at a cost to the millions who rely on gps navigation. why the two could be on a collision course. also coming up, when heartburn really isn't just heartburn.
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why acid reflux is now being linked to a much more serious diagnosis. and we're fill following the major developments in the barry bonds perjury trial. stay withs for u lal aalnalysis, including just how much prison time bonds could
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looking for gucci? as of this weekend, you can also get some prima leather and a little speed as mind as you don't mind ditching the gas can and grabbing a power cord instead. tesla motors is opening a car dealership. the roadster is the world's fasters electric sports car. it can go zero to 60 in 3.0 seconds. the price tag, a little north of $100,000. the palo alto will soon offer a more affordable alternative, for about half the price. >> i look at the economy out there and wonder why is tesla so confident enough to be opening up another store given the fact
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we're not actually in boom times. >> we're seeing a lot of interest in model-s, we're taking reservations right now, and this store is a chance for us to get in front of the product, come and learn about the store, learn about tesla's technology. so we want to be where people are. >> you can look for that tesla showroom down the main corridor. they're also retooling the old auto plant in fremont so they can start rolling out those moll-s sedans by the middle of next year. imagine breezing down the freeway knowing in advance that you're going to avoid the backups, even beating them by minutes. the technology does not exist yet, but ibm researchers are working with caltrans and uc berkeley on such a warning system. an ibm manager tells the "mercury news," experts are combining analytic software with the censors already embedded in california's key roadways. working with details for past traffic nightmares, they theorize they can reasonably predict some day where troubles will emerge. stay tuned. well, high-speed internet
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access is what most people want, but really, at what cost? it now turns out that a new nationwide 4g network currently in the works may actually interfere with gps navigation signals. light squared is using spectrum that's very close to the spectrum that's used by garmin and other providers. so they're worried their gps signal could get droned out by light squared's proposed transmission on an adjacent frequence. so the fcc is looking at the situation and has ordered light squared to work with the gps industry to take a closer look at that interference issue. we should know more when the final report is due in june. coming up, downloading a high-tech caper. >> thieves looking to score big target a tech company for a major sale worth millions. the one thing they likely didn't count on, though, when they raided an east bay company. >> we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. >> the president gears up for a fight to reduce the deficit with
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a new warning to republicans. the n obreakdown of president's spending cuts plan, just ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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let's take you deep with our story of the day. a guilty verdict for barry bonds. as we told you at the top of this newscast, a jury today found him guilty of obstruction of justice, but they couldn't reach a verdict when it came to the three perjury charges against bonds. it's a verdict that has legal experts including our own steven clark a little perplexed. steven, let's bring you in at this point. let's start with that obstruction of justice conviction. how do you get to obstruction of justice when you couldn't convict on the perjury? aren't those two tied together? >> absolutely. and that was entire theory of government's case, that barry's evasive, perjured testimony at the grand jury led to obstruction of justice and impeded the investigation into balco. but what the jury did hear, jessica, is that they said, they did not return a verdict on perjury, but they said, i think
6:30 pm
when they looked at his entire grand jury testimony, they said he was evasive and he didn't -- he was not forth coming with testimony and that's the basis for the obstruction charge. but when the defense reverse engineers this jury verdict, i think they're going to ask the judge to set it aside, because it's internally inconsistent with the way the government tried the case. >> so was this a compromised verdict that the jurors reached, saying, well, it's better to be an obstructionist than it is to be a liar? >> that's certainly possible, but that's really not a juror's duty to compromise. you don't try to appease everyone. you say, did the government meet its burden? and it possibly is a compromise, because the jury strongly felt, many of them, that he did commit perjury, but they didn't quite get over the hump on that. so they said, possibly, let's get him for the obstruction, because when you look at his testimony in its entirety, they believe that his testimony was evasi evasive. >> and that key word, evasive, we heard the jurors talk about that.
6:31 pm
but here's my question to you. when you're in front of a grand jury, how many cases have you had when the person on the stand isn't being evasive? >> i haven't had a case and many lawyers haven't when at least one person in the proceeding was evasive. if we prosecuted everyone who was evasive, we'd run out of prison cells in a hurry. i think that's a really important point here. was barry's evasiveness really obstructing justice? did it affect anything in the balco investigation? or was he not cooperating with the government, like many witnesses don't cooperate with the government. and that barry bonds is being singled out and no one else is being treated this same way. even if you look at the testimony in this case, you could say steve hoskins was evasive. >> all right. let's move on. so this is going to be a key issue, too, how he's treated when it comes to sentencing. ten people have been convicted in connection with the balco investigation, but most of those have been plea bargains and no one has done more than -- i mean, tammy thomas, she had six months of home confinement. trevor graham, a year of home
6:32 pm
confinement. but they say within the sentencing guidelines, he could go to prison for between 15 and 21 months. do you even think that's a possibility qu possibility? >> it's certainly a possibility, and the judge will have a very detailed probation report, they'll analyze the case, get into barry's history. a big thing going for barry, he has no criminal history, and is it different to treat him differently than the other defendants in this case have been treated. and i think you'll likely see a sentence between 6 to 12 months and the judge certainly will consider giving him home confineme confinement. but this legal fight is not over, i don't think. i think the defense has a lot to work with here. and also, the government has an important decision. they can retry the three counts that the jury did not return verdicts on. i don't know that they'll do that, because it may not really add anything to the case or to barry's punishment. >> all right. so the saga continues. steven clarke, thank you for yo expertise. of course, we invite you to stay with nbc bay area and
6:33 pm we have a photo gallery recapping bonds' career for you to look at. well, it could be the bay area's biggest high-tech theft was foiled by a task force that itself may be foiled by the state budget. nbc bay area's kris sanchez shows us what was recovered and what could be lost. >> reporter: at this fremont company you've probably never heard of, these five men made history with the biggest chip theft in bay area history. prosecutors say jesus, dylan, rolando, and leonard, all of san jose, and pierre of union city, entered masked and arms with rifles and guns on sunday, february 27th at 8:30 in the morning. >> they took control of five unigen employees at gunpoint, tied them up, moved them into a backroom. >> reporter: then investigators say the suspects loaded $37 million worth of flash memory chips intended for google's circuit boards into a truck and drove off, scot-free, until they were picked off one by one in the last two weeks. >> we've got pictures of five individuals on our board, but we know that in this robbery, there
6:34 pm
are in excess of 15 suspects involved in the robbery. so there are still a large number of individuals out there who we need to identify and arrest. and in the effort to make that as easy on ourselves as we can, we're going to restrict a lot of the information that we provide at this press conference. >> reporter: some of that information, who the other suspects are and where the 98% of stolen chips were recovered. but even without those answers, the timing was lucky for the santa clara county district attorney, who's hoping for an extension of california's vehicle license fee, which funds a $2 million grant that keeps the fantastic force up and running. >> when the chips are down, react is there. if vlf funding expires, react will not be there. and the chips will be gone. >> reporter: without the 17 agency react task force, fremont police would have been on their own, a department of 175 officers and a $55 million budget. >> for any one department, you know, to solitarily do that would be very demanding and not realistic. >> reporter: with the task force future in the air, the agents who are part of it will keep
6:35 pm
working to bring any other suspects in this case to justice. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. well, hundreds turned out for the funeral of the beloved oakland restaurant owner. mariachis were on hand to celebrate the life of jesus campos, known to many in the neighborhood as chewie. the popular restaurant owner was gunned down at his eatery in fruitvale last week during an apparent botched robbery attempt. chewie was well known for his generosity in the community and everyone in the neighborhood stunned by what happened to him. >> he was really a man for all the people here. he didn't see race, he just saw need. and we're going to miss him, but he left us a legacy. >> oakland police are still looking for the suspects involved in his murder. tonight, caltrans is reminding everyone just to slow it down while driving through construction zones as it honors
6:36 pm
workers killed on state highways. today, caltrans paid tribute to those employees at its 21st annual worker memorial ceremony. current caltrans workers placed roses for each fallen employee on top of a memorial rock. it also lists the names of the 175 workers killed while on the job. caltrans says the biggest hazard workers face is drivers who don't exercise caution in work zones. the deficit, front and center today. president barack obama hoping his plan to cut the deficit will get us out of financial crisis without cutting so much in the social and the safety net that millions of americans rely on. his speech today, short on specifics, but long on criticism of the republican plan. nbc bay area's scott mcgrew breaks down both sides. >> the president's speech sounded more like it should come from the stump than the podium. the cuts would be worth a total of $4 trillion over ten years. defense spending, $400 billion.
6:37 pm
rethinking the u.s. role overseas, energy, infrastructure spending, education spending, pet programs cut $770 billion. health care, $480 billion saved. medicare and medicaid, $300 billion saved over ten years. now, no details from the president as to how. for now, no change to social security and to get that fourth trillion, the president will allow the bush tax cuts, he says, to expire. >> we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. we can't afford it. and i refuse to renew them again. >> the republicans' general plan is almost exactly the same-sized target, but all from spending cuts, none from tax increases. >> raising taxes is not what we need right now, two days before tax day, especially while we're trying to get job creators back into the game here. >> and one important stylistic
6:38 pm
note, when talking about the republican plan, the president took out the word "radical" from his prepared remarks, a sign he knows he'll need some gop support to get his plan passed. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. when airport screening gets a little too close. >> it's a video that's sweeping the internet and it's raising a lot of questions. it shows a tsa agent patting down a 6-year-old girl. tonight, the tsa responds to claims that it went too far in the name of safety. plus, baseball fever isn't just about championships and wins. coming up, we'll take you to a bay area neighborhood where the game is a crucial escape. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we had a little bit of rainfall this morning, but that has now pushed out. temperatures cooler, though, only 60 in san jose. and if you thought it was cold last night, wait until you see expected in our inlandat
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the tsa has reviewed the
6:41 pm
video of a tsa agent patting down a 6-year-old girl. now, they have determined that the officer did follow proper current screening procedures. the video recorded by the girl's parents shows her being patted down by a tsa agent. in the video, you can hear the mother asking if she can be screened again instead of getting a pat-down. the female screener uses the back of her hand part of the time and also runs a hand around the inside portion of the girl's waistband, explaining every step in advance, as the child's mother watches. tsa is also reviewing its screening policies to improve the screening for younger passengers. well, lots of people grab an antacid when you get heartburn, but you may not know that persistent heartburn can sometimes lead to throat cancer. also known as acid reflux, persistent heartburn is something many people experience
6:42 pm
on a daily basis. doctors say being proactive is key and they do recommend an endoscopy. it's a short, noninvasive procedure with a quick recovery time. >> endoscopy is a very quick procedure, it's usually an outpatient surgical center, it takes about 15 minutes or so, it's performed under very light sedation. >> endoscopies are also recommended for people who fall in the high-risk category for throat cancer, and that includes anyone over the age of 50, especially men, with a long history of acid replux and people who also have a family history of cancer. the giants, they are less than 30 minutes away from trying to win their series against the rival dodgers. >> laurence scott has the best assignment of the day. look, we're all dolled up in black and orange, laurence. >> just so happens. >> reporter: very nice. we've talked so much about barry bonds today, let's not forget, the rivalry rages on. but we will bring in "san
6:43 pm
francisco chronicle" columnist scott osler to talk a little bit about what this bonds really may mean to his hall of fame bid. plus, all of the giants previews. some good news on the injury front. and the as doing it again in extra innings. this thing becoming quite a scene with the as. we'll have that and some sharks preview and so much more from the ballpark here coming up in sports. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. some sun shining in downtown san francisco. e'll get you toatt tesor fhe l megahe tonight on nbc at 7:00 i just a few minutes.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
we are counting down to tonight's game between the giants and dodgers. of course, the giants' world series win has energized fans. >> it is also inspired a new generation of ballplayers. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how it's helping kids in one of oakland's toughest neighborhoods. >> one, two! >> reporter: there is a neighborhood in west oakland where baseball isn't just a pastime. >> hands above the head! >> reporter: it's a lifesaver. >> baseball, it's not just a game for our kids. it's a little bit deeper than that. >> glove down! alligator! >> reporter: rosco bryant founded the oakland royals baseball team in the violence-plagued neighborhood known as ghost town. he was tired of seeing kids die in the streets. >> get it in! >> we just try to get them, you know, from being on that block, we'd rather have them on a diamond instead of on the block. >> here we go! go get it! >> reporter: but in this oakland
6:46 pm
neighborhood, it's a diamond across the bridge inspiring hope. following the giants victory, he's seen more kids turning to baseball. >> a lot more kids, after seeing the giants go through what they went through, tdsed they want to play ball. so it's brought in a bigger pool of kids for us. >> reporter: royals pitcher, marquis simon dreams of some day playing for the giants and he sees tun likely world series win inspiring others. >> they might want to win a championship just like the giants did. yeah. and, because i also want to do that too. >> good job! >> reporter: as far as his favorite player -- >> tim lincecum is a pitcher just like me. i like his motion and stuff,. >> i understand where they come from and they watch the giants who were not supposed to be that good of a team, persevere, keep try, try, trying and their reward, world championship. >> reporter: bryant has watch the violence drop as his roster
6:47 pm
grows. >> people be getting hurt out here and i don't want to end up like them. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: bryant figures a world series win or anything else, for that matter, that gets kids off the streets and on to the diamond has to be the biggest victory of all. joe rosato jr., nbc, bay area news. chil chilies restaurants ar doing their part to help a fan who was beaten at a game on opening day. we have better news to report about bryan stow. he does remain in that medically induced coma, but tonight his family says doctors are slowly bringing him out of that medically induced coma, but he is still in critical condition. if you would like to help bryan stow and his family, all you have to do is go to chili's today until 10:00 tonight. when you mention the bryan stow fund-raiser, 15% of your bill will be donated to his family to help with medical expenses.
6:48 pm
to-go orders helps a well. >> that's good. his family also saying that his level of seizures has dramatically reduced, so we have to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. jeff, i know sunshine is headed our way soon. >> yeah. eventually, and might i say, you both look great. >> thank you! >> thank you! >> in the plaqblack and the ora two of the best-dressed anchors in the market tonight. we did say numbers drop down in the south bay, only 56 in los gatos. 60 in san jose. 60 in redwood city and upper 50s and low 60s throughout the north bay, with san rafael only at 57. we're currently clear from those showers that moved this morning, producing about 0.10 of rainfall. great news for the giants and dodgers' game tonight. take you down here and k see dry conditions here throughout the san francisco peninsula. 7:00 p.m., raj mathai with on-field analysis with the whole team as this game once again on nbc. winds northwest at 20, so kind of brisk out there.
6:49 pm
while the air temperature is at 52, it will feel like the 40s for the entire game at this point. meanwhile, we're also starting to see things really cooling off inland throughout the east bay with low 50s already on the board. that will easily mean 30-degree numbers coming back as we look ahead towards our overnight hours. for thursday, plenty of spring sunshine. and are you ready for some 70s? we've got them coming back in your seven-day forecast. let's get a look at our satellite radar picture. we do have some cloud cover right offshore. looks pretty ominous. all this cloud cover is going to continue to push off towards the north. some great news over the next 48 hours, as high pressure builds in from the south. we'll call it mild as we head throughout the next 48 hours, with eventually temperatures popping into the 70s. for the east bay tonight, we'll call it chilly as well, with upper 30s expected at 6:00 a.m., and 38 in los gatos, for tomorrow morning. 37 in santa rosa. your numbers for thursday, they look like this. they're going warmer. we like this trend, don't we?
6:50 pm
64 in san jose. 66 in fremont. 66 in dublin. 63 in san mateo. 60 in san francisco, and right throughout fairfield, concord, also benicia, mid- to upper 60s. and getting close to 70, but not quite there for most of the north bay as we head into tomorrow. so seven-day forecast, here it is. a few showers north by friday, but by saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine. remember that sunscreen, spf 30 i'm calling for. you should wear that every day. >> good advice. >> weather caster and dermatologist. thank you very much. >> yes. i saw you guys were going to wear enough orange and black, so i didn't wear mine today. >> we've got the giants covered. let's head out to the ballpark with laurence. >> reporter: good evening. and welcome to at&t park. don't go anywhere. we've got the game coverage for you coming up at the top of the hour. that's 7:00 p.m. giants, dodgers, game three. the winner takes the series and
6:51 pm
a very good mood out here tonight. fans filing in, having a good time, but let's show you a little bit about the scene earlier in the day and some injury news for you. we'll know more about avandres torres headed for the dl. today the boot was off as he ran some drills testing his achilles injury. winner takes all. it's jonathan sanchez who started this home stand going against the dodgers' ted lily, a former member of the oakland as. if the past two nights are any indication, tonight will be a real battle and you'll see it again right here at the top of the hour, 7:00 p.m. keep it right here on nbc bay area. it's our first regular season broadcast of the season. and we are excited to bring it to you. and as we enter the park tonight, a bittersweet mood with the fans. we talked with a variety of folks arriving for the game tonight. people excited about giants/dodgers' game three, but everyone we stopped, they knew, there had been a verdict in the barry bonds trial. and as we have been telling you
6:52 pm
all evening, bonds guilty of one count of obstruction of justice. our question tonight in the sports segment is how will this affect his bid for the hall of fame? baseball writers make that call and we talked with "san francisco chronicle" columnist scott osler tonight about the legacy of the all-time home run king, as it relates to the hall of fame. >> as it stands right now, we've already seen that there's a significant number of voter whon't goiwho aren't going to vote for a steroid guy. and barry is clearly, at least tangentially associated with steroids. so he's not getting in there the first time pb maybe second -- i don't think. maybe third? hall of fame is just becoming kind of a joke anyway. >> scott osler of the "chronicle." now, let's turn to the as. three straight games in chicago, of extra innings. wow, how are they doing this thing? the as taking care of business late. let's go to the cell. that's what they call u.s. cellular field in chicago. and godzilla's been heating up.
6:53 pm
hideki matsui with another big blast today. top four, he gets to john dengs of his second home run of the new season, but the white sox, they had other ideas. and they countered with four unanswered runs, yet this as team showing some resiliency, especially in the late innings. top nine, cliff pennington with a two-run single off matt thorton. that ties the game. josh willingham and coco crisp coming in to score. top ten, the extra innings magic again. clips gets the go ahead rbi single scoring connor jackson, part of a three-run tenth for oakland who heads back home after nine-game road trip, feeling really good about things, 7-4, the as win this one in ten. now, complete coverage of every bay area sports team can also be found on comcast sportsnet bay area. each night at 10:30 p.m., go deep with sportsnet central for the latest giants, as and sharks plus so much more. now, speaking of the sharks, yeah, it's time for the
6:54 pm
playoffs. the tank will be rocking tomorrow night with the l.a. kings visiting. it's game one of this opening round series. and practicing for a team that you've faced six times already this year, it's mostly about staying consistent and focusing on what's worked. the sharks, they know playoff ups and downs, but last year, in the conference finals, that was great, this year, let's see. can they take it to the stanley cup? form, we'll see them building on that experience, 7:00 p.m. at the tank. that's when the puck drops. tonight, 7:00 p.m., that's when our coverage starts right ere h fo giants/dodgers game three. keep it right here. back to you in the studio. is a
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
most visited museum in the u.s. but now more people can enjoy it. beginning friday, when it's available through itunes. the app will make the deyoung a multimedia experience enjoyable from anywhere. it worked with a filmmaker who included views with museum staff members to enhance an already delightful experience. i hate to admit this, but i've never even been. >> you've got to get down there. the impressionist exhibit they had a few months ago, fabulous. >> all right. see you at 11:00. >> you're always in the know.
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