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tv   Today  NBC  April 15, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. a powerful line of severe weather races through the south spawning a deadly tornado and killing at least five people in oklahoma and arkansas. we are there live. where is holly? police intensify the search for a 20-year-old nursing student who mysteriously vanished two days ago. investigators say she was taken from her home against her will. now her parents are speaking out. and a fortnight away --
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exactly 14 days to go until the royal wedding. we're live in london with new details about the big day just released by buckingham palace today, friday, april 15, 2011. nbc-universal television welcome to "today." i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm carl quintanilla in for matt. the tornado struck in tushka, oklahoma, and crews waited until this morning to get a better view of the extent of the damage. >> debris, downed power lines lined the roads into town. a woman said it felt like a bomb. we'll get the latest in a live report ahead. >> also, troubling allegations against the reverend jesse jackson. a former employee says he was mistreated and lost his job because he is gay. we have details on that. plus, it's long been a
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concern for people who use cell phones. is there a connection to brain cancer? this morning we reveal the findings of a new look at the evidence. we'll look into that. let's begin with deadly storms in the nation's mid section. eric fisher is in oklahoma. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. this is a scene after a particularly violent storm made its way through the town. we have daylight shining with a brighter lens. this was the only school built back in 1918. windows have been blown off, the roof taken off top. if you see the damage here, inside, there are still books sitting on the shelves, as if nothing happened at all. quite a surreal scene, and we have some severe weather tourists, if you will, people coming out, taking pictures of
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the damage now that the sun is up and surveying what they'll be tealing with over the coming days and weeks coming up. there were about two dozen injuries locally and two fatalities. we are tracking this storm to the east. this particularly strong system works eastward, heading through tennessee now, mississippi, alabama, heading over toward georgia. that's where you'll be talking about more of these severe storms marching off toward the east. thunderstorms a very large threat as we watch that skyline. it doesn't clear the atlantic coastline until we get to saturday morning. four additional deaths in arkansas, as well. it's been particularly busy over the past several weeks. hopefully we'll see things calm down in the near future. that's the latest. i'm eric fisher. meredith, back to you. >> thank you very much. al is tracking the line of severe weather for us. good morning.
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>> good morning. it is a powerful line. as eric mentioned, we have tornado watches stretching from louisiana to western tennessee until at least 10:00 this morning, probably into about 11:00. behind the system, blizzard-like conditions. ahead of it, that's where we look for the most severe weather. the strongest risk from jackson, mississippi, montgomery alabama up into central illinois this morning. rainfall amounts up to five inches of rain from central mississippi into alabama. behind the system, very cold air is being drawn into the plains. now we are talking snow. blizzard warnings for parts of the north central plains with heavy snow anywhere from three inches to a foot of snow with 55 miles per hour wind gusts in this system. carl? >> al, thanks. the head of the faa's air traffic control unit is out of a job, resigning under pressure
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after a number of controllers were caught sleeping on the job. nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport where one of the incidents took place. good morning to you, tom. >> good morning, carl. in the past the ntsb warned the faa about fatigued controllers and now they are wondering at the high levels of the faa if they have a systemic problem to deal with. at the heart of the controversy over air traffic controllers sleeping on the job, the schedules they work. many controllers work an eight hour shift, then off eight. then right back to work for another eight. captain john cox, an airline safety expert, says that can lead to exhaustion and it's time for a total review of controller scheduling. >> how to develop a fatigue mitigation program and to not have the very quick turns with minimal rest so we have fatigued professionals in our air traffic control facility.
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>> reporter: the faa is investigating cases of controllers allegedly sleeping on the job. a medavac plane landed on its own while a controller slept. on its own while a controller slept. on monday hank rankowsky lost his job. >> what happened with controllers sleeping is outrageous, the kind of behavior we will not tolerate. >> reporter: the f.a.a. has ordered at least two controllers in every tower open for business overnight. for the flying public it's been three weeks of unsettling news about aviation system from the sleeping controllers to the 737 that landed with a hole in the roof to the airbus a-380 that clipped a regional jet. but it's been more than two years since anyone died in a commercial airline accident. the last fatal crash was february 2009 when flight 3407 crashed on approach outside
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buffalo. since then there's been intense focus on improved airline safety with new f.a.a. rules regarding pilot fatigue and training. >> we built in redundancies, checks. we build better planes. we operate them not only efficiently, but in a safer mann manner. >> reporter: 9 million takeoffs and landings and the last major airline to crash here was in 2001. since then they have been regional jets. back to you. >> ray la hood is the secretary of transportation. good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> you have adopted a new policy where all airports that operate 24 hours a day must have two controllers at least at the airport at any given time. why wasn't this policy in place before? >> it probably should have been, meredith. we need to do better at the
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f.a.a. we need to make sure safety is our number one priority, that we have professional people in these control towers that can guide planes in and out and there should be two people in the tower all the time. >> are you talking about hiring new controllers or pulling from the pool you have already? >> we have controllers that can fill these positions, meredith. we have the money to pay them. we're going to do a top-to-bottom review about control towers and about controllers and about the hours they work and make sure we get it right in terms of work hours, workplace rules and we're going to talk to controllers about this and make sure we have it right. >> isn't that the real problem? it's not so much the controllers as the work place policy that's in effect that sets them up to fail. >> well, that's the reason our administrator randy babbitt and
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the controller president paul reynaldi are going to travel and meet with controllers to get firsthand information from them. that's part of the top-to-bottom review so we can hear from controllers about what goes on in the control towers late at night and early in the morning and try to do better for them and the work they have to do. >> and you said yesterday when we find controllers that aren't taking their job seriously, they will be employed somewhere else. are you saying you are adopting a zero tolerance policy, that if you find a controller asleep the person will be fired? >> on my watch as secretary of transportation, safety is number one. there will be zero tolerance for controllers who are not doing their jobs. this is one of the most important safety jobs in america. we will not sit back on our laurels. we need to do better, meredith. we will do better and we'll make
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sure the right people, the most professional people are in the control towers so safety is always the number one priority. >> you know, congressman mika, chairman of the house infrastructure committee says it is wrong of the f.a.a. to add controllers arguing this increase in staffing when there is little to no traffic also misdirects resources and focus away from congested air traffic control facilities. what is your response to that? >> we're not going to let money compromise safety. is safety is the number one priority and it takes additional controllers to get to the kind of zero tolerance we want, that's what we will do. we will always find the money to make sure that safety is the number one priority for the flying public. >> yet the house passed a bill that would cut $4 billion from your budget. are you worried about that? >> of course we're worried about that. these incidents prove the case that we can't let money stand in
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the way of safety. we will work with congress on making sure we have the resources to have the right number of controllers, well trained, well rested and alert in the control towers. money will never compromise safety. that's our promise to the flying public. >> are you saying the $4 billion would negatively impact flying safety? >> we'll work with congress to have the right resources to have the right controllers that are well trained and alert in the towers. that's our obligation for safety. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, meredith. >> now here's carl. >> thanks. now to politics. the 2012 race for the white house has been slow to get going but is heat up on both sides of the aisle. chuck todd is nbc's white house correspondent. this pot is starting to boil. >> finally. the president woke up in his chicago home this morning after his first big night of fund-raising.
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the president and a slew of potential challengers began laying the campaign and issue groundwork. >> you guys are the ones who got he started. >> reporter: the president is in chicago as the kick-off to what some say will be a multi billion dollar fund raising effort. >> we have a caring and ambitious america. >> reporter: earlier in an answer interview the president acknowledged playing politics. in 2006 when as a senator he voted against raising the debt ceiling, something he now needs congress to do. >> a new senator making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country. >> reporter: today, the house is expected to vote on paul ryan's 2012 budget plan. >> the ryan budget set it is bar for the debates going forward. president obama has not produced any kind of a plan that would
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match it. >> reporter: passage may not be a slam dunk, even in the republican-controlled house. as the tough cuts in medicare may scare some republicans worried about re-election in 2012. >> this is a tough vote and it will haunt some members, no question. >> reporter: meanwhile after a slow start the republican campaign trail is getting crowded. potential candidates were making the rounds. mississippi governor haley barbour was critical of the speech. >> >> what was reported is he was saying republicans don't care about old people, children. that's not the right way to solve problems, particularly in divided government. >> reporter: former pennsylvania government rick santorum inched closer to getting in the race. money is not an issue for donald trump who continued exploring a campaign run by appearing on the
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christian broadcasting network where he talked about two failed marriages. >> i'm a very hard worker and i have always said it's difficult for a woman to be married to me because i work all the time. that's what this country needs. this country needs somebody that's going to work. >> that was the same excuse newt gingrich gave on the same network when he went on to talk about his two failed marriages. among republican primary voters the only attribute worse than multiple marriages is being a lobbyist. >> thanks, chuck. >> all right. >> 7:14 and here's meredith. >> a former employee of jesse jackson's organization claims he was mistreated and fired because he was gay. pete williams has more on the complaint filed with the city of chicago's commission on human relations. good morning. >> reporter: a lawyer for jesse jackson and the rainbow push coalition says the man was fired as part of a general round of
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layoffs and denies discrimination. although the complaint was filed nearly a year ago it's just now coming to light. the allegations are made by a chicago man, tommy bennett who worked for jesse jackson and the rainbow push coalition for two and a half years. some complaints allege overt anti-gay comments and actions. bennett claims another employee refused to work under his supervision. in the complaint bennett said the woman led a prayer and said get these homosexuals out of here and do it in jesus' name. bennett complained to jackson and notes the woman left rainbow push a short time later. he said other employees took his responsibilities because they didn't like his sexual orientation. bennett makes claims against jackson himself, some in graphic detail. he says in 2008 in a hotel at the chicago airport jackson made gestures and comments that bennett interpreted as an invitation for sexual contact.
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in a written statement the rainbow push coalition and jackson say they deny what they call false and inflammatory claims. they are an attempt, the statement says, to malign jackson and his organization and are harmful to the progressive community. it says jackson has been an advocate for aids research and ending the don't ask, don't tell policy. bennett filed the complaint with chicago's commission on human relations which investigates potential discrimination. a chicago civil rights lawyer says the commission gets complaints of anti-gay discrimination. >> there is no federal law against this and that's why people go to the city commission to assert a claim for discrimination. >> reporter: calling himself aruba tommy, he's been on the tom joyner radio show and a chicago show using the same nickname. bennett said he stands by his allegations. jackson said they will cooperate
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with the investigation. the next step would be a hearing to review evidence. meredith? >> thank you very much. for more head to >> we want to check on the top stories. natalie morales is back from rio with a tan to match. in for ann at the news desk. >> it was all work. good morning, everyone. good morning to you. a new united front from the leaders of france, britain and the u.s. after days of public disagreement over the future of nato's role in libya. the three published a joint opinion piece today and stephanie gosk has the latest from benghazi. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. obama, nicolas sarkozy and cameron meeting in berlin in an attempt to repair public disagreement over the level of military intervention here. as the alliance bickers over how to force gadhafi out, the leader himself made an animated appearance on state tv to show
7:18 am
he isn't going anywhere. the week began with talks of a possible road map to peace, but government forces continue to pound the western city of misrata with tanks and artillery. rebels fight daily gun battles with loyalists. civilians are caught in the cross fire. injuries that doctors there aren't trained to deal with. >> we are not qualified to be war surgeons, but no choice. >> reporter: french and british foreign ministers want nato to do more to protect libyan civilians. they need more low flying planes like the usa-10 known as the tank buster. the u.s. is in charge of the operation and the plane flew regular missions. now it's on stand-by. the u.s. insists it will continue in a support role but as nato asks for more help the u.s. air force is ready to step in. an update on a story brought to you earlier this week. no word from the four journalists including two
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americans that went missing in eastern libya. they have been gone without word from them for ten todays. natalie? >> all right. stephanie gosk in benghazi, libya. stay safe. japan ordered the operators of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant to pay $10,000 to each household forced to evacuate due to leaking radiation. for tens of thousands of displaced residents the amount is called insufficient. arizona is said to become the first state to require barack obama and other presidential candidates to prove they are u.s. citizens before they can appear on the state ballot. the state legislature approved the so-called birther bill that will be law if brewer signs it. now erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange. >> we have a few big earnings stories today. watch bank of america and google. the ceo brian moynahan said it
7:20 am
continues to improve. other hot stocks, also, yesterday the car sharing company surged 65% on the first day of trade. we used to see those numbers from the internet bubble. back to you. >> braesing. thanks. a man in turkey is lur lucky to be alive after a one-ton shack blew onto him as he walked along the side of the road. high winds sent the shed into the power lines and a nearby van as well. the man survived and was taken to a local hospital. believed to be just fine. amazing when you see that video. >> unbelievable. >> talk about a shack attack. >> ooh, that hurt. >> what a week i'm having!
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>> exactly. look who else is back. speak of the devil. hey. >> we certainly are. let's show you what's happening. out west we have another storm system making its way in. this one not as bad as the last couple we have seen. wet weather along the coast from arcana to seattle. mountain snows through yellow stone. strong storms from the gulf coast to the mid mississippi and ohio river valley. rain in the pacific northwest. cooler today in the northeast. you. maine for the high. well, we have an interesting set up. high pressure to the south. low pressure to the north. showers streaming in to the northern most portion of the state. the showers go off to the north bay. enough sunshine to bring the temperatures up to the 60s. should be really, really nice. the further south you live in
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the bay area, the more sunshine you will see. right on track with the seasonal averages. and that's your latest weather, meredith? >> al, thank you very much. the frantic search for a 20-year-old tennessee woman last seen being dragged into the woods by a man wearing camouflage. we'll hear from her parents. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done.
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good friday morning, everybody. it's 7:26. i'm brent cannon. south bay police are looking for two pit bulls after they attacked a woman in a dog park. it happened near i-80. two pit bulls attacked a shepherd. you can see what happened to the owner when she stepped in to save the dog. he said her lip was ripped, leg bitten and hands torn up. she's most upset she lost shadow. he had to be put down because
7:27 am
his injuries were so severe. dog walkers are watching out for their own safety. >> they could attack us. we come here at night like 9:00, 10:00. animal control officers went door-to-door asking if they know where a black and tan pit bull live. they have not found either dog. we want to check in with christina to look at the friday forecast. >> i love being the bearer of good news before the weekend. warmer to start out already. you don't need a heavy jacket this morning. temperatures in the 60s. upper 50s and lower 60s. by sunday, the mid-70s. as you can see, we might see a few showers sneak in in the north bay and east bay. low pressure sitting off to the north. we will see some of the light spotty showers throughout the day today.
7:28 am
the weekend just gets better. 73 degrees on sunday. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> looking better for the south bay as well. blossom hill, all lanes cleared. the accident was blocking things up. no major issues there. we have an accident reported. a spin-out on northbound 880 on dakota road. a little slowing in the southbound direction. the bay bridge, no slowing. back to you. >> thanks a lot. more news in a half hour.
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we have a great weekend shaping up. we have had a little bit of rain over the past couple weekends. not the case this weekend in the
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south bay where temps are going to climb. maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay. it won't be a wash-out by in means. temperatures are going to be on the rise. rounding out in the mid-70s. 73 degrees in the peninsula. a few showers monday. have a great weekend. and don't forget you can get your weather any time day or night on weather channel on cable, onli. >> thanks. still ahead, the surprising amount of cosmetic surgery being done on men. why more guys are choosing to go under the knife. the debate whether cell phones cause cancer, finally over? a new look at evidence right after this. with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card.
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or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. great ride down. if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. back now with the long debated question -- do cell phones cause pa brain cancer? this sunday's new york times magazine digs into years of research and studies in search of an answer. the writer is here to reveal his findings. he's the author of "the emperor of maladiese" as well. dr. nancy snyderman joins us as well. can i call you sid? >> short and sweet. >> the article looks at the debate of cell phones and brain cancer. you look at old studies and new studies. from what you have found so far
7:42 am
do you see definitively a connection betweenle cell phones and brain cancer? >> there are two major studies still pending, but as of now the evidence that moderate cell phone use has any link to brain cancer is very weak. >> you mention a recent study. you looked into people where their brain showed increased brain glucose activity immediately next to where the antenna would rest on their head. what is that? >> the brain uses glucose as fuel. >> right. >> so when cell phone users were exposed to cell phone activity some parts of the brain, you started metabolizing or using more fuel. >> what's the implication? >> we don't know. it turns out when we read a newspaper our brain blood glucose activity goes up and we don't think that causes cancerment whcancer. the activity shows some activity is registering in the brain on
7:43 am
cell phone use but the link to cancer is weak. >> it's a classic example where the conventional wisdom is, oh, if you put an antenna by your head you must be bringing in harmful rays and you'll cook your brain and get a rumor, but conventional wisdom doesn't mean it's science and the science -- over and over again -- has not shown a link. >> you reference another study where cell phone users were asked how often they use the phone and they either grossly overestimated or underestimated how much they use the phone. >> studies like this are typically tough to interpret. i go through it in my book in more detail. when they actually buried a software twice to measure the actual time users were using it turns out there was wide discrepancy. some people overreported, some people underreported. studies like this are tough to interpret. >> there is a distinction between different kinds of radiation.
7:44 am
ionizing and nonionizing. cell phones have nonionizing. what does that mean? >> the radiation that harms you is what we get with too many x-rays or cosmic rays. but the nonionizing, walking by the microwave, a lightbulb, a cell phone. there is no evidence that it harms you. these products have been out for a long period of time. we get radiation from everywhere. radon in the soil, the sunshine. we are bombarded with little bits but it's little bits over a time that don't seem to be a concern. it's blasts of radiation. japan is causing so much concern. at least for now, until something conclusive comes in we have to put the cell phone thing to rest. >> what are the studies you are looking at? >> one is from the national toxicology institute here and it's an animal study. it exposes animals to a long period of radiation of the kind emitted by cell phones and the other is from europe which takes
7:45 am
250,000 users and follows them forward in time. those are the studies. >> we may have the answer by the time we no longer use cell phones. we may be on to new technology. >> so with autism and vaccines, the debate will continue. >> there is no debate. vaccines don't cause autism. >> very clear. >> as two scientists we can say we have put that one to bed. we should take vaccines and autism and say, wow, great science, done, we have answered it. now let's take the science and apply the same rigorous material and put this one to bed. then go to the next one. one final thing, for people who haven't red ad sid's book, chun, wonderful, smart book. if you are interested in cancer, this is the book to read. >> take her on the road with you. >> it's a great read. >> thank you so much.
7:46 am
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would you take a craving for me, cartwright? how would i -- exactly. [ male announcer ] nicorette mini goes wherever you go, to help make quitting suck less. the royal wedding is two weeks away. while much attention will be focused on what kate middleton will be wearing, the guests will be in the spotlight as well. michelle kosinski has more on
7:49 am
that and new details about the wedding. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. just this morning reportedly there was a secret rehearsal at the abbey. now we know kate middleton and her family will spend the night before the wedding in a beautiful london hotel. she will leave the ho rtel precisely nine minutes before the ceremony begins that morning. there are about 2,000 people having to think of things like, do i wear the hat or the fascinator, walking stick or no walking stick? this is a rare occasion where you can embrace tradition. but you know the press will be looking out for the poster girl and guy of the faux pas. if ever there were a time to bust out with all the fancy finery, dandy dressing your imagination can muster it's a royal wedding.
7:50 am
a feast for the eyes where everyone -- and we mean everyone -- is expected to comply. top hats and kilts, towering head dresses of lace, oh, yeah. these are old traditions come out to strut. you may have a blackberry in your pocket, but it's a proper mourning suit for the guys. for the ladies, all the demure confections protocol can dream up. but, oh, there are rules. >> for the shoes, a plain oxford. very plain. >> like this? >> possibly with a tipped cap if you like. >> not fair. which means centuries old businesses are working overtime to get it just right. one pair hand made runs you $4,000. yearning for an umbrella or walking stick, the bunny one? go for it.
7:51 am
this hatter has been in business since 1676 and mad pretty well describes the mood of preparation here. >> my darling. it's like two, three nights. it's nonstop. >> reporter: avant-garde hat designer to royalties would love to go hog wild. but for this shin dig, he must restrain himself. >> i think you will have a problem getting through the doors of the abbey on this one. >> reporter: no whacky, no white. then there is the fascinator, a sea urchin for your head. they are everywhere. will somebody have their eyes poked out? >> beauty knows no pain. >> reporter: and for a once in a lifetime affair if you're going to shine, why not blind them a little? so you have shoe makers,
7:52 am
jewelers, old school umbrella makers getting ready for this. most remarkable is the art of hat making. after the '50s it went on a decline but it's back after decades with a vengeance. carl? >> michelle cosk skikosinski in thanks. i can see you in an egret feather hat. >> i tried some on. you're going to have one, right? >> oh, hello! >> we must. >> we have to celebrate. we're a little down today. "all my children" and "one life to live" both cancelled. >> after how many decades on the air? >> i remember i was in high school in 1970. i got mono and discovered "all my children." i was hooked. >> more importantly, how did you get mono? >> and natalie goes there.
7:53 am
>> my aunt marian. >> couldn't you have picked a different malady? >> that wasn't it! >> i was in "all my children." i played a wedding planner. june bellweather. arents went to. something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number one goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedicate it to my school. ♪ those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year.
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happy meals. the simple joy of helping. ♪ good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. the deadly gas explosion in san may have been started by a po r er company. they turned off a breaker. it could have caused a power breakdown and pressure surge on pg&e's peninsula pipeline two hours before the san bruno line exploded. they are investigating the blast and will issue a final report in september. meanwhile, we'll get a better idea of how the giants
7:57 am
fan attacked at the stadium is doing. doctors are slowly lowering his level of sedation and bringing him out of a medically induced coma. doctors will evaluate the extent of his head trauma. if all is well, he could wake up. our thoughts are with us. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you. we are going to see a nice weekend. whatever your plans might be, the weather is going to accommodate. a fair game for showers today. low pressure off to the north up there. a few on and off scattered showers are a possibility. enough sunshine for temperatures to climb into the upper 60s. right on top, the seasonal average is 65. 65 degrees in oakland. it gets better for the weekend. temperatures climbing into the 70s. we are at 73 degrees by sunday.
7:58 am
showers roll back into the bay as we head for your monday. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> a lot of folks heading up 17 and 101. right here by the water, 880 moves smoothly. the speeds in the 40s and 50s. volume increases there. to the north, 50s as well. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. we are starting to see the back-up forming. fast track lanes about mid-parking lot for the back up. a burst of traffic now. we'll follow this. >> sure will. more local news in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! ly at denny's. america's diner is always open. it's friday morning, april 15, 2001. do not panic. it's not saturday yet. those returns aren't due until monday. meantime we have a terrific crowd gearing up for the weekend in rockefeller plaza. i'm meredith vieira along with carl quintanilla and al roker. matt is off today. i have a question for you guys. when your wives were expecting how did you share the news with friends and family? >> phone calls, e-mails. >> we tried to tell as many people as we could face to face.
8:01 am
>> in this world of social media, some women are taking it far. it's called the wombtube phenomenon and not everyone is happy about the details coming out. >> also ahead the plastic surgery boom has been going on for years but not for women, for men. from nose jobs to hair transplants, even breast reductions. more guys are going under the knife. we'll talk about the trend. >> i wouldn't have to wear this manziere. fantastic. hoda will be having a very special guest coming up on the fourth hour. that's right, he is miley's dad. actor, singer, mr. billy ray cyrus. >> carl and i ran into him. i didn't realize he was doing the fourth hour. he looks fantastic. >> really good. >> that will be a fun hour for sure. let's get a look at the
8:02 am
headlines. >> good morning, everyone. tornado warnings are up this morning from louisiana to tennessee. a tornado last night claimed at least two lives and destroyed a school in tushka, oklahoma. an overnight storm killed at least four people including two children in western arkansas. the official in charge of the nation's aric traffic control system resigned under fire. four recent cases of controllers asleep on the job and there is a top to bottom review to restore public confidence. the house and senate gave approval thursday to a budget that cuts $38 billion in domestic spending for the rest of the fiscal year. 59 house republicans broke with their leadership and voted against it. a pro-palestinian peace activist from italy was found murdered in gaza one day after he was
8:03 am
kidnapped. they threatened to kill the man unless their leader was released. rescue officials say there were no survivors after a bus with 20 people on board was swept by a mud slide into a rain-swollen river in colombia. a new study by the arizona genetics company claims nearly half the samples collected from supermarkets were contaminated with staph. they said a quarter of samples had a form that's resistant to antibiotics. however health experts say most staph bacteria is killed with proper cooking. the go realrilla who became a m sensation by walking on his feet refused to stand tall but he did rip open gift wrapped boxes of snacks. he's a cutie. 8:03. now back outside to meredith and
8:04 am
carl. >> he is a cutie. >> we like him. >> we do. speaking of cuties, al roker has the weather. >> we have more cuties over here. a hop pi -- nbc here -- what? >> happy to nbc here! >> oh, i get it. 56 degrees in hartford, connecticut today. we have chilly conditions in the northeast. 30s, 40s, 50s. blizzard warnings in effect. in the southeast a risk of strong storms. another storm system brings rain and snow in the pacific northwest. sunny in phoenix. >> good morning to you. we're going to see a gorgeous
8:05 am
weekend. high pressure is the reason why. an interesting setup. the storm is just off to our north, driving that rain into the north bay, very close to the north bay right now with showers for the north part north of ukiah. most of the bay area will stay nice and dry and lots of sunshine for the second half of your day. 65 degrees today in oakland. 69 in san jose. and it just gets better as we head into your weekend. take a look at your temperatures. ooh, 73 degrees on sunday. the parkinson's unity walk. and you are -- >> ann cantore. >> daughter of jim cantore of the weather channel. >> yes. >> carl? >> thanks, al. up next, the wombtube phenomenon. some women sharing too much information about their pregnancies after this. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision,
8:06 am
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♪ did your brother have anything to do with this? no. yes. ♪ [ male announcer ] only walmart has low prices every day on everything you need. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. we are back at 8:09. getting pregnant is one of the biggest moments in any couple's life. we used to share the news with family and close friends but now new moms are bombarding facebook and twitter with everything from test results to cravings. it has people asking if they are revealing maybe a little too much. what used to be a private moment has become a public celebration. women finding out they are pregnant. this is just one of thousands of
8:10 am
videos on youtube, all part of a phenomenon that online magazine slate dubbed wombtube. it starts with expectant moms sharing positive pregnancy tests with everyone. >> it says that mama's fwon that have a baby! >> oh, my goodness. are you serious? >> we live in a culture of instant gratification. if you're happy about the positive test you want everybody to be happy with you. >> reporter: two decades ago demi moore was on vanity fair. christina aguilera and britney spears followed suit. but now pregnancy posts hit social media. maria carey recently showed her decorated baby bump and tori tweeted, dean and i are pregnant! >> there is a tiny line there. >> reporter: with many women it doesn't stop there. jennifer borget blogged about her pregnancy from discovering
8:11 am
the sex down to her swollen ankles. >> i started my blog a while before i became pregnant. i documented my pregnancy every week and posted videos about what i was experiencing and cravings i was having. >> reporter: are proud pregnant mamas oversharing? >> the good news about putting information on the internet, sharing your story is that it does demystify things for your friends, your family and for other women going through a similar situation. it's nothing to be ashamed of. on the other hand, you can take it too far. >> when i started this it was about writing, having an outlet to share what i'm going through. it's a fun way to look back and show my daughter, you know, this is what i was experiencing when i was pregnant with you. it's something she can have and remember forever. >> jill peach posted her results on youtube.
8:12 am
catherine bergdorf is a reproductive psychiatrist at cornell medical center. good morning. >> good morning. >> jill, you took a video where you are prepping, first drinking water. you go off camera, come back with the test result that showed you were pregnant. >> yes. >> why did you decide to do it? >> i suspected i was pregnant and i wanted to start the camera rolling in case the results were positive. went back, took the test and i held up the test and it was positive. you can see my joy and reaction to finding out the news. >> it's one thing to share the video with your husband or friends or family, but you did post it on youtube. did you have hesitation knowing that a lot of people you don't know would take a look at it? >> no hesitation at all. i think it's something to be celebrated. my husband and i are pro life. we begin life begins at conception and we wanted to celebrate publically with everyone at the conception and
8:13 am
life of our unborn son. we wanted to have people share in the joy with us. >> you continued to share through facebook with photographs through the entire pregnancy. >> yeah. >> let me ask you, do you see a problem with this? >> i think there is a potential downside. you may get comments. you may have gotten things that were negative that can make you feel bad. >> at a time when you are emotional to begin with. >> vulnerable. this is exciting news and you want to scream from the rooftop. now with social media you can. it wasn't always true. >> we actually posted a survey on this is interesting. 63% of people felt some moments like this should be kept private. i was surprised at the number of people that felt that way. >> everyone is entitled to their opinion. if they are not interested in seeing it, they shouldn't watch or they can delete it. but it's a nice opportunity for people to share and build community. i think it's validating when
8:14 am
you're pregnant. it's all about the pregnancy. you love talking with other people who are pregnant, hearing their stories and sharing. it's very affirming. >> did you get comments from people along the way that helped you through the pregnancy? >> everyone was overwhelmingly positive. there were a few negative messages i received. just, you know, people asking random questions about the video and stuff, but everybody was positive. as i documented my pregnancy through facebook with photographs and such, i had a big community of mothers who had already gone through it and were able to give me advice and encouragement along the way. >> there is something positive about that. when i was pregnant we didn't have all the social media but people were already coming up, touching your belly. >> it puts you in control of the information. on the other hand, it's out there forever. you can't take it back. i think you have to be thoughtful as you're posting,
8:15 am
thinking about what you are putting out there because there is no turning back. >> and there are times where pregnancy doesn't work out and you may be posting images and things take a turn for the worse. >> right. then you may not want to talk about it and you're out there and you have created a fan base and you're feeling upset. that can be hard. >> you gave birth to a little boy. >> mm-hmm. >> 15 months today. >> today. >> is this something you want to share with him? >> absolutely. i wanted him to know i was excited for his birth and his life with us. wanted to document it along the way. i even documented my birth. >> was that on youtube, too? >> it's private youtube video. >> that's where you draw your line then. >> yeah. >> it's an interesting discussion for sure. it's pretty controversial. thank you very much. up next, from facelifts to lipo,
8:16 am
why are men opting for plastic surgery? we'll get into that after this. [ male announcer ] there's a place where everyone feels at home. where the company, the conversation, and the food make all who enter feel welcome. a place that feels as warm with a crowd...
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♪ just touch my cheek before... ♪ [ nathan ] that was painful to watch. he needs a highlander. one that comes with a sweet rear-seat entertainment system. [ male announcer ] see the stylish new highlander at [ male announcer ] ragu, packed with two servings of veggies in every half cup of our now thicker, richer, healthy sauce. ragu has a great taste your family will love. ragu. feed our kids well. plastic surgery has long been considered a woman's domain, but last year men accounted for more than 1 million cosmetic procedures. what's driving them to go under the knife? here's nbc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: when it comes to staying in shape, 43-year-old steve does everything right -- running marathons and eating
8:20 am
smart. despite his diligence he wasn't happy with the man in the mirror and the love handles reflecting back. >> if someone's working out all the time, making the effort and they still can't get the results they want you can accept it or get some help. >> reporter: he opted more help. two and a half years ago he got liposuction around the mid section, shedding several inches and two pants sizes. he paid $15,000 for the procedure but gained so much more. >> it makes you feel a little more healthy, stronger and confident although i know it sounds vain to do it. but it made me happy. >> reporter: he's part of a growing boys club. men underwent more than 1.1 million cosmetic procedures last year. the highest number since 2005. the fastest growing surgeries, facelifts up 14%. liposuction up 7%. breast reductions up 6. men aren't just going under the knife. they are also facing the needle, the most popular procedures,
8:21 am
quick, cheap, nonsurgical tweaks. >> like laser hair removal and chemical peels and the king of them all, botox, by far the most popular of all cosmetic procedures for men. >> it will be a little stick right here. >> reporter: dr. norman rose says 20% of his patients are male. >> the saying that men age gracefully is well and fine, but men are saying, why? why do i have to age gracefully? why can't i try to remain youthful-looking? >> reporter: dr. rose says his patients come from all walks of life. from lawyers to mechanics to men in their 50s. >> makes you feel good? >> yeah. >> reporter: to those still in their 20s. >> i'm turning 30 in june. >> reporter: hoping to beat mother nature to the punch. >> i'm a strong believer in preventative measures. don't wait until the problem is there to fix it. >> reporter: the fix isn't cheap. this set of facial injections costs $2,400. but doctors say men are willing
8:22 am
to pay to get the beauty benefits long enjoyed by women. >> it will continue to grow. the stigma is falling by the wayside. the walls are crumbling. >> reporter: clearing the way for a growing group of men who want to look as good as they feel. for "today," mara schiavocampo, nbc news, new york. >> here to talk more about men and plastic surgery are psychiatrist dr. joshua winer and donny deutsch. for years there's been a term distinguished gray which is a compliment. why now are guys thinking, i have to do something about this? >> you know, i think there is the distinguished gray thing. it's a small minority and i will disagree with the doctor in the piece. i'm curious about that. there is a stigma. i have yet to hear a man talk about having any procedures done. while women will say, oh, i did this. and it's accepted. men are doing it, but i think there is a stigma to a man not in terms of what he does to his
8:23 am
body, exercising, staying young but having a procedure done. do what makes you feel good but we have a long way to go. >> you like to work out, take care of yourself. >> yes. >> people ask if you have had work done. >> i was telling a producer i lost weight. friends of mine said, donny got work done. made my skin crawl. i think there is a double standard for men. whatever works for you, but i think most men publically would have an issue coming out publically saying i have had work done. >> what do you think, doctor? >> the way you look has an impact on the way people treat you. this society values beauty and there are benefits that come with looking good. studies show people who are more attractive are viewed as smarter, social, more likely to get a job, make more money. >> the list of top procedures -- nose, eyelids, lipo, breast
8:24 am
reduction, hair transplants. that would suggest men are becoming as body conscious. >> looks matter in our society. as someone who's hired hundreds of people, you hire on performance but someone's overall attitude, vitality matter. but if i were interviewing a guy and it looked like he'd had work done i would go, hm. is there insecurity there? i'm contradicting myself because women can look like they have had work done and there is no problem. i would hire somebody with wrinkles but acted vital versus somebody with a face like this not acting vital. for me it's performance and how you act. >> if a man has had it, how willing are they to talk about it? if i had work would i tell you or would i tell a woman first? >> probably nobody. i think maybe you would tell a woman. but if you were to tell
8:25 am
somebody, i think that right now men still perceive it as a stigma. it's viewed as not macho, something reserved for women. i do see a generational shift. it wouldn't surprise me if in 10, 15, 20 years men are more comfortable with it. >> we are seeing a blur. if you go to skin care on television you see dove for men. you never would have seen this years ago. we are seeing the evolution. but the big picture and i will put men and women together. i don't know where, as a society, we start to celebrate this look, why it's better than wrinkles. i don't know why that's being sold to men or women. i don't get it. >> what do you think? >> i have a little thing here. we'>> b we'lletaf gk yoacr te r local news.
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. 8:26. i'm brent cannon. a woman is suing, claiming she was matched with a sex offender. she was sexually assaulted, she claims with alan paul wertzel, a registered sex offender and has served time for other sexual assaults against women. the site's attorney says screening would offer a false sense of security to other us users. weather and traffic, coming up after the break.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back. we'll see the sun today and it will warm us up into the upper 60s, low 70s in some cases. high pressure is in control of southern california and even our weather forecast here. up in the northernmost portion of the state, showers and low pressure that's actually getting really close to the north bay. some of these spotty cells may sneak on shore as we head throughout the morning hours and
8:29 am
this afternoon as well. nothing heavy. won't be a washout. we'll still climb to 67 in santa rosa. even better this weekend. let's check your drive with mike inouye. northbound 880 and westbound 580. oakland, heavier volume, of course. through baerkly an accident involving a motorcycle and suv. sounds like the motorcycle was laying in the lane for a while, but now it's up. big backups heading to that scene. oakland, pretty standard for friday. more local news in half an hour and the "y"da show returns in less than a minute. ho
8:30 am
8:30 now on friday morning. it's april 15, 2011. you know, you never know who's going to drop by the plaza. penguins of the new live stage
8:31 am
version of the hit show "madagascar." we have a live performance. i'm meredith vieira along with carl quintanilla, natalie morales and al roker. welcome back. >> thank you. good to be back. >> matt and ann have the day off. coming up, living with autism. >> a family who turned to an innovative program when dealing with asperger's shares their stair. >> and the scottos are here with great recipes to save us money. >> like that. what's he doing? >> they are crazy. >> it starts already. >> does he even own a belt? and a reminder, the royal wedding is just two weeks away. meredith will be kicking off our special coverage monday, april 25, live from london. then we are all going to join
8:32 am
meredith for the last-minute preparations on thursday. on the big day, set your alarms bright and early. we're going to be broadcasting live at 4:00 a.m. eastern, 1:00 a.m. pacific time. we'll send you complete coverage as william and kate tie thenata week. >> i get the early preview. >> and we have a party, too. >> she's going to go potty. i think you just did. >> the weather. >> oh, look at that cutie. >> so cute! >> let's check your weekend. we have a risk of strong storms along the midatlantic, southeastern atlantic coast. we have showers in the pacific northwe northwest. sunny and hot in california. cold in new england.
8:33 am
sunday, sunday, more morning showers in the new england area. rain in the pacific northwest. hot from the southwest into texas. sunny and warm through the gulf and mild and sunny in the midatlantic states. good morning to you. our temperatures will be pretty nice this afternoon. it is a little bit cloudy out there. we'll see a few scattered light showers in the north bay as we head through this afternoon. i think that, though, it won't be a washout by any standard. as we head throughout the weekend, our temperatures will be able to climb into the 70s. 73 is the forecasted high by sunday. little rain on the way by monday. overall, we're starting out a warm, dry trend that will bring temperatu temperatures up into the 80-degree range toward the end of next week. after this bout on monday, it looks like we'll stay dry and high for quite a while. and lows of raising a child with autism. one family shares their journey. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
back at 8:35. this morning on "today's health" living with an autism spectrum disorder. there are currently no cures but kids can progress and learn new skills. dr. nancy snyderman has one family's journey. >> reporter: for families living with an autistic child these scenes may be too familiar. >> you don't control my brain. >> reporter: 10-year-old alex was diagnosed with a form of autism called asperger's and the diagnosis consumed the household. >> we tried really, really hard but when alex has those moments it's unmanageable. he gets upset, crying, locks himself in the room. >> i'm sick of fighting with you over homework, alex.
8:37 am
>> reporter: exhausted and defeated tara and chris cline reached out to the autism partnership's rescue program. a week-long intensive intervention, sometimes referred to as the super nanny for autism. >> if they can help us accomplish in a week what they are saying they can, i think we'll be okay. >> reporter: the behavior consultant arrived to help tara and chris regain control of the home. >> the hope is by the end of the week they will have skills to really address the behaviors as they come out. >> reporter: she spends the first day observing alex's everyday routine and learning triggers that set him off. then it's time to make serious changes. >> that makes you feel sad. let's find a spot for it. >> reporter: first clearing out alex's room of distractions to
8:38 am
make it a calming, relaxing place. >> i want to practice showing you what being relaxed is. >> reporter: then it's time to teach the family an established technique called the applied behavior analysis. it's a reward system that helps children with autism in the hopes of changing behavior. >> perfect. you got through the first page. that was exactly what i asked you to do. that was perfect. >> reporter: the week didn't come without rough moments. but laticia brought the family together and taught them techniques for handling alex when he struggles with behavior. >> we had gotten to a point where i didn't know what to do. i was desperate. this week has been amazing. >> i just hope they are really able to continue working hard and continue with their
8:39 am
commitments for making sure that alex stays on track. >> there is no cure for autism. but they really did heal our family. >> reporter: alex is with us along with his parents chris cline and tara kennedy cline. dr. nancy is here as well. >> meredith, thank you. >> tara, things have been tough in the house. you were thinking about medication for alex. was this a last resort? >> it was, yeah. it came at a time that it was a blessing actually. we didn't know where to turn. we didn't know what to do. we looked at alternative schooling for him. yeah, medication was a last resort. we had applied to this program and this one day when we were at our wit's end we got a reply to an e-mail survey we filled out saying we were chosen. >> you never know if things will work or not, chris. it's been three weeks. how is alex doing? >> it's improved a lot. it's a lifestyle change for us. changing the behaviors.
8:40 am
you know, i say to tara that, you know, i haven't raised my voice in five weeks. >> alex likes that. >> absolutely. >> i think the key is it's the subtle change we have seen. it wasn't a step change. it was more subtle but it has improved. >> alex, are you seeing changes? are you feeling better? >> yeah. better by a lot, i guess. >> really? in what way? >> i'm not getting as mad. i can tell when i'm mad. i can tell how mad. i know how to calm myself down and my parents help me with it. >> that's one of the most important things right there. >> absolutely. >> alex, i noticed that before we started talking before meredith asked a question you took a really deep breath. do you do that? >> that's what i use to calm down. also i take many deep breaths
8:41 am
and once when i was doing it i was yawning sometimes. and i was told that means like you're, like, really calm. >> what's the science behind it? >> the science is becoming increasingly established. over the last 15, 20 years we realized behavioral therapy, the earlier the better, makes a difference. these are very, very bright children. i have argued for years it's the school system that doesn't know how to adapt to kids as bright on the autism or asperger's spectrum. we expect kids to fit in a little block. when it doesn't work they fall through the cracks. not only does the behavioral therapy work, early intervention matters. it's very state by state. and a lot of times it isn't paid for by insurance. >> this isn't available in every state? >> it is available everywhere
8:42 am
but you get more support in some states. in california, for instance, the state support is extraordinary. in other states it's not so great. >> what's with the tickets, alex? i want some of those. >> when i do good at things my parents like, they give me tickets. my mom made something where i do something in a chore or something without being asked and i do something really good it's like a golden ticket. i get five of these for it. >> what would it take for you to give one to meredith? do you give them away or keep them? >> i keep them. >> you're a smart guy. >> and sometimes actually usually things that i do my parents have me cash in tickets for them. when i get enough -- it takes a certain amount of tickets and i try getting enough to do it. >> there you go. are you confident that it's going well? >> it's awesome. computer time was a struggle for us and now it's not an issue.
8:43 am
i think this will be a lifestyle change that we are making. it's just been tremendous for the family. >> we wish you the best. alex, hold onto those tickets, okay? >> thank you so much. >> thank you. for more on the autism partnership's rescue program, log onto up next, the scottos cook up party and affordable recipes your family will love. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
today's cooking school is brought to you by ragu, feed our kids well. >> this morning on today's cooking school, hearty recipes that won't tax your wallet. here to help are marion, john, anthony and elena scotto.
8:46 am
good morning to you all. >> hey. >> these are foods you can really save money on, right? doesn't cost a lot. >> they are economical and easy to make. each recipe is easy. >> we are starting with mini ca calzoneses. >> we make these at fresco. john has the filling first. >> we have spinach sauteed with olive oil and garlic. we have three cheeses. provolone, mozzarella and ricotta. put it in, mix it all together. >> and the dough only costs $3. >> you don't have to make the dough. this is store bought pizza dough. >> don't worry about me. now here i have mixed it together. let's go back to my mother. >> now i get snooki's dough.
8:47 am
>> do you want us to leave? >> i want us to put it on the pizza dough. i egg white it so it's easy to fold. >> wrap it and -- >> wrap it and snooki -- >> now you could fry it or bake it. three minutes in the pan. >> good. >> come to fresco. we have it all the time. >> hi, anthony. this is your beautiful daughter gabriella. we are making meat loaf. have you maid de it before? >> yes, at grandma's we all do. >> what makes it meat loaf? >> fennel and meat. >> we don't need you. >> ground beef, parmesan cheese and garlic.
8:48 am
you have bread at home, dump in milk. use that instead of bread crumbs. you have eggs at home. >> of course. >> all the recipeses are on the website. then we have carrot, fennel and celery. add that with parsley, basil and oregano. we're going to form it like this. >> you put lentils in, too? >> yes. >> they're precooked? >> they are. i like cooking the vegetables. mom likes them crunchy. >> what do you think? >> i'm with my dad. >> i'll take care of you later. >> cook it for half an hour, 45 minutes. >> ketchup and worcestershire sauce. >> o really? >> yep. adds a nice flavor. >> and you have dessert? >> saving cash here?
8:49 am
>> we have nutella rice pudding. my mom was everything tastes better with nutella. we have heavy cream, milk, arborio rice, cinnamon and, of course -- >> wow. >> we add the nutella. al, if you can whisk eggs for me. add sugar and vanilla. this is a two-step process. so we add this all together. we'll mix it well. my rice needs to cook for 15 minutes. >> right. >> it will cook, simmer down. >> al dente then? >> a little, yes. then we'll temper some of the warm mixture into your -- we don't want scrambled eggs. >> water bath, 40 minutes. >> amazing. >> that's italian. >> thank you. for more recipes of course, head to and click on food.
8:50 am
up next, a special performance on the plaza from the cast of "madagascar live." first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
>> announcer: "the toyota concert series" on today, brought to you by toyota. >> if you like "madagascar" you
8:52 am
are sure to love a new stage show that opens tonight at radio city music hall. it runs through april 24. ladies and gentlemen, the cast of "madagascar live." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ from the bottom to the top ♪ it's a buffet that never stops ♪ ♪ one on hit consumes another ♪ you best look out ♪ he's gonna get you brother ♪ the chain ♪ i'm talking about the food chain ♪ ♪ hey, hey ♪ no time to rest ♪ you might be next on the food chain ♪ ♪ so you can try to change it ♪ no way to rearrange it
8:53 am
♪ it's all laid out ♪ best to run as fast as you can ♪ ♪ you're in pain ♪ the lion is the top of the food chain ♪ ♪ it's the food chain ♪ yeah ♪ you better watch your back, yeah ♪ ♪ get down, come on >> hey, you come on. i'm not a killer. i'm just a thriller. come on. i love you guys! ♪ ♪ he says he loves you ♪ just remember ♪ he's one above you ♪ in the chain ♪ he's on the food chain
8:54 am
♪ food chain ♪ you're on the menu ♪ it's the food chain ♪ no time to rest ♪ you might be next ♪ on the food chain [ cheers and applause ] >> good singing, maurice. now we have something very important. and that's to show everyone on "today" how we move it when we move it in "today." so let's do it! ♪ move it ♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ she likes to move it, move it ♪ ♪ we like to move it ♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ she likes to move it, move it ♪ ♪ he likes to move it, move it ♪ we like to move it ♪ here in madagascar we get
8:55 am
funky and loud ♪ ♪ we can shake it ♪ move it up, move it down ♪ so do it ♪ there's nothing to it ♪ even the lemurs and maurice can babaloo it ♪ ♪ they take you low, low ♪ they take you high, high ♪ you feel so good ♪ you can't deny ♪ let's prove it ♪ everybody jump ♪ everybody up ♪ everybody bump everybody's rump ♪ ♪ everybody up ♪ everybody jump ♪ everybody bump everybody in the rump ♪ ♪ boom! boom! >> i like it! ♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ he likes to move it, move it ♪ she likes to move it, move it ♪ ♪ we like to -- move it [ cheers and applause ] >> the cast of "madagascar live," thanks. the show opens tonight at radio ack after hall through april b
8:56 am
your we are back after your local news. [ wheezing breaths ]
8:57 am
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back now with more of "today" on a beautiful friday morning. a little on the chilly side. april 15, 2011. great crowd gathered here on rockefeller plaza. great way to kick off a spring weekend. i'm al roker along with tamron hall and carl quintanilla. ann and matt are on vacation. elsewhere in the country it's been a deadly, dangerous day and continues that way today. more storms on the way. tornadoes from louisiana. it was a real mess out there.
9:01 am
at least five people. now maybe six have been killed in the storms from arkansas to oklahoma. we'll get the latest on that. then on a different note we'll check out the real estate market to see what's been going on there. barbara corcoran will be showing us from california to texas, maine to georgia what homes that are less than $400,000 are bringing in these days. we'll give you an idea what your house is worth. >> and spring has sprung. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's time to take care of your skin and get in shape for fun in the sun. we are talking bare legs and arms. we'll tell you what you need to make sure your sun is supple and soft. oh, the ladies like that. >> can i do it, too? >> and the guys like it, too. >> also a few weeks until the royal wedding until prince william and kate say "i do." it's not all about the dress though. there is a frenzy in london.
9:02 am
it's all about guests and guests of guests. what's appropriate to wear to a royal wedding? we'll show you how london is putting its best fashion foot forward. >> later on in the next hour, hoda has a special guest host -- mr. achey-breaky heart himself, the dad of miley, mr. billy ray cyrus. first a check on what's going on as far as the news headlines. for that we turn to natalie morales. >> good morning, everyone. tornado warnings this morning from louisiana to tennessee and deadly storms overnight have claimed at least six lives. eric fisher has the latest from tushka, oklahoma. eric, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this is the scene around us here. total destruction at a schoolyard. really all of it levelled by a tornado that had winds over 100 miles per hour. some of the folks in town are surveying the advantage. you can see the tree that fell
9:03 am
here. the only thing in one piece, as it should be, is the storm cell cellar. that was the safe place to be as sirens went off across eastern oklahoma. we have video of some of the twisters woshing their way across the state. the most violent of all, we even had twin twisters at times in super cells. it was a classic spring storm event. the storms are working to the east. the sirens were in numerous places including tulsa, oklahoma. all of this in alabama, mississippi and louisiana. we'll track severe weather to the east coast. exiting finally to the ocean by the time we get to saturday afternoon. that's the latest from tushka. natalie, back to you. >> a busy spring, eric. thank you very much. the official in charge of the nation's air traffic control system resigned under pressure on thursday. hank rakowski was stung by recent cases of controllers asleep on the job. meantime the f.a.a. has launched a top to bottom review to ensure safety and restore public
9:04 am
confidence. the house and senate gave final approval thursday to a budget that cuts $38 billion in domestic spending for the rest of the fiscal year. 59 house republicans who wanted deeper cuts broke with their leadership and voted against it. ford is expanding the recall of the f-150 truck that's a top-selling vehicle in the country. earlier this year, ford announced a recall involving 144,000 vehicles. the latest recall covers 1.2 million f-150s from 2004 to 2006 due to an electrical short that can stop the air bags from inflating. for more information head to our website, a new and rare united front from france, britain and the u.s. after days of public disagreement over the course of things in libya. moammar gadhafi remains defiant, apparently parading through the streets of tripoli yesterday in an as you. his daughter appeared before supporters declaring libya will
9:05 am
not be defeated by nato. japan ordered the operator of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant to pay an initial $12,000 to each household forced to evacuate due to leaking radiati radiation. for tens of thousands of displaced residents the amount is slammed at insufficient. teachers slept on the roof of a maryland middle school to help raise money for disaster relief in japan. they promised the stunt to students if they could raise at least $500 for japan. the world's oldest man died thursday at a nursing home in great falls, montana. retired railroad clerk walter bruneid was 114 years old. he remembered his grandfather telling him firsthand stories about the civil war. walter's secret to a long life, two meals a day and embrace change, even when it slaps you in the face. good advice. it's the grand debut of twin bear cubs in ukraine. they were taken from their
9:06 am
mother after zoo keepers became concerned she may eat them. the trainers say they will never be separated as long as they live. oh! that's the cutest video ever. it is now five minutes past the hour. now to al with a check of the weather. >> and one will grow up to steal picnic baskets. >> most likely. >> let's see what's happening. we have more severe weather to talk about. in fact, we have a tornado watch now stretching from parts of louisiana all the way up into tennessee. that's going to last until 3:00 this afternoon. behind the system, we have stuff, too. we have a strong risk of storms from jackson to birmingham, montgomery as far north as decatur, illinois. a risk of tornadoes. three to five inches of rain locally. then to the westnd a north behind the system. we've got blizzard warnings. parts of the north central plains with anywhere from three inches to a foot of snow. winds of 55 miles per hour.
9:07 am
happy spring. we are going to see a happy, spring-like weekend around here. 65 in oakland for today. it's kind of cool and cloudy out there right now. we will see breaks of sunshine, enough to warm us up into the 60s, even 70s today. forecast high in livermore, 67. up in santa rosa. as we head through your weekend, we will warm up. 73 for sunday. little bit of rain on the way for monday. we really warm up next week. hope you have a fantastic weekend. traditional colonial we have five great houses to show you. barbara corcoran is here this morning. good to see you. >> good houses again today, al. >> in marietta, georgia, a
9:08 am
four-bedroom home priced at $349,900. >> 45 minutes from the great city of atlanta which everyone seems to love. it's a haven for outdoorsy types like runners, bike rs and rowers. the cape cod charmer looks to me like it's sitting on top of a green fluffy pin cushion. i never saw a house on that pop up of land like that. inside it's in meticulous condition. gleaming wood floors but for some reason they are covered with white carpet. >> >> would you pull up the carpet? >> i don't want to tell them that, but no one wants your carpeting. the kitchen has nice mexican tiles we'll see in a minute. looks like they have never made a meal in there. it's begging for a cookie jar or a toaster. that's taking neatness a bit too far. there is a four season room which is huge and almost is another whole house.
9:09 am
it has sunny skylights and if you look in the backyard another big bonus pool. that's beautiful. it's meticulous and has a huge amount of property that comes with the house. remember, it's only $349. >> nice deal. let's go to hastings, minnesota. this is a four-bedroom home priced at $365,000. >> the name hastings was pulled out of a hat. i didn't know how towns got named. outside the house is neat as a pin, well landscaped and newly planted. i think they did a nice job on it. it has bright red accent walls here and there throughout the house that make a difference. it's beige but the accent walls help. it's a simple living room with a gas fireplace. the kitchen has wood cabinets, hickory floors, a dining area next to the kitchen. lots of wood there. outside i think there is the best part of the house. that's the backyard. there is a covered patio, lush
9:10 am
lawn and a second floor deck that's nearly as big as the house. it runs all the way around the house. >> looks like a golf course. >> but you don't have to pay a lot of taxes because taxes are cheap there. >> up to new england. portland, maine. the beautiful city of -- i'm sorry, texas. katy, texas. 389,000. i should have been thinking about katy. she was here earlier. this is a five bedroom house. >> an award winning school district. what's nice is it has its own pools, water park, tennis park, beach club and a golf course in the neighborhood. that's a big texas-sized brick house. almost 4,400 square feet big. the garage on the right -- a little one is recessed which allows for extra covered parking. everything is big. the entry has soaring ceilings. i don't know how tall they are. they couldn't get a ladder tall enough to count them.
9:11 am
winding staircase. the living room has double height ceilings there. tall arched windows and a fireplace you see over there. you can barely see it. the oversized formal dining room has new carpeting. i love the big windows. once you see the new carpeted dining room, somewhere, if it's coming -- ah-ha. obviously they have neat friends, no kids or something. i can't imagine living with carpet in the dining room. crown molding and wainscoting. a nice fresh white kitchen. but does anybody cook there? they are the neatest kitchens i have ever seen. get me a cookie jar there, too. >> i like the breakfast nook. it's better than the dining room. i guess the kids eat there. out back a covered patio with two ceiling fans for summer in texas which you need. >> now portland, maine. four bedrooms, $399,000.
9:12 am
>> it's a hip artsy town with a working port and lots of new england character. this is a custom built home. it has a nice open floor plan. comes with the american flag included in the price. i think the pale yellow paint inside the house, you will see it makes the whole house look sunny and cozy. frankly it's a great trick to use in a house that's not sunny. it fools people every time. i like the shiny maple floors throughout the house. they are all brand new. the dining room is lovely. the living room, va lanced windows you will see throughout the house. odd but they work. the kitchen is new england all the way with a breakfast bar. >> no cookie jar. >> but that's a great kitchen. looks like people use it and this house has a one bedroom, one bath with a full kitchen apartment. that wribrings in $1200 a month >> and out to california. >> you're rushing me.
9:13 am
>> faster! >> a mid century modern design at its best. in a cul-de-sac with shimmering mountain views throughout. inside an open floor plan. the windows make it feel higher. the white stone floors work in this house. it has a thoroughly modern kitchen. brand new and stainless steel farmer's sink. frosted glass cabinets. and out back, this is a knock out. i thought it was a fake picture. it looks like a movie. it's a pristine sunken patio with tall palm trees that look like they are reaching to the m moon and back. who wouldn't sit there and be happy? nobody! >> nobody. for those of you on the east coast, barbara will stick around for the next hour for a live web chat. that's cool. head to and your real estate questions for babs. up next, get your skin ready
9:14 am
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9:16 am
their skin looked with new dove visible care... there was only one question. ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash. ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun >> this morning getting your skin ready for summer. before you put on the tanks and tees it's important that your skin recover from the dryness
9:17 am
and dullness of winter. debra watenburg is a dermatologist. good morning. >> good morning. >> too soon to get ready for summer? >> never too soon. after winter your skin will be dry, flaky. it's a great time to start. >> you have five tips for us to go through to get people started. first thing is to evaluate your skin. what are we looking for? >> skin is a living organ and it changes according to your diet, how much you sleep, what the environment is doing and things you have been doing in the winter won't necessarily work in the summer. it may make your skin too oily, too dry. you have to evaluate. look at your skin, figure out if you need to change toner, moisturizer, exfoliate. those are things to look for. >> good timing to look for moles or things that have not been there. >> a body check is important this time of year. be sure to go into a room that's really well lit. use mirrors to look in your scalp, behind your ears, head to
9:18 am
toe, between your toes and everywhere else. you are looking for irregular moles -- size, color, shape, border, acemetery, pimples that don't go away. have them evaluated. it's a great time to make sure everything you have on your body is safe. >> start using sunscreen. if you have left overs from last year, does that work this year? >> use sunscreen 365 days a year, but not everybody pays attention to the rules that we recommend. especially this time of year people come in with sun burns all the time. look at the expiration dates. most have a shelf life of two, three years. if your product is lasting that long you're not using enough. use enough to get the spf you need. >> people get confused. is 15 enough, does a higher number mean more protection? >> a 15 blocks 93% of the sun's
9:19 am
rays. with a 30 you block out only 97% so you don't get a big jump by doubling the spf. but most people don't apply enough. if you apply a little bit and your sunscreen lasted from last summer to this summer if you go with a higher number you are less likely to make a mistake. it helps you to avoid the chance of getting a sun burn by going with a higher number. >> if you get a burn you advice what? >> use cool compresses, milk or water compresses. apply high dro cortisone creams. take aspirin or advil. if you have blisters, you're peeling, your skin is inflamed or irritated, see a doctor. you don't want scars. >> we talked about looking for things that are irregular for the body check. you need to look at your medications. maybe if you were prescribed something in the winter it could have a reaction with the sun.
9:20 am
>> specifically antibiotics. tetracycline, doxycycline, retinol and glycolic acids make people sensitive to the sun. people that didn't think they needed a high spf have discolorations and burns. >> important to exfoliate. why? >> if you don't, the top player of skin will just stay and make your skin look dull. you can eliminate it mechanically by doing a chemical peel, micro determine abrasion or the mild scrubs from the drugstore or do it chemically with retin-a or retinol or glycolic acid to get rid of the dead skin on your face and body
9:21 am
and make the products you use and the procedures you do work. >> bring back the summer glow. good to have you here. still to come, what should you wear to a royal wedding? the eyes of the world may be on the bride, but the guests have to get it just right as well. more on that after these messages. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge. took some crazy risks as a kid. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. 80% of people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol. lipitor is a cholesterol lowering medication, fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems.
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a place that feels as warm with a crowd... as it does with just a friend. it's a place you'll find town house crackers. because they're part of what makes your place the place. ♪ welcome to town house. where good times reside. sometimes you go to our "today" offices and find candy there. >> seems we celebrate something special every day whether it's a birthday, new baby, you name it there are cookies and ice cream all over. >> and candy. is it a gesture of friendship or punishment for those trying to be mindful of what they eat? how could chocolate with peanut butter ever be cruel? >> it's the empty calories, mindless eating. >> true. you just find yourself doing
9:25 am
that. the question really is self-control here. it's about learning how to pull yourself away. >> on a bad day nothing makes you feel happier than chocolate. >> that's true, especially with reese's peanut butter inside. >> ironically c up. om up. >> how to lose weight on a no diet diet. this is really good. great flavor! it's really creamy, it's really tasty. ooh! wow! jamie lee curtis! it's activia! it's delicious. i am shocked. it's hard to believe it's that good for you. it's so good. try the fabulous taste of activia today. taste it, love it, or it's free! and now discover activia dessert. in rich indulgent flavors like strawberry cheesecake. try activia dessert today. ♪ activia
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8 hours of sleep is great, when you can get it. new almay wake-up makeup. hydrating water, cooling cucumber, and nourishing minerals refresh your skin, giving you an all over, well-rested look. so every day starts with glowing, hydrated skin. only from almay. only for me. good morning once again, everybody. time now is 9:26. san jose police have identified a suspect in the city's 13th homicide of the year. they say he murdered jeffrey molanio march 23rd, who was in the parking lot of a strip mall on lu in. dy avenue when he was approached. the two exchanged words and soth aeldly pulled out a handgun and
9:27 am
shot him. he is considered armed and dangerous. pg & e has to fix and repair its aging pi pipeline and you're going to pay for it. rate hike over the next four years will pay for repairs and maintenance of its natural gas system. the average resident customer will see their bill go up about 35 cents a month to start with. but by 2014, you could be paying $7 more per month then than you do now. it's likely pg & e will ask for more hikes after the investigation is settled.
9:28 am
good morning to you. feels a little bit more like the afternoon from earlier this week. 60 in sunnyvale. we'll climb to the mid 60s by noon. 64 in san jose.
9:29 am
a few showers may be sneaking on shore in the north bay. we're watching for that all weekend long. 3:00 to 4:00 pm, our highs will usually register this time of year. we're up to the mid 70s by this weekend. let's check in with mike. >> thank you, christina. we had a sig alert for a short time, couple of lanes blocked. the accident cleared. east shore freeway, the other accident in san pablo has cleared. slow in berkeley. live 880, past the coliseum. very big slowdowns now. two reports of a disabled vehicle northbound. it's the same incident, that vehicle has moved from the roadway but very slow out of san leandro. beautiful there. >> thanks, mike. >> more news in half an hour. the "today" show returns.
9:30 am
you're a beauty. your skin's a little try. maybe you should take care of that. first thing you notice about a woman's age is her skin. >> teen girls swooned over edward cullen in the "twilight" movies but robert pattinson stars in "water for elephants" with reese witherspoon. we'll talk about his life and career monday. you can assume a huge crowd of screaming girls will be on the plaza monday. >> lester and me, too. >> holding the team edward
9:31 am
signs. >> lots of female elephants saying, what's this about the skin? >> very offended elephants. meanwhile, coming up it's not just the royal family going out and getting ready for the wedding but londoners are in a tizzy whether it's to find the right hat, the right shoes and show off at the wedding. we'll get the latest on the preparations for the big day. >> plus, we are parents. of course you were motivated by your mom, by some sort of a bribe at some point. research shows offering rewards may actually have the opposite effect that parents want and create bigger problems down the line. we're going to give advice on better ways to help our kids learn good behavior. >> that's interesting. also ahead, you have to eat to lose weight. it's what you eat that makes the difference. we'll get diet advice from dr. ian smith. first, you know him as the man
9:32 am
jamming at the grand ole opry. >> brought down the house. >> you see how that worked. i had to come back to my old job. >> soon enough they will call you back. >> i keep playing, somebody will hire me. hey, it happened here. >> he's here until thursday. >> coming up this weekend on "today" we have a lot on our plate. we have a long-time crime mystery. some of you remember lizz lizzy borden with the ax. but did she kill her parents? plus, a young woman struggling with food addiction is urged to seek help. we're there to see if she'll say yes. and the snow boarding toddler. 3 years old at the time of the olympics. he had just started before this. now he's 4 and competing in the national championships. >> get out! >> incredible. >> it's huge. tune in this weekend.
9:33 am
>> look at him. >> that may have been the camera person. >> but he was in front of the camera. >> wow. >> the grand ole opry is calling. >> did you see that? whatever. >> just figure it out. >> get him out of here. >> no, really, get out! >> we love lester. >> all right. the gig is up, lester. >> al has a check of the weather. >> you came here for this. anyway, we love lester. let's check your weather and see what's happening for the weekend. we have a risk of strong storms along the midatlantic coast later tomorrow. we have wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot through the southwest. windy and cold in new england. rainy around the great lakes. sunday, more rain in the morning and northeast of new england, rain in the pacific northwest. the heat continues from texas to the southwest. beautiful weather south coast to the midatlantic states with
9:34 am
well, we're significantly warmer at this time than we were at this time yesterday morning. 54 degrees right now in oakland. you may not even need that jacket, in places like sunnyvale by noon, climbing into the mid 60s across the bay area. we'll round out the day with a couple of 70s popping up on your weather map today. beautiful weekend. you'll want to get on outdoors if you can. 73 comfortable degrees on sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. up next, what do you wear to the wedding of a lifetime? we all want to know. first these messages. it's a breath of fresh air.
9:35 am
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tropicana pure premium now comes in a clear bottle so you can see how much goodness is squeezed inside. ♪ good morning tropicana. the world's best juice never looked better. two weeks from today the world will watch the royal wedding and while much of the attention will be on what kate middleton is wearing the guests will be in the spotlight as well. michelle kosinski has more on that and details about the wedding. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: hi, tamron. this morning there was a rehearsal at the abbey and now we know kate middleton and her family will spend the night before the wedding in a beautiful london hotel. she'll leave precisely nine minutes before the ceremony starts. right now around the world 2,000 people are coming to the wedding having to think about things like, do i wear the hat or the fascinator, walking stick, no
9:39 am
walking stick? this is one of the rare occasions you can embrace tradition in all its glory. it's like the senior prom for aristocrats. you know the press will be looking at who will be the next poster girl or guy for the faux pas. if ever there were a time to bust out with all the fancy finery, dandy dressing your imagination can muster it's a royal wedding. a feast for the eyes where everyone -- and we mean everyone -- is expected to comply. top hats and kilts, towering headresses of lace, oh, yeah. these are old traditions come out to strut. you may have a blackberry in your pocket, but it's in a proper mourning suit for the guys. for the ladies, all the demure confections protocol can dream up.
9:40 am
but, oh, there are rules. >> for the shoes, a plain oxford. very plain. >> like this? >> possibly with a tipped cap if you like. >> not fair. which means centuries old businesses are working overtime to get it just right. one pair hand made runs you $4,000. yearning for an umbrella or walking stick, the bunny one? go for it. this hatter has been in business since 1676 and mad pretty well describes the mood of preparation around this ancient town. >> my darling. it's like two, three nights. it's nonstop. >> reporter: avant-garde hat designer to royalty buoy mariet would love to go hog wild. but for this shin dig, he must restrain himself. >> i think you will have a problem getting through the doors of the abbey on this one. >> reporter: no whacky, no
9:41 am
white, no tiaras for nonroyals. you must not cross the line. >> it doesn't grow on you. i can tell. >> reporter: then there is the fascinator, a sort of sea urchin for your head. they are everywhere. will somebody have their eyes poked out? >> beauty knows no pain. >> reporter: and for a once in a lifetime affair if you're going to shine, why not blind them a little? so you have old school shoe makers, jewelers, umbrella makers all getting ready for this. what's most remarkable is the art of hat making. after the 1950s it went on a steep decline for decades but designers say it is back with a vengeance. get ready, tamron. >> michelle, i hope you bought at least one of the hats. you look amazing in them. everyone doesn't look good in a hat but you do. we'll take up a collection and get you one. thank you, michelle. up next, the pros and cons of rewarding children for good
9:42 am
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9:45 am
an additional $1,000 bonus cash. this morning on parenting today, risk and reward. promising your child a gold star or a treat may seem harmless but is positive reinforcement the best way to teach kids about good behavior? parenting expert amy mccredie is here to explain how even small rewards can backfire. we have a chart with stars for our son and you're saying it's maybe not a great wrd? >> first off, you are not alone. you may get short-term compliance with reward, but there are long-term problems. >> like what? >> for one, when we reward kids we let them know that i don't have confidence in your ability or willingness to behave or do certain tasks without a reward. used consistently the rewards create a "what's in it for me"
9:46 am
attitude. we create reward monsters who think, why would i do that without reward? >> exactly. >> the idea is you want to try to motivate them without that. the other problem is after a point those rewards start to lose their luster. >> they do. at first a sticker is exciting. but then you have to go to a quarter or a trip to the park. >> before you know it, you're at a car. >> it's a slippery slope and soon we can't afford these people. >> how do you get around that? what do you do? >> an interesting thing to know, in fact, this is one of the big problems with rewards. it erodes the child's interest in doing that activity or behavior in the first place. >> there was a study that showed that. >> yes. well known research showed when they took preschoolers who loved to draw and encouraged the kids to draw, but a group were rewarded for drawing. the kids who were rewarded for drawing actually showed less interest along the way.
9:47 am
their spontaneous drawing decreased by 50% and the quality of work decreased. the rewards have the opposite effect of what was intended. >> external motivation may short term work but long term you may have a problem. >> it may not seem like a big deal but research shows kids raised on rewards are more materi materialistic, and influenced by peers. not good for the kids. >> how do we reinforce good behavior? >> ban the sticker charts and rewards. instead, use three simple but powerful strategies. the first is to foster the internal motivation through encouragement. instead of doling out m & ms for going potty, encourage your kids by saying, wow, i used to have to help you pull your pants up and down and now you do it on your own! kids are born motivated. they want to learn, contribute.
9:48 am
they don't need a reward for that. >> what's the when-then thing? >> there are things kids aren't motivated to do. use a when-then. when your room is clean, then you can play outside. that's not a reward. it's structuring routine so yucky stuff is done before the desirable parts of the routine. >> if good behavior isn't happening they have to know there are consequences. >> yes. let them know iffed e-- in adva some consequences won't apply. >> what if schools use reward? >> schools use trips to the treasure box. recognize you can't control what goes on at school. you can control what goes on in your home. get rid of the sticker charts and use the strategies, encouragements, when-then and consequences. you will have better results and we'll set our kids up for better
9:49 am
behavior long term. >> thank you so much. i'll pull that chart down when we get home. up next, good news for dieters. eat to lose weight. we'll see what foods are calorie burners. first this is "today" on nbc
9:50 am
9:51 am
how would you like to go on a no diet diet and shed excess pounds without giving up all of your pleasures? sounds too good to be true. dr. ian smith has a new book that details a sensible weight loss plan that tells you how to eat and keep the weight off. good morning. good to have you in the house. this is not a rigid diet plan book. this is more about providing a good guideline to eating long term. >> absolutely. so many people either can't follow a diet plan or don't want a rigid diet plan. they want flexibility. >> or you diet and gain it back. >> this is about lifestyle
9:52 am
changes. dieting, you lose 15 pounds in a month. this is about lowering your blood pressure, glucose levels. this is about a wellness book. >> one of your guidelines is the 80/20 rule. >> i believe 80% of what you eat should be decently healthy. 20% can be anything. people want to have cake and ribs and chicken. >> occasionally in the 20%. >> but the 80% is fine. that's why this is the effortless weight loss solution. it's about making people -- helping people make smarter choices. >> how much can you lose? >> i have had people lose 15 pounds in a month. a gentleman is down 50 pounds in three and a half months. people are losing weight because they realize it's not just about calories but portion control and eating the best foods. >> no deprivation here. >> let's talk about protein. protein plays an important role
9:53 am
in weight loss. does it help you lose weight? >> absolutely. it makes your body work hard to digest it so you burn more calories. it also builds lean muscle mass. it's where you get the protein that's important. you can get it from meat, poultry or nonmeat products. very important. the book gives you how many grams of protein per gram of ingredient which is helpful. >> important to make the right choices. lean proteins versus the fatty, meaty proteins. how important are whole grains in the diet plan? >> tremendously important. there is a chapter called the truth about whole grains. sometimes it says multi grain or seven grain. that doesn't mean whole grain. look for 100% whole grain. this says 100% whole wheat. that means the grain is intact, not refined. look for brown rice, oatmeal. great way to start the day. a lot of diabetics are on the
9:54 am
program because this helps modulate blood sugar levels. >> and the most important part of eating right, you have good guidelines here. >> chapter 7 says size matters. people go to restaurants, like we were talking about. they don't know what the right portion is. this is about four to five ounces of a piece of meat. the size of a deck of cards. >> that's one chicken finger! >> i know. we are out of control. when you have an entry and you want nice greens on the side it's about the size of a baseball. the reason is because you don't want them to have too big and they drench it with oil. over here, you have mayonnaise. the proper size of mayonnaise is a poker chip. this is 50 calories. four to five meals a day. >> don't skip meals. >> and don't eat the baseball. >> but it is a lot of fiber. >> you have to eat to lose weight.
9:55 am
>> the book again is "eat." dr. ian smith. >> i have a book coming out called "breathe." >> billy ray cyrus hosting with hoda. >> after your local news and weather. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days, and i'm not talking about saving a dollar off shampoo or two-for-one tacos or something. i'm talking about paying less -- every month. like this deal.
9:56 am
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9:57 am
it's 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. family and friends have stood by the hospital bed of a teen anler waiting to come out of a coma. all the while the driver who caused her injuries remains at large. a fund-raiser will be held for 15-year-old shea shaw. a driver hit the los gatos high school student in january when she was walking with her boyfriend at the intersection of camden and baskin avenues. you see some security cameras here. it was at 1:00 am that evening. let's check in with christina and the weekend forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. the weekend is already warming up for us, good news. 60 in sunnyvale. 55 in hayward. we'll warm up to 64 in livermore by noon and round out the day toward 70 degrees. some cities will see the 70s
9:58 am
today and more so tomorrow as temperatures climb three to five degrees. the warmest day of the extended period, sunday, mid to upper 70s across the bay area. perfect weekend weather. 64 on monday. showers move into the mix and then we're back into the 70s tuesday, wednesday, thursday, maybe 80-degree temperatures friday, into the weekend. overall, we're looking good. let's see how good we're looking on the roadways, mike. >> overall, great. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. a problem is get iting there. first, we'll look at the east shore freeway. why so slow on the westbound side. the accident was eastbound. just got the update. it is westbound. very slow in toward berkeley. keep that in mind. lanes there getting cleared shortly. northbound 880 at davis street a new accident there. things are starting to clear up at san lea in. dro, a new accident in place. where the a's play today, scott,
9:59 am
7:05. expect some traffic there as well. local news in half an hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute. ♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car.
10:00 am
captions paid for byn. nbc-universal television it's friday. you know who is sitting next with me. billy ray cyrus is here to help me out. that song never gets old. never, ever gets old. we love it. >> thank you very much. >> before we get started with you, and i have a lot to talk to
10:01 am
you about because you're billy ray cyrus. i have to give a shout out to my girl kathie lee gifford. she did a play yesterday she's been talking about a lot. it's called "saving amy." it was spectacular. it was just a reading for friends and family and stuff like that. carole carmelo was standing five feet in front of me and sang like an angel. i always judge a play on how long it takes when the last notice sung till the audience stands up and gives a standing o, like that. kathie lee was in the back watching. she wrote it and did the lyrics and things. she was crying like a little baby. it was the cutest thing ever. >> i heard great reviews on it. this morning it was all over the mandarin hotel. >> everybody is buzzing. >> oprah was there. everybody was talking about kathie lee's play. you know, she is a very talented
10:02 am
singer, songwriter, musician and she wrote this thing. the last time i hosted the show with you i stayed in her dressing room. >> what happened? >> i was looking around. there was a box of cassettes there. it was a gospel album she made and the lord moved me to steal one of them. i wrote her a note and said forgive me, i hope it's okay. i took one of them. i was blown away. she is a great singer. she is a great singer. >> and you, babe. you have a new -- he's got a new cd coming out june 12th. it's called "i'm american." we have an exclusive deal happening here. the first single is called "runway lights." there is a cool video. let's watch, shall we? ♪ graduated from lincoln high ♪ somehow i made my way through vmi ♪ joined the navy ♪ and i learned to fly
10:03 am
♪ that's i always dreamed of ♪ there's a hometown girl ♪ who wears my ring ♪ her name is painted on my starboard ♪ >> beautiful, beautiful. >> it's getting up to the best line in the song. ♪ i wonder how the yankees did tonight ♪ i sure hope grandma's doing all right ♪ >> let me tell you. does that resonate in the big apple? >> last night we were out for our new show "homecoming." so many of the crew had on yankees jerseys and hats. they were talking about i love that song. baseball, america. there's a great spirit of pride in our country, our military right now. that's what this album "i'm
10:04 am
american" is all about. that's what our show with tlc "homecoming." it's about giving back to our men and women in service. it's a chance to give back. >> you're a feel-good kind of guy. i was glad to read, and i know it had been in the papers how you and your wife were talking about not staying together. how it seems like there is a bow back around the family. you guys reconciled and things are good. >> i feel good about where things are going. i feel good about last night again. >> look at you three. >> a lot of people talking a lot of positive. the story today about the guy that passed away that lived so long, did you notice he said one thing you have to do for survival is be prepared for change when it slaps you in the face. i think that's one of the keys to life. i think as go through life you've got to be prepared. sometimes you're going to get
10:05 am
hit. sometimes you're going to get knocked down. the key to life is getting back up. >> i like a lot of things about you, obviously. i was just reading something. you said i got my miley back. a lot of parents struggle with their kids. you have a child who is so famous, it's everything multiplied by a million. what did you mean by, "i got her back?" >> communication. just talking. knowing about life, what's going on. living, loving, laughing. that's my family. we've been through an extraordinary time in my life. i'm proud to say i think we survived. >> i think you made it. >> i'm excited again, too. at this chapter of my life to be at this place with this album, "i'm american." we went back to my roots. a song i wrote in 1989 about the vietnam veteran, it's the corner stone of "i'm american."
10:06 am
i rerecorded it. i've got great artists joining me on this record, jamie johnson, craig johnson. again, the album is a tribute to our troops and our men and women. you know who makes the sacrifice for our troops is the kids. when they say bye to mayor moms and dads and they miss a birthday, christmas, it's a sacrifice for the family. >> we were talking about topics. we have a meeting every morning and discuss what we are going to talk about. this one just chimes in, you're totally into it. there was a young girl, i think 7 years old. this is one of those controversial topics. okay. she had ears that stuck out, okay? her mother said the kid was getting bullied and she was sick of it. she decided to have her 7-year-old get plastic surgery. i think we have the before and after of this. of course we don't. her ears ended up being pinned
10:07 am
back. the question was should you let your child have plastic surgery if it means that the child won't be bullied or teased and things like that. what do you think about that? >> i saw a picture of her. i thought she was a beautiful young lady. a beautiful child. i just in my life, my parents got divorced when i was 5 or 6 years old. it happened to be an extremely awkward time period for me in my life. my ears stuck out. they still stick out. my eyes were great big. i always had a little flat top haircut. one day the kids were all making fun of me at school. that day i ran home from my school, got to my house. i knelt down beside my bed and prayed, dear god, i know that i'm ugly, but please let people think i'm funny when i grow up. saying that to say this, no matter what's going on in a young person's life, just know
10:08 am
that god makes each one of us individually special and unique in our own ways. sometimes we have to embrace that and know we'll find our place and our purpose. all things will work out the way it's meant to be. >> it's tough for a kid and i get it, but i think if every time your child gets teased. i had crazy, frizzy hair, hideous glasses. there it's old picture. >> you walk into the make-up trailer with her and she's not had a stitch of make-up on when i first saw you. >> i was done. i was done when you saw me. >> you looked amazing. >> i was done. that was after. >> well, however you looked, you looked absolutely beautiful. >> this before picture. kids tease me about my name and my crazy hair. if your parents change everything because someone is teasing you, i'm not 100 on the
10:09 am
little girl and how much harassment she was getting. there is an okay side to teasing, it makes you stronger and have thicker skin. i remember through school it was difficult kids make fun of you. what are you, what are you? that was the big question. >> it's tough being a kid. you go through things and you just got to know that you're special. and again, every kid is different. everything is personal. that's probably the situation here is it's a personal decision. >> it is. cheers, by the way. billy ray picked our drink. what is in this thing? i don't think kathie lee would like it one bit. >> this is orange juice for the healthy side and a little bit of orange mango and a splash of cranberry juice and a little bit of red bull. cheers, this is drive friday.
10:10 am
>> it is drive friday. >> it's a good way to wake up. >> i like it a lot. we are doing this thing where we are asking brides, brides-to-be to send your info to our website. we are not going to the royal wedding, but we are doing a royal ambush. >> you should be there. >> we know. they told us we can't go. go to our facebook page and tell us your story. we want to make sure friday the 29th you'll be our lucky bride that gets made over. you know what it's time for? bobbie's buzz. come on up. isn't she a sweetheart? >> welcome to the show. i'm great. i'm here to talk about new ways to glow. do you use bronzer as a guy? >> no. >> i've got cool new self-tanner things. this is an air brush system sold at sephora. they have this bronzing pod you can air brush your own self-tanner. i don't know if you can see
10:11 am
this. your self-tanner. live tv, doesn't want to work. you can air brush this on to your face for an even smooth color. also anti-aging and self-tanning combined. dr. dennis gross has an alpha beta glove you can put on your body. >> you're making him paranoid. >> you can put those on. >> last but not least, you can pick a self-tanner for your skin type, whether oily or dry skin. >> bobbie thomas. isn't she adorable? she is crazy about bobbie. >> you must have tried bronzers. >> i'm thinking about trying that one, if i can get it through the airport. not sure about that. >> i haven't tried it. looking at billy ray, i remember
10:12 am
last time you were here, you look younger. i'm not kidding, there is something weird happening. what did you do? what did you do? you did something. >> orange juice and red bull. >> it's just good living? >> just trying to be happy. peace of mind. >> i like it. >> i liky. >> thank you very much. >> we love you. this is bacon cologne. >> it is not. >> yes, it is. hold on. you don't want it on? >> i have a flight to california. do you think they would like it. >> you will not like it. coming up next -- >> oh, my gosh, that's wonderful. >> actor jesse eisenberg is with us. he's got a whole new deal going called "real." you know what else? >> we've got something for you. >> it's time for those friday ambush makeovers. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin.
10:13 am
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it's beneful incredibites. ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. now in a convenient bag. we're all out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? too rough. we're out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? too soft. can you toss me a roll? that's better. angel soft. an ideal balance of softness and strength.
10:15 am
he got on oscar nomination. this takes him to rio. >> as the voice of the mccaw bird named blue. >> jesse, how are you? >> great. >> you're working on "the social
10:16 am
network" and they talk fwou this other film, this animated film called "rio." what were your thoughts when you were thinking of yourself in an animated film? >> it was so interesting to see the process work kind of backwards. i was able to see what the character looked like before performing it. they showed me animated sequences of my character who is over there he's an adorable bird. it's based on a true story. it's based on this real story of this bird who is endangered. i just felt such a great affection for the role. >> i think what is interesting, and this surprised me, no offense, but you're a singer. i wouldn't have put that together. i think in this movie they gave you one line and said, why don't we listen to your great vocal cords and we'll talk on the other side. ♪ this is our home ♪ magic for rio
10:17 am
>> i have seven words. they gave me eight and took one away. >> of course they did. >> the soundtrack in this movie is incredible. they have some of the greatest musicians in the world both in the movie as cast members like jamie foxx as well as on the soundtrack. >> you're a singer from back in the day when you were a kid? >> yeah. i sang with neil sedaka. when i was younger i did children's musical these ir. theater. your voice changes and you realize you should learn shakespeare or something else. >> what's cool about this whole deal, what do you think? >> i was reading, what struck me as a method actor that you, after you did your part went and studied the freefall of your character the bird and went and did a freefall, is that true? >> in the movie, my character doesn't know how to fly and he
10:18 am
jumps off a mountain and lands on a hang glider in hiro. i did the same thing. i had that same rush my character has, as you can see right there he doesn't know how to fly, but he knows how to ride a hang-glider. that gives him that rush. >> what's cool about this thing, all these different actors, you and ann hathaway didn't interact until the premiere. >> that's right. it's such a strange process where you work with these other wonderful actors, but never face to face. as the process goes on over the course of several years and you're recording your part over the course of years, you start to hear the other character voice necessary your head phones. the first several sessions you're just recording into the air. >> amazing. >> they brought the recording studio to you when you were
10:19 am
doing "social network" they brought all the gear and stuff to you so you could do "social network" one part of the day. >> it's such a long process. this movie is made over the course of five years. there are 300 animators working. they have to go where the actors are. >> you love filming in michigan? >> there were 15 movies shooting in michigan while i was there. >> they are made for it right now. they have a great job up there in michigan. >> the crews are incredible. they really need it, the state needs it. >> jesse, congrats on this. what is your next project? do you have some things in the hopper? >> hoping to do several rios, two through ten. this movie is wonderful. we were won'ti inin inin inin ie
10:20 am
the story might go. they did "ice age." >> congratulations. you're handling the success. great deal of pride the way you carry yourself in public. >> that's so nice to say. >> keep your head up and enjoy the ride. >> thank you so much. >> you'll have a long career. >> "rio" starts today. next, three, two, one live with sara haines. [ robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
10:21 am
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10:23 am
we are back with tleeshgs two, one live with sara haines. we are playing the song we love. >> first up, ann in michigan has a question for billy ray and his awesome hair. >> do you miss your days of rocking the infamous mullet? >> i begged the lady doing hair this morning to give me my mullet back. >> it might be coming back? >> i'm looking for somebody with thinning shears as we speak. >> if laura can pull off a mullet, i'm impressed. >> how would you feel about miley remaking "achy breaky heart?" >> would she do that? >> you know what? as much as they are playing it this mmaybe they should. >> we arto make it a hit all over again, baby. all over again. >> it will be 20 years next year that that record came out. >> the anniversary?
10:24 am
>> i'm sure i'm going to rerecord it. that's for sure. >> next up question from brandon from maryland. billy ray, you're going to take this. >> do you have any new songs coming out? >> i do. i have a new album called "i'm american." the single is called "runway lights" from the tlc show "homecoming." we are kicking off a tour and doing a european tour starting in july. real excited about getting out and being with the fans and making music. as a matter of fact, we'll be at the cma festival during june 11th and we'll be presenting the winner of the copd song writing contest. copd is a disease that you can learn all about it at, drive for >> you're the spokesperson for
10:25 am
that. >> i am. i'll be there at the st nd aival a festival and presenting the winners of the song writing contest then. >> we'll be back. well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad. so, they give expedia ginormous discounts with these: unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. my brain didn't even break a sweat. where you book matters. expedia. p my brain didn't even break a sweat.
10:26 am
the difference between my pale dry skin and glowing moisturized skin? jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. it gives you natural looking color, guaranteed. jergens is the difference between landing and making an arrival. jergens. the beautiful difference. good morning, everybody. it's 10:26. i'm brent cannon. cell pho cell phones and video cameras are everywhere these days. a new kroefcontroversy over wha could be recorded. if you take video of a crime, you could be locked up. a man who says he ended up in handcuffs after he recorded an arrest with a cell phone outside his home. the man says the officer saw him recording, demanded his cell phone and threatened to arrest him. krivl liberties attorney says
10:27 am
protects information being shared with the public. >> first amendment right not to be interfered with by police just because you are documenting police activity. >> in this case, the man behind the camera got a citation for resisting and delaying police action. vallejo police would not go on camera but say they've seen the video and they are investigating.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. it's 10:28. two earlier accidents have cleared from the east shore freeway and the nimitz. still bunching up around high street. starting to smooth out. much better into oakland. golden gate bridge, a nice smooth flow into golden gate bridge out of the north bay. no problems coming into the city as well. but i wonill be in the city. i don't drive too well. it looks like we'll have a great forecast. you're an expert on that. what do you see? >> so good right now. we're at 65 already in sunnyvale. even warmer for the rest of your weekend. petaluma, love to see you out there at the parade. bring an umbrella. you might see a few showers in the north bay. fair game for that each and every day this weekend. 73 degrees. beautiful conditions as we head
10:30 am
into your sunday. then we'll take a little bit of a dip as we head through monday and showers arrive. back up to the 70s tuesday through thursday. looking fantastic at the end of next week. brent, we're talking 80s. >> we're talking nice weekend. we're out of here. "today" show continues next. have a great weekend. we are back on this drive day friday with another installment of today's plaza ambush makeover. we have a special edition because billy ray cyrus is in for kathie lee. >> i've done this before, you know. >> yes, you were here. >> today we've got the contributor and stylist of the stars louis acari. and also "us weekly" contributor jill martin go out into the plaza and ambush two ladies who want a cool new look.
10:31 am
>> have to say happy birthday to jill. her birthday was yesterday. >> happy birthday. >> how was the ambushing on the plaza today? >> best day ever. we had so many signs. wait till you see them. people are becoming more and more creative every week. it's a thrill to be out there and look at them. >> let's meet our first lucky lady. gloria is turning 80 years old in may. she is from ellensport, pennsylvania. she had every hairstyle known to man. for her 80th birthday she wanted to get a new look. >> she just said i'm going to puke because i think everyone here is so nervous for this. we loved your sign. on your bucket list, not only do you want a makeover, but you're going skydiving for your 80th birthday? >> yes. >> i love her.
10:32 am
>> she takes care of everybody. she gives up things for other people. >> we are going to make you glamorous for your big jump, nuts. are you ready to go? >> yes, yes. >> i can't believe she is jumping. i love her. all right, gloria is here with her daughter vicki and granddaughter shannon. keep your masks on. here is gloria's before picture. all right, gloria. come on out. right here. you ready? ladies, take off your blind folds. >> are you ready to look at yourself? there is a mirror behind you. >> oh, my heavens. >> what are we thinking? >> that is beautiful. >> yeah.
10:33 am
come here. louis, tell us about the hair. >> look at her. she looks years younger. what i did is got rid of the gray in the front, added a few highlights and debbie gave her this great layered bob. kept it soft, kept it young. now she is the spirit she is inside is what she looks like. >> what do you think of mom and grandma? >> she is beautiful. she is beautiful. >> amazing. i can't believe you're 80 by the way. i'm totally shocked. >> i feel 31. >> you look amazing. really, you look so beautiful. >> do you love it? >> i do. >> achy breaky heart. >> i know. crank it up, please. the outfit is hot, too. >> she is ready to go skydiving in this outfit. even though it's freezing out we want to get into spring so you can mix and match these pieces. >> gloria, please join your
10:34 am
family. thank you. you look beautiful. all right. ready for our next girl? >> i'm ready. peggy. 54 from dover fox croft, maine. she never takes time for herself. her family was thrilled when me ambushed her on the plaza. let's hear what she had to say. >> it is becoming battle of the signs on the plaza. look at this situation here. you have louis lacari. >> you want this for your sister, tell me why. >> she is deserving. she does everything for everybody. she is always willing to help out. she bakes, she picks up kids. she does everything for everybody else. not that she needs it, but she deserves it. >> look at this before picture here. you are so stunning here and so pretty now, but we are going to make you look like this. ready to go? >> i'm ready. >> look who she is here with. she's got her posse. >> beautiful family.
10:35 am
>> rose ann, roxanne, nieces hillary and holly. don't take off your blind folds. here is peggy before. come out, peggy. >> all right. you guys ready? take off those blind folds. >> ready to see yourself? >> yeah. >> right here. >> oh, my god! >> wow. >> i love it. wow. look at them. what do you think? >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> she was beautiful before, but she deserved this. >> the hair is gorgeous. >> thank you. peggy did have beautiful hair. your hair was great long, but that's what you had since high school. it's always time to update small changes. this time we took a long time to make the small change.
10:36 am
of course, this is a great a-line bob, longer in the front to make it sexy, shorter in the back to give the style. >> hot ticket. >> emphasize your eye just to make her look more chic, more stylish. >> the outfit is cool. i love it. >> she said you always give people the right pair of jeans. they fit perfectly on her from talbots. a great staple blazer for her wardrobe. >> perfect. >> big round of applause for both ladies. nice job. >> amazing. >> good job, birthday girl. next billy and i will go head-to-head for competition. >> i hear you like to cheat. >> stop spreading rumors. [ chanting ] do it! [ chanting ] do it! [ all cheering ] [ female announcer ] it's fun to get dirty when it's this easy to get clean. that's because clorox 2 stain fighter & color booster
10:37 am
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10:40 am
it's time to celebrate our planet with going green. >> kathie lee warned me about your competitive streak. >> she is lying. today's diet and nutrition editor is here to get is all going. >> hello. today all things good for the earth. you have to buzz in quickly. >> this is a great prize. this is a great prize. >> she won't tell us what it is. >> go do it. >> all things good for the earth. we have these gnarly sponges in our kitchen. there are ways to clean it. microwaving it one minute, putting it through the dishwasher cycle or putting it in a beach solution three minutes? which one doesn't work? >> don't microwave your sponges? >> you get to answer. >> i was wrong. >> you're wrong. >> number one. >> it's the bleach.
10:41 am
you cannot bleach a sponge. >> did you say number one? >> he picked the same wrong answer i already picked. >> are you sure it's not number one. >> now it's 0-0. we are even. >> recycling water bottles. they are everywhere. now plastic, if you're going to recycle this, how long it would take to naturally break down? is it five years, 50 years or 500 years? >> 50. >> you're right. >> billy ray, jump in. sometimes hoda presses she doesn't know the answer. >> i'm a little slow. >> next, you want to buy a new cutting board for your kitchen. you can go wood or plastic. which is the best one to buy? >> wood. no, it's plastic. >> you can put it in the dishwasher. >> did you see she called out my answer as i said it? you're cheating. >> he gets that point. >> he got it wrong and gets the
10:42 am
point. okay. >> lower on the food pyramid. trying to get away from meat and chicken you can mix vegetable protein substitutes. one is not going to be a good swap out, black beans, is it edamame soybeans, lentil or couscous. >> it's the couscous. >> it has a lot of fiber, but not protein. while it's not always possible to go pesticide-free, it's important to get organic, bananas, strawberries or avacados. >> which one would you try to get organic? >> strawberry. the other ones have peels on them. >> right. you can't with something thin skinned. >> don't you love this. >> i'm a loser. >> two vegetables for spring. >> eight stalks of asparagus.
10:43 am
which one has 25% of your fiber? it's a high-fiber vegetable. >> asparagus. >> no. it's artichoke. >> for your compost file, is it tea bags, cheese sauce, drier lint or moldy bread. >> tea bag. >> don't tell us. i'm going to say cheez-wiz. >> because it doesn't degrade. you're our winner. you don't drink anyway. >> i don't drink. >> what about she say about tea bread? >> it's tea bags. >> next, double up on the holidays. creative ways to get your kids decorating this weekend.
10:44 am
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10:48 am
one of the best ways to boost your kids' confidence is involve them in easter activities. >> tara is lifestyle editor at "parents" magazine and will show us unique ways to create eggs-elent eggs. >> dye has been around forever and it will always be the tradition, but parents are looking for new and exciting ways to get their kids pumped up about easter. >> look at our glam squad. look at these two. we have julia who is one of our producer's daughter and her gal pal lucy. >> they are creatings they
10:49 am
sparkly, glitter polka dot easter eggs. these are glue dots. you peel and stick them on to the eggs, dip them in glitter. you get fun polka dots and you can brush off the excess with a paintbrush. >> excellent. you guys are doing a terrific job. we have jolie. >> she is crafting these easter bunny egg. it's not easter without these fun icons. you need felt, craft glue and glue away. we have how-to videos on "parents" ipad edition and we have templates. you can find those on >> you're doing a great job. >> let's move down to daniel. peace. >> this is a one-material craft. great for something last-minute. peel and stick. kids can add their names, initials, happy easter, pump up
10:50 am
the easter table with these stickers. thick stickers by american craft. they are easy to work with and fun. daniel, go ahead, spell your name and display them later. they are cute. >> good job. >> daniel, excellent job. >> we are going to move down here. this is donna's cousin. what is rhea doing? >> this uses japanese washi tape. it's made from rice paper. it's super thin and easy for little hands to tear. you can make stripes and patch work designs, rip and stick. you have these beautiful, fun, crafty easter eggs. >> that is so pretty. that is nice. >> we are heading down to sienna. >> sienna is making these napkin
10:51 am
decoupage. we cut out the balloons, you peel off the back and you use the craft glue to brush, put the flowers on, coat them with glue. seal it with the glue. let them dry overnight. >> these are terrific ideas. you guys did so well today. thank you for coming to see us. >> good job. awesome. >> next, grandma's passover brisket from napa valley. we've got a chef in the house.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we are back with today's kitchen. sundown on monday families will sit down to seder to start passover which often includes a brisket entree. >> his recipes are included in "chefs at home." >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of people make brisket
10:55 am
this time of year. this is your grandma's recipe. >> very much so. this is a variation of my grandmother's memory that is a fine memory of mine. my folks told me it wasn't very good so we tried to refine it a little bit. >> what makes it unique from other briskets? >> we add a lot of aromatic to it and reduce the sauce so it's nice and glazed. >> it smells delicious, that's for sure. >> we browned our brisket. it's leaner. your cooking time will be about four hours. after having browned the brisket here, removed it from the pan and we'll add our aromatics. start with celery root, onion. we'll add a lot of color to this. this is our foundation. this will make everything taste good. we are going to let that brown a little bit. you can stir that. >> i will do that. >> you keep stirring that. >> that already smells good. >> you watch. >> i'm a good watcher. >> we'll add mustard to it, as well.
10:56 am
there you go. >> what mustard? >> that is a little bit of dijon mustard. we'll add whole grain mustard, as well. we are creating this thick slurry. >> that would make a nice cal own to go with that bacon cologne. >> exactly. bacon and mustard. we are adding all these things. honey. then we'll add our brisket back in. >> how long does it take? you cooked it how many hours before? >> we just browned it. now we'll add garlic. we are creating all this flavor we are adding now you'll get in your final product. a little bit of thyme, little bit of parsley. keep stirring that. if you stop, we are in trouble. little bit of soy sauce. >> it looks delicious. >> we'll put our brisket back in the pot and cover it with a little bit of stock. if you open that pot next to you, that will be more or less
10:57 am
the finished product. >> amazing. >> should it fall apart. >> you want to slice it a little bit. we'll reduce down that liquid so it creates this nice glaze and you have this beautiful glaze. >> first of all, this is a delicious brisket. we want to congratulate you. we hear your fiancee is in the background. congratulations. >> that's happening in june. >> want to try a bite? >> hi, sara. >> billy ray, thank you so much for coming. we really, really, really appreciate you coming on the show. thanks, sweetheart. >> great being with you. >> next week kathie lee will be back. remember the old spice guy? he will be in the house, too. have a great weekend. congrats again. >> this is delicious. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
10:59 am
, what's going on here? i was only gone 20 minutes. [angrily] you don't even need to say it. i can see the guilt on her face. how could you? she's my best friend.


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