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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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it's sad to think that his life was really starting for him and then it was taken away from him in the blink of an eye. >> he would have been 29 years old today. tonight friends, students and family celebrated the life of a swim coach who died unexpectedly. did he really open his eyes? tonight bryan stow's famy f spreds to wdsp of a major development in his recovery. and more rain is on the way. we'll show you when. good evening.
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they're approaching record highs and they could be there by memorial day. we're talking about gas prices, of course. but while the prices are on the way up through the country, we decided to try to find some of the cheapest prices in the bay area. it is all relative, of course. kimberly is in the south bay with a look at that. >> reporter: hello. it does not get any cheaper than. this we've looked all over. and here in the bay area, this is what we found here at this safeway in campbell. gas is at $3.87 for a gallon of regular unleaded. the average price, $4.22. drivers know the bargain they're getting. while it's quiet now, earlier today cars were lined up waiting to fill up. people are willing to drive out of their way to get a deal on gas. drivers said they need to save every penny, especially going into the summer months when gas prices go up even higher. some analysts say we could see prices here hovering just below $5 a gallon. why are prices so high?
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a senior petroleum analyst for gas said it is a combination of issues. the weak u.s. economy, low gas supplies and libya where crude oil was interrupted by the revolt. that same analyst said california is much higher than the in the average because the gas we use here costs more to produce in order to come bligh the strict standards we here. also, california, the highest state gas taxes in the country. >> in january of 2011, a few months ago, according to the american petroleum institute, californians paid 66.1 cents just in taxes. you come that i remember to others. new jersey's tax per gallon amts amounted to just $33 per gallon. georgia, 39 cents. so california, almost 20 cents higher gas tax than the national average. so you might guess why people are going out of their way to find a good deal.
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back here in campbell, the sign does say $4.97 but customers save 10 cents per gallon with their club card. the station has had so much demand, employees have had to step in at times and direct traffic. the traffic does come in waves. we've seen long line and we did hear some honking about it seems that drivers all in all are being fairly calm and civil toward each other as they full up. live in campbell, nbc bay area news. >> it is hard to believe that $ $3.87 is a bargain. where else can you find the least pain? in the east bay, try costco in concord. and at both arcos in mill valley, gas is $4.09. the average price in the bay area, about $4.22. the giants fan who was
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critically injured at the season opener is facing a major change over the next 48 hours. doctors are slowly reducing the drugs that put bryan stow in a medically induced coma and now his family is waiting for him to wake up. monty francis is in walnut creek where a fund-raiser has just wrapped up for the family. >> reporter: it is not just his family but people from all over the bay area who are anxiously waiting to hear good news about bryan stow's condition. giants fans filled mccovy's restaurant in walnut creek for a restaurant and action. the $10,000 raised to help the giants fan bryan stow who was attack as he left dodger stadium on march 31st. >> for to us see one of our own go down, it is pretty hard. it is on us to really make sure he rises above, conquers this tragedy. >> reporter: doctors are trying to bring stow out of the medically induced coma. they say as the drugs wear off, these next couple days will be critical. stow's family is providing
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updates on the website called support for bryan stow. will most recently said contrary to our hopes and news reports, pryian has not opened hissize. we will provide accurate updates on his condition on this website. keep the prayers coming. we've the $150,000 reward in the characters police have not arrested the two dodgers fans responsible for the attack. many touched by stow's story are hoping he'll make a full recovery. >> i actual qula friend who suffered something very similar to mr. stow. and he came become to us. i would say like 95%. he had a full recovery. that i believe bryan will be at opening game next year just like he was this year. >> we've had people from adults to little kids getting cash donations. we found little 4 and 5-year-old kids giving a dollar or two which has been awesome. >> reporter: one of those young fans was 10-year-old joey miller from san ramon. >> i bought this jersey to help
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bryan stow since he was hurt. >> reporter: jesse ortega spent $900 on a tim lincecum jersey. >> bryan stow is a paramedic. his daily job was to help people. and to hear what happened to him. it touches you and all we can do now is help him, you know? >> reporter: stow's family just posted the following message on their website. it says, tonight bryan is resting under heavy sedation after suffering seizures this morning. the ct results showed the blood is absorbing as it should be. the weekend brought family to visit and they have been sharing stories of support from all over the country and world. we are amazed, humbled and so blessed. so far at least $300,000 has been raised for the bryan stow fund. i'm told he does have medical insurance but the money is for expenses not covered by insurance and to support his family members who have temporarily relocated to los angeles. live in walnut creek tonight, monty francis. nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. contra costa times is reporting that joseph, the man accused of killing four northern california women, kept boxes of notebooks detailing how he wanted to torture other women. one of the names found in the notebooks was that of margaret prisco. police say he wrote about how he wanted to torture her in 1981. when she was a 23-year-old living in r in the same apartment building. she now lives with her husband in upstate new york. when reached by the newspaper, the couple said they knew him back then and referred to him as crazy joe. she said she moved out of building in 1982 and now realizes that that might have saved her life. he by the way is in marin county jail charged with the killing of four women in the 1970s and 1990s. dozens of people are camping out for a second night at a mark the vallejo that they consider a sacred burial site. several tribes are represented and they're against plans by
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vallejo to develop the glenco waterfront park. it includes trail improvements and a small parking lot. topwood is believed to be an american indian burial ground. native-american have filed a civil rights complaint asking the attorney general to block the construction. >> it is still being used as an open air church, essentially. and it is also a graveyard and a cemetery. and you know, this is sacred ground. this is not, this is not a police that can be turned into a park. >> the plan was to start construction yesterday. that did not happen. now the recreation district is saying, it plans to begin excavation sometime next month. coming up next, president obama is coming back to the bay area but he'll be taking millions of dollars with him back to washington. plus, accusations of racism by a high rank republican in orange county toward the president.
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also, a high-speed chas in the u.k. amazing video of the pursuit and the unusual ending. and we're watching some low clouds surging into the bay area this evening. you can see the temperatures cooling off to 53 in r. and no rain on the radar right now but that's due to change. you can see a lot of moisturech atf the pacif. it means for the rest of the week forecast.wh
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the faa has decided to change the work schedule of air traffic controllers after another worker was caught sleeping on the job. the incident happened in miami
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early this morning. the air traffic controller has been suspended. this is the second incident that has been reported this week. the seventh for the year. earlier this week, the head of air traffic operation resigned after reports of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job surfaced. high speed chases happen all the time but not too many, wow, like this. british police released this video of a high-speed chase. the drive passed cars in front of oncoming traffic. even squeezing between cars at one point, as you can see here. the chase reached speeds of more than 90 miles an hour. police say they gave up the chase buzz they felt the driver was endangering too many other lives. but police say they later found the car abandoned and then arrested a suspect after finding and testing blood on a broken windshield on the car and tracking down the suspect through dna. coming up next, a tea party activist and republican party leader in southern california is under fire tonight. for what some are calling a
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racist e-mail involving president obama. plus, we'll let you know what the president plans to do in his next visit here this coming week. also, the san jose sharks take on los angeles in game two. reaction from the sharks next.
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students at a high school in fremont are mourning the coach who died. today would have been his 29th birthday. >> it is very unexpected. even tonight i still feel like this is a surprise birthday party and i feel like joe will come through the door. >> instead, tonight family, friends and students gathered to honor joseph martinez. >> a big loss evidence to one. >> he coached swum and water polo since 2003. he was also the coach of the mission valley barracuda swim club and water polo team. >> he helped me. i would go talk to him about all the thing happening in my life. and he was always there for me. i'm going to miss him so much. he was like my father to me.
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now he's not here. >> students he taught say his influence extended far beyond the pool. >> he wanted to push me harder to get like to be better. and he knew my potential. he wanted me to find it. and i found it in my senior year. >> just, he really had good relationships with everyone. he was not just like, you're my fayette. forget about the rest of you. like he really tried to make the connection with everyone. >> those who knew him say he did love a good party and had actually already begun planning his birthday celebration. >> he said you need to make me cupcakes for my birthday. i keep expecting him to show up. >> there is like a huge thing going on for him. when i go to practice and i don't see him, it's just
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reality, i guess. >> apologies for some of the audio problems there. the coroner's office says it will take six to eight weeks to determine his cause of death. a severe storm system is slamming much of the northeast. the same storm blamed for 17 deaths across the south. nearly 50 tornadoes have been reported in the area today alone. that brings us to rob checking out the weather. >> much more calmer picture around the bay area. we started with 70s around the east bay. west win at 12 miles per hour. 57 degrees in san jose. kind of a disappointing night in san jose. we'll have more coming up. in san francisco, 53. the northwest wind at 15 miles per hour. we have low clouds being pumped in by pretty steady sea breeze. for now that's on the north coast. this will slowly dip to the south, probably beginning right around this time tomorrow night. if the jet stream is far nfl to the nor, today will be dry. you'll see increasing clouds as we head through the afternoon
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with 60s, still some low 70s sow of san jose for highs. for sunday night into monday, the system now look like it will slow down a little bit. i bet we'll still see showers into monday afternoon. especially for the south bay. breezy and. cooler. back to highs in the 50s and 60s to kick off the workweek. for the end of the workweek, a cloudy finish. then by sunday night, the rain starts to fly. we'll see this into the better part of monday before skies start to clear. then our next chance of showers will hold off until late on wednesday. overnight, some misty skies with the low clouds coming in oh the top of the peninsula. 52 degrees overnight for san francisco. close to 50 in san jose. and highs to wrap up the weekend. low 70s south of san jose. the temperatures, not too bad. just not as warm as those mid to upper 70s we had in a few areas earlier. you can see around san francisco, 62 degrees. east bay, near 70 around concord and then dropping off those temperatures into the 60s as we make our way into the north bay. the stoifrt seven-day forecast,
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monday will be the wettest day of the week ahead. probably a few more showers. wednesday night into thursday. then stay tuned halfway through next weekend. we may see a few more showers but there is still time to fine-tune that forecast. >> fair enough. thank you. the sharks were sluggish and the kings came ready to fight. the shark had better regroup fast. the kings playing a near perfect road game creating all kinds of trouble. drew doughty led the way with four total points. two of which were goals. this put the kings up 2-0. in the second, he added the other sliding backward. and using a well placed screen on the sharks goaltender antti niemi. folks heading to the exits early. the sharks now head to l.a. for game two. they try to make sense of what happened at the tank. >> there's nothing to gri in here. we have to win a game in l.a.
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and that's the focus. we have two days to think about this and be ready for tuesday night's game. >> they came in and played a well disciplined road game with a few other players out. so hey, they played well. now it is our turn to go back. >> the giants trying to take their win streak to four. the winning is coming around but there was one loss. their starter leaving the game in the second. but first, the top of the first at chase feel in downtown phoenix. two outs. buster posey takes joe saunders deep. the it is an early lead but a bit of misfortune. barry zito on the mound. he was trying to field a but not and apparently had his spikes catch in the turf. he left the game with a sprint in his right foot. the giants say x-rays were negative. after falling down a run, freddy sanchez ties with a double in the sixth. then gets the bases loaded. 5-3, the giants beat arizona. they go for eight day game
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tomorrow them try to end the skid. dallas braden left the game with shoulder stiffness after five strong innings and a variety of rbi doubles helped take control up. coco crisp gets one of those off justin verdict learned a. he wasn't rocking those cocoa puffs but the mane still flowing. we will be racig bthhtwi k a ok at president obama's lo
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an orange county tea party member is under fire for sending what some are calling racist e-mails about president obama. nbc's ted chen has more. >> reporter: she said she meant it to be funny. this picture showing president obama as part of a family of apes was e-mailed by the tea
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party member marilyn davenport. along with a picture she wrote, now you know why no birth certificate. there are now cause for her resignation. >> we've seen the depiction of president obama as a monkey, as a gorilla. every kind of subhuman species. we've seen this time and time again. even by the standards of racism, vile, crude, bigotry, this tops it. >> reporter: and it is not isolated. there was this picture of a watermelon patch in front of white house sent out by the mayor of los alamitos two years ago. ann hutchinson said the recent attacks by donald trump on the president's citizenship and the e-mails as part of a pattern. >> i cannot separate that from donald trump, the birther movement, and this climate that has been created in america where the president literally, and his family, is fair racism game. >> i immediately responded to marilyn davenport. i sent her an e-mail right back
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saying it was dripping with racism. >> reporter: scott baugh is the chairman of the orange county poifrlt and he other republicans have condemned the picture and called on her to resign. he rejects the idea that they have a problem with racial sensitivity. >> there is racism everywhere in america. when do you do about it when it raises its ugly head? >> reporter: what davenport has done is blame the media saying, oh, come on. everybody who know me knows i'm not a racist. it was a joke. i have friends who are black. i only sent to it a few people. mostly people i didn't think would be upset by it. she was elected to the orange county republican central committee by her district in fullerton. they said she faces an ethics violation and could be removed if she chooses not to resign. president obama meantime plans to be back in the bay area next week for a town hall meeting at facebook's
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headquarters in pal with the oex he also plans to attend a fundraising dinner. mr. obama is scheduled to arrive on wednesday. he was last here in uabrryfe. meeting with the silicon valley heavy hitters. that focused on job creation and education. there he is with the former mayor. the town hall at facebook this coming wle.ek likely focus on hs plan for reducing the deficit. then he is headed off to reno, nevada after that. first we want to check on that weather again. particularly with what's going on tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night, the system coming in, it looks like it is slowing down which is good for the week plans. it looks like we'll stay dry through tomorrow evening and then tomorrow night. monday we will see rain at times. wednesday, a little more shower activity as the jet stream hang out across the oregon/northern california board. and i've conveniently left off sunday. >> why have you done that? >> maybe some water proof easter
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egg. it is a long ways off. >> it is. it could be a muddy easter egg hunt, huh? >> perhaps. >> thank you for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. saturday night live is coming up next with host gwyneth paltrow.
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