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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning to you, i'm chris sanchez, coming up on "today in the bay" this morning, passengers ordered off a plane and stranded at sfo. the fuel problem that is turning in a a travel headache. plus an armed and dangerous suspect still on the loose this morning after an overnight shooting in a restaurant parking lot. how you can help police track down the suspect. and, inside the mind of an alleged serial killer. we'll show you the secret torture notebooks hidden for decades and the bay area woman police say could have been his next target. this is "today in the bay."
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and looking live at oakland this morning, a nice mild start to the day. but there is a rain in the seven-day forecast. that's your preview. i'm chris sanchez, thanks for joining us and rob mayeda is here with the weather. >> i know you see the gray skies over oakland, think the rain will be now, but most of it will hold off until tomorrow. we have the low clouds and thanks to the low clouds, it's not too cold. just a light jacket should be fine this morning. you may find some mist in some of the clouds, 55 in oakland, san jose, 56. and in san francisco, look at the golden gate bridge, we've got the fog and misty skies across the mid span. so 50s across the board for your morning, lunch time we'll see the clouds start to break up. running cooler around the inner ba i and coast. clouds are spilling in and the clouds will toss the rain our
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way. after sunday night, we'll walk you through the exact timing coming up. new this morning, travel plans are up in the air at sfo for many passengers who were grounded late last night and have been waiting to hear what's next for them. ever since an sfo spokesman says that a cafe pacific plane had a fueling system problem just before its scheduled takeoff last night. passengers were stranded in the boarding area. and as of 3:30 this morning. an airport manager told us, they're still there. we're told that the fuel problem has been resolved, but we're waiting to hear more from cafe pacific this morning. from the skies to the roads, gas prices are on the rise and we don't have to tell you. because you're feeling the pinch. and they're only expected to rise as we head toward memorial holiday. right now in the area, a gallon a regular is hovering around 4.22 and according to one analyst, the price is expected to climb to $5 a gallon during the summer months. >> california motorists paid an
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average of 66.1 cents of every gallon just to taxes. so california, almost 20 cents higher gas tax than the national average. >> we looked all over and found some of the cheapest gas, if you can call it that, at the safeway station in campbell, where a gallon of regular is $3.87. if you have one of those safeway club cards, or you can fill up at the arco station at the mission in san francisco for $4.09 for regular unlead. and in the east bay, try the costco in concord, where the price is 4.03. at both arcos, the price is $4.09. an east bay man who shot was shot as he left a popular restaurant 11:00 p.m. last night at the chili's restaurant at the bayfair mall in san leandro. he was walking to his car in the parking lot when he got into an argument. a person took out a gun and shot
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the man several times, police found the man laying in a parking lot and rushed him to eden hospital where he underwent surgery. police are trying to track down witnesses and the suspect. police in the south bay are investigating an early-morning stabbing this morning at a light rail station in san jose. police inside a home on sierra grande called 911 a little over two hours ago. saying that a man was knocking on their door asking for help. when police arrived, the man told them he had been stabbed at the nearby light rail station. he's being treated at the hospital. keep the prayers coming, that's what the family and friends of brian stowe, the giants fan beaten outside dodger stadium two weeks ago, are saying to us this morning. this weekend, doctors reduced the drugs intended to keep him in a coma to see how he will do on his own. stowe's family is giving updates on a website called support for brian stowe. most recently they said quote, brian is resting under heavy sedation after suffering seizures this morning.
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contrary to our hopes and news reports, bryan has not opened his eyes. keep the prayers coming. even with the $150,000 reward in the case, police have not arrested the two men responsible for that attack at dodgers stadium. meantime, giants fans packed a restaurant in walnut creep for a fundraiser and auction for stowe and his family. >> he's a paramedic and his daily job was to help people. and to hear what happened to him, it touches you and all we can do now is help him, you know? >> one of brian stowe's co-workers tells us they've raised more than 300,000 for medical expenses not covered by stowe's insurance. and they'll be at it this again this afternoon at sharks ice on south 10th street in san jose. some of stowe's fellow paramedics will take on south bay firefighters in a hockey bout on the ice. and folks will have a chance to bid on items in a silent auction or by raffle ticket the for the cause as well.
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that event starts at 5:30 this morning. this morning, new and disturbing details in the suspected serial killer out of marin this morning. joseph nazzo kept boxes of notebooks detailing how he wanted to torture women along with a list of potential targets. a local newspaper reports that three of the notebooks were dedicated solely to a woman named margaret prisco. she was a 23-year-old living downstairs from nazzo. prisco and her husband said they knew prisc omnazzo. right now, nazzo is in a marin county jail charged with the killing of four women from the 1970s through the 1990s. the "new york times" reports that the obama administration is quietly trying to find country
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who is willing to take on moammar gadhafi. provide him shelter but then also perhaps turn him over to the hague. the u.s. and allilies are reportedly focusing their searches. if he is indicted for the bombing of pan am flight 103 and the atrocities inside his country. meantime, gadhafi maintains his defiance and says he has no intention of leaving his country. more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we'll talk with an animal care rescuer about one of the worst cases of animal neglect as she is seen in a decade. and one of the only-known survivors of the 1906 quake shares his
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good morning to you, take a look at some of the cutest little raptors you've ever seen.
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this is the falcon cam atop san jose's city hall. where the four latest chicks are doing great. except that they don't have names. if you have kids who are five years old through 18 they can suggest their picks through a contest. you can get the contest rules and more information at san joseca.g >> and now pathetic wimpers from a dog. matted, nails curled upnto his feet. the cocker spaniel now known as van winkle could barely stand. here's how van winkle looks today. he's here with megan webb, director of oakland animal services this morning. this has got to be heartbreaking even for you who sees lots of cases like this. >> it was definitely heartbreak and he still is. he's so pathetic looking of the he's had such a rough time of it. we really want to make sure people understand how important grooming is. if it gets out of hand, then
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there's serious consequences. it's not just about looks, it's about health. >> i mean cocker spaniels are obviously beautiful dogs, but his hair was so full and so matted. he couldn't even move and he's lost his muscle function, right? >> he could not move, he was unable to walk. he was basically encased in mats, so he wasn't able to move. he couldn't really see or hear. so this poor guy really -- struggled so much. and it's important to keep up grooming. >> so this isn't just a case of bad grooming, though. this is really criminal neglect. >> absolutely. and we do want to know if anyone knows who owned van winkle before. he was definitely being, someone knew of him. he wasn't just on the street. because he was being fed. he was not able to get his food by himself. so someone probably had him in a back yard somewhere. >> you know, i think a lot of times we want to stay out of our neighbor's business. but this is not a good
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situation. >> absolutely not. this dog suffered and is still suffering. and so if someone had let us know, if that owner came forward before and asked for help, there's lots of resources in the community. for things like this. and so not to let it get out of hand. >> and he's going to need more care. he's getting some ear drops and you're going to have his neurological function tested as well. he will be available for adoption if that's possible? >> he will be available for adoption. he's always going to have issues, but we have ongoing care we need to get for him. he has problems ongoing with his feet. >> okay. >> and if you are moved, you know, if you can't take in van winkle as your pet, you can still make an adoption to help with his care. that's oakland animal megan webb, thank you so much for coming in bright and early and van winkle, we sure hope you're going to be okay. still more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up for you this morning. we hear from one of the
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survivors of the 1906 earthquake. in the last three or four months, we've had an awful lot of earthquakes. and i think people should remember what happened to san francisco. eel tell us about what he remembers growing up in the city. which had to rebuild. and about his tribute that he's planning for the people of japan. also, 25 people killed in six states in just four days as severe weather cripples part of
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utility crews are hard at work this morning, in the south after a large storm system swept through the region. tornadoes, high winds, flash flooding, all battered homes and uprooted trees. the manager of a lowe's hardware store in north carolina is being credited with saving 100 employees and customers just before the storm collapsed the front of the building. he ushered them to the back of
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the store to safety. the number of deaths is expected to climb this morning, as that severe storm system barrelled through the southeastern part of our country. at least 25 people were killed in six states over the past four days. more than 150 tornados were reported, 62 of them touching down in north carolina alone. a family with a father and two children were killed inside an alabama church as it was battered by 150-mile-per-hour winds. and even the locals who are used to this sort of thing talked about this particular storm's power. >> i saw the wind pick up this big oak tree and sort of just pick it up and toss it on top of the power lines and it caught the pine tree right under it and of course, a lot of other trees fell around me. it was kind of a situation. >> the storm system began in oklahoma last week and then swept its way across the country ending up in virginia overnight. meantime, here in the bay area, here's how we're waking up, a little bit of a fog bank rolling
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into the area. and rain coming up in our forecast as well. rob mayeda has that. and i don't mind it so long as it comes as i'm in the car, in the house. >> not impacting much of the weekend, we have a few misty skies and the temperatures are not too bad. we've got the blanket of clouds, so mostly mid 50s right now. including oakland, kind of a gloomy start to the day. 55 degrees, northwest winds at three miles per hour. san jose, 56, not much wind right now, plenty of low clouds around the santa clara kointd and the bay bridge toll plaza. 52 degrees, west wind into san francisco. in addition to the low clouds which are well inland this morning, we have some high clouds offshore that are hinting at some changes ahead. but really no worries about rain just yet. we've got the clouds that are in this morning. those are low clouds that are dropping some mist in spots. but actually heavy rain if you're going to be worried about that. don't think you're going to have to worry about that probably until early tomorrow morning. today, mostly cloudy skies. you've got the morning low clouds, followed up by high
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clouds coming in for the afternoon. the highs not too bad. 60s to low 70s outside today. and then tonight heading on into monday, breezy and cooler. highs dropping back into the 50s and 60s. and it does look like the rain is probably going to linger as the frontal boundary stalls out over the south bay heading into monday afternoon. so drier sunday, but monday now, looking like the showers are going to stick around. if you're heading to the sierra, lake wind advisory and the rain comes back tomorrow, snow level close to 7500 feet. showers and clearing conditions in the high country come tuesday. hour by hour, you could see the chances of rain on the increase overnight into your monday morning commute. and the monday evening commute, at least for the south bay will still see some lingering showers before skies start to clear heading into tuesday morning. around the bay area, low 70s, south to san jose. pretty nice afternoon. you can see temperatures as we go further north will be a little bit cooler. into san francisco, about 62 degrees. 60s as you head further north into north bay, that's where the
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rain should start as we head through overnight into monday. so the seven-day forecast of all the seven-days, monday looks to be the coolest and probably the wettest. we'll see another weak system wednesday into thursday and then friday and saturday, temperatures should climb a little bit. so far as we approach easter sunday, it looks look more clouds, but we'll see if we can hold off the raindrops this week. and watch the easter egg hunts. >> nobody likes a soggy easter egg hunt, it's a mess. tomorrow will mark the 100's anniversary of the great quake and fire in san francisco. many survivors are gone. but joe rosato jr. talked with a man who was born around the same time and grew up in the midst of a city rebuilding. >> my brother tells me my dad got a horse. >> though he was too young to remember it, this is the san francisco bill delmonte was born into. >> they put my mother and all the children in there. >> just three months later, his city looked like this. >> on the way down, my brother
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says there was fire on this side, fire on that side. >> he was three months old when the 1906 earthquake and fire leveled san francisco. >> there was just a lot of brick walls still up in the air. >> as a child, he remembers playing in the city of ruins. >> all there was was just like the war, brick wall, brick wall and then brick wall. and we used to climb them all the different, the building and stuff was all gone. >> his father owned a restaurant in the city's north beach after the quake, his dad served food from a tent. but the san francisco delmonte remembers best is the one that rose from the ashes. >> electricity changed the whole world. when i was a child, you walked in the other room, you had to light a candle. >> back then, people dressed different. >> look everybody has got a hat, coat. they don't -- you don't see them like that walking around. >> they got around differently.
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>> horse and wagons, that's what they had. >> you don't see them any more. >> parts of city still belonged to nature. >> this was all sand dunes. there weren't blocks like now. >> he was 31 when the golden gate bridge opened. >> we walked through on the first day with all the mob. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> and 63, when man first walked on the moon. >> i still can't believe those things, how they happened. but they did. >> delmonte still marvels at the city that grew up around him. shiny, modern and tall. at 105, he is still in awe and all the years behind him. >> i just can't believe that it's still here. >> joe rosato jr., nbc bay area. i missspoke, not the 150th, the 105th anniversary of the
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great quake and fire. more ahead on "today in the bay" we go beyond the paychecks and show you the real perks that come with being a silicon valley ceo. a very good morning to you, i'm lawrence scott. the sharks with an ugly game at the tank last night. now they head to l.a. and they had better get something going. because it can't keep going like that and the giants -- they're doing pretty well in arizona, going for four straight wins, we'll fill you in next in sports.
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the sharks get chomped at the tank. not sure if you want to see those highlights or lowlights, but loren scott also has baseball in your morning sports. >> a very good morning to you. the sharks were sluggish and the kings came ready to fight in game two last night. the fan frenzy at the tank was snuffed out and the sharks had better regroup fast. the kings playing a near-perfect road game, creating all kinds of trouble. l.a. defenseman drew dowdy led the way with four total points, two of which were goals, on a power play in the first period
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to put the kings up 2-0. then in the second, he added another, sliding backward and using a well-placed screen on sharks goaltender, niemi. we're heading to the exits early. sharks head to l.a. for game three tuesday at the staple center. last night they tried to make sense of what happened at the tank. >> there's nothing to cry about here we got to go out and win a game in l.a. and that's our focus, and we have two days to thinks about it. >> gave them credit. they came in and played a well-disciplined road game with two r a few other players out. they played well. >> now to the giants trying to take their win streak to four in arizona, facing the diamondbacks. there was one loss, their starter leaving the game in the second inning. in the top of the first, chase field in downtown phoenix, with to outs, buster posy takes joe saunders deep, the two-run shot giving the giants the earl early lead. an odd play at the second with,
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barry zito on the mound, trying to field a bunt and apparently had his spikes catch in the turf while diving the ball. he left 9 game with a sprain in his right foot. the giants say x-rays were negative. falling down a run, freddy sanchez ties the game with a double in the sixth. next inning gets the bases loaded, two-run rbi single. 5-3 rks the giants beat arizona and go for a sweep of the snakes in a day game this afternoon. the a's hosting detroit, trying to end a two-game skid at the coliseum. the dallas braydon left the game after two innings with a shoulder ache. cocoa crisp gets a double and scores kevin kouzmanoff off. the as had a couple more to hold on for a 6-2 win. that's a look at sports, have a great morning. much more ahead on "today in the bay." a california tea party fire
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under fire for comments about the president this morning. this is not a place that can be turned into a park. park or sacred burial ground? a heated debate over a park in vial this shot, looking
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over in san francisco, the fog just rolling on in, pouring down. it makes me want to pour a little cream in my coffee this morning. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday morning, i'm kris sanchez, along with meteorologist rob mayeda. it might be a good hot coffee day. >> but not too bad, we've got the low clouds out there. but just mist is coming down, with some of the low clouds, you're seeing it around the coastal mountains and peninsula. same story in oakland. you can see the clouds earlier
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around the golden gate bridge out to the east bay and the tri-valley this morning. the mornings that start off mostly cloudy with patchy low clouds by lunch time. temperaturewise, not too bad. but not as warm as yesterday. still some 70s inland today, but this is what we're watching. you can see more clouds offshore. the type that will definitely toss some rain our way as we head into monday. so we'll talk more about these changes as we head back to the work week coming up in the full forecast a few minutes from now. >> thank you very much, rob. >> new this morning, an east bay man shot as he was leaving a restaurant is fighting for his life in hospital this morning. it happened around 11:00 last night outside the chili's restaurant at the bayfair mall in san leandro. police say man was in the parking lot, headed to his car with leftovers when he got into an argument with someone. police say that person took out a gun, shot the man several times. police found the man laying in the parking lot. rushed him to eden hospital where he underwent surgery overnight.
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police are trying to track down witnesses and suspects. overnight for the second night in a row, people camped out at a contested piece of land that some say is a sacred burial park and some say should be a park in vallejo. some native american tribes are against the plans to develop the park. the $1.5 million project includes trail improvements and a small parking lot atop what is believed to be an american indian burial ground. native americans have also filed a civil rights complaint with the state attorney general, asking her to block construction. >> it is still being used as an open-air church essentially. and it is also a graveyard and you know, a cemetery. and it's, you know, this is sacred ground. this is not, this is not a place that can be turned into a park. >> the plan was to start construction on friday, but that did not happen. and now the recreation district says it plans to begin
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excavation sometime this month. this morning, a new and detailed report showing that accused serial killer, joseph nasso kept boxes detailing how he wanted toor to tur women along with a list of potential targets. the contra costa times reports that three of the notebooks were dedicated solely to a woman named margaret prisco. she was a 23-year-old in 1981 rks wlifg downstairs from nasso with her husband. when reached by the newspaper, the couple said they new prisco back them and back then, they referred to him as crazy joe. she said she moved out of the building in 1982 and that might have saved her life. nasso is in a marin county jail, charged with killing four women in the 1970s and '80s and it's been a heartwrenching week for the families of his alleged victims. >> he's a predator, he's not a person. he's not a person.
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>> that's how the parents of one of joseph nasso's alleged victims, describe the man charged with murdering four northern california women. roxanne rogash's brutally beaten body was found in the hills of fairfax, 34 years ago. he parents talked to us by phone about the reno man's arrest. >> i'm glad he's been arrested. i hope they hang him. it's hard to talk about. >> rogash's parents say they can't believe that nasso could be connected to the alt if a bet murders in the 1970s on the east coast. in. >> that's really something there. you know, the same initials and that. i don't know, some people have a warped mind. >> when you have the exact pattern occurring on two different coast and there's one guy that's connected to both of those coast during the times of those crimes, then it's obvious to me and i think probably very
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obvious to a lot of other people, that there most likely is a direct connection. >> missing person advocate, mark klaas, whose own daughter, poly, was kidnapped and killed 17 years ago says he's sickened by the nasso case. he said the arrest will deliver answers that the victims' families don't need. >> if you don't know, it remains an open wound. and it's something that you really can't get past in your life. >> very important. he's finally starting to get a little closure. you never know. you it's the idea of not knowing. >> and that was jody hernandez reporting. nasso heads back to court in two weeks. there this morning, there are calls for a southern california republican official and california tea party member to step down after emailing this. it is a questionable picture of the president which was emailed by marilyn davenport. she is an elected member of the orange county central republican committee. this is not the first time the
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president has been shown in an offensive picture. two years ago, los alamedo's mayor was forced to resign after sending this picture of a watermelon patch in front of the white house. civil rights groups say the political climate is helping fuel these attacks. >> separate that from donald trump, the birther movement and this climate that's been created in america where the president literally and his family, is fair racist game. >> davenport did offer an apology. but says she is refusing to step down. meanwhile, president obama is scheduled to visit the bay area tuesday for a political fundraiser. "the new york times" reports that the obama administration is quietly trying to find a country which will be willing it take colonel moammar gadhafi. the u.s. and allied countries are reportedly focusing their search on african nations. sources tell the "times" that they're looking for a country which would turn gadhafi over to an international criminal court in the hague, if he is indicted for the bombing of pan am flight
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103, or the atrocities inside libya. meantime, gadhafi remains defiant and insists he has no plan of leaving libya. more ahead coming up on today in the bai. fancy cars, private chefs, all of it part of a day's work for silicon valley ceos, we take you to the corner office for the real scoop on the perks of the job for many bay area power players. and they're loving it -- a major fast food chain serving up thousands of new jobs. looking live at hp pavilion. you can see a bit of the gray shrouding san francisco this morning and shrouding parts of the south bay. rob
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take a live look at our live camera there, chrissy field this morning, if you can see through the clouds, you can see that folks are wandering around, trying to get a little exercise,
7:39 am
maybe playing a little bumper cars this morning. be careful if you're headed out there, the fog is very heavy in san francisco. from private jets to personal chefs and personal security, silicon valley executives get a lot of perks and some of them are quite unique. but now shareholders are now silent on the issue. they're talking about it and today in the bay's vicky nguyen takes a look at some perks. >> reporter: not only was he last year's third-highest paid ceo at $70 my, but larry elison's bill goes for security goes to oracle. steve jobs only takes a $1 salary but apple reimbursed him $248,000 for his jet. the $90 million gulfstream he got as a gift in 200 9d and his bite of apple shares is worth about $1.8 billion. yahoo's carol bartz took in $39
7:40 am
million in 2009 and didn't have to negotiate the lawyer who negotiated her deal. the $110,000 bill went to yahoo. >> they should be paid well, but i don't think it should be worth in excess of the millions while other people are getting laid off. >> i think it depends on how the company is doing overall. if they're profitable, then i think it's acceptable. >> agree or not, there's no denying the perks go way beyond cash. google can park two helicopters and six jets at nasa's moffitt airfield. critics say it's special treatment that allowed these executives to fly to tahiti. >>nd mark hurd, before he got booted and went to oracle, had his tax had been planning fees paid for. like the guy can't find his own accountant. >> this accountant has spent 15 years covering silicon valley's ceos. he said shareholders are finally getting their say. public companies are required to
7:41 am
give them a nonbinding vote on executive pay and social media is changing the landscape, too. >> go and talk to other shareholders about it. yahoo's finance message boards, you can tweet about the stocks you hold and what the ceo is doing. you should form a community of shareholders, because now you've at least have a say. >> i think we should have a say. >> i think it's important as a shareholder myself to voice my opinion. >> but some say the law should go further and make the vote binding. >> i think if they want to give someone some power to say something, it should mean something. >> no doubt it's good to be on top. but these days, shareholders have a clear view of what's happening, too. and more ways to say ha they really think about ceo pay and perks. >> it's kind of embarrassing if the shareholders say, don't pay that much. and they do, anyway. >> vicky jijen, nbc bay area. it's going to be a short week on wall street. the markets will be closed on friday in observance of good friday. but there's plenty of talk about business.
7:42 am
to keep us busy. mcdonald's is looking to hire 50,000 new workers this thursday as the burger giant gears up for the summer rush. the fast food chain is also planning for many of its restaurants to stay open 24 hours a day. and get ready for higher rates at the post office. new fees go into effect this week for packages and bulk mail like store flyers and coupon packets but not on those first-class stamps. and it may be a little later than usual this year but tomorrow is tax day when your federal tax returns are due, if you need more time, you better file an extension. but that means you still have to pay. by the way, if you didn't put your state returns in the mail, they are late. and don't look for a whole lot of work being done next year, for next year's federal budget in washington this week. starting tomorrows the house and senate going to recess through the end of april. and you can get all of your business news any time on cnbc or tune in at 4:30 in the morning and scott mcgrew will get you started then.
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speaking of scott mcgrew he joins us with a look at what's coming up on press here. >> did you know that biggest maker of pots and pans in the u.s. is based in have a lay hoe? >> meyer corporation makes everything from circleon to rachael ray. its ceo will be my guest today. chang moves his family from hong kong to the bay area to follow the american dream so we'll talk entrepreneurship, cooking technology, even fine wine. and then, joe green, he was roommates at harvard with mark zuckerberg and passed on the chance to partner up on facebook. >> you chose not to partner with mark, correct? he asked you to be part of facebook. your dad said don't get involved with that mark zuckerberg. >> do you still talk to your dad? just kidding. >> i do. >> is that true? >> it is. yeah. my father's a professor at ucla, and the previous zuckerberg project had gotten us in a little bit of trouble with
7:44 am
harvard. >> but greene went on to do all kinds of amazing things, we'll talk with him about how he's changing the world for the better. that's at 9:00 a.m. right after "meet the press" on nbc bay area. we have more ahead still coming up on "today in the bay." one online populity contest behind a 2012 presidential election. and political analyst, larry gereson weighs in on the political power of social media sites. good morning, i'm mike inouye, there's lots to do today in the bay. just as fleeting as the weekend seems, so is the cherry blossoms time. today marks the final day of the northern california cherry blossom festival in san francisco. and for the fifth year in a row, my family and i will enjoy being in today's parade. it starts at civic san francisco and ends in san francisco's japan town. you can learn about traditional japanese fine arts, the martial arts, or the art of consumption,
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because food booths abound nlt and after eating at the festival, maybe head over to the oakland zoo for earth take 2011, adventures on planet earth, you can learn how to reduce waste, shop for more earth-friendly products, be inspired by the zoo's conservation fund projects or you could get your face painted, included in the day are special performances by earth-kacades. i hear they're excellent. all of this in addition to seeing the always-captivating lions, tigers or bears or shake a tail feather and get over to redwood city for bay area belly. 30 different dance groups from up and down the peninsula will be performing at this independent belly dance festival. you can fill your bags with gear regarding belly dancing and the exercise, vendors will be at the bazaar. or just fill your belly.
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it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. this coming thursday, president barack obama will conduct an online town hall meeting at facebook headquarters in palo alto. for more of this, we bring in nbc bay area political analyst, larry gerston. you probably didn't think you wrb going to be talking about the internet and politics. >> it makes it more intriguing right in our back yard. facebook, getting online, sharing pictures, they're sharing a lot about themselves and that works for candidates amazingly well. you know, barack obama has 19 million, i think it's called likes now. used to be called fans. but he's got likes. 19 million likes. fans. >> how many do you have? >> four. he's got all of these fans.
7:49 am
19 million, that's not like a rock star would have of course we understand that. but he has more than four times as much as all the potential republican challengers, sarah palin, mitt romney, mike huckabee, michelle bachman, tim pawlenty, altogether, he's got more than four times as all those guys put together. we don't know exactly how many, 600 million, maybe 700 million people these days going on facebook. this becomes an incredible way social media, for candidates to get the word out on who they are. >> let's not forget that he started doing this you know when he ran the first time. and it is how he announced his candidacy, correct? >> it's how -- his first time -- >> didn't he tweet -- >> the second time he announced it virally on youtube. but the first time he announced it, i think it was in illinois as i recall. but the point is here, that hundreds of millions of people are going on, they're clicking on, he's going on all the time.
7:50 am
other people are going on. whether it's facebook, whether it's myspace. whether it's, whether they're tweeting, all these things and this becomes a way for candidates to let people know who they are, what they're doing and they wind up being marketers, if you will, for these people. it's phenomenal. >> is that just as important as the strategy to get people to like you on the internet, to campaign for you, to talk about you. even if it doesn't translate into voting? you know what i mean? like the people who are like all about politics on facebook, don't always vote. >> well you're right. i mean not all of these 19 million people are voters, a lot of them are kids. a lot of them are people who aren't really political, but just sort of curious. but still, if you have two, three, four million of these people who are spreading the gospel, if you will, it matters tremendously. and by the way, it isn't just talk, it has to do with money. lots of money. these people, chris, are raising tremendous -- obama in 2008, let's use this as a a benchmark
7:51 am
here. obama in 2008 had three million donors, three million, if you think about this, you know, this is a phenomenal number. three million people who donate ed a total of 6.5 million donations, added up to $500 million. we're talking a lot of money here. $500 million. and by the way, these weren't heavy-hitters, they weren't people who were bundling at $ $23,500 a piece. the average size of donation was $80. he tapped into everyday people. people who aren't in the know. people who aren't in the middle of some sort of political connection. just normal people who say -- i want to give to this guy. okay? that's why it becomes such a powerful marketing aid. >> not jucht fst for him, but o candidates, the president is coming to silicon valley, eeg go to talk to the bigwigs, but
7:52 am
through social media, he can reach people in morgan hill. >> you can reach them anywhere, as long as they have a computer. and now with this phenomenal machine, this money-collecting machine, it brings in money that they don't have to go out and get, either through bundlers as we call them or dinners or all those other things. and it actually brings people into the political process. and that sense, it's an incredibly democracyizing event. >> obama was incredibly successful in 2008. republicans were caught offguard. john mccain promised he would learn how to use the computer. and obama had this very slick, just incredibly organized website. now they're smart. they say, we're not going to do that again. we've seen people like mitt romney. he announced his candidacy, about a week or so ago on youtube. he had a two-minute blurb there. talked about how the country was going down the tubes and that this was the place for him to
7:53 am
let people know that he's running for president. we all knew it, anyway. but he uses that to show people he's cool. i'm cool, i'm there. i'm hip. and you're going to see lots of other candidates do that in 2012, too. and try it make the most of the money-raising potential as well. >> all right. well i'm on facebook, i'm not cool. >> sure you are. >> but i like you, lary, like you a lot. you can find more of larry's political musings online, any time,, look for propzero. that's his blog. much more ahead on "today in the bay"
7:54 am
7:55 am
good sunday morning to you, it's 7:55. a live look outside. around the bay this morning, you can see a little bit of sun breaking through some of the clouds, but otherwise you've got some misty skies and a blanket of low clouds keeping our temperatures kind of mild. we're in the mid 50s to start off your morning, 56 degrees in
7:56 am
san jose, cooler around san francisco, where it's currently 52. there you see a healthy sea breeze pumping in the low clouds this morning. actually still pretty breezy out by solano county. as we show you the satellite and radar, you can see the rain-producing clouds still off to the north. eventually they'll start to drop into parts of the north bay. we'll see increasing clouds heading into the afternoon. another mild day. i think mainly 60s and still low 70s in a few spots around the tri-valley and south bay. as we head into tonight and into your monday morning commute, that's when we suspect we'll see some showers especially up around the north bay in those rain showers may linger now. it looks like maybe into the monday-evening commute around san jose. so as we walk you through the timing here on the system, you can see obviously the clouds fill in again as we head towards the evening. but the raindrops should hold off until later on tonight. starting from north to south. by monday morning, there you see some rain there across the bay area. lingering for parts of the south bay. as we get into monday afternoon. what's going to happen here with the system is it's going to weaken and fall apart and then the front is going to stall out
7:57 am
over the south bay and eventually push on out of here as we head into your tuesday morning. another chance of probably seeing some showers wednesday into thursday. around the bay area today, we'll see some low 70s south of san jose. lots of low clouds for the morning. we'll call it a midday break of sunshine before the high clouds spill back in again. 50s and 60sen the coast. 65 for oakland. low 70s around concord and san ramon and north bay, highs, it looks to be mainly in the 60s to near 70 in santa rosa. so the end of the weekend does look dry, other than the mist and some of the low clouds we're seeing this morning. monday will be the coolest day of the week. good chance of seeing rain showers, and wednesday into thursday, a little more showers and next weekend, warmer to start and we'll keep an eye on the maybe easter sunday showers right now stay tuned to that forecast. >> i didn't want to see them tomorrow, but i'm thinking tomorrow is better than later in the week. >> that would be great. >> no soggy easter egg hunts. thanks for making us a part of your morning. more local news for you tonight
7:58 am
at 5:00, 6:00 and 11 and all day long at have a great sunday. we'll see you next weekend. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. gives you more ways to earn points.
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