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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- . did she jump or somehow fall? tonight, a teenager survived a 220-foot fall from the golden gate bridge. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. new concern about the progress of a suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge after the teenage girl fell or jumped from the bridge this morning. she survived. we're at the bridge tonight with more. monty? >> reporter: bridge officials approved the suicide barrier in 2008 but have not raised the $50 million required to build it.
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asked what happened this morning, a teenage girl was pulled from the water on the san francisco side of the bridge at 10:55 this morning. a spokesman for the coast guard told me that rescuers found her and that she was breathing and had a pulse but could not tell me much about her current condition other than that she survived the fell. she fell mid-span from a height of 220 feet. it's not clear if she jumped or fell. the golden gate bridge is notorious for the number of suicides here. last year, 32 people jumped to their death. a barrier would catch people that jumped from the bridge and advocates say more should be done to prevent this. >> this could prevent anyone from falling or jumping off the bridge. i think it's well worth its weight and, you know, keeping people from jumping off the bridge. >> reporter: now, this is not the first time someone has
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survived a fall from the bridge. just last month, a teenage boy survived after he purposely jumped off the bridge during a high school field trip. bridge officials say if they can find the money, the barrier could be in place within three years. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you, monty. we still don't know how or why the teenager landed in the water. it's well known that the golden a gate bridge is a magnitudes for suicides. the point where today's incident took place. no official count exists but it's estimated more than 1400 people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge. 32 people last year alone. only 26 people are ever known to survive and in the fall which takes four to five seconds, a body can reach 75 miles per hour. a dog owner in the south bay is sending out a warning that a popular dog part may be deadly. the woman and her dog were there
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for a short time when she says the dog began showing signs of severe illness. vicky is here with more on what happened and why animal control officers are launching an investigation into this. vicky? >> a total nightmare for any dog owner. you take your dog to the park for exercise and within an hour he's gone. that's what happened to owner jennifer. her dog began vomiting 15 minutes after arriving at the butcher dog park. she rushed him to the vet but it was too late. the dog had died. they say the vet believes he ate something toxin because his condition worsened so fast. >> the staff helped me to do emergency resuscitation on collin and afterwards we -- the vet told us that -- told me that it was too late and he was already turning blue and his gum
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was pale, that we -- that he was gone even before he got there. >> now, animal care and control confirms they received a report and they are investigating. in the meantime, dog owners taking their pets to any park should keep a close eye on what their animals are doing. this incident comes just a couple of months after two boxes of rat poison were found at a dog park in sunnyvale marked with the words "all dogs must die." investigators do not know yet what caused collin to die in san jose at butcher dog park or if the two incidents are linked. >> thank you very much. tomorrow morning marks the 105th anniversary of the great san francisco and fire of 1906. up to that time it was one of the strongest earthquakes on record and when it hit, the massive fire turned massive rubble into ashes. there are three remaining survivors. one of them is 105-year-old bill dell monty who was treated to a
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special luncheon. he was only a couple months old when the quake hit. his father rushed him out of san francisco by horse and wagon. at 5:12 tomorrow morning, the public is invited to join d del monte to remember the exact moment that the quake hit. by comparison, the magnitude nine quake that hit last month was the equivalent of 30 1906 quakes. we have more elements from the 1906 quake on our website at there you will find dozens of pictures both black and white and colored. they are posted right there on the front page. are you ready for some rain? it's going to be a wet start to the work week. rob mayeda is in the weather center. >> we're watching the clouds right behind you here. the oakland camera looking off to the west. the coastal hills and high
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clouds coming off the top of it. still in the far north bay, a few showers are showing up around lake county. you can see most of that heading off to the central bay area and south bay, it's still dry. as we take you up on the north coast, there's a lot of rain here for areas north of ukiah. it's this line that will start to slide to the south and it will bring an opportunity to see rain as we get back to the work week. headlines that we will be watching is not just this system but as we go through the week ahead, some of this may spill towards your holiday plans heading towards next weekend. we'll show you this rapidly changing seven-day forecast in a few minutes. diane? >> thank you, rob. a stabbing along south capital avenue, police say it happened around 4:30 a.m. when police arrived in the neighborhood they discovered that an injured man went into the home in the 2500 block of sierra grande way.
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the man was stabbed several times and taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. investigators are trying to determine a motive and are searching for the attacker as well. in the east bay, a man is in the hospital tonight recovering from being shot after an argument in the parking lot of the bay fair shopping center. this shooting happened around 11:00 last night. police say the victim just finished dinner and was walking to his car with his leftovers when he got into an argument with someone in the parking lot. that person took out a gun and shot the man several times. he was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery overnight. police are asking for the public's help to track down that gunman. and still ahead at 6:00, a setback in the recovery for brian stowe, the giants' fan that was brutally beaten. free jets, private security,
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uniquely rewarded executives in the world live right here in the silicon valley. we'll take you inside the secret world of the bay area's top ceos. and see why a school named after a long-time san francisco politician doesn't have much to
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we're seeing a cool and breezy evening. chances of rain not justater tonight but spilling right io mmute as well. a look at thatn ok
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there was a setback today for a fan that was beat leaving the giants' stadium.
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he is having seizures even though he was still heavily sedated. they put him back in medley induced a coma. they will try to let the drugs wear off again in a couple of days. there is yet another fund-raiser. south bay firefighters are facing off against the medical response officers inside the sharks facility. there is a silent auction before the put drops in tonight's charity game. a school well known, san francisco political figure will soon close its doors. the willy l. brown junior pep academy is set to hold the final classes on may 27th. chronic student underachievement is being blamed. back in 1992, the district received a $45 million grant from the government just last year to improve the situation but instead the school will be shutting down. when we come back, we'll
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take you to this year's cherry blossom festival in san francisco and why something happened this year that has never happened before. and we're watching the changes on the radar as we fly you into the far north bay. some light rain already on the approach around ukiah. mhe t from the mingro bay area tonight. more in the forecast coming up. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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if you haven't filed your income taxes just yet, it's time to get moving because tomorrow is the deadline to file your 2010 returns. normally the last day to turn them in is april 15th. this year it was emancipation
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day. taxpayers were given three extra days to file some post offices throughout the state are staying opened late tomorrow to help those last-minute filers. so now you know. from private jets to personal security, silicon valley ceos received the most unique and expensive perks in the world. shareholders no longer have to be silent on the issue. the publics's say on pay is louder than ever. >> reporter: larry's $1.8 million for private security goes to oracle. >> so out of proportion. >> reporter: steve jobs only takes a $1 salary but apple reimbursed him $248 thou,000 jee gift in 2009. his shares of apple are worth about $1.8 billion. carol bard didn't have to pay the lawyer who negotiated her
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deal. the $110,000 bill went to yahoo! >> they should be paid well but not in excess of the millions where time are getting laid off. >> if they are profitable, then i think it's acceptable. >> reporter: agree or not, there's no denying the perks go way beyond cash. google can park two helicopters and six jets at nasa's move fit air field. critics say it is special treatment that allowed them to fly to ta heat ta and gavin newsom's wedding in montana. >> mark hurd hads had tax planning fees paid for. >> reporter: owen thomas has spent 15 years covering silicon valley's ceo. >> say no if you think the perks are outrageous. >> reporter: he says shareholders are finally getting their say.
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public companies are required to give them a nonbinding vote on pay and social media is changing the landscape, too. >> go and talk to other shareholders about it. yahoo! finance message boards. you can tweet about the stocks you hold and what the ceos are doing. >> i think it's important as a shareholder myself to voice my opinion. >> reporter: but some says the laws should go further. no doubt it's good to be on top but these days shareholders have a clear view of what is happening, too. and more ways to say what they really think about ceo pay and perks. >> it's kind of embarrassing if the shareholder says don't pay that much and they do any way. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. all right. thousands turned out for the northern california cherry blossom festival this weekend. the parade started at city hall and went through japan town and organizers decided to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan.
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the northern california festival, by the way, is the second largest festival outside of washington, d.c. the weather is changing rapidly? >> right now temperatures are still 70s in some spots and we got up to 75 and 69 in san jose, 6 0s around the san francisco area. 73 for a high earlier in santa rosa. temperatures dipping down into the 60s. a strong sea breeze pushing to 15 to 25 miles per hour. now the view in san francisco has mist on the camera lens. lots of low clouds and strong sea breeze. it will stay breezy through 8:00 this evening.
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clouds are racing into the east bay. low clouds are surging in and then eventually more than mist and drizzle. for the most part, heavier showers that we saw earlier out towards lake county, sacramento and mainly misty skies around san francisco. and after mid night, through the day tomorrow, certainly a cooler monday. no more 70s. highs and maybe mid-60s and otherwise a line of systems racing through and then one more system maybe for the north bay as we approach sunday. as we go through the next 24 hours, you can see a few raindrops and then the next system rolls in wednesday afternoon. highs around the bay area continuing the downward trend
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maybe the coolest day of the week with highs and showers off and on and low 60s around the tri-valley. you can also see highs only in the upper 50s or low 60s. rain at times tomorrow, too and easter eggs up there, not the waterproof variety. get the latest update at any time. go to >> and the easter bunny looked very happy there. >> okay. thank you, rob. special appearances at the yacht club. what they tried to do.
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oakland's square was the
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place to be for people who love to sail boats or a pretty day by the bay. today ended a four-day sailing show offering the best in new sailboats to hands on activities. kids had a chance to hop along a boat named seaward and an opportunity to meet well-known teenage sailors. jack and abby who hosted seminars for kids interested in sailing. she was 16 when she attempted an around the trip sailing trip last year. she had to be rescued after becoming stranded after her boat was demolished by a 50-foot wave. >> i had a dream and it may have seemed a little crazy. but i wasn't for it. the best thing to do in life is to go for your dreams.
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you don't get many chances to do something like that. >> her brother is well known, too. he's becoming the youngest person to ever have sailed around the world. the sale both show offered a hands-on event where they honed their skills on the water and checked out the cool boats. lawrence scott is checking out the giants. >> looking for that sweep in arizona. >> that would be nice. >> home runs just flying. but the diamondbacks showing extra bite, forcing extra innings. while the a's are trying to send and bats with signs of life. what could the sharks do? look at this mess of a game last night. playoff game number two l.a. a. we talked to the sharks and so
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good evening. looking for a sweep in arizona, staying a little longer than issue in the desert. on fire in the series, the home run last night and he gets another today helping tie the game at 4 in the sixth. arizona pulled the starter at that point and it didn't much matter with hitting a solo shot to give the giants the first lead of the game. sandoval looking great and air zo na tieing it up in the eighth. the diamondbacks avoid the sweep with a 6-5 win in 12. heading to denver. leading rockies starting tomorrow. a's trying to split their games with the rockies. no digital shorts or things in a box. but in the stands today, saturday knit live's andy sanberg and friends. the strike out of ryan to end the fourth. giving up four hits and only one
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run, bottom five, single to left, bringing home david and the a's go on to win 5-1. last night the sharks were sluggish. well, we'll talk to the sharks in a second. we'll tell you right now about comcast sportsnet, bay area every night at 10:30. it's a full 70 minutes of coverage. go deep with sportsnet central every weeknight at 10:30. i jumped the gun on the sharks. >> all right. >> it was not so great. kings came ready to fight in game two. sharks had better regroup fast, though. l.a. playing a near perfect road game. leading the way with points, two of which were goals. kings up to zip. he added the other sliding backwards and using a well-placed screen here. 4-0, the big loss sharks head to l.a. at staples center trying to
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make some kind of sense of what went down at the tank. >> there's nothing that -- we've got to win a game in l.a. and that's our focus and we have two days to think about this and be ready for tuesday's night game. >> give them credit. they came in and played a well-disciplined game with other players out. they played well. it's now our turn to go back to their rink. >> they are all part of the conversation tonight on sports sunday as we bring you radio on tv. damon bruce joins us. the nba playoffs also seeing thrillers and a few upsets. the sharks will be tuesday on ice. 14 assists and 33 points and big shots down the stretch for cp 3 as the hornets are the defending champs.
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109-100. looking on and the spurs needed him. the grizzlies have been in the nba and have never won a post season game. talladega today, a photo finish, closest finish in history. all that separated jimmy johnson was help from dale junior. wins his first event of the season. by the nose of his car. look at that. it's just barely getting across. jimmy victorious. so things are pretty good in his first win going for yet another win of the entire season. you've got to start somewhere. >> i forget about that. thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. rob, rain's coming in? >> a little bit. we've got mist, brdrizzle. the main event is heading into monday. wednesday afternoon into thursday, and then sunday, the north bay may see a few more
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showers. just can't quite pack away the umbrellas. tomorrow is probably the coolest and wettest day of the week. >> thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. wine country is coming up next. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. there's the drizzle on our camera. good night. every day politicians rant against california's taxes. we fall further behind the competition and stall the engine that made california great. i'm suzanne shaw. no one wants to pay more into a broken system but the system still has to be fixed. our old rules on taxes and fees don't capture the new economy. businesses are hiring. yet state coffers are shrinking. california spent 28% less per person than five years ago. sales taxes missed the boat, exempting services, software


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