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tv   Today  NBC  April 19, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning to you. we are going to see a nice day. it's chilly to start you out. we wednesday up in the 70s. 70 in san jose, 70 in gilroy. we have fog, low cloud cover overhead. you want to take it easy especially near the large bodies of water. the closer you are, the more fog we notice. 65 by friday. easter sunday looks good. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. a best-selling author and humanitarian is under fire amid allegations that he fabricated stories his memoir. andrea mitchell has the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. the questions are being asked
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about greg mortenson, author of "three cups of tea" who has sold millions of books about his work with girls in afghanistan. he's been the hero of the movement to educate girls in afghanistan and pakistan. soldiers deploying to afghanistan are encouraged to read his book. president obama donated part of his nobel prize money to the charity. mike mullen traveled with him and tells the story of the dramatic attempt to climb k-2 and the pledge to his rescuers. >> he looked for a way to repay his rescuers and realized what they wanted and needed most was a school. >> reporter: it is a story mortonsen told again to natalie morales on "today.." >> coming off the mountain i stumbled into a village and saw 78 children sitting in the dirt writing with sticks in the sand. i promised to build a school.
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>> reporter: as "60 minutes" reported he didn't hear of the village until his second visit a year after the climb. he was not kidnapped by the taliban. he did build schools but critics say not as many as he claimed. author john krakauer donated to the charity until he got suspicion writing, he's lied about the deeds he's done, the people he met, the number of schools he built. a watchdog group says the charity paid for charter planes and other questionable expenses. >> in 15 years they have had only one audited financial statement which came out last fall. >> reporter: mortonson is now ducking television articles. >> i need to sign these books now. >> reporter: he told "outside" magazine, there were some omissions and compressions. there are discrepancies that, again, have to do with
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compression of events. acknowledging he took literary license. >> the standards for nonfiction are clear. you don't compress to the point of telling a story that isn't true relative to what happened. that happened in this case. >> reporter: nbc news learned there could be a problem with his second book "stones into schools kwl schools" also a book seller in which he describes this man as a former taliban fighter. when nbc news interviewed him two years ago we could not verify his taliban connection so didn't broadcast the story. other advocates for afghan girls worry the issue will hurt the cause. >> the issue of girls' education is more important than any one individual. >> reporter: mortonson says the critics are inaccurate but his publisher issued a statement saying they will review the materials with the author. meredith? >> thank you very much. just ahead, the woman who sued
7:22 am after she was allegedly assaulted by a man she met on the popular dating site. she's here for a live interview. first, this is "today" on nbc. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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bacon. come celebrate baconalia! ly at denny's. america's diner is always open. still ahead, the young mother given a new outlook on life after a rare hand transplant. >> britain's other queen in waiting's relationship with teprinceillind a wamhehe british public after your local news and weather. nice. a consumers digest best buy three years in a row. and an epa - estimated 33 miles per gallon highway. all starting under $23,000. and what does your neighbor have? a bad case of car envy. very well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a 2011 chevrolet malibu ls for around $179 a month. call for details. see your local chevy dealer.
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now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. good morning, everybody. time is 7:26. i'm brent cannon. better news could be coming down the tracks for value train riders. marla tellez is live at a station in palo alto with the better budget news. marla. >> reporter: all the talk of shutting down a few stations and cutting weekend service at stations including where we are, this is the california avenue station in palo alto. it could end up being just that, that's talk. cal train could get the money it needs to not follow through with such drastic cuts. the money would come from sources slated for transit
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maintenance and construction projects. great news for commuters that they would vote on the plan this coming thursday. now, i should mention the plan to increase fares and parking fees would still take effect in july. >> trains could be still running. thanks a lot. we want to check the forecast with christina. not bad overall. >> yeah, a good forecaster there mr. cannon. good morning to you. the clouds we have overhead, a mixture of high clouds and low clouds. the sunny skies we see are going to bring the temperatures up to the 70s. 70 degrees today. 72 degrees in the north bay in santa rosa. here is the extended outlook. rain on the way but not a lot of it. it's going to arrive for the second half of the day. let's get you to work with mike inouye. >> it was a hard start, now easing a bit. speeds in the 40s out of
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richmond to the toll plaza. southbound 680, an earlier accident. south of the 24 interchange. it's moving nicely to livermore and the 580. we have slowing still, after it started early, we won't get the clearing until 45 minutes from now. things ease through livermore and 580. back to you. >> thanks. more local news coming up in a half hour. the today show returns in a minute.
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7:30 on a tuesday morning, the 19th of april 2011. it's at no terrible morning outside. we do have the threat of showers moving into the area. temperatures aren't bad though. we've got a nice crowd outside, waving to the people back home. we'll say hi to them in a little while. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. straight ahead this half hour a change coming to >> the site says it will now cross-check members across the national sexregistry. this after a woman claims she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on match. >> on a lighter note, all eyes
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will be on prince william and kate middleton in ten days. the wedding thrust william's step-mother camilla parker bowles into the spotlight. we'll talk about their relationship and how the british people view the queens in waiting. >> we have a wonderful story. meet the young mother now able to hug her daughter again after receiving the firsthand transplant on the west coast. let's begin with the lawsuit against filed by a woman who claims she was attacked by a man she met on the dating site. mara schiavocampo has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. like millions of others around the world the plaintiff turned to the internet for a love connection. instead of meeting a nice guy she said she was tracked down by a convicted sex offender and holds partly responsible. she filed her lawsuit as jane doe but said she's tired of hiding and is revealing her identi identity.
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for 53-year-old freelance producer and writer carol markin seemed a good way to meet eligible bachelors. men like alan wertzel. >> he said he helped take care of his mother, sister, paid medical bills. >> reporter: she agreed to meet him at a west hollywood cafe and the first date went so well they made plans again. though the second date started off well, markin said things turned bad claiming he took her home and sexually assaulted her in the living room. >> he jumped me. then he overpowered me. he's a big guy. he's a foot taller than me and weighs a hundred pounds more than i do. i was afraid. >> reporter: she said after the assault she googled her attacker and found he had a history of misdemeanor sex crimes, something she said should have known. >> i don't think people go on websites thinking they are going to get themselves into unsafe
7:33 am
situations. >> reporter: wertzel is facing two felony charges for the assault and has pled not guilty saying the sex was consensual. but last week markin filed a suit asking the site to screen new members as sexual offenders. already has a date at your own risk disclaimer on the site, but days after the suit was filed they announced they will be checking all members, new and existing, against the national sex offender registry. match is one of the country's most popular dating sites, claiming millions of members. the new policy may change online dating across the board. >> i think other states will have to step up and do something so users know there are basic safety precautions in place. >> reporter: because his past convictions are misdemeanors he is not on the registry and the
7:34 am
new policy would not have picked him out. still, markin is glad they aring looking at the issue. >> i elevated the question. it will make people aware of what can happen. >> reporter: markin said if match implements the new policy within 90 days she will likely drop the lawsuit. she is not seeking financial compensation. meredith? >> mara schiavocampo, thank you very much. carol is with us now. good morning to you. >> hi. >> is it fair to say you're satisfied with's announcement to cross check members against the registry? >> i'm excited. but i haven't actually talked to them myself. >> they haven't reached out to you in any way? >> not me personally. they spoke to my lawyer. >> if they do what they say they are going to do, that's good enough for you? >> i think so. we have to see. i'm waiting to see what they do. >> you know, said the website had been considering adopting this screening process
7:35 am
prior to your lawsuit, that your lawsuit didn't trigger the decision. although the timing of the decision, they say, was accelerated by your suit. do you feel like david versus goliath here? >> definitely. it's me, my lawyer, two publicists, you know, the team that put it together. but in terms of -- yes. you know, i'm one person fighting against a huge publically traded company. >> you say this man sexually assaulted you. it's been almost a year since you made the claim. you met him through why did you wait so long to file the suit if you believed then and you believe now that the company is partially responsible for what happened to you? >> i waited because i was waiting for the trial -- the criminal trial to be done. but it's not done yet. >> it hasn't started yet. >> right. but i was just waiting until that would be settled. >> what we know is at this point
7:36 am
wurtzel has pled not guilty. we do know that back in 2004 he was put on probation for misdemeanor sexual acts involving other people. but made it clear that even if they had this policy in effect now they would not have picked up on that. he wasn't on the sex offender registry. does that disturb you? >> he's on the sex offender registry for los angeles. i think they could broaden it and not just do the federal. they could go local, too. >> they say they think the system is flawed and they advise users to use common sense here, be prudent and wise. do you feel you wear bear any responsibility for not checking out this man before you went on the second date? >> well, i tried. you know, i asked for his name when he called me after the first name and there was a cell phone dropout or he mumbled. if i had his full name i would have googled him and not gone on the date.
7:37 am
>> because you would have found he had this history. >> you also signed an agreement with that ab solved them of liability if something happened to you. do you believe the company should be liable in the future? >> i think they are in the business of putting people together. i think they should be responsible about those things. >> but you signed this waiver that said they were not liable. >> you know, everybody signs waivers on websites that they barely read because it's in the fine print. >> so if you don't get hopefully what you want at this point then you will continue with the lawsuit? >> we're going to keep the lawsuit open until we are sure that they do what they said they would do. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much, meredith. we've got folks here. are you big "glee" fans?
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they are here for the warblers. i'm looking forward to that. let's check your weather. we have a real temperature contrast. look at texas. 90s, 100s, 80s to the southeast. 10 to 20 degrees above normal below the warm front. above the front it's below normal. 30s in the plains with snow. some areas picking up a foot. risk of strong storms stretching into indiana. sunshine on the west coast, but cooler there. 67 in l.a. showers in the northeast and new england. plenty of sunshine through the well, not quite 87, but we'll take the 70s today. good morning to you. watch for low clouds over you. fog overhead. 54 degrees in oakland. 55 in napa. fog will be a problem until 10:00 a.m. after that, mostly
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sunny skies with temps in the 70. beautiful baek day for santa cruz. 72 degrees in santa rosa. a little bit of rain tomorrow. don't forget. you can check your weather day or night on weather channel on cable or online. meredith? >> up next, the queens in waiting, kate and camilla. we look at their relationship after this. ♪ special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy... your hunger to help you lose weight. ♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today.
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we are back now at 7:42 as the countdown to the royal wedding hits just ten days. naturally kate middleton's face is everywhere, but take a look at who's on the front page of this morning's new york times. not kate, but her future step-mother camilla parker bowles. michelle cosk skiski ski-- ckose from london. >> reporter: it seems nobody is talking about camilla and that might be a good thing. at least she's not being
7:43 am
villified. kate moves a muscle, utters a word and local press devours it. when was the last time prince charles' life, his love for decades made an appearance? did you pay attention? did anyone? but camilla may assume the throne well before the young kate. the silent, silent, long-time partner who has not disappeared under intense public pressure of simply being charles' second wife. >> she was blamed by diana personally for breaking up the marriage and was seen, if you like, as the bad person in the story. >> reporter: today, britain has warmed to her. a real turnaround from being the demonized other woman between charles and diana. she was publically belittled all over the world for her looks, but kale mill la never struck back. in the new york times story
7:44 am
she's quoted as saying she would answer her phone saying "rottweiler here" joking about what diana supposedly told her, but the princes have embraced her, publically so. in november, charles said this to brian williams. >> does the duchess of cornwall become queen? >> well, that's -- that could be. >> reporter: a big heavy palace door opening perhaps? these days camilla is said to be a chief adviser to young indicate, ironically on how to look and act. recently out having lunch together, full of pre-wedding chatter. some may see kate the future queen as her chief competitor, but camilla doesn't seem to. even after many, many years of waiting in the wings, the heart still does seem to want what it wants and wins against whatever
7:45 am
the odds. camilla's also is a royal love story. when charles married camilla is palace put it out there that she wouldn't necessarily be queen but maybe princess consort or something and public support for being queen is around 14%, but camilla has her admirers. i was speaking to a royal photographer and asked who is your favorite to shoot? he said camilla. that she's the most natural, real and truly herself, establishing a bond with people she talks to. she, like kate, is a commoner. matt? >> michelle, thank you very much. john f. burns is the london bureau chief for the new york times who wrote the story on kate and camilla and martin basheer joins us as well. you write, when the 1900 invited
7:46 am
guests take their places in westminster abbey this month one of the most uneasy seats in the 13th century gothic church may be the one occupied by camilla, duchess of cornwall. why do you write that? >> she's in a curious position, isn't she? she's attending the wedding of the oldest son of princess diana who, of course -- whose marriage to prince charles, now camilla's husband, was accelerated into disintegration by the love affair over years between camilla and charles. that's the first thing. the second thing is that while camilla has gone a long way toward redeeming the affections or owning the affections of the british people with her straightforward, natural and unpretentious ways, the polls show that public opinion budged
7:47 am
almost not at all on whether or not they want her as queen. the fact is that the over well. ing majority of brits do not. >> you talk about with her quiet way she has somehow recaptured the affection of the british people. it had to be more than that. what did she do to earn their  respect again? >> well, one of the things she did was what she didn't do. charles and diana, as you at nbc know well, went public, most famously in the interview with diana. camilla has kept silent. she's never answered critics or sought redemption. she's followed the precept as one of her friends said is you just bloody well get on with it. i think she's liked for that. people in london like that stoicism. >> martin talked about the interview with diana and she
7:48 am
said her marriage was crowded. that set off a wave of criticism of camilla parker bowles. are you surprised the british people have warmed up to her? >> absolutely not. she's had the resources of the royal family. she's had the prince of wales' best p.r., fashion designers. her image was transformed by the assets she's been able to draw on. when i interviewed princess diana she said there were three people in her marriage. william has three women in his marriage. he has his bride at the wedding, he has his step-mother and his own mother. his mother's engagement ring is worn by his bride. there are three people in that. william has been incredible in negotiating his way through that. >> do you think that william, martin, is hoping that kate takes on more of the role of camilla parker bowles in terms of her presence in the public or lack thereof or would he like her to be more open like his
7:49 am
mother was? >> when they were interviewed on the day of the wedding he said, she's not following in my mother's shoes. i don't think he likes the fact we know of the media coverage, the leaks and stories and the interview i did with his mother. i think he would prefer her to be in an understated manner, but as to whether he wants her to follow in the footsteps of camilla, i'm not sure about that. >> martin and john f. burns who writes this morning's cover story in "the new york times" thank you very much. >> thank you. >> catch martin at 3:00 eastern time on msnbc. we'll be live in london with complete coverage of the royal wedding friday starting at 4:00 a.m. that's eastern. 1:00 a.m. pacific time. still ahead in the market for a new car? we'll get a peek at the best for model year 2012. first, these messages.
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just ahead, the changing rules of romance and intimacy at 50 and beyond. >> and a live interview with the young mother who just received the firsthand transplant in the western u.s. she's just 26 years old. after your local news and weather. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island.
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good morning, everybody. 7:56, i'm brent cannon. families in the east bay cannot return to home because they are too dangerous to live in. the homes are red-tagged. a month later, people living on wyman street can't sleep in their own beds. relief might be on the way. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in counties including contra costa. thousands of dollars of state money may come in to help the people impacted by the storm. >> it is moving forward. the state acted from the declaration on friday. we'll wait to see how the process moves forward. >> the 19 counties put together a local impact report. san pablo sent an estimate to
7:57 am
the state. they should find out how much money they will get later on this week. in the meantime, we want to check in with the christina for the forecast. >> i can show you the radar now. it's fog so thick it's creating a drizzly effect. we are not picking up anything on the radar. the clouds will pull out of here. the temperatures will climb, in the 50s now to the 70s. 70 degrees later in san jose. 70 in gilroy. 68 in concord. as we head to the next couple hours, fog will be a factor by 10:00 or 10:30 a lot of it will lift and break apart. then the sun comes out. i have been looking at the cameras where you can see over the low clouds. it is beautiful above. mostly sunny skies setting up for today. here is the extended outlook. we have the big weekend, 75 on easter.
7:58 am
let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> i want to 75 now. looking over here where we had speeds below that. at the merge, golden gate is slow. heading in or out of orinda. the accident cleared half an hour ago. both directions slowed. it's typical this time of day on the tuesday. southbound 880 and a street, an accident. a slow drive heading toward the san mateo bridge. >> thanks mike. more "today" show in less than a minute. have a great morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, april 19, 2011. our rolling spring break not over yet. take a look at the huge crowd out on the plaza. we have come out to say hello. i'm matt lauer alongside matt lauer and al roker. coming up, access to the firsthand transplant west of the rockies. it was a complex, 14-hour surgery performed on a young mother who lost her right hand in a traffic accident. a few weeks later she's doing things she has not been able to do in years. we'll meet her just ahead. >> also ahead sh on a different note, we'll talk about romance and intimacy after 50.
8:01 am
how do you get the spark back? why are you looking at me? >> i'm dying to know the answer. >> how do you get the spark back after mid life? we're going to have discussion on that minus meredith, in a couple of minutes. >> mad dog 20/20. >> now we're talking. >> we have a real treat for "glee" fans. this season's breakout stars, chris warren and the warblers will be here for a special life performance. >> that sounds like fun. natalie morales is standing in for ann at news desk. good morning. >> good morning. possibilitiab possible tornadoes for the southern plains. meanwhile another step to recovery after the devastating tornados in north carolina. kerry sanders is in colerain, north carolina, with the latest.
8:02 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. officials in north carolina are still calculating the costs associated with the tornadoes. 22 dead in this state alone. more than 800 homes damaged or destroyed. the costs will go into the tens of millions of dollars. again today, schools are closed as families try to figure out what to do next. survivors say the shock is starting to wear off and strength is taking over. not only physical might but the determination to stay put and rebuild. in bertie county, kids cut class from the schools that were open monday to lend a hand. in raleigh, ronald and joyce who moved here from new york say they are overwhelmed by the generosity of neighbors. >> oh, it's been a blessing. >> reporter: north carolina governor beverly perdue toured the devastation. >> it's the most powerful thing i have ever seen. i'm so sorry.
8:03 am
>> reporter: this is one of the nation's poorest regions. a quarter of the residents live below the poverty line which makes the need for government help to rebuild more important. >> i believe strongly, and i have never seen federal money not be there for people to rebuild their homes and lives. >> reporter: the tornadoes tracked across farmland leaving fields covered with debris. corn and soybean farmers have yet to calculate the damage. it is that debris in the farm fields that will be especially difficult because farmers can't get out there and harvest or do any planting until they get the mess out of the fields. >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. >> 18 home and two churches were destroyed monday by wildfires in north texas. dozens of fires have burned more than 1,000 square miles of texas grassland, an area that would be the size of rhode island. arizona governor jan brewer vetoed a measure to allow guns
8:04 am
to be car rid on public campuses. she said the bill was poorly written. the white house is talking about standard & poor's decision to downgrade the outlook on u.s. government debt. the obama administration says it underscores the need to reduce the deficit and the s & p's political judgment should not be given much weight. in the decision, standard and poor's stated it had little confidence that washington will produce a deficit reduction plan before the 2012 elections. the downgrade shook the markets monday with the dow losing more than 140 points. the tax return shows president obama and the first lady earned almost $2 million last year, most from mr. obama's book sales. the first couple paid more than $450,000 in federal taxes and donated more than half to charities. that's good. now back outside to matt, meredith and al. >> i miscalculated. it's cold out here.
8:05 am
>> you laughed at me. you scoffed. >> mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> i put a coat on. it's brisk. we have a real life "glee" here. where are you from? >> st. louis. >> they have a song. one, two, three, hit it. ♪ i throw my hands up in the air sometimes ♪ ♪ saying ay-yo ♪ got to let go ♪ i want to celebrate and live my life ♪ >> let's take a look at the forecast. i love it. the famous video. local 2, hon,tous texas, partly sunny and 88 degrees and we show you we've got snow through the plains into the great lakes. some heavier thunderstorms today through the ohio river valley. we're looking at strong storms today from indiana all the way back into northern arkansas. sunshine along the west coast. sunny skies through the southeast. nice and warm. we have really hot weather from
8:06 am
the great lakes -- i should say in the southwest into western texas. look. even meredith is getting into it there. check out meredith over there. oh, yeah! good morning to you. well, we've got a really stubborn low cloud deck that's actually so thick that it's creating a drizzle effect. you see the top of the bridge there just peeking out. you might need to use your windshield wipers on your way to work this morning. our radar isn't picking up any showers just really thick fog. 70 degrees in san jose. 71 los gatos. 68 degrees in redwood city. a little more mild in san francisco today only 65. we have more rain on the way as we head through tomorrow and we're looking at a fairly nice easter sunday. look. i found another matt and meredith here. very nice. good-looking couple, too. matt? >> al, thank you very much. when we come back, the risky
8:07 am
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[ male announcer ] own a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz and chances are they'll own it one day, too. now with an optional extended limited warranty your vehicle may be covered for up to 135,000 miles. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through may 2nd. thanks to advances in medicine and science, transplants of organs like the heart and kidney have become common. now some of the same advances are being applied to one of the most complex pieces of the body -- the hand. kristen welker is at ucla medical center with a look at the first transplant on the west coast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the recipient is emily fennel, a young mother from northern california. her family said she's an inspiration. doctors call her a pioneer.
8:11 am
>> open up. >> reporter: what seems like child play to most is a major milestone for 26-year-old emily. >> now you're showing off. >> reporter: emily has only had this right hand for six weeks. she's the firsthand transplant recipient at ucla medical center. in 2006 emily was a single mother to 14-month-old hannah. but everything changed when a car crash crushed her right hand. doctors couldn't save it. >> emotionally, what was the hardest part of the period for you? >> not being able to care for my daughter. she wanted mom and mommy couldn't do everything for her. >> reporter: but ucla announced a new hand transplant program and emily jumped at the chance despite the risks. >> the most serious is a severe infection we couldn't control. >> reporter: less than a month after getting on the list, emily gets the call on a friday
8:12 am
afternoon. a donor hand is available. get to ucla medical center right away. from that moment on it's a race against time. >> time is of the essence because there is a period where the hand doesn't have blood flow. >> reporter: the donor hand arrives at the hospital as emily is prepped for surgery. after a last hug from her mom, emily is wheeled into the operating room. the surgery involves more than just skin grafts and stitches. transplant surgeons also have to attach two bones, two arteries, four veins and as many as 20 tendons to complete the procedure. >> the you try moving it? >> reporter: the initial signs are good. >> you moved your finger! >> reporter: for emily's mother, it's hard to believe. >> when you have a child, one of the first questions a mom asks is do they have all their fire extinguisher rs and toes and she did when she was born. then that was taken away by a
8:13 am
tragic accident. >> reporter: now emily is getting her life back. she spends five hours a day in occupational therapy. even a simple hug with her daughter turns into a small victory. >> i think she really likes that i can hold her with two hands now. it's important to be able to do that with your child. >> reporter: emily sayses for the first time in a long time, she feels whole. now, emily could ultimately have about 80% usage of the new hand. she has joined a very exclusive group of people. there have been only 14 hand transplants nationwide. meredith? >> kristen welker, thank you very much. emily fennel is with us from the ucla campus along with her surgeon, dr. azare. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> it was such a wonderful image to see you hold your daughter with both hands. it's been a little more than six
8:14 am
weeks since the transplant surgery. muin this >> right now, i can wiggle the fingers and after i'm in hand therapy for a couple of hours in the morning i can pick up different objects with it. >> do you have any sensation yet in the hand itself? >> not yet. i won't have sensation for probably close to a year. the nerves take the longest to regenerate. so sensation will come back last. >> reporter: this all happened so quickly for you, em. did you have time to think about the repercussions or the possible risks involved to seriously consider? because you're on the anti-rejection meds you run the risk of even a slight infection could be fatal. did it cause you hesitation in making the decision? >> absolutely. i started looking into the program last summer. i looked into all of the
8:15 am
immunosuppression drugs. i discussed it with the family. one of my sisters is a nurse, so i got her opinion as well. we looked into it extensively before we made the decision to go ahead with the program. >> doctor -- >> we decided that me being made whole again was more important than the -- the benefits outweighed the risks. >> this was a 14-hour procedure. extremely complicated. what made this young woman such a good candidate? made emily a good candidate for the surgery? >> it wasn't just for the surgery. you have to be healthy to undergo this operation and not really have other medical problemses to make the condition worse. with emily, it was her determination and her level of understanding, not just about the procedure, but about herself and what she's capable of that made her the absolute perfect candidate.
8:16 am
>> why a hand transplant versus a prosthetic device? >> well, this operation is not for everyone. this operation is designed for the person that has reso sovcov from the initial trauma of the amputation. both physically meaning the wounds have healed and psychologically meaning there is no post traumatic stress or other psychological conditions. in our program they must have tried a prosthetic device for at least six months. emily tried that and she can speak more to it, but this program is designed for people that find prosthetic devices unsatisfactory for the levels they wish to attain. >> emily, your daughter was just 14 months when you had this terrible car accident and you lost your right hand. she's really only known you as the mom that had one hand. how was she reacting to the new mom? >> you know, she referred to me as my stump was considered the
8:17 am
special hand. at first she was hesitant to mom having a surgery because i was special. now that i have a second hand she says, mommy, it's cool. she can't wait for me to do more things to teach her to tie her shoes, play catch with her in the yard, to go swimming in the summertime. in a 6-year-old mind it's hard to understand, but she thinks it's cool. >> i know you were able to make her a necklace and bracelet which you couldn't have done before with just the left hand. doctor, do you envision this kind of surgery will be as routine as transplanting a kidney, heart or lung some day? >> you know, i do envision that day. that's really -- this is really the beginning. meredith, we are at the frontier. we are at the forefront of a new frontier in medicine that's reconstructive transplantation surgery. emily is a pioneer delving into
8:18 am
this brave new field. i do think down the line we will be able to do that. it's going to take time, of course, like any other transplant. but we'll get there some day. this opens up new arenas for reconstructive surgery to be able to reconstruct life tissue with life tissue. there is no life tissue for the hand. there is no life tissue for the face. this gives us a chance to reconstruct defects secondary to cancer, trauma or congenital defects, birth defects. >> i know of concern to you is wounded vets from the wars. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next on our series "midlife today" the changing rules of intimacy at 50 and beyond. that's right after this. ression is a serious medical condition. i feel like i have to wind myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about pristiq -- a prescription medicine proven to treat depression.
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♪ this morning on our special series "midlife today," the changing rules of romance. once you hit 50 do you still want intimacy? of course. how do you keep the spark alive or rekindle a flame that hasn't been burning bright for a long time. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> do you think we got a lot of e-mails on the subject? >> i bet. >> oh, brother. we have one from patricia in washington. i have been married to a wonderful man for nine years. we are the best of friends but that's it. sex slowly began to disappear and it's gone now. neither of us are overweight or have health issues. we get along wonderfully. he's attractive and i am, too. what's going on? is this normal? >> as you age you can feel mentally at your peak but your
8:23 am
body isn't necessarily at the same peak. in men and women testosterone levels lower. it's natural and common to fall into a rut. you do have to make the effort. for example, i have a technique. i remind every couple to hug for 30 seconds every day. a 30-second hug stimulates -- >> when you get to this point is it too far gone? if sex is completely gone? >> if you buy into that, yes. the touch is important and the lips, so much energy happens in a kiss. if you can lock the kiss and keep it there for a while, keep it renewed and remember why you fell in love. you can have amazing love after 50. >> i have a simple rule for couples. try to be intimate once a week. >> at least. >> if you put your body through the motions the mind will follow. try it. you'll like it. >> you forget how much you like it. >> separate bathtubs on the mountain top like in the
8:24 am
commercial. from diana in arkansas she writes, i find myself single again at 57 after a failed marriage. my question is how do i meet a man to date without going to an online dating site or to a bar? in fact, how do i date again after being married 34 years? help. >> you're still you. you have new experience and hopefully like who you are, know what you want and specifically what you don't want. be open. don't be afraid to say hi, smile, look people in the eyes. there are single amazing people everywhere. we misthem. at the grocery store. >> don't rule out technology and the internet. >> i agree. >> even if it's not match-making sites. my mom went on facebook and rediscovered a flame from 30 years ago. she's having a great time. if you're going to rule out technology you're disabling yourself. >> we got e-mails from people who feel after being off the market for a long time they have missed rule changes. they want clarification. this is from suzanne in
8:25 am
nebraska. i'm a 52--year-old female. i have spent six years looking for love. what are the dating rules these days? do the same rules apply like no sex for three months? i feel i'm too old to act 18 again. where are the decent older men? >> the decent good men are out there, looking for the same thing women want. they want love, intimacy, to trust and connect. again, no matter where you are, be open. >> what about the question she asks about the rules? >> you know, you have to be true to yourself. i think you have to be careful and mindful. >> i think when you're in your 50s and dating it's easier and you can be more confident. you're not looking for a husband or wife. you're not looking for someone to be the father or mother of your children. you're not necessarily worried about in-laws. you can focus on finding your soul mate. that's the age when you can focus on companionship and not
8:26 am
having to get into this lifestyle thing you are looking for. >> and maturity can be an asset, not a detriment. thank you both. just ahead, a good morning everybody. 8:26 right now. i'm brent cannon. san francisco may be cash strapped but that will not stop leaders from getting pay raises despite the $306 million deficit. the civil commission has decided to raise salaries. the mayor will see an almost $5,000 raise next fiscal year. 11 supervisors will each get almost $2,000 more. the city attorney and the district attorney will each see $4,000 raises. there will also be raises for the assessor, recorder, public defender, treasurer, and sheriff. a sign of progress for brian stow, the giants fan attacked at dodgers stadium. his family says he is showing some signs of brain activity. stow will be in a medically
8:27 am
induced coma for at least another week. doctors had tried to bring him out over the weekend. however, he suffered seizures and they had to put him back into a coma. once he stabilizes doctors will try toem him from sedation. we'll take a look at your morning commute right after the break.
8:28 am
8:28, a lot of slowing for northbound 101 jamming up all the way from just past brunell, sorry, telly all the way over toward the airport where things
8:29 am
are the worst. 880 northbound also slowing. a new accident off 17 right over 280 where it transitions, an accident there clearing as well. it will cause additional slowing, southbound 680 through sinole and 580 continues the slowdown through livermore and the dublin interchange but not as bad as a half hour ago. still a 22-minute drive there. east shore freeway about a 30 mint drive off the carcinas bridge. a live look at oakland shows the 80 slowdown from the northbound side. >> thanks. more local news in half an hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning!th
8:30 am
8:30 on a tuesday morning, the 19th day of april 2011. fans of glee are going to recognize that young man and the song you're listening to. it's the warblers version of katy perry's "teenage dream" and the breakout stars from it. they are here on the plaza and
8:31 am
the good news is that darren and the warblers will join us for a life performance coming up in this half hour. out on the plaza i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, al roker and natalie morales. "glee" fans -- yes, yes, yes. we are going to hear from darren later. he seems like a cool guy. >> very cool. take a look at the incredible cars we have in the plaza. this morning you are getting a first glams at motor trend's best of the best from a benz to a beetle and a bentley. >> and a fiat over there. and we have chef curtis stone showing us about braising. how to make a succulent meal just in time for the easter springtime feast. >> okay. and jill martin has her steals &
8:32 am
deals segment with everything from sun glasses to beauty products. >> lots to get to. mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what's happening. for today we have a risk of strong storms from the mississippi river valley all the way up into the ohio river valley. snow back through the plains into the upper great lakes. we are also looking at wet weather in new england. sunny in the southeast. tomorrow the risk moves into the northeast, midatlantic to the southeast. rain in northern california. snowshowers in the western great lakes and the heat continues from texas right into the southwest. good morning to you. you might need your windshield wipers this morning but it's not due to rain. we have fog that is so thick it's actually producing a mist. watch out for that. won't be a factor after the next couple of hours. i'd say after about 11:00 a.m. we should be free and clear of all that fog. 68 degrees in fremont today. 71 los gatos. 72 degrees up in santa rosa. temperatures are going to drop
8:33 am
tomorrow and we've got rain on the way so get on outside if you have that luxury. as you can see rain moves in late wednesday. >> all right, al. thank you very much. we'll say a quick hello. we would like to say hello to the first guy voted off this season on "american idol." good morning, chris. >> good morning. >> steven tyler says you're a cool dude in a loose mood. >> i'm trying to be cool. i'm trying. >> you have had this style of your own and the dance. show me the dance move. that weird swagger thing. >> whoa! wow. >> we hardly see that anymore. [ cheers ] >> i felt like i had done my thing. i had gone as far as i needed to go. i had fun with the whole thing. it was a blast. i was just happy to be there.
8:34 am
>> great attitude. >> how about your band? i'm sure they'll be happy to have you back. >> yeah. our album is on the bill board charts and stuff. everybody's happy. >> your new girlfriend as well. >> yes. we met on tv. we went to a movie premiere. we stayed in touch. she was doing her thing and i was doing mine. she's a good girl. >> fantastic. >> before we let you go, is it a foregone conclusion that a guy will win this year in your opinion? >> the guys do have the advantage, i feel like. the girls are the ones who vote. i'm pulling for the girls. there are two left. i hope they make it forward. we'll see. >> you and jennifer lopez. >> good luck. >> we'll miss you on "idol." >> coming up next, the top cars
8:35 am
for 2012 are on the plaza. we'll check them out. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now with some of the hottest stars of 2012. >> that's right. these are making their debut at the auto show in new york. angus mackenzie is "motor trend" editor in chief and has some of the top picks. good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> any trends before we get to specific cars? >> smaller, more fuel efficient cars. we have a bunch here. this is the mercedes benz c-class. this is a smaller mercedes benz. the 3 series bmw. mercedes used to build three cars in north america. now they have 15 lines. entry level has a 1.8 liter four
8:38 am
cylinder engine. >> and the price? >> they haven't announced it yet. >> a year ago fiat was taken over by chrysler or they merged. you love this one. why? >> conventional wisdom is americans don't buy small cars. the mini proved that wrong. if you have style you can sell a small car here. that's what this is about. this is the debut here. this is a convertible under $20,000. interestingly with the style on this there are 12 paint combinations and 14 interior combinations. you can have 500,000 different variations. >> it's a cool car. >> and they have come together well. >> fiat is strong where chrysler is weak. >> this is subaru. i think affordable. this is -- >> impreza. >> what impresses you about it? >> this is the debut of the new
8:39 am
impreza. subaru is a quiet achiever of the industry. this one's bigger inside, more room in the back seat, lighter than it was with a smaller engine. though it's bigger, faster, and 30% more fuel efficient than the old model. you get 36 miles per hour on the highway. >> and they are known for safety? >> i have driven a lot of subarus. i drove one last year. we went through the outback. a tough, durable car. >> my first automobile. >> mine, too! >> a 1964 v.w. beetle. i love the restyling on this. >> this one replace it is new beetle which had a bit of a reputation as the girl's car. it had the vase with the flower. >> i loved that. you got rid of the vase? >> i didn't. the car has a more edgy look to it. you can get a turbo version or a diesel version which will give you 40 miles per gallon on the
8:40 am
highway. >> what's the price? >> it's being shown simultaneously. >> what's the guess? >> affordable. mid 20s. >> a convertible as well? >> i believe it's in the works. >> and not affordable here. >> no. this is an interesting car. bentley, how do you make a 621-horsepower environmentally relevant? well, the e-85 ethanol is what this car runs on. to prove you don't lose any of the performance they have set a new record. 205 miles per hour. >> oh, my gosh. >> 205 miles per hour? >> that's a fast convertible. >> do we have any idea in terms of cost? >> the production version of the cars is around $250,000 to $280,000.
8:41 am
>> oh, my gosh. forget it. >> but you're on biofuel, so don't worry about it. i love when the new models come out. thanks to you folks at the magazine for helping us shop around a little bit. >> angus, thank you so much. up next, curtis stone will teach us the tricks to braising. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
"today celebrates easter" is brought to you by smooth dove chocolates. your moment, your dove. >> back at 8:43. this morning on "today celebrates easter," braising three ways. it is a technique used to prepare many meals during the spring holidays and curtis stone is here with details. good morning. nice to see you. >> what's your best memory,
8:44 am
mealwise of easter time? >> we had roast lamb, but it is the end of the braising season for me. you get nice big stews. the weather is about to turn nice. >> i didn't even know what braising meant. for folks at home, you fry it, first, in oil or fat and then stew it? >> i can tell you, meredith. the whole idea is you get a big piece of meat. >> and this is brisket. >> this is a big piece with a lot of fat on it. >> you cut it into pieces. >> i do. i season it, get it nice and golden. >> how long did that take? >> four, five minutes depending how hot the pan is. >> then you put it back in the pain. >> cook in the same fat that you cooked the meat in. i have spring onions. then the beautiful thing about braising -- and this is why i
8:45 am
love it for holidays like easter, you throw it in together and let it do its magic. it only takes a minute or two. >> smells good. >> add the brisket back in. >> that will sit in there for a while? >> a good couple of hours. once you put in the ingredients, tomato, vinegar and red wine. >> is that a dutch oven? >> dutch oven or a casserole. you cover it with beef stock. let it come up to a gentle simmer, pop on the lid and in a couple of hours it looks like this. >> oh, boy. >> that falls apart it's so tender. >> ooh. >> so beautiful. >> oh! it's hot! >> that happened to me last week. remember? did you learn nothing? >> when you see steam -- >> it's warm, yeah. >> so then we have pork working over here. >> you sear those first, too,
8:46 am
seal them up? >> seal them up. add your vegetables. >> oranges? >> oranges, fennel, garlic. whatever flavor you like. i have rosemary, thyme again. add your meat. it's simple. >> what do you use for liquid on this one? >> we have white wine and champagne vinegar. you want to keep the pork lighter. it's a fattier meat which is why the oranges are there for acidity. >> do you want the meat totally covered in stock snm? >> you do. play with it, poke it around. >> until it's covered. >> and it fills your whole house with the arema. fantastic. >> you come home from a day out and you come back to the smell of the delicious food, so nice. >> these are the pork short ribs with oranges and different bits
8:47 am
and pieces. fennel. >> and lamb. >> this is from my mum. >> so far we have cooked everything on top of the stove. >> right. when you braise you can put it on top of the stove or in the oven. the same thing will happen. here we have shanks. >> how long did it take? >> the same. >> oh, okay. >> i want the sauce with the lamb to be richer. so i put flour, cayenne pepper and paprika. >> like a rub. >> right. start with the onions first, cut the garlic in lauhalf like that. >> why onions first? >> you get the flavor that slowly comes out. carrots, celery and herbs. pick up the shanks, pop them back in the pot like so.
8:48 am
>> i thought you put some of this back in. no? >> you season the lamb up with that. >> that was for the searing part. >> right. then you have the red wine. >> i like the wine. >> lamb stock or beef stock if you can't find lamb. >> lamb cook in the same amount of time? >> it takes longer because of >> it takes a little bit longer because of the big bone. this will be two and a half hours. i have some chopped tomatoes. >> mmm. >> you pop the lid on and it comes out looking just ike that. >> falls right off the bone. >> it's so tender and delicious. look how beautiful, steamy. >> curtis, you're so busy these days on tv with "top chef masters" and "next great restaurant." do you miss spending time in the kitchen? >> i cook all the time. we did -- "top chef masters" only took about 20 days to film the season. i ate the food from the best chefs in the country.
8:49 am
it was unbelievable. >> don't you miss us? >> i miss cooking with you. my insurance is lowered. i no longer have to have a relationship with the new york fire department. >> you're not funny. >> and you can catch curtis on "top chef masters" wednesday nights on bravo. up next, a live performance from the warblers from "glee." b t first this is "today."stai'l i'm taking them some lamb
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ >> announcer: the kyoto -- toyota concert series on today brought to you by toyota. >> this season fans of "glee" were introduced to the warblers. their performance of "teenage dream" hit number one in its first week. now they are releasing an album of their favorite performances. darren chris is the breakout star of the group. good morning. warblers, good morning to you. you were shaking your head as i talked about the song hitting number one in its first week. take me through the last five months. >> let's end up right here. we are on the "today" show and
8:52 am
it's a trip. it's happened so quickly and we're thrilled it's such a positive reception. >> what made the fans of the show embrace the group and you so much? >> i think it's the blazers. >> they are very cool. it's like my high school days all over again. your plans for the future, others from "glee" released solo albums. do you plan to go down that road? >> we'll see. it's very busy. if i have time we'll see what we can do. it isn't out of the question. >> i feel like since we have talked about you -- can you just say your names. >> tyler. >> domenic. >> curt. >> ryan. >> john hall. >> nelson. >> aaron page. >> kelly. >> court jackman. >> and darren chris. >> ladies and gentlemen, the warblers.
8:53 am
♪ hey, hey ♪ hey ♪ hey, hey ♪ your lipstick stain ♪ on the front lobe of my left side brain ♪ ♪ i knew i wouldn't forget you ♪ and so i went and let you blow my mind ♪ ♪ your sweet moon beams ♪ the smell of you in every single dream i dream ♪ ♪ i knew when we collided ♪ you're the one i have decided ♪ ♪ is one of my kind ♪ hey, soul sister ♪ ain't that mister mister on
8:54 am
the radio, stereo ♪ ♪ the way you move ain't fair, you know ♪ ♪ hey, soul sister ♪ i don't want to miss a single thing you do ♪ ♪ tonight ♪ the way you can cut a rug ♪ watching you is the only drug i need ♪ ♪ so gangster ♪ i'm so thug ♪ you're the only one i'm dreaming of ♪ ♪ in fact there's nothing i can't be ♪ ♪ i want the world to see ♪ you'll be with me ♪ hey soul sister ♪ ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo ♪ ♪ the way you move ain't fair you know ♪ ♪ hey soul sister ♪ i don't want to miss a single thing you do ♪ ♪ tonight ♪ hey, hey, hey
8:55 am
♪ tonight ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ tonight [ cheers and applause ] >> darren chris and the warblers will be back with more music later on. but first, your local news and weather.
8:56 am
good morning, everybody. it's 8:56. i'm brent cannon. new this morning san francisco police are looking into a double stabbing. it happened in the tender loin at larkin and olive streets about 3:30 this morning. police say it started with a fight but a man and a woman in their 20s were eventually stabbed in the back. police say four suspects took off from the scene. both of the victims ended up in
8:57 am
the hospital. right now police do not have any information on the suspect and we don't have the latest word on the victtimvictims' conditions. going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on
8:58 am
good morning. we have low clouds kind of hanging around producing the drizzly effect. you might need your windshield wipers this morning but we're already starting to see some sun breaks and as we head through the day today that will continue to take place. we'll see the skies clear and our temperatures will easily climb into the 70s. it's going to be one of the best days of the week temperaturewise. 71 degrees in oakland. 70 degrees for you at san jose. if you're waking up in fairfield this morning 70 for you today. 63 by thursday. showers on the way for the latter portion of tomorrow. hanging around for the first
8:59 am
part of thursday. back to you, brent. >> more local news in a half hour. the "today" show continues coming up next. every day politicians rant against california's taxes we fall further behind the competition and stall the engine that made california great. no one wants to pay more into a broken system but the system still has to be fixed. our old rules on taxes and fees don't capture the new economy. businesses are hiring yet state funds are shrinking. california spends 28% less per person than five years ago. sales taxes missed the boat exempting services, software downloads, and event tickets. nbc bay area believes any serious effort to solve our cash
9:00 am
crisis has to include modernizing our revenue model. we need to take a hard look at our revenue problem, hold politicians accountable for solving it, and get rid of those who standn t join the debat join the debate at nbc
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well, we have an interesting phenomenon happening in our neck of the woods. it's cloudy out there. we had clouds that were so dense this morning actually generated a mist or a light drizzle. this morning a lot of the cloud cover is now lifted so we're left with overcast conditions but that won't be the case all day long. 56 degrees right now in oakland. 54 in san francisco. we are on our way to mostly sunny skies. those clouds will clear out of here by the second half of the day and our temperatures will easily make it into the 70s. 70 degrees for today. 67 tomorrow. showers on the way.stationery.
9:06 am
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they have a set of 100 personal note cards with beautiful matching white envelopes in great gold gift boxes. >> this is so great. >> good gift. >> it comes in time for mother's day. everyone is on e-mail to write a handwritten note. i go old school with that. a hundred personal note cards. retail is $79.90. the deal is $19.97. that's 75% off. >> you can choose the color. that's 75% off. >> you can choose the color. >> 12 different feel it here -- in color. 100% post consumer recycled white stock with matching envelopes. eco-friendly and will arrive by mother's day. it's a gorgeous gift box. >> now over here to a big seller, cosmetic and beauty. vapor beauty has organic cosmetics. tell me about the line.
9:17 am
>> there are three sets here. this is the hot summer nights collection. it's the body spotlight, lipstick and lip gloss. that will give you the bronze shimmer we need going into summer. the second is the sun goddess collection. bronzer, lipstick and eye color treatment. >> amazing. >> who doesn't want that? and the vip collection. three multi use for lips, cheeks and eye and a lip conditioner you can use alone or underneath. retail is $76 to $100. the deal price for any of the sets is $18. 82% off. >> that's a lot of product. that's great. now let's talk about jewelry. always one of the best sellers. we have great necklaces and rings by gala by daniella. >> these are amazing. $180 retail. $45 for any style. 75% off. you have the two necklaces.
9:18 am
18 karat yellow gold over sterling silver or with a rhodium sterling silver necklace. the charm initial ring sizes 5 through 12 and the cocktail rings. >> that's the charm ring. >> two kinds of necklaces and you can stack them or wear alone. >> very cool. they look awesome. great for young girls, too. jill martin, as always, you do a fabulous job for us. >> log on. >> right now. again, the five products are the leather wrap watches, sunglasses by modo, stationery, makeup and jewelry from gala. head to for the promotion codes and the websites offering the exclusive bargains for our "today" viewers. still to come this morning on "today" we meet the latest contestant voted off "the biggest loser." first, these messages.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
we want to say hello to the latest contestant voted off "biggest loser couples". >> moses, you look amazing. when you started off at the ranch you weighed more than 440 pounds. >> i did. >> what has the journey been like for you? how much have you lost to get to this point? >> so far i have lost about 170 pounds. >> amazing. look at the before and after. >> you weighed more than 400 pounds for over ten years. what was the motivation? what clicked for you to say, i want to do this? >> probably the biggest reason is about a year ago at this time i got to my heaviest.
9:23 am
i was about 475 pounds. >> oh, my. >> everything i did, just walking around. even sitting down. sleeping was difficult. my daughter, thank goodness for kaley. she wanted to save my life. it's because of her concern for her dad. so we decided to do it together. i'm so grateful for her. it's truly changed my life. >> she's still going strong on the ranch, right? >> she is. i'm so proud of her. being able to do this with her has probably been one of the greatest things for me. not only to see her physical transformation, but really what she has -- >> gained out of it. >> yeah. >> speaking of that, you jumped off the auckland bridge in new zealand. you sky jumped. you have a whole new lease on life. what was that like?
9:24 am
>> to be able to jump off, my heart was pounding. >> i bet. >> so is mine just looking at it. >> moses, thank you. congratulations. best of luck. >> keep going. you look great. >> "the biggest loser couples" airs tonight on nbc. >> and coming up, another song from darren chris and the warblers. after your local news and weather. ♪ [ lane ] here's the trouble with most anti-wrinkle creams. the cream disappears but your wrinkles don't. ♪ introducing neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. in fact, it's clinically proven to smooth wrinkles in just one week. so all you have to do
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9:26 am
to the wizarding world of harry potter, only at universal orlando resort. good morning everybody. time now 9:26. i'm brent cannon. san francisco police are looking for suspects involved in separate groping incidents. the first attack happened last friday night at lincoln way near uc-san francisco. a female university employee was walking to her car when a man approached her from behind and groped her. she fought off the attacker and ran away. the second attack happened early saturday morning a few blocks away at carl street. a woman was going into her apartment when a man began to grope her. she also fought off the attacker. police say that the incidents are not related and so far no arrests have been made. san francisco police also searching for two men accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman.
9:27 am
that happened sunday afternoon at the intersection of 18th and lexington streets in the mission district. the men forced the woman into their car and drove off toward the coastal region. the suspects attempted to rape her before she was able to escape and call 911. police say that she was not hurt in the kidnapping. the suspects are described as hispanic males between the ages of 35 and 40 years old driving a greenoypickupot tundra pickup truck. we will check your weather and traffic coming up right after the break. one of the
9:28 am
best davis the week. welcome back. you may be convinced that it is going to rain but reel whai happened is we had some really dense fog overhead. it is now lifting so we have overcast conditions but by this afternoon the sun will break through. mostly sunny skies. we have temperatures already in the mid to upper 50s. we'll easily climb into the 70s for today before another round of rain arrives just in time for the latter portion of your wednesday. 68 degrees in redwood city.
9:29 am
69 in san rafael. 71 degrees in los gatos today. a little bit cooler tomorrow with the showers on the way for the second half. let's check your drive with mike. >> that 70 is showing. right now northbound on 17 at 88 '0 still have the accident on the shoulder might be partially blocking a lane. also northbound 101. look how jammed out of san jose because of another accident around montague so considerable slowing. a really bad commute and will send more folks over to 280 as an alternate. the slowing is toward 87. just south of gilroy we have a closure at betabel road because of an overturned rig. >> more news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning.] ever your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car.
9:30 am
chevrotwizzlers.hron. the twist you can't resist. ♪ >> yes! >> it had to happen eventually. the video sensation from a couple years ago. had over 65 million hits. all for the upcoming marriage of prince william to kate middleton starring the lookalikes. >> absolutely. look at prince harry. and william and kate there. camilla looks identical.
9:31 am
>> it really does. ♪ >> just for the shock value. >> our royal wedding coverage is coming up. of course there is no telling how many hits this thing will get. meantime everybody tells a fib now and then. what makes some people exaggerate or lie? greg mortonson is under fire as "60 minutes" questions his recent memoir. there is a new book examining while people risk everything including jail time by making false statements to authorities. >> also ahead, switching gears, the warm weather is here. it's time to get cooking outside. jamie and bobby deen are here with bad doggies and good doggies. we'll explain all the sides that go with it for the next picnic or al fresco meal. later on another song from the new cd of "glee" music.
9:32 am
the warblers are here to sing "raise a glass." i love them. you have a check of the weather for us. >> excellent weather out there to talk about. in the east, basically from the ohio river valley into texas we have a risk of strong storms. sunshine on the west coast. showers in the northeast. we have snow from three to six inches from the plains into the western great lakes. for tomorrow, the risk of strong storms moves in from the northeast down into the southeast. rain in northern california. showers also back through the great lakes with snow there. we're looking for hot weather from texas back to the southwest. good morning to you. we've got a cloudy start but we're going to see mostly sunny conditions. later on today i'd say in the next couple hours mostly sunny skies over at least the south bay. 54 degrees in novato. 54 in san francisco. 57 degrees in livermore. turning over to the upper 60s, low 70s even today. 70 in santa cruz.
9:33 am
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it's scenes you see on tv, to tell the truth in a court of law. what happens to those who don't follow that oath? james b. stewart looks at notorious cases of perjury in his book "tangled webs." james, good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> right now there is a controversy over greg mortonson's book. he's not like under oath or anything. he's defended himself saying he stands by his book, but, again, another example of somebody in print saying something that looks like it might not be true. >> exactly. why is this a big surprise? i look at people at the pinnacle of their profession. martha stewart, scooter libby,
9:37 am
barry bonds, bernie madoff right up into the white house and people were lying under oath, committing perjury. they are role models. it trickles down to society. why do people lie? they think they can get away with it. many people do. >> does it make us more cynical about what we hear when people say it and if we take it with a grain of salt? >> absolutely. that's where it begins, i think. everyone is affected by this whether they are conscious of it or not. one thing i show in the book is the damage that lying does. not just to the people who do it. investors who trust them, the broad public. everybody who votes. how much do you think people believe politicians today? we have come to a shocking crisis, i think. i mean, prosecutors told me they come in every day and the question is not will people lie, because they will, but how good are they going to be at it. >> when you were working on the book the barry bonds trial was going on. it was finished before the outcome of the trial.
9:38 am
he was acquitted on some of the strongest charges, but guilty of obstructing justice in this steroids case. did the outcome surprise you? >> not really. i thought there was a good chance he would be acquitted even though the evidence is overwhelming. here's the reason. the idea that everybody is doing something is not a legal defense, but it affects juries. there are cases where the evidence is overwhelming but they wouldn't convict because of the idea, well, everyone is doing this. this is what happens when something becomes the norm. the judicial system breaks down. cases can't be brought, witnesses aren't there. most of the witnesses against bonds wouldn't testify or lied about it. it bring it is judicial system to its knees and juries figure, well, why should he go to jail when everyone else is doing it? they acquit despite the evidence. i give the jury credit. they split the difference. they convicted on one significant count. >> marion jones, another fallout
9:39 am
from the case. were you surprised when you look at the evidence stacked up against her that she lied about it? >> well, she had a history of lying. marion jones' statement about her life, not to take away from her athletic achievements but they were a big lie. i was struck that when she finally came in, she lied under oath and finally when it was revealed she was lying they said, my god, we can't believe it. we're used to liars. they said she was a world class liar. >> on the other hand, bernie madoff whose crimes paled -- make marion jones' crimes pale in comparison. you said he wasn't a good liar. >> he was a terrible liar. the astonishing thing about the case is that he lied for 20 years and multiple f.c.c. investigations and he got away with it. why? because he was a good liar? no. they knew he was lying. but they said we are not going to pursue him for lying. they never referred the case to
9:40 am
the justice department. the f.c.c. never did anything. people saying, he's lying, do something. did they? no. investors lost $65 billion dollars. >> according to your book we are looking at an epidemic. >> it is. look around you. look at these cases, many others. it's happening and most ominously at the highest levels. people who should be settinging an example for others are committing perjury. why? i think the simple answer is because they think they will get away with it. something has to be done now at the top to make it clear there is accountability. we are not going to tolerate this. we are not going to accept it. in our families, with our children we need to reinforce the importance of the truth. the idea that you put your hand up and swear to tell the truth is an oath. your honor depends on it. you must tell the truth. our whole judicial system depends on that. >> the book is called tangled webs. james b. stewart, thank you very much. >> thank you.
9:41 am
>> up next, a veteran journalist reports on a subject close to his heart. how autism affects families. we'll talk to robert mcneil after these messages. a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before. [ male announcer ] ragu, packed with two servings of veggies in every half cup of our now thicker, richer, healthy sauce. ragu has a great taste your family will love. ragu. feed our kids well.
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9:44 am
get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. autism affects one out of 110 american children surpassing diabetes, cancer and aids. hundreds of families struggle to care for the unique needs of children with the disorder. among them is the co-founder of the pbs news hour and grandfather of 6-year-old nick, a boy with autism. mcneil tells the story as part of a series that began last night called "autism now." >> it's not easy connecting with nick. you live in different cities. >> hi, nick. how are you? all my grandchildren are shy when we first meet again. but nick's shyness is different. one of the marks of autism is difficult making eye contact and
9:45 am
communicating. even with family members. how are you doing? i have been a reporter off and on for 50 years, but i have never brought my family into a story. until nick. he moves me deeply. >> robert mcneil, welcome to "today." >> thank you. >>s as you mentioned, you never talked about your personal life. >> no, one didn't. >> in 50 years in the news. now this little boy, your grandson moved you. how special is he? >> any family with a disability, it's cruel for them, for the person and the family. autism is particularly cruel because it steals what is most human in us -- the ability to relate to other people and empathize with other people. that includes members of the family. also there is no cure for autism. the behavior can be improved. and the medical conditions like my grandsson suffers from can be
9:46 am
modified. you can't go to the hospital and come back like you do for many diseases, better. it's just to be lived with. >> and the whole family -- >> yes, it is. >> that's when you chronicled the journey of your daughter discovering when he's diagnosed to even talking to your granddaughter, his 10-year-old sister. >> isn't she a brave little girl? >> what did she tell you about how it affects her? >> she feels that it's autism, autism all the time. it preoccupies the family. it takes their attention, as it must do constantly, that what he wants to do or insists on doing determines what they do whether she likes it or not. she shares those feelings with thousands of siblings of kids with autism and she's hearing from them now. >> you talk about your grandson, nick, having a bunch of other medical issues that go with autism. that really is the experience a
9:47 am
lot of families are facing. it's not just the brain development issues. it's the gastrointestinal issues and all -- >> that's what medicine has been slow to recognize. a lot of the conditions which are dismissed like diarrhea, oh, well, that's a part of autism. in my daughter's case and nick's, the other reason he's in the first program, not just because he's my grandson, but he represents a new, wider way of looking at autism. it can be a whole body experience. when those conditions are treated, as they are in his case then the behavior begins to improve. >> this is a six-part, very comprehensive series you have airing including the latest research on the causes. you speak to four key  researchers and as we talked about, one in 110 kids. >> and maybe more than that. >> maybe more are diagnosed. are the numbers increasing and what is the research, the current thinking on what causes autism? >> the numbers -- there is a bit
9:48 am
of disagreement about whether the numbers are increasing. it's the numbers of people diagnosed. whether there are more kids with autism being created all the time in our environment, they really don't know. >> right. >> in fact, that's the subject of tonight's program which is the disagreement over what the prevalence really is. in terms of causes, they thought with the great developments in the studies of the human genetic system that ten years ago they thought, we are going to find a simple genetic cause for autism. they are finding instead many, many possible genetic contributions. together with triggers of substances in the environment that may, in a few cases, cause the symptoms of autism to appear. >> and the six-part series deals with treatment options, education being a key component. >> exactly. >> it's an incredible series. thank you.
9:49 am
is nick doing better now? >> he is. >> glad to hear it. up next, paula deen's boys are here with fun food to enjoy in the great outdoors. first this is "today" on nbc. flu never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me.
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[ male announcer ] and former comcast customers prefer at&t u-verse tv picture quality. see for yourself why at&t u-verse is america's fastest-growing tv service. don't get left behind. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. in "today's kitchen" easy as one, two, three. now that spring has sprung, get outdoors and get grilling. in the fourth book the deen brothers get fired up they share simple recipes. jamie and bobby, good to see you. >> easy breezy. how you doing? >> bobby, you're healthier. jamie, maybe less so. >> there is more of me. >> you've got a son literally on the way. >> i've got to go! >> your wife has started -- >> let's eat!
9:52 am
>> all righty. before she starts crowning, let's go. >> he has brown hair. i saw it yesterday before i left town. >> let's start with you. good dog, bad dog. yours is the good dog. >> it's that time of year. we love to grill. we have two different dogs today. nothing complicated. one is just a little bit more heart healthy than the other. i'm using turkey hot dogs wrapped in turkey bacon. and my brother is choosing to go with the most fattening hot dog he could find and add stuff to it. >> we have a beef hot dog. we have chipotle we'll put inside of this. just a little bit down here in the crack. >> so we have the smoky -- >> a little bit of smokeness. then we have a piece of bacon. >> why not? >> we'll put it on the grill and this is so delicious. now we'll toast up the bread,
9:53 am
put cheddar cheese on them and park them on the grill. i'm just doing what i can, al. >> you don't plan to see your son grow up then. you can always look at the video. that was my daddy. so, bobby, you're planning on being around longer. what do you have for us? >> same thing. turkey dog, turkey bacon with whole wheat buns. i'll spread some boursin cheese on the bun. this is houma ma dw mama did ite would lose butter. >> you can't live forever, al. >> everybody's got to go sometime. >> i may be dead, but i won't be hungry. >> then you have the toppings and you're good. back here, what do we have going? >> i'm roasting red peppers on the grill.
9:54 am
you can do anything in the grill basket you want. we have olives, cheese, english peas, dressing is mayonnaise, balsamic, salt and pepper. the pasta salad is good for kids. jack loves pasta. this is where i hide the vegetables. >> oh, you're killing us. >> that's my brother. >> what are you doing? >> sweet potato coins. we're doing these on the grill. we'll cut the potatoes into medallions, lay them on tinfoil like this. a little bit of butter. >> if you want to be healthy you can use olive oil? >> sure. this will make it better. >> would you use olive oil instead of butter? >> he wouldn't. little bit after salt and pepper and wrap it up. >> like a hobo pack. >> exactly. in 20 minutes we'll have beautiful sweet potatoes just
9:55 am
like this. >> bobby, thank you very much. we appreciate it. jamie, all the best. congratulations on the new boy coming out -- right now. >> decorating deals coming up.
9:56 am
good morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. today santa clara leaders will meet to discuss the 49ersers
9:57 am
stadium project. they are expected to approve an updated timeline of the plan and construction is slated to start in january, 2013. council members will meet at 7:00 tonight in council chambers. san jose city leaders are having such a tough time coming up with a plan to regulate pot clubs they may want to ban them outright. right now there are more than 100 medical marijuana clubs in san jose and city leaders hoped to reduce the number to just ten. a few days ago the city council approved preliminary zoning for the pot clubs but they're now divided on how to move forward. a ban would require at least six votes between the mayor and ten council members and they could vote later today. we'll keep you posted. now for a look at our forecast let's check in with christina. >> judging behind that picture behind you looks pretty ominous. we're looking okay though. your radar, dry as a bone right now. what happened is we had so many low clouds overhead earlier this morning. they're now starting to lift and all that cloud cover those overcast skies will clear. we'll see break through sunshine over the course of the next couple hours and mostly sunny
9:58 am
before all is said and done. you walk out of the office later on, it'll be a completely different sky overhead. 65 degrees in san francisco today. 68 in redwood city. 71 degrees for you in los gatos. we're talking about 70 in san jose. this is going to be one of the best davis the week especially when the sun starts to come out. a little warmer toward this holiday weekend, 75 degrees. let's check the drive now with mike. >> very slow northbound 101 at montag montague expressway. there was an accident but it uprooted a tree. a lot of activity and an ambulance on scene. not a lot of major injury but a lot of major work going on causing the slowdown and distraction for 101 and slowing down 87 as well coming through the area. that's the backup for the south bay. also slow is 880 down toward 237. 680 we have an accident right at brunell off to the shoulder but a distraction coming off the seminole grade. very slow drive as well. livermore clearing up but not here at the golden gate bridge. look at that oh, wow. really foggy. we'll have another local news
9:59 am
update in about half an hour and every half hour after that. the "today" show back in about a minute.
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. so glad you're with us today. it's booze day tuesday, april 19th. it's a beautiful day. it was when i looked before. i guess it clouded up a tad. >> do we have video of this, too? we like to see and hear. >> that was earlier in the day in our 8:00 hour. look who's been kind enough to stay and just come and say hello.
10:01 am
daryn chris, great to see you. >> you're going to be singing with us. >> that's right. >> what are you singing with us? >> "raise your glass" our anthem. >> you have absolutely taken the world by storm, haven't you? you can say yes. >> i'll say thank you. that is very sweet of you to say. >> i remember seeing you on "glee." it was instant chemistry. look what happened. look at this. to the cover of "billboard" magazine. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> has it been fun? >> i lucked out in many ways. that's an understatement. everything i've been able to be a part of is something i'm extremely proud of. it's not like i have to pretend to be enjoying anything or sort of sack guying integrity for the project. it's a character i love, a show
10:02 am
that's amazing. i feel so grateful. >> he's not just a gorgeous guy with a great voice. you're half owner of a theater company. >> i run a little theater company in chicago. there's a lot of kids outside who are big fans. >> steppenwolf came from there. >> exactly. >> we never have anybody standing outside. this is all for you. >> we have a couple of perverts once in a while, you know. >> i know. where are the perverts for me? >> they're there. >> okay. >> daryn, thanks. we look forward for you singing for us today. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see you in 2 a bit. thank you. >> how sweet is he? >> adorable. >> we like him. speaking of fun music to watch. you remember there was a married couple a couple of years ago in their wedding they rolled out this dance number. >> it took youtube by storm. >> you remember this one, right? so now we are happy to report they are happily married.
10:03 am
>> t-mobile thought this was so good they thought they would combine this with the royal wedding. check it out. let's go. >> that's funny. >> that really looks like them. >> that looked just like camilla. we can't hear the music, kids. sorry. oh, my gosh. if only the royals could let their hair down like this. >> look at that. >> t-mobile did this? >> one more. >> we've got to see the bride. >> look at the archbishop back there. >> oh, my god. is he going to start spanking her? that's what happens. here it comes. come on, girl, bring it. >> so dignified. watch. >> i told you. >> yep. he spanked her. all righty. >> that is genius. >> we hope the royal company actually stays happily married as the two kids two years ago literally rolled down the aisle. >> they sure did people are saying kate is getting too thin. >> imagine the pressure she's under.
10:04 am
imagine her seamstress who has to take that dress in. she looks like she lost a 2320 pounds. >> oh, my gosh. >> hoda, your phone. is it jay? >> no. here's the thing. we were talking about how people are disconnected from life because they are connected to their blackberry. >> yes, yes. we live in a post human society now. we are more at home with our technology than we are with our actual biological environment. >> who is it? that's the text. anyway, it is true. we are not paying attention to what's happening in front of us. >> no kidding. and some of us are doing tv shows. >> at parties we are no longer looking at the person behind. we are looking at who is more interesting on the blackberry. >> in the sunday "times" there was a big article. keep your phone still while i'm talking to you. >> genius. >> it's true. it is one more chink in the armor of our decency and
10:05 am
civilization. >> it is true. >> it really is. >> i try, with the exception of last night with jay, usually we put our blackberries down. last night he had business and i had a couple of things to worry about. >> tell him i'll see you the next day. >> no. texting only takes a second then you're back in the game. let me turn the volume off. okay. i'm sorry. i'm trying to make it calm for everybody here. >> it's fashionable to be rude. i don't want to be rude to this lovely family visiting. you know there are friends in your family that have been there forever. you don't remember a time when they weren't friends of yours. kevin jones and his family, kevin was a little kid when i met him. his family introduced my family to rehoboth. he just lost his dear mom a couple of weeks ago. betsy jones, one of the greatest women i've ever known. he's here today with his beautiful wife beth, alex his daughter who wants to be an actress and nathan and josh. when i asked them if they wanted
10:06 am
to be on the air, the guys are like and alex is, yeah, yeah. >> she knows what she wants to do. welco welcome, guys. >> thank you. they are from arlington, virginia. >> here is something controversial. when you're on the play ground you remember playing freeze tag or dodge ball, all that stuff. new york state officials decided in summer camp some of these games are dangerous. they should be categorized as posing a significant risk of injury. >> this is unbelievable. >> freeze tag. >> kick ball. >> wiffle ball. >> dodge ball i can see. >> capture the flag. >> steal the bacon? red rover? >> this is ridiculous. they are terrified of being sued. or they want more money so you have to pay a fee if you're going to offer those particular games. >> there are things risky. archery and scuba diving. there are flying missles. >> you sign a waiver. you sign something that says i understand there is a risk involved. i accept responsibility. why go to camp?
10:07 am
you can sit there and pick your nose. you can't go horseback riding? it's ridiculous. >> if those camps want to provide those sorts of dangerous games they have to pay a $200 fee and then provide medical staff in case, during freeze tag. >> get out of our life and let our kids play. >> do you remember dodge ball? >> the movie? >> no. just playing it. >> the movie is funny. >> playing it. the big guy. >> they had dodge ball in the 1800s when i grew up. >> the big guy always nailed the poor kid. >> it's a rite of passage. that's how you become a bigger kid. >> getting pummeled? >> that's part of life. >> i don't think they should have medical staff but i think dodge balkan be mean. i was scared during dodge ball. >> then don't play it. >> you have to or you're sitting on the sidelines. >> then play archery. >> this is a unique proposal. there are a bunch of different ways people proposed to one
10:08 am
another. there is a guy in the d.c. area in alexandria we think had a unique way. >> this is romantic. >> his girlfriend loved to do the sunday crossword puzzle in "the post." he said could you help me out? i want to propose to my girlfriend. they made up a special crossword. >> he did the puzzle. >> in there the details of the proposal came out. >> his girlfriend's name is marlo epstein, my maiden name, as well. he used all kind of different clues, her first name, last name, home town and the term "pop the question." >> when she was reegd she was saying, what this is? what's going on? >> they had a secret camera on her. they captured the whole thing. >> she read the last one, "will you marry me." >> words with a certain ring to them, will you marry me. >> and he pulled out the ring on his knee. i love that. >> good for him. very inventive. >> that is romantic. what do you think about this? people are working on their
10:09 am
tans. >> no kidding. >> this one is if you don't have time in your own home you take it to work. you bring the tent to work and they spray you down. it's just another -- i don't know. what do you think? would you do a spray tan? >> i did it one time. it's not my thing. i come out with orange hands and weird feet. i'm sure there is a science to it. cass likes to do it. i don't let her do a regular tan. i think the self-tanner is the best thing. they are the most natural looking. guess what? mcdonald's is hiring 50,000 people today. if you've been unemployed, here is your opportunity. they are saying the economy is doing better. they're hiring and it's not just people to make burgers. they have management positions open. remember we had "working woman" magazine saying they are one of the best companies in the country for benefits and all kinds of different perks and things. maybe that might be the answer
10:10 am
to your prayer to find a job today. that's today all over the country, right? all over the country. >> that's really smart. what is this? >> i don't know. >> it's got a peep in it. >> i guess it's in honor of easter week. i have no idea what it is. >> it takes like grapefruit. >> it's a peep martini. i don't know. >> but we are grateful for it. >> this is part of a segment we'll have about easter celebrations. this is how we celebrate. >> we are continuing on with our re-use contest. i think we have music for this. ♪ we're going to be green ♪ we're going to start now ♪ we're going to think green ♪ and get everyone else to start how ♪ >> did you write that song? >> i did for a musical called "keeping real." >> we teamed up with
10:11 am
>> these are old markers, right? you can make a jump rope out of it. very cute. >> we had a contest going where people are sending in ways they re-use things you would normally toss and turn them into something you could use. >> right. >> these are little doggy collars made out of soda pop tops. i thought they would be -- they are adorable. what dog has a neck like that? >> bambino. >> locala. those are quite cute. >> we are going to vote along with martha stewart, lauren b h bush. angela tusick from ivillage. >> we'll decide friday who the
10:12 am
winner is. >> we are looking for brides. we are getting some great entries, i hear. >> because we are not going to the royal wedding. we'll be here with you where we belong. we want to get your entries if you want to get made over for your wedding. it's a royal ambush makeover. send in your entries to our facebook page. do it by friday though. >> you've got to be free friday april 29th. a week from this coming friday is when we are doing it. you've got to be free to get your makeover. >> this is encouraging this next story. we'll get you on track to swimsuit ready. you'll meet three people who will inspire you. they took off a ton of weight. >> later, a performance by glee club washlers. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:13 am
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the four most awarded brands. the difference between my pale dry skin and glowing moisturized skin? jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. it gives you natural looking color, guaranteed. jergens is the difference between landing and making an arrival. jergens. the beautiful difference.
10:15 am
all righty. it's time for "take it off today" and swimsuit weight loss success stories that will inspire you for summer. americans say they would rather go to the dentist, do their taxes, sit in the middle aisle of an airplane or visit their inlaws than go swimsuit shopping. >> there comes a point where you just got to do it. andrea metcalfe is here to make the trip less painful. personal trainer and author of "naked fitness." what a title. >> that will catch your eye. >> it's hard to jump-start when it comes to getting into bathing suit season. are there things all of us can do to get us going? >> get going, that's the main
10:16 am
thing. especially this time of year. get out there, enjoy spring and be hot like the sun. burn some calories. that it's first thing you've got to do. >> we've got three amazing success stories. shall we bring the first person out? >> miss betty lou. she used to weigh 225 pounds. she had to make the change for medical reasons. this is betty lou before. she is 71. we've got to see the new you. oh, my god. >> look at betty lou. >> what is happening there. what did she do? >> she is a health care professional and nurse. almost on her deathbed she turns it around and starts working out. then hires a personal trainer. now she works out three days a week with her trainer. she is going to "the guinness book of world record" for holding a plank. she can hold a plank 20 minutes now. >> you weren't feeling well. >> i wasn't. when i got out of the hospital i
10:17 am
made up my mind this is ridiculous. i wanted to be able to enjoy my grandchildren, my children. my great grandchildren. i've got a 2-year-old great grandson that's the love of my life. to keep up with him is fantastic. >> people say when you get older it's harder to lose weight. you're testament it can be done. betty, thanks. >> thank you. congratulations. >> i love her. >> impressive. >> our next before picture is tony. he used to weigh 300 pounds. everything was a big struggle for him. even tying his shoes, everything was. this is tony's before picture. he dropped 110 pounds. come on, tony. let's see what you've got. oh, i'm sorry. hello, what happened? >> showing it off. >> tony, you can see just through his personality. he didn't do it alone. he and his fiancee decided to lose weight. >> she lost over 100 pounds. >> he is this professor of great
10:18 am
help and helps out with the wellness programs. not only was his workout strength training and body weight training, but watching what he ate, as well. >> what did you cut out? >> way cut out? everything. my pizza and fried chicken, my two kryptonytes. >> you have them every once in a while. >> you have to get back and live a normal life. >> how long did it take you? >> 363 days. >> one year. that's amazing. >> one pound from that to that. >> how much total did you lose? >> 121. >> 121 pounds. >> we didn't mean to cheat you. >> that's hard-won pounds. god bless you. >> you look great. >> take care. last person is terry. >> she used to weigh 242 pounds. that was at her heaviest. she wasn't able to take care of her kids. she dropped 117 pounds. let's take a look at terry.
10:19 am
are you kidding me? look at that. >> i saw terry downstairs. i had no idea what she was here for. you're unbelievable. >> thank you. >> doesn't she look gorgeous? >> terry not only decided to lose the weight, but now she is a personal trainer at her club helping other people lose weight and doing everything from strength training, with a lot of free weights to doing the cardio. there is no secret here. move and make good choices. >> strip away the excuses. >> it's hard to work out when you're heavy. >> baby steps. five, ten minutes on the elliptical was all i could handle, working my way up to an hour. running, there was no way. my trainer forced me to run a mile. he said if i could be on the elliptical one hour, i could run one mile. i do 5ks. >> you look awesome. you guys are inspiring. >> there really is no excuse, there is? >> no, there is not. your book is terrific. people can get that, as well.
10:20 am
"naked fitness." >> up next, start packing. ♪ [ female announcer ] pads have been made with the same fluff for years. today there's always infinity, the most amazing pad ever, made of an innovative material called infinicel, not used before in other pads, with a unique foam-like core that molds to fit your body so you hardly know it's there. plus it keeps its shape better... and absorbs up to 60% more. ♪ always infinity. created by women for you. always infinity. you've been there. you pick out a makeup thinking it's your shade... until you actually try it out. now, i have a makeup that always gets it right. smart shade makeup instantly adjusts to match perfectly to your skin. almay smart shade makeup. only from almay. only for me. where everyone feels at home. where the company,
10:21 am
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10:23 am
it's that time of the week when we get to surprise one of our devoted viewers at home called fan of the week. >> sara is ready to announce the lucky winner. >> it's the moment you've all been waiting for. drum roll, please. the winner is jennifer isaacs. she is from maiple valley, washington. she watches on king 5. works as a dental hygeinist. she lets her patients take control of the remote except one hour in the day. she loves a glimpse into your personal lives. who needs laughing gas when watching klg and hoda. it's so much like when her and her sisters get together, a mix of totally different personalities, but somehow the blend. jennifer thanks for tuning in each day. because you do, we are sending
10:24 am
you to marriott resort and spa in maui, hawaii. enjoy a relaxing four-day, three-night stay and round-trip airfare for two people, hotel airfare accommodation finished by the marriott beach resort and spa. >> she lives in the seattle area. i'd love to meet her. we are going to be in seattle this fall. come see "saving amy" at the fifth avenue theater. congratulations, sweetie. if you think you deserve to be our fan of the week, what should do you? >> go to klg and >> finally, he comes back to us. >> curtis came back to where he began. usan?d hk th e h k annous? not at all. [ male announcer ] from the first fire, perhaps every light since then has been leading up to this. advanced led technology from ge, lasting over 20 years with 75% less in energy costs. available now in a bulb
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good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the world famous mavericks surf contest might be wiped out for good. the contest's lone sponsor has pulled out. campbell based barracuda network says it wants to redirect its efforts to other projects but that esnot all. half moon bay surf group formed to run the contest has announced it is disbanding. no word on what is next for mavericks. the giants are loving life in denver. taking on the rockies again today at 5:40 tonight. coors field can be a a hitter's ballpark and it was for the giants. there goes one a long way into the upper deck after some great pitches. giants won that one, 8-1.
10:27 am
in the meantime the as host the boston red socks at the coliseum tonight starting at 7:05. red sox were a popular preseason pick to win the american league and go to the world series this fall but they stumbled to a 5-10 start. it's so early. they're still looking for their first win on the road. and the sharks getting ready for game three of the playoffs. series is tied at one game apiece san jose looking to bounce back after a tough loss on saturday night at hp pavilion. puck drops at 7: all ou ncat al california. quick break and we'll be right back.
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning to you. we still have overcast conditions over most of the bay area but the clouds will break apart and we'll be left with a mostly sunny sky and warm conditions for the second half of the day. when you leave the office you'll find a big difference on your way out the door. lots of sunshine for the second half of the day. 70 degrees in san jose. 70 in gilroy. warming up as we head toward this weekend. 75 degrees on sunday but we got one more rounld of rain to get through wednesday into thursday. let's talk to mike about the roadways. >> i found it. scattered incidents in the south bay. i couldn't figure out why there was a slowing, 280 both directions around 87, turns out a stalled car, bad battery in the center divide. a distraction for both directions. that is probably the reason because that's right where it is happening right where the slowdown is. we'll take you for a live look at oakland slowing northbound past the coliseum, starting to clear up but over the last half hour very slow.
10:30 am
probably hitting the southbound side over the next half hour. the bay toll not a problem. back to you. >> nice and clear there. hope it ends up being a great afternoon for you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. see you bright and erl tomorrow :0atinm.0 5e.a.vehad oo gond en and some advice for anyone who's ever got dressed and thought, can i get away with this? >> josie is here to shake things up for the spring. he is featured on the sundance channel fashion series called "all on the line." >> nice to see you again. >> good morning, ladies. >> today is all about breaking rules. >> it is. >> we think there are hard and fast things. >> no. that's what i addressed in my column. taking the fast rules and breaking them. all those things you were taught as a child, forget them. >> wearing a white watch before summer? >> white after labor day, do it. all those things you thought,
10:31 am
pink with a redhead? do it. >> absolutely. >> this is our first scenario. it's turning day into night. we have cayla. >> the idea you think you can't have one outfit from morning through night is a fallacy. here is a little bit of a trick. her oversized clutch can act as a magician's hat. wear your belt and necklace. then dress it up when you want to go out with a few simple additions. >> that's a lot of different colors, joe zee. >> it's a colorful spring. >> that's all right? >> you can throw all those accessories in your bag. you have them with you. >> all right. she is a rule breaker. >> rule breaker number one. >> next we have tracy. we are talking about shaking it up at work. a lot of us believe there is a certain look we should have at work. >> it is. >> you know what i'm sick of?
10:32 am
that polyester beige pants suit for women. look at you two. you look great in your dresses. this is our new favorite color leopard. you can wear a leopard dress to work. i love the classic trench. it can be done at all price levels. >> it depends on, sometimes your work place is much more conservative. if you walked in with that they might give you the double look. >> you can do animal prints, maybe a simple top. you can take the idea of prints and shake things up a bit. >> you say no panty hose? >> yes. it's 2011. >> you're saucy. thanks, tracy. >> next up we have jessica. we are talking about colors. unconventional color combos. >> this is what i said earlier. if you're a redhead you can wear pink. i love pink and red. a lot of people think you can't wear blue and black. this is a dressed-out combination. i love navy with black. that's one of the strongest
10:33 am
color combinations you can do right now. >> you usually see the blue on the top. this is interesting. >> i like that. look at the shoe. they are crazy. >> you can get this look for under $200. >> i'm crazy for zarro. it's one place my daughter and i can go and find something both of us like. >> thank you, jesse contact our last model. >> sasha. >> she is breaking, casual fridays are tricky. you don't know how casual you can be. >> you don't want to look grungy. you don't want to look like you rolled out of bed. i love the denim jacket. >> i love the jacket. >> is that a levi? >> no. that is a loft. >> one good jean jacket. >> i have one i had forever and i love it. >> treat it as a cardigan, treat it as a blazer. toss it over everything. >> love it with little dresses in the summertime. >> $35 h&m dress.
10:34 am
>> that is great. these are all great. >> good job, joe zee. >> you rock. let's bring out all our models. maybe they can't hear us. oh, yeah. >> here they come. >> excellent. you're heading back and forth to the other coast? >> back to the west coast right now. >> give our love to la la land. >> keep tweeting us. >> up next, dressing your table. how to make your feast with help from your kids.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
we are back and getting ready to celebrate easter. something tells me kathie lee will enjoy the next few minutes. might have to do with peep martinis. >> i just try to be friendly. l.a.'s nathan turner isn't only a smart man, he's got an eye for design and soon can be seen in bravo's upcoming series "million dollar decorators." >> bravo may 31st. >> you start right off with a drink. >> why not? it's easter. >> tell us about these. >> we have a pink peep and a jellybean martini. it's just a fun way to bring easter candy into the cocktail realm. >> you don't like that? >> i didn't say i didn't like it. i like it very much. >> let's talk centerpieces. >> in lieu of flowers, it's
10:39 am
spring, easter, vegetables. a little garden on your table. you can use anything from a farmer's market, grocery store. love the carrots. >> adorable. >> greatest thing is you know what's for dinner later. >> you're going to make a soup. look at the place cards. they are actual seeds. this one has your name on it. >> how did you get those printed up? >> i took a real seed pack. i photo copied it. then i photo shopped the name. you can use a label maker. it's a fun way and sticks with the garden theme. >> this looks like a regular old egg, but it's much more than that. what is it? >> this is an egg fortune. you can break it. >> crack it? >> there you go. isn't that great? kids love to break eggs. >> it's like a fortune cookie. >> you have lots of adoring fans. takes one to know one from
10:40 am
nathan turner on facebook. same one. >> this is going with the whole green theme of the week. these are paper flowers that we made with a wheat seed paste in it. it's a plantable flower. you can put it out in the garden and flowers will grow. >> i love the chargers. >> these are bird's nest chargers from pottery barn as is the dinner ware. >> the whole thing is adorable. >> we love it. >> here is a fun hostess gift. if you are going over to an easter party or brunch, just fill an egg carton with mini cupcakes. >> let's go to the fun part with the kiddies. >> hi, guys. how are you? >> this is jack, this is lucy and beatrice. >> this is a great alternative
10:41 am
for a centerpiece. two minutes to make wheat grass. a bed of wheat grass you can get at you can get it just like this. put it in a metal tray. it's run to rest easter eggs on. >> okay. what is jack doing? >> decopaging. we have a couple of different techniques. this is this crazy way. he used a 100% silk tie. you wrap it around. put a layer of white cloth and wrap it in 2009 here. look at the pattern it makes. >> it's not a tie you want to keep. >> isn't it amazing the way the color changes? >> that is beautiful. >> look at beatrice at the end. what is happening down here? >> she is using regular stationary items like rubber bands, paper hole enforcers.
10:42 am
look at the detail you can get. >> look at that. >> everybody has this stuff laying around. >> all excellent ideas, nathan. thank you so much. happy easter to you. >> all right. the table is set to go. we'll head to the kitchen. [ robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these symptoms or behaviors, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression
10:43 am
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10:46 am
when curtis is around things heat up quickly here. >> hunting down new recipes, you can count on can be tough. we asked curtis. he is very famous and important now. >> he is too important for us now. >> i thought i would bring a drink for my classy ladies. >> thank you for the plastic cup. he's bravo's top chef masters. >> we keep seeing you on billboards and newspaper. >> have you watched top chef masters? >> how is it going?
10:47 am
>> i don't care how it's going. i got to eat some of the best food from 12 of the best chefs in the world every day. >> but you have to judge them. that's got to be tough. >> you're kind of cruel. i didn't realize. >> yes, you are. >> you're honest. >> he's cruel. >> all right. crostinis. i wasn't cruel. it was amazing. >> do that again. >> what are you making? >> what i thought we would do is something for when people pop around for easter and you don't want to cook a hot meal. this is finger food. lay it out. >> we are already eating. >> the first one is vegetarian. asparagus and goat's cheese. >> this is chevril and grapefruit. you mix those together. see you work it. >> put right on your little crostini. >> use it as a bit of a spread.
10:48 am
you take your crostini. the way to make the crostini, you rub the baguette with a clove of garlic. pop them in the oven with a little bit of olive oil, four, five minutes. >> how are you garnishing these? >> asparagus. toss with a little bit of shallot and olive oil and vinegar. >> then a little bit of radish. asparagus. >> that's beautiful. >> that looks delicious. this one is the crab one? >> i'll show you how to make an aoli. i'm going to mix this with tangerine juice and zest. >> this is not going to be cooked, is there danger of salmonella? >> no. >> why? >> because i said so.
10:49 am
some people prefer to use pasteurized egg yolks. this jug is designed to pour. isn't that beautiful? >> it's a well designed thing. you can stand there and do that for a long time. >> you wisk and wisk. it will turn into an aoli and mayonnaise. >> don't you have a wisker? >> a little bit of exercise in the kitchen. it's good for you. >> we here the rest of your life is fine. >> how does that hurt? >> curtis is in love, hoda is in love. >> i haven't seen you for a while. >> up aerobeen busy. >> these are the crabby ones. >> i've got little pickled onions. little bits of arugula. >> thank you. >> you like that one?
10:50 am
>> i don't like this one at all. it's delicious. >> the beauty is you make up your crostinis. you have a whole pile of them. >> they don't have to be warm. >> that's right. what we are going to do here is a gremalata. sliced mint, lemon and shallot. throw into a bunch of peas you blanched with a little olive oil. you make a little gremolata. it comes out just like this. take it and spread it over your crostini. then i've taken lamb here which i just roasted. let it cool and take a couple of slices of the lamb. >> no lunch today. this is perfect. >> here is a little bit of mint and lemon juice and olive oil. >> perfect. >> it's all beautiful. >> curtis, we are so glad to have you back with us.
10:51 am
you didn't forget us, did you? >> of course not. >> we are very happy for all your success. >> next, they'll have to sing for their supper. the warblerss perform.
10:52 am
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capella group appeared on "glee." they were called the warblers group. >> the group had more than a million tracks downloaded. its lead singer darren criss has become the breakout star. the group released a new cd called "glee, the music presents the warblers."
10:55 am
you'll love it. have a great day, everybody. enjoy. ♪ turn off the lights ♪ we are going to lose our minds tonight ♪ i love when it's all too much ♪ 5:00 a.m. ♪ turn the radio up ♪ we're so rock and roll ♪ party crashing ♪ call me up ♪ you my gangsta ♪ don't be fancy ♪ just get dancing ♪ why so serious ♪ so raise your glass ♪ if you are from ♪ you know the right way ♪ we will never be ♪ never be ♪ anything but loud ♪ and the nitty-gritty ♪ dirty little freaks ♪ won't you come on ♪ and raise your glass ♪ just come on and ♪ raise your glass ♪ just come on in ♪ raise your glass
10:56 am
♪ just come on in ♪ raise your glass ♪ my glass is empty ♪ that sucks ♪ so if you're too school for cool ♪ and you're treated like a fool ♪ you can choose to let it go ♪ we can always ♪ we can always ♪ party on our own ♪ so raise your ♪ so raise your glass ♪ we will never be anything ♪ but loud ♪ and nitty-gritty ♪ tiny little freaks ♪ so raise your glass ♪ you know the right way ♪ we will never be anything but loud ♪ and nitty-gritty ♪ dirty little freaks ♪ raise your glass
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