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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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be racers. >> reporter: bad behavior in the classroom. this time, it's not the students. why state lawmakers are blasting the agency responsible for allegations of teacher misconduct, coming up. >> reporter: and looking at this gas pump here, $4.35 and counting and it's not summer driving season, yet. where they think we could end up by summertime. add $2 to that number there. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. a live picture of the bay bridge as the sun comes up. it's friday, april 22nd. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. it's 6:00 straight up. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm marla tellez. brent and laura have the day off. good morning to you christina.
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>> good morning to you. we are looking good this morning. that picture behind the two of you is absolutely beautiful. clear conditions. because of the clear skies, we are in the 30s. 38 degrees in napa. 39 in gilroy. much cooler than it has been any day this week at this time. grab the jacket this morning. fog developing in the north bay. expect it to trend in the south for the morning hours. i have the holiday weekend forecast moments away. stay tuned for that. let's get you to work. if you are headed out the front door now, what does it look like? >> a really, really light preholiday weekend. 580 shows big slowing. almost 20 minutes from altamont pass. this is extraordinary because of how light it was a few moments ago. there's an accident reported. there might have been a metering light blocked off blocking the
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merge on 580. the distraction caused the sudden slowing. that is the only major slowing in the area. >> thank you. 6:01 now. the new and truly shocking report showing the state commission charged with cracking down on teacher misconduct is flawed and poorly run to keep kids safe at school. monte francis is live at the state building this morning. one calls it commission one of the worst run organizations she's ever seen. >> reporter: well, marla, that's right. this agency is called the teacher credentially. that audit found a backlog of 12,000 cases. among the cases, a teacher exposed middle school students to pornography in 2008. they didn't request police
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reports for more than a year. another was a teacher charged with prostitution. they were allowed to renew teaching credentials the following year. in the case of a substitute teacher charged with urinating in the classroom while students were present, not until six months after the court case ended. daryl is blasting the commission for failing to act on allegations in a timely way saying the well being of students is at stake. he's called a meeting for may 10 to look at what can be done for improvements. they are calling it one of the state's worst run organizations. now in response, the commission's director said there's a serious backlog of cases. no student has been harmed as a result of the delays. live in san francisco, monte
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francis, today in the bay. >> certainly shocking. thank you. the mount diablo school board will vote for secretaries and clerical workers and furlough days. they call for three and four furlough days this year and between five and eight next year. they would have to pay for increased medical costs as of january. can you imagine paying more than $6 a gallon for gasoline? it is possible by the summer. bob redell is live in san jose with more about why and how it's prompted a federal investigation. good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, let's take a look at where we are at right now. this gas station in san jose, this is a 76 station. an average gallon of gas is running $4.35. it should be noted, this is actually above average for san jose. what aaa is reporting is a
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gallon of gas is averaging $4.22. oakland is about the same. sf, $4.27. we put the numbers on the screen to get a comparison to a month ago. if you look at the numbers, where we are at is a quarter higher than where we were 30 days ago. at this 76 station here they are spending a little bit more. you are talking about the federal investigation. a lot of people are scratching their heads saying why are we so high now when we are not in the summer driving season? it's got the attention of uncle sam. they ordered the justice department to set up a task force to show how they are affecting the price of oil to see if there's illegal manipulation or fraud. it's trading at $110 a barrel. some think it's grossly overinflated. it should be in the $65 to $70 range. there's a securities analyst
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saying yes, by summertime, we could hit $6 a gallon of gas. three reasons this man is putting out there. one, the dollar is at a three-year low right now. as the dollar goes down, the price of energy goes up. you have the summer driving season, which is when demand goes up and supply goes down. if we have a bad hurricane season, a massive storm could disrupt oil supplies. you have three x factors coming together. it's where they come up with $6 a gallon of gas. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you much. one month after their daughter died in a street race, a san jose couple is warning others will die if the racing continues. lance and laurie spoke only to nbc bay area. their 23-year-old daughter left work on march 20th when a mercedes going almost double the
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speed limit crashed into her car. she was in a coma for seven days. they stopped respirators because her brain showed no more activity. >> just to let her know, go in peace, it was a very difficult moment, a few minutes left in her life. she was surrounded by so much love. >> police charged the drivers of the two cars with vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence. they face a maximum of six years in prison. san francisco police need your help finding a man that sexually assaulted two women. this man exposed himself to a woman around 2:00 saturday morning. ten minutes later, he attacked another woman a block away. he's a white man in his 20s with
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short, light brown hair. a surprise check on registered sex offenders in the south bay reveal a sex offender hot spot. the safe task force checked in on 20 sex offenders living in the sterling and sterling st. francis motels down the street from santa clara university. deputies showed up to make sure they are living where they say they are. a woman said she had no idea who her neighbors were. >> i'm very shocked. the landlord or the hotel person at the front desk should have alarmed us that this situation happened. >> the safe task force made 25 stops last night arresting three people. >> keep your doors and windows locked. this is the warning for san carlos residents. a home burglar is making the rounds after a rash of break ins. they are happening during the day when no one is home.
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the suspect is getting in there unlocked windows. computers and computer games along with jewelry are targeted. let's check in with christina loren and the easter forecast. >> good morning to you. we have interesting weather you have to confront in the north bay. we have foggy conditions, down to a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. now, it's drifting south. the visibility readings are coming down. it's clear inland. the fog will come in from the pacific. close to the coast this morning, add a little extra trip time to get to your destination safely. 49 in oakland. 50 in hayward. it's on the cool side. down right cold in gilroy, 39 and 38 in napa now. as we head toward noon, mild conditions developing across the bay area. 60s in the south bay.
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upper 50s for the north bay. 70s later on. 67 degrees in livermore. for you up in santa rosa, after we lose the fog and cloud cover, you'll be able to hit 71 degrees. comfortable conditions today. rain creeps in for the holiday weekend. we will break it down for you and time it out perfectly to plan the holiday outdoor activities. let's get you to work now. mike inouye, how is it looking? >> it was looking great. now, not so much. plan for this. we see slowing on 58 over there, highway 4. it's not a big deal. 49 at bay point is a bigger deal. it's unusual but not a major disturbance. an earlier accident cleared, a 20-minute drive out of livermore into pleasanton.
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one reports at airway, another reported at el charro. a second lane by airway in the congestion. it's going to get worse. the travel time will creep up for friday. getting to 880 through oakland, a smooth drive. no issues with the taillights. you are at the limit through downtown to the toll plaza where we have a clear drive. back to you. >> thank you much. it is 6:11. still to come, development plans for treasure island get approved. the next step could prove people who don't like the idea, right. >> reporter: good morning, i'm christie smith live in oakland. if you drive a diesel car, we have something new for you. this oakland company is taking their fryer oil and selling it retail this morning, coming up in a live report. >> you heard b.a.r.t. go by
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bi thtraffic in a bit.
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6:14 now. a nice shot as the sun peeks through the overcast skies at the bay bridge toll plaza. today is earth day. some companies doing their part to honor mother earth. christie smith is live at a biodiesel facility. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are in east oakland. with the price of gasoline the way it is, what they are doing here is starting to look good. they are celebrating earth day. the company has been in business for two years. they collect oil, frying oil from local restaurants and process it in this building here. it takes four days to process
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and they basically turn it into fuel that can work in a diesel truck or diesel car. they collect it in vehicles like this. they will do that for free, if you want them to. then, they sell it. for the first time today, they are selling it retail. that's something new for them. here this morning is steve. good morning. >> morning. >> reporter: how does it work. you have this truck. this is different for you guys. >> folks will pull up. it's the first time we are selling it retail. they can pull up with their car and we fill it up here. >> reporter: normally, you can't do it like this. how is it sold? >> normally in bulk to fleet managers to be mixed with diesel. this is the nozzle you would use for diesel, but coming from our truck. >> reporter: who is this good for? what kind of driver?
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>> anybody with a diesel -- anybody with a diesel car. biodiesel burns like diesel. you can run it on a number of different things. number two diesel, biodiesel. some use the four-stroke vegetable oil. >> reporter: it's cheaper than at the traditional pump. >> yeah. we are going to sell it 25 cents cheaper. $4.15 a gallon is what we are selling it for. >> reporter: thanks for being out here. a couple more things going on for earth day as well that i wanted to mention. the marin clean energy is opening the first of two electric vehicle charging stations today at c and third streets. also in san francisco, the city is opening a rainwater harvesting system at 11:00 this morning. they will be doing demonstrations at gourden lau
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elementary school on clay street. we are on 49th avenue and san leandro street. it's hard to find, it's tucked away, but it's different and good to try. >> thank you, christie. back in the wild. six seals are swimming in the pacific this morning after making a full recovery. the five elephant seals and one see lion were released yesterday. they were found in march suffering from malnutrition. they nursed them back to health. now they are strong enough to be on their own. if you build a small town on treasure island, what will it do to traffic on the bridge? they voted to go with the first step to build a community. the project, consisting of 8,000 homes, several business complexes. they want to study how bad the environmental impact will be. we'll know that when the report is completed. they are expected to vote in
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june. 6:17 now. it is good friday. that means easter sunday is a couple days away now. christina, are we going to get rained on? >> yeah, a little bit of rain. nothing heavy. nothing to make you cancel your easter egg hunt. temperature wise, as we head throughout the day today, we are talking about the 70s. i'm only saying that because scott has plans of dressing up like the easter bunny like he does every year. skies will be nice and clear tonight. we are talking about another clear night. run the heater tonight. you need to open up the windows. beautiful, perfect room temperature weather is what we are forecasting. 68 to 72 degrees. right at room temperature. you cannot beat that. throughout the morning hours, we expect the fog to develop along the peninsula. you are next as we have seen the visibility dropping. the fog is creeping to the
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south. in this neck of the woods, san mateo, pacifica, visibility could be less than a quarter mile because of the system from the last couple days. high pressure is compressing the moisture. 48 degrees now in the city by the bay. chillier in gilroy. 39 degrees in the garlic capital. 60 by noon. mild conditions. you'll be able to get in the car and roll down the windows, if you choose to. we are talking the 70s in the south bay. beautiful beach day in santa cruz. we have a slight chance of rain each and every day all the way through wednesday. we are going to talk about why and wen we are expecting the dry spring pattern we are accustomed to. looks like next week. stay tuned for that. back to you. >> the easter egg hunt is important to me, too. >> i'm sorry.
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i have a bonnet for you. >> thank you. >> on this sunday, it looks normal to dress up like a bunny. >> i don't know if we want to go there. it's too early. still to come, the news that iphones can track your movements isn't news at all to police departments. >> iphone users aren't the only people being tracked. we take a look at tech today. the slowing in livermore is equally unpleasant. why we have a texpected slower friday unexpected slower friday through this portion. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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26 6:23 now. >> we are going to check in with christina and the roads with mike. >> that beautiful view, now we have a problem. trivalley. look at livermore. we have extensive slowing. it's a 22 minute drive, making it unpleasant in livermore and heading to dublin and pleasanton. no major injuries, but it's a problem causing a back up. this is not far enough west for b.a.r.t. to be an alternate for you. b.a.r.t. system will be
6:24 am
smoothly. we heard it in the background of christie's shot. i wanted to give an update on that as well. no issues on the bay bridge. the toll plaza, we get a live look. things are moving smoothly. there's the haze. the low clouds, fog that christina has been talking about. it's creeping over here. watch for that effect. so far, no problems reported as a result of fog. >> hopefully, it will stay friday light. the pacific coast highway is open. cal tran says a section of high way 1 closed when chunks of the roadway crumbled and fell into the sea. a spokesman says the reopening will bring relief to residents as you can imagine along a 50-mile stretch. folks have been cut off for much of the last month. you could say they are cautiously optimistic.
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silicon valley ceos are hiring but still worried about the state's fiscal mess. business leaders meet with governor jerry brown in san jose. more than half of the silicon valley ceos polled say they are worried about the business impact of government regulation, state employee pension costs and the budget problems. 175 silicon valley ceos took part in the poll. the controversy over phone that is follow you is growing. the latest to publish criticism that apple knows where you are and where you have been. this is nothing new. we talked about this before. >> this is nothing new to those who work with the iphone, after all. in fact, one report says, police have known for more than a year that data files contained within the iphone show where you have been and they can be accessed with someone with a software developers kit. what's new is talk that the
6:26 am
android phone may have the same flaw. there's a big growing story about how it's getting washington's attention, too. congress realizing the public is not happy about this and phone makers may be bringing new legislation and regulation down upon themselves. as you listen to or read reports, there are actually two location issues. the first is the iphone routinely sends it's position back to apple. that's one. the other is the iphone keeps a text file recording of your position, even the compass heading of the phone. it's not accessible unless you hook the phone up to a computer. it doesn't appear to be transmitted anywhere. we are going to talk about it on "press: here." how apple is behind the pr curve on this one as the controversy continues to grow and there's been no response. marla, back to you. >> thank you, scott.
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coming up on today in the bay, pg&e's top executive is stepping down and getting a multimillion dollar retirement package. details coming up. >> reporter: and the slow, very painful road to $6 for a gallon of gas by summertime. i'm bob redell.
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coming up, an east bay city could ban pot dispensaries. >> reporter: why some people are saying you have to dig much, much deeper in your wallet to fill up by summertime. the outlook is very grim for the price of a gallon of gas. i'm bob redell with a live report. a pretty shot of san francisco this morning on friday, april 22nd. this is today in the bay.
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it is just me. good morning and thank you for joining us. which camera am i on. i'm marla tellez. the cannons are off. scott mcgrew is busy taking on the radio right now. he will rejoin me in a few minutes. we begin with christina loren with the hour-by-hour forecast. >> you are always enough for me, marla. we like you. we are looking good this morning. we have fog developing. it's spreading to the south. san francisco is getting locked in. if you are waking up, especially near any of the bodies of water, the many bodies of water, you will encounter it on the way to work. easter sunday, maybe a few isolated showers, we'll time them out for you, coming up. it's 6:30. let's get to mike inouye. >> i'll take you as far away
6:31 am
from the water as i can. you know the rule of three? we have two accidents at el charro and one at 580. this is before you have the back up. it could cause an increased back up for folks. a 22 minute drive holding up for 580 through the dublin interchange. the rest of the area, friday light. the volume is starting to build at the bay bridge toll plaza. no fog to report for the east bay, so far. back to you, marla. >> thank you, mike. talk about sticker shock. gas prices at $6 a gallon. really? some say it's whatnot to look forwards to this summer. it's prompted a federal investigation. bob redell is live in san jose with more. bob. >> reporter: we are looking at the price of a regular gallon of
6:32 am
gas. right now, it's $4.35. some feel it's already high. we are not in the summer driving season yet. is there something funny going on? i say drivers in general. president obama is wondering the same thing. he's asked the justice department to set up a task force to probe into how traders and specklators are doing this to make sure there's not manipulation or fraud. some think it's way higher than it should be. they think it should be in the 65 to $70 range. now, there's an energy strategist with a securities firm in north carolina predicting $6 for a gallon of gas by summertime. his thought is the dollar is at a three-year low. with that, when the dollar is that low, the price of energy goes up. you have demand increasing over the summer driving season. then the other x factor is
6:33 am
hurricanes. if we have a massive hurricane season, it could affect the price of oil. the average price of gas is $4.22 oakland about the same. san francisco is $4.27. you can see where we were a month ago. we were about a quarter less for a gallon of gas. how is the price of gas affecting your budget overall? >> you have to be more conscious with what you are doing. not as much compulsive spending. you have to budget for the gas. you have to make sure you get to work. >> reporter: change the major purchasing. >> i was thinking of getting a new car but with the gas mileage i get on the civic and honda, it's not a necessity anymore. >> reporter: you are getting decent mileage and feeling it.
6:34 am
>> yes, i am. >> reporter: $6 a gallon of gas by summertime. if you believe this expert in north carolina, it would not be a good thing, obviously. let's hope he's wrong. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you. pg&e's top executive is stepping down and taking a hefty parting gift with him. he's leaving the utility company after a challenging year. he takes with him a $35 million retirement package. he faced severe criticism after the san bruno explosion. he was blamed for spending millions on proposition 16, which failed in june. it would have made it difficult for cities and groups to buy their own power rather than go through pg&e. medical marijuana users may not be able to get marijuana anymore. they may ban the pot dispensaries. a pot club opened without
6:35 am
permits. councilmembers will consider a 45 day moritorium so the city can take a closer look at the policy. oakley and brentwood banned dispensaries. this morning, a scathing new report says state commissions aren't doing enough to crack down on teacher who is behave inappropriately in the classroom. monte francis, live at the state building in san francisco with a look at the shocking allegations. good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. this agency is called the commission on teacher credentialing. the agency did not act fast enough when charges of misconduct. for example, a teacher was accused of exposing middle school students to pornography. they didn't request police reports in the case for more than a year. another case was a teacher involved in prostitution in 2007. that teacher was allowed to
6:36 am
reflu the teaching credential and it wasn't revoked until last year. a substitute teacher urinating in a classroom with students there, his was revoked six months after the case ended. they blast the commission for failing to act on allegations in a timely way saying the well being of students is at stake. he's called a legislative meeting for may 10th to look at what needs to be done. meanwhile, the state auditor is calling the teacher credentialing the worst run organizations in the state. they admitted there's a backlog of more than 12,000 cases. he says no student has been harmed as a result of the delays. live in san francisco, monte francis, today in the bay. >> thank you much. good news, no station closures for cal train, at least for now. fares and parking fees will go up. after receiving an overwhelming
6:37 am
number of e-mails from computers, they say they don't need to need to reduce or suspend for a year. they will keep things operating as usual. the price hikes take effect july 1. higher ferry and bus fares could get a seal of approval from the golden gate bridge district. they are expected to get a thumbs up. bus fares will go up 5% each year. the ferry service will see a hike of a dollar. it will race $2.5 million for the cash-strapped agency. it's the day muni passes go up as well. are ferry fares fair? >> say that over and over and over. no one is saying anything. >> no one is going to chant that. what do we want? all right. weather. let's talk to christina, good
6:38 am
morning. >> let's take you to va knee shah where the fine refineries are refining this morning. we have fog. watch for that on all the bridges across the area. we are going to see more of that fog for the next couple hours. sunrise in 15 minutes from now. 9:00 a.m., we lose the cloud cover. cool start. patchy fog this morning. low 70s. sunny conditions today. as we head toward the holiday weekend, it's going to get warmer around here. we have an interesting weather set-up shaping up. high pressure in control. it's going to bring warm conditions. we have these weak systems of low pressure that are going to pass through the bay area over the next five days. i put the future cast in motion for you to show you what we are expecting. it's not a lot. the pockets of rain in the peninsula. this is what it looks like at 4:00 p.m. saturday. this is the most significant i could find for you. sunday, that's the day everybody
6:39 am
is concerned about easter egg hunts. i think you are okay in the early hours. 11:00 a.m., this is what we are forecasting north of gilroy. we could see the misty conditions like we had yesterday. keep that in mind. nothing to where you have to cancel your outdoor plans. 49 degrees in oakland. we have pockets of cloud coverover head. some areas are absolutely clear overhead. it depends on where you are waking up this morning. temps toward 70 degrees. i have the extended forecast coming up in moments. let's get you to work with mike. how does it look out there? >> getting worse for antioch. we have the slowing showing up. we wandered where it was, there it is, 27 miles per hour at l street. it might be because a new accident has been reported as well. i might be blocking a lane at a street. watching for that. a tow truck has been called. an ambulance will be there. this is a distraction through
6:40 am
antioch. bay point is holding steady. the accident cleared at airway. the slowdown started up near north livermore and airway. it sends folks down highway 84. with a live shot out there, how things are across the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> mike, thank you much. time is 6:40. blackberries attempt to rival the ipad is out this week. we'll take a look at it coming up in gadget friday. >> baseball's commissioner is talking about making the playoffs longer. the royal wedding is a week from now. a live report, next.
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welcome back. a week from today, kate middleton will walk in a commoner and out a future king. we have a look at the hustle and bustle as folks here and across the pond look for it. >> reporter: good morning. there's a lot going on in london. monday i'll be there to show you the ins and outs of the biggest event in 30 years. a lot going on there. the preparations with the foot soldiers, the bakers, the choirs at westminster abbey. the service is just one week
6:44 am
away now. kate and william are said to have wanted this to be a people's wedding. they are making great efforts to make sure people can be involved either in london or virtually, hundreds of thousands of people we're told. crowds in and around london celebrating around the church. thousands of street parties out. a government is encouraging that. they are saying don't worry about the local ordinances. go out and plan the street parties and have fun. they are also planning to make this available on youtube via live streaming video. go on facebook and click yes, i'm going to attend virtually. we have a look at the guest list this morning. some 2,000 people, many of them, as you can imagine, dignitaries. also hundreds of people who were friends of william and kate. they want this to be a somewhat intimate event.
6:45 am
it can only be so intimate when you have thousands of people coming and it is the royal wedding at least of our lifetimes. >> tracie potts, live in washington. thank you much. good luck. toyota expects production to continue as normal by november or december. they apologized for the delays. they will start developing technology to make the plug-in hybrids become electric generators during emergencies. the earthquake, tsunami and damaged nuclear reactors caused a production loss of 260,000 cars. setbacks could cause them to lose the top position in the global industry. the u.s. is using armed drones against troops in libya. the president authorized use of predator drones. they have been a potent weapon in pakistan and other areas where u.s. forces do not have troops on the ground. iraq's prime minister says iraqi forces can handle security
6:46 am
from here on out. he told that to mike mullen, the chairman of the u.s. joints chief of staff. he's in meetings to decide if u.s. forces should stay in iraq past this year. all american forces are supposed to be out of iraq by december 31st. meanwhile, an update to a story we brought you earlier in the week. investigators down playing speculation linking a pipe bomb at a mall to a shooting at a high school. they were found at a mall near columbine wednesday. investigators say their person of interest is this man you see in a dark cap in the surveillance photo. he entered a hall way through a mall entrance typically used only by employees. barry bonds may have obstructed justice but baseball doesn't care. commissioner bud selig will not change the record saying in life
6:47 am
there's got to be pragmatism. anybody who understands the sport understands why. bonds holds the career and season home run records. this is video of him breaking the record. he ended the 762 home runs. 73 of them in one season. while the records are safe, his conviction may keep him out of the baseball hall of fame. selig talking a ining about expanding the playoffs next year. the national and american leagues would each get two wild cards. they would play each other before moving on to play the league winners. cody ross had a big game in game five. decided by one run. you can watch all this right here on nbc bay area.
6:48 am
our coverage starts at 7:00. injured giants fan bryan stow's mother has a nice story to tell him today. they attended the sharks playoff game last night. they have been living in an l.a. hospital for three weeks now waiting for him to wake up from the medically induced coma. the sharks arranged for them to get the tickets. the kings picked up dinner for the family. what a nice story. joe thornton had the game win i winning goal. he ended with blowing kisses to the fans. the puck drops at 7:30. if you are not at the game, you can see it at csn california. >> oh, that's new. i like it. good morning to you. we are looking good this morning. we have fog developing and drifting to the south.
6:49 am
reduced visibility in santa rosa and napa valley. throughout the next couple hours, we will be dealing with fog along the peninsula and bridges in the bay area. give yourself extra time. a lot of kids are on spring break. you know what? you'll be able to get outside for the second half of the day in particular. low pressure systems. we have a couple of them on the way. as we head to the next 48 hours, slight rain chances. i set the future cast in motion. nothing heavy. none of the cells are going to pour rain over the area. they are fast movers and really, really light. don't cancel your outdoor plans. we could see drizzley or light rain conditions as we head through sunday morning, late sunday and late saturday. then we have another chance on wednesday. so, it's one of those weird set-ups where low pressure is
6:50 am
hanging out to the north. 48 degrees in san francisco. 48 in san jose. turning over to the upper 60s and low 70s. 70 degrees in santa cruz. great beach day. redwood city, 68 degrees. big game tonight. of course if you can't make it to toat&t park, you can catch i here as the san francisco giants, our world champions take on the braves. 57 degrees if you are headed out there. bring a jacket. we'll have a windchill factor to deal with. 70 degrees sunday. still warm, even with showers on easter. have a great one. back to you. >> i have to tell you a story about the giants. it's known, you have a crush on brian wilson, right? >> not me. i've said it on the radio and tv. >> i'm in san francisco yesterday for a meeting on union street and he is there. he's there. you know, in his mercedes. we said hello to each other.
6:51 am
>> he stopped and said hello to you? is that marla tellez? >> that's right. >> are you trying to make me jealous. >> no, i'm trying to tell you what happened. i pulled on union. i see this beautiful black car. look up and of course the beard. i roll down my window and say hi like a little girl. >> i don't think i could have mustered that. >> he is a doll. >> get his attention and smash into his car. then you have to trade information. >> that's true. here are my digits. the blackberry playbook is out. we'll show it to you next. donald trump is one of the president's most vocal critics. now, he's taking a trip to the white house. >> reporter: i'm christie smith live in oakland. you might get a deal on gas today. we are talking about something that started as cooking oil and
6:52 am
ended up as biodiesel. >> you are looking at a beautiful picture of downtown san francisco.
6:53 am
6:54 am
now right now in the bay, the east bay high way 4 shows the 22-mile-per-hour, well, 21-mile-per-hour reading now near a street. it's holding steady for antioch. 580 is steady in livermore. we saw slowing past highway 84. they cut through isabel and livermore itself. the south bay has a nice easy northbound drive. 42, that might be the result of construction in the area. it reminds me of the overnight
6:55 am
closures. you'll use capital expressway. 680 and 101, if you use 280, take it to king, back to 280 and that gets you past the construction. a live look out there. no metering lights, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. today is earth day. a lot of events are happening around the bay in honor or going green. christie smith is live in oakland at a facility offering something new to turn your car green. not literally, though, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you and happy friday. we are at sirona fuels. the slogan on the side of the truck says it all. from fryer to fuel. it's what they do. they go around and collect cooking oil and turn it into biofuel that runs in a diesel vehicle. normally, they sell it to larger
6:56 am
trucks and wholesalers. now, they are doing something different. they are selling it retail in oakland. they have that truck set up. if you have the diesel car that can take this, pull right in to the makeshift gas station and fill up. it's a lot cheaper than you would get at a traditional gas station. they are selling it at 4:15 a gallon. good morning. >> morning. >> reporter: can you explain to us? he's got bottles set up. this is how it comes in from the restaurant, is that right? >> that's right. we get this from the restaurant. we add our chemicals. then we do a final wash with water. this is the final product here. this is biodiesel. >> reporter: awesome. there you have it. they are in east oakland off 49th avenue. i guess people are getting lost on the way here.
6:57 am
go down san leandro street, 49th to here. they are ready to fill you up. something different for earth day. christie smith, today in the bay. there could be an awkward dinner at the white house. donald trump has been blasting president obama and demanding the president show off his birth certificate. the guest list is out for the correspondent dinner. "the washington post" picked trump. scott has gadget friday going on. >> good morning to you. we are going to talk about the blackberry play book. look at the video of it. it's out for blackberry this week. the idea is that you attach it wirelessly to your blackberry phone. your phone provides all of the connectivity out in the wild when you are not near wi-fi. it provides you with secure e-mail as well. get to this point. here is the blackberry.
6:58 am
you are going to take a picture of the -- you can come back live to us, if you would like. you can take a picture of that, link your phone. you know what happens? >> what? >> it doesn't work.
6:59 am


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