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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: new this morning at this hour, oakland police on the scene of a deadly shooting. two people dead, four others hit. i'm christie smith, we'll tell you what's coming up on a live report. why students may be forced to skip school next fall and high food prices taking their toll. we'll talk to the families hit the hardest. it's monday, april 25th. this is today in the east bay.
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good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. 4:30, let's check the east bay forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we have showers as we head back to work on this monday. a cell pushed toward oakland. get ready for light showers over i-80 in the next 10 to 15 minutes here. we are headed toward a substantial warm up. i have the numbers. they include the 80s. that's coming up. first, we have a special guest this morning. monique, good morning to you. she's got traffic for you. >> i'm fabulous. good morning, christina. the traffic is fabulous. we have one hot spot to tell you about. a full freeway closure in the south bay. >> monique, thank you much. new this morning, a deadly
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overnight shooting that happened near broadway and third street. christie smith is there live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. the scene is still active here this morning. i just spoke with a detective from oakland police homicide department. right now, they are interviewing witnesses downtown. here is what happened. it was before 1:00 a.m. a man got out of a car and tried to get into sweet jimmie's bar. he was denied access. according to the detective he tried to push his way in and started shooting. there were ten to 12 people inside the bar at the time. a horrible scene. two people shot and killed. four people wounded. two in critical condition and two in stable condition. two of the victims were women. the motive at this point is unclear. detectives aren't releasing much
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information about the car involved. he tells me there were a couple people in the car, not just the shooter. this is still a very active investigation. meantime, while this was going on around the corner investigators telling me there was more gunfire as a club was letting me out. one person shot in the arm there. this is near the produce mart near jacqueline and square. if you are coming to this area, you may want to avoid it. a lot of trucks are making their way in and out. the intersection at 3rd and broadway will be closed through early morning. >> thank you. police looking into how a man died on a pittsburg trail. a passer by found him dead face down on the regional trail friday. now, at first police thought he died from a bicycle accident.
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the county coroner couldn't be sure. an autopsy will be performed this week. a fire chief who quit his job wants $4 million to boot. david kapler is filing a $4 million wrongful termination suit. he said he had a deal to use his private cars for work and he was not told he could not gas up the cars at city pumps. he believes he was set up by the firefighters union that was upset over budget cuts and he was forced to step down one week before retirement benefits started. thousands of bay area studen students, anyone entering seventh grade and up must be up to date on their whooping cough vaccine. if school started today, only
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4500 of 16,000 students would be allowed to attend class. districts from all over the bay area are urging their kids to get vaccinated soon. last year, we saw the worst whopping cough outbreak in 60 years. >> people are feeling the sting of high prices at the pump. the middle class is feeling the strain as never before. the salvation army says they are seeing a growing number of people missing class. san francisco salvation army delivered more than 33,000 food. a 20% increase in the number of food boxes it handed out. >> since the major economic downturn, we have really seen a change in the people we are serving. not only those that are low income or unprivileged. maybe the middle class people that were laid off. >> at the same time, donations are down.
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that means it group is serving more people with fewer resources. a poll shows a majority of california voters would like to see an election of extending taxes. kimberly reports, it's a critical issue as they battle over the budget. >> reporter: governor jerry brown's road warning of deep spending cuts ahead made an impact. 60% of those questioned in the times poll support the idea of a statewide election to extend temporary taxes. >> i think there's enough people in california that care about the budget to vote to try to fix it. >> i think there should be an election just to give people their input. >> reporter: they have been firm about blocking a vote noting similar taxes were rejected in 2009. >> the voters already spoke about this. the voters and those who call
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me, some from my district and some from all over california. they get it. we do ourselves a disservice when we do not listen to californians. >> reporter: without it, lawmakers have to fill a $15 billion deficit with cuts alone. support for that approach dropped to 25% when voters were told it would mean deep cuts to public education. >> californians need to be informed to what a budget would look like and everyone in the building needs to be informed. >> reporter: they do not need voters approval to raise taxes. brown is hoping to seek it and get it before californians this fall. voters want a voice. 53% say they oppose reinstating levees. >> we have a lot of people that don't understand what our debt is doing to us and our people and economy. it's more like public awareness.
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raise the awareness to the public so they know what they are doing and voting for. most voters are headless chickens. a revised budget on may 16th. that will serve as the next official measure of the state budget woes. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will visit california today. she will host a round table with cal students at sibley auditorium taking questions and talking about securing cyber space and highlighting the science and engineering communities to help secure the nation. she will then head to l.a. meanwhile, b.a.r.t. giving you a chance to tell them what you want in a seat. it's starting a month-long survey today.
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b.a.r.t. will give you a look at the seat lab. you can try out different options like width and heights. it will hit the road to each of b.a.r.t.'s nine districts in the coming months. the reason you are seeing bacteria in that is that they found yucky things on the b.a.r.t. seats and they are thinking of different ways to protect it. it's why you are seeing those dishes. >> thank you. enjoy that with your kelloggs this morning. >> exactly. we have showers coming down in the north bay. the east bay, overall is dry. a little cell is over oakland. get ready for slick conditions. showers are going to be a factor for the first part of the day. as we stop it at 9:00 a.m., that's when the front comes through. after that, by 1:00 p.m. clear. a nice, dry, sunny bay area.
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high pressure is doing its job to clear our skies. take a look at this ridge as it builds in. this is a big, strong ridge. it's going to set up shop for five to six days and take the temperatures into the 80s. i have the full forecast coming up. get back to work. it's monday, 4:40 a.m. let's introduce you to monique and traffic. >> traffic is moving at top speeds for most of the south bay there. we have one major problem to tell you about. it should last 30 minutes or so. san jose northbound and southbound 101 both lanes are closed to the 680 connector ramp. cal trans hopes to have it opened up by 5:00 a.m. look at the approach to the bay bridge. chp reports no major incidents to tell you about this morning. a live look at the toll plaza
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traffic is flowing nicely. that's first check of traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much. gabby giffords gets a travel pass. royal wedding scams. what cyber criminals are setting up so you don't fall prey. an ancient treatment making a comeback. you are looking at a live picture outside of oracle arena. we'll be back in
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it's 4:44. you are looking at the bay bridge this morning. hundreds of inmates on the loose in afghanistan. many inmates are taliban insurgents, more than 470 people made their way out through an underground tunnel overnight. 100 of them taliban commanders. gabby giffords is getting a travel pass to watch her husband's space shuttle launch in florida this week. the arizona democrat, of course, shot in tucson 15 weeks ago. doctors say she's in the top 5% of recoveries for people who
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suffered severe brain trauma. she's walking with help and able to communicate with short words and expressions. her husband will be the comma commander when "endeavor "takes off. a first firefightor at&t. it's selling antennas for a suitcase. usually cell phone companies have to send in a truck that acts like a mobile cell tower when disaster strikes. they will be carried by first responders like police so they can have instant cell phone service. after a day long or three-day long weekend wall street gets back to work today. cnbc anchor nicole at cnbc headquarters with the latest. good morning. >> hey, very good morning to you, scott. i know you missed me.
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futures are higher this morning. a lot of markets are closed. europe and hong kong are closed. the u.s. credit rating was threatened. oil is near 113 bucks a barrel. gold is at a record high. investors are eyeing the fed. as you mentioned, we have a ton of earnings, coca-cola, pepsi, microsoft, just to name a few. the dow up 52 points to 12,505, the nasdaq added 17 to 2820. also this morning, toyota doesn't expect to resume full production until at least november because of disruptions from parts suppliers. they will remain at 50% capacity
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in july. it could mean a drop in profits and they will give their sales crown back to gm this year. sales are up in china and the u.s., the two biggest markets. the launch of the much anticipated white iphone. apple reportedly has information which has been long delayed because of manufacturing problems like keeping the white paint from peeling. is there apple fever in the realm of that. >> if you wanted an iphone, wouldn't you have it now? would you wait that long for a white iphone? >> reporter: yes. it's not waiting, swapping it out, perhaps. >> oh, get rid of a good iphone to have one of a different color. >> when you say it that way, it sounds bad.
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but, the frenzy does continue. i'm sure there will be lines around the block. >> i'm sure there will be. thank you very much. >> indeed. christina loren has a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, if you had an all white suit on and pulled out a white iphone, nothing sharper than that. nothing sharper. you have plenty of time to reach your destination. showers are coming through this morning. nothing heavy. very, very light in nature, but becoming more steady from san francisco toward oakland. if you are waking up in oakland, get ready for slick driving conditions especially if you have to get the little ones to school. we are not dealing with the showers all day long. by 9:00 a.m., the bulk of the moisture comes there. the weak front falls apart before you make it to the south
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bay. by 1:00 p.m., breaks of sunshine. we warm up to the mid to upper 60s for today. we are going warm up through tuesday, wednesday, thursday as high pressure builds into the area. temperature wise for today, 65 degrees in fremont. 65 in san jose. 67 in los gatos. the seven-day outlook shows you a really, really nice warm up. 78 degrees by thursday. mostly sunny conditions. a strong ridge of high pressure. it's not going to let the showers come through. in the afternoon, we are talking act the 70s. you can't beat that. back to you. as in southern california to take on the angels. they split their series with the mariners. they got on board with an rbi. coco crisp went a long way, crashing into the wall, bonk. made the catch.
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a pair of runs making it 3-1. the as went on to win. the sharks in southern california tonight trying to close out the first round playoff with the kings. san jose had a chance to close it out but they could not beat jonathan quick. he stopped 51 shots to force a game six. he will be back in the net tonight. the sharks are letting three goals in four shots saturday before getting the hook. sharks fans hope he'll be better tonight. puck drops at 7:00. you can see the game on csn this california. how cyber criminals are crashing the royal wedding. and the ancient treatment for ailments making a comeback. doctors weigh in on therapy and its benefits. ay> we have al cl closure in the south bay. details on that coming up when we come back in traffic.
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you can do something extraordinary. join your neighbors and the american red cross
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and help save the day when the next disaster strikes, when a neighbor's house burns down, if someone needs lifesaving blood or the comfort of a helping hand. hope. support the american red cross and help save the day. visit welcome back to you. it is 4:53. you think you had a weird weekend, get a load of mike. good morning, mike. >> mike is having a very, weird weekend. i hear he's skiing. >> monique is self-tanning. >> yes. good morning. >> good morning. we are not having too much of a weird traffic cast. let's head to the south bay
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where traffic is flowing at full speed. we have a hiccup. full closure northbound and southbound 101 from capital expressway to the 280 connector ramp expected to open in five to ten minutes. check this out. it's green as far as the eye can see. expect it to pick up as the morning progresses. we go live to the san mateo bridge. should take 15 minutes to get across the bridge. back to you. >> thank you. people putting up $55 to sit in rooms covered ankle deep in salt. it's salt therapy. the ancient treatment for ailments is making a comeback. >> reporter: a month ago, he couldn't have imagined he'd be spending two to three hours a week in a room covered in salt. now, the businessman who suffers
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from skin and sleep problems says he's a firm believer in salt. >> i was skeptical at first. what's the worst it could do. after a couple sessions i noticed an improvement. the salt chalet is trying to revive a centuries old treatment. >> people feel completely cleared up. these are people with chronic conditions. >> if you have a respiratory problem, a skin condition, insomnia. people think it's like star trek. >> reporter: they have been popular since the medieval times especially for people with skin and respiratory problems. >> salt solutions have a property which thins out the thick secretions. >> now, he says highly effective
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drugs replaced the need for salt rooms. >> there's a grain of science in this but a pound of hhyperbole. >> it costs about as much as a massage and they recommend at least 12 treatments to feel the full benefits. >> reporter: you could probably spend 12 days at the beach and get similar benefits. >> it's an alternative theory. i have no data to support it. >> if you ask him, his clear skin is all the proof he needs. >> for me, i try something, if it works, great. that's my science. >> 4:56 now. one online expert calling the royal wedding the super bowl of scams. at least 1 billion people are expected to watch the royal wedding. millions are searching the royal couple online.
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some say they will take advantage. what do you do? >> don't click on dumb links and make sure you have antivirus software. >> we are seeing malware, poison search and spam is starting to build. >> pick websites that are reputable. that's the only way to be safe the day of the wedding. >> experts found 22 of the first 100 searches on google for royal wedding gown sketches were poisoned links. coming up, n overnight fire in san francisco. we have the latest developments there.
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new this morning, the san jose police department facing new accusations of extreme use of force and racial profiling. >> we have a live look outside at the shark tank. let's hope the


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