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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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better. it's monday, april 25th. this is today in the bay. good morning. it's about 5:00 on this monday morning. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. brent and laura have the morning off. christina is here. good morning. >> good morning to you. if you are about to head to work, give yourself plenty of time. we have showers coming down over the city of san francisco and through san mateo. half-moon bay getting showers now. it's the case for the morning hours. we are headed toward a substantial warm-up. i have the extended forecast coming up in moments. first, let's get you to work through the showers. hello monique. >> good morning, christina. good morning, everyone. the showers have not had an impact, yet. everyone is doing a very nice job on the roads this morning. top speeds throughout the bay. we'll have a full look at
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traffic in a few minutes. >> thank you. we continue to watch developing news this morning. police on the scene of a deadly shooting. it happened just before 1:00 this morning at the intersection of broadway and third street. two people pronounced dead at the scene. we have a crew on the scene, they are gathering the latest information. they will bring you a live report in a few minutes. police are looking for three masked burglars who broke into a jewelry store. it happened at holingsworth on april 12th at 5:45 in the morning. they broke in through the front window and smashed several display cases. these images you are looking at were taken by the store surveillance cameras. the burglars took off in a newer, white, four-door altima with tinted windows.
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san jose police facing allegations of excessive force and racial profiling. one alleged in 2009, an officer deliberately ran over a man suspected of fighting. the other alleged in 2008 an officer through a man to the ground during a routine traffic stop. he hit his head, knocking him out. then the officers arrested his sister when she complained he was not resisting arrest. the police department is trying to foster a better relationship with minority communities. the san jose unified school district will hold meetings to talk about the budget and get feedback on furlough days. they are urging community members to attend one of the two medians. one is tonight. with uncertainty in the state budget, they are talking about reducing the length of the school year.
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the meeting is at 7:00 at willow glen school. 22 operators had a first round of voting. a yes vote authorizes a strike. they are not saying what the result of the vote was. a spokesman for the union says it would consider striking if contract negotiations go south. >> one of san francisco's cable car lines will partially shut down because of a maintenance project. it is under construction. it will run from the beginning of the line to jackson and pal streets. transit officials are warning drivers a change in service may cause delays in the area and some street parking will be temporarily unavailable. you are looking at b.a.r.t. video, and should be cable cars. >> i think we no what they look like. >> yeah but still, we should show the right picture. >> a click of the mouse in the
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wrong place. >> it happened. >> it does happen. >> it happens with me a lot. good morning to you. we have showers coming through the bay area. give yourself extra time this morning. the north bay, quite a bit of shower activity. the highways are on the slick side this morning. we are noticing a trend that brings about a dry pattern for the second half of your day. the temperatures will be on the climb throughout the week. we are talking about 80 degree weather possibly as early as thursday. get ready for that. you can see here, the showers are starting to clear a little bit. that will be the case as we head throughout the morning hours. continued clearing. the forecast is coming up. let's get to work with monique. >> good morning. i can't concentrate, i heard 80 degrees weather coming up. let's go to the roads. traffic is flowing nicely despite a drizzle out there. let's get you travel times, shall we? it's going to take you 18
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minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. macarthur freeway and the nimitz looks good as well. green as far as the eye can see. let's head out live to the 880 freeway in oakland. we can see a little bit of drizzle past the coliseum. no major problems to report. knocking on wood and hoping it stays like that throughout the day. that's a check of traffic for the hour. >> thank you much. the trouble for play station users. we'll have the latest in a bit. a majority of firefighters and policemen do not live within city limits. big kids hitting the road. careening down a san francisco hill all for a good cause. >> it is 5:05 now. here is a look at the golden ga gate plaza. we'll check in with christina.
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you are looking at live pictures of the bay bridge. it's 5:08. right now, oakland police are searching for suspects in a deadly overnight shooting. it happened near the intersection of broadway and third street before 1:00 this morning. christie smith is live on the scene where i imagine it's closed off for drivers this morning. >> reporter: it has been closed off for several hours. we are standing on fourth and broadway, the corner here. the shooting happened inside that club there with the red awning called sweet jimmie's.
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crime scene investigators are still here. i spoke with a detective and he told me right now they are interviewing witnesses downtown. he says this was before 1:00 a.m., a man got out of a car and tried to get into the bar. for some reason, they denied him access. that's when they say he pushed his way in and started shooting inside. there were about ten to 12 people inside at the time. a horrible scene. two people shot and killed. four others wounded. two in critical condition, two in stable condition. two of the victims were women. motive is unclear at the point. detectives not releasing a lot of information about the car involved, yet or how many people they are looking for. in the meantime, a couple other shootings at the time investigators were here processing the scene, they heard gunfire around the corner as another club was letting out.
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we are told one person was shot, non-life threatening injuries. another shooting with nonlife threat threatening injuries. if you are coming in this area, avoid broadway and third and fourth. a lot of trucks are trying to get in and out. the intersection will be closed for quite some time as they continue their investigation. >> thank you, christie. a stunning new report from the san francisco chronicle finds only a fraction of the city's public safety officers live in the city. a quarter of police officers and a third of firefighters call san francisco home. the rest live in the surrounding bay area and some live as far away as stockton, modesto and lake tahoe. it could be a problem if there's
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a disaster. >> it can be beneficial to have some living outside the city. in the event of an earthquake, they are not coping with their own losses. a play station network might be back up and running. they allow gamers to play one another online. this has been offline since wednesday, a day after mortal combat went on sale. they say they are in the process of rebuilding the network. it blames an external intrusion, in their words, for the problem. let's turn to nicole live at cnbc. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures are higher. europe and hong kong is still closed for easter monday. earnings offset the s&p. oil is back near 113 buck as barrel. gold at another record high.
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investors are eyeing the fed. when they might start hiking rates. a ton of earnings from the names 3m, coca-cola, pepsi, microsoft. we get new home sales today. the dow was up 52 points on thursday. 12,505 is where we closed and nasdaq 2820. walmart started testing delivery of groceries and other items. they did this over the weekend. the retail giant launched a service in san jose right in your hood called walmart to go. you can order online, have it delivered for fees around five bucks. the company has a very successful online delivery business in the uk. this morning, investigators think manufacturing at a boeing plant 15 years ago could be to
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blame for an incident that tore a hole in a jet earlier this month. they were ordered to inspect older 737s. they found cracks in five other planes. this morning the wall street journal is saying they were built at a kansas plant that boeing owned back in 1996. some of the headlines we are watching now. it was windy where we was yesterday for our easter egg hunt. >> we went hiking near quick silver. >> nice. >> how about your easter. >> good morning to you. you have to love the microclimate here. rain coming down over the peninsula. a mostly dry south bay. the north bay is getting break. san francisco, watch for slick driving conditions over the next couple hours. we are going to see more rain push on shore for the first part
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of your day. by 11:00 a.m., the first breaks of sunshine here. the future cast shows that. by 9:00 a.m., the front comes through. clearing by noon and 1:00 p.m. almost an entirely dry bay area. looking good and today is only -- the only day we are expecting showers. as we head through the remainder of the week, high pressure builds in. 67 degrees in los gatos and 65 degrees in san jose. get ready for the warm up. 70 degrees tomorrow. up to 78 by thursday. i know you probably have been waiting to break out that spring wardrobe. this is the week to do so. a strong blocking ridge in place. it keeps the temperatures warm and skies clear. a lot of warm temperatures. if you suffer from allergies, the pollen count is on the climb. keep the allergy medicine handy. back to you.
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>> thank you. the trikes hit san francisco this weekend. >> hundreds of people turning out for the bring your own big wheel derby. the 11th annual adults only race was held on the hill. there's no point except to go as fast as you can and wipe out at the end. that does not seem that fun. it's not just senseless fun, it's all for a good cause. at the end of the race, unwanted big wheels are collected by san francisco firefighters and donated to needy kids. >> that's nice. >> it is nice. trouble in libya is pressing the president to act. what the white house is thinking. the guy from google who set a revolution in egypt says he's off to do bigger things. we'll tell you about it. here is a live look at 880 in oakland. it looks busy for this early in the morning. a live report coming up. mornin.
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welcome back. it is just about 5:18 now. the white house is getting ready for the easter egg roll. it features live music, cooking stations and of course the easter egg rolling. now, going to check the monday morning commute. it is back to work already. we have monique in for mike this morning. >> good morning. i didn't do easter egg hunts this morning but i did dye eggs yesterday. that was fun. i have good news for you. you're seeing slowing on the sensors on highway 101. there was a full freeway
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closure. it just got picked up, literally. you are seeing slowing in the area. it should clear up. let's take a look at our bridges. carquinez bridge looks nice. top speed 66 miles per hour. no problems on the va knee shah bridge. let's go to the golden gate bridge. the roadways are wet. other than that, no accidents to report. that's a check of traffic. back to you. >> thank you, monique. new this morning, four months after being shot in the head, gabrielle giffords is well enough to leave rehab and attend the space shuttle launch. she's cleared to fly to cape canaveral, florida. this is the first time giffords has flown since entering rehab
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in january. another sports legend goes to trial today. floyd mayweather will be in the courtroom facing charges of battery. he poked a security guard in the face during an argument over parking tickets. his attorneys say he did nothing wrong. he could face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. dozens of people were hurt in an overnight attack aimed at moammar gadhafi. officials here debate the involvement of the u.s. forces. brian is live in washington where president obama is under increasing political pressure to step up u.s. involvement to avoid a stalemate, good morning to you. >> reporter: president obama does not want to see u.s. boot prints in a third war zone. john mccain and other republicans are pressing the
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president to step up air support, help nato out as it carries out strikes like the one it did overnight hitting moammar gadhafi's main headquarters, his compound where nato hit before. it's a message for gadhafi that it is time to get out. senator lindsey graham says this is exactly what needs to be done to break the stalemate, to cut off the head of the snake and make it difficult for those supporting gadhafi that he will have no choice other than to give up. marla. >> brian moore, thank you very much. googles most famous revolutionary is leaving the search giant. scott mcgrew checks out the technology headlines. >> he's been on leave from google since the start of the
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unrest. he created a facebook page protesting the death of a street sales man. he's tweeting it's time for him to go. decided to take a long term sabbatical from google and start a technology focused ngo to help fight poverty and foeser education in egypt. the raw numbers, profits are interesting. reports from netflix carry data like how much movies we watch and how many of us stopped watching dvds. it will come at 2:00 our time. >> thank you very much. it is 5:22. the new rule that could keep your child out of school next fall. we'll explain that, coming up. i'm bob redell live in oakland. how would you like your b.a.r.t. seats con figured? i'll explain in a live report.
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the pain at the pump could be over. what experts are saying. a look at the shark tank on this monday morning. we are going check in withl riouhast to tell you what to expect for the forecast. coming up, stay with us.
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this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. new this morning, why back to school preps this year should include a trip to the doctors office. the governor continues the budget battle in sacramento. a better idea what the people want to do to help solve the crisis. here is a live look at the bay bridge this early monday morning. it is 5:25, april 25th. this is today in the bay. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us.
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i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm marla tellez. we are in for laura and brent today. let's get a look at the forecast today and christina loren. good morning, christina? >> good morning. whether you are in for them or not, you are always here with us anyhow. good morning. we have showers pushing through. now, the bulk of the moisture is situated over the peninsula. the east bay is getting shower activity. mondays can be tough. the last thing you want to do is tack on extra time to your commute. slick driving conditions. you have to take the little ones to school, give yourself plenty of extra time this morning. i'll help you navigate through the rain. monique. >> everyone gets an a. here is a look at the approaches to the bay bridge. traffic is flowing at top speeds this morning. 73 miles per hour west through highway 24. a full look at the commute,
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coming up. the next story will have b.a.r.t. riders on the edge of their seat. bob redell is in oakland to explain. >> reporter: we are at the transportation system where b.a.r.t. set up a seat lab, if you will. they have mock ups of seats from the trains. they are trying to find out from the public how they would like the new seating configuration to be. this one shows how wide the aisles would be. if you go wider, you have narrower seats. how high? super high, super low. that's the idea here. anyone who flies on an airplane, a huge issue is leg room. you have four configurations. sitting here in the more roomier configurations. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: you are going to have public riders come in and
5:28 am
give their evaluation. why wouldn't everyone want the most leg room, widest seats and lowest? >> the more leg room, the fewer seats. if they want more seats, they have to sit closer together. as far as the comfort, the more comfortable they are, the harder they are to clean, usually. >> people may not realize you have some of the oldest trains out there. you are going to replace them over several years. the new trains have three doors. >> it will be quicker to get on and off the b.a.r.t. trains. >> reporter: how do you accommodate people with less cars. >> people gather around the doors. they will be able to ride the trains. >> reporter: when do you expect the trains to be online? i know you are just getting ideas. >> 2017. it will take seven years for all the cars to arrive at b.a.r.t.
5:29 am
>> reporter: nationwide if you look at all the public transit systems, b.a.r.t. that has widest seats and most leg room. >> 22 inches is what they are. the aisle is larger. >> reporter: this is not something you show up and do. you have to be invited. you have to get a sampling. they will do surveys over the next couple days. >> thank you much. vallejo police need the help figuring out who kill add 22-year-old in the parking lot of a seven eleven. giovanni was shot outside a magazine street store at that time. anyone who recognizes these people in the photos, contact vallejo police. police are looking into how a man died on a pittsburg trail. a passer by found bradley dead,
5:30 am
face down on the regional trail. it happened on friday. at first police thought he died from a bicycle accident. the county coroner couldn't be sure. a full autopsy will be performed later this week. oakland police are searching for suspects in a string of deadly overnight shootings. one killed two people and injured four others. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. christie smith is live on the scene with the latest information for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are more than four hours into this investigation. i can tell you that fourth and broadway here is still shutdown as oakland police continue their investigation into the shooting. crime scene investigators are gathering evidence. this shooting happened at the bar there with the red awning. six people shot. two of them killed.
5:31 am
the two men, four other people wounded. two of them told in critical condition. two others in stable condition. two of the victims are women. i spoke with an investigator this morning. what they are telling me is a man tried to walk into the bar, sweet jimmy's here at before 1:00 in the morning. he was denied access for some reason. he barged his way in and opened fire on the crowd. they were ten to 12 people inside at the time. they tell me that the shooter got out of a car which had other people inside. they aren't releasing informers on what type of car they are looking for. there were also two other shootings here in oakland. while investigators were here on this scene, they heard gunfire from around the corner as another club was letting out. nonlife-threatening injuries. they are interviewing witnesses
5:32 am
downtown at the police department. if you know anything, call the homicide department. reporting live, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. california voters appear to be siding with the governor when it comes to budget and taxes. 60% of californians would approve of a mix of budget cuts and tax extensions. jerry brown wants to hold a special election by the fall. republican lawmakers have been firm about blocking the vote. they say similar taxes were rejected in 2009. >> the voters already spoke about this. the voters and the people that call me, some from my district and some from all over the state of california. they get it. we do ourselves a disservice when we do not listen to californians. >> they need to know what a cut
5:33 am
would look like. >> without extended taxes, lawmakers would have to fill a $15 billion deficit with cuts alone. a fire chief who quit his job after taking city gas wants $4 million. he says he has a deal with the former city manager to use his private cars for work. no one told him he couldn't gas up the cars at city owned pumps. he believes he was set up by the firefighters union. he was forced to step down one week before his retirement dens would have started. thousands of bay area students may be forced to miss classes when school starts in the fall. it's part of a state requirement saying anyone entering seventh grade and up must have proof they received a whooping cough
5:34 am
vaccine. if school started today, only 4500 of 16,000 students would be allowed to attend class. districts are urging parents to get their kids vaccinated soon. last year, we saw the worst whooping cough outbreak in years. janet napolitano will visit cal berkeley today. napolitano will host a round table with students at sibley auditorium to discuss securing cyber space. the secretary will also visit l.a. to visit to port there with the mayor and meet with law enforcement officials and speak with the media. a new survey says forget the talk of $5 and $6 gas prices. they say prices may have peaked. right now, the national average of gas is $3.88 and still 23
5:35 am
cents off the all-time high of $4.11 set in 2008. weakening demand and a slower rise will keep us from hitting that high again. she thinks prices will peak before summer and may have done so already. let's hope so. the average price in the bay area is $4.22 a gallon. >> her opinion directly opposite of the economist we had on on friday. >> i hope she's right. >> let's hope so. you can drive with the top down. a great week ahead. >> sorry to be someone who is not the optimist. we have the atlantic hurricane season. that starts very, very soon. a couple strong storms could make for a dangerous situation. showers coming through the bay area. slick conditions along the
5:36 am
peninsula this morning. if you are waking up in san francisco, give yourself plenty of time to get to work safely. by 1:00 p.m., a completely dry bay area. this is what we are expecting for today. mild conditions out there. marla's got the right idea. later on, we are going to see quite a bit of sunshine. dress in layers today. have the umbrella handy as well. the temperatures are going jump into the 60s. this is the coolest day of the week. take a look at where we are headed. 78 degrees by thursday. how long this will last. we are in a stretch of spring, finally. stretch of spring, i love it. i also love what i'm seeing on the roadways this morning. so far, so good. east shore freeway looking great. a drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze.
5:37 am
the metering lights are off. highway 24 to 680. ten minutes to make the commute. heading to hayward, traffic is flowing nicely this morning. southbound 880 from 80 to 580 to 92 is going to take 20 minutes to make that ride. get you peninsula travel times there. top speeds throughout the peninsu peninsula. oops i went to highway 4. a little slowing. let's go live to the san mateo bridge where there are no problems there. it looks good. about a 13 minute drive from hayward to foster city. back to you. >> thank you. 5:37 now. the computer scam trying to capitalize on the royal wedding. we go live to london for an inside look at the royal wedding preparations. the classic cars revving up
5:38 am
for a cruise through the bay area. slick roads out there, christina will jn oi aor look at the tur.
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we are going to check in with monique in a bit. people are feeling the sting of high prices at the pump and the grocery store. the middle class is feeling the strain like never before. it's seen a growing number of people who identify themselves as middle class looking for help to put food on the table. it's believed to be a contributing factor. the salvation army delivered 33,000 meals last year. it's more than double the previous year. it saw an increase in the number of food boxes they handed out
5:41 am
last year. >> we have seen a change in the people we are serving, not only those that are low income or underprivileged. maybe the middle class people that were laid off. >> donations are down. the group is serving more people with fewer resources. we have days away from the royal wedding in the streets of london. the marriage of prince william and the commoner kate middleton. tracie potts is live with a dish about the wedding prep. good morning. you made it safe and sound, huh? >> reporter: i did. it was a great flight. the weather is unusually warm for april in london. it's mid-70s. there may be a little bit of rain on friday. hopefully not. the city is all a buzz with news of the wedding happening on friday. tourists beginning to pour in. they are expecting 1 million people, twice what they normally
5:42 am
see during this time. now, kate and will. let me tell you a little bit about the royal couple or soon to be royal couple. they spent the weekend together at her family's home which is an hour from here. prince william is very concerned they were able to spend an adequate amount of time with her family after they are married as well as with the royal family. he's close to her parents. he calls them mom and dad. he's quite guarded with his privacy. the last weekend, as a bachelor before the wedding. now, back here in london, major preparations, the royal calvary, we have seen them this morning. preparations at westminster abbey. we are at the square, which is going to be a big public area where people can gather to watch it on jumbo trons. a lot going on here, marla, as they prepare for what is the biggest event in 30 years for
5:43 am
this country. >> what can you tell us about security? i'm sure it's going to be outrageous come wedding time, five days before. have you been seeing that? >> reporter: not so much. i mean not more than what's probably normal here. we have seen barricades up along streets. as we get closer to wednesday, certainly thursday, absolutely on friday, you are going to see people camping out. they are going to, at one point, close things down once people get in place. there were some concerns about a possible terror attack. not here in london. possibly in ireland on friday. we are told the irish groups involved don't have the resources to carry that out. hopefully that won't be the case. people are very excited about the wedding. >> let's hope so. thank you so much tracie potts. have a good time out there. you can see the royal wedding
5:44 am
here on nbc bay area on friday at 1:00 a.m. it's a special edition of the "today" show. stick around for today in the bay at 6:00 friday morning. it's when we'll have your local news and headlines. meanwhile, an expert calling the royal wedding a super bowl of scams. 1 billion people will watch the wedding. millions are searching online for the royal couple. internet experts say scammers are trying to take advantage and launch harmful links. don't click on dumb links. have antivirus software. seeing royal wedding related malware and spam is building. >> pick websites you know are reputable and type them in yourself. it's the only way to be safe the day of the wedding. >> 22 of the first 100 searches for royal wedding gown sketches are poisoned links.
5:45 am
classic cars hit the roadways today. vintage sports cars will drive-through san francisco in the north bay for the 21st california mille. the race that ran from russia to rome and back again in 1927. california's version of the race ramps up on thursday in sonoma. >> good looking cars. >> yes, there are. good days to have convertibles. let's talk to christina. >> are you a muscle car man, scott? >> good gracious, no. i'm a family car man. >> scott mcgrew, dropping the top of his station wagon. good morning to you. if you are someone who wants to drop your top, wait until later today, you'll have the chance. right now, showers through the bay area. improvements in the north bay. showers are subsiding up there. now, all the moisture that came through the peninsula is pushing
5:46 am
through the south bay. get ready for slick conditions in your neck of the woods. we are not expecting the showers to last today. the future cast shows as you stop it at 1:00 p.m. mostly dry. mostly cloudy conditions at that time. isolated mountain showers over mt. hamilton. clearing by 11:00 a.m. in the bay area. dry conditions. 64 degrees in santa rosa. 65 in san jose. take a look at the bump as we head to thursday. 78 degrees. a lot of sunshine. this is the week to get outside if you want to cruise the muscle car up and down santana row you can do that. the braves taking their frustration out on the giants. the giants got a world series
5:47 am
title. brian wilson could not get things done in extra innings. atlanta scored three runs. the giants were not able to answer. they lost 9-6. they will mull over the loss today. tomorrow, they get back to work in pittsburgh. the as split a four-game series with the mariners. the as win, 5-3. they are back in action tonight in anaheim against the angels. meanwhile, the sharks are in southern california trying to close out the first round playoff with the kings. san jose had the chance to close out. they could not beat jonathan quick. they stopped 51 shots to force a game six. he will be back in the net tonight. as for the sharks, their goalie left three goals and four shots on saturday, getting the hook. sharks fans hope to be better
5:48 am
tonight. you can see it on csn, california. >> right out of the gate there, 3-0. it was amazing, the national anthem and it was 1-0. yeah. >> time is 5:47. road to recovery for gabrielle giffords and the milestone she's reaching today. we'll take a look at game players. a live look at 880 in oakland. we'll look at the roads coming up next. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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[ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. 5:50 now. a live look at downtown san jose on this early monday morning. time to get a look at the roads with monique. she's in for mike today.
5:51 am
how is it looking out there? >> traffic is flowing nicely, but starting to pick up especially along the highway 4 commute. let's go to the maps. speeds are really starting to slow. 28 miles per hour at the slowest points. i checked chp. reports of an accident westbound highway 4 at 242. no details available at this time. i'll keep on eye on that for you. commute through livermore is picking up. speeds of 58 miles per hour there. when you get to the bay bridge, we have a live shot. it looks great. metering lights probably turned on in 40 minutes or so. no problems on the bay bridge this morning. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. hundreds of inmates are on the loose in afghanistan after a massive jailbreak. many inmates are said to be taliban insurgents. more than 470 people made their way out through an under ground
5:52 am
tunnel in kandahar. they are fighters and commanders. new this morning, four months after she was shot in the head, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is well enough to leave rehab and attend mark kelly's space shuttle launch. kelly is the commander of the shuttle mission. this is the first time giffords has flown since entering rehab. the family will be in florida for the launch. one airline is making it easier for customers to board faster. a way for top-paying customers to board faster at some airports. it will let passengers who buy certain seats jump to the front of security lines at certain airports. the more expensive seats have more leg room. they can expect fast tracking in
5:53 am
a few months. an airline is dropping the discount for passengers who prepay their baggage fees. united continental used to reduce it for passengers who prepay. they dropped the discount and charging all passengers $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second bag. delta is offering a similar discount and southwest does not charge for the first two checked bags. now, we are going to toss it over to scott with a look at technology headlines. >> good morning. some people this weekend had nobody to play with. the play station online network still not up this morning. going on the fifth day of being offline after an external intrusion. what you and i call hackers forced them to suspend the service while they rebuild it. the online gaming has been down since wednesday. it's when the mortal combat game
5:54 am
became available. it's easy to dismiss this but for tens of millions of people who do, many under the age of 30, this is worse than not having cable or a phone. in new york city, closing arguments expected on the inside trading deal. one of the richest men in america accused of getting inside information from executives including google and intel. cnbc says at least one juror has fallen asleep at the trial and it is boring stuff as far as what's being testified. what happens in the trial could affect silicon valley a great deal. if prosecutors are successful, we could see a lot more hit the valley. >> thanks, scott. going solar with heat up your property value. homes in california with solar
5:55 am
panels sold for more than those without. the difference averaged $5.50 pr watt the panels produced. they provide electricity to run the home. 10% of homes across the country have energy producing systems. look at this in seattle. the attack of the peeps. that's funny. a group of friends went to this home to cover their pals lawn with hundreds of easter peeps. nearly 900 of them put on skewers and stuck in the lawn. the animated hit "rio" soars to the top, again. >> that magical time when i met the most beautiful bird in the world. >> oh. >> i still remember -- >> my nephew saw this and said he loved it.
5:56 am
it pulled in $27 million marking the second week at the number one spot. tyler perry's "big happy family" beat out another debut, "water for elephants". time is 5:56. the jewelry heist that has police in the north bay asking for your help this morning. we'll tell you about the bay area city where police and firefighters do not live within the city limits. the bay area bridge looks overcast. we'll have a full look at the forecast, coming up. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
5:57 am
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a new report says san francisco first responders might not be in place if a major disaster hits. >> reporter: i'm live in san francisco where an overnight fire leaves more than a dozen people homeless. coming up, we speak with one of the victims. >> reporter: oakland police interviewing witnesses at this hour after a deadly shooting overnight right near jacqueline and square. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. you are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. it's monday, april 25th. this is today in the bay. >>


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