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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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have been taking aim at showering student. >> people with cell phones have been peeping over the shower stalls and they pretty much record you or take pictures of you taking a shower. >> reporter: uc berkeley police say a half dozen students report being secretly watched as they showered. a visiting prospective student was arrested in one of the cases. but the other peepers haven't been identified. >> it's one of those types of crimes that's difficult for us to apprehend the person because it's several minutes by the time that the victim has realized what's happened and gets herself together and is able to put on clothes. by then the suspect is often out of the area. >> nobody wants to hear that, oh, there's been an incident on the coed floor where i'm living, where i'm showering, that this is happening. >> now students are taking steps to protect themselves. some are taking along a buddy to the bathroom. so-called shower parties are springing up where students shower side by side so they know
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who's in the stall next door. >> that's what we do. shower party, just go shower at the same time. >> now, campus officials say this is serious stuff. whoever is doing the peeping not only faces criminal charges, they also face possible student conduct charges, including possible expulsion from the university. reporting live at uc berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. gunfire inside a san jose bank today, a robber fired a bullet into the ceiling of a chase bank branch on camden avenue. this is video shot just after the robbery. those are bank workers and customers being escorted out by police being told to keep their hands up. no one was injured during the robbery which happened on camden avenue near lee just before 11:00. investigators safer the robber left on foot carrying a bag of cash. they don't believe when the gun went off he was firing at anyone. >> right now we're treating it as more of a warning shot to get everybody in compliance so he
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could accomplish his goal of robbing the bank. >> today marks the second time in five months this bank branch has been robbed. the san jose police department is under fire again this time being sued for using excessive force and for racial profiling. the new allegations stem from two federal lawsuits filed against the department, both by latino men. one alleges in 2009 an officer deliberately ran over a man suspected of fighting, the other alleges in 2008 an officer threw a man to the ground during a routine traffic stop. he says he knocked his head on the ground then arrested his sister when he complained. the department, though, says it is trying to develop better relationships with those communities. the call for public employee pension reform is getting louder. 70% of voters surveyed in a new poll say they support putting a cap on future employee pensions.
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the survey shows that 68% of voters want public employees to pitch in more for their own retirement. more than half support raising the retirement age as well. the mayors of san francisco and san jose say they're considering putting the issue before the voters. a government ethics professor says that may not be the best solution, though. >> and most citizens could not begin to understand the complexity of this issue and would not be given a number of options. it would be a yes or no cut or a keep. and it's not that simple. >> professor also says it's important not to focus on the outrageous salaries and pensions of the highest-paid public employees but rather focus on the bulk of workers in the middle instead. a better economy would certainly help that situation and today a little good news on that front, new home sales are up a bit and so are prices. but experts say they're still at levels far from healthy. the commerce department says new
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home sales rose 11% in march after home builders suffered through the worst winter in half a century. the national association of home builders says every new home sale creates three jobs for a year, and adds $90,000 to the economy. gas prices of course are up as well, but washington may be doing something about that. the obama administration is raising the possibility of ending tax breaks for oil companies and even republican house speaker john boehner said congress should consider ending subsidies for oil companies. here in the bay area a gallon of regular will set you back $4.28 in san francisco. in san jose and oakland, the average price is $4.23. secretary of homeland security visited california today, she used an appearance at uk berkeley school of engineering to talk about the importance of cyber security. napolitano says cyber attacks are more decentralized and more sophisticated than ever, and that's caused the u.s. government to pay more attention. >> we have had to -- the
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department of homeland security -- step back and really for the first time in our nation's history think of cyberspace as its own domain. >> janet napolitano says the country's engineers are making it easy for the government to stay on top of the threats, but it's an ongoing battle to keep hackers from causing chaos to government and corporate computer systems. now an update to a story, a statewide soda tax proposal is a step closer to getting a vote following its frs hearing today. the controversial bill calls for adding a penny an ounce tax on every sugar sweetened beverage in california. opponents say we're already overtaxed and singling out soda is unfair. it is expected to come up for a vote next month. here is something you might wonder about when cleaning the count irin the kitchen. are the chemicals you're using in your household safe?
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hard to know, since than 83,000 chemicals are used to regulate them. the nation's largest group of pediatricians says the old system is putting kids at risk. nbc bay area's maryann favro has more. >> reporter: today, the american academy of pediatrics condemned a 1976 federal law limiting the government from testing or banning industrial chemicals. under the current laws, manufacturers don't have to disclose their ingredients, menning consumers have a tough time figuring out whether the products they buy may contain potentially dangerous chemicals. the academy has requested a tighter regulation after seeing increased reports of children absorbing potentially hazardous chemicals found on rubber toys, plastic bottles and other everyday products. dr. gregory lum supports the
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push for tougher regulation of chemicals. >> in 1976, was written with not a whole lot of medical knowledge about reproductive and effects on children and their developing brains. so a lot of things that we know now that can be problematic for children and pregnant women. >> reporter: in 1986 california voters approved proposition 65 intending to let consumers know up front about substances like lead, potentially causing cancer. here at starbucks this posting is warning coffee beans may cause reproductive harm but the message is confusing at best. >> a lot of times you have so many warnings that you ignore them all or you're afraid of everything. so we kind of need a happy medium. something that says, you know, go to this nonbiassed site and learn more information about what this is. >> reporter: the academy also wants the epa to have the
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authority to remove chemicals from the market if kids get sick, eliminating growing risk to young consumers still growing. now, the trade group for the chemical industry acknowledges that the 1976 act that regulates chemicals does need to be updated. but the epa is not likely to do that job. during the last 35 years, it's only tested 200 chemicals. we have some breaking news we want to bring you right now, this coming to us from san mateo, a situation we're going to be keeping an eye on this evening. it is a gas leak in san mateo. it has forced the closure of highway 92. highway 92 between highway 35 and highway 1 has been closed. very few details just exactly where the gas leak is, whether it was from a home or a business or even at a structure. we have live pictures you can see as they're looking to find the situation. we're going to keep on top of this situation throughout the news cast the more we learn on it, we'll let you know about it.
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your grocery store could be coming to your door. we'll tell you which giant retailer is testing a service in the south bay and how much it's going to cost you. and what's the one word kate middleton and prince william are dropping from their wedding vows? and good afternoon, i'm chief meorologist jeff ranieri. we did have a few showers today. still activity showing up on the radar. we'll have more on our chance for showers this week. as we head throughout tonight 'lwe clitall cl 4thoo0s returning to the south bay.
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others. described as an african-american in his early 20s took off with three other men in a white dodge avenger like this one. then two hours later, following a lil wayne rap concert, another shooting at kimball's where locals say an afterparty was being held. >> when they have the wrong venues at either one of the two clubs you get too many people outside and you -- you always have a problem or later at night. >> jerry rossi, owner of the fat lady says all the violence is proof more officers need to be on the streets. >> we should be having uniformed police officers outside. because usually that's where the problem is. >> reporter: the killings bring the city's number of homicide victims to 34 this year compareded to 30 last year. >> this is the safest neighborhood in oakland. it's really unusual for us to have much of anything other than a few nuisance crimes. this violent crime is almost
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unheard of. >> reporter: small business owner ben delaney argues the area is still one of the safest in oakland. >> we aren't educating our kids, we aren't creating jobs and it's just too many guns on the street. and when people are frustrated and get a little loaded and, this is the result. >> reporter: and late this afternoon mayor kwan released a statement saying she is concerned about the firearms in the bay area. meanwhile authorities say none of these shootings are connected and no arrests have been made. >> thank you very much. now to a story about shopping and saving you a trip to the grocery store. walmart, the world's largest retailer is testing an online grocery deliver reserve is right here in san jose. it's called walmart to go and it let's customers order groesh riffs online with no need to leave the house. it applies to prepackaged goods only. meat must be bought in packages
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and can't be ordered to specifications and most produce comes in bags of several pounds not individually. they're still working out how to deliver on a wider scale and keep prepared food safe. deliveries are scheduled for the next day and there is a $5 fee for the service. >> after months of anticipation, the royal wedding is just days away. and tourists, including many americans, are pouring into england to help celebrate. we have an inside look at all the excitement. kristen dahlgren is live in london joined by thousands of other tv crews and i'm sure the anticipation is building at this point, kristen. >> reporter: hey, jessica. yeah, i'm one of about 8,000 broadcasters that's here in town for the big day. we're at trafalgar square tonight and this is where all those people like me who didn't get an invite to the wedding can come out on friday and watch it on big screen tvs. thousands expected here and about 2 billion people expected to watch around the globe. since announcing their
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engagement, kate middleton and prince william have been a king-size sensation. >> we got to talk to kate. >> and we got to shake her hand and see her ring. >> reporter: the couple last appeared in public april 11th when they step out on their wedding day the world will be watching. so this week means a race to make sure everything is fit for a fairy tale. kate will spend her last hours as a commoner in the royal suite of this london hotel before heading off to become a princess. she'll travel to westminster abbey by car, not carriage, just five minutes before the ceremony begins and her prince will be waiting. william arrives first, 45 minutes before the wedding. only after kate arrives will we find out about the dress which has been shrouded in secrecy. >> i think everyone kind of wants to see the dress because that's the most exciting part, in my opinion. >> reporter: after the ceremony, the newly weds will travel to buckingham palace in the same
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horse-drawn carriage used by charles and diana. after they reach the palace they'll observe another tradition from charles and diana, a kiss on the balcony where members of the royal family have appeared to their subjects for generations. and we are also learning more about what the couple's been doing in recent days. instead of spending easter with the royal family, they actually spent the weekend with kate's parents in her hometown for her very last weekend as a commoner. jessica? >> wow. those -- that's going to change, her life is going to change forever after that weekend. thank you, kristen. one more note about the ceremony, we've learned kate middleton's wedding vows will likely not include the word "obey." the arch bishop of canterbury says kate will promise to love, honor and keep her husband, but the couple opted to drop the word "obey" from the vows. see the royal wedding in its entirety on friday at 1:00 a.m. i'll be up to watch it. it will be a special edition of the today show, followed by
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"today in the bay" with your local headlines and news. >> you'll be up. you going to get the girls up, too? >> i got up to watch diana's wedding, i'm getting up to watch this one and whichever one comes up after that. i'll be 1,000 years old but i'll be watching. >> just to remind you what your wedding looked like. >> exactly. exactly. jeff, let's have a wedding party. >> we might be able to. we can slum or stay overnight. kristen was talking about not getting an invitation but still being in london, i wouldn't mind hopping in her luggage and being in there, pretty lucky being out there covering that event. 3 61 in san francisco, winds out of the northwest. the radar right now is dry from the north to the south bay. we did have scattered showers this morning but things are starting to clear out, and it is a sign of what's going to be coming our way. right now still holding on to some warmth in sunnyvale. tonight, we will see some patchy fog mainly for the north bay,
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and as we head throughout tuesday it's going to stay dry with more sunshine returning. and get this, the upcoming weekend, never too early to look at your saturday and sunday, could be the best we have had in weeks at this point. we're going to see gradually slowly and surely this area of high pressure starting to push closer and closer to the coastline and in the next 48 hours it's going to help bump temperatures up and we'll be calling it mild by wednesday with even a few 70s possible for our inland locations with once again some sun and some clouds. let's get a look at the future cast as we head throughout, 11:00 p.m. we'll see the patchy fog, but then by 9:00 a.m. that starts to push back, and we should have mostly sunny skies here for the bay area as we head throughout tuesday morning. otherwise, we'll be chilly here as we start off with mid40s. going to need a light jacket as you head out. 40 in los gatos, 40 in santa rosa, low 40s for your tuesday morning. meanwhile our numbers for the afternoon going up close to 70
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degrees, and while we will start off with patchy fog for the coastal locations by the afternoon it looks very, very stellar. 66 in san mateo, 64 san francisco, 67 expected and fairfield, 69 and 68 for napa. of course morning time on the weather channel, on cable, and, of course, we also have i'm always updating our weather section. wednesday, 70, 70 thursday, and by friday, saturday, sunday the warmest stretch of weather we have seen in weeks. i'm all for it. i can'twait. i'm about as excited about this as i am about the royal wedding. >> oh, goody. fun stuff. >> thank you very much, jeff.ay want to bring you more information on the breaking news we told you about earlier in the show, a gas leak in san mateo that has forced the shutdown of highway 92. right now on the telephone we have trent cross from the chp who's going to give us some more information on the situation. trent, what can you tell us? >> yes, at approximately 4:30 we
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received calls in the area of highway 92 between main and skyline of gas drifting across the roadway. and so we were able to get units in the area to shut down the freeway in both directions and we believe that there's been some type of gas main that has broken in between that area. so half moon bay, public works, pg&e and caltrans are working hard to try to solve the problem and get things fixed. >> tenit looks like a couple workers out there may have identified the actual spot. the drivers noticed a smell as they were passing? >> yes. we were receiving multiple calls of first observing the gas drifting across the lane but they could also smell it. so for us we knew that we wanted to respond quickly and get that area shut down and make sure no one was put in harm's way or hurt. >> thank you very much. we'll stay on top of this situation, obviously this is going to have an impact on the
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commute, highway 92 shut down. we'll be right back.
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well, it turns out that short naps may help those air traffic controllers who work the overnight shift. according to a researcher who did a sleep study at stanford, short naps of between 20 and 30 minutes refresh a worker from suffering from fatigue. it helps them remain alert when they return to their duty. since last month, there have been at least five cases of sleeping on the job by air traffic controllers. two of them have since been fired. coming up next, a closer look at the most talked about women's accessory at this week's royal wedding. me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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want to give you an update again on the breaking news situation we've been following
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in san mateo county. a gas leak which has shut down highway 92 near the ine rcngha of skyline boulevard. you see that'sng lab aeds a numr 35, the highway 35 on the map. we'veot a report t'vt around driverss afternoon some noticed a smellf gas as they were passing that ar. chp as a precaution shut down that part of the road. it does appear from pictures we've seen from the scene that pg&e has located the situation or where it's happening, but no updates from pg&e on just what is leaking and how serious that situation is. we'll keep on top of it for you. finally tonight, let's close out with something nice and happy. with four days to go until the royal wedding, meredith vieira has a dilemma. what should she wear to the event? british tradition calls for a proper at at the wedding. meredith went in search of her own hat this morning. you can see which one she selected friday morning at "today." all are made by the same woman who makes them for queen elizabeth. very proper to wear a hat to a
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wedding. >> and here i wasn't going to get up for the wedding. >> you no, you have to wear a hat in the middle of the night in your house. >> and now i have to see what meredith is wearing. >> yes, i'll be up with a hat and my bathrobe. >> we'll be back at 6:00.
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